ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 3, 1863

FULTON COUNTY DELINQUENT TAX LIST. For sale, Feb. 2, 1863, at Court House, Rochester. Andrew J. HOLMES, Auditor;
Wayne Township: George COX, Isaac COHEN, O. & P. CARROLL, Jefferson HIZER, Robert HOLLIDAY, Crayton HOLLIDAY, Thadeus M. HORN, Thos. L. HOLLENBACK, C. F. LONG, James LONG, David MACY, James D. PETIT, James STEWART, Benjamin VANMETER, George SNYDER, O. E. SMITH, Leonard W. STOGDILL, Isaac M. SMITH, Wm. TORRENCE.
Union Township: Nancy ALLEN, Moses BRADFORD, James BROWNLEE, L. J. BROWN, A. COOPER, Robert FISH, Oliver GOLD, Cinnon GOLD, Jacob GRIEL, Sr., J. B. HALSEY, James HARRIS, Levi HALTRY, LEMON & ROBERTS, James MENDENHALL, Z. PUGH, Beneville STAMM, Sarah J. SINGER, John H. TONER, George ULTS, Joseph WOLF, Eliza A. WHITE.
Aubbeenaubbee Township: Calvin ALLEN, John BLILER, Joseph BRUGH, David BRUMM, Charles BRUGH, Joseph CULBERTSON, J. A. EDGINGTON, P. HARTMAN, Samuel MILIZER, MARION & M. R.R. CO., R. M. POMROY, S. J. RARRICK, M. ROUSE, Jacob RUMBAUGH, Jacob SMITH, Jacob SHADLE, SMITH & LEBO, William SOUTH, Enoch STURGEON, Finley STEVENS, Henry WORMAN, Hannah J. WARDLOW.
Liberty Township: Minor ALLEY, Jesse BROWN, Burrows BUTLER, William BALL, James J. BRYANT, John BERRY, J-el H. BURTON, Wm. H. CONRAD, J. P. CALEY, Barbary DALE, Samuel FENIMORE, Aaron HEISTAND, Andrew LOUDERBACK, Theo. MARSHALL, James McMINIMIN, Thos. POWNALL, Wm. SKINNER, John SOPHER, Rufus VANTASSELL, Williamson WRIGHT, Peter ZABST.
Rochester Township: Nancy AULT, John AULT, Edward ALSPACH, Francis BROWN, Charles BRACKET, Hugh BOWMAN, C. C. BOWYER, David BOWYER, J. B. CLEMMONS, Dan. S. COLLINS, Mary GEARING, Newell GLEASON, John W. HARVEY, Truxton HEAD, Birl J. HOOVER, Allen JENNINGS, Isaac LAWRENCE, Mary A. VAIL, Peter WOODFIELD, John WALLACE, Ann WARD.
Richland Township: Isaiah BROOKE, Jacob BRUBAKER, Joseph COWEN, M. CRUMM, GRIMES & RUGH, Eli RODGERS, Finlay STEVENS, Frederick STAIR, Elijah TOWN.
Henry Township: Daniel H. BALL, Fielding CLEVENGER, John CUTSHALL, John DICKERHOOF, John EWING, Wm. HUNTER, John JOHNSON, Wm. C. MOORE, Patterson MORRIS, Wilcome NIXON, Gardner OSGOOD, Wm. OSGOOD, John REAM, Jacob RANNELLS, Samuel SMITH, Alfred SHEETS, John STRONG.
Newcastle Township: Asa COPLEN, CINN. PERU & CHI. R.R., Mahala CRAFT, James W. CLARK, Robert COPLEN, Jacob DILLMAN Est., David ELLIOT, Edward HIGHWAY, John M. KESLER, John RALSTIN, Jac. STOCKBERGER, Henry SCOTT, Henry WINDBIGLER, Jno. WASHINGTON.
Mt. Vernon: Wm. M. BULLOCK, John W. CHESNUT.
Hardinsville: John MEHAFFY.
Pleasant Grove: Benjamin APPLEGATE, Hiram JACKSON, Samuel MOHLER, Samuel SELLERS, S. S. WEIRRICK, J. P. WILLIAMS.
Fulton: Ephriam BURNETT, Michael COOK, George COOK, Jesse COOK, Levi D. HORN, Sam'l McDONALD, W. J. MILLER, Hannah S. MARTIN, Abraham McDONALD, O. P. OSGOOD, Clark SCOTT, Norman L. STERNS, T. H. & W. SHANKS, Wm. SPOTTS, B. W. WORDEN.
Akron: Andrew KUHN, N. S. SHIELDS.
The following have been returned delinquent for seven consecutive years:
Wayne Township: Isaac RANNS, E. & J. RANNS, James STEWART.
Liberty Township: Wm. SKINNER.
Town Lots:
Rochester: R. N. RANNELLS.
Pleasant Grove: Jacob CAIN.

WALLACE'S STEAM MILL, Rochester, recently rented by FALLS & PHELPS.

(Notice of Administration)... Rob't T. BEATTIE appointed Administrator estate of Solomon MOGLE.

(Administrator's Sale) ... Personal property of Solomon MOGLE,... at residence, Wayne twp. Rob't T. BEATTIE, Admr.

(Taxes for 1862)... Notice to be paid. H. W. MANN, Treasurer F.C.

WANTED. A bushel of Black Walnuts, and a bushel of Hickory nuts. --(Chronicle) Black Walnuts and Hickory nuts are "scace" but there are plenty of Butternuts in this region.

FOUND. On Wednesday last a pocket book, containing some money. Inquire at the Sentinel office or of George PERSCHBAUCHER.

(An apology for not publishing the Sentinel last week due to shortage of help and delinquent tax list.)

(Recommendation of the Caucasian (formerly the Day Book) for sale by Jesse SHIELDS at the HOOSIER STORE.)

.... thanks, by J. B. ALLYN and M. T. ALLYN, for gift of $95.60... at the Presbyterian Church, Dec. 25. A large crowd attended the Donation Party in spite of heavy rains and almost impassibly muddy roads.

DEMOCRATIC MEETING, Court House, Dec. 25, 1862. Elected: Dr. A. H. ROBBINS, President; Rev. James RUSSELL and James MARTIN, Vice Presidents; A. J. HOLMES, Secy.
Wm. McMAHAN, A. F. SMITH and Jesse SHIELDS. Aubbeenaubbee twp, Dr. F. STEVENS. Richland twp, B. A. EIDSON. Newcastle twp, C. MONTGOMERY. Union twp, David LOUGH. Henry twp, Rev. James RUSSELL. Wayne twp, Thomas DECKARD. Liberty twp, James MARTIN.
Hon. Hugh MILLER offers resolution to support Hon David TURPIE for U. S. Senator; Hon A. F. SMITH offers resolution to support Hon Thomas A. HENDRICKS for U. S. Senator, long term. John C. DILLE, Esq., offered the following resolution: Resolved: That Joseph A. WRIGHT, and all other renegades, who have broken their democratic faith for the sake of office and power, deserve the lasting contempt of all good men. (All resolutions passed unanimously)

AGRICULTURAL MEETING. Annual meeting Fulton County Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Court House, Sat., Dec. 27, 1862. William MACKEY served as President pro tem.
Elected: Henry W. MANN, President. Daniel VANTRUMP, Vice President. A. J. HOLMES, Secy. Jesse SHIELDS, Treasurer.
Directors: Simon WHEELER, Wayne twp; Henry P. BENNETT, Union twp; James R. DALES, Aubbeenaubbee twp; James MARTIN, Liberty twp; William McMAHAN, Rochester; William DUDGEON, Richland twp; Henry HOOVER, Sr., Henry twp; Caleb MONTGOMERY, Newcastle twp.
Executive Committee: L. J. BROWN, William MACKEY, William P. BALL, H. W. MANN, A. J. HOLMES.
Auditing Committee: C. H. ROBBINS, D. W. LYON, Mark MOORE.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Monday, Jan. 26, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Moses BRADFORD and against property of Silas F. STOUT and Oudema (Dudema ?) STOUT. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(SuTveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by order of Absalom NELLENS. V. GOULD, Surveyor F.C., by P. M. BOZARTH, Depty.

NOTICE. School Examiner's Notice. Examinations for license as teachers of common school, Court House, Rochester, last Saturday each month balance of year. Hugh MILLER.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 10, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing the chronicle for taking issue with the Sentinel's comments on Butternuts.)

EDITORIAL. (Recommending Hon. TURPIE and Hon. Thos. A. HENDRICKS for U. S. Senators; and Thomas TIGAR, Editor of the Ft. Wayne Sentinel, Hon. Charles B. KNOWLTON, of Logansport, and Major John REESE of Pulaski County, for directors of the Northern Prison.)

EDITORIAL. (Complimenting democrats for appearing at the Democratic Meeting on Christmas day, although...) the rain poured down in torrents all day.... Many democrats came twenty miles through mud and storm to attend the meeting.

NOTICE. The Fulton Court of Common Pleas sits Monday, Jan. 12, Judge DYKEMAN presiding.

MARRIED. On Thursday, December 18th, 1862, by Rev. N. L. LORD, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Joseph AULT and Miss Rebecca AULT, all of Fulton County. We extend to the happy pair our congratulations. May their days be many, and their troubles few.

NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Letting Jan. 25, 1863, frame for church 50 x 34, Newcastle twp, 1-3/4 miles west of Bloomingsburg, on farm formerly owned by Jacob STOCKBERGER. Paul STOCKBERGER.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 17, 1863

.... State Sentinel reports that Joseph J. DAVIS, of Fulton County, has been elected Assistant Clerk, House of Representatives...

BLUE GRASS, Ind. Jan. 12, 1863. Editor Sentinel: (alleging that one Mr. L.) ... the biggest toad in the puddle, and the chief priest in the drafting operation in this county ... (offered to accept brive for not drafting an un-named person of this county.) ZENO.

EDITORIAL. (Supporting Col. SHRYOCK'S recommendations that wounded soldiers be sent directly home. Col. Shryock to return to the 87th Regt. in a few days.)

(Reporting that J. J. DAVIS, J. A. SMITH and O. P. OSGOOD were appointed assistant Clerks for the House of Representatives)

.... Planing machine to be run by steam power being installed in new building located near the steam grist mill, by R. TALLY and D. R. MARTIN....

RETURNED FROM THE 87th REGIMENT... (among others), Col. SHRYOCK, at home on a short visit; E. B. CHINN and J. F. GRAHAM, discharged; and Wm. H. STORM and Mr. RHODES.

The Chicago Times... reports death at Murfreesboro, of Corporal Wm. H. RICHTER, son of John RICHTER "an old resident of this county."

(Administrator's Sale)... Saturday, Feb. 7, 1863, personal property of Hannah FULTZ, deceased, at late residence in Now Castle twp., Fulton County. Sam. P. DAVIS, Admr.

(Notice of Administration) ... Samuel P. DAVIS appointed Administrator of estate of Hannah FULTZ.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 24, 1863

NOTICE. Democratic meeting, Court House, Saturday, Feb. 7, 1863.

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing Chronicle, and answering letter to the Chronicle by Capt. TRUSLOW)

NOTICE. Democratic meeting, Aubbeenaubbee twp., Moon School House, Jan. 30, 1863.

.... .... meeting, School House, near Green Oak, next Tuesday, speakers... Rev. James RUSSEL, Judge MILLER and A. J. HOLMES.

NOTICE. Second quarterly meeting, M.E. Church, Sat. & Sun., Jan. 24 and 25.

LOST. Gold locket shaped like a ladies money purse, Thursday, between Mammoth Bldg and A. E. Taylor's store. Reward at Sentinel office or A. D. Hoppe's Jewelry Store.

DIED. Andrew IRVINE, formerly of Fulton County, killed in the battle at Vicksburg. Survived by aged parents, almost dependent on him for their support ....

Eighty-three loads of wood, from William CARTER, Esq., farm, were hauled by charitable residents of the county, to families of absent soldiers.

WOUNDED.... James M. BEEBER, in fight at Murfreesboro....

(Recommending GLAZE & BRO. for making and repairing pumps)

(Editor thanks Mr. JOHNSON for half bushel apples)

(Guardian's Sale) ... Real Estate, located in Fulton County, Feb. 24, 1863, subject to life estate of Widow. By Enoch STURGEON, Gd. of minor heirs of David SPOTTS.

(Application for License) ... to sell intoxicating liquors ... to be consumbd on the premises, lot 42, old plat, Rochester, premises recently occupied by Chas. BECKER. DAVIDSON & ROBBINS.

(Application for License) ... to sell intoxicating liquors to be consumed on the premises, lot 23, old plat, Rochester. Thos. A. BEALL.

GLAZE & BRO., pump mfgrs, Main street, 1 door notth,df@E. LONG'S Shoe Shop. Geo. GLAZE, W. GLAZE.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 31, 1863

NOTICE. Democratic meeting, Court House, Saturday, Feb. 7, 1863.

REPORT OF DEMOCRATIC MEETING, Jan. 16, 1863, Stevens' School House. Henry S. SUTLEY, Pres.; A. MEREDITH, Secy. Committee: A. MEREDITH, John HAY and P. P. MEREDITH. Resolutions adopted (listed). In absence of Dr. F. STEVENS, Treas., Jacob SUTLEY appointed Treasurer pro tem. Speeches by Wm. STURGEON and P. P. MEREDITH. Adjourned to meet at the Moon School House in two weeks.

NOTICE. Monthly meeting set for Tuesday, Feb. 3, Protection Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. T. P. REID, Secy.

During the week, soldiers returned from the army: S. CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. FRAZIER, J. GALLION and A. J. RUGli. Mr. CHAMBERLAIN of the 77th regt reported action ordered by his commanding officer, Col. SHULER.

DIED. John STEFFY, 77th Regiment, near Murfreesboro, on Jan. 18. He had just returned from furlough. Cause of death, run over by a baggage wagon, crushing one of his legs, and Erysipelas set in before medical assistance could be obtained.

Democratic meeting at Green Oak was a "decided success" Over 300 persons present. Speeches by Judge MILLER, A. J. HOLMES and Jas. RUSSELL.

.... Recommending GLAZE & BRO. for pumps. See their machine for boring pump logs. It is run by "Hoss" power...

Quarterly meeting, M.E. Church, Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE presiding, has added several to the church.

NOTICE. Sentinel requesting wood before the Toads become impassable.

NOTICE. Speech of Judge PERKINS, which was to have been published, has been mislaid.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Saturday, Feb. 28, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Gerge FOUGHT and against property of John BRUCE, Samuel SMITH and Fredrick LOVENGOOD. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 7, 1863

NOTICE. Democratic meeting, Liberty twp, at Fulton, Thurs., Feb. 12.

NOTICE. Masonic meeting, Fulton Lodge No. 79, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 1863. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

NOTICE. Sentinel requests subscribers deliver wood to pay for their subscriptions.

EDITORIAL. (Charging postmasters of opposite political faith with failure to deliver the Sentinel to subscribers.

NOTICE. McClure Library Association meeting, Library room
J. J. DAVIS Law Office, Thursday. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

NOTICE. Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE to preach on temperance at I.O.G.T., February 8, Rochester.

GREEN OAK, Feb. 3, 1863. Editor: ... (it quotes a letter addressed to Calvin VAN TRUMP from Bowling Green, Dec. 22, 1862, signed WM. OLIVER, describing conditions and military life, and mentioning that Bill BAKER had returned home... The letter to the Editor of the Sentinel mentions that Thomas HOLCUM has offered $500.00 for the above letter, which is in possession of Isaac GOOD...-- SOCK NIX.

(Administrator's Sale) ... Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1863, personal property of John C. DILLE, deceased, at late residence. Peter MEREDITH, Admr.

(Notice of Administration) ... Peter MEREDITH appointed Administrator of the estate of John C. DILLE.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 14, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Praising democratic meeting, Court House, last Saturday, and speeches of Judge MILLER, A. J. HOLMES, Dr. ROBBINS and.Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE.)

EDITORIAL. (Reporting that last Saturday Republicans about Green Oak "nailed up the church door, and carried off the stove pipe in order to prevent a minister - who is a democrat - from preaching there." Democrats opened the door and replaced the stove pipe and the meeting proceeded as scheduled.)

DEMOCRAT MEETING, Court House, Sat., Feb. 7, 1863. Wm. McMAHAN chosen President. Wm. OSGOOD, Secty. Vice Presidents: Wayne twp, S. WHEELER; Union Twp, A. D. TONER; Aubbeenaubbee twp., John HENDERSON; Liberty twp, A. J. SUTTON; Rochester, E. BLACKETER; Richland twp, M. BLODGETT; Henry twp, Isaac PONTIUS; Newcastle twp, J. N. LOVE.
Resolutions committee: A. F. SMITH (chairman), J. BRUGH, Dr. C. F. HARTER, Wm. STURGEON, O. MEREDITH, Em. H. MARTIN. Resolutions reported and adopted.
Speeches by A. J. HOLMES, Hon. Hugh MILLER, Dr. A. H. ROBBINS and Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE.

DEMOCRATIC MEETING, Bloomingsburg, next Saturday.

NOTICE. Cotillion party, WALLACE'S HALL, Monday, Feb. 23, 1863.

Miss Samantha TRUE, Miss Octavia TRUE and Miss RICHARDSON, all of Rochester, thrown from carriage a few days ago by runaway horses. Not as seriously injured as first believed.
Secret organization believed forming in Rochester under name of U.C...

RICHLAND, Jan. 27, 1863. Editor: ... (cautions that persons are enterning houses at night under pretext of searching for deserting soldiers, without warrants or other authority from any officer or court. One of said persons is thought to be a clergyman.)....... INTEGRITY.

NOTICE. James MURTHA gives notice that his wife, Bridget MURTHA, has left his bed and board, on Feb. 8, 1863, and he will pay none of her debts after Feb. 12, 1863.

PLANK & DAWSON, Rochester, ... vermin exterminator for sale.

Joseph AULT, Rochester. Real Estate agent.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Mon. Mar. 9, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of John GORDON, Admr. of the estate of John COOK, and against property of Stephen LOSH. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 21, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Reporting the "Union" rally last Monday, Court room, and speech by Rev. LAKIN, Chaplain of the 39th Indiana Regmlt Volunteers at the Methodist church. Also speaking, was Lieut. PETERSON from Tenn.)

See the advertisement of JOHN LARGE in today's paper.

CIRCUIT COURT meets next Monday.


DIED. We learn that Alexander HULING, a former resident of Henry twp, in this county, and a member of Capt. HUGHS' Co., 86th Regt, died at Louisville a few days ago. His body was brought home by his brother Wm. HULING, Esq. We understand his disease was erysipelas.

STRAYED OR STOLEN. Horse from Lockport, Carroll Co., Ind., but raised in the east part of Fulton County. Reward offered by John LARGE.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Monday, Mar. 16, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Sidney KEITH and against property of Andrew SCHUPP. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 28, 1863

WM. OSGOOD, Atty. Sentinel Bl g.

C. L. WHITE, Physician & Surgeon, Main street, one door north of A. D. Hoppe's Store.
BLUE GRASS, IND., Feb.,14, 1863. Editor, Sentinel: .... (answering criticism by the chronicle)....... ZENO.

EDITORIAL. (Answering Chronicle of Feb. 5, 1863, concerning discussion over slavery, recently held at School House near VAN TRUMP'S Saw Mill. Charles REID and others offer to rediscuss same)

CAMP NEAR MURFREESBORO, Jan. 9, 1863. Uncle RICHTER: .... (informing Uncle Richter of the death of his son, William RICHTER, who was shot through the neck and killed instantly. The battle commenced Wednesday, Dec. 31 (1862)) ... Calvin FINCH.

DEATH OF Dr. BRACKETT. We are informed that Dr. Charles BRACKETT, assistant surgeon in the 9th Illinois Cavalry Regiment, died at Cairo, a few days ago. Dr. Brackett was an old and esteemed citizen of this county.

DIED. The remains of corporal (William) RICHTER were brought home by his father, John RICHTER, Esq., and buried in the grave yard near the residence of Henry HOOVER in Henry township, on Sunday last...

(A case of rash was first thought to be small pox and caused some excitement. Everyone was urged to be vaccinated.)

NOTICE. Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, Mar. 4, 1863. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

MARRIED. On Sunday last, at the residence of Mr. EWING, in Henry township, by Rev. James WAGNER, Rev. Jacob SHAFFER and Mrs. Fanny GRANGER.

UNION SCHOOL, Spring term April 20, 1863, W. H. HAZELTON, Principal, Miss J. TINSLEY, Intermediate dept., Miss CLOUSE, Primary dept.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Mar. 23, 1863, to satisfy order against property of Jacob BLASSER, and Jacob TUGENDRICH and in favor of Morris FISHIEL and Edward FISHIEL. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Mar. 23, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Morris FISHIEL and Edward FISHIEL and against the property of Jonathan SMITH and Jacob TUGENDRICH. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Monday, Mar. 23, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Morris FISHIEL and Edward FISHIEL and againt the property of Samuel SMITH and Jacob TUGENDRICH. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 7, 1863

RESOLUTIONS... Rochester I.O.O.F. Lodge No. 47, dated Feb. 14, 1864 (sic)... the death of Brother John STEFFEE, which took place in Hospital No. 3, Murfreesboro,, Tenn., Jan. 18, 1863.... sympathy to the widow and family. Com: L. A. OSBORNE, I. GOOD, J. B. DEMOTTE.
DEMOCRATIC MEETING, Wayne twp, Bauman School House, Sat., Mar. 14, 1863, to nominate candidates for twp offices.

GUEST EDITORIAL, by PETER Sanns... "Spasmodic"... corroborated by John EMMONS, Finley EMMONS and George EMMONS... (answering Chronicle of last week, concerning opening the tomb of deceased soldier, F. C. HAMLET, by residents of Newcastle twp. Peter SANNS was present at the opening of the grave, upon request of Mrs. Betsey HAMLET, the widow, and Mr. Henry HAMLET, the brother of the deceased.)

COMMISSIONERIS COURT, received bond of A. J. HOLMES, Auditor, and approved licenses to retail liquor by T. A. BEALL and ROBBINS & DAVIDSON.

During the past six months the board has granted relief to families of soldiers in the amount of $1075.00.

CHARLEY REID'S offer to debate has not been accepted.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 14., 1863

CAMP NEAR MURFREESBORO, Feb. 9, 1863. Dear Cousin: .... (He writes that he is anxious to return home, that he is fighting for the Union and not for abolition of slavery).... Calvin FINCH.

EDITORIAL. (Refuting the Chronicle concerning disinterment of the body of (F. C.) HAMLET.)

CAMP ELEVEN MILES EAST FROM NASHVILLE, Feb. 11, 1863. Mr. E. STURGEON: ... (predicts that as long as the object of the war is to free the slaves, that long will the war continue) ... J. L. MARTINDALE.

RESOLUTIONS. Concerning death of Surgeon Charles BRACKETT of the 9th Illinois Cavalry, from Headquarters, 9th Ill. Cav., Camp at Helena, Ark., Feb. 21, 1863: by committee: Henry B. BURGH, Maj. 9th Ill. Cavalry; Ira R. GIFFORD, Maj. 9th Ill. Cavalry; Marland L. PERKINS, Maj. 9th Ill. Cavalry; L. COWEN, Capt. 9th Ill. Cavalry; A. CLARK, Lieut., 9th Ill. Cavalry. Surgeon, Dr. Charles BRACKETT, 9th Regt. Ill. Vol. Cav., "died at this place, Feb. 30, 1863," with his dying words: "I am glad that I always tried to do right."

Auditor (A. J.) HOLMES, assisted by I. WALKER, Esq., has just completed a beautiful Map of Fulton County.

(Reporting Democratic meeting held at Mud Creek School House, Mar. 3, 1863.

(Recommending Mr. John KEWNEY at his new foundry, East side of Main street, north of Heffly's Wagon and Blacksmith Shop, for plows and other agriculture implements, which he manufactures. He has been in the foundry business in Rochester four or five years.)

COMMISSIONERS COURT, at March session, 1863, renamed S. W. JULIAN, Wayne twp; James R. DALE, Aubbeenaubbee twp; D. W. LYON, Rochester twp; Fredrick PETERSON, Liberty twp; Wm. STURGEON, Richland twp; W. P. BALL, Henry twp; and P. C. DUMBAULD, Newcastle twp; and appointed Wm. COOK, Union twp to replace Tilman SLICK who had resigned; all appointed as agents in behalf of soldiers' families, to whom all applications for aid must be made. By A. J. HOLMES, A.F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Apr. 6, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Philemon WEBER and against the property of George P. BEEBER, Jane BEEBER and John H. BEEBER. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 21, 1863

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. By Rochester Lodge No. 47, I.O.O.F., May. 7, 1863, concerning death of Dr. Charles BRACKETT, at Helena, Ark., Feb. 20, 1863, signed by committee: J. B. DEMOTTE, Robert GOULD and Isaac TRUE.

DEMOCRATIC MEETING, Court House, Mar. 28, to nominate candidates for April election. Hon. N. G. SHAFFER and others will speak.

DEMOCRAT MEETING, Union twp., Pleasant Grove, next Tuesday. Speakers: Hon. Hugh MILLER, Hon. N. G. SHAFFER, and J. J. DAVIS, Esq.

(Reporting Democrat meeting, Aubbeenaubbee twp, Stevens School House, last Saturday. Speakers: Dr. A. H. ROBBINS, Wm. STURGEON and J. R. DALES.

(Apologizing for lack of news due to the illness of the publisher.)

Dr. M. M. REX, a resident of this town for several years, has purchased dental instruments costing $116.00.... They are really splendid and we thought it would be almost a pleasure to have a tooth operated on with them.

Hon. N. G. SHAFFER, our Representative, and J. J. DAVIS, and O. P. OSGOOD, Esqs, assistant clerks of the House, returned home a few days ago.

ELECTION NOTICE. Certificate of twp elections for Monday, April 6, 1863. Robert AITKEN, Clerk Fulton Circuit Court, by S. KEITH, Dept., and notice thereof by Isaac GOOD Sheriff F.C.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by order of John SHAFFER and Samuel PONTIOUS. V. GOULD, Surveyor F.C., by P. M. BOZARTH, Dept.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 28, 1863

BLUE GRASS, IND. Mar. 18, 1863.
Editor: (mentioned: Banner LAWHEAD who made a speech at the school house near Marshtown; Jo WRIGHT; James BURROUGHS, [ - - - - ] DAVIS, in Fulton)... -- ZENO.

EDITORIAL. (Criticising the Chronicle)

Capt. TRUSLOW, Co. F 87th Ind. Vols., returned home last Tuesday, account failing health. He left the regiment 24 miles beyond Nashville.

(Letters from service men)

DEMOCRATIC MEETING at Court House today.

A BIG FISH. A Buffalo fish was caught at SMITH'S DAM, at the outlet of Lake Manitou, on Thursday, last. It weighed 44-1/2 pounds. Some fish that.

NOTICE. Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, set April 1, 1863. A. J. HOLMES, Secty.

Meeting Mite Society next Tuesday, residence of L. J. BROWN.

Meeting U.C. Lodge, next Thursday, Chronicle office.

Heavy rains Sunday - Tues., causing almost impassible roads and floods. The bridge 2 miles north of Rochester was saved by removal of flood wood by many citizens aided by E. R. WILSON, Esq., (who lives near the bridge.)

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Mt. Horeb encampment, No. 24, I.O.O.F., Mar. 16, 1863, concerning death of Chas. BRACKETT. Committee: A. J. HOLMES, J. B. DEMOTTE, D. W. LYON.

MARRIED. -On Thursday morning last, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Milo R. SMITH Esq., and Miss Eliza A. LYON, all of this place ...
-On Thursday Eve., last, at the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Christopher FITZGERALD, Esq., and Miss Helen HOLLY, all of this place.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, April 20, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Oliver W. LEE, Charles FENTON and Moses COLE and against property of Robert WALLACE, James WALLACE, William WALLACE, Sarah WALLACE and Elmira WALLACE. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 4, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Commending democratic meeting, Court House, last Saturday, and praising remarks of Mr. SHAFFER, Mr. MILLER and Mr. DAVIS.)

(Reporting arrest and subsequent release of Dr. C. F. HARTER, of Akron, allegedly for his anti-abolition political views.)

DEMOCRATIC MEETING. Court House, Rochester, Sat., Mar. 28, 1863. Called to order by A. J. HOLMES. Isaac PONTIUS, of Henry twp, was elected President; and Wm. OSGOOD, Secretary. Resolutions committee: J. J. DAVIS, A. J. HOLMES, Dr. A. H. ROBBINS, A. F. SMITH and James RUSSELL.... Speeches by N. G. SHAFFER, Hugh MILLER and J. J. DAVIS.

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Eden Lodge No. 69, I.O.O.F. Kewanna, Mar. 21, 1863...Dr. Charles BRACKETT... sympathy to his widow and children. Committee: W. T. CLELAND, John SKELTON and Abram HARRIS.

Meeting, Mite Society, next Tuesday, residence of Mrs. Dr. GOULD.

Meeting, Protection Hook & Ladder Co., Tues., Apr. 7, 1863. T. P. REID, Secy.

Meeting of the Presbytery of Logansport, Presbyterian Church in Rochester, Thurs., April 9, 1863.

Dr. M. M. REX has purchased a dental chair and foot stool from Philadelphia, at a cost of $57.00.

NEW ARRIVAL. PLANK & DAWSON, at the Drug Store in the Mammoth Building, have just received a large and splendid assortment of Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, Gilt molding for picture frames, Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Perfumery, notions &c, &c., all to be sold cheap for cash or produce ...

IMPROVEMENTS. Our gentlemanly Post Master, C. J. STRADLEY, Esq., is putting up a nice little 2-story building, just north of the post office. The first floor is intended for a post office, and the 2nd as a dental office for Dr. M. M. REX.

Our friend, J. HOPPE, has repaired the side walk in front of his store, taking up the rotten boards and replacing them with nice new ash flooring. Bully for John. We wish some more of our business friends, whose rooms are adjacent to dilapidated side walks, would go and do likewise.

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing remarks of the Chronicle concerning democratic meeting last Saturday.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Signed Orange MEREDITH, undated. "The Grave Robber Hobby"... On the 26th of Dec. 1862, the body of the deceased soldier, F. C. HAMLET, was brought home for burial. The day afterwards, Mrs. HAMLET, the widow of the deceased, requested J. C. DILLE, Esq., and myself to open the coffin. But as the body was to be buried the next day, we thought it best to defer the opening of the coffin until that day. On the day the deceased was buried, the widow of F. C. Hamlet requested Mr. Henry WINBIGLER to superintend the opening of the coffin. He proceeded to comply with her request, when Mr. Henry HAMLET stepped forward and declared that the coffin shold not be opened, that if it was, his team should not convey the body to the grave and that he would shoot the first six men that attempted to open the coffin. It was conveyed to the place of burial unopened and placed in the tomb. Some three weeks afterward the widow of the deceased grew suspicious, and she requested four men to come secretly, without the knowledge of Henry Hamlet, and take up the body of her deceased husband, that she might be satisfied that all was right. The gentlemen that she selected for that purpose, are Asa COPLEN, Stanford BEVERLY, Ellis STROSNIDER and Wm. HAMLET. But Henry Hamlet hearing of the arrangement, again flew into a passion, declared that the body of the deceased soldier was his property, and that the grave should not be opened. All the se circumstances naturally aroused great suspicions, and the public became greatly excited. In order to allay such excitement, the people of the neighborhood decided that, without intending any indignity whatever, to the dead soldier, the grave ought to be opened and the matter set at rest. Accordingly on the 18th of Feb. 1863, a delegation of citizens including democrats, republicans and abolitionists proceeded to the grave and opened the grave and the coffin sufficiently to satisfy themselves that the dead soldier had been really brought home, according to the wish he expressed before he died. This done, the coffin and the grave were properly reclosed, and the assemblage quietly retired to their homes. If it had not been for the unjust and unreasonable opposition of Henry Hamlet, the affair never would have happened. When at the grave, a vote was taken whether the tomb should be opened or not - there was no dissenting voice but that of Henry Hamlet. The widow of the deceased was present and made no objection. If she had done so, the tomb would not have been opened. The coffin was not split open with an axe, and it was opened by a republican...

DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION... Cyrus H. ROBBINS, President, and Wm. OSGOOD, Secy. Nominated for April election: (twp trustee) Isaiah WALKER; (Justices of the Peace) Covington CORNELIUS,

C. F. ERNSPERGER and William OSGOOD; (Constables) Almon M. WARD, John GLAZE, James H. NAFE and John McCARTER; (Supervisor) Wm. A. WARD. Speech by A. J. HOLMES, Esq....

N. G. SHAFFER, Atty. Main street, 2 doors north of J. SHIELDS store.

A. WORMSER, Harness & Saddle Shop, 1 door north of Davidson & Co. Grocery, Main street, Rochester.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 11, 1863

AKRON, IND., Mar. 30, 1863. Editor: (Explaining details of his arrest in Indianapolis on Feb. 29, 1863, and his release. He claims he was falsely arrested and then released, but later charged with a crime which he does not name. He believes that his troubles originated in Akron, by among others, a Mr. DOANE. At the time of his arrest, S. S. TERRY, A. STRONG, J. WHITTENBERGER, W. E. DOANE, Isaac PONTIUS, Wm. BITTERS and David SHAFFER were present. He expresses thanks for his release to Isaac Pontius, Wm. Bitters, John COLERICK (his atty), and D. SHAFFER.) ... C. F. HARTER.

EDITORIAL. (Reporting decided democratic victories throughout the county, by a majority of about 350. A gain since the October election of over 100, with Aubbeenaubbee voting democratic unanimously).

EDITORIAL. (Condemming a local hardware merchant for discharging an employee - a returned soldier - for having voted democratic.)

LETTER FROM CAMP NEAR TRIUNE, TENN., March 20, 1863, signed by all officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of Co. F, 87th regiment, Ind. Vols, expressing regret that Capt. George W. TRUSLOW left the service due to ill health. (letter signed A. G. P. (A. G. PUGH ?) with his post-script stating VAN DORN is said to be advancing upon us, and I expect before this reaches you we will hear the roar of battle)...
Officers: Horace C. LONG, Capt.; Jacob H. LEITER, 1st Lieut; Joseph W. BEEBER, 2nd Lieut; A. G. PUGH, 1st Sergt; C. S. HICKMAN, 2nd Sergt; Jonas MYERS, 3d Sergt; C. W. CLAY, 4th Sergt.
Corporals: J. W. SQUIRES, 1st Corp; J. L. MARTINDALE, 2nd Corp.; J. H. LEAGUE, 3d Corp.; Henry PLATT, 4th Corp. ;J. ROTH, 5th Corp; J. L. McMAHAN, 6th Corp; A. E. BATCHELOR,
D. W. SHRYOCK, Quartermaster Sgt.; J. CARPENTER, commissary sgt.; Banner LAWHEAD, Adj. Clerk.

Mite Society, next Tuesday, residence of Mrs. Alexander CHAMBERLAIN.

Col. K. G. SHRYOCK, 87th Ind. Regt, arrived home in Rochester last Saturday, having had to leave the army on account of failing health.

LOST. Last Monday, by Isaac MILIZER, between Dr. M. DANZIGERIS Drug Store and the Post Office, pocket book containing $25.00.

EDITORIAL. (Supporting Dr. HARTER.)


(... Republican tickets in Rochester twp at election last Monday, were printed on blue paper...) ... Was this a dodge of the "Union League" to keep their members from voting democratic?

JAS. F. GRAHAM, Stove and Tin Shop, east side of Main street, one door south of Holzman's Clothing Store, Rochester.

ROCIIESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 18, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Defending Dr. HARTER and explaining circumstances of his being charged with the crime of "harboring deserters." Dr. Harter, a Justice of the Peace as well as physician, was being consulted by one LEACH concerning a divorce. A visitor appeared, M. E. DOANE, who with revolver in hand, assisted by Dr. Harter, arrested Leach.)
UNION SCHOOL. Conducted by Mr. HAZELTON, Principal and Misses TINSLEY and CLOUSE, will open in the Public School Building next Monday.

Fulton Court of Common Pleas sits next Monday, Judge DYKEMAN presiding.

Treasurer Elect, Wm. STURGEON, Esq., moved to Rochester to reside during his term.

PICTURE GALLERY opened by "our young friend" Norton E. ALEXANDER, MAMMOTH BLDG., over ERNSPERGER & KEELEY'S store.

(Notice by the Editor reminding subscribers that although half of Volume 5 has been printed) ... there have been but few of our subscribers who have paid up.

FIREMAN-S FESTIVAL, Wallace Hall, Rochester, Thursday, April 30, 1863. The proceeds to go towards purchasing a new bell. Managers: E. B. CHINN, Wm. OSGOOD, M. R. SMITH, F. M. ERNSPERGER, J. STAHL, Theo. P. REID; and floor managers: Geo. HARLAN and A. BROOKS.

D. R. MARTIN, at planing mill, near Wallace's Steam Mill, -rents jack-screws.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 25, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing letter concerning Dr. HARTER which appeared in the Chronicle over the signature of N. E. DOANE.)

FOR SALE. Cherry Blow Potatoes. A. J. HOLMES.

MITE SOCIETY, next Tuesday, residence of Mrs. Jonas MYERS.

NOTICE. Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79 to meet April 29.

NOTICE. Members of PROTECTION HOOK & LADDER Co., to meet at their Hall in full uniform, Thursday, April 30, for parade and other business. T. P. REID, Secy.

Officers and Directors, Fulton Co. Agricultural Society to meet at County Treasurer's office May 2, A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

COMMON PLEAS COURT... adjourned on Wednesday last, in the absence of Judge DYKEMAN, Mr. GUTHRIE, of Logansport presided as Judge pro tem. The most important cases disposed of were as follows:
Hugh BOWMAN vs Hester BOWMAN, suit for Divorce; Judgment rendered for Plff. J. J. DAVIS for Plff, PRATT & BALDWIN for Defendant.
Bridget MURTHA vs James MURTHA, suit for Divorce; Judgment for Plff and alimony allowed. WALKER & SMITH for Plff, SHAFFER for Defendant.
State on relation of S. J. BITTERS vs J. BOWERS, cont'd. KEITH & BENNETT for Plff. SHAFFER, BALDWIN and PRATT for Defendant.

MARRIED. In Union township, Fulton County, Ind., on March 31st 1863, by Rev. E. McGRAW, David T. PERKINS, Esq., of Ohio, to Miss Lydia Ann HUDKINS of Fulton County, Ind.

(Corrected weekly by ERNSPERGER & KEELEY, MAMMOTH BLDG, Rochester Produce & Grain Market prices.. listed)

ELECTION NOTICE. Town of Rochester officers.. J. J. DAVIS, Clerk.

John KEWNEY, Iron Foundry, east side of Main street, near Farrington's Wagon shop, Rochester.

EDITORIAL. "The Political Status of Wm. OLIVER" (...a soldier in the 87th Regt, Ind. Vols. Mentioned we-re: Mr. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, who addressed a democratic meeting at Green Oak in February, and Isam NEW who had written a letter copied in the Chronicle)

EDITORIAL. (Concerning the town election in Rochester to be held next Monday.)

(... the Firemen's Festival, last Thursday night, was a success having netted $48.70. The Dance at WALLACE'S HALL was also reported to be successful.)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Signed "P" from Henry Township, dated Apr. 27, 1863, concerning Dr. C. F. HARTER, of Akron.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 9, 1863

EDITORIAL. "The Union League Meeting" (Participants: Hon. B. LAWHEAD and Col. SHRYOCK. Criticism of Hon. N. G. SHAFFER)

(Reporting that the "Union" men defeated the democratic candidates by a majority of 2 in the Rochester town election last Monday.)

Thanks by Rochester PROTECTION HOOK & LADDER Co., at meeting May 5, to young ladies of Rochester, and to the Rochester Brass Band for their assistance at the Festival, April 30. A. J. HOLMES, Foreman. Theo. P. REID, Secy.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 23, 1863

We understand that the May Party, given last Friday, was a very pleasant affair. We did not have time to attend, and see them crown their May Queen..

(Editor apologizes for limited reading matter this week, having attended democrat meeting last Wednesday.)

THE RAIL ROAD. The Committee appointed for the purpose of getting subscriptions have been at work in earnest, during the past week, and are confident of raising the required amount. We have not learned how much is subscribed.

NOTICE TO BUILDERS. For building school houses in Aubbeenaubbee tp; School District No. 2, at residence of Samuel REARICK; School District No. 3, at residence of Adam DITEMYER; School District No. 9, at residence of John MYERS; School District No. 5, at residence of John ELLIS; School District No. 7, at the old school house near the residence of John LEITER; and Repairing School House District No. 7, near residence of Wm. BAILY... Jas. R. DALES, Trustee.

(Estray) ... Mare, April 30, from Jacob WENTZEL residence near Bruce Lake.

H. S. FARRINGTON, Wagon & Carriage Factory, Rochester, 25 years experience.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 30, 1863

A HALF SHEET. Our assistant printer took it into his head to "secede" from the office this week, and left the publisher to get out the paper alone. Therefore, we are only able to print a half sheet ...

(... hail storm last Wednesday, with hail stones as large as hen's eggs. Crops are greatly damaged.)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Signed Geo. McGUIRE (no place or date).. (answering letter signed by David MOW in the Chronicle last week.)

Rev. C. H. DUNLAP to preach at Presbyterian church tomorrow.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, June 6, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Concerning hiring of one Miss R. J. FANSHER, of near Millark, who applied as teacher in a school district $'about 8 miles southeast of Rochester" in a "community composed mostly of republicans." Upon learning that she was a democrat, she was informed by letter signed H. CONNER, that she must have certificates of loyalty signed by Wallace TRUE, Mr. HANNAH and Isaac STALLARD. Hannah was not available but she obtained certificates from True and Stallard, and on May 16, 1863 wrote: "Respected Friends.- I am very sorry that I caused you so much trouble on account of your school. But as I do not think that I am a competent teacher to teach politics, I will not cause you any more trouble.")

(The Editor reports recent visit to camps Morton and Burnside at invitation of A. B. McFANN, former teacher of the Rochester Brass Band and at present Major bugler attached to Capt. MYERS Battery, and he describes the camps.)

Two concerts scheduled to be given in the Court House, the proceeds of one to benefit our sick and wounded soldiers. That concert, under the planning of Miss Addie HUNT, music teacher, will be presented with the assistance of Logansport Dramatic Co. ... B. LAWHEAD, K. G. SHRYOCK, E. R. POWERS, H. W. MANN, A. J. HOLMES, C. J. STRADLEY.

RAILROAD MEETING. Today at the Court House. Turn out everybody! Now is our best, and perhaps last chance to procure a railroad.

A. J. HOLMES. Agent for Kirby's Reaper and Mower.

Commissioners Court in session... Relief of families of soldiers totals $800.00 for past quarter.

EDITORIAL. (Reporting that letters from democratic soldiers published in the past condeming the war policy, had been sent to the Regiment causing the soldiers to be "gagged, imprisoned, persecuted until he is forced into a renunciation of his honest sentiments.")

DIED. Near Akron, in this county, May 25, of fever, Mrs. M[artha] A. BALL, consort of Wm. P. BALL, Esq., aged 39 years. She was "an affectionate wife and mother."

NOTICE TO BUILDERS, New School House, No. 14, Rochester twp (directly west of Rochester) I. WALKER, Trustee, Rochester twp,

A. J. HOLMES, agent, Kirby Reaper & Mower, (recommended by satisfied purchasers, Theodore MONTGOMERY and Wm. H. DAVIDSON.)

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, June 13, 1863

DEMOCRATIC COUNTY CONVENTION to meet at Court House, June 27, 1863, to nominate candidates for October election, by order of Central Committee, A. J. HOLMES,, Secy.

Rochester twp Democratic Meeting at Court House, June 18, 1863,

RAIL ROAD MEETING. (Reporting Railroad meeting at Court House last Saturday, was well attended. To build the railroad from Peru to Rochester would require $100,000.00, to be raised by tax not exceeding 2-1/2% on the taxable property, one half to be paid "when the Passenger Cars run regularly from Peru to Rochester, and the other half in a year afterwards,")

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Ovid P. OSGOOD, democratic candidate for county Recorder. Milo R. SMITH, democratic candidate for county Recorder. Abraham L. DRIESBACK, democrat candidate for county Recorder.

Dr. M. M. REX moved, over the post office, opposite the Mansion House.

S. A. NYE Ice Cream Saloon, in room formerly occupied by M. M. REX.

RESOLUTIONS. In memory of Martha A. BALL, late consort of Mr. Wm. P. BALL, who died May 25, 1863, by Akron Lodge No. 64 I.O.G.T. I. N. WHITTENBERGER, Secy., Akron, June 2, 1863.

S. A. NYE, Ice-cream saloon, in room formerly occupied by M. M. REX, MAMMOTH BLDG., Rochester.

AUDITOR'S REPORT, June 1, 1862 to May 31, 1863, by A. J. HOLMES, A.F.C., B. A. EIDSON, Jas. KEELY, R. T. BEATTIE, Commissioners.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, June 20, 1863

DEMOCRATIC COUNTY CONVENTION, Court House, June 27, 1863, and request that townships hold twp meetings on Thursday preceding. A. J. HOLMES, Chairman.

A company of the 71st Regiment of Ind. Vols, was in Rochester last Tuesday on its way to Bloomingsburg. It is understood they have been sent to assist the Deputy Commissioner in taking the ENROLLMENT of NEWCASTLE TWP, it having been reported that he was disturbed in his duties and books taken from him by two unknown persons.

Soldiers of the 71st Regiment purportedly contacted by "a few sneaking, contemptible abolition pups... trying to enduce them to commit personal violence on democrats, and attack the Sentinel Office," but to no avail.

NOTICE. Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, June 24 (St. Johns Day) 1863, Installation of Officers. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

ROCHESTER TWP DEMOCRATIC INVINCIBLE CLUB organized June 18, 1863, at N. G. SHAFFER & J. J. DAVIS Law Office. Elected were: Geo. RENBARGER, President; Wm. STURGEON, Secy; and F. M. ERNSPERGER, Treas. Constitution adopted and N. G. SHAFFER and E. STURGEON appointed to draft by-laws.

People of Fulton County reportedly seized and destroyed papers of Enrolling Commissioner, and Capt. FARQUHAR, and 100 men sent to Fulton County to "quiet the excitement." - - - State Sentinel.

Rochester twp democrats, on June 2S, to elect delegates to county convention to be held June 27.

Aubbeenaubbee twp democrats to meet on June 25 at the Stephens School House, for the purpose of appointing delegates to the county convention.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Wm. McMAHAN, candidate for Appraiser of Real Estate; Isaiah WALKER, candidate for County Surveyor; Thomas MEREDITH, candidate for County Commissioner.

Meeting, Mite Society, Tuesday, residence of Mrs. Dr. GOULD.

Recommending A. J. HOLMES,agent for Kirby Reaper 4 Mower. "Specimens may be seen opposite the Court House."

The communication from Messrs. BLODGETT and BABCOCK, relative to the difficulty between Messrs. McGUIRE and MOW, we cannot publish this week, for want of space. It will appear next week.

Recommending A. D. HOPPE for spectacles.

Reporting attendance by the Editor at democratic meeting at Logansport, last Saturday.

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, on Wednesday June 11th 1863, by Rev. STURCKEN, Fredrick STURCKEN, Esq., of Fulton County, to Miss Caroline WIPPEMAN, of Cass County.

DIED. At Hanna Station, Laporte County, on Sunday, the 14th inst., of Lung Fever, Martha J. [CHINN VINNEDGE], wife of Adam VINNEDGE, aged 27 years. The deceased was a daughter of Mrs. Lucy CHINN of this place, and was brought here for interment, and buried on Monday evening in the old cemetery.

(Estray) ... Mare with foal. Strayed from James WARE, Blue Grass, on Sunday, May. 30.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, June 27, 1863

FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY set for Oct. 16 and 17, 1863. Officers: Pres., H. W. MANN; Vice-president, Daniel VAN TRUMP; Secy, A. J. HOLMES; Treas., Jesse SHIELDS; Board of Directors: Simon WHEELER, Wayne; Henry P. BENNETT, Union; Jas. R. DALES, Aubbee; James MARTIN, Liberty; Wm. McMAHAN ,
Rochester; Wm. DUDGEON, Richland; Henry HOOVER, Sr., Henry; C. MONTGOMERY, New Castle; Exed. Committee: L. J. BROWN, Wm. McMAHAN, Wm. P. BALL and H. W. MANN. Premium list: (listed).

EDITORIAL. "Exeunt Omnes" (Praising people of Newcastle twp and Bloomingsburg, as well as Rochester, upon the warm and friendly reception, including a Ball, accorded the soldiers of the 71st Regiment, who were in the county last week until Sunday morning when they returned to Indianapolis. They had camped close by the grave of F. C. HAMLET in Newcastle twp. They found no armed resistance in Fulton County although they had been warned otherwise. Information received by the Editor from "several gentlemen that the Enroller has found the books which the Chronicle, of last week, stated had been destroyed.")

EDITORIAL. (Answering editorial criticism by the Chronicle, concerning the Sentinel's report that soldiers were urged to "commit violence on democrats and to mob the sentinel office.")

FOURTH OF JULY BALL. Wallace's Hall, July 3, 1863. R. WALLACE, Propr.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, July 4, 1863

FULTON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION last Saturday nominated: for Recorder, Milo R. SMITH; for Appraiser of Real Estate, William McMAHAN; For Surveyor, Isaiah WALKER; for Commissioner, Thomas MEREDITH; for Coroner, Caleb MONTGOMERY.
There was a huge crowd and the meeting "was characterized by the utmost harmony and good order. At the request of a committee appointed to wait upon them, the saloon keepers, druggists and grocers agreed not to sell any intoxicating liquors, while the convention was in session." Music was furnished by the ROCHESTER BRASS BAND and the FIVE CORNERS'' MARTIAL BAND.
Appoint;d were Dr. A. H. ROBBINS, President, and Wm. OSGOOD, Secretary. Speeches by Charles H. REEVE, of Plymouth, Mr. BALDWIN of the Normal School at Kokomo, and the Hon. N. G. SHAFFER.

Two Fourth of July celebrations planned. One, sponsored by the UNION LEAGUE will meet at the Fair Grounds, while the other will meet at the Court House Square, with speeches, music and barbequc.

EDITORIAL. (Praising the democratic ticket.)

CELEBRATION OF THE 4th OF JULY in the Court House Square. Order of the day: Firing of 34 guns at sunrise, and Tinging of bells; Assembling at 10 oclock a.m., at Court House; Martial music; Music by the band; Prayer by the Chaplain, Rev. I. BUTLER; Martial music; Reading the Declaration of Independence by W. H. HAZELTON; Music by the Band; Oration by Rev. N. L. LORD; Martial music; Dinner; Music by the band; Toasts and Responses; Martial music.

Reporting son of unnamed preacher reportedly burned hand bill promoting 4th of July meeting and barbeque at the Court House Square in the presence of his father who, being a Union League Man, did not rebuke his son.

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing comments by the Chronicle.)

Committee appointed by democrats to "see that equal and exact justice be done" concerning draft: Joseph J. DAVIS, James R. DALES, Levi M. MONTGOMERY and Dr. A. H. ROBBINS.

NOTICE. Meeting, Protection Hook & Ladder Co., No. 1, Tues., July 7. T. P. REID, Secy.

This issue was shortened to permit "our printer boys" time to attend the Barbeque.

DIED. June 25th 1863, Marinda [ROBBINS], wife of James ROBBINS, aged 55 years and 21 days ... devoted wife, and affectionate mother....

(Notice of Administration) ... Joseph BRUGH appointed Administrator of the estate of Charles BRUGH.
A. E. TAYLOR, Saddle & Harness shop (also groceries, hides and peltries), opposite M.E. Church, Rochester, C. A. MITCHELL, Clerk.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, July 11, 1863

DEMOCRATIC TICKET: Milo R. SMITH, Recorder; William McMAIiAN, Appraiser of Real Estate; Isaiah WALKER, Surveyor; Thomas MEREDITH, Commissioner; Caleb MONTGOMERY, Coroner.

Astonishingly large crowd in the Court House Square, July 4, "Composed of all political parties, sects and creeds," enjoying band music, barbeque and dancing. Participating were W. H. HAZELTON, Esq., and Rev. N. L. LORD.

EDITORIAL. (Reporting meeting in front of the Mansion House on Wednesday night last, supposedly in celebration of the fall of Vicksburg.)

Wheat crop being cut is better than expected. "Good hands are receiving $2.00 per day. - Pretty good wages, that!"

Reporting many shows in the northern states this summer, including Yankee Robinson's show to be in South Bend Thursday, July 16.... "perhaps it may give Rochester a call, as it is coming this way. We insure a large crowd should it do so."

LOST. On the 4th inst., in the Court House Square, a black oil cloth Satchel. It contained a light colored shawl, a child's pink calico dress and pink delaine sack... Enos ROSE.

NOTICE. Democratic Club meeting, Court House, every Thursday night.

The UNION SCHOOL closed its Spring Term yesterday. The scholars, teachers and their friends are to have a picnic today.

Recommending DAVIDSON & ROBBINS for liquors.

MARRIED. On Thursday the 2d inst., by Rev. J. E. CHAPIN, George B. LINDSAY, of Lyons, Iowa, and Hattie PALMER, of Plymouth.

DAVIDSON & ROBBINS Saloon, west side of Main street, one door south of A. WORMSER'S, Saddle:and Shop.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, July 18, 1863

UNION SCHOOL. Fall term, Aug. 31, 1863, W. H. HAZELTON, Principal, Miss J. TINSLEY, Intermediate Dept., Miss CLOUSE, Primary Dept.

EDITORIAL. (Commending speech (in full on page 1) of Ex-President Franklin Pierce.)

SICK. We regret to learn that our old friend, A. E. TAYLOR, of this place, is seriously ill from an attack of erysipolas.

SENTENCED. Stephen LYNCH, who was arrested at Akron last winter, on a charge of desertion and other crimes, has been sentenced to work three years, on the government fortifications, with chain and ball attached to his leg, and be branded on the hip with the letter D. One specification on which he was found guilty, is that he called Lincoln "a d-d abolitionist!" People must look out how they call Father Abe an abolitionist, if they don't want to wake up some morning and find themselves branded on the "hip," and their legs ornamented with a chain and cannon ball."

The BRIDGE at the north end of town, has been repaired. The old plank being removed and new plank put down. The SIDEWALKS have also been repaired to some extent, making them safer to travel over, than formerly.

NEW BUILDING. Messrs. HOLMES and MILLER are putting up a fine large two story building, opposite the Court House....

The Logansport Pharos predicts that the Fulton County democratic ticket "will be elected by a large majority."

MARRIED. On Thursday last, at the residence of Mr. STARBUCK, near True's Mills in Fulton County, by Wm. OSGOOD, Justice, Mr. John P. BIGGS and Miss Rebecca FENCHER... and may a big lot of little Biggses rise up to bless the paternal and maternal Biggs.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Saturday, Aug. 15, 1863 to satisfy order in favor of James CARR, Admr. of estate of Patterson MORRIS, and against property of George WEIDNER and Mary WEIDNER. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff. F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Saturday, Aug. 15, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of John T. MUSSULMAN and against property of Samuel SMITH. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Saturday, Aug. 15, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Elizabeth J. FAIRBANK, and against property of Dan SMITH (adjoining property owned by W. SCOTT, David C. BUCHANAN and by A. B. WILLARD). Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

M. M. REX, Surgeon & Dentist, office over the new post office, opposite the Mansion House.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, July 25, 1863

(Oration printed in full by Rev. N. L. LORD, delivered at the Court House Square, Rochester, July 4, 1863.)

EDITORIAL. (Reporting raid by "Rebel Marauder," Morgan in southern Ind. .... Col. SHRYOCK, of Rochester, commanded one regiment sent out to capture Morgan. But the gallant Colonel did not succeed any better in the attempt, than he did in his vindictive and ungentlemanly attempt, some weeks ago, to fasten a charge of lying on the Sentinel, the men of his regiment got to shooting at each other instead of the rebels, killing five and wounding sixteen of their own numbers.... it)

DEMOCRATIC CLUB MEETING, Court House next Thursday, with Judge MILLER speaking.

HOW TO AVOID THE DRAFT. The citizens of Rochester and vicinity are requested to meet at the Court House, on Monday evening next to take into consideration the propriety of a MUTUAL AID SOCIETY, to relieve all persons from military duty, who may be conscripted at the ensuing draft.

Rev. James RUSSEL will preach at the Court House, Rochester, Sunday, August 30, 1863.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, to meet Wednesday, M. R. SMITH, Secy.

. . . . a most lamentable affair took place near Harrison, Ohio, on Tuesday night, and one that will cause mourning in many a household in Indiana. The Regiment of Col. SHRYOCK was at Harrison when, at about 10 oclock at night, a courier, pale and terror stricken, dashed in with word that (John) MORGAN had been headed off and was returning, desolating the country with fire and sword. Col. Shryock's regiment was paraded and marched out. In the darkness the head of the column halted. The order to halt was not heard in the rear, and the platoon soon closed enmasse. All was confusion at once. The word flew from rank to rank that the enemy was near, and some of the men exclaimed that that was as good a place to fight as any, and commenced firing without any order. A flanking company in the field, supposing they were attacked by the enemy in force, poured a volley into the mass of men in the road, and killed seven and wounded twenty or thirty others .... Last night five of the killed, arrived at the Union Depot, to be sent to their relatives. -- State Sentinel.

DIED. In this place, on the 19th inst., Miss Elizabeth TRIMBLE, aged 24 years.

L. A. BENNETT, residence one mile west of the 9 mile House on the Michigan Road, Bethlehem twp., Cass Co., offers cure for poll-evil, or Fistula, on horses - "no cure, no pay."

(Administrator's Sale)... Friday, Aug. 21, 1863, personal property of Charles BRUGH, deceased, residence Aubbeenaubbee twp. Joseph BRUGH, Admr.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, July 31, 1863

Reporting that on Sunday night or Monday morning, keys were stolen from the Treasurer at his home, which were used to enter the Treasurer's office at the court house. Losses were: Treasurer, $1500.00; Sheriff, $315.00; Isaiah WALKER, $1500.00; Peter SANNS, $1500; County Funds, $2000.00; and Mrs. BRAINARD, $500.00. "The money belonging to the different individuals, except the Treasurer, had been deposited in the safe for safekeeping." Reward offered by Treasurer of $500.00 plus equal amount by others.

ERRATA. Making typographical corrections of N. L. LORD oration printed in previous issue.

"THANKS." Rochester Brass Band, thank their "old Band teacher," A. B. McFANN, present chief bugler of Capt. MYRES 23d Battery, Indianapolis, for pieces of music, just received.


"UNION PARTY" to have county convention, Aug. 8, 1863, with John U. PETTIT, of Wabash, to speak.

STATE FAIR. Mr. A. J. HOLMES, a member of the State Board of Agriculture, has returned from Indianapolis where arrangements are being made for the 11th Annual Fair, beginning Sept. 28th.

WRONG DATE. We dated our paper on the outside, in the hurry of making up, July 31st. It should be Aug. 1st.

Joining the army, among others, are Wm. CHAMBERLAIN, Wm. IRVIN and Wm. OREM, formerly of the Chronicle.

DIED. -At Olivesburg, Ohio, July 26th 1863, of cholera infantum, Montgomery [WALKER], infant son of Isaiah and Huldah WALKER, of Rochester. He was aged about eleven months.
-At Akron, on the 22d inst., Francis CURTIS, son of Alexander CURTIS, Esq., aged 20 years.
On the 25th of July, 1863, at his residence in Fulton County, Indiana, of disease contracted while in the army, John Q. OLIVER, in the 37th year of his age. Buried Sunday, July 26, with Masonic and Military honors, near residence of his father, Andrew OLIVER. Esq., in Liberty two, with over 1,000 persons at the grave.

DAVIDSON & MILIZER, SADDLE & HARNESS Shop. opposite M.E. Church, Rochester. C. A. MITCHELL. Clerk. A. J. DAVIDSON & A. MILIZER.

(Notice of Administration) ... Samuel McCLURE and Mary MARSHMAN appointed administrators of estate of Joseph MARSHMAN.

(Administrator's Sale) ... Saturday, Aug. 22, 1863, personal property of Joseph MARSHMAN. deceased. residence Richland twp. Samuel McCLURE and Mary MARSHMAN, Admrs.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday. Auzust 8. 1863

(Letter to Editor. from Fort Lvon. Colo. Terr., dated July 7, 1863, siqned "JIM." describing his travels.)

MUTUAL AID SOCIETY meeting at Court House next Tuesday, Aug 11, to receive members. Dues, $25.00. "We think this a good opportunity for all those who are unable to raise $300.00" to avoid conscription. Officers: Enoch STURGEON, Pres.; Geo. RENBERGER, Vice-Pres.; A. J. HOLMES, Secy; A. H. ROBBINS, Treas.

Wayne twp DEMOCRATIC CLUB Club organized at Bowman School House, July 25, 1863. Elected: A. W. ELLIOT, Pres.; Daniel H. RUSH, Secy; James WARE, Treas.

NOTICE. Complaints having been made that T. H. HOWES, M.D. was practicing without a United States license, notice is given of his application for same to the Asst. Assessor.

Meeting, Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, Aug. 12, 1863. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

LETTER TO EDITOR. Signed Abner WOODS. (Answering attack upon him in the Chronicle, a few weeks ago. Mention is made of C. E. FULLER. The letter indicates that Abner WOODS is a resident of Palestine, Kosciusko Co., and a preacher in that area. He disclaims any connection with the opening of the F. C. HAMLET grave.)

J. W. ROSS, Chair Emporium, over Farrington's Wagon Shop, one door south of Kewney's Foundry. He MANUFACTURES and sells CHAIRS of every variety.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, August 15, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Belittling the "UNION" CONVENTION of last Saturday which appointed K. G. SHRYOCK (referred to as "the colonel") President, and P. M. BOZARTH, Secy. Also participating were Mr. LAWHEAD, Hon. John U. PETTIT & Wm.\ WILLIAMS of Warsaw.)

EDITORIAL. (Reporting receipt of Poem entitled "McClellan" and signed only "Jennie" from Pleasant Grove. The editor refused to print same stating "We are certain that no lady ever wrote it. Some low-bred prostitute just fresh and reeking from the 'halls of sin and shame,' may have written it; but no real lady ever wrote it, for no real lady would perpetrate such a base act.")

Commissioners Court in session. Judge DYKEMAN became ill Tuesday and Mr. GUTHRIE then presided. One case was dismissed; BITTERS vs BOWERS was settled; and judgment for Plff in SMITH vs TUGENDRICH.

RETURNED. Our old friend, Lieutenant R. M. SHIELDS, of Co. K, 46th Regiment, returned to his old place of residence, Akron, a few days ago, on furlough.

UNION TICKET: For Recorder, John M. SPENCER; Land Appraiser, Thos. W. BARNETT; Commissioner, Jas. WRIGHT; Surveyor, P. M. BOZARTH: Coroner, Wm. HILL.

BEALLE'S SALOON. East side Main street, three doors south of Mansion House, Rochester. Thos. BEALLE.

A. WORMSER, Harness & Saddle Shop, 1 door south of M. DANZIGER'S Drug Store, Main street, Rochester.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, August 22, 1863

EDITORIAL. "A RAILROAD" (The County Commissioners have appropriated $50,000.00 toward construction of railroad from Peru to Rochester, "as a continuation of the line from Indianapolis to Chicago." An additional $25,000.00 is needed to be subscribed, a part of which has already been done. The subscription is to be paid after "the cars run into Rochester; and then in such installments as to make the payments compatatively easy on the subscribers.")

Reporting erection of a new church building, and recently completed Good Templa-rls Hall, at Akron.

CORRECTION. Article referring to Commissioner's Court in previous week's issue should have been Court of Common Pleas.

NOTICE. Rev. James RUSSELL to preach at Court House in Rochester Sunday, August 30, and at McCarter's School House on same day.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, to meet Wednesday Aug. 26. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

MARRIED. At the Mansion House in Rochester, on Thursday, August 20, 1863, by Wm.\ OSGOOD, Justice, Jacob FANSHER, Esq., and Mary Ann McCLURE....

Fulton Circuit Court to meet next Monday; Judge A. L. OSBORNE presiding.

MUTUAL AID SOCIETY meeting, Tuesday, Court House. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

Recommending A. D. HOPPE for jewelry.

A. E. TAYLOR to purchase hides.

Dr. T. H. HOWES resumes practice; office at residence one door south of A. CHAMBERLAIN'S hotel.


Institute, beginning Tues., Sept. 8, 1863; Logansport, Ind., J. D. H. CORWINE, A.M., Principal, D. D. PRATT, Esq., and S. A. HALL.

John KEWNEY, Iron Foundry, East side Main street near Farrington's Wagon Shop; sells Celebrated Pittsburg plows, Iron Beam and Wooden Beam Plows, and castings all kinds.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, August 29, 1863

Fall Term, beginning next Monday, UNION SCHOOL, Principal, Mr. HAZELTON, assisted by Miss TINSLEY.

Fulton Circuit Court in session last week, Judge OSBORNE presiding. "... There was little or no business for the Grand Jury to attend to - a pretty good indication that the morals of our Democratic County are all right."

Thomas H. KEYES (KEYS), Assessor of Internal Revenue for Pulaski County, during past year removed from office, with Mr. IMES reportedly his replacement.

EDITORIAL. (Refuting comments by Chronicle, concerning poem by "Jennie.")

Recommending George BURNS, the only licensed auctioneer in Fulton County.

Editor Thanks: James BURTON, Esq., for watermelons; Mr. J. SHAFFER for three nice large plums. "John, don't be so stingy next time."; W. H. HAZELTON for services rendered past week.

Recommending D. R. MARTIN for products of his planing machine.

"For the benefit of a 'little dried up specimen of humanity,' who took great offence at us for publishing it last week, we re-publish the following: ... (poem) ... "

SINKING FUND BORROWERS. Land mortgaged to Sinking Fund on which interest not paid, to be sold 2d Tuesday of Dec. W. H. TALBOT.

(Notice) ... To move saloon from lot #23, old plat, to north half of Lot #61, old plat, town of Rochester. Thomas A. BEALLE.

D. R. MARTIN, Planing Mill, Rochester.

George W. BURNS, Akron, Auctioneer, licensed in Counties of Ninth Congressional Dist.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, September 5, 1863

Wm. WIRT WALLACE, Provost Marshal 9th Dist., reports by counties, males between 20 and 35 years, and unmarried males between 35 and 45 (listed), including Fulton Co., having total of 936.

EDITORIAL. (Refutes Chronicle statement that Editor of Sentinel was not admitted to practice law. Further comment upon the poem written by "Jennie.")

THAT'S WHAT'S THE MATTER. Some of our republican subscribers around town have complained to us that they do not receive their Sentinel regularly. We think we have found out "the reason why." A certain abolition leader a devout (?) church member and a preacher withal, was recently seen to smuggle one into his pocket from the window of a building where our carrier in his early rounds had just left it ....

UNION RALLY.... The "Union Leaguers" of Pulaski County, hold a disunion" meeting at Winamac on next Thursday, Sept. 10th 1863. We understand that Col. SHRYOCK is to be one of the "distinguished" speakers of the day. Wonder if the illustrious hero of the 87th will give a history of the Morgan Raid?

Reporting visit to editor by his friend, Thomas LOOMIS, Esq., of the Painsville, Ohio bank, who presented the editor with sprigs of foliage from the grave of (Stephen A.?) Douglas of Illinois. Editor recalls the greatness of Douglas....

Dr. C. L. WHITE moved last Thursday from residence in Rochester to place which he has purchased about 6 miles south of Rochester, not far from the residence of Judge MILLER..."

Frost reportedly has damaged corn and completely destroyed buck wheat in parts of Fulton County.

A GOOD CROP. James DAWSON, Esq., of Henry twp., informs us that last July he reaped on his farm, a 20 acre field of wheat, which averaged more than 20 bushels to the acre. Some of the wheat stocks were more than 7 feet high! Can any body beat that?

NOTICE. Special meeting FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL & HORTICULTURAL Society, Court House, Sat., Sept. 12, 1863. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, to meet every Wednesday until next regular communication. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

Elder Isaac BUTLER will preach in the Presbyterian Church, in this place, on Sunday next - tomorrow - at five oclock p.m.

Eleventh Annual State Fair, Indianapolis, Sept. 28th, Fair Grounds half a mile west of State House. County Fair set for Oct. 16 4 17.

RESOLUTION IN MEMORY of John Q. OLIVER, by Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, dated Aug. 26, 1863. Milo R. SMITH, Secy.

MARRIED. On Sunday the 23d of Aug., 1863, Mr. John McCARTER and Miss Susan CARRUTHERS, by C. CORNELIUS, Justice, all of this county.

DIED. On Wednesday, Sept. 2d 1863 in Rochester, Fulton County, Ind., an infant daughter of Willis and Rebecca A. GLAZE, aged 2 years.

(Application for License)... to sell liquors to be consumed on the premises, lot 32, original plat, town of Rochester, Henry AULT.

D. S. GOULD, Dry goods & Groceries, one door north of Mercer's Hardware Store, opposite Court House.
ROCHESTER SENTINEL, - Saturday, September 12, 1863

DIED. On the 4th inst., Mrs. Minerva A. PHELPS, wife of R. M. PHELPS, aged 19 years.

EDITORIAL. (Further reply to accusation by Chronicle that Sentinel Editor was not admitted to Bar. Reference was made to letter of Mr. KEITH, which stated that the Sentinel Editor was admitted, but due to pressure of business the clerk failed to record same.)

Editor thanks "our pretty little friend, Miss Clara WALKER, for the present of a couple of very fine watermelons."

Wayne twp democratic meeting, Bauman's School House, last Saturday in September, 1863. Hon N. G. SHAFFER to speak.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, September 26, 1863

NOTICE. School Directors in the several School Districts are advised to give notice of meeting for election of SCHOOL DIRECTORS on the first Saturday in Oct.

EDITORIAL. (Concerning letter in the chronicle of July 30, purportedly written by Mr. Hickman PHILLIPS, a young man, just starting business as a merchant. This letter was allegedly stolen from a soldier.)

EDITORIAL. (Urging efforts by all to make the fifth FULTON COUNTY FAIR a success.)

OFF TO THE ARMY. O. P. OSGOOD, Esq., left Rochester a few days ago to join the old Regimental Band of the 20th Regiment. The Band is now reorganizing and is engaged for the 87th Regiment. Success to brother Obe and all the rest of his musical comrades.

Recommending A. D. (Gus) HOPPE for jewelry.

One of our oldest and most popular merchants, D. W. LYON, Esq., has again started in the Dry Goods, Grocery and general retail business at his old stand in the MAMMOTH BLDG....

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Thurs., Oct. 29, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of James A. TAYLOR and against property of Jacob TUGENDRICH and Huldah TUGENDRICH (adjoining Henry SHAFFER'S land; and town lots in John TROUTMAN and Hardy CAIN Addition to town of Pleasant Grove). Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale).. Thurs., Oct. 29, 1863, to satisfy.order in favor of Beneville GUISE and Daniel D. PRATT and against property of Jacob TUGENDRICH and Huldah TUGENDRICH. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ELECTION NOTICE. Certificate of Election to be Oct. 13, 1863, to elect: Recorder, Surveyor, Coroner, Appraiser of Real Estate, Commissioner for 3rd Comm. Dist., Judge Circuit Court, 9th Judicial Circuit, Justice of Peace for Liberty twp and two Justices of Peace for Wayne twp. Rob't AITKEN, Clerk Fulton Circuit Court, by S. KEITH, Dep. Notice of election, Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, October 3, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Concerning robbery of the county treasury. Reference is made to the Chronicle's insinuation that H. W. MANN, late County Treasurer, himself perpetrated the act. The editorial further accuses the opposition candidates of using this to gain votes. Names mentioned in the editorial are: Commissioners BEATTIE, EIDSON and KEELEY; and Thomas MEREDITH, Mr. WRIGHT, Mr. SPENCER, Mr. BARNETT, Mr. HILL and Mr. BOZARTH.)

EDITORIAL. (Urging democrats and conservatives to vote.)

Recommending purchase of Gibson's Portable Fence. Mr. GIBSON who will remain in town a few days longer, sells the "right to twps in clubs, at such low rate that every farmer can purchase a right."

Democratic meeting, Wayne twp, last Saturday. Speakers, Messrs. ELLIOTT, McMAHAN, Dr. ROBBINS and Hon. N. G. SHAFFER.

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing parents who allow children to roam the streets and yell at nine or ten oclock every evening.)

THE EIGHTY-SEVENTH. The names of the killed and wounded soldiers from Fulton County, in the recent battle between Rosencrans and Bragg, are, as far as we can learn them, as follows:
Killed: Adjutant Fred RYLAND. Capt. L. HUGHES. Owen PRINCE. [- - -] SHELTON. [- - -] CLAY. Frank SMITH. A. G. PUGH, formerly of this office.
Wounded: Lieut. Joseph BEEBER. J. CLAY.

Among the killed we record the name of Al. PUGH, who formerly worked in this office. he was a brave and noble young man, and we tender our sincerest sympathies to his bereaved parents, who reside in Logansport....

Recommending Fifth Annual Fair Dance, Oct. 16, WALLACE'S HALL. Also recommending County Fair, Oct. 16 and 17, and recommending D. W. LYON.

We learn that a child of Reuben CARR, about three years old, was so badly scalded on Saturday last, that it died during the day. The child fell into a pan of the boiling juice of sorghum.

Reporting crowd of 2 to 3,000 at democratic meeting, Sept. 24, at Winamac.

Editor thanks Mark MOORE, Esq., for half bushel of nice, large apples..
J. J. DAVIS and others to speak at Center School House, Newcastle twp, Oct. 5.

MARRIED. On the 24th inst., by Elder William GREGSON, William L. LYNCH, of Peru, Miami County, and Miss Mary A. SANNS, of New Castle township Fulton County.

Fifth Annual Dance, WALLACE'S HALL, Rochester, October 16. R. WALLACE, Propr.

D. W. LYON, Dry Goods and Clothing Store, Rochester.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, October 10, 1863

A. D. HOPPE, Jewelry Store, Main street, first door north of MAMMOTH BLDG, at the sign of the big Watch and Spectacles. ... He sells jewelry, violins, spectacles, pocket knives, and does watch & clock repairing....

EDITORIAL. (Further comments relative to theft of county and other moneys from Dr. MANN. Mentioned are Mr. MEREDITH, Robert T. BEATTIE, Mr. EIDSON, Mr. KEELY, Mr. WRIGHT, Mr. SPENCER and Mr. HILL.)

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing Fulton County Union platform)

EDITORIAL. (Criticizing Union Party tactics of "assailing the character and reputation of Messrs. MANN, HOLMES and others who are not candidates for any office whatever.")

CORRECTION. We are most happy to state that the announcement of the death of A. G. PUGH, which appeared in last week's Sentinel, is incorrect. He was only wounded. We fervently wish we could make the same correction in regard to the announcement of the deaths of all the brave boys who are reported fallen in this cruel war....

The Chronicle now refers to the editor as "the rosewater, cologne-scented editor of the Sentinel.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR signed R. T. BEATTIE, dated Oct. 8, 1863, concerning petition to release H. W. MANN from payment of the funds stolen from the county Treasury July last.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR signed Thos. MEREDITH, dated Oct. 7, 1863, concerning release of Dr. MANN from payment of funds stolen from the county Treasury.

A. J. DAVIDSON, HARNESS & SADDLE Shop, at the old stand of TAYLOR & MITCHELL, over A. E. Taylor's store, Main street, Rochester.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, October 17, 1863

DEMOCRATS ELECT ENTIRE TICKET: Recorder, Commissioner, Appraiser of Real Estate, Surveyor and Coroner, by majority of 130.
POEM. "Democracy and Freedom" (Praising Democratic successes at the polls, and mentioning successful candidates: Milo SMITH, Recorder; MEREDITH, Commissioner; WALKER, defeating PRESLEY for Surveyor; McMAHAN, Appraiser of Real Estate; "Uncle Cale" Coroner.)

Cass, Pulaski and Marshall Counties have gone democratic, and with Miami Co. close, probably democratic.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, signed "Copperhead," condemming political meeting held at Mansion House, in Rochester, on the 15th of October.

Recommending: A. D. HOPPE Jewelry Store for numerous items, including black dolls at 10 cents; A. J. DAVIDSON'S HARNESS SHOP over A. E. Taylor's Store.

OYSTERS! T. A. BEALLE has just opened a new Oyster Saloon. He has good oysters and cooks them up right.

We understand that Col. SHRYOCK was very fierce in denouncing democrats, last Tuesday. Guess he was slightly "elevated" and didn't mean any harm.

We learn that one of our "hotel" keepers was on a "bust up" last Wednesday night, over the de:keat of Vallandigham. Good joke on the saloons.

Everybody should attend the Fair today, if they wish a good time. We're 'goin.

FROM CHATTANOOGA. We yesterday conversed with Hon. Kline G. SHRYOCK, lately from the Army of the Cumberland. Mr. Shryock went in that vicinity to recover the remains of a relative. About twenty miles this side of Chattanooga, the train of wagons, along with which Mr. Shryock was, was charged upon by rebel cavalry under Wheeler. The whole party were taken prisoners. They were marched a hundred miles on foot, without food, and robbed of all their "green backs" and every thing else they had. Afterwards they were parolled. Our folks were compelled, with pistols at their heads, by the infernal guerillas, to burn a train of two hundred and fifty wagons, laden with government and sanitary stores. Mr. Shryock was given his liberty at McMinville, along with the rest of the civilians. -- State Sentinel.

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, October 1st, 1863, by Rev. J. E. CHAPIN, Mr. Alvin C. ELLIOTT, of Plymouth, and Miss Lizzie M. RALSTIN, of Fulton County, Ind.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, October 24, 1863

GIBSON'S FENCE. William GIBSON, patentee, Mansion House, Rochester. Remaining in town a few days only. Fence designed to save digging post holes. (with drawing and description)
Recommended by: Rochester twp club, Fulton Co.: A. J. HOLMES, P. WEBBER, H. LUCAS, D. KROTHWOHL, Thos. SHELDON, A. H. MERRICK, H. W. MANN, L. & W. TRUE, ( ---- ) SMITH, Hugh MILLER, Simeon WEBBER, J. A. BRAMAN, N. ADAMS, C. M. REID, T. MONTGOMERY, G. MOORE, J. CALLOWAY, J. McCARTER.

EDITORIAL. "The Close of the Volume" (Requesting subscribers and advertisers who are delinquent to pay, and promising a better paper in the coming year.)

EDITORIAL. (Answering criticism of the Sentinel by the Chronicle.)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, by "M" concerning speech given by E. BENNETT, Esq., in Rochester "on the night of the abolition pow-wow."

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Signed *, concerning an article in the Chronicle over the name "Union." This accuses the writer to be one who professes temperance, but who has been seen intoxicated often.

The Sentinel is the largest paper published in this county.

The Fulton County Fair of last week reported to be a success.

NOTICE. Rochester twp Club meeting set next Saturday, Court House, concerning Wm. GIBSON'S Fence.

NOTICE. Wood! Wood! We want some wood on subscription, immediately.

MILLER & THOMPSON, physicians & surgeons, MAMMOTH BLDG., upstairs over D. W. LYON'S Store.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, October 31, 1863

LIST OF PREMIUM WINNERS, 6th Annual Fair, Fulton County Agricultural Society, held Oct. 16 and 17, 1863... (listed) ...

EDITORIAL. "Hypocrasy" (Condemning the Editor of the Chronicle, a Good Templar, for breaking his pledge as a Templar, by advertising whiskey and application for license to sell whiskey in the Chronicle.)
Reports the theft of shirts from "our young friend... good looking... a general favorite of the ladies; but he can't go to see his 'guiding star' till he gets 'them shirts,' or another good one."

EDITORIAL "Spleeny" In his last paper, the Chronicle man taxes his thin modicum of wishy-washy brains to invent epithets to apply in abuse of the editor of the Sentinel. But abuse, is flattering, when it emanates from such a white livered guerilla, such a low, miserable, contemptible, hypocrite, liar and slanderer as the editor of the Chronicle. We think with the poet that, "A villain's censure is extorted praise."

We learn that the quota of this county, under the last call, is 112.

Owing to the rain on last Friday, the roads are somewhat muddy.

A special session of Circuit Court was held this week. Hon. E. EGBERT, presiding.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, to meet Wednesday.

FULTON COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY meeting, Auditor's office, Sat., Nov. 7. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

There will be a "panorama of the American Civil war," next Thursday evening at the Court House. Young men take your "gazelles" to the show.

A couple of men on a "bit of a spree," last Thursday, thought they would indulge in a "knock down," but were separated before they were much injured.

Recommending Drs. MILLER & THOMPSON. Dr. Miller has resided in this place for about a year....

PROTECTION HOOK & LADDER No. 1 meeting, Nov. 3. The names of all members who have been absent from four regular meetings, who do not appear and make lawful excuses for non-attendance, will be stricken from the roll. T. P. REID, Secy.


A.D. CORNELIUS & BRO. Store at the old stand of FRED FROMM, on the corner north of the post office. General merchandise includes boots, shoes, hardware items, fish, oysters.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, November 7, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Memorializing Capt. Lewis HUGHES, Co. D, 87th Regt. Ind. Vols., who fell at the battle of Chickamauga, while "at the head of his Company during the thickest of the fight and while gallantly cheering on his men.")

LETTER FROM SOLDIER of the 87th Regiment at Chattanooga, informing the Sentinel that the Chronicle is received by them, but the Sentinel had not been received for a year. Mentioned is AL. PUGH.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, signed "Scissors," which appeared in the Chronicle, signed "Union."

NOTICE. Can't see that wood which you promised to bring us.

Our Carrier, not being acquainted with the place, may miss a few subscribers when he distributes the papers; they will please call at the office and get one.

Our thanks are due our friend Frank ORR, for the present of a bushel of turnips. May fortune never frown upon him.

J. M. DAVIDSON., Esq. has sold his interest in DAVIDSON ROBBINS SALOON, to Messrs. ROBBINS & SHORE, and requests all debtors to settle accounts.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79 meeting Nov. 11, 1863. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

J. J. DAVIS appointed Rochester twp Trustee by County Auditor HOLMES, the office having become vacant upon election of Isaiah WALKER as Fulton County Surveyor.

Capt. B. F. GROVER, Lieut. McAFEE and Sgt. JAS. BEEBER are in Rochester recruiting volunteers. Bounty to veterans is $402, and to citizens $302.

RETURNED. We notice that our old friend, A. F. SMITH has returned from his journey to Colorado, where he has been during the summer as Assistant Surveyor in the Government survey of that territory....

FOR SALE. Three good horses, one good sett of Double Harness and one good two horse wagon. Wm. GIBSON, at the Mansion House, Rochester, Ind.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor to be drunkon Lot No. 31, Pleasant Grove. Thos. KELLOGG, John F. ROBBINS.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Nov. 30, 1863, to satisfy order in favor of Jesse SPARKS and against property of Samuel BUSSET, Sarah BUSSET, Clark BEDWELL and Jacob STOCKBERGER (consisting of house, sawmill and water priviledges of repairing the dam and race of said mill, and priviledge of a lane from said mill to the Rochester road). Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, November 14, 1863

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, signed "Copperhead" refuting the letter signed "X" to the editor of the Chronicle. Mentioned is Dr. ROBBINS.

WANTED. I want 40 cords of wood, for the Court House, for which I will pay Greenbacks. A. J. HOLMES, Co. Agt.

The newly elected Recorder, Milo R. SMITH, Esq., assumed the duties of his office last week. A. L. ROBBINS, the late Recorder, retires from office with the warm commendations of all, for the efficient and gentlemanly manner in which he has discharged his duties as a Recorder for the past four years.

BURNED TO DEATH. A son of Thos. MEREDITH, Esq., of Newcastle township, in this county, was burned to death on Wednesday last. It is not known, we understand, how the accident happened, as no person happened to be in the .... (Compiler's note: The rest of this item was clipped out)

School Funds distributed to Township Trustees..(listed).

(Application for License) ... to sell liquor to be drunk on lot No. 43, Old Plat, Town of Rochester. T. C. SHORE, David SHORE.

(Petition to Sell Real Estate).. Notice to heirs, estate of Chas. BRUGH, by Joseph BRUGH, Admr.

NOTICE. 1863 Taxes due. WM. STURGEON, Treasurer F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, November 21, 1863

Capt. Horace LONG, of the 87th, is at home on furlough.

The new building of HOLMES & MILLER is about completed and is described as "an ornament to Rochester."

DEBATING CLUB at Van Trump's School House has been organized for weekly discussion during the winter.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, November 28, 1863

EDITORIAL. (Concerning speech given by Abraham Lincoln on Jan. 12, 1848, and which is reprinted in full on page 1.)

"Christmas is coming" but we guess the wood which is promised us is not.

HOLMES & MILLER'S new building came near being destroyed by fire, yesterday morning.

Our thanks are due to L. M. MONTGOMERY, Esq., for some very fine cabbages, about the largest and finest that we have seen this fall.

We see that our young friend, B. F. BROWN, of the 87th is again home on furlough. Frank looks rather "under the weather," but we hope that he will soon be all right.
DESTRUCTION OF HAY. We learn that the recent fires west of town, on the prairies, destroyed a great deal of hay, probably 200 tons, This is a great loss, considering the present scarsity of hay.

Messrs. HOLMES & KEELEY have just returned from purchasing merchandise at Cincinnati for their store, MAMMOTH BLDG., opposite the Court House.

DEBATING CLUB meeting, next Thursday, Van Trump's School House. Debate: Resolved, that the present war is a necessary evil.

MARRIED. On Sunday evening, Nov. 8th 1863, at Warsaw, Indiana, by Rev. Mr. WILSON, Mr. Austin McFALL, formerly of Rochester, and Miss Mollie KOONTZ, of Peru, Indiana....

NOTICE. To let contract on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1863, to build school house in dist. #2, at residence of Samuel REARICK; and to sell log school house & other items, dist. #I, near residence of James HAY. J. R. DALES, Trustee, Aubbeenaubbee twp.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by request of John DRUDGE and Joseph MULL. Isaac WALKER, Surveyor F.C.

A. J. DAVIDSON, in room recently occupied by E. B. CHINN, at the sign of the saddle next door south of Ernsperger's store.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, December 5, 1863

EDITORIAL. (At least two thirds of the 1200 registered democrats should be Sentinel subscribers. Therefore "we ought to have at least 300 more scribers ... ")

Recommending A. J. HOLMES 4 CO., new store, with clerks: Jack, Sam, Peter & Mahlon.

Several trustees complain of scarcity of school teachers.

RECRUITING FOR FULTON COUNTY. Mark C. McAFEE, assisted by David T. EVEY, of Akron, and others, is engaged in recruiting a company for the 129th new regt., Infantry. 45 men are necessary to secure an organization in the regt., after which if you will not volunteer, the company will be filled by draft. We learn that about one third that number has already been raised. Old Henry will raise her quota, will not other twps do the same, come forward enlist and save the good credit of your county.

NOTICE. The SENTINEL will furnish Godey's Lady's Book, for 1864, and the Sentinel for one year for $3.50.

We are under obligations to a few of our subscribers for some wood which they brought us this week. If they had not done so, we would have "friz" up, sure. A little more wood will be greatfully accepted.

Wonder where the printer boys of this office are to get their "spendin money" for Christmas? Can anybody tell?

At the school election, last Saturday, Mr. HOOVER was elected for Principal. We have not learned the assistants' names.

Commissioners Court to meet next Monday, the 7th.

"Parties" appear to be all the go, in Rochester, just at present. There is one or two every evening, Sunday evening excepted.

A. J. HOLMES & CO., South room HOLMES & MILLER new building, opposite Court House, drygoods, groceries, hardware & other general merchandise. A. J. HOLMES, S. KEELY, Peter MEREDITH.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, December 12, 1863

EDITORIAL. "A Suggestion" Would it not be well for our corporation "Dads" to take some measures in relation to the cattle and hogs that throng the streets of Rochester roaming up and down seeking what they may devour. Not a farmer comes to town with a load of grain or vegetables but what, the instant his back is turned the cows make a common onslaught on the contents of his wagon, abstracting therefrom, hay, corn and everything else eatable. What falls overboard, the hogs always stand ready to appropriate. Now this is fun for the cows, but not for our country friends who daily denounce such "doings" in terms much more emphatic than pious. The other day we heard a man swear that, "with a little more practice the cows would steal a load of corn before a man could drive through town with it on a fast trot."
The evil should be remedied. The hogs and cows should be kept out of the street (or out of main street), during the fall and winter months.

We learn from Lieut. McAFEE he has now 22 recruits, principally from Henry twp. This twp will probably raise her quota without recourse to a draft; and the citizens of the other twps should recollect that the 5th of Jan., the day the draft is to take place, is fast approaching.

Col. K. G. SHRYOCK, of this place, has been appointed Provost Marshal of this District, in place of Wm. Wirt WALLACE, relieved.

Vantrump's School House DEBATE, next Thursday. Resolved, that the laws of nature are the only laws given by God to man.

MARRIED. On the 3d inst., in the town of Mt. Vernon, by Rev. James LUCAS, Mr. Isaac R. BARKER and Miss Mary Ann HOSACK, both of Wayne township, Fulton County, Indiana.

CHRISTMAS BALL, WALLACE'S HALL, Christmas Eve., Dec. 24,
Robt. WALLACE, Propr.

LOST. During Fulton Co. Fair, one small "white fyst" dog. Jacob WILT, residence north east of Rochester.

Wanted 1000 bushels clover seed. A. J. HOLMES & COMPANY.

Dr. A. H. ROBBINS gone to Cincinnati for the winter. Accounts to be paid to A. L. ROBBINS.

G. P. CHERRY purchased entire stock of C. J. STRADLEY.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Jan. 4, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of Wm. G. LACKEY and against property of John M. QUIGG (Lot 31, old plat, Rochester). Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, December 26, 1863

NOTICE. To Tax Payers. I hereby give notice that no funds will be received at this office, for taxes, after the 20th inst., except good National Currency, State Bank of Ohio, and Par Banks of the State of Indiana. Wm. STURGEON, Treas. P.C.

Democracy of Fulton County to meet Jan. 2, 1864, Court House, to appoint delegates to 9th Dist. Congress. Convention at Winamac, Jan. 8. A. J. HOLMES, Chairman.

Annual Meeting Fulton County Agricultural 4 Horticultural Society, Court House, Dec. 26. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

We, the boys of the office, respectfully ask the editor's pardon for going to press without his editorial. We cannot work on Christmas.

NOTICE. Axes for sale by A. J. HOLMES & CO.

NOTICE. School books including McGuffey's Readers and Ray's Higher Arithmetic for sale by A. J. Holmes & Co.

Persons owning H. W. MANN or MANN & CO., notified to settle immediately.

(Surveyor's Notice)... Legal survey at request of Frederick STURCKEN. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 1, 1863

WANTED. A bushel of Black Walnuts, and a bushel of Hickory nuts. Inquire at L. J. BROWN'S, or at this office.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 8, 1863

LETTER FROM THE 26th IND. VOLUNTEERS. Prairie Grove, 10 miles from Fayetteville, Ark., Dec 10, 1862. Kind Uncle:
The gallant 26th fought like heroes, and suffered severely. Nineteen were wounded and two killed in our company. William J. CANNON and William H. HOOVER were killed dead on the field; Michael BARNETT and Henry HAZEN were mortally wounded.... A woman came in yesterday to see if she could find any of her kindred among the killed. She found her father, her brother, and her husband, all killed! O, she just tore around all day. One of our boys found his brother killed on the field! The brother was a secesh, and our soldier buried him, and never shed a tear!
O, it looks horrible to see the dead, piled up like wood! They begin to smell rather strong, and the men they sent back to bury them are going to join our army, and let them lie there and rot! The hogs are eating many of them up.... Yours truly,

Lieut. David MOW will leave for his Regiment (the 87th Ind. Volunteers) on Tuesday, Jan 20, 1863, and will take light parcels, letters &c., which friends may desire to send to members of the Regiment. Articles may be left at this office until Saturday evening, the 17th inst.

We have the pleasure of acknowledging the receipt of a pair of plump chickens from Mr. A. P. HOLDER, one for our foreman and one for ourself....
We omitted last week to mention the receipt of a nice little Christmas present from Mrs. CHANDLER.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 15, 1863

BATTLE OF PRAIRIE GROVE. (The following description of the battle of Prairie Grove, Ark., was written by H. RALSTIN, a son of Moore RALSTIN, Esq., who participated in the fearful struggle. It was written to his father, through whose kindness we are permitted to publish it. -- Ed).....

Col. SUIRYOCK, of the 87th, arrived at home last Saturday. E. B. CHINN and James GRAHAM of the same regiment, are also home.

Elder William GRIGGSBY, of Logansport, will preach at the CHRISTIAN CHAPEL on Saturday evening, Jan 31st, at 7 oclock, and on Sunday morning, Feb lst, at 10-1/2 oclock.

(Administrator's Notice) .... Lindley MOORE appointed Administrator with will annexed upon the estate of Abram COPPOCK deceased, late of Fulton county.... January 7, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Abram COPPOCK deceased, in Wayne Township.... Lindley MOORE, Admr. January 7, 1863.

(Estray Notice) ... Enoch STURGEON, Esq has filed in my office his report that Simeon WEBER, in Rochester Township .... has taken up..... R. AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Dep'y. January 9, 1863.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Rochester Jan 1, 1863: Mrs. Mary BLACK, Miss Mary J. BAILEY, BARTON & MILLENER, Wesley CARTER, Mary A. CARTER, William COWAN, Mary DRUDGE, Powell FIKE, Peter GRIPPE, Minerva HEWLAND, Thomas HUNTER, William HELTER, Henderson JOHNSON, James R. LAMBERT, SAMUEL MECKLING, MILLER & SPRAY, JACKSON MOORE, HIRAM MILLER, M. L. MINER, Miss E. B. PATTON, A. H. REITER, John RAY, Henry REMINSNIDER, John RUNNELLS, Peter SWARTZLANDER, Samuel C. SHIVELEY, Stephen C. SAUNDERS, Samuel STAHL, John SHELLY, Samuel SHADLE, Rebecca SHADLE, Catharine SOWERS, William SMITH, Albert S. SHAW, Mary SHERMAN, A. J. SHOEMACHER, Catharine SHROYER, Albert TORRENCE, William WARDLOW, Joseph H. WAGNER, Jonathan WASHINGTON, Matilda WIKLE, Nancy WELDON. --C. J. STRADLEY., P.M.

(Non-Resident Notice) .... Jesse SPARKS vs Samuel BUSSERT, Sarah BUSSERT et al. Complaint for foreclosure of Mortgage. Robert AITKEN, Clerk, F.C.C., by S. KEITH, Deputy, Dec 24, 1862. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff.

(Non-Resident Notice).... Christian SHEARER vs Christiana SHEARER. Complaint for Divorce. Robert AITKEN, Clerk F.C.C., by S. KEITH, Deputy. Dec 24, 1862. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff.

(Non-Resident Notice) ... . Philemon WEBBER vs George P. BEEBER, Jane BEEBER, John H. BEEBER. Complaint for foreclosure of Mortgage. Robert AITKEN, Clerk F.C.C., by S. KEITH, Deputy. Dec 24, 1862. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff.

(Estray Notice)... Taken up by Alfred HI8ER, in Wayne Township..,. on the 26th day of November, 1862.... Robert AITKEN, Clk F.C.C., by S. KEITH, Depy. Doc 29, 1862.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 22, 1863

DIED. At his residence in New Castle township, on Monday morning, January 12th, 1863, of Typhoid Fever, John C. DILLE, aged 61 years.
Father Dille was born, February 9th, 1802, in Washington county, Pennsylvania, and in his youth emigrated to Richland county, Ohio, where he resided until 1848, when he again emigrated to Indiana and settled in this county,
He leaves a large family of small children, a dearly loved companion, and relatives and friends to mourn his loss. Father Dille will be missed by his neighbors as a mechanic, and as an officer in his councils among friends and in the church. The church below has lost one of its most faithful members, but the church above has added age to the millions already there.
On Tuesday, his remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of friends, and the funeral services were attended to by Elder Moses MEREDITH, at the Yellow Creek Church. Rochester, Jan 15, 1863. (From the Sentinel)

(Application for License) ... to sell intoxicating liquors ... on Lot 42, Old Plat, in Rochester... being the premises recently occupied by Chas. BECKER. DAVIDSON & ROBBINS, Rochester, January 22, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February, 5, 1863

Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE will preach on the subject of TEMPERANCE, at the request of the Grand Lodge of the I.O. of Good Templars, on Sunday evening, February 8th, at 6-2 oclock ....

ALMOST A FIRE. An alarm of fire was given last Monday evening, but fortunately, the fire was extinguished before doing much damage. The place where it originated was the north side of Levi MERCER'S Building, sparks having been blown through the sky-light of Robert GOULD'S Ambrotype and Photograph Gallery, and ignited the cloth screens. The Fire Company was promptly on hand, though the fire was extinguished before their arrival.

PUBLIC SALE.... Saturday, Feb 14th, 1863, at his residence in Richland Township, a lot of HOUSEHOLD & KITCHEN FURNITURE, CARPENTER'S TOOLS, COWS, CALVES, and other young stock.... John CRUM.

CARRIAGE & SIGN, ORNAMENTAL AND FANCY PAINTING.... Shop at Samuel Heffley's Union Wagon and Carriage Shop. H. S. FARRINGTON, Rochester, Feb 5, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 12, 1863

Rev. A. S. LAKIN will preach the funeral sermon of John Henry MACKEY, who recently died in the army, on Sunday next, at 101-2 oclock A.M., at the Methodist Church in this place.

McCLURE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. There will be a meeting of the Association at the library room-- J. J. DAVIS' Law office-- on next Thursday eve., at 6:30 p.m., for special business. A. J. HOLMES, Secy.

PLANING MILL. Messrs. TALLY & MARTIN are doing good business with their new Planing Mill. On Tuesday last, they run 4,000 feet of lumber through the machine, much of which was oak and white ash flooring. Any mechanic who will dress hard-wood flooring by hand, when he can get it done by machinery, deserves to suffer with the backache.

(Notice of Administration) ... Isaiah W. KRIDER appointed Administrator upon the Estate of Christian E. KRIDER, deceased, late of Fulton county, Indiana... February 10, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Christian E. KRIDER, deceased, in Liberty Township, Fulton County, Indiana.... Isaiah W. KRIDER, Admr. February 10, 1863.

(Estray Notice) .... taken up by John SHAFFER of Henry Township... appraised by Isaac PONTIOUS, Samuel PONTIOUS and J. W. CARPENTER.... Filed and recorded Feb. 7th, 1863. R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Depy.

PUBLIC SALE.... Saturday Feb 24th, 1863, at his residence in Richland Township, a lot of Household & Kitchen Furniture, Carpenter's Tools, Cows, Calves... John CRUM.
ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 19, 1863

Mrs. A. STONE, of this township has presented us with a half bushel of excellent apples, mostly Bell-flowers, for which she has our thanks.

We have received copies of the Nashville Union, from Frank BROWN, T. F. RANNELLS and Jonas MYERS....

D. S. GOULD and A. D. HOPPE have just returned from Cincinnati, with a fine lot of goods in their several lines of trade.... Dan can be found one door North of Mercer's Hardware Store, and everybody knows where to find Hoppe's Jewelry Store. If not, just look out for the big Spectacles, and the Watch.

On Monday last, we found in our office, upon our return from the Union meeting, a box containing something over nine dozen eggs and about three pounds of nice butter.... we learned that they were left by Thos. J. HOLCOMB, Esq., of Green Oak....

MARRIED. On Sunday, Feb 8th, at Green Oak, by Eld. Isaac BUTLER, Mr. Wilhelmus DUBOIS and Miss Hannah M. HOLCOMB, daughter of Thomas J. HOLCOMB, Esq.

DIED. In this village, on the llth inst., of Croup, Rolla E. [SMITH], son of J. J. and B. L. SMITH, aged 1 year 4 months and 19 days ....

LIST OF LETTERS in the Post Office at Rochester, Ind. Feb 15 1863: John BROWN, Jacob BURGHERIN, Mary L. BEEDLE, V. C. COUN, John D. COOPER, Sarah Ellen DAVIDSON, A. B. FAIRBANK, Sarah HOARTCAN, Dr. Harvey LASEUR, Jane LARGE, Henry MIJLLENHOUR, Emma MOORE, Daniel B. MILLER, George NIGHTHART, Samuel REED, Joseph MAY, Conrad SCHANK, Charles SAYLES, Albert TORRENCE, Jane WILLSON, James WARE, James WIRS, Mary YOUNG. -- C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 26, 1863

FROM THE 46th REGIMENT. Helena, Ark., Feb 4, 1863.
Editor Chronicle: I send you a copy of our last Muster Roll, the publication of which will be a gratification to our friends. The changes which have occurred in our roll during the past year, are a sufficient comment upon the hardships, which we have endured. One year ago we had discharged none; the list of deaths was just commenced. Now the lists of dead and discharged include near half the names of the original roll. Since our last muster the name of Theodore W. STRINGHAM has been added to the list of dead. He died on board the Steamer Sunshine, near St. Charles, Ark., on the night of Jan 19th, after an illness of a few hours; and was buried the following day near the common grave of the unfortunate crew of the Mound City...
I hear oi a document of considerable interest which has recently been gotten up here-- addressed to the Democracy of Indiana-- praying them to stay their mad career. The paper is signed by Gens. GERMAN, HOVEY and McGINNIS, Cols. SLACK, McLANE and others, who were of, and acted with the former Democracy of our State .... Our old friend Dr. BRACKETT has been very ill of late-but bids fair to recover. For a time we despaired of him. He will go North as soon as able to travel .... Yours, B. A. GROVER.
MUSTER ROLL OF CO K, 46th REGIMENT, IND VOLS., December 31, 1862: Captain, B. A. GROVER. 1st Lieutenant, Robert M. SHIELDS. 2d, John McCLUNG. 1st Sergeant, Jacob C. MOSES. 2d, John VAN METER, 3d, Chester CHAMBERLAIN, 4th, Ambrose McVOKE. 5th, Frank M. REID. Commissary Sergeant, George HORN. 1st Corporal, John MARSHMAN. 2d, John VICE. 3d, Simon MILLER. 4th, William SUYDAM. 5th, D. C. JENKINS. 6th, A. G. SINKS. 7th, Adam GANDY. 8th, Miller TRUSLOW. Musicians, John STRADLEY and Albert BEAUCHAMP.
PRIVATES: Larkin ADAMSON, Robertson ADAMSON, Daniel R. BALL, Henry A. BRUNO, Simon CAMP,, William COOK, C. W. COLWELL, William DAVIS, David HALLER, Levi HASKELL, William HUNTER, Roscoe HUTCHINS, John HOOVER, Samuel HOOVER, John JOHNSON, Samuel JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, William KRIGHBAUM, Jefferson MARSHMAN, George MOON, George W. MATHEWS, Lewis MESSNER, Frisby RICHARDSON, Michael ROONEY, John RITCHIE, Joseph ROSS, Thomas W. SCOTT, Andrew SHAMP, Jesse SHAMP, John STALLARD, Enos O. STRINGHAM, Theo. W. STRINGHAM, Elihu SHAFER, Stephen SHEPHERD, Elmore SHELT, Lyman WHITE, William WOOD, Hiram WHITTENBERGER.
DIED: J. R. BELL, Thomas BLACKETOR, William BROCKUS, Elijah CLISE, Daniel CLLSE, Joseph GANDY,, Asbury JOHNSON, Hickson JONES, William MOORE, John P. REAM, H. S. RITCHIE, Henry SAYLOR, Nelson G. SIPPY, William E. SUTTON, George UPDEGRAPH, George VAN METER, J. B. WHITTENBERGER, Timothy WILLIAMS.

On Wednesday of last week was perpetrated, in our county, one of the most disgraceful acts which it has ever been our lot to record, and which will brand the guilty participants with infamy through their whole future lives.
Our readers will remember the announcement in our columns, a few months since, of the death of our esteemed fellow citizen F. C. HAMLET, a soldier in the 29th Indnana Volunteers. About three months after his death, his body was sent home for burial among his friends, in accordance with his last wish, and was duly interred in a graveyard not far distant from his late residence, in New Castle Township. So long a time having elapsed since his death, the body was, of course, much decayed, especially as it was impossible for his son, who is still a member of the 29th, to obtain an air-tight coffin immediately, and for these reasons, it was deemed injudicious to open the coffin when it arrived here '
It was but a short time until some cowardly copperhead started the story that Mr. Hamlet's body had not been brought home, but that the coffin contained arms with which the Abolitionists were about to commence war upon the innocent and unsuspecting Democrats. With eyes starting from their sockets, these brave men retailed the silly falsehood; and, absurd as the stupid invention seemed to men of sense, the whole hungry pack of cowardly New Castle hyenas swallowed it with delight, and threatened to disinter the coffin.-- Few, however, deemed it possible that the wretches would carry out their threats.- It seemed scarcely possible that things could be found in the form of men, that would desecrate the grave of a neighbor, who had fallen in the service of his country. But partisan cowardice and hate reach far enough to insult even the dead!
Accordingly, on Wednesday of last week, a party of some 30 or 40 of the New Castle Copperheads, armed with rifles, shot-guns, revolvers, &c., proceeded to the grave, and having stationed their pickets, to prevent interruption, commenced their infamous work.
In the mean time, the wife of the deceased, and Mr. Henry HAMLET, a brother, having arrived, protested against the proceedings, but in vain. The coffin was soon reached, and taken from the grave. The hyenas then proceeded to open it, but finding the lid well secured, they split it off with an ax, and found--- the body of the dead soldier! Their devilish malignity being gratified, they replaced the coffin in the grave, and again filled it with earth.
We have been unable to obtain a list of the names of all the perpetrators of this outrage, as the leaders threatened to kill any person who should give the names of those engaged in it, to Mr. Hamlet. The following are the names as far as furnished us, for our ROLL OF INFAMY:
Let the poor soldier, who may fall in battle or by disease, far away from home and friends, be buried among strangers, for there his bones may rest undisturbed, no vandal will desecrate his grave, it remains for the freedom hating poltroons at home, to commit such fiendish sacrilege.
We are glad to say that a portion of the so-called Democracy denounce this outrage, though many of them approve it.

Dr. Vernon GOULD arrived at home last Friday, from the 87th Regiment Ind Vols. We have not learned whether he purposes returning or not.

The Circuit Court commenced its session last Monday, Judge OSBORN presiding, and adjourned yesterday morning. William OSGOOD, Esq, of the Sentinel, was admitted to the bar.

We have been requested to state that the report that a daughter of Mr. Jehu CARR, of this place, has the small pox, is false. Physicians say it is the rash.

A fellow, named LEACH, of Akron, in this county has been arrested for the second time, and taken to Indianapolis, where we understand he will be tried by court martial. It is said that he has deserted not less than three times, once in Ohio and twice in this State. If convicted, his position is anything but desirable.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 5, 1863

Our friend Charles J. STRADLEY has just returned from Helena, Ark. He left there on Tuesday of last week, and reports that the 46th had left for Vicksburg, by the way of the Yazoo.

DEATH OF DR. BRACKETT. Most of readers are already aware of the death of our excellent and highly esteemed fellow citizen, Dr. Charles BRACKETT, which occurred at Helena, Ark., on the 20th ult. His remains arrived here last Friday evening, and were interred on Sunday, in the Odd Fellow's Cemetery. We expect to publish a more extended notice of his life and death, and also the resolutions of respect adopted by the officers of the 9th Illinois Cavalry, next week.

(Resolution by I.O.O.F., Rochester Lodge, No. 47, Rochester, Ind., Feb 14, 1863) .... death of Brother John STEFFEE, which took place in Hospital No. 3, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Jan 18, 1863.... L. A. OSBORN, I. GOOD, J. B. DEMOTTE, Comm.

Dr. A. H. ROBBINS would say to his old patrons and friends .... that he has again resumed the practice of medicine alone. .... He lodges in his office, (the old office of the firm of Robbins & White.) ....

UNION SCHOOL. The spring term of this School will commence Monday, April 20th, 1863.... W. H. HAZELTON, Principal. Miss J. M. TINSLEY, Intermediate Department. Miss Lucy B. CLOUSE, Primary Department. Rochester, March Sth, 1863.

(Non-Resident Notice)... Samuel B. EDWARDS vs Harry SMITH and Margaret SMITH. Complaint for Foreclosure.... R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Depy. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff. Feb 27, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 12, 1863

THE GRAVE ROBBERS. We are pleased to see that the hyenas and jackals who recently robbed the grave of Mr. F. C. HAMLET, have a little human feeling left, enough to make them feel the deep and damning disgrace they have brolt upon themselves by their sacrilegious violation of a soldier's grave. They have obtained notoriety, which if it has not made them famous, has rendered them infamous.
The Toledo Blade, Chicago Tribune, St. Joseph Valley Register, Mishawaka Enterprise, Peru Republican, Logansport Journal, Marshall County Republican, LaPorte Herald, and Nashville (Tenn.) Union, have each given them a fitting notice, and their names are just at present about as widely known as they can desire, especially in connection with so disgraceful an outrage.
Mr. Peter SANNS comes out in a card in the Sentinel of the 7th inst., claiming that Henry HAMLET and the widow of F. C. HAMLET, desired him to be present, and intimates that he would like to have Henry Hamlet pay him for assisting at the fiendish job. All that we have to say of this is, that Mrs. Hamlet assures us, she never said a word to him on the subject, and we are also informed that all Henry Hamlet said to him was, that he hoped since they had opened the grave, they would close it again before they left. Until we have further evidence we beg leave to believe just which story we see fit.
DIED. At Helena, Ark., on the 20th day of February, 1863, Dr. Charles BRACKETT, of Fulton county, Indiana, and at the time of his decease, Surgeon in the 9th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry....
Dr. Brackett was born at Cherry Valley, Otsego county, New York, June 18th, 1825; received a good academic education, studied medicine, and in 1845, at the age of 20 years, entered upon the duties of his profession, in Fulton county, which thenceforward continued to be his home.
.... very soon after the assault upon Fort Sumter, he tendered his services to Gov. MORTON, offering to serve in the Union army, in whatsoever capacity he could be most useful, and in August, 1861, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the 1st Regiment of Indiana Cavalry.
He immediately joined the regiment, then stationed in Missouri, and continued faithfully to discharge his duties, till Oct 4th, 1861, when he came home for a few weeks, and before returning, received Feb 4th, 1862, the appointment of Surgeon in the 9th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Cavalry. Attached to this new command, he continued in the service until the time of his death, Feb 20th, 1863, having been absent from his post, only a short time in the fall of 1862, when ill health compelled him to seek repose at home.
.... He was an attentive, affectionate husband, a faithful and kind parent....

(Resolutions of respect from Headquarters 9th Ill Cavalry, Camp at Helena, Ark., Feb 22d, 1863.... for Surgeon Charles BRACKETT.... )

(Resolutions of respect from Hall of Rochester Lodge, No. 47, I.O.O.F., March 7th, 1863.... for Dr. Charles BRACKETT.... J. B. DEMOTTE, Vernon GOULD, Isaac TRUE, Com.)

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 26, 1863

FROM THE 26th REGIMENT. Camp 26th Indiana Volunteers, Near Hazel Wood, Mo., March 6th, 1863 :
Editor Chronicle: .... In conclusion we speak of Captain D. RADER and upon him too much praise cannot be bestowed.... Very respectfully yours, J. L. ATKINSON, Co. A, 26th Reg. Ind. Vol.

Capt. TRUSLOW, of Company F, 87th Indiana Volunteers, arrived at home on Tuesday last. He has been compelled to resign on account of failing health. He left the company 24 miles beyond Nashville.

Our enterprising postmaster, C. J. STRADLEY, is erecting a new building on the corner North of his store, into the lower story of which he will remove the POST OFFICE, as soon as it is completed.
The second story will be occupied by Dr. M. M. REX, as a Dentist's Office.

SOLDIERIS LETTER. We have on file letters from Andrew HATTERY, Augustus G. SINKS, Alexander YOUNG, J. L. ATKINSON and Capt. LOGAN, all of which we should be glad to publish, but circumstances have prevented our doing so thus far, and some of the letters have become so old that we hardly think it advisable to publish them....

(Resolutions of respect, Mt. Horab Encampment, No. 24, I.O.O.F.,... taken from us our much respected and beloved brother, Patriarch Charles BRACKETT.... A. J. HOLMES, J. B. DEMOTTE, D. W. LYON, Com., Rochester, March 16, 1863)

DEATH OF A SOLDIER. By a letter dated Camp near Murfreesboro, Tenn., Jan 19th, 1863, we learn that Robert J. DOUGLASS, son of John DOUGLASS, formerly a citizen of this county, fell at the battle of Stone River, being killed by a cannon ball. He was a member of Company G, 15th Ind. Vols. He is said to have been a noble fellow, loved by all his fellow soldiers, and his loss is severely felt by all the company.

MARRIED. On the 19th inst., by Rev. J. B. ALLYN, Mr. Gilbert M. CALIFF and Miss Cynthia E. FITZGERALD, all of this place.

(Notice of Administration) .... Margaret BRACKETT, David W. LYON, letters of Administration to same upon the estate of Charles BRACKETT, deceased, late of Fulton county.... March 18, 1863.

PUBLIC SALE.... Public Auction.... at my residence in the town of Rochester, a variety of personal property.... Lewis J. BROWN. Rochester, March 19, 1863.

Report of the Trustee of the Corporation of Rochester.... of Receipts and Expenditures of the School Fund for the year ending March 2d, 1863..... (names mentioned) ... CRAVEN, Miss FOOTE, Miss MOORE, H. MILLER, Wm. DAVIDSON, Wm. MACKEY, Levi MERCER, ROSE & CARPENTER, J. L. CLOUSE, T. H. ALEXANDER, M. M'GINNIS, Wm. JACKSON, E. R. POWERS, Wm. BARRETT, S. L. SHELTON, R. R. SMITH, W. HAZLETON, Miss ERNSPERGER, Miss LEVICY, Miss CLOUSE.... D. W. LYON, Trustee.

Account of Receipts and Expenditures of the School Fund for Rochester Township, for the year ending March 4, 1863.... (names mentioned) .... J. H. HORTON, J. H. NAFE, Charles W. CAFFIN, Julia DUNLAP, Sarah A. STALLARD, Jacob S. RANNELLS, Hannah LEVICY, Loretta PORTER, T. H. WOODRUFF, Mary J. MOORE, Angeline T. MOORE, J. P. SMITH, Wm. L. KOONS, H. MILLER for Daughter, James M. CLARK, Theo. MONTGOMERY, W. H. DAVIDSON, Mary WELBORN, Gavin MILLER.... William MACKEY, Trustee.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 2, 1863

(Resolution of Respect, Eden Lodge No. 69, I.O.O.F., Kewanna, Ind., March 21, 1863.... our dear brother, Dr. Charles BRACKETT.... W. T. CLELAND, John SHELTON, Abram HARRIS, Com.)

MARRIED. - On the morning of the 26th inst., at the residence of the bride's father,, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Milo R. SMITH, Esq., and Miss Eliza E. LYON, eldest daughter of D. W. LYON, Esq., all of this village....
-Also, on the same evening., at the -residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. Christopher FITZGERALD and Miss Helen HAWLEY, all of this village....

(Administratrixl Sale of Executory Contract) .... Elizabeth JOHNSON, Administratrix upon the estate of Joseph JOHNSON, deceased.... Executory Contract, made by William JOHNSON, deceased, with said Joseph Johnson, of... real estate in Fulton county.... S. KEITH, her attorney, March 25th, 1863.

(Administratrix' Notice) .... Melinda HARSH appointed Administratrix upon the estate of Simon HARSH, late of Fulton county, Indiana, deceased.... March 18, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 9, 1863

Col. K. G. SHRYOCK arrived at home on Saturday last. He has resigned his commission on account of failing health.

MITE SOCIETY. The meeting for next week will be at the residence of Mrs. Alexander CHAMBERLAIN, on Tuesday evening....

MARRIED. On the 2d inst., by Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE, Mr. Samuel PARKER and Mrs. Melinda CARTER, all of this township.

DIED. - At Fulton, April 3d, 1863, of Inflammation of the Brain, Banjamin F. [BUCHANAN], youngest child of D. C. and K. A. BUCHANAN, aged one year and twenty days.
-In Rochester Township, on the 31st ultimo, Sarah A. [IRVIN], infant daughter of William and Deborah IRVIN, aged 5 months and 15 days.

(Notice of Survey) ... Done by order of John T. HARDESTY and S. S. COLE. Vernon GOULD, County Surveyor, by P. M. BOZARTH, Deputy. April 9, 1863.

(Administrator's Notice) .... Joel TOWNSEND appointed Administrator upon the estate of William F. SQUIRES, late of Fulton county, deceased. April 3, 1963.

(Administrator's Sale).... at the late residence of William F. SQUIRES, deceased, in Liberty Township, Fulton county, Indiana.... Joel TOWNSEND, Admr. April 3, 1863.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining at Post Office, Rochester, Ind., April 1, 1863: John W. ANDES, Mrs. Elizabeth ABBOTT, John D. AMOS, Mrs. Betsey BAKER, John BENTON, Hiram CLINGER, James W. CARTWRIGHT, W. D. COREY, William DANIELSON, L. W. DAWSON, Joseph C. DAVIS, Flenor HURL, W. HAYWORTH, John HUNTER, William HENDRICKS, Dr. R. A. H- - - , John KAMERER, John W. LADD, Henry MULENHOUR, Sarah R. MOON, John Ulrich MATSEY, William PETTIT, Sarah Jane RASER, S. S. SALYERS, Hiram SMITH, David SHOWWATER, Albert SMITH, Catharine SHROGER, Mary Ann SMALLEY, Patrick SHOEMAKER, Ann TORRENCE, Mrs. Mary WILLETS, Rebecca YEAGER, Lewis ZIMMERMAN. -- C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

H. S. FARRINGTON.... has purchased (HEFFLEY'S) WAGON and CARRIAGE SHOP. UNION WAGON SHOP.... Wagons, Lumber wagons, Spring Carriages, Shovel Plows.... REPAIRING. Rochester, April 9. 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 16, 1863

COMPLIMENTARY TO CAPT. TRUSLOW. Camp near Tinune, Tenn. March 20th, 1863.
We the undersigned, officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of Company F., 87th Regt., Ind Volunteers, take this mode and manner of expressing our feelings in regard to our late Captain George W. TRUSLOW, who was compelled to leave us, and the service of his country on account of ill health....
OFFICERS: Horace C. LONG, Captain; Jacob H. LEITER, 1st Lieutenant; Joseph W. BEEBER, 2d; A. G. PUGH, 1st Sergeant; C. S. HICKMAN, 2d; Jonas MYERS, 3d; C. W. CLAY, 4th; D. W. SHRYOCK, Quartermaster's Sergt; J. CARPENTER, Commissary Sergeant; Banner LAWHEAD, Adj. Clerk.
CORPORALS: J. W. SQUIRES, 1st Corporal; J. L. MARTINDALE, 2d; J. H. LEAGUE, 3d; Henry PLATT, 4th; J. ROTH, 5th; J. L. McMAHAN, 6th; A. E. BATCHELOR, 7th.

DIED. At Fulton, April 12th, 1863, of Typhoid Fever, Marry Hattie [BUCHANAN], daughter of D. C. and K. A. BUCHANAN, aged two years one month and twelve days.
The mourning parents have our warmest sympathies in this their double bereavement. Only last week we were called upon to announce the death of their infant son, and now another of their choicest treasures is demanded....

D. R. MARTIN will hire out his Jack-Screws, on reasonable terms, to persons wishing to use them. Inquire at the Planing Mill, near Wallace's Steam Mill. Rochester, April 16th, 1863.

Jonathan W. ROSS, Manufactures all kinds of CHAIRS, and also keeps on hand a good assortment of Chairs from the celebrated Factories at Mishawaka, all of which will be sold at reasonable prices.
Shop over Heffley's Wagon Shop, near the Rochester Foundry. Rochester, March 19th, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 7, 1863

UNION LEAGUE. Pursuant to public notice, a large number of the citizens of Fulton county, met at the Court House in Rochester, on Saturday, May 2d, 1863, for the purpose of organizing a Union League. J. B. VAN DEAN was chosen Chairman, and Captain P. G. KELSEY and L. J. BROWN, Secretaries.
On motion, C. E. FULLER, P. G. KELSEY and S. KEITH were appointed a committee to report a pledge as a basis of such league....
The League then elected the following officers: J. B. VAN DEAN, President. B. LAWHEAD, C. CAMPBELL, A. C. HICKMAN, Andy STRONG, Fred PETERSON, I. E. ANDRUS, J. S. MOW, Jas. A. CARTER, Vice Presidents. C. E. FULLER, Secretary.

(Administrator's Sale).... at the late residence of A. M. K. HULING, deceased, in Henry Township.... William M. HULTNG, Admr. May 6, 1863.

(Notice of Administration) .... William M. HULING appointed Administrator upon the Estate of Alexander M. K. HULING, late of Fulton county, deceased. April 20, 1863.

C. E. FULLER, Notary Public & Conveyancer and ASSISTANT ASSESSOR of INTERNAL REVENUE. Office at the office of the ROCHESTER CHRONICLE, over the store of RANNELLS & ELAM, Main Street, Rochester, Indiana.

(Notice of Survey) ... Done by order of John COON and John CUTSHALL. Vernon GOULD, County Surveyor, by P. M. BOZARTH, Deputy. April 30, 1863.

MANSION HOUSE, Rochester, Indiana, B. LAWFIEAD proprietor. This well-known house, situated on the east side of Main street one square north of the Court House, has been recently refitted.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 14, 1863

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Akron Lodge, No. 64, I.O.G.T.... on the occasion of the death of Sister Sarah J. WHITTENBERGER, late consort of Bro. I. N. WHITTENBERGER,, who departed this life on Thursday, the ninth instant.... E. H. SUTTON, N. C. HALL, Andrew STRONG, Com. Thursday, April 16, 1863.

DIED. In Camp, Feb 4th, 1863, Milton D. HALL, son of William A. HALL, of this county, aged 21 years. The deceased was a soldier in Company D, 87th Regiment Indiana Volunteers.

(Administratrixl Notice) ... Abagail REDMAN appointed Administratrix upon the estate of Reuben REDMAN, late of Fulton county, deceased. May 7, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 21, 1863

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Dr. C. BRACKETT one-half mile north of Rochester.... Margaret BRACKETT, David LYON, Admrs. May 21, 1863.

UNIVERSAL CLOTHES WRINGER.... C. E. FULLER, Agent. Rochester, May 21, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 28, 1863

T. F. RANNELLS suddenly made his appearance in town the other day, and staid three or four days, when he returned South. He was direct from Nashville.

Elder Isaac BUTTLER will preach at the CHRISTIAN CHAPEL, on Saturday Evening and Sunday, June 6th and 7th at the usual hour.

We learn that John Q. OLIVER arrived at home a few days since, in feeble health. He has been discharged from the military service, on account of poor health. We hope he will soon be well again.

NOTICE TO BUILDERS. Notice is hereby given that I will let contracts at Public Auction to the lowest bidder, for building SCHOOL HOUSES in Aubbeenaubbee township....
.... School District No. 2, on Tuesday the 9th day of June, at 10 oclock a.m., at the residence of Stephen RARRICK.
.... School District No. 3, at 2 oclock P.M., at the residence of Adam DITEMYER.
"" School District No. 9, the next day (Wednesday) at 10 oclock a.m., at the residence of JOHN MYERS.
"" School District No. 5, at 2 oclock p.m., at the -residence of John ELLIS.
.... School District No. 7, at 5 oclock p.m., at the old school house near the residence of John LEITER.
Also, a contract for repairing the School House in School District No. 7, the next day (Thursday) at 10 oclock a.m., at said School House, near the residence of William BAILEY.... James R. DALE, Trustee, Aubbeenaubbee. May 19th, 1863.

LIST OF LETTERS, in the Post Office at Rochester, May 15, 1863: Philip BECHTEL, Wm. K. COMPTON, Jesse CLARK, Catharine DEWITT, Rebecca DOUSON, Darius ELLISON, Wm. GATES, W. A. GEORGE, Mrs. F. HOFFMAN, Nannie HASKILL, Samuel HUNTER, Jacob HALTERMAN, Sarah Ann HUNTER, Veniah HAZEL, Rev. H. H. HARRIS, J. B. JACKSON, Elizabeth KEEN, Wm. LEWIS, Geo MALAR, Jas. W. MATHEWS, Harry S. & Sarah J. MILLER, Thomas McCOY, Lewis McKISSON, Deborah A. MELVIN, Wm. MURPHY, John MILLER, Margaret MOORE, Mary A. MORGAN, J. Y. ONSTOTT, Sarah PILKINGTON, Miss M. A. PRATT Geo. W. ROBBINS, Mrs. Annah ROSS, David RUMBOLD, Sarah RUGH, Abergman SMITH, Barbara A. SHERMAN, John STULL, Henry SHIVELY, John SCOTT, Samuel H. SALYERS, Hannah SCOTT, Wm. H. SPENCER, Jerry THOMAS, John B. WINBIGLER, Sarah L. WEIRICK, Hiram WAGONER, Jane WILSON, Mary J. WOODS, Samuel WEST, Hiram WOLF, Lydia WILLIAMS.-- C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 4, 1863

Rev. Robert IRWIN, formerly Chaplain of the 46th Ind Vols, will preach at the Presbyterian Church, on Sunday next, (June 7th) at 10'-2 oclock a.m.

THE FULTON MILLS. We were at Fulton on Tuesday last, and called at the Fulton Steam Flouring Mills, where we found Mr. E. KIRTLAND, one of the proprietors, and Fred. PETERSON, both good fellows, busy in the manufacture of flour....

MASS MEETING. The citizens of Fulton county are requested to attend a RAILROAD MEETING at Rochester, on Saturday, June 6th, 1863, at one oclock p.m. Now is the time to get a Railroad to Rochester, if the present opportunity is suffered to pass unimproved we may never expect to enjoy the advantages of a Railroad to Rochester. Turn out, and give one day to your own interests.

Dr. M. M. REX has removed his Dental Office into the new Post Office building....

MARRIED. On the 23th ult., by G. H. BRIGHT, Esq., Mr. Wm. M. HULING and Miss Catharine BURDGE, all of Henry Township.

Receipts and Expenditures of the Corporation of ROCHESTER for the fiscal year ending May 1st, 1863.... (names mentioned)

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 11, 1863

RAILROAD MASS MEETING. The mass meeting to take into consideration the building of a railroad from Peru to Plymouth, met pursuant to previous notice at the Court House, in Rochester, on June 6th, 1863, and was organized by appointing Daniel W. JONES, Chairman and J. J. DAVIS, Secretary.
On motion, a Committee, consisting of Messrs. H. MILLER, SHAFFER, RALSTIN, C. ERNSPERGER, George WALES, S. DAVIDSON, Wm. STURGEON, E. E. BROWN, E. L. BENNET, D. W. LYON and A. J. HOLMES, was appointed to draft a plan for raising a donation of $100,000 to the Company to be organized to build said railroad....

FROM THE 46th REGIMENT. On the Battlefield of Champion Hills, Miss., May 19, 1863 None of our company were killed and only three wounded: John HOOVER, severely in the foot, but he is getting along very well-- it will not have to be amputated; Wm. COOK was wounded in the left arm by a buckshot, and Thomas SCOTT in the right side by a rifle ball; neither of the two are much hurt, both are now with the company.... A. G. SINKS, Co. K, 46th Ind. Vols.

Triune, Tenn., May 20th, 1863.... (letter to Mr. MATTHEWS) .... Henry W. HOOBER, Co. E, 87th Reg. Ind. Vols.

The resolutions of Akron Lodge, No. 64, I.O.G.T., on the death of Mrs. Martha A. BALL, are unavoidably crowded out this week, but will appear in our next issue.

.... I am Agent for the Kirby Reaper and Mower for 1863. I would refer those who desire to purchase machines to Theodore MONTGOMERY, or Wm. H. DAVIDSON, each having used the Kirby are fully satisfied of its merits.... Also agent for the celebrated SPRINGFIELD PLOWS, Corn Shellers, Cider Mills, Evaporators, &c .... A. J. HOLMES, Agent. Rochester, June 11, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 18, 1863

REBELLION IN NEWCASTLE. We are sorry to chronicle the disgraceful fact, that the insane teachings of the Copperhead leaders has resulted in open resistance to the laws in New Castle township. Capt. TRUSLOW, the Enrollment Commissioner, for this county, under the Conscription Law, appointed JOHN MOW, a returned soldier, and son of JOHN S. MOW, Esq., as his assistant to enroll that township. Mr. Mow commenced his duties on Tuesday of last week, and found no serious difficulty until Thursday evening, when he was assaulted by two persons, who demanded his books, He refused to give them up, whereupon they seized hold of him, and throwing him to the ground, succeeded in taking the books from him. They then told him that they had determined that the township should not be enrolled, and if he attempted to proceed with his duties, they would kill him and burn his father's property, and that any man who would attempt to enroll that township, would do so at the peril of his life. They then gave a whistle which was promptly answered, and a large number of pistol shots were fired, from parties concealed in the brush.
The facts were reported to Capt. Truslow on Friday morning, and he immediately left for LaPorte to lay them before Provost Marshal WALLACE, who telegraphed to Indianapolis for assistance, and on Monday evening, Provost Marshal Wallace and Captain FARQUHAR arrived here, who were followed on Tuesday, by a company of the 71st Ind Vol., in command of Capt. Mc----. The Union citizens of this village invited the soldiers to their several homes, and gave them their dinners, and after -resting until 5 oclock p.m., they loaded their pieces with ball cartridges, and took up their march for Bloomingsburg. At 9 oclock on Tuesday evening, all was "quiet on the Tippecanoe."
We have no idea that the cowardly dogs who talk in school houses and fence corners of fighting the United States, will attempt to resist the force sent out to see the laws executed. Their courageous hearts are strong enough to attack dead soldiers, but they will be exceedingly careful how they expose their worthless hides to Uncle Sam's Minnie balls.

ANOTHER OF THE GRAVE ROBBERS. We have recently learned, that one Abner WOODS, of Kosciusko county, was engaged in the cowardly and hyena-like desecration of the grave of F. C. HAMLET. This Woods is known as a preacher of the Christian Church, and we mention the fact to state that he is repudiated by the church, wherever he is known best....

MR. EDITOR:- We take this method to inform the public that, through the influence of A. E. BABCOCK, Mr. David MOW and Mr. George McGUIRE, came together, with their witnesses, at the house of A. CRIST, on Thursday, the 4th inst., at 10 oclock a.m., for the purpose of settling a difficulty that existed between them, and that had been extensively made public by their cards in the Rochester Chronicle and Rochester Sentinel, and caused the following request, in writing, to be sent by D. MOW to G. McGUIRE, Viz:
Richland Tp., Fulton Co., Ind., June 4th, 1863. Mr. George McGUIRE:-- I see by your card in the Sentinel, that you denied facts that I asserted, which I stand ready to prove, and also you challenged me to settle it in any way I chose. I ask of you to meet me on Thursday, the 4th of this month, at 2 oclock, in the road and grove near Lewis OSBORN'S: if you are a man of honor you will meet me. Bring your friends with you. David MOW. I also ask of you to answer this note by the bearer. D. MOW.
Mr. McGuire accepted the note in the following language, viz: June 2d. MOW:- I received your note on last evening, in which you asked me to meet you in the road near Lewis OSBORN'S. I will be there at the time. George McGUIRE.
After coming together at the above named time, they selected Morris BLODGET and A. E. BABCOCK as referees, to hear the testimony, and give decision therefrom. The following witnesses were sworn and gave testimony, viz: A. H. CORP, M. REAMINSNIDER, S. O'BLENNIS, John OSBORN, A. H. MOW and S. HARRY.
After hearing the testimony we gave the following decision: That at the dismission of meeting at the Methodist Church, at or near Center School house, in Richland township, Fulton county, Indiana, on the 17th day of May past, Mr. D. Mow approached Mr. G. McGuire as a friend, shook hands with him, and after some inquiries and answers in reference to an emblem McGuire had on his shirt bosom, Mow snatched it off and stepped back. McGuire then and there demanded it; Mow refused to give to him. McGuire said that it belonged to his little girl, or that he had got it made for her. Mow then went to his wagon with his family, some fifty or sixty yards from where the badge was taken off; McGuire followed him and again requested Mow to (give) it up; Mow then said, he would give it up, if he would agree not to wear it again. McGuire said he would knuckle to no man, but did not think he would wear it again. He further stated that he did not wear it as a slur on the soldiers of our country. A. H. Mow then requested D. Mow to give it up; he then gave it to him. Morris BLODGET, A. E. BABCOCK.

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT, I.O.G.T... our esteemed and worthy sister, Martha A. BALL, late consort of Wm. P. BALL, who departed this life the 25th day of May, 1863.... Akron Lodge No. 64, I.O.G.T.... Akron, June 2d, 1863.

NEW BUILDING. Judge MILLER and A. J. HOLMES are laying the foundation of a new building, 40 by 60 feet, on the lot south of the Mammoth Building.

UNION TOWNSHIP. We had occasion last week to travel over this township.... We are under obligations to William SINGER, Allen SINGER, Dr. CLELAND, William TROUTMAN, Dudley H. WELLS and James TROUTMAN, for many favors.

KEWANNA LODGE, No. 104, I.O.G.T. While at Pleasant Grove, last week, we had the pleasure of attending the meeting of the above named Lodge, and found it apparently in a flourishing condition. Dr. E. REYNOLDS is W.C., and Dr. W. T. CLELAND, W.F.S. Many of the influential members of Kewanna Lodge are -now in the army: Capt. TROUTMAN and Lieut. H. McAFEE, of Company E., 87th Reg., Ind. Vols, were, if we mistake not, among the Charter Members ....

DIED. -At Hannah Station, LaPorte County, on Sunday, the 14th inst., of Lung Fever, Martha J. [VINNEDGE] wife of Adam VINNEDGE, aged 27 years.
The deceased was a daughter of Mrs. Lucy CHINN of this place, and was brought here for interment, and buried on Monday evening, in the old cemetery.
-Near Vicksburg, Miss., about the 16th of May, Fidella JACKSON, son of Hiram JACKSON, of Union Township, in this county, aged 30 years.
The deceased was a soldier of the 60th Indiana Volunteers, having enlisted about a year before his death.

NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that the Assessment Roll as completed by Jonathan DAWSON, Assessor of the Corporation of Rochester, has been duly returned.... By order of the Board of Trustees. Theo. P. REID, Clerk. Rochester, Ind., June 12th, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 25, 1863

A VOICE FROM INDIANA IN THE FIELD. At a meeting of company A, 26th Regiment Ind. Vol. Infantry, the following preamble and Resolutions were unanimously agreed to..... David RADER, Captain A. H. McDONALD, 1st Lieut, Philip FENTER, O.S., Joseph H. WAIT, Sergt., Lyman COPLEN, Sergt., John A. BARNETT, Sergt., Carson SWISHER, Sergt., J. L. ATKINSON, Corp., G. G. LONG, Corp., Darius TROUTMAN, Corp., John ZARTMAN, Corp., John GRAFFIS, Corp., James QUIVEY, John T. GLESSNER, James ADAMS, Isaac ADAMS, William BAKER, Calvin BALL, Michael J. BARNETT, William T. BARNETT, Isaac H. BARRETT, James BENNETT, James BIBLER, Ezra W. BORDERS, George A. BURKHART, John W. BURKHARD, James A. BURNS, Edward CARR, William R. CARR, Alfred B. CARTER, Charles CARTER, Joseph CARTER, Elihu F. CLEAR, Charles N. CLELAND, David CLEMENS, Joseph CLEMENS, Marion CLEMENS, James F. COLLINS, Marenius A. COLLINS, Lorenzo M. CULVER, Andrew J. DAUGHERTY, Wesley FOWLER, Martin GALYMAN, George GRIFFIN, David HARRINGTON, Joseph S. HATHAWAY, George S. HAZEN, Adolph HUNNESHAGEN, Thomas J. HURST, John KEEL, Royal KNISS, Andrew E. McCLURE, George J. McLAUGLIN, Jonathan NICHOLS, Samuel OVERLY, Jacob K. ONSTOTT, Virgil QUIVEY, Hazard RALSTIN, Thomas R. RILEY, John F. SCHUERMAN, Franklin SELL, John T. SMALLEY, Henry SMITH, Stephen SPARKS, Peter SPAUGY, David STAYTON, William H. STRONG, Hirem TROUTMAN, Orlando TROUTMAN, Abner C. WAIT, Joel W. WARD, Hasen WARDLOW, Hiram M. WATSON, William B. WHARTON, Charles WHEELDON, Joseph WIKEL, George WILCOX, Mark R. WRIGHT, Samuel A. WRIGHT, William P. WRIGHT, Thomas WOODS, Jacob YOUNG, A. J. BARRET, Sergt. Major, 26th Ind. Vols.

DESERTERS. We learn that Provost Marshal WALLACE arrested two deserters while in this county, and sent them to Indianapolis. One of them was Mr. RUSH, of this township who went as a substitute for Wm. STURGEON, Esq.

JAMES PLANT, of Plymouth, a daring and successful ropewalker, will walk a rope suspended from 25 to 30 feet in the air, and 125 feet long.... at the Fair Ground, near this place, on the approaching Fourth of July....

(Notice to Non-Resident) ... John KRIGER and Elizabeth KRIGER vs Philip SPAUGY and Peter SPAUGY. Petition for Partition.... Witness my hand and the seal of the Fulton Common Pleas Court this June 16th, 1863. Robert AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy. June 25th, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 2, 1863

THE COPPERHEAD CONVENTION. According to notice, the so-called Democracy gathered in considerable numbers at this place on Saturday last, to nominate candidates for the several county offices to be filled this fall. The result of the nominations was as follows: For Recorder, Milo R. SMITH. For Coroner, Caleb MONTGOMERY. For Appraiser of Real Estate, William McMAHAN. For Surveyor, Isaiah WALKER. For Commissioner, Thomas MEREDITH....

DIED. In Tennessee, June 4th, 1863, of Erysipelas, Jeremiah L. ORMSBEE, a member of Company D, 29th Regiment Indiana Volunteers, aged 21 years.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 9, 1863

We are indebted to Mr. Joel TOWNSEND of Liberty Township, for four quarts of excellent yellow raspberries, which he brought us last Saturday....

DIED. -In Richland township, on the 25th ult., Miranda [ROBBINS], wife of James ROBBINS, Esq., aged 55 years and 21 days.
-(From the Mishawaka Enterprise) In Darlington, Indiana, on the 29th of June, 1863, Mr. Lorenzo D. WILLARD, of this place, aged 28 years and 3 days.
Mr. Willard has been the principal teacher in our Institute for two years past. He was a member of the Pecsbyterian Church in this place, and manifested great interest in our Sabbath Schools. For some months past his health failed....

LIST OF LETTERS in the Post Office at Rochester, Ind., July 1, 1863: Eli ALSPACH, Sarah Ann ABBOT, Amy BEDWAY, James B. BOYLES, James BLANTS, C. BROWN, Augusty BLAIN, Mrs. Mary BEDWAY, Elizabeth BROOKS, Mary BOWERS, Celia CASSADY, Peter CHRESTNER, Jane CLEMANS, Frank CAZAD, Hennera CALOPY, Lucinda B. DAVIS, Maria J. DAVIS, Andrew DAVIS, Sarah GANDY, Julian HOOVER, John HAUCK, John HILLARD, Annie E. KOOKEN, Thomas B. KITCHEN, IZsabella MILLER,, D. McCOY, Milton MOORE, John MACK, Lewis McKINSON, David SECOR, Emma TULL, Robert O. TEETERS, George TAYLOR. -- C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 16, 1863, cont'd)

Last week we had occasion to visit several different parts of the county, and we found the farmers all busy harvesting their wheat .... We saw a number of most excellent pieces, among
which were those of William COOK of Union Township, and Salmon COLLINS of Liberty.

PUBLIC SALE... at his residence in Rochester.... T. F. RANNELLS.

DIED. In Akron, on the 10th inst., of Nervous Cramp, after an illness of two days, Daniel STRONG, formerly of Mahoning county, Ohio, aged 52 years and 10 months.

NOTICE. Whereas Daniel BRUCE, a minor heir of whom I am guardian, has absconded from the home which I had provided for him, and refuses to be subject to my authority, this is to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting him on my account, as I will pay no debts of his contracting after this date. Jacob ROUCH, Guardian. Fulton County, July 13, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 23, 1863

DIED. In this village, on the 19th inst., Miss Elizabeth TRIMBLE, daughter of the late William S. TRIMBLE, aged 24 years.

MITE SOCIETY. The meeting for next week will be at the residence of William MOORE, two miles south of this village, on Tuesday evening next ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 30, 1863

MITE SOCIETY. The next meeting will be held at the residence of Benjamin S. LYON, on Tuesday evening Aug 4th....

GONE TO WAR. William OREM, our apprentice, better known as the printer's devil, has laid down the composing-stick, and taken up one of Uncle Sam's shooting-irons. He, in company with William CHAMBERLAIN, William IRVIN, and several others, was mustered into the service at Indianapolis, on the 23d inst ...

NEW HARNESS SHOP. Our friends, B. B. CHINN and Frank SMITH are opening a new Harness Shop one door south of Rannells Elam's store....

DIED. On the 25th inst., at 9 oclock, a.m., at his residence in Rochester Township, Fulton County, Indiana, of various diseases contracted and aggravated in the army, Mr. John Q. OLIVER, in the 37th year of his age.
The deceased has been long and favorably known here, as a citizen, a Christian, and a patriot. He enlisted in his country's service about the 1st of August, 1862, and served as a sergeant of Company D, of the 87th Indiana Volunteers. Even when conscious that his life might be prolonged by leaving the army, such was his ardor for the Union, that he continued his march with his regiment, until declining health compelled him to return home, and procured his discharge May 16th, 1863.
We are indebted to Capt. TRUSLOW for the testimonial, that while in the army, he lived a very consistent and upright life, and bore his afflictions with marked patience, until "Death released him from his prison of clay." .... We sympathize with the bereaved family and friends....

DIED. -At Akron, on the 22d inst., Francis CURTIS, son of Alexander CURTIS, Esq., aged 20 years.
-In Henry Township, on the 18th inst., of congestion of the bowels David Wesley [HOOVER], son of Levi and Lydia HOOVER, aged 21 months and 18 days.

(Notice of Administration).... William MILLER, Samuel BEMENDERFER appointed Administrators upon the estate of Jane MILLER, late of Fulton county, deceased. July 18, 1863.

(Notice of Administration) .... Samuel JOHNSON appointed Administrator of the estate of Moses JOHNSON, deceased, late of Fulton County. July 25, 1863.

NURSERY. Allen NIXON would inform the citizens of Fulton county, that he has, at his Nursery 5 miles East of Rochester on the Akron Road, a large and very choice assortment of FRUIT TREES.... July 28, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Jane MILLER in Henry Township.... William MILLER, Samuel BEMENDERFER, Admrs. July 24, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Moses JOHNSON, in Henry Township.... Samuel JOHNSON, Admr. July 25, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 6, 1863

The numerous friends of Dr. HOWES will be pleased to learn that he will hereafter practice his profession to a moderate extent.

Our old friend, A. C. SHEPHERD, arrived in town last Saturday. He is looking well, and soldiering evidently agrees with him. He left his regiment, (the 29th) at Tullahoma, and will leave here on his return today.

HOME. R. N. RANNELLS, Quartermaster, and G. BRAINERD, Sutler, of the 87th Indiana Volunteers, arrived in town last Monday evening. The Doctor seems from appearances, to thrive on camp fare, and is as good looking and jolly as ever.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT. Taylor Lodge, No. 36, I.O.G.T., July 31st, 1863 .... death of sister Elizabeth TRIMBLE.... J. B. DEMOTTE, C. E. FULLER, Com. R. R. SMITH, W.C.T., Pro tem. T. P. REID, W.S.

AUCTIONEER. George W. BURNS.... Akron. August 6th, 1863.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post office at Rochester Aug 1, 1863: John DIXON, Mary Ann HAMILTON, William C. HARDMAN, Adam HARTSEL, Emily HOOVER, Thomas D. JEWETT, C. H. LAMBERT, Miss Mary Ann PRATT, Mrs. Mary Ann PLATT, Michael RICHARDSON, Dr. R. A. H. --C. J. STRADLEY, P.M.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 13, 1863

UNION TICKET: For Recorder, John M. SPENCER. For Appraiser of Real Estate, Thomas W. BARNETT. For Commissioner, James WRIGHT. For Surveyor, Presley M. BOZARTli. For Coroner, William HILL.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE UNION CONVENTION.... met agreeable to the call of the Central Committee, in Mass Convention, on Saturday, the 8th inst., and organized by choosing Col. K. G. SHRYOCK, President, and P. M. BOZARTH, Secretary. On motion, all the soldiers present, were made Vice Presidents.
On motion, Sidney KEITH, P. C. KELSEY and B. C. WILSON, were appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the views of the meeting....

Elder Lemuel SHORTRIDGE, of Wabash, will preach the funeral of a soldier on Sunday, Aug 23 at 10'-2 oclock a.m. at Akron....

Mr. F. W. STOCK, the new proprietor of the POTTOWATTAMIE MILLS, commenced work on Monday last ....

Capt. B. A. GROVER, of the 46th, arrived here from Vicksburg, a few days since. He has resigned on account of an order mustering out the colonels and 2d Lieutenants of all Regiments that had less than half the maximum number of men. The Captain by resigning gave his Lieutenants a chance for promotion, thus leaving the 2d Lieutenancy vacant....

Tullahoma, Tenn. July 10th, 1863. Mr. CONN...... respectfully yours, N. B. BENNETT, H. C. OLIVER, H. C. SELLERS, George FOLTZ,, James P. WILSON, S. W. BENNETT, Samuel LAMB, P. C. HINCLE, James WARD, J. B. GRAHAM, William H. JONES,, J. V. POWNAL, M. FOLTZ, J. FOUTS, J. R. FALLIS, H. C. POWNALL, S. CLARK, J. V. REED, S. B. HELPER, Edward CAMPBELL, Daniel SMITH, Aaron BOOTH, B. A. LOUDERBACK, Thomas ATHOW, Sylvanus BISHOP, A. C. MYERS, John HUMES, R. B. REED, J. W. MARTIN, G. MARTIN, John H. GRABLE, R. F. ELLIOTT, Alexander SEDAM, J. W. H. LOUDERBACK, O. E, FILLEY, C. A. GOODWIN, William J. KLINE, Enoch H. JONES, H. GROW, Robert W. SMITH, Joseph CALKINS, William GRISWOLD, A. BROWN, Enos STUDEBAKER, Members of Co E, 29th Ind Vols.

WANTED! Two wood Workers and one Blacksmith, at the Wagon & Carriage Factory of the subscriber. Steady work and good wages, None but good workmen n.eed apply. H. S. FARRINGTON, Rochester, Aug 13, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 20, 1863

Go to A. E. TAYLOR'S to sell your Hides; lie pays the highest price in Cash.

Jacob S. RANNELLS is about to remove to Perrysburg, Miami county, where he will engage in the mercantile business. He left last Monday for Cincinnati to make his fall purchases.

Frank ERNSPERGER having purchased the interest of his late partner, Mr. Samuel KEELY, in the mercantile business, has removed his goods to the room recently occupied by Messrs. RANNELLS & ELAM, beneath our office....

RESOLUTION OF RESPECT. Taylor Lodge No. 36, I.O.G.T., August .14th, 1863.., decease of Bro. John Q. OLIVER.... C. E. FULLER, T. P. REID, Robert GOULD, Com

NOTICE, All persons having notes or accounts to settle with the undersigned, are requested to apply to Philip HARVEY, at my residence in Union township, Fulton county, Indiana, who is hereby authorized to settle such notes and accounts. P. S. TROUTMAN. Aug 20, 1863.

UNION SCHOOL.... W. H. HAZELTON, Principal; Miss J. TINSLEY, Intermediate Dept; Miss L. B. CLOUSE, Primary Department. Aug 20, 1863.

Hutchinson's Family Wine and Cider Mill .... Levi MERCER, Agent for Fulton County. Rochester, August 20, 1863.

SELECT SCHOOL... Mrs. E. T. GROVER. Rochester, August 20, 1863.

PLANING MILL. The subscriber would respectfully inform the public that his Planing Mill is now in excellent running order. ... D. R. MARTIN, Rochester, August 20, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 27, 1863

Elder Lemuel SHORTRIDGE, of Wabash, will preach the funeral discourse of Wm. A. PENTZ, at Akron, on Sunday next at 10-1/2 oclock a.m. For satisfactory reasons, the above sermon was postponed to the 30th, instead of the 23d as was announced last week..

SELECT SCHOOL. Miss C. E. BUESING will open a SELECT SCHOOL in Dr. MANN'S BUILDING (over Fromm's Store) .... Rochester, Aug 27, 1863.

(Surveyor's Notice) .... done by B. R. POWERS. Vernon GOULD, County Surveyor, By P. M. BOZARTH, Deputy. Aug 27, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 3, 1863

Our friend, B. O. JOHNSON, brought us a few days since, some very fine Bassano Beets....

We are indebted to Mrs. W. A. HORTON, of Mill Ark, for a basket of peaches....

Elder THOMSON, of Kosciusko county, will commence a meeting at the CHRISTIAN CHAPEL, three miles southeast of Green Oak, on the Peru road, on Saturday evening next, continuing over Sunday.
Also, Elder ISAAC BUTLER will preach in the Presbyterian Church, in this village, on Sunday next, (Sept 6th) at 5 oclock p.m.

RESOLUTION OF RESPECT. Hall of Fulton Lodge, No. 79, F&AM, Rochester, Ind., Aug 26th, 1863.... death of Bro. John Q. OLIVER.... MILO R. SMITH, Secy.

Attention is called to the card of Dr. B. A. GROVER, in our advertising columns. The doctor has recently returned from Vicksburg, having resigned his commission as Captain of Company K, 46th Indiana Volunteers, and now resumes the practice of his profession. He is well known in the north part of this county, and the south part of Marshall, as a skillful physician, and his numerous friends will be glad to learn that he is again ready to resume his practice.

B. A. GROVER, Physician and Surgeon, Rochester, Indiana. Office with Dr. REX over the Post Office. Residence two doors South of K. G. Shryock's.
AUCTIONEERS' NOTICE.... Rochester, Ind. Benj. C. WILSON, William TRIBBETT. Rochester, Sept 3, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 10, 1863

Dr. C. L. WHITE has removed to a farm near the residence of Hugh MILLER. Dr. White is well known as a skillful physician; he is said to be one of the best in the county....

We are indebted to Robert GOULD, (the skillful Photographer who takes such excellent pictures, at his rooms, over Mercer's Hardware Store) for some very fine rareripe yellow peaches ....

DIED. -In this village, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Minerva A. PHELPS, wife of Rolla M. PHELPS, aged 19 years.
-In Henry Township, on the 6th inst., Emily [SIPPY], wife of Stephen SIPPY, aged 52 years.
The deceased was a native of Hartford, Connecticut, and immigrated to this county in 1837. She was an exemplary wife and mother, greatly beloved by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.

(Notice of Survey) ... By order of H. ATKINS and John ROUCH. Vernon GOULD, County Surveyor, By P. M. BOZARTH, Deputy. Sept. 10, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 17, 1863

NOTICE. To all whom it may concern: Whereas the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County.... did at their September session, A.D. 1863, appoint Hugh MILLER, Frank K. KENDRICK and Isaiah WALKER, appraisers to assess the benefit or injury of the Duck Creek Ditch.... said appraisers will meet at the house of Hugh LUCAS .... A. J. HOLMES, Clerk Dutch Creek Ditching Company. Rochester, Ind., Sept 12, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 24, 1863

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT.... death, Sister Minerva A. PHELPS,.... E. F. GROVER, M. P. FULLER, L. PEARSON, Com. D. S. GOULD, W.C.T., C. E. FULLER, W.S. (lodge not named)

FARM FOR SALE. Rev. R. H. CALVERT, of Liberty Township, offers for sale on favorable terms his farm, consisting of 570 acres,....

Lieut. [John] BEEBER. John's best of friends were pleased to see him at home again, in good health, and with no marks from the rebels. He has been ordered to join his regiment, (the 73d) after having been on detached duty, with the Pioneer Brigade, for several months. He is now here on a short furlough.

The public will be glad to learn that D. W. LYON, Esq., so long and favorably known to the people of the county, has again commenced business at his old stand....

Our thanks are due to Philip MIKESELL, of New Castle, and A. E. COLLINS, of Union Townships for the present of fine peaches.

118th REGIMENT INDIANA VOLUNTEERS. This regiment left Indianapolis Wednesday evening of last week, destined as was reported, for Cumberland Gap. Among the volunteers from this village and vicinity, who are in Capt. Alfred MARTINIS Company, in the 118th, are Howard TAYLOR, William GOULD, William IRVIN, William OREM (who went from this office), William CHAMBERLAIN, John B. DEMOTTE, Jr., William DOWNEY, Frank PARKER, and many others whose names we do not now call to mind....

TAKE NOTICE. All persons indebted to Dr. Vernon GOULD.... will be collected by law.... Mrs. Vernon GOULD. Rochester, Sept 24, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 1, 1863

MARRIED. On the 24th ult., by Elder Wm. GREGSON, at his residence, William R. LYNCH, of Peru, to Miss Mary A. SANDS, of New Castle.

BURNED TO DEATH. We are pained to learn that a child of Reuben CARR, about three years old, was so shockingly scalded on Saturday last, that it died in a few hours. The child fell into a pan of the boiling juice of sorghum.

(Notice of Administration) .... Wilhelmus DUBOIS appointed Administrator upon the estate of Methusalem DUBOIS, late of Fulton county, deceased. Sept. 30, 1863.

HARNESS! SADDLES .... REPAIRING .... Cheap Corner... the old stand of Taylor & Mitchell, over A. E. Taylor's store, on Main street, up stairs. A. J. DAVIDSON. Rochester, Oct 1, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 8, 1863

OUR LOSS IN THE LATE BATTLE. We give below a complete list of the killed, wounded and missing, in the four companies raised in this county, that were in the late engagement. We copy the list from the Indianapolis Journal, of Saturday last, which is official, and no doubt correct. The loss is very heavy, and shows that the 29th and 87th were in the thickest of the fight.
OFFICERS. Major J. P. COLLINS, 29, missing. Adjutant F. RYLAND, 87th, killed.
TWENTY-NINTH REGIMENT, CO. D. Killed: Wm. H. H. DAUGHERTY. Wounded: 1st Sergt, Isam R. NEW, in the breast, severely; Sergt. Alex. YOUNG, left shoulder, severely; Byron W. WORDEN, head, slightly; Sergt. James SHORT, in groin, slight; John BURTON, Wrist, slight; George H. BURCH, left shoulder, severe; W. H. H. COFFIN, right hand, slight; William HERRILL, in spine, severe; David HAY, in hand, severe; Nathaniel REBSTOCK, right leg, severe; Abraham SHAFER, left hand, slight; Jeremiah SMITH, left arm, severe; William ZOOK, right hand, severe. Missing: Corp. Oliver J. CARPENTER, James ABBOTT, Oakley ASKRIDGE, Barzilla ASKRIDGE, Edward CASE, James S. COLLINS, H. P. COLLINS, David W. RHODES, Joseph JOHNSON, John SMITH, E. A. SMITH, E. J. SMITH, Capt. McCaslin MOORE.
EIGHTY-SEVENTH REGIMENT, CO. D. Killed: Capt. Lewis HUGHS, Sergeant James OSBORN, Corp. William EWER, and Frank M. SMITH. Wounded: Sergt. David C. SHELTON, severely, in neck; Corp. James H. MOORE, severely in the leg; Kline S. WILSON, slightly in arm; William COLE, severely in jaws; Joseph A. COLLINS, slightly in leg; Henry H. MOORE, slightly in thigh; David MOORE, slightly in arm; William OLIVER, slightly in arm; Benj. F. PORTER, slightly in legs; Christ. RICE, severely in legs; Levi M. SHEROW, slightly in foot; Ely STRONG, severely in the head; John WRIGHT, slight in leg; David C. OLIVER, severely in thigh and arm.
COMPANY E, 87th. Killed: 2d Lieut. Franklin A. BENNETT, Simon FALL, Aaron FALL and Robert TRIBBETT. Wounded: Sergt. Jonas CLARK, severely in arm and breast; John N. CARTER, severely in hip; John W. FERRELL, severely in head; George H. RIPLINGER, slightly in the head; Richard B. LINNING, severely in the thigh; John W. RUSH, severely in the side; Robert SMITH, slightly in arm; Julius B. STARR, slightly in ear; James H. THOMAS, slightly in head; John F. YAGLE, slightly in foot; William F. SEAPER, severely in groin. Missing: Orlen SMITH.
COMPANY F, 87th. Killed: John HOUSE. Wounded: 2d Lieut. Joseph W. BEEBER, severely in legs; Sergts. Albert G. PUGH, slightly by tree top; and C. W. CLAY, severely in the thigh; Corporals John ROTH, severely in neck; James L. McMAHAN, severely in eye, and Isaiah D. WEBB, severely in heel; James J. BABCOCK, slightly in leg; William FARRY, slightly in thigh; Simeon J. FREER, severely in ankle; Alfred L. GOODRICH, slightly in thigh; Peter HUFFMAN, severely in hip; Jonathan CLAY, severely in testicles; Jonathan ROBBINS, severely in neck; Harrison STOTLER, severely in arm; Joseph B. TAYLOR, severely in leg; Harper RODGERS, slightly in arm.

We are indebted to Dr. W. T. CLELAND, for a late letter from Lieut. Franklin A. BENNETT, of Company E, 87th Indiana, who was killed at Chickamauga. Also, we have the promise of a letter from Orderly Sergeant B. F. BROWN, of Company D, of the same regiment, descriptive of the terrible struggle in which they were engaged. We intend to publish both letters next week.

(Notice of Administration) .... James McQUERN appointed Administrator upon the estate of John Q. OLIVER, deceased, late of Fulton county. Sept. 30, 1863.

JUST RECEIVED! AT HOPPE'S NEW JEWELRY STORE.... Store on Main Street, first door North of the Mammoth Building, at the sign of the Big Watch and Spectacles. A. D. HOPPE, Rochester, Oct 8th, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE -,Thursday, October 15, 1863

Col. K. G. SHRYOCK. Col. Shryock arrived at home on Tuesday last, from an attempted visit to Chattanooga, whither he had started to aid our wounded in the late battle, as well as to secure the body of his son-in-law, Adjt. RYLAND. On his way, when 22 miles short of his destination, a band of guerillas attacked the train, robbed the passengers and paroled the soldiers, and marched the prisoners fome forty miles, when they were released. The Copperheads hereabouts had a great sport over the Colonel's misfortune; they rejoiced over it almost as much as though it had been a rebel victory.

DISAPPEARED. Mr. Joseph AULT, of this village, has mysteriously disappeared, and a great variety of rumors are in circulation as to his whereabouts. He went to Logansport, on the 3d inst., and remained there a day or two, since which time he has not been heard from. Grave suspicions were for a time entertained that he had been murdered and robbed, as he was known to have quite a sum of money in his possession. We believe it is now the general opinion that he has run away.

One day last week, Mr. William MILLER, one of our prompt cash paying subscribers, came into our office, with about two bushels of splendid Vandevere Pippins, in a sack, on his shoulder, which he deposited on the floor, and left, almost before we had time to express our thanks....

We are pleased to learn that Francis K. KENDRICK, Esq., of this township, took the first premium on Cheese, at the State Fair held at Indianapolis week before last....

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, October 1st, 1863, by Rev. J. E. CHAPIN, Mr. Alvin C. ELLIOTT, of Plymouth, and Miss Lizzie M. RALSTIN, of Fulton county, Ind.

(Notice of Administration)....Robert PUGH, Mary SEARCH appointed Administrators of the estate of James M. SEARCH, late of Fulton county, deceased. Oct 15, 1863.

PUBLIC SALE .... near Green Oak.... Lafayette TRUE. October 13, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the residence of Mrs. Susan SHIELDS, in Rochester township.... James McQUERN, Administrator upon the estate of John Q. OLIVER, October 15, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale).... estate of James M. SEARCH.... at the late residence of the deceased, in Wayne Township, Fulton county.... Robert PUGH, Mary SEARCH, Admrs. Oct 15, 1863.

FAMILY PROVISION STORE and MEAT MARKET.... at the room known as the New York Store.... RANNELLS & SHEETS. Rochester, Oct 15, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 22, 1863

(Notice of Administration) .... Joel TOWNSEND, Elizabeth HIGHT appointed Administrators upon the estate of Jacob HIGHT, deceased, late of Fulton county. Oct 17, 1863.

(Administrator's Petition to Sell Real Estate) ... Wilhelmus DUBOIS, Administrator of Methusalem DUBOIS, deceased. Witness my hand this 19th day of October, 1863. Robert AITKEN, Clerk Fulton Com. Pleas Court, by S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 29, 1863

LOSSES OF CO. A, 26th IND. VOLS. The following are the extent of our casualties in the 26th Indiana. There are but few really dangerous wounds, and with few exceptions they will all recover.
Company A. Killed: Samuel A. WRIGHT. Wounded: Capt. David RADER, nose, right eye and fracture of skull; Isaac H. BARRETT, arm and shoulder, severe; Mark R. WRIGHT, flesh wound, severe. Missing: Orderly Sergt. P. FENTERS; Sergt. Lyman COPELIN; Sergt. John A. BARNETT, Corp. Jasper L. ATKINSON, Corp. John ZARTMAN, Calvin BALL, Michael BARNETT, Wm. T. BARNETT, Jas. BIBLER, Chas. N. CLELLAND, David CLEMANS, James F. COLLINS, Geo. GRIFFIN, D. HERRINGTON, John KELL, Royal KNISS, Andrew E. McCLEVE, G. N. McLAUGHLIN, J. NICHOLAS, Thomas R. RILEY, Henry SMITH, Johnathan SMITH, Spencer STRONG, Orlando TROUTMAN, Abner E. WAIT, Hazen WARDLOW, George W. WILCOX, Jacob YOUNG, Marion CLEMANS.

TO THE PUBLIC. It is generally known, that Joseph AULT, of this village, has left for parts unknown, not having been seen since the 5th of Oct., by his friends. He left some $600 in my debt, besides owing quite a large amount to other parties, leaving no property so far as has been discovered, of any amount, and leaving his wife to the care of his and her friends.
His friends are as much surprised at his action as the public can be, and I make this statement that it may be generally known that he has wronged his own relatives as well as others, in order to relieve myself and his family from any feeling which may exist against us, in the minds of the community.
For my own part, I should be much pleased to see him come back, provided he comes back with money to pay his debts, and act like a man; if he cannot or will not do this I am not anxious for his return. Henry AULT. Oct 29, 1863.

GIRSONIS FENCE.... We, the undersigned, having purchased farm and lot rights for using Gibson's Improvement in Fencing.. .. Rochester Tp Club: A. J. HOLMES, P. WEBBER, H. LUCAS, D. KRATHWOHLD, Thos. SHELTON, A. H. MERRICK, H. W. MANN, L. & W. TRUE, [ - - - - ] SMITH, Hugh MILLER, Simeon WEBBER, J. A.

We are indebted to B. S. WILSON, Esq., for a number of very fine pumpkins, and to Daniel W. SHAFFER, for some squashes..

LOST. A Portmoney containing a $5 greenback, between Odd Fellows' Hall and the bridge near the Big Flouring Mill.... Mrs. BRACKETT,

MARRIED. -On the lst Inst., at the Mansion House, in Rochester, by Rev. J. B. ALLYN, Lieut. Harvey H. MILLER, 20th Ind Vols., and Miss Kate R. WHEELOCK.
-On the 16th inst., at the residence of Samuel PARKER, by the same, Adolphus U. PARKER and Miss Mary A. WEAVER.

DIED. -At the residence of his grandfather, in Cass county, Indiana, on the 22d inst., of Scarlet Fever, Edmund Boyd [BUCHANAN], son of D. C. and K. A. BUCHANAN, aged 5 years and 6 months.
-On the 8th of October, at Chattanooga, Tenn., of a wound received at the battle of Chickamauga, Sergt. David C. SHELTON, Co. D, 87th Ind Vols., son of L. W. SHELTON, Esq., of this county.
-At Nashville, Tenn., Oct 14th, John F. TEAGLE, Co E, 87th Ind Vols.

A. D. CORNELIUS & BRO.... Store at the old stand of Fred. FROMM, on the corner North of the Post Office.... Rochester, Oct 29, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 5, 1863

Our thanks are again due B. C. WILSON for more than a bushel of the best potatoes we ever saw, and a quart of excellent sorgum molasses ....

Sergt. James BEEBER wants recruits for the 8th Cavalry.

Mr. Asa COPLEN has taken out License as a Tavern Keeper under the Excise Law....

Portrait Monthly - We are indebted to Orange McDONALD for the November number of this magazine....

We neglected to say last week that Andrew J. DAVIDSON had bought out the Harness Shop of E. B. CHINN, and removed into the room recently occupied by him, in the same building with our office. As this is now the only Harness Shop in town, our friends will know where to go to get their work done.

Lieut. Joseph W. BEEBER, of the 87th, who was shot through both legs just above the knees, in the late battle of Chickamauga, has arrived in town. He uses his crutches part of the time, though he can walk short distances without them, but is still a little lame. He is anxious to get back to his regiment, in order to settle old scores with the rebels. Joseph has hosts of friends about here, and they all rejoice that he came out of the battle with no worse wound.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 12, 1863

RESOLUTIONS. Taylor Lodge No. 37, I.O.G.T... our esteemed brothers, Captain Lewis HUGHS and Sergeant James B. OSBORN, of Company D, 87th Indiana Volunteers, worthy members of this Lodge, were slain in the late battle of Chickamauga.... D. S. GOULD, W.C.T., C. E. FULLER, W.S.

LIST OF PREMIUM WINNERS, Sixth Annual Fair of the Fulton County Agricultural Society, held October 16 and 17, 1863: Finley EMMONS, Samuel JOHNSON, Calvin ALLEN, Samuel FOACH, Abiel BUSH, A. W. ELLIOTT, Geo. GOSS, Lewis HARROLD, Joseph ROBBINS, Joseph CHAMPE, Robert MEREDITH, Lewis OSBORN, Thomas SHELTON, David McGAUGHEY, Lewis HARROLD, Oscar GROVE, James PYLE, John DRUDGE, VANTRUMP & MANN, Wash. WOODFILL, Finley EMMONS, J. J. ROBBINS, Lyman BRACKETT, Joseph JACKSON, Adolphus STONE, H. P. BENNETT, John GRAY, Joseph JACKSON, John LEITER, Dan. VANTRUMP, John SCOTT, Lewis BAILEY, Fred. PACKER, Wm. PENCE, Wm. TREBETTS, Abner THOMPSON, Reuben CARR, Geo. DOWNS, Isaiah WALKER, John KEWNEY, Jacob LEITER, A. J. HOLMES, F. K. KENDRICK, A. J. SUTTON A. J. HOLMES, F. M. BEATTIE, Mrs. Jno. GROVE, Mrs. Thos. MREDITH, B. MAUDLIN, Newton TRUE, E. B. CHINN, A. J. DAVIDSON, J. L. SLAYBAUGH, J. GLAZE & CO., W. A. HORTON, Mrs. Jas. WRIGHT, Mrs. Geo. PERSCHBAUCHER, Jr., Mrs. W. A. HORTON, Mrs. Geo. MOORE, Mrs. A. J. HOLMES, Mrs. L. J. BROWN, Mrs. A. STONE, Mrs. Levi YOUNG, Mrs. Sarah HAMBAUGH, Mrs. A. K. PLANK, Mrs. McCLUNG, Mrs. McGAUGHEY, Mrs. H. W. MANN, Emery DAY, Geo. HALL, J. HAIMBAUGH, W. H. CARTER, Mrs. A. K. PLANK, Geo. DOWNS, David CORBIN, Mrs. T. K. KENDRICK, Mrs. A. F. SMITH, Mrs. F. K. KENDRICK, Mrs. Robt. WEILEY, C. EDINGER, J. T. POWELL, Mrs. B. A. GROVER, Mrs. K. KENDRICK, Mrs. C. BRACKETT, L. TWINING, Robert ANDERSON, E. LONG
JUVENILE DEPARTMENP - Females: Miss Louisa BRACKETT, Miss Eliza BOHLS, Miss Fidelia BOHLS, Miss Emily SINKS, Miss Clara WALKER, Miss Ella MOORE.

DEDICATION. The METHODIST Society at Akron, aided we believe by the citizens generally, have just completed a beautiful CHURCH....

FEATHER RENOVATOR. Our citizens will be glad to learn that they can now have an opportunity of having their feather beds cleansed and renovated by the present steaming process, which is so popular in the East, but has only recently been introduced in the West. Mr. TURNER, late of the State of New York, has put up his apparatus, upstairs in the building formerly occupied by A. E. Taylor, as a store, where he will receive orders ....

(Administrator's Notice) .... William TRIBBETT appointed Administrator upon the estate of Robert TRIBBETT, late of Fulton county, deceased. Nov. 10, 1863.

(Administrator's Notice) .... Andrew E. BABCOCK appointed Administrator de bonis non of the estate of Daniel O'BLENIS late of Fulton county, deceased. Nov 10, 1863.

(Notice of Administration) .... Christopher CAMPBELL appointed Administrator of the estate of William ROBERTSON, late of Fulton county, deceased. Nov 5, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... estate of William ROBERTSON...at the late residence of the decedent in Aubbeenaubbee township.... Christopher CAMPBELL, Administrator. November 5, 1863.

(Estray Notice) ... Taken up by [ - - - - ] CURTIS, residing in Henry Township, on the 31st day of October, 1863... Appraised by Thomas BALL and Calvin M. BALI,.... George H. BRIGHT, Justice. Filed and recorded, Nov 6, 1863. Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 19, 1863

THE 87th IND AT THE BATTLE OF CHICKAMAUGA. Letter from Capt. LONG, Company F, 87th Indiana Vols, Chattanooga, Tennessee, October 21st, 1863. Dear Father and Mother.... We had scarcely fired our first volley, when James BABCOCK received a shot in his knee.... I heard another of my men say, "I am hit," looking around I saw it was Simon FREER. "Where are you shot?" I said. "In the foot.".... I returned to the head of my company, and had no more than got there when a tree top was cut off, by a cannon ball, above my head, falling on me and several others, but not hurting me, only covering me up with the leaves and smaller branches, but hurting Sergt. PUGH so badly as to compel. him to leave the field. The next man of my company who was hit was Sergt. CLAY in the right leg by a rifle ball just grazing it below the knee, but not bad enough to make him leave the field.... We made it so hot for them that they had to get up and leave. Here Sergt. CLAY received his second and third shots, one of them grazing under his right arm and the other hitting him on the left leg below the knee; but still he would not leave the field. Here was where Frank M. SMITH, of Co. D was instantly killed, the ball going through his head.... Robert McALEXANDER, of Company F, a detail as one of Col. VANDEVER'S escort, had his horse shot under him. When the fight was the hottest, I had to laugh to see Sergeants MYERS and CLAY, they being file closers, were in the rear of the lines; they would load, stoop down, pick out their man, grit their teeth and fire, then step back to their places, load and repeat the same over during the engagement.... During the fighting Col. GLEASON was right with us .... Major HAMMOND was every place along our lines, encouraging our men; also Adjutant RYLAND.... On came the rebels four lines deep, and during this time one after another of my men fell. Corp. J. L. McMAHAN was hit .... he was wounded in the right eye and wrist.. .. Now John HOUSE fell, a ball breaking his neck; then Corp. WELD was wounded. About this time Lieutenant BEEBER was shot through both legs, just above the knees. One after another fell, until ten of my men were killed and wounded; right there GOODRICH, FARRY, HOFFMAN, J. ROBBINS, RODGERS, Private CLAY, J. B. TAYLOR and about twenty paces to my left, fell Adjutant RYLAND. Still closer fell Captain HUGHS, of Company D.... Corp ROTH and Private STOTTLER were wounded.... Here Sergt. CLAY received his fourth wound through his right thigh. Sergeant MYERS and Adam REMINSCFINIDER carried him back out of danger.... Our wounded are getting along finely. Corp. WEBB died on the 18th.... Our sick are doing well. Isaac TOWNSEND is still down to the hospital doing as well as could be expected. My health is tolerably good. Jonas MYERS was just in here.... H. C. LONG.

Capt. LONG, of the 87th, arrived at home last Friday night. He is in good health and spirits.

We are pleased to learn that Dr. Vernon GOULD is improving in health, and it is hoped that he will soon be able to be about. He has had a serious time, but is gradually gaining in health.

OUR WOUNDED. We had the pleasure of a call, a day or two ago, from Sergt. C. W. CLAY, who was severely wounded at Chickamauga. He is rapidly improving and hopes to be able to again join his regiment before many weeks. Lieut. J. W. BEEBER is also improving. He has returned to Indianapolis. We learn that J. L. McMAHAN, who was severely wounded over the eye and in the right arm, is slowly improving.

COMMUNICATION. Mr. Editor: Please publish the following list of articles sent to the sick and wounded in the hospitals at Nashville, with the names of those contributing the same: Mrs. Hannah FAIRCHILD, 1 can whortleberries. Miss Sarah E. HAMLETT,1/2 bushel onions, 15 lbs dried apples and 6 lbs butter. Mrs. Angeline CHAMBERLAIN, one can whortleberries and 21 lbs dried apples. Mrs. Nancy CLAY, 1/4 bushel onions. John RALSTIN, one can blackberries, and 7 lbs dried apples. Jesse BECHTELHEIMER, 3 cans blackberries and 1 barrel potatoes. Mrs. F. C. HAMLETT, 68 lbs dried apples, 27 lbs honey, 2-1/2 gallons current jelly, 7 cans peaches, 2 cans each of blackberries, tomatoes and gooseberries, 2 cans raspberry jam, 1 can plum butter, 2 cans cucumber pickles, 1 jar mango cabbage, 6 lbs butter, and 1 lb bandages, Elizabeth HAMLETT. New Castle, Oct 19th, 1863.

(Notice of Administration) ... Mary A. BUNTAIN appointed Administratrix of the estate of James H. BUNTAIN, deceased, late of Fulton county. Nov. 13, 1863.

Drs. MILLER & THOMPSON.... have commenced the practice of the medical profession.... Office is one door South of Holmes & Miller's new building.

FOUND. The undersigned, while returning from Rochester, on Tuesday, Nov. 10th, found a pocket book containing a small amount of money; supposed to have been lost by some unknown person who rode a short distance in my wagon. The owner by calling at my residence, l-2 miles south of Green Oak, and describing the pocket book and its contents, and paying cost, will receive the lost property. Thomas G. EWER. Nov 13, 1863.

(Administrator's Notice to Sell Real Estate).... William PIPINGER, Administrator of the estate of Eli HOOVER, deceased.. ... Witness my hand this 17th day of November, 1863. Robert AITKEN, Clerk Fulton Com. Pleas Court, By S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 26, 1863

CAMP OF THE 13th IND VOLS. Folly Island, N. C., Nov 3d, 1863. Editor Chronicle: .... there has been a great deal of sickness and ten men have died, including lst Lieut. SCOTT of Co. D, four men, members of Co. B, have:died; Sergt. John R. CASSADY, Corporals Levi CONSER and Wm. H. H. STEVENSON, and Private Robert WATSON.... Yours respectfully, R. S. MOW.

Sergt. Frank BROWN, of Company D, 87th Ind, arrived here last Saturday. He is not looking very well, but we hope will rapidly improve now that he can enjoy the comforts of home. We understand that he is authorized to enlist recruits for the noble regiment of which he is a member. Capt. P. S. TROUTMAN, of Company E, same regiment, has also been at home for a few days past, though we believe he has returned to his regiment.
Sergeant BROWN brought us a line from Jerome CARPENTER, Comissary Sergeant of the 87th, in which he promises shortly to write us a letter for publication....

DIED. On Nov 8th, 1863, in hospital at Nashville, Tenn., of chronic Diarrhea, Isaac S. TOWNSEND, of Liberty Township, Fulton county. His body was brought home, and buried with the honors of war, on the 17th inst. He enlisted at the organization of the Company fifteen months ago, and has been present with it all the time up to a few weeks of his death, passing through all the hardships, battles and skirmishes the 87th has been in. At the time of the battle of Chickamauga, though a more fit subject for the hospital than a battle-field, and against the advice of his officers, he would go into the battle, and was one amongst the bravest to defend the flag of his country; escaping death on the horrid battle-field but to fall a victim of disease. He was a good soldier, always obedient to orders; was highly esteemed by all his company, who deeply feel his loss. His body now occupies an honored soldier's grave. To his parents, brothers, sisters and relatives, we would say, that it is a sad and gloomy thought to know that you will never meet him again upon earth; this we know is hard to bear, and God alone, who "tempers the wind to the shorn lamb," can impart comfort to the bruised and bleeding heart. Co. F, 87th Inf. In hospital, at Nashville, Tenn., on the 13th of November, 1863. A. E. McCARTER, of Co 3, 87th Reg Ind.

(Estray Notice) .... Taken up by Peter PUTNAM, residing in Henry Township, Fulton county.... appraised by William M. HULING and Solomon MELVIN.... Reported to William REAM, Justice.... Robert AITKEN, Clerk, S. KEITH, Depy. Nov 19th, 1863.

NOTICE .... for building a School House in School District No. 2.... at the residence of Samuel RARRICK in Aubbeenaubbee Township .... I will also sell.... the log School House..... at said School House in School District No. 1, near the residence of James DAY, Esq. James DALES, Trustee, Aubbeenaubbee, Nov 23., 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 3, 1863


RECRUITING IN FULTON COUNTY. The work of recruiting in this county is progressing slowly. Lieut McAFEE, Sergt BROWN, Sergt HOOBER, Sergt BEEBER and Sergt NEWHOUSE, aided by a number of our citizens, are making energetic efforts to raise the requisite number so as to avoid the draft.
The second series of War Meetings is now being held, and strong hopes are entertained by those who ought to know, that the task will be accomplished.
Col. SHRYOCK spent some time making speeches, but has now gone to Washington. Capt. GROVER also gave his efficient aid, and B. LAWHEAD has been indefatigable in his efforts. It will be strange if all these gentlemen fail to induce 112 men to enter the country's service, especially when the way seems so near its termination.

Thos. J. HOLCOMB, of Green Oak, has our thanks for a splendid roll of butter weighing some four or five pounds. He is a whole-souled, generous Union man, and may he live to see a happy old age.

Our thanks are due to Capt. RADER, of the 26th Ind., for several late New Orleans papers. He is at home on a short furlough, and to await his recovery from the severe wound received by him in Louisiana.

Thomas SHELTON, who resides four miles from Rochester, on the Peru road, has taken out a license as a Tavern Keeper....

HOME ON FURLOUGH. James BARRETT, of Company F, 87th Indiana, is home on a furlough of twenty days. We believe he has recently been detailed as a nurse in one of the hospitals.
Last week, we did not mention a call from Sergt. HOOBER, of Company E, 87th. He is home for recruits....

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate).... estate of John D. BAUMAN, William CROSGROVE, Admr., Nov 25, 1863.

Edward D. THOMPSON vs Ephraim STREET, Whitefield DILL, John TURNER and Cynthia TURNER. Complaint for Foreclosure.... Robert AITKEN, Clerk of Fulton Circuit Court by S. KEITH, Deputy Nov 23d, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale) .... at the late residence of Daniel O'BLENIS, deceased, in Richland Township, Fulton county.... A. E. BABCOCK, Admr de bonis non. Nov 26, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 10, 1863

We learn from Lieut. McAFEE that he has now 22 recruits for the infantry, and that quite a number have enlisted in the cavalry. David T. EVEY, of Akron, is assisting in raising recruits, and has obtained quite a number....

LETTER FROM THE 28th. Point Isabel, Texas. November 8th, 1863. Dear Father: .... I got a letter yesterday from George W. ERNST, who is at St. Louis, Mo. He was clerking for Gen. TO(-)TEN... I give you the casualties in Company A, in the engagement at Morganzie's Bend in the Capalia River: Killed: Private Samuel A. WRIGHT. Wounded: Capt. D. RADER, right eye; Privates Isaac H. BARRETT, right shoulder; Mark R. WRIGHT, left ankle. Captured: Sergts Philip FENTERS, Lyman COPLEN, John A. BARNETT; Corporals J. L. ATKINSON, John ZARTMAN; Privates James BIBLER, Calvin BALL, Michael I. BARNETT, William T. BARNETT, James F. COLLINS, Charles CLELAND, Marion CLEMENS, David CLEMENS, George GRIFFIN, David HERRINGTON, John KEEL, Royal KNISS, Andrew E. McCLURE, George McLAUGHLIN, Jonathan NICHOLAS, Thomas R. RILEY, Henry SMITH, Jonathan SMITH, Spencer STRONG, Orlando TROUTMAN, Hazen WARDLOW, George W. WILCOX and Jacob YOUNG. Alfred B. CARTER, a brother to Lieut. CARTER, died of disease, October 24th. Total number that has died, been killed, wounded and captured in less than a month is 34..... Your son, G. G. LONG.

We are indebted to Mr. Joseph J. ROBBINS, of this township, for the present of about a bushel of excellent turnips...

DIED. At the City Hospital, in Indianapolis, on the 6th of November, 1863, of Consumption, John T. SMALLEY, of Company A, 26th Ind, aged 17 years 7 months and 6 days.
The deceased joined the company in the summer of 1861, and participated in all the battles in which the 26th was engaged. His health failed soon after the siege of Vicksburg, since which time he had gradually failed, and was on his way home at the time of his death. He was a faithful soldier, a good son, and he will not soon be forgotten by his bereaved parents and numerous friends.

(Estray notice)... Taken up by Elias WALTER, residing in Richland Township, Fulton county.... Appraised by Stephen OVERMOYER and Jacob GRABER... Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Deputy.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 17, 1863

Our thanks are due to David MOW for the present of a couple of very fine fish....

Col. K. G. SHRYOCK, of this place, has been appointed Provost Marshal of the 9th District in place of Capt. W. W. WALLACE, of LaPorte, relieved. The Colonel has already entered upon his duties.

DIED. On the 22d of September, in the hands of the enemy, of wounds received in the battle of Chickamauga, Sergeant Jonas CLARK, of Company E, 87th Ind Volunteers. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his untimely death.
All kinds of Country Produce taken in exchange for Goods at the New Store of A. J. HOLMES & CO.

NOTICE. All persons knowing themselves indebted to me or to Mann & Co., are requested to call and make immediate settlement, as farther indulgence cannot be given. I must have what is due me. H. W. MANN. Dec 17, 1863.

(Administrator's Sale).... estate of Hiram LOY, deceased... at the late residence of Thomas W. BARNETT, in Union Township, Fulton county.... David M. SMITH, Admr. Dec 15, 1863.

Adrian SAFFORD vs Charlotte SAFFORD, Deloyd D. SAFFORD, Mary E. SAFFORD, Harriet SAFFORD and William MONTGOMERY, Administrator of the estate of Justus SAFFORD.... Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Depy. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff. Dec 17, 1863,

Dry Goods, Ladies Cloaks and Furs, Notions.... Groceries... Store one door North of Mercer's Hardware Store, opposite the Court House Square. D. S. GOULD. Rochester, Dec 17, 1863.

(Administrator's Notice) .... David M. SMITH appointed Administrator upon the estate of Hiram LOY, late of Fulton county, deceased. Dec 15, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 24, 1863

We are informed that a few nights since some rascals took Mrs. BRACKETT'S horse from the stable, and after riding it most of the night, put it back in the stable. This is not the first outrage of a similar character perpetrated upon the property of Mrs. B. Last summer some sneaking miscreant robbed her orchard, plundering all her choicest fruit trees, and recently, a number of her chickens were stolen, and their heads left in the yard. Our language utterly fails, when we attempt to express our opinion of such meanness. We know of nothing which equals it in infamy, except the exploit of the New Castle Grave Robbers. Every citizen of Fulton county who has any regard for the reputation of the community in which he lives, should spare no pains to aid in ferreting out and bringing to justice the cowardly and contemptible villains who will thus rob a defenseless widow.

(Estray Notice) ... by A. J. SUTTON, Esq. Appraised at $18. Taken up by Elijah ALLEY, one mile North of Fulton. Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Deputy. Dec 16, 1863.

(Estray Notice)... Taken up by Robert ANDERSON, living in Richland township, Fulton county, on the 24th day of November, 1863.... Before Isaac HIATT, Justice. Robert AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy. Dec 21, 1863.

(Estray Notice) ... Taken up by Moore RALSTIN, living in Richland township, Fulton County... Appraised... by Elijah MILLER and George WALES. Before Isaac HIATT, Justice. Robert AITKIN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Deputy. Dec 21, 1863.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 31, 1863

LOST! On Wednesday evening last, between the School House and the residence of Mrs. MYERS, a Gold Watch and Chain, with a Gold Pencil attached. The finder will confer a favor by leaving it at the Parsonage.

AGRICIJLTURAL NOTICE. The Annual Election of Officers was held last Saturday, and resulted in the choice of the following: President, D. VAN TRUMP. Vice President, C. H. ROBBINS. Secretary, Theo. P. REID. Treasurer, C. J. STRADLEY. Executive Committee, John PENCE, A. J. HOLMES and Stephen DAVIDSON.

MARRIED. - On the 27th inst., by Rev. J. B. ALLYN, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Arnold L. BROOKS and Miss Sarah J. SMITH, all of this place ....
-On the same day, by Rev. N. L. LORD, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. A. D. HOPPE and Miss Freedia LOOMIS, all of this county.

(Executor's Sale of Real Estate).... Archibald RICHARDSON, late of Cass County, deceased.... Noble PLUMMER, Executor, 12-Mile, Cass county, Ind. Stewart T. McCONNELL, Atty for Executor. Logansport, Ind.

Levi MERCER, Dealer in Hardware and Agricultural Implements.... Both the celebrated Pittsburg Plow and the South Bend Plow, formerly sold by J. J. SMITH, of this place ... Rochester, Dec 31, 1863.

G. P. CHERRY would respectfully inform the public thathe has purchased the entire stock of trade of C. J. STRADLEY....next door South of the Post Office, BOZARTH BUILDING. Rochester, Nov 5th, 1863.

New House! New Firm! A. J. HOLMES, Samuel KEELY, Peter MEREDITH . . . . in the South room of HOLMES & MILLER'S new building, opposite the Court House. . . . Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, Queensware . . . Mr. KEELY, formerly in the business, respectfully asks his old customers to give him a call. . . . A. J. HOLMES & CO., Rochester, Dec. 1, 1863.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 2, 1864

Wm. OSGOOD, Editor. Jas. S. CHAPIN., Pub. & Propy.

FULTON COUNTY DELINQUENT TAX LIST, for the year 1862, and remaining unpaid on Dec. 15, 1863, For sale Feb. 1, 1864 at Court House., Andrew J. HOLMES, Auditor.
Wayne Township: James GILCHRIST, Nancy E. GLANCY, Thos. L. HOLLENBACK. H. L. HUDKINS, Silas MILLER, George PERKINS, John POTTS, Michael SHAFFER, Jesse SPARKS, H. H. SMITH, Theodore SPARKS, John SMITH, Wm. STATES, John R. SMITH, Kyran WALSH, Edward NICHOLDS.
Union Township: Michael CARROL, Robert FISH, Elizabeth LEBO, Campbell E. MILLER, N. SPAULDING, Benneville STAMM, Sarah J. SINGER, Asbury TREBBETTS, Jacob TUGENRICH, (mentions corner of SHAFFER'S land), Wm. UPDEGRAFT, Joseph WOLF, E. A. WHITE.
Aubbeenaubbee Township: Calvin ALLEN, Peter BOLLINGER, Joseph T. BUCK, CIN. P. & C. R.R., R. W. DEMOSS, Joseph EDGINGTON, Wm. HARROLD, David HILL, James HAY, Sr., George RARRICH, Jacob SMITH, Mike SHADLE, Jacob SHADLE Est., SMITH & LEBO, Ephriam STREET, Wm. SWANTON, H. J. WARDLOW.
Liberty Township: E. T. DRAKE, George JUNKINS, Jacob LAMB, J. W, MITCHELL, Silas MILLER, D. D. PRATT, George SPOTTS, Daniel SMITH, Peter SHIDLER, Charles S. WOOD, J. N. WILLIAMS, George ZABST, Peter ZABST.
Henry Township: W. C. MOORE, Robert OLIVER, Peter REAM, Jacob RANNELLS, Henry SWARTSLANDER, John SECREST.
Newcastle Township: John E. CATES, A. J. EDWARDS, J. P. HOLLY, Royal KENNEDY, C. MONTGOMERY, Silas MILLER, A. K. PLANK.
Hardinsville: John MEHAFFEY.
Fulton: D. C. BUCHANAN, Ephriam BURNETT, [ - - - - ] FULTZ,
Rochester: Henry ALEXANDER, John AULT, Jr., Jacob BECK, Lucy A. CHINN, Norman GUY, Vernon GOULD, Martha J. HEILEMAN, A. F. SMITH, J. WALLACE & BRO.
Green Oak: Liman WOODFIELD.
Akron; Wm. SHEETS, Albert STANTON.
Bloomingsburg: F. M. BIDWELL.
A. D. HOPPE has new Jewelry Store in MAMMOTH BDG at sign of the big watch & spectacles.

EDITORIAL. (Apologizing for lack of editorials due to "Squire" business and other matters.)

EDITORIAL. "Christmas" Christmas passed away pleasantly in Rochester. The dance at Wallace's Hall was a fine affair. A large number of ladies and gentlemen were in attendance. The music was fine and the oyster supper excellent.
The festival at the Court House on Christmas night, was a decided success. The long tables were loaded with every delicacy of the season, the vocal and instrumental music supurbe. The audience "gay and festive" and "all went merry as a marriage bell." We wish the good people of Rochester many returns of such happy occasions.

NOTICE. Partnership of James ROBBINS and J. M. DAVIDSON discontinued, with Mr. Robbins continuing the business as ROBBINS' SALOON at the old stand, at the north end of town, and says he will be on hand day and night to supply his customers with the choicest of liquors.

K. G. SHRYOCK, Provost Marshal of the 9th district, by N. G. SHAFFER, gives notice that bounty to volunteers will be limited to $100.00 after January 5.

RETURNED, Our young friend, Chester CHAMBERLAIN, of the 354 49th Regt. returned from the army a few days ago. He is attached to the recruiting service. He was all through the terrific fight at Vicksburg, and fought bravely.

RECRUITING. Recruiting is going on quite briskly in the County. The recruiting officers tell us that a good many have volunteered during the week. We have strong hopes that the quota will be raised before the draft comes off.

MARRIED. -On Sunday Dec. 27th 1863, by Rev. N. L. LORD, at the residence of the bride's father in Richland township in Fulton County, Augustus D. HOPPE, of Rochester, and Miss Fidelia LOOMIS.
-By Rev. J. B. ALLYN, on Sunday Dec. 27, 1863, at the residence of the bride's father, in Rochester, Mr. Arnold BROOKS and Miss Sarah SMITH. Cake duly received and duly devoured by "Ye Sentinel boys."....

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey at request of Nathan PONTIUS. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

N. G. SHAFFER, Atty at Law, Main St., 2 doors north of J. SHIELDIS Store.

J. J. DAVIS, Atty, Main Street, 2 doors north of J. SHIELDIS Store.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 16, 1864

J. HOPPE, Retail dealer, groceries & provisions, fruit, fish, salt, liquors, tobacco etc. Main Street, next door to Plank's.

WANTED. At this office on subscription, 40 cords of good wood. Bring it immediately.

EDITORIAL. (copied from LaPorte Democrat, concerning Cinn. Peru & Chi. R.R.)
Mr. DRULINER, superintendent, stated that ownership of the road is in litigation before the Supreme Court in Washington. The case concerns ownership of the railroad, with W. J. WALKER, lessee, one of the principal contestants in the suit. "No doubt but the counties through which the road passes will vote all the men and money necessary to complete the enterprise.
"It would be to their own pecuniary advantage to do so, even should they receive nothing in the way of dividends, Fulton County is more especially interested in the completion of the road, than any other along the line; and we believe her citizens have at all times evinced a disposition to do the fair thing in the matter of material aid .... "

H. W. HOPPE having sold out his interest in firm of J. HOPPE & CO. to John HOPPE, requests all those knowing themselves indebted to the old firm, to settle....

Assistant Assessor, for the county, warns all persons who have not reported the number of hogs, cattle, calves and sheep slaughtered and sold, and all killed for their own use over six, to do so or be prosecuted.

THE WEATHER ETC. The weather has been moderate during the week, and the sleighing fine. The town has been full of our friends from the country, on trading expeditions. The town cows were constantly on hand, as usual, deeply engaged in robbing the farmer's sleighs of corn, hay, straw &c....

PICKPOCKETS. We believe there are pickpockets about town somewhere. Many valuable articles have recently been missed by their owners. Miss Lizzie DEMOTTE recently lost a valuable gold watch and chain, and Mr. Wm. H. GIBSON a pocket book containing about $50.00 in money, and $900 in notes. Watch your pockets and watch for the thieves.

Common Pleas court adjourned last Tuesday.

LOST. In Rochester, Wednesday, January 14, 1864, a large pocket book containing about $50 in money, and notes and mortgage amounting to about $900, one of about $800 given by Wm. MOSSMAN. Liberal reward. Wm. H. GIBSON.

DIED. - At her residence in Rochester on Thursday morning, Jan. 14th 1864, of lung fever, Mrs. Sylvina LAWHEAD, wife of Banner LAWHEAD, Esq., of the Mansion House. Mrs. Lawhead resided in Rochester many years ....
-Just on the eve of going to press, we heard the sad news of the death of Banner LAWHEAD, Esq., of the Mansion House. He died on Friday, January 15th, 1864, of lung fever. How sad! His wife died but a day before him.

NOTICE. GEO. W. HUFFMAN gives notice that his wife, Sarah J. HUFFMAN, has left his bed and board and he will pay none of her debts.

Rochester Sentinal - Saturday, January 16, 1864, cont'd)

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey at request of SOLOMON COLLINS ' THOS. J. HOLCOME, DAVID CORBIN and JACOB J. HUDSON.
I. WALKER, Surveyor F.C.

PLANK & DAWSON, Rochester, Vermin exterminator for sale. Wholesale & retail agents.

POEM. "Home" (By JOHN E. CATES, 87th Regt. Ind. Vols., Chattanooga, Tenn., sent to the Rochester Sentinel):
Rome, is the sweetest thought
That lights the soldier's mind;
Could but the battles all be fought,
And Liberty's sun still shine.

Oh! his home and friends, how dear,
He feels the kindred ties;
But still he feels no coward fear,
Though he for his country dies.

He hopes and trusts and prays,
To meet his friends again;
But he must save his country first,
That Law and Peace may reign.

May God, in all his good,
Lend His helping hand,
And strengthen all our firmness,
To save our glorious land.

Oh, may both North and South,
Be bound in one Christian band,
And live as brethren in one house,
In a Christian, happy land.

Lord! Stop the maddened strife,
And give us grace to see
The worth of human life,
And Christian Liberty.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 23, 1864

LUCKY. Wm. H. GIBSON found his pocket book, which he advertised as lost last week. Money and other contents all safe. Gibson says he attributes his good luck to the advertisement he put in the Sentinel.

EDITORIAL. (Commending John SCOTT and James MARTIN for appearing as delegates at the Democratic Convention at Winamac "considering the terribly inclement weather at the time." The chronicle criticism of the Resolutions adopted at the convention is also answered.)

FUNERAL SERVICES. for Mr. and Mrs. LAWHEAD last Sunday, at the M.E. Church, by Rev. MICHAELS, pastor. The attendance was so large that "great numbers of the people could not gain admittance. The remains were escorted to the place of burial by the members of the masonic lodge (some 60 in number) and the two coffins placed side by side in one grave." Mr. Lawhead had been a mason for many years, and they had resided in Rochester for a long time.

Recommending A. F. SMITH, Esq., local agent for Fulton County, for the Equitable Fire Insurance Company.

EDITORIAL. (Answering criticism by the Chronicle of the sentinels advice concerning presidential appointments, and accusing appointee, "assistant assessor of internal revenue for Fulton County," of not being a gentleman.)

South Bend Wagons and Buggies. Manufactured by C. & J. M. STUDEBAKER and kept constantly on hand, and for sale, by A. J. HOLMES & CO.

DISTRICT DEMOCRATIC CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION, Winamac, Friday, Jan. 8, 1864. On motion of Mr. PACKARD, Horace CORBIN, Marshall Co., was chosen permanent president, and the democratic editors present were appointed secys. On motion of C. B. LASELLE, Hon. J. DAVIS, Cass County, and T. H. KEYS, Pulaski County, Vice Presidents.
Resolutions committee: S. A. HALL, Chairman, Cass; John C. KARR, White Co.; G. T. WICKERSHAM, Pulaski Co.; T. J. SPITLER, Jasper Co.; M. A. O. PACKARD, Marshall Co.; John SCOTT, Fulton Co.; and W. B. LOUGHRIDGE, Miami Co.
Speakers were: Dr. A. J. ADRAIN, Cass Co.; J. G. OSBORN, Marshall Co.; J. L. FARRAR, Miami Co.; and C. B. LASELLE and Hon. John DAVIS, Cass Co. (resolutions listed)

WOOD FOR SOLDIERS' FAMILIES. The citizens of Rochester and the adjacent country, who are willing to devote a day to prepare wood for the families of our brave volunteers, will meet on Tuesday next (Jan 26th), at 8 oclock a.m., at the store of Levi MERCER, where they will be assigned to duty. Bring along your axes.

DIED. At his residence in Rochester, January 20th, 1864, of lung fever, Doctor Henry W. MANN, aged 46 years .... Doctor Mann had been seriously ill for many days;... was one of the first settlers in Rochester. He emigrated from Ohio, to this place, we think about the year 1838.... In 1858 he was elected on the Democratic ticket, as Treasurer of Fulton County, and in 1860 was elected to a second term by an increased majority... He was for many years a leading member of the Presbyterian church in Rochester, of which he was an honored member at the time of his death.... (no survivors are mentioned)

R. GOULD, Picture Gallery, over Levi Mercer's Hardware Store, opposite the Court House Square. "Prepared to take Carte de Visite and Viguette Picture... No pictures taken at my room on Sunday."

A. F. SMITH, local agent for Fulton County, Equitable Fire Insurance Co., of Indianapolis, Ind. (officers and directors listed). References: A. J. HOLMES & CO., Wm. STURGEON, S. KEITH, A. E. TAYLOR and Hugh MILLER.

NOTICE TO BUILDERS. New School House, School Dist. No. 7, Letting Feb. 9, 1864, at residence of Henry GINTliER, Aubbeenaubbee twp. Jas. R. DALES, Trustee.

(Administrator's Sale)... Monday, Feb. 22, 1864, real estate of Charles BRUGH, deceased. Joseph BRUGH, Admr.

(Application for License).,. to sell intoxicating liquors on north half of Lot 61, old plat, town of Rochester. David P. CARR.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, January 30, 1864

EDITORIAL. "A Word or Two About School Matters" We think that by this time the republicans are getting pretty well paid for their meanness in voting out the best school teacher the town ever had, simply because he was a democrat,...

NEW LANDLORD. Vincent O'DONNELL, Esq., has rented the MANSION HOUSE, of which B. LAWHEAD was former proprietor. Vint is a good clever fellow, and we believe, understands "how to keep a hotel."

The Chronicle advertises that a merchant in town has some of "those nice ladies furs," for sale.
We would like to know who "those nice ladies" are. Can't be the ones the "fine young men" advertise for in the chronicle, can they?

There are a great many sick in town and throughout the county. Lung fever appears to be the prevailing disease.

Dr. A. H. ROBBINS has returned from Cincinnati where he attended the medical college, and has brought back "a fine lot of surgical instruments, splints for broken and dislocated limbs, and an excellent and costly library of the latest medical works." Drs. ROBBINS and HARTER have entered into partnership.

PROTECTION HOOK and LADDER COMPANY No. 1, meeting next Tuesday, Jury Room, in the Court House. T. P. REID, Secy.

THE NEW RECRUITS. Most of the men recruited in this county, under the late call, have been home on furlough during the past week. They appeared to enjoy themselves hugely; although they were rather noisy, occasionally.

Doctors A. H. ROBBINS & C. F. HARTER, partners in practice of medicine and surgery. "Special attention given to surgery.chronic diseases and diseases of women and children." Office in the previous office of Dr. Robbins.

V. O'DONNEL, Proprietor, Mansion House. My table will be supplied at all times with the best the market affords, and every effort put forth to make my guests feel at home.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 13, 1864

EDITORIAL. "Coming Down." In this weeks issue of his sheet, the editor of the Rochester Nigger Swill Tub Chronicle declines further controversy with the editor of the Sentinel, and he declines in terms which are certainly not very becoming to a (professed) minister of the Gospel. We do not believe that the very lowest denizen of the Five Points could use worse language than the editor of the Chronicle uses, when engaged in his favorite theme of abusing democrats. However, we cannot expect anything better from the editor of the Chronicle, who is nothing but a vile compound of skunk, black-snake, and turkey-buzzard, fished out of some abolition swamp-hole up north, and imported to Rochester to do the dirty work of the abolitionists, which dirty work he does do with all the zeal and fidelity of a thrice whipped spaniel.

NOTICE. A lot of new wagons just received by A. J. HOLMES Co.

About 40 have joined the Methodists during protracted meeting now being held.

NOTICE. A reminder that tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day.

Oran McDONALD, at the Post Office, sells valentines

We know that our friends do not want us to "freeze up," but we are afraid that we shall, if we do not get some wood, or money to buy some with pretty soon.

J. H. KELLY has started a dancing school at WALLACE'S HALL, twenty-five cents each evening.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79, to meet Wed., Feb. 17, 1864. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

(Application for License)... to sell intoxicating liquors on Lot No. 42, old plat, Rochester. ROBBINS & KALS.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Monday, Feb. 29, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of James MAXEY and against the property of Andrew T. SCHUPP and Mary SCHUPP. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, Feb. 29, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of Samuel B. RICHARDSON and against the property of Isaac RANNS. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.
ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, February 27, 1864

(Application for License) ... to sell intoxicating liquors on Lot 32, old plat, Rochester. T. A. BEALLE.

EDITORIAL. (Reporting controversy overheard between two republicans by editor of Sentinel, which reflected disagreement among republicans about the social and political status of the negro.)

EDITORIAL. (Urging democrats to support their party by supporting their party newspaper, the Sentinel.)

Calling attention to Dr. James RUSSELL, who has given as references Mrs. Samuel BARRETT, 2!1 miles north of Tippecanoetown, Marshall Co., and Mrs. Martin HORNE, Newcastle twp.

EDITORIAL. (Urging democrats to be united, and not divided, to attain success next fall.)

NEW CHURCH. We understand that the METHODISTS of this place are going to build a new and large church.

Reporting that one subscriber of the Sentinel, at Star City, Pulaski County, does not receive his paper. "... We want to know the reason, if possible."

EDITORIAL. Recruiting is going on rather slowly in this county, notwithstanding the large bounties offered. Where are the "flaming giants," that, we are told, were to "leap forth" lleager for the fray," and why don't they walk up and stick their names down?

Recommending J. KEWNEY'S Foundry for plows.

We see that our enterprising townsman, L. MERCER, has improved the sidewalk in front of his store during the past week.

We learn that some of our country friends have commenced making maple sugar.

Recommending H. A. (Hi) LYON STOVE & TIN SHOP.

Eggs are now retailing at 15 cents per dozen, and scarce at that. As a matter of general interest, we state that cornstarch is an excellent substitute for culinary purposes, one spoonful of cornstarch being reckoned as equal to a single egg.

James RUSSELL, M.D., resumed practice having had sixteen years experience in treatment of chronic diseases. "Particular attention will be paid to the treatment of Cancer, Chronic sore eyes and the disease called Big Neck." Residence eight miles east of Rochester, on the direct road from Rochester to Akron.

H. A. LYON, Stove & Tin Shop, recently owned by J. F. GRAHAM, east side Main Street, one door south of Holzman's Clothing Store, Rochester.
John KEWNEY, ROCHESTER FOUNDRY, manufactures iron beam plows and sells Celebrated Pittsburg Plows, and has iron castings of all kinds.

HO! YE FIGHTING MEN! All those wishing to enlist in the 87th Indiana Regiment, should call on the undersigned at the Mansion House, Rochester, Ind. Now is the time to get the large bounties offered by the Government and County - $502 in all. SeTglt. B. F. BROWN, Co. D 97th Ind. Vols.

H. MILLER & CO., in the north part of Holmes & Miller Bldg. Hugh MILLER, H. G. MILLER and Chas. CAFFYN, have opened a new store stock purchased at Cincinnati. "... you will find Gavin and Charley very pleasant, and you will occasionally find the Old Judge there to help give you bargains."

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 5, 1864

Commissioners meet on Monday next.

THE BOUNTY. Under the late Bounty act of the Commissioners, the quota of Fulton County is being rapidly filled.

Major COLLINS of Newcastle twp, in this county, arrived at his home a few days ago. The Major was one of the officers who recently escaped from the Libby prison, at Richmond. He looks decidedly well, although somewhat thinned by the hardships and exposures he has borne in prison and on the tented field. Major Collins is a brave and efficient officer, and has been in the thickest of more than one desperately contested battle.

Flax seed to loan on good terms by A. J. HOLMES & CO.

EDITORIAL. (Signed O. U. B. DARNED, poking fun at the Chronicle's reporting, its editor having gone to Peru and returned home.)

An item reporting nominations, including among others: for State Auditor, Thomas B. McCARTY, Wabash; and Judge Supreme Court, 1st district, James H. FRAZER, Kosciusko Co.

EDITORIAL. Why is it the citizens of this place have permitted the "old burying ground" to run to rack and ruin? It is perfect shame to see the fence and yard in the condition that it is, and we think the citizens should take the matter in hand, and have a new fence to enclose the ground; also have a few grubs taken out.

On Monday last the Saw Mill of Mr. ELY about a mile and a quarter North-East of Bourbon, in this county was almost totally destroyed by the explosion of the boiler. One man named MYERS, was killed, another crippled, breaking his arm and leg and scalding him badly, so that his recovery is doubtful ... (Plymouth Democrat)

RESOLUTION. In memory of Capt. Lewis HUGHES, Co. D, 87th regiment, Ind. Vols., who was killed at the battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 20 last, while gallantly leading his company into the fight. Rochester Masonic Lodge No. 79, March 2, 1864. Wm. OSGOOD, A. F. SMITH, E. R. POWERS, Comm. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

Recommending A. D. Hoppe Jewelry Store for plated spoons.

We understand that the quota of this county is being rapidly filled. We also learn that men in other counties are enlisting and being credited to this county, in order to secure the large bounty that is offered.

Joseph BEEBER left Wednesday with a number of recruits for the 87th.

DIED: On the 1st inst., Mrs. Orpha J. wife of James RUNNELS, aged 42 years.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey at request of Jacob LEITER. I. WALKER, Surveyor F.C.

An item from Cincinnati Gazette, relating method of escape by officers through a hand-dug tunnel at Libby prison at Richmond. Included was Capt. William WALLACK, of the 5lst Indiana (originally from Peru, Ind.). He stated that digging was begun on New Year's Eve, and completed just before their escape. He had just reached the northern lines (details set forth). Capt. Wallack leaves for his home in Indiana.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, March 12, 1864

ROCHESTER TWP DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION, Court House, Sat., Mar. 19, 1864, to nominate two trustees, four constables and one supervisor for each road dist. Speakers to be Hon. Hugh MILLER, N. G. SHAFFER and others.

NOTICE. Democratic convention, Richland twp, Centre School House, Sat., Mar. 19, 1864, to nominate candidates for Spring election.

EDITORIAL. (Urging democrats to vote on election day.)

Commissioners Court has been in session during the week. Most of their time has been occupied in examining the reports of the township trustees. As near as we could learn, about 70 orders for bounties to volunteers have been issued.

There are two individuals confined in the jail, at present, one of them for stealing a horse, and the other for deserting from the army. We believe the deserter is one of the individuals who acted so conspicuously in the "rumpus" of last week. He was caught on last Thursday.
Since putting the above in type we learn that the deserter has been taken to Laporte.

DIED. At her residence near Rochester, on Tuesday, March 8th, 1864, Susan A. [RENBARGER], wife of George RENBARGER, Esq .... She suffered through a long and severe illness....

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 2, 1864

We wish to be distinctly understood that the financial business of the Rochester Sentinel, will be attended to by JAS. S. CHAPIN, personally. No other person having any right whatever to do so.

ROCHESTER TWP DEMOCRATIC TICKET: For Trustee, Cyrus H. ROBBINS; for Constables, John GLAZE, David NAFE, Andrew J. DAVIDSON, John McCARTER; for Supervisor, Wm. A. WARD.

EDITORIAL. (Urging people to vote next Monday, at the twp election.)

EDITORIAL. (Reporting that the case of the United States vs Christopher HARTER (Dr. C. F. HARTER), at that time residing in Akron but now residing in Rochester, was dismissed on March 18, 1864 according to records of the United States District Court.

Mr. Wm. PECK of this county is agent for religious and nature books.

(Notice of Administration) ... A. J. HOLMES appointed Administrator of the estate of Aaron DEBOLT, Newcastle twp.

SELECT SCHOOL at the School Building, beginning Monday, April 4. Mrs. E. F. GROVER.

We have made the following sales of C. & J. M. STUDEBAKER'S Wagons in the year 1864: In Jan. 11; Feb. 4; and in Mar. 8. Total 23. There is yet a good assortment left and for sale by A. J. HOLMES & CO.

Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 79 meeting every Wednesday night until next regular meeting. M. R. SMITH, Secy.

Dry goods, groceries, queens ware, and highest price for produce. A. J. HOLMES 4 CO.

PROTECTION HOOK & LADDER COMPANY. Meeting at headquarters next Tuesday. At 4 p.m. precise, for parade in full dress uniform. T. P. REID, Secy.

Flax seed and land plaster by the barren for sale. A. J. HOLMES & CO.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, April 18, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of Adrian SAFFORD and against property of Charlotte SAFFORD, Deloyd D. SAFFORD, Harriet SAFFORD, Mary E. SAFFORD and Wm. MONTGOMERY, Administrator of the estate of Justice SAFFORD. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

(Sheriff's Sale)... Monday, April 18, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of EDWARD D. THOMPSON and against property of Ephraim STREET, Whitefield DILL, John TURNER and Cyntha TURNER. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

Certification of twp elections Monday, April 4, 1864. Robt AITKEN, Clerk F.C. Circuit Court, by S. KEITH, Depty, and Notice of election, Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

NOTICE. Sold out, left the country, debtors notified to pay Enoch STURGEON, Justice of the Peace. A. E. TAYLOR.

NOTICE. Notice to Guardians, Administrators & Executors to file reports or citations will be issued, by order of the court. Robt AITKEN, Clerk Fulton C.C., by S. KEITH, depty.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 23, 1864

EDITORIAL. (Notifying patrons owing on subscription six months or more will hereafter not receive the paper) The SENTINEL has about one-third or one-half the number of paying subscribers that it should have; and if the democrats of this county wish to have a county paper, a paper of democratic principles, published they must give us a better support than heretofore; and if we do not receive a better support, and more interest taken in our circulation by the leading democrats of the county, we shall be compelled to go where our services will be better appreciated and more liberally rewarded... printers cannot live on nothing, especially in "Lincoln times." ... hereafter we intend doing a CASH BUSINESS.

EDITORIAL. "The Sequence of an Abolition Lie. (A melee resulted from accusations by a couple of soldiers last Saturday that old & respected residents Messers L. M. MONTGOMERY and B. F. MONTGOMERY were grave robbers. This was followed by the soldiers assaulting D. W. JONES, Esq. (Uncle Dan), who was recently elected Trustee of Richland twp.)

CHANGE OF TIME. The time of running the mail coach from Logansport to Plymouth, via Rochester, has been changed so that the daily MAIL arrives at Rochester at noon instead of night as formerly. This is a change for the better.

COMMON PLEAS COURT. Adjourned on Thursday last. Judge LASSELLE presided in absence of Judge DYKEMAN.

WANTED! I will pay $3.00 per cord for timber suitable to make shingles out of. Apply at my planing mill in Rochester, just west of Wallace's steam grist mill. D. R. MARTIN.

We understand that a Military Ball will be given at WALLACE'S HALL next Wednesday Eve.

MARRIED. By Justice George BRIGHT at his residence in Henry township in this county, on Tuesday evening, April 19th, 1864, Mr. William P. BALL and Miss Adeline TULLIS....

WANTED. Persons to do three to four hundred dollars worth of clearing on farm four miles west of Rochester. Dr. ROBBINS.

(Notice of Administration)... Enoch STURGEON appointed Administrator of the estate of Henry W. MANN, Rochester twp.

A. D. HOPPE, Jewelry Store. First door north of Mammoth Bldg., Rochester. Clocks, watches, Jewelry, gold pens, silverplated spoons, pocket knives, spectacles, violin and guitar strings, violins, bows, fifes, accordeons, toys, fancy notions. Repairing.

LYON & KENDRICK, general merchandise. Store at Lyon's old stand, south door, MAMMOTH BLDG., Rochester. Drygoods, clothing, groceries, hoots, shoes, hats, caps and gentlemen's apparel made to order.

A. J. DAVIDSON, HARNESS & SADDLE SHOP, in room recently occupied by T. A. BEALLE, nearly opposite the MAMMOTH BLDG. Cash for hides, furs and peltries.

David CARR, liquors of all kinds. Saloon one door north of Hoppe's Jewelry Store, Rochester.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, May 9, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of John SKELTON, and against property of Enoch REYNOLDS (Lot #41 in Pleasant Grove). Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

SELECT SCHOOL to commence Monday, April 18, 1864, in the unoccupied room of the New School Bldg. Mr. B. D. SHEETS, teacher.

(Notice of Administration) ... C. J. STRADLEY appointed administrator of the estate of Michael STORM, of Fulton Co.

SELECT SCHOOL, to be opened in one room of the New School Bldg., Mon., Apr. 11, 1864. Miss Harriet C. OSGOOD.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, April 30, 1864

A NEGRO ELECTED. The abolitionists of Wayne twp., Kosciusko Co., Indiana, in which the town of Warsaw is situated, elected a negro barber for supervisor, at the late election.

NOTICE. Hon. S. R. HAMILL, of Sullivan Co., Ind., will give a political speech at Court house in Rochester, May 3.

Received by the Sentinel, from Capt. Robert M. SHIELDS of the 46th Ind. Regt., a copy of the Natchiltoches (La) Daily union, edited by Lieut. Thomas HUGHES.

EDITORIAL. (Urging democrats to organize; form clubs in every twp; circulate information.)

EDITORIAL. (in answer to Chronicle's urging republicans to win the Rochester election "to prevent the possibility of Jeff Davis' friends carrying the election"... The Sentinel editor refers to Rochester as "a rickety, shaky old corporation, so poverty stricken that it cannot furnish a bell for the cupola of the school house or provide a town pump for the accomodation of thirsty quadrupeds or bipeds.")

The dance at WALLACE'S HALL last Wednesday was reportedly a fine affair. Quite a number of soldiers of the 26th attended and are praised for being polite and gentlemanly.

MARRIED. On Saturday last, April 23d, 1864, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. Peter DILLMAN and Miss Martha Jane BOWMAN. All of this county.

DIED. -At her residence in Bangor, Butte County, California, on the 28th day of February, 1864, Sarah [OSGOOD], wife of GARDNER OSGOOD. We can only offer to our long absent brother in California, our most sincere sympathy.
-On Monday evening, April 25th, 1864, at her residence in Rochester, Mrs. Catherine CHERRY, wife of G. P. CHERRY, Esq....

(Notice of Insolvency) ... Estate of John C. DILLE. Peter MEREDITH, Admr.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by request of Milton M. MOORE and John HAY. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by request of Levi M. MONTGOMERY. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by request of Fred BEELER. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

(Surveyor's Notice) ... Legal survey, by request of David MOW. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

William PECK of Fulton County selling Fleetwood's Life of Christ and Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animated Nature.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 7, 1864

RESULTS OF ELECTION in Rochester twp last Monday, indicate democratic -Victory. Elected: Councilmen, F. B. ERNSPERGER and Jno. MONTGOMERY, both democrats, and C. FITZGERALD, republican; Clerk, D. M. RANNELS, democrat; Treasurer, C. F. HARTER, democrat; Assessor, Robert WALLACE, democrat; and Marshal, G. P. CHERRY, republican.

EDITORIAL. (Concerning comments by other newspapers, on the Sentinel's reporting that a negro barber had been elected supervisor in Wayne twp., Kosciusko County)

Reporting meeting last Tuesday, Court House, to hear speech by Hon. S. R. HAMILL. Mr. Hamill did not arrive but Hon. N. G. SHAFFER did speak. A. J. HOLMES was appointed Chairman and F. B. ERNSPERGER, Secretary.

MARRIED. At the bride's residence in Rochester, on Tuesday eve., May 3d, 1864, by Wm. OSGOOD, Justice, Mr. James ROBBINS and Mrs. Louisa MACY.

A. J. HOLMES & CO., South room of Holmes & Miller's new building, opposite the court house. Drygoods, groceries, hardware, Queensware, boots and shoes. Produce taken in exchange. HOLMES, KEELEY & MEREDITH.

Our supervisor has commenced working on the roads. So we understand

The farmers are busy putting in their spring crops, consequently town is rather dull.

There was a "War Meeting" held at the court house on Wednesday evening last. Not one volunteered.

NOTICE. Democrat meeting scheduled next Tuesday, court house.

They are catching plenty of fish at LAKE MANITAU, some of them weigh twenty pounds.

Capt. G. W. TRUSLOW is recruiting for the 100 days' service, at this place. We have not learned the number of recruits obtained.

A new saloon, called the "CENTRAL SALOON," has been opened in the new room recently built by Robert WALLACE, Esq., South of his store.

A. J. HOLMES, Esq., started for Ohio, on Thursday afternoon, last. We understand that he will return in the course of a week or two.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 14, 1864

EDITORIAL. "Another Vindication" (Concerning the arrest and subsequent dismissal of the case against Dr. HARTER. It also mentions a similar case charged against Mr. WALLACE, which also was dismissed.)

EDITORIAL. The Chronicle puts in the childish plea that "if Joseph BEEBER, John BEEBER, James BEEBER, Samuel BEEBER," ad infinitum, had been at home the "sham Democracy" could not have carried the corporation election.
That little word "if" is very much in the way sometimes. But we think that "if" all the boys who left for Idaho had been at home, the whole force enumerated by the Chronicle could not have changed the result.
D. M. RANNELLS got thirteen majority for Clerk....

THE ROADS. Our energetic Supervisor, Del. WARD, has had a large force at work on the road north of town, for the last few days. Del. is getting the road in a fine condition. Something it very much needed.

(Administrator's Sale) ... To sell at public auction, Sat., 4th of June next, at the residence of H. W. MANN, late of Fulton Co., personal property not taken by the widow: stock, buggy, sleigh, melodeon, sewing machine, sofa and sofa chairs, parlor and kitchen furniture, medical library and other articles too numerous to mention. E. STURGEON, Admr.

Dr. A. K. PLANK has returned home from the army where he has been for some time past. He says the boys of the 87th were enjoying good health the last time he saw them.

Report of meeting last Thursday at M.E. Church for purpose of organizing SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY.

JOHN HOPPE has reopened Hoppe's Bakery.

Two dollars is the amount charged for hauling a man to Logansport, and jolting the -- breath out of him.

THE DRAFT. Persons having dues for the enrollment and draft of 1863, in this county will get their allowance by calling at the Treasurer's office at the Court House. Wm. STURGEON, T.F.C.

Sentinel thanks John HOPPE for pitcher of lemonade and large cake.

On Tuesday last our usually quiet town was thrown into some excitement by the capture of a horse thief. The thief was mounted on a splendid looking animal and leading another with a halter, and was at the time of his arrest, leaving town with both horses as fast as possible. But the Deputy Sheriff of Allen county - the county in which the horses were stolen followed in his wake rather closely. The Deputy Sheriff with the assistance of some of the citizens of this place, overtook him just as he reached the outskirts of town. The thief's wrists were soon ornamented with a pair of steel handcuffs; and he was taken to Warsaw on the same day and from thence we suppose he was taken to Fort Wayne for safe keeping.

NOTICE. Notice to delinquent Tax-Payers, to pay 1863 taxes or incur much additional cost. Wm. STURGEON, T.F.C.

(Surveyor's Notice)... Legal survey, by request of Emanuel LAWSON. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

Leonard DOWNS Meat Market, in basement of Samuel HOCH'S Store, Rochester.

J. W. BLATCHLY offers several parcels of land for sale. Offers to be left with the county treasurer.

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors in grocery, south half of Lot 61, old plat, Rochester. J. HOPPE.

I. WALKER & M. R. SMITH, Attorneys, Office in the Court House.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Saturday, May 21, 1864

The Rochester Democratic Invincible Club met at the Court House, Tuesday evening last; elected Isaiah WALKER, Pres., Enoch STURGEON, Treas., Wm. OSGOOD, Secy. Regular club meeting to be held every Tuesday evening.

EDITORIAL. (Answering Chronicle's demand that the Sentinel name soldiers in the army who would vote the Democratic ticket if they were home. Sentinel refuses to do so "from motives of humanity, and out of regard for our soldier friends.")

THE SITUATION. Wheat $1.20 per bushel; corn $ .75 per bushel; potatoes $ .75 per bushel; cheese $ .25 per pound; meat from 10 to 15 cents per pound.

In company with V. O'DONNELL, of the MANSION HOUSE, we took a trip "up country" the other day to see the steam mill of Mr. GUY, situated about four miles east of Rochester. Mr. Guy has a large contract from the Government to MANUFACTURE GUN STOCKS for army use.... They are to be sent to Massachusetts and are intended as stocks for Enfield rifles.

THE LADIES' NATIONAL COVENANT. The meeting of the ladies last night at Masonic Hall, called for the prevention of importations or the disuse of goods of foreign manufacture, was not very largely attended. "Several distinguished lawyers and clergymen officiated, but no ladies ... "

RESOLUTIONS. Fulton Lodge No. 79, Mar. 30, 1864... death of Brother Banner LAWHEAD... death of Brother E. M. JEWETT... W. R. MIKELS, Chairman. F. K. KENDRICK, W.M. & Wm. OSGOOD, Secy protem.

DIED. At his residence in Richland twp, in this county May 16th 1864, Mr. George SANNS, aged about 59 years. The death of Mr. Sanns was very sudden and unexpected. He was one of the oldest residents of Fulton County.

Mrs. E. M. WALLACE opened new Millinery Establishment in this place and invites the ladies to view her entirely new stock of Spring & Summer goods. Bonnets made to order.

LOCAL ITEMS, &c. Sugar selling at 22 cents lb; apples & peaches will be scarce this season.
Only one person in jail.
We learn that L. M. DOWNEY purchased the corner lot just north of Holmes & Miller's new building.
W. H. HAZELTON, who formerly resided in this place, started for the far west about two weeks ago.
We understand that there will be a picnic held at the lake today, by the young folks of this place.
J. HOPPE is refitting his bakery. John is determined to have things fixed up in good style.

A SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY has been established in Akron, with about one hundred members.

We notice that our friend James SHAFFER, Esq., has just got a beautiful new peddling wagon completed, which he calls "the Lily." Jim is going out on a peddling tour, to sell drygoods, notions etc ...

(Application for License) ... to sell liquors to be drunk on the premises ... South side of lot 77, New Plat of town of Rochester... Orange MEREDITH of Rochester Twp.

(Notice of Survey) ... Legal survey on Monday 20 June 1864. By request of Emanuel LAWSON. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

H. S. FARRINGTON purchased the UNION WAGON & CARRIAGE FACTORY. Sells and repairs wagons.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, June 24, 1864

NOTICE. The Fulton County Democratic Convention meets tomorrow.

DIED. On Wednesday June 15, of consumption, Mrs. Margaret A. [WHITE], wife of Dr. C. L. WHITE, aged 34 years. Funeral services at Ebenezer Church, on Sunday, July 3, 1864.

LOCAL ITEMS, &c. REMOVAL. The SENTINEL OFFICE has been removed to the third story of HOLMES & MILLER'S New Building.
The Baptist and M. E. Churches, of this place, have been commenced and will soon be finished.
Wheat is suffering for want of rain in this county...
Members of the Masonic Order of this and adjoining counties, hold a picnic today in the Court House Square. All are invited to attend.
Our patrons will notice that the Sentinel will hereafter be published on Friday instead of Saturday as heretofore...

SENATORIAL CONVENTION. District composed of counties of Miami and Fulton, for nomination of State Senator, to be held at residence of George HILL, one mile east of Perrysburgh in Miami Co., Sat., July 30, 1864. W. B. LOUGHRIDGE, Chairman Democratic Central Comm., Miami Co.; A. J. HOLMES, Chairman Democratic Central Comm., Fulton Co.

Annual Fourth July Ball. WALLACE'S HALL, Monday evening, July 4, 1864. Tickets (supper included) $2.50. Robert WALLACE, Propr.

(Application for Change in License) ... to sell intoxicating liquors, from Lot No. 42 to south half of the south half of Lot No. 51, old plat, town of Rochester. James ROBBINS, Joseph KALSE.

(Sheriff's Sale) ... Monday, July 11, 1864, to satisfy order in favor of Samuel PFOUTS and against property of John P. BAKER, Elizabeth BAKER and others. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff F.C.

A. J. HOLMES & CO. sells Buckeye Cider Mills, Horse Power Hay Forks, Cradles, Scythes, etc, etc.

(Notice of Administration).. David LOUGH appointed Administrator of the estate of John F. SHERMAN, deceased, late of Union twp, Fulton County.

NOTICE. An ORDINANCE: Regulating horse racing, shooting etc.; Prohibiting slaughtering houses; Regulating streets, alleys, etc.; Regulating peddlers, hawkers, auctioneers, plays and shows. F. B. ERNSPERGER, Jno. MONTGOMERY, C. FITZGERALD, Councilmen.

(Legal Notice)... that Willis GLAZE obtained a PATENT on a self-acting brake, dated April 26, 1864, and had entered into an agreement with Henry W. MANN, late of Fulton County, decs'd to assign him one-half interest. Enoch STURGEON, Admr.

NOTICE. Proposals to build a SCHOOL HOUSE in Rochester Twp., Dist. 14, will be received on Saturday, July 2d, 1864. C. H. ROBBINS, Trustee.

(Administrator's Sale) ... At residence of Henry HAIMBAUGH in Newcastle twp., Sat., July 24, 1864, all personal property of Aaron DEBOLT, deceased... A. J. HOLMES, Admr.

Orange MEREDITH informs the public that he has just opened a new Grocery & Provision Store, two doors south of Holmes & Miller's new building.

Marion ERNSPERGER announces his new grocery store, dealing in groceries, fruits, fish, crackers, coffee, tea, sugar, candies & cinnamon, spices etc. Also, boots & shoes. Three doors south of Mansion House.

(Notice of Administration) ... Peter C. DUMBAULD appointed Executor of last will and testament of George SANNS, deceased, late of Fulton Co.

(Executor's Sale).. Sat., 2d July next, at late residence of George SANNS, late of Fulton Co., Ind., deceased, all personal property not taken by the widow. Peter C. DUMBAULD, Exr.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, July 22, 1864

Democratic State Ticket (listed). Democratic County Ticket: Representative, N. G. SHAFFER; Treasurer, William STURGEON; Sheriff, John W. DAVIS; Commr., Isaac PONTIUS.

WANTED. Fifty loads of stone, for which I will pay cash; to be delivered within 2-3 weeks. Isaac GOOD.

Reporting that the Invincible Club met Tuesday evening last, and was well-attended. Many ladies present. Speeches by Judge MILLER, Wm. STURGEON, Dr. A. H. ROBBINS.

Letter from Elias E. BROWN who started from here to Idaho last spring, tells that he and his company had met with bad luck. Their 6-mule team was stolen by the Indians 7 June last. Mr. Brown tells that he sold the wagon and he and the rest pushed on to Idaho, about 200 miles away.

W. H. DAVIDSON is using a new variety of white wheat called Deal's Select, on his farm near Rochester.

George P. ANDERSON returned home a few days ago, having been in California and Nevada Territory for more than a year. He brought home some specimens of gold, silver and copper quartz rock of California and Nevada. Also chalk from chalk ledges in Nevada and coral from the bay at Acapulco. Mr. Anderson tells that Virginia City, Nevada, three or four years ago, was a mere encampment of only tents - and now is a city of 25,000.

A CALL TO ARMS. I wish to obtain some Volunteers for the 46th Indiana Regiment, now home on furlough... Volunteers can enlist for one, two or three years, as they choose... The regiment returns about the (25?)th of July. R. M. SHIELDS, Capt., Co. K, 46th Regt., Ind. Vols.

(Estray Notice)... Taken up by J. W. YOUNG, June 19, 1864, mule... See J. W. YOUNG, at his residence one mile north east of Peter SANNS, Newcastle twp., Fulton Co., Ind.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, August 26, 1864

Circuit Court has been in session during the past week. Considerable business has been transacted.

(Notice of Attachment)... By William A. WARD against goods, chattels, rights, credits, effects and moneys of Thomas MSSELMAN, Aug. 15, 1864. William OSGOOD, Justice.

(Executor's Sale) ... Wednesday, 9 Nov 1864, at the P. O. in Fulton, real estate in Fulton Co., of Phebe TAYLOR, deceased. Jacob PIER, Exr.

STRAYED OR STOLEN. About 24 this month, a brindle cow 7 years old. Enquire at Sentinel office or at my residence on East shore of Lake Manitau. Henry BOHLES.

NOTICE TO SINKING FUND BORROWERS. All persons indebted to this Sinking Fund are notified that all lands mortgaged on which interest has not been paid in advance for the present year will be offered at public sale. W. H. TALBOT, Pres. Board Commr.

(Application for License)... to sell liquor, south-half of Lot No. 51, Old Plat, town of Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind. Andrew J. EDWARDS, Joseph KALSE.

Democratic State Ticket (listed). Democratic County Ticket: - - - - , and Assessor, Mark MOORE.

A. J. HOLMES wants 2000 bushels of Flax Seed and will pay highest market price in cash.

SELECT SCHOOL. Mrs. E. P. GROVER, experienced teacher will open a SELECT SCHOOL, at her residence near Odd Fellows Hall, on Mon., Sept. 12, for 9 weeks. Terms $3.00.

Although J. B. AGNEW, Geo. B. SCOTT, John STRAYER, Wm. TRIBBITT, Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Henry AULT, F. M. BEATTIE, Geo. W. DAVIS, John TIPTON, James TURNER, Nathan BYBEE, Ambrose MEREDITH, Joseph BIBBLER, James HAYNES, Geo. BRIGHT, Job L. MEREDITH, Abiel BUSH, Joseph BOWER, John GOULD, Mrs. Fred ROUCH, Dr. C. F. HARTER, Dr. Wm. HILL, W. B. MILLER and Henry BOWMAN have each, since the lst day of June last, purchased one of Studebaker's Wagons or Buggies... yet we keep constantly on hand a good supply of the best and for sale at shop prices. A. J. HOLMES & CO.

SELECT SCHOOL. Miss R. W. MEREDITH will commence a SELECT SCHOOL in Rochester, at the New School House, on Mon., the 29th of August 1864. Terms, $2.75 per scholar.

PLANING MILL. D. R. MARTIN (Rochester) informs the public that his Planing Mill is now in excellent running order and quotes prices for his services.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, September 2, 1864

Commissioners Court meets on Monday next.

(Notice of Survey) ... Survey of lands (listed) to commence on Tuesday, 27 Sept., 1864. I. WALKER, S.F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, September 30, 1864

Wallace's Mills for flour to make good bread.

NOTICE. $20.00 greenback counterfeits have been put in circulation in different quarters.

WOOD! Wood on subscription for the coming winter, should be brought as soon as possible while roads are in good condition.

MULES FOR SALE. Jas. SHAFFER informs the public that he has a span of excellent mules for sale, good condition and well broken. "Apply at the CENTRAL SALOON."

(Notice of Survey) ... by request of David KRATHWOHL. I. WALKER, S.F.C.

(Notice of Administration) ... Milo R. SMITH appointed Administrator of Estate of Crayton HOLLIDAY, late of Fulton Co., deceased. Estate is probably insolvent.

(Sheriff's Sale)... In town of Rochester, Mon., Oct. 3d, 1864, real estate (described) of Robert N. RANNELLS, in favor of Abraham B. CONWELL, Pres. of the Bank of Connersville, and against Isaiah HOOVER, Robert N. RANNELLS and John W. WRIGHT. Said sale to be in tracts of 80 a. more or less. Isaac GOOD, Sheriff, F.C.

GRAND MASS MEETING! Democratic Rally! To speak: Hon. Jos. E. McDONALD; Hon. T. A. HENDRICKS; Hon. John PETTIT; Hon. David SHEEKS, at Rochester on Sat., Oct. 1, 1864.

JOINT CANVASS. Hon. N. G. SHAFFER and Stephen DAVIDSON, Esq., candidates for representative, to address fellow citizens as follows: (dates omitted): Stevens School House, Aubbee.; Hanns School House, Henry; Center School House, Newcastle; Johnson's School House, Richland; White Walnut School House, Rochester; Fulton School House; Bowman's School House, Wayne; Pleasant Grove; Bruce's Lake; Bloomi-ngsburg; Center School House, Richland; Moon's School House, Aubbee.; Plunk's School House, Liberty; Akron; Rochester.
Hon. R. F. DONALDSON, Democratic Candidate for State Senator and others, to address citizens of Fulton Co., as follows: (dates omitted): Frear's School House, Liberty; Smalley's School House, Wayne; Bowman's School House, Rochester tp.; Orr's School House, Rochester tp.; Akron; Sheets School House, Henry; Rochester (Invincible Club); Center School House, Newcastle; Johnson's School House, Richland; Pleasant Grove; Fulton.

The "Union" Pow Wow of the 22d held on Thursday of last week, attended by about 200 wagons of "Lincoln faithful," well filled with women and children. The speakers of the day were: Hon. James WILSON and Hon. Schuyler COLFAX.

GRAND SOLDIERS' PICNIC. In honor of the return of the soldiers of the 26th, 29th, 46th, 87th and other regiments who are expected home, at Rochester on Saturday, Oct. 8th, 1864.

SCHOOL BOOKS. M. DANZIGER has books for sale in his Drug Store at Rochester, an assortment including: McGuffey's Primers and Readers up to No. 6; Ray's Arithmetics, 1st 2nd & 3d; McGuffey's Spelling Book, Pinneols Grammars, etc.

Democratic Meeting was held at Pleasant Grove on Wed., last. Rochester Brass Band was present. Address was by Hon. N. G. SHAFFER and S. A. HALL, Editor of the Democratic Pharos.

Masonic Fulton Lodge No. 79 F. & A.M., to hold their next regular meeting Wed., evening, Oct. 12, 1864. Wm. STURGEON, Secy.

Judge TURPIE to speak at Gilead in Miami Co., on Tuesday next. The ROCHESTER BRASS BAND is engaged for the occasion.

MARRIED. On the 28th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Gavin H. MILLER and Miss Arreen WOODFIELD, all of this county...

(Notice of Administration)... D. W. JONES appointed Administrator of the estate of Abraham CRIST, deceased, late of Fulton County, Ind. Estate probably solvent.

(Election Notice) An election, to be held on the second Tuesday (llth) day of Oct., 1864 (candidates listed). Robert AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Depty.

(Notice of Administration) ... Henry W. HOPPE and Abolona HOPPE appointed Administrators of estate of John HOPPE, deceased, late of Rochester, Fulton Co., Ind. All those holding an account against, or are indebted to John Hoppe,.. are requested to call and settle up.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, October 7, 1864

The Old Saddle and Harness Shop is in full operation. Inhabitants of Fulton Co. are informed of the services and prices at this shop on the East side of Main Street, nearly opposite Mammoth Bldg. A. J. DAVIDSON.

LETTER FROM Lewis BAILEY, one of the Idaho Emigrants from Rochester. Rose Bud River, Aug. 7, 1864. We have been confined here for about one week ... We left Omaha May 17, which you may know was very late in the season, but the feed for our teams would not permit sooner.... Nothing of note happened until we got to Pawnee Springs, June the 12th, where two Indians had, just before we got there, attacked two men, killing one of them and wounding the other... (reporting Indian raids on wagon trains). On the 28th July, Anson MERRICK, E. J. GRANGER, in company with 18 others started for the mountains in another direction; while gone, Granger discovered a lead of gold (describes the find) ... We are now about 160 miles from Virginia City, Idaho Terr., which is the nearest O.... Anson Merrick and Granger and family are well. I have not heard from the other Rochester boys lately,

A GRAND RALLY AT ROCHESTER, Oct. 1, 1864. At 10 oclock delegations from the different twps, escorted by the Rochester Brass Band and numerous bands of martial music, began to come into town, and proceeded through the various streets of Rochester. "On Main street there were four rows of 2, 4 and 6 horse teams extending from the bridge at the north side of town to the Court House a distance of half a mile." About 7,000 people present .... "delegation from Union twp, under the command of Marshal John SKELTON..... Our juvenile relative of the Sentinel office, Master Johnny PEARSON, was busily engaged with a small press in publishing and distributing throughout the crowd democratic songs. On another wagon, Mr. O. P. DAVIS and Mr. SHOLDER... The dance at Wallace's Hall in the evening went off pleasantly... "

At the great mass meeting in Rochester on last Saturday, A. J. HOLMES, Esq. announced a picnic dinner for the returning soldiers at the court house square on Saturday next. The "Union" folks also announced they would give dinner to the soldiers.

Democrats claim to pay more for the support of wives and families of absent soldiers than the Republicans do.

ANNUAL FAIR DANCE. WALLACE'S HALL, Friday evening, Oct. 14, 1864. All invited. Tickets $1.00.

THE FAIR. The County Fair will be held at the Old Fair Grounds on the 14 & 15 of this month ....

Do our friends wish us to freeze? We have not a stick of wood. We are going to purchase our wood for the winter soon, and then we cannot take wood on subscription.

M. GREINER & CO. have just opened out at J. Hoppe's old stand, where you will find groceries, salt, nails, glass, Queensware, Rockingham & Yellow ware, oysters, fresh bread & cakes.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, October 21, 1864

Dr. HILL would inform his friends that he has gone to Philadelphia to spend the winter. His books & accounts are in the hands of E. B. CHINN...

Reported that Rochester Invincible Club met on Tues. evening last. Speeches by Wm. STURGEON, A. F. SMITH, C. REID and others. Hon. N. G. SHAFFER to address the club next Tuesday evening.

Our "DEVIL" says he "can't see" the wood that our subscribers were to bring us. We are about froze out.

MARRIED. -On the 15th inst., by E. STURGEON, Esq., Mr. James WEIR and Miss Mary J. FELTS.
-Also at the same, Mr. Johnson McCLURE and Miss Christena WINN. All of this county.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, October 28, 1864

PUBLIC SPEAKING. The friends of the "Constitution as it is, and the Union as it was," to hold a meeting at the following places: (dates omitted): Kings School House, Newcastle; Goss School House, Liberty; Akron; Bowman's School House, Wayne; Centre School House, Richland; Green Oak; Pleasant Grove; Rochester.

With this number we commence the publication of Volume seven of the Sentinel - being two years since we took charge of the office... need money to buy a stock of paper for the coming year... -- The Publisher.

PERSECUTION. Chesley WORDEN, a brave soldier boy enlisted in the infantry, and did his duty well until he was taken sick and then taken prisoner by the rebels. He remained a prisoner until well enough to be exchanged. He then went into the Naval Department of the service and while on a gunboat at the seige of Vicksburg had an arm shot off by a 32 pound ball. He then came to Rochester and endeavored to make an honest living by driving stage for the United States mail contractor. - He voted democratic and was forthwith discharged....

The Invincible Club met on Tues. night last, and "the large Hall was crammed to overflowing" - addressed by: Maj. L. L. HOSKINSON, a staff officer under Generals McClellan, Hunter and Wadsworth.

LOST. About Sept. 10th near the Mansion House in Rochester, a silver thimble, No. 7, with the initials L. R., engraved on it ...

BELT'S BAND. This fine band of martial music was present at the Invincible Club Room on Tues. evening last ....

WANTED. A few turnips, on subscription; also, potatoes, cabbage etc. Wood would be gratefully accepted, but we do not wish to rob our subscribers - particularly those who promised us wood.

OYSTERS - OYSTERS. Just received at M. GREINER & CO'S GROCERY STORE, in MAMMOTH BLDG. For sale by the can or halfcan.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, November 4, 1864

RELIGIOUS NOTICE. Elder R. CORBALY will deliver a lecture on prophecy, in connection with the "Signs of the Times" on Thurs., Nov. 10th 1864, at 61-2 oclock p.m., in the Presbyterian Church.

No papers next week. As the publisher will be absent for a few days, no paper will be issued from this office next week. An extra, containing the latest election news will be printed on Friday evening.

Major L. L. HOSKINSON to address the citizens of Henry twp, at Akron, Saturday evening next.

The Board of Commissioners of Fulton Co. will meet at the Court House in Rochester, Wed., Nov. 9, 1864, 10 oclock a.m., to discuss offering a bounty to fill the quota of Fulton County under the impending draft. A. J. HOLMES, Auditor F.C.

Major L. L. HOSKINSON to address citizens of Fulton Co. at Green Oak, Fri., Nov. 4.

(Notice of Survey) ... Tues., Nov. 29, 1864, by request of S. B. ALLEN. I. WALKER, S.F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, November 18, 1864

Repub. Demo.
Rochester township 28 --
Henry 36 --
Liberty 40 --
Union 15 --
Aubbeenaubbee -- 99
New Castle -- 95
Richland -- 40
Wayne -- --
TOTAL 119 234


EDITORIAL. (Concerning "insinuation" by the editor of the Chronicle last week, that the Sentinel made a misstatement of facts in relation to J. L. "RHYNESMITH" in the April 9 issue, concerning Mr. Rhynesmith's politics.)

OLD SEVENTY SIX is constantly receiving Groceries &c at his new Grocery Store, one door south of Holmes & Miller's new building.

Our recently elected sheriff John W. DAVIS has assumed the duties of that office.

The ROAD between this place and Logansport is in a bad condition - rough & muddy.

PUBLIC SALE. To sell at my residence 4 miles south-west of Rochester (in the Webber settlement), Wed., Dec. 6, 1864, personal property. David KROTHWOHL.

(Sheriff's Sale)... In the town of Rochester, on Mon., Dec. 12, 1864, real estate (described) of Ellis STRDSNYDER, in favor of Peter MEREDITH and against Ellis STROSNYDER and Alexander BARRETT. John W. DAVIS, Sheriff F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, November 25, 1864

The Rochester Markets (listed). By A. J. HOLMES & CO.

THE SOLDIERS' VOTE. Letter from Capt. John ELAM of the 87th Regmlt states that the vote of his company was unanimous for Lincoln; and a letter from P. S. TROUTMAN, Capt. of Co. E, 87th Reglt states the vote of his company gave Lincoln 30 and McClellan 6.

On Sunday last a large number of the men drafted from this county passed through Rochester on their way to camp at Michigan city to report....

WALLACE'S MILL. This splendid grist mill... best of flour at this mill... as Mr. Wallace's magnificent steam engine enables him to do any amount of custom work on the shortest notice.
MARRIED. On the 17th inst., at the residence of Mrs. MYERS, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Albert HIGHWAY, of Kosciusko, and Maria L. SMITH, of Fulton Co., Ind.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, December 2, 1864

EDITORIAL. Concerning sheep case, McINTYRE vs DOUGHERTY, in court of Squire STURGEON. Jury could not agree so, "In order to while away the time through the night commenced ringing the court house bell.... Sometimes the bell tolled, sometimes it rang a fire alarm but it kept going all the time... The citizens are pondering the question whether it would not be best to buy that ancient sheep before the next trial comes off, - paying double price for it, - and divide the money between the litigants, and thus stop the suit and obtain a quiet night's rest."

Reporting religious meetings in court house conducted by Elder CORBALLEY.

Concerning frame of new Baptist church raised last Wednesday.

Commissioner's Court meets on Monday next.

OLD SEVENTY SIX GROCERY & PROVISION STORE first door south of Holmes & Miller's new building. Frederick STURKEN. Oct. 18, 1864.

DALES & LYON Hardware and Stove Store. First door south of F. B. ERNSPERGERIS Store in Farmer's Block.

(Surveyor's Notice)... Legal survey by request of S. B. ALLEN. I. WALKER, Surv. F.C.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, December 16, 1864

EDITORIAL. Concerning appropriation of $50,000.00 by Board of Commys for construction of RAILROAD, payable four annual installments, "the first installment to be paid when the road from either end of the line is completed to Rochester... to be null & void, if six per cent, of the road was not completed to Rochester by the first Monday of June next."

News item.from Ft. Wayne Sentinel, Nov. 19, "as the parties are known in this place, we publish the following:" (This concerns slander suit of Eliza M. BULGER, daughter of Wilson M. BULGER, Recorder of Wells Co., against Geo. T. RIDDILE and his wife Elizabeth for words spoken concerning Plaintiff's character for chastity. Case settled for $300.00 payable to Plaintiff.)

There will be no dance at Wallaces Hall on Christmas Eve.

(Notice of Administration) ... Hickman PHILLIPS appointed Administrator of estate of Phinneas PHILLIPS.

(Administrator's Sale)... Personal property, at residence of deceased in Union twp by Hickman PHILLIPS, Admr..of the estate of Phinneas PHILLIPS.
(Notice of Administration) ... Robert T. BEATTIE appointed Administrator of estate of John ZOOK.

(Administrator's Sale)... At residence of decedent in Wayne twp. by R. T. BEATTIE, Admr. of the estate of John ZOOK.

F. M. ERNSPERGER GROCERY STORE, south door Fa-rmer's Block. June 4, 1864.

ROCHESTER SENTINEL - Friday, December 23, 1864

M. L. ESSICK, Attorney at Law, MAMMOTH BLDG., upstairs over LYON & KENDRICK'S Store.

Meeting, Dec. 27, Fulton Lodge No. 79 F. & A.M. Wm. STURGEON, Sec.

Of course, "ye printer boys" are willing to accept a turkey for Christmas.

Our carrier boy, Johnny PEARSON, will be promptly on hand with a beautiful and well-written New Years Address, on the Saturday before New Years day, next.

Public school commences Monday next at the new school house in Rochester. Rev. N. L. LORD, principal.

Sewing machine, tool and firearms repair and sales of Groover and Baker sewing machines, by W. A. HORTON, Millark, Ind., or care of LEVI MERCER Store, or Mrs. NEWHOUSE residence in Rochester.

(Administrator's Sale)... Notice of petition to sell real estate, by Andrew J. IIOLMES, Admr. estate of Aaron DEBOLT. R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Depty.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 7, 1864
C. E. FULLER, Publisher.

Miss Lizzie DeMOTTE requests us to say that she will pay $5 to any person who will return the gold watch, chain, locket, and pencil, which she lost on Monday evening, Dec 28th, between the Public School House and the residence of Mrs. MYERS....

MARRIED. -On the 3d inst., at the residence of R. N. RANNELLS, Esq., by C. E. FULLER, Lieut. Mark C. McAFEE and Miss Rhuama SMITH, all of this county....
-On the 27th ult., by Rev. N. L. LORD, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. A. D. HOPPE and Miss Fidelia A. LOOMIS all of this county....

Elizabeth L. COPPOCK vs Seth COPPOCK, William B. COPPOCK, John BRODERICK, Mary BRODERICK, Rebecca GARNETT, Denick COPPOCK, Margaret E. COPPOCK, James H. COPPOCK, Robert F. COPPOCK and Ida F. COPPOCK. Petition for Partition of Real Estate.... Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Deputy. Jan 4, 1864.

John FOX & Sarah FOX vs Levi OVERMIRE, Rosanna OVERMIRE, Jacob ANDERSON, Phillip ANDERSON, John ANDERSON, Agnes L. ANDERSON, Sarah J. ANDERSON. Petition for Partition of Real Estate. Robert AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Deputy. Jan 4, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 14, 1864

LETTER FROM J. L. ATKINSON. Natchez, Miss., Dec 18th, 1863. Mr. Editor: .... I will now give you the names of my Company who are yet prisoners of war in Texas or at least as nigh as I possibly can, without having a list of their names. I may fail to give them correctly, but I will insert the name of no one who is not a prisoner: Sergts. P. R. FENTERS, L. COPLEN and J. A. BARNETT. Corporal J. ZARTMAN. Privates, Calvin BALL, M. I. BARNETT, W. T. BARNETT, James BIBLER, William CARR, Marion CLEMENS, David CLEMENS, J. T. COLLINS, Charles CLELAND, George GRIFFIN, David HARRINGTON, John KEEL, Royal KNISS, A. E. McCLURE, G. N. McLAUGHLIN, Johnston NICHOLS, R. RILEY, Jonathan SMITH, Henry SMITH, Spencer STRONG, Orlando TROUTMAN, Hiram TROUTMAN, Hazen WARDLOW, George WILCOX and Jacob YOUNG.... Jasper L. ATKINSON, Co. A, 26th Ind Vols.

UNION CONVENTION. Pursuant to the call of the Union Central Committee, a considerable number of the Union men of the County met, on the 8th inst., in this place; and organized by appointing Jacob WHITTENBERGER Chairman, and C. E. FULLER Secretary. After remarks as to the objects of the meeting, the following persons were elected delegates to the Union State Convention: S. S. TERRY, Vernon GOULD, C. E. FULLER, Isaiah HOOVER, John ELAM, Christopher CAMPBELL, B. LAWHEAD, Young RALSTIN, Dudley H. WELLS, Isaac E. ANDRUS, James PALMER, Robert AITKEN, David MOW and Jacob WHITTENBERGER.
On motion, the following Central Committee was appointed for the present year: C. E. FULLER, B. LAWHEAD, K. G. SHRYOCK, Christopher CAMPBELL, I. W. KRIDER, I. E. ANDRUS, D. H. WELLS, J. S. MOW, D. MOW and S. S. TERRY....

LIEUT. J. H. LEITER. We are pleased to learn that Lieut. Leiter is fast recovering from his wound. The ball-holes in his neck are nearly healed, on the surface, but his neck is still stiff, though he hopes in the course of time to be able to move it.

OFF TO CAMP. The volunteers recruited by Lieut. McAFEE, left last Monday morning, for the camp at Michigan City.
Lieut. Joseph W. BEEBER, now nearly recovered from the wounds received at the battle of Chickamauga, has also left, we believe, for his regiment. Sergts. James M. BEEBER and B. F. BROWN have had orders to rejoin their respective regiments and left last Monday.

Sergeant Lewis M. SPOTTS, of Co. D, 87th Ind Vols, arrived in town a few days ago. He had been absent about eighteen months, and has seen some hard service. We were gratified to see him looking so well, though his health is not first rate, but he informs us that it is improving....

MARRIED. On the 31st ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. E. BABCOCK, Mr. W. S. McCOY, of Marshall county, and Miss Elizabeth McELFRESH, all of this county.

DIED. -At Chattanooga, Tenn., on the 23d ult., John WATTS, of Company F, 87th Indiana Volunteers.
He was a good soldier, always at his post, and beloved by all his comrades. He was a consistent member of the Ebenezer Baptist church.
-At his residence, in this township, on the 23d ult., Mr. Adolphus STONE, in the 53d year of his age.
-At the residence of Mrs. Dr. BRACKETT, on the 26th ult., Mrs. Anna WILSON, in the 77th year of her age.
Mrs. Wilson was born in Glasgow, Scotland, May 28th, 1787, and came to America in 1821, settling in the State of New York. In 1842, with her husband, she removed into this county, settling in Union Township. Her husband died Aug 19th, 1844, since which time she has resided in this place. She was the mother of nine children, only four of whom are now living. The deceased and her husband were members of the Presbyterian church while living in their native country, but after coming to this country, they united with the Baptist church.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 21, 1864

.... We are pleased to learn that Mark C. McAFEE was elected 1st Lieutenant of the company recently recruited in this county...

LETTER FROM CAPT. TROUTMAN. Camp 87th Indiana Vols., Chattanooga, Tenn., Jan 3d, 1864. Friend Fuller: .... We enclosed the grave with timber and put a suitable inscription upon a neighboring tree. The graves of Captain HUGHES and Adjutant RYLAND were found near this and appropriately marked. Lieut. BENNETT was found and buried near where he was left by those who bore him from the field. We carved his initials upon two trees near the grave; also left his initials and drove a post where he received the fatal wound.... P. S. TROUTMAN, Capt. Co E, 87th Ind Vols.

DIED. -At the Mansion House, in this village, on the 14th inst., of Pneumonia, Mrs. Alvina LAWHEAD, aged 52 years; and at the same place, on the 15th inst., of Congestion of the Lungs, Banner LAWHEAD, Esq., aged 58 years.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawhead had been residents of this village for many years, and were both well known to the greater part of our readers. They were buried in one grave, on Sunday last, and a very large number of our citizens paid their last respects to the deceased by attending their funeral.
Mr. Lawhead had represented this county one term in the Legislature, and held the office of Sheriff, in Marion county, before he became a resident of this place. He was a man of good natural abilities, active and energetic, and a devoted lover of his country.
The deceased were buried by the Masonic Order, of which Mr. L. was a member, with the imposing ceremonies of that Fraternity. The bereaved family have the sympathies of our whole community in their terrible affliction.
-At his residence, in this village, on the 20th inst., of Typhoid Pneumonia, Dr. H. W. MANN, late Treasurer of Fulton county, aged about 46 years.
Dr. Mann was one of our most respected citizens, and had been a resident of this county for 21 years.
His funeral will be held at the Presbyterian church, on Friday next at 2 oclock p.m. Services by Rev. N. L. LORD. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased and his family are especially invited to attend.

REAL ESTATE AGENCY! The subscriber has opened an office for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, Payment of Taxes, &c.... Corydon E. FULLER, Rochester, Ind., Jan 20, 1864.

(Guardian's Sale of Real Estate).... Archibald FLORA, Guardian of Sarah ASH and Martin L. ASH.... Jan 21, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, January 29, 1964

Rev. Robert IRVIN will preach at the Presbyterian Church, in this place, on next Sabbath, the 31st inst., at 101-2 oclock a.m.; also in the afternoon.

(Estray Notice) ... Taken up by Michael LAUGHLIN 1-1/2 miles southwest from Rochester.... Robert AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy. Jan 20, 1864.

NOTICE.... for the building of a SCHOOL HOUSE in School District No. 9, on Tuesday, the 9th day of February next ... at the residence of Henry GINTHER in Aubbeenaubbee township.... James R. DALES, Trustee, Aubbeenaubbee. Jan 21st, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate) ... William PIPPINGER, Administrator of the estate of Eli HOOVER, deceased.... Robert AITKIN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Deputy. Jan 28, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate) ... Wilhelmus DUBOIS, Administrator of the estate of Methusalem DUBOIS, deceased.... Jan 21, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 4, 1864

MARRIED. -On the 20th ult., in Rochester, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Barzilla C. HARRIS and Miss Elizabeth TROUTMAN, all of Fulton county.
-On the 27th ult., by the same, Mr. William T. BAKER, of the 29th Regiment Ind Vols., and Miss Emeline E. HEIGHWAY, of Kosciusko county.

WAGONS AND BUGGIES. Although James BURTON, William SAVAGE, Andrew OLIVER, David OLIVER, George MERLY, Uriah WILSON, John W. BRAMEN, Adam H. MOW, John WINN and Michael WALTERS have each, within the last 20 days, purchased one of C. & J. M. STUDEBAKERIS South Bend Wagons, there is yet and will be kept constantly on hand plenty more, for sale by A. J. HOLMES & CO.

James BURNES, a private of Company A., Lieut. H. H. CARTER, 26th Indiana Regiment, was discharged at New Orleans, Sept 14th, 1863, for disability, and died on the steamboat Atlantic, (upon which he had taken passage for the North), near Vicksburg, Sept. 24th, and was buried near the latter place. It is not known where he lived, as he left no memorandas. His friends or relatives can get his effects, including a considerable amount of money, by addressing Capt. John B. FORD, New Albany, Indiana, and producing the proper evidence that they are entitled to them.

NOTICE. Whereas my wife, Mary [RICHARDSON], has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation, this is therefore to forbid all persons from trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts which she may contract after this date. Likens RICHARDSON. Feb 4, 1864.

GOULD'S PICTURE GALLERY.... Rooms over MERCER'S HARDWARE Store, opposite Court House Square. Robert GOULD. Rochester, Feb. 4, 1864.

A. H. ROBBINS, M.D. & C. F. HARTER, M.D.... formed a partnership.... Office, the same previously occupied by Dr. Robbins. Rochester, Feb 4, 1864.

(Administrator's Notice) ... Vachel C. CONN appointed Administrator of the estate of Andrew LOUDERBACK late of Fulton county. Feb 4, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale) .... estate of Andrew LOUDERBACK... at the late residence of the deceased in Liberty Township, Fulton county.... Vachel C. CONN, Admr. Feb 4, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 11, 1864

BOOTS & SHOES. E. LONG is still manufacturing an excellent article of Boots & Shoes, at his shop near the Hardware Store of Levi Mercer....

L. J. BROWN, Esq., for many years a resident of this place, has removed to Des Moines, Iowa, where he will open a store for the sale of Agricultural Implements, Wagons, &c &c. D. BEATTY, late of Mishawaka, is his partner in business ....

(Notice of Administration) .... Alvin L. ROBBINS, John ELAM appointed Administrators of the estate of Banner LAWHEAD, late of Fulton county, deceased. Rochester, Jan 30, 1864.

Samuel PFOUTS vs John P. BAKER, Elizabeth BAKER, Simeon WEBER, Susan WEBER, Lafayette WEBER, Charles F. WEBER & Clarissa WEBER. Complaint for Foreclosure. Robert AITKEN, Clk F.C.C.P., by S. KEITH, Deputy. PRATT & BALDWIN, Plff's attys. Feb 11, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, February 18, 1864

WAGONS. We notice that H. S. FARRINGTON has on hand a number of excellent wagons, of his own manufacture, which he will sell at reasonable figures....

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. flail of Rochester Lodge No. 47, I.O.O.F. Rochester, Ind. February 13, 1864.... Mrs. Julia A. [HOOVER], wife of Brother Christian HOOVER, a member of our Order.... A. J. HOLMES, B. C. WILSON, C. WAGNER, Com.


ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 3, 1864

DIED. On the llth ult., at the residence of her brother, W. H. CARTER, Miss Susan E. CARTER, aged 23 years, of Diptheria.
She united with the Baptist Church about one year ago, from which time she lived a consistent member and a faithful Christian. She was of a gentle and amiable disposition, ever ready to assist and comfort her companions; Those who knew her best loved her most. Stricken down in the bloom of youth, while the glow of health was on her cheek. She leaves a large circle of friends to mourn her loss, but not as those who have no hope.

DIED. On the 1st inst., Mrs. Orpha J., wife of James R. RANNELLS, aged 42 years.

MARRIED. -On the 28th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Marion YOUNG and Miss Isabella PENCE, all of Fulton county.
-On the same day, by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. G. W. WILIE and Miss Hannah SPANGLER, all of this county.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 10, 1864

We are informed that Miss Ada HUNT is preparing for another grand concert in which she will be assisted by the best musical talent in the place.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 17, 1864

THE EDITOR at present is suffering from a severe attack of pneumonia, and is dangerously ill. This fact will account for the lack of editorial matter this week.

DIED. -On the 8th inst., Mrs. Susan A. [RENBARGER], wife of George RENBARGER, Esq.
-On Monday morning, March 14th, Mrs. Mary [ALEXANDER], wife of Wilson ALEXANDER, aged 42 years.

Sargeant Thomas McANNALLY, of Co. F, 20th Indiana Volunteers, is now at home on furlough, and wishes to secure a number of recruits for this gallant regiment....

I. W. HOLEMAN has sold out his establishment to A. C. HICKMAN. Mr. Hickman is now in Cincinnati, for the purpose of purchasing a full stock of goods. He has secured the services of R. P. SMITH as a salesman, and all who are acquainted with "Dick," know that he is an excellent fellow, and will give good bargains. Give the new proprietor a call.
Mr. Holeman, we believe, designs removing to LaPorte, where he intends going into business.

ELECTION OF TRUSTEES ... at the Presbyterian Church in Rochester on Saturday, March 16, 1864 ... Elihu LONG, Jos. WHITTENBERGER, Elders. Rochester, March 5, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, March 31, 1864

FOUND. In Rochester, one day last week, $5.00. The loser can have the same by calling at the big mill, and describing the money, and paying for advertising. F. W. STOCK.

Our citizens will be pleased to learn that Mrs. E. F. GROVER has decided to open a SELECT SCHOOL on Monday next, at the Public School building....

RESOLUTIONS OF CONDOLENCE. Hall of Mt Horeb Encampment, No. 24, I.O.O.F. Rochester, March 21, 1864.... on the death of Sister Susan RENBARGER, wife of Bro. George RENBARGER.... C. WAGONER, D. S. ROSS, R. R. SMITH. I. HOOVER, Scribe.

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT... death of sister Mary ALEXANDER, wife of C. P. Wilson ALEXANDER... D. S. ROSS, C. WAGONER, R. R. SMITH.

DIED. In the Hospital at Nashville, Tenn., on the 24th ult., John W. BIGGS, aged 24 years, 4 months and 20 days. The deceased was a soldier in Co. D, 87th Indiana volunteers, and is another added to the list of martyrs in our country's cause.

(Notice of Administration) ... William H. KEEL appointed Administrator of the estate of Frances BECK, late of Fulton county. March 1(-), 1864.

(Administrator's Sale) .... estate of Frederick ROWE, deceased.... Jonas NYE, Admr. March 22, 1864.

(Notice of Administration) .... Joel TOWNSEND appointed Administrator of the estate of Newell CALIFF, late of Fulton county, deceased. March 1(-), 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 7, 1864

HOME. Several of the boys of the 26th Indiana are now at home on thirty days' furlough, the regiment having reenlisted as veterans. George HAZEN, Granville LONG, Lorenzo CULVER, and Amos BARRETT, are among those who are at home. A large portion of the regiment are still prisoners at Tyler, Texas.

We neglected to notice at the proper time that A. J. DAVIDSON had removed his Harness Shop to the rooms formerly occupied for the same purpose by HOLMES & CO., and more recently, by BEALLE, as a Doggery....

Miss Addie HUNT and her pupils are making preparations to give a Concert for the benefit of the Sabbath School .... Misses Ruie STRADLEY and Ellie POWERS, and Mr. Frank SMITH will also assist at the concert ...

.... Since the 15th of January, the following deaths have occurred in this village and vicinity: Banner LAWHEAD and his wife, Dr. MANN, Mrs. C. HOOVER and infant, Susan CARTER, Mrs. James RANNELLS, Mrs. G. RENBERGER, Mrs. Wilson ALEXANDER, Dr. T. H. HOWES, Mr. SHELPMAN, Mrs. FITZGERALD and Mr. and Mrs. STORM.

NEW FIRM! Dry Goods, Groceries ... Clothing... Store at Lyon's old stand, south door, Mammoth Building. LYON & KENDRICK. Rochester, March 31, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 14, 1864

We have carelessly omitted to mention that R. N. RANNELLS has opened a hotel in the building formerly known as the ELAM HOUSE, opposite..the Methodist Church....

STOLEN. A portmoney, purple leather with brass clasp, containing one note of $40.00 signed by Wm. H. CARTER, a receipt for $20 signed by C. J. STRADLEY, $2.10 in paper money, one silver dollar, an old piece, 50 cent piece and one dime in silver. The above was taken from the house of H. F. PARKER on Monday night of last week. Information may be left at this office or with the loser. Anna PLATT.

Owing to important changes in contemplation, no paper will be issued from this office next week. Mr. REID, our foreman, who has been in the office for the last three years, is expecting to leave, and we have not yet made the arrangements necessary to fill his place.

LETTER FROM PRISONER OF WAR. Camp Instruction, near Shreveport, La. Dear Wife: .... I am well and hearty, and still a prisoner of war. I was taken on the 29th of September, 1863, near the Mississippi River.... John A. BARNETT, Sergt., Co. A, 26th Ind Vols.


(Notice of Administration) ... C. J. STRADLEY appointed Administrator of the estate of Michael STORM, late of Fulton county, deceased. April 14, 1864.

(Administratrix' Notice)... Elison C. SMITH appointed Administratrix of the estate of Isaiah G. SMITH, late of Fulton county, deceased. April 14, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale)... estate of Michael STORM, deceased .... at the late residence of the deceased, in Rochester.... C. J. STRADLEY, Admr, April 14, 1864.

(Administratrix' Sale).,. at the late residence of Isaiah G. SMITH, in Wayne Township, Fulton county.... Elison C. SMITH, Admx, April 14, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale of Realty) ... Estate of James McMILLEN, deceased..., James M. BUCHANAN, Admr. April 6, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, April 28, 1864

We are indebted to James CARR for an excellent fish, the only one we have had this spring....

After today our office will be over A. J. Holmes & Co's store, opposite the Court House ....

AMBROTYPES! S. C. JEWELL'S New Gallery. May be found in the rooms over A. D. Cornelius & Brols Store, on the corner North of the Post Office.... Rochester, April 28, 1864.

DISSOLTJTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The copartnership formerly existing between T. F. RANNELLS and John ELAM, has been dissolved by mutual consent, and the accounts and notes belonging to said firm are in the hands of the subscriber for collection. All persons indebted as above are requested to pay up without delay, John ELAM. Rochester, April 28, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 5, 1864

FROM THE 87th. Camp 87th Reg. Ind. Vols. Ringgold, Catoosa Co., Ga. April 24th, 1864. Mr. Fuller: .... Dr. PLANK, formerly Captain of Co. F, is with us tonight, looking somewhat as we do-- as though he had been in the "front" sometime. His regiment (128th) is on its way marching to London, Tenn. He is Sutler of that regiment. Capt. SHEPHERD, our Division Commissary, was up to our quarters today looking fine and lively. Capt. ELAM, of D, is at Chattanooga yet, on detached duty with the Pioneer Brigade. Sergeant Andrew HATTERY left for the "settlement" on a furlough for thirty days. The recruiting officers of this regiment from Fulton County, are all here with recruits, which make our companies look somewhat like they did when we started out .... Yours truly,
We are pained to hear that Lieutenant John McCLUNG, of the 46th Indiana, was killed in the late battle on Red River, in Louisiana. We have not yet seen a list of the losses in company K, but fear that others of the brave boys have fallen....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 12, 1864

FROM THE 87th. Ringgold, Georgia. April 25, 1864. Editor Chronicle:...... Yours very respectfully, Henry W. HOOBER, O.S. Co. E, 87th Reg Ind Vols.

FROM SURGEON GOULD. Ringgold, Georgia. March 28th, 1864. Dear Brother:.... I came up to this place in company with Mr. SHEPPERD of our county, who has been with the army since about New Years.... Affectionately yours, Vernon GOULD.

Sergt. CHAMBERLAIN, of the 46th, is entitled to our thanks for late Southern papers.

FROM THE 46th. Grand Ecore, La., April 12, 1864. Mrs. McClung: It is with a heavy and sad heart that I seat myself this morning, my earliest opportunity, to notify you of the death of your noble hearted son .... Our loss was Lieut. Col. A. M. FLORY, seen to fall; Capt. Wm. DEHART, seen to fall; Lieut. John McCLUNG, known to be killed; Licut Jacob HUDLOW, missing; Chaplain ROBB, missing; Capt. Frank SWIGART, wounded. Co. K suffered heavier than any other company. The following is a list of the casualties of Co K: Killed, Lieut. John McCLUNG and private Thomas SCOTT. Wounded, Jefferson MARSHMAN, shoulder, very slightly. Missing, Orderly Sergeant John M. VANMETER, corporals David C. JENKINS and Jesse SHAMP, privates William COOK, Samuel JOHNSON, Wm. KREIGHBAUM, Ambrose McVOKE, Geo. MOORE, Geo. MATHEWS, Elihu SHAFFER, Elmore SHELT and John STALLARD.... I have the Lieutenant's sword and effects that were left back with the teams. I shall do my utmost to take care of them and see that you get them. If they send us home from here, I shall do myself the honor to call upon you. Very respectfully Ob't Servant, R. M. SHIELDS, Capt. Co. K, 46th Reg Ind Vols.

(Tribute of Respect to... Lieut John McCLUNG... signed by the officers of the 46th Reg Ind Vols)

Leonard DOWNS has opened a Meat Market in the basement of Samuel Hock's Store... Rochester, Ind. May 12, 1864.

WILSON & MOW, Auctioneers.... B. S. WILSON, David MOW. Rochester, May 12, 1864.

LAND FOR SALE .... (tracts listed).... J. W. BLATCHLY. Rochester, May 2, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 19, 1864

FROM THE 87th. Ringgold, Georgia, April 14, 1864. Friend Fuller:.... (mentions death of Lieutenant Franklin H. BENNETT)... Lieut Bennett entered the service of his country on the organization of the company as Third Sergeant, was promoted to First Sergeant November 19th, 1862, in which capacity he served the company faithfully, winning the confidence and respect of all, until the 16th of July, 1863, when he received a commission and was mustered 2d Lieutenant. Although his career as a commissioned officer was short, yet it was long enough for him to prove his real worth .... my company lost 3 killed, to-wit: Simon FALL, shot in the head; Aaron SMITH, shot in the breast; and Robert TRIBBET, shot in the head. Seven were wounded, as follows: Sergt. Jonas CLARK, in the shoulder, mortally, since died; John W. FERREL, in the head, mortally, since died; Walter F. SOAPER, in the groin, severely; John W. RUSH, in the side, severely; George KIPLINGER, in the head, slightly; Robert SMITH, in the arm, severely; James W. THOMAS, in the head and leg, severely.... Very respectfully, P. S. TROUTMAN, Capt Co E, 87th Ind Vol Inft.

SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY. The citizens of Rochester were addressed on Thursday and Friday evenings of last week by Judge ANDREW, of LaPorte, in behalf of the U. S. Sanitary Commission, and as a result, the Ladies organized themselves into a Soldiers Aid Society, electing the following officers:
President, Mary P. FULLER. Vice Presidents, Lydia PEARSON, Mrs. CRAVEN. Secretary, Mrs. E. F. GROVER. Treasurer, Mrs. KEITH..
... committees appointed: Disbursements, Mrs. KEITH, Mrs. D. W. LYON, Mrs. KENDRICK, Mrs. R. N. RANNELLS and Mrs. TRUSLOW. Directors, Mrs. MYERS, Mrs. GOULD and Mrs. NEWHOUSE.
To Solicit Cash Donations in town, Matilda OSGOOD, Lottie McDONALD, Josephine ELAM and Ellen POWERS.
To Solicit Supplies in town, Lucy CLOUSE, Ada HUNT, Mrs. Mary PRINCE and Susan J. STRADLEY.
In Country, Mrs. BRACKETT, Mrs. MERCER, Hester MACKEY and Mrs. Mary LOOMIS....

AKRON SOLDIERS' AID SOCIETY. The citizens of Akron and vicinity assembled at the Methodist Church on the evenings of the 14th and 15th inst., and after listening to the able address and earnest appeals of Judge ANDREWS, organized an auxiliary Soldiers' Aid Society, to operate in connection with the United States Sanitary Commission. The Society already numbers a hundred members. The following persons were elected permanent officers: President, Mrs. N. C. HALL. Vice Presidents, Mrs. William WHITTENBERGER, Mrs. METSKER. Secretary, Mrs. Sarah M. TERRY. Treasurer, Mrs. Sarah STRONG....

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Fulton Lodge No. 79, F4AM, March 30th, 1864 .... on the death of Brother Banner LAWHEAD.... W. R. MIKELS, Chairman; the death of brother E. M. JEWETT, W. R. MIKELS, Chairman, F. K. KENDRICK, W.M., Wm. OSGOOD, Secy protem.

DIED. At Pleasant Grove, Fulton Co., Ind., on the 26th of April, 1864, H. H. DIXON, aged 19 years 6 months and 6 days.
In 1862 he volunteered for three months in the Union army; was taken prisoner near Richmond, Ky., was parolled and returned home. In the winter of 1863 & 4 he served the Union army about Camp Nelson, Ky., as teamster, 4 months and 7 days, he there, through hard labor and capture, lost his health. He arrived at home on the 13th of April, and on the 15th was confined to his bed with inflammation of the outer membrane of the bowels, which spread gradually until the whole system became much disordered.
While his worldly friends can rejoice that through his love of Country he has written his young name high in the patriotic Firmament, his religious friends may rejoice to learn that he met his exit calmly, believing that through the merits of Jesus Christ, he was prepared for blissful mansions above.

DIED. At the residence of her daughter, in Pulaski county, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Jesse BARNETT, of Union township, in this county. Mrs. Barnett was very highly esteemed by a numerous circle of acquaintances and friends.

D. S. GOULD.... Store one door North of Mercer's Hardware Store, opposite the Court House Square. D. S. GOULD. Rochester, May 19th, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, May 26, 1864

STOLEN. From the pasture of Garten CALLOWAY, on the night of the 16th inst., a yellowish bay mare, heavy with foal; she has one white hind foot., large ears and eyes, and is nine years old. A reward of $10 is offered for information that will lead to her recovery and the detection of the thief.

MARRIED. On the 10th inst., by Rev. J. B. ALLYN, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. William R. MARSHALL and Miss Jane OLIVER, all of this county.

We have received a line from Penrose STAILY, formerly of this place, written at Harper's Ferry, announcing his marriage to a Virginia lady. We have mislaid the letter and cannot give the lady's name.

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. Hall of Taylor Lodge, No. 36, I.O.G.T., Rochester, May 20, 164 .... death of our brother. Lieut., John McCLUNG, of Co K, 46th Ind Vols .... a worthy member of this Lodge was killed in battle near Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, on the 8th ult., while bravely leading his company against the enemy....tliat a copy of these Resolutions be furnished to the mother of the deceased.... C. E. FULLER,
J. B. VAN DIEN, Robert GOULD, Committee.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 9, 1864

DIED. At the Hospital in New Orleans, on the 9th of April, M. A. COLLINS, a soldier in Company A, 26th Indiana Volunteers. His funeral services were held, on Sunday, May 30th, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, at the residence of Philemon WEBER. The deceased was 22 years old, and the testimony of his comrades is that he was a faithful soldier, a true patriot.

(Executor's Notice) ... Ezekiel OVERMIRE appointed Executor of the last Will of Christian SHEARER, late of Fulton county. June 6, 1864.

(Executor's Sale) ... At executot's residence in Richland township, Fulton county, property of Christian SHEARER, deceased. Ezekiel OVERMIRE, Executor. June 6, 1864.

KIRBY'S REAPER.... Manufactured by Wm. Mercer & Co., Cambridge City, Ind. For Sale on Good Terms by A. J. HOLMES & CO. Rochester, June 2, 1864.

PAINTINGI E. J. HUNT, House Painter.... Residence one square west of Iloch's Tin Shop. Rochester, May 19, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 16, 1864

SAFE. We are pleased to learn that the boys of Company K, 46th Indiana, who were reported missing after the battle in Louisiana, are well, though prisoners at Tyler, Texas. The following is a list of their names:
John VAN METER, Jesse SHAMP, David JENKINSON, Ambrose McVOKE, Elihu SHAFFER, John STALLARD, George MATHEWS, George MOORE, Samuel JOHNSON, William KREIGHBAUM and Elmore SHELT.
Lieutenant Col. FLORY who was reported killed, is also a prisoner, and reports that the rebels treat them well. We hope they may be fortunate enough to soon be restored to their friends.
The remainder of the regiment are expected home within a few days.

DEATH OF James ABBETT. Naval. Academy Hospital, Annapolis, Md., June 2, 1864. Mr. Richard ABBETT: Dear Sir: Your son, James Abbett, has for a short time been a patient in my Wards, and it is my painful duty to write you of his death.
A Richmond prisoner, he suffered like hundreds of our brave boys from the effects of severe treatment, and was greatly reduced when he arrived here. ikli the kindness of friends failed to restore him to health, and God took him from this suffering, sorrowing world, to dwell with Him in heaven. For your dear boy had the sweet Christian hope of everlasting rest.
I talked with him before his death much upon this subject. He expressed a willingness to die, and trusted sweetly in his Savior. Oh, you have much to thank God for, even in your affliction. May He be with and comfort you.
James was buried in the Soldier's Cemetery - very nicely buried- among thousands of his fallen comrades. He died the 26th of May. I should have written before, but my duties have been very pressing.
Praying God to be with you in your affliction, I am in sincerity your friend, Helen M. VOOR.

BUCKEYE DRILL.... For sale by A. J. HOLMES & CO., Rochester, June 9, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 23, 1864

John MATTHEWS, et al vs Easter A. WILLS, John S. WILSON and James A. WILSON. Petition for Partition.... Robert AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff. June 23, 1864.

(Administrator's Petition to Sell Real Estate) .... estate of Abraham COPPOCK, deceased.... 21st day of June, 1864. Robert AITKIN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

(Administrator's Notice)... C. J. STRADLEY appointed Administrator of the estate of Charles BRACKETT, late of Fulton county, deceased. June 23, 1864.

Abraham BRUCE vs William BRUCE, Daniel BRUCE and Elizabeth (formerly BRUCE). Petition for Partition. R. AITKIN, Clerk. By Sidney KEITH, Deputy. KEITH & BENNET, Attys for Plff. June 23, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, June 30, 1864

DEATH OF WILLIAM IRVIN. We are pained to learn that our friend, William IRVIN, of this village, was instantly killed on the 14th inst., in a skirmish in Georgia. He enlisted as a recruit in the 87th Indiana last spring, having previously served six months in the 118th. He leaves a wife and three small children, as well as many friends to mourn his loss. May God comfort his stricken wife and protect his orphaned children.

DIED. In Richland Township, on the 31st ult., of congestion of the brain, John T., son of Joseph and Sarah J. JACKSON.

We are indebted to Sergeant CHAMBERLAIN of the 46th, and Lieut. Jerome CARPENTER of the 87th, for late Southern papers.

The friends of Dr. C. L. WHITE will be pleased to learn that he has resumed practice, and is ready at all times of both day or night to answer any calls for his professional services.

Fulton, Ind. June 27, 1864. Mr. Editor: Please announce the name of Lieut. E. J. DELP, of Liberty Township (late of the 5th Ind Cav) as a candidate for Treasurer of Fulton county..

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. I.O.G.T. Hall of Akron Lodge No. 64, June 21, 1864.... death of our brothers, Lieut. Edward C. SUTHERLAND and Orderly Sergt James FENTERS.... J. C. MEDSKER, N. C. HALL, A. STRONG. Com.

CAMP AT HUNTSVILLE, ALA. June 12, 1864. Friend Fuller: (lengthy letter) .... I remain yours, D. W. SHRYOCK, 12th Ind Cav.

Hamel A. McDOLE vs Robert McDOLE. Complaint for Divorce. ... this 28th day of June, 1864. Robert AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

Amos HURST vs Elora HURST. Petition for Divorce... this June 28th, 1864. Robert AITKEN, Clerk. By S. KEITH, Deputy.

Charlotte F. SICKLEFOORE vs George W. SICKLEFOORE. Petition for Divorce... this 28th day of June, 1864. Robert AITKEN, Clerk by S. KEITH, Deputy.

(Administratrixl Sale) ... at the late residence of Thomas McMILLEN, deceased near the village of Green Oak, in Fulton county... Matilda McMILLEN, Adms. June 2d, 1864.

Wool Carding and Cloth Dressing.... H. A. JOHNSON & CO., Rochester, May 26, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate) .... estate of Abraham COPPOCK, deceased.... Lindley MOORE, Administrator.

(Administratrixl Notice) ... Matilda McMILLIN appointed Administratrix upon the estate of Thomas McMILLIN, late of Fulton county, deceased.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 7, 1864

The assembly was called to order at 11 oclock a.m. by C. E. FULLER, Chairman of the Central Committee, and on motion, William MACKEY was chosen President, and P. M. BOZARTH, Sec'y. a committee of one from each township was appointed to apportion the vote in the Convention, which committee reported as follows:....

A committee on nominations was then appointed, consisting of three from each township, as follows: Rochester, D. W. LYON, Wm. HILL, L. W. SHELTON. Richland, Young RALSTIN, David MOW, N. LOOMIS. New Castle, John LISLE, Wm. PECK, Jefferson RHODES. Union, Jesse SPARKS, Jas. A. CARTER, Robert ALLEN. Aubbeenaubbee, S. J. RARRICK, Christopher CAMPBELL, Solomon MILLER. Wayne, Isaac EGGMAN, Almon PACKARD, Joseph S. HORN. Henry, S. S. TERRY, R. M. POLLOCK, Jacob WHITTENBERGER. Liberty, I. W. KRIDER, Salmon COLLINS, Richard REID.
On motion of C. E. FULLER, Sidney KEITH, P. G. KELSEY, James KEELY and T. J. HOLCOMB were appointed a committee on Resolutions ....
.... the committee on nominations reported as follows: For Representative, Robert M. POLLOCK. For Sheriff, Capt. David RADER. For Treasurer, Isaiah W. KRIDER. For Commissioner, James KEELY.
The report of the committee was accepted and concurred in by three rousing cheers ....

DIED. In this township, on the 3d inst., of Consumption, Miss Angeline REID, aged 19 years.
The work of rebuilding the Methodist Church is proceeding under the superintendence of Wm. CULVER, Esq., who is a good workman, and will accomplish what he undertakes. The Baptist Church, will also be put up and inclosed this Fall, we are informed.
The numerous friends of Major COLLINS, of the 29th Indiana, will be pleased to learn that he is at home on a few days' leave of absence. The Major seems to be in good health, and entertains no very friendly feelings towards "our erring Southern brethren."
Our friends will be pleased to learn that Dr. M. M. REX, our excellent Dentist, who has been absent for the last two months on a trip to Iowa, has returned, and is now prepared to serve all who need his professional skill.
He brings with him the necessary apparatus for inserting teeth on Rubber, known as the Vulcanizer, and will be happy to receive the calls of all who want good work in the line. Office over the Post Office.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 14, 1864

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. I.O.G.T.... Bro. William IRVIN, a worthy member of this Lodge, was instantly killed in a skirmish with the rebels in Georgia, on the 14th ult ... C. E. FULLER, Robert GOULD, John WHARTON, Com.

BACK PAY, BOUNTY and PENSION AGENCY. Having purchased of E. L. BENNET, Esq., his License as a Claim Agent, (he having removed from the county) ... please inquire either at the office of S. KEITH, Esq (County Clerk's office) or at the Chronicle office, in Holmes & Miller's Building, opposite the Court House. Corydon E. FULLER, Rochester, Ind. July 12, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 21, 1864

MARIETTA, GA., July 8, 1864. Dear Brother: .... (lengthy letter) .... Vernon GOULD.

Mrs. Frank M. WHITE will please accept our thanks for six quarts of fine cucumbers....

STEAM MILL. William WALLACE is putting into his mill a new and excellent engine and boiler, all of the most approved style, and from this cause the mill has not been running for a few days past, but we believe he expects to be ready for business again next week.

War on High Price8..DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, &c BOOTS & SHOES .... Cheap for Cash.... A. D. CORNELIUS & BROS. Rochester, July 21, 1864.

DISSOLUTION. The partnership heretofore existing under the name of "KEITH & BENNET," has been this day dissolved by mutual consent.
The books and unfinished business of said firm remain in the hands of Mr. Keith for settlement. Sidney KEITH, E. L. BENNET. July 7, 1864.

D. S. GOULD, Dealer in Fancy & Staple Drygoods, Groceries, &c, Store in MERCER'S BUILDING opposite the court house.... Rochester, July 21, 1864.

SIGNS! SIGNS! H. S. FARRINGTON, Plain and Ornamental Painter. Particular attention paid to Sign Painting.... Carriage Trimming. Shop at Heffley's Wagon Shop, on Main Street, Rochester, Indiana. July 21, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, July 28, 1864

Rev. D. M, WILLIAMSON will preach at the Presbyterian Church, in this village, on next Sabbath, at the usual hour.

Mr. William PECK is engaged in delivering to his subscribers the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animated Nature," and "Fleetwood's Life of Christ," . . . . .

RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT... I.O.G.T.... Sister Angeline REED .... Mary P. FULLER, Lydia PEARSON, Lizzie DE MOTT, Com.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 4, 1864

(Notice of Administration) .... Richard REED appointed Administrator upon the estate of Lawrence BUSKIRK, deceased, late of Liberty Township., Fulton county. August 2, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale)... personal property left by Lawrence BUSKIRK, late of Fulton County, deceased, not taken by the widow.,.. at the late residence of the deceased, in Liberty Township.... Richard REED, Admr. August 2d, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 11, 1864

Our thanks are due to Lieut. CARPENTER, of the 87th for a copy of the Chattanooga Gazette, of July 26th.

MARRIED, On Sunday, the 7th inst., by Elder William GREGSON, at his residence, Henry HOOVER and Pennelea A. WASHINGTON, all of this county.

COMMON PLEAS COURT This court has been in session for the last two or three days, Milo R. SMITH, Esq., presiding in the absence of Judge DYKEMAN. We believe no very important business is on the docket. Milo fills the Judge's seat very creditably.

Dr. ROBBINS informs that on Saturday 1st, the wife of Lieut. David MOW, of Richland township, gave birth to three daughters, weighing in the aggregate 16 pounds. At latest dates the mother and children were comfortable. We congratulate the Lieutenant on his new recruits for the infantry service.

We are pleased to announce that our friend Lieut. Jacob LEITER has arrived safely at home. His wound though severe is not as bad as at first reported. It is a bullet hole through his left ankle, but the bones are not so much injured, as to preclude the hope that he will retain the use of the foot. This is the second time the gallant Lieutenant has been wounded, but his heroic spirit shames the craven Copperhead crew who are ready to bow the neck to the yoke of Jeff. Davis, he is not yet ready to surrender.

E. R. POWERS advertises this week his new arrangement for carrying the mail and passengers to Peru and back twice a week..

STRAYED OR STOLEN. From the pasture of Henry BOHLES, of this township, on Saturday, July 23d, a large, dark brindle cow.

Although J. B. AGNEW, Geo. B. SCOTT, John STRAYER, William TRIBBITT, Thomas CARTWRIGHT, Henry SULT, F. M. BEATTIE, Geo. W. DAVIS, John TIPTON, James TURNER, Nathan BYBEE, Ambrose MEREDITH, Joseph BIBLER, James HAYNES, George BRIGHT, Job L. MEREDITH, Abiel BUSH, Joseph BOWER, John GOULD, Mrs. Fred ROUCH, Dr. C. F. HARTER, Dr. Wm. HILL, W. B. MILLER and Henry BOWMAN, have each since the 1st day of June last, purchased one of Studebaker's Wagons or Buggies, making in all fifty-seven since Jan 7th, 1864. Yet we keep constantly on hand a good supply... A. J. HOLMES & CO.
STAGE LINE! Rochester to Peru. E. R. POWERS, Proprietor.
The quickest and best route to all points East and South. Stage leaves Rochester every Monday and Friday, at 7 oclock a.m., and returning, leaves Peru on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Close connections made at Peru, with trains for Toledo, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.
The road to Peru is at all seasons of the year much the best of any leaving Rochester.
Rochester, Aug. 11th, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 18, 1864

Drs. W. J. THOMPSON & SON would respectfully inform the citizens of Fulton county, that they have commenced the practice of the medical profession.... Office two doors South of Holmes & Miller's new building.

IN CAMP NEAR ATLANTA, GA., July 29th, 1864. Friend Fuller:
The fighting was equal along our whole line on that day, the 87th having four wounded, and among them Lieut LEITER of Co. F, and A. HIZER of Co. E from Fulton county, the former severely.... The health of our regiment considering the season and character of the campaign, is remarkable good, and our losses in the field so far very light, one only killed upon the field, William IRVIN of our place who was universally respected by his comrades .... Vernon GOULD.

Our thanks are due to W. A. HORTON, for the present of a fine watermelon.

We learn that Lieut. CARTER, of Co. A, 26th Indiana Vols., is slowly recovering, and that the prospect is fair that he will ultimately be restored to health. He has been very low, so much so that his life was despaired of, but on Sunday last, was well enough to ride out.

DIED. -At Akron, Ind., July 26th, 1864, of Bloody Flux, Horace W. SCOTT, son of Phineas and Hannah SCOTT, aged 14 years.
-At Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 8th, 1864, Thomas W. SCOTT, of the 26th Ind Vols., being instantly killed in battle.
-At Akron, July 21st, of Flux, Morton O. BALL, aged 9 months and 21 days, and on the 24th, of the same disease, JOSEPHINE O. BALL, aged 5 years, 8 months and 24 days, children of Calvin M. and M. A. BALL...
-In this village, August 12th, John Henry RANNELLS], infant son of John W. RANNELLS, aged 2 years and 7 months.
-In this village, August 13th, Lucinda [KITT], daughter of Anna KITT, aged 19 years.
-In this village, August 11th, John HOPPE, aged 29 years.

(Notice of Administration) .... Presley M. BOZARTH appointed Administrator of the estate of Thomas CARTWRIGHT, late of Fulton county. August 15, 1864.

(Administrator's Sale).... at the late residence of Thomas CARTWRIGHT, deceased, one mile south of Rochester, Fulton county, (on the Peru road) .... Presley M. BOZARTH, Admr. Aug 15th, 1864.

(Executor's Sale of Real Estate) .... at the Post Office in the village of Fulton, in Fulton county... of which Phebe TAYLOR, deceased, died the owner.... Jacob PIER, Executor. Aug 11, 1864.

FARMERS' INSURANCE COMPANY of LaPorte, Indiana.... A. J. HOLMES, Agent.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, August 25, 1864

We are pleased to be able to say that Lieutenant LEITER'S wound is improving. He is able to get about on his crutches, and in time will undoubtedly regain the use of his foot.

SELECT SCHOOL. Miss T. J. BARNETT wishes to inform the citizens of Rochester that her SCHOOL for small scholars commences Monday, August 29th, at the Union School House.... Rochester, Aug 25th, 1864.

SELECT SCHOOL. Mrs. E. F. GROVER.... will open a SELECT SCHOOL at her residence near Odd Fellows' Hall, on Monday, Sept 12th, to continue 9 weeks ....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 1, 1864

LETTER FROM CAPT. TROUTMAN. Camp 87th Ind Vols, Near Atlanta, Georgia, August 15th, 1864. Friend Fuller - Dear Sir:
.... To sum up, the fighting of the 87th during the present campaign amounts to but very little. We have, however, been in several hot places, in reconnoitering the enemy's front, and from his shells, from all of which we have lost, in killed, five or six; in wounded, about twenty. Company E's casualties are as follows: Sergt. Samuel LEAVITT, wounded in the shoulder, slightly, June 10; Alfred HISER, in scrotum, severe, July 20, from which he died at Kingston, Ga., Aug 9th; Jesse OLDHAM, in foot, contusion, Aug 5; Isaac H. CANNON, in shin, slight, Aug 13 .... Company E left Ringgold with forty one men, and now has thirty-eight; nine having been sent back sick as follows: E. M. RANS, Wm. E. DUKES, H. S. ROSS, Sergt. RICHIE, Daniel HERALD, Martin BRUNSON, John ANDERSON, James HURST and A. HISER, wounded. Gained from hospitals, Corporals BENNET and J. W. RUSH; J. R. SMITH, J. G. MINTON, James SHREVES and Moses HECKERT. Very Respectfully, P. S. TROUTMAN.

LETTER FROM C. S. HICKMAN. Camp 87th Ind Vols, Near Atlanta, Georgia. August 16th, 1864. Friend Fuller: - - - - - - - - - - C. S. HICKMAN.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 8, 1864

M. GREINER & CO. have just opened out at J. HOPPE'S old stand.... Groceries, Fish, Salt, Nails, Glass & Queensware... Oysters, Fresh Bread & Cakes constantly on hand. Rochester, Sept 8th, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 15, 1864

STEPHEN DAVIDSON and N. G. SHAFFER, candidates for Representative will address their fellow citizens ....
Dr. S. S. TERRY, Union Candidate for State Senator, will address the citizens of Fulton county....

Capt. P. G. KELSEY has been appointed Adjutant of the 142d Ind Vols to be raised in the 9th District .... P. G. KELSEY, Adjutant, 142 Regt. Ind. Vols., Akron, Ind.

MARRIED. -On the 8th inst., by Rev. N. L. LORD, Mr. Ira STANLEY, of Wabash, to Mrs. L. E. SHRYOCK, of this village.
-On the 11th inst., by Rev. A. E. BABCOCK, Rev. G. P. CHERRY and Mrs. Elizabeth HAMLETT, all of this county....

PAY UP! All persons indebted to the subscriber are requested to lose no time in paying up. Goods cost Cash, and Cash I must have. W. T. CUTSHALL, Akron, Sept 15, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 22, 1864

Elder THOMPSON, late of Kosciusko county, will preach at the White Walnut school house, on Saturday evening, Sept 24th, and Sunday morning, Sept 25th, at 11 oclock.

METHODIST CONFERENCE. This religious body met a few days ago at Delphi. We are pleased to notice from a list of the appointments published in the Indianapolis Daily Journal, that Rev. W. R. MIKELS is to remain here another year. Rev. J. B. DEMOTTE, who labored here in 1862 and 1863, is stationed the coming year, at Zionsville, in the Indianapolis District....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, September 29, 1864

MARRIED. On the 29th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Gavin H. MILLER and Miss Arreen WOODFIELD, all of this county.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 6, 1864

ESCAPED FROM PRISON. We are indebted to Mr. Thomas JOHNSON, of this county, for a letter from his son, Job. W. JOHNSON, of Company D 29th Ind., who has just escaped from the rebel prison at Andersonville, Ga., and succeeded in reaching our lines. He states that the rations furnished the prisoners was one pound of corn bread and two ounces of meat. He states that Solomon COLLINS, D. W. RHODES, John SMITH and E. J. SMITH, are still in prison and are well. The others who were taken are dead. They were Z. ESKEAGE, O. ESKEAGE, H. T. COLLINS, James BABBETT, Edward CASE and O. S. CARPENTER. One other died at Richmond whose name he does not know.

MARRIED. On the 2d inst., at the residence of Mrs. McCLUNG, by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Aaron W. MAXWELL, of Grant County, to Mrs. Mary J. BURCH, of this county.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, October 20, 1864

John H. STAILY, the former publisher of this paper, but for the last three years in the Government employ at Washington, paid a visit to this place to deposit his vote at the late election. His friends will be glad to know that he is in good health and spirits.

We are pained to learn of the death of Col. COLLINS, better known as Captain and Major COLLINS, late of the 29th Indiana Volunteers. He died of disease and his remains were brought home last week for interment, at Bourbon, in Marshall county-

SOLDIERS AT HOME. Among the soldiers who succeeded in reaching home in time for the late election, we noticed Capt. A. C. SHEPHARD, Sergt. B. P. BROWN, Samuel BERRY, Jabez IZZARD, Thomas M. HAMLETT, James H. FAIRCHILD, Christian NEWHOUSE, John ROBBINS, James BARRETT, Jonathan ROBBINS, James WYCOFF and J. S. MARTINDALE. Quite a number of the above are from hospitals, while a few are in robust health....

We are under obligations to Solomon MILLER, of Aubbeenaubbee, for a gallon of beautiful sorgum molasses; to John L. RHYNESMITH, of Rochester township, for a rare squash of a variety we have never before seen; and the last but by no means least, to John GOULD, of Miami County, for a box of honey weighing nearly ten pounds.

MARRIED. At the residence of the bride's father, on the 13th inst., by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Sergt. B. F. BROWN and Miss Mary E. POWERS, all of this place.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 3, 1864

We are indebted to Lieut. A. H. McDONALD, of the 26th Indiana, for late New Orleans papers ....

Dr. HILL would inform his friends that he has gone to Philadelphia, to spend the winter. His books and accounts are in the hands of E. B. CHINN who is authorized to settle with all persons indebted to him. Rochester, Nov 3d, 1864.

Elder R. CORBALEY will deliver a lecture on the Prophecies, in connection with the "Signs of the Times," on Thursday, November 10th, 1864, at 6-1/2 oclock p.m., in the Presbyterian Church at Rochester, Ind.

We are indebted to Timothy MORGAN, Esq., for a letter from his son, Francis M. MORGAN, dated at Cumberland Gap., Sept. 30, 1864 ....

(Notice of Administration) .... Chance JOHNSON appointed Administrator of the estate of Amos JOHNSON late of Fulton county, deceased. Nov 2, 1864.

MARRIED. On the 6th inst., by Rev. Isaac STALLARD, at his residence, Henry D. HOOVER and Mrs. Elizabeth TRUE.

Sergt. Jasper L. ATKINSON, of the 26th Indiana Veteran Volunteers, is now recruiting far his regiment....

Attention is directed to the card of M. L. ESSICK, Esq., Attorney at Law. He comes to this place with good recommendations as an attorney of five years successful practice, a portion of which time he acted as public prosecutor....

ESTRAY. From the pasture of E. R. POWERS, near his residence, three 2 year old steers.... Also, from the pasture of B. C. WILSON, in Richland, a 2 year old steer.... Norman LOOMIS. Richland, Nov 9, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 17, 1864

We are under obligations for favors received from S. H. FARRY, a subscriber, and Elder FOOTE of Marshall Co. - the former for two nice Citrons, and the latter for a very large and very fine squash. They are both friends of the Union, the Soldier and the Printer.

MARRIED. On the 9th inst., at the residence of Jacob WHITTENBERGER, Esq. (the bride's father), by Rev. E. P. CHURCH, Capt. Percival G. KELSEY and Miss Mary J. WHITTENBERGER, all of Akron....

Cyrenus COPLEN, Jesse B. EMMONS, Benj. F. MONTGOMERY, Alex DUNLAP, Harvey SMITH, Ellis STROSNYDER, John BROWN, Sylvester KENADY, James SEVERNS, Otho N. RHODES, Henry BOWMAN, John E. HAMLET, Geo. HALTERMAN, Jesse EMMONS, John O. MOW, Patrick SHOEMAKER, John LARGE, James COPLEN, Geo. PERCHBAUCHER, John KAY, Jesse BECHTELHEIMER, Jesse DILLMAN, Lewis HERROLD, John W. BLACK, James WALLING, Jacob M. FULTZ, Jacob WILT, Joshua ROLLINS, Manuel IMBODEN, Samuel P. DAVIS, Nathan BAKER, Solomon D. CREIVER, Samuel R. FRANTZ, Henry FISHER, James LOVE, Jr., Isaac MEREDITH, Wm. BURNS, Joseph MULL.
John ROUCH, Josiah BOWER, Harrison WALKER, Baker NEWCOMB, Luther RUSSELL, Thos. WHITE.
Sebastian GOSS, Matthias STINGLEY, Dures LEISA, Joseph W. DRUNO, Wm. J. CHRISTLER, Francis N. JONES, Samuel McCARTY, Jacob ROUCH, Jr., Amos HARSCHI, Tobias GOSS, Philip WILLIAMSON, Jacob LINDEN, Edward MEDARY., Enos W. BUTLER, Asa DEWEESE, James FERGUSON, Parker GREGORY, Thos. J. NEW, David LONGWELL, Abram FROST, Alfred MARTIN, Jesse M. DAVIS, Jas. A. MARSHALL, McKindee GREEN.
Daniel HUFF, Rufus W. COX, Stephen BIBLER, Michael HOGAN, Wm. POTTER, Edward WENTZELL, Julius P. COLLINS, Geo. W. HUESTON, James W. NEEDLES, Isaiah JONES, Cyrus S. GRAHAM, James M. SINGER, Christopher BOYER, Wm. SHERIDAN, Hinson H. BENNETT, Peter HECKART, Eli DEITRICII, Joseph C. CANNON, Geo. GRUBB, John SKELTON, Samuel WALTER, John H. SINGER, James WARFIELD, Andrew J. TONER, Edward M. McGRAW, Arnold POLING, Edward TONER, Levi HARRIS, John SHINE, Isaac J. LUCAS.

(Administrator's Sale) ... at the residence of Amos JOHNSON, late of Fulton county, deceased.... Chance JOHNSON, Admr. Nov. 17th, 1864.

PUBLIC SALE.... at my residence four miles southwest of Rochester (in the Weber Settlement).... David KRATHWOHL. Nov. 17th, 1864.

Henry LEFEVER vs Rachel LEFEVER. Complaint for Divorce. Robert AITKEN, Clerk Fulton C. P. Court, by Sidney KEITH, Depy. Nov. 15, 1864.

James McQUERN vs James FULTON & William CULVER. Complaint for Foreclosure of Mortgage. Robert AITKEN, Clerk of Fulton C. P. Court, by S. KEITH, Depy. Oct 14, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 24, 1864


ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, November 31, 1864

M. L. ESSICK, Esq., has established himself in his new Law Office, in Mammoth Building, up stairs, over the store of Lyon & Kendrick.... We understand that he has been appointed Deputy Common Pleas Prosecutor for this county.

MARRIED. -On the 4th inst., at the "Central Hotel" by Rev. W. R. MIKELS, Mr. Sherman BROWN of Racine Co., Wis., and Miss Juliette STICKELS, of Rochester.
-By the same, on the 17th inst., at the residence of Mrs. Ann E. MYERS, Mr. Albert HIGHWAY, of Kosciusko Co., and Miss Maria L. SMITH, of Fulton Co., Ind.
-On the 24th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the same, Mr. Milton MOORE to Miss Samantha SPENCER....

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 8, 1864

A RAILROAD TO ROCHESTER.... Auditor Holmes has furnished us with the following table, showing what the tax of from five to eight of the heaviest tax-payers in each township.... (amounts omitted here).... Wayne, E. C. ANDRESS, R. T. BEATTIE, Joseph HILL, Daniel H. RUSH, Simon WHEELER. Union, Thomas W. BARNETT, J. P. COLLINS, A. T. JACKSON, John SLICK, Isaiah SLICK. Aubbeenaubbee, C. CAMPBELL, John ELLIS, Moses KING, Milton MOORE, Thomas MEREDITH. Liberty, John AYDELOTTE, Minor ALLEY, James MARTIN, Andrew OLIVER, Joel TOWNSEND. Rochester, Stephen DAVIDSON, W. H. DAVIDSON, M. DANZIGER, A. J. HOLMES, HAMILTON & TABER, Hugh MILLER, John B. NILES, James KEELY. Richland, Harrison DUDGEON, David MOW, Wm. NILES, D. W. JONES, Young RALSTIN. Henry, Allen BIGGS, Jacob BRIGHT, Shadrack HIGHLAND, Uriah McCLOUD, Isaac PONTIOUS, Jacob WHITTENBERGER. Newcastle, Reuben BATTS, John CULVER, S. H. FARRY, Henry HAIMBAUGH, James WRIGHT, John DRUDGE....

We notice that Jasper L. ATKINSON, of Company A, 26th Indiana Veteran Volunteers, has been promoted to 2d Lieutenant.

The next meeting of the Soldiers' Aid Society will be held at the residence of Mrs. D. W. SHRYOCK, next Saturday afternoon....

IMPROVEMENTS. The frame of the new BAPTIST CHURCH was raised last week. The building when completed will be an ornament to the town.
The roof of the METHODIST CHURCH has been nearly completed during the recent pleasant weather.
The large dwelling home of A. J. HOLMES is also progressing. When completed it will no doubt be one of the finest buildings in the village.
We also notice a large number of new roofs, and other repairs, being made this fall. Rochester is certainly improving, and only needs a railroad to become a desirable place of residence.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 15, 1864

The next meeting of the Soldiers' Aid Society will be held at the residence of Mrs. John SWARTWORDT, next Saturday afternoon....

The Donation visit to Mr. KEITH'S, last Saturday evening, for the benefit of Elder DUNHAM passed off very pleasantly....

A SURPRISE DONATION. On Saturday evening, Dec 10th, at the residence of Sidney KEITH, Esq... John DUNHAM, Pastor Bap. Church.

(Estray Notice).Taken up by William M. VANMETER, in Wayne township, Fulton county.... Valued at $20 by Lindley MOORE and John A. CARR. Before me this first day of December, 1864. George H. POTTS, Justice.

(Estray Notice)... Taken up by Laurey DEMPSEY, of Wayne Township, Fulton county.... Appraised at $12 by George W. McCLATCHEY and Roger MARONEY. Before me this third day of December, 1864. George H. POTTS, Justice.

(Estray Notice) ... Taken up by Peter HECKART, living 1-1/2 miles north of Pleasant Grove, Union township, Fulton county .... Appraised at $20 by Wm. H. TROUTMAN, Henry BOGAL. H. P. BARNETT, Justice. R. AITKEN, Clerk By S. KEITH, Dep. Dec 1, 1864.

ROCHESTER CHRONICLE - Thursday, December 29, 1864

M. L. ESSICK, E. B. CHINN, Proprietors

TO OUR PATRONS. It will be seen from this issue of the Chronicle, and from the remarks of our predecessor in the last issue, that Corydon E. FULLER.... is connected with this paper no longer....

The Donation Party at Rev. Mr. LORD'S on Friday night last, went off admirable....

FIRE IN TOWN. The alarm of fire on last Tuesday evening called together the citizens in "double quick." The fire originated in the cook room of the Mansion House. The Protection Hook & Ladder Company was on hand promptly... the devouring flames which were rapidly spreading, were quickly extinguished....

MARRIED. On the 22d inst., by C. CORNELIUS, Esq., Mr. James N. WILLSON and Miss MARY CIAY, all of Rochester.

WANTED. A quantity of Hoop Poles, at the shop of Bell & Robbins, (old distillery) for which the highest market price will be paid in cash. BELL & ROBBINS.

Fred STURKIN has now on hand a good supply of Groceries and Provisions .... Store opposite the Court House Square.

NOTICE. Persons living at a distance wanting work in my line can be accommodated by leaving their orders at the store of Levi Mercer, in Rochester. Will make or repair mattocks, axes, mill-picks, and other edged-tool work. Fire-arms and sewing machines repaired and set in order. Also agent for the celebrated Grover and Baker Sewing Machine. Call and see them in operation at my residence, or at the -residence of Mrs. NEWHOUSE in Rochester, before purchasing elsewhere. W. A. HORTON, Millark, Ind.

(Estray Notice)... Taken up by Solomon B. WAGONER, Jr., on the 12th of December, 1864 .... Appraised at $15, Lawrence McCARTER, George FENSTERMAKER. Reported by W. OSGOOD, Esq.... R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Dep.

(Estray Notice) ... Taken up by Martin FIDNER of Wayne township.... Appraised at $16 by John POWELL and John SMITH, Jr. Before me this 15th day of December, 1864. George H. POTTS, Justice. R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Dep.

(Estray Notice).... Taken up by Henry H. SMITH of Wayne township, Fulton county. Appraised at $10 by Wesley HUTCHINSON and Roger MARONEY. Before me this 20th day of December, 1864. R. AITKEN, Clerk.. By S. KEITH, Dep.

(Administrator's Sale of Real Estate).... estate of Arkin DAKIN, deceased.... Sylvester H. DAKIN, Admr de bonis non. Dec. 15, 1864.

(Estray Notice) .... Taken up by James CALHOON, living in Richland township, Fulton county .... appraised at 20 dollars, Jacob SULT, Henry COOPER, Nov 21, 1864. Isaac HIATT, Justice. R. AITKEN, Clerk, By S. KEITH, Dep.

(Estray Notice) .... Taken up by John H. TONER. Nov 29, 1864. H. P. BENNETT. R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Dep.

(Estray Notice) .... Taken up by Martial PHILIPS, residing 2-1/2 miles southeast of Pleasant Grove, Union township, Fulton county.... H. P. BENNETT, Justice. R. AITKEN, Clerk, by S. KEITH, Dep.