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    Over a century ago five of the children of the Washington County, Pennsylvania pioneer, George Tombaugh, migrated from the home in Washington County, Pa., to the then West.
These five children were followed by a sixth of George Tombaugh's children in the year 1837, leaving but one of the seven children of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh in Pennsylvania. As time passed communication between the descendants of those members of the families who had early moved westward and their eastern kindred remaining in Pennsylvania gradually was abandoned until there was practically no acquaintance between them.
    It was in the winter of 1912-13 that the chief compiler of this work met Mrs. Rosalie Ewing at Cambridge, Ohio, she being a granddaughter of Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers. From her he learned much of the history of those of the early Tombaugh families who had early located in Ohio and also he received from Mrs. Ewing a copy of certain traditions respecting early Tombaugh history which had been related by Amanda (Myers) Wurtz, a daughter of Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers, to Mrs. Alice Dean, a granddaughter of Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers, and committed to writing by Mrs. Dean.
These traditions with other traditions related about the early Tombaughs to the writer by his father, John Tombaugh, son of the Pennsylvania Matthias Tombaugh, were the means which led the writer to locate the historical records of the colonial Tombaughs at Harrisburgh, Pa., and at Lancaster, Pa.
    All these traditions were obscure but their very obscurity was evidence of the existence of a considerable period of time in our early history past the time of the Washington County pioneer George Tombaugh which had been, until this research, as far in the past as our authentic history, other than obscure traditions extended.
    The knowledge that we were of Pennsylvania German stock and the discovery in the archives of the Revolution of a Tombaugh, to us a stranger, by name of Frederick Tombaugh of York County, Pa., indicated that the place most likely to yield results in finding the early records of our people would be in Southeastern Pennsylvania. These records of the colonial Tombaughs were eventually located at Lancaster, Pa. Nor has the name been found in colonial times in any other State than Pennsylvania and only in the Southeastern part of that State.
    However, it was before these interesting records were found that at a reunion of the Tombaugh family held at Scenery Hill, Pa., August 12, 1927, that the writer was requested by the members of the family there present to prepare a history of the Tombaugh family.
    The above mentioned reunion was the result of a desire of John M. Tombaugh and his wife, Alice, to honor their guests: Dr. L. H. Tombaugh and wife of Waukegan, Ill., a brother of John M. Tombaugh, and Mrs. Mildred Mann and her husband, William A. Mann, of Chicago, Ill., Mrs. Mann being a daughter of John M. and Alice Tombaugh.
After the appointment of the writer to prepare a Tombaugh history, it was first contemplated to write only a history of the Pennsylvania Matthias Tombaugh group with reviews of the related families. But more extensive research indicated the desirability of a history of the entire family in America, so far as the facts were procurable.
This project had reached such progress by the time of the 200th anniversary reunion of the family on August 18, 1928, at the "Haw Bottom tract" of George Tombaugh, owned by one of his great-grandsons, W. Scott Tombaugh of Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa., that the completion of the work was assured.
The reunion was attended by representatives of six of the seven family divisions descended from George Tombaugh the pioneer, with the result that an acquaintance was again formed between the different branches of the family.
The authorities most largely consulted in preparing this work are Rupp's 30,000 Names, U. S. Census, Pennsylvania Archives, reports thereon by H. H. Shenk, Archivist; Lancaster, Pa., Court House records, and records of the Trinity Lutheran Church of Lancaster, Pa. The abstracts from these made by Miss Lottie Bausman, Genealogist. An article in Crumrine's History of Washington County, Pa. Records of Washington County, Pa., Court House, both these latter by Attorney Byron E. Tombaugh. Brumbaugh's Early Maryland Records. Prof. T. C. Tarr of Princeton University. Family records in Bibles. Transcripts on headstones, and many family records.



    Early in the preparation of this work it was learned that the spelling of our name Tombaugh was not found among the names listed in works on family names in Germany or Holland. This led to the conclusion that the name was anglisized of some other name and various conjectures were made as to what name Tombaugh was derived from.
The name of the emigrant ancestor on its first appearance is on the shipping list of the ship Albany and is not spelled Tombaugh, but Danbach. As this "a" is the old German "a" with the sound of the English "o" we thus find the name changed to Donbach in Rupp's 30,000 Names of Immigrants. We have three signatures of the emigrant ancestor and one of his wife. His three signatures are Donbog, Dannbock, and in joining in a deed with his wife, he signs Donboig, and she Donbe.
It is not until about 1750 that we find the spelling Tombaugh.
    At the Lancaster County, Pa., Court House from that date forward we find the spellings of the name on perhaps twenty-five different occasions and possibly four-fifths of the spellings are Tombaugh, Tombough or Tombuch, with Tombaugh the most frequent.
    At the court proceedings at the Lancaster, Pa., Court House, English was mainly used with the result that our name there assumes an anglisized form but at the Trinity Lutheran Church at Lancaster where the early Tombaughs attended, German was then the language used and in the birth registry of that church the spelling Tombaugh does not show, but the spellings there are Tannbach, Tanbach, Dannbach, Danbach and Dambach.
    From the examples given it is readily seen that the name begins with "D" about as frequently as with "T".
This confusion in the spelling of the name Tombaugh was not greater in our name than in other names and the language in general in Southeast Pennsylvania. A confusion so great between German and English as to result in that peculiar form of speech known as Pennsylvania German.
    It is to Prof. T. C. Tarr of the Department of Modern Languages of Princeton University that the discovery of the name of which Tombaugh is a variant must be credited to.
    A number of the early spellings of the name was submitted to Prof. Tarr but the spellings Tannbach and Tanbach was not among the spellings sent as the writer regarded those as queer spelling. Prof. Tarr answered in substance that the only name among German names in which the changed sound from the German letters to English letters would produce the name Tombaugh was the German name Tannbach. The more detailed explanation which he gave was that the German word for brook was bach, but the spelling of this in English was baugh. That the "a" in Tann is the old German "a" with practically the sound of the English "o".
    Thus the sound of the German Tannbach is in English Tonnbaugh, so close Tombaugh that the difference can be detected with difficulty.
    As to the change from "nn" in Tannbach to "m" in Tombaugh, that is a regular change as "n" before "b" or "p" has a tendency to become "m", and in the anglisizing of this name the changes are clearly shown in the records at Lancaster, Pa. Tannbach means "Brook of the fir forest." The fir tree which has given us the first element of our name is similar to the pines.
This method of naming families after natural objects has largely passed long ago.
And a name originating as does Tannbach, in natural objects, may easily be of extreme antiquity--thousands rather than hundreds of years old.
    We have seen in the early spellings of the name that it began frequently with "D" instead of "T"--the sound of these two letters are so close that etymologists regard them as interchangeable. This being true when Prof. Tarr's explanation that the original spelling of our name was Tannbach was received; the writer changed all the "Ds" where they began the name to the letter "T". This resulted in a very decided transformation. The numerous spellings of Dannbach and Danbach transformed to Tannbach. There being then over a dozen signatures of Tannbach among the German records.
But the inquiry may arise--Why were there so many and such diverse spellings of the name among the early signatures? As all indications are that the early members of our family were fairly well educated, these different name spellings could not be attributed to ignorance of spelling.
    It appears that the different spellings of our name is largely an attempt to find a selection of letters of other languages to reproduce the sound Tannbach, as spelled by German letters. Thus in the case of the emigrant ancestor, it appears probable he had a working knowledge of four languages--German, English, Dutch and Frisic.
And wherein he spells the name Donboig or Donbog, he is using the Dutch, as also is his wife, when she signs Donbe. But when they spell the name Dannbock, the effort is toward an English spelling.



    The traditions of our family, and such documentary evidence obtainable, are in agreement as to the province of Germany from which the emigrant ancestor of the Tombaugh family came from. Thus the German settlers in Southeast Pennsylvania, who later became known as Pennsylvania Germans, and among whom were our ancestors, were largely from the vicinity of Saarbrucken and Kaisernlauntern in the old German Palatinate.
    This Palatinate was formerly located between Alsace, France and Bavaria. It is now largely the Rhine province of Prussia and Bavaria.
    The papers of the ship Albany, in which our ancestors made the passage, show that the passengers were Palatines--that is natives of the Palatinate.
The traditions of the family are that the emigrant ancestor was from Saarbrucken--a town not very far from Bingen, the fair Bingen on the Rhine of our school readers, with a possibility that a part of the Palatinate in which they had lived may have fallen in the division of that province to the state of Bavaria. This country from which our ancestor came from is described as a level, fertile farming country, rising into highlands back from the lower lying lands along the steams.
While we have no direct information respecting our people and remote ancestry in Germany, yet as our name is partly derived from the fir forests, it is probable that in remote times they were dwellers in the forests and their labor was in connection with forest products, and their labor though arduous would be very healthful.
From traditions we learn that our emigrant ancestor, Hans Jakob Tannbach, or as we now write it, John Jacob Tombaugh, traveled from his home in the German Palatinate to Holland, as a single man. We do not know to a certainty why he left the Palatinate, but as he was a member of the Lutheran Church and some years before he left, there had been persecutions of the Protestants by the Catholics.
    It is quite possible that he, like many others at that time, went to Holland, where religious freedom was tolerated. Again tradition recalls that in Holland, John Jacob met and became acquainted with Maria Elizabeth, whose maiden name is not known. They were married. Tradition informs us that this couple spoke Frisic in their home, from which it is inferred that Maria Elizabeth was a native of Friesland of the north of Holland. Frisic, which they were supposed to speak, was an ancient tongue from which English is quite largely derived.
    As we shall see later in this work, Frederich, who appears to have been the second child of John Jacob and Maria Elizabeth Tombaugh, was born two years before the family came to America. It is quite evident that this couple remained in Holland for some years after their marriage.

    However much uncertainty there may be in these various traditions, and our deductions based upon them, it is a matter of record that on the 22nd day of June, 1728, this family boarded the ship Albany at Rotterdam, Holland, to begin the journey to the new world. The passengers of the ship, Albany, on this journey, were thirty Palatines--heads of families--about one hundred passengers. The ship stopped for a time at Cowles, England, and then proceeded on the long journey across the Atlantic.
    Here tradition relates that when out on the ocean, those on board the ship were greatly alarmed by the cry of fire, however, this danger was passed, as were also the very real dangers from pirates and storms, that the small vessels of those times were forced to face.
    On the 4th of September, 1728, the ship Albany arrived at the port of Philadelphia, Pa. We have a record of this fact, because this country was then under the sovereignty of Great Britain, and people arriving here from other countries, before being permitted to land, had to swear allegiance to the English king. These records, at Philadelphia, have been retained and from them we learn the date of the arrival of our early people. The City of Brotherly Love, when John Jacob Tombaugh and his family arrived, contained around 6,000 inhabitants. Although a frontier settlement, it was beginning to aspire toward literary achievement, as in the same year that our early people arrived, a certain young man named Benjamin Franklin, began publishing the Saturday Evening Post, which remains a prominent publication. It is quite possible that Benjamin and John Jacob were acquainted. Whether this be true or otherwise, we very much doubt if either of them ever imagined that in the course of 200 years, a descendant of each would be married to the other and be living on the far away Pacific Coast, as we shall later see herein is a fact.
    We have no record where John Jacob Tombaugh and his family lived from 1728 to 1742, as he appears to have been a town man, although we do not know his occupation. They probably lived in or near Philadelphia, Pa., but we find no record of them in the Court House records, and so early was it in the history of this, the earliest city in Pennsylvania, that no church records go back so far; the earliest being only to 1746.
    The next trace of John Jacob Tombaugh we find, is in the Court House records at Lancaster, Pa., where it appears that Jacob Tombaugh, on May 28th and 29th, 1742, bought a house, a plantation and two tracts of land, from John and Anna Cristy of that place, and this remained John Jacob Tombaugh's home until his death.
Showing the conditions in Pennsylvania at that time had he ventured out as far west as Lancaster, Pa., when they came to America in 1728, he would have found a few farmers, but more trappers and Indian traders, and he and his family would have been in danger of the genuine scalp lifting savages.
From 1742, until the date of his death, we find a number of references to Jacob Tombaugh in the Court House records of Lancaster, Pa.
    Thus on August 15, 1750, Jacob sells to his son Frederich, one-half acre of land, and on December 8, 1756, he sells to Frederich a parcel of land in Lancaster Township, containing two acres, which adjoins a lot belonging to Eva Tombaugh; and on the same date, Jacob sells a tract of two acres to Conrad Bott, which land also adjoins Eva Tombaugh's lot.
We do not know to what age Jacob Tombaugh lived, but the burial record of the Trinity Lutheran Church at Lancaster, Pa., shows he died May 7, 1758, so that he had lived in America for nearly 30 years.
He was buried in the old cemetery of the Trinity Lutheran Church at Lancaster, Pa. A search for his grave was however unsuccessful, as the inscriptions on the very old headstones had been obliterated by the weather.

    Jacob Tombaugh's will, dated May 5, 1758, and probated at Lancaster, Pa., May 18, 1758, follows in the form of an abstract:

Abstract -- Will of Jacob Danbaugh

In Will Book 13, Vol. 1, page 235, (Register of Wills Office, Lancaster, Pa., I, Jacob Dannbaugh in the borough and county of Lancaster, and Province of Pennsylvania, Senior.
Item--Two lbs. to and for the use and benefit of the Lutheran Church, in Duke Street, in the Borough of Lancaster.
Wife--Maria Elizabeth
Son--Jacob to have 30 lbs. extra.
(After provision for wife). Then everything divided equally among my six children, viz: Adam, Frederich, Maria Magdalena, Anna Maria, Maria Jacobina and Jacob.
Item--My deceased son Adam's share to go to his four children: Margetha Barbara, Benjamin, George Frederich and Adam. And a bequest to Adam's wife, Eva Regina.
Executors--Bernard Hubley and Melchoir Snyder.
Will signed--Jacob Danbog

    We further learn from the records that on July 20, 1758, the executors of Jacob Tombaugh's will sold his home to Isaac Whitelock, and in Deed Book D., Page 479, Lancaster Co. Recorder's Office, we find that Maria Elizabeth Dombaugh acknowledges having received in full the legacy left her by her late husband, Jacob Tombaugh.
So closes the history of our emigrant ancestors, as we find nothing further about Maria Elizabeth.
The property owned by John Jacob Tombaugh in early times at Lancaster, Pa., is now in the built-up part of that city.



    It would appear from an examination of John Jacob Tombaugh's will, that he names his children therein in succession, according to their ages.
    This conclusion is further strengthened by the marriages of their children, as the first three named in the will are married, while nothing indicates that the last three named in the will were married, when the will was made in 1758. Also in examining the ages of the children of Adam and Frederich in the birth registry of the Lutheran Church at Lancaster, Pa., we find those children of these two men whose ages are registered there. The ones whose ages are earliest are around 1750. While our Washington County, Pa., pioneer, who is according to tradition, Jacob, the younger's oldest child, was not born until 1761.
Therefore, in writing the history of John Jacob Tombaugh's children, we assume Adam to have been the oldest. Adam's birth was before 1726, and he was born, probably in Holland, before the family came to America. We do not know lthe date of his marriage or the maiden name of his wife. Her name is given in the records as Eva Regina. Adam died May 29, 1755, and was buried in the old cemetery at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, Pa. He died three years before his father John Jacob died, and Jacob directs in his will that Adam's share shall be divided equally among the four children of Adam and Eva Regina (Queen Eve).
    Here again John Jacob appears to have named these children in succession according to age. They are Margetha Barbara, Benjamin, born Jan. 21, 1749; George Frederich, and Adam, born Jan. 9, 1751.
The dates of Barbara's and Frederich's births, children of Adam, are unknown. We know nothing further of Adam's widow, Eva Regina, except that her father-in-law, John Jacob, made her a bequest in his will and that she owned a lot adjoining lands of John Jacob Tombaugh.
    Benjamin, the oldest son of Adam and Eva Regina, appears to have located in New Jersey. This conclusion is assumed from the fact that Simon Tombaugh, born 1770, in New Jersey, moved from that state to a Union Township, Ohio, in about 1822. The examination of the early records indicate Benjamin as the father of Simon. Simon Tombaugh was living in Ohio at the age of 80 as shown by the U. S. Census of 1850, as reported by Mrs. Alfred H. Beach, a genealogist of Wyoming. Simon Tombaugh's wife's name was Hannah, and she was 60 years old in 1850. Their children were Elizabeth, 29; George, 27; Catherine, 25; Mary, 25; Ellen, 22; Henry, 18; Henry Hart, 8, and Jackson Lucas, 18, in 1850. None of this family are known to be in Ohio in recent years.

    George Frederich TOMBAUGH, son of Adam and Eva Regina, is doubtless the man who shows in the Archives of the Revolution from York County, Pa., as Frederich Dambach. Nothing further is known respecting him. But eight men of the name of Dambach were soldiers in the Civil War; two of them named Frederich. It is possible some of these are George Frederich's descendants. This is not certain as there is a Dambach family in Europe, judging by the name a mixed Holland and German family; from the Holland Dam, an impeded stream, and Bach, German for brook.
Adam, probably the youngest son of Adam and Eva Regina, is known to have been in the Revolution as Adam Dambach, from Lancaster Co., Pa.
    On Aug. 29, 1780, Adam Dambach married Susanna Funk, a Mennonite. Adam Dambach owned property in Lancaster County, Pa., and was a shoemaker by trade. He died in 1803.
There were three children in this family--Adam, Barbara and Susanna.
The son of Adam, the third of the name in this line, was not of age in 1803, when his father died. In 1815 he purchased land in Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pa. There were three sons in this family--Martin, Amos and Adam, the fourth in the line of that name. From these are descended the Dombach family which now number about three hundred individuals in Lancaster County, Pa., and elsewhere. Such of the history of the Dombach family, not gleaned from the records, was sent by Mr. Henry S. Dombach, a member of the Dombach family.
    The second son of John Jacob and Maria Elizabeth Tombaugh was Frederich, according to a census return from Georgetown, Md., taken Aug. 22, 1776, when Frederich then lived there. He gave his age as fifty years. Therefore he was born in 1726, very likely in Holland and was two years old when the journey was made to America. From the registry of the Lancaster, Pa., Mennonite Church, established in 1736, it is shown that Frederich Dannbach, on Feb. 9, 1746, married Elizabeth Spanseiler.
    Frederich was a cooper by trade, but appears to have abandoned his trade and became an innkeeper at Lancaster. His name is found quite often in business transactions in the records of Lancaster County, Pa.; and about 1750 he spells his name Tombaugh, the first time the name is found under that spelling. The last time his name is found at Lancaster, Pa., is in 1770, when he satisfies a mortgage.
    But, as stated herein, he was living in Georgetown, Md., in 1776, where his name was spelled by the enumerator as Donbock, but the name of his wife and names and succession of his children establish the identity of the family.
About 1880, an agent who gave his name as Danley, visited some of the Tombaughs of Washington County, Pa. He claimed relationship with them, stating that they were descended from Jacob Tombaugh and he from Frederich; but that Frederich had made an alteration in his name and that he, the agent, went by the name of Danley. A check on this man's statement in some measure confirms it.
    It appears that Frederich had taken the early spelling, Danbach or Donbach; had retained the first element of the name but had changed the bach part to ley, creating the name Donley or Danley. As neither the name of Frederich or any of his four sons show as Tombaugh or similar spelling, in the U. S. census of 1790, a search of that census shows Frederich Donally in Cumberland County, Pa. Further search shows his name there in 1779 as Frederich Donley; also he is shown for two year's service in the Revolution, where the name is spelled Donelly. Unfortunately no record is found of this family in the Court House records of Cumberland County, Pa. Also in the Pennsylvania Archives is found the name of Michael Donly, but whether this is Michael Tombaugh, son of Frederich, is unknown.
    What we know of Frederich TOMBAUGH's wife and children follows:
    His wife, Elizabeth's age, in 1776, was forty-eight, according to the Georgetown, Md. census.
The children of Frederich and Elizabeth were: Maria Magdalene, born March 12, 1748; Johann Frederich, born January 20, 1751; Adam, born January 15, 1754; Elizabeth, born April 10, 1756; John Frederich, born November 19, 1757; Michael, born March 4, 1761; Johann Frederich, January 15, 1764; Anna Maria, born February 14, 1770. These names of Frederich and Elizabeth's children are from the birth registry of the Lancaster, Pa., Lutheran Church. It will be observed that there are three children in this list, named Johann Frederich. Where names are so duplicated in a family the presumption is that the ones first named died young.
    There is one child of this family shown in the Georgetown, Md., census whose name is not found in the Lutheran birth registry at Lancaster, Pa. His name was Caltron, his age in 1776 is given as eight years; also a daughter, Drucilla, aged two years, and born after the family left Lancaster, Pa. Nothing more is known of the daughters of this family. Of the sons, Adam, the oldest of the sons of Frederich and Elizabeth, lived to maturity. From tradition it appears Adam was a seaman, and he is doubtless the Adam Tombaugh who was living in Brownsville, Pa., in 1809, and some of whose business papers were found among papers of like nature belonging to the first George Tombaugh of Washington County, Pa. His name was not his signature, but was spelled Tombaugh, by a certain Henry Wise. Whether Adam's own signature would be Tombaugh or Donley, we do not know; neither have we any further knowledge of this man.
    Frederich Tombaugh, Jr., son of Frederich and Elizabeth, does not appear to have been with the family at Georgetown, Md. He is probably the Frederich Tombaugh who shows in the Revolution from York County, Pa., in 1783, and for two other years not dated in the Archives of Pennsylvania.
    Of the other two sons of Frederich and Elizabeth, Michael, under the name of Donley, may be the one in the War of 1812. Of Caltron, nothing further is known, nor is anything known further respecting the daughters of Frederich and Elizabeth.
Of the three daughters of John Jacob and Elizabeth Maria Tombaugh, the oldest from her father's will appears to have been married, but of the other two daughters, Jacobina Maria and Anna Maria, we have no further knowledge. In concluding this chapter of scanty and perhaps inaccurate history, an estimate of the number of descendants of John Jacob and Elizabeth Maria Tombaugh, is given. There appears to have been thirteen of the third generation, children of Adam Frederich and Jacob, who may have become heads of families. Supposing the sisters of the second generation to have the same number of children, gives a total of twenty-six heads of families in the third generation. Striking the average number of the descendants of Adam, of Lancaster County, Pa., and George, of Washington County, Pa., gives 500 each. This multiplied by the twenty-six of their generation, gives a grand total of possibly 13,000 descentants for our earliest ancestor.



    Concerning this man we have not much information. If we are right in the assumption that John Jacob Tombaugh names his children in his will in succession, according to their ages, then Jacob Tombaugh is the youngest son of John Jacob and Maria Elizabeth Tombaugh.
    We do not know the exact date of Jacob Tombaugh's birth, but as his brother Frederich was born in 1726, and there are three sisters between him and Jacob, Jacob's birth would not be at an earlier date than the earlier seventeen-thirties. As no guardian shows for Jacob in Lancaster, after his father's death, in 1758, it is evident that Jacob was of age at that date. This would put his birth before 1737. In his father's will Jacob is the favored heir, as he receives an additional bequest of thirty-five pounds above the equal division of the estate among the six heirs. We do not find his name in the tax lists of Lancaster, Pa., which is good evidence that he left there soon after his father's death. His marriage occurred probably about 1760. We do not know his wife's first name, but her maiden name was Redd. It appears certain that she was a sister of that Nathaniel Redd, who in 1787, came from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to Washington County, Pa., and whose daughter Mary Ann, born 1770, married a Myers, and their son, George Myers, married Sarah Tombaugh, a grand-daughter of the Jacob Tombaugh of this sketch. There seems no doubt but what this family lived in Pennsylvania. But it is uncertain where they lived in the state.
Family tradition is to the effect that Jacob Tombaugh was a soldier of the Revolution. There were traditions that he was with Washington's army in the Valley Forge winter encampment. But there being no lists of the men in that encampment, we are uncertain about the tradition.
    In Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. XXIII, Page 459, Jacob Tombaugh, Private, April 22, 1778; Capt. John Whetzell's Co.; Col. Daniel McFarland's Regiment, ranging in Monongahela and Ohio Counties, now largely Allegheny, Washington and Greene Counties, Pa., and the panhandle of West Virginia. From April 22nd to July 25th, 1778, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
    There is another entry in the Archives about Jacob, but it is practically the same as the above.
The tradition is that this ancestor died in the Revolution, and as we do not find his name in the Archives after July 25, 1778, the natural conclusion would be that his death occurred not long after that date. As to where Jacob or his wife died, or are buried, we have no knowledge.

    Efforts to find records about Jacob Tombaugh have been made in all the old county courts of southern Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, and of the counties in Virginia near the mouth of the Shenandoah, but unsuccessfully.
But in Jacob's times in the newer settlements, records were often incomplete in court, and few, if any, churches in central Pennsylvania have registries extending so far in the past.
    But the question arises in the lack of direct records, how may we descendants of the pioneer, George Tombaugh, of Washington County, Pa., feel a reasonable certainty that the Lancaster County, Pa., family is the continuance of our line from the above George into the past?
    First--Traditions remembered are that we are a family from the German Palatinate. John Jacob Tombaugh, of Lancaster, was from the Palatinate.
    Second--It is recalled that the Tombaugh's ancestor came over in the ship Albany, and that then there were children in the family. John Jacob Tombaugh came in the ship Albany, and there were children in his family.
    Third--The Tombaughs are a Pennsylvania family. The name is not found in the Colonial or Revolutionary Archives of any other state than Pennsylvania. The emigrants, who came from foreign ports then, before landing, had to swear their allegiance to the English king. Their oaths are kept in Philadelphia, Pa., and published as Rupp's 30,000 names, and among them is only one that later took the spelling, Tombaugh, and that is John Jacob Tombaugh or Donbach.
    Fourth--It is known the Tombaughs are of Pennsylvania-German origin. Therefore we should find the ancestors of the family in southeastern Pennsylvania, which we do, and this family only of the name.
    Fifth--The name Tombaugh is unknown in Germany or Holland, and so far as can be determined, was unknown until it shows in Lancaster, Pa., about 1750, as an anglicized form of Tannbach.
    Sixth--Of the men of this family, at Lancaster, who by reason of age, could have been George Tombaugh's father, there are four. John Jacob Tombaugh and his three sons--Adam, Frederich, and Jacob. But John Jacob died three years before George's birth, Adam five years before George's birth, and in March, 1761, Michael was born in Frederich's family, and George was born in August, 1761, and there is no George in Frederich's family. This leaves Jacob alone, who could be George Tombaugh's father, of this family.
    Seventh--Besides George Tombaugh, there was a Jacob and a Frederich Tombaugh in the Revolution. Tradition is that George's father was in the Revolution. The Frederich Tombaugh in the Revolution, is apparently a first cousin of George's s, son of Frederich Tombaugh, Sr. This leaves Jacob Tombaugh, alone of those in the Revolution, who could have been father to George.
    Eighth--The fact that George Tombaugh was in Georgetown, Md., seemingly when his Uncle Frederich lived there, is significant. All these various incidents harmonize. Even the names of the brothers at Lancaster, Pa., have been remembered to the present.
    The Myers family record Jacob's name.
    The second George Tombaugh's family recall Frederich.
    The Pennsylvania Matthias Tombaugh family recall an early Adam Tombaugh.
    Tradition is to the effect that George and his brother Matthias were the only children of their parents, and from the tradition that a guardian was appointed over them during a time in their minority, it appears that their parents were both dead before these sons came to Washington County, Pa., sometime before the early part of 1782.



    We shall not attempt to chronicle the life of probably the most remarkable man of our clan. The man whose energy and business ability laid the foundation from which flowed much of the success of his descendants.
We give the inscription on George Tombaugh's headstone to show the dates of his birth and death: "George Tombaugh, died the 5th day of November, 1822, aged 61 years, 2 months, 20 days." This shows his birth was August 15, 1761. His death, November 5, 1822.
    Evidently he was the oldest child of Jacob Tombaugh; his brother, Matthias, being younger.
George Tombaugh was born in Chambersburg, Pa., as the tradition is remembered by the writer, but this is not given as a certainty.
    For a time during his minority, after his parents' death, he was under a guardian. He came to Washington County, Pa., from Georgetown, Md., and we find his uncle, Frederich Tombaugh, living in that town in 1776.
It seems probable that after Jacob's death, in the Revolution, that his sons, George and Matthias, may for a time have made their home with their uncle Frederich, at Georgetown, Md. This would be between 1778 and 1782.
It is related that when George and Matthias came to Washington County, Pa., they had when they came to the Monongahela River but one small piece of money, which George lost when crossing the river on the ferry. The date of this horrid catastrophe was before April 8, 1782.
    This is the earliest definite date we have of this man in Washington County, Pa. At that date he was a soldier of the Revolution in Captain James Craven's company, 5th Battalion, Washington County Militia.
It is possible that he was here somewhat earlier than April, 1782, as his name is found in a list of Stockley's Rangers, 1778-1783, from Washington County, Pa., but the date he was in this organization is not given.
George Tombaugh's name also appears as a member of Captain George Meers' Company of Washington County Militia in the Revolution. Then his hame is found in Captain Bane's Company, Crawford Expedition. In this his name is spelled "George Tompoh."
    Then he receives compensation for his services in the depreciated currency of the Colonies, and last under the spelling of "George Tompoh" on December 8, 1789, he was awarded by the Supreme Council of Pennsylvania certain compensations for his provisions while employed as a militiaman on the frontiers of Washington County and for a blanket, a packsaddle and two bags, lost on the expedition under Colonel Crawford in 1782, amounting to two pounds, seven shillings and sixpence.
But according to tradition, George Tombaugh's loss in the Crawford expedition came near being much greater than the articles he was compensated for. While retreating from the savages, one of George's comrades lagged behind until the Indians were near him. George tried to save his comrade, but so close were they pressed by the Indians, that George had to make good his own escape, and while doing so the wind blew his hat off and he had to march back from the Sandusky, Ohio valley to Washington County, Pa., in his bare head.
    After the close of the Revolution we learn nothing more of this man until 1785, when he is granted a tract of land by the State of Pennsylvania, containing 98-1/4 acres, located on Pigeon Creek. This tract was called "Haw Bottom" and the average price of that time was paid, 27-2/3 cents per acre. The deed is signed by Governor Peter Muhlenberg.
As stated, this tract of land was on Pigeon Creek, near the headwaters of what we now call the South Branch. It was named Pigeon Creek, because in early days large quantities of wild plums grew on the banks of the stream, and in the fall of the year vast flocks of the passenger pigeons would gather to feast on the wild plums.
    This "Haw Bottom" tract has remained in the family since George Tombaugh received it from the State. The grant was named from the haw tree. Presumably numbers of them grew on the tract when it was patented.
But getting title to land in George Tombaugh's day does not seem to have been all of the difficulty. There were such chores to be done as cleaning the forests, grubbing out the stumps and brush, building the necessary buildings for people and live stock. Doubtless the homesteaders were cheered in their labors by the chorus of innumerable bird songsters in the sylvan forests. Very likely the ears of the new settlers were more attuned to hear the war whoop of prowling savages, than to the harmonies of nature, however beautiful.
    It is related that after George Tombaugh and his wife had become domiciled in their home, one day they heard a snoring noise upstairs; suspicion came to their minds that an Indian had slipped upstairs and fallen asleep. Examination, however, found it was the house cat that was enjoying a snooze and not a savage.
    In addition to the troubles common to all the new settlers, George appears to have had troubles of his own. It seems other parties wanted the land he had been granted. Doubtless knowing the rather superstitious nature of many of the Germans, these parties staged a ghost scene. At night they surrounded the house with whirligigs, but in a lull of their ghostly music, they heard the ominous click of a raising flint lock hammer and their party adjourned without waiting for a second to the motion. George had come to stay.
    The record of the exact date of the marriage of George Tombaugh and Elizabeth Gardner, has been lost.
The marriage was likely about 1785. The inscription on Elizabeth Tombaugh's headstone follows: "Died February the 9th day, A.D. 1832, aged 73 years, 11 months." This places her birth March 9, 1758; her death, February 9, 1832.

    She was born near Winchester, Va., and remained there some time before coming to Washington County, Pa. She remembered the Shenandoah Valley. Her parents were from Germany. It is known that others of her family came to Washington County, Pa., but it is not known whether her parents came to that county. It appears certain that Catherine Gardner, a sister of Elizabeth Tombaugh, married John Horn, and through this relationship the Tombaughs are related to the Swaglers, the Huffmans, the Amwell Horns, and the Beallsville Millers.
    Elizabeth Tombaugh was small in size but of quick movements, and she had one quality needed in a pioneer's wife--courage. It is related that on one occasion wolves attacked their calves. George objected to taking the chance of chasing the wolves off, but Elizabeth supplied herself with burning torches and scared the wolves away, so they got neither calves nor Elizabeth.
    George Tombaugh did not confine his activities alone to his farm, but also engaged in merchandising. In those days the farm product west of the mountains in Pennsylvania had either to be shipped over the mountains on pack-horses or down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans, and from there by ship to the eastern cities.
George Tombaugh would buy farm product and take it across the mountains by pack-horses to Baltimore and possibly to Philadelphia. His principal commodity on the return trip was salt, which was then produced sparingly, if at all, west of the mountains.
    On one of his trips he was held up by a pair of robbers, at a place in the mountains known as the "Shades of Death." He was unarmed, but the place being very gloomy, he pointed the butt of his black-snake whip at the robbers. They conceiving it was a rifle, made haste to leave.
    Besides these activities, George, in common with most of the other farmers of those times, very likely ran a distillery, and there was a story that he was in the Whiskey Insurrection.
As explained, the farmers in this area, because of distance to ship their product, had to condense their product as much as possible. The result was grains were distilled into liquor, and when Congress placed a tax on distilled products, it was a serious blow to the farmers west of the mountains, and they rose against it. It is related that the Federal officers had secured all connected in this affair, but three men.
    When the officers called, these three men were in an orchard back of the house, with an arrangement with the women in the house, if the officers called, to wave a tablecloth out of the window.
The names of these three men were Tombaugh, Letherman and Richardson. Whether their plan of escape succeeded we do not know.
    While George Tombaugh's ancestors, of the name, appear to have been town men, George's disposition towards agricultural life seems to have come from the Redds, who appear to have had lands in Virginia.
As time passed George added to his original tract, until at his death he owned over 400 acres in Pennsylvania.

    One tract being on Pigeon Creek, the other on the National Road, about one and a half miles west of Scenery Hill, Washington County, Pa. Besides these two tracts, he owned a section of land in Stark County, Ohio. He appears, at times, to have owned other real estate, which he sold. In his church connections, the tradition is that in early life he was a Lutheran, but later in life his sympathies were with the Dunkards, of which church he was probably a member.
    The John Spohn, who wrote his will, was likely that John Spohn who was for many years a minister in the Dunkard Church, and whose daughter, Rachel Spohn, later married Matthias, son of George Tombaugh.
From his services in the Revolution, all of his descendants should be eligible to membership in the patriotic societies of the D. A. R. and the S. A. R. This should also be true from the services in the Revolution of George's father, Jacob Tombaugh, but in Jacob's case the proof would be less convincing.
    After the death of George Tombaugh, his wife, Elizabeth, lived for a time with her son, Matthias, but later lived with her son, George.
    Both George and Elizabeth Tombaugh are buried on the "Haw Bottom" tract. The inscription on their headstones after a century, are still clear, and can be read without difficulty.
    Respecting the Matthias Tombaugh, brother of George, who came with him to Washington County, Pa., from Georgetown, Md., we quote from Byron E. Tombaugh's sketch of the family, in a Washington County history:
"The younger brother, Matthias, enlisted under General Harmer and participated in the defeat at Chillicothe. When the command was given to General St. Clair, Matthias remained with the army, and was killed in the disastrous campaign that succeeded."

Will of George Tombaugh

The will of George Tombaugh, registered in Will Book No. 3, pages 520 and 521, Register's Office, Washington County, Pa., follows:

    In the name of God Amen. I George Tombaugh of Somerset Tp. in the Co. of Washington and commonwealth of Pa. being sick and weak in body but of sound memory and understanding (blessed be God for the same) do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form--to- wit--principally--and first of all--I commend my immortal soul into the hands of God who gave it--and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and christian like manner at the discretion of my Executors hereinafter named and as to such worldly estate wherein it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give and dispose of the same in the following manner--to-wit--It is my will and I do here by give and devise unto my wife Elizabeth Tombaugh all my beds and bedding all my household and kitchen furniture and clothing and two heads of horses--two cows & three heads of hogs and also my wheat Rye Oats and corn that I have in possession and I do also give unto me wife Elizabeth the plantation whereon I now live containing 228 acres and 136 perches during her natural life--excepting out of the kitchen furniture two kettles holding one ten and one twenty gallons--and one fifth part of the profits of the plantation on which my son Geo. Tombaugh now lives--during her natural life and one third part of the remainder of all my personal property during her natural life and also one eighth part of all the interest of the money that is out on interest when collected--It is also my will that all my remaining personal property as soon as convenient after my decease be appraised and not sold untill after the decease of my wife--it is also my will that the remaining two thirds of my personal property be divided into two parts and one part to be divided eaqually between my four sons Jacob Matthias George and Solomon and the other part to be eaqually divided between my three daughters Christena Elizabeth and Sarah--and seventh eighths of all the interest on money that is out on interest be eaqually divided between my four sons and three daughters--It is also my will that at the death of my wife my son Matthias shall have the plantation whereon I now live with all the appurtenances thereto belonging--containing 228 acres and 136 perches--and it is also my will that at the death of my wife my son George shall have the plantation on which he now lives with all the appurtenances thereto belonging containing 218 acres and 67 perches--I do also give and devise to my son Jacob Tombaugh the one half of Section 20 township 19 change [sic] 7th on the east side of said section on which he now lives during his and his wifes Susannah Tombaugh their natural lives and it is my will that after their decease that their children should have the said land or the proceeds of the sale thereof divided eaqually between them--I do give and devise to my son Solomon Tombaugh the one half the west side of said section 20 township 19 change [sic] 7th on which he now lives for which the said Solomon is to pay to my Grandson George Wise two hundred dollars and to my Granddaughter Anna Wise one hundred dollars as they come of age if the said boy continues to stay with the family untill he is twenty one years old and the girl untill she is eighteen--Otherwise the said three hundred dollars to be eaqually divided between my four sons and three daughters--It is also my will that my three daughters shall have one thousand dollars to be eaqually divided among them out of the money that is now on interest as soon as it is collected after the death of my wife and it is also my will that my sons Matthias and George shall pay to my three daughters one thousand dollars in three years after the death of my wife to be eaqually divided among them and the said Matthias and George shall pay another one thousand dollars to my three daughters to be eaqually divided among them in six years from the death of my wife at which time the receipts against any of my daughters shall be charged against them and whatever money remains of my estate afterwards to be divided eaqually between my four sons and three daughters the three daughters to have as much as the four sons.
And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my friend John Spohn and my son Matthias Tombaugh to be the Executors of this will--hereby revoking all other wills legacies and bequeaths by me heretofore made and declare this and no other to be my last will and testament--In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the nineteenth day of Oct in the year of our Lord--1822.
Witnessed by David Horn and Mary Huffman.

Leodias Leroy Tombaugh, son of George Tombaugh, has one son, Paul Everett, born March 12, 1909. His wife's maiden name was Ella Ray Lockwood.



Born December 17, 1787; Died December, 1866

    She was the oldest child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh.
    Christena Tombaugh married George Swihart and moved from Washington County, Pa., to near Canton, Ohio.
They lived in this home until the death of George Swihart, when two sons, Johnathan and Joshua Swihart, moved to Indiana, and the remainder of the family located in Hancock County, Ohio.
    At a later date Matthias Swihart, another son of Christena and George Swihart, moved to Putnam County, Ohio, and it was with this son that Christena Swihart spent her last years.
    The material for the history of the Swihart family, as herein given, has largely been supplied by Mrs. Sarah S. Taylor, a granddaughter of Christena Swihart.
    Matthias Swihart, a son of Christena (Tombaugh) and George Swihart, married Mary Thomas. Their son, Joel Swihart, married Harriet R. Bennett. No children in this family.
    Samuel Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, died when a young man.
    Uriah Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, lived to near eighty years. He was unmarried.
Eli Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, married Laura J. Culver. The children of Eli and Laura J. Swihart were: Ervada, David, Fidellie M., Matthias, William, Ida B. and Harriet R. George Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, married Maria L. Wolfe. To George and Maria L. Swihart were born the following children: Janette E., Mary S., Emerson C., Mirtie E., E. E., Lydia M., George E., Bertha R., Howard E. This George Swihart's family first located in Indiana; then in North Dakota; then moved to Canada.
    Daniel Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, married Mary A. Holibaugh. To Daniel and Mary A. Swihart were born the following children: Samuel F., John P., Lydia L., Nathan H., Walter D., Charlottie M., Truman F.
Margaret Swihart and Malinda Swihart were daughters of Matthias and Mary Swihart.
Neri Swihart, a son of Matthias and Mary Swihart, married Susannah Huffman. The children of Neri and Susannah Swihart are given below: Ruben V., Grace M., Naomi M. Adaline Swihart, a daughter of Matthias and Mary Swihart, is the only child of theirs living, and from her this list of descendants of Matthias and Mary Swihart was obtained.
    Lydia Swihart, a daughter of Matthias and Mary Swihart, married Fred G. Heck. The children's names of Lydia S. and Fred G. Heck are: Edith, Arizona, Mae, Frederich, Florence E. and Ray S.
Aaron Swihart, a son of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married Susan Thomas. The names of the children and grandchildren of Aaron and Susan Swihart follow:
    Lydia Swihart, daughter of Aaron and Susan Swihart, married Benjamin Gibson. Their children's names were: George, Jemima, Lucinda, Hulda, Ida, Bell and Roy Gibson.
    Peter Swihart, son of Aaron and Susan Swihart, married Bell Diperd. Their children were Aaron, George, Maud, Christena Swihart, and one who married a Mr. Harshberger, but whose first name is forgotten by the correspondent.
Hulda Swihart, daughter of Aaron and Susan Swihart, married Al Roberts. The names of their eight children follow: Sephrona, Alma, Dessie, Aaron, David, Elhannon, Jesse, William Roberts.
    Rachel Swihart and David Swihart, children of Aaron and Susan Swihart, both died when young.
Lucinda Swihart, daughter of Aaron and Susan Swihart, married Edward Drayer. The children of this couple were Emma, Elmer, Fred, Floyd, Edith and Lucy Drayer.
    Christina Swihart, daughter of Aaron and Susan Swihart, died when young.
The second wife of Aaron Swihart was Christena Kinsel. To them was born three children. Their daughter, Susan Swihart, married Solomon Roberts, a brother of Al Roberts, who married Hulda Swihart, half-sister of Susan Roberts of this sketch.
The names of the children of Susan and Solomon Roberts were Zetta, Elma, Lucy, David, Alton, Cora, Bertha, Nellie and Lola Roberts.
    Amos Swihart, son of Aaron and Christena Swihart, died when 18 years old.
Elhannon Swihart, son of Aaron and Christena Swihart, married as his first wife, Sarah Grant, who died, leaving six children. The youngest being only six months old. The names of these six children are Christena, May, Hulda, Ethel, Nora and Amos Swihart.
    The second wife of Elhannon Swihart was Allie Sylie. To them one child was born, Ruby Swihart.
Elhannon Swihart's address is Vanlone, Ohio.
    Solomon Swihart, son of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married Anna Metz. Their son, Isaac Swihart, was a school teacher. He died when a young man.
    Sophia Swihart, daughter of Solomon and Anna Swihart, married Leonard Doll. He was killed by falling from a building. Their son was Arthur Doll, who married and located in Chicago, Ill. Arthur Doll's children were seven in number.
Ida Doll, daughter of Sophia and Leonard Doll, married, and one daughter was born to her, she dying when the child was young.
    Sophia, some years after the death of her husband, Leonard Doll, married a Mr. Rosenberger, and to them was born a daughter, Agnes Rosenberger. Sophia died when her daughter was young. Sophia Rosenberger had been a school teacher.
George Swihart, son of Solomon and Anna Swihart, died when a young man.
    Washington Swihart, son of Solomon and Anna Swihart, married Addie Kinnan, from Pennsylvania. Their youngest daughter, Effie Swihart, died when a young woman, and their oldest daughter, Anna Swihart, married S. C. Caldwell. A son and daughter was born to them, the daughter being Marjorie Covey, wife of Paul A. Covey, of Columbus, Ohio.
Eliza Swihart, daughter of Solomon and Anna Swihart, married John Ebersole. Eliza Ebersole was a school teacher. She died at an early age.
    Peter Swihart, son of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married as his first wife, May Tellor. To them were born three children, two of whom, Jefferson and Mary, died young.
Isaac Swihart, son of Peter and Mary Swihart, married Olive Struble, and to them were born six children: William, John, Lucy, Elizabeth, Anna and Mary Swihart. These children all died young, except Anna and John. The father, Isaac Swihart, died when his family were young.
    The daughter, Anna Swihart, married John Bowers, who was killed when his horse ran away. The son of Anna and John Bowers, was John Bowers, Jr. His mother, Anna, died when this boy was young. His uncle, John Swihart, gave him a home.
Isaac and May Swihart's son, John Swihart, married Alma Bowers. The names of their children follow: Lehr, Lena, Emma,     Dean, Dale and Nina Swihart.
    Lehr Swihart, married a Miss Truth.
    Lena Swihart, married Willis Thomas. They have three children.
    Emma Swihart, married a Mr. Long. They live in Findlay, Ohio. She taught school and worked as telephone operator, but since marriage this couple live on a farm.
    Dean, Dale and Nina Swihart, are at home.
John Swihart, father of this family, was formerly a teacher, but farms now. His son, Lehr, teaches.
Peter Swihart, son of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married as his second wife, Lucy Kinsel Drager. To them were born six children.
    Susan Swihart, daughter of Peter and Lucy Swihart, was a school teacher and died in her 57th year.
    George Swihart, son of Peter and Lucy Swihart, died at the age of 63 years.
    Oliver Swihart, son of Peter and Lucy, died in infancy.
    Sarah Swihart, daughter of Peter and Lucy Swihart, married G. W. Taylor. To them were born nine children--all living when this record was written.
    William Taylor, son of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, married Eva Hill, who is dead.
    Clyde Taylor, son of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, married Norma Perkins. Two children in this home, George William and Helen Taylor. Their home is in Oklahoma.
    Lucy Taylor, daughter of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, married Eph Huffman. Their children are Loyd and Esther Huffman.

    Herman Taylor, Frank Taylor and Clifford Taylor, sons of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, are unmarried.
Syoia Taylor, daughter of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, married Dewey Roller. Their three children are Pearl, Earl and Homer.
Letitia, daughter of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, married Merle Davis. Their two children and named Bernice and Howard Davis.
Edith Taylor, daughter of Sarah and G. W. Taylor, is unmarried and is engaged in office work in Findlay, Ohio.
Tenie Swihart, daughter of Peter and Lucy Swihart, married John Moyer.
    Harry Moyer, son of Tenie and John Moyer, was a teacher. He died at the age of 23 years.
Samuel Moyer, son of Tenie and John Moyer, married Alma Spahr. Their two children are Allen Moyer and his sister Margery, who is married and lives in California.
Jesse Moyer, son of Tenie and John Moyer, married Maud Mead. Their children are Nellie and Nina, the latter being married and has one child.
    Edward and Edna Moyer were twins, son and daughter of Tenie and John Moyer. Edward married Carol Shirma. Their sons are Clark and Lawrence Moyer. Edna married A. C. Ebersole. Their children's names are Helen and Earl Ebersole.
Roger Moyer, youngest son of Tenie and John Moyer, married Laura Jacobs. Of the six children of Roger and Laura Moyer, two are dead. This family lives at Findlay, Ohio.
    Lincoln Swihart, son of Peter and Lucy Swihart, was only two years old when his father died. He married Anna Weir. To Lincoln and Anna Swihart was born a daughter, named Esther, who is now in her eighteenth year. Her mother, Anna, having died when Esther was six months old, and her father, Lincoln Swihart, dying when Esther was four years old.
Sarah Swihart, daughter of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married Eli Metz. Sarah Metz's death occurred when she was eighty years old. Her husband had died many years previous. This family moved to Missouri.
The children of Sarah and Eli Metz were Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, James Weinter, Peter, Daniel and Susanna Metz.
Daniel Swihart, son of George and Christena (Tombaugh) Swihart, married Keziah Cunningham.
Of the four children of Daniel and Keziah Swihart, three of them--Charles, Martha and Beulah--died without children, but Clara Swihart, the youngest of these children, married a Mr. Knepper. They had a family, but the names have not been obtained.
    Eli Swihart, a son of Christena (Tombaugh) and George Swihart, died in infancy.
Johnathan and Joshua Swihart were sons of Christena Tombaugh and George Swihart. Many years ago they moved from Ohio to Indiana, where it is understood some of their descendants are living at present.



By Rev. Elias P. Wise

    According to tradition, as it comes to me, the name of the emigrant member of the Wise family, was Adam. Hence like the race itself we begin with Adam.
    He was born in Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, in 1718. He married before coming to America. His wife's first name was Murialleas, whose family name is unknown.
    One child, Andrew, was born six weeks before they took ship for America. As the child was weak and sickly the captain of the ship compelled them to make preparations for burial at sea, feeling assured that the child could not endure the rigors of a sea voyage. They made the preparations but the child lived, and died at the age of ninety-two years. I have this story from his own great-grandson./
    Adam and his wife settled near Hagerstown, Md. Here four more sons were born to them, named as follows: Peter, Frederick, Henry and Adam, Jr. The mother died young. Some time later the father married again, his wife's name this time being Catharine, whose family name is unknown. The family then moved to Washington County, Pennsylvania, and settled near the present location of Zollarsville.
    Here eight more children were born whose names follow: Jacob, Daniel, Abraham, Tobias, Mary, Mary Ann, Ulion and Judith.
    Considering the emigrant Adam and his wives as the first generation the children of Adam would be counted as the second generation of the family in America. Of this second generation all the information I have is as follows: Andrew, the one born in Germany, went west in his later life and died in Indiana, where some of his descendants still live. Peter, the first born in America, lived a large part of his life in Washington County, Pa., but later he and all of his family except one moved to Stark County, Ohio, from which place some of them scattered to other regions. Frederick remained in Washington County. He founded the town of Fredericktown, Pa., on the Monongahela River, and indicated his antagonism to alcoholic stimulants and the liquor traffic by incorporating in every deed a provision against the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. Henry settled in Virginia and either he or his half brother Daniel, who also settled in that state, was the grandfather of Henry A. Wise of Civil War fame. Adam, Jr., remained in Washington County, Pa., where many of his descendants are now living.
Of the remaining eight children, constituting Adam Wise's second family, I know little except the one fact already mentioned that Daniel settled in Virginia.
    Adam, the father, died June 9, 1781, at the age of sixty-three years.
    Tracing our genealogy now from the second generation, we follow the line from Peter, the first born in America. He was born in 1757. His wife's name was Magdala, or Mary, Miller. His thirteen children were born in Washington County. They constitute the third generation of our family. According to his will, which is on record in the files of the probate office of Canton, Stark County, Ohio, the names of these children were as follows: Daniel, Andrew, Peter, Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Catharine (Shidler), Susannah (Tombaugh), Hanna (Zollars), Molly (Bricker), Elizabeth (Smith), Rebecca (----). One child died in infancy. All of the twelve, but one, moved sooner or later to Stark County, Ohio. Hannah Zollars married and lived all of her life in Washington County, Pa.
    It is in the third generation of the family that two contacts are made with the Tombaugh family. Daniel, the oldest, and Susannah, one of the younger members of the family, married Tombaughs. Daniel married Elizabeth, and Susannah Jacob Tombaugh. Whether these two persons were brother and sister is not definitely known to me, but presumably they were. The part of the remaining history which has the largest interest for me, as a member of the family, is that which follows through the line of Daniel, the oldest of the third generation.
    It may not be amiss here to say that descendants of Peter, of the second generation, are pleased to say that we are all eligible for membership in either the Sons of American Revolution, or the Daughters of the American Revolution. Peter Wise served in the Lancaster County, Pa., Militia, as private under Captain Lutz, in 1782. The record is found in Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 6, page 305.
    Daniel, oldest son of Peter Wise, was the first to go west. Daniel and Elizabeth Tombaugh were married in the spring of 1809. They made a journey to Ohio, on horseback, crossing the Ohio River at Steubenville, and settling where the town of Middlebranch is now located. Here they built a log cabin, cleared some ground and planted their first garden. In the autumn they returned to Washington County, Pa., to spend the winter with their relatives. Here, at some time during the winter, their first child was born, whom they named Peter, the same being the grandfather of ex-Senator Atlee Pomerene. The following spring they returned to Ohio. Life in the wilderness then began in earnest. In 1810 twin sons were born to them, whom they named George and Daniel. In the following year, 1811, the father built the grist mill, ever since known as Wise's mill. In 1813 another son was born whom they named Elias Tombaugh. Two daughters, Sarah and Annie, were born later, making a family of six children.
    About this time, Peter, Daniel's father, came to Ohio, bringing other members of his family with him. Sometime between 1813 and 1816 a business transaction took place between father and son, by which the mill and certain other properties went into the hands of the father, Peter. In 1816 Daniel Wise died, leaving Elizabeth Tombaugh Wise a widow with six small children. The father, Peter Wise, and Mathias Tombaugh, brother of the widow, became executors of Daniel Wise's estate.
In 1821, October 2, the will of Peter Wise, of the second generation, father of Daniel, was written. The will indicates that he made the children of Daniel, being his grandchildren, co-heirs with his own children. By this will, the mill property went into the possession of Peter's two sons, Adam and Abraham, brothers of Daniel, who built it. January 5, 1855, the mill was conveyed to Adam's son, Aaron Wise. Aaron Wise died in 1859. At this time the mill went into the hands of George Wise, son of Daniel, who built it. George conveyed it to his son, Peter, and at his death the mill was acquired by his brother, Adam, who held it until the year of the writing of this account, viz., 1928, when it was sold to E. C. Baker for residence purposes. It thus remained in the possession of the one family one hundred and seventeen years.
    Returning again to our common ancestor, Daniel Wise, of the third generation. He died in 1816, leaving his wife a widow with six small children. The fact has already been noted that their grandfather made them co-heirs with his own children. I wish to record at this point some information, if it can be obtained, of the rearing of these orphan children.
After some years of widowhood our grandmother married John Hoover. Of him nothing is known to me except that the correspondence of Reno G. Tombaugh of Washington, County, Pa., with the family of Herbert Hoover of present Presidential fame, indicates a possible connection between this Hoover and ancestors of Herbert Hoover, who lived in Knox County, Ohio. To this union were born three daughters, whose names were Malinda, Lucinda and Lydia.
Of these half-sisters of the family I know little. Malinda and Lucinda married men named Shipley and Essig. They went to Indiana to live and further information is sought concerning them. Lydia died young.
    We will now follow the descendants of our common ancestors, Daniel Wise and Elizabeth Tombaugh. They had six children, four sons and two daughters.
    Peter, fourth generation, oldest son of Daniel Wise and Elizabeth Tombaugh. Born (----); died (----); married, (1) Esther Baum. Birth and death unknown. (2) Eliza Varnes. Children with first wife, none with second. Farmer and maker of fine cloth.
Children constituting the fifth generation:
    Elizabeth J.--Born August 25, 1841; died September, 1904; married Dr. P. P. Pomerene, January 1, 1863. Physician in Berlin, Ohio.
Children sixth generation:
Attorney, Atlee, Cleveland, Ohio--Born December 6, 1863. Two terms representing Ohio in U. S. Senate.
Harry Piersal--Born March 18, 1865. Physician and surgeon in Canton, Ohio.
Celsus--Born June 18, 1866; died October 30, 1927. Attorney, firm of Pomerene, Ambler & Pomerene, Canton, Ohio.
Lester--Born November 26, 1867. Physician in Coshocton, Ohio.
Ida--Born October 13, 1869; died (----). Sister Salista and Mother Superior Nottingham Convent.
Ora--Born November 23, 1870; living in Canton, Ohio.
Lee--Born -----, 1872; died ------; attorney.
Melvin--Born February 24, 1874; died -----.
Myron B.--Born February 14, 1876; physician in Millersburgh, Ohio.
The remaining children of Peter Wise:
Hiram--Business man; lived in Millersburgh, Ohio, and Chicago, Ill.
Mary (Lawhead)--Farmers; lived near the homestead in Holmes County, Ohio.
Parmelia (Axline)--Farmers in Holmes and Coshocton Counties, Ohio.
Rachel--Married Dr. Prett; lived in Middlebury, Indiana.
Daniel--Physician, practiced in Berlin and Mt. Eaton, Holmes County, Ohio.
Ellen--Married Phillip Dutz; farmers; Holmesville, Ohio.
William--Hardware merchant, Middlebury, Indiana; later returning to Holmes County, Ohio.
These at this date, July, 1928, have all passed into the other life.
Daniel Wise fourth generation--Born July 6, 1810; died in 1822.
George Wise, twin brother of Daniel, fourth generation--Born July 6, 1810; married July 18, 1841; died January 21, 1893.
Susannah Christ--Born January 5, 1823; died May 7, 1898. Children: Marianne, born June 17, 1842; died February 18, 1843. Christian, born April 10, 1844. Peter, born August 27, 1846; died May 19, 1909. Adam, born July 17, 1849. Infant son born March 17, 1852. Loretta, born May 6, 1853; died March 17, 1852. [sic] Basil E., born May 11, 1856. Harriet Emma, born July 31, 1859. Sarah Elizabeth, born November 22, 1862; died August 25, 1925.
Christian Wise (Fifth)--Born April 10, 1844; never married; farmer; living at Middlebranch, Ohio.
Peter Wise (Fifth)--Born August 27, 1846; died May 19, 1909; married July 4, 1878, Louisa Minser. Children: Infant son, born March 21, 1882; died March 21, 1882. Infant son, born August 27, 1883; died August 27, 1883. Loretta, born June 17, 1886; married D. E. DeWick, September 29, 1906; married C. C. Speelman, February 16, 1922. (Auto salesman).
Adam Wise (Fifth)--Born July 17, 1849; married Elizabeth Cooper, September 20, 1850; farmer, Middlebranch, Ohio. Children: Florence [Wise], born November 7, 1875; married Robert Gibson, machinist. Daughter (seventh generation), Lafaye [Gibson], teacher, Canton, Ohio; born September 12, 1902. Esther Mabel [Wise], born October 12, 1877; married John Estes, miner. Son (seventh generation), Albert J. [Estes], born November 8, 1898. Mary Grace [Wise], born May 5, 1880; married Thomas Brown, millwright. Daughter (seventh generation), Ruth [Brown], teacher in Cleveland Heights High School, Cleveland, Ohio; born December 25, 1900. George [Wise], dairyman, born February 9, 1882; married Emma Wenger; died January 12, 1919. Susan Beatrice [Wise], born May 27, 1884; married Howard Buchman, millwright. Leo Forrest [Wise], dairyman, born December 13, 1887; married Eva Gibson. Children (seventh generation): Geo. Atlee [Wise], born June 19, 1914; Catherine [Wise], born July 5, 1916; Dale [Wise], born January 19, 1919; Pauline [Wise], born June 11, 1922; Ruth [Wise], born February 15, 1925.
Loretta [Wise] (Fifth generation)--Born May 6, 1853; married February 23, 1871, Wm. Ganz, farmer, who died June 18, 1874. Children, sixth generation: Bertie [Ganz], born July 3, 1872; died May 11, 1879. Married January 5, 1892, John Lilly, blacksmith; died December 31, 1918.
Basil E. Wise (fifth generation)--Merchant, born May 11, 1856, at Middlebranch, Ohio; married March 25, 1883, Mary Jane Fry, born October 6, 1858. Children, (sixth generation): Captain Hugo Paul [Wise], born December 19, 1891, Middlebranch, Ohio; teacher of English at Johns Hopkins University; married Mildred Naas, May 30, 1894, at Baltimore, Md. Children (seventh generation): Jeanne [Wise], born July 12 1920, at Baltimore, Md. Thea [Wise], born August 1, 1924, at Baltimore, Md.
Harriet Emma [Wise] (fifth generation)--Born July 31, 1859; married April 15, 1883. George W. Geib, farmer; died August 27, 1925. Children (sixth generation): Frank [Geib], born February 18, 1884; died January 1, 1887. Susan [Geib], born August 1, ;1885; died January 7, 1887. Edgar Allen [Geib], born March 11, 1887; died November 9, 1924; married June, 1906, Iva Mae Schellenberger. Children (seventh generation): Harold Lewis [Geib], born ----, 1910; died -----, 1910. Frank Albert [Geib], born November 9, 1912; Erva June [Geib], born July 15, 1922. Kenneth [Geib], born October ----, 1923; died September 23, 1924.
Jay Russell [Geib]--Born July 1, 1890; industrial agent, Central Illinois Public Service Company, Springfield, Ill.; married Frances Masayko, at Yokohamo, Japan, October 16, 1916; one son, Jay Russell [Geib], Jr., born January 19, 1923.
Nellie [Geib]--Born July, 1892; died September, 1893.
Arleigh Lloyd [Geib]-Credit Department Hoover Company; born February 17, 1894; married June 19, 1920, Mary Lucile Wagner. Children (seventh generation): Ruth Ellen [Geib], born May 19, 1921. Robert Louis [Geib], born June 14, 1922.
Lorena [Geib]--Born September 30, 1895; married August 21, 1918, Walter Warburton, Assistant Credit Manager, the Hoover Company, North Canton, Ohio. Children (seventh generation): Harriet Geib[Warburton], born May 17, 1919. Walter James [Warburton], born May 2, 1922. Marian Louise [Warburton], born March 2, 1922; died October, 1922.
Rilma [Geib]--Born September 20, 1898; married July 20, 1918, to Paul Schick, salesman. Children (seventh generation): Paul Gordon [Schick], born January 15, 1922. Thomas [Schick], born December 6, 1923; George Edgar [Schicks, born December 8, 1925.
Louis Brown [Geib]--Born January 19, 1900; died May, 1912.
Sarah Elizabeth [Wise](fifth generation)--Born November 22, 1862; died August 25, 1925; married Albert B. Winnette, salesman. Children (sixth generation): Charles [Winnette], merchant, Cleveland, Ohio, January 28, 1887; married Nell England. Son, Robert [Winnette], (seventh generation), born June 19, 1914.
Lottie [Winnette] (sixth generation)--Born March 24, 1890; married Grant Crennell, superintendent Steel Plant, Ambridge, Pa. Children (seventh generation): Charles[Crennell], born 1912; Howard [Crennell], born 1914; Robert [Crennell], born 1916.
Raymond [Winnette] (sixth generation)--Farmer near Baltimore, Md.; Born November 22, 1894; married. Children (seventh generation): Daughter and son.
Elias Tombaugh [Wise] (fourth generation)--Farmer: born 1813; died 1912; first wife, Margaret Speelman, born 1823; died 1849. Second wife, Catharine Price, born 1823; died 1914. Children of first wife (fifth generation): Julia Ann [Wise], born January 30, 1844; died November 21, 1914. Husband, Urias Schrantz, born January 6, 1843; died December 13, 1898. Children (sixth generation): Laura [Schrantz], born July 7, 1866; died April 2, 1871. Dora M. [Schrantz], born January 3, 1866; died April 4, 1871. William R. [Schrantz], born April 4, 1870; died April 8, 1871. John E. [Schrantz], Contractor and Builder, North Canton, Ohio, born September 20, 1873. Wife, Ida M. (----) [Schrantz], born January 28, 1875; Catherine E. [Schrantz], born August 8, 1876; died January 15, 1918. Husband, W. C. Schick, Clerk of Courts, Stark County, Ohio. Walker E. [Schrantz], Builder, born May 29, 1880. Elma Z. [Schrantz], born January 5, 1883; husband, Cyrus Young, farmer, died December 29, 1927.
Jefferson [Wise] (fifth generation)--Died young. Dates unknown. Jeremiah Washington [Wise] (fifth generation), born July 5, 1846; farmer; wife, Mariah Mishler, born August 18, 1854; died February 9, 1908. Children (sixth generation): Ira C. [Wise], born December 25, 1877; died February 3, 1878; Elsie C. [Wise], born January 2, 1879, science practitioner, Canton, Ohio. James G. [Wise], civil engineer, born January 13, 1881; with N. Y. C. Railroad Company, New York City; wife, Mary Requa. Children (seventh generation): Mary Louise [Wise], born August 2, 1912; Harriet [Wise], born February 11, 1915; James Gordon [Wise], born June 24, 1921; William J. [Wise], born September 4, 1883; Atlee M. [Wise], County Surveyor, born February 2, 1887, Stark County, Ohio; Wife, Ruth Essie Hall; born May 7, 1892. Child (seventh generation) Richard Atlee [Wise], born May 7, 1919. Miriam L. [Wise], born November 1, 1894; husband, Paul Kruse, born April 23, 1891; hydraulic engineer, Sanderson & Porter, New York City. Children (seventh generation): Elizabeth Marie [Kruse], born May 5, 1918; Paul Frederick [Kruse], born August 25, 1921.
Henry Allen [Wise] (fifth generation)--Born August 30, 1849; died August 20, 1910; married Margaret Jane Roush, December 22, 1870; born October 31, 1850; died July 21, 1926. Children (sixth generation): Anna Mina [Wise], born January 28, 1872; husband, Robert P. Winnull, painter. Children (seventh generation): Walter Wise [Winnull], son of Mrs. R. P. Winnull. Children of Walter Wise [Winnull] (eighth generation): Robert Sterling Wise [Winnull], Glen Irl Wise [Winnull]. Dora Alice [Wise], born July 15, 1873; died June 16, 1874; William Robert [Wise], builder; born November 16, 1874; wife, Grace Rost. Emma Ellen [Wise], born Jan. 12, 1877; died August 30, 1877; Wilson Tombaugh [Wise], mechanic, born May 4, 1880; wife, Treva McKinney. Children (seventh generation): Margaret [Wise], Anona [Wise], Laura Bell [Wise], welfare worker, Cleveland, Ohio; born November 2, 1884.
Family of Elias Tombaugh Wise in his marriage with Catharine Price. Marriage, March 14, 1854, in Montgomery County, Pa., Rev. Samuel Harley officiating.
To this union were born seven children named as follows: Jacob P. [Wise], Elias P. [Wise], Mary Elizabeth [Wise], Ellen P. [Wise], William P. [Wise], Milton P. [Wise], and Annie Catherine [Wise].
Children (fifth generation): Jacob P. [Wise], born January 19, 1855; died December 3, 1855. Elias P. [Wise], born February 6, 1857. Mary Elizabeth [Wise], born October 22, 1858; died April 5, 1860. Ellen P. [Wise], born November 12, 1860; died May 3, 1861. William P. [Wise], born February 20, 1862; died December 11, 1876. Milton P. [Wise], born January 25, 1865; died September 24, -----. Annie Catharine [Wise], born March 21, 1868; died February 20, 1910.

    Only one of this second family lived to marry and have children, viz: Elias Price [Wise] (fifth generation), Minister of the Gospel, Disciples of Christ, born February 6, 1857; wife, Mary Elizabeth Sorrick, born December 20, 1860; died August 16, 1922. To this union were born seven children: (sixth generation): Karl Marshall [Wise], Executive Engineer, born July 30, 1885; Studebaker Corporation, South Bend, Ind. Married Mary Zigler, February 16, 1903; born January 14, 1885. Children (seventh generation): Ernest Theodore [Wise], Superintendent Wise Construction Company, Ann Arbor, Mich., born August 7, 1902; married Mabel Conroy, born December 14, 1902. Children (eighth generation): Karl Marshall [Wise], II. , born August 17, 1923; Robert Theodore [Wise], born November 14, 1926; Peggy [Wise] (adopted daughter), born May 27, 1919.
    Maxwell Merritt [Wise] (sixth generation), born August 27, 1887; President and Manager, the Wise Chrome Products Company, Detroit, Mich.; married Estella Bruce, September 7, 1911; born December 30, 1890. Children (seventh generation): Bruce Maxwell [Wise], born September 29, 1917; Donald Price [Wise], born December 6, 1922.
Emma Pauline [Wise] (sixth generation), born July 8, 1889; died May 31, 1892. Katharine Hoy [Wise], born December, 1890; married September 5, 1912; husband, Oral Preston Kidder, Seiberling Tire & Rubber Co., Barberton, Ohio; born February 25, 1891. Children (seventh generation): Oral Preston [Kidder], Jr., born September 15, 1913; Karl Marshall [Kidder], born July 20, 1917; Robert Price [Kidder], born November 12, 1921; Charles Stanley [Kidder] and Richard Wise [Kidder], twins, born April 19, 1925. Richard Wise died August, 1927.
Donald Orlando [Wise], born April 25, 1893; died July 1, 1900. Lois Adelaide [Wise], born January 27, 1896. First marriage, Harry Houser Stolberg, born September 29, 1894; died Jan. 7, 1921. Second marriage, Russell J. Burt, senior member of Burt, Kinnison, Carson & Shadrach (legal firm), on January 28, 1928.
Elias Paul [Wise], born January 22, 1898; estimator with the Carey Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Wife, Helen Stewart. Children (seventh generation): Mary Elizabeth [Wise], born ----; Gloria Jean [Wise], born December 9, 1926; David Stewart [Wise] and Barbary Ann [Wise], twins, born June 18, 1928.
Sarah [Wise] (fourth generation)--Married Henry Brown. Children (fifth generation): Eli W. [Brown], Peter [Brown], Josiah [Brown], Eliza [Brown], Sarah Ann [Brown]. (Further information sought).
Annie [Wise] (fourth generation)--Born November, 1820; died June, 1906; married Bazalleel Maxwell, farmer; born July 10, 1813; died June, 1875. Children (fifth generation): Lohretta [Maxwell], born September 25, 1840; died May 17, 1862; married Dr. P. P. Pomerene (first wife), on April 2, 1857. Children (sixth generation): Adah Zillah [Pomerene], born February 22, 1858, living in Philadelphia. Haidee Alda [Pomerene], born November, 1859; died, 1860. DeCosta [Pomerene], Presbyterian Minister of the Gospel, born April 1, 1861; died, June, 1892.
Mary [Maxwell] (fifth generation)--Unmarried; born 1848; died November, 1874. George Wise [Maxwell], married; born 1850; John Samuel [Maxwell], born 1852; David Peter [Maxwell], physician; married; born April 6, 1857. Name of wife and time of death unknown. Joseph Elias [Maxwell], minister of the gospel; married; born April 6, 1857; died November 16, 1917; name of wife unknown; at one time pastor German-American Church, Leipsic, Germany.
Elizabeth (Tombaugh) Wise, the second child of George and Elizabeth (Gardner) Tombaugh, married as her second husband, John Hoover, born June 6, 1780; died December 31, 1843. John Hoover's first wife was Rebecca Bowman, born February 7, 1779; died August 4, 1826.
    John Hoover was a Pennsylvania German. He lived in Canton, Ohio, and represented Stark County, Ohio, in the Ohio State Legislature, and was Judge of Court at the time of his death. Three children were born to the marriage of John and Elizabeth (Tombaugh Wise) Hoover. The youngest, Lydia Hoover, born September 26, 1832; died February 16, 1835.
The oldest child of John and Elizabeth (Tombaugh Wise) Hoover, was Lucinda Hoover, born August 4, 1828; died February 13, 1879. Married John Essic, born August 7, 1824; died February 4, 1879.
The oldest child of Lucinda (Hoover) and John Essic, was Paul Essic, born September 18, 1850; died September 24, 1850.
The second child of Lucinda (Hoover) and John Essic, was Benton Essic, born September 1, 1851. On December 25, 1875, Benton Essic married Mary C. Luce, born January 10, 1855; died January 31, 1879.
Charles M. Essic, born August 10, 1878, is the only child of Benton and Mary (Luce) Essic.
On the 28th of March, 1883, Benton Essic married his second wife, Jennie Berlin, born July 1, 1860. To this marriage was born four children, the oldest being Howard L. Essic, born November 23, 1889.
The second child of Benton and Jennie Essic, is Opal K. Essic, born June 12, 1891, and who on October 14, 1910, married Wirt C. Sebring, born May 6, 1888. Their child, Maxine Sebring, born May 5, 1912.
The third child of Benton and Jennie Essic, was Max R. Essic, born March 16, 1894; died March 29, 1895.
Robert D. Essic, born May 11, 1898, is the youngest child of Benton and Jennie Essic.
Robert D. Essic was married October 23, -----, to Vivian Hale, born January 22, 1892.
The third child of Lucinda (Hoover) and John Essic, was Selton G. Essic, born July 10, 1856; died June 28, 1924.
Selton Essic's first marriage was on April 15, 1886, to Orpha L. Leffel, born July 7, 1866; died January 9, 1889.
The second marriage of Selton G. Essic occurred December 22, 1914, to Etta T. Thompson, born December 22, 1862.
No children to Selton G. Essic by either marriage.
    The second child of John and Elizabeth (Tombaugh Wise) Hoover, was Melinda Hoover, born September 22, 1830; died February 27, 1879.
Malinda Hoover married Nathan Shipley, born August, 1825; died May 31, 1913.

    Nathan Shipley, in 1886, married his second wife, Louisa Ferree, born January 1, 1837; died August 18, 1925.
Following are the descendants of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley: Their first child was Seth Shipley, born July 16, 1850; died July 27, 1850.
Their second child was Marion Shipley, born July 11, 1851; died October 24, 1854.
The third child of Malinda and Nathan Shipley, was John Q. Shipley, born August 28, 1855.
John Q. Shipley, on April 23, 1884, was married to Eva Blanche Lee, born August 9, 1860; died June 4, 1905.
To this union were born four children: Vera Blanche Shipley, born March 25, 1886, being the oldest. On August 2, 1925, she married Edward H. Brandt, born June 14, 1886.
    The second child of John Q. and Eva B. Shipley, was Zora Easter Shipley, born April 21, 1889; died December 9, 1894.
The third child of John Q. and Eva B. Shipley, was Leah Ramona Shipley, born February 23, 1892. On July 3, 1912, she married Harry Tippet. To them were born two children: Harry Tippet, born June 7, 1919, and Margot Tippet, born February 28, 1913.
    The fourth child of John Q. and Eva B. Shipley, is Mervin Lee Shipley, born March 15, 1905.
John Q. Shipley, on June 2, 1910, married his second wife, Anna Onstott, born September 5, 1864. Her first husband had been Jacob Gaerton, born May 30, 1855; died July 16, 1907.
The fourth child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was an infant. Unnamed. Born August 28, 1855; died the same day.
    The fifth child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was Lucy E. Shipley, born March 3, 1858; died May 17, 1915. On February 26, 1885, she married Otto L. Gronninger [Groninger], born February 24, 1861; died June 17, 1920. To this marriage one child was born, Roy L. Gronninger [Groninger], born December 26, 1887.
Roy L. Gronninger [Groninger], on January 15, 1913, married Mary O. Ferree, born December 23, 1887. To them were born seven children as follows: Harold L., born August 24, 1913; Pauline E., born August 18, 1915; Ruth A., born January 24, 1919; Alice Mae, born April 30, 1922; Otto L., born August 5, 1923; Gordon L., born November 12, 1925; Wayne L., born September 25, 1927.
    The sixth child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was Alice Shipley, born April 16, 1860; died June 27, 1912.
    The seventh child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was Ancil B. Shipley, born April 16, 1860.
Ancil B. Shipley, married Ida Craig. Their children are Donald Shipley and Elby Shipley.
    The eighth child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was Aaron Z. Shipley, born August 14, 1866; died October 3, 1913. He was married on December 31, 1892, to Anna M. McKee, born January 22, 1871. Of their six children the oldest is Russell L. Shipley, born June 3, 1894, and who, on November 26, 1915, married Verna Figert, born October 24, 1895.
To Russell and Verna Shipley two children were born, Dale Shipley, born January 12, 1916, and Billy Shipley, born June 10, 1921.
    The second child of Aaron and Anna Shipley, was Beulah M. Shipley, born December 23, 1897, and married on October 20, 1920, to Almont Westenberger.
    The children of Beulah and Almont Westenberger are: Donna Bell, born October 18, 1921; Almont, Jr., born October 27, 1923; Maurice Ross, born November 30, 1925; Joyce Marie, born March 27, 1928.
The third child of Aaron and Anna Shipley, is Carl W. Shipley, born December 13, 1902. On May 21, 1921, he married Velma Grace Hill, born April 17, 1903. Their children are: Jackson W., born December 2, 1921; Infant, born and died December 2, 1921; Robert Lee, born December 8, 1924; Peggy Jane, born December 8, 1924; Patricia Anne, born September 11, 1926.
    The three last children of Aaron and Anna Shipley, are Charles D., born April 28, 1908; Mildred E., born January 27, 1910, and Raymond A., born April 30, 1914.
    The ninth child of Malinda (Hoover) and Nathan Shipley, was Laura E. Shipley, born August 21, 1869; married to David Lambrite, September 24, 1898. Their oldest child, Gertrude E. Lambrite, born October 15, 1899, was married on November 4, 1918, to Donald M. Souden.
    To Gertrude and Donald Souden, were born two children, Dorothy G., born September 3, 1919, and David Thurston, born April 24, 1924.
The second child of Laura and David Lambrite, was Opal Geraldine Lambrite, born May 19, 1904; died May 8, 1905.
The third child of Laura and David Lambrite, was Verda Loraine Lambrite, born August 1, 1907.



    Jacob Tombaugh, born January 10, 1790, the third child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh. He married Susanna Wise, a sister of Daniel Wise, who married Elizabeth Tombaugh, who was a sister of Jacob Tombaugh of this sketch. Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh located in Stark County, Ohio.
During his younger days, Jacob Tombaugh was noted for his strength and endurance, as well as being unusually beautiful in form and features.
    As related in an old letter of his, he, on one occasion, had need of his strength and endurance. While scouting on the frontier he and eight others were captured by Indians, many miles from the fort. The season was winter and bitter cold. The Indians stripped their prisoners naked and they had to either gain the fort or perish. Jacob Tombaugh, alone survived, to reach to fort, the others freezing to death.
    Susanna, wife of Jacob Tombaugh, died early and after making provision for his children, Jacob Tombaugh enlisted in the U. S. Army, and it is understood, died in that service. In about 1835, he was located at Ft. Jessop, La., and at that time was making preparations to go with an expedition into Texas.
    Johnathan Tombaugh, a son of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh, married a woman whose maiden name is remembered as Katherine Myers, who died in 1855. To them were born two sons, Jacob and Louis, neither of whom lived to their majority.
Johnathan Tombaugh's second wife's maiden name is recalled as Anna Treecy. The writer has failed to learn if there were any children by the second marriage and whether the two sons, Jacob and Louis, were the only sons of this family, by the first marriage. The home of Johnathan Tombaugh's family was Richland County, Illinois.
    Peter Tombaugh was a son of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh. (See Supplement, Note 1)
    Daniel Tombaugh, a son of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh, died August 5, 1891, aged 72 years, 7 months and 3 days. His wife, Mary A. Tombaugh, died January 29, 1910, aged 83 years, 3 months and 9 days. Both are buried at Fairhope Cemetery, Ohio. No children in this family. After his mother's death, Daniel Tombaugh lived with his uncle, Mathias Tombaugh, of Pennsylvania, until he attained his majority.
    Molly Tombaugh, daughter of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh, married an Osburn. There were children in this family and they are supposed to live in Northwest Ohio or in the vicinity of Hillsdale, Mich., but their near kinsmen failed to locate them. Molly Osburn died at Pioneer, Ohio.

    George Tombaugh, a son of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh, after his mother's death, when he was but a small boy, made his home with Solomon Tombaugh, brother of George's father, Jacob Tombaugh.
George Tombaugh married Margaret Thomas, a sister of the second wife of George Tombaugh, of Indiana, who was a brother of Jacob Tombaugh, father of the subject of this sketch.
    George Tombaugh died at Williamson, Ohio.
    To George and Margaret Tombaugh was born eleven children. The oldest was Susan (Tombaugh) Wolford, who had two children: Rev. H. H. Wolford, Sunnydale, Cal., and John Wolford, Williamston, Ohio.
The second child in George and Margaret Tombaugh's home was John Tombaugh. His children are Ira Tombaugh, Atwater, Cal., and Candace Baughman, Turlock, Cal.
    Mary (Tombaugh) Deardorff, daughter of George and Margaret Tombaugh, had two children, Rev. George Deardorff, who died at Marion, Ohio, and Rev. Charles Deardorff, of Clarksville, Stark County, Ohio.
Emanuel Tombaugh, a son of George and Margaret Tombaugh, died at Mt. Blanchard, Ohio. His children were Lillie Ewing, Dunkirk, Ohio; Oren Tombaugh, Toledo, Ohio; Parlee Tombaugh, also of Toledo, Ohio.
Anna (Tombaugh) Swihart, daughter of George and Margaret Tombaugh, died at Seattle, Washington. Seven children in this family.
    Sarah, daughter of George and Margaret Tombaugh, died when nine years old.
Jacob Tombaugh, son of George and Margaret Tombaugh, wife's name was Clementine N., and they were married June 5, 1879.
Jacob Tombaugh died July 30, 1922.
    The children of Jacob and Clementine N. Tombaugh are Mrs. Mary M. Smith, Los Angeles, Cal.; William E. Tombaugh, Rodney, Mich.; John C. Tombaugh, Lansing, Mich.; Jesse F. Tombaugh, Lansing, Mich.; Charles S. Tombaugh, Calvin A. Tombaugh, Laura A. Tombaugh. These three being of Lansing, Mich., and Florence R. Holt, Rodney, Mich.
Lydia M. Tombaugh, a daughter of George and Margaret Tombaugh, married J. E. Bosserman, on October 2, 1881.
Their son, J. B. Bosserman, born August 24, 1883, married Zelma Whipple, of Carrington, N. D.; now of Golva, N. D.
George D. Bosserman, born December 5, 1885, a son of Lydia M. and J. E. Bosserman, now of Clarkston, Wash.
Mary A., daughter of Lydia and J. E. Bosserman, married Ira Burhey, and lives at Snoquatmie Falls, Wash.
Jess A. Bosserman, born May 4, 1890, son of Lydia and J. E. Bosserman, married Virga Stown, of Jordon, Mont. Home at Clarkston, Wash.
Martha E., born September 5, 1893; died August 8, 1896; daughter of Lydia and J. E. Bosserman.

    William G. Tombaugh, born March 27, 1862; died March 7, 1929. He is the son of George and Margaret Tombaugh, who married Catherine Bushong, April 11, 1886. She was born September 23, 1867.
Their son, Dr. Allen Aldene Tombaugh, born October 9, 1894, and married, on November 8, 1918, to Leah Wagner, who was born March 7, 1893.
To Dr. Allen and Leah Tombaugh, was born two children, Mary Jane Tombaugh, born January 8, 1920, and Robert Eugene Tombaugh, born January 22, 1922.
The second child of William G. and Catherine Tombaugh, was Mabel May Tombaugh, born January 5, 1899, and was married to William Reth, in 1921. Their children are Richard A. Reth, born October 16, 1921, and Frederich B. Reth, born March 18, 1923.
The third child of William G. and Catherine Tombaugh, was Mildred Irene Tombaugh, born March 1, 1907, and married to Irvin Freed, on March 1, 1929.
William G. Tombaugh was born near Williamston, Ohio, and was a resident of Hancock County, Ohio, all his life. From him was largely obtained the information of the Jacob Tombaugh branch of the family.
S. S. Tombaugh, of Arlington, Ohio, living at the date of receiving these records, is a son of George and Margaret Tombaugh and has one child, Eulalia Tombaugh.
Charles E. Tombaugh, deceased, son of George and Margaret Tombaugh. His wife, Alma Tombaugh's home, is at Arlington, Ohio. The three children of this family are Inez Tombaugh, supervisor of a telephone office; Helen Tombaugh, a school teacher, and Lucille Tombaugh, a telephone operator.
About fifty years ago there was an Isaac Tombaugh, who died at Middle Point, Ohio. He appears to have been a descendant of Jacob and Susanna Tombaugh, but whether a son or grandson, is not clear. Isaac Tombaugh had a daughter, Ruth, who married F. F. Gilliland, and died at the age of 48, leaving a son, R. C. Gilliland, living at Van Wert, Ohio.



    Matthias Tombaugh, fourth child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh, born July 5, 1792; died May 21, 1864; married December 19, 1822, to Rachel, daughter of John and Judith (Wise) Spohn, born April 2, 1807; died May 15, 1892.
In his younger days, Matthias Tombaugh spent some time in Northern Ohio. From the archives of Pennsylvania it appears he was a sergeant in 1814, in the war of 1812, from Union County, in Captain John Snyder's company of Salina Grove riflemen.
At the death of his father he inherited the Tombaugh homestead, in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Upon this tract he passed the remainder of his life which, at his death, contained 800 acres. He was well educated, of good business ability, acting as executor for several estates. In form he was tall and slender, with dark hair and eyes, and of great physical strength. Matthias Tombaugh's wife, Rachel Spohn's grandparents, Martin and Mary Spohn, were from east of the Allegheny Mountains, probably from Berks County, coming into Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1785, and trading a gun for the farm on which they made their home. This farm being near the present Greenlee Station on the M. & W. R. R., in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Several members of the Spohn family are buried on this farm.
    Rachel Tombaugh had twelve brothers and sisters. One brother, Adam Spohn, lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania. A sister, Elizabeth Livingood, was married several times and died at the home of her sister, Rachel Tombaugh. Another sister, Judith, married a Mr. Hupp, who was likely a descendant of Everhart Hupp, the first settler in Washington County, Pennsylvania.
    Rachel Tombaugh's father, John Spohn, was a Dunkard preacher. Her mother, Judith Wise, was the daughter of Adam Wise, by his second wife, Catherine. Further particulars of this Adam Wise are found in Rev. E. P. Wise's account of Elizabeth (Tombaugh) Wise family, found elsewhere in this volume.
    Rachel Tombaugh was of medium height and size, of quiet, dignified bearing, and of a kindly nature.
The children of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh were eight sons and two daughters, all of whom lived to maturity and all were born in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. All, like their father, were engaged in agriculture, except the youngest son, Adam, who followed a mercantile life.
    Both Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh were members of the Dunkard Church, and are buried in the Pigeon Creek Dunkard Cemetery.

Copy of the family records from the German Bible of Matthias Tombaugh, dated at Germantown, 1776:

Matthias Tombaugh was born in the year of our Lord, 1792, on December 26th.
Rachel Tombaugh, my wife, was born the 2nd day of April, in the year of our Lord, 1807.
Married, Thursday, the 19th of December, in the year 1822, Matthias Tombaugh to Rachel Spohn.
The following are heirs to the above: Solomon Tombaugh, was born the 3rd day of November, in the year A. D. 1824; married to Lydia Letherman, the 30th day of September, 1847.
John Tombaugh was born the 16th day of February in the year A. D. 1827; married to Louisa Hosack, the 13th of December, 1849.
Levina Tombaugh was born the 27th day of December, in the year A. D. 1828; married to Jacob Swagler, November 11th, 1858.
George Tombaugh was born the 3rd day of January, in the year A. D.; married to Harriet Colvin, December 30, 1858.
Mary Tombaugh was born the 2nd day of January, in the year A. D. 1833; married to Andrew Hildebrand, the 17th day of May, A. D. 1855.
Matthias Tombaugh was born the 11th day of June, in the year A. D. 1835; married to Jane Letherman, January 28th, 1862.
Eli Tombaugh was born the 26th day of May, in the year A. D. 1838.
Isaac and Jacob Tombaugh were born the 3rd day of April, A. D. 1840.
Adam Tombaugh was born the 16th day of October, A. D. 1842.

From the English Bible of Matthias Tombaugh:

    Levina, eldest daughter of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh, consort of Jacob Swagler, departed this life on the evening of the 25th of February at about 15 minutes past 7 o'clock, 1860.

Family record of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh, the parents:

Christena, born the 17th Dec., A. D. 1787.
Elizabeth, born the 28th Nov., A. D. 1788.
Jacob, born the 10th Jan., A. D. 1790.
Matthias, born the 26th Dec., A. D. 1792.
George, born the 28th Oct., A. D. 1796.
Solomon, born the 12th Aug., A. D. 1798.
Sary, born the 4th March, A. D. 1801.

    Solomon Tombaugh, first son of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh, born November 3, 1824; died February 20, 1901; married September 30, 1847, to Lydia, daughter of John and Christine (Myers) Letherman, born December 10, 1825; died July 21, 1914.

    The first home Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh owned, was in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa., about one mile south of the village of Vanceville. Selling this they purchased a large farm in what is now North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa., on which most of the years of their lives was spent. Late in life they moved to Washington, Pa., where Solomon Tombaugh died. Lydia Tombaugh then moved to Wylandville, Pa., which was her home for the remainder of her life. She was a descendant of pioneer families of Washington County, Pa. To them were born nine children. Following is the order of their ages:
Irwin M., born 1848; died 1852.
John M. Tombaugh, son of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born January 9, 1851; married to Mary Bell, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Buckingham) Dager, born April 28, 1852; died June 28, 1880. Their oldest child, Nettie M., born November 25, 1877; married October 28, 1901, to George C. Barr, who was born December 16, 1876. He was captain in the Spanish-American War, Co A; died November, 1930.
The children of George and Nettie Barr are Grace Irene Barr, born June 18, 1903; married James Darnell; to them were born twin children, August 8, 1930, named Jean Virginia and Jack Barr Darnell; and Ruth Mary Barr, born October 15, 1913.
Nettie Tombaugh Barr was a graduate of California, Pa., Normal School and taught school for a number of terms.
The second child of John and Mary Bell Tombaugh, was Frank Herbert Tombaugh, born December 23, 1879; married October 2, 1911, to Daisy Virginia, daughter of John and Ellen Jordan, born November 7, 1888. The Jordan family were from Shenandoah County, Virginia.
The second wife of John M. Tombaugh was Alice R., daughter of William and Phoebe (Taylor) Robison, born July 16, 1862; married December 24, 1885.
Their children are Frances W., born August 14, 1893, a graduate of California, Pa., Normal School, and the University of Pittsburgh. She is employed at educational work, having taught at Bentleyville and Charleroi, Pa.
Mildred Cecilia, born September 3, 1897; married August 24, 1922, to Tom A. Mann, a World War veteran, born October 18, 1895, at Indianapolis, Ind., son of H. F. and Ida (Thompson) Mann.
Mildred C. Mann was a graduate of Scenery Hill High School and Ohio Wesleyan University, and taught for several terms. Her husband was a graduate of Vanderbilt University.
Emma F. was the third child of John and Alice Tombaugh, born August 5, 1901; died October 3, 1901.
John M. Tombaugh's occupation was largely agricultural. He owned at different times various properties, one near Odell, Pa., also a part of the farm in North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa., formerly owned by his father. Having sold that property he bought the property in Scenery Hill, Pa., where he now resides.
Leon Herbert Tombaugh, M. D., third child of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born March 29, 1852; died August 4, 1930. In the fall of 1878, he married Casandra Bellmine, daughter of George and Sarah (Greenfield) Tappin. To this union one child was born, Raymond Standley Tombaugh, born, 1879.
In 1905, Raymond Tombaugh married Meta B. Mowry. Two children were born to them, Marion Belle, born 1906, and Katherine, born 1908.
Dr. Tombaugh graduated from Waynesburg College, Pa., in 1874, and from the Medical Department of Western Reserve University, of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1877. Dr. Tombaugh has followed his chosen profession for many years, being located at different times at Beallsville and Washington, Pa., before going to his present place of residence at Waukegan, Illinois.
Delmas Elwood Tombaugh, fourth child of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born 1854; died, 1924; married Lola M., daughter of Harvey and Harriet (Leyda) Wilson, born 1857.
D. E. Tombaugh's occupation was agriculture, his farm being a part of his father's farm in North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa. He was much interested in political work and was active in politics. In his later years he lived at Eighty-Four, Pa. His wife, Lola Tombaugh, died April 30, 1929.
Rev. James M. Tombaugh, fifth son of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born November 10, 1857; married Anna Mary, daughter of Jacob and Barbara (Coffman) Bausman, in 1907. Of their children, two died in infancy, and one, Martha Bausman Tombaugh, was born August 14, 1913.
James M. Tombaugh, graduated from Waynesburg College in 1884; was president of Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio; for many years in the ministry of the Brethren Church. He served engagements at Washington Court House, Ohio, and for many years at Hagerstown, Md., where he resides at present.
Byron E. Tombaugh, sixth son of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born December 3, 1861; died May 25, 1929. In 1888 he married Bessie Lindley, born June 2, 1865. Of the three children born to this union, two, Glen Excell and Mable Inez, twins, born April 15, 1894, died in infancy.
    Grace L. Tombaugh, the oldest of the children of Byron E. and Bessie Tombaugh, born March 25, 1889. In the year 1913 she married Dr. W. W. Donaldson. They have one child, Richard Byron Donaldson, born February 25, 1917. Their home is in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a graduate of the Washington Female Seminary of Washington, Pa., in the class of 1907. Later she attended college at Lexington, Kentucky.
    Byron E. Tombaugh has been a practicing attorney in Washington, Pa., for over a quarter of a century. Previous to his practicing law, he had taught school for ten years. He was elected as Superintendent of Schools for Washington County, Pa. More recently he served for three years as Deputy Register of Wills at Washington, Pa. Retiring from this, he has resumed the practice of law. He is a graduate of California, Pa., State Normal School and attended Huntington College. His wife, Bessie, is a descendant of the New England Puritans.
    Ida May (Tombaugh) Hootman, the seventh child and oldest daughter of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, born September 3, 1864; married November 26, 1889, to Dr. David, son of Anderson and Emma (Leyda) Hootman; born March 2, 1860.

    The oldest child of Ida May and David Hootman, is William Perry, born April 22, 1894. On September 6, 1927, he married Elizabeth Hall, of King and Queen County, Virginia. She is an educator. William Perry Hootman is a farmer by occupation; is a graduate of W. & J. College, of Washington, Pa., and served for one and a half years in the World War.
The second child of Ida May and David Hootman, is Hallie Hazel Hootman, born May 11, 1897. She is a graduate of William and Mary's in Virginia, and is a teacher in the High School of Richmond, Va.
    The third child of Ida May and David Hootman, is James Albert Hootman, born December 15, 1902. He married Laura Crymes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Crymes, and to them, on July 31, 1928, was born a daughter, Hazel Hall Hootman. After their marriage, Ida May and David Hootman, lived in Philadelphia, Pa., for a time; later they lived for a number of years in Wylandville, Pa. From that place they moved to a farm home, near Doswell, Virginia, which is their place of abode when this is written.
    The other children of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh, died when young; they were Lucy P., born 1860; died 1861. Annie K., born 1868; died 1871. All the children of Solomon and Lydia Tombaugh were born in Washington County, Pa.
John Tombaugh, second child of Matthias and Rachel (Spohn) Tombaugh, was born February 16, 1827, and died March 25, 1904. On the 13th of December, 1849, he married Louisa Hosac, born April --, 1831; died August 17, 1865. She is the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Yant) Hosac.
The oldest of the children of John and Louisa Tombaugh, was Laura Tombaugh, born February 16, 1851; died February 11, 1909. On January 27, 1875, she married at Streator, Ill., Francis Marion Hepler, born March 25, 1849. Their oldest child is Christopher Columbus Hepler, born April 29, 1877. On the 28th of December, 1897, he married Susan Ann Quigley, born January 15, 1878. Their daughter was Lulu Maria Hepler, born September 24, 1898; married George St.Francis Aldridge, born August 10, 1897.
    The children of Lulu and George Aldridge, are Francis LeRoy Alrdridge, born April 26, 1917, and Betty Lou Aldridge, born January 11, 1926.
The second child of Laura and Marion Hepler, is Reno Norman Hepler, born January 22, 1879.
The youngest child of Laura and Marion Hepler, is Olive Glenora Hepler, born January 17, 1882, who, on February 19, 1900, married Charles B. Nibler, born December 25, 1878. Their oldest child was Blanche Marena Nibler, born February 19, 1901; died August 13, 1901.
The second child of Olive and Charles Nibler, is Laura Nibler, born September 24, 1903.
Charles Francis Nibler, born March 10, 1907, is the third child of Olive and Charles Nibler.
The fourth child in this family is Corinne Nibler, born October 9, 1909.
The fifth child is Grace Elenore Nibler, born February 6, 1912.
    Laura (Tombaugh) Hepler, was born in Washington County, Pa., but when a young woman, went to Illinois to visit relatives, there she met her future husband and after their marriage they went to Iowa. Later they moved to Springfield, Mo.
Lavina Jane Amos, the second daughter of John and Louise Tombaugh, born August 5, 1854, married September 18, 1879, to George W. Amos, son of George and Elizabeth (Dague) Amos, born October 13, 1848; died August 16, 1915.
Following are the descendants of George W. and Lavina J. Amos: Elizabeth Jane Amos, born April 12, 1881. She is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.
    John Mac Amos, second child of George W. and Lavina J. Amos, born July 21, 1883; married August 16, 1916, to Martha Jane, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Ann (Grable) Horn. The children born to this union are Merle Clermont Amos, born August 23, 1918, and Laura Jean Amos, born October 5, 1922; died March 29, 1923.
The third child of George W. and Lavina J. Amos, is Rebecca Rachel Amos, born September 5, 1885. She is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.
    George Leonard Amos, born August 23, 1887, is the fourth child of George W. and Lavina J. Amos. He has a sawmill and is employed in the merchandising of timber.
Clyde Reno Amos, born February 1, 1890; married May 29, 1917 to Ada May, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Chester) Bane. Their children are: Margaret Lavina Amos, born November 16, 1918; Virginia Belle Amos, born December 2, 1919; Kenneth Russel Amos, born December 24, 1926.
The youngest child of George W. and Lavina J. Amos, is Oliver Clermont Amos, born October 21, 1892, a World War veteran. He owns and operates a threshing and hay bailing outfit.
Of this family, John Mac Amos and Clyde Reno Amos, are employed in agricultural occupations.
After their marriage, George and Lavina J. Amos, lived for a time not far from where Marianna is now built. Later they moved to the home of George Amos' father, George Amos, Sr., which George Amos, the younger, later inherited. At which place he died and where his widow yet lives.
Anabel Tombaugh, third daughter of John and Louise Tombaugh, born November 15, 1857; married February 6, 1896, to Demas Victor Letherman, son of Demas and Jane (Munce) Letherman, born March 29, 1859. Their adopted daughter was Sylvia G. Letherman, born 1902; died 1913.
The emigrant ancestor of the Letherman family, of which Demas Victor is a member, came from Germany. His name was Jacob Letherman and he located in Maryland, according to tradition, in 1730. Two of his sons, Michael and Daniel, came to Washington County, Pa., at an early date and became the owners of a tract of land in what is now North Bethlehem Township and known as "Brick's Haunt."
    Michael Letherman's son, John, came into possession of part of this tract. His wife was Christine Myers.
As stated elsewhere in this work, two of the daughters of John and Christine Letherman, married members of the Tombaugh family. Also two of John and Christine Letherman's grandchildren, married members of the Tombaugh family. One of these being Demas Victor Letherman.
    The father of Demas Victor, was Demas Letherman, son of John and Christine Letherman.
Demas Letherman was an educator of prominence and served as a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature.
After their marriage, Anabel and Demas V. Letherman lived for some years at the Letherman mansion in North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa., which was built on a part of the "Brick's Haunt" grant. They having sold part of this farm, they built a home on the part of the farm which they had reserved. After some years residence in that home, they moved toScenery Hill, Pa., to a new house which they had built there, and where they reside at the time of this writing.
Louise (Hosac) Tombaugh, the first wife of John Tombaugh, was through her mother's people, the Yants, a descendant of the great German reformer, Martin Luther.
    Both the Hosacs and Yants were pioneer families of Washington County, Pa. Michael Hosac, great-grandfather of Louise Tombaugh, having patented land in North Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa.
On the 17th of October, 1867, John Tombaugh married his second wife, Barbara, daughter of Israel and Hanna (Grable) Smith, born March 9, 1848; died January 11, 1872.
Barbara (Smith) Tombaugh was descended from pioneer settlers from Holland. Her earliest known ancestor on the father's side of the bamily being her grandfather, Jacob Smith, of Pike Creek settlement, in Frederick County, Md.
George Washington Smith, son of Jacob, came to Washington County, Pa., in 1802. His wife was Magdaline Biggler. He died at the age of 93 years, and his son, Israel Smith, became the owner of the land of his father.
Barbara Tombaugh was descended on the mother's side from Joseph and Barbara (Garber) Grable, who were her great-grandparents, and came from Maryland to Washington County, Pa.
Reno G. Tombaugh, born December 4, 1868, is the only child of John and Barbara Tombaugh. He was married April 9, 1896, to Louisa Maria, daughter of Christopher C. and Eunice (Mitchell) Long, born February 6, 1871. C. C. Long, served throughout the Civil War in the Federal Army, and by reason of his service in the U. S. Army, his daughter, Louisa M. Tombaugh, is a daughter of veterans.
John C. Tombaugh, born January 25, 1897, only child of Reno G. and Louisa M. Tombaugh, married, June 11, 1915, to Audry, daughter of T. E. and Molly (Morrison) Fitch.
John C. Tombaugh was an enlisted man, both in the World War and afterward in the Signal Service of the U. S. Army. After nearly five years military service, during which time he was corporal and sergeant, he left the army to engage in farm activities.
John Fitch Tombaugh, born August 7, 1916, only child of John C. and Audry Tombaugh.
Reno G. Tombaugh has been largely employed in agricultural work, but in early middle life he rented his farm and for a period of seventeen years lived in different places in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina. Later he and his family returned from Cambridge, Ohio, to his farm in Washington County, Pa. He is the chief compiler of this family history.

    John Tombaugh, the record of whose descendants has preceded this sketch, was a farmer all his life. After his first marriage, he moved to what was called the Horn farm, in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa., this farm, lying immediately south of the old Tombaugh Homestead. Here he lived until the spring of 1861, when he bought and moved to a farm in West Bethlehem Township, Washington County, Pa., where he passed the remaineder of his life.
Lavina Tombaugh, born December 27, 1828; died February 25, 1860, was the third child and oldest daughter of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh.
    Lavina Tombaugh was married on November 11, 1858, to Jacob Swagler, born February 11, 1830; died October 18, 1898. To this union one child was born and who was named Lavina, in honor of her mother.
This daughter, Lavina Swagler, born February 7, 1860, was married December 22, 1882, to John McDonough. After his death she returned to her father's home and on April 8, 1897, she married John D. Amos, born April 7, 1871, son of John and Sarah (Myers) Amos.
    To Lavina and John Amos a daughter was born, Mildred Amos, born November 21, 1898, who, on August 14, 1923, married Roy Nicholl, born August 6, 1889, son of Robert and Emma (Hill) Nicholl. A daughter was born to this couple, Ruth Marie Nicholl, born August 10, 1928.
    Jacob Swagler, husband of Lavina Tombaugh, was of the third generation of the name in Washington County, Pa. His grandfather, Jacob Swagler, Sr., a native of Germany, received a grant of land, February 15, 1798, from the State of Pennsylvania, located in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa., and the deed thereto is signed by Governor Thomas Mifflin. This tract of land known as "Swagler's Delight", was inherited by Jonathan Swagler, a son of Jacob Swagler, Sr. Jacob Swagler, Jr., fell heir to this land from his father, Johnathan.
    During his lifetime, Jacob Swagler, Jr., added a number of farms to the original grant until he possessed among the largest acreage held by anyone in the eastern part of the county.
    Among the lands purchased by him was a tract of land that had formerly belonged to the farm of Matthias Tombaugh, and on this tract Lavina Amos, a granddaughter of Matthias Tombaugh, and her husband, have built a fine country mansion.
George Tombaugh, fourth son of Matthias and Rachel (Spohn) Tombaugh, born January 3, 1831, date of death unknown to writer. He was married December 30, 1858, to Harriet Colvin, a member of a family who were among the earliest settlers of Washington County, Pa. This couple lived near where the mining town of Ontario, Pa., is now located. Their oldest child was Alonzo Tombaugh, whose death occurred near 1923, in about his 63rd year.
    The second child of George and Harriet Tombaugh was Elmer E. Tombaugh, who was married on March 19, 1889, at Beatrice, Nebraska, to Dora M. Doffs, daughter of William and Sallie (Hayden) Doffs.
To Elmer E. and Dora M. Tombaugh was born five children, the oldest being Ethel Pearl Tombaugh, born January 1, 1890, and who, on January 9, 1913, married Ernest Godfrey Walstrom, at Sioux City, Iowa. To them were born seven children whose names and birth dates follow:
Louise Gertrude [Walstrom], born September 26, 1913.
Ernest Godfrey, Jr. [Walstrom], born March 18, 1915.
James Ross [Walstrom], born September 3, 1916.
Dora Cecil [Walstrom], born March 4, 1920.
Glenn Eugene [Walstrom], born March 13, 1921.
Carl Maynard [Walstrom], born May 4, 1922.
Allen Gale [Walstrom], born April 9, 1924.
    Ethel Pearl Walstrom taught school for some years at different places in South Dakota. Her husband is a farmer and rancher.
The second child of Elmer E. and Dora M. Tombaugh is Robert Lee Tombaugh, born August 27, 1894. He was married at Sturgis, South Dakota, November 24, 1920, to Anna A. Wurnig, born August 23, 1900, in Tyrol, Austria, Germany. Their children are Bernard Ray Tombaugh, born September 9, 1921, and Shirley Roberta Tombaugh, born August 22, 1926.
Robert Lee Tombaugh is engaged in farming and stock raising on a rather large scale, as he is handling about 2,500 acres. In the late war he served until January 21, 1919, the date of his discharge.
    Ross Elmer Tombaugh is the third child of Elmer E. and Dora M. Tombaugh. He was born December 20, 1896, and on July 16, 1923, was married to Lillian Wagner at Sioux Falls, S. D. The children of this couple are: William Herman Tombaugh, born August 4, 1924, and Laura Belle Tombaugh, born September 8, 1926.
Ross E. Tombaugh is a farmer at present, but was formerly a rancher in Wyoming and Montana. His specialty being breaking wild horses for the U. S. Government; rather a strenuous work. He served in the World War from July 4, 1918, to December 21, 1918.
    The fourth child of Elmer E. and Dora M. Tombaugh is Helen Grace Tombaugh, born April 12, 1900. She has held responsible positions with the Lincoln Insurance Company of Fort Wayne, S. D. [Ind.], and the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Sioux City. From there she went to Minneapolis, Minn., attending and securing a diploma from the State University of Minnesota.
    The fifth child of Elmer E. and Dora M. Tombaugh is Eugene Ellsworth Tombaugh, born May 6, 1907. He is a graduate of high school at Sturgis, S. D., and is employed by the Loan and Trust Company of Minneapolis, Minn., the same firm his sister, Helen Grace Tombaugh, is now working for.
    Elmer E. Tombaugh was born in Washington County, Pa., but at an early age moved with his father to Illinois and from there to Nebraska. He moved from Nebraska and his present location is at Hereford, S. D.
As showing the strenuous times of the World War, even to those who were at home, he relates that his son, Robert, was ill at Petersburg, Va., with pneumonia and he made two trips there, and on the second trip, both being made from South Dakota, he was handed a dispatch saying that his son, Ross, was dangerously ill at Camp McArthur, Texas, to which point he hastened. Both sons recovered after long illnesses.
    Leroy Tombaugh is the third child of George and Harriet Tombaugh. He was born in Washington County, Pa., and with others of his family moved in early life to Illinois, and later to Nebraska, where he still lives, near Lebanon, of that State. He is married, his wife's name being Ella, and they have one son, now attending college.
Nora Tombaugh was the youngest child and only daughter of George and Harriet Tombaugh. She was born in 1869, married Simon Rider, and died in 1905, without children. She is buried at Wolf's Cemetery, near Bentleyville, Pa.
After leaving Pennsylvania George Tombaugh, for a short time, lived in Illinois and moved to Eastern Nebraska. He owned a farm and followed farming. His death occurred in Nebraska.
The fifth child of Matthias and Rachel (Spohn) Tombaugh, was Mary Tombaugh.

    Record of the family of Mary (Tombaugh) and A. J. Hildebrand, son of Michael and Christina (Harsh) Hildebrand.
A. J. Hildebrand married Mary Tombaugh, daughter of Matthias and Rachel (Spohn) Tombaugh, and to them the following children were born:
Marion M. [Hildebrand] , intermarried with Fannie, daughter of Addison and Martha Jane (McElvain) Roberts. To them one daughter, Mary, was born, now deceased.
Eli H. [Hildebrand], intermarried with Emma, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth (Bell) McKeen. To them were born these children: Edna and Andrew, both now deceased.
Mary Ellen [Hildebrand], intermarried with Jesse L., son of Benjamin and Rebecca (Jordan) Brady. The following children were born to them: Glen, Leslie and Mary. Both Glen and Leslie served in the World War in France.
Rachel C. [Hildebrand], intermarried with Walter, son of Nehemiah and Nancy (Champ) Buckingham, to whom was born a son, Paul B., who served oversea in the World War.
Alvin O. [Hildebrand], intermarried with Ellen, daughter of Albert and Julia E. (Hiriman) Case.
Frank A. [Hildebrand] intermarried with Enez, daughter of Gaston Patin and Nanra (Pegnard) Patin, to whom was born a son, Francis.
Zoe Irene [Hildebrand], intermarried with Peter J., son of Michael Joseph and Teressa Sullivan, to whom the following children were born: Joseph and Alice.
Compiled by E. H. Hildebrand, whose death occurred November 26, 1929.
Notes respecting the Hildebrand family by the chief compiler of this work.
Mary (Tombaugh) Hildebrand, born January 2, 1833; died August 10, 1877.
Andrew J. Hildebrand, her husband, born January 2, 1827; died December 16, 1906.
Respecting the work and activities of A. J. and Mary (Tombaugh) Hildebrand's children:
Marion M. [Hildebrand] served his life in the ministry of the M. E. Church.
Eli H. [Hildebrand] was a teacher for many years, but later became a farmer and the owner of both the farms owned by his father and grandfather Hildebrand.
Alvin O. [Hildebrand] was a farmer in early years, but becoming interested in hotel work he left the farm. Later he engaged in the real estate and insurance business.
Frank A. [Hildebrand] has been a successful educator, in which work his time has been occupied for most of his mature years.
Jesse Brady, husband of Ella Brady, served as County Commissioner in Washington County, Pa.
Walter Buckingham, husband of Rachel Buckingham, was engaged chiefly in the hardware business.
Peter J. Sullivan, husband of Zoe I. Hildebrand, has a large filling station in Washington, Pa.
The Hildebrand and Harsh families are both pioneer families of Washington County, Pa.

    The following family history was prepared by Charles Reno Tombaugh, oldest son of Matthias and Elvira Jane (Letherman) Tombaugh.
Matthias Tombaugh, sixth child of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh, was born June 11, 1835, and married Elvira Jane Letherman, born June 11, 1838, a daughter of John and Christine Myers Letherman. They had seven children: Charles Reno, Alice Irene, Raymond Roscoe, born January 29, 1867; died June 25, 1886; Franklin Matthias, Horace Ried, born December 28, 1871; died July 19, 1875; Nettie Zoe and John Letherman.
Mr. Tombaugh was a farmer and educator and served as Superintendent of Schools of Fredericktown, Pa.; Monongahela City, Pa., and Odell, Ill. He was for nine years County Superintendent of Schools in Livingston County, Ill. He was also President of the County Sunday School Association for several years. He was drowned on May 13, 1887, while trying to rescue a friend. Mrs. Tombaugh died November 18, 1909.
Charles Reno Tombaugh, of Pontiac, Ill., son of Matthias and Elvira Jane Letherman Tombaugh, was born in Washington County, Pa., October 1, 1862, and married Anna Deach Bradrick, on January 20, 1892. Mrs. Tombaugh was the daughter of Rev. Samuel R. Deach and Susan Pound Deach, and the widow of Charles K. Bradrick, by whom she had one child, Margaret L., born September 21, 1888. Margaret married William M. Smith, now of Bloomington, Ill., by whom she had three children: Charles F., Virginia M. and William Bradrick. Mrs. Smith died January 24, 1920.
Mr. and Mrs. Tombaugh are the parents of four children: Alice Vivian, Glen Deach, Stella Miriam and Reid Raymond. Mr. Tombaugh farmed and taught school for a number of years. He served as County Superintendent of Schools for seven years, and is now the active President of the National Bank of Pontiac and of the Pontiac Loan and Trust Co., an affiliated institution. He has been a Sunday School teacher and officer for more than fifty years, serving as President of the County Sunday School Association for twenty years, and is at present Superintendent of the Sunday School and President of the Board of Trustees of the First M. E. Church of Pontiac, Ill. In 1916 he was a delegate to the General Conference of the M. E. Church. During the World War he was County Chairman in each of the five Liberty Loan campaigns and directed the Army Y. M. C. A. and united War work campaigns in a three-county district.
    Alice Vivian Reed, daughter of Charles Reno and Anna Deach Tombaugh, was born January 20, 1894, and after her graduation from Northwestern University, of Evanston, Ill., she taught for several years in the high schools of Marengo, Ill., and Pontiac, Ill. On June 29, 1920, she married Richard J. Reed, a son of Joseph S. and Ezzie Ross Reed, of Pontiac, Ill. They have two children: Richard Charles, born September 15, 1921, and Mary Alice, born September 25, 1924.
Mr. and Mrs. Reed reside in Bloomington, Ill., where Mr. Reed is the advertising manager for a large mercantile establishment and its branches. Mr. Reed served during the World War as a corporal in the Machine Gun Co. of the 129th Infantry, spending over a year in France and being severely gassed in the Argonne.
    Glen Deach Tombaugh, son of Charles and Anna Deach Tombaugh, was born January 20, 1896, and graduated from the College of Agriculture of the University of Illinois. For some months he served as a Y. M. C. A. Secretary at the Great Lakes Training Camp, and then became a corporal in the 68th Coast Artillery, being in France with his regiment for six months. Following the armistice he was assigned to detached service in the Y. M. C. A. study courses in various camps. After returning home he was married on June 28, 1919, to Gertrude Lucile Swift, born December 24, 1896, a daughter of Ward E. and Margaret Boyd Swift.
    Mr. and Mrs. Tombaugh reside on a fine farm near Streator, Ill., and are the parents of four children: Stanley Swift, born May 4, 1921; Margaret Ann, born April 13, 1924; Boyd Glenn, born April 4, 1927, and Louis Helen, born November 3, 1930. Mrs. Tombaugh graduated from the University of Illinois in the same class as her husband.
Stella Miriam Hazzard, daughter of Charles Reno and Anna Deach Tombaugh, was born February 7, 1898. After completing her high school course, she taught in the public schools and served as Church Secretary and Pastor's Assistant, later graduating from Northwestern University. On July 30, 1926, she was married to Rev. Lowell B. Hazzard, pastor of Grace M. E. Church of Peoria, Ill. Mr. Hazzard was born February 6, 1898, and is the son of William and Lona Evans Hazzard of Peoria. Shortly after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Hazzard went to Edinburg, Scotland, and Oxford, England, where Mr. Hazzard did post graduate work, receiving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Edinburg. Mr. and Mrs. Hazzard reside in Delaware, Ohio, where Dr. Hazzard occupies a chair in the School of Religion of the Ohio Wesleyan University.
    Reid Raymond Tombaugh, son of Charles Reno and Anna Deach Tombaugh, was born June 29, 1902. He taught school two years and graduated from the College of Agriculture of the University of Illinois in June, 1926. On February 12, 1927, he was married to Winifred Shinn, born May 31, 1905, a daughter of Harold B. and Edith Warning Shinn, of Chicago. Mrs. Tombaugh is a member of the D. A. R. and graduated from the University of Illinois in the same class as her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Tombaugh live on a farm near Odell, Ill., which has belonged in the family for more than fifty years, and which has been operated by three generations of Tombaughs; a rather rare thing in this comparatively new section.
Alice Irene Pound, daughter of Matthias and Elvira Jane Letherman Tombaugh, was born in Washington County, Pa., on January 26, 1865. The family moved to Illinois in the spring of that year. Alice graduated from the Odell, Ill., High School and taught for several years. On January 29, 1890, she was united in marriage to Eugene F. Pound. Mr. Pound was born on May 26, 1861, and was a son of Thomas S. and Harriet Angell Pound. Mr. and Mrs. Pound reside in Glen Elder, Kansas, where he conducted a general store until his retirement two years ago. The Pounds have always been very active in church work and Mrs. Pound has served as Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star Lodge in Glen Elder, and during the World War was actively engaged in Red Cross work. They have one daughter, Mildred Elvira, born February 19, 1901. Mildred graduated at the Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan, and is teaching in the Glen Elder High School.
    Franklin Matthias Tombaugh, son of Matthias and Elvira Jane Tombaugh, was born August 26, 1869. After teaching school and attending the Illinois Wesleyan University he entered the Northwestern University Medical School and was graduated from that institution. He was for some years a medical examiner for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy R. R., but resigned that position to devote himself to surgery exclusively. He resides in Burlington, Iowa, and has a large surgical practice. He is Trustee of Iowa Wesleyan University and President of the Board of Trustees of the First M. E. Church of Burlington.
    Dr. Tombaugh married Annettie Butler, a daughter of Leander and Rachel Whitson Butler. Mrs. Tombaugh was born February 5, 1871, and died in April, 1923.
Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh had two children: Helen Rachel, born June 15, 1901, and Ruth Elizabeth, born June 3, 1904. Both daughters are graduates of Northwestern University at Evanston, Ill., and both have taught school. Helen is the wife of Carl Lohman of Burlington, Iowa, who is a son of William and Elizabeth Lohman, of Burlington, Iowa.
Nettie Zoe Worthley, daughter of Matthias and Elvira Jane Letherman Tombaugh, was born January 2, 1875, and married Wallace F. Worthley on December 25, 1895. Mr. Worthley was born January 6, 1874, and was a son of Robert and Waity Ann Reynolds Worthley. Both Mr. and Mrs. Worthley taught school before their marriage. For a number of years they farmed near Odell, Ill., but in 1910 they moved to Wenatchee, Washington, where they own and operate an apple orchard. They have two children, Lawrence R. and Alice Zoe.
    Lawrence R. Worthley, son of Wallace F. and Nettie Tombaugh Worthley, was born February 25, 1897. He is employed as a field representative of the American Fruit Growers Association. He married Rachel Cooper, born February 28, 1896, daughter of Charles and Pearl Blair Cooper, January 14, 1915.
Mr. and Mrs. Worthley live in Wenatchee, Washington, and are the parents of three children: Laura Jane, born March 27, 1916; Roberta Alice, born October 5, 1918, and Beatrice Pearl, born July 3, 1920.
    Alice Zoe Slechter, daughter of Wallace F. and Nettie Tombaugh Worthley, was born January 26, 1901, and was married on December 31, 1919, to Huston D. Slechter, a son of Joseph and Cordelia Huston Slechter, born November 8, 1898.
Mr. and Mrs. Slechter reside at Wenatchee, Washington, where Mr. Slechter is employed as an orchardist. They have two children, Kenneth Worthley, born September 7, 1921, and Robert Lynn, born February 21, 1926.
John Letherman Tombaugh, son of Matthias and Elvira Jane Letherman Tombaugh, was born March 14, 1879. After graduating from the high school he taught for several years and then entered Northwestern University Medical School and graduated at that institution. He practiced his profession at Marseilles, Ill., for a short time and then located at Odell, Ill., where he has been engaged in general practice for twenty-four years.
    Dr. Tombaugh was married October 28, 1903, to Anna Pernet, born February 27, 1878, a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Wiles Pernet.
    Mrs. Tombaugh enjoys a unique distinction, in that she is a lineal descendant of John and Priscilla Alden, and also of Miles Standish. During the World War Dr. Tombaugh was a lieutenant in the Medical Corps and he is now a captain in the Reserve Medical Corps.
Dr. and Mrs. Tombaugh have two children: Anna Pernet, born August 26, 1907, who has had some teaching experience, and who is now a student in the Illinois State Normal School at Normal, and Elizabeth Elvira, born July 29, 1912.

    Eli Tombaugh, the seventh child of Matthias and Rachel (Spohn) Tombaugh, born May 26, 1838; died March 7, 1908. On February 21, 1865, he was married to Rebecca C. Wise, born -----, 1836; died March 6, 1880. She was a daughter of Joseph and Parmelia (Barnard) Wise.
On April 21, 1887, Eli Tombaugh married his second wife, Sarah Smith, born January 4, 1850, a daughter of Israel and Hannah (Grable) Smith, and who survives him.
The children of Eli and Rebecca Tombaugh are as follows: Their oldest child was Joseph Allen Tombaugh, born January 6, 1866; died April 12, 1922. He married Emma Strauss of San Francisco, Cal., at same place, February 19, 1902. They adopted a child, Raymond Tombaugh, who is married and has two children.
Allen Tombaugh was for many years occupied with educational work. Besides his advanced standing in educational work, he was a finished musician. After leaving teaching, he became the owner of the farm formerly owned by his father. After some years at this work he sold his farm to his brother, W. Scott Tombaugh, and with his family removed to California. His death occurred at San Diego, in that State.
    The second child of Eli and Rebecca Tombaugh was Percy Matthias Tombaugh, born August 15, 1867. His first wife was Sib Elizabeth (Slusher) Tombaugh. His second wife was Mary Baxter Holmes, born October 31, 1876.
The children of Percy M. and Mary Baxter Holmes Tombaugh are: Holmes Scott Tombaugh, born October 17, 1912; Mary Jane Tombaugh, born May 19, 1914, and Martha Josephine Tombaugh, born May 15, 1917.
Percy M. Tombaugh has been engaged in a number of activities. After becoming of age he engaged in store keeping at Scenery Hill, Pa., for some years. Later he became a farmer and also kept a hotel at the same town. On the sale of the farm at Scenery Hill he and his first wife moved to Washington, Pa., where they built a fine home on East Maiden Street. At this place be became occupied in the natural gas business. In later years he and his second wife and family moved to Bradenton, Fla. At this place they experienced the great storms that passed over that State.
    The third child of Eli and Rebecca Tombaugh is Walter Scott Tombaugh, born December 24, 1869. On June 20, 1895, he was married to Alta Estelle Condit, daughter of Daniel D. and Phoebe (Jewell) Condit. Alta Tombaugh is a descendant of John Condit, who settled in New Jersey at the early date of 1638.
The children of W. Scott and Alta Tombaugh are Eli Hilbert Tombaugh, born November 14, 1896; died November 29, 1896. Their second child is Ruth Estelle Tombaugh, born September 16, 1905. She is a graduate of California Normal School and has attended higher institutions of learning. Has been a teacher in Pennsylvania and Florida. Esther Jane Tombaugh is the youngest child in this family and was born on June 19, 1918.
    W. Scott Tombaugh has been largely engaged in agriculture. His interest in this work being largely that of dairying. The milk produced from his dairy supplying the nearby mining town of Cokeburg. He has also been interested in natural gas production. He became, a number of years ago, the owner of the old Tombaugh Homestead in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa., on which he built a residence. Later he purchased the farm that had been his father's, from his brother, Allen Tombaugh. W. Scott Tombaugh is also interested in Florida real estate.
    The fourth child of Eli and Rebecca Tombaugh is Edwin E. Tombaugh, born April 14, 1873. On October 16, 1901, he married Katherine Leonhard, who died January 16, 1918.
Edwin E. Tombaugh's second wife was Ann Gasvoda, daughter of John and Anna (Laike) Gasvoda. Their marriage occurred October 4, 1922, and their children being Cora Ann, born November 4, 1924, and Edwyn Scott, born October 3, 1927.
Edwin E. Tombaugh served as a Columbian Guard at World's Fair, Chicago, 1893, with honorable discharge. Taught six terms of school. He joined 10th Pa. Vol. Infantry, July 4, 1898, in response to President William McKinley's call for 75,000 volunteers. Served in Philippines under Col. Alexander L. Hawkins. Returned to U. S. A., 1899, via Japan and San Francisco. Mustered out in fall of 1899, with honorable discharge. The home of this family is Detroit, Mich.
The fifth child of Eli and Rebecca Tombaugh is Cora Josephine (Tombaugh) Snyder, born January 23, 1876. Married to Oliver H. Snyder, son of Jacob and Rachel (Linhart) Snyder.
    Cora Snyder attended California Normal School and later secured a position as bookkeeper at the elevator of the Hon. Brit Hart at Washington, Pa. During the sickness and death of the entire family of six members of her employer, she largely had oversight of the quite extensive business of this grain elevator. The home of lthe Snyders is in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa.
Eli Tombaugh spent most of his life on the farm, which he inherited from his father, Matthias Tombaugh, which is located in Somerset Township, Washington County, Pa. On this farm all his children were born and raised to young manhood and womanhood. He served for a time as a Federal soldier in the Civil War.

    Jacob L. Tombaugh, son of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh, born April 3, 1840; died June 10, 1919. Married January 26, 1868, at Reading, Ill., to Sallie Jane Ostrander, born July 13, 1839; died April 9, 1930. Daughter of Joseph B., born -----, 1794; died September 28, 1863; and Rachel (Barber) Ostrander, born, 1805; died March 21, 1875. Married at Corinth, N. Y., October 28, 1822.
The ancestors came to America from Holland in 1660--of the Ostranders.
The children of Jacob L. and Sallie Jane Tombaugh were four in number. The oldest, Hilda Rachel, born January 30, 1870. Married, January 3, 1908, to Virgil Huston [Grubb], son of Joel and Savina (Payne) Grubb, and born March 3, 1847; died May 12, 1915.
The children of Hilda and Virgil Huston Grubb are Jennie M. Grubb, born March 6, 1910, and Leon M. Grubb, born January 24, 1913. Their home is at Streator, Ill.
Leon M. Tombaugh, second child of Jacob L. and Sallie Jane Tombaugh, born April 17, 1872. Married, September 16, 1901, to Luina A., daughter of George F. and Etta (Swan) Chritton, born June 26, 1877. Their home is at Streator, Ill.
The children of Leon M. and Luina A. Tombaugh are in their order:
Paul W. Tombaugh, born September 27, 1902.
Mildred Tombaugh, born January 11, 1904.
Stella Tombaugh, born July 16, 1905.
Grace Tombaugh, born December 31, 1906.
Earl Tombaugh, born October 24, 1908; died June 9, 1921.
Ruth Tombaugh, born October 4, 1910.
Hazel Tombaugh, born October 26, 1912.
Of these, Mildred Tombaugh, on January 22, 1927, was married to Hugh, son of James and Retta (Griffith) Hayward, born August 31, 1902.
Their daughter is Carol Ruth, born November 16, 1927. Their home is at Burdett, Kansas. Their son, Marion Hugh Hayward, born November 22, 1928.
Mary Lavina Tombaugh was the third child of Jacob L. and Sallie Jane Tombaugh. She was born July 6, 1875, and died November 30, 1877.
    Muron D. Tombaugh, the fourth child of Jacob L. and Sallie Jane Tombaugh, born September 6, 1880. Married, February 5, 1905, to Adella Pearl, daughter of George F. and Etta (Swan) Chritton, born August 3, 1884.
Clyde W. Tombaugh, born February 4, 1906, is the oldest child of Muron and Adella Pearl Tombaugh. Clyde W. Tombaugh is the discoverer of the ninth planet of our Solar System. As this is an historical event, certain facts not heretofore published, will be given here. About 1880, a course of lectures was given at the Christian Church at Vanceville, Washington County, Pa. One of the lecturers was a man of local note as an educator, Hon. John C. Messenger, who chose the subject of astronomy on which to lecture. The writer, then in his early twenties, was suffieiently interested in the lecture that he secured some star charts and succeeded in locating a few constellations and fixed stars. While engaged at this pastime he was visited by Leon Tombaugh, an uncle of Clyde W. Tombaugh.
    Leon Tombaugh, and the writer, for some time amused themselves with star gazing together, little dreaming that their pastime would be a factor that would eventually lead in time to the most spectacular event in astronomical circles for many years.
    Upon returning to his home in Illinois, Leon and his brother, Muron, father of Clyde, continued to study astronomy and years later imparted what they had learned of the subject to Clyde W. Tombaugh. He became fascinated with the study and to assist his efforts he built several telescopes, one of nine-inch object glass. His unusual success becoming known, he secured a position at the Lowell Observatory, at Flagstaff, Arizona.
    Many years ago Prof. Percival Lowell had predicted the discovery of a new planet and had mapped a band across the heavens wherein it would be found. To Clyde W. Tombaugh fell the task of photographing the stars within the band. After photographing the stars about half way around the zenith, along in January, 1930, he noticed a strange appearance on the photographic plate. A careful examination, and later observations, proved that it was the long sought for ninth planet. From the foremost learned bodies Clyde W. Tombaugh received congratulations for his discovery. He is the first and only American who ever found a planet.
    He is one of three men of modern times who have first seen planets: Uranus, by Herschel; Neptune, by Galley; and Pluto, the name at this writing we understand, they have given the new planet, by Tombaugh.
It is probable that all the planets, except the above three, were known when the Egyptian pyramids were built.
Clyde W. Tombaugh even more deserves the credit for the discovery of a planet than did Herschel or Galley, as Uranus can be seen at times by the naked eye, and Prof. John Galley was told by other astronemers, within a degree, where he should sight his glass to find Neptune, while Tombaugh's search was only indicated by a band extending entirely around the zenith.
The other children of Muron D. and Adella Pearl Tombaugh follow:
Esther Jane Tombaugh, born September 27, 1908.
Ray Wilson Tombaugh, born October 29, 1912.
Charles Frederich Tombaugh, born February 11, 1914.
Robert Marvin Tombaugh, born October 4, 1923.
Anita Rachel Tombaugh, born January 14, 1929.
    Muron D. Tombaugh's home is at Burdett, Kansas, where he is extensively engaged in the production of wheat.
Leon M. Tombaugh is also an agriculturist, but being in the corn belt, his principal activity centers around producing large acreages of corn. He is located on the farm formerly owned by his father, Jacob L. Tombaugh.
    Their father, Jacob L. Tombaugh, was early in life engaged in educational work, but later when he moved from Pennsylvania to Illinois, he obtained a farm and thereafter his life was devoted to farming pursuits. He was one of the pioneers of Illinois. His wife, Sallie Jane, was born near Niagara Falls, N. Y., but early in life moved to Central Illinois.
Isaac Tombaugh, son of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh, was a twin brother of Jacob L. Tombaugh, born April 3, 1840. At the death of his father he inherited the old Tombaugh homestead, upon which he passed the remainder of his life. He was never married. His death occurred September 26, 1901.
    Adam Tombaugh, born October 16, 1842; died February 12, 1919. The tenth and youngest child of Matthias and Rachel Tombaugh. His first wife was Florence Leatherman, born February 23, 1847; died June 25, 1874. On February 14, 1882, Adam Tombaugh married his second wife, Ella Shidler, born December 14, 1861; died August 4, 1890.
The oldest child of Adam and Ella Tombaugh was Charles Dee Tombaugh, born January 8, 1883; died December 12, 1904.
Also Harry Tombaugh, son of Adam and Ella Tombaugh, died young, he being born January 1, 1890, and dying November 3, 1890.
    Rachel Tombaugh, born March 20, 1884, daughter of Adam and Ella Tombaugh, was married to L. Berch Bone, September 14, 1904. To this union was born one child, Mildred Rachel Bone, December 21, 1907. A teacher in East St. Louis, Ill.
Adam Tombaugh had the advantage of a liberal education. In early life he visited the Pacific coast. After his return to Pennsylvania he engaged in different lines of work. Sometime after his second marriage, he moved to Southern Illinois, where he engaged in buying and selling grain. While here he suffered a stroke of apoplexy, which disabled him for the remainder of his life.



    George Tombaugh, fifth child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh, born October 28, 1796; died June 19, 1880. He was married October 2, 1817, to his first wife, Susanna Myers, born November 18, 1796; died October 14, 1850.
The tract of land on which George Tombaugh made his home, while living in Pennsylvania, and which he inherited from his father, George Tombaugh, Sr., is located on the National Road, about one and a half miles west of Scenery Hill, Pa. On this land on the National Road, is a large brick house, which George Tombaugh used as a hotel, in the days when the National Road was the great artery between the East and the developing West. From the east over this road came the emigrants from the Eastern states and Europe to establish their homes in the Middle West.
    From the West came great herds of livestock, driven principally from Kentucky and Ohio to the Eastern markets. Interspersed among these were the regular lines of stage coaches for the passenger traffic. Also numbers of great Conestoga wagons for carrying freight. After living some years at this place, George Tombaugh moved to Indiana, beginning the journey March 2, 1837, in one of the above mentioned Conestoga wagons.
In Indiana he obtained a large body of land and established the home where he passed the remainder of his life.
His first wife, Susanna Myers, belonged to a family, large numbers of whom are understood to be living in Washington County, Pa., at the present time.
    There were ten children by this marriage, whose names are given in George Tombaugh's Bible record, as copied in this volume:
George Tombaugh, on March 6, 1851, married Elizabeth, daughter of David and Susannah Thomas. She was the widow of Johnathan Swihart, and died February 15, 1878, aged 66 years, 1 month and 5 days.
To this union were born two children, Hezekiah and Rebecca, further particulars of whose lives are found elsewhere herein.
Below is given the family registry of George Tombaugh, fifth child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh, in its entirety, as entered by him in the Bible record.

George Tombaugh - Bible Records

1. George Tombaugh was born October 28, in the year of our Lord, 1796.
2. Susannah Myers was born November 18, in the year of our Lord, 1796.
3. George Tombaugh and Susannah Myers were married October the 2nd, in the year of our Lord, 1817, by the Rev. William Matthias Lewis.
4. George Tombaugh and Susannah, his wife, were received in the Brethren Church by baptism, in the County of Washington, State of Pennsylvania, in June, A. D. 1834, by Jacob Garner.
5. George Tombaugh and family started to move from Pennsylvania to Indiana on the 2nd Thursday of March, 1837.
6. Lucinday Tombaugh was born the 22nd of November, 1818.
7. Hannah Tombaugh was born on Wednesday, the 15th day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1820, and departed this life on Wednesday, the 27th of December, 1820.
8. Elizabeth Tombaugh was born on Tuesday, the 9th of April, in the year of our Lord, 1822.
9. Isaiah Tombaugh was born on Tuesday, the 11th day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1824.
10. Levi Tombaugh was born on Friday, the 7th day of July, in the year of our Lord, 1826.
11. Aron Tombaugh was born on Friday, the 14th of November, in the year of our Lord, 1828.
12. Maryanne Tombaugh was born on Sunday, the 3rd day of April, in the year of our Lord, 1831.
13. Susannah Tombaugh was born on Sunday, the 9th day of February, 1834.
14. George W. Tombaugh, Jr., was born on Sunday, the 24th day of December, 1837.
15. Jacob M. Tombaugh was born on Thursday, the 7th day of May, in the year of our Lord, 1840, and departed this life the 7th day of April, 1841.
16. Susannah Tombaugh, wife of George Tombaugh, Sr., departed this life October the 14th, 1850, at 10 o'clock A. M., after living in wedlock for the space of 33 years, 11 days and 13 hours.
17. George Tombaugh, Sr., was married to Elizabeth Swihart, consort of Johnathan Swihart, who was the daughter of David and Susannah Thomas, on the 6th day of March, in the year of our Lord, 1851, by the Bro. George Brower.
18. Hezekiah Tombaugh was born on Thursday, the 16th day of June, in the year of our Lord, 1853.
19. Rebecca Tombaugh was born on Monday, the 18th of February, A. D. 1856, and departed this life, October the 21st, 1861.
20. Elizabeth, wife of George Tombaugh, Sr., died February 15, 1878, aged 66 years, 1 month and 5 days.
(This record is continued by another hand with):
21. George Tombaugh, Sr., died June 19, 1880, aged 83 years, 1 month and 21 days.
22. Hezekiah Tombaugh and Hannah Speck were married February 21st, 1884.

    Lucinda Tombaugh, born November 22, 1818; died January 15, 1912. Oldest child of George and Susanna Tombaugh, on Thursday, the 12th of February, 1836, married William Gidley, died January 3, 1888. Their oldest child was Hannah Gidley, born August 9, 1842.
    Hannah Gidley, oldest child of Lucinda and William Gidley, married Caleb Lockridge. The history of their family follows:
Their oldest child, Alice M. Lockridge, born October 23, 1862, on November 30, 1877, married George W. Croft. Their home was in Madison County, Iowa, where Mr. Croft was in the furniture business until his death.
Blanche Croft, born in Wabash County, Ind., April 29, 1880. A high school graduate and engaged in teaching for three years. At the age of twenty-one she married John Wheeler. Her death occurred at the age of twenty-two.
Nona Croft, born in Wabash County, Indiana, on March 15, 1883. Second child of Alice and George Croft. She was engaged in educational work for six years, but now conducts a needlework shop.
    Cora Croft, born in Wabash County, Indiana, on August 10, 1886, married Frank L. Jones, realtor, at the age of twenty-one years. Her home is at DesMoines, Iowa. She is the third child of Alice and George Croft.
Russell E. Croft, born in Madison County, Iowa, January 26, 1890. Married in 1913 and has two sons, aged 13 years, and 18 months, respectively. A licensed embalmer, but because of formaldehyde poisoning, quit that work to engage in the furniture trade. He is the fourth child of Alice and George Croft.
    Raymond H. Croft, born December 15, 1892. Fifth child of Alice and George Croft. Married and has one daughter, aged 9 years. His work was accounting. He served both on the Mexican border and in the World War. His home is at Miami, Fla.
Hubert L. Croft, born March 28, 1897; died June 12, 1927. Sixth child of Alice and George Croft. Was married and has three children. He was a druggist by profession. Served throughout the World War. Also was in the Army of Occupation in Germany for seven months. His death resulted from being gassed in action.
George Albert Croft and Alice Pauline Croft, twin children of Alice and George Croft, born November 27, 1899. Alice Pauline Croft dying in infancy. George Albert Croft attended college for four years and is the editor of a daily newspaper in Creston, Iowa. Married in 1923.
    Frank C. Croft, born August 4, 1903. Youngest son of Alice and George Croft. After attending college a year, received an appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md.
Raymond H., Hubert L., George Albert and Frank C. Croft, were all born in Madison County, Iowa.
The second child of Hannah (Gidley) and Caleb Lockridge, was Cora Elizabeth Lockridge, born July 25, 1864, at Stockdale, Miami County, Ind. Was married February 22, 1885, to Noah Wiles, at Roann, Ind. To this lmarriage was born one son, Bruce Lockridge Wiles, born July 5, 1898, at Roann, Ind.
    The third child of Hannah (Gidley) and Caleb Lockridge, was Lieulla Ann Lockridge, born March 22, 1866, at Stockdale, Miami County, Ind. On October 22, 1884, she married Albert W. Montgomery, born September 17, 1859, at Rochester, Ind.
    Their oldest child is Edna Eleanor [Montgomery], born September 30, 1886, married to Harry Badger, on September 14, 1911. He was from Indianapolis, Ind.
    The second child of Lieulla (Lockridge) and Albert Montgomery, is Vernice A., born October 29, 1888, at Akron, Ind. Married, November 11, 1908, to Joseph Huber, of Peru, Ind. To them one child has been born, Joseph, Jr., born January 1, 1915.
    The third child of Lieulla (Lockridge) and Albert Montgomery, is Helen Louise, born September 14, 1889, at Roann, Ind. On October 2, 1916, she married William A. Cost, of Indianapolis, Ind. Their son, Robert Albert Cost, was born April 23, 1905, at Peru, Ind.
    The fourth child of Hannah (Gidley) and Caleb Lockridge, was Lou Lockridge, born December 17, 1870. Her husband, J. E. Ross, was born July 12, 1870.
Below are given the dates of birth and marriage of the children of Lou (Lockridge) and J. E. Ross:
Arden Harold Ross, born May 21, 1892.
Donald Cable Ross, born March 3, 1894.
Dorothy Louise Ross, born June 25, 1897.
Frederick Kenneth Ross, born June 1, 1905.
Richard Jack Ross, born April 13, 1909.
Maxine Lucille Ross, born November 2, 1910.
Arden Ross and Flossie Mossier, married April 4, 1915.
Ray Sampson and Sybil Ross, married October 4, 1915.
Stanley Hipskind and Dorothy Ross, married June 15, 1919.
Donald Ross and Pauline Beck, Married June 26, 1927.

    The second child of Lucinda and William Gidley, was Aram Tombaugh Gidley. What is known of him and his family is contained in the following obituary:

    Aram Tombaugh Gidley, was born in Miami County, Ind., on the 11th day of June, 1844; died March 5, 1923. He was next to the oldest of seven children, only two surviving. Mr. Gidley was united in marriage to Emma Shively, in 1870. To this union were born three children: Daisy, Enid and Ralph. The mother passed away May 28, 1892. He was united in marriage to Jennie Huffman in 1896, and to this union one son, Wayne, was born in 1898. The mother passed away August 5, 1914. The following relatives survive: Two daughters, Mrs. Daisy Smith and Mrs. Enid Marrett; two sons, Ralph and Wayne.

    Aram Tombaugh Gidley, besides other positions of trust, was County Commissioner of Miami County, Ind., for two terms.
Emiline Gidley, born April 19, 1846; died January 20, 1861.
Maryann Gidley, born August 19, 1850; died October 22, 1862.
William Asro Gidley, born May 29, 1852.
    The above three children of Lucinda and William Gidley, are in their order the third, fourth and fifth.
The sixth child of Lucinda and William Gidley, was Luisa Gidley, born June 19, 1854. She was married to R. J. Brower, who died in 1889. Three children were born to them, the two older of whom are living in Tennessee.
The seventh child of Lucinda and William Gidley, was Elizabeth Gidley, born November 5, 1857; died September 25, 1862.

    Elizabeth Tombaugh, born April 9, 1822, the third child of George and Susanna Tombaugh, who married Peter Ihrig. He was among those who were in the gold rush to California in 1849.
Returning to Indiana, after three years, he and his family moved to Hickory, Mo., and later to Southern Missouri. From Missouri this family moved to Arkansas, remaining there for a short time and then went to the Coos County region of Oregon, where Peter Ihrig died about 1886, aged near 68 years.
    His wife, Elizabeth Tombaugh, died in Fruitdale, Alabama, about 1895, aged near 73 years. Ten children in this family. Their names follow: Clementine Frederich, Valentine Ihrig, John B. Ihrig, Susan Besheevs, George Ihrig, Joel lIhrig, Elizabeth McCrackeb, Nancy J. Allen, Mary A. Eckes, and Frank Ihrig. The first named of these, Clementine, married Joseph Frederich. There are children in this family, but their names have not been obtained.
Valentine Ihrig was a twin brother of Clementine Frederich.
    John B. Ihrig, son of Elizabeth Tombaugh and Peter Ihrig, born, 1843. Married Mary Condley, born 1846; died, December 12, 1909. Daughter of Elisha T. and Elizabeth (Beck) Condley. Ten children in this family.
The oldest child of John B. and Mary Ihrig, was Fannie, who married Homer Noland. One child was born to them named     Florence and who is married.
    Mollie C., daughter of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married W. W. Graves, who died in 1913.
To Mollie C. Ihrig and W. W. Graves, were born three children, Jessie Bliss, whose son, W. H. Bliss, is 18 years old in 1928.
    Grace Robertson, the second child of Mollie C. and W. W. Graves, has two sons, Billie Graves Robertson, 11 years, April 12, 1928, and Robert Montie Robertson, three years, September 11, 1928.
Genevieve Robertson, third child of Mollie C. and W. W. Graves, has one daughter, at near nine years old, in 1928.
John T. Ihrig, a son of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Gratia Holmes.
Benton M. Ihrig, a son of John B. and Mary Ihrig, lives in Los Angeles, Cal., and has six children who are named Olive, Nadine, Waverly, Basil, Avis and Zonah.
    Luther Ihrig, a son of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Minnie Dent. Three children in this family.
One daughter, Bernice [Ihrig] Hartnett, has a son, Myron [Hartnett], about four years, in 1928.
The son of Luther and Minnie Ihrig, is Wendell Ihrig, who is married and is a school superintendent. The other daughter of Luther and Minnie Ihrig is Mavita Ihrig, a high school teacher.

    Ada, daughter of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Monroe Thompson. Their children are, Briel, Margie, Cecil and Earl. The second husband of Ada Ihrig is E. C. Raguse. Briel Thompson died in the navy in the World War.
Homer Ihrig, son of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Esther Krigler.
Anna Lane (married), Lillian, Mary, Genevieve, Cathleen, are the children of Homer and Esther Ihrig.
Herman Ihrig married Cora Selby and to them four children were born. Herman Ihrig is a son of John B. and Mary Ihrig.
Hattie Ihrig, daughter of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Fred C. White. One daughter, Jewel.
Briel Ihrig, son of John B. and Mary Ihrig, married Pearl Goodman. One daughter, Angel Pearl. Briel Ihrig is superintendent of schools at LaMonte, Mo.
    Susan, daughter of Elizabeth (Tombaugh) and Peter Ihrig, married John M. Besheers. The seven children of Susan and John M. Besheers are George N., Elizabeth, Fannie Fleming (married), Alice, Burr, Egny and Manor.
George Ihrig, a son of Elizabeth (Tombaugh) and Peter Ihrig, married Jane Besheers. To them were born five children whose names follow: Benton, Peter, Cinthia, Nosnea, Nimma and Elizabeth.
As the Ihrig family are widely scattered, we have failed to learn of the families of Joel, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary or Frank Ihrig.

    Isaiah Tombaugh, born May 11, 1824, the fourth son of George and Susanna Tombaugh, married Jane Antrim.
Jonas A. Tombaugh, of Kansas City, Kan., is a son of Isaiah and Jane Tombaugh. He married Mary K. Simon. The names of the children of Jonas A. and Mary K. Tombaugh follow, beginning with the oldest:
Albert L. Tombaugh married Loma Harenn. His occupation is farming.
Matilda J. Tombaugh married Edward Parks, a merchant.
Leander A. Tombaugh married Irene Walker. Engaged in farming.
Mary M. Tombaugh married Hayes L. Walker, a minister of the United Brethren Church.
Martin S. Tombaugh married Laura Morehead. Occupation farming.
Clarence W. Tombaugh married Louise V. Jenkins. He served in the Marines in the World War and is a painter by occupation.
Simon J. Tombaugh married Marie Farmer. He is an electrical engineer.
Bertha E. Tombaugh married Joseph Graves, who is a mechanic.
Violet K. Tombaugh married Elmer N. Debus, a retail clerk by occupation.
Frances Tombaugh, born April 17, 1850, daughter of Isaiah and Jane Tombaugh. Married Benjamin Franklin Deardorff. The oldest child of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff was Catherine Jane Deardorff, who married Oscar Baldwin. To them were born four children:
Jacob Franklin Baldwin, whose children were Arthur, Elmer and Charles.
Zona Baldwin married Pearl Furguson. Their children are named Charles, Fern and Chester [Furguson].
Hazel Lavina Baldwin married Homer Metcalf. One daughter, Velda.
Charles Baldwin married Ruby Metcalf. They have two children, Richard and Geraldine Fay.

    George C. Deardorff, son of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff; wife Mertie Deardorff. Their son, Noble Deardorff. His wife's Christian name, Ethel. Their children's names are Marion, Thelma and Stanley.
Irwin Deardorff, son of George C. and Mertie Deardorff. His wife, Mabel. Their child, Ronald.
Kenneth and Mildred Deardorff, children of George C. and Mertie Deardorff, are at home.
Rosella, daughter of Frances and Benjamin Deardorff, married Albert Weller. Three children. Their son, Russell Weller. His wife's name, Maud.
    Lloyd Weller. Wife, Roah. Children, Robert and Richard.
Vera, daughter of Rosella and Albert Weller, married Archie Garham. Their three children are Russell, Retha and Harold.
Martha Ann, daughter of Frances and Benjamin Deardorff, married Ed Huffman and have two children.
Pearl Huffman married Wm. Thompson. Children in family, Kenneth, Lloyd, Dale, Charles, Raymond and Ronald.
Galen Huffman is a son of Martha Ann and Ed Huffman.
Mary Alice, daughter of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff, married John Peters. Four children.
Benjamin Peters, son of Mary Alice and John Peters. Wife, Helen. Daughter, Dacia.
Chester Peters. Wife, Edith.
Modest Peters. Wife, Mamie, deceased.
Dorothy Peters. Single.
    William A. Deardorff, son of Frances and Benjamin Deardorff. Wife, Maud. Children, Cletus, Della, Frances and Junior.
Four children in the William A. Deardorff family, John Ebert Deardorff (deceased). His widow, Ollie. Four children. John Ebert Deardorff is a son of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff.
The names in this family are, L. D. Deardorff. Wife, Vera; and Reta, Velda and Ralph, children.
Charles Franklin Deardorff (deceased). His widow, Elsie. Son of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff.
Noble Earl Deardorff, son of Frances and Benjamin Deardorff. Wife, Rena; and four daughters named Evelyn, Genevieve, Pauline and Earline.
Dollie Marie, daughter of Frances and Benjamin F. Deardorff, married Galen Lea Vell. An adopted daughter, named Evelyn.

    Amanda Tombaugh, daughter of Isaiah and Jane Tombaugh, married John Bowman. A daughter, Anna Jane, died in infancy.
John H. Bowman, of Portland, Ore., son of Amanda and John Bowman. His wife's first name, Maggie. To them were born eight children:
First. C. W. Bowman, Portland, Ore. His children are, Betty Jane and Bonita Jean.
Second. N. B. Bowman, Portland, Ore. N. B. Bowman's child is Werley Bowman.
Third. Greta (Bowman) Lang, Portland, Ore. Their child is named Bobby.
Fourth. John E. Bowman, Imperial, Cal.
Fifth. Miss Grace E. Bowman, Klamath Falls, Ore.
Sixth. Wallace C. Bowman, Portland, Ore.
Seventh. Roy S. Bowman, Imperial, Cal.
Eighth. Wayne Bowman, Portland, Ore.
    Mary Elizabeth Bowman, daughter of Amanda and John Bowman married David Kenney, of Towner, N. D. The children of Mary Elizabeth and David Kenney are Earl, Ethel, Robert, Rachel and Dorothy.
Dora Bowman, daughter of Amanda and John Bowman, married Bob Roberts, of R. D. 3, Almena, Kansas. Their children's names follow: Ralph, Nelva, Vernon, Elizabeth, Lela, Johnnie (deceased), Faye and Verl.
William Bowman, son of Amanda and John Bowman. His wife's first name, Susie. Their son, Edward, died in infancy.
Dilla Bowman, daughter of Amanda and John Bowman, married James Clem. Their daughter, Blanche, died in 1926.
Charles Bowman is a son of Amanda and John Bowman.
    Maude Bowman, daughter of Amanda and John Bowman, married Charles Wisely. They live in Medford, Ore. Their children are, Cecil, Edna, Clara, Genevieve (died in infancy), and Gordon.
Ora, daughter of Amanda and John Bowman, married Alfred Walker. Their home is at Inglewood, Cal.
Ollie Bowman and Ida Bowman are children of Amanda and John Bowman.

    Lavina F. Tombaugh, born March 8, 1857; died November 1, 1928. On January 21, 1886, she married John J. Oliver. She is a daughter of Isaiah and Jane Tombaugh.
    Mary J., born July 15, 1888, daughter of Lavina and John Oliver, is a teacher at Nampa, Idaho.
    Martha E., born September 15, 1890, daughter of Lavina and John Oliver, married, June 2, 1916, to Ammon Swope. (Address, Lafayette, Ind.) Their children are Ammon, Jr. and Bonnie Maria.
    Elmer John, born May 2, 1896, son of Lavina and John Oliver. Married, April 2, 1917, to Olga Nelson. Four children born to Elmer John and Olga Oliver: Lillian, Bernice, Romaine and Bobby John, (address, Hazleton, Idaho).
Lavina (Tombaugh) Oliver taught school for a number of terms. Their home was at Lafayette, Ind.

    Levi Tombaugh, born July 7, 1826; died, December 9, 1849; the fifth child of George and Susanna Tombaugh. He married Margaret Strayer, and to them were born two sons, Aaron and Levi, Jr.
Levi Tombaugh, Jr., son of Levi and Margaret Tombaugh, went to a Western State and was a very successful sheep farmer. He was killed in an accident with a runaway team.
Aaron Tombaugh, son of Levi and Margaret Tombaugh, died not many years before this was written. He lived in Indiana.
Aaron Tombaugh had two children. His son was John Tombaugh. John Tombaugh was killed in an automobile accident about September 1, 1928. His wife, Ida, was somewhat injured at the same time. This couple have a daughter, Ruth, who is married and has two sons.
    The daughter of Aaron Tombaugh is Maggie (Tombaugh) Adamson, and she and her husband, Samuel Adamson, live near Peru, Ind.

    The sixth child of George and Susanna (Myers) Tombaugh, was Aaron Tombaugh, born November 14, 1828; died February 17, 1875. On April 1, 1849, Aaron Tombaugh married Sarah Antrim, died June 6, 1912.
The oldest child born to this couple was Martha Jane, born March 12, 1853; died September, 1859.
The second child of Aaron and Sarah Tombaugh is George Tombaugh, born January 13, 1855, who on August 30, 1879, married Annie Jane Rauck, died February 26, 1924.
    The oldest child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh was Maude Etta, born January 4, 1881; died June 23, 1914. She was married to Warren Britt [Butt] on September 13, 1903. Their child, Berdon W. Britt [Butt], was born November 13, 1908.
    The second child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh was Tacy May, born October 8, 1882, and married to Elias E. Hedrick, August 15, 1906. Elias E. Hedrick died in February, 1914, and Tacy May (Tombaugh) Hedrick on March 6, 1920, married Simon P. Neher.
    The third child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh is Noble Nolt [Nott], born October 26, 1884. Noble N. Tombaugh and Ina Conn were married September 22, 1909.
The fourth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh was Oza [Iza] Ethel, born October 18, 1886; died October 8, 1918.
Leroy Edwin Tombaugh, born November 8, 1888, is the fifth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh.
The sixth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh is Jessie Edith, born October 6, 1890.
The seventh child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh, is Gordon W., born November 26, 1892. On December 25, 1917, he married Golda Bunnell.
    Ruth Elsie, born February 11, 1895, is the eighth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh. Ruth Elsie Tombaugh, on August 9, 1922, married Floyd D. Durnbaugh. There are two children born to this union: Richard Eugene Durnbaugh, born July 22, 1926; Donald Floyd Durnbaugh, born November 16, 1927.
The ninth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh was Paul Earl, born June 11, 1897. On November 25, 1926, he married Vesta Goodwin. Paul Earl Tombaugh graduated from West Point and was stationed at Honolulu, Hawaii, and other points in the U. S. Army. Since resigning from the army he has graduated in law.
    The tenth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh is Harold Glen, born in 1899. On the date of the 200 anniversary reunion of the Tombaughs in Pennsylvania, Harold Glen Tombaugh was married to Louella Lawrence, August 18, 1928.
Bruce Devon, born February 26, 1902, died August 27, 1921; was the eleventh child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh.
The twelfth child of George C. and Annie Tombaugh is Donald Wayne, born July 2, 1906.
George C. Tombaugh is road commissioner of the county roads in Perry Township of his county in Indiana.

    The third child of Aaron and Sarah Tombaugh was Eva Ellen Tombaugh, born April 17, 1857; died August, 1859.
The fourth child of Aaron and Sarah Tombaugh was Mary Etta Tombaugh, born July 12, 1859. She married Oscar B. Baugh, April 10, 1904.
    The fifth child of Aaron and Sarah Tombaugh is Elsie Lucinda Tombaugh, born July 12, 1862, and married on November 18, 1899, to Charles McDaniel. To them one son was born, Josiah William McDaniel, born July 14, 1905.
The sixth child of Aaron and Sarah Tombaugh is Elizabeth Tombaugh, born February 18, 1864. On December 23, 1882, she married Lewis Murphy. Their son is Charles Alvin Murphy.

(The data for the history of the Aaron Tombaugh family was supplied by Edith Tombaugh, Roann, Indiana).

    Maryanne Tombaugh, born April 3, 1831, seventh child of George and Susannah Tombaugh, married William Eakright. The names of their children that are remembered, are John, Hosea, George, Sarah, Emma and Harrison Eakright. All childlren of this family died young, except the first three named. Tom Eakright was a Civil War veteran.
The oldest son in this family was John Eakright, born September 3, 1854; died March 23, 1902. On June 20, 1880, he married Icie Ella Prewitt, near Morrillton, Ark. She was born in Pickens County, Ala., her father being a Union Civil War veteran. After their marriage they moved to Indiana and in the spring of 1907 came in quest of land with a colony of immigrants to Cando, N. D. Ten children were born in this family. The oldest dying in infancy.
    The oldest living child of John and Icie Eakright is Emma Viola Brittain. Her husband, S. E. Brittain, is a former machine man and salesman but is now employed in a Kresge chain store in Fargo, N. D.
Elizabeth Ann, daughter of John and Icie Eakright, married, first, Aurora T. Keeney. Her second husband is John Brinkman. They live in Chicago and operate a second-hand store.
    Elba Victoria, daughter of John and Icie Eakright, married Lewis Lipp. He is a mason and their home is in Cando, N. D.
Charles Luther Eakright, son of John and Icie Eakright, lives in Yakima, Wash. He was a volunteer in the World War. He is an employee of a grocery company.
    Merle Ross Eakright, a son of John and Icie Eakright, has his home in Yakima, Wash., and is printer by trade.
Martha Maud Etta, daughter of John and Icie Eakright, married Miles Fuller, and lives in Yakima, Wash.
Shirley Mable, daughter of John and Icie Eakright, married as her first husband, Russell Bessire. Her second husband is Anton Hang. They live at Hoople, N. D., and have a lovely farm home.
    Dee Eakright, son of John and Icie Eakright, married Alice Samuelson. He is employed by the Chrysler people as salesman and lives in Montana.
Glenn Eakright, son of John and Icie Eakright, is a druggist, living in Chicago, Ill.

(The facts about the Maryanne (Tombaugh) Eakright family have been obtained by Emma Viola Brittain).

    George Washington Tombaugh, ninth child of George and Susanna Tombaugh, born December 24, 1837; died January 31, 1922. Married, October 27, 1861, to Elizabeth Ann Deardorff, born July 1, 1840; died April 15, 1905. The registry of their children follows:
Sarah Catherine Tombaugh, born December 17, 1863.
John Henry Tombaugh, born January 12, 1865; died October 3, 1881.
Jacob Lewis Tombaugh, born May 28, 1867.
Mary Ann Tombaugh, born January 11, 1871.
Emma Jane Tombaugh, born September 10, 1874; died March 18, 1883.
Laura Etta Tombaugh, born January 6, 1877; died February 17, 1877.
Lenora Elizabeth Tombaugh, born April 14, 1884; died August 13, 1910.
The oldest child of George W. and Elizabeth A. Tombaugh, Sarah Catherine, on January 11, 1891, married Ira Seitner, born March 15, 1863.
Their children are: Nora Elizabeth Seitner, born October 16, 1894; Mary Edith Seitner, born May 24, 1898; died June 9, 1898; Cora Rebakah Seitner, born December 22, 1899.
Jacob Lewis Tombaugh, son of George W. and Elizabeth A. Tombaugh, on March 6, 1892, married Elizabeth Whitmyre, born February 4, 1872; died May 12, 1926.
Jacob L. and Elizabeth Tombaugh's oldest child was Bertha Elreno Tombaugh, born November 18, 1894, and on March 5, 1921, married David A. Yarian, born October 7, 1893. Their child, Robert Lewis Yarian, born July 10, 1923; died July 10, 1923.

    George Henry Tombaugh, second child of Jacob L. and Elizabeth Tombaugh, born August 7, 1907. On December 10, 1927, he married Florence M. Craft, born November 13, 1907.
Mary Ann Tombaugh, daughter of George W. and Elizabeth Tombaugh, on March 12, 1893, married Joseph Heeter, born October 23, 1867; died September 26, 1930.
Their children are as follows: Tressie Mable Heeter, born December 4, 1894; Clarence Calvin Heeter, born August 13, 1896; died January 9, 1898; Ira Victor Heeter, born August 15, 1898; died May 3, 1923; George Uriah Heeter, born June 4, 1905.
    Lowell Emmert Heeter, born November 18, 1912; died January 28, 1913.
Tressie M. Heeter, daughter of Mary Ann and Joseph Heeter, on September 4, 1920, married Ralph Warren Hoffman, born April 19, 1895. Their daughter, Marian Ada Hoffman, was born March 10, 1923.

    George W. Tombaugh, son of George and Susanna Tombaugh, on November 13, 1905, was married to his second wife, Eliza Baker.
    Hezekiah Tombaugh, born June 16, 1853, oldest son of George and Elizabeth (Thomas) Tombaugh, on February 21, 1883, married Hannah Speck.
Their son, George E. Tombaugh, born November 21, 1884; died December 13, 1929; married Josephine Hurst, March 10, 1909. To this union three children were born: Wayne H., born March 4, 1910; Gerald H., born August 5, 1911, and Robert Lincoln, born October 30, 1915.
Mrs. Josephine Tombaugh died March 5, 1918.
Jesse Lawrence Tombaugh, son of Hezekiah and Hannah Tombaugh, married Garnett Carver [Garnet Carvey], April 20, 1912. Their son, Wendell C. Tombaugh, was born January 15, 1915. Jesse L. Tombaugh is superintendent of Culver City [Culver], Ind. schools.
Goldie Tombaugh is the daughter of Hezekiah and Hannah Tombaugh. She is a stenographer in the office of the mayor [Major] at the Military Academy at Culver City [Culver], Ind.

(The compiler of this work is largely indebted to the late George E. Tombaugh for his assistance in obtaining the material for the history of the Indiana George Tombaugh's group of families).



    Solomon Tombaugh, fourth generation, the sixth child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh, born August 12, 1798. His first wise was Catherine Horn. The history of this family prepared by S. F. Tombaugh, a great-grandson of Solomon Tombaugh, Sr., follows in the form of a letter addressed to the chief compiler of this work:

    "Mr. Reno G. Tombaugh, Dear Sir:--In reply to your request for information regarding our family, I offer the following: About 100 years ago, my great-grandfather, Solomon Tombaugh, brother of Matthias Tombaugh, who lived in Pennsylvania, decided to locate in Ohio. He loaded his wife and son, Solomon Tombaugh, Jr., who was then about eight or nine years of age, in a bobsled and crossed the Ohio River at Steubenville, Ohio, on the ice. They came on up into the State and located on some land about seven miles east of Canton, and about two miles northwest of Louisville, Ohio. A few years after they located there, Solomon Tombaugh, Sr., lost his wife, and a few years later he remarried.
    My grandfather, Solomon Tombaugh, was the only child of the first union. There were two sons born to the second union, their names were Conrad and Matthias, and they were step-brothers of my grandfather. I am unable to get any definite location of these two boys, but the supposition of my relatives here is that neither of them were ever married and both died young. Their father, Solomon Tombaugh, Sr., died at about the age of 50 and was buried on the farm where he located. When my grandfather, Solomon Tombaugh, Jr., was about 14 years of age, he left home and went to Millersburg, Ohio, where he spent seven years learning his trade in a woolen mill, owned by Peter Wise. He became an expert in this line of work and could take the wool from the sheep and turn it into the finest kind of broadcloth. He spent several years traveling from one woolen mill to another, in this part of the state, grinding cards and installing machinery in these mills.
His route included Millersburg, Wooster, Linesville, Salem, Lisbon, Westville, etc. While working at the mill at Linesville, Ohio, owned by an uncle of my father, by the name of Hoover, he met Margaret Ann Angus, to whom he was married on February 10, 1841. To this union were born three children, as follows:
Elizabeth Ann Tombaugh, born November 9, 1843.
R. H. Tombaugh (my father), born March 2, 1846.
Esther Ann Tombaugh, born June 30, 1848.
    Elizabeth Ann Tombaugh was married to Alexander Bushong and died April 26, 1870, without leaving any children.
Richard H. Tombaugh (my father), was married October 18, 1867, to Alcinda P. Bech. Father is 82 years old and is now living at Retsil, Washington. He served in the Civil War in the 26th Ohio Independent Battery, and in Co. F of the 32d Ohio V. V. Infantry. My mother died April 29, 1921. The following children were born to this union:
Julia A. Tombaugh, born September 30, 1870. She was married October 28, 1890, to T. F. McAbee. They live in Seattle, Washington.
    Solomon F. Tombaugh (the writer), born July 1, 1877; was married December 26, 1904, to Agnes S. Starkey. He now lives in Canton, Ohio.
    Margaret E. Tombaugh, born May 10, 1881; was married June 27, 1901, to John L. Bryan. She died February 23, 1906, leaving no children.
    Elizabeth A. Tombaugh, born June 1, 1883, married June 18, 1903, to Earl J. G. Lovett, now living in Cleveland, Ohio.
    Catherine Inez Tombaugh, born June 5, 1889, was married July 27, 1912, to Emmett E. Belknap; now lives at Bolivar, Ohio.
    The following are the grandchildren of Richard H. Tombaugh:
John R. Tombaugh, born December 27, 1905, son of S. F. Tombaugh; married August 19, 1930, to Mary Lou Scranton, of Alliance, Ohio; now a student of Harvard University.
Etta E. Lovett, born October 20, 1908, daughter of Earl J. G. Lovett; now lives in Cleveland, Ohio.
Dorothy E. Belknap, born September 11, 1918. Paul A. Belknap, born September 13, 1916. Son and daughter of Emmet E. Belknap, Boliver, Ohio.
Following are the children of T. F. McAbee, Seattle, Washington:
Euna M. McAbee, born March 10, 1896.
John H. McAbee, born September 12, 1901.
Elizabeth E. McAbee, born November 27, 1903. She is married and has two children.
Frank R. McAbee, born December 12, 1905; married and has one child.

    Esther Ann Tombaugh, the third child of Solomon Tombaugh and Margaret Angus, was married to J. D. Woodworth, in 1866; died November 14, 1929. She has 18 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.
To this union of Esther Ann Tombaugh and J. D. Woodworth, were born the following children:
Lizzie Viola [Woodworth], in 1867.
Mary Elno r [Woodworth], in 1870.
Ada Martha [Woodworth], in 1873.
Hannah May [Woodworth], in 1875.
Clara Margaret [Woodworth], in 1879.
Esther Arwilla [Woodworth], in 1881.

    Lizzie Woodworth, the oldest daughter, was married to Harry McKinsie, May 14, 1884, and they have had four children, as follows:
Ethel Esther [McKinsie], born 1885; married to Truman Jones, in 1901, and they in turn have three children.
The next child, Carl Charles [McKinsie], was born in 1889, and married to Colette Engert, in September, 1911. They have had two children and now live in Gulf Port, Florida.
Mary Margaret [McKinsie], the next child, was married to Fred D. Copel, in June, 1912. They have had two children and now live in Salem, Ohio.
The next child of Lizzie McKinsie was Russell Richard [McKinsie], born 1897, and married to Frances Marrow, in 1918. They now live in Sebring, Ohio, and have no children.
The next child of Esther Ann Woodworth, was Mary Elnor, who was married in 1886 to Edward Wacksmith and now lives in Salem, Ohio. They have seven children, as follows:
Vera Esther [Wacksmith], born in 1887.
Fred Daniel [Wacksmith], born in 1889.
Carl Edward [Wacksmith], born in 1893.
Elizabeth W. [Wacksmith], born in 1896.
Ada H. [Wacksmith] and her twin sister, Anna C. [Wacksmith], born in 1899.
Lee Arus [Wacksmith], born in 1906.
These children are nearly all married, as follows:
Vera Esther [Wacksmith], married William Karnsburg, in 1903, and have four children, as follows:
Fred W.[Karnsburg], born in 1904.
Elnor O. [Karnsburg], born in 1907.
Maria Esther [Karnsburg], born in 1909.
Ralph [Karnsburg], born in 1915.
Of the above children, Elnor [Karnsburg]was married to Carl Wetzel, in 1925, and they have one child, born in 1927. This family lives in Marwood, Pa.
The next child, Fred [Wacksmith], was married to Pearl Marlin, in 1920, and now lives in Sanford, Texas.
The next child, Carl [Wacksmith, was married to Ruth Warrick, in 1926, and also lives in Sanford, Texas.
The next child, Elizabeth [Wacksmith], was married to Perry Hillard, in 1916, and died in 1917, leaving no children.
The next child, Ada H. [Wacksmith], was married in 1915, to Ralph Walker, and they have four children, as follows: Mary Ada, born in 1916; Ralph Oral, born in 1918; Lloyd James, born in 1920, and Norma May, born in 1922. This family lives at Salem, Ohio.
Her twin sister, Anna C. [Wacksmith], was married to Floyd LaFever, in 1915, and they have two children, James Edward, born in 1917, and Ronald Leverne, born in 1927. This family lives in Saxonberg, Pa.
The last child of Mary Woodworth and Edward Wacksmith, is Lee Arus, who was married to Opal Oesch, in 1926, and lives in Salem, Ohio. They have no children.
The next child of Esther and J. D. Woodworth, was Ada Martha, who was married to Benjamin Sheen, in 1894. They have one son, Glenn J. Sheen, who is married and lives in Toronto, Canada.
The next child of Esther and J. D. Woodworth, was Hannah May, who was married to Fred Penfield, in 1895. They had four children, as follows: Roy Ernest, born in 1897. Donald J., born in 1899. He is married and lives in Augusta, Ga. Earl F., born in 1900. Esther V., born in 1902.
    The first son, Roy Ernest, was married in 1916, and has three children and now lives in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Earl F. was married in 1918, and has two children, and now lives in Augusta, Georgia.
Esther V. was married in 1917 to James Arnon. They have two children and now live in Massilon, Ohio.
The next child of Esther and J. D. Woodworth, was Clara Margaret, who was married in 1897 to Harry Flitcraft. They have three children living, as follows: Marion J., born in 1898; Gertrude Edith, born in 1899, and Darrell J., born in 1900. The first child, Marion, was married to Catherine Warner, in 1916, and they have four children and live in Salem, Ohio.
The next child, Gertrude Edith, was married to Charles Bender, in 1915. They have four children and live in Pittsburgh, Pa.
The third child, Darrell, was married in 1918, to Clara Behler. They now live in Alliance, Ohio, and have no children.
The next child of Esther and J. D. Woodworth, was Esther Arwilla, who was married to Ben Kaatz. Her husband was killed in the World War, in 1918. She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pa., and has no children.

    Margaret Ann Tombaugh, wife of Solomon Tombaugh, died April 17, 1849, and Solomon Tombaugh was married to Ruth Brenner, February 15, 1850. To this union were born the following children:
William F. Tombaugh, born September 20, 1851.
Mary Elma [Tombaugh], born April 5, 1853.
Samantha Ann [Tombaugh], born August 10, 1857.
Rachel Ella [Tombaugh], born October 12, 1862.
Seth Emerson [Tombaugh], born August, 1868.
All of these children of Solomon Tombaugh, by his second wife, Ruth Brenner, are married and have children as follows:
William W. Tombaugh, married to Addie Heacock, May 1, 1879.
The oldest daughter, Stella [Tombaugh], born in 1882, was married in 1909, to Charles Bailey. They have no children and live in Alliance, Ohio.
The next daughter of William Tombaugh, was Ruth, born in 1897, and married in 1917 to Ernest Ball. They have one son, Lester, born in 1918, and live in Alliance, Ohio.
The next daughter of William Tombaugh, was Mable T., born in 1907, and is at home.

    The second child of Solomon and Ruth (Brenner) Tombaugh, was Mary Elma Tombaugh, born April 5, 1853, and married to Frank Levi Randall, on November 12, 1876. They had two children, Orpha Elnora Randall, born March 22, 1881, and married to Jesse Watson, September 22, 1904, and live near Ravenna, Ohio.
The second child of Mary Elma and Frank L. Randall, is Alice Gatha, born December 10, 1883, and married to Clifford Hollabaugh, October 12, 1920, and also live near Ravenna, Ohio.
Frank Randall's address is R. D. No. 18, New Melford, Ohio.
The next child of Solomon Tombaugh, was Samantha Ann, who was married to Josh Nailor and live in Alliance, Ohio. They have no children living.
The next child of Solomon Tombaugh, was Rachel Ella, who married William Courtney, now lives in Salem, Ohio. They have no children living.
The next child of Solomon Tombaugh, was Seth Emerson, who is married and lives somewhere in California. His son was killed in the World War."

    After the completion of his account of the family of Solomon Tombaugh, Sr., as given in the foregoing pages, S. F. Tombaugh learned that Solomon Tombaugh's children with his second wife, were Matthias, Conrad, Betty, Sarah and Nancy, and that Matthias and Conrad had not died early in life, as at first supposed. The maiden name of Solomon Tombaugh's second wife is remembered as Catherine Myers, died 1855.
The history of Solomon Tombaugh's family, with his second wife, was obtained largely from descendants of his son Conrad.
Matthias, son of Solomon and Catherine Tombaugh, died July 31, 1887, in about his 65th year, and his wife, Mary [Catherine (Ritz)], died about the same time, aged 64 years. Their home was Louisville, Ohio.
Matthias Tombaugh was a Civil War veteran of Co. H, 19th O. Inf. Enlisted October 8, 1862; mustered out July 24, 1863. Five children were in this home.
John Tombaugh, the only son, married, but his wife dying without children, he adopted a son of his sister, Katherine (Tombaugh) Myers, and moved to Canada. Later this family is supposed to have located in Wisconsin. When this is written John Tombaugh is believed to be living at an advanced age.
The daughters of Matthias and [Mary] Catherine [(Ritz)] Tombaugh, were Malinda Grimes, Katherine Myers, Amanda Mohn and Laura Harlan. All of these are dead. One of them, Malinda Grimes, perished in the burning of her home, in Alliance, Ohio. It is understood there are many descendants of these daughters of Matthias Tombaugh living in Northern Ohio.
Conrad Tombaugh, a son of Solomon W. and Catherine Tombaugh, was born June 10, 1831, near Louisville, Ohio. He married Sarah Katherine Horn. Nine children were born to them, seven of whom lived to maturity.
Of these the oldest was Daniel Tombaugh, born January 14, 1851, in Stark County, Ohio; died in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1920.
Daniel Tombaugh had three children, William, born May 12, 1878; died December 6, 1927. His wife, Emma, and a daughter, survive him.

    William Tombaugh was a Spanish War veteran and also served in the Regular U. S. Army in the Philippines.
Ida Young, daughter of Daniel Tombaugh, died about 1926, leaving two daughters, Helen and Ida.
May Smith, another daughter of Daniel Tombaugh, died in 1927. No children.
Sarah J., daughter of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born April 19, 1855, in Richland County, Illinois. Married Edgar J. Tilton, who died in 1900. Sarah J. Tilton lives in Danville, Ill.
Of this family, Frank Tilton, son of Edgar J. and Sarah Tilton, lives at 1656 West 104th Place, Chicago, Ill. He married Mattie Flemming and their children are Edna Pauline, Herbert and Edgar J.
Edna Pauline Tilton, born in Indiana, married Elmer Kennedy, and they have one child, Winston E. Kennedy. They live in Western Springs, Ill.
Herbert Tilton, born in Danville, Ill., married Rose Moore. They have two children, Gerald and Morcella, and live in Blue Island, Ill.
Edgar J. Tilton, son of Frank and Mattie Tilton, born in Danville, Ill, married Olive McIntosh. They have one child, Eloise.
Frank Tilton, head of the above family, is a statistician for the Western R. R. Lines.
Leroy Tilton, son of Edgar J. and Sarah (Tombaugh) Tilton, was born in Ft. Wayne, Ind., married Minnie Cooper. He is an engineer on the C. & E. I. R. R. Resides at 109 Tennessee St., Danville, Ill.
Of the two sons of the above couple, Russell Tilton was born in Danville, Ill., married Elizabeth Schultz, and lives in Danville, Ill. While Glen F. Tilton, the other son, is a student in the University of Chicago, Illinois.
Edgar J. Tilton, son of Edgar and Sarah (Tombaugh) Tilton, was born in Andrews, Ind., and is foreman on C. & E. I. R. R. at Villa Grove; address is Fairland, Ill. Four children in this family: Mary Olive, born in Danville, Ill., married Eugene Beaver; has one child, Sarah Jean.
Ruth E., student in State Teacher's College, Indiana, Pa., is a daughter of Edgar J. Tilton.
The two sons of his being John and Robert Tilton.
Olive Tilton is a teacher in the Teachers' College, Indiana, Pa., and Clara Tilton is an insurance agent at 929 Hazel Street, Danville, Ill. The two above are daughters of Edgar and Sarah (Tombaugh) Tilton.

    Mathilda, daughter of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born February 13, 1863, at Crestline, Ohio, married John LaVack, from Scotland.
To Mathilda (Tombaugh) and John LaVack, were born five children:
Their daughter, Inez [LeVack] Drummond, has the following children: Arthur, Hiram, Irene, Gordan and Jack.
Mathilda and John LeVack's son, Marshall LeVack, has two sons, Gregg and Marshall, Jr.; also two daughters, Beverly and Barbara.
    Blanche Tomkinson, daughter of Mathilda and John LeVack, has one son, Clifford Tomkinson.
John LeVack, Jr., is a son of Mathilda and John LeVack.
Clara Dallinger, daughter of Mathilda and John LeVack, has one son, Milford Dallinger.
Thomas M. Tombaugh, son of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born February, 1865, in Crestline, Ohio, married Lucy Winters. They have one son, Robert Tombaugh. This family lives in St. Louis, Mo.
Jessie, daughter of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born May 22, 1868, in Ft. Wayne, Ind., married John Sinclair.
Jessie (Tombaugh) and John Sinclair have one daughter, Alice McGuire, who also has one daughter, Ruth McGuire.
Edith, daughter of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born May 4, 1869, in Ft. Wayne, Ind., married Charles Hardendorf.
To Edith (Tombaugh) and Charles Hardendorf were born six children, three dying in infancy. Their daughter, Florence, married R. A. Becker, and to them two children are born, Violet and Richard Becker.
Frank, son of Edith and Charles Hardendorf, married Irene Hippen Hommer.
To Frank and Irene Hardendorf two children are born, Burton and Gloria Jean Hardendorf. This family live in Crestline, Ohio.
Edna, daughter of Edith and Charles Hardendorf, lmarried Walter Mooney.
Edna (Hardendorf) and Walter Mooney have three children, Marjorie, Walter and Eileen. Their home is at Crestline, Ohio.
Walter Mooney, Jr., died February 12, 1929, aged nine years.
Edward Tombaugh, son of Conrad and Sarah Tombaugh, born September 10, 1877, married Dorcas Lambro. Their children of Florence and John Tombaugh.

    Betty, daughter of Solomon, Sr., and Catherine Tombaugh, was a cripple and died in early maturity.
Sarah, daughter of Solomon, Sr. and Catherine Tombaugh, married ----- Phillips.
In the Phillips home there are known to us two children, George Phillips and his sister, Ellen Roberts, who had a son, a druggist, in St. Louis, Mo.
The husband of Nancy, daughter of Solomon, Sr., and CatherineTombaugh, was ----- Kimmel, and in this home was born one daughter, Kate Kimmel. The Phillips and Kimmel families lived in Richland County, Illinois.



    Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers, fourth generation, born March 4, 1801; died March, 1885. She was the seventh and youngest child of George and Elizabeth Tombaugh.
    Sarah Tombaugh married George Myers, born April, 1794, in Lancaster County, Pa.; died at the age of 73 years.
George Myers' mother was Mary Ann (Redd) Myers.
From the records of the Redd family in Washington County, Pa., it appears that Mary Ann Redd was a daughter of that Nathaniel Redd who came from the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, to Washington County, Pa., in 1787, and that Mary Ann was born in 1771.
    Sarah and George Myers first located in Stark County, Ohio. Later they moved to Holmes County, Ohio, near Berlin, and there lived the remainder of their lives.
In their possession was an old flouring mill of local note for many years, but which was destroyed by lightning about the year 1912.
    On the following pages will be found the histories of the descendants of Sarah and George Myers.
Amanda (Myers) Wertz, born August 31, 1817; died June 24, 1904, on October 1, 1835, married George Wertz, who died, 1873.
    Amanda was the oldest child of Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers and George Myers. The oldest child of Amanda and George Wertz was Dr. Jacob Wertz, born June 9, 1837; died October 27, 1907.
He was married twice, first to Louisa Coe and last to Tensie-- last name not given.
The second child of Amanda and George Wertz, was Sarah Wertz, born December 25, 1838; died February 18, 1909, and who married Madison Rood, on December 16, 1858. A farmer by occupation and whose death occurred February 10, 1908.
    Noah Rood, born May 1, 1861, and married Alice Mellick, November 22, 1882. He is a farmer of Sparta, Ohio. He is the oldest child of Sarah and Madison Rood.
    The oldest child of Noah and Alice Rood, is Virginia E., born August 18, 1886; died June 23, 1918. On October 12, 1904, she married Charles Gay. Three children by this marriage: Corrine, born August 15, 1905; Francis R., born December 29, 1909; Betty Jane, born May 1, 1915. This family resides at Wooster, Ohio; excepting Corrine Gay, who, on June 9, 1926, married Ted Ehlesum, and live in California.
    The second child of Noah and Alice Rood, was Sarah M., born February 24, 1890; died November 8, 1919, and who was married on June 4, 1914, to A. J. Mininger. Their child, A. J., Junior, was born March 29, 1915.
The third child of Noah and Alice Rood, was Forest G., born July 21, 1891, and married Gerold Nosberg, on February 23, 1918. They live in Chicago.
    Tinsel A. Rood, born August 8, 1894, fourth child of Noah and Alice Rood, married Ray Elliot, on February 19, 1927.
Marilla Rood, born June 22, 1869; died February 22, 1908, was the second child of Sarah and Madison Rood. She married Will Shenneberry, born January 25, 1862, at Fredericktown, Ohio.
    Clifton R. Shenneberry, born July 18, 1887; died November 2, 1925; married Esther Dunn in 1923. To them was born a daughter, Louise, on February 1, 1924.
    Clifton Shenneberry was a dentist at Columbus, Ohio, and the oldest child of Marilla and William Shenneberry.
The second child of Marilla and William Shenneberry, was Dwight, born April 8, 1881. On June 2, 1915, he married Edith Murphey, born April 9, 1888.
    Dwight and Edith Shenneberry's children are, Ronald, born August 31, 1916; Lorilla, born September 15, 1917; Marvin, born August 1, 1919; Darwin, born October 22, 1923, and Walden, born September 16, 1926.
Dwight Shenneberry is a farmer living at Fredericktown, Ohio.
The third child of Sarah and Madison Rood, was Thomas Rood, born August 24, 1876, who married Electa Pipes. Their oldest child, Maria, born September 1, 1898, and in 1916, married Dale Jenkins, born, 1896.
To Maria and Dale Jenkins were born two children, Katherine, born December 1, 1916, and an infant, born and died March, 1928. Fredericktown, Ohio, is the home of the Jenkins.
The second child of Thomas and Electa Rood, is J. Delano Rood, born November 4, 1905.

    Andrew Wertz, third child of Amanda and George Wertz, was born May 8, 1841; died December 27, 1908. He married Martha Vernon, March 24, 1874. Farming was Andrew Wertz's occupation.
The oldest child of Andrew and Martha Wertz was George Wertz, Jr., born March 6, 1875. He married Nettie Yanger, February 24, 1909. He is a farmer. No children.
The second child of Andrew and Martha Wertz is Lewis Wertz, a farmer, born August 5, 1878, and married Mable Thompson, December 28, 1898.
Their oldest child is Leland Wertz, a school teacher, born May 1, 1900, and married, in August, 1922, to Isadore Pound. One daughter was born to this union, on July 18, 1923.
The second child of Lewis and Mable Wertz, is Thelma Wertz, born June 8, 1904, and married to Donley Leedy, February 28, 1925. To them one child, Joan, was born, January 16, 1926.
The third child of Lewis and Mable Wertz, was Alma, born July 29, 1911, and the fourth child of Lewis and Mable Wertz, was Mildred, born June 12, 1918.
The third child of Andrew and Martha (Vernon) Wertz, was Faye, born May 2, 1882; died March 24, 1899.

    Azariah Wertz, fourth son of Amanda (Myers) Wertz and George Wertz, born September 5, 1843; died October 2, 1903; was married first to Leffie Greenleaf, and second to Lucile Rucker.
Carl Wertz, born August 21, 1884, on March 26, 1911, married Ethel McGibney, who was born September 24, 1883. Home, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Carl Wertz was the oldest child of Azariah Wertz and Leffie (Greenleaf) Wertz, and like his father, followed farming.
Hattie Wertz, born September 23, 1886, second child of Azariah Wertz, was married, April 21, 1906, to Harry Brown, a rural mail carrier, Fredericktown, Ohio. To them was born James Covert, September 2, 1907, an accountant of Cleveland, Ohio.
    Paul Wendell Brown, born March 7, 1913, and Marion Lucille, born October 27, 1914.
Leffie Wertz, born September 16, 1889, was the child of Azariah Wertz, by his second wife, Lucile (Rucker) Wertz. She was married, November 28, 1912, to Guy Euarts, an auto accessories dealer of Bellefontaine, Ohio, born November 28, 1890. Their children are Ronald, born September 8, 1915, and Ruth, born November 11, 1926.
Theopolis Wertz, born June 16, 1845; died April 4, 1913. Fifth son of Amanda (Myers) Wertz and George Wertz, was twice married. His first wife's maiden name being Baughman and his second wife being Mrs. Mary Randall.
Theopolis Wertz was a farmer and had four children, Lamont G., Ora, Bernard and Rilla (Wertz) Clay.
Lamont and Bernard Wertz have a large seed house in Sioux City, Iowa. Ora Wertz is shipping clerk for C. & M. R. R.
Mary Ellen Wertz, born September 19, 1847; died December 22, 1906; was the sixth child of Amanda (Myers) Wertz and George Wertz, who married Frank Foster, a railroader. Their children are Charles and Ira Foster, of Crestline, Ohio.
Henry Wertz, born July 3, 1852; died, 1914, was the seventh son of Amanda (Myers) Wertz and George Wertz. He was a railroader, but the trail of this family is lost. It is known however that there were children in this family.

    Mary Ann (Myers) Clark, born July 27, 1829; died January 27, 1859; was the second child of Sarah (Tombaugh) and George Myers. In February, 1847, she married Thomas Clark, born December 27, 1820; died September 4, 1892.
Thomas Clark was a farmer. He served in the Union Army from October 10, 1862, to August 8, 1863. Was captured at Murfresboro and was held by the Confederates in Libby Prison.
The oldest child of Mary Ann (Myers) and Thomas Clark was Sarah Amanda, born January 8, 1848; died January, 1919. On March 16, 1870, she married E. O. Jones, a farmer.
Their oldest child was Ada C. Jones, born February 21, 1871; died November, 1919. On February 4, 1891, she married Douglass Rinehart, a carpenter. He died in 1927. Their child, Wilda Rinehart, was born August 26, 1897, and on January 22, 1924, married Edward Worley, a clothier.
To Wilda and Edward Worley, one child is born, Sarah, born February 17, 1927.
The second child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, was Annie, who died in infancy.
The third child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, was Eura, born September 19, 1874, and who, on December 18, 1895, married Lewis Wagner (Real Estate).
L. Eona Wagner, born June 9, 1897, and on November 27, 1918, married Edward Lewis (Clothier). Their son, Edward Lewis, Jr., was born January 1, 1924.
Timothy Wagner, born December 25, 1903, was the second child of Eura Jones and Lewis Wagner, and on April 1, 1922, married Homer Hall (hotel man). To them two children were born: Lewis, born December 19, 1923, and Joe, born May 5, 1925.
    The fourth child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, was Carrie May Jones, born April 21, 1876, and married Lewis Dean (farmer), on November 25, 1895. Their son, Laird, born April l17, 1903, on December 5, 1925, married Frances Lee.
The fifth child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, was Jenny, who died in infancy.
The sixth child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, was Rebecca A., born August 10, 1880; died May 18, 1903. She was married on June 18, 1902, to Lawrence Caywood, a farmer. Their child, Jennie Caywood, born May 4, 1903, married Robert Arnold, on January 26, 1924.
Bertha G., seventh child of Sarah Amanda and E. O. Jones, born September 27, 1888, on June 28, 1916, married Charles Ackerman (banker). Their child, Jones, born June 6, 1920.
Nancy Jane Clark, born March 9, 1849; died March 30, 1926. On March 4, 1874, she married Monroe Bonton, died August, 1917.
    Nancy Jane Bonton, was the second child of Mary Ann (Myers) and Thomas Clark.
Their oldest child was Blanche Bonton, born January 14, 1875; died May 8, 1914. Married Steward Clark (shopman).
Nora Clark, their child, was born May 24, 1899, and married Earl Stoyle in 1914. Their home is Erie, Pa. Their daughter, Lucile Stoyle, was born in 1914.
    Fanny, second child of Nancy Jane and Monroe Bonton, born May, 1877; died September, 1882.
Harry C. Bonton, born March, 1884; died October, 1917; was the third child of Nancy Jane and Monroe Bonton. On December 25, 1911, he married Georgia Hall. They have one child, Monroe Bonton, Jr., born February 26, 1914.
Roy W. Bonton, born July 2, 1885, was the fourth child of Nancy Jane and Monroe Bonton. He married Edna Green.
George Clark Bonton, born June 6, 1888; died September 22, 1924. He was the youngest child of Nancy Jane and Monroe Bonton and married Ethel Houle. To them was born Melita, February 27, 1916, and Robert, July 21, 1924. Reside at Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
    Alice Lucetta Clark, born February 23, 1851, was the third child of May Ann Myers and Thomas Clark. On December 27, 1870, she married Hanson Dean, whose occupation is farming. Their oldest child was Fred H. Dean, born October 26, 1874; died November 27, 1890.
The second child of Alice and Hanson Dean, is Sylvia A. Dean, born October 2, 1878.
The third child of Alice and Hanson Dean, is J. Dwight Dean, born May 10, 1885. He married Minnie Braddock, on September 30, 1908. Their daughter, Isabelle, was born August 13, 1909.
Margaret B. Dean is the youngest child of Alice and Hanson Dean, and was born February 10, 1888.
Eliza Ellen Clark, born September 5, 1855; died September 8, 1927. She was the fourth child of May Ann Myers and Thomas Clark, and was married to John Yoakam, a farmer. Their oldest child, Emerson, died in infancy. Their second child, Earl Yoakam, married in August, 1910, to Mary Fish, who died March 15, 1922. Their children are Leslie, born October 3, 1911, and Paul, born June 24, 1915. Earl Yoakam works in a flour mill.
J. P. Clark, fifth child of Mary Ann Myers and Thomas Clark, was born December 24, 1858, died December 25, 1928. On January, 1886, he married Adeline McCollum. They live at Witchita, Kan. Their oldest child, Howard Clark, born February 10, 1887; died, 1889.
    Ralph Clark, second child of J. P. and Adeline Clark, born May 30, 1888, married Elsie Hay, on May 30, 1918. Their children are Doris, born 1921, and Robert, October, 1925. Ralph Clark is a farmer.
Carlton Clark, born October, 1897, the third child of J. B. and Adeline Clark. On September 12, 1922, he married Katherine Wardell. They live in Denver, Col., and have one child, Donald J., born August 12, 1927.
Florence Clark, born August 26, 1900, the fourth child of J. P. and Adeline Clark, was married to Robert Walton, on June 24, 1927.

    Azariah Myers was the third child and only son of Sarah Tombaugh and George Myers. His first wife was Isabelle Rangeburg.
The children of Azariah and Isabelle Myers, were twelve in number. Of these the names of the following have been learned: George, William, David, Thomas, Sarah, Margaret, Samantha, Orinda, Oreala and Mary Ellen. About all of this family moved to the State of Missouri and a number of them live in St. Louis, Mo.
The second wife of Azariah Myers was Matilda Livingood. No children by the second marriage.
Christena Myers, born September 2, 1831; died February 7, 1917. She was the fourth child of Sarah (Tombaugh) and George Myers, and married David Maxwell, M. D. Their first home was in Berlin, Ohio, but later moved to a farm near by. Of their children, Douglass Maxwell lives at Cuyahoga, Ohio. His is a shop worker and has five children.
Hiram Maxwell, of Denver, Col., is a carpenter and has ten children.

    Allen Maxwell lives at Sattelle, Cal., and is a carpenter. No children in this family.
Robert Maxwell has five children and owns and operates the farm his parents lived on for fifty years.
The other children of Christena and David Maxwell, were named George, Abner, Thomas and Marietta.
Christena Maxwell's death occurred the last of the children of Sarah (Tombaugh) and George Myers.
Dr. David Maxwell is also dead.
    Parmelia Myers was the fifth child of Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers and George Myers, born 1833; died June 20, 1913. On November 5, 1850, she married Joel Pomerene, born September 7, 1826; died September 15, 1881.
Dr. Joel Pomerene was a U. S. surgeon on General James A. Garfield's staff in the Civil War, and practiced medicine in Holmes County, Ohio, for many years.
Jennie, oldest daughter of Parmelia (Myers) and Joel Pomerene, born June 15, 1864; died, 1919. On June 30, 1910, she married John D. Haney, a college professor of New York City.
Brantly J. Pomerene, born July 15, 1867; died April 14, 1896. He married Lena Watson, September 19, 1888. Their children were Helen, born August 30, 1889; died September 7, 1890. Mary, born November 29, 1890. Joel, born February 16, 1893.

    The history of the families of Amanda Wertz, Mary Ann Clark and Parmelia Pomerene, has been almost entirely supplied by Alice Dean and her daughter, Sylvia A. Dean, of Fredericktown, Ohio.

    Lydia Myers was the sixth child of George and Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers, born May 18, 1836, in Holmes County, Ohio; died March 23, 1889, aged 52 years, 10 months and 5 days. She married Francis Joseph Guittard, at Berlin, Holmes County, Ohio, at the residence of George Myers, on October 2, 1855, by Rev. James Elliott of the M. E. Church.
Dr. Francis Joseph Guittard was born at Montreux Vieux, Dept. of Haut Rhin, France, September 27, 1828, and died June 11, 1902, aged 73 years, 8 months and 13 days. Dr. Guittard located at New Bedford, Coshocton County, Ohio. At this place he continued the practice of medicine the remainder of his life.
Rosalie Guittard, born August 17, 1857, was the oldest daughter of Lydia and Francis Joseph Guittard. On August 20, 1885, she married William Doak Ewing, at New Bedford, Ohio.
To Rosalie and William Doak Ewing were born the following children:
Frances Ethel Ewing, born October 6, 1886; died June 14, 1914; was married on October 23, 1907, to Charles Avery Steiner. Their children are Lester Ewing Steiner and Bruce Avery Steiner.

    Warren Joyce Ewing, the second child of Rosalie and William Doak Ewing, was born October 1, 1888, and on November 29, 1916, married Edna Grace DeHart. To this union were born the following children: Anna Rosalie Ewing, Winson DeHart Ewing, Edwin Jester Ewing and Foster Guittard Ewing.
Paul Doak Ewing, the third child of Rosalie and William Doak Ewing, born November 15, 1891, was married September 14, 1916, to Ruth Corbin. Their children are, Esther Jean Ewing and Paul Doak Ewing, Jr.
Leroy Vincent Ewing, born May 12, 1893.
Mark Lester Ewing, born November 7, 1894; died January 10, 1925.
William Raymond Ewing, born May 19, 1897.
The above are sons of Rosalie and William Doak Ewing.
Cyril Meade Ewing, born August 2, 1899. Married Helen Harris. He is the seventh child of Rosalie and Williamk Doak Ewing.
Lydia Jeane Ewing, born March 20, 1901, and Claude Foster Ewing, born December 19, 1903, are children of Rosalie and William Doak Ewing.
The Ewing home, a large dairy farm, owned and operated by them, is about two miles northwest of Cambridge, Ohio.

    Cyril Orlando Guittard, the second child of Lydia and Francis Joseph Guittard, born February 9, 1859; died March 4, 1860.
Alvin Meigs Guittard, was the third child of Lydia Myers and Francis Joseph Guittard, born December 9, 1860. On March 1, 1885, he married Louvina Hinkle. He is a U. S. Army surgeon, located in the Philippine Islands. Some of his family are in the Islands and some live at Oakland and Berkeley, Cal. One daughter, Adrinne, is a trained nurse in Cleveland, Ohio. There are ten children in this family.
George Victor Guittard, born May 29, 1864; died January 27, 1929; the fourth child of Lydia and Francis J. Guittard. His first wife was Mary Lily Hillis. His second wife was Minnie Trescott, who survives him.
Arthur Guittard, only child of George Victor Guittard, had completed his medical education and began to practice when his death occurred, on January 2, 1929.
    George Victor Guittard had been a trusted employe of the Penna. R. R. Co. for forty-seven years. The home of this family was at Alliance, Ohio.
    Francis Gervier Guittard, the fifth son of Lydia (Myers) and Dr. Francis J. Guittard, born January 7, 1867, at New Bedford, Ohio. On December 24, 1906, at Shiner, Texas, he married Mamie Welhausen, who died May 17, 1917. The children of this couple are Francis Gervier Guittard, Jr., born December 20, 1907, at Waco, Tex., and Clarence Alvin Guittard, born March 17, 1917, also at Waco, Tex.
On June 10, 1920, Francis Gervier Guittard, Sr., married his second wife, Josephine Glenn, at Houston, Tex.
After attending a number of institutions of learning, Francis G. Guittard, Sr. receiving his A. B. degree in 1901 and his A. M. degree in 1902, both from the University of Chicago. After teaching public schools in Ohio, Arkansas and Texas, he secured a position as teacher in Baylor University of Waco, Tex., in 1902, and in 1909 became head of the Department of History in that university, which position he has held to the present time.
David Virgil Guittard, born August 4, 1868, was the sixth child of Lydia (Myers) and Francis J. Guittard. On October 10, 1910, he married Saburna Edith Masson.
    One adopted daughter in this family, Kathleen Masson Guittard, born September 16, 1920. David Virgil Guittard is a practicing physician and is employed by the U.S. Government in the Indian Service in Wisconsin.
Sarah Emily Guittard, the seventh child of Lydia and Dr. F. J. Guittard, born November 25, 1871; was married to Elvin Marcus Cox, June 18, 1893, at Hillbuck, Ohio, by Rev. M. E. Rife.
The oldest child of Sarah E. and Elvin M. Cox, is Virgil Evan Cox, born July 26, 1896. He married Fannie Conrad, at Wooster, Ohio, July 11, 1924.
T    he second child of Sarah E. and Elvin M. Cox is Armand Noel Cox, born December 4, 1901.
The third child of Sarah E. and Elvin M. Cox, is Beryl Claudine, born November 29, 1912.
Since leaving the farm, several years ago, Sarah E. and Elvin M. Cox have lived in Millersburg, Ohio, where Mr. Cox is deputy sheriff. They also conduct a restaurant in Millersburg, Ohio.

    Claude Bernard Guittard, born January 25, 1876, son of Dr. Francis Joseph and Lydia (Myers) Guittard, was married October 6, 1909, to Maud Charteris, born February 5, 1886, daughter of Col. Robert Finley and Virginia Ida (Franklin) Hunter.
Maud Guittard is a descendant of the great statesman and philosopher, Benjamin Franklin. Her mother, Virginia Franklin, was raised on an old Virginia plantation, under the care of an old black mamma.
Maud Guittard's father graduated from West Point Military Academy in the same class as Gen. Phil Sheridan. This family lives at Los Angels, Cal.
Claude Guittard has in his possession the old Tombaugh family Bible. This Bible is printed in German and was published in Nurnberg, in 1765. It is bound in boards covered with pigskin and its dimensions are 16x10 and six inches in thickness. There are many illustrations in this book.
It is known that originally there was a family record in this Bible--presumably on the fly leaves at the back of the book, which are missing. But it is known that this record was absent from the book at least twenty-five years ago, before it came into possession of the present owner.
This Bible was the property of George Tombaugh, the Washington County, Pa., pioneer, but from the date when it was published, it would appear to have been owned by his father, Jacob Tombaugh, as the original owner.



(The following additional history was furnished by Francis Gervier Guittard, Ph.D., head of the Department of History, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.)

    Alwin Meigs Guittard, born December 9, 1860, at New Bedford, Coshocton County, Ohio.
Lovina Jane Hinkle, born July 24, 1864, near Bryan, Williams County, Ohio. Married March 1, 1885, at the residence of bride's father, in Mt. Hope, Holmes County, Ohio.


Blanche Guittard, born December 5, 1885, at Mt. Hope, Holmes County, Ohio.
Irene Guittard, born October 25, 1887, at Killbuck, Ohio.
Hattie Guittard, born August 6, 1889, at Killbuck, Ohio.
Florence Ida Guittard, born April 11, 1891, at Killbuck, Ohio.
Francis Victor Guittard, born November 30, 1892, at Killbuck, Ohio.
Claude Bernard Guittard, born October 6, 1894, at New Bedford, Ohio.
Ruth Guittard, born August 20, 1896, at Charm, Holmes County, Ohio.
Alwin Meigs Guittard, born July 26, 1898, at Arthur Moultri, Ill.
Adrienne Guittard, born February 20, 1902, at Ft. McDowell, Angel Island, Calif.


The only information I have been able to get:

Blanche Guittard to Lester Godward, in the Philippine Islands. Their children are Alwin M. Godward and Jim Godward, twins; Lester Godward.
Irene Guittard to Thayer Rhodes, in Berkeley, Calif. Their daughter, Narcissa.
Hattie Guittard, to Benning Rentfrow, in Berkeley, Calif., in 1926.
Florence Ida Guittard to Arthur Wyatt Austin, in Manila, P. I., February 4, 1915. Mr. Austin died in 1918. Son, Arthur Wyatt, Jr.
Frances Victor Guittard to Madaline Decker, December 17, 1921, at Cavite, P. I.
Claude Bernard Guittard to Selma Miller, of Cottage Grove, Oregon, in June, 1926.


Lovina Jane Hinkle passed away April 5, 1922, at Paysanan, Bataan, P. I.
Blanche Godward died in Maricopa, Calif., in 1920.
Claude Bernard Guittard died October 11, 1927, at Cottage Grove, Ore.
Ruth Guittard died October 13, 1929, at Berkeley, Calif.


S    arah (Myers) McCullough, seventh child of George and Sarah (Tombaugh) Myers, married Hugh McCullough, in November, 1858. Hugh McCullough died in May, 1879, and Sarah (Myers) McCullough, in February, 1909. They were the parents of nine children: Queentilla, who died at the age of three years, and Corina, died at two years.
Parmelia McCullough, third child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough, born October 14, 1863, married to C. C. Close, December 27, 1883. C. C. Close was born December 3, 1860, and died April 3, 1922. Occupation, farmer. Residence, Millersburg, Ohio.
    Their first child, Pearl Close, born March 14, 1885; married H. S. Conrad, January 4, 1905. Two children living, Opal Conrad, 12 years, and Paul Conrad, 10 years. One infant dead. Occupation, farming. Residence is at R. D. 2, Millersburg, Ohio.
    The second child of C. C. and Parmelia Close, was Elver Close, born March 12, 1887. Married to Lulah Finley, April, 1910. The children of Elver and Lulah Close are Vernon Close, 16 years, and Dean Close, 14 years; also an infant dead. Their occupation is farming and residence is R. D. No 7, Millersburg, Ohio.
    The third child of C. C. and Parmelia Close was Grace Close, born March 2, 1889; died March 23, 1889.
    The fourth child of C. C. and Parmelia Close was Eulalea Close, born February 12, 1893, who married Floyd Aultman, December 27, 1914. They have three girls: Eileen Aultman, 13 years; Evelyn Aultman, 8 years, and Virginia Aultman, 3 years. Residence, Millersburg, Ohio. Occupation, County Auditor.
    The fifth child of C. C. and Parmelia Close, is Merrit Close, born September 15, 1896, was married to Beulah Mullet, in June, 1918. Their two boys are Richard Close, 8 years, and Wayne Close, 3 years. Residence, R. D., Baltie, Ohio. Merritt Close follows farming as an occupation.
    The sixth child of C. C. and Parmelia Close, is Chester Close, born February 5, 1900. He married Beulah Metzler, September, 1922. They have one daughter, Luetta May, 4 years old. Chester Close is a farmer and lives on R. D. No. 2, Millersburg, Ohio.
Malzenal McCullough, the fourth child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough, was born February 20, 1866; died January, 1920. She married D. C. Baughman, in May, 1887. Their residence was at Canton, Ohio. His occupation is R. R. clerk.
Lone Baughman, daughter of Malzenal and D. C. Baughman, born January 23, 1893, and married to Charles Swartz, of Akron, Ohio, in April, 1920, where they reside and his profession is dentistry.
Winta Baughman, second daughter of Malzenal and D. C. Baughman, born October 25, 1896. She lives at Canton, Ohio, and is employed as bookkeeper and stenographer.
    The fifth child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough was Amanda McCullough, born March 15, 1868, and died October, 1921. She married F. M. Streator, March, 1900. F. M. Streator died April, 1924. They resided in Cleveland, Ohio, and his occupation was bookkeeping. One child was born to them, Fern Streator, born March 14, 1901, and was married to Paul Farner, December, 1921. Occupation, mail carrier. Residence, Millersburg, Ohio.
    The sixth child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough, is P. L. McCullough, born February 11, 1879. Unmarried. Residence, Berlin. He works at farming and teaming.
    The seventh child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough, is L. V. McCullough, born April, 1872. Married Edith Schilling. Residence, Massilon, Ohio. Occupation, farmer.
    The eighth child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough, died in infancy.
    The ninth child of Sarah and Hugh McCullough is B. A. McCullough, born June, 1878. Married to Maria Lucas. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. He works as superintendent of construction on electric railway.

(The data for the history of the McCullough family was supplied by Mrs. Pearl Conrad, granddaughter of Sarah (Myers) McCullough).


The facts contained in this supplement were obtained after the completion of the body of the work.

    Peter Tombaugh, born June 4, 1814; died December 25, 1891. Son of Jacob and Susannah (Wise) Tombaugh of Chapter Eight. Married Lavina Babcock and to them were born six children, four girls and two boys, named as follows:

    Daniel Tombaugh, born February 22, 1843; died in infancy.
Marinda Tombaugh, born January 19, 1845. On February 20, 1862, she married Nehemiah Johnson. To this union were born six children.
    Mahala Tombaugh, born February 8, 1847. On May 2, 1866, she married Francis M. Glascock. To this union were born twelve children.
F    rancis Tombaugh, born November 30, 1849. Died in infancy.
    Dorinda Tombaugh, born April 6, 1850; died May 30, 1928. On June 4, 1867, she married Hiram D. Hickson. To this union were born four children, two girls and two boys.
    Albert F. Tombaugh, born March 13, 1852. Only son of Peter Tombaugh who lived to maturity, he married Clemmie Dillingham. To this union were born five children, as follows:
    Hiram Douglas Tombaugh, born Feb. 16, 1874. Married Maude Farmer. To this union were born four children, Allan, Douglas, Houston and Clive.
    Daniel Britton Tombaugh, second son of Albert F. Tombaugh, born December 24, 1875. Married Dealicia Kirby. To this union were born six children, Vera May, Carvel, Helen Clair, Lamon, Wanda and Bernice. Of this family two daughters are married. Lamon has one child.
    William Edward Tombaugh, third son of Albert F. Tombaugh, born Jan. 14, 1878. Married Emrett McDoul. To this union were born two children.
    Albert Tombaugh married Lurlen Bean. To this union was born one daughter, named Billie Louise Tombaugh.
The second child of William Edward Tombaugh, named Carmen Irene Tombaugh, married Thomas Milligan.
    Annetta Clair Tombaugh, fourth child of Albert F. Tombaugh, born September 18, 1880, married Sam Norwood. To this union was born one child, named Scott Norwood.
    John Terrell Tombaugh, fifth child of Albert F. Tombaugh, born December 5, 1886, married Myrtle Guttery, January 1, 1912. To this union were born two children, Edward Franklin Tombaugh, born October 23, 1921, and Hazel Earlene Tombaugh, born October 18, 1923.
    To Peter Tombaugh, by his second wife, Mary Woods, was born three children, Mary Tombaugh, Etta Tombaugh and         Peter Tombaugh. Peter Tombaugh died in infancy.
The daughters are married, but the names of their husbands are unknown.
The Peter Tombaugh family is located in the vicinity of Austin, Texas.
In the Peter Tombaugh family there is a tradition that the city of Philadelphia, Pa., is built upon land belonging to the Tombaugh heirs.



August 18, 1928

Held at the old Tombaugh Homestead, Washington County, Pa.


E. H. Hildebrand, R. D. 1., Scenery Hill, Pa.
Frank M. Tombaugh, 851 Franklin St., Burlington, Iowa.
Ruth E. Tombaugh, 851 Franklin St., Burlington, Iowa.
Lottie E. Weir, Scenery Hill, Pa.
John M. Tombaugh, Scenery Hill, Pa.
J. H. Braden, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. J. H. Braden, Scenery Hill, Pa.
C. R. Tombaugh, Pontiac, Ill.
Mrs. C. R. Tombaugh, Pontiac, Ill.
Alice Tombaugh Reed, 1301 E. Grove St., Bloomington, Ill.
R. J. Reed, 1301 E. Grove St., Bloomington, Ill.
Allen A. Tombaugh, McComb, Ohio.
Kate Tombaugh, Williamstown, Ohio.
William G. Tombaugh, Williamstown, Ohio.
Esther J. Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
M. M. Hildebrand, Washington, Pa.
Martha Horn Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Levina Tombaugh Amos, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Elizabeth Swagler McIlvaine, Bentleyville, Pa.
Lola M. Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
James M. Tombaugh, Hagerstown, Md.
Byron E. Tombaugh, Washington.
Mrs. Gaylord Lewis, Washington.
Hilda Tombaugh Grubbs, Streator, Ill.
Lela Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
I. B. Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Joanna Myers MaWinney, 380 E. Maiden St., Washington, Pa.
Dorothy Armstrong, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Leah M. Tombaugh, McComb, Ohio
Mary Jane Tombaugh, McComb, Ohio.
Bob Tombaugh, McComb, Ohio.
Ida Tombaugh Hootman, Doswell, Va.
Rachel Tombaugh Bone, 2537 Lincoln Ave., E. St. Louis, Ill.
Mildred Rachael Bone, 2537 Lincoln Ave., E. St. Louis, Ill.
Ethel B. Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. Ruth Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. Marjorie Patterson, Charleroi, Pa.
Stanley Patterson, Charleroi, Pa.
Rollin Patterson, Charleroi, Pa.
Mrs. Mary J. Wise, Charleroi, Pa
Miss Mary J. Wise, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. Jean Holt Richardson, Beaver, Pa.
Mrs. Grace Richardson, Beaver, Pa.
Harrison Winfield Richardson, Beaver, Pa.
Ted. A. Rowland, Beaver, Pa.
Mrs. Lillian Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. Leah Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. Levina Tombaugh Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Winfield F. Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Harry B. Richardson, Beaver, Pa.
John Divelbliss, Jr., Scenery Hill, Pa.
George C. Barr, Cincinnati, Ohio
Ruth Barr, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mrs. Michael Mancha, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Jennie M. Myers, R. D. 1, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Alvah D. Myers, R. D. 1, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Merle C. Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mac J. Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. A. O. Hildebrand, 286 E. Beau St., Washington, Pa.
A. O. Hildebrand, 286 E. Beau St., Washington, Pa.
Mrs. Ella Letherman, Monongahela, Pa.
Mrs. Matilda R. Scott, Washington, Pa.
Mrs. Grace Tombaugh Donaldson, Cleveland, Ohio
Richard B. Donaldson, Cleveland, Ohio.
F. H. Tombaugh, Glennvillard, Pa.
Daisy V. Tombaugh, Glennvillard, Pa.
Mrs. H. T. Borror, Washington, Pa.
Miss Isabel C. Wise, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Solomon Frank Tombaugh, Canton, Ohio.
Mrs. S. F. Tombaugh, Canton, Ohio.
John Richard Tombaugh, Canton, Ohio.
Jacob S. Tombaugh, Roann, Ind.
G. C. Tombaugh, Roann, Ind.
Paul L. Clark, Washington, Pa.
L. W. Carson, Charleroi, Pa.
Paul Feeney, Eighty-Four, Pa.
George Victor Guittard, Alliance, Ohio.
Sara Guittard Cox, Millersburg, Ohio.
D. W. Myers, Washington, Pa.
N. N. Tombaugh, Roann, Ind.
E. M. Cox, Millersburg, Ohio.
Frank Hildebrand, Washington, Pa.
J. L. Brady, Scenery Hill, Pa.
J. W. Dague, Bentleyville, Pa.
S. F. Dague, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. George Victor Guittard, Alliance, Ohio.
D. V. Letherman, Scenery Hill, Pa.
R. G. Tombaugh, R. D. 2, Eighty-Four, Pa.
P. J. Sullivan, Washington, Pa.
Joseph H. Sullivan and son.
Frank Feeney, R. D., Eighty-Four, Pa.
Sylvia Dean, Fredericktown, Pa.
Alice Dean, Fredericktown, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Wonsetler, Washington, Pa.
Mrs. John Divelbliss, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Julius W. Nicholl, Bentleyville, Pa.
Julia M. Nicholl, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mildred Tombaugh Mann, Chicago, Ill.
Clyde Amos, Bentleyville, Pa.
Ada Amos, Bentleyville, Pa.
Margaret Amos, Bentleyville, Pa.
Virginia Amos, Bentleyville, Pa.
Kenneth Amos, Bentleyville, Pa.
Mrs. Lulu B. Brown, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. Lulu H. Vanvoorhis, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Virginia Louise Clark, Washington, Pa.
Byron Clark, Washington, Pa.
Collin Swagler, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Ralph Carson, Mononhahela, Pa.
Elsie Wise, Canton, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Burt, Canton, Ohio.
Mrs. Bessie Tombaugh, Washington, Pa.
Mrs. R. G. Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
W. M. Hildebrand, Scenery Hill, Pa.
E. P. Wise, North Canton, Ohio.
John D. Amos, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Gaylord K. Lewis, Washington, Pa.
Leila A. Wise, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. Blaine C. Bigler, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Helen D. Wise, 121 Murray Ave., Washington, Pa.
Rachel C. Buckingham, 140 North Ave., Washington, Pa.
Hazel Wherry Richards, Scenery Hill, Pa.
George W. Wherry, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Dorothy Richards, Marianna, Pa.
Mrs. W. F. Richardson, Bentleyville, Pa.
Miss Elizabeth Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Miss Rebecca Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. J. W. Simon, Scenery Hill, Pa.
J. W. Simon, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. Frank Hildebrand, Washington, Pa.
Francis Hildebrand, Washington, Pa.
Mrs. W. K. Sampson, Monongahela, Pa.
W. K. Sampson, Monongahela, Pa.
Grace Carson, Monongahela, Pa.
Mary Jane Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.
Mrs. E. E. Tombaugh, Detroit, Mich.
E. E. Tombaugh, 9688 Dundee St., Detroit, Mich.
Miss Cora Ann Tombaugh, Detroit, Mich.
Frances W. Tombaugh, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Ruth Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Alice Robinson Tombaugh, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Jos. A. Wise, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Paul Buckingham, Washington, Pa.
Jesse Buckingham, Washington, Pa.
Michael Mancha, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Mrs. Millie Feeney, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.
Mrs. W. Scott Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Homes Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.
P. M. Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.
Miss Martha J. Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.
O. C. Amos, Scenery Hill, Pa.
J. V. McDonough, Beallsville, Pa.
J. B. Greenlee, Bentleyville, Pa.
U. G. McIlvaine, Bentleyville, Pa.
Myrtle Long Wright, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Mrs. Harry M. Long, Scenery Hill, Pa.
H. M. Long, Scenery Hill, Pa.
Mrs. Grant Moninger, Washington, Pa.
Grant Moninger, Washington, Pa.
Ethel Patin, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.
Thos. Hosac, 306 East Maiden St., Washington, Pa.
J. C. Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Cora Tombaugh Snyder, Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Oliver H. Snyder, Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa.
W. Scott Tombaugh, R. D. No. 2, Eighty-Four, Pa.
Belle Tombaugh Letherman, Scenery Hill, Pa.



    Saturday, August 27, 1927, the descendants of Matthias Tombaugh and John Letherman, about seventy-five in number, held their first family reunion in the Scenery Hill school building, the occasion, sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. John M. Tombaugh and Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Letherman, of Scenery Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tombaugh, of Eighty-Four, was in honor of the visit of Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Tombaugh, of Waukegan, Ill, and Dr. and Mrs. William A. Mann, of Chicago.
After the dinner, served by the women of the two families, the gathering was called to order by Dr. L. H. Tombaugh, of Waukegan. Attorney B. E. Tombaugh, of Washington, was appointed temporary chairman, while Reno G. Tombaugh acted as secretary.
    Miss Ruth Tombaugh read telegrams and messages from the following absent relatives: Mrs. Jacob Tombaugh, Streator, Ill.; P. M. Tombaugh, Bradenton, Fla.; Rev. J. M. Tombaugh, Hagerstown, Md.; Edward E. Tombaugh, Detroit, Mich.; Rachel Tombaugh Bone, East St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. Nettie Tombaugh Barr, Cincinnati, Ohio; Mrs. Elwood Tombaugh, Eighty-Four, and C. Reno Tombaugh, Pontiac, Ill.
    So many members expressed gratification concerning the very enjoyable occasion that plans were made for the formation of a permanent reunion organization. W. Scott Tombaugh, who resides on the farm known as the "old Tombaugh homestead," issued a cordial invitation for the reunion of 1928 to be held at his home. All arrangements for next year's event were placed in the hands of a committee composed of W. Scott Tombaugh and W. F. Richardson, Bentleyville; F. H. Hildebrand, Washington, C. R. Tombaugh, Pontiac, Ill.; D. V. Letherman, J. M. Tombaugh, Mrs. W. S. Tombaugh, Mrs. Reno G. Tombaugh and Mrs. J. M. Tombaugh, of Scenery Hill.
    W. F. Richardson was selected as historian for the Letherman family, while Reno G. Tombaugh was chosen to write the history of the Tombaugh clan.
    Other relatives from outside Washington County were: Mrs. Ida Tombaugh Hootman, Doswell, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Snyder, Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Tombaugh, Glenwillard; State Representative H. B. Richardson and family, Beaver; Mrs. Grace Tombaugh Donaldson and son, Richard, Cleveland, Ohio, and H. L. Roberts, Pittsburgh.