ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 12, 1865

Published every Thursday at Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind.
M. L. ESSICK, E. B. CHINN, Proprietors.

ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. Camp, 87th Ind Vols, Near Savahnah, Dec. 15, 1864. Ed. Chronicle: .... The health of the army has been exceedingly good during this whole campaign but few have died and but few are now sick. The casualties of the 87th Regt are very light. Company B lost one man by the name of JAMES LIDGETT; he was either killed or captured while on detail foraging for the regiment. KLINE S. WILSON, of Company D died on the 7th of December, of flux, and was buried about thirty-five miles from Savannah.... Captain ELAM has been Sick during the greater part of the campaign, but I believe is not considered dangerously ill .... Yours in F. H. & C., JEROME CARPENTER.

AKRON SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY. This auxiliary Society organized last May, numbers at this time, one hundred and thirty members. The Society held a festival on Saturday the 4th inst. An address was delivered by Mr. MEDSKER.... A report from our able and efficient treasurer, Mrs. C. YAGLEY.
....An election was held....: President, Mrs. N. C. HALL, Vice-Presidents, Mrs. MEDSKER and Mrs. ADAMSON, Treasurer, Mrs. C. YAGLEY, Secretary, Mrs. S. TERRY. The officers were all re-elected, save Vice-President Mrs. WM. WHITTENBERGER, who was superceded by Mrs. ADAMSON... S. M. TERRY, Sec'y, Akron, Dec. 30, 1864.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY. The next meeting of the Soldiers' Aid Society will be held at the residence of Mrs. D. W. LYON, next Saturday afternoon ....

C. E. FULLER is prepared to collect claims for Back Pay and Bounty, and to make application for Pensions, on liberal terms ....

WANTED! A correspondence wanted, by two gay and festive young gents, with good standing in society. They wish to correspond with any amount of young ladies between the ages of sixteen and twenty, who believe in a vigorous prosecution of the war. No others need apply. Object - fun, and perhaps matrimony. Address: ARCHIE J. EMERSON, JIM O. GAVIN, Rochester, Ind.

FIREMENS DANCE! There will be a Firemen's Dance given at Wallace's Hall, on Thursday eve., Jan. 12th, for the benefit the Fire, & Hook and Ladder Company... Managers: E. B. CHINN, S. C. JEWEL, CHARLES CAVIN, A. J. DAVIDSON, ROLLA PHELPS, A. D. HOPPE. Floor Managers: M. R. SMITH, J. H. BEEBER.

SOLDIERIS LETTER. Savannah, Geo., Dec. 18, 1864.
B. C. WILSON, - Dear Sir:-
I regret, deeply regret, that it becomes my duty to inform you of the death of your son, Sergt. KLINE S. WILSON. He died of chronic diarrahoea, on the march from Atlanta to this place; he was unable to march from the opening of the campaign, consequently had to ride in an ambulance.....
Respectfully Yours, JOHN W. ELAM.

DIED. On Wednesday, Dec. 21, 1864, EDDY BASTOW, only son of JOHN and ARABELLA BASTOW, aged 2 years, 2 months and 10 days ...

NOTICE. The members of P. H. & L. Co., No. 1, are notified to appear in uniform at the regular meeting, Feb. 7th, 1865, in order that all may receive certificates of membership, who are entitled to them. By order of the Company, Jan. 3, 1865. D. AGNEW.

Indiana Central Insurance Company... THOS. D. RAY, Agent.

EZEKIEL MORRISON vs JOSEPH AULT. Non-resident Notice. ROBERT AITKIN, Clerk, By S. KEITH, Deputy. SIDNEY KEITH, Atty for Plff. Jan. 3d 1865.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by DANIEL CLARK, four miles south-west of Akron, November 25th 1864 ... Reported by WILLIAM REAM, Justice ... R. AITKIN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Deputy.


(Estray Notice) Taken up by JAMES CALHOON, living in Richland Township, Fulton County, Indiana... Appraised by JACOB SULT, HENRY COOPER, Nov. 21, 1864. ISAAC HIATT, Justice.... R. AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by GEORGE B. LASE, living in Wayne township, Fulton county, Indiana, on the 12th day of December 1864 .... Appraised by W. T. MARSH and DAVID MARSH. EDWIN BARKER, Justice ... R. AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by NATHANIEL N. MELLINGER, four miles east of Akron, October 1, 1864 ... Appraised by DANIEL SEIBERT and BENJAMIN KREIK.... WILLIAM REAM, J.P.... R. ATTKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 19, 1865

DIED.- We have today to record the Death of him we would have long kept back from among the list of the generous, kind and noble numbered with the dead. But the duty is ours, however painful it may be, to let the numerous and uncounted friends know, that NELSON G. SHAFFER, is "gone to that bourn from whence no traveler returns." .
Mr. Shaffer was born, and almost reared, within this county. He was 37 years old when he died, and a member the second term in the Lower House of the State Legislature. The wild woods and groves of his early home, taught him to love and admire nature, and like the hardy tree of his own native forest, standing firm against every storn, he determined to carve out his own fortune. Possessed of that will, and untiring energy, he buoyed himself above the hurricanes that lash the crooked streams of life, and storms of strife, growing stronger by each new effort, till, from a poor boy, he grew to be one of the first men in his county.
As a lawyer, he stood at the head of his profession; naturally sympathetic, he would work himself into the interests and feelings of his client, and with that keen perceptive faculty which he possessed, he was a very successful practitioner.
As a kind friend and husband, he had no equal. He loved his family with that affection that almost amounted to worship, and while a dearly beloved family mourn the loss of him who was to them a kind husband, a cherished father and a true brother, may we now mourn with them in their affliction. And in behalf of the widow and friends of the deceased we are permitted to tender to Hon. S. S. TERRY, Senator from this District, their sincere and heartfelt thanks for his kind services rendered during the whole of Mr. Shaffer's illness, guarding, watching over and administering to his wants with the anxiety and care of a devoted brother.


ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. Lexington, Ky., Jan. 1, 1865. Editors Chronicle: Through your valuable paper, we, the undersigned, officers and members of Company K, 46th Regt., Ind. Vet. Vols., take this method of expressing our gratitude to our much esteemed Captain, ROBERT M. SHIELDS, for his many manly virtues displayed by him, while associated with us in the capacity of Commanding Officer.... He entered the service in 1861 as 1st Lieutenant of Co. K., and was promoted to Captain immediately after the fall of Vicksburg.... We part with him with heartfelt sorrow, and our best wishes for his welfare will follow him wherever he may go .... Lieut. CHAMBERLAIN, Sergt. F. M. REID, Sergt. A. G. SINKS, and thirty others.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... will be held at the residence of Mrs. GOULD next Saturday afternoon ...

MORROW HOUSE. R. B. MORROW keeps the above named House in Peru, Ind....

NOTICE. Having received the appointment of Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue for Fulton county, all persons having any business with that officer will find me at my Dental rooms, over the Post Office.
C. E. FULLER, having removed from the county, all books and papers relating to the office of Assessor, have been properly transferred to me... M. M. REX....
(Estray Notice) Taken up by B. O. JOHNSON, one mile north of Rochester, on the Michigan Road... appraised by JOHN GILLAM and WILMINGTON KILMER... WM. OSGOOD, Esq. R. AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Dep. Jan. 16, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 26, 1865

The proprietor of the Sentinel, J. S. CHAPIN, has sold out to JOHNATHAN NAFE....

We had the pleasure of listening to a lecture delivered by Rev. JOHN E. CHAPIN, of Plymouth, on Monday night last, in favor of the Christian Commission.... At the close of the meeting, on motion of Rev. N. L. Lord, the following committee was appointed to receive subscriptions: Mr. ROBERT GOULD, Miss EMMA GOULD, Miss H. MACKEY, Mrs. J. RYLAND, Mrs. MARY LOOMIS.

We are indebted to Capt. LONG of the 87th Reg. Ind. Vol. for papers from Port Royal and Savannah.

NOTICE. All persons indebted to SAMUEL HEFFLEY will please call and settle the same which is left in my hands for collection. E. B. CHINN. Jan. 26, 1865.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... at the residence of Mrs. HORACE LONG....

E. B. CHINN, having received the appointment of Deputy Collector of Int. Rev., for the county of Fulton, would inform the public that having made arrangements with JOHN F. DODDS, of Logansport, he is prepared to furnish Revenue Stamps .... Office at the Chronicle office, Rochester, Indiana.

NOTICE. There will be an election held by the members of Rochester Lodge, No. 47, I. O. of O. F., on Saturday evening the 14 of February next, for the purpose of electing three Trustees for said Lodge.... A. C. HICKMAN, Sect'y. Rochester, Jan. 21, 1865.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by ANN COSTELLO living in Wayne township Fulton county, Indiana, on December 17, 1864... Appraised by JACOB STRINER and ROLLY HANNAGAN. GEORGE H. POTTS, Esq. R. AITKIN Clerk F.C.C. By S. KEITH, Dep'ty. Jan. 17, 1865.

T. B. LOUDERBACK Would inform the public that he has taken out License under the U. S. Excise Law, as an AUCTIONEER, and will promptly attend to the orders of those who need his services. - Letters may be addressed to him at Fulton, and will meet with prompt attention.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 2, 1865

We call attention to the card of Capt. (R. M.) SHIELDS Recruiting Officer for Fulton and Stark Counties.....
Fulton County ever awake to the interest and call of her country, now offers a county bounty of $500 to each recruit for one year; while the Government pays $100...

Dr. E. PEGAN. This Physician and Surgeon came to our village about eight months ago. He was connected with the army for some time....

[Letter to the Editor, dated Rochester, Jan. 26, 1865, signed WILLIAM OWEN, praising Indiana Central Insurance Company for promptly paying his claim for "damage by fire, to my furniture, insured in said company, to my entire satisfaction... "]

Dr. JOHN BECHTOL, the oldest and most experienced Dentist in the Wabash Valley.... Office one door west of the Post Office, up stairs, Wabash, Ind.

If your eyes are growing dim, go to GUS HOPPE's Jewelry Store, and get yourself a pair of fine spectacles...

PERSONAL. PERRY MEHRLING keeps the Best OYSTER SALOON in Town. Give him a call and we warrant you well paid. Perry keeps Sardines. Saloon over Lyon & Kendrick's Store.

T. C. SHORE. This gentleman keeps a first class Grocery Store, near the lower Flouring Mill; he has everything in the grocery line ....

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... at the residence of Mrs. JOHN ELAM...

ATTENTION! There will be a regular meeting of the NOBLE GUARDS, on Saturday, February 4th, 1865 .... J. H. BEEBER, Capt. Comg.

GREAT EXCITEMENT! The attention of the people is called to the great sale of Dry Goods and Embroidery, at the Auction Rooms, (Hoch's Hardware Store) ....

CENTRAL HOUSE. The above is a first class house kept by R. N. RANNELLS .... Rochester, Feb. 2, 1865.

STRAYED OR STOLEN. From the premises of PHINEAS SCOTT, near Akron, Fulton county, one dun horse....

$3,5OO worth of GROCERIES just received at ORANGE MEREDITH's .... LIQUORS at Wholesale and Retail... Store opposite the Court House Square, Rochester, Feb. 2, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 9, 1865

ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. .... Edgfield, Tenn., Jan. 29, 186S. Friend Ed......... I will proceed to give you a little history of my travels since I left Rochester, in November last .... Yours, D. W. SHRYOCK.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... at the residence of Mrs. JOHN BEEBER...

RECRUITS. The following young men from Gilead passed through our Town today on their way to the general rendevous. A. CASE, O. CASE, A. HURLBUT, G. OVERLY, B. CRAIGE, O. McNABB and WM. ALEXANDER.
The above named young men have been known to us from childhood. They are of the highest standing in the society of home. GEORGE OVERLY served three years as a faithful soldier and was honorably discharged.

QUOTA FOR FULTON COUNTY. The quota of the different Townships of Fulton county are as follows: Henry 27; Liberty 9; New Castle 25; Union 20; Wayne 27; Aubbeenaubbee 14; Rochester 52; Richland --. The above are entitled to credits for enlistments from January 1st, 1865.

. . . . N. F. CORNELIUS, a man whose ability as a merchant cannot be disputed, and whose reputation for honesty and fair dealing no one can deny, has opened a superb stock of Boots & Shoes, Dry Goods, &c., in the new store one door north of A. J. Holmes & Co's building.

WM. HILL, M.D. This Physician and Surgeon would respectfully inform his old friends and patrons, and the public generally, that he has returned from Philadelphia, where he has spent the past four months in attending the Medical Colleges and hospitals.... Office on Main St., 3 doors north of J. Shields store.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors .... Lot number forty-three on the old plat of the town of Rochester .... DAVID & T. SIIORE. Feb. 9, 1865.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by JOHN KULP, living near Bruce's Lake, Union township, Fulton county, Indiana. B. STAMM, Justice. R. AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Dep Feb. 2, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 16, 1865

BOUNTY CONTINUED. The Commissioners met on Tuesday last and ordered the Bounty to be paid to enough men to fill the quota of this county. The quota is 174 men, and up to Tuesday morning, Feb. 14, there were received about 70 men...

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... at the residence of Mrs. A. K. PLANK....

NOTICE. Is hereby given that there will be an election held by the Baptist Church of this place on Saturday, the 25th day of February, 186S .... electing a Church Trustee, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of J. J. SMITH.... C. FITZGERALD, Church Clerk. Rochester, Feb. 8, 1865.

DIED. On Sunday last, of apoplexy, WILLIAM OSGOOD, Esq., of this place. Aged 33 years and 6 months.

WILLIAM HILL, M.D., Physician & Surgeon.... Office on Main Street, 3 doors North of J. Shields Store. February 15, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 23, 186S

LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS...Whereas, the Hon. NELSON G. SHAFFER, a Representative from the county of Fulton, departed this life in this city during the present session .... that the pay of the said Shaffer.... should be paid to his widow, LUCY SHAFFER....

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... residence of Mrs. SENGER....

J. M. SHIELDS is agent for... "Indianals Roll of Honor."

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 2, 1865

COURT WEEK. The Fulton Circuit Court met last Monday, and adjourned Tuesday evening. Officers of the Court: Judge OSBORN, presiding. A. GURNEY, Prosecuting Attorney, John M. DAVIS, Sheriff. Members of the Bar present: Mr. BALDWIN, of Logansport; Judge BRADLEY, of Laporte; CLAYBORNE, of Plymouth; Sidney KEITH, I. WALKER & Milo R. SMITH, of Rochester. The case of LINDSEY vs DAVIDSON, was the important case of the term. BRADLEY for Plaintiff; BALDWIN for defendant. Both attorneys are men of the highest legal ability in the State. Judgment in case reserved.

AMANDA COOPER vs PHILIP COOPER. Complaint for Divorce. ROBERT AITKEN, Clerk of Fulton C. C. P. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

CHARLES J. STRADLEY, Admr estate of MICHAEL STORM, decd vs WILLIAM H. STORM, SARAH A. STORM, BARBARA B. STORM, CHARLES W. STORM, JOHN STORM. Petition to convey real estate. ROBERT AITKEN, Clerk of C. C. P. Fulton County. By S. KEITH, Deputy. Feb. 21, 1865.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) JOHN ELAM and ALVIN L. ROBBINS, administrators upon the estate of BANNER LAWHEAD. ROBERT AITKEN, Clerk Fulton C. C. P. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) DAVID LOUGH, Administrator of the estate of JOHN F. SHERMAN deceased. 22 Feb. 1865. ROBERT AITKEN, Clerk Fulton county C. C. P. By S. KEITH, Dep.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) ANDREW E. BABCOCK Administrator de bonis non of the estate of DANIEL O'BLENIS deceased. 27 Feb. 1865. ROBERT AITKEN Clerk Fulton C. C. P. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 9, 196S

SPEECH OF [ION. S. S. TERRY. (delivered in the Senate of the State of Indiana, Feb. 18, 1865 .... )

RESOLUTIONS. Hall Fulton Lodge No. 79, F&AM, March 7, 1865 .... beloved brother WILLIAM OSGOOD... A. J. HOLMES, A. K. PLANK, A. F. SMITH, Com.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... residence of Mrs. NEWHOUSE ...

NEW PAPER. We are in receipt this week of a neatly executed issue of the Wabash Tribune a paper just started at Wabash Ind. with Judge KNIGHT as Editor....

SELECT SCHOOL.... E. C. UDALL. Rochester, March 9th.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by WILLIAM BAILEY in Aubbeenaubbee township Fulton county.... Appraised by JOHN HENDERSON, ISAAC FOUGHT and SAMUEL MILEREN. WILLIAM WARDLOW, Esq. R. AITKIN, Clerk. By KEITH, Dep. Feb. 21, 1865.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) MILO R. SMITH, Administrator upon the estate of CRAYTON HOLLIDAY, deceased. ... 21 Feb. 1865. ROBERT AITKEN, Clerk C. C. P. Fulton county. By S. KEITH, Dep.

ROCHESTER CHRON-TCLE - Thursday, March 23, 1865

G. P. ANDERSON has been appointed Recruiting Officer in this county for the 157th Reg.... George wants 50 more men to fill the quota of Fulton County....

We are happy to learn that Colonel KLINE G. SHRYOCK has been appointed chief Recruiting Officer for the 157th Regiment to be raised in the 9th Congressional District.....

E. KIRTLAND informs the public that he has taken out license.... as an AUCTIONEER.... Letters may be addressed to him at Fulton.... March 23, 1865.

PUBLIC SALE. DANIEL VanTRUMP will offer for sale on Friday the 31st day of March 1865, at the VanTrump saw-mill, one mile and a half south of Rochester Ind. thirty head of sheep, among them his thorough-bred Cot-wQoled Bucks and lambs, two milch cows, and also his kitchen and household furniture.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... residence of Mrs. R. N. RANNELLS.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 30, 1865

LOSS BY FIRE. On Tuesday night last about 10 oclock the Planing and Machine shop of this place took fire in the roof from the smoke stack, and not withstanding the utmost energy of the Fire Company the building and machinery, all were lost. Loss estimated at $2,000.

ANOTHER PATRIOT DEAD. JAMES L. CLAYTON of Co. F, 154th Ind Vols died at Carrington, Indianapolis, on the 10th day of March 1865.-- His remains were brought home to this county and interred last Saturday.....

RELIGIOUS NOTICE. Eld. R. CORBALEY will deliver a discourse at the Court House on Thursday night April 13th 1965.

Drs. CAMERON & ROSS, Oculists & Aurists, of Toronto, will be at the Central House, Rochester, Ind., April 3d, 1865, to remain until April 8th ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 6, 1865

ENOS ROSE. On Saturday evening last, one of our good citizens was taken suddenly from among us. On Friday he was with us, transacting the business of his life, and no one thought of his being called away so soon. He died of apoplexy, and leaves a wife and six children to mourn his loss.

NOTICE. There will be a meeting of the McCLURE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION at the Court House, on Tuesday next, April 11, 1865, at 7 oclock p.m. The object of the meeting is to organize the Association, by electing pemanant officers.... A. F. SMITH, Temporary Secretary. Rochester, April 4th, 1865.

(Guardian's Sale of Real Estate) MARY J. LEWIS, Guardian of THOMAS W. MESSICK, MARTHA A. MESSICK and FRANCIS M. MESSICK, minors, in Court of Common Pleas of Shelby county, Indiana.... March 20th 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 13, 1865

ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. Camp 12th Indiana Cavalry, Carrolton, Louisiana, March 26, 65. Dear Chronicle:.... a little history of our campain-- from Nashville to New Orleans.... I met our old friend and fellow townsman, ARCHY McDONALD; he is well, and has a good situation; he is mustering Officer in the city. I also saw J. ATKINSON, and several of the old boys .... I was sorry to hear of the death of WILLIAM OSGOOD, but that is the road we must travel.... D. W. SHRYOCK.

We call attention to the law card of E. CALKINS in another column. He is a good lawyer; comes from Peru well recommended; has served three years faithfully in the armies of the Union, and deserves the patronage of all.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 27, 1865

MILITARY. We give below a list of the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, of Company G, 155th Regt. Ind. Vol. Inft. Captain, GEO. P. ANDERSON. 1st Lt, JOSEPH SLICK. 2d, S. LOWE. 1st Sergeant, F. M. ERNSPERGER. 2d, HARTFORD LIVINGSTON. 3d, ALLEN DURKEE. 4th, W. J. McKAHIN. 5th, JOHN HENDERSON. 1st Corporal, N. VALIN. 2d, J. H. BROOKAW. 3d, J. G. CROUSE. 4th, E. H. DURAND. Sth, FREDERIC STURKIN. 6th, THOMAS DAVIS. 7th, SAMUEL WOOD. 8th, SAMUEL HOOD.

ARMY CORRESPONDENCE. Headquarters 12th Ind. Cav. Stark's Landing, Ala., Apr. 4, 165. Friend Chronicle:
I will proceed to give you a few sketches of my trip here, from Orleans through Lake Ponchertrain, and around the Coast.... Respectfully, D. W. SHRYOCK.

The McCLURE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION will meet regularly every Tuesday evening at the office of ENOCH STURGEON in the Court House.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY... residence of N. L. LORD ....

MARRIED. On Tuesday, the 18th, at the house of Mr. WHITTENBERGER, by Rev. H. WOLPERT, HIRAM WHITTENBERGER and SAVILLA SUTHERLAND, of Akron.
The entire family of Mr. Whittenberger were present at the infare-- ten sons and one daughter. They were all arranged according to their ages, and the father, with a heart overflowing with gratitude to the Supreme Ruler, who had never suffered death to enter his family circle, addressed them. They agreed before parting, since Hymen had taken the last one from home, to meet at their father's house, on the coming Christmas ......

NORRIS, FAIRCHILD & GREEN, Milliners 4 Mantuamakers (Store near Mansion House) Rochester, Indiana .... April 20, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 4, 1865

CITY ELECTION. The Union men of Rochester elected their entire ticket on Monday last, at the Corporation election. This shows what can be done if men will only work. Let us keep on in the good work, and Fulton county will be redeemed. It is but just to say, that J. H. BEEBER, REUBEN TALLY, WM. PIPPINGER, JONATHAN DAWSON, and others, declared they could redeem Rochester, and would ....

I expect to be absent from home for the ensuing three months, and have entrusted such of my business as may need attention with Mr. CALKINS .... S. KEITH. April 27, 1865.

E. KIRTLAND has bought the "CITY BAKERY" in FARMERS BLOCK.... Rochester, May 4, 1864.

E. KIRTLAND, AUCTIONEER, has moved to this place. Those wishing his services can find him by enquiring at the Chronicle Office. Rochester, April 13, 186S.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 18, 1865

(Notice of Administration) ENOCH STURGEON appointed Administrator of the estate of ENOS ROSE, late of Fulton County, deceased.

(Notice of Administrator's Sale) at the cabinet shop of ENOS ROSE, late of Fulton county, deceased, all his personal property not taken by the widow.... ENOCH STURGEON. May 11, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 1, 1865

NOTICE. I will attend at the Court House in Rochester, on Saturday afternoon of each week... C. 11. ROBBINS, Trustee Rochester Tp.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 8, 1865

RAILROAD TO ROCHESTER. A meeting of the Stockholders of the INDIANAPOLIS, ROCHESTER & CHICAGO RAILWAY COMPANY was held at the Court House in the town of Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana, on Monday, June 5th, 1865, at which meeting a majority of the stock in said Company was represented.
On motion, CHARLES J. STRADLEY was called to the chair, and A. F. SMITH appointed Secretary. On motion, the stockholders present proceeded to the election of Directors for the ensuing year. Messrs. N. A. SMITH, WM. STURGEON and A. F. SMITH were appointed judges of the election. Upon counting the votes, MAYNARD FRENCH of Cincinnati, K. G. SHRYOCK, CHARLES J. STRADLEY and WM. STURGEON, of Rochester, LEWIS WILKINSON, of Mexico, JESSEE HIGGINS of Peru, and N. A. SMITH, of Troy, N.Y., having received each 1240 votes, that being a majority of stock subscribed, were declared duly ELECTED DIRECTORS of said Company. The Directors then proceeded to elect, by ballot, a President, and upon said ballot being had, M. French, of Cincinnati, was elected President.
The Board now being fully organized, business will be vigorously commenced upon the road from this to Plymouth, and as soon as possible upon the entire line from Plymouth to Peru. Parties will immediately be put into the field to obtain the right of way, and as soon as this can be accomplished, the work will be commenced.

AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING HORSE-RACING, &c by the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Town of Rochester ...... LEVI MERCER, EDWARD CALKINS, F. W. STOCK, Trustees. E. Calkins, Pres. Rochester, June lst, 1865.

DIED. -In Akron, at the residence of her father, on Tuesday morning, May 30, of Consumption, MARY J., wife of PERCIVAL G. KELSEY, in the twentieth year of her age

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 15, 1865

DIED.- May 13th, 1865, MINNIE J., and JOHN G., daughter and son of D. W. and M. E. SHAFFER, aged, respectively, 3 years, 5 months, and 27 days; and 5 years, 5 mos., and 29 days.
- June 4th, JULIA C., infant daughter of T. M. and MINNIE SHAFFER, aged 1 year, 8 months and 23 days.

We call attention to the new advertisement of MERCER & SHEPHERD....

COPARTNERSHIP. The undersigned have this day entered into a Copartnership-- the Firm to be known as MERCER & SHEPHERD. LEVI MERCER, A. C. SHEPHERD. Rochester, June 1, 186S.

STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. A meeting of the stockholders of the CINCINNATI, PERU & CHICAGO RAILWAY COMPANY, will be held in Rochester, Fulton Co., at the Court House, at 10 o'clock on Thursday, July 6, 1865. JAMES WALLS, W. B. SMITH,
L. F. BROWN, J. HIGGINS, and Other Stockholders.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 22, 1865

SIDNEY KEITH. Our old friend and fellow townsman, the counselor and truthful advocate, the just and honest citizen, the good adviser, has come back to us again. Welcome home, friend Sidney.

The 87th. The brave soldiers of the 87th REGIMENT will be home by the first of next week.-- Soldiers, Patriots, heroes, you are welcome home. You defended us in danger, and we will protect you now.
Mr. R. H. CALVERT, writes us from Fulton, that in parts of Fulton, Cass, and Miami counties, the wheat is already badly injured by the weevil and fly, and it may be that before harvest the crop will be totally destroyed.....

KEEP COOL! CHARLIE HOWARD, .... has located in Rochester and will at all times be found at his rooms over the store of A. Cornelius & Co., North of the Post-office, where he keeps the best of Ice-Cream, Lemonade, Strawberries, Ac....

CONDOLENCE. The Independent Order of Good Templars adopted the following resolutions of respect to the memory of Dr. E. PEGAN, who died at Camden, Delaware, on the 16th of May, 186S....
. . . . That we tender to Sister Pegan, and the remaining relatives and friends of the deceased, our sincere sympathy ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 29, 1865

THE RECEPTION. On Sunday last, the soldiers of the 87th REGIMENT, I.V., or a portion of them, arrived in town. A thousand glad hearts had met at the Court House to welcome them home.....

GRAND CELEBRATION OF THE 4th of JULY! ... at the Court House Square, in Rochester ....
OFFICERS OF THE DAY, Young RALSTIN, President. Vice Presidents, R. BEATTIE, Wayne Township, J. R. DALES, Aubbeenaubbee, Thos. WILSON, Union, R. AITKEN, Liberty, John PENCE, Rochester, Wm. DUDGEON, Richland, A. C. HALL, Henry, P. C. DUMBAULD, Newcastle.
COM ON PROVISIONS, M. R. SMITH, L. MERCER, D. AGNEW. PROGRAMME-. Ringing of bells at four oclock in the morning. Firing National Salute - 36 guns. Marshaling the crowd at the Court House Square at 10 oclock. Opening Prayer. Vocal music (America) Reading Declaration of Independence. Vocal music (Hail Columbia). Oration. Vocal music (Star Spangled Banner) Marshal music.
A bounteous dinner will be served for all, in picnic style, after which called speeches, vocal and marshal music, &c. will be pleasantly interspersed.

FOURTH OF JULY BALL! There will be a dance given at Wallace's Hall, Rochester, Indiana, on Tuesday Evening, July 4th, 1865 .... R. WALLACE, Proplr.

JACK SCREWS. Having recently purchased a sufficient number of Jack Screws in Chicago, I am prepared to raise any building... R. R. GLICK.

THE SOLDIER BOY. FRANK BROWN, who has served his country faithfully during the rebellion, has just opened a large stock of groceries and provisions, at Fred Sturkin's old stand, one door south of A. J. Holmes's store ....

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) JOHN MATHEWS, Admr of the estate of SAMUEL C. SMALLEY, deceased vs Heirs of Samuel C. Smalley, deceased. A. F. SMITH, Clerk. June 26, 1865.

MARRIED. At Palestine, on Monday morning, June 26th, by Rev. W. H. BURNS, Mr. JAS. J. SHAFFER, of Rochester, and Miss JENNIE R. BLUE, of Kosciusko County.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 6, 186S

THE CELEBRATION. The fourth of July was celebrated in our town yesterday.... Rev. N. L. LORD delivered a fervent and heartfelt prayer. The oration was delivered by M. L. ESSICK. Subject, "Washington, Jackson and Abraham Lincoln." In the afternoon the following toasts were responded to: "The Soldiers of Indiana," by E. CALKINS. "The Emblem of the Free," by R. R. GLICK. "The War of '61 a war for the Union," by that true old war horse who is ever at his post, and who can do justice to any subject on such an occasion - SIDNEY KEITH. "Our Martyred President," by Rev. W. R. MIKELS. "Our Country's Future," by Dr. HILL. "The Christian Commission," by N. L. LORD....

ATTENTION, NOBLE GUARDS. In accordance with General Orders No - - from State Headquarters, we are required to turn over our arms and accoutrements to the General Ordnance Officers. You will therefore report with your arms and accoutrements to P. GOULD, Company Clerk. By order of J. H. BEEBER, Capt. Com'g.

ROCHESTER CHRON.TCLE - Thursday, July 13, 1865

PERSONAL. Col. K. G. SHRYOCK arrived in town on Tuesday last, looking well and hearty, for one who has labored so long and faithfully for his country. He will make only a short stay, as his duties confine him too closely.....

PASSING AWAY. Last evening, through a friend, came the sad intelligence that EMMA LYON, about two months ago, had breathed her last on earth.... J. M. T.

DISSOLUTION. The firm heretofore known under the name of H. A. JOHNSON & CO., has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be carried on by H. A. JOHNSON & SON. Rochester, July 12th 1865.

PERSONAL. Capt. JEROME CARPENTER, Quartermaster of the 87th Ind. Vols., has been discharged from the service, and is at home among his friends once more.....

LOST. On the 6th day of this month, between Millark and Rochester, one small tuck Memorandum, containing-a gold pen and pencil, with gutta percha holder, also the address of several officers and men of the 87th Ind. Vols. JEROME CARPENTER.

B. F. BROWN... Large Stock of Groceries formerly owned by O. MEREDITH.... Frank will always be found attentive and accommodating, at his store, opposite Court House Square, one door south of A. J. Holmes & Cols Store. FRANK BROWN. Rochester, Ind. July 13, 165.

NOTICE. .... I will open a SELECT SCHOOL at the school house in Rochester, on Monday, the 7th day of August, 1865 .... GEO. W. SCHILLING. July 13, 1965.

VICTOR. (answering the Sentinel of the 13th of July and condemning the writer, ENOCH STURGEON) as a "traitor, assasin and a vampire.... sympathized with the rebels at the South.... was their aider and abettor in the North.... did not manfully shoulder your musket ... laughed and gloated over the murder of the best man the world ever knew, and admired the bravery of the assassin....."

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 27, 1865

BURGLARY AND LARCENY. On Sunday evening last, a band of miserable, petty thieves, who live in Bloomingsburg, or in that vicinity, stole a pair of shafts from my wagon, broke open the school house in that place and stole therefrom a flat can and two tin lamps, belonging to me. I will give a reward of $5 to any one who will return the property, and $10 reward for the arrest of the thieves. W. BUTLER.

THEOLOGICAL DISCUSSION. Elder R. CORBALEY and Elder A. WALKER, will discuss three propositions, viz, "State of the Dead," "Location of the Kingdom," and "Doom of the Wicked," at GERMANY SCHOOL House, near Millark, commencing July 31st, 1865, to continue 6 days.

COURT. The Common Pleas Court will begin its session on Monday, the 14th of August next.
Officers of Court, Judge, WHITESIDE, presiding. Sheriff, JOHN W. DAVIS. Clerk, A. F. SMITH.

SELECT SCHOOL. A second term of select school will be commenced by E. C. UDALL, from Vermont, at the School House, in Rochester, on the 28th of August, 1865 .... This may certify that Miss E. C. Udall is an experienced teacher .....

MARRIED. - On the 16th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. JOHN E. CATES and Miss ELIZABETfl HAMLIN, all of this county.
-On the 23d inst., at the residence of Mrs. McCLUNG, by W. R. MIKELS, Capt. L. V. REAM, of the 86th Regiment, and Miss VIRGINIA WYSONG.
NOTICE. Whereas my wife, MARY JOHNSON, has, without cause, left my bed and board, this is to f6rbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contraction after this date. July 19, 1865. .JOB JOHNSON.

PLANING MILL. David R. Martin, Jonas Myers. MARTIN & MYERS, having formed a co-partnership, would respectfully announce to the public that they are now the sole proprietors of the new Steam Planing Mill and Shingle Machine .... Rochester, July 27, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 10, 1865

JONATHAN NAFE, the former proprietor and publisher of the ROCHESTER SENTINEL, has sold out to R. M. HATHAWAY, son of Judge HATHAWAY, and lately a Lieut. in the 87th. Ind. Vols. Mr. Hathaway has changed the name of the paper and it is hereafter to be known as the "ROCHESTER STANDARD."

LIST OF LETTERS in the Post Office at Rochester, July 31,
Allen, James
ANDERSON, M. J.; BLACK, Jno. W.; BISHEARD, Joseph. BARBER, E., Mrs.; BRADY, Jas.; BANKS, E. M., Capt.; BANN, M. A., Miss; CLAY, John; CORUTHERS, A., Mrs.; COLLINS, Wm.; DETRICK, Eli; DAVIDSON, Catherine; DOWNEY, John; DALLEY, John; FRENCH, M.; FINLEY, Matilda; GAHNIER, Sarah. GALLOR, John A. GAPPORT, George. GRIFFIN, A., Miss. HAZEN, Henry. HUNT, Thomas JOHNSON, Hiram; JONES, Isiah; KENEDY, Manda C.; LOWRY, R. A., Mrs.; LIPPY, John; LAWSON, Susan; LAWSON, Sarah E. MILLER, Geo.; MILLER, S., Mrs.; NOEL, Margret Ann; OTTMEIER, F.; ONSTOTT, Alph; PENLAND, Mrs. C.; PUTMAN, Wm. C.; RUGER, J. S. & Co.; ROSS, Wm., Dr.; RAUTS, Mary Ann; SMITH, Oliver; SHAKES, Lawrence; STIVERS, Russel; THARK, C. H.; WITHAM, E. R.; WiWILSONlson, Jane.- - - - C. J. STRADLEY, Post Master

BOOK STORE. Mr. PIPER has just opened a new Book Store north of A. C. Hickman's Store on Main Street in this place...

(Notice to School Teachers) ... public examination... for license as teachers... HUGH MILLER, School Examiner. August, 1865.

Notice is hereby given that I will apply... for license to sell intoxicating liquors ... on the south half of lot number fifty-one on the old plat of the town of Rochester... ANDREW J. EDWARDS. Aug. 3, 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 17, 1865

Hon. THOS. WHITESIDE: - Sir. Permit the undersigned members of the Cass County Bar to congratulate you upon the satisfactory and urbane manner in which you have Presided at your term in this county as Judge of the 21st Judicial District, and allow us to respectfully request that you become a candidate at the ensuing Fall election for the Position you now so worthily fill by appointment. D. D. PRATT, Wm.SON WRIGHT, John GUTHRIE, S. T. McCONNLL, J. A. FARRELL, H. P. BIDDLE, L. HAMBERLIE, D. H. CHASE, W. L. McCONNELL, Jas. WALIACE, D. B. ANDERSON, J. P. GANS. - LOGANSPORT JOURNAL.

LOST. The undersigned lost one pocket diary containing one note of one hundred dollars drawn by LAFAYETTE TRUE, to JOSEPH COLLINS, and his discharge from the 42d Ind, and county order calling for one hundred dollars on Fulton county, between Green Oak and Perrysburg..... JOSEPH S. COLLINS.

PERSONAL. Mr. JAMES SUTHERLAND of Bloomingsburg was in town yesterday, he is jubilant over the prospect of soon seeing a Rail Road running through Fulton county. Mr. Sutherland, within the last three months has traveled all over the counties of Marshall, Fulton and Miami. There is no citizen of this county who has done more for this great work.....

RAILROAD. The Rail Road contractors and hands have come on to work on the I. R. & C. Rail Road. Work has already commenced at Plymouth. We understand further that there is plenty of funds now in the hands of the company to complete the Road, we shall now hope that nothing shall hinder or delay its progress, and that the bright hopes of our citizens will be fully realized. If this undertaking proves a success as it now appears will be the result, all honor will be due Mr. FRENCH for his untiring and unremitting enetby.

EXCISE TAX NOTICE! ... duties and taxes, for the year 1865 ... All persons ... notified that the undersigned, or E. B. CHINN, his deputy for (Fulton) county, will attend at his office in the Mammouth Building .... JOHN F. DODDS, Collector of Internal Revenue, 9th Collection Dist of Ind., Logansport, Indiana, July 18, 1865.

DIED. - In this place Aug. 10th 1865, CARRIE J. ELLIOTT, daughter of B. M. & E. C. ELLIOTT. Aged 1 yr. 1 Mo. and 8 days.
-On the 14th inst., HENRY L. ROSS, son of DAVID ROSS of this place, aged Two years.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 24, 1865

THE CHANGE. Mr. E. B. CHINN, who owned one-half interest in the CHRONICLE office has sold out to L. M. SPOTTS. The Chronicle will be published hereafter by SPOTTS & ESSICK, and as she ever has done, will advocate the cause of the union.
Mr. Spotts served three years in the army not as an officer, but as a soldier. He saw none of its honors and glittering gildings, but endured its hardships and privations, saving alone to himself the honor of doing right and the consciousness of having redeemed the integrity of his government....

FURNITURE STORE. DAVID R. MARTIN of this place, has brought on a fine stock of Furniture of every description...
CHAIRS. JONATHAN W. ROSS, the mechanical genius, has purchased a selected stock of Chairs, he keeps at his old stand, on Main St. north of Sam Iloch's Grocery and Tin Shop.

MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting of the Presbyterian Mite society will be at the residence of R. N. RANNELLS ...

Mr. A. E. BABCOCK presented us with a very fine Watermelon, on Saturday last. On Tuesday last Mr. R. C. WILSON, the old war horse who has ever been ready to do his duty to his country in time of peril, did again his duty by giving the printers an excellent melon....

JOHN PIPER... opened a Bookstore, one door North of A. C. Hickman's Store ... Rochester, Ind. Aug. 22, 1865.

NOTICE. In pursuance of an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Fulton Co., made at the August term thereof, 1865, we will sell at private sale... the "MANSION HOUSE." ... Rochester, August 23, 1865. JOHN ELAM, ALVIN ROBBINS, Admr. B. LAWHEAD Estate.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 31, 1865

DIED.- Aug. 27th, at half past five oclock p.m. FREDDIE ESSICK, son of M. L. and E. L. ESSICK aged 3 years and eight months, of Inflamatory Croup....

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Common Pleas Judge, ORRIS BLAKE, Major 12th Ind. Cav., T. C. WHITESIDES, Colonel JOHN M. WILSON. For County Clerk, Dr. VERNON GOULD.

C.L. WHITE, Physician and Surgeon. Office at his residence, five miles south of Rochester, Indiana.

ROCHESTER CIIRONICLE - Thursday, September 7, 1865

COUNTY CONVENTION. The union county convention met pursuant to call of the Fulton County Union Central Committee, at the Court House, on Saturday, September 2d, 1865, at I oclock p.m.
The Convention was called to order by LEVI MERCER, acting Chairman of Executive Committee.
On motion, E. CALKINS. was elected President and M. L. ESSICK, Secretary.
On motion, a committee of one from each township was appointed to draft resolutions, expressive of the Convention.
The following named gentlemen were appointed by the President: Almond PACKARD, Wayne. C. CANNON, Union. Gilbert CALIFF, Liberty. Chris. CAMPBELL, Aub. Vernon GOULD, Rochester. B. C. WILSON, Richland. Jacob WHITTENBERGER, Henry. S. FARRY, New Castle.
... On motion, Dr. Vernon GOULD was nominated for Clerk of the circuit court, by acclamation. Frederick PETERSON of Liberty having received a majority of the votes cast for county commissioner, was declared the nominee of the convention.
On motion Allen BAILEY of Henry was nominated for coroner.
On motion of David MOW the nomination of Surveyor was referred to the executive central committee.
On motion John ELAM, E. CALKINS and M. L. ESSICK were appointed delegates to attend the Union Judicial Convention to be held at Logansport on the 8th.
On motion of David MOW, M. L. ESSICK was appointed a member of the executive committee to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal from the county of C. E. FULLER...

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester for the month ending August 31st, 1865.
ANDERSON, S. A., Mrs.; BERRY, Lou, Mrs.; COLLINS, E., Mrs.; CRONER, Bridget; CURTIS, M., Miss; ELVISTON, A., Miss; HENDERSON, Catharin; LOUFE, Hanah; MOORE, Sarah B.; Marhorn, Elizabeth; BOYER, Lou, Miss; SOURS, C., Mrs. APT, F. W.; BROWN, Nelson; BARDON, D. R.; BARBER, George; BERRY, John; BROWN, H. G.; BECKHEART, Wm.; BECKHEART, Tilman; VANLUE, John; SHREAVES, James; SHIRK, E. H.; TURRY, John; WILKINSON, Aug; WOLF, Peter; EGBERT, Wm.; Ffrearrear, Simon; fuller, Orrin T.; HAMSON, R. W.; HARDMAN, Wm.; JACKSON, Davis or Capt.; KENEDY, Royal; KEPHART, Jacob; SAPP, Joseph; MOW, Wash; NELLINS, James; NOYES, L. W.; PULLE, J. C.; BELL, B. A.; BECK, Geo.; COLLINS, Wm. P.; COLLINS, Maj. J. P.; COWLING, W. H.; CALHOUN, James; CORDELL, W. J.; REAM, L. V.; SHEELY, John; SMITH, Christian; TRAUELAW, Joseph; WHITE, Frank; WHITEING, B. D. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

D. R. MARTINIS Cabinet Furniture and Wareroom! In Farmers' Block, Main St., over B. F. Ernsperger's Store... Rochester, Aug. 23d, 1865.

PRESENTS. JACOB WHITTENBERGER, of Akron, presented us last Saturday with one-half bushel of pears. Mr. Whittenberger is an old resident of this county, has done as much for the union cause in this county as any other man; his children gave up their lives freely on the altar of their countty's liberty, and their patriotic father spared no means to carry on the war and help the sick and wounded soldiery....
We are under obligations to MILTON WILEY, for a splendid watermelon.
Also to Mr. WOODFILL...

Rochester, Ind., August 23, 1865. M. L. ESSICK. Dear Sir: I make you a small present of a musk-melon, when you eat, remember that I do not forget the printer... HENRY J. BARNUM.
We received the above note with a fine muskmelon from Mr. Barnum of this place. Mr. Barnum is in poor health; is a true Christian and a good citizen...

M. DANZIGER Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Oils, Paints, Dystuffs, Perfumery, Groceries, Nails, &c, &c. Store near Stock's Mill, Rochester, Indiana.

Doctor J. W. BRACKETT tenders his Professional services to the citizens of Rochester and vicinity. His services may be appreciated from the fact of having an experience of thirty years in the Wabash and Mississippi Valley...
His Office is in rear of Post Office, in Shryock's old law office, where consultations are free to the poor.

H. B. JAMISON, H. S. FOOTE - JAMISON & FOOTE, Attorneys at Law, Rochester, Indiana ... Office on N.W. corner of Main and Washington Sts., over H. W. & A. D. Cornelius' Store.

ELIHU LONG, Manufacturer of Boots & Shoes, and Dealer in Leather, Lasts, Pegs, Boot Trees, &c. Rochester, Indiana. Shop on Main Street, opposite the Public Square.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 14, 1865

To the Union men of Fulton County... in reference to my political views ... I am a supporter of that party... that I no longer officiate with the so called democratic party, that I am now and ever shall cling to that party which has secured the prosperity of the union.... SILAS J. MILLER.

DIED.- On the 3rd Inst., JAMES G., son of DAVID and DELILAH D. RADER, of this county. Aged 1 mo, 17 days.

DEATH COMES AGAIN. On Wednesday the 6th day of Sept., 1865, death entered again our family circle and took from us our little boy VICTOR ESSICK, aged five years and eleven months.
He was slightly attacked with the Croup the night after we burried our little FREDDIE. They were both carried away by the same disease, the membraneous Croup; a tough mucus filling every air vessel. No one can imagine the suffering from suffocation, and the struggling for breath the little ones had to endure ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 28, 1865

The North-Western Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church held its annual session at Attica... The following appointments were made for this vicinity... Kewanna, C. L. SMITH... Rochester, W. R. MIKELS...

M. E. MITE SOCIETY... will be held at the residence of C. HOOVER, Esq...

NOMINATION. At a meeting of the Union Executive Central Committee held on Saturday, Sept. 23rd last, STEPHEN DAVIDSON was nominated as candidate for the office of Representative, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of N. G. SHAFFER.

G. W. TRUSLOW & CO. have opened a large Store on Main Street, where they keep the best quality of Gents Furnishing Goods ....

DIED.- -WILLIAM BIDDLE, aged 67 years, died on Tuesday the 13th day of September, 1865. He was an old and respected citizen of this County, having resided in the County over thirty years.
-Also on the 25th of this month, Mrs. CLARK, wife of JOHN CLARK of this place, of consumption. She leaves a family of six little children and husband to mourn the loss ....

AMERICAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. It will be recollected that some ten years ago this work was located and commenced under the Presidency of Hon. now General P. C. SCHENCK. Its course westward from Fort Wayne was by Liberty Mills, Rochester and Winnimac, in Indiana, to Lacon, on the Illinois River, to that State, and crossing the Mississippi at New Boston. With many other roads its progress received a check, and, like the more important of those it is now about to be revived......

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October S, 1865

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester for the month ending September 30th 1865.
CAMPBELLl, H., Miss; KEEL, Seyntha Ann; CHATMON, Hester, Mrs.; LAWSON, Sarah E.; DAVIS, Manda M.; ROSE, Mary A.; JONES, S. C., Mrs.; WHITE, Matilda; BECK, John; KING, Chas.; BEATER, John ; KLINE, John; BERRY, John; KRATHWOHL, David; BAKER, Anderson; MORE, Anderson; CUIM, Jno.; MORE, John C.; FORD, H. W. J.; RICHARDSON, W.; DILLY, John C.; SUTLEY, Joseph; FULLER, A.; SHULER, C. S.; GIREN, Wm. M.; WAGGONER, Uriah; HARRISON, D. A. WILHART, Joseph; WOODRUFF, Andy. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P. M.

DIED. At his residence, five miles east of this place, of Dropsey, Capt. WM. H. WOODS, aged 45 years.

ON EXHIBITION. Two Melodeons, at the dwelling of M. M. REX. Call and see them, as he is determined to sell cheap ....

BUILDING. Mr. C. J. STRADLEY is erecting a fine business room between his store and the Post Office, which, when completed, is to be occupied by Messrs. Henderson & Bro. Druggists, from Huntington. We are pleased to see our town presenting quite a different appearance since work has commenced on the Railroad from Plymouth to this place.

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting of the Society will be at the residence of F. B. ERNSPERGER...

(Administrator's Notice) JOSEPH BIBLER appointed Administrator upon the estate of FREDRICK W. APT, late of Fulton County deceased. Sept 30th 1865.

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate) ANDREW E. BABCOCK, Administrator de bonis non of the estate of DANIEL O'BLENIS Sept 26, 1865.

(Administrator's Sale) JOSEPH BIBLER, Administrator upon estate of FREDERICK W. APT... at the late residence of said decedent in Union township, one mile south of Pleasant Grove... Sept 30, 186S.

NOTICE! All persons knowing themselves to be indebted by note, or on account, to JOHN HOPPE, deceased, will call immediately at the Jewelry Store of A. D. HOPPE, and settle the claims held against them.... H. W. HOPPE, Administrator.

LEATHER STORE... Room at the sign "NEW YORK CASH STORE," on Main Street, Rochester, Ind. J. B. & B. M. ELLIOTT.

CHINN & BEEBER... Groceries & Provisions... Bakery... Call at the North Room of the MAMMOTH BUILDING on Main St. Rochester, Ind. E. B. CHINN, J. H. BEEBER. Sept. 26, 1865.

MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting of the M. E. Mite Society will be held at the residence of F. B. ERNSPERGER.
The N. S. P. Mite Society will meet at the house of E. CALKINS ...

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 12, 186S

PERSONAL. We are under many obligations to B. C. WILSON, of Richland township, for a fine present consisting of one-half bushel of Mexican potatoes ....

WANTED. A room for a picture gallery on Main St. I desire a good room on 2nd floor of some building suited to my business. Persons having such to let should address S. D. CHRISTNER, Akron, Ind.

H. C. LONG would respectfully inform his friends and the public generally, that he has gone into the BOOT & SHOE business, at E. Long's old Stand, opposite the Court House, and two doors North of Mercer & Slieplierd's Hardware Store ... Rochester, Ind. Oct. 10th 1865.

ROCHESTEP CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 19, 1865

MARRIED. On Thursday last, at the residence of the bride, Mr. PETER MEREDITH, to Mrs. LUTITIA BELL, all of this city.

LOST. The undersigned lost in the Fair Ground on Saturday last one Small Pocket Book worn on the corners, containing two ten dollar green back notes and other small change, one promisoy note drawn by DANIEL RISHER in favor of DAVID MOW, calling for 46 or 8 dollars. Three wheat receipts on Stocks Flouring Mill, one calling for 20 bushel, one 20 bushel and some pounds, one 11 bushel and odd pounds also one small key.
The Finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at Chronicle Office. DAVID MOW.
Akron, Ind. Oct 13, '65. Ed. Chronicle-- The Hon. Drr.,S. S. TERRY and I were called yesterday evening to dress the shoulder of Mr. HARVEY CONNER, from which the arm all but a few inches of the bone, had just been torn by a threshing machine. Mr. C., at the time of the accident, was on the platform of the machine feeding it. The rod iron stay which held it up gave way, precipitated him onto the tumbling shaft to which his hand and arm became fast while it was at high speed, crushing and tearing it off instantly. Today he seems to be doing as well as could be expected and may get well.
Mr. C. lives about eight miles southeast of Rochester, on the Gilead road, he has been in the service of his country, is about thirty-four years old, has a wife and four children. Yours, &c. P. H. SUTTON.

ROCHESTER.CHRONICLE 'I'hursday, October 26, 1865

LEFT TOWN! On Wednesday the 18 inst.- An Iron Grey Indian Poney, with a white stripe down his face, both front feet shod. Any person knowing of his whereabouts and leaving word at Dr. M. M. Rex's office over P.O. Rochester, will be liberally rewarded. WILLIE REX.

FOR SALE! 50 acres good land adjoining the corporation of Rochester on the west and near the Tannery. Price $60 per acre. Inquire D. AULT, at his office.

A. D. HOPPE... Clocks, Watches, Jewelry, Toys and Notions ... Rochester, Ind. Oct. 24th 1865.

CHRISTIAN HOOVER, dealer in Furniture... one door south of the Central House ... Rochester, Ind. Oct 20th 1865.

DAVID M'KERNAN, Attorney at Law, Rochester, Ind .... Office on N.W. corner of Main and Washington Sts., over H. W. & A. D. Cornelius' Store.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 2, 186S

DIED. In Henry Township, on the 17 of October, ULYSSUS G. SIPPY, only child of CLARK and LYDIA A. SIPPY, aged six months.

M. E. MIITE SOCIETY. The next meeting ... at the Parsonage, residence of Rev. W. R. MIKELS...

JUST IN. The Mammoth Stock of Saddles, Harness, Collars, Whips &c., at O. P. OSGOOD'S Harness Shop, on Main Street, a few doors south of the Mansion House.

DIED. On the 28th ult., at half-past five oclock of croup, ABRAHAM L., son of Mr. STEPHEN and Mrs. CATHERINE B. DAVIDSON, of this Township. Aged four years and five days.
W. S. LINE of this place presented us this week with three very fine beets ....

DEDICATION. Five Corners, Ind. Oct. 27, 1865. The new and well finished Church, in Perrysburg, Miami Co., Ind., will be dedicated ... November 25th and 26th, 1865. The dedicatory services will be performed by Rev. L. W. NAMSON, P.E. Peru Dist .... The early completion of the edifice, and the style in which it is finished, reflects honor and good taste upon the proprietor, Rev. E. WAYMIRE. N. D. SHACKELFORD.

GLICK & BROIS. are opening a new Boot and Shoe Store in the room formerly occupied by HOLMES & CO.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester, for the month ending Oct. 31st 1865.
BLANGEE, Elisabeth; PACKARD, Mary A.; BURT, A.; ROSS, H. S.; BROWN, Thomas; RASHER, Joseph; BAT, Elizabeth; RICHIE, Jesse L.; BARMIN, Mollie; REAM, Geo.; COLLINS, Paul; SLISHER, C. G.; DEWIT, David; SCHAFFER, Mrs. S.; DEWITT, Mar---; SHERMAN, David; DOLAN, Wm.; GOLTRYE, F. L.; GREEN, W. H.; HENDERSHOT, Hannah; HECKATHORN, Mrs. D.; HARLAN, Geo. O.; HALL, Geo.; KILLUCK, D.; LUCE, D.; NORTH, Jos. M.; OMSBON, Mr.; SMITH, Wm.; STRAM, Mrs. Marg't.; SLEETMAN, Mary; SMITH, A. D.; STEEN, M.; THOMSON, Marg't.; UNDERWOOD, Eli H.; WEAVER, Sam.; WHITE, Mr. E.; WALLACE, Miss Fran; WARMSEY, A. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

NEW FIRM! ... Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Halters... Shop in Wallace's Block, opposite Ernsperger's Store... MYERS & HANSON. Rochester, Ind. Oct. 31st 1865.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors ... on the south corner of Lot No 24, Old Plat in the Town of Rochester... THOMAS BELL, Rochester, Ind. Oct 31st 1865.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors... on the North West corner of Lot No 24 Old Plat of the Town of Rochester... HUDSON STILES & CO... Rochester, Ind. Oct 31st 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 16, 1865

MARRIED. On the 30th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. THOMAS HAMLETT, of this county, and Miss SARAH L. JONES of Marshall County.

M.E. MITE SOCIETY... The next meeting... will be at the residence of C. J. STRADLFY ...

All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to REUBEN TALLEY for meat will call and settle immediately, or the accounts will be left with the Justice of the Peace for collection. RUBEN TALLEY.

The first term of the Rochester School commences on Monday, Nov. 21st. The teachers will be Mr. O. HENDERSON, Prin., Mr. G. W. SCHILLING, Miss HATTIE OSGOOD and Miss CLIO KING assistants.

We are under many obligations to GEORGE G. LONG, a brave soldier from this place, now stationed at New Orleans, for late issues of the New Orleans Times.

FOUND. One Pocket Book containing one dollar and one promissory note calling for $100 drawn by JOHN YOUNG and LEWIS YOUNG. The owner can have the same by calling at the Chronicle office and paying charges.

(Complaint for Divorce) ELIZA E. BARNES vs HENRY BARNES. VERNON GOULD, Clerk of Fulton Common Pleas Court. Rochester, Nov. 14, 1865.

HENDERSONIS NEW DRUG STORE... Sign of the Blue Mortar, Stradley's old stand, two doors South of the Post Office. CHARLES A. HENDERSON. Rochester, Ind. Nov. 15th 1865.

HATHAWAY & M'KERNAN, Attorneys at Law... Office in Holmes & Miller's Block.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The Law firm of Hathaway & Ewing is this day dissolved by mutual consent ... CARTER D. HATHAWAY, GEORGE A. EWING. Rochester, Ind. Nov 7th 1865.

H. A. & B. G. JOHNSON, Wool Dealers and Manufacturers. Rochester, Ind.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 23, 186S

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting ... at the residence of Capt. H. C. LONG ...
N. S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... will be at the residence of Rev. N. L. LORD...

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, in Auburn, Indiana, on Thursday Nov. 9 by Rev. A. MUNN, Mr. LEWIS D. MIDDLETON of Fulton Co., to Miss REBECCA E. HOFFMAN of DeKalb Co., Indiana.
Also. On the 16th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. JOHN ROBBINS, to Miss LIBBIE RALSTIN, all of this County.

The firm CHINN & BEEBER has undergone a change by J. H. BEEBER selling his interest to Mr. ED. R. PANNELLS formerly of the business firm of WISE & RANNELLS Wholesale Grocers and Sutlers, Nashville, Tenn....

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) JANE ALLEN Administratrix of the estate of GEORGE H. ALLEN, deceased. VERNON GOULD, Clerk. Nov 21, 1865.

HILL & BRACKETT, Medicine and Surgery... Office same as occupied by Dr. Hill. W. H. HILL, M.D., J. W. BRACKETT, M.D. Rochester, Ind. Nov 20th 1865.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 30, 1865

CONDOLENCES. Death has again entered our circle and taken from among us a worthy member, sister ANN E. MYERS ... our sympathy to the family and friends .... Mrs. L. PEARSON, Mrs. INDIA BEEBER, Mrs. AMANDA MERCER, Com. Rochester, Ind., Nov. 27th 1865.

MARRIED. On the evening of the 27th by Rev. N. L. LORD, HORACE S. FOOTE, Esqr., to Miss RENA HIGGINS, all of this place.
Two friends have joined their destinies for life, one a young man of good legal ability and respect, the other an accomplished lady and an honor to every circle in which she moves ....

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... at the residence of JOHN ELAM Esqr...

DEDICATION. The New M. E. Church in Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind., will be Dedicated to the worship of God, Dec. 17th 1865.
Dr. J. L. SMITH and several other Ministers have been invited... W. R. MIKLES, Pastor.

(Notice of Administration) NANCY M. WOOD appointed Admin'x of the Estate of WILLIAM WOOD, late of Fulton County deceased.

(Administratrix Sale) ... Saturday, December 23d 186S at the late residence of WILLIAM WOOD dec'd. NANCY M. WOOD, Admlx.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 7, 1865

DELINQUENT SUBSCRIBERS! It is humiliating for us to be compelled to state that the reason we issued half sheet this week was because the majority of our subscribers have failed to pay up, as yet ....

FRESH OYSTERS Coming from Baltimore to MEHRLINGIS HEAD QUARTERS, at his Old Stand in Mammoth Building, second room over Lyons & Kendricks Store ...

DIED. On Saturday last of liver complaint Mr. TALBOT C. SHORE, Aged 44 years. He leaves a family, and numerous friends to mourn his loss.

Get the Standard Time-- by looking at A. D. HOPPE'S New Town Clock over his Jewelry Store ....

N. S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... at the residence of Mr. HENRY BARNETT...

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting ... at the residence of Col. K. G. SHRYOCK...

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post office at Rochester for the month ending Nov. 30, 1865.
ANDERSN, Mary A.; SHAFFER, Sarah E.; DOWNEY, Martha; SHAKES, Mary M.; FLICKENGER, Mary; VANMETER, Hannah; KELLEY, Mrs. J. A.; WHITMER, Sarah; REAM, Miss Mary; WOLF, Delila; ARBOUGH, Wm; HARTMAN, Wessly; AMMOCK, Dr.] JOURDON, Martin; BOLLINGER, Joseph; JACKSON, John; BROWN, J.; KNOWLES, John; BALL, Aaron; NEWCOMB, Solomon; COLLINS, Paul; PATTEN, B. B. COLE, S. S.; PAXTEN, Jonathan; COLLINS, T.; REGINER, John; CHAMPION, A.; SHAFFER, Jacob; DONAGHER, Peter; SHAFFE [sic], David; DRESSLER, Rev. John; SHULER, C. S.; ESCHENCOCK, Philip; STONE, Marshall; ELLWOOD & BEARRS [sic]; STRONG, H. A.; FARMER, Samuel; STANTON, M. D.; FOSTER, C. S., Att'y; SEECORE, David; FERGUESON, Andrew; THOMPSON, John L; HATCH, S. W. TILTON, David; HUBBARD,Harry; WHITMER, James; HOOVER, Samuel; WOODS, J. J; HOOVER, Amos; WONDERLY, Fredrick. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 14, 1865

The Building Committee of the Baptist church will receive sealed proposals until Saturday Dec. 16th 1865 at 12 M. for enclosing the frame of the Baptist church. Proposals to be left at S. Lines Marble Shop....

DRY GOODS. We are happy to see Mr. I. W. HOLEMAN formerly of this place, but late of Laporte, with a huge stock of Dry Goods Groceries, &c., which he is arranging in the room recently occupied by H. MILLER & Co. Mr. H. is an old citizen of this place and a veteran in the trade, which advantage, his old customers have learned we bespeak for him a large "run," as he is "at home" it isn't necessary for us to say more. Remember the place, Holmes & Miller's Block West Side Public Square.

CONDOLENCES. Hall of Rochester Lodge No. 47, I.O.O.F., Rochester, Nov. 18, 1865.
.... the decease of our respected sister ANN MYERS, and wife of our worthy brother JONAS MYERS ... V. GOULD, Ch'n., ISAAC TRUE, ADAM H. MOW, Com.


Having resumed the practice of law... at my old stand immediately West of the Post Office... K. G. SHRYOCK, Rochester, Ind. Dec. 14th 1865.

(Estray Notice) ... W. H. DAVIDSON, Rochester Tp., did on the tenth day of Nov., 1865, take up as a stray.... appraised at the sum of $20.00 by J. R. RITTER and M. REMENSNEIDER on the 24th day of Nov., 1865. E. STURGEON, J.P. ... VERNON GOULD, Clerk, Rochester Dec. 14th, 1865

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 28, 1865

DEDICATION. The New M.E. Church in this place was solemnly Dedicated to the worship of God Dec. 17th 1865.
The Dedication Sermon was preached by Rev. H. O. HUFFMAN, of Battle Ground Station, N.W. Ind. Conference ....
Size of house, forty by seventy-two feet, twenty feet from floor to ceiling, contains two good class rooms, bell room gallery and recess for ministers stand. The room is well finished, good organ and finely furnished by the ladies of M.E. Mite Society, making a splendid and commodious audience room.
Cost of building, including one kiln of lumber burnt, $5,400. Their remained unprovided for a debt of $2,700 .... the whole amount was secured in cash and good subscriptions and a few dollars over ....

N. S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... at the residence of Mrs. CHARLES BRACKETT, one half mile north of town...

MARRIED. On the 27th inst. at C. J. S'FPADLY Esq., by Rev. W. R. MTKELS, Mr. LEVI T. WHITE, of Valparaiso, Ind., to Miss RUAMA STRADLY, of this place.

MARTIN & WAGNER the Rochester Furniture men, have moved their splendid Furniture Store into their own new building, immediately west of the Wallace Steam Mills...

ENTERPRISE. Our enterprising town, Akron, is rapidly increasing in wealth and enterprise.--- CUTSHALL & RADER have a fine brick store room well fitted with goods, and are doing a good business. ADAMSON & HIATT, has also a large store room and a fine assortment of goods, and it is surprising at the amount of trade they have. It has one newspaper, the Akron Globe edited by WM. CUTSHALL Esq., two tanneries, one tin-shop kept by A. ONSTOTT, two grocery stores and three boot and shoe shops...

OYSTER SUPPER... by the ladies and returned soldiers of this place, at their hall in Akron, on Saturday evening next, for the benefit of the Akron Sabbath School ...

TEACHERIS INSTITUTE. The Teacher's Institute of FultonCo. met pursuant to previous call, at the Court House in this place on Monday last. The institute organized by electing Hon. HUGH MILLER, Pres., D. S. MIKERNAN, Vice Pres., H. B. MITCHELL and Miss HATTIE OSGOOD, Secretaries ... Fifty teachers are in attendance.

(Notice of Administration) ANDREW BABCOCK appointed Administrator of the Estate of TALBERT C. SHORE, late of Fulton County, deceased. My place for transacting business of said Estate when in town will be at K. G. SHRYOCKIS office, Attorney for the Estate...

GRAND NEW YEARIS BALL at the Court House, Monday Evening, Jan. 1, '66, for the benefit of the Rochester Brass Band. Committee of Arrangements: O. P. OSGOOD, J. S. CHAPIN, A. G. PUGH, L. M. SPOTTS, J. M. BEEBER, S. C. JEWELL, W. F. TRUSLOW, A. J. WILLARD, C. W. CAFFYN, E. R. RANNELLS, J. G. STRADLEY. Floor Managers: M. R. SMITH, J. W. BEEBER, J. W. ELAM, R. R. GLICK. Tickets $1.00. Music by the ROCHESTER BRASS BAND and ORCHESTRA. O. P. OSGOOD, Leader.

(Notice of Administration) JAMES CALLOWAY appointed Administrator upon the Estate of CHARLES CALLOWAY, late of Fulton county, deceased. Dec. 12, 1865.

(Administrator's Sale) ... at the late residence of CHARLES CALLOWAY, deceased, in Rochester Tp... JAMES CALLOWAY, Admr. Dec. 12, 1865.

(Petition to Reform Deed) JONATHAN ROSS vs The Unknown Heirs of ELISABETH SMITH, Dec'd... VERNON GOULD, C.F.C.C., Rochester, Dec. 19, 1865.



ROCHESTER SENTINEL, Wednesday, January 11, 1965


WANTED. A quantity of hoop poles at the shop of BEALLE & ROBBINS, (old distillery)...

NOTICE. Dr. W. H. DAVENPORT, Dentist, at Central House, Rochester, three days first week of each month.

LETTER, from E. J. GRANGER, from Virginia City, Montana Terr., Dec. 1, 1864. (concerns emigrants from Rochester to Idaho, including): Mr. GRANGER, J. J. DAVIS, E. BROWN, A. H. MERRICK, Mr. KELLY, The Messrs ALLEYS, O. CARROTHERS and

The city dads have some pumps in the town wells. These pumps will be of much service in case of fire.

L. J. DOWNEY, Esq., of Rochester, agent for the State Insurance Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind., at the Mansion House.

REAL ESTATE. Three town lots in Ault's Plat for sale by CHARLES WORDEN at Central House.

(reporting by Hon. S. S. TERRY the illness, pneumonia, of Hon. N. G. SHAFFER, Representative Elect, while in Indianapolis)

LETTER, from members of Co. K, 46th Ind. Reg., with Resolutions complimenting Capt. R. M. SHIELDS, who has resigned.

COMMON PLEAS COURT in session this week, Judge DYKEMAN presiding.

C. E. FULLER, formerly Editor of the Chronicle, left for Washington yesterday.

(Surveyor's Notice) Legal survey by request of WM. FOORF and WM. FANCHER.

(notice by M. R. SMITH to pay accounts owed to I. W. HOLEMAN)

NOTICE. Meeting of P.H. & L. Co. No. 1, Feb. 7, 1865. D. AGNEW, Sec.

(Wayne twp) ANDERSON, Archibald. AITKEN, Albert. ARMSTRONG,, Benj. APPLEGATE, Sarah. BROWN, John. BARNETT, Jesse. BOWMAN, Wm. COX, George. CARTER, John. FARNSWORTH, Joseph. GOLDWAITI, Oliver. HUFFMAN, Francis. HORN Thaddeus M. HOLLENBACK, Thos. L. MILLER, Silas. NICHOLS,
Wm. W. STEWART, James. SPARKS, Jesse. SMITH., John. SMITH, Austin B. SANNS, Peter. SMITH, Isaac M, SPARKS, J. B. TORRENCE, Wm. THARP, Wm. WILSON, James. YOUNT, Newland.
(Union twp) CANNON, C. H. CARROLL, Michael. HENDERSON, Hiram, HUDKINS, Samuel. MARTNEY, Daniel. NILES, John B. STAMM, Benneville. SMITH, W. H. TROUTMAN, M. A. TREBBETTS, Robert. ULTZ, George. WAMBAUGH, A. B. WILLIAMS, I. J. YEAGER, Allen, Est.
(Aubbeenaubbee twp) ARNOLD, Joseph. BLANDIN, Jesse. CRIST, Mathias. CULBERTSON, Joseph. FLORA, Eli. HOWLEY, .James. JOHNSON, George. MICHAELS, James. PLANK, A. K. ROWAN, H. P. SMITH, Jacob. SHADLE, Michael. STAMM, Benneville. SMITH, Jonathan. WARD, Charles. WENTZEL, Edward. WERMAN, Jeremiah.
(Liberty twp) ALLEY, Minor. CIN. P. & C. R.R. CO. GREGORY, R. P. GREGORY, W. E. HAWKINS, Samuel. MARTIN, W. H. MILLER, Jacob. SIMMONS & INGRAHAM. VANTASSELL, Rufus. WILLARD, John L. WOODS, George W. WHEELDON, Griffith. ZABST, George.
(Rochester twp) BOYER, C. C. COLLINS, Salmon. CARTER, Chancey. FRITZ, Mary. GALEY, Ann E. LANS, Hiram P. McMAHAN, Dennis. MOSSMAN, Christopher. McGUIRE, Samuel. MILLER, Silas. RINAKER, Simon. SEITNER, George. SAMPLE, S. C. TRIBBY, Thomas. WILSON, David. WOOD, Nancy M.
(Richland twp) BROOKE, Martin. BALL, Wm. P. CORNELIUS, M. CARTER, Chancey. CRUM, M. CHAMBERS, James. GREEN, Preston W. JACKSON, Joseph. KEITH, Sidney. MOW, David. MILLER, Silas. SANNS, George. SANNS, Peter. WALTERS, Michael. WILSON, Ellis. WELLS., E. R. WALKER, Harrison.
(Henry twp) ASH, C. B. CURTIS, Alexander. CARPENTER, Thomas. COBLE, Lewis. DICKERHOOF, John. MOORE, W. C. MILLER, Silas. VICKEY, P. H. REAM, John. SAWYER, Catharine. WHITTENBERGER, Jacob. WOLF, Caleb B.
(Newcastle twp) COPLEN, Wm. CAUL, L. C.P. & C. R.R. CO. DEWITT, David. EMMONS, Wm. EMMONS, John. MONTGOMERY, B. F. MACY, David. RALSTIN, John. RABER, Jacob. RODMAN, Reuben. SANNS, George.
(Mt Vernon) DECKARD, Thos. RICHARDSON & DECKARD (Mt Vernon Grist Mill)
(Pleasant Grove) APPLEGATE, Benjamin, GRAHAM, Cyrus. RANNELLS, Enoch. RIDER, John L. TROUTMAN, M. A.
(Fulton) CLEVINGER, B. S. JAQUA, Clarissa. MOON, Charlotte. WRIGHT, John W.
(Akron) BLANSLER, Abe. BALL, Thomas. SHIELDS, N., Mrs, YEAGLEY, Matthew
(Bloomingsburg) COPLEN, JAMES.
(signed) ANDREW J. HOLMES, Auditor, F. C.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, August 5, 1865. (VOL. 1, NO. 1)

Published every Saturday at Rochester, Indiana.
Office on Main Street, third story, HOLMES' & MILLERIS new building.
R. M. HATHAWAY, Publisher and Proprietor.

C. D. HATHAWAY, Attorney at Law, Rochester, Ind... Office in the Standard rooms, opposite the Court House,
SIDNEY KEITH, EDWARD CALKINS, Attorneys at Law, Rochester, Indiana... Office in Shafer's Law Office.
GEORGE SCHISTLER, Dealer in Boots and Shoes. Winamac, Ind. I shall continue to manufacture work as heretofore ... Front St., two doors north of Rowans Store.
A. H. ROBBINS, C. F. HARTER, Medicinal ... practice of Medicine and Surgery... Office the same as previously occupied by Dr. Robbins.
WM. HILL, M.D., Physician and Surgeon ... Office on Main street three doors north of J. Shields' store, Rochester, Indiana.
M. M. REX, Surgeon Dentist, Rochester, Indiana. Office over the Post Office...
SAMUEL HOCH, Manufacturer of Tin, Copper and Slieetiron Ware, and dealer in Family Groceries, Confectionqries 4c, Rochester, Ind... Store in the Buckeye Building, on Main Street.

SALUTATORY. ... Just returning from a term of three years service in the army, (87th Ind. Vols.) and desirous of permanently establishing ourselves in the business of our art, we have purchased the press, and material of the Sentinel office, and in turn exchanged it for new... Being strictly of the Jefferson and Jackson school of politics... The object of the paper shall be to advance the relative interests of the mechanic, the merchant, business man, laborer, farmer, and the various professions, in the legitimate pursuits of their respective vocations... R. M. HATHAWAY.

(Administrator's Notice) ISAIAH SLICK appointed Administrator of the Estate of GEORGE W. KALER, late of Fulton County, deceased... Rochester, July 27, 1865.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by D. S. COLLINS living three miles east and one mile north of Pleasant Grove in Union Twp... appraised by E. A. MOHLER and BRANT McKEE. before Justice GRAHAM.

(Administrator's Sale) ISAIAH SLICK, Administrator of the Estate of GEORGE W. KALER, deceased, will sell at the residence of ELIZABETH KALER, two miles east of Pleasant Grove (personal property) ... Aug. 1st, 1865.
NOTICE TO SCHOOL TEACHERS ... public examination ... HUGH MILLER, School Examiner.

(Non-Resident's Notice) WILLIAM E. GREGORY, SAMUEL FREAR and WILLIAM HILL vs THOMAS C. BROWN and NANCY M. BROWN. Complaint for conveyance of Real Estate ... A. F. SMITH, Clerk. July 14th, 1865. KEITH & CALKINS Plffs Atty.

(Guardian's Sale) JAMES TAGGERT, Gdn of LEANDER HAWKINS and MINERVA ELLEN HAWKINS, minor heirs of ZADOCK HAWKINS, deceased, real estate (described) ... (by order of the Court of Common Pleas of Miami County, Indiana) ...

(Sheriff's Sale)... EZEKIEL MORRISON vs JOSEPH AULT... JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff of Fulton County.

(Sheriff's Sale)... EZEKIEL MORRISON vs JOHN F. KLECKNER...JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff of Fulton County.



SADDLE & HARNESS SHOP ... The saddles manufactured at this establishment are surpassed by none... Shop East side Main Street, nearly opposite Mammoth Building. A. J. DAVIDSON, Rochester, July 12, 1864.

New Hardware and Stove Store, First Door South of F. B. Ernsperger's Store, in FARMER'S BLOCK, Rochester, Indiana ... Also, a choice collection of Family Groceries... DALES & LYON.

STREETS. The graveling on Main Street is progressing finely, over one half mile is already completed ...

RAIL ROAD. Messrs. STURGEON and HOLMES returned last evening from LaPorte, with flattering news as to our Rail Road... The teams and hands are promised to be here by 12th of this month to commence the work.

MARRIED. - On the 16th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. JOHN E. CATES and Miss ELIZABETH HAMLIN, all of this County.
-On the 23rd. inst., by the same, at the residence of Mrs. McCLUNG, Capt. LITTLETON V. REAM, of Co. G 86th Regt., Ind. Vols., and Mrs. VIRGINIA WYSONG.
-On the 3rd inst at the residence of the bride's father, by M. H. DALES, Esq., Mr. ANDREW J. ANDERSON and Miss ASMITH L. BIDDLE, all of this County.
-On the 3rd inst., at the Central Hotel, in this place, by M. H. DALES, Esq., Mr. PETER WITNER, of Pa., and Miss ANGELINE OVERMYER, of Bruce's Lake.
ANNOUNCEMENTS. For County Clerk, OVID P. OSGOOD of Rochester Township; J. Q. HOWELL of Wayne Township; ANTHONY F. SMITH... (all subject to Democratic County Convention)

BOOTS & SHOES... PROCTOR & MYERS ... No. 80, Broadway, Logansport, Ind...

FRANK BROWN'S New Grocery and Provision Store, One door south of Holmes & Miller's Block ... B. F. BROWN, Rochester, August 8th, 1865.

LYON & KENDRICK... Dry Goods & Clothing Business ... Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats & Caps... and will Make to Order... Store at Lyon's old stand south door, MAMMOTH BUILDING. Rochester, April 16, 1864.

C. J. STRADLEY having taken possession of his old Stand opposite the Mansion House ... Dry Goods. Groceries, Queensware, Boots and Shoes, and ready made Clothing... Rochester, Feb 2d, 1865.

GOULDIS PICTURE GALLERY... Room over Levi Mercer's Hardware Store, opposite Court House Square... R. GOULD.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, August 12, 1865

(Administrator's Notice) ISAIAH SLICK appointed Administrator of the Estate of GEORGE W. KALER, late of Fulton County, deceased. Rochester, July 27, 1865.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor in Rochester.,. ... on Lot Numbered 75 on the old plat ... JOHN M. DOWNEY, Aug. 11th, 1865.

MEDICAL NOTICE. JAMES RUSSELL, M.D., having resumed the practice of the Medical profession ... in the practice of 16 years... Residence one-half mile north of True's Mill, in Rochester township... Jan. 20th, 1865.

PHILLIP EHRSMAN would announce to the citizens of Rochester that he has opened a barber shop, and shaving saloon on Main Street, opposite the Book Store ...

We would call the attention of our readers to the new law firm of HATHAWAY & EWING. Judge HATHAWAY is well known to the citizens of Fulton County, and we cheerfully recommend his partner,, Mr. Ewing, as a gentleman.,.

ROCHESTER FLOURING MILLS. ... The water mill at the north end of Main street, owned by Messrs. HAMILTON & TABER, is a splendid building, with good machinery... It is now leased by Mr. STOCK... The steam mill owned by Mr. WALLACE, is one of the steam mills that is no failure. With three run of stone ... making the very best of flour. The new engine put in some time ago by Mr. Wallace is a perfect model and the entire machinery in good order, with the farmers favorite, WILLIAM WALLACE, superintending...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, August 19, 1865

HARBOR MEETING. Tuesday evening August 15th, 1865, pursuant to notice, a large number of the citizens of Fulton County, met at the Court House in Rochester, 7-1/2 oclock, for consultation in relation to the MICHIGAN CITY HARBOR CONVENTION ... (names mentioned): E. CALKINS, A. J. HOLMES, WILLIAM STURGEON, C. D. HATHAWAY, WM. MACKEY, SIDNEY KEITH, CARTER D, HATHAWAY, A. F. SMITH, Mr. FRENCH...

LETTER. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 12th 1865. Editor Standard:... I wish to let the friends of Co. H 46th Ind. Vols, know... that there is still a few of them left ... We are stationed at Louisville, Ky., not to guard against rebel raids, nor to guard citizens of Louisville, but under command of one Maj. Genl. PALMER we are kept from our homes and friends.., to guard the so-called rights of Palmer's black sheep - the negroes,.. J. W. MULLINS,..

CITY BAKERY! E. KIRTLAND'S Grocery and Provision Store in FARMER'S BLOCK, Rochester, Indiana... August 18th 1865.

We were the recipients of a favor at the hands of Mr. J. J. BABCOCK... watermelon ...

DIED. On Friday evening 11th inst., a little child of JOHN ROSS, of this place, aged some two or three years, was drowned by falling into a cistern partly filled with water. The shock was a terrible one with the parents, and aroused the universal sympathies of the citizens in their affliction.

Our young friend SAMUEL CONN has opened a livery stable in Winamac for the accommodation of the traveling, and sporting community...

While in Winamac a few days since, we called upon Messrs TAYLOR and FREEMAN at their place of business on Monticello street, and found their rooms well filled with furniture of a superior quality, which they offer for sale at reasonable rates.

RAILROAD. Our Rail Road is no longer a doubtful question. Messrs. FRENCH and VanDUZER arrived here the first of the week, with hands and teams, for prosecuting the work. Shanties have been erected along the line, and the work is progressing rapidly. A very short time will connect Rochester with the LaPorte end of the road at Plymouth ...

We were greatly pleased at meeting a few days since, our highly esteemed friend Brevet. Brig. Gen N. GLEASON formerly of the 87th Indiana...

MARRIED. On the 11th inst., at the Central House, in this village, by M. H. DALES, Esq., Mr. WILLIAM YEAKEY and Miss ELLEN TRUE, all of this city.

Please withdraw my name as Candidate for Clerk, and oblige yours, &c. OVID P. OSGOOD.
For County Commissioner, (reelection), ROBERT T. BEATTIE.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, August 26, 1865

FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY at the Eighth Annual Fair, to be held at Rochester, Ind., on Friday and Saturday, October 13th and 14th, 1865 ... Officers ... President, STEPHEN DAVIDSON. Vice President, GEORGE B. STOCKBERGER. Secretary, A. J. HOLMES. Treasurer, C. J. STRADLEY. Board of Directors, SIMON WHEELER, Wayne; THOMAS WILSON, Union; ISAIAH W. KREIDER, Liberty; WM. McMAHAN, Rochester; DAVID MOW, Richland; GEORGE BRIGHT, Henry; C. MONTGOMERY, Newcastle. Executive Committee, C. H. ROBBINS, B. C. WILSON, JOHN PENCE, A. J. HOLMES, STEPHEN DAVIDSON ... (premium list, very lengthy)

(Notice of Insolvency) Estate of CRAYTON HOLLIDAY was declared probably insolvent. MILO R. SMITH, Administrator, Aug. 22d, 1865.

(Notice of Insolvency) Estate of AARON DEBOLT was declared probably insolvent. A. J. HOLMES, Administrator. Aug. 22d, 1865.

(Guardian Sale) PAUL STOCKBERGER, Gdn of MAHALA MECHLING, BENJAMIN MECHLING and AMANDA MECHLING, minor heirs of SARAH MECHLING deceased, will sell real estate (described)...

D. R. MARTINIS Cabinet Furniture & Wareroom, in FARMER'S BLOCK, Main Street, over B. F. Ernsperger's Store ... Rochester, Aug. 23d 1865.

BOOK STORE. The undersigned would respectfully announce to the citizens of Fulton County, that he has opened a BOOK & STATIONARY STORE, in the town of Rochester, one door north of A. C. Hickman's Store... JOHN PIPER. Aug. 23d 1865.

GOOD TRAVELING. Judge MILLER with his family drove his "home team" from Peru to his residence near this place (21 miles) last Tuesday, in two hours and twenty one minutes, considering the uneavenness of the ground and rough state of a portion of the road, this is hard to beat.

We are under obligations to Mr. C. ERNSPERGER for a present ... watermellon...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, September 2, 1865

DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. For Clerk of Circuit Court, JOHN Q. HOWELL. For County Surveyor, ISAIAH WALKER. For County Commissioner, ROBERT T. BEATTIE. For Coroner, JOHN SHAFFER.

MARRIED. On the 20th day of August, 1865, by E. STURGEON, Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. JOHN A. FENSTERMAKER to Miss MARY HAINBAUGH all of this County.

Buy the KEWNEY PLOW if you would get the worth of your money. For sale at the ROCHESTER FOUNDRY on main street near Wards livery stable.
The first man that has been locked up in our county jail for one year past was placed there yesterday morning a short time for want of bail on change of venue in a case of assault and battery.

The RAILROAD SALOON on Pearl Street, in Winamac, kept by J. A. DEAN, is a favorite resort of bachnalians, where wines, liquors, and drinks of every description are to be had.

PHOTOGRAPHIC. Mr. B. F. HATHAWAY has opened a gallery in Winamac for taking photographs, and ambrotypes ...

DIED. We are truly pained to learn of the death of FREDDIE ESSICK, son of M. L. and ELLEN ESSICK, of this place. The little favorite was aged 3 years 7 months and fifteen days and departed this life August 27, 186S.
Mr. M. L. ESSICK is editor of the Chronicle, and by his irreparable loss has been called from his usual supervision of and attention to the business of his paper.
The stricken parents have our unfeigned sympathy in their trying bereavement.

A new law firm under the name and style of JAMISON and FOOT has been formed in this town office over A. D. Cornelius's store. Each of the young men come well recommended...

DEMOCRATIC COUNTY CONVENTION.... met in the Court room, Aug. 26th 1865... (names mentioned): WILLIAM STURGEON, Chairman of the Central Committee, A. W. ELLIOTT, of Wayne Tp., B. A. EIDSON, A. J. HOLMES, Judge C. D. HATHAWAY ... (resolutions committee): J. Q. HOWELL, Wayne. ISAIAH SLICK, Union. JOHN McCONNEYHEY, Liberty. P. I. MEREDITH, Aubbecnaubbee. I. WALKER and C. D. HATHAWAY, Rochester. B. A. EIDSON, Richland, I. PONTIUS, Henry. L. MONTGOMERY, Newcastle. A. F. SMITH, C. F. HARTER, AMBROSE MEREDITH, JAMES MARTIN, GEORGE PERSHBAUCHER, ISAAC PONTIUS ...

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Common Pleas Judge, Col. JNO. M. WILSON, of Miami County...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, September 9, 186S

UNION MEETING. On last Saturday the odds and ends of the Union, Abolition, Republican, Negro-Equality party met, or attempted to meet in Mass Convention at the Court House in this place ... in the unparalled numbers of fifty-five Republicans., and perhaps half dozen democrats, attracted to the scene from promptings of curiosity... (names mentioned); Mr. CALKINS, Mr. ESSICK, ex-Sheriff WILSON, Rev. JACOB WHITTENBERGER, Bro. FARRY, Mr. MERCER, Dr. VERNON GOULD, J. H. BEEBER, Mr. MACKEY, Mr. MERCER, Mr. CALIFF, FRED PETERSON, Mr. KEELY, A. D. PACKARD, Mr. CANNON, Mr. MOW, ISAIAH HOOVER, Dr. HILL, Dr. BAILEY, Mr. ELAM...

MEDICAL NOTICE. J. W. BRACKETT, M.D.... Particular attention paid to Chronic diseases and Surgery. Office in rear of Post Office, at the Law Office of Shryock's ...

JAMISON & FOOTE, Attorneys at Law, Rochester, Indiana... Office on N.W. corner of Main and Washington Sts., over H. W. & A. D. CORNELIUS' Store.

Mr. A. H. WHARTON will please accept our thanks for a variety of Tomatoes and a watermelon...

ACCIDENT. On Wednesday, Aug. 30th, as ex-Sheriff ISAAC GOOD was loading hay on his wagon, in the marsh, he lost his balance and fell on a. pin in the rigging, which penetrated his right side about six or seven inches. We are however, pleased to learn that he is recovering fast, and will soon be able to attend to business.

DIED. ADA NICKLES, aged fifteen months, daughter of J. and E. A. NICKLES of Winamac, died on the morning of the 2d inst., and we learn that the mother, Mrs. E. A. NICKLES was not expected to survive last Thursday.
The bereaved and careworn father and husband will accept our most sincere sympathies.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Saturday, September 16, 1865

FARM FOR SALE. The subscriber, on account of ill health, offers for sale his Farm, consisting of 130 acres. I am desirous of selling immediately as I wish to go south in time for seeding this Fall. For particulars inquire on the premises, 3 miles west of the TIPPECANOE HOUSE, in Richland Township, Fulton County, Ind. H. ADAMSON.


At the request of our friends and subscribers at Aubbeenaubbee and Blue Grass we change our publication day to Thursday. Hereafter the paper will be mailed Wednesday evening of each week and subscribers can receive it on the day of publication, proper.

ADAM NETCHER will please accept the thanks of the Standard office for a fine watermelon ...

DIED. -Mrs. E. A. NICKLES, wife of JACOB NICKLES, of Winamac, died on Friday morning the 8th inst. It was but a few days previous that Mr. Nickles lost his little daughter. The truly unfortunate husband and father has our unfeighned sympathy in his groat bereavement.
-VICTOR, little son of Mr. ESSICK, died on the 6th inst. This is the second child the family have been called to mourn the loss of within a short space of time, and they have our sympathy in their affliction.
... fruit and vegetables from Winamac, for which Mrs. A. D. PERRY and S. B. AGNEW, will accept our thanks.

RAILROAD. Our Railroad is progressing finely, the grade, we are told being about completed to within a short distance of Argos...

Mr. J. Q. HOWELL is our regular agent at Blue Grass, and Mr. PHILLIPS of the firm of PHILLIPS and LEITER, at Kewanna. These gentlemen are authorized to receive subscriptions and reciept for the same...

Mr. THOMAS MEREDITH of Aubbeenaubbee Township presented us with a gallon of newly made sorghum molasses ...

A few days since, a Mr. BRICE SHEPHERD, of this county, was arrested on two warrants for employing, and encouraging to remain in the State, one negro and one mulatto. He was tried on the 12th inst as to the negro, and the jury could not agree. On the 14th, one case as to the mulatto was adjourned until the 2d before Justice SNOW of Richland Township. We learn the negro has left.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, September 21, 1865

(Sheriff's Sale) LYCURGUS EDGERTON, NATHANIEL S. DONE, MILLER H. DANNING, JOHN G. WRIGHT and ABRAHAM D. WHITMORE vs ROBERT A. RANNELLS ... Lot number forty-eight in the original plat of the town of Rochester ... September 20th 186S. J. W. DAVIS, Sheriff Fulton County.

Mr. OVID OSGOOD has purchased the "Old Saddle and Harness Shop," formerly owned by Mr. A. J. DAVIDSON ... Mr. Osgood is one of our returned "boys in blue," and we bespeak for him a great success.

Our young friend, L. D. MIDDLETON, is agent for, and engaged in selling by subscription a new work entitled "Grant and Sherman, their Campaigns and Generals.''

C. C. BUDD, Clock & Watch-maker, Winamac, Ind...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, September 28, 1865


GEO. W. TRUSLOW & CO., Merchant Tailors and dealers in Gents furnishing goods... Room one door South of the Mammouth Building, Rochester, Ind.

FRANK BROWN has disposed of his Grocery and Provision Store to a Mr. CHAMBERLAIN, who is now carrying on at the old stand.

The case of the State vs BRICE SHEPHARD for employing and encouraging to remain in the state a MULLATTO, was tried last Saturday before Justice SNOW of Richland Township, in this county, and resulted in a judgment against the defendant for twenty five dollars and costs of prosecution. We understand the defendant has taken an appeal to the Common Pleas court, and also that he will be arrested again for still keeping the NEGRO also with him, contrary to the former pledges of his counsel that he should be sent away. As this negro, and mulatto are the only colored gentlemen in the county, and the feelings of our citizens is so general expressed against harboring them in our midst, it does appear strange that Mr. Shephard and a few of his fanatical friends should persist in "hugging the negroll in defiance of all law and the almost universal sentiments of the community.


ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 5, 1865

The public sale advertised by GEORGE BAIR and JOHN G. RAISOR to take place on the 10th inst has been changed to the eleventh.

RAILROAD. The INDIANAPOLIS, ROCHESTER AND CHICAGO RAILROAD is being more rapidly completed than ... anticipated when Messrs VanDUZER and Co. came on to commence the work. The entire line has been put under contract to able and energetic bidders who are sub-contracting and building the road with all possible dispatch. Last week the grading was commenced on the south side of the Tippecanoe River...
The Ft. Wayne papers speaks encouragingly of the proposed completion of the AIR LINE RAILROAD. We learn the work is being prosecuted both east and west of us, and steps are being taken to insure its completion ...

An Vamburgh & Co's MAMMOTH MENAGERIE ... Rochester, Saturday, Oct. 14th, 1865.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 12, 1865

CARR and TOLERTON, Surgeons and Physicians, have purchased the Drug Store owned by D. W. CHAMPER... Store one door North of Rowan's Corner, Winamae, Ind.

H. C. LONG would respectfully inform his friends, and the public generally, that he has opened the finest BOOT and SHOE STORE in Rochester, at the old E. LONG stand...

Mr. ALEXANDER LACKEY will accept our thanks for that nice dozen of apples ...
Messrs JOHN P. BOONE and JESSE McKEE, on election day brought us one gallon of... Sorghum Mollasses ...

We are under obligations to Mr. L. Y. ONSTOTT for... squash...

Our neighbor, McKEE, the other day presented us with a most delicious piece of Venison, of his own killing ...

MARRIED. On the 3d inst., by Rev. N. L. LORD, at the residence of Judge MILLER, in this township, L. M. DOWNEY to Miss LOUISA MILLER...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 19, 1865

The CITY BAKERY and PROVISION STORE formerly kept by our friend E. KIRTLAND has been purchased by FRANK FROMM...

LOST.... on Saturday last in the Fair Ground one pocket book... containing... one promissory note drawn by DANIEL RISHER (Risner?) in favor of DAVID MOW... wheat receipts on Stocks flouring mill ... DAVID MOW.

Our friend Capt. C. CHAMBERLAIN will accept our most polite tip of the hat for that half peck of nice pears ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 26, 1865

VALEDICTORY. With this number ends the publication of the standard in Rochester. ... Our accounts will be left with Messrs. JAMISON and FOOTE, for final adjustment. - - - -R. M. HATHAWAY.

We were somewhat surprised the other day, as we noticed the busy workmen in and around the old "MANSION HOUSE,"... learned that Mr. VanDUZER of the rail road, purchased it ... set the boys to "dusting it up," ...

Doctor STRAIN has purchased the Hotel near the north end of Main street, always known as the CHAMBERLAIN HOUSE, and is fitting it up in good style. The Doctor will make this house again worthy of its ancient reputation.

The business of HATHAWAY & EWING, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, will be continued at their office, first right hand door on second floor of Miller & Holmes building...

MARRIED. -At the residence of the bride's father, near Wabash town, by on the 12th inst., Mr. DAVID RHODES to Miss SARAH WHARTON...
-On the evening of the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. PETER MEREDITH to Mrs. LETTITIA BELL, all of this place ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 9, 1865

CAFFYN & PUGH, Publishers and Proprietors. Office on Main Street, third story, Holmes' & Miller's new building.

SALUTATORY. Having purchased the press, and newly selected material of the Standard Office, from R. M. HATHAWAY, we can only pledge our best efforts to preserve the firm courteous Democratic tone of the paper ...

RAILROAD. We are informed by the contractors on the rail road that the work is to be prosecuted with re-doubled energy. That Messrs. SMITH & FRENCH are giving it their especial attention and that old worker, Mr. VanDUZER will be here to-day with his family. Success to the company.

... C. A. HENDERSON, has opened a "CAPITAL DRUG STORE" in the Stradley Building, south of the Post Office ... All wishing anything in the way of Drugs or Groceries, should give him a call ...

F. B. ERNSPERGER & CO., are doing a business of $35,000 per annuTn... at the old corner in Farmers Block...

DISSOLUTION. The Law firm of HATHAWAY & EWING is this day dissolved by mutual consent, the unfinished business of the firm will be conducted by Carter D. Hathaway... at the old office. CARTER D. HATHAWAY, GEORGE A. EWING, Rochester, Nov. 7th, 1865.

ROCHESTER... located upon a beautiful field of oak and hickory... our citizens have preserved the native shrubery ... By a careful count we find that Rochester contains 163 dwelling houses, many of which are occupied by two and three families, besides the several families that resides in parts of the numerous business houses of the place, thirty-two business houses, (Stores, Ware-rooms, Groceries, Jewelry Shops, Manufactories, Millinery, &c.,) ten Lawyers, six Physicians, three Hotels, one Foundry, two first class Flouring Mills, one steam Planing and Shingle Machine, besides a very neat brick Court House and Jail, and the most beautiful natural park for a court yard, anywhere preserved in the western States.

CONDOLENCE. Hall of Fulton Lodge, No. 79 F. & A.M.... Brother, SILAS WILLARD... we offer our heartfelt sympathy and condolence to the afflicted wife, the rest of the family and friends ... MILO R. SMITH, A. F. SMITH, R. M. PHELPS, Com., Rochester, Oct. 4th, 1865.

MARRIED. On the morning of the 6th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, at the residence of the bride's father, Capt. C. CHAMBERLAIN and Miss SARAH SWARTWOULDT, all of this place...

WANTED IMMEDIATELY. Shoemakers can find immediate employment at GLICK & BRO'S New Boot and Shoe Store, Rochester, Ind.

(Notice of Survey) ... By request of B. F. MONTGOMERY and URIAH WILSON. ISAIAH WALKER, S.F.C., Nov. 5, 1865.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor ... in Rochester... on Lot number seventy-five north Room, new plat... JOHN M. DOWNEY, JOSEPH P. BOLINER. Nov. 2, 1865.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 16, 1865

THE PREMIUM LIST. A list of Premiums awarded at the Eighth Annual Fair, of the FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY held at Rochester, Indiana, on Friday and Saturday, October 13th and 14th 1865...

HATHAWAY & McKERNAN having formed a law co-partnership, will be found at the former office of Hathaway & Ewing, second floor, Millers building, opposite the Court House.

One afternoon the forepart of last week, we noticed Mr. JOSEPH McKEE, spearing fish, in the raceway, an outlet of the Lake (a narrow channel that an active man could almost leap across,) and approaching to witness his luck, we were surprised to find a pile of nice pike and bass, already numbering near a hundred or perhaps more.

OUR LATE FESTIVAL. ... in behalf of the Presbyterian Church, tenders thanks ... Festival of the 7th inst ... and to the proprietor of the Central House, for his liberality in furnishing us the use of his rooms...yielded... a little over $70 ... to be expended for improvements at the Church... N. L. LORD.

Our young friend, JIM S. CHAPIN, formerly proprietor of the SENTINEL, ... our thanks for... making a new roller... and would recommend our readers to give him a call at Wallace's Store...

The first term of the Rochester School commences on Monday, Nov. 21st. The teachers will be Mr. O. HENDERSON, Principal, Mr. GEO. W. SHILLING, Miss HATTIE OSGOOD and Miss CLIO KING, Assistants.

A. M. FLORY (Late Lt. Colonel 46th Ind. Vet. Vol) Attorney at Law, Logansport, Ind.

HENDERSON'S NEW DRUG STORE, sign of the Blue Mortar ... Stradley's Old Stand, two doors south of the Post Office. CHARLES A. HENDERSON, Rochester, Nov. 15, 1865.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 23, 1865

GLICK BRO'S ... Boots and Shoes ... in room formerly occupied by HOLMES & CO, west side of Public Square. The accommodating Salesman of all Salesmen SAM KEELY, remains at the Store, ready to wait upon all his former customers, not to sell Dry Goods, but Boots and Shoes ... Rochester, Nov. 22, 1865.

MEDICAL CO-PARTNERSHIP... Having associated themselves in the practice of Medicine and Surgery... Office same as occupied by Dr. Hill. W. HILL, M.D., J. W. BRACKETT, M.D., Rochester, Nov. 20, 1865.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 30, 1865

DEDICATION. The New M. E. Church, in Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana, will be Dedicated to the worship of God, December 17th, 1865. Dr. J. L. SMITH, and several other Ministers have been invited and are expected to be in attendance ... W. R. MIKELS, Pastor.

L. D. MIDDLETON ... our thanks for... "Grant and Sherman, their Campaigns and Generals," ... L. D. Middleton of Akron, is sole Agent for this county.

FIREMENIS BALL... given at the Court House... on Thursday Evening December 14th, 1865. For the benefit of the P. H. & L. CO. NO. I... Our accommodating Sheriff, ,T. W. DAVIS, has... consented to let the Court Room go for the occasion...

CONDOLENCE. Hall of Taylor Lodge No. 36. I.O.G.T .... Sister ANN E. MYERS ... our sympathy to the family and friends ... Mrs. L. PEARSON, Mrs. INDIE BEEBER, Mrs. A. MERCER, Com., Rochester Nov. 1865.

MARRIED. On the evening of the 27th, at the residence of Dr. M. M. REX, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. HORACE S. FOOTE, Esq. and Miss SERENA A. HIGGINS, all of this place...

HATHAWAY & M'KERNAN, Attorneys at Law, Rochester, Ind., Office first door right hand second floor of MILLER & HOLMES BUILDING opposite Court House ... C. D. HATHAWAY, D. S. MIKERNAN.

FRESH OYSTERS ... Coming from Baltimore to MEHRLING'S HEAD QUARTERS, at his Old Stand, in MAMMOTH BUILDING, second room, over Lyons & Kendricks Store, where I will be happy to wait upon Ladies and Gentleman ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 7, 1865

PETITION TO BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF FULTON COUNTY, to not permit the law firm of Messrs. HATHAWAY & M'KERNAN to occupy any room of the Court house... as an attorneys office. HENRY B. JAMISON, HORACE S. FOOTE, S. KEITH, EDWARD CALKINS. Dec. 4th, 1865....

COMMISSIONERS COURT... License to sell intoxicating liquors were granted to the following persons of Rochester: DOWNEY & BOLINGER, STILES & CO., THOMAS BELL and DAVID CARR... Rochester will be well supplied with drinking saloons ... we will have six in our little town.

DIED. At his residence in this place, T. C. SHORES on the 2nd inst., at twelve oclock P.M. Mr. Shores was one among the oldest, most obliging and respected citizens, and business men of Rochester. He leaves a widow and four children as we are informed, with a community generally, to regret his absence.

We have made arrangements and received the Agency from W. W. Kimball ... for the sale of the widely known and far-famed S. D. and H. W. Smith's ORGANS... For illustrated Catalogues and Price List, call on M. M. REX, Dentist, and Assist. Assessor of Int Rev, Rochester, Fulton County, Ind. Office over Post Office...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 14, 1865

Under the management of our present energetic Trustees, Messrs. WALLACE and STRADLEY, the public School House has been completely repaired and finished, by the construction of a new wood-house and a fence enclosing the grounds; and every morning the sounds of a newly purchased bell may be heard...

CONDOLENCE. Hall of Rochester Lodge No. 47 I.O.O.F, Nov. 18, 1865... Sister MYERS ... sympathy and condolence to our bereaved Brother ... VERNON GOULD, ISAAC TRUE, ADAM H. MOW, Com.

MILO R. SMITH (Recorder of Fulton County) Writer of Deeds and Mortgages and Real Estate Agent ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 21, 1865

Rochester can boast of two of the best Bakeries and Family Provision Stores in the west. "FRED FROMM," and "CHINN & RANNELLS,"...

The Firemen's Hop last Thursday evening at the Court House, was a grand affair... The Supper furnished by our friend PERRY MEHRLING, was all the most fastidious epicure could have asked...

ANOTHER BALL. Preliminary arrangements have been made for a magnificent New Year's Ball, or social Cotillion party... for the benefit of the new Brass Band, now organizing here ...

ISAAC HOLEMAN has returned to Rochester, and is now receiving and opening one of the largest, and finest stock of goods ... rented Judge MILLER'S half of the HOLMES & MILLER BUILDING, and is now occupying the large room formerly used by Miller & Co., on Main Street opposite the Court House...

Mr. CHARLES HENDERSON will accept the thanks ... for two bottles of "Henderson's Hair Dressing," ... is of (his) own manufacture, and decidedly the finest article of the kind we ever seen in the market. It is beautifully scented, gives to the hair a lively silken freshness and leaves none of the gummy effects of ordinary liair oil and "Hair Restoratives." ...

C. W. CAFFYN, AL G. PUGH, Publishers & Proprietors. Editor, CARTER D. HATHAWAY.

TOWN CLOCK. We now have owing to the generosity of A. D. HOPPE a "Town Clock."... he has inserted in the front of his building a large clock of his own getting up ...

(Sheriff's Sale) DANIEL D. PRATT vs JETHRO NEW and ROBERT NEW, real estate (described) ... December 20th 1865. J. W. DAVIS, Sheriff, Fulton County.

DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between HUGH T. MILLER, GAVIN MILLER and C. W. CAFFYN, under the name and style of H. T. MILLER & CO., is this day dissolved by mutual consent... The books and accounts will be found in the hands of C. W. Caffyn at the Standard office... Dec. 20th, 1865.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 28, 1865

(Wayne twp) BARNETT, Thomas W. COX, George. FREEMAN, H. C. GUTHRIE, William. HILL, Joseph. HENDRICKSON, Ann. JULIAN, Sam'l W. JONES, W. NICHOLS, Edward. STEWARD, James. SPARKS, Theodore. TEEPLE, Yancy O. VANMETER, Julian. WARE, William. ZABST, Cathrine.
(Union twp) BARNETT, Thomas W. BECKER, Charles. FERNBAUGH, Isaac. FLANNEGAN, Charles. HALE, Amos. LEBO, Elisabeth. LEMMONS heirs. TRIBBETTS, Robert. TAYLOR, James A. ULTS, George. YEAGER, Allen.
(Aubbeenaubbee twp) BRIGHT, Francis. BAKER, Charles. BOYER, J. F. BILLS, John W. CARROLL, C. P. HEAD, Truxton. LEBO, George est. MICHAELS, James. SWANTON, Wm. WHITE, Jeremiah.
(Liberty twp) ALLEY, J. W. & E. BUCK, Ashel. BAILEY, Jeremiah. BUTLER, Burrows. BUCK, M. & A. GOSS, George. JENKINS, George. MORRAN, Charles. PLANK, A. K. REIMENSNEIDER, Henry. RUSTIN, Sarah. SMITH, O. F. SHIDELER, Peter. SOPHER, John. WILLARD, John S.
(Rochester twp) AULT, John, Jr. BOWMAN, Hugh. DAUGHERTY., Ep[hraim. EDWARDS, Elizabeth. GLEASON, Newell. GRANGER, J. W. HUNTER, Chas. H. HAINBAUGH, C. JOURNAL, Amdrew. MOORE, George. MILLER, Silas. MORGAN heirs. REESOR, Aaron. VANTRUMP, Calvin. VANTRUMP, Daniel. WILT, Jude Ann. WHITE, M. & F. T.
(Richland twp) BISHOP, S. M. BOWER, Josiah. BROWN, L. J. BARTLETT, John. BROOKE, W. W. CRUMM, M. DOWNEY, L. M. FELTS, James. HOLMES, A. J. JOHNSON, J. F. MOW, David. MOW, William. NORTON, Joseph F. PERSCHBAUCHER, Jno. POLK, Mary Ann. RUGH, A. J. SCHOCH, Charles. TOWN, Elijah. WALKER, Clara.
(Henry twp) CURTIS, Andrew. CARPENTER, Thomas. CONWELL, A. B. HARSH, Franklin. KREIG, Benjamin. M'COY, Catharine. MAHLER, George. NYE, Jonas. SUTTON, Ferdinand. STRONG, Z. SELLERS, Louisa.
(New Castle twp) ALMACK & COPLEN. CLARK, J. M. CRAIG, George. HAIMBAUGH, C. HIGHWAY, Edward. PARCELS, Joseph. SEVERNS, J. R. STILES, Hudson. SUTHERLAND, James. SWINEHART, Rachel. TUCKER., Erasmus. WHARTON, Mathias.
(Mount Vernon) CUMMINGS & CO. CANNON, Isaac. SHAFFER, Uriah. TROUTMAN, M. A. WILT, Washington.
(Fulton) DAVIS, Peter. FAIRBANKS, E. J. HILL, John. MARTIN, William. PRATT, D. D. VANBLARICAM, H. S. WRIGHT, John W. WOODFIELD, P. heirs
(Rochester) EDWARDS, Jas. B. FARRINGTON, H. S. HOLMES, A. J. HAMILTON & TABER. LYNE, Lydia D. LOOMIS, Dency. PENCE, John. PENCE, Adam. STORMS, Michael.
(Bloomingsburg) KEITH, Sidney.
ANDREW J. HOLMES, Auditor Fulton County, Ind.

Last Saturday night the printers of both offices went on a --- "free and easy," at the law office of HATHAWAY & M'KERNAN, and passed away the evening very pleasantly and good humored... But being taught not to tell tales out of school, we respectfully say it was a good time generally.

FESTIVAL. The "little folks vestival"... to be held this evening in the lower room of the Odd Fellows Building.
The festival is for the benefit of the M.E. Sabbath School Library, and gotten up by the young folks of the "Little Mite Society," ...

We are under obligations to Mr & Mrs A. H. WHARTON for a fine Christmas Turkay, and a nice lot of butter...



ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 4, 1866

L. M. SPOTTS, M. L. ESSICK, Publishers.

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk of this County, for the "quarter" ending, December 31st 1865:
Levi M. DOWNEY and Louisa MILLER, Abraham STEFFEY and Sarah CUBBERLY, Paul HETZNER and Margaret TROWLER, Peter MEREDITH and Lutitia BALL, Orlin SMITH and Mariah GREEN, Henry MOON and Mary WARE, Henry FRY and Mary J. HARRIS, Robert WALTER and Catherine JOHNSON, Jacob DAWSON and Martha HALTERMAN, Francis M. SMITH and Sarah E. CLARK, A. REMENSNYDER and Mary E. SPOTTS, Peter HOFFMAN and Rebecca BOWMAN, Ben. NOFTSGER and Sarah A. MITCHELL, C. CHAMBERLAIN and Sarah SWARTWOOD, Harrison HOCH and Mary GUISE, Joseph COPNER and Rachael LUDWIG, J. J. LUDWIG and Mariah COPNER, Wm. E. LEATH and Isabel J. WADDELL, J. C. TUTTLE and Sarah ENYART, Dan'l RARRICK and Elisa SLEEPER, Francis BARNES and Lucinda GANDY, Andrew CROMER and Rhoda CARTER, F. M. MORGAN and Maggie MITCHELL, John ROBBINS and Libbie A. RALSTIN, W. M. MATHEWS and Jane CHRISTY, G. W. GREGSON and Catherine SHAFFER, P. BIDDINGER and S. J. TRIBBETT, Amos AUSMAN and E. C. WOODRUFF, Henry S. FOOTE and Serena A. HIGGINS, Wm. RANS and Mary A. BAILEY, Samll BEATTIE and Sarah E. KERSNER, Charles DODD and Lucinda FOSTER, H. FEITELING and Mary A. FITTS, H. M'CUMBER and Sarah E. POTTS, Robt. JUDD and Nancy E. PARSONS, Frank M. ORR and Julia A. DUNLAP, H. H. CARUTHERS and E. RICHARDSON, Wm. L. KESSLER and H. WINDBIGLER, Chas. G. DEAN and Mary M. ANDRUS, Ananias SWIHART and Phebe PRINCE, Levi T. WHITE and Ruama STRADLEY, O. M. BLISS and Sarah LINCH, O. W. HANSON and A. E. LOUDERBACK, Wm. M. LEITER and Eliza A. HICKMAN, Andrew J. MORRIS and C. GREGSON, Samuel
SHIELDS and Mary BIRCH, John P. MYERS and Mollie C. GRAHAM.

THE WORK GOES ON. We arc informed by our gentlemanly townsman, Mr. VanDUZER (of the firm of SMITH & VanDUZER, general contractors on the Indianapolis Rochester & Chicago Rail Road) that over one half of the grading is already completed, with many ties, and much timber on the ground for the erection of the several bridges on the route.

MARRIED. -Our enterprising young harness maker, JOHN P. MYERS, was married on Monday last, at 9 oclock, to Miss MOLLIE C. GRAHAM of this place....
-On the 27th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. WILLIAM J. LEITER and Miss LIDA A. HICKMAN all of this county.
-Also, Janlry 1st, at the residence of Mr. R. WALLACE, by the same, Mr. JOHN P. MYERS and Miss MOLLIE C. GRAHAM, all of this city.

DIED. On the evening of the 31st, of Dyptheria, ORRA, only son of LAFAYETTE and CATHARINE TRUE, aged six years.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by SIMEN WHEELER in Wayne Tp., December 9th 1865... Appraised by SAMUEL ROUCH and SEBASTIAN GOSS ... E. BARKER, J.P., V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by J. H. TONER of Union Tp, one mile South of Pleasant Grove ... Appraised by JOB ROBINSON and BENJAMIN CLARK. Dec. 19th, 1865, C. S. GRAHAM, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by SEBASTIAN GOSS in Liberty Tp., RICHARD REED, J. P., V. COULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by JONAS GOSS 2-1/2 miles west of ANDREW OLIVER'S, in Liberty tp .... appraised by EDWARD MEDARY and ADAM GRAFF ... A. J. SUTTON, J. P., VERNON GOULD, Clk.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 11, 1866


M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... at the residence of ROBERT GOULD Esq....
N.S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... at the residence of Dr. HARTER...

ACCIDENT. We are informed by Mr. MERCER (of the firm of Mercer & Shepherd) that one evening of last week, after retiring the bed occupied by him came very near being enveloped in flames from a candle that was left burning on a table near by. Mr. M. awaking just in time to save the lives of the inmates of the house. With some labor the flames were extinguished, without doing but little damage.

M. E. SUNDAY SCHOOL.... election... Superintendent, CHARLES J. STRADLEY, Assistant, GEORGE W. TRUSLOW, Secretary, RICHARD P. SMITH, Librarian, JOHN G. STRADLEY....

MARRIED. - On Thursday, the 4th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, at the residence of the brides father, Mr. JA'S L. CAPP, of Shelbyville, Ind., and Miss MATTIE TRUE, of this county. Mattie did not forget the printers, for we received a very handsome cake. Mr. Capp is a fine young man, belonging to our craft ....
-On the 7th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. WILLIAM WOOD and Miss CLARISSA McQUERN.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by ROBERT LOCHLIN in Wayne tp. Appraised by JAMES BUCHANAN and WILLIAM KELLEY. Dec. 5, 1865. EDWIN BARKER, J.P., V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by WILLIAM P. BALL in Richland tp Dec. 15th, 1865... appraised by W. G. OSBORNE and NATHANIEL VANDOREN ... JOHN SNOW, J.P. VERNON GOULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by W. H. DAVIDSON of Rochester tp Dec. 1, 1865... appraised by M. REIMENSCHNIDER and FRED STITS... ENOCH STURGEON, J.P ....

FOREST SHAVING SALOON. On Main St., nearly opposite Central Hotel. P. EHRSMAN, Proply. Shaving, Hair Dressing and Shampooning. Done in the most workman-like manner. Rochester January 9th, 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 25, 1866

ROCHESTER SCHOOL. We visited the Rochester High School on Friday last. (names mentioned): Prof. 0. HENDERSON, Principal, Miss CORNELIA STRAIN, Miss FLORENCE HEFFLEY, WM. CHAMBERLAIN, Miss MOLLIE DAVIS, Miss MEREDITH, Miss DALES ....

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester
for the month ending Dec. 30, 1865.
CARTER, Malinda; CARTER, Carinda; DAVIS, Mary E. ERVING, Mrs. John; GOOS, Miss Sarah; HIGHT, Nancy; ADAMSON, Barney L.; ALLEMAN, W. H.; BALL, Richard; BRIGHT, Jacob; CHEESER, Henry; COOK, William; CLINGENPEEL, J. Esq; CANOYER, David; HARGERSON, Jacob; HILL, John; IVEANS, R. C.; KANAWZER, David; KING, Isaac M.; MILLER, John C.; MORRIS, S. L.; M'SREN, James C. J.; SUNDS, Mrs. Mary; SCHLOTMAN, Polly A.; SHEPHERD, Nora D.; TRUDGILL, Adaline; TAUGHT, Matilda S.; YOUNG, Mrs. E.; ROSS, W. M. D.; ROMERY, T. D.; ROBBINS, John H.; SMITH, Isaac; STARK, Alfred; SMITH, Jacob; SHAFFER, Martin; SHAGLE, Samuel; SAVAGE, William; THOMPSON, John; VATH, James M.; WOSHER, George; WOODROUGHS, A.; WERNER, George H.; YOUNG, John F. - - - - STRADLEY, P.M.

(Notice of Administration) GEORGE VANKIRK appointed Administrator of the estate of JAMES HILAND late of Fulton county, deceased. Jan. 18th 1866.

FOR SALE. D. R. MARTIN offers for sale, at a reasonable price, his House, Lot and Store Room, on Main street, on the corner opposite Wallace's Store.

KILLED. JOHN AKEROYD, of Gilead, Miami county, went out to feed his hogs one day last week, slipped on the ice, fell over the half bushel measure he was carrying and was instantly killed.
NEW STORE. JOHN SHORE, son of T. C. SHORE, deceased, has opened a New Grocery Store one door North of A. C. Hickman's. John is a good business young man ....

CHANGE OF BASE. JOHN P. MYERS has removed his Harness Shop from Wallace's Block to D. R. Martin's room north of Wallace's store, and opposite Ernsperger's store....

GUSS HOPPE. This liberal and high-minded gentleman presented the M. E. Church of this place with a very fine clock, costing him some twenty-five or thirty dollars ....

TEMPERANCE FESTIVAL. There will be a Grand Temperance Festival at the Temperance Hall in Akron, on Friday evening....

PERSONAL. Our friend CORYDON E. FULLER, formerly Editor of the Chronicle, and now one of the Editors of the St. Jo Valley Register, paid us a visit this week....
JOSEPH MACKEY, Esq., from Wabash, son of our honored citizen WM. MACKEY, also paid us a visit on Monday last. Joseph is a prosperous young Lawyer, and possesses a finished education....

REMOVAL. Mr. C. W. COCHRAN, our new enterprising Clock and Watch Maker, has removed his establishment to the Book Store in the old Post Office corner... Charly has an entire new stock..

NEW RESTAURANT. Mr. R. P. SMITH has furnished a room over the Post Office where he keeps Oysters, Pigs-feet, &c. He has furnished it with a view to have a place suitable to entertain both Ladies and Gentlemen .... You will always find "Dick" at the door ready to wait on you in the most gentlemanly and pleasing manner...

NEW GUN SHOP! (one square north of Wallace's Block) Rochester, Ind .... Double & Single Shot Guns, Rifles, Gun Material Ammunition, Pistol Cartridges, &c. He would also announce that he is prepared to make Rifles to order, and do all kinds of REPAIRING... G. I. MILLER.

BAKER & BABCOCK would respectfully announce to the citizens of this place and surrounding country, that they have opened out at Shore's Old Stand, a large and well selected stock of GROCERIES, TINWARE, BOOTS & SHOES .... Janly 18, 166.

(Guardian Sale) MARY BILLMAN, Guardian of the person and estate of WILLIAM A. RANNELLS, minor, will sell at private sale Lots No. 81, O.P. and 83 N.P. in the town of Rochester, Indiana .... Applications of purchasers will be received at the residence of the undersigned at Logansport, Indiana... MARY BILLMAN, Guardian.

(Administrator's Sale) at the farm of T. C. SHORE, late of Fulton county deceased, situate in Richland tp, all his personal property (not taken by the widow)... ANDREW E. BABCOCK, Adm'r. Jan. 25, 166.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by SIMEON WEBBER, December 14, 1865, in Rochester tp... appraised by JOHN VANDUN and C.HUTTON Jan. 6th, 1866. E. STURGEON, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.
(Estray Notice) Taken up by V. C. CONN of Liberty tp.... RICHARD REID J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by GEORGE McCLOUD in Henry tp appraised by ALEXANDER CURTIS and ISAIAH ADAMSON. DANIEL WHITTENBERGER, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 1, 1866

INSURE AGAINST ACCIDENTS!... The Traveler's Insurance Co. A. J. HOLMES, Agent, Rochester, Indiana.

MARRIED. -On the 26th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. JANIES J. BABCOCK and Miss LUCINDA L. HICKMAN, all of this place...
-On the 24th, at the bride's residence by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. ROBERT M. SHIELDS to Mrs. SARAH PEGAN, all of this place.

JEWELLIS PICTURE GALLERY, in the MAMMOTH BUILDING 2d door, over Lyon & Kendrick's store ...

The Medical Co-partnership heretofore existing between Drs. HILL & BRACKETT, is this day disolved by mutual consent.... WM. HILL, M.D., J. W. BRACKETT, M.D., Rochester, Jan. 29th 1866.

PROTECTION COMPANY. A number of our citizens met, pursuant to a previous notice, on Thursday evening last, at the Court House in this place, and formed an organization.... for the detection, apprehension and arrest of horse thieves, fellons, other crimes and misdemeanors; the officers of the company were all elected, and the company is to be known as the FULTON COUNTY HORSE COMPANY ....

THANKS. Our respected citizen F. W. STOCK, tenders his heart felt and sincere thanks to the Fire company and to the citizens of Rochester generally, for their timely assistance in saving his property from the desolating fire on Tuesday last....
Dr. DANZIGER takes this method of returning thanks to the P.H. & L. Co. No. 1 and to the citizens in general for their timely assistance on Tuesday last, in saving his building and property from being destroyed by fire.

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk of Fulton County, for the Month of January, 1866.
Moses SMITH and Patsy WHEELDON, M. P. MEREDITH and Clarissa BATTS, James L. CAPP and Samantha TRUE, Wm. H. WOOD and Clarissa M'QUERN, King H. LOVE and Matilda EMMONS, Wm. TUDOR and Sarah E. MORRETT, Henry F. MOW and Fila Ann DAVIS, Newton WILEY and Mary GAINER, Silas ROUCH and Nancy A. LAMB, John KRATHWOLD and Sophia DAGIN, W. H. MORGAN and Margaret E. DAVIS, Jacob SIEDNER, Jr. and Mary BARNES, Fredrick LISEY and Martha E. FUNK, R. M. SHIELDS and Sarah PEGAN, Judson BENNETT and Amanda M. HUST, J. J. BABCOCK and Lucinda HICKMAN, P. HECKERTHORN and Mary SWARTZLANDER, Galen SMITH and Emeline SNYDER.

ALARMING FIRE. On Tuesday last, about noon, a fire broke out in the north room of a building in the north part of town, belonging to C. BAKER of Chicago; notwithstanding the streneous efforts of the Fire Company the flames spread, reaching the house in which our miller, F. W. STOCK lived and utterly demolishing it; although the wind blew hard from a N.W. direction, the houses immediately opposite were saved by keeping them saturated with water.... ANDREW MILLER was hemed in by the flames and jumped from the second story on the cellar door, which broke through causing him to fall with his side across a beam, injuring him inwardly; he is not expected to live. Cap. SHIELDS fell from the roof of one of the buildings badly injuring his face. JACOB STAHL, Fireman, was badly hurt in the face and on his side by the breaking of one of the Company's hooks. M. M. REX, Fireman, was also injured by the falling of a chimney....

WM. HILL, M.D., Physician & Surgeon... Office on Main St. 3 doors north of J. Shields' store. Rochester Jan. 28, 1866.

C. L. WHITE, Physician and Surgeon. Office at his residence, five miles south of Rochester, Indiana.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 8, 1866


N. S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of EDWARD CALKINS ...

A CARRIERIS LIST. After this week, we propose to draw off a list of our subscribers in town, and have a Carrier Boy to DISTRIBUTE THE PAPERS....

MARRIED. - On the 2d inst. by Rev. N. L. LORD at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. WILLIAM F. BARRETT and Miss EUNICE FIFIELD, all of this county.
-Also, at the same time and place, by the same Mr. GARDNER FIFIELD and MARY A. MILLER, both of this county.

RECEIPTS signed by ARNOLD BROOKS, STANFORD BEVERLY and A. J. EDWARDS for money found in the building by DEL WARD, WM. PIPPINGER, B. M. ELLIOTT, Com.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester, Ind., for the month ending Jan. 31st 1866.
ANDERSON, S. W., Mrs.; BRACEN, Mary; BLUNRY, Mary A.; CARTER, Clarinda; CANFIELD, S. J., Miss; DAVIDSON, Catherin; ANDERSON, Robert; ALSPACH, Rufus; BOWMAN, Hugh; BUMBARGER, Levi; BOYER, Christian; CRAFT, Wm. M.; CATES, John E.; CRANER, Andrew; DREW, Milton; HECKBORD, Moses; HARISON, Simon; HOOMIS, Jacob; HARRISON, John A.; HAMLETT, Thomas; IRVIN, Archilla; JENNINGS, Wm.; LEWIS, J. W. LANE, Peter P.; EMONS, Sarah; FUNK, Martha; FRIEND, Mary; GARSON, M., Mrs.; McGUIRE, Martha; THOMPSON, Manda; LEINERYER, M.; McFALL (painter); MORBIN, M. A.; PETERS, Henry FILKINGTON, Eli; PIERCE, G. G.; RHOADS, Henry; RICKLE, James; REEM, Wm.; SHALL, Geo.; SHULLER, C. S.; SHADLE, Levi; SMITH, Lewis; SINGER, Dr.; STEVENS, L. T.; SMITH, T. W.; WHARTON, John - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by DAVID MARLENAS living four miles of Pleasant Grove... Appraised by D. C. COLLINS and JAMES BARRETT... before me this 27 day of January 1866, C. S. GRAFIAM, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Application for License) to sell liquor on my premises Fulton County Liberty tp, on lot no one in the town of Fulton, in the north east room of the FULTON HOUSE. ALFRED MARTIN. February ?th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 15, 1866

UNION CONVENTION. The Union Convention of Fulton County met at Rochester, on the 10th day of February 1866 ... (names mentioned): JOHN BEEBER Esq'r., M. L. ESSICK, Hon. STEPHEN DAVIDSON, E. CALKINS Esqlr., Hon. SCHUYLER COLFAX, K. G. SHRYOCK, Preslt., M. L. ESSICK, Sec'y.

DIED. On the 8th inst., at Akron, Ind., at 1 oclock A.M., of Consumption, Lieutenant DAVID T. EVEY, of the 128th Ind. Vols.

LOGANSPORT JOURNAL. We failed to notice last week, the enlargement and fine typographical appearance of the Journal. It is enlarged to a 36 column paper printed on good material, with new type and power press. We wish the Publishers Messrs BRINGHURST & DAGUE success and a large support.

DANCE. There will be a dance given at Wallace's Hall on Thursday Evening, February 22d 1866... Good music and prompter will be in attendance.

FURNITURE. Mr. JOHN CASAD, the enterprising townsman of Pleasant Grove, is starting out in the right way to benefit his fellow citizens, by opening out a New Cabinet and Furniture Shop in that place...

MARRIED. On the 4th inst., at the bride's residence in Valparaiso, by Rev. B. WILSON SMITH, Prin'l N.W. Ind. college, Mr. JOHN W. ELAM, of this place (formerly Captain Co. "D" 87th Ind Vols), and Miss FREEL WHITE ....
WHISKEY SHOPS. We are sorry to say that in this town of ours where not long since peace and quiet reigned and men were proud of the community in which they lived, that there are six whiskey shops selling the very worst kind of fighting whiskey, cornsod and forty-rod brain smasher .... (recommends forming) a league and suppress it ....

ORDINANCE to increase the membership of HOOK AND LADDER CO, No. 1 to sixty members; to compel all citizens to aid in extinguishment of fires; to compel Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 to meet for drill ....

(Estray Notice) Taken up by JASPER TRUE in Rochester tp...appraised by JAMES L. CAPP and WALLACE TRUE ... before me this Jan 29th 1866, COVINGTON CORNELIUS, J.P. V. GOULD,Clerk.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 1, 1866

MARRIED. On February 13th, at the M.E. Parsonage, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. CHRISTIAN HOOVER and Miss MARGARET BARKDALL, all of Rochester.

FOR SALE. One house and Lot on Main St. for particulars enquire of DAVID R. MARTIN, on the corner north of Wallace's Block.

N. S. PRESBYTERIAN MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting... will be at the residence of Mr. WM. WALLACE ...

STRAYED! One red Cow... Mr. VanDUZER, at the I.R. & C. R.R. office formerly MANSION HOUSE, Rochester Ind.

THE CINCINNATI DRY GOODS STORE. Just opened, in the Wallace Building, the store occupied by G. Holzman, a large and well assorted stock of Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Queensware &c., which will be sold at Cincinnati prices. LOUIS FEDER. Remember the place, G. Holzman's Clothing Store.

LOST! One note amounting to the sum of Five Hundred Dollars, with interest from date, payable to JAMES WITHAM, and dated Dec. 31st. 1864, signed by JOHN LAWRENCE. Said note is paid in full .... JAMES WITHAM, Remmington, Ind.

LEATHER BELTING, constantly on hand, and for sale at manufacturers prices .... MERRIAM & RICE, No. 105 and 107 Market St., Logansport, Feb'y 23, 1866.

PUBLIC SALE! ... Saturday March 10th 1866, on the promises of Rev. N. L. LORD, in the Town of Rochester.... C. FITZGERALD. Rochester Ind., Feb. 23, 1866.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) CHAUNCEY JOHNSON, Administrator of the Estate of AMOS JOHNSON, Deceased ... VERNON GOULD, C.C.C.P.F.C.

(Notice of Administration) JACOB OVERMIER appointed Administrator upon the Estate of AMANDA L. HARRIS, late of Fulton county deceased.. February 26th 1866.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate) JACOB OVERMIER, Administrator upon the estate of AMANDA L. HARRIS... VERNON GOULD, C.C.C.P.F.C.
ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 8, 1866

COPPERHEADS IN CONVENTION. On last Saturday... the Fulton County Copperheads met in Convention at the Court House. (names mentioned): Dr. HARTER, ANDREW JACKSON HOLMES, CARTER D. HATHAWAY, ISAIAH WALKER, H. B. JAMISON.

CONDOLENCE. Hall of Akron Lodge No. 64, I.O.G.T, Akron, Ind. Feb. 26, '66 ... death of our Brother, DAVID T. EVA- - - E. H. SUTTON, WM. WIIITTENBERGER, A. STRONG, Com.

SELECT SCHOOL. Mr. O. HENDERSON will open a select school on Monday March 12th in the school house....

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of D. W. SHRYOCK....

NEW STORE. Mr. GREY formerly from Plymouth, has opened a very fine stock of Dry Goods and Groceries in second room south of Wallace and Chapins Store in Wallace's Block...

LOST! At or near Mr. Farringtons House in Rochester on Wednesday March 28, 1866, a Port Monnie containing one Ten dollars green back and 3 five green back bills and from 4 to 6 dollars in Silver... Mrs. E. M. RANNELLS.

INDEPENDENT PRESS. We have rec'd the last copy of the Independent Press published at Bourbon Marshall Co., Ind., by JOHN BECK Esqr. It has a good appearance typographically and politically....

THE BOOT AND SHOE TRADE. We should suppose that there is not another branch of the trade in this place, that so much capital is invested to the amount consumed. There are at this time sixteen houses retailing Boots and Shoes. The only exclusive dealers are H. C. LONG, one door North of D. S. Gould & Co., and GLICK BRO'S, opposite the Court House.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester for the month ending Feb. 28th 1866.
ANDERSON, Sarah W.; JOHNSON, Kate; COOK, Mrs. Susan JOHNSON, Susanna; DeMASS, Mary; KENNEDAY, Royal; GENO, Miss Sarah; MOORE, Mollie; GARY, Miss Francis P. MARTIN, Miss A.; GARLAND, Miss Eliza; MORRIS, Mrs. Leni; HENDERSHOT, Hannah; RUTTER, Mrs. Mante; HARNESS, Rebecca; WILKINSON, Angeline; ANDERSON, Robert; BIRCH, Lieut. G. W.; BUSH, James T.; BUSH, A.; BORLELY & Co.; BIGELOW & Co.; BIMON, Ernannel; DUNN, Lewis; DAUNING & Co.; EMRICH, Henry; GATES, George H.; GUEGEN, John; GAGE, F. W. & T.; GREEN & ENGLE; HERALD, John H.; HIGHLAND, Shandoch; HALL, C. W.; HARRINGTON, W. Q.; HOLBEN, Jonathan F.; JOHNSON & Co.; KULES, William H. KIEISTER, John; LOUGH, William R.; MOORE, Wilson L.; MULL, Joseph; MILLER, George NEWHOUSE, Mr.; PUTERBAUGH, H.; SHUTZ, John; SMITH, A.; SLINGER, R. P. E.; TURNUPSEED, David; TALLMER, Prid.; WRITEHESTER, John; WARDLOW, Wm. J. P.; WOODRUFF, Isaac; YOUNG, Silas. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 15, 1866

CORRESPONDENCE. Walkerton, St. Joseph Co., Ind., February 23rd 1866. Messrs Spotts & Essick:--
I take this opportunity to inform you of my removal from Knox (Stark Co.,) to this place. I moved here over a month since, but on account of sore eyes, could not write you sooner; and I am very sorry indeed, that I cannot send you the money due you, as I am not able to work half my time. I have lost my crop this year, and only get four dollars per month pension.... I like your paper and would feel lost without it, for I glory in your spunk, and if I could see better you should hear from me often. May I ever remain your best friend in the cause of the Union. JOHN H. GELLAR, an old soldier.

COMMUNICATION. Akron, Fulton Co., Ind., March 7th 1866. Messrs. Spotts & Essick:-- (concerning symptoms and treatment of spotted fever, known by physicians as cerebro spinal meningitis) E. H. SUTTON.

DIED. -On Tuesday last, of spotted fever, after 20 hours sickness, MARY E. RARRICK daughter of STEPHEN and SARAH M. RARRICK, aged 5 years 6 me., and 2 days....
-Also, at South Bend last week, PRICE STURGEON, aged 13 years; the only son of Mr. & Mrs. WM. STURGEON, of this place....

WARSAW. We see by the Indianian, that our neighboring town Warsaw, is coming out in "flamin" colors. The cars are on hand for their STREET RAILWAY, and not being satisfied with the dim rays of Luna and "cole ile," have a project on foot to light the town with gas.

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of Mrs. ELIAS BROWN...

NOTICE. Whereas WILLIAM S. KENEDY my apprentice has left my house and employment without any cause or provocation whatever, and his whereabouts are to me unknown.... I will pay no debts that the said Kenedy may contract in my name, or for any thing whatever that may be furnished to him without my knowledge and consent. JOHN M. KESSLER.

IMPROVEMENTS. We notice many new buildings are in progress in different parts of town. Work has been commenced on the new Baptist church. The Presbyterian congregation have commenced the work of remodeling their church.....

AMERICAN CENTRAL PAIL ROAD OF INDIANA. Notice to Stockholders of meeting at the Rockhill House, in the city of Fort Wayne... Tuesday, March 20th 1866... ROBERT C. SCHENCK, President. Feb. 10 166.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 29, 1866

TAX PAYERS PLEASE NOTICE....annual assessment of Internal Revenue for Fulton Co. Ind., when all are required by Law to report all their Income of 1865 renew their Licenses... Report all Vehicles, the body of which rests on springs of any description ... All musical instruments, such as Pianos Organs and Melodeons, also all gold and guilt watches .... MICHAEL M. REX, As't As'r 11th Div., 9th Dist.

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of Miss I,OTTIE McDONALD...
Also, next meeting at the residence of O. P. OSGOOD...

SELECT SCHOOL. Mrs. IRVING will open a Select School in the primary department at the school house in Rochester ....

ACCIDENT. We are sorry to say that our obliging citizen, HORACE S. FOOTE, Esq., of the Law firm of Jamison & Foote, met with a serious accident on Monday last, by a kick from a horse, striking Mr. F. over the timple causing, it is feared, a fracture of the skull.

AMERICAN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. There is considerable excitement about the American Central Rail Road, as there is a probability of its being built. The company has lately reorganized with the following Board of Directors-- Gen. ROBERT C. SCHENCK, Dayton, Ohio; Hon, R. G. PENNINGTON, Tiffin, Ohio; IRA R. FENN, Laren, Illinois; LOTT S. BAYLESS, Fort Wayne, Ind; THOMAS TIGER, Fort Wayne, Ind; A. J. HOLMES, Rochester, Ind; Hon. EZRA WRIGHT, Rensselaer, Ind.... The work is progressing rapidly in Illinois, and now only awaits the confirmation of the action of the board held at Fort Wayne last week to start the work in Indiana... The road will run East and West through our County, giving us a market for all our surplus timber, in the wild prairies of the West.

FARM FOR SALE 200 ACRES! One of the best farms in Fulton county Indiana situated five miles east of Rochester ... inquire of Keith and Calkins at Rochester, or of the subscriber at his residence one half mile west of Trues Mill in said Fulton County. BRICE SHEPHERD, Com. March 22d 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 5, 1866

WANTED. By BRYANT & OSGOOD, ten bushels of good eating apples for which we will pay the highest market price in cash or trade.

VICTORY. Another strategic movement was accomplished the other day by one of our braves, JOHN H. SHELTON, which terminated in an unconditional surrender of the large stock of Saddles, Harness, Whips, Collars, &c., formerly commanded by Messrs. J. B. & B. M. ELLIOTT, to this energetic young chieftain. Farmers reward the boys in blue for past gallantry.

- - - - JAMISON & FOOR, two young energetic and rising Lawyers, has declared to devote their whole attention to the settlement of disputes. They are also agents for the PHOENIX INSURANCE CO. - - - -

PEDDLING. Under the above head we read in the Standard of last week a most scurrilous article written against Capt. TROUTMAN, because he is getting subscribers for Schmucker's History of the Rebellion. The writer calls the work a "trashy effusion of a political huckster."

CONNUBIAL. Not dead but married... AL G. PUGH, a good boy, but a poor printer, united in the close drawn bans of matrimony with the blooming, the beautiful and accomplished LIDA KITT....

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk of Fulton County for the months of February and March, 1866.
Gardner FIFIELD and Mary A. MILLER, Hiram F. BARRITT and Eunice FIFIELD, Jesse R. LAVAUGH and Lucy L. STALLARD, Marion CLEMENS and Mary CAMPBELL, Shannon MACKEY and Amanda L. SHORES, John CALLAHAN and Jane M. PHILIPS, Seth WARNER and Maria RHODES, John SPOTTS and Elizabeth REIMENSNIDER, Abbot W. LAKE and Mary M. MORGAN, Christ. HOOVER and Margaret A. BARKDOLL, John E. WILLIAMS and Keziah DEWEESE, Joseph W. PAGE and Sarah A. THOMAS, E. V. HUDKINS and Susan E. BLOSSER, Nathan FINLEY and Jane McCOULLOUGH, David (Daniel?) McCLATCHER (McClatchey?) and Mary DEITRICK (Detrick?), Thomas A. M. CRAWFORD and Nancy Ann HALSTED, Wm. McCOY and Sarah E. GREEN, Jacob W. WARNER and Eva SHAFFER, Asa BAILEY and Elizabeth LUCAS, Henry WALTERS and Rosiller (Rosilla) YAKEY (Yeakey), James RUSSELL and Eliza A. LEE, Albert G. PUGH and Louisa M. KITT, Thos. S. OBLENIS and Matilda CLARK, James COPLEN and Elizabeth HULCE, Leason HOOVER and Rachel CAMPBELL, Jacob SAYGER and Wolhoming GAST, Arnold CUTCHALL and Sarah ESHELMAN.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester for the month ending March 31, 1866.
FRIERS, Mrs. Rebecca; ODELL, Mrs. Jane; GANO, Sarah Jane; PHILIPS, Miss Jennie; HORTON, Mrs. Mary; PORTER, Miss Ellen KUHN;, Miss Alice; WARREN, Elizabeth J.; MELLOR, Mrs. M.; McCLATCHEY, Geo. W.; DEWITT, Martin; MULTZ, George; GORDEN, Martin R.; MATTERS, Mr. B. K.; GREGORY, Mr. Joseph; THORP, Jacob; HOLLAND, Peter; MELO, Jonas. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

(Notice of Administration) DAVID LOVE appointed Administrator of the Estate of THOMAS S. SOWARD. Rochester, Ind. April 5th 1866.
ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 12, 1866

MARRIED. On the 8tli inst. by Rev. W. R. MIKELS at the residence of the Bride, Mr. JEREMIAH SMITH to Miss ELLEN HAMLETT.

NOTICE. Is hereby given that a meeting will be held on Saturday April 21st 1866, at two oclock P.M., at the Mt. Zion Church near True's Mill Rochester Tp., for the purpose of electing Trustees for the New Church about to be erected at Mt. Zion. JOSEPH WHITTENBERGER. April 12, 1866.

MILLINERY. Misses MILLER & McCLUNG would announce to the ladies of Rochester and vicinity, that they have opened a Millinery shop in Ed Chamberlain's building, North of Wallace's Block....

M.E.S. SCHOOL MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of GEORGE NORRIS on Main St., over C. A. Henderson's Drug Store....

DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between F. B. ERNSPERGER & Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent.

COMMUNICATION. Rochester, Ind. April 10, 1866. Publishers of Chronicle: (answers item in last issue of the Standard, with C. D. HATHAWAY as Editor, headed "disgraceful", concerning altercation with MIKE HENRY) HUDSON STILES.

(Notice of Sale by Trustee) WILLIAM A. WARD, Trustee of the firm of JAMES SUTHERLAND and MICHAEL DEGAN, doing business in the name of SUTHERLAND & DEGAN as sub-contractors on the INDIANAPOLIS, ROCHESTER AND CHICAGO RAIL ROAD... will sell the property... three horses, one two horse wagon, harness, ploughs, scrapers, picks, shovels &c at public auction at his Livery Stable in Rochester....

(Administrator's Sale) ... at the residence of THOMAS J. SOWARD late of Fulton County deceased, all his personal property not taken by the Widow... DAVID LOVE, Admlr.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 19, 1866

M.E. S. SCHOOL MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of Misses ELLA REX...

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be held at the residence of Dr. VERNON GOULD...

NEW MILLINER SHOP. Miss MARY J. MOORE would respectfully announce to the Ladies of this place and vicinity that she has opened out a stock of Milliner Goods one door north of A. C. Hickman's Dry Goods Store...

FESTIVAL. We are requested to announce that the citizens of our neighboring town, Akron, will give a Festival on Wednesday Evening the 25th inst for the benefit of the Brass Band being organized there ....

SOLD OUT. We understand that the Firm of GOULD & MITCHELL has dissolved and the business will hereafter be carried on by DAN GOULD, he has bought Mitchell out....

COMMON PLEAS COURT. Judge WHITESIDE is holding court here this week. He decided the case of the State vs Shepherd, which was for hiring a NEGRO contrary to the 13th Article of the constitution of the State of Indiana, in favor of the defendant, on the grounds that the Civil Rights bill made null and void said 13th Article.

(Notice of Administration) WILLIAM REDER appointed Administrator of the Estate of JAMES W. REDER late of Fulton county, deceased. April 14th 1856.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 26, 1866

FIREMANIS PARADE. The Members of Protection Hook and Ladder Co., No. 1 will meet for Parade on Tuesday Evening May Ist at 6 oclock P.M. A full attendance is expected.

NOTICE. The Partnership heretofore existing between RANNELLS & ELAM has this day been desolved by Mutual Consent.,. T. F. RANNELLS, JOHN ELAM. Rochester, April 19, 1866.

WILLIAM BEARSS' RESOLUTION.... Therefore be it resolved that we do hereby tender to WM. BEARSS, our sincere thanks for opening a splendid Livery Stable in our midst that we call the particular attention of the public to his good stock of buggies and horses and to the very low prices he charges ....

MARRIED. On Wednesday the 18th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS at the residence of the bride's father, ANDREW MILLER to MARTHA A. TRUSLOW, all of this place...

HUMILIATING. We have in this county ten lawyers, the majority of whom are endowed with both intellectual and legal ability, but it has become a practice among our attorneys without exception to employ other lawyers to assist them....

MARL! Colonel K. G. SHRYOCK brought into our office yesterday morning a specimen of Marl, it is free from clay and is a very good quality of lime, we understand there are exhaustless beds of this material on his place 2-1/2 miles north of Town, when burned it slacks and makes a very strong lime, it makes the best of cement ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 3, 1866

CONCERT. The WOLCOTT FAMILY are playing an 'engagement' here. La Petite Anna is the favorite and performs to admiration.

STOLEN. The person who stole 12 Steel Prong Short Handle Bark Fork from the Tannery will please return the same forthwith and save much trouble as the parties are known. J. B. & B. M. ELLIOTT.

FIRE. On Saturday last about noon as usual, our citizens were again alarmed by the cry of that devouring element. It was seen to be working its way leasurely through the roof of the building owned by Mrs. H. W. MANN, and occupied by H. W. & A. D. CORNELIUS with Dry Goods, but with the timely aid of our Fire Company was extinguished without doing much damage....

THE COMING SUMMER. In all our neighboring towns we see by our exchanges that much is being done to promote the health of the citizens, while in our own town, we are sorry to say nothing has been done. We see in some places on Main St., piles of wood, chips, boards, mortar, beds, &c, that have been suffered to remain undisturbed during the past winter, and will remain so unless our authorities take it into consideration, and have the proper persons remove them.... the health of the people depends upon the sanitary conditions of the town.

Call at the New CASH STORE of D. S. GOULD... Dry Goods & Notions, Boots & Shoes, Hats & Caps, Queens & Glassware... Groceries &c ... Rochester, Ind., May 3, 1866.

(Administrator's Sale) DANIEL BOWEN, Adm'r., at the residence of WILLIAM BIDDLE deceased 4 miles East of Rochester, personal property not taken by the Widow .... May 1, 1866.

(Administratrix's Sale) ADDA S. HASKIN, Adm'x of the Estate of ALEXANDER L. HASKIN, deceased, real estate in Fulton County, Indiana, Lots 75 and 76 Old Plat, Town of Rochester... KEITH & CALKINS, her Attorneys. Rochester, Ind., April 30, 1866.


ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 10, 1966

NOTICE... Please announce for the benefit of the suspicious of Fulton County, that my wages as Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue, is $1.00 per day, for all time employed, 10 hours being a day, and me finding all paper, ink, office rent necessary out of my own pocket ... MICHAEL M. REX, As't As'r Int. Rev., for Fulton Co.
LIST OF MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk of Fulton County, during the Month of April 1866.
Wm. KELLEY and Joanna WHALER, James CASTELLO and Austasia HAYENS, Ben. F. FICKLE and Elizabeth B. BIRCH, G. HOPKINSON and Savannah CLIFFORD, Lewis LONG and Mary INGLEHART, Jesse COPLIN and A. LOVENBACH, Wilhelm GUGAL and Elizabeth HOOK, D. C. SWONGER and Harriet L. CULVER, James SHELLEY and Jane E. PACKER, John M. YOUNG and Jemima PETTIT, Leonard CUTCHALL and Sarah A. TOWNSEND, Jeremiah SMITH and Ellen HAMLETT, Henry WALMER and Lydia FELTZ, Nathan BIBLER and Cath. E. SLICK, Wm. GRINDLE and Sarah J. STRONG, Samuel LAMB and Lucinda ROUCH, Leonard WALTER and Mary SLICKSHOOP, A. D. PACKARD and Carrie REMENSNYDER, Wm. SALES and Elizabeth OLIVER, Thomas A. MILLER and Mattie E. TRUSLOW, Wm. WIDEMITH and Lucinda ZABST, Thomas M. WILSON and E. A. MORRIS, A. T. STAPLES and Virginia A. FOUDRAY, (James) BENNETT and Anna (ARNOLD), John RACUS and Cath. ZELLARS, John R. McCOY and Serilda WORMEN, Lewis N. BROWN and Cath. LARSH, Leonard WIDEMAN and Rebecca A. SAPP.

CORPORATION ELECTION. The election on Monday last went off quiet; fair play was shown to both parties, and the Union men came off victorious, with a majority of 33 votes.
Trustee, 1st Ward, C. A. MITCHELL (Union) 131, PETER MEREDITH (Cop) 88. Trustee, 2d Ward, JONAS MYERS (Union) 129, ALVIN ROBBINS (Cop) 90. Trustee, 3d Ward, DAVID ROSS (Union) 127, H. B. JAMISON (Cop) 91. Marshal, E. B. CHINN (Union) 119, F. B. ERNSPERGER (Cop) 95. Treasurer, ROBERT GOULD (Union) 131, M. DANZIGER (Cop) 87. Clerk, ROBERT GOULD (Union) 131, SAMUEL KEELY (Cop) 89. Assessor, B. M. ELLIOTT (Union) 133, C. CHAMBERLAIN (Cop) 86.....

REPORT OF TREASURER of the Town of Rochester for the Year ending May 5th 1866. (names mentioned): E. CALKINS, C. F. HARTER, F. B. ERNSPERGER, G. W. SCHILLING, C. FITZGERALD, Jonathan DAWSON, Robert WALLACE, Jonathan NAFE, M. L. ESSICK, J. S. TAYLOR, G. C. CAPP, I. WALKER, J. S. TAYLOR, MERCER & Co., TALLY & WHITEFORD, James STEDSON, Clarkson SHORES, Wm. CULVER, F. W. STOCK, Young RALSTIN, D. W. LYON, Levi MERCER, R. GOULD, D. S. ROSS, D. W. JONES.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester,Ind. for the Month ending April 30, 1866.
Anderson, Sarah A.; Biggs, Mary; Brumfield, Mary J.; Clymer, Mary L.; Danison, Sarah Danison, Nancy; Debourney, Matilda; Drake, S. H.; Danison, Parthenia; Deweeso, Diadema Miller, Mary; Miller, Emaline; Mechlin, Eve; Mechlin, H. E.; Miller, Jane; Moore, Livorne; Norris, Emeline; Pressnall, Abbie; Rouch, Salome; Storm, Sarah; Dawson, Emma; Dewitt, Catherine; Hamlett, Mary A.; Horton, Sarah; Harman, Jennie; Jackson, Jane; Lytle, Matilda; Lucas, E.; Alspach, Rufus; Burge, I. W.; Balin, Joseph; Bozarth, L. N.; Burkhard, Henry; Brown, M. C.; Ball, C. M.; Barrett, William; Berrier, Newton; Castleman, Caleb; Capp, Leonard J.; Cox, William; Case, Peter; Carr & Bosworth; Clifford, Benjamin; Carr, Anderson; Cobb, John M.; Davis, Wm.; Dorgan, John; Dewitt, Morten; Donison, Samuel; Ely, Davis; Frieke, Frontz F.; Greene, C.; Gillows, James; Gibbons, James B.; Halterman, George; Hobxman, M. E.; Huber, Charles; Hurssle, I. W.; Hutton, John; Hels, George; Herring, Jacob; Johnson, Ambrose; Kibler, Jacob; King, Charles; Loughlin, J. M. M.; Merriott, J. B.; Shadle, Rebecca; Stock, Suina; Thompson, Mary E.; Vier, Catharine; Woods, Clarissa; White, Sarah A.; Wilson, Martha; Wagoner, Mary E.; Mull, John M.; Merrick, Anson; Morris, Aaron; Morrison, James A.; Mechling, Samll; Morten, Wm.; Morrow, Wm.; Milliholland, A.; Miller, Andrew; Oran, John; Perrie, Samuel; Richardson, Ryley; Rogers, George W.; Right, Samuel; Rerrick, Samuel; Rowers, James; Short, Charles; Stetson, Daniel; Stewart, M.; Starbuck, J. S.; Swisher, John; Smith, Louis; Strickler, Isaac; Secor, Robert; Smith, Hiram; Stits, Fred; Satshan, George; Tilley, Hiram; Thompson, James; Warren, A. H.; Wildemuth, Wm.; Wildermuth, Daniel; Witham, James; Whorton, B.; Walmer, Daniel; Williams, Edwin; Wallace, James; Walling, Thomas; Meshon, Ira; Woodruff, Isaac; McCarty, Hiram - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

(AdministTator's Sale) ANDREW ROBINSON, Adm'r. at the late residence of JONATHAN PAXTON, one and a half miles north-west of Akron, Fulton County, Indiana, all the personal property... not taken by the widow... Rochester, Ind., May Sth 1866.

(Notice of Administration) ANDREW ROBINSON appointed Administrator of the Estate of JONATHAN PAXTON, late of Fulton county deceased. Rochester, May 5th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 24, 1866

PERSONAL. F. S. CROCKETT, formerly of Logansport, Ind., has located in this place in the practice of the Law....

LIVERY STABLE. J. C. & B. E. WALLACE formerly from Peru, have opened a very fine Livery Stable in this place, they are promising young men ... They keep the best of riding and driving horses and have just received a splendid lot of buggies you can always find them at their Stable East of the Rail Road office ...

HE IS IN TOWN. Dr. C. L. WHITE has recently moved to this place from his residence in the country... in the room occupied by M. M. Rex Dentist and deputy Dis. Assessor, over Book Store ....

THANKS. Messrs. BRYANT & OSGOOD will please accept the good wishes and thanks of the members of the Silver Band for favors a few evenings since ....

TERPSICHOREAN. ... the time to dance will be tonight at the Central House, the Rochester Silver Band will be in attendance. ... Remember that this dance is given for the benefit of the band....

MARRIED. - On the 1st inst, at the residence of Mr. JOHN SHIELDS in Peru by Rev. F. S. MIKABE, A. H. ROBBINS, M.D. of this place to Miss NELLIE HILTON of the former city....
-Also on the 8th inst at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. CHARLES W. CAFFYN to Miss JOSEPHINE ELAM all of this place.
Charlie is the publisher of the Standard and wished to take himself a partner, this is good economy, we are glad because the fair and accomplished bride presented us with a splendid cake.
We did not issue a paper last week and consequently could not publish the above notices sooner.

(Administrator's Sale) ANDREW E. BABCOCK, Adm'r of the Estate of TALBOT C. SIIORE deceased, real estate (described).

F. S. CROCKETT Attorney at Law and Notary Public (Office in Mammoth Building) Rochester Ind...

LIVERY & SALE STABLES, J. C. & B. E. WALLACE ... lst door East of Post Office, on Washington St...

JOHN H. SHELTON, Manufacturer and Dealer in Saddles, Harness, Collars, Whips, CuTTy combs, Carriage and Coach trimmings, &c .... Shop one door south of Line's Marble Works, Rochester, Ind.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 31, 1866

LOGANSPORT REPUBLICAN. This is the title of a paper just starting in this place. It is published by Messrs. WM. L. McCONNELL and JOHN A. FARRELL, who announce the principles of the Republican party as their rule and guide. ...Logan. Jou.

BRICK! BRICK!! BRICK!!! We are happy to inform our readers that Mr. SAMUEL HEFFLEY has succeeded in making good Brick, he will have Seventy five thousand burned Toady for sale in a few days ... Gentlemen lets see who will start the first brick storeroom in town!

DIED. In Henry Township, May 23d of Dropsy of the brain, EMMA JANE, only daughter of DAVID and SARAH SHEETS, aged 10 years and 8 months ....

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk of Fulton County during the month of May 1866.
John B. TURNER and Clara J. MYERS, Charles W. CAFFYN and Josephine ELAM, Geo. W. HOFFMAN and Sarah J. GALTREY, John A. HARROW and Mary E. SNOW, Robert SHEPHERD and Elizabeth TOOTHMAN, Theodore MOORE and Susan SHEPHERD, Thomas J. GRAFFUS and Mary F. SINGER, Isaac RUSSELL and Matilda
WOODFIELD, Joseph WORLEY and Lauretia SLOPPEY, R. M. CHESTNUT and Naome MILLER, Harvey H. COOK and Matilda JOHNSON, Robert KING and Letitia DAVIDSON, Wm. A. HALL and Isabel NEWCOMB, Tho's POWNELL and Hariet PEARCE, James HOYNES and Margaret McGLENN.

TIPPECANOE WOOLEN FACTORY! Carding, Spinning, Weaving, Fulling, Dyeing, Cloth Dressing, &c... Blanket Weaving of the best kind... Plain and Plaid Flannels, Cloths, Jeans & Blankets exchanged for wool.
Mr. A. VINNEDGE will receive Wool at Plymouth, and return it manufactured free of charge, at his Furniture Store, on LaPorte Street. N. B. & P. S. ALLEMAN, Tippecanoetown, May 24, 1866.
DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. the firm of BAKER & BABCOCK, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent... Rochester, Ind., May 28th 1866.

NOTICE! Notice is hereby given that on the 22nd day of March 1866, my ward, LEWIS HERRAN, left his home without cause or provocation and has never since returned... I will not be responsible for any debts ... or his acts or doings. J. L. CLOUSE, Rochester, Ind., May 28th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 7, 1866

PAINFUL. We learn that on Monday evening last, ALLIE HOLEMAN the only son of T. W. HOLEMAN of this place, was thrown from a horse and severely injured, we are glad to learn however that the chrished son of fond parents is rapidly recovering.

ACCIDENT. On Sunday last about 10 oclock, a number of our citizens in the vicinity of the parsonage were startled by what we at first thought to be screams of fire, but after ascertaining found that two small children of Rev. W. R. MIKELS (M.E. pastor in this place) had by some means fallen in the well... rescued from a watery grave ... slight injury.

FIRE. Our citizens were suddenly aroused on Saturday last by the ringing of the fire bell and the cry of fire, and in a moment almost, the Company with their apparatus was making their way hurriedly to the scene of conflagration. The fire was discovered to be in the engine room of MYERS & CARPENTER'S

Machine Shop.... it being located near the mill-race, afforded every facility of getting water to stop the ravishing flames ... We have not learned as to the loss, but would judge it was slight.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 14, 1866

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Representative, STEPHEN DAVIDSON. For Auditor, JOHN W. ELAM (formerly of the 87th Ind. Vol.), ISAIAH HOOVER. For Treasurer, L. M. SPOTTS (formerly a member of Co. "D" 87th Ind. Vol.), GEORGE W. TRUSLOW. For Sheriff, JAMES M. BEEBER (formerly of the 73d Ind. Vols.), A. P. HOLDER. For Commissioner, A. C. BACHELOR, A. E. BABCOCK. (all subject to the Union convention)

WOOL! WOOL! The highest market price in CASH paid for Wool; or in exchange... One yard of Jeans of all colors, for one pound of Wool. L. FEDER.

NOTIONS. A large lot just received and for sale by STRADLEY & ELAM at the Post Office ....

TEMPERANCE PICNIC. There will be a Temperance Picnic at Akron on Friday the 15th of June. A number of good Speakers will be present .... The HOOVER family consisting of four Blind Brothers will give one of their highly interesting and entertaining vocal and instrumental concerts ....
DIED. Mrs. WILLIAM CARTER, died on Wednesday morning at 1 oclock, at her residence one mile and a half South of this place, of consumption.
She leaves a husband and large family of children... she was the only living sister of K. G. and D. W. SHRYOCK of this place....

GRAND PICNIC and EXCURSION. There will be a grand picnic and excursion given on Lake Manitou, on Thursday June 21, for the benefit of the Rochester Silver Band. The excursionists will be taken to the Island where preparations have been made for a regular Basket Dinner; a suitable place for Dancing has been prepared .... Remember the proceeds will (be) taken to purchase a Band Wagon ... E. CALKINS, W. C. BRYANT, N. B. GLICK, Joseph W. BEEBER, C. W. COCHRAN, George BEARSS, F. S. CROCKETT, J. F. VanDUZER, R. R. GLICK, P. McMAHAN, H. FOOTE, G. N. PSGPPD, Charley CAFFYN, Milo R. SMITH, Judge D. AULT, H. B. JAMISON, C. A. HENDERSON, Phil. SCOTT, E. R. RANNELLS, O. HENDERSON, W. BEARSS, A. J. HOLMES,

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester May 31st 1866.
CLAY, Mrs. Mary; FRALICK, Mrs. Elizabeth; GORMAN, Mary J.; JONES, Julia; KITSON, Cintha F.; MEAFEY, Eliza E.; NEWHART, Anna; BODY, Samuel; BRAY, Abraham; BASTOW, John; BALL, Wm. P.; CLAY, Rev. P. S.; CARY, Mr.; CONROD, Simon; CULVER, Limon; DORTEHON, Chancy; EDWARD, William; FREMAN, J. G.; FISCHEL, Thomas; HORTON, Mr.; HUBEE, Cha's; HALL, Ecles; HALE, Amos; HILL, John G.; HOLEMAN, I. W.; KNEELAND, S. E. M.; PILKINTON, Sarah J.; PHILIPS, Ida; RODDLE, Louisa; ROCKAFELER, Indiana; STAILEY, Mrs. J. H.; YOUNG, Electo; KING, Adolph; KEENS, Lasa; MERCER, A. D.; MOORE, Israel; MIRRICK, Daniel MATHER, A. J.; MULLENHIEN, B.; MARTIN, Patrick; McCARTNEY, Dr. H. A.; MITLER, Simon; OVERLY, Jacob L.; PARSHA, Joseph; SMITH, James; SMITH, Eli; STEWART, E. M.; STITS, F.; THOMPSON, J.; TUMAN, Levi; WILSON, H. C. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

AUCTIONEERIS NOTICE. I would respectfully announce to the citizens of this and adjoining counties that I have taken out Auctioneer's License .... HENRY ROACH, Rochester, Ind., June 6th 1866.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by WM. WARE in Wayne Tp. May 10th 1866 ... Appraised by J. S. WILLIAMS and W. W. NICKELS... EDWIN BARKER, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Non-Resident's Notice) JOHN PENCE vs ALMON M. WARD and ANN WARD, Foreclosure... V. GOULD, Clerk, Rochester June 9th 1866.

(Non-Resident's Notice) LEWIS A. McCAULS vs ELEANOR McCAULS, Petition for Divorce ... V. COULD, Clerk. Rochester June 9tli 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 21, 1866

CHANGE. The firm heretofore known as BAKER & BABCOCK Grocers is dissolved.... will be conducted by Mr. Baker....

ANOTHER CHANGE. We failed last week to notice the change in the firm of CHAMBERLAIN & SHIELDS, occasioned by Mr. Chamberlain selling his interest to a Mr. PECK. The Grocery business will be continued under the name of SHIELDS & PECK, at the old stand opposite the court house.

A FACT...George BEARSS, Michael WALTERS, S. R. EVENS, Benjamin GLICK, F. W. STOCK, Jacob PAWNALL, R. C. BRADFORD, J. R. DALES, D. C. BRADFORD, W. A. WARD, H. EVENS, Oran. MEREDITH, Moore RALSTIN, Jesse EMMONS, B. MATTHEWS and Henry METCALF have each purchased one of Studebakers Wagons or Buggies within the last three months.... HOLMES & KEELY.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Sheriff, A. P. HOLDER, E. B. CHINN. For Auditor, Capt. WM. SPANGLER, formerly of the 48th Ind. Vol., Lieut. EDWARD J. DELP, Capt. H. C. LONG. For Treasurer, JONAS MYERS (an old soldier), P. S. TROUTMAN of Pleasant Grove. (all subject to the Union convention)

(Non-Resident's Notice) JOB W. JOHNSON vs MARY JOHNSON, Petition for Divorce... V. GOULD, Clerk. June 14th 1866.

(Notice of Administration) ISABEL NIXON appointed Administratrix of the Estate of WELCOME NIXON, late of Fulton county deceased. Rochester June 9th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 28, 1866

CELEBRATION. We see that the citizens of Pleasant Grove have determined to have a celebration in their village on the fourth.

MEDICAL. We would call the attention of our readers to the card of Dr. A. G. HOLLOWAY, in today's paper. He comes from Ohio, and during the war was an assistant Surgeon in the U. S. Army. He has located at Mr. NULL'S near Mr. RALSTIN'S Steam Saw Mill.

EYE AND EAR. Doctor BELL, from Chicago, will be at the Rannells Hotel in Rochester Ind., on the 3rd day of July....

THE AKRON BRASS BAND. The Band boys of Akron paid our town a visit on Thursday last, came in on their wagon playing a favorite waltz .... We were informed that they are going to "fill an engagement" at Silver Lake on the fourth.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Treasurer, JOSEPH WHITTENBERGER. For Sheriff, Private JACOB WRIGHT. (both subject to the Union convention)
NOTICE! Notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to CHARLES J. STRADLEY that his notes and accounts have been left with the undersigned for settlement, and must be settled up immediately. KEITH & CALKINS. June 25th.

(Executor's Sale) BENNEVILLE STAMM Executor of the last will of GEORGE ULTZ deceased, has filed his petition to sell the real estate .... 25th June 1866, VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS Atty for Pl'tff.

(Executor's Sale) PETER C. DUMBAULD, Executor of the last will of GEORGE SANDS deceased, has filed his petition to sell the real estate... 26th June 1866, VERNON GOULD, Clerk.

(Administrator's Sale) BENEVILL STAMM Administrator of the Estate of GEORGE LEBO deceased has filed his petition to sell the real estate... 25th June 1866, VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS Attys for Pltff.


Dr. A. G. HOLLOWAY would respectfully announce to the citizens of this and adjoining counties that he has located himself at Mr. JACOB NULL'S (formerly the residence of DANIEL JONES) near Young Ralstin's Tavern .... Particular attention paid to the treatment of Chronic diseases.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 12, 1866

NOTICE. All Persons indebted to JAMES W. BRACKETT either on note or account will please call at this office and settle the same immediately, and save cost. JAMISON & FOOTE.

NOT "JOHNIE SANDS" BUT JOHNIE SHORE. Has purchased the Grocery Store formerly owned by Messrs Baker & Babcock.... at his store, opposite the National Hotel.

THE LOGANSPORT REPUBLICAN. We today received a copy of the Republican a Union paper recently started at Logansport, with JOHN A. FARREL as its Editor ....

ICE CREAM. Mr. R. P. SMITH keeps constantly on hand a large supply of good Ice Cream. Also Lemonade, Soda Water and the finest brands of Cigars. Give him a call at his Restaurant over Stradley & Elam Dry Goods Store.

FOREST SHAVING SALOON. "PHIL" ERSHMAN, the gentlemanly proprietor has moved his shop over C. A. Henderson's Drug Store. The business with him has increased, and he now has employed another workman which enables him to do work for all who favor him with their patronage.

LOCAL BOUNTY. Soldiers who enlisted and were credited to Fulton county under the call of February 1st, 1864, and who failed to collect the $200 due them from the county, can have their rights determined by bringing or sending their certificates of muster and credit to JAMISON & FOOTE.

THE MAIL ROUTES. We received a very gentlemanly call from Mr. REESE the other day, the Mail Contractor from Plymouth to Logansport. Mr. Reese has commenced his contract with everything new, and with a commodious Stage and good horses is prepared to take passengers over the road in a cheap and easy manner. He will drive to any part of town for passengers and baggage.

THE CELEBRATION. The fourth of July was celebrated here very appropriately. (described) ...

COPPERHEADS IN CONVENTION ... On Saturday last the copperheads of this county met in convention and nominated for Representative JESSE SHIELDS, for Auditor DAN. AGNUE,, for Treasurer VAI. BALL, Sheriff JOHN DAVIS, Commissioner PETER C. DUMBAULD. (names mentioned); CHARLES LASSELL of Cass county, HORACE HEFFREN, BINGHAM, Rev. SQUIRE WOODS.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Prosecuting Attorney for the 21st Judicial District, HORACE S. FOOTE, ALEXANDER HESS.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester June 30th 1866.
DOWNEY, Maggie; FRALICK, E., Miss; HEARD, Louisa, Miss; JACKSON, Emily; KRATZER, Margaret; MONTGOMERY, K. C.; MILLER, Elevina; BROWN, Sherman; BANKS, E. E., M.D.; BROWN, Jacob;BLANCHARD, J. B.; CASSIDY, James H.; CLEAR, Frank; DAVIS, Jackson; DAVIDSON, Josephine; ELY, Lanis; FoFOSTERster, J. S.; GALLAN, M. L.; GILLMORE, James A.; GRANT, Lucus; HUBBER, Charles; HARVEY, Simon; HALL, Thomas; HUNTER, Samuel; MOORE, A. M.; SMITH, Sarah J.; SWEANEY, Lucinda; TOWNSEND, Vesta; WHITE, Mary; WORMEN, Serelda; WEBB, Emma; KNOWLES, John; MERCER, O.; McCARTY, ----; MONTGOMERY, James; MORTON, William; MINER, L.; MILLER, William; NEW, J.; PONTIOUS, Isaac J. ROBERTS, Thomas J. REED, Noah; SAMPSEL, John; TILLAY, Hiram; TRUESDALE, S. W.; WILLARD, W. H.; WOOD, Thomas. - - - - C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

(Notice to take Depositions) LEWIS A. McCAUL vs ELEANOR A. McCAUL, Petition for Divorce... depositions to be taken by plaintiff before THOMPSON SINCLAIR at his office in the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan... JAMISON & FOOTE, Atty's for Pltf. July 5th 1866.


ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 19, 1866

COUNTY CONVENTION. The union people of Fulton county .... nominated: For Representative, STEPHEN DAVIDSON. For Auditor, EDWARD J. DELP. For Treasurer, JONAS MYERS. For Sheriff, JAMES M. BEEBER. For Commissioner, ASA E. BACHELOR. (names mentioned): JOSEPH SELLARS, President, B. M. ELLIOTT, Secretary, Hon. S. S. TERRY ...

TOWNSHIP CONVENTION. The union voters of Union Township met in convention .... (names mentioned): H. B. APT, President, H. H. CARTER, Secretary, JOSEPH BIBLER, WILLIAM BENNETT, THOMAS WILSON, Lieut. EDWARD J. DELP, Capt. P. S. TROUTMAN, Capt. JAMES M. BEEBER, Sergt. A. C. BACHELOR, JOHN G. TROUTMAN, D. W. SHAFFER.

BUILDING. Mr. ANGLEMAN of Bourbon, having moved into our midst, proposes, we understand, to build a good substantial building for business rooms of brick (if they can be had in time for its completion this fall) on the lot occupied by Mr. KOONTZ' GROCERY and RESTAURANT.

(Non-Resident's Notice) GEORGE W. STEWART vs MARY A. STEWART, Petition for Divorce. VERNON GOULD, Cl'k. JAMISON & FOOTE, Att'ys for Pl'ff. Rochester July 12, 1866.

(Notice of Administration) R. H. CALVERT appointed Administrator of the Estate of ASAEL BUCK deceased.

ELIJAH McGREW, having established himself in Rochester, on the corner of Washington and Madison Sts., cast of the Livery Stables, will furnish Sash, Doors and Window-blinds, on short notice.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 26, 1866

THE THUNDER STORM. We learn that during the thunder storm last Sunday night, the barn of Mr. B. C. WILSON of Richland township was struck by lightning, killing a dozen hogs and doing some other Damages.

FIRES. On Friday last the alarm of fire was given, and the Fire Company, with many of our citizens were soon on the way to the scene of action. The fire was in the North-west part of Town, in the dwelling occupied by Mr. BISHOP, and was extinguished by persons in that vicinity before the arrival of the company without doing but little damage.

On Sunday morning at 2 oclock the terrible alarm of the fire bell was again heard.... The fire was discovered in Holmes & Miller's Building, the South room occupied by Glick Brols Boot and Shoe Store.... a way was made through the wall from the Agricultural Ware-room adjoining, the water was then applied effectually, which soon delayed the progress of that fearful destroyer. The fire was no doubt the work of an incendiary....

THE ROCHESTER BANK. This institution has at last opened for business.
The citizens of this county have greatly needed a place of Deposit and Exchange and we have long been without one. The people have now a place to deposit their money safe from fire or thieves until wanted free of charge and also have a safe way of sending money by Draft to any place in the United States without fear of its being lost or stolen.... Mr. A. C. COPELAND the Cashier comes here with letters of recommendation from the Auditor of the State of Ohio, and Banks in Central Ohio ....

STRAYED! On Sunday morning the 15th inst from my residence five miles North of Rochester... NATHANIEL DUDGEON. Rochester July 16th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 2, 1866

BUILDING MKTERIAL. 160,000 more good Brick for sale at the BRICK KILN of HEFFLEY & Co., 1 mile South of Rochester.

NOT SO. ANDREW J. EDWARDS, who was reported killed has come to life again and walks the streets as hearty and hale as ever....

ALWAYS ON TIME. The new arrangement of our stage line from Plymouth to Logansport, under the management of Mr. REESE formerly of Monticello, Ind., is just the thing needed as a solution for a rail road....

LARCENY. PETER McDONALD was arrested on Saturday last for having stolen fifty three dollars and sixty cents from one WILLIAM MOORE who was a bed fellow of his and boarded at ED CHAMBERLAINS in this place ....

DIED. At Indianapolis July 26th 1866, JESSE T., son of W. H. and SARAH A. SHLOTT, age 10 ms and 26 days ....

JOHN SHORE, Retail Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Salt, Fish, Tobacco, Cigars, Candies, Nuts and Notions of every description,... opposite the National Hotel, Rochester Ind.

(Estray Notice) Taken by HIRAM WAGNER in Aubbeenaubbee Township... appraised by FRANCIS BRUGH and S. J. RARRICK... before me the 24th day of July 1866, WM. WARDLOW, J.P. V. GOULD, Clerk.

(Non-Resident's Notice) WILLIAM STURGEON vs ISAAC FOUGHT, Complaint on Note, Attachment and Garnishee Process, V. GOULD, Clerk. JAMISON & FOOTE, Atty's for Plt'f. Rochester, July 30th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 9, 1866

CALL FOR A CONVENTION. The Soldiers of Fulton County are requested to meet at the Court House, on Saturday evening for the purpose of calling a Soldier's Convention, in order that they may unite once again and perfect an organization which will sustain more fully the principles for which they fought.

NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the Books and Accounts of WM. T. BAKER, are in the hands of A. E. BABCOCK for collection .... Rochester, August 8th 1866.

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk during the months of June and July 1866.
Daniel RISHER and Sarah GREGSON, David MOORE and Louisa WAGONER, Alva ASHELMAN and Mary LAMB, Wm. W. NICKLES and Harriet HIZER, Samuel JOHNSON and Jemima A. THOMPSON, Daniel ZIGLER and Charlotte NILLS, David ARMSTRONG and Maggie SPANGLER, Richard FRITZ and Elizabeth A. EVANS, Henry FORESYTH and Martha A. FASS, William KLING and Rebecca J. STURGEON, Robert SECOR and Mary A. LUKINS, Thomas RUSH and Nancy DOUGHERTY, A. B. PIER and Sarah BRUNSON, Fredrick GRAFF and Matilda WALTERS, Wm. BAKER and Sarah Matilda NIXSON, John F. FROMM and Elise W. CORNELIUS, Wm. TUTTLE and Lutitia CUBBERLY, Joseph J. SMITH and Nancy J. CALLAWAY, George W. NICKLES and Sarah E. SMALLY.

MARSHALL COUNTY REPUBLICAN. This true representative of the cause of Liberty, Justice and a perpetual Union, comes to us enlarged to a 32-column paper, and presents quite a new appearance. Mr. I. MATTINGLY, its editor, has taken into the Editorial management of the paper, Mr. W. H. MATTINGLY, his son, who has served in the army of the Union during the war, part of which time he served a "long term" in the prison hells of the South....

LETTER. Union School House, Aug. 2, 1866. Mr. Editor:
Please publish to all whom it may concern that there will be a Sunday School Pic-Nic at Bruces Lake on Thursday the 16th inst.... (details set forth) ... B. STAUM, Preslt, P. N. McCOY, Sec.

INCOME- LIST. The following is a List of names and their income, in Fulton County, for the year 1865, after deducting $600: (amounts omitted): BOWEN, Daniel, Akron. BARKDOLL, S. A., Rochester. BARNETT, T. W., Kewanna. CALKINS, Edward, Rochester. CASE, Augustus, Akron. COLLBURN, J. D., Blue Grass. COWEN, Joseph, Rochester. DAVIDSON, Stephen, Rochester. DAVIDSON, Wm. H., Rochester. DAWSON, James, Akron. DAWSON, Jonathan, Rochester. DILLEN, Oliver J., Rochester. GOULD, D. S., Rochester. GUISE, Ben., Aubbeenaubbee. HARTER, C. F., Rochester. hin, Stephen J., Wayne. HOLMES, A. J., Rochester. JACKSON, Alfred T., Kewanna. KEITH, Sidney, Rochester. KRIDER, I. W., Fulton. KENDRICK, F. K., Rochester. LEITER, Jeremiah, Kewanna. LYON, D. W., Rochester. MOORE, William, Rochester. MERCER, Levi, Rochester. MOW, David, Richland. MOORE, Milton M., Rochester. MITCHELL, C. A., Rochester. MONTGOMERY , Theo're, Rochester. PLANK, A. K., Rochester. ROBBINS, A. H., Rochester. ROBBINS, C. H., Rochester. SMITH, M. R., Rochester. STURGEON, Wm., Rochester. SOMMER, D. F., Rochester. SHEPHERD, A. C., Rochester. TERRY, S. S., Akron.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 16, 1866

LETTER. On Monday last, Mr. B. M. ELLIOTT handed us the following letter just received by Mr. Kirtland, of this place. Mr. Kirtland: Sir: We as friends have one request to make of you: if you want to be sustained by the public, that is you spew out of your store the little insignificant Deputy collector's clerk B. M. ELLIOTT he will ruin your trade and further we simply say to you to keep cool about that picture that was found turned up side down in your shop, or the consequences will follow at your peril. yours &c SEVEN DEMOCRATS. (editorial answer by editor)

PERSONAL. We arc under many obligations to ISAIAH HOOVER of Richland Township for a splendid lot of roasting ears ....

FOUND. One Pocket Book containing six cents and two notes supposed to be the property of IVINS CARTER, as there is a tax receipt bearing his name also the notes are drawn in favor of him....

NEW STORE. Mr. E. PECK has opened up a New Grocery Store, one door North of I. W. Holeman's in one of Mr. Downey's rooms ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 23, 1866

THE DAVE TURPIE RIOT! (details of Copperhead meeting with DAVID TURPIE speaking) But Judge Turpie was not permitted to finish his speech... The consequence was everyone rushed to the fight and the speaking had to stop. The result of all this parade, of the visit of Turpie to Rochester and his eloquence, was about five men badly injured, and about thirty bloody noses. One of the injured men was E. B. CHINN, Town Marshal, who while in the discharge of his duty was rushed on by the infuriated mob and was overpowered by the brutal attack.

SATURDAY NIGHT. After the Turpie riot on Saturday last the Union men of this county held a meeting at night in the court house, the room was crowded to its farthest capacity, but they were a quiet and civil people. (names mentioned) Col. SHRYOCK, DAVID R. PERSHING ....

MEDICAL. J. B. SHULTZ, M.D., from the firm of Drs. TAYLOR & SHULTZ Logansport, Ind., will be in Rochester at A. Chamberlains Monday Sept 3d and 17th Oct 1st 15th and 29th, and so on once in two weeks.

THE TOWN CLOCK. We notice that our enterprising Jeweler A. D. HOPPE, has repaired his town clock, and has it in order keeping the correct time ....

COTILLION PARTY. The young folks of our place intend participating in a party given by Mr. RALSTIN, six miles North of here, on Friday evening next ... and we have no doubt the occasion will be enjoyed by all who are disposed to "trip the light fantastic toe."

THANKS. Our thanks are due Mr. A. HATTERY, formerly a veteran of our company in the 87th Ind., for a large Watermelon presented us on Saturday last. The Sergeant was no doubt reminded of our "Fourth of July '63 on the bank of Elk River," when a half pint of corn meal baked on a huge chip, was the subsistence of every four men on that memorable day....

THE KELLER HOUSE. This house situated on the N.E. Corner of Miami and Second Sts, Peru Indiana has recently been thoroughly repaired and refurnished....

THE CELEBRATION. We attended the Sunday school celebration at Bruces Lake on Thursday last .... (names mentioned): Rev. J. SCHLOSSER, J. CASAD.

(Commissioners Sale) DANIEL P. BALDWIN, Commissioner will sell real estate (described) now owned by the heirs of MICHAEL CARROLL and by MICHAEL HOGAN, at the Store of Phillips & Leiter in Pleasant Grove.... August 25th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 13, 1866

JESSE SHIELDS, AGAIN. Our reporter sends us the following speech delivered by the Democratic candidate for representative in this County, at Bloomingsburg last week..... (name mentioned): Dr. ROBBINS)

A DUN. All Persons knowing themselves indebted to F. B. ERNSPERGER, will please call and settle ....

"THE FIRST OF THE SEASON." Fresh Oysters at R. P. SMITH'S RESTAURANT over the Post Office, served up in all the different styles, at all times....

NEW GOODS! G. W. LYONS & CO., at F. B. Ernsperger's old stand... Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes &c ...

THE WOLCOTT FAMILY. This troupe that visited our place last spring is with us again....

N. W. CONFERENCE. This Conference of the M.E. Church convened at Laporte last week, Bishop AMES presiding... this station which is to be filled by Rev. Mr. DONALDSON, and the removal of Rev. W. R. MIKLES to Plymouth....

THE SOLDIERS MEETING. A large number of the Soldiers of this county met at the Court House on Friday last, to make the arrangements to attend the re-union at Peru on Friday next .... (names mentioned): J. H. BEEBER was chosen President, Capt. SHIELDS, L. M. SPOTTS, H. S. FOOTE, JONAS MYERS, JAMES M. BEEBER, B. F. PORTER, WM. BARNETT of Union Tp .... to procure the services of the Rochester Silver Band....

UNION MEETINGS. Hon. STEPHEN DAVIDSON will address ... at the following times and places: Fulton; Reads School House, Liberty Township; Liberty School House, Wayne Tp; Bowmans School House, Wayne Tp;Leiters School House, Aub. Tp; Davis School House, Aub. Tp; Center School House, Richland Tp; Johnsons School House; Bruces School House, Union Tp; Pleasant Grove; Center School House, New Castle Tp; Bloomingsburg; Akron; Hans School House;.... (Names mentioned): M. L. ESSICK, Col. K. G. SHRYOCK, CHRISTIAN NEWHOUSE, Mr. KIRTLAND will address the citizens of Liberty Tp at Olivers School House .... (times omitted)

(Commissioner's Sale) WILLIAM MACKEY, Commissioner will sell real estate (described) of which DAVID SPOTTS, Deceased died the owner. Rochester, Sept. 3, 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 20, 1866

BUSHWHACKERS AT WORK. The Copperheads have inaugurated a new system of electioneering, they take along with them when they go out to speak from ten to fifteen men armed to the teeth. We are informed that this gang made a raid on the Town of Fulton... entering the Saloon of ALFRED MARTIN and helping themselves to what they wanted... went to Green Oak, fired off their pistols just before they got into town reloaded and went bravo like into the church....

ACCIDENT. On Tuesday last as the son of THOMAS NEWHOUSE of this place was playing among some timbers, fell down dislocating his arm and injuring himself considerably. Dr. GOULD replaced the limb, and it is thought he will soon recover from his injuries.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 27, 1866, cont'd)

THE AKRON GLOBE. This sheet published at Akron in this county by CUTCHALL & BITTERS, has been enlarged to a sixteen column paper... Terms Fifty cents per annum in advance.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 4, 1866

Dr. C. L. WHITE. This eminent Physician just recently built him a very nice residence in our town it is situate on Robbins & Harter's addition just opposite the Fair ground, he moved into it the other day... he can always be found at his office over the Book Store or at his residence.

LOST! On Monday afternoon last some low mean contemptable scoundrel cut the halter, which fastened my Mare to a wagon of Mr. GREEN'S near his residence in Rochester.... PHILLIP YOUNG. Augb. Oct 2d 1866.

MARRIED. On Wednesday Evening at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. W. R. MIKELS, M. JAMES CHAPIN to Miss MOLLIE E. WALLACE all of this place.....

(Non-Resident's Notice) CATHARINE DOWNS vs CURTIS DOWNS... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS, Atty's for Plaintiff. Rochester, Oct 2nd 1866.
ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 11, 1866

DIED. Died at Peru, Ind., Sept. 24th 1866, of Diptheria, EDGAR GRANT, son of PLUMMER and ELIZABETH HANSON, aged one year six months and 23 days.

MARRIED. On Thursday the 4th inst., at the Parsonage in Rochester, by Rev. J. S. DONALDSON, Mr. ISRAEL GRAHAM, of Logansport to Mrs. LOVINA HECKARD, of Pleasant Grove.

COUNTY FAIR. Remember tomorrow begins our County Fair ....

GRAND BALL. The Rochester Silver Band will give a grand Cotillion Party at the Odd Fellow's Hall on Friday evening...

HOWE'S GREAT CIRCUS. This Mammoth Combination will exhibit here on Saturday next ... the last day of the Fair....

FARM FOR SALE 130 ACRES. I have one of the best small Farms for sale in Fulton County, situate 1/4 mile west of Green Oak.... LAFAYETTE TRUE.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 25, 1866

HORSE COMPANY. The Fulton county Horse Company will meet at the Court House on Saturday next... persons wishing to become members ... will present their names .... By order of the President, WM. P. BALL.

TUESDAY OCT 16th 1866. On the evening of the 16th the Union people of this county had a grand and glorious rejoicing over the victories at the ballot box. WILLIAM CARTER was on hand with his cannon and large Sycamore gum...

DIED. On the 15th inst., of Summer Complaint, VICTORIA, daughter of F. W. and MINNA STOCK, aged 1 year 1 month and 13 days ....

NEW MILLINER SHOP. The Ladies of Rochester and vicinity will be pleased to learn that Miss MATTIE TRIMBLE has just returned from Chicago with a complete stock of Millinery and Ladies Dress Trimmings... Store at her residence one square west of the Court House.

THANKS TO JACKSON. We are under many obligations to JOSEPH JACKSON for a nice present consiting of a fine assortment of apples....
(Commissioner's Sale) SIDNEY KEITH, Commissioner will sell real estate (described)... Oct. 16, 1866.

NOTICE TO SCHOOL TEACHERS. GEO. W. SCHILLING, School Ex. F. C., will hold Public Examinations in the Rochester School Building ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 8, 1866

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor... on the North-west corner of Lot No. 24, old Plat of the Town of Rochester .... JOHN M. DAVIDSON. Rochester, Ind. Nov. 8, 1866.

NATIONAL HOUSE. Mr. WILLIAM CULVER has purchased the National Hotel in this place ... comfortable retreat for the wear worn traveler as well as one of the best boarding houses in town ....

NEW GROCERY STORE. H. F. LANDES is opening up a new Grocery Store South of Holmes & Millers building in the store room recently occupied by Cap. SHIELDS. Mr. Landes is an obliging gentleman ... and if ever any man deserved the patronage of a good people Mr. Landes does, because he served the people long and faithful at the sacrifice of health and life....

A CHANGE. Messers E. B. & W. H. CHINN have recently purchased the Grocery Store formerly owned by BRYANT & OSGOOD...

MARRIED. On Sunday the 4th Inst., at the residence of the bride's father, in New Castle Township, by Mr. FOORY Esq., B. F. MONTGOMERY to MARTHA BYBEE, all of this county....

REMOVAL. JAMISON & FOOTE Atty's at Law... have removed from their office over CORNELIUS & BROS STORE, to the South front room up stairs of HOLMES AND MILLER'S BUILDING, immediately opposite the court house.... Mr. Jamison received a very fine education at Asbury University, Green Castle, Ind., served as a soldier in the hundred days service. Mr. Foote was educated at Old Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind., he enlisted early in the service of his country, was promoted to Captain and fought gallantly on many a hard contested field, he votes now just as he shot in the army for the union, and has just been elected District Attorney for the 21st Judicial District ...

I.O.G.T. This Lodge met at its last regular meeting on Friday Evening last, when the following officers were installed: William BAKER, Miss Mattie TRIMBLE, L. M. SPOTTS, R. PHELPS, Miss Sallie RALSTIN, D. S. GOULD, J. S. DONALDSON, Miss Emma GOULD, Bro. RALSTIN, Miss Mattie HAWKINS, Miss Jennie MARTIN, Miss Ella J. REX, Miss Hattie OSGOOD, James M. BEEBER.

(Non-Resident's Notice) WILLIAM REAM and JONATHAN REAM vs JOHN A. GUMP.... DANIEL WHITTENBERGER, J.P., November 4, 1866.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor... on Lot No. 31, town of Pleasant Grove, the room being in the center building fronting on Main St., in said town, there being three buildings on said lot. FELIX HUDKINS. November 1, 1866.

NATIONAL HOUSE. WM. CULVER, Proprietor. Corner Main and Columbia Sts., Rochester, Ind...

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 29, 1866

ROCHESTER RAIL ROAD. If ever any public thoroughfare was needed in any county we need one in Fulton ... We are reliably informed that a very wealthy company have purchased the I. R. & C. R.R. that their interests are centered in this Road, and they say to us, if you will extend the time for completing the R.R. to Rochester, so that we can have the $60,000 offered to the old company, we will secure you a Railroad at once... petitions praying the Board of County Commissioners to extend the time ....

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of Mrs. F. B. ERNSPERGER...

G. A. R. Members, remember the meeting Thursday (this) evening. Every member is expected to be present as much important business is to be transacted. By order of Post Commander.

OLD SEVENTY SIX Has come to life again. He keeps an Oyster Saloon and other varieties, in fact every thing the people want, for money, from a penny whistle to a German Flute... Location opposite the Post Office. FRED STURKEN.

THE CITY BAKERY. Mr. WM. DOWNEY would announce to the citizens of Rochester and vicinity that he has purchased the above named establishment in the FARMER'S BLOCK, in Fred FROMM'S GROCERY STORE....

IMPROVEMENTS. We have neglected heretofore to announce that our enterprising business men, Messrs. WALLACE & CHAPIN are erecting a large Steam FLOURING MILL in our place, which will give us three large Mills of this kind: more than can be said of any other town the size of Rochester North of the Wabash ...

THE BEST CORN AND APPLES. There is some strife going on between WM. H. CARTER and DAVID MOW, two prosperous farmers of this county, to see who can raise the largest corn, the tallest stocks and the greater number of bushels per acre... we received the best quality of apples from Mr. CARTER....

MARRIAGE LICENSES granted by the Clerk since July 1st 1866.
Thomas BAILY and Luvina NELLINS, John W. THOMPSON and Mary E. HUGHS, A. E. MOHLER and Catharine CARTER, John W. JOHNSON and Angeline THOMPSON, Chancy COPLEN and Mary A. PASTOR, J. M. DAVIDSON and E. HERRON, Wellington KILMER and Eliza E. DAVIS, J. S. MURPHY and Margaret A. JACKSON, J. M. FURGESON and Margaret J. OLIVER, Harry FLAGG and Julia GRANT, Eli W. PINKERTON and Cather'e FAULKNER, Jno. M. VanMETER and Julia A. VanMETER, Joseph P. RHODES and Alma HOOVER, Henry SUTLEY and Evaline ROGERS, James S. CHAPIN and Mary C. WALLACE, Samuel FARNER and Mary E. ALLEN, Virgil PINKERTON and Ann HORN, Ben. F. CALLAHAN and Mary E. YATES, George W. LEONARD and Eliza'h R. CARTER, Israel GRAHAM and Lovina HECKARD, Mark BOWEN and Elizabeth BLAIR, John FELLMAN and Hopsy BRUCE, George VanKIRK and Eliza A. HILAM, Tyre DOUGLASS and Mary CALLAHAN, J. M. DAVENPORT and Nancy BYBEE, V. ZIMMERMAN and Martha NEWHART, Peter B. APT and Mary A. ROSE, B. F. MONTGOMERY and Martha A. BYBEE, Philip JENKINS and Eliza A. SANNS, E. REED and Eva PERSCHBAUGHER, Isaac LEE and Sarah A. WOODRUFF, Samuel P. SHILLING and Hariet LACKEY, Walter BLANDIN and Euphenia STARNER, Allen ENYART and Rebecca GRIFFIN, Zane RUSSEL and Ellen TULLIS, Wm. CUMMINS and Kate KELLER, Edward YAKEY and Serilda TRUE, Jonathan RANK and Sarah A. GOSS, Wm. NICHOLS and Barbary WIDEMAN, David BAILEY and Mary E. RANNELLS, Bradford LOUDERBACK and Mary ALLEN, Austin DOWNING and Rachael MEREDITH.

TEACHERIS INSTITUTE. The Fulton County Teacher's Institute will meet at the Rochester School House on Monday Morning, December 10th 1866... Rochester, November 29th 1866.

NEW GROCERY STORE! ... Store one door South of Holmes & Miller's Building. H. F. LANDES. Rochester, Ind., Nov. 29th 1866.


Petition for Partition of Real Estate... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS, Atty's. November 20th 1866.

(Non-Resident's Notice) ARTHUR A. SPICER vs LUCINDA F. SPICER, Petition for Divorce ... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. November 22, 1866.

(Non-Resident's Notice) BARNHART TROUTMAN and AUGUST TROUTMAN vs WILLIAM C. BRYANT and GEORGE N. OSGOOD .... E. KIRTLAND, J.P., Rochester, November 12th 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 6, 1866

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of Mrs. A. C. SHEPHERD...

NEW BOOT & SHOE SHOP... 3 doors north of Cornelius' Dry Goods Store... Mending of all kinds... VALENTINE ZIMMERMAN, Rochester Ind., Dec. 5th 1866.

MILLINERY GOODS, HATS AND CAPS.... My Store may be found in the South Room of the RANNELLS HOTEL. Mrs. S. C. TURNER. Rochester Ind., Dec. 5, 1866.

(Non-Resident's Notice) WILLIAM MILLER vs NORMAN A. SMITH, ISAAC F. VANDUZER and JOSEPH O. MEEKER... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. Rochester Nov. 30, 1866. KEITH & CALKINS Atty's for Pltff.

(Non-Resident's Notice) AMANDA COOPER vs PHILIP COOPER, Complaint for Divorce ... V. GOULD, Clerk. November 22, 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 13, 1866

GRAND DONATION FESTIVAL! The GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC will hold a Donation Festival at the Court House, on Friday Evening, December 28th, 1866. The proceeds of the Festival will be given to the Widows and Orphans of Deceased Soldiers who now reside in our County and are destitute of the comforts of life ...
(names mentioned): Mrs. J. L. CLOUSE, Mrs. F. W. STOCK, Mrs. J. WRIGHT, Mrs. Anna PLATTE, Mrs. Col. SHRYOCK, Mrs. E. CALKINS, Mrs. Dr. ROBBINS, Mrs. Wm. BEARSS, Mrs. A. K. PLANK, Mrs. F. KENDRICK, Mrs. L. PEARSON, Mrs. Capt. LONG, James M. BEEBER, John G. STRADLEY, John H. SHELTON, Jonas MYERS, J. W. BEEBER, L. M. SPOTTS, H. S. FOOTE, John H. BEEBER, Robert GOULD, Mrs. Dr. MANN, Mrs. M. L. ESSICK, Mrs. M. R. SMITH, Mrs. R. R. GLICK, Mrs. J. H. BEEBER, Mrs. A. C. SHEPHERD, Mrs. O. P. OSGOOD, Miss Lottie MacDONALD, Miss Fannie VanDUZER, Miss Mattie HICKMAN, Miss Hattie OSGOOD, Miss Ollie A. MOORE, Miss Susie STRADLEY, H. C. LONG, Mrs. Mary LOOMIS, Sheriff John W. DAVIS, Jacob S. WRIGHT... J. H. BEEBER, M. L. ESSICK, L. M. SPOTTS, J. W. ELAM, JONAS MYERS, Com. Rochester Dec. 12th 1866.

ROCHESTER HIGH SCHOOL. We learn that the following is a list of the Teachers selected by the Trustees for the next term of the above School, commencing Dec. 17th 1866, and continuing three months.
W. CASE Principal; C. FITZGERALD first Assistant; Miss MOLLIE EWING second Assistant; Miss HATTIE OSGOOD third Assistant; Miss KLIO KING fourth Assistant; Miss BURNETT fifth Assistant.

REMOVAL. Mr. I. W. HOLEMAN, our former merchant in the Holmes & Miller block, has recently removed into his largE and spacious room nearly opposite the Central House...

DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing between Messrs. STRADLEY and ELAM has been recently dissolved, and Mr. Stradley still continues in the business at the old stand. Mr. Stradley is one of the oldest merchants in the county, having done business here for many years ....

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of F. K. KENDRICK....

(Non-Resident's Notice) CASSEY A. HALL vs GEORGE W. HALL, Petition for Divorce ... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. Dec. 7, 1866.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. The Partnership heretofore existing between CHARLES J. STRADLEY and JOHN W. ELAM, is this day dissolved by mutual consent ... Rochester, Ind., Dec. 1, 1866.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 20, 1866

MARRIED. On the 12th Inst., at the residence of the bride's father, in Rushville Ind., Mr. T. G. MINER, of this place, and Mrs. LUCY C. LAKIN, of the former place.

PERSONAL. Gen. GLEASON, engineer of the I.R. & C. R.R. was stopping at the Central Hotel on Sabbath last. We learn that fine progress is being made of the survey, and it is generally supposed that work will be resumed before long with considerable energy.

AGRICULTURAL NOTICE. The Fulton County Agricultural Society will hold its annual meeting for the election of officers and other important business on Saturday, December 29th... in the Court House... STEPHEN DAVIDSON, Pres't., A. J. HOLMES, Sec.

CHRISTMAS TREE. The Presbyterian and Baptist Sunday Schools have united for the occasion, and are to have a grand Christmas Tree at the Baptist Church on Christmas eve ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE Thursday, December 27, 1866

(Notice of Administration) WILLIAM SPENCER appointed Administrator de bonis non of the Estate of ENOS ROSE, late of Fulton County, deceased. Rochester, Dec. 24, 1866.

(Notice of Administration) DAVID I,. BATZ appointed Administrator of the Estate of BENJAMIN BATZ, late of Fulton County, deceased. Rochester, Dec. 18, 1866.

(Non-Resident's Notice) CHRISTAIN NICKLES vs WILLIAM W. NICKLES, Attachment & Garnishee. VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS, Attys for Pl'ff.

(Estray Notice) Taken up by SIMMEON WEBBER in Rochester Tp ... appraised by THOMAS H. MESSER and JOHN B. VAN DIEN. before me Dec. 20, 1866, E. KIRTLAND, J.P.

MARRIED. On the 23d inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J. S. DONALDSON, Mr. ROBERT J. McALEXANDER, of Ohio, and Miss SALLIE RALSTIN, of Rochester.

M. E. MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be at the residence of B. S. LYON.

PARADE AND DRILL. The members of the Protection Hook Ladder Company No 1, will meet at their Hall uniformed on Tuesday, January 1st 1867... J. H. BEEBER, Foreman, L. M. SPOTTS, Sect.

NEW YEARS TREE. The friends of the Sabbath School cause have determined to have a Tree ladened with presents on New Years Eve, Dec. 31st, 1866, at the M. E. Church for the benefit of the Sabbath School children....

GRAND NEW YEARS PRESENTATION. The members and friends of the M. E. Sunday School have made the necessary arrangements to have a large "New Years Tree," .... (names mentioned): Mrs. Dr. TURNER, Mrs. A. L. ROBBINS, Mrs. C. J. STRADLEY, Mrs. F. B. ERNSPERGER, Mrs. A. K. PLANK, Mrs. D. W. SHRYOCK, Mrs. K. G. SHRYOCK, Mrs. F. K. KENDRICK, Mrs. C. BRACKETT, Mrs. G. W. TRUSLOW, Mrs. J. S. CHAPIN, Mrs. L. MERCER, Mrs. W. HILL, Mrs. E. BROWN, Mrs. H. C. LONG, Mrs. M. L. ESSICK, Mrs. O. P. OSGOOD, Mrs. A. C. SHEPHERD, Mrs. B. S. LYON, Mrs. T. C. MINER, Miss Hattie OSGOOD, Miss Mattie HICKMAN, Miss Emma GOULD, Miss Mollie EWING, Miss Mattie TRIMBLE, Miss Anna LYON, Miss Nettie MARTIN, Miss Fannie VanDUZER, Miss Mariah CAFFYN, Miss Minnie WALTERS, Mr. L. M. SPOTTS, Mr. D. S. GOULD, Mr. W. CASE, Mr. W. GOULD, Mr. L. MERCER, Mr. Wm. DOWNEY, Mr. G. W. TRUSLOW, Mr. G. W. LYON, Mr. D. W. SHRYOCK, Miss E. STRADLEY, Miss Birdie LYON, Miss Minnie SHRYOCK, Miss Ella LAWHEAD.

ROCHESTER LYCEUM. Division No. 2 will discuss ... (concerning the Fenians) .... (names mentioned): E. CALKINS, H. B. JAMISON, C. M. REID, C. F. HARTER, Elias KIRTLAND, A. C. COPELAND, R. R. GLICK, D. S. GOULD.... Division No. 3 will discuss.. (concerning geographical limits of the nation) .... (names mentioned): C. D. HATHAWAY, G. W. SHILLING, Dr. W. HILL, V. GOULD, E. STURGEON, J. WALKER, M. B. GLICK, M. R. SMITH.



ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, January 4, 1866

From the general expression of the citizens of this place we infer they will be happy to greet the return of Dr. C. L. WHITE, to this place in the spring.
The Dr. now resides four miles south of Rochester, and near the Michigan road and expects to permanently locate here in the spring.

The Brass Band Dance New Years night was a gay and humorous festival ... The management returns thanks to M. R. SMITH, J. W. BEEBER, J. H. BEEBER, Sheriff DAVIS and REUBEN TALLEY for their kindness in assisting during the evening...

The GYPSIES have payed us a flying visit some days since and are still stopping in the grove south of town, begging to tell every body's fortune but the citizens do not appear to be very strong in the faith.

MARRIED. -On Dec. 27th at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. LEVI T. WHITE, of Valparaiso, and Miss RUHAMA STRADLEY, of Rochester.
-On Dec. 27th at the residence of the bride's father, by the same, Mr. WILLIAM J. LEITER and Miss LIDA A. HICKMAN.
-On Monday Jan 1st at the residence of Mr. ROBERT WALLACE, by the same, Mr. JOHN P. MYERS and Miss MOLLIE C. GRAHAM, all of this place ...

DIED. -On the evening of the 2d inst., DIXIE ERNSPERGER, daughter of Mr and Mrs MARION ERNSPERGER. Aged four years.
-On the morning of the 3d inst., Mr. WILSON ALEXANDER, of this place.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, January 11, 1866

SOCIABLE. The Presbyterian Sociable meets next Tuesday evening January 16th at the residence of Dr. HARTER...

REMOVAL. The Book Store and News Depot has been removed to the room formerly occupied by the Post Office. Where Mr. KIRTLAND will be glad to meet all his old friends...
WHO IS OIDELL? One day last week a man who said his name was O'Dell, visited our town, ... He caused ten dollars worth of groceries to be carefully put up at C. Chamberlains, seventy dollars worth of boots and shoes at Glick Bros, and in fact he bought goods at several places in town but did not take them away or pay for them. He went to C. Hoovers and ordered a coffin for his wife and also went to Martin & Wagoners and done the same, they both went to work, But finally found out it was a sell after they had each coffin about half finished ...

FIRE. A terrible fire broke out in Plymouth on Wednesday January 3d and burned one whole square, principally business houses. The mammoth brick building of HEWETS & WOODWARD was totally destroyed. How the fire occurred is not known. The whole loss is estimated at $250,000.

TEACHERS' INSTITUTE .... met Dec. 26th, 1865, at the Court House... (names mentioned): Hon. Hugh MILLER, School Examiner, D. S. MIKERNAN, H. B. MITCHELL, Miss Hattie OSGOOD, G. W. SHILLING, O. HENDERSON, H. B. MITCHELL, Miss R. P. MEREDITH, Rev. N. L. LORD, Rev. W. R. MIKELS.

MARRIED. - On Dec. 27th at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. J. L. CAPP and Miss SAMANTHA TRUE, all of this place...

(Notice of Survey) By request of JOHN RICHARDSON... ISAIAH WALKER, S.F.C. Jan. 9th, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, January 18, 1866

DIED. Mr. HASKINS the chief engineer of the Indianapolis, Rochester and Chicago Rail Road, was found dead in his chair, at his room in the Barnett House Logansport last Saturday morning... Cause of his death supposed to be disease of the heart.

FOX HUNT. There will be a grand Fox Hunt on Wednesday, January 24th 1866. All those that wish to take a part are requested to meet at the residence of THEO. MONTGOMERY, one mile West of town, at 9 oclock A.M. All owning good fox dogs are requested to bring them along.


NEW GUN SHOP. One Square North of Wallace's Block. He would also announce that he is prepared to make Ribles to order and do all kind of rapairing... G. T. MILLER.

FOREST SHAVING SALOON! On Main St., nearly opposite Central Hotel. P. EHRSMAN, Prop'r. Shaving, Hair Dressing and Shampooning... Rochester, Jan. 17th, 1866.

(Administratrix Sale) JANE ALLEN, Admx of the Estate of GEORGE H. ALLEN, deceased, will sell real estate (described) ... January 17th, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, January 2S, 1866

We see that the former publisher of the Chronicle, C. E. FULLER is in town on a short visit. Mr. Fuller is now publishing the South Bend Register, formerly published by SCHUYLER COLFAX.

We see that LORENZO CULVER and some other "boys in blue" of Company A, 26th Regiment Ind., Vol, have arrived home safe after being absent from home since the commencement of the war. The Regiment will be mustered-out of service, at Indianapolis, in a few days.

THANKS. Dr. DANZIGER takes this method of returning thanks to the P. H. & L. Co. No. 1, and to the citizens in general, for their timely assistance on Tuesday last, in saving his building and property from being destroyed by fire.

DISSOLUTION. The Medical Co-Partnership existing between Drs. HILL & BRACKETT, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. ... settle with Dr. Hill. WM. HILL, M.D., J. W. BRACKETT, M.D. Rochester, Jan 27th, 1866.

THANKS. Our respected citizen F. W. STOCK, tenders his heart felt and sincere thanks to the Fire Company, and citizens of Rochester generally, for their timely assistance, in saving his property from the desolating fire, on Tuesday last...

FIRE. The dwelling house occupied by A. BROOKS, ANDY EDWARDS and Mr. BEVERLY, opposite the "National Hotel," took fire on Tuesday last, and was totally destroyed also the one occupied by Mr. STOCK was entirely destroyed, it all belonged to C. BAKER, the household furniture was all saved except that of ARNOLD BROOKS.
The men hurt while working at the fire were Capt. SHIELDS, by falling off of the house on to the fence, face bruised slightly, J. H. STAHL was struck in the mouth by one of the hooks, lip cut pretty bad and one tooth broke, ANDREW MILLER was also hurt very bad, by jumping from a window of the second story, upon a cellar door, which gave way, and injuring his side, but it is thought he will recover. How the building took fire, we did not learn.

(Application for License)... to sell liquor ... at the town of Pleasant Grove, in Union township ... in the building situated on the north east corner of lot number 19 ... MICHAEL HOGEN. Jan. 30th 1866.

(Sheriff's Sale) JOHN SIMPSON vs JOHN GASTIL ... real estate (described)... JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff of Fulton County. Jan. 29th 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, February 8, 1866

McCLURES WORKING MENS LIBRARY ASSOCIATION, will meet at the Court House in Rochester, on Tuesday Evening, Feb. 13th, 1866. Turn out. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

We see GRANVILL G. LONG has arrived safe home after an absence of four years in the service of "Uncle Sam." He enlisted in 1861 in Co. A., 26th Reg., Ind., Vol. and veterned in 1864. He is looking fine, success attend him, in all his undertakings.

We are under obligations to Capt. A. H. McDONALD, for New Orleans papers. Do it again Archey. The Capt. is now on duty at New Orleans, as Mustering Officer for the State of Louisiana...

FIRES. Tuesday, Jan. 30th, commenced the daily fires of the season, and continued until Sunday, Feb. 4th. There has been if we remember correctly, one fire per day since Tuesday 30th, the day on which Mr. BAKER'S property was destroyed; each alarm sounding as we were sitting down to dinner.
Ernsperger's Block came near being destroyed by fire on Saturday last, but fortunately was discovered in time to be easily extinguished before doing much damage. On Sunday the dwelling house owned by Mr. WALLACE, and occupied by Mr. HOLZMAN, was discovered to be on fire but was, owing to the nature of the fire was easily put out. In case the fire had not been put out, the splendid Store room of WALLACE & CHAPIN must have been burned to the ground. In the first instance the fire originated by a spark falling on the dry roof, and by the aid of the brisk wind then blowing from the West soon kindled into a blaze; in the second, by the carelessness of putting up the stove, the pipe not going within six feet of the chimney, but directly into the loft, or garret; the only wonder is that the entire Block, built by Mr. Wallace, was not destroyed...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, February 15, 1866

NEW GOODS! At the Farmers Cheap Cash Store of WALLACE CHAPIN... Prints ... Muslins ... Hoop Skirts ... Ladies Coats... Hats and Bonnets... New Ribbons ... Dress Goods ... Millinery... Grocery Store ... Rochester, Feb. 8th, 1866.

DANCE AT WALLACE'S HALL. There will be a dance given at Wallace's Hall, on Thursday evening February 22d 1866...

DIED. At Akron, Feb. 8th 1866, of consumption, DAVID EVA, aged 27 years.
Mr. Eva was interred in the Akron Cemetery with Masonic honors, he being a member of that fraternity. The funeral discourse was delivered by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, of this place, in the M. E. Church. A large number were in attendance. A procession was formed and led to the grave by the fife and muffled drum. The deceased leaves a large circle of friends to mourn his loss, and we extend to them our sincere sympathies.

NOTICE. All those knowing themselves indebted to the old firm of H. T. MILLER & CO., ... the books and accounts will be found in the hands of C. W. CAFFYN, at the Standard office, Third story of Holmes' & Miller's building.

NIARRIED. On Sunday the 4th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. B. WILSON SMITH, Principal of the Valparaiso Institute, Capt. JOHN W. ELAM, of Rochester, and Miss FRELOVE WHITE, of Valparaiso, Ind.
The Captain was a gallant officer in the service, is a most estimable citizen, and thorough business man.
The boys of Co. D, and of the old 87th. Regiment generally, will no doubt cheerfully endorse what we say, and vouch for his gallantry and loyalty in his new position ...

DIED. On the night of the 13th inst. of Typhoid Fever, ISABELLE, daughter of Mr & Mrs C. J. STRADLEY, aged ten years ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, February 22, 1866

There will be preaching at the Court House, on Saturday evening, and Sunday at 10-1/2 A.M - , and in the evening, by Elder DIXON, of the Christian denomination...

We learn that ROB'T WALLACE has sold to PETER SANDS, the new room just being completed, in his block of building. Mr. HENRY GRAY will soon occupy the room as a dry goods store ...

CHARLEY COCHRAN can be found at the News Depot in the room formerly occupied by the postoffice ... watch and clock making business...

NOTICE. The Law firm of HATHAWAY & McKERNAN, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, and all debts or claims will be adjusted and collected, or paid, by CARTER D. HATHAWAY, who will be found at the office formerly occupied by the firm, first door, right hand at the head of the first flight of stairs, in Holmes & Miller's building, opposite the Court House. CARTER D. HATHAWAY, D. S. McKERNAN. Feb. 17th, 1866.

FOR SALE. I offer for sale a good team, harness and wagon ... enquire of the subscriber, or of GLICK BRO'S. HENRY COX.

SURGERY. We were shown yesterday, the five toes and one-third of the right foot of Mr. MULHOLLEN, of Aubbeenaubbee Township, amputated by Doctors ROBBINS & HARTER of this place. They also amputated all of the toes from the left foot, and the front finger of the right hand at the same visit, all on account of frost-bites. These same gentlemen a few days since took a tumor adipose, weighing 5-1/2 ounces, from between the shoulders of MARK BOWEN, of Henry Township, and the middle finger off of the child of Mr. DAVIS. All the patients are doing well...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, March 1, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETING. Thursday evening, Feb 22d, 1866, Without any formal notice, and as if by common consent the Democrats and Conservative men of Fulton County convened at the Court House ... (names mentioned): J. R. DALES, Carter D. HATHAWAY, Dr. ROBBINS, Milo R. SMITH, Esq., Wm. STURGEON, Jesse SHIELDS, E. STURGEON, Esq., Capt. GLICK...

DICK SMITH keeps the "EURAKA," Saloon over Stradley & Elam's Store, where you can get a good dish of Oysters...

The Circuit Court is in session here this week, Hon. A. L. OSBORN presiding ... The most exciting cases tried we believe were the State on relative of RACHEL FALL vs JOSEPH TROUTMAN, and MELINDA EMELINE GOODHUE, by her next friend vs MOSES SMITH.

F. B. ERNSPERGER & CO. have purchased the stock of Hardware, Tinware, Copperware, and Stoves formerly owned by DALES & LYON, connecting it with their former stock of dry goods, groceries, etc...

NEW STORE & NEW GOODS! Cincinnati Dry Goods Store. I have just opened in the WALLACE BUILDING the room occupied by HOLZMAN'S CLOTHING STORE, a new and well assorted stock of Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Queensware etc ... LOUIS FEDER...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, March 8, 1866

SELECT SCHOOL. Mr. O. HENDERSON will open a select school on Monday, March the 12th, in the school house...

There will be Religious services in the basement of the Odd Follows Hall, on next Saturday eve and on Sunday, by the Baptist Denomination.

MAMMOTH GROCERY STORE... CHINN & RANNELLS... Store at the North Room of the MAMMOTH BUILDING, on Main St. Rochester, March 7th, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, @larch 15, 1866

ROCHESTER. We notice an unusual activity prevailing among business men, and an increased desire for locations in our city. Both dwelling houses and rooms for business transaction are in demand, while extensive preparations for building are progressing, but scarcely to an extent sufficient to supply the wants of settlers.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, March 22, 1866

DIED. On the evening of the 19th instant Mrs. MINOR of Rochester aged 29 years.
The deceased leaves not only her little family but many warm and sacred friends...

DISSOLUTION. The Partnership heretofore existing between DALES & LYON, have dissolved by mutual consent ... The books and accounts can be found at the store of ERNSPERGER & LYONS. ... March 22d 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, March 29, 1866

VALEDICTORY. This week closes my connection with the STANDARD as Editor... CARTER D. HATHAWAY.

AMERICAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. There is considerable excitement about the American Central Railroad, as there is a probability of its being built ... (names mentioned): Gen. Robt. C. SCHENK, Dayton, Ohio. Hon. R. G. PENNINGTON, Tiffin, Ohio. Ira I. FENN, Lacon, Ill. Lott S. BAYLESS, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Thos. TIGER, Ft. Wayne, Ind. A. J. HOLMES, Rochester, Ind., Hon. Ezra WRIGHT, Rensselaer, Ind ...

COUNTY POOR HOUSE. The question is considerably agitated as to whether the board of Commissioners of Fulton county should purchase a farm on which to erect an infirmary for the poor and destitute of the Co... (referendum to be held in April election) ...

Judge HATHAWAY having retired from the editorial charge of this paper, will in future give his strict attention to the practice of law ... CARTER D. HATHAWAY... Office in Holmes' & Miller's building, second floor, first door to the right ....

DISSOLUTION. The Partnership heretofore existing between J. H. SMITH & J. P. WILLARD, have dissolved by mutual consent.

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's mother, in Rochester, on the morning of the 27th instant, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. AL. G. PUGH, one of the publishers of this paper, to Miss LIDA M. KITT, all of this place ....

(Administrator's Notice) DANIEL BOWEN appointed Administrator of the Estate of WILLIAM BIDDLE, deceased, late of Fulton County... March 22d 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, April 5, 1866

JOHNSON MEETING. A rousing and enthusiastic meeting of the citizens of Fulton county was held at the Court House in Rochester, on Saturday, March 31st 1866, to express their approval of... President Johnson in his veto of Negro Bill ...
(names mentioned): Robert WALLACE, A. J. HOLMES, Hon. Hugh MILLER, Judge C. D. HATHAWAY, R. Medary HATHAWAY, a soldier who had borne three years of the hardships of the army, Hon. A. H. ROBBINS, H. B. JAMISON, Wm. STURGEON, Capt. ANDERSON, Capt. GLICK, D. C. HARTER, R. WALLACE ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, April 19, 1866

CHAS. W. CAFFYN, Publisher & Proprietor.

SALUTATORY. In again assuming control of the editorial department of the Standard, we are not unmindful of the responsibilities devolving upon us ... R. M. HATHAWAY.

We notice by a card published in the Newton county Gazette, that DAVID S. McKERNAN, formerly of this place, is practicing law at Kent Station, Indiana...

If you are anxious to find a good hotel in Logansport, go to the "Pennsylvania Hotel," corner of Market and Walnut streets, kept by Dolinger & Co.

SIDEWALKS. We should either abandon the name of a corporation entirely, or prove its virtues by practical illustration. ... miserable condition of the sidewalks. There is not one square on any street in Rochester that has a respectable walkway. We hope the "City Dads," or the citizens themselves will look to this at once, and either plank or grade the sidewalks on Main street.

(Administrator's Sale) BENJ. H. SMITH, Admr of the Estate of JESSE C. TABER, will sell real estate (described) pursuant to order of Cass Common Pleas Court on March 30, 1866... April 18th 1866.

(Sheriff's Sale) LICURGUS EDGERTON, NATHANIEL S. DOAN, WILLIAM H. DENNING, JOHN G. WRIGHT and ABSOLOM D. WHITMORE vs ROBERT N. RANNELLS ... real estate (described)... JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff Fulton County. April 14th 1866.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors... in Rochester... on the south half of lot number seventy seven ... ORANGE MEREDITH. April 18th 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, April 26th, 1866

WITHDRAWAL. As noticed in the Standard heretofore the undersigned has sold his interest in the Rochester Standard to his former partner, C. W. CAFFYN... AL. G. PUGII.

(Guardian's Sale) C. L. WHITE, Gdn of the persons and estates of MINEAVA JANE WHITE, EMMA M. WHITE and NELLY VIRGINIA WHITE, minor heirs of MARGARET A. WHITE, will sell real estate (described) ... April 19th 1866.
There will be services at the Court House in this place on Saturday night, Sunday at 10-1/2 A.M., and Sunday night, by Elder NIXON, of the Christian denomination ...

Doctor C. L. WHITE having disposed of his real estate in the country, and purchased property in this place ... gratified to hear of his return to Rochester...

MARRIED. On the 18th inst., at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. ANDREW MILLER and Miss MATTIE TRUSLOW, all of this place ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, May 3, 1866

The person that went into Dr. HILL'S barn and took part of my harness-- to save themselves trouble, had better return the same immediately... A. K. PLANK... April 30, 1866.

ALMOST A FIRE. The building occupied by CORNELIUS BRO'S. caught fire on Saturday, but was extinguished before doing much damage. Thanks to the fire company, who are always up to time when the alarm of fire is given.
On Monday night another fire broke out in a little 'frame' building belonging to the Court House, it was the work of an incendary, or some one that wanted to raise the wind, or cause us to rush out in the night, by way of a joke. The value of the property destroyed we did not learn, but think it was less than a thousand dollars.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors ... in Bloomingsburg in Fulton County... on the south part lot number one north side of Main Street... FINLY EMMONS. May 1st 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, May 10, 1866

STOLEN! The person who stole that 12 steel prong, short handle bark Fork from the Tan Yard, will please return the same forthwith, or have their name published as the parties are known. J. B. & B. M. ELLIOTT.

Our old friend FRANK HARRIS of Winamac has "struck ile," or secured a patent for a sugar evaporator, which for simplicity, and excellent design far surpasses anything of the kind we have ever seen. We understand one of his agents will be in Rochester shortly with a model for exhibition.

MANITAU LAKE, it seems, is contributing its share to the excitement of the day, and the MONSTER said to inhabit its waters has again made his appearance much to the consternation of a fishing party that were upon the lake, and witnessed one of his sportive exhibitions. Opinion differs as to the identity of the wonder, some inclining to a belief of the Indian tradition - - that his Satanic Majesty has really taken up his abode in our most favored pleasure resort, and others to the more plausible theory of the existence of a monstrous fish or serpent.
MARRIED. - On May-day at the residence of Mr. J. W. SHIELDS in Peru, by Rev. F. M. McCABE, Dr. A. H. ROBBINS, of this place, and Miss NELLIE HILTON of Peru...
-On Saturday, May 5th at the Central Hotel, by E. STURGEON, Esq., Mr. JOHN B. TURNER and Miss CLARA J. MYERS.
-On the morning of the 8th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. CHAS. W. CAFFYN and Miss JOSEPHINE ELAM, all of this place...

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For County Treasurer, WILLIAM WALLACE, subject to Democratic County Convention.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, May 17, 1866

RAIL-ROAD MEETING. Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the Stockholders of the INDIANAPOLIS, ROCHESTER AND CHICAGO RAILROAD COMPANY, at their office in the town of Rochester, Fulton County, and State of Indiana, on the seventh day of June next at two oclock P.M. for the purpose of electing the proper officers of said company, and for the transaction of other important business. By order of the Board. M. FRENCH, Pres. W. STURGEON, Sect. Protem. May 15th, 1866.

IMMIGRATION to Rochester continues, and we still have room for more. Property, improved and unimproved, can be had at reasonable rates.

FARM FOR SALE. A good Farm of 220 acres - 140 improved is offered for sale, situated in Union Township, near Pleasant Grove ... J & S J. SHAFFER, Rochester, Ind.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Representative, Wm. H. DAVIDSON. For County Auditor, Dan. AGNEW, Isaiah WALKER, Enoch STURGEON. For County Treasurer, Wm. P. BALL. For Sheriff, John W. DAVIS. For County Commissioner, 3d District, Peter C. DUMBAULD. (all subject to Democratic County Convention)

F. S. CROCKETT, Attorney at Law. Office on Main Street, over Lyon & Kendricks Store, Rochester, Ind ... May 16, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, May 24, 1866

FARM FOR SALE. A good Farm of 90 acres of prairie and 10 acres of timber, 60 acres under cultivation, 2 good frame houses, and good water - is offered for sale, situated in Rochester Tp. 3 miles south of town, joins the WEBBERS farm... WM. STURGEON, T.F.C. May 23d, 1866.

We are under obligations to Mr. F. S. CROCKETT, Esq. for a copy of the "Real Estate and Commercial Advertiser," published at Logansport.

If carpenters or others, wish good and cheap window sash, or panel doors, they should call upon ELIJAH MAGREW at his shop in the cast room of the building occupied by O. P. OSGOOD, as a harness shop. Mr. Magrew is an old and experienced workman ...
ANNOUNCEMENTS. For County Treasurer, MARCUS DANZIGER, subject to Democratic County Convention.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, May 31, 1866

We notice by last week's issue of the Union at Warsaw that Mr. A. G. WOOD has retired from the editorial department of that paper, and is succeeded by Messrs. YOUNG & CAPP...

On Monday evening some jolly bachnalian knight concluded to amuse himself by taking a "flying trip" down Main street, in a two-horse wagon,... Somebody had to be arrested, and ADAM NETCHER was the man; but Adam resisted the insult, and forced ye gallant officer to flee to the billiard room... a second advance was made, which with the assistance of other forces ... the prisoner was led away. However no "squire" could be found, and Adam was released...

ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Representative, JESSE SIIIELDS, subject to Democratic County Convention.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, June 7, 1866

TIPPECANOETOWN WOOLEN FACTORY. Carding, Spinning, Weaving, Fulling, Dyeing, Cloth Dressing &c... Blanket weaving... Plain and Plaid Flannels, Cloths, Jeans and Blankets exchanged for wool. Mr. A. VINNEDGE will receive Wool at Plymouth, and return it manufactured... N. B. & P. S. ALLEMAN, June 6th 1866.

We have received a copy of the Starke County Ledger, edited and published by our old friend "BILLY" BURNS, and is democratic - of course ...

We understand that two of Rev. Mr. MIKELS' children fell in a well on his premises on Sunday last, but were rescued...

The partnership heretofore existing between Capts. SHIELDS and CHAMBERLAIN is dissolved, but Capt. Shields is still on hand at the old stand with a good assortment of Groceries and Provisions...

... we said Mr. A. J. WOOD had retired from the editorial department of the Warsaw Union... mistake. Mr. Wood continues his labors editorially.

We have received a communication from Rev. J. F. WAGNER entitled "Bible vs Human Teachings," which we ... decline, for want of space, and ... we have no desire to become a medium of religious controversies ...

There will be a temperance pic-nic at Akron on Friday the 15th of June... The HOOVER family, consisting of four blind brothers will give ... Concerts, at the Akron hall ...
ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Congress, B. F. PERRY. For County Commissioner 3d district, THOS. MEREDITH. (subject to Democratic County Convention)

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, June 14, 1866

C. L. WHITE, M.D., Physician & Accouchieur... Office with Dr. M. M. REX, over the Book Store.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, June 21, 1866

SALUTATORY. In again assuming the charge of the editorial department of the Standard, we have no new pledges to make ... CARTER D. HATHAWAY.

RAILROAD. We were informed yesterday, by Superintendent VanDUZER and SUTHERLAND that positive news had been received of the purchase of the iron for the track ... The grading between this place and Plymouth is being rapidly dressed up for the ties and iron.

WHEREAS: George BEARSS, Michael WALTERS, S. R. EVENS, Benjamin GLICK, F. W. STOCK, Jacob POWNALL, R. C. BRADFORD, J. R. DALES, D. C. BRADFORD, W. A. WARD, H. EVENS, Orange MEREDITH, Moore RALSTIN, Jesse EMMONS, B. MATHEWS and Henry NETCHER have each purchased one of Studebakers Wagons, or buggies within the last three months ... HOLMES & KEELY.

We notice by last week's issue of the Chronical, Captain JOHN ELAM is a candidate for County Auditor, also Captain TRUSLOW for County Treasurer, before the Republican convention. Personally speaking they are both gentlemen, but this move places them in horrible company...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, July 12, 1866

(Non-Resident Notice) JULIA A. HUNT vs ELIJAH J. HUNT... VERNON GOULD, Clerk. KEITH & CALKINS, Atty for Plff.

(Sheriff's Sale) LYCURGUS EDGERTON, NATHANIEL S. DOANE, WILLIAM H. DUNNING, JOHN G. WRIGHT and ABRAHAM WETMORE vs ROBERT S. RANNELLS... real estate (described) ... JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff Fulton County, June 26th 1866.

(STANDARD EXTRA, Thursday July 5, 1866): Democratic County Ticket: For Representative, JESSE SHIELDS. For Auditor, DANIEL AGNEW. For Treasurer, WILLIAM P. BALL. For Sheriff, JOHN W. DAVIS. For Commissioner, PETER C. DUMBAULD.

HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE... a good House and lot, with Barn attached... DEL. WARD... old plat No. 17 town of Rochester.

Harris' Sugar Evaporator is the cheapest and most perfect invention for sorghum or maple sugar and molasses, that we have ever seen. G. W. SCHISLER has purchased the right for Fulton, Miami, Wabash, Whitley and Kosciusko counties. CARTER D. HATHAWAY is his agent at Rochester...

THOMAS R. RIELEY, imprisoned in our county jail, on the charge of stealing DEL WARDIS horse ... left a note to the Sheriff: Rochester, July 5, 1866. Mr. Davis: I have gone, freedom is sweet, to hunt me will be of no avail. The love of freedom will lend me wings. I have borne this long imprisonment with impatience, forgive me for taking this step, I have been taken for grievous crime, although God knows I am innocent of any criminal intention. May God prosper you and family, you have used me as a son, and the only thing that pains me is the consequence this may have with you. God bless you, farewell ... P.S. You will hear from me again.
...one of the Sheriff's little girls noticed a loose brick on the outside of the jail ... it was found that the prisoner had cut out the wall so that two minutes work after dark would have let him out...

MEDICAL NOTICE. Dr. A. G. HOLLOWAY, of Ohio, and late Assist. Surg. in the U. S. A.... has located himself at Mr. JACOB NULLS, formerly the residence of DANIEL JONES, near YOUNG RALSTIN'S TAVERN...

CHRISTIAN HOOVER, Dealer in FURNITURE ... Store one door south of the Central House... Rochester, June 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, July 19, 1866

A man called NEISBET was thrown from a horse on the Bruce's Lake road we understand on the 15th inst., and badly injured.

DEMOCRATIC CLUB... last Thursday night ... (names mentioned): Dr. ROBBINS, Mr. HOLMES, Judge MILLER, Capt. GLICK, Carter D. HATHAWAY, Mr. VANVALKENBURG of Marshall County...

ANOTHER MURDER. On Thursday evening SAMUEL HUTSON shot and instantly killed TIMOTHY CAHILL . . . . Hutson had been in Wachter's Saloon with Cahill and others ... became angry ... Hutson had been drinking and was intoxicated. There had been no enmity between the parties. Cahill was a man of good character... He was unmarried. Hutson is an old resident. He is an Englishman, and has been in the English military service. He has a large family. He was arrested and committed to answer charge of murder. LOGANSPORT JOURNAL.

ELIJAH MIGREW, Manufacturer of Sash, Doors and Window Blinds, Rochester, Indiana


ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, July 26, 1866

DAVID TURPIE. The nomination of Judge TURPIE for Congress in this district by the Convention at Laporte on the 19th, is hailed with cheers by the democratic press and the conservative men in every part of the district ...

The match wrestle on last Saturday, between A. J. EDWARDS and Mr. LOWRY went off very pleasantly and with but little excitement. It did not last long, the first fall satisfying Mr. Lowry that he was "check-mated."

A terrible storm of wind passed over Logansport and vicinity on Sunday night last ... The front of the new brick block, being built by HENRY HOPPE, was blown down, and a large number of new frame buildings, nearly completed, were scattered in every direction.

Mr. REESE from Monticello having the MAIL contract from Logansport via Plymouth, has put new stock and a NEW STAGE on the line ... Our citizens need no longer dread a ride from here to Logansport or to Plymouth. It is a perfect treat if you go with Mr. Reese.

WILD GOOSE OR SEVEN-HEADED WHEAT. Last Tuesday we visited the garden of Mrs. EDWARDS, for the purpose of examining a small bed of the above named wheat sown by JOHN EDWARDS, a son of Mrs. Edwards ...

FIRE. A Fire on last Sunday morning about one oclock was discovered in the large Holmes and Miller buildings. The alarm was promptly given, and hundreds rushed to the scene ... The fire commenced about midway of Glick Bro's Boot and Shoe store in the southern wall.
The first intimation of the fire, we understand was noticed by Mr. HOLEMAN, living with his family on the second floor, north side of the building, he being awakened by the dense smoke in his room, he aroused the other two families living on the same floor, (one on the north side, and one on the south side of the main hall) Almost simultaneously with the alarm up stairs, was heard the cry of fire outside, given by EZRA BLANCHARD and DAVID GLICK, who accidently discovered the fire through the window from the opposite side of the street. ... the flames were stayed... The fire was evidently the work of incendiaries...
Months ago we made an appeal through the Standard, to the citizens of this place, to take measures to secure a good engine to work in company with the present efficient Hook and Ladder company, and to arrange sufficient wells or cisterns for supply of water...

M. DANZIGER, Dealer in Drugs and Medicines. Store on Main Street, opposite F. W. STOCK'S GRIST MILL.

ROCHESPER STANDARD - Thursday, August 2, 1866

NOTICE is hereby given, that my wife, CATHARINE KELLAR has left my bed and board, without just cause or provocation, and I warn all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will not pay any debts of her contracting. JOHN KELLAR.

DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore existing between R. M. SHIELDS and E. PECK, have this day dissolved by mutual consent. R. M. SHIELDS, E. PECK. Rochester, July 28th, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, August 23, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS. (places and names mentioned): Richland Township ... Center School House ... H. B. JAMISON and Milo R. SMITH.
Newcastle Township... Bloomingsburg... C. F. HARTER and I. WALKER.
Wayne Tp ... Bowmans School House... Jesse SHIELDS and Enoch STURGEON.
Rochester, Court House ... C. H. REAVE, of Plymouth...
Liberty Tp... Burch's School flouse... Hon. A. H. ROBBINS..
Henry Tp... Reams School House ... Dr. C. F. HARTER and Isaiah WALKER.
Liberty Tp ... Goss' School House ... JAMISON and WALKER.
Union Tp.. at Jackson or Davis School House ... H. B. JAMISON and I. WALKER...
Henry Tp... Statens' School House...Good speakers ...

SOLDIERS FRIENDS. When the department proposes to give Captain CHAMBERLAIN (a fighting soldier and not of the commissary or pay departments) an appointment here as Post Master, every one of the radical leaders here made every candidate on their ticket sign a general remonstrance and petition in favor of the present radical incumbent.

(Application for License) to sell liquors ... in the south room of the building situated on the north-west corner of lot number twenty-seven in the town of Fulton ... ALFRED HAINES. Aug. 15th, 1866.

(Application for License) to sell liquors... in Rochester... on lot number fifty-one old plat ... FREDRICK STURKEN. Aug. 8th 1866.

J. B. SHULTZ, M.D. from the firm of TAYLOR & SHULTZ, Logansport, Ind., will be in Rochester, at A. CHAMBERLAIN'S, on Monday, Sept 3rd & 17th, Oct. 1st 15th & 29th, and so on once in two weeks.

The Wayne Township Democratic Club organized on the 18th day of Aug ... (names mentioned): M. PETTIT of Cass County, A. W. ELLIOTT, JESSE SHIELDS ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD Thursday, September 6, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS. (places and names mentioned): Hon. DAVID TURPIE, Hon. M. A. O. PACKARD, Court House, in Rochester.
Lincoln, Miami Co., Hon David TURPIE
Henry Tp Bowen's School House ...
Wayne Tp Bowman School House...
Pleasant Grove... H. B. JAMISON...
Richland Tp... Johnsons School House Dr. C. F. HARTER will address the meeting in the German Language...
Aubbeenaubbee ... Stevens School House ...

(Sheriff's Sale) E. M. WALLACE and JAMES S. CHAPIN vs SARAH McKEE, DAVID McKEE and REBECCA SAPP... real estate (described)... this 4th day of September, 1866. JOHN W. DAVIS, Sheriff Fulton County.

GROCERIES... PRODUCE ... Store west side of Main street, opposite the Court House, in the building formerly occupied by the Cornelius Bro's, Rochester, Ind. F. A. PECK. Sept. 4, 1866.

ACCOUNTS MUST BE SETTLED. All persons knowing themselves indebted to F. B. ERNSPERGER will please call and settle, by so doing will save trouble and cost.

SOMETHING NEW FOR ROCHESTER. That PECK keeps a horse and wagon ready at his store door, to carry goods that you may purchase of him, to your residence in any part of the city, is a candid fact. He has groceries and provision ... A new Bakery is also attached to his grocery...

HAIL! HAIL! GRAND RALLY! Hon. THOMAS A. HENDRICKS, Indianals favorite Statesman, Gen. MAHLON D. MANSON, Hon. Joseph E. McDONALD, Col. Graham N. FITCH and Hon. M. A. PACKARD, will address the citizens of Fulton and adjoining counties at Rochester on Thursday September 27th 1866 ...

FAMILY GROCERIES... COUNTRY PRODUCE ... R. M. SHIELDS, Store west side of Main Street, opposite the Court House, one door south of Holmes & Millers building, Rochester, Indiana ... Aug. 29th 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, September 13, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS ... (places and names mentioned): Aubbeenaubbee Tp... Moon's School House... A. H. ROBBINS.
Liberty Tp... Freers School House... Dr. C. F. HARTER and others will address the meeting in German and English.
Rochester Tp ... Carters (Liberty) School House... Wm. STURGEON.
Fulton, Liberty Tp... H. B. JAMISON
Newcastle Tp... Tiptons School House WALKER, SMITH and HOLMES ...
Rochester Tp., Green Oak ... JAMISON
Henry Tp ... Hann's School House... Wm. STURGEON...
Rochester Tp Aults School House ... C. D. HATHAWAY...
Newcastle Tp Wrights School House ... HARTER, GLICK...
Richland Tp McElrareys School House... A. H. ROBBINS.
Wayne Tp Bowmans School House ... H. B. JAMISON...
Wayne Tp Longs School House ... JAMISON...
Henry Tp Millark School House ... STURGEON ...
Liberty Tp ... Goss School House... Dr. HARTER... will address the meeting in German and English.
Union Tp Pleasant Grove... A. H. ROBBINS ...

(Commissioner's Sale) ... MILO R. SMITH, Commissioner, will sell real estate (described) owned by and in the possession of MICHAEL MERNAN... Sept 12th 1866.

STRAYED... in the month of July a red two year old heifer... reporting the same at this office or to the owner in Rochester township. GEORGE INGRAHAM.

Our old friend JAMES HARPER will please accept our thanks for that mammoth Mellon, presented... last week...

KEITH & CALKINS, Attorneys at Law, Rochester, Indiana ... Office in Shaffers Law Office. SIDNEY KEITH, EDWARD CALKINS ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, September 20, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS... (places and names mentioned) ...
Newcastle Tp Wrights School House... HARTER, GLICK...
Richland Tp McElrarys School House... A. H. ROBBINS.
enry Tp Prills School House ... C. D. HATHAIVAY.
Liberty Tp Frears School House C. F. HARTER
Wayne Tp... Bowmans School House H. B. JAMISON
Wayne Tp... Longs School House JAMISON...
Henry Tp... Millark School House... STURGEON...
Liberty Tp... Goss School House ... Dr. HARTER...
Union Tp...Pleasant Grove,... A. H. ROBBINS
Henry Tp...Pontious School House ...
Henry Tp... Sheets (or Fans) School House A. H. ROBBINS.
Rochester Tp... Gregson's School House ... C. D. IIATTIAWAY.
Rochester Tp... Nafe (or Boone) School House ... Wm. STURGEON.

Remember the Democratic Club meeting tonight at the Court House .... Hon. HORACE CORBIN of Plymouth has been invited to address the Club.

ANOTHER RADICAL RIOT. On last Friday night the Democratic Club meeting in Liberty Tp., was attacked and broken up by a large radical mob, armed to the teeth! ...

MORE BARBARISM. Another demonstration by the agents of the moboratic disunion party of the country was made Saturday evening Sept. 8th at Pleasant Grove by those abandoned wretches throwing eggs through the window at the speaker (A. J. HOLMES) but the conservative men soon rallied and made them leave in a hurry...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, September 27, 1866

DEMOCRATIC MEETINGS... (places and names mentioned):
Richland Tp., Sand Hill School House... Wm. STURGEON...
Green Oak... H. B. JAMISON...
Newcastle Tp., Kings School House ... A. H. ROBBINS...
Henry Tp ... Efann's School House... C. F. HARTER...
Akron... ROBBINS and JAMISON...

BRYANT & OSGOOD in connection with their stock of Groceries, have also fitted up an apartment in the rear of their Grocery store for an Eating Saloon, where you can get fresh Oysters, Ham and Eggs, Hot Coffee, &c., served up in all styles and shapes to suit all.

Capt. C. CHAMBERLAIN took charge of the Post Office at this place on the 15th... C. J. STRADLEY removed... The office is removed to WALLACE'S BLOCK cast side of Main Street, opposite ERNSPERGER'S BUILDING.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 4, 1866

Dr. C. L. WHITE has moved into his new residence in the south part of town, on Main street, opposite the Fair Grounds where he may be always found when not at his office or absent on professional business.

MARRIED. On the 20th of Sept. at the bride's residence, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. JAMES S. CHAPIN to Miss MARY C. WALLACE, all of this place ...

(Administrator's Notice) JOHN P. BARNHART appointed Administrator of the Estate of ABIGAL REDMAN, deceased, late of Fulton county... October 4, 1866.

(Notice of Survey) By request of F. & W. J. LEITER... I. WALKER, S.F.Co. October 4, 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 11, 1866

FULTON COUNTY GONE DEMOCRATIC!! By an increased majority of Sixty-six... Jesse SHIELDS, Dan. AGNEW, Billy BALL, John DAVIS and Peter DUMBAULD, and the entire Democratic State Ticket Triumphantly carried by the Conservatives!

LOST! Lost on Saturday last, between this place and Plymouth, a ladies black cloth Coat ... leaving it at this office or at Mrs. N. G. SHAFFER'S residence.

Mrs. MARK MOORE will please accept our best wishes for a gallon of... Sorghum Molasses ...

DANCE. There will be a ball given at Wallace's Hall on Friday evening, Oct. 13th, 1866. All are invited to attend.

(Administrator's Sale) JOHN P. BARNHART, Admr. of the Estate of ABIGAL REDMAN, deceased... will sell at residence of the deceased in Newcastle Tp ... (personal property) ... Oct. 11th 1866.

(Administrator's Notice) PETER C. DUMBAULD appointed Administrator of the Estate of MARY SANNS, late of Fulton County, deceased... Oct. 4th 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, October 25, 1866

NOTICE TO TEACHERS... I will hold public examinations in the Rochester School Buildings ... GEO. W. SHILLING, School Examiner F.C. Oct. 24th 1866.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors ... on the north part of lot number fifty-two old plat of the Town of Rochester... west side of Main Street. JOHN EDWARDS. Oct. 20th 1866.

Mrs. GEO. MOORE will please accept our thanks for... apples ...

Another Flouring Mill is being erected in Rochester, by WALLACE & CHAPIN, they having purchased the large STEAM MILL AT FULTON, have removed it to this place, where they are having it rapidly rebuilt ... This will give us three of the finest mills in this part of the state.

We are under obligations to our old friend GEO. E. HUDSON for... potatoes ...

Miss MATTIE TRIMBLE has purchased... Millinery Goods, and opens her shop on Jefferson street, at the residence of Mrs. E. TRIMBLE ...

W. P. BALL has purchased the grocery store of Capt. R. M. SHIELDS, and will continue the business at the old stand, west side of Main street, opposite the Court House.

DIED. On the 15th inst., in this place, VICTORIA, daughter of F. W. and MINNA STOCK, aged 1 year, 1 month and 13 days ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 1, 1866

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors ... in Rochester, ... on lot number seventy-five north Room, new plat ... MONROE B. GLICK. Oct. 31st 1866.

(Application for license) ... to sell liquors ... in Rochester,
... on the north half of lot number sixty-one old plat ... DAVID P. CARR. Oct. 31st 1866.
Doctor STRAIN has sold the EXCHANGE HOTEL to WILLIAM CULVER, who is prepared to accommodate the traveling public and his friends generally.

ROCHESTER can boast of three as good butcher shops as you will find this side of Chicago...

RAILROAD. Once more the prospects of our Rail Road seem to brighten. Mr. PADDOCK formerly book keeper of the Company here, informs us that he confidently looks for the Paymaster and officers of the company here in a few days to pay up and rearrange for work. We also see by Plymouth Democrat that they have had flattering news at that place.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 8, 1866

The family of Mrs. LEAR which we noticed some time ago as being poisoned by eating apple butter made in a copper kettle have been sorely afflicted, two of the daughters having died, and the others attacked lingered along with great suffering, but these we are glad to learn, are now rapidly recovering.

REMOVAL. JAMISON & FOOTE, have removed their Law Office into the Holmes and Miller building opposite the Court House. Office on second floor, first left hand door as you pass up the stairway...

H. F. LANDES is receiving and opening a choice fresh stock of Groceries, confectioneries, brooms, provisions and notions generally... at the rooms lately occupied by Capt. SHIELDS, one door south of HOLMES & MILLER BUILDING.

ACCIDENT. A serious accident occurred last Saturday, in this township, two miles from Rochester. Mrs. A. W. MERRECK engaged in arranging the articles in one of her bureau drawers, discovered a strange revolver, and enquired of her daughter aged some twelve years, who was in the room with her, if she knew whose it was, at the same time she was taking it out of the drawer to examine it, and her thumb slipping from the hammer as she drew it back, pistol discharged shooting the daughter through the upper part of the thigh, the ball passing in at the front of the fleshy part ranging downward near the bone and out at the back part of the thigh. The girl is doing well.

Notwithstanding the close times for money, an unusual number of buildings have been erected and finished in this place the past summer and this fall. We noticed yesterday the new dwelling house of Mr. William WALLACE now being finished, which will be, when completed, one of the handsomest residences in Rochester ...

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 15, 1966


(Administrator's Notice) WILLIAM CROSSGROVE appointed Administrator of the estate of DANIEL BIXLER late of Fulton County, deceased. Nov. 13th '66.

(Administrator's Sale) WILLIAM CROSSGROVE, Admr of the estate of DANIEL BIXLER, will sell personal property at the late residence of decedent, two miles north of Pleasant Grove Fulton County... Nov. 13th 1866.

Our friend J. Y. ONSTOTT, made us a present this week of the nicest cabbage we have seen this season ...

On Monday last our fellow townsman, JOHN GLAZE killed two Deer near this place ...

Messrs. WALLACE & CHAPIN raised their new Mill last Tuesday, and with the usual energy manifested by them in the prosecution of this enterprise, they will soon have it enclosed and ready for work.

Almost every day we notice some of the "boys round town" teasing and stoning the watch dogs belonging to the stores and groceries along our side walks. This is not only rude sport but a very dangerous practice, and may result in the serious mangling of some quiet little child or children...

Hon. HUGH MILLER. The hosts of Judge Miller's warm friends in this county and throughout the State will be rejoiced to learn that Doctor SPRINGER, from Niles, Mich., has succeeded in killing and extracting the terrible Cancer from the right side of Judge's neck and face, which had draged him to the very gates of death. He had spent much money and time in traveling and consulting the most eminent Physicians of the country, with no success, or even encouragement, except that he might possibly live some time yet. At length he was brought down upon his bed and arranged his business for dying, while the monster was steadily and rapidly eating out his life. His friends at last prevailed upon him to send for Doctor Springer, who for several weeks has been almost constantly at his side, until the victory is achieved, and the Judge restored again, like one from the dead, to family and his friends. He is in fine spirits and doing well ...
Since writing the above, we received the following from the Judge:
Mr. Editor:- This morning, Wednesday Nov. 14th., Dr. Springer of Niles, Mich., took from my neck an enormous Cancer situated below the ear and immediately under the angle of the jaw bone, in a very dangerous locality, without the knife or loss of drop of blood. This is a remarkable case, for I had been looked upon by many of the Doctors in the country, as beyond the reach of help. I feel greatly improved, and the wound is doing well.
The Cancer can be seen my house at any time in alcohol. HUGH MILLER.

MARRIED. On Thursday Nov. 8th, at the Rochester Parsonage, by Rev. J. S. DONALDSON, Mr. ALLEN ENYART and Miss REBECCA JANE GRIFFIN, all of this county.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, November 29, 1866

The Fulton County Teachers Inst. will meet in the Rochester School Building on Monday Dec. 10th 1866..

...OLD 76 HAS COME TO LIFE AGAIN to keep an Oyster Saloon, one door south of Fred Fromm's grocery. FRED. STURKEN.

JOHN W. DAVIS is Agent for the Great Western Horse Insurance Company. ... call on Mr. Davis and get a policy of insurance against theft ... Beware of horse thieves.

The two Jail Birds, that are in custody of Sheriff DAVIS, are rather lively fellows, TOM REILEY "alias cus from Black Water," is the wildest individual that has been in jail since our sojourn in Rochester. Circuit Court may change his tune, but Tom thinks not ...

The Teachers Institute commences its annual session here next Monday... Professor BALDWIN of Logansport and C. H. REAVE of Plymouth are expected to be present ...

Every well wisher of our public School should attend the LITERARY SOCIETY which meets every Thursday night at the new School House. Discussions, declamations, dialogues, compositions and criticisms, is the order on each night. The organization of this institution is a move in the right direction ... This society is the very thing for the times and the community.

NOTICE. There will be a meeting at the Court House in Rochester on Friday Evening Dec. 7th, at 61-2 p.m., for the purpose of organizing a DEBATING CLUB in Rochester: C. F. HARTER, M. L. ESSICK, Wm. STURGEON, J. BISHOP, R. R. GLICK, E. J. KING, R. VanTRUMP, C. M. REID, E. HENDERSON, V. GOULD, A. H. ROBBINS, E. CALKINS, H. S. FOOTE, E. KIRTLAND, G. W. SHILLING, A. J. HOLMES, E. STURGEON, A. S. BAUSERMAN, C. VanTRUMP, M. R. SMITH, F. B. ERNSPERGER.

Rumor says that as the City Dads have made no move the past summer and fall towards improving or repairing the side walks or streets in any part of the town our school officers are making arrangements to furnish STREET CARTS for the purpose of hauling the scholars to and from the schools .... The street cart arrangement is a good thing and as there are no schools on Saturdays and Sundays they can be rented or hired out to the church going folks and thus help to pay expenses.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 13, 1866

LECTURE. ROBERT MORRIS, L.L.D., The Christian Poet and Historian this evening at the Court House for the benefit of the Teachers Association of Fulton County now in session...

The Grand Army of the Republic, we are informed, will give a supper at the Court House, on Thursday eve Dec. 27th, 1866, for the benefit of the Soldiers Widows and Orphans...

The proposition to extend the sixty thousand dollar donation to the rail road until the first of July next ... County Commissioners... decision in favor of extending the proffered donation...

Great Sale of MILLINERY GOODS... South room of the RANNELLS HOTEL. Mrs. S. C. TURNER. Rochester, Ind. Dec. 1866.

FAMILY GROCERIES... Store one door south of HOLMES & MILLER BUILDING... H. F. LANDES, Rochester Dec. 1866.

HENDERSON'S DRUG STORE ... C. A. HENDERSON, Rochester, Dec. 1866.

ROCHESTER STANDARD - Thursday, December 20, 1866

AGRICULTURAL NOTICE. The annual meeting of the FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, will be held on Saturday Dec. 29, at 1 oclock P.M., a general attendance of the Farmers and Mechanics is necessary and desired. STEPHEN DAVIDSON, Prest. A. J. HOLMES, Socy.

R. H. HOLE, proprietor of a picture gallery in Logansport, was found dead in his room, Wednesday of last week. Disease of the heart.

GEORGE MEREDITH had a runaway last Tuesday morning on main street and two or three other streets resulting in a broken sleigh a scared young man, but neither horse nor driver seriously injured.

DANCE. We were told to say to the Public in general and the young folks in particular that the P. H. & L. Company will give a Dance at this place on Christmas Eve. Good music will be in attendance ...

BAPTIST MITE SOCIETY. Will meet at the residence of A. J. HOLMES...

NEW ARRANGEMENT. Mr. George W. CARRY wishes to inform the citizens... that he has brought to this town a machine for sawing wood, which runs by horse-power, and will saw from 25 to 30 cords of wood per day... Mr. Carry can be found ... at the Central House, where he intends stopping until Saturday next.



THE AKRON GLOBE - Friday, November 2, 1866

Published the first and third Friday of each month.
W. T. CUTHALL, Publisher.

BOOKS! BOOKS! E. KIRTLAND has on hand and for sale at the Rochester BOOK STORE, a large supply of School Books, Wall-paper, Window shades, Albums, new style Photographs, Picture frames... Daily and Weekly Papers for Sale. E. KIRTLAND. Rochester, Nov. 2, 1866.

All persons wishing to have pictures taken at the car of S. C. JEWEL, will please remember that he will only remain here a few days longer. We advise all who want a good photograph or plate picture, to call immediately.

EVERYBODY that wants to save their money, should call at the drug store to buy their groceries.

We notice that the "Union Banner" is minus an editor. "What can the matter be."

KILLED. A man near Laketon (name unknown) was instantly killed a few days since by a limb falling upon him whilst in the act of falling a tree.

On a recent visit to Manchester, we found our old friend, Prof. J. B. YEAGLEY, arduously engaged at his duties as Superintendent of the Manchester graded school.
Prof. Yeagley, as a teacher, has a host of admiring friends at this place, and we know not but that he receives the congratulations of all with whom he associates ...

ADAMSON & HIATT, are still in the 'biz,' and are offering great inducements to all that want to buy dry goods...

When you want a fine cigar, call on CUTSHALL & BITTERS.

Fresh Oysters constantly on hand and served up in the best style, also Oysters by the can, for sale by CUTSHALL & B.

Our "Devil" complains of being "bored" by "professional loafers" snatching his manuscripts.
He suggests that they pay for the paper, and read it after it is printed.

LETTERS REMAINING UNCLAIMED in the Post Office at Akron... the 15th day of October '66.
BEARDLY, M. H.; BEELER, J. G.; BOMER, Ratch; COOK, Christian; COOK, Malice; DEGROMD, Samuel; DUNCAN, John; GARDNER, Louisa; GIBSON, Sarah J.; JOHNSTON, John; JOYCE, Wm.; KLINE, Uriah; LANCE, John J.; MAHIVIN, Isaac; NYE, Jonas; NAUSTER, Louisa; STRENGE, John C.; SMITH, Mary - - - - A. T. BITTERS, P.M.

FOR SALE. A good and well arranged Photograph Car in good running order, and well stocked. Any person wishing to buy, will do well to give me a call. S. C. JEWELL. Akron, Oct. 19, 1866.
All persons knowing themselves indebted to the late firm of W. T. CUTSHALL, will find their accounts in the hands of DANIEL WHITTENBERGER for collection. W. T. CUTSHALL.
Is your name on our book? If not, subscribe at once. Remember the price is only Fifty Cents a year, in advance.
Something New in Town. R. C. HOLDER would respectfully inform the citizens of Akron, and surrounding country that he has opened out in the old stand occupied by R. N. DA--- HARNESS SHOP... Repairing... R. C. HOLDER. Akron, Ind.
Sep. 21, 1866.
When you come to Akron, Call at the Dry Goods Store of ADAMSON & HIATT... Foreign and Domestic Goods, Prints, Hickory, Tickings, Bleached and Brown Muslins, Ladies Dress Goods of the Latest Styles, Flannels, Jeans, Casimers & Tweeds ... Hoop Skirts and Fancy Notions ... Groceries, Boots & Shoes... ADAMSON & HIATT...

... every body wants a WAGON, BUGGY or BUCK-BOARD of A. STRONG'S Manufacture... Good Workmen... Repairing on short notice and reasonable terms. Particular attention paid to all kinds of Custom Work. I am also prepared to do as good SHOING as can be done any where, having in my employ a practical SHOER, who will give especial attention to all diseases of the foot, contracted by bad shoing. HACKLEY PLOW with all the appurtenances belonging there to always on hand, and for sale.
All my work is WARRANTED to be as represented.
Call and be convinced that you can get MORE and BETTER work at my shop than at any other place. A. STRONG, Akron, Ind. Sep. 21, 1866.

PHOTOS. The undersigned would respectfully invite the citizens of this place and vicinity to visit his PICTURE CAR... Photographs, Ambrotypes, and all kinds of card, and plate PICTURES TAKEN on short notice and in good style. All work WARRANTED. Car opposite the Drug Store. S. C. JEWELL.

JOB PRINTING. We are now prepared to do all kind of' Job Work on very reasonable terms. Those wishing printing done will do well to give us a call. Office at the Drug Store.

CUTSHALL & BITTERS have declared OPEN WAR on high prices for Drugs & Medicines, Groceries, Provisions &c... Paints,Oils, Brushes, Dye-stuffs, Pure Wines and Liquors for medical purposes, Fancy articles and Perfumery of every description, Diamond pure Coal Oil ... Patent Medicines, Tobacco Cigars, fine Candies and a general assortment of Yankee Notions ... Family Flour... Call and examine our stock and learn that we sell goods very cheap for CASH. CUTSHALL & BITTERS.