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(An Introduction to the Family of Cragun)



        Tradition in the family of Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh, tells that our ancestor  was originally of Scotland and the name was McCRAGUN. Also, that Caleb Cragun moved from England to Ireland where he married and had children, one of whom was a son PATRICK, who came to America about the time of the Revolutionary War.[1], [2]. So, right or wrong, we will begin with the Craguns of Scotland.


        "CRAIGEN - Local. In 1272 the church of Cragyn (now Craigie) in Kyle was  confirmed to the Monks of Paisley by THOMAS de CRAGYN son and heir of JOHN HOSE,  who had assumed his surname from his lands (RMP., p.232). He may be the THOMAS  de CREGEYN del counte de ARC who rendered homage in 1296 (Bain 11, p.206). ADE CRAGYNE who held a tenement of Irvine 1477 (Irvine, 1, p.149) most probably derived his name from the same source. A family of this name in New Pitsligo village were remarkable for their longevity. (AEI., p.47) CHRISTAIN CRAIGANE was liferenter of Readfurd, 1630 (LIM., p.110) PATRICK CRAIGEN in Burnebray of Gorthie, 1670 (Dunblane) and ROBERT CRAIGIN in the Parish of Sumbennan, 1716 (SCM., IV, p.171). WM CRAIGEN was a member of the Huntley Volunteers, 1798 (Well p.19) (a history of the volunteer movement in Strathbogie from 1798-1808) and JOHN W. CRAIGEN from King Edward served in the first Great War (Turriff) of Craigie.[3]



        LETTER. Written by Charles Hartwell Cragun, A.M.M.D., 16 Feb 1862, at Georgetown, D.C. Copy made by Ella M. Cragun wife of Edmund Cragun, in 1935, and made available to Jean Cragun Tombaugh (Rochester, Ind.) by Eva Cragun Heiner  of Salt Lake City, in August 1964.[4]


"Tradition in all branches of this family points to Scotland as the original home of its head. In my father's family it was handed down by him that three brothers had originally come to this country, one of them settled in Maine, one went to the south and the third settled at Acton, Mass. I have always had a curiosity to learn our early and true history and on a visit north in 1857, I visited my cousin FRANCIS KIMBALL CRAGIN, who resides in Woburn, Mass., and there saw the result of his investigation, which was a very complete genealogy of his branch of the family from its founder, the original and only JOHN CRAGIN, who had settled and died in that town just about two centuries ago. Availing myself of his labors, I proceeded to enlarge upon the facts thus gathered, and, by writing to every possible source of information, I have been enabled to form with a few exceptions, a complete genealogy of every descendant of this original John Cragin.

"These results show that the family originated in the south of Scotland where JOHN was born about 1634. When about 16 he was pressed into the services of Charles who was terribly defeated by Cromwell in the battle of Dunbar, 5 Sept 1650, where he (John) was captured, and exported in the year 1652 as a prisoner of war with 270 other prisoners in the ship "John & Sarah," Capt. John Green, Master (see Vol.1, No.4, for Oct.1847, of the New England Historical & Gen. Register, for the list of the passengers, where his name appears as "JOHN CRAGON"), arrived at Charleston, Mass., (their?) labor was sold to defray expenses, they working three days for their masters to pay for their houses and land and money expended for them, and the other three days for themselves. Tradition says that JOHN was attacked with 'smallpox' on board ship, and would have been thrown overboard but for the earnest interference of an English woman named SARAH DAWES, who thus saved his life, and to whom he was afterwards married.

"There are a few CRAGINS in the city of New York, who are not his descendants, but have come recently from the north of Ireland and they write me that their ancestors came originally into Ireland from the south of Scotland. They are Protestants.

"Furthermore, there is an old Virginia family now in Hampshire Co., but originally from Hardy Co., who spell their name CRAIGEN, and whose ancestors originated in Scotland, but left there about a century later than John. Very probably all these sprang from the same neighborhood in Scotland.

"The following letter from the present head of this Virginia family will be read with interest. It is very curious that he speaks of his grandfather fighting loyally for Charles, being captured and sent to this country about the same time that JOHN CRAGIN settled in Acton. The writer's son is a young physician in Washington and has decided Cragin features. In this letter, MR. JACOB J. CRAIGEN speaks of ROBERT CRAIGEN, his grandfather, who had but two children, ROBERT and JOHN. John Craigen his father, was for some years High Sheriff of Hardy Co., and had but two sons, JACOB L. and GEORGE SEE (Craigen). The latter had no sons, left on a tour to Ohio and other western states about 1825, and never returned, being probably dead. Mr. Jacob J. Craigen has two sons, Dr. WM. J. of Washington City, and JOHN, a younger brother at home. Besides these two sons he has, I think, six daughters.


                                      'Green Spring Run, Hampshire Co., Va.

               'Dr. C. H. Cragin:

           'Dear Sir: I received yours of the 7th inst., and am compelled to say my knowledge of my father's connections is very small. My grandfather died before I was born, and my father before I was old enough to take any interest in the matter. My mother said my grandfather was taken in some battle fighting (I judge for Charles Edward of Scotland, styled by English History as the Pretender) and sent to America. He first settled in Maryland, somewhere on or near the Patuxent, afterwards moved to Winchester, in Virginia. His name was ROBERT, he left several brothers in Scotland, and I think he was not aware of any of them ever coming to this country. My mother also said he had a large number of letters he had received from his friends, which he and also my father kept carefully locked in a chest. But sometime after my father's death, when she went to show them to me, they were gone, and I believe they were never heard of after. ROBERT CRAIGEN had but two children, ROBERT, his eldest who died without issue, and JOHN who was my father. You will see he came to this country near a century after Cromwell's time.'


"With these exceptions all of the Cragins in this country are descendants of the John Cragin who settled in Woburn, Mass. about 200 years ago, and there lived and died.

"Generally at the North the name is pronounced with the 'a' as in Crag and the 'g' hard as in the same word as if written Crag-in. The Virginia family spell and pronounce the name softer as in Craigen. By the advice of an old Scotch Schoolmaster in Mendon, Mass., the Branch of the family in that neighborhood were induced to spell the name CRAGGIN, as is still incorrectly done by some there. For myself I prefer the softer pronounciation.

"JOHN (Cragin) had but one son to bear his name and that son died at the age of 26 leaving his family to the guardianship of a Mr. BARKER. His son, JOHN, the grandson of the first JOHN, married JUDITH dau. of his guardian, and settled on a farm about a quarter of a mile south of the middle of Acton. There he had a large family of sons and daughters; when about 1766, they mostly removed to Temple, N.H., where they were among its first settlers, and from which place as a center most of the younger branches have emmigrated. This third John had an only brother who went south from Acton and settled in Mendon, Mass., and became the center of another branch of the family, who still reside mostly in that neighborhood. Before the removal to Temple, N.H. one son of the third John, named JOSEPH, had married and removed with two of his sisters (also married), to Maine, on the Kennibeck river. Here we have probably the foundation of the tradition above alluded to of three brothers, one settling in Maine, one going South, and one settling in Acton, Mass.

"In a very interesting letter from Miss HATTIE B. DINGLEY, the grand-daughter of ABIGAIL NEWELL, who is still living, and is herself the grand-daughter of JOSEPH CRAGIN, I received the following incidental information. Grandmother Newell related an incident connected with the origin of the name Cragin, which I will write you, although you may be aware of it. DOROTHY (Joseph's sister) gave it to her years ago:


'After a thirty years war in Scotland the Irish took posession permitting any of the Scotch to remain that would join their party, and many, rather than desert their cattle and lands, remained and intermarried with the Irish nobility. The greater part fled to the mountains, and lived there until they were a powerful army, and then came down and retook their lands. The name was then a combination of Irish and Scotch, being McCRAGIN.'


"This completes all that I have been able to learn of the Mendon branch of the Cragin family and the entire genealogy of JOHN CRAGIN of Woburn, Mass. I am very grateful to all those of my numerous kinsmen and kinswomen who have so promptly and kindly aided me in my work of love, for such it has been to me, and beg them to accept my very cordial thanks, and also that they will continue their kindness by sending me notice of my mistakes found in the preceding pages, and all future dates and names of births, marriages, and deaths that may occur in their several families. If the family continues to be as expansive, and, I may truly add, 'as faithful' for the coming two centuries, as it has proved itself since 1652, about which date John first arrived in Charleston, Mass., our genealogist A.D. 2052 will find here the roots and main branches of the goodly tree truly presented from which he can trace out its growth to some thousands of Cragin twigs and leaves and blossoms also, that with God's help may bless and make beautiful our country."



JOHN CRAGIN (Craggen), from Scotland.

b. 1634, Scotland.

d. 27 Oct 1708, Woburn, Mass.

bur. prob. Woburn, Mass. (Woburn Record of Deaths 1640-1873)

From south of Scotland in the "John & Mary" 1652, to Charlestown, Mass., as a prisoner of Cromwell, and sold as a slave to Thomas Kimble.  

m. (as "John CRAGGEN") to SARAH DAWES, 4 Nov 1661, at Woburn, Middlesex Co., 

Mass. While enroute to America, he was about to be thrown overboard because he had smallpox. Because of the earnest interference of Sarah Dawes, an English woman, his life was saved. He later married her.

      b. (unkn)

        d. 23 Dec 1725 ("Sarah Craggen, wid. of John Craggen, Sen.")[5]



1.  Abigail Cragin, b. 4 Aug 1662, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. (unkn)

        m. John KNIGHT, 2 March 1681, at Woburn, Mass.


               son of:


2. Sarah Cragin, b. 10 Aug 1664, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. (unkn)



3. Elizabeth Cragin, b. 3 Aug 1666, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. (unkn)

        m. John SHEPHERD, 19 March 1689/90, Concord, Mass.


               son of:


4. Mercy Cragin, b. 25 March 1669, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. (unkn)

        m. Thomas SKELTON, 29 Dec 1701, at Woburn, Mass.


               son of:


5. Anna Cragin, b. 6 Aug 1673, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. (unkn)



6. John Cragin, b. 19 Sept 1677, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

        d. 26 Jan 1704, Woburn, Mass.

        bur. (unkn)

        m. Deborah SKELTON, probably at Woburn, Mass., 1700

               b. (unkn)

               dau. of:

        ch.: (Gdn was William Barker)

      (A) John Cragin, b. 25 March 1701, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

               d. 1794, Temple, N.H.

               m. Judith BARKER, 1727

                         b. 1701

                         d. 1762

                         dau. of William & Dorothy (Hayward) Barker

Settled on a farm about a quarter of a mile south of the middle of the town of Acton, where a large family of sons and daughters were born. Then, about  1766/69, they mostly removed to Temple, N.H., where they were among its first settlers, and from which place most of the younger branches emigrated. Before the move to Temple, N.H., JOSEPH CRAGIN, son of John and Judith (Barker) Cragin, had married and removed with two of his sisters (also married) to Maine on the Kennibeck river.


               (a) John Cragin, b. 8 Jan 1728/29, Acton, Mass.[1]

                         d. 16 May 1797, at Temple, N.H.         

                       m.(1), Sarah BARRETT, 1755

                                 b. 1730      -   d. 1771

                                 dau. of:

                       m.(2), unkn


Dea. John selectman; signer of the Assoc. test in Temple, N.H.; served as private in N.H. troops in American Rev.; town treas., 1778-92, 1797; del. to N.H. convention, to ratify the U. S. Constitution, 1778; he was already 48 years old when the war began in 1775.



                         (1) Judith Cragin, b. 1767

                                 d. 1859

                                 m. David SEARLE, 1787

                                        b. 1766 - d. 1854

                                        son of:

                                 (desc.: Mrs. Harriett Leone Clark Holmes[2]


                         (2) John Cragin, b. 1769

                                 d. 1853

                                 Sgt Militia 1795, Lt. 1802, Capt 1803.

                                 m. Ruth HEALD, 1788

                                        b. 1772 - d.1833

dau. of: Maj. Ephraim HEALD (1734-1815, Temple N.H.; Amer. Rev.; m. 1757 Sarah CONANT [1738-1825, John (6) m. Sarah, dau. of Jacob FARRAR; Lot Conant (7), John Conant (8), Lot Conant (9), Roger Conant (10) ].);

gr-dau. of Ephraim HEALD (b. 1711 Townsend, Mass.; m. 1732/33 Eleanor ROBBINS);

gr-grandau. of Lt. John HEALD (1666-1721, comd. the Concord Co. which marched to Boston to capture Gov. Andross, 1689; m. 1690, Mary CHANDLER [1671-1757, Roger Chandler (8), m. Mary SIMONDS].);

gr-gr-grandau. of John HEALD (d. 1687; m. Sarah DANE [or DEAN] 1642-1689; Thomas Dane (or Dean) (9);

                                        gr-gr-gr-grandau. of John HEALD[3]


                                 (i) Abner B. Cragin, b. 1806

                              d. 1860

Architect and builder, purchased section of land in Panola Co., Miss.

                                        m. Martha SHEPHERD, 1829 

                                               b. 1805 - d. 1871

dau. of: Wm SHEPHERD (4), Quaker of Va., m. Rebecca SWANN.  


                                        (1) Eudora Cragin, b. 1847

                                               d. 1880

                                               res., Bynum Creek, Panola Co., Miss.

                                               m. Dr. Arthur Augustus WILLIAMSON, 

(1838 - 1892, son of Arthur Starr Williamson [1797-1870, planter, York Co., S.C., Panola Co., Miss. and Memphis Tenn.] m.(1), ca. 1824 Caroline McNEIL who d. 1844; 

gr-son of Samuel Williamson (1759-1815) York Co., So.Car.; m. 1783-85 Anne STARR (1759-1806);

gr-grson of James Williamson (1713-1806), from Ulster Ire. ca. 1720, to York & Chester Cos., Pa.; to Chester & York Cos., SC; elder Bull Run (later Purity) ch., on Bull Run Creek;

Grad. Jefferson Medical College, Phila.; plantation owner, nr Sardis, Miss.; Phys., Panola Co., Miss. and Fort Smith, Ark; Capt. 12th Miss. Regt., CSA;

                                                         He m.(2), 1881, Martha BROWN


               (b) Judeth Cragin,  b. 17 Dec 1730  (Concord, Mass. Birth Records)


               (c) Mary Cragin, b. 21 Jan 1732/33  (Concord, Mass. Birth Records)


               (d) Joseph Cragin, b. 28 June 1735  (Concord, Mass. Birth Records)

                         d. (unkn)

                         m. (unkn)

Joseph Cragin, a son of John & Judith (Barker) Cragin married some time prior to ca. 1766-69 (when the family moved to Temple, N.H.) and he, his wife & two sisters (who were also married) moved to Maine, settling on the Kennibeck river.


               (e) Dorothy Cragin, b. 

                         d. (unkn)


Charles Hartwell Cragin, A.M. M.D., of Georgetown, D.C., writes a letter 16 Feb 1862, in which he mentions a letter from Miss Hattie B. DINGLEY granddau. of Abigail NEWELL "who is still living, and is herself the granddau. of JOSEPH CRAGIN."  She also mentions "DOROTHY (Joseph's sister)" giving her information.



        (B) ANNA CRAGIN (twin of John), b. 25 March 1701, Woburn, Mass.

               (no further inf.)




        (C) BENJAMIN CRAGIN, b. 27 Nov 1702, Woburn, Middlesex Co., Mass.

                         son of John and Deborah (Skelton) Cragin.

           d. (unkn)

John Cragin (1701-1794) is said to have had an only brother, who went south  from Acton and settled in Mendon, Mass., and became the center of another branch of the family, who still reside mostly in that neighborhood.[4]



7. RACHEL CRAGIN, b. 14 March 1680  (twin)

        d. 18 March 1680      


8. LEAH CRAGIN,  b. 14 March 1680  (twin)

        d. 18 March 1680









SAMUEL CRAGIN, born 1739, Uxbridge, Mass.

        (Parents unkn)

        died, 1825 at Uxbridge, Mass.

        m. MERCY CHAPIN


        Served as Lieut Colonel in Nathan Tyler's Regt of Worcester Co., Militia.

        (DAR LINEAGE, vol.45, p.174:  Helen Capron Adams Hanson, Nat.#44441)


        (a) BETSEY CRAGIN, 

               m. Benj. ADAMS,

                         b. 1764

                         son of Josiah Adams (m. 1750, Sarah Reed b.1729)


           (1) John Adams, 1798 - 1878

                         m. FANNY CRAGIN, his cousin.

                                 b. (unkn)

dau. of BENJ. CRAGIN (s/o AMOS CRAGIN 1741-1777, and Ruth STAPLES), & Azubah HILL (d/o Moses Hill, & wife Sinah Robinson 1759-1851)


                         (i) George Adams, b. 1819

                                 m. Angeline DAY


                                 *  Helen Capron Adams Hanson.



AMOS CRAGIN, born 1741 at Mendon, Mass.

        (parents unkn)

        died - 1777 at Ticonderoga, N.Y.

        m. RUTH STAPLES


        Amos Cragin, private, at Ticonderoga where he died.

        (DAR LINEAGE, Vol.45, p.174.  Helen Capron Adams Hanson, Nat.#44441)



        (a) Benjamin Cragin, b. (unkn)

               d. (unkn)

               m. Azubah HILL


                         dau. of Moses Hill (m. Sinah Robinson, b. 1759, d. 1851)




FIRST CENSUS OF THE UNITED STATES 1790, Heads of Families, p.55

New Hampshire, Hillsborough County.


CRAGGIN, John  16 & over (b.1774 & bef.), with 2 fem. (including hd of fam.);2 w/m 16 & over; 

        1 w/m under 16 (1774-90).

CRAGGIN, Benja  16 & over (b.1774 & bef.), with 2 fem. (including hd of fam.); 1 w/m 16 & over; 2 w/m 

        under 16 (1774-90).

CRAGGIN, Francis  16 & over (b.1774 & bef.), with 3 fem. (includ. hd of fam.); 2 w/m 16 & over; 

        4 w/m under 16 (1774-90)



BENJAMIN CRAGIN, b. 1740 at Concord, Mass.

        d. 1816 at Mason, N.H.

        bur. (unkn)

        m. MERCY ROBBINS, 1766


               dau. of:

Benjamin Cragin responded to the Lexington Alarm from Temple, N.H., and served as lieutenant in Capt. Parker's Co. at the Battle of Bennington.

        (DAR LINEAGE BK, Vol.145, p.71, Mrs. Nellie Cragin Walker, Nat.#144214.)

        (DAR LINEAGE BK, Vol.154, p.69, Mamie Knickerbocker, Nat.#153239.)


        (a) Simeon Cragin, b. 1787

               d. 1861


               m. Betsy DAKIN, 1811

                   b. 1793

                         dau. of:


               (1) Frank Benjamin Cragin, b. 1827

                         d. 1864




PROPRIETORS' RECORDS OF MENDON, MASS., 1667-1816 (Middlesex Co.)

        (p.538 mentions "Benjaman Cragin")


HISTORY OF LYNDEBOROUGH, N.H., Hillsboro Co., 1735-1905

".... This mill was at a later day given up as a cloth mill, and was changed to  a grist mill and a door knob factory. Mr. JOHN NEWELL, born in Brookline 30 Aug  1824, bought it, probably about 1845. He took it down and built, a few rods south  of the old foundation, the mill which is now owned by Mr. Colburn. Mr. Newell carried on a cabinet shop there for several years. MR. DANIEL CRAGIN, now of Wilton, served about three years there as Mr. Newell's apprentice, after which he bought the shop, about the year 1857, and Mr. Newell removed to Hancock. Mr. Cragin engaged in the business but a little more than a year, and then sold out and removed to Wilton."



FRANCIS CRAGIN, b.  (unkn)

        d. (unkn)

        m. SYBIL PIPER


               dau. of


Called "Sergt Francis Cragin", and gr-gr-gr-Grandfa. of Mrs. Grace Greenhalgh  Eversman.  (DAR Lineage Vol.59, p.185, Nat.#13641 & 20918)

Francis "Craggin" was a householder of Hillsborough Co., N.H., in 1790. He was 16 years or older (b. on or before 1774), with a wife & 2 other females, 2 males 16 or older, and 4 males under 16 yrs (b.1774-90)

Two other householders in the same area, who might be relatives, were a JOHN CRAGGIN, and BENJA CRAGGIN. These two were in the same age grouping as Francis Cragin (Craggin).



        (a) Esther Cragin, b. (unkn)


               m. Artemas WHEELER

                         b. 1774

                   son of Lieut. Abijah Wheeler (m. 1st, 1772, Mary HAYWARD)


               (1) Mary Hanna Wheeler

                         m. Benjamin F. PARTRIDGE


                         (i) Amos S. Partridge

                                 m. Eliza PEGG               


                                 *  Harriet Partridge

                                        m. Wm L. GREENHALGH

                                        ch.: Mrs. Grace Greenhalgh Eversman.


Note: Amos Partridge (1758-1844) was placed on a pension roll 1832, for svc. as private in the Mass. and N.H. troops.

He was born in Menden, Mass., and died in Ogdensburg, N.Y.  (Probably this Amos was the father of Amos S. Partridge?)




SILAS CRAGIN,  b. 1775

        d. 1849, age 74 years.

        bur. (unkn)

        m. ANNA PERLEY

               b. 1776,  d. 1838, age 62

               dau. of:

        He was of New Ipswich, of Scotch ancestry, and by trade a saddler.[5]



        (a) Lorenzo S. Cragin


        (b) Anna Cragin


        (c) Sophronia Cragin


        (d) Elvira Cragin


        (e) Elizabeth Cragin, b. (unkn)

               d. 1850


        (f) Rebecca Cragin




        CRAIGEN FAMILY, from Scotland to Virginia.


        This is an old Virginia family, now in Hampshire Co. (formed originally from  Hardy Co.), who spell their name "CRAIGEN." Their ancestors came originally from  Scotland, but left there about a century later than JOHN CRAGIN (1st), or ca. 1750. The present head of the family (1862) is JACOB J. CRAIGEN, who gives the  following information on his family: (see letter from Green Spring Run, Hampshire  Co., Va.)


      ROBERT CRAIGEN, (grandfa. of Jacob J. Craigen)

Fought for Charles (prob. Edward of Scotland), was captured and sent to this country about the same time that JOHN CRAGIN settled in Acton. He came from Scotland in the Johnson, from Liverpool, England, to Port Oxford, Md., arriving 17 July 1747.

           He first settled in Maryland, somewhere on or near the Patuxent, and then he moved on to Winchester, in Virginia. He left several brothers in Scotland, and had a large number of letters he had received from his friends, which he kept carefully locked in a chest. He had two children.

           Robert Craigen is included in the 1790 census, Frederick Co., Va., with four whites.




           (a) Robert Craigen, eldest child.

                         d. without issue.


               (b) John Craigen, b. 14 Sept 1769

                         d. 5 Jan 1827


                                 He was High Sheriff of Hardy Co., Va. (Hampshire Co., W.Va.) for some years. 

                       married - (unkn)


                         (1) Jacob J. Craigen, b. (unkn)

                                 d. (unkn)

Jacob Craigen, of Hardy Co., Va., and Eliza S. PARSONS, of this city, were married in Hampshire Co., Va., 3 April 1833, by the Rev. Mr. Martin.[6]


      (i)  William J. Craigen, Dr., 

                                        of  Washington, D.C.

                                 (ii) John Craigen "the younger", 

                                at home.

                                 (iii) dau.

                                 (iv) dau.

                                 (v) dau.

                                 (vi) dau.

                                 (vii) dau.

                                 (viii) dau.


                         (2) George See Craigen, b. (unkn)

                                 d. (unkn)

                                        He left on a tour to Ohio ca. 1825, and never returned.


               Census records for Ohio (1820 thru 1850) reveal the name (or variations of  the name) of CRAGUN. Although there were others, the following are perhaps the  ones of most interest to this family:

        (1820)        CRAIGHOEN, Andrew Butler Co., Ric. tp

                       CREAIN, Jeremiah   "  , Ham. tp

                       CREGIN, Eleanor  Miami Co., SC. tp

        (1830) CRAUGHAN, Isaac  Franklin Co., Mad. tp

                                 "   Abraham  "       "

        (1840) CARAGIN, Susannah  Adams Co., Fra. tp

                       CIRGAN, J. Athens Co., Lee tp

                       CARIGAN, James  Brown Co., Hun. tp

                                 "    John     "       "

                       CREAGEN, Joseph Brown Co., Ste. tp

                       CRACKEN, John Carroll Co., Per. tp

                       CROCKEN, William  Clark Co., Per. tp

                       CACKEN, Eliza Delaware Co., Con. tp

                       CRAGLAN, Jas. Fairfield Co., Ber. tp

                       CREGLAN, Solomon "    Per. tp

                       CRAIGLONE, David "    Hoc. tp.

                       CROCHAN, I.  Franklin Co., Mad. tp.

                       CROCHAN, E.   Greene Co., Xen. tp

                                 "      N.   "       "

                                 "      Thos.  "    Sug. tp.

                       CACKINS, Vincent Guernsey Co., Spe. tp.

                       CAUSAN, John "       "

                       CARRIGAN, Stephen  Hamilton Co.,  Cincin.

                       CROGHAN, Benj.    "       "

                       CAUGER, Patrick  "    Fla. tp.

                       CARRAGEN, Thos. Henry Co., Nap. tp.

                       CROGON, ----?    "       "

                 CROUGHEN, Jas.  Jefferson Co., Sal. tp.

                       CAGENS (?), Samuel  Knox Co., Che. tp.

                       CAGGINS, Jonathan  "   But. tp.

                                 "      Jos.   "      "

                       CRAGGEN, ----?   Lorain Co., Pen. tp.

                       CRAGIN, ----? "    Lag. tp.

                       CARAGAN, Johnston  Muskingum Co., Ada. tp


      (1850) CRAGEN, Charlotte Cuyahoga Co., Cleve. Ward 1

                                 "      Lewis   "      Cleve. Ward 1

                       CRAGON, Bridget    "      Cleve. Ward 2

                       CRAGAN, Aurora    Erie Co., Portland

                                 "      James  "     "


                       Guernsey Co., Cumberland, Spencer twp, 29 July 1850 (262:262)

                       CRAGUN, Joshua    30  "tinner"   b. Ohio

                                 Augusta    32 (f)    b. ---

                                 Mary E.    3           b. ---

                                 Tucker, Wm 38  b. Ind.


                       CRAGAN, Patrick Hamilton Co., Cin. Ward 1

                       CRAIGLON, Solomon Hocking Co., Perry tp

                       CRAGIN, Priscilla Lorain Co., Carlisle

                       CROGAN, Larry"       "

                       CRAGHLAN, Catherine  "   Elyria

                       CRAGGIN, Benjm N.  Lorain Co., Grafton

                                 "      Charles C. "       "

                       CRAGIN, Benjn "    Lagrange

                       CRAGEN, Ellen   Montgomery Co., Dayton, Ward 4





        ONEIDA COMMUNITY, Land Records Wouldn't Help Here!, by Eleanor Myers.

        (National Genealogical Society, V.54 (1966), pp.193-210)


        "In 1847 the Town of Lenox, Madison County, New York, became the home of      a group of adherents to the religious creed of Perfectionism. Today all home-makers know the end result of this religious experiment as the Oneida Community Ltd., makers of fine silverware and silver tableware. John Humphrey          Noyes, the acknowledged leader of this group, was born in West Brattleboro, Vermont, in 1811, the eldest son of John and Polly Noyes. ...

               "There upon 386 acres this group became self-supporting in a communal type of living ... prospered from the beginning in their business operations. Preservation of fruits and vegetables for sale to the outside world, tree   nurseries, trapmaking, printing, silk manufacture and machine shops were someof the activities engaged in. ..."


               (1855 Census, 2 July, Town of Lenox, Co. of Madison, New York)

               CRAGIN, George, ae 46, b. Mass., wid., Publisher, res. here 6 yrs.

               CRAGIN, George E., ae 15, b. N.Y., farmer, res. here 6 yrs.

               CRAGIN, John H., ae 10, b. Vt., res. here 6 yrs. 


               (1865 Census, 1 June, (same)

               CRAGIN, Charles A., ae 23, b. Vt., unmd, trap Maker.

               CRAGIN, John H., ae 20, b. Vt., unmd, bag maker.


             (1875 Census, 18 June, (same)

               CRAGIN, George E., ae 35, b. N.Y.City, unmd., Physician.

               CRAGIN, Chas. (A.), ae 33, b. Vermont, unmd., Mech Engineer

               CRAGIN, Viola, ae 11/12, b. Madison, 

               CRAGIN, John H., ae 30, b. Vermont, unmd., Book Keeper




CALEB CRAGUN FAMILY, England, Ireland, America.



CALEB CRAGUN (first gen.)     1700, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

d.  (unkn)

He resided near the home of Oliver Cromwell. Caleb Cragun moved to Ireland  where he married an "Irish lady". They had a son PATRICK CRAGUN.


PATRICK CRAGUN (second gen.) 1743/45, in Northern Ireland.

d.  (date unkn), in Va. Tradition tells that some years later his remains were brought to Indiana, and reburied near Whitestown in Boone Co., in a field of a farm near ENOCH CRAGUN, Sr.'s old farm.

        JOHNATHAN O. Q. CRAGUN wrote (date unkn) "Our great grandfather PATRICK CRAGUN is buried near Whitestown, Ind. I saw where he was buried some five years ago while I was in Indiana."

        Some descendants of Enoch Cragun (son of ELISHA CRAGUN, 1786) stated that they had visited a cemetery at Whitestown, Indiana, and had seen the graves of Patrick Cragun & his son, Elisha Cragun. They said that the cemetery had no name and is in the church yard there.[1]

        A trip was made to Whitestown, Ind., in Aug. 1964, by JEAN CRAGUN TOMBAUGH of Rochester, Ind., and a search of four graveyards was made. There were many Cragun graves, but none for our Patrick Cragun. Many were found that were impossible to read, and many that were broken off and the inscription missing. Only one cemetery had no name, and appeared to be very old indeed. It was just off the road enclosed with wire fence. I believe the twp is Eagle twp, and the cemetery is located about two miles south of Whitestown, on the left (east) side after crossing a small bridge. There was no church, although there might have been one originally.


married 1st - ROSE MARY ABBEY (born ca. 1852)

        (research by Homer McCarty)

married 2nd - HANNAH ---- and/or ELSEY --


        The home of Patrick Cragun was on Indian Creek, about 10 miles below Bristol, Va-Tenn, and near Bluff City, Tenn. He received a grant of 170 acres from the state of Tennessee on 10 Nov. 1784. He sold 164 acres lying on Indian Creek, Tenn., to CHARLES BARNETTE, 19 Feb. 1812. This Indenture shows his name as "PATRICK CREGGAN". As "PATRICK CREGAN" he helped in building a road in 1795, in old Sullivan County, Tenn. Sullivan county was created out of the northern part of Washington county, by the N.Car. legislature in October 1779. Most of the original records of Sullivan county were destroyed 22 Sept 1863 when a shell from a Federal Battery hit the Sullivan Courthouse at Blountsville, setting it afire and destroying County Court Minutes and Marriages from 1780, and also records of Wills.

        The children of Patrick Cragun appear in Franklin County in 1814, where ELISHA CRAGUN entered land. It is not known for certain when Patrick Cragun, their father, came to Indiana. Patrick Cragun had ten (maybe 11) children  all certain except the last one. ISAAC CRAIGAN (1785 Vir); ELISHA CRAGUN (1786); JOHN CRAGON (1787); TYRESHA CRAGUN (1789); LYDIA CRAGAN (1791); HANNAH CRAGUN (1795); CALEB CRAGAN (1796 TN); JOSHUA CRAGUN (1796 TN); ELIZABETH CRAGUN (b. 1 May 1799); SYREN CRAGUN (13 Aug 1801); and possibly another son LUCIUS CRAGUN (res. in New York).

        Of these children, Isaac Craigan & his descs settled in Cass Co., Ind. Elisha Cragun and family went west with the Mormons to Utah. John Cragon family were found to have settled in Tenn., and Caleb Cragun was in Franklin Co., Ind. in 1819, where he entered land. Joshua Cragun and his twin, Caleb Cragun, were tax payers of Brookville twp, Franklin Co., Ind., in 1828. Joshua Cragun later removed to Cass Co., Ind., and was in Howard Co., Ind. by 1860.  Elizabeth Cragun and her brother Syren Cragun went west to Utah, 21 Jan 1846. 



 1.   ISAAC CRAIGAN, b. ca. 1785, Virginia; d. ca. 1857 Cass Co., Ind.

                         m. ESTHER L. CORNWELL, 1817   


 2.    ELISHA CRAGAN, b. 22 Feb 1786, Virginia/Tenn.; d. 1847, Iowa

                         m. MARY OSBORNE, 1811


 3.    JOHN CRAGAN, b. ca. 1787, Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. ELIZABETH (....)



 4.    TYRESHA CRAGUN, b. ca. 1789, Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. ----


 5.    LYDIA CRAGAN, b. ca. 1791, Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. JAMES HICKS, 1819, Franklin Co., Ind.


 6.    HANNAH CRAGUN, b. ca. 1795, Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. (----) MELTON


 7.    CALEB CRAGAN (twin), b. 1796, Tenn.; d. ca. 1838, Franklin Co., Ind.

                         m. SARAH JAMES, 1820, Franklin Co., Ind.


 8.    JOSHUA CRAIGEN (twin), b. 1796, Tenn.; d. 1874, Howard Co., Ind.

                         m. SALLY RADER, 1822, Franklin Co., Ind.


 9.    ELIZABETH CRAGUN, b. 1 May 1799, Tenn.; d. ----



10.   SYREN CRAGUN, b. 13 Aug 1801, Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. ----


11.   LUCIUS CRAGUN, b. 1803, Tenn.; d.----

                         m. ----


12.   WILLIAM F. CRAGIN,[2]  b. 1819, Va/Tenn.; d. ----

                         m. ELIZA CASTEEL, 1843.

                       (Res. of Hancock Co., Ind. 1850 and 1860)





Versions of Patrick Cragun's migration to America vary. The first one, by Homer McCarty, was forwarded by letter 25 July 1962, by LUCY C. FOULGER (Mrs. WALTON E. FOULGER), to JEAN (CRAGUN) TOMBAUGH of Rochester, Ind.:


         "In Ireland Patrick Cragun's parents bound him out to a saddler for a number of years to learn the trade. Hearing much of that wonderful America to which so many people were going, Pat became obsessed with the desire to go there too. Without saying anything to his parents or his boss, he left the work bench and made his way to the sea. Fortunately a ship ready to sail for America lay anchored in the harbor.

         "It seems in those days it was the custom of sea captains to pick up run-away boys and hold them on their ships for service for a number of years. Pat had heard of the practice and was too wise to be caught in such a trap. He made himself acquainted with the ship's master, obtained favors from him, and was able to make the voyage still a free boy (he thought).  He was about 12 years of age at the time.

         "However, once he had the boy on board, the Captain had views of his own regarding Pat. When the ship reached America, the Captain would not allow the boy to leave the ship. The night before the ship was to leave on its return trip to Ireland, Pat jumped overboard. It was a desperate attempt but it was also his only chance. Pat was a good swimmer for a boy, and reached the shore safely. There he hid himself in some long ricks of lumber, and remained in his hiding place nearly three days.  

         "The Captain searched his ship, then searched the shore for Pat. He made inquiries of the men at the lumber ricks, but no one had seen anything of a run-a-way boy. At length, concluding the boy had drowned trying to reach the shore, the captain hoisted anchor and sailed away. When the ship was fading out of sight, Pat came out of his hiding place more dead than alive, but still a free boy. And now he was in a free country. 

         "Patrick grew to manhood in South-west Virginia. Family tradition has this to say of him: That in early manhood he went to Massachusetts and became one of the 'Indians' who threw the English tea into Boston harbor. A genealogical history of S.W. Virginia states that one Patrick Cragun had been arrested the fourth time by the King's officers for his revolutionary tendencies. Patrick Cragun and wife, HANNAH, raised a family of eight children. Nothing much is known of them except as to ELIJAH CRAGUN and LYDIA CRAGUN."


A second version, as told by J.O.Q. CRAGUN, and retold by EVA CRAGUN HEINER, was sent by LUCY C. FOULGER (MRS. WALTON E. FOULGER) to JEAN CRAGUN TOMBAUGH 25 July, 1962:

         "Late one November evening in 1931 an elderly gentleman and his son knocked at my door, and introduced themselves as distant relatives from Minneapolis, Minn. The elder man was JONATHAN O. Q. CRAGUN, a professor of Phrenology, and his son LELAND CRAGUN. They were on their way to California to spend the winter. They were anxious to meet their relatives along the way, and to get any genealogy that we had of the Craguns. I too was anxious to get some genealogy and soon discovered that this dear old gentleman at the age of 78 years had a very keen mind.

         "They were our guests for several days and related many interesting things to us. J.O.Q CRAGUN was well informed on Mormonism. He said that his father had been a devout Latter Day Saint, having died at Nauvoo on the treck to Utah. His mother never joined the Church but went north after his father's death. This accounts for the indifference of most of that family.

         "It is from this distant relative that I am able to give the following account of our g.g.grandfather, PATRICK CRAGUN."


         "CALEB CRAGUN is the first ancestor that we have any knowledge of and he was born in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England, near the home of OLIVER CROMWELL, about 1700.  He moved to Ireland, marrying an Irish lady. Their son Patrick, born 1745 or 1746 had a most interesting life and was closely connected with our American government in its making. I should like to give you a brief sketch of his life as it was told to me by J.O.Q.C.

         "Patrick Cragun had a great desire to come to America, so he, with 40 other Irishmen obtained a sailing vessel and provisions sufficient and more than enough to last the journey through. They sailed along and all went well until in mid-ocean a current, together with the trade-winds, sent their ship sailing to the calms around Cuba. The pecularity of these calms  is that not a breeze stirs for weeks at a time.

         "Here their ship floated and they waited. They were careful of their provisions but no breeze came to carry them on and they were not prepared for any such happenings. Gradually the food supply was gone, and they resorted to eating candles, boiled ropes and anything at all. Some of the men became prostrated. Others, with their tongues hanging out of their mouths, were savage. One day when hope was about despaired of, someone saw a steamship in the distance and made some feeble attempts to attract their attention.  This proved successful. It was an English ship and friendly too. The crew came aboard the ill-fated vessel, bound the men with strong cord and carried them onto their own ship, keeping them bound and nursing them, gradually increasing their diet until they became well. Great wisdom was shown in keeping them bound in their savage starved-state until they were well.

         "This English ship brought them on to America about the time that Mother England was demanding a tax on everything. Patrick Cragun became a citizen of the United States by choice, and naturally he became concerned with the way England was treating the Colonies. Many meetings were held in Old Faneuil Hall in Boston to discuss the tax problems and he attended those meetings.

         "In March 1770, after the king's troops had been in the town for nearly a year, there occurred a scrimage in which seven soldiers fired into a crowd of townspeople, killing five and wounding several others.

         "Many interesting incidents occurred. England insisted upon Americans paying taxes, but the Americans resisted. Finally, ships laden with tea were sent from England in the autumn of 1775, to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charlestown, and consignees were appointed to receive the tea. This was purely a political trick of King George III, and a way of saying 'what are you going to do about it?'. In the other cities they were forced to accept it, but not in Boston where they were under Samuel Adams who knew that he was backed by public opinion of the whole continent, and they did not accept it. Patrick Cragun was in the midst of this excitement and together with a small party of men, some of the best towns-folk, disguised as Indians, ripped open the tea chests and spilled their contents into the ocean. It was a formal defiance to the King and was so accepted.

         "Patrick had four sons, JOSHUA who was killed in the Mexican war under General Scott at Vera Cruez[3]; CALEB, lived in North Indiana and of whom we have no record; ELISHA the third son and our great-grandfather, joined the L.D.S. church and began to treck west, but he died and was buried in Nauvoo with two of his children who died at that time; the fourth son LUCIUS, lived in New York and had two sons both eminent physicians.

         "Our great-grandfather, Elisha Cragun who died at the beginning of the treck west, had a family of whom we know little. Two of his sons JAMES CRAGUN, the eldest, who married one of the Lane girls, joined the church and came west with his younger brother SIMEON CRAGUN, suffering the many tribulations but always happy to be one of the Pioneers. James fought in the Civil war under General Lott Smith and was called to Pioneer St.George country in the fall of 1863, but later moved his family to Cache Valley where he lived and became an active church and civic worker up there. The youngest son, Simeon Cragun, was born on the banks of the Platte River. The covered wagon company waited over one day, then the mother cared for her infant son from then on."


A third version was prepared by Merlin J. Stone, 20 April 1912, Ogden, Utah, which gives the following information:


         "PATRICK CRAGUN, the earliest of the name that we trace to, was born  about 1726[4] in Ireland and came to America when 18 years of age. He married a Holland lady (some say she was French) and lived north and made brick before the war. He enlisted in the Revolutionary war at age of 50, and served through the whole war. He helped to throw the 'tea' overboard in the Boston Harbor. He was a weaver and after the war settled near Nashville, Tenn. Children of Patrick Cragun were Caleb Cragun and Joshua Cragun (twins), Isaac Cragun, Elisha Cragun, John Cragun who went to North Carolina, and Hannah Cragun."




ISAAC CRAIGAN (1) (third gen.)

         son of Patrick Cragun and Rose Mary [Abbey] Cragun

born ca. 1785, Vir./Tenn.

died: prior to 11 May 1857, Cass Co., Ind.[5]

buried: Olive Branch, southwest corner of Methodist Episcopal church, 

         Mill Creek, Murphy's farm family burial ground.[6]


married: ESTHER L. CORNWELL, 7 May 1817, Russell Co., Va.[7]

born ca. 1780, in N.Car. or Vir.; her parents are unkn.[8]

died:  after 1860 Census (date & place unkn);  bur. unkn

Isaac drafted in Russell Co., Va., 7-25-1814, svc in War of 1812.


Research by Col. (Ret.) Henry D. CRAGON of Birmingham, Alabama, disclosed that an ELISHA CRAGEN was in nearby Russell County, Va., in 1810; an ISAAC CRAGAN was there also in 1814, 1817 & 1820; and a JOSHUA CRAGUN, residence unknown in May 1817, who visited his brother Isaac a few hours after Isaac's marriage in Russell County, Va. Col. (Ret.) Henry D. Cragon is a descendant of JOHN CRAGON, brother of Isaac, Elisha & Joshua.




(?) (William F. Cragun, b.1819 Va/TN; or could be son of Patrick, Sr.?)

(A) Susannah Jane Craigan, b. 1825; m. Jonathan SHIDLER, 1847.

(B) Patrick S. Cragan, b. 1827 Ind.; m.1st, Lydia V. LAMBORN, 1857; m.2nd,

            Lucy C. FELLERS, 1883.

(C) Caleb J. Cragan, b. 1829 Ind.; m. Margaret HUMES, 1871

(D) Mary Cragan, b. 11 June 1831 Ind.; m. Joseph W. HILL, 8 May 1849[9]

(E) Martha Craigan, b.1835 Ind.; m. James MONTGOMERY, Jr., 1857

(F) Esther L. Craigan, b. 1837 Ind.; m. James G. KENDRICK, 1860






m. JONATHAN SHIDELER, 2 Feb 1847, Cass Co., Ind.[10]

b. (ca. 1823)?



son of: George and Elizabeth (NEFF) Shideler, of Clinton tp, Cass Co.Ind.

         Jonathan Shideler had a sister, Elizabeth N., who married Zachariah Cragun, son of Joshua and grandson of Patrick Cragun, Sr.

         Indenture dated 3 March 1865, conveys real estate in Cass Co., Ind., from JOSEPH HILL and MARY HILL his wife, of Cass Co., Ind., to JONATHAN SHIDLER of same[11].



(a) Urias Shidler, b. 1847

(b) Thomas Shidler, b. 1849





(B)  PATRICK S. CRAGAN, b. 13 Feb 1827/29, Ind.

d. (date unkn)

bur.: Olive Branch cem. southwest corner, Methodist Episcopal church on  Mill Creek. Murphy's family burial ground[12]

Res. of Patrick S. Cragan, & wife Lydia, in 1860 was Harrison twp, Cass Co., Ind. This family included children: Cyrus Cragan ae 2, and Anna E. ae 1. Also with them was ESTHER CRAGAN, age 80 b. NCar, who was the widowed mother of Patrick S. Cragan.

         Patrick S. Craigan of Cass Co., Ind., sold to Elijah W. Cornwell of Hamilton Co., Ohio, 80 acres in Cass Co., 26 Sept 1852; recorded 20 June 1853, at Logansport, Ind. Then on 3 Oct 1863, Alvin M. Higgins of Cass Co., Ind., conveys 60 a. of real estate in Pulaski Co., Ind. to Patrick S. Cragan.

         On 23 Aug 1862, Patrick S. Cragan and his brother Caleb (both of Cass Co. Ind.) bought land in Cass Co., from JAMES MONTGOMERY, JR. and his wife MARTHEO (of Fulton co., Ind.) recorded 21 Sept 1863.  Martheo was a sister of Patrick S. & Caleb Cragan.

         Also, on 3 Oct 1863, Patrick S., his brother Caleb J. & Caleb's wife Lydia V. Cragan (of Cass Co., Ind.) sell land in Cass Co., to Barnard J. Burch (of Cass Co.); recorded 3 Oct 1863.[13] 

         He was of Cass Co., Ind. on 6 Oct 1863, when he bought real estate in Pulaski Co., Ind., at Francesville, from Alvin M. Higgins of Cass Co., Ind. The real estate was in Pulaski Co.


married: (first) LYDIA V. LAMBORN, 15 April 1857, Wm K. Hoback, min.[14]

         b. 1 Jan 1830 in Ohio (Census gives her age in 1860 as 22 yrs)

         d. (unkn)


         dau. of:


married: (2nd) LUCY FELLERS, 29 Nov. 1883[15]



         dau. of:




(a) CYRUS CRAGAN, b. 1858 Ind.


(b) ANNA E. CRAGAN, b. 1859 Ind.


(c) PHINETTA "Nettie" ADEL CRAGAN, b. 12 Jan 1862 Pul. Co., Ind.

         d. 1926

         bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

         m. WILLIAM ROBINSON, 2 May 1880, Pul. Co., Ind.[16]

                  b. 1849 in Vir.; s/o Job & Catherine (----) Robinson.

                  d. 1929,  bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

res. Delong, Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.; Civil War svc Co.A 155th   Regt, organized in Indpls 18 April 1865.




         1. Lee B. Robinson, b. 7 Nov 1881; d. 9 Dec 1965

                         bur. Leiters Ford, Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  m. Mable DECK, 7 Nov 1906, Fulton Co., Ind.[18] 

                         (b. 19 Feb 1888; d. 4 Oct 1973, bur. beside her husband)


   2. Loyd V. Robinson, b. 1883, Winamac, Pulaski Co., Ind.

                  d. 1950, bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

                  m. Grace SHADLE "of Delong", 22 March 1903[19], at Delong, Ind.;

(1884-1957) dau. of Charles Wesley and Nellie (Newcomer) Shadle


                  (i) Mildred G. Robinson, b. 30 Aug 1903 (Fult. Co., IN B.R.)

                  (ii) Cecil V. Robinson, b. 15 Nov 1908 (Fult. Co., IN B.R.)

                  (iii) Pauline L. Robinson, b. 8 Nov 1915 (Fult. Co., IN B.R.)

m. Lesley F. JAMES (1912-1966, Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.)


         3. Letcher A. Robinson, b. 2 Dec 1885, nr Star City, Pul. Co.,Ind.[20].

d. Wed., 22 March 1967, ae 81, at Parkview hospital, Plymouth,Ind res. of Delong, Ind.;  bur. to be Leiters Ford cem., Fulton Co., Ind., a son of William and Finetta (Cragan) Robinson.

His obituary gives survivors: two daus, Mrs. Everett MURHLING of Kewanna, Ind., and Mrs. Madonna KELLY of Bradenton, Flo.; two sons, L. O. Robinson of Indianapolis, and Bill Robinson of South Bend, Ind.; a bro., Don Robinson of Peru, Ind.; four sisters, Mrs. George MAMLEY of Huntington, Ind., Mrs. Ray WOLFRAM of South Bend, Ind., Mrs. Mary COPLEN of Bloomington, Ind., and Mrs. Seth CARPENTER of Peru, Ind.; also 13 grandchildren.[21]


              married: Nora DECK, 19 Oct 1904, at Maxinkuckee, Ind.[22] dau. of John and Carrie (Taylor) Deck 

                  of DeLong.


                  (i) Olive C. Robinson, b. 4 Sept 1905, Fulton Co., Ind.[23]  

                         d. 1926;  bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

                  (ii) Geraldine Robinson, b. 20 Sept 1909, Fulton Co., Ind.[24]

                         m. Everette V. MURHLING, 8 June 1929, Fulton Co., Ind.[25] 

                (iii) Letcher O. Robinson, b. 30 April 1913, Fulton Co., Ind.[26] 

                 (iv) Avanelle Robinson, b. 7 Dec 1917, Fulton Co., Ind.[27] 

                         m. Forest A. BROCKWAY, 25 Oct 1947, Fulton Co., Ind[28]


         4. William Robinson, b. 1888



         5. Jennie Robinson, b. 1890

                  m. George MAMLEY 

                  res. in Huntington, Ind.

6. Don R. Robinson, b. 1892 - d. 1977

                  bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton co., Ind.

                  m. Effie May SHEELEY, 25 Jan 1913, Fulton Co., Ind.[1]

                         b.1894, d. 1971, bur. beside her husband


       7. Evelyn Robinson, b. 27 Dec 1895 Fulton Co., Ind.[2]

                  m. Ray ("Rea") W. WOLFRAM, 17 May 1922, Fulton Co., Ind.[3]


         8. Mildred May Robinson, b. 8 Nov 1899, Fulton co., Ind.

                  teacher of DeLong, Ind.

                  m. Elijah Gordon COPELAND, 19 June 1924, by James Milton Williams, Min. of M.E. Church,

                  Fulton  Co., Ind.[4]

                         b. 18 Feb 1895 Clay Co., Ind., son of Joseph (b.TN) and Jane A. (Gordon) Copeland

                          (b. Penn.).

                         Teacher, and res. of Jasonville, Ind.


         9. Leta June Robinson, b. 6 June 1903, Fulton Co., Ind.[5]

                  m. Seth CARPENTER, 

                  res. at 12 Flora Dr., Peru, Ind. 46970.




(C)  CALEB J. CRAGAN,  b. 1829 in Indiana

         d. 16 Oct 1907 ae 73 years, in Logansport, Cass Co., Ind.[6]

         bur. (unkn)

Caleb J. Cragan, his brother Patrick S. & wife Lidy V. Cragan, all of  Cass Co., Ind., convey land in Cass Co., 3 Oct 1863. On the same day they purchased land in Pulaski Co., Ind., from Alvin M. Higgins. The land in Cass Co., appears to have been the same land conveyed to Caleb J. and his brother Patrick S. Cragan, by their sister & brother-in-law Martheo and James MONTGOMERY, Jr. of Fulton Co., Ind., 23 Aug 1862.

         married: MARGRET HUMES, 14/17 Sept 1871, Fulton Co., Ind.[7]





(D)  MARY CRAGON, b. 11 June 1831 in Ind.

         d. 24 Jan 1875, and buried in Moon cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  She was a dau. of Isaac & Esther (----) Craigan of Cass Co., Ind.

         married: JOSEPH W. HILL 8 May 1849 in Cass Co., Ind. (a blacksmith)

                  b. 18 June 1825 in Ohio, a son of Joseph & Elizabeth "Esther" (Jenkins) Hill, Cass Co., Ind.


         d. 30 Jan 1891, bur. in Moon cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

Joseph W. Hill m.2nd, Elizabeth LONGAEN, 8 Sept 1875, Fulton Co.,Ind.[8] 

       Soon after the marriage of Joseph W. and Mary (Cragon) Hill, they removed to Fulton county. Two years later they returned to Cass County where they resided until 1863, at which time they returned to Fulton Co., and remained in that place for thirteen years. Their last move was to Starke County, Ind., where he died several years later.[9]

       Joseph (W.) Hill ae 36 (Ohio) and his wife Mary ae 29 (Ind), were householders of Cass Co., Ind., Harrison twp, in the 1860 census. Their five children (ages 10 to 2 yrs & all b. in Ind.) were with them:   Patrick, John, Marshall, Isaac and Edwin?





(a) PATRICK URIAS HILL, b. 6 March 1850, Clay twp, Cass Co., Ind.

         d. 5 March 1913, Long Beach, Calif.


         m. Abigail Elizabeth HUDKINS, 21 March 1875, Fulton Co., Ind.[10]

                  b. 30 May 1854; d. 7 Oct 1927, Long Beach, Calif.

dau. of Archibald E. Hudkins, Sr. (d. 16 Aug 1886, ae 69y-9m-(10?)d) and wife, Sarah (----) Hudkins (d. 16 Jan 1885, ae 63y-7m-24d); both bur. in Shaffer cem., Union twp, Fulton Co., Ind.


         1.  Anna M. Hill, b. 1876 in Ind. "dau. of P.U. & A. Hill"

                  d. (10?) June 1877, age 1yr----

                  bur. in Shaffer cem., Union twp, Fulton Co., Ind.


         2.  Mary E. Hill, b. 1 Jan 1878 in Ind. "dau. of P.U. & A. Hill"

                  d. 12 Sept 1878, age 8m-11d

                  bur. in Shaffer cem., Union twp, Fulton Co., Ind.


         3.  Sadie Hill, b. Aug 1879, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind. "dau. of P.U. and A. Hill"; d. 15 Jan 1881, 

                  age 1y-5m-11d

                  bur. in Shaffer cem., Union twp, Fulton Co., Ind.


         4.  Eva E. Hill, b. 30 Aug 1882, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  d. 1901

                  m. Charles LEWIS, 6 Dec 1899, Fulton Co., Ind.[11]


         5.  Ray Adam Hill, b. 27 July 1885, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  d. May -- 1948

                  m. Celia E. HALLEY, 8 Oct 1910, Fulton Co., Ind.


                  (i)  Virgil Ray Hill, b. 4 Sept 1911, Oakville, Wash.

                         m (1st), 1933 Frances RANGE

                         m.(2nd), 12 Aug 1937, Eva Mae MADEN

                  (ii) Millie Adeline Hill, b. 2 June 1913

                         m. H.  GLOVER, 1929

                  (iii) Milton Fred Hill, b. 25 Aug 1915, Lebam, Wash.

                         m. Louise RANGE, 1933

                  (iv) Lowell Bruce Hill, b. 12 July 1923, Labam, Wash.

                         m. Mae FOSS, 1942

                  (v)  Kenneth Ishmal Hill, b. Jan. -- 1926, Labam, Wash.

                         m. Dot PEPPER, 1945


         6.  Guy Hill, b. 22 July 1887, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  d. 9 Jan 1959

                  m. Mary Lou VAUGHAN, 1 May 1911, Glendora, Calif.


         7.  Ira E. Hill, b. 10 April 1889, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.


         8. Otto Hill, b. 24 Dec 1890, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.


         9.  Ervin Jay Hill, b. 22 Sept 1892, Kewanna, Fulton Co., Ind.


         10. Ernest Elmer Hill, b.---


         11. Amy Artella Hill, b.---



(b) JOHN J. HILL, 1852 in Indiana (ae 8 yrs in 1860 census)

         d. (unkn)


His residence in 1880 was in Union twp, and he was a "mason". Some   records of 1896 indicate that he was living in Rochester city, at Plum and Monroe streets, with three children entered in school.


         m. Eleanor ("Ellen; Elnora") McKEE, 21 May 1876 Fulton Co., Ind.[12]

                  b. 1856 in Ind. (parents also b. Ind.)

                  d. 4 Sept 1913, ae 57 yrs, Fulton Co., Ind. 

bur. Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind., beside two of her children.

         (2nd m.?) Louise A. BABCOCK, 14 April 1915, Fulton Co., Ind.[13]




         1. Floyd O. Hill, b. 1877 Fulton Co., Ind.  (Also called "Loyd A.")


                  m. May HUBBARD, 30 Jan 1890, by J. L. Bryan, Rochester, Ind.[14]

                1874/75, dau. of John & Melissa (Reding) Hubbard.


         2. Edward Hill, b. May -- 1880 in Indiana


         3. Bertha M. Hill, b. 20 Oct 1883, "dau. of John J. & E.",

                  d. 2 Jan 1900, age 16 yrs, at Rochester, Ind.

                  bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind., beside her mother.


         4. Hugh Evert Hill, b. 9 March 1890, "son of John J. & E.",

                  d. 15 Oct 1902, age 12 yrs, at Rochester, Ind.

                  bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind., beside his mother.



(c) MARSHALL M. HILL, b. 1854 in Indiana

         d. 1931

         bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

He was a res. of Rochester city in 1880, a cooper ae 25, with his wife Sarah (ae 22), and two sons, Melvin & Edward. These two children were in school in Rochester in 1896, but not found in latter years.

         m. Sarah E. CARTER, 3 Oct 1875, Fulton co., Ind.[15]

                  b. 1855 Ind., dau. of Milton & Hannah M. S. Carter of Union twp.

                  d. 1937,  bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.



         1. Melvin L. Hill, b. 1876, Ind.

                  d. 1962,  bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

                  m. Ludy (----).

                         (b. 1880, d. 1961)


         2. Edward M. Hill, b. 1878, Ind.

                  d. 1955,  bur. in Rochester IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

                  m. Ella May PRIEST, 25 Dec 1899, Fulton Co., Ind.[16]

b. 1877 Ind., dau. of Zachariah Tailor Priest & wife Laura, of Rochester twp, 1870 & 1880.

                         d. 1959, bur. beside her husband.



                  (i)  Mildred Louise Hill, b. 28 May 1902, Fulton Co., Ind. (Births)


                  (ii) Loreen Hill, b. 4 July 1905, Fulton Co., Ind. (Births)



(d) ISAAC C. HILL, b. 29 Feb 1856, Union twp, Cass Co., Ind.

d. 5 Sept 1910, ae 54 years, at the home of his son, Walter, in South Bend, Ind. (see obit.)

         bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

He was a farmer and carpenter, and operated a saw-mill at Leiters Ford.Isaac (C.) Hill ae 24, and wife Rebecca ae 20 are included in the  census records of Aubbee twp in 1880. There were no children listed. School Enumeration lists, cemetery records, and the two documents on the following pages, give names of their children.

         m. Rebecca A. LUNSFORD, 7 Feb 1878 Fulton Co., Ind.[17]

b. 28 Jan 1860 in Ind.; dau. of Hiram Lunsford and his first wife, Rebecca (Moore) Lunsford, natives of Ohio, who settled in Pulaski Co., Ind., 3-1/2 m. south-east of Monterey.[18]

                  d. 1 July 1904, Fulton Co., Ind.; bur. beside her husband.




         1. (infant) -------- (dec'd)

         2. Walter Hill, b. 1882, Union twp, Fulton Co., Ind.

                  (ae 14 yrs, school enumeration list of 1896)

                  Res. of South Bend, Ind., 1910.

         3. Harvey Hill, b.29 Nov 1882

                  d. 30 Aug 1883, age 9mo & 1da; "son of I.C. & R.A."

                  bur. in Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

         4. Roy Hill, b. 27 July 1884, "son of I.C. & R.A."

                  d. 29 March 1889, age 4y-8m-2d;

                  bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

         5. Elmer Hill, b. June -- 1887/86

                  Res. of State of Washington, 1910.

         6. Bessie G. Hill, b. 1 Dec 1885

                  d. 24 Dec 1893, age 8mos & 23da; "dau. of I.C. & R.A."

                  bur. Leiters Ford IOOF cem., Fulton Co., Ind.

7. (white fem.) --------- b. 25 Oct 1895; "ch. of Isaac Hill & Rebecca Lunsford Hill", Fulton Co., Ind. Birth Records.

This might be the Ruby, ae 7, who was signed into school in 1903 by Isaac Hill. N.f.r.


The Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., 7 Sept 1910.

         OBITUARY.  "ISAAC HILL, a resident of the Leiters vicinity, died Monday afternoon, 5 Sept at the home of his son, WALTER, at South Bend. Some time since Mr. Hill suffered a stroke of paralysis from which he never recovered and following came the second stroke on Monday, which caused his death. The deceased was born 29 Feb 1856, being 54 years old at the time of his death. He grew to manhood in the near vicinity of Leiters, and was at the time of his death vice-president of the Leiters bank. He was also ex-trustee of Aubbeenaubbee twp, and was well and popularly known throughout the county.

         "He leaves two sons, WALTER of South Bend, and ELMER who resides in the state of Washington. Besides the two sons, there are four brothers and three sisters, MARSH and JOHN HILL of this city, being the brothers of the deceased.

         "Since the death of his wife, which occurred some eight years ago, he resided with Mr. & Mrs. Al Yelton at Leiters, and was actively engaged in various business pursuits at the time of his death.

         "The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at the Methodist church in Leiters. The exact hour for the service has not been set because it is not known when the son from Washington will arrive."


Elia W. Peattie, History of United States, Indiana and Fulton County, 1896, p.85.

         "ISAAC C. HILL was born in Union township, Cass Co., Ind., 29 Feb 1856. His parents were JOSEPH and MARY (CRAGON) HILL. His father was a native of Cass county, Ind., and a son of JOSEPH and ELIZABETH HILL, who were pioneer settlers of Cass county. Soon after the marriage of Joseph Hill and Mary Cragon, they came to Fulton County.  Two years later they returned to Cass County, where they resided until 1863, in which year they returned to Fulton county, and here lived for thirteen years and then moved to Starke county, where he died several years later. His wife preceded him in death.


         "Isaac C. Hill began the battle of life for himself at the age of seventeen years. He learned the carpenter's trade, and has followed this, together with farming, all his life. He was married in 1878 to REBECCA, daughter of HIRAM LUMSFORD, Esq., of Pulaski County. For five years after Mr. Hill's marriage he resided in Union township, this county, but since then he has resided in Aubbeenaubbee township. He has operated with success a saw-mill at Leiters Ford; owns a good farm and is in prosperous circumstances.

         "Unto him and his wife there have been born the following offspring:

Infant, dec'd; WALTER; HARVEY, dec'd; ROY; ELMER; BESSIE, dec'd.

         "Mr. Hill is a firm democrat in politics, and in 1890 was elected trustee of his township. As trustee he served five years with satisfaction to the people. Both he and his wife are members of the Baptist church, and they number among the leading families of their community."



(e) EDWARD HILL, b. 1858 in Indiana

         d. 1940/43


(f) CALEB J. HILL, b. 1863, Cass Co., Ind.

         d. 15 Jan 1910, age 42 years, at Ora, Starke Co., Ind.

                  Letters of Adm. date 2 Feb 1910; disch'd 14 Oct 1912, Starke Co.[19]

         bur. (unkn)

         m.(1st), Rena RANK, 1 Oct 1886 Starke Co., Ind.[20]

m.(2nd), Matilda M. REASONER, 17 Nov 1895, by R. W. Barton, Pastor M.E. church, Hamlet; wit. by J.C. and Ellen Reasoner; at home, Knox, Ind.; her age next bthday 22, and his 32; her first m., and his second m. 1874 Benton Co., Ohio; dau. of J. C. Reasoner & wife Ellen (Weed) Reasoner, of Starke Co., Ind.[21]






         m. Sol. ROMICK


(h) LUCINDA HILL, 1865



(i) ETTA MARY HILL, 1867


m. William "Bill" WILLSON, 29 March 1888 Starke Co., Ind., by C. J. Corbin, minister[22]


(j) MILO HILL, b. March -- 1870; d."young" 1872

         bur. Moon cem., Aubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind.


(k) MOLLIE HILL, b. (unkn)


(l) MINNIE HILL, b. (unkn)



JOSEPH HILL FAMILY  (Cass & Fulton Cos., Ind.)

b. 28 Jan 1798, Washington Co., Pa.  (his fa. was foreign born)

d. 12 May 1876, Cass Co., Ind.[23]

bur. Fletcher's Lake cem., Wayne twp, Fulton Co., Ind. 

Removed to Fulton Co., Ind. in 1852; then to Cass Co., Ind. 1873.

Census 1860 Wayne twp: Joseph Hill, Hester, Martha A., Orlando and 

         Israel; 1870 (ibid): Joseph Hill, Hester and Israel J.

m. Esther Elizabeth "Hester" JENKINS, prob. in Penn.

         b. 9 Aug 1805, Jefferson Co., Ohio

         d. 24 Jan 1873, Fulton Co., Ind.

         bur. beside her husband in Fletcher's Lake cem.


(A) William J. "Joseph W." Hill, b. 18 June 1825 in Ohio

         m. Mary CRAGON, 1849 Cass Co., Ind.


(B) Mary Jane Hill, b. 21 May 1834 Wash. Co., Pa.

         m. Benjamin F. YANTIS, 1855 Fulton Co., Ind.


(C) Martha A. Hill, 1835, Pa.


(D) Orlando Hill, 1840, Pa.; d. 11 Feb 1907, Winamac Ind.

         m. Savina (---)

         1845 Ind-Pa-Pa

         res. of Wayne twp, fulton Co., Ind., 1870 & 1880.


         (a) Rosella Hill, 1867 Ind-Pa-Pa

         (b) David M. Hill, 1869 Ind-Pa-Pa

         (c) John Hill, 1873 Ind-Pa-Pa



JACOB YANTIS, (first gen.) 1750; d.a.6-10-1805

Native of Germany, who came to America before the Rev. War, and served as a pvt from Pennsylvania, under General Greene.

 married twice: one of his wives was Ruth CRISMAN[24]




AARON YANTIS, (second gen.) 

b. 11 April 1787 in Boyle Co., Ky

d. 19 July 1861 in Bethlehem twp, Cass Co., Ind.

bur. (unkn)

He moved to Logansport, Ind. about 1836, and lived with his children till his death.[25] 

married: Martha COCHRAN, 1812 in Spencer Co., Ky

         b. 1790 Clark Co., Ky, a dau. of Robert & Jane (Laird) Cochran.

         d. 30 March 1835, in Spencer Co., Ky

         bur. (unkn)




(C) JACOB YANTIS, b. 15 Dec 1817 Spencer Co., Ky; son of Aaron & Martha

         d. (unkn)

         m. Margaret A. SCOTT, 9 Oct 1845 Spencer Co., Ky

                  b. 28 Nov 1824 in Shelby Co., Ky


Jacob Yantis moved to Graves Co., Ky, in Dec 1845, then in Nov. 1857 he moved to Harrison twp, Sect 14, Cass Co., Ind. They are known to have had at least five children.


         (a) Mary M. Yantis

         (b) Viola Yantis

         (c) Jane E. Yantis

         (d) Aaron S. Yantis (dec'd)

         (e) Emma F. Yantis


(H) BENJAMIN F. YANTIS, b. 2 Feb 1831, Spencer Co., Ky; son of Aaron &  Martha (Cochran) Yantis

         d. (unkn)

Benjamin F. moved to Logansport, Cass Co., Ind. about 1836, remaining for two years; then to Clay twp, Cass Co., Ind., until about 1841 when he moved once again to Bethlehem twp, Cass Co., Ind. He remained there until his death.

         m. Mary Jane HILL, 13 Sept 1855 Fulton Co., Ind.[26]

                  b. 21 May 1834, Washington Co., Pa.; dau. of JOSEPH & ESTHER ELIZABETH "Hester" (JENKINS) HILL, natives of Washington Co., Penn. & Jefferson Co., Ohio respectively. They came to Fulton Co., Ind. 1852, where her mother died 1873. The father came to Cass Co., Ind. 1873, and died there.


         (a) Harvey C. Yantis, b. 18 Aug 1857

         (b) Mary E. Yantis, b. 5 Dec 1858

         (c) Esther A. Yantis, b. 11 Oct 1860;  d. 9 Sept 1862

         (d) Elvira A. Yantis, b. 7 July 1862

                  m. Sumner E. BUCK  (of Bethlehem twp, Cass Co., Ind.)

         (e) Ruthanna Yantis, b. 14 May 1864

         (f) Joseph A. Yantis, b. 9 June 1866

         (g) Lyman Yantis, b. 21 Jan 1872

         (h) Etta Yantis, b. 7 Dec 1873;  d. 26 March 1880




(E)  MARTHA "MARTHEO" CRAIGAN, 1835/40 in Ind.

(age 15 years, dau. of Isaac & Esther Craigan of Clay twp, Cass Co., Ind. in census record of 1850.

         d.  (unkn)

       m. JAMES MONTGOMERY, JR., 3 Sept 1857 Cass Co., Ind.[27]

         1837 in Ohio


James Montgomery, Jr. (ae 23) and wife Martha (20), were residents of Wayne twp, Fulton Co., Ind., in 1860 census records, with a son Tilman M. Montgomery ae 1 year.

In 1862 (Aug 23) James Montgomery, Jr. and Martheo, his wife, of Fulton Co., Ind. convey to Caleb and Patrick Cragun of Cass Co., Ind., forty  acres in Cass Co., Ind.  This land was later sold by Caleb and Patrick Cragun to Barnard J. Burch of Cass Co., Ind., on 3 Oct 1863.



         (a) Tilman M. Montgomery, 1859 in Ind.




(F)  ESTHER L. CRAIGAN, 1837 in Ind.

(ae 13 years, dau. of Isaac & Esther Craigan of Clay twp, Cass Co.Ind. in census record of 1850)

         d.  (unkn)

         m. JAMES G. KENDRICK, 21 July 1860 Cass Co., Ind.[28]




GEORGE SHIDELER, family of Cass Co., Ind. 1795 in Washington Co., Pa.; to Cass Co., Ind. ca. 1832

d. 23 Dec 1875 in Cass Co., Ind.

bur. St.Johns (or Old Shideler) cem., Clinton twp, Cass Co., Ind. in south-west 1/4 sec.3

m. Elizabeth NEFF
 1793 in Virginia


children: (4 known)

(A) Jonathan Shideler, 1823

         m. Susannah Jane CRAIGAN, 2 Feb 1847 Cass Co., Ind.

(B) Elizabeth N. Shideler, 1830 nr Eaton, Preble Co., Ohio

         m. Zachariah CRAGUN (son of Joshua & Sarah), 13 Oct 1850

(C) Abraham Shideler, 1835 in Ohio/Ind (census)


(D) Isaac Shideler, b. 22 July 1835, Clinton twp, Cass Co., Ind.

         youngest of a fam. of 9 children.

He entered the army in July 1862, enlisting in the 55th Ind. Infty, 100-days' men. After his service ended he returned to Cass Co., Ind. and entered the clothing business at Logansport in partnership with G. R. Thomas. He purchased his partner's interest in 1867, and he continued in this line of work until 1882.[29]



ELISHA CRAGUN (2)  (third gen.)

        son of Patrick and Rose Mary (Abbey) Cragun

born: 22 Feb 1786, in Russell Co., Va.

died: 1847, Nauvoo, Council Bluffs, Iowa/ Winter Quarters, Neb.

War 1812 service, at New Orleans, under Jackson


Elisha was an early settler of Franklin Co., Ind., purchasing land in Metamora twp as "Elisha Cragan" in 1814; and in Butler twp as "Elisha Cragon" in 1814. Another tract book entry calls him "Elisha Cragun (Sept 5, 1814). Elish Craigen was a taxpayer of Brookville twp in 1817; and Elisha Cragun was a householder in the town of Brookville in 1820 census, of Richland, Rush Co., Ind. in 1830, and of Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind. in 1840. He sold land to Washington St.Clair 8 Sept 1845 in Boone Co., Ind.[30]

        Eva (Cragun) Heiner's fine book on the Cragun family tells that Elisha Cragun and his son, Hiram, cleared away the fine black walnut trees on their heavily timbered farm land, and burned them in piles to get rid of them.

        Elisha Cragun and his whole family were converted and baptized to the Latter-day Church of Jesus Christ in 1843, except the eldest daughter who had married and moved away. They were baptized in a stream called "Jackson's Run" which flows through the Pleasant View Church yard. His wife had died in 1844, Elisha sold his land in 1845, and then made his way to Nauvoo where he died. This was where more than 600 members of the church died in the winter of 1846-47.[31]


married: MARY OSBORN, in 1811

b. 17 Dec 1790 in Russell Co., Va.; a dau. of James & Mary (Whitaker) Osborn, slave & land owners of Virginia. 

        Elisha Cragun was 25 and she was 21 yrs old when they were married.

        d. 14 Dec 1844, Pleasant View, Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind., on their farm.

bur. on the farm, by the side of a dau., Abigail, who died three days later, 17 Dec 1844.

        At the time a large walnut tree marked the spot, but now it is impossible to find the place.



b.abt 1774, Rowan Co., N.Car., son of Caleb & Hannah Osborn

d. 14 Dec 1821, Castle's Woods, Washington Co., Va.

(Will date: 4-29-1816; prob. 5-7-1822, Russell Co., Va. WB 4:34)

m. Mary WHITAKER,  ( 1778)

James Osborn is of record as a soldier at Moore's Fort in 1777[32]


1. Mary Osborn, b. 12-17-1790; m. Elisha CRAGUN

2. Jonathan Osborn, b.

3. Lucreece (Lucrita) Osborn

    (stolen by Indians, taken to Canada, then returned after four years)

4. Elizabeth Osborn

5. Lucy Osborn

6. Abigail Osborn

7. Hulda Osborn

         (a descendant is Mrs. Rita Sutton of Virginia)

8. Polly Osborn

9. Solomon Osborn




(A)  Rebecca Cragun, b. 25 Sept 1812, Sullivan Co., Tenn.

        m. Aaron BEEMAN

(B)  James Cragun,  b. 26 July 1814, Connorsville, Fayette Co., Ind.

        m. Eleanor LANE

(C)  Hyrum Cragun,  b. 8 Dec 1816, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        m. Reiter DOOLEY

(D)  Mary Martha "Molly" Cragun, b. 17 Dec 1819, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        m.(1st), Jacob BEELER

        m.(2nd), David McOLNEY, widr.

(E)  Enoch Cragun,  b. 14 Jan 1821, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        m. Mary "Molly" PETERS

(F)  Abigail Cragun,  b. 17 Dec 1823, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        d. 17 Dec 1844, Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind.

(G)  Tyresha Cragun,  b. 28 April 1825, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        m. George NORVILLE

(H)  Simeon Cragun,  b. 13 Aug 1827, Richland, Rush Co., Ind.

        m. Susan MOWER

(I)  Tabitha Cragun,  5 March 1830, Richland, Rush Co., Ind.

        m. Edwin Rueben LINDSAY

(J)  Sarah Jane Cragun,  b. 22 Feb 1833, Richland, Rush Co., Ind.

        d. 27 Aug 1948


Sources for reading:

J. H. Beers & Co., Atlas of Franklin Co., Ind., 1882, pp.103, 104

Boone & Clinton Cos., Ind., Ft.Wayne, Ind. Lib., p.273 "Strange N. Cragun" 

J. H. Beers & Co., Commem. Biog. Record of Prominent & Representative Men of

Indianapolis & Vicinity, 1908, p.491

Eva Cragun Heiner, 1347 Roosevelt Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105.

August J. Reifel, History of Franklin Co., Ind., Indianapolis, B. F. Bowen & Co., 1915, p.187, 95




(A)  REBECCA CRAGUN, b. 25 Sept 1812, Sullivan Co., Tenn.

        (dau. of Elisha & Mary [Osborn] Cragun)

        d. 1856, in Ind.

Eva (Cragun) Heiner's book on the Cragun & Ellis family (p.38-39) tells that Rebecca (Cragun) Beaman and her husband, Aaron, seem to have been in Iowa with the Mormon group. However, the two sons evidently returned to Indiana. This was indicated in a letter written 4 Jan 1909 from Chicago, Ill., by Dr. Wiley Moroni Cragun, who was studying medicine, and visited Elisha Beaman (son of Rebecca) who was living in the country seven miles from Lebanon, Ind. The letter said: "This man is seventy-two years old and is one of the party who turned back when they reached Council Bluffs, Iowa."


        m. 29 Dec 1832, AARON BEAMAN


        Aaron Beeman was living with his bro-i-law, Enoch Cragun, in 1860 census.

        Two children born: (a) Elisha Cragun Beaman, and (b) Jasper Beeman.



         (a) ELISHA CRAGUN BEAMAN, b. 1838 in Rush Co., Ind.


               m. Catherine LUCAS, 22 March 1866



               1. Favella Beaman, b. 1867 Boone Co., Ind.

                         m. James H. MILLER, 21 Aug 1887

               2. Dennis Beeman, b. 1869;  d.y.

               3. Larkin Beeman, b. 1872

               4. Thyra Beeman, b. 1873

                         m. Cornelius R. YATES, 18 Aug 1889

               5. Myra Beeman, b. 1874

                         m. George RICHARDSON, 25 June 1900

               6. Minnie Beeman, b. 1876

               7. Berthie Beeman, b. 1879

                         m. Walter N. PERRINE, 3 Sept 1899


        (b) JASPER BEEMAN, b. 1841 Boone Co., Ind.


               m.(1), Susan HAND, 11 April 1861

                         b. (unkn);   d. 19 Aug 1897

               m.(2nd), Amanda MANTOOTH, 29 Nov 1904  (no children)


               1. Writter R. Beeman, b. 1861

                         m. John O. DODSON, 25 March 1883

               2. Emma J. Beeman,  b. 1863 Boone Co., Ind.

                         m. Jacob D. QUICK, 8 Nov 1888 

               3. Frances Beeman,  b. 1864 Boone Co., Ind.

               4. Perry Beeman,  b. 1867 Boone Co., Ind.

               5. Annie Beeman,  b. 1869 

                         d. (unkn) 

                   m. Grandville A. MAYFIELD, 21 Nov 1889 Boone Co., Ind.[33]

                         b. 1865

                         d. 1915;  bur. Mts Run Reg. Bapt. Church, Whitestown, Boone Co., Ind. 

son of: Greenberry Mayfield (b. 1828 Ky) & Elenor (Mahawn) Mayfield, who moved to Boone Co., Ind., from Whitley Co., Ky, sometime between 1860 and 1880.  Greenberry Mayfield was a son of Isaac Mayfield Sr. (1804 KY - betw 1870 & 1880) and Margaret "Peggy" (Snyder) Mayfield, of Whitley Co., KY. Isaac & Margaret "Peggy" (Snyder) Mayfield also had a son, Peter Mayfield, who was the grandfather of Iva (Mayfield) Cragun (Mrs. John Beach Cragun, Chicago, Ill.)[34]


                         (i) Thomas J. Mayfield, b. 1894

                                 d. 1919    (Served on U.S. Malory)

                                 bur., Mts Run cem., Whitestown, Boone Co., Ind.


               6. George Beeman,  b. 1870 Boone Co., Ind.

               7. Allie Beeman,  b. 1872 Boone Co., Ind.

                         m. Samuel P. FREEMAN, 17 June 1894

               8. Anniah Beeman,  b. 1874

               9. John W. Beeman, b. 1877

                         m. Anna CAMPBELL, 10 Feb 1904


(B)  JAMES CRAGUN,  b. 26 July 1814, Connorsville, Fayette Co., Ind.

        (son of Elisha & Mary (Osborn) Cragun)

        d. 7 Feb 1887,  St.George, Washington Co., Utah

        both he and his wife are buried at St.George, Wash.Co.,Utah

He and his wife & children moved to Utah in 1849 in the Ezra T. Benson Co., known as the 5th company. That year James was called to go to Utah county to help fight the Indians who attacked the people sent to settle the Provo area. James was gone three months, and during that time his wife and five children were living in South Salt Lake (Mill Creek Ward) and endured many hardships.   

        m. 30 March 1836, Boone Co., Ind., ELEANOR LANE

        b. 11 Nov 1817, Brandenburg, Meade Co., Ky,

               dau. of Samuel Lane and Margaret (McCarty) Lane, of Kentucky.

        d. 24 Dec 1901, St.George, Washington Co., Utah


Martha Cragun Cox, dau. of James & Eleanor (Lane) Cragun, tells the following: "I do not know just when the Elisha Cragun family moved from Virginia to Indiana, but it must have been earlier than the coming of the Lanes, Yates and Lincoln families, for my father was born in Indiana while my mother, Eleanor Lane's family was still in Kentucky. Her grandfather, Lambert Lane, was born in England and emigrated to America with his parents when he was about 12 years old." Eleanor Lane Cragun remembers living on the banks of the Susquehanna River opposite the home of Abraham Lincoln's parents.[35]




        (a) Lydia Margaret Cragun, b. 26 Jan 1838 Eagle Village, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. James Hardwick McCARTY (her 2d csn)

        (b) James Hyrum Cragun,  b. 31 July 1840 Eagle Village, Boone Co., Ind.

               never married;  d. 14 Feb 1919 St.George, Washington Co., Utah

      (c) Thomas Calvin Cragun, b. 28 Dec 1843 Northfield, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. Amelia CHAMBERS

        (d) Mary Ellen Cragun, b. 24 Feb 1845

               m. Lars JENSEN ("Danish")

      (e) Melvina Cragun,  b. 30 March 1847;  d. June 1847, ae 3 months

        (f) Elisha Cragun,  b. 3 Aug 1849 crossing the plains

               m. Margaret LAWSON

        (g) Martha James Cragun, b. 3 March 1852 Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah

               m. Isaiah COX

        (h) Sarah Jane Cragun, b. 27 April 1854

               m.(1st), Samuel Henry Worthen

               m.(2nd), Oliver C. Garthwaite

        (i) Tyresha Cragun,  b. 27 March 1857, Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah

               m. Joseph KIRKHAM




        (a)  LYDIA MARGARET CRAGUN, b. 26 Jan 1838 Eagle Village, Boone Co., Ind.


               m. James Hardwick McCARTY, 5 Oct 1855 (her 2nd csn)

                         b. 9 May 1836 Meade Co., Ky; son of James & Rebecca (Murdock) McCarty 

                         He became a school teacher in Kentucky and later in Missouri. He decided to join a group of gold seekers leaving for California. He caught mountain fever on the journey and because of weakened condition he stopped in Salt Lake, and here he found his cousins, the Craguns.


Lydia Margaret, as a girl of 11 years, came across the plains in a covered wagon with her parents, in Ezra T. Benson's company. They left in July 1849 and arrived in Utah in October the same year. They settled on a farm in Mill Creek in southeastern Salt Lake Valley.

           After her marriage to James H. McCarty, they settled on a farm in Mill Creek, where three whildren were born, then they moved south to Mountainville or Alpine where Uncle David McOlney resided. James Hardwick McCarty went with Lydia's father and brothers to guard Johnston's army and keep them from entering Salt Lake City.


               1. James Cragun McCarty, b. 1 July 1856 Mill Creek, Utah

                         d. 12 June 1913, of acute Brights disease

He was of slight build, mild disposition, honest and made friends wherever he went. The schooling he had, he received from his father. He homesteaded 160 acres, and it was many years before the land was well under cultivation. He sold the homestead and moved to Monroe to help his mother on the old McCarty land.       

                         m. Susan May SYMONS

                           b. (unkn),  d. Feb 1919 of influenza

She was a quiet woman, never talking much about herself. Her family had come from Annabella to live in Monroe some time before her marriage to Jim.


                         (i)  Margaret Louise McCarty, b. 17 Feb 1906

                                 m. Bernard GURR


                                 James McCarty Gurr

                         (ii) Susan McCarty,  b. (unkn); d.i.

                         (iii) Ella McCarty,  b. 21 Apr 1912

                                 (unmd 1940)


               2. William Murdock McCarty, b. 15 May 1859, Millcreek, Utah

                         d. 19 Dec 1918

He was of stocky build both as a boy and young man; a wrestler, foot-racer, boxer and very combative. He became interested in law in early life. Judge Wheedon from Beaver, Utah, lived at the McCarty home for some time and had his law office there. Under him, Bill studied his first law. After schooling, he returned home to open his law office in one of his mother's rooms. Became Deputy U.S. Dist. Atty at Beaver; County Atty at Monroe; and Judge of the sixth Judicial District with headquarters at Richfield. After several years he was elected to the Supreme Court.          

                         m. June 1893, Lovina Lauretta MURRAY

                                 b. (unkn);  d. 1953

                                 dau. of Frank Charles & Lovina Heaton Murray.

                                 Lovina was raised in Marysvale on a ranch about a mile north of town and was quite a horsewoman

                                 in her ranch days.


                         (i)  Murray William McCarty, b. 24 June 1894

                                  m. Ida Elizabeth FARIELLO


                                 (1) Peggy Jean McCarty

                                 (2) Patricia Rose McCarty


                         (ii) Ray Sargent McCarty,  b. 12 Sept 1897

                                 d. 13 Dec 1963

                         m. Mildred ENGLES


                                 (1) William Courtney McCarty, b. 13 Jan 1930

                                        m. Julie Ann POLLOCK


                                        + Richard Pollock McCarty, b. 2 July 1955

                                        + Cullen McCarty,  b. 29 June 1957

                                 (2) Patricia Ann McCarty,  b. 8 Feb 1934

                                        m. David NOALL

                                 (3) Mary Jacqueline McCarty,  b. 2 Oct 1936

                                        m. Bert GILBERT


                                        (iii) Margaret Lovina McCarty, b. 12 Aug 1902

                                   m. Donald Martin MAJOR


                                        (iv) Frank Edward McCarty,  b. 29 Jan 1907

                                               m. Olga Elizabeth .....



               3. Samuel Houston McCarty,  b. 15 Aug 1861, Millcreek, Utah

                         d. (date unkn),  in Boise, Idaho

                         bur. Boise, Idaho

                         m. Louise DUDLER

While Louise and the children were in Salt Lake visiting, Homer McCarty, Samuel's brother, received a telegram from Boise stating that Sam had suddenly died. It was 500 miles to Boise with only a horse and buggy for traveling, so Homer wired back to bury Sam in Boise. A week later when Louise returned to Boise she could find none of Sam's possessions. Of the details of his death she could learn nothing - only that he had died from a gunshot wound. Louise returned to Salt Lake City and was very successful in the cafe business.

Sam was a slender boy and stood as straight as a ship's mast. He had blue eyes and blond hair. When he was about 16 years old he went north to Salt Lake County, and there found work chopping timbers for the mines in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The axe slipped and almost cut his foot in half. He was brought to Salt Lake City where he lived at Dr. Seymour B. Young's home until he was able to work again.

After he married, he had no regular training for work, but he took up law. He and his wife moved to Rocky Bar, Idaho. Law was not a flourishing business, and Sam could hardly make a living. Two children were born to them, then a fire destroyed their home and all their belongings. They had to start again.


                         (i)  Ella McCarty, b. (unkn)


                         (ii) Homer Bar McCarty, b. (unkn)

                                 m. Hazel HUNT, ca. 1916


                                 (1) Homer E. McCarty, b. 3 Dec 1917

                                        d. 1968

                                        m. Norma Janet SEVERSON, 8 oCT 1939


                                        + Donald Homer McCarty, b. 7 Aug 1940

                                        + Janet Arlene McCarty, b. 30 Sept 1942

                                        + Joy McCarty,  b. 25 March 1945

                                        + Valerie McCarty,  b. 17 May 1946

                                        + Roger Dale McCarty, b. 7 Aug 1949

                                        + Carol Lynn McCarty, b. 6 June 1953

                                        + Byron Homer McCarty, b. 7 Aug 1958

                         (2) Ray McCarty,  b. 1919;  d. 1967


                                 (3) Jack McCarty, b. 14 March 1921

                                        m. Dessie ROSKELLEY, 24 July 1937

                                 (4) Barbara Jean McCarty, b. 17 Jan 1923

                                        m. Glen WILSON, 23 Oct 1946

                                 (5) Donald James "Busby" McCarty, b. 1925


                         4. Margaret Eleanor McCarty,  b. 10 July 1863

                                 d. 5 Oct 1874

                                 bur. St.George, Wash. Co., Utah

When eleven years old, a mysterious illness affected her, first in one foot then moving upward along her leg. The nearest doctor was in St.George, 75 miles southward. Homer said: "Father took Ella, Mother, Martha and I to St.George. We went with an ox-drawn wagon, a rough conveyance for a desperately sick girl, but all we had." Nothing was able to be done and after a few weeks in St.George, Ella passed away. 


5. Emily Tyresha McCarty, b. 21 Oct 1865, St.George, Wash. Co., Utah

                                 d. 27 Jan 1918, Salt Lake City, Utah, of cancer.

                                 m. 17 Oct 1894, Joseph D. BERTELSEN

                                        b. (unkn)   ;  (living 1940)

                                        blacksmith and mechanic

She was a teacher, then elected County Superintendent of schools, a position she held for several terms. She was postmistress for two or more terms in Marysvale, then she and her husband purchased the Grand Hotel and operated it for several years. She had a very large library and was a great reader. 




                             (i)  Horace Bertelson, b. 21 Nov 1895

                                        m. Sylvia BLACK


                                 (ii) Joseph Lane Bertelson, b. 2 Aug 1897

                                        m. Etta Maria LONG


               6. Homer McCarty, b. 10 Jan 1868, Santa Clara, Washington Co., Utah

                         d. 12 Sept 1952, Salt Lake City, Utah

He attended the elementary schools taught by his father. He learned much about gardening, ranching, herding sheep, etc. from his older brothers. The family lived in Utah's Dixie nearly seven years, suffering extreme poverty most of the time. From there they moved to Iron County, then to Summit County, and managed a hotel in Monroe for many years. Everyone drove oxen and Homer said he never saw a buggy until he was 16 or 17 years old.

He attended Park College in Missouri, then taught school, worked as a surveyor, and helped develop mines.

                         m. Mary Wilhelmina HESSE, 24 June 1891.

                                 She was of Monroe, Sevier County, Utah.  Seven children were born.


                         (i)  Laurell McCarty, b. 21 Feb 1892

                                 m. John R. GARDNER, 24 June 1915

                         (ii) Uarda McCarty,  b. 28 Feb 1895

                                 m. A. S. WINTON,  28 Aug 1926   (no issue)

                         (iii) Homer Ward McCarty, b. 3 Feb 1900

                                 m. Ardis YOUNG,  30 June 1920


                                 (1) Kent Young McCarty, b. 1923

                                        m. Virginia D. SHENKEL, 1945

                                 (2) Coralie Ardis McCarty, b. 1926

                                        m. John Marlon BOYERS, 1949

                                 (3) Nancy Gerda Ann McCarty, b. 1931

                                        m. Carlton Thomas SUMSION, 1951

                         (iv) Henry Dean McCarty, b. 10 Nov 1904

                                        d. 11 July 1928

                         (v) Wilhelmina Hesse McCarty, b. 10 Dec 1907

                                 (living 1968) unmd.

                         (vi) Beulah McCarty, b. 22 Feb 1909

                                 d. 1 Nov 1961

                                 m. Clarence P. CURTIS, 10 July 1934

                         (vii) Shirley McCarty, b. 15 April 1911

                                 m. Hugh MOUNT, 31 May 1936  (no issue)


               7. Martha Evaline McCarty, b. 12 March 1870

                       (still living in 1940, Portland, Oregon)

She taught school. She and her husband purchased the old McCarty farm where they lived for several years, then moved to Richfield. After selling that farm they moved to Salt Lake City, where he went into the insurance business. In the early twenties Martha & Robert moved to Portland, Oregon, where he died.

                         m.  Robert A. FARLEY

                                 b. (unkn)   d. Dec -- 1938, Portland, Oregon


                         (i) Gertha Farley, b. (date unkn) in Pioche, Nevada

                                 m.--------  (a druggist)

                                 ch.:  (two) 


               8. Horace Lincoln McCarty,  b. 13 Jan 1873

                         d. 10 May 1893, and bur. in Monroe.

He was four yrs old when the family moved to Monroe, and was stricken with a heart condition early in his teens. In spite of it, he was a great help on the farm.

He attended the Brigham Young Academy at Provo, and in the spring of 1893 he became so ill he was forced to leave school and stay in bed. His brother Homer came to care for him, but soon sent for their mother and it was decided to take him home to Monroe. He died on the way.


               9. Norman Franklin McCarty, b. 6 April 1876

He seemed dedicated to music from early childhood. After much study in Salt Lake City, he went to Ann Arbor, Michigan to more schooling, and then became professor of music in Park College, Missouri. He returned to Utah to teach at the Branch Agricultural College at Cedar City, then to Idaho State normal College at Albion, Idaho. He is now (1940) in Prineville, Oregon.



               10. Ruth McCarty, b. 18 March 1878

                         d. 20 March 1878


               11. Edgar Cook McCarty, b. 17 May 1879

                         d. 23 May 1945, Salt Lake City, Utah

                         bur. in Mt. Olivet Cemetery

He was never very robust and was slow in learning to talk. He had blue eyes and reddish hair. When the call for volunteers was made for the Spanish-American War, Edgar enlisted joining Torrey's Rough Riders. The war ended before his company embarked for overseas duty.

                         m. Aileen ERICKSON, 14 June 1911

She taught school in the Presbyterian school at Monroe. After their marriage, he quit the creamery business, and obtained employment with Nelson-Ricks Creamery Co. in Salt Lake City.


                         (i)  James Cragun McCarty, b. 25 Nov 1912

                                 m. Anna Loree NORRIS, 1936


                                 (1) Brian Curtis McCarty, b. 25 June 1937

                                        m. Rose Ann STAPLEY, 3 Sept 1964

                                 (2) William Edgar McCarty, b. 8 Apr 1940

                                        m. Beth Joan HARRISON, 26 Jan 1962

                                 (3) Eric Lane McCarty, b. 26 May 1948

                                        m. Barbara Sharon WALLACE, 3 March 1967

                         (ii) Ruth Marion McCarty, b. 16 Sept 1914

                                 m. Charles CARRIER


               (l) Beatrice McCarty, b. 15 Dec 1884

                         The last child of James Hardwick & Lydia Margaret (Cragun) McCarty.

                     d. 27 April 1885



        (b) JAMES HYRUM CRAGUN, b. 31 July 1840, Eagle Village, Boone Co., Ind.

               d. 14 Feb 1919, St.George, Washington Co., Utah

               (never married) 

           James Hyrum crossed the plains, helped his father farm in Mill Creek, and helped build up Washington County. He farmed at Pine Valley, and lived his later life in St.George and died there.


        (c) THOMAS CALVIN CRAGUN, b. 28 Dec 1843, Northfield, Boone Co., Ind.

               d. 23 May 1909, Smithfield, Utah

               m. Amelia CHAMBERS, 2 Aug 1861, Salt Lake City, Utah

b. 10 Jan 1846 in Bristol, Gloucester, England; dau. of William and Clarissa Bench Chambers. The Chambers family emigrated to Utah, crossing the plains in Capt. Doly's Company, arriving in Salt Lake City in Sept 1853, and moved to Mill Creek in 1856.

                       Amelia died 5 June 1916, Smithfield, Utah.

Thomas Calvin Cragun came to Salt Lake City with the family on 25 Oct 1849. He played the clarinet and piccolo, and was a member of the Salt Lake City Martial Band. He taught the fife and drum, and was the "kindest, most gentle and loving husband and father."

           After their marriage, Thomas Calvin & Amelia moved to "Dixie" and helped settle the country. They stayed in St.George about three years, then left to make their home in Smithfield, Cache County, Utah. In Nov. 1876, the dreaded diptheria took three of their children in the same week.


               1. Calvin Cragun, b. 15 May 1862, Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co., Utah

                         d. 22 Oct 1939, Provo, Utah Co., Utah


Calvin Cragun learned telegraphy at the Deseret Telegraph Office. He worked as operator & clerk at the Utah Northern Railway, and was soon sent to Arimo, Idaho; from McCammon, Idaho, to Pocatello and was its first agent there.

                       m.(1st), Elizabeth TANNER, 1887   (2 children born)

                       m.(2nd), Martha STUBBS, 12 June 1901 in Salt Lake Temple

They settled in Woods Cross, Utah, and after two years they decided to move back to Provo, Utah, where he died.


                         (i)  Calvin Cragun Jr., b. 15 May 1889

                                 d. 8 Nov 1946

                                 m. Alice Rebecca ROWE, 27 Nov 1915


                                 (1) Calvin Gail Cragun, b. 27 Nov 1916

                                        m.(1) Florence Mae JACKSON, 26 March 1942; (div.)

                                        m.(2) Barbara W. M. BRAUN, 1955


                                        + Lamont Gail Cragun, b. 28 June 1944

                                        + Colleen Renee Cragun, b. 4 Oct 1946

                                        + Byron Glenn Cragun, b. 28 March 1948

                                        + Roberta Lynn Cragun, b. 24 Dec 1949

                                        + Kaya Gay Cragun,  b. 23 April 1956

                                        + Kerri Lenore Cragun, b. 22 Feb 1965

                                 (2) Vern Rowe Cragun, b. 28 April 1918; d. 30 July 1961 (unmd)

                                 (3) Benjamin Rowe Cragun, b. 28 Sept 1920

                                        m.(1) Shirley Dieblina, 26 June 1940


                   (ii) Oralie Amelia Cragun, b. 2 Feb 1891

                                 d. 16 Dec 1963

                                 m. Andrew Steven WILKINSON I, 15 Sept 1909


                                 (1) Florence Oralie Wilkinson, b. 24 June 1910

                              m. Wallace K. BENCH, 20 Dec 1928


                                        + Charlotte Delores Bench, b. 15 March 1931

                                               m. Richard Spencer ROBINSON, 14 Aug 1957

                                        + Shirley Ann Bench, b. 8 July 1934

                                               m. Robert Lewis CHANDLER, 21 Oct 1960

                                 (2) William W. Wilkinson, b. 29 July 1912

                                        d. 27 May 1915

                                 (3) Mary Alice Wilkinson, b. 13 Oct 1919

                                        m. Marc LeRoy BEVAN

                                 (4) Andrew Stephen Wilkinson II, b. 17 Nov 1921

                                        m. Mary Chambers EDWARDS, 3 May 1944


                                        + Andrew Stephen Wilkinson III, b. 3 March 1945

                                        + Norma Lee Wilkinson,  b. 13 Oct 1947

                                        + Francine Wilkinson,  b. 8 Nov 1950

                                        + Donna Fae Wilkinson, b. 9 March 1954


                         (iii) Frank Stubbs Cragun, b. 5 Nov 1905

                                 d. 14 Aug 1967

                                 m. Helen Ann ROWE, 31 Dec 1935


                                 (1) Ann Amelia Cragun, b. 1936



       2. Mary Jane Cragun, b. 14 April 1864

                         d. of diptheria, 27 Nov 1876


               3. Amelia Ellen Cragun, b. 7 Nov 1866

                         d. of diptheria, 25 Nov 1876


               4. Thomas William Cragun, b. 11 Nov 1868 Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah

                         d. 16 May 1923, Smithfield, Utah

                         He and his wife bur. in the cemetery in Smithfield, Utah

                         m. Emma Rachel JOHNSON, 26 June 1901

                                 "gentle, even tempered woman" died 1967

This Cragun family was a gifted one and could play most musical instruments.


                         (i)  Venda Ruth Cragun, b. 28 March 1902;  d. 16 May 1904

                         (ii) Thomas Marlin Cragun, b. 20 April 1905


                                 m. Laura POTTS, 26 Jan 1925


                                 (1) Paul Marlin Cragun, b. 23 Aug 1925

                                        m. Verna CLINGER, 6 Aug 1945

                                 (2) Jack Leon Cragun, b. 22 July 1929

                              m. Lois LARSEN,  4 June 1954

                         (3) Emma Vernae Cragun, b. 11 Oct 1931

                                        m. Keith D. HANSEN, 20 Aug 1951


                              + Susan Diane Hansen, b. 19 Nov 1952

                                        + Craig Keith Hansen, b. 14 Nov 1953

                                        + Donna VerNae Hansen, b. 4 May 1955

                                        + Dale Floyd Hansen, b. 18 April 1959

                                        + Nancy Ann Hansen,  b. 6 June 1962

                                        + Bryan Marlin Hansen, b. 14 May 1967

                         (iii) Marion Calvin Cragun, Sr., b. 21 April 1910

                                 d. 1965

                                 m. Vera Rebecca HANSEN, 21 Feb 1930


                                 (1) Marion Calvin Cragun, Jr., b. 11 Feb 1931

                                        m. Helen BOWMAN, 17 Nov 1950

                         (iv) Ardith Ellen Cragun, b. 13 June 1917

                                 m. Ezra Dwain CARLSON, 30 June 1937


                                 (1) Thomas Dwain Carlson, b. 5 Aug 1938

                                        m. Joyce PEDERSEN, 21 Oct 1963

                                 (2) Emma Kathryn Carlson, b. 12 April 1942

                                        m. Howard Ray SHARP, 10 May 1963

                                 (3) Ardith Margene Carlson, b. 26 Dec 1944

                                        m. Kenneth Byron LAYTON, 2 Sept 1964


               5. James Alfred Cragun, b. 21 Nov 1870, Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah

                         d. 12 April 1937, Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah

                         m. Katie Blake HALLADAY, 24 Dec 1891

                                 b. (unkn);  d. 20 Aug 1969, age 99 yrs old.

Susan Cragun, a dau-in-law, says: "James Alfred Cragun was the 5th child and grew up in a large family where the mother was semi-invalid for many years, and learned responsibility early in life. He attended Brigham Young University where he acquired his permanent teacher's certificate. He taught school for twenty years in Cache and Box Elder Counties. He was self-taught and played many instruments. He was an extremely kind, sentimental man who loved his family and took much pride in their accomplishments. He died of a heart attack in Smithfield 12 April 1937 following a slight stroke, and is buried in the Smithfield cem."


                         (i) Lavon Cragun, b. 29 June 1893

                                 d. Nov 1965

                                 m. William Frank WINN, 24 Jan 1917


                                 (1) Lutie Bernell Winn, b. 10 Oct 1919

                                        m. Malcolm Rich MEACHAM, 11 Aug 1951; (div.) no issue.

                                 (2) Lathel Frank Winn, b. 25 Jan 1921

                                        m. Alice June JULANDER, 20 Sept 1944


                                        +  William Lathael Winn, b. 21 Feb 1946

                                        +  Randy Ray Winn, b. 14 Jan 1950

                                        +  Robert Tracy Winn, b. 25 Feb 1955

                                 (3)  Wesley Glen Winn, b. 24 Sept 1923; d. 14 Dec 1923

                                 (4)  Carla Rae Winn, b. 25 Aug 1925

                                        m. Sidney Max CORAY, 21 Aug 1946  (no issue)

                                 (5)  Edith Renee Winn, b. 29 Jan 1929

                                        m.(1), Billy Irwin FISHER, 31 Aug 1947

                                        m.(2), Robert Arlen CARPENTER, 8 Aug 1964

                          (ii) Dresden James Cragun, b. 23 May 1896

                                 d. 21 Sept 1965

                                 m.(1), Wendella BRIGHTON, 5 Dec 1917; (div.)

                                 m.(2), Susan LaNez PITKIN, 11 Oct 1922


                                 (1) Janet Cragun, b. 1 Nov 1918

                                m. Wayne MACKEY

                                 (2) James Jay Cragun, b. 27 June 1923; d. 11 Feb 1925

                                 (3) Mary Vilate Cragun, b. 25 Feb 1927  (unmd)


                         (iii) Lathael Grande Cragun, b. 15 Aug 1903; d. 3 Feb 1906

                         (iv)  Oralie Kate Cragun, b. 30 May 1911

                                        m. Barney C. BYBEE, 20 June 1939


               6.        Richard Cragun, b. 19 Oct 1872;  d. 26 Nov 1876


               7. Wallace Cragun, b. 8 July 1875, Smithfield, Utah

                         d. 17 March 1929, and bur. in the Salt Lake City cemetery.

                         m. Susan Iduma SWEETEN, in Salt Lake Temple, 23 Aug 1899.

He was a teacher, and in 1905 he built and managed a mercantile store until 1909.


                         (i) Kenna Amanda Cragun, b. 20 June 1900

                                 m.(1), Walter Dewey OSWALD, 20 June 1925; (he d. 1934)

                                 m.(2), Alex SLATER, 14 May 1936


                                 (1) Kenna Faye Oswald, b. 20 Jan 1926

                                        m. Milton S. NIELSON, 7 Nov 1945


                                        + Gregory Sterling Nielson, b. 9 April 1948

                                        + Randall Scott Nielson, b. 5 Feb 1951

                                        + Kenton Daryl Nielson, b. 5 Jan 1952

                                        + Tracy Brett Nielson, b. 23 March 1957

                                        + Kirk Charles Nielson, b. 7 Aug 1959

                                 (2) Nadine Iduma Oswald, b. 6 Aug 1927

                                        m. Thomas R. BAXTER, 3 July 1948


                                        + Michael Patrick Baxter, b. 18 April 1949

                                        + Stephen Fredrick Baxter, b. 23 Sept 1952

                                 (3) Delores Oswald, b. 5 March 1930

                                        m.(1), Paul FERRE

                                        m.(2), Gerald Frank THORNHILL, 10 fEB 1950

                                        m.(3), Bob LEVINSKY


                                        + Paul Dewey Thornhill, b. 1 June 1948

                                        + Molly Elizabeth Thornhill, b. 12 Aug 1951

                                        + Gladys Marie Thornhill, b. 30 April 1953

                                 (4) Laura Amanda Slater, b. 22 Sept 1937

                                        m. David Keith PACK, 10 June 1950

                                 (5) Alex Hosmer Slater, Jr., b. 3 Sept 1938

                                        m. Charlene LAWSON, 17 Aug 1962


                         (ii) Amelia Merle Cragun, b. 6 Sept 1903

                                 m. Thomas C. OHMART, 20 Nov 1926


                                 (1) Amelia Carol Ohmart, b. 3 June 1927

                                        m.(1), Ken GRAYSON (or Ken Grossman), 17 Apr 1949; (div.)

                                        m.(2), William S. STRANGE, 27 Nov 1956


                        (iii) Martha Gladys Cragun, b. 2 Aug 1907

                                 m. Amos SARGENT, 11 June 1934;  (no issue)


                         (iv) Robert Wallace Cragun, b. 2 Jan 1913

                                 m. Vivian PARKER, 28 March 1937   (3 children born)


                                 (1) Wallace Frank Cragun, b. 27 Nov 1938

                                        m. Dianna Elma JOHNSON, 21 Aug 1964


                                        + Susanne Alysia Cragun, b. 20 June 1965

                              + Scott Wallace Cragun (twin), b. 14 July 1967

                                        + Brett Mathew Cragun  (twin), b. 14 July 1967

                                        + Kimberly Ann Cragun, b. 22 May 1969

                                 (2) Calvin Cragun, b. 14 Nov 1940

                                        m. Celestia VAN TUSSENBRECK, 20 Dec 1967

                                 (3) Keith Gordon Cragun, b. 9 Aug 1947


                         (v)  Maxine Cragun, b. 1 Dec 1915

                                 m.(1), Marvin Grant ALLEN, 9 May 1935; (div.)

                                 m.(2), Earl Jackson SELF,  12 May 1956


                                 (1) Richard Cragun Allen

                                 (2) Marvin Grant Allen


               8. Elmo Elisha Cragun, b.3 March 1883;  d. 25 March 1884


               9.  Regina "Jean" Cragun, b. 16 Jan 1885

                         m. Abraham LeRoy SMITH, 28 March 1904

She is a gifted musician, and was 83 yrs old in 1968. She can play a harmonica and the piano at the same time.

Jean and LeRoy celebrated their golden wedding 28 March 1954 and their 65th wedding anniversary 28 March 1969. A family dinner was held at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Ray (Laura Smith) Moosman in Smithfield, Utah. (2 children)        


                         (i) Lorin LeRoy Smith, b. 14 Feb 1905

                                 m. Edith JEPPSON, 27 April 1925


                                 (1) Coleen Smith, b. 27 Sept 1926

                                        m.(1), Charles SOFT, 1945

                                        m.(2), Pendleton D. McDONALD, 29 Dec 1960

                                 (2) Don Jay Smith, b. 22 Sept 1928

                                        m.(1), Shirley JONES, 1952

                                        m.(2), Shauna Lee STEWART, 27 Dec 1955

                                 (3) Robert Clair Smith, b. 30 Nov 1934

                                        m. Thelma K. JACKSON, 6 June 1958


                         (ii) Laura Fay Smith, b. 26 Aug 1907

                                 m. Walter R. MOOSMAN, 2 Dec 1925


                                 (1) Glen Ray Moosman, b. 22 March 1927

                                        m. Renia CRONQUIST, 1 May 1947


                                        + Steven Ray Moosman, b. 21 Nov 1951

                                        + Larry Kent Moosman, b. 16 Jan 1953

                                        + Janet Moosman,  b. 7 Dec 1955

                                 (2) Gene LeRoy Moosman, b. 4 March 1928

                                        m. Ida CAMPBELL, 19 Dec 1949;  (div.)

                                 (3) Kenneth Moosman,  b. 4 July 1934

                                        m. Joy Diane CORNISH, 10 June 1954


                                        + Carole Ann Moosman, b. 13 April 1955

                                        + Nancy Lee Moosman,  b. 25 Oct 1957

                                        + Kay Kenneth Moosman, b. 17 Oct 1959

                                        + Robert Raymond Moosman, b. 27 July 1962

                                 (4) LaDean Moosman, b. 1 Oct 1936

                                        m. Joseph Wayne WATTERSON, 20 Nov 1956


                              + Jed Wayne Watterson, b. 7 July 1957

                                        + Jill Watterson,  b. 5 June 1962


               10. Lorin Cragun, b. (unkn);  d. ae 3 years.


        (d) MARY ELLEN CRAGUN, b. 24 Feb 1845

               d. 28 Oct 1930, at age 85 years.

           She crossed the plains with her parents at age 4 years. She was small of stature and very attractive, having red hair.

           She learned to make patterns for her own dresses, and entered one of her silk dresses made of St.George silk in the Utah State Fair. She won first prize.

               m. Lars JENSEN, 6 (or 16?) March 1864. He was of Danish descent.  


               1. Mary Christina Jensen, b. 24 April 1866

                         d. 4 Aug 1947

                         m. William Wallace MACKAY, 28 Dec 1887


                         (i)  Mary Lorraine Mackay, b. 6 Aug 1891

                                 d. 3 Aug 1941 (unmd.)


                         (ii) William Tracy Mackay, b. 19 Sept 1893

                                 d. 5 July 1959

                                 m.(1), ----- KIMBALL

                                 m.(2), Maude IVERSON


                         (iii) Rowena Mackay, b. 28 Aug 1896

                                 d. 28 April 1958

                                 m. Sherman MIX, 18 July 1928


                                 (1) Margaret Lorraine Mix, b. 1 Nov 1937

                                        m. Richard Hudson GOULD, 1959


                                        + Susan Lynne Gould, b. 25 Feb 1960

                                        + Sheryl Lee Gould, b. 15 Jan 1962

                                        + Karin Ann Gould,  b. 6 May 1964

                                        + Richard Sherman Gould, b. 1 Nov 1968


                   (iv) Merl Mackay, b. 10 July 1898

                                 m. Lewis MEYERS, 18 Aug 1921


                                 (1) Marian Meyers, b. 29 Oct 1922

                                        m. George Call BENEDICT, 5 July 1944


                                        + John Benedict, b. 10 Oct 1949

                                        + Sally Benedict, b. 15 March 1953

                                        + George Edward Benedict, b. 25 July 1955

                                 (2) Gayla Meyers, b. 2 Sept 1927

                                        m. Orson Erickson MARTIN, 19 Dec 1947


                                        + Scott Collin Martin, b. 21 July 1952

                                        + Marsha Ann Martin, b. 16 Aug 1955

                                        + Janice Martin, b. 18 June 1957

                                        + Michelle Martin, b. 2 April 1964


                         (v)  Ina Mackay, b. 12 Sept 1901

                                 m.(1) Robert John CAMERON, 2 June 1926  (he d. 28 Feb 1950

                                 m.(2) Frank T. GARDNER


                                 (1) Robert John Cameron, Jr., b. 12 Aug 1927

                                        m. Marco "Margo" MERRELL, 3 June 1949


                                        + Robert John Cameron (3d), b. 19 June 1950

                                        + Carrie Cameron, b. 22 May 1952

                                 (2) Catherine Ann Cameron, b. 17 May 1932

                                        m. Elden Keith LINSCHOTEN, 10 July 1950


                                        + Elden James Linschoten, b. 15 Dec 1956

                                        + Clinton Robert Linschoten, b. 8 March 1958

                                 (3) Carolyn Joan Cameron, b. 26 Dec 1936

                                        m. Gerald Goodwin GUNDRY, 19 Nov 1959


                   (vi) Wallace Lloyd Mackay, b. 23 April 1904

                                 d. 30 Oct 1931  (unmd)


                         (vii) John Thomas Mackay,  b. 29 Aug 1906

                                 m.(1), Marie MOFFATT, 24 Sept 1937;  (div.)

                                 m.(2), Svea PETERSON, 1955;  (div.)


                       (viii) Byron Reed Mackay,  b. 10 May 1910

                                 m. Ethel TAYLOR, 12 Jan 1934


                                 (1) Sharon Lynne Mackay, b. 3 Jan 1936

                                        m.(1) Larry THOMAS, 18 June 1962;  (div.)

                                        m.(2) Richard THURGOOD

                                 (2) Michael Taylor Mackay, b. 19 March 1940

                                        m. Euphemia Sherman SUTHERLAND, 11 Feb 1965

                                 (3) Timothy Taylor Mackay, b. 6 Nov 1944


                         (ix)  Florence Mackay, b. 17 Sept 1914

                                 m.(1) Paul STREBEL, 1941;  (div.)

                                 m.(2) Jack Arthur WILKS, 22 July 1946


                                 (1) Vicki Mary Wilks, b. 17 May 1950

                                 (2) Susan Jacqueline Wilks, b. 12 Sept 1952


               2. Martha Louisa Jensen, b. 25 Oct 1867

                         d. 30 Nov 1945

                         m. Bird MURPHY, 25 Oct 1887


                         (i)  Bird Linwood Murphy, b. 15 Aug 1888

                                 d. 11 April 1961

                                 m. Mary Lovina HELM, 7 June 1911


                                 (1) Mary Helm Murphy, b. 10 Oct 1912

                                        m. Lester LeRoy YOUNG, 3 Feb 1939

                                 (2) Joseph Linwood Murphy, b. 3 Feb 1915

                                        d. 3 Feb 1915

                                 (3) Martha Lovina Murphy, b. 18 Sept 1918

                                        d. 20 Sept 1918


                   (ii) Leonard Murphy, b. 17 Oct 1890; d. 30 Dec 1890

                         (iii) Robina Murphy, b. 25 Dec 1891

                                 m. Robert Vernal HARMAN, 7 Dec 1911


                         (1) Rulon Vernal Harman, b. 21 Feb 1913

                                        m. Ann Margaret ROANI, 14 Sept 1941

                                 (2) Harold Shirley Harman, b. 27 July 1915

                                        m. Phyllis Gene SPRAGUE, 29 July 1939

                                 (3) Maxine Harman, b. 10 May 1923

                                        m. William Raymond MILLETT, 14 Dec 1941 

                         (iv) Irene Murphy, b. 18 Oct 1893; d. 28 Feb 1948

                                 m. Oscar Webb PYPER, 3 Sept 1914


                                 (1) Carol Murphy Pyper, b. 24 Dec 1915

                                        m. August DAUM, 14 May 1945

                                 (2) Robert Oscar Pyper, b. 2 Feb 1919; d. 20 March 1944

                                        m. Hazel FRANKLIN, 29 June 1943

                                 (3) Wilbur Webb Pyper, b. 21 April 1921

                                        m. Marguerite EIDSON, 20 Dec 1945

                          (v) Thelma Murphy, b. 26 Feb 1897

                                 m. Fred Sherman DAVENPORT, 20 May 1921

                                 ch.:  (1 child - d.y.)


                         (vi) Kenneth Murphy, b. 15 April 1899

                                 m. Alma Myrtle DALEY, 22 Aug 1925  (no issue)


                         (vii) Louise Murphy, b. 15 June 1903

                                 m. Daniel Donald DOUGLAS, Sr., 2 July 1926


                                 (1) Martha Louise Douglas, b. 10 Dec 1929

                                        m. Archie John DEKKER, 16 Oct 1948

                                 (2) Daniel Donald Douglas, Jr., b. 2 May 1939

                                        m. Shirley Cherry FARRIE, 31 Dec 1956


                       (viii) Raymond Murphy, b. 13 April 1906

                                 m. June Dupuis HYRT, 14 July 1928


                                 (1) June Rae Murphy, b. 11 Feb 1930

                                        m. John Donald TOELLNER, 17 March 1956

                                 (2) Billie Jean Murphy, b. 23 Sept 1931

                                        m. George Dwain TIETJEN, 29 Oct 1950


                         (ix) Laven Murphy, b. 20 Oct 1908;  d. 8 Feb 1961

                                 m. George BETTEY, 22 Oct 1928


                                 (1) Wallace Lee Bettey, b. 2 May 1930

                                        m. Ruby May CONTESSETTE, 21 Dec 1948

                                 (2) George Kenneth Bettey, b. 21 June 1938; d. 24 June 1938

                                 (3) Carol Bettey, b. 7 May 1940


               3. Margaret Ellen Jensen,  b. 11 Nov 1869;  d. 21 Oct 1870


           4. Lars James Jensen, b. 3 Nov 1871;  d. 10 Sept 1950

                         m. Rosella HARKER, 11 Sept 1894


               5. Trisha Ann Jensen, b. 16 Aug 1874 at Mill Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah

                         d. 22 May 1941

                         m. Levi Morgan NORTH, 11 Sept 1894, at Salt Lake City, Utah

                                 b. 17 Jan 1870, Mill Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah

                                 d. 11 Aug 1936


                         (i)  Owen Levi North, b. 31 Jan 1895, Mill Creek, Utah


                                 m. Nora WRIGHT, 4 Oct 1922


                                 (1) Wanda North, b. 21 June 1923

                                 (2) Darleen North, b. 21 July 1928


                         (ii) Leon Dare North, b. 6 Feb 1897, Mill Creek, Utah

                                 d. 12 may 1942

                                 m. Charlotte Alvida LARSEN, 12 June 1916


                                 (1)  (unkn)


                         (iii) Glenn Wayne North, b. 16 Dec 1899, Mill Creek, Utah

                                 d. 8 Nov 1937

                                 m. Irene MORRIS, 20 July 1920


                         (iv) Afton North, b. 23 April 1905

                                 m. Owen Everett Joseph LUCK, 3 Aug 1923


                         (v) Rula North, b. 26 March 1910

                                 m. Lester Parry RICE, 24 Sept 1930


North genealogy: Levi Morgan North (9th gen.); s/o Levi H.; s/o Levi; s/o Sidney; s/o Lot; s/o Timothy; s/o Thomas; s/o Samuel; s/o John North (1st gen.). Levi Morgan North (9th gen.) was the oldest son of Levi Howard and Ann (MORGAN) North.[1]


               6. Alzina Jensen, b. 10 Sept 1877

                         d. 4 Aug 1954

                       m.(1) George NEIVLAND, 25 June 1904

                       m.(2) John William WARRELL, 6 Jan 1919

                       m.(3) William McINTYRE, 1923


               7. Florinda Jensen, b. 25 July 1879

                       m.(1) Joseph D. MUIR, 8 June 1904

                       m.(2) James GARDNER, 1916


                         (i)  Dee Muir

                         (ii) Calvin Muir

                         (iii) Florence Gardner


               8. Irene Verena Jensen, b. 4 May 1881

                         d. 27 Dec 1885


               9. Hazel Blanche Jensen, b. 9 Apr 1884

                         m. Christian LUGINBUEHL, 6 Sept 1908


                         (i) Bernice Luginbuehl,

                                 m. ----- TYLER

                         (ii) Maurine Luginbuehl,

                         (iii) Clifford Luginbuehl


        (e) MELVINA CRAGUN, b. 30 March 1847;  d. June 1847 (age 3 mos)


        (f) ELISHA CRAGUN, b. 3 Aug 1894, "while the family was crossing the plains"

               d. 3 April 1903 in Nevada

               m. Margaret LAWSON, 22 Feb 1874, St.George, Washington Co., Utah

                         b. (date unkn);  dau. of John and Margaret Vance Lawson

                         d. 11 May 1936 in St.George, Utah, and was buried there.

Elisha went with his parents to St.George, Utah, and helped in the building and advancement of the Dixie community. He and his wife lived for a short time in Mesquite, Nevada. Three children were born to them.



               1. James Reno Cragun, b. 18 Feb 1875

                         d. 18 Oct 1959

                         m. Etty Eathel RUSSELL, 21 March 1903


                         (i) Carl Russell Cragun, b. 26 Jan 1904

                         (ii) Mildred "E" Cragun, b. 9 Feb 1906

                                 m. Gordon Lester WESTON, b. 5 July 1924

                         (iii) Wiley "J" Cragun, b. 18 June 1908

                         (iv) Wilford Lamar Cragun, b. 30 Nov 1910

                                 d. 25 Jan 1949 (unmd)

                         (v) Vivian Laverna Cragun, b. 3 Feb 1915

                                 m.(1) Lawrence W. DARNELL, 15 Nov 1929; (div.)

                                 m.(2) Gaylor K. JETTER, 13 April 1942


                                 (1) Stephen Charles Jetter, b. 9 March 1945

                                        m. Penny GARTON, 10 April 1965

                         (vi) Lavond "H" Cragun, b. 5 Jan 1917;  d.y.

                         (vii) Elaine Cragun, b. 12 Oct 1920

                                 m. Allen BLACK, 11 Sept 1940

                       (viii) Ada Carline Cragun, b. 25 May 1923

                                 m. Albert Lee McDONALD, 19 Aug 1939

               2. Edna Cragun, b. 1 Feb 1879; 

                         d. 10 June 1952

                         m. Boyd DENNETT, 8 June 1915


                         (i) Woodrow C. Dennett, b. 27 Nov 1916

                                 m. Lola CLARK, 10 May 1941


                                 (1) ThoraKaye Dennett, b. 11 Feb 1943

                                        m. Kenneth SEARLE, 28 June 1963

                                 (2) Edna Rae Dennett,  b. 28 Oct 1945

                                        m. David Scott EPPERSON, 23 Sept 1966

                                 (3) Craig Clark Dennett, b. 24 April 1947;  d. 1949

                                 (4) Susan Faye Dennett, b. 26 May 1950

                                 (5) Effie Mae Dennett,  b. 2 Dec 1951

                                 (6) Sherryl Gaye Dennett, b. 7 Feb 1959


                         (ii) Lida Cragun, b. 10 Oct 1888

                                 d. 13 Oct 1899


(g) MARTHA JAMES CRAGUN, b. 3 March 1852, Mill Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah  d. 30 Nov 1932

"Martha tells of being born in a little adobe cabin that stood on the banks of Mill Creek and of a little stream that flowed down from the Mill Creek Canyon. How she loved that grassy yard and the creek that ran through her father's farm."

               m. Isaiah COX, 6 Dec 1869, Salt Lake City, Utah


               ch. (8)


           1. Martha Eleanor Cox, b. 11 Jan 1871;  d. 13 Jan 1871


               2. Rosannah Cox, b. 29 May 1872

                         d. 22 Aug 1933

                         m. Francis Neil BUNKER, Sr., 1 Nov 1893


                         (i)  Neil Bunker, b. 14 Sept 1894;  d. 15 Aug 1911

                         (ii) Amelia Bunker, b. 21 Feb 1896

                                 d. 29 Oct 1926

                                 m. Edward W. LEAVITT, 24 Feb 1915

                         (iii) Woodruff Bunker, b. 12 Jan 1898

                                 m. Ruth ANDERSON, 25 March 1919

                         (iv) Francis Marion Bunker, b. 13 Jan 1900

                                 m. Leah Muriel BOYD, 29 March 1928


                                 (1) Muriel Louisa T. Bunker, b. 29 Feb 1929

                                        m. Floyd Nelson BARKER, 15 Oct 1942

                                 (2) Robert Boyd T. Bunker,  b. 19 Dec 1925

                                        m. Shirley SABIN, 21 Dec 1948


                                        + David Bryan Bunker, b. 25 July 1950

                                        + Philip Alan Bunker, b. 13 March 1952

                                        + Diane Louise Bunker, b. 8 Jan 1956

                                        + Laurel Lee Bunker,  b. 17 Sept 1957

                                        + Janet Kay Bunker,  b. 4 Aug 1960

                                        + Leah Irene Bunker, b. 29 Dec 1963

                                 (3) Francis Paul Bunker, b. 26 Oct 1930

                                        m. Karen Sue PAYNE, 3 June 1955


                                        + Francis Brent Bunker, b. 7 March 1958

                                        + Carolyn Leigh Bunker, b. 15 Nov 1961

                                        + Jeannie Faye Bunker,  b. 8 March 1965; d. 8 March 1965

                         (v) Edward McQuarrie Bunker, b. 2 April 1902 

                                 d. 30 June 1957

                                 m. Marguerite Annie HYDE, 13 May 1929


                                 (1) Edward McQuarrie Bunker (2nd), b. 19 Feb 1930

                                        m. Darlene Ann KENT, 20 Dec 1957

                                 (2) Marvin Rulon Bunker, b. 29 March 1931;  d. 31 May 1931

                                 (3) Darlene Ann Bunker,  b. 4 July 1932

                                        m. Richard G. GREENLAND, 21 Nov 1951


                                        + Ruth Aileen Greenland, b. 22 Sept 1952

                                        + Richard "G" Greenland, b. 5 March 1954

                                        + Roy Francis Greenland, b. 22 Nov 1955

                                        + Cynthia Greenland,  b. 3 May 1957

                              + Kenneth Bunker Greenland, b. 3 Jan 1960

                                        + Douglas Mack Greenland, b. 11 June 1962

                                 (4) Kenneth Frank Bunker, b. 26 Sept 1933;  d. 29 Sept 1933

                                 (5) Eleanor Mae Bunker, b. 24 April 1935

                              m. Dan "L" Greenland, 21 Oct 1953

                                 (6) Doris Marguerite Bunker, b. 5 July 1936;  d. 8 Oct 1936

                                 (7) Roland Clive Bunker, b. 19 Oct 1937;  d. 22 June 1942

                                 (8) Bryan Allen Bunker, b. 15 Aug 1940

                                        m. Patricia Ann STARLING, 18 July 1963


                         (vi)  Martha Mae Bunker, b. 2 Feb 1904

                                 m. Donald E. JUDKINS Sr., 12 March 1931


                                 (1) Arlene Judkins, b. 20 Feb 1932

                                        m. Joseph M. ANDERSON, 3 March 1950


                                        + Wendy Ione Anderson, b. 6 Jan 1951 

                                        + Jolene Anderson, b. 11 Oct 1952

                                        + Derrick Kevin Anderson, b. 12 Sept 1953

                                        + Darwin Roderic Anderson (twin), b. 30 Jan 1956

                                        + Darlene Anderson (twin), b. 30 Jan 1956

                                 (2) Donald E. Judkins Jr., b. 14 June 1934

                                        m. Sarah Lorraine SHUTT, 29 Jan 1959


                                        + Kim Roderick Judkins, b. 1 Feb 1960

                                        + Randy Scott Judkins, b. 29 Jan 1961

                                        + Bryan Keith Judkins, b. 24 Aug 1963

                                 (3) Patricia Mae Judkins, b. 31 July 1937

                                        m. Drexel "A" BLACK, 13 June 1958


                         (vii) Franklin Lane Bunker, b. 19 June 1907

                                 m. Delphia Syvilla Fern REDDICK, 22 June 1938


                                 (1) Kimball Lane Bunker, b. 21 Feb 1946


               3. Edward Isaiah Cox, b. 9 June 1874 St.George, Utah

                         d. 4 Oct 1940

                         m. Mary Emily BUNKER, 8 March 1900


                         (i)  Edward Bunker Cox, b. 18 Feb 1901

                                 m. Fannie Lucile COLDWELL, 4 June 1925


                                 (1) Erma Cox, b. 31 March 1926

                                        m. Edwin NEILSON, 18 June 1947

                                 (2) Edward Bunker Cox Jr., b. 15 Nov 1927

                                        m. Barbara Jean KERNS, 8 Feb 1957

                                 (3) John Edgar Cox, b. 4 June 1930

                                        m. Frances Emmaline QUINCHARD, 2 July 1949


                                        + John Edgar Cox Jr., b. 30 Dec 1949

                                        + Gary Albert Cox,  b. 28 Nov 1950

                                        + Donald Lee Cox,  b. 25 Oct 1951

                                        + Judy Ann Cox,  b. 29 Jan 1955

                                 (4) Kenyon LeRoy Cox, b. 21 Jan 1932

                                        m. Lila Jean BERTINO, 4 Feb 1956


                         (ii) Fern Cox, b. 15 Oct 1903

                                 m. Nephi Laren ANDERSON, 15 Feb 1941


                         (1) Carolyn Ruth Anderson (twin), b. 28 April 1942

                                 (2) Robert Nephi Anderson (twin), b. 28 April 1942

                                        m. Darla Marlene KILBURN, 1962

                                 (3) David Cox Anderson, b. 28 Oct 1945

                                        m. Diane PEARSON, 15 June 1965


                         (iii) Kenyon Cox, b. 27 June 1906;  d. 9 Nov 1928


                         (iv) Emlyn Lane Cox, b. 11 April 1909

                                 m. Ethel Abigail NEWTON, 20 June 1937


                         (v) Rose Cox, b. 9 June 1911

                                 m. Robert BROWN, 6 Feb 1936


                         (vi) David Cox, b. 4 Aug 1914

                                 m. Lillian Helen WHITE, 16 Sept 1940


                                 (1) Linda Anne Cox, b. 9 Sept 1942;  d. 9 Sept 1942

                                 (2) David Allen Cox, b. 21 May 1944

                                 (3) James Elwood Cox, b. 26 Oct 1946

                                 (4) Stephen Larry Cox, b. 28 Feb 1948

                                 (5) Susan Emily Cox, b. 13 June 1950


                         (vii) Mary Cox, b. 8 Oct 1916

                                 m. Everett Leland GURNSEY, 22 Aug 1938


               4. Frank Lane Cox, b. 4 Sept 1876

                         d. 29 march 1953

                         m. Elethra EARL, 24 Sept 1903


                         (i) Verna Calista Cox, b. 26 June 1904

                                  m. James Ammon MORTENSEN, 3 Oct 1929


                                 (1) Dean Mortensen, b. 9 July 1931

                                        m. Barbara HANSEN, -- Aug 1955

                                 (2) Bryan Kent Mortensen, b. 31 July 1933;  d. 5 Aug 1933

                                 (3) LaRene Mortensen, b. 30 Oct 1935

                                        m. Rex Hamlin WATTS, 26 Nov 1963

                                 (4) Helen Calesta Mortensen, b. 7 Sept 1941


                         (ii) Emerald Lane Cox, b. 18 April 1907

                                 m. Elsie BURGESS, 28 June 1928


                                 (1) Clark Burgess Cox, b. 23 Feb 1929

                                        m. Donna Mae ANDERSON, 15 July 1949

                                 (2) DeLoris Cox,  b. 20 May 1930

                                        m. Joseph Trueman BLAKE, 31 Aug 1948

                         (3) Sherman Lane Cox, b. 12 Aug 1931

                                        m. Marilyn SANDBERG, 12 Sept 1951

                                 (4) Carolyn Cox, b. 13 March 1936

                                        m. Shelston D. HOLLAND, 17 Aug 1956

                                 (5) Cheryl Cox, b. 8 June 1938

                                        m. Harvey Bruce STUKI, 27 July 1955

                                 (6) Cynthia Cox, b. 25 Sept 1947

                                 (7) Rosalee Cox, b. 5 Sept 1951


                   (iii) Owen Earl Cox, b. 6 July 1909

                                 m. Luella LUND, 19 June 1930


                                 (1) Jerrold Lund Cox, b. 6 Aug 1931

                                        m. Margie CALL, 30 July 1959

                                 (2) Carla Jean Cox, b. 30 June 1934

                                        m. Richard Harlan JOHNSON, 10 Sept 1954

                                 (3) Michael Earl Cox, b. 21 Feb 1942

                                        m. Frances FREHNER, 14 Aug 1965

                                 (4) Owen Shelby Cox, b. 7 Oct 1943

                                        m. Roseann RAFT, 15 July 1966


                         (iv) LaRue Cox, b. 8 Feb 1911

                                 m. Edward Hunter JEFFERIES, 4 June 1941


                                 (1) Lynn Murray Jefferies, b. 17 July 1944

                                 (2) Frank Cox Jefferies, b. 2 July 1948

                                 (3) Richard Warren Jefferies, b. 28 May 1953


                         (v) Harold Delwyn Cox, b. 7 Jan 1914

                                 m. Inez LARSON, 9 Oct 1940


                                 (1) Delwyn Larson Cox, b. 9 Sept 1942

                                 (2) Janiel Cox, b. 29 April 1947


                         (vi) Evy Rean Cox, b. 5 Oct 1917

                                 d. 8 Jan 1950

                                 m. Dudley LEAVITT, 12 May 1939


                         (vii) Frank Earl Cox, b. 23 Feb 1920

                                 d. 15 Aug 1961

                                 m. Afton THOMPSON, 14 Feb 1954


                       (viii) Merrill Cragun Cox, b. 25 July 1922

                                 m. Edith Lorene Cox, 12 Nov 1946


                                 (1) Allayene Cox, b. 6 Sept 1947

                                 (2) Emily Elaine Cox, b. 19 April 1949

                                 (3) Cloyd Cragun Cox, b. 7 Dec 1951

                                 (4) Wendy LaRene Cox, b. 15 May 1957

                                 (5) Dalinda Cox,  b. 22 April 1959

                                 (6) Kevin Van Cox, b. 13 June 1964


               5. Amelia Cox, b. 24 Oct 1878;  d. 2 Oct 1890


               6. Any Cox, b. 28 Oct 1880;  d. 2 Aug 1881


           7. Rachel Evelyn Cox, b. 23 Nov 1884

                          m. Francis Neil BUNKER, (his 2nd wife), 29 Oct 1901


                         (i)  Juarez Cox Bunker, b. 8 May 1907 (stillborn)

                         (ii) Rose Bunker, b. 31 Aug 1908; d. 2 Dec 1955

                                 m. James Clyde BRIMLEY, 12 Dec 1949  (no issue)


                   (iii) Ruth Aileen Bunker, b. 13 Aug 1910

                                 m. Oswald Clyde HARDMAN, 29 Nov 1933


                         (iv) Jay Stewart Bunker, b. 24 Sept 1912

                                 m. Permelia TIETJEN, 26 Sept 1946


                                 (1) Marc Stewart Bunker, b. 7 Dec 1948

                                 (2) Jayne Bunker, b. 6 April 1950

                                 (3) Theron Amos Bunker, b. 15 Feb 1952

                                 (4) Eric Allan Bunker,  b. 17 May 1953

                                 (5) Lynn Ann Bunker,  b. 19 May 1955

                                 (6) Janice Bunker,  b. 17 Nov 1957

                                 (7) Lowell Kent Bunker, b. 18 May 1965


                         (v) Keith LeRoy Bunker, b. 9 Nov 1914

                                 m. Ellen Lucille BATES, 2 april 1943


                                 (1) Margaret Ann Bunker, b. 31 Dec 1943

                                        m. Craig Michael SUMMERS, 21 April 1962

                                 (2) Keith LeRoy Bunker, Jr., b. 13 Dec 1944

                                 (3) Irwin Ross Bunker, b. 15 May 1946

                                 (4) Marilyn Rose Bunker, b. 26 March 1950

                                 (5) James Neil Bunker, b. 2 Oct 1952

                                 (6) Ellen Lucille Bunker, b. 25 Mar 1954

                                 (7) Kathryn Jean Bunker, b. 21 Mar 1961


                         (vi) Rita Bunker, b. 11 Jan 1917

                                 m. Karl Theodore BATES, 18 Oct 1939


                                 (1) Sherryle Jean Bates, b. 16 Dec 1940

                                 (2) Karl Theodore Bates, Jr., b. 21 June 1942

                                 (3) Lynn Larson Bates, b. 29 Oct 1944

                                 (4) Joanne Bates, b. 9 June 1946

                                 (5) Betty Elizabeth Bates, b. 28 Sept 1948

                                 (6) Lionel William Bates, b. 21 Dec 1950

                                 (7) Evelyn Lucy Bates, b. 5 June 1952

                                 (8) Lorita Mae Bates, b. 29 March 1954

                                 (9) John Alfred Bates, b. 29 May 1957

                                 (10) Martin Eliot Bates, b. 7 Oct 1959


                         (vii) Vernice Bunker, b. 30 March 1919;  

                                 d. 31 Aug 1955

                                 m. Ernest Lee RAY, Sr., 14 Oct 1938


                                 (1) Ernest Bruce Ray, b. 8 Aug 1939

                                 (2) Marvin Joel Ray, b. 12 June 1941

                                 (3) Melvin Bruce Ray, b. 3 May 1943

                                 (4) Lary Michael Ray, b. 4 May 1945

                                 (5) Susan Ray,  b. 8 Aug 1952

                                 (6) Lyle Karl Ray, b. 29 Oct 1954


                       (viii) Lucille Bunker, b. 26 March 1921 

                                 d. 18 Nov 1949

                                 m. William Henry KOEW, 7 June 1941


                         (1) Francis Gary Koew, b. 6 July 1942  (unmd)

                                 (2) Karen Koew, b. 10 May 1945

                                        m. Ronald PAYNE, 1966

                                 (3) Connie Koew, b. 2 June 1947

                                        m. Don R. ALLEN, 4 June 1969


                         (ix) Leah Bunker, b. 28 Aug 1923

                                 m. Roy John ROGERS, 23 Dec 1944


                         (x) Francis Neil Bunker, Jr., b. 28 May 1927

                                 m. Iris TIETJEN, 5 May 1950


               8. Geneva Cox, b. 15 July 1886

                         d. 24 Aug 1925

                         m. George Michael COPE, 29 May 1912


                         (i) George Denzel Cope, b. 20 March 1913

                                 m. Evelyn Sorenson JENSEN, 5 Jan 1942


                                 (1) George Michael Cope, b. 30 Nov 1942

                                 (2) Stephen Craig Cope,  b. 17 Sept 1947

                                 (3) Barbara Louise Cope, b. 17 May 1949

                                 (4) Chreston William Cope, b. 9 Oct 1951

                                 (5) Evelyn Suzanne Cope, b. 17 July 1955

                                 (6) John Allen Cope, b. 5 May 1963

                                 (7) Lori Eileen Cope, b. 21 Sept 1964


                         (ii) Melba Laurine Cope, b. 17 Nov 1914

                                 m. Von Fredrick HOYT, 5 June 1941


                                 (1) Ruth Hoyt, b. 16 July 1942

                                        m. Udell WINKLER, 5 June 1969

                                 (2) Rena Hoyt, b. 13 June 1944;  d. 21 April 1945

                                 (3) Beth Hoyt, b. 1 Sept 1945;  d. 13 Sept 1945

                                 (4) Lael Hoyt, b. 31 March 1947;  d. 2 April 1947

                                 (5) Lawrine Hoyt, b. 8 Aug 1949

                                 (6) Leon Fredrick Hoyt, b. 17 Nov 1950

                                 (7) Richard Von Hoyt, b. 13 May 1953

                                 (8) Elaine Hoyt, b. 12 April 1956


                         (iii) Edward Lane Cope, b. 10 June 1916

                                 m.(1), Kathryn Helen KENT, 20 Sept 1946; (div.)

                                 m.(2), Margaret HANES, 24 Nov 1954,  (no issue)


                         (iv) Robert Lloyd Cope, b. 19 Jan 1918

                                 m. Mabel Fern MOOREX, 31 July 1942


                                 (1) Carolyn Cope, b. 18 June 1943

                                        m. Marden Guy DIXON, 14 June 1964

                                 (2) Robert Lloyd Cope, b. 19 Aug 1944

                                 (3) Nadine Cope, b. 29 Oct 1946

                                        m. John Robert TERRY, 6 Sept 1968

                                 (4) Sterling Duane Cope, b. 13 May 1950

                                 (5) Shauna Cope, b. 12 Aug 1951

                         (6) Jeanette Cope, b. 4 Nov 1954

                                 (7) Russell David Cope, b. 3 Dec 1957

                                 (8) Anita Cope, b. 30 May 1959

                                 (9) Eldone Blaine Cope, b. 19 May 1961


                         (v) Thomas Keith Cope, b. 14 Jan 1920

                                 m. Genevieve Elizabeth CARTER, 18 April 1943


                                 (1) James Lloyd Cope, b. 24 May 1944

                                 (2) Richard Lee Cope, b. 14 Feb 1947


                         (vi) James Carl Cope, b. 14 Oct 1921

                                 m. Carma JOHNSON, 6 Feb 1948


                                 (1) James Michael Cope, b. 30 Nov 1948

                                 (2) Alfred Lynn Cope, b. 23 Nov 1951

                                 (3) Geneva Cope, b. 16 Dec 1953

                                 (4) Edward Lloyd Cope, b. 7 Oct 1957

                                 (5) Cheryl Ann Cope,  b. 10 Nov 1961

                                 (6) John Carl Cope, b. 4 Aug 1963


                         (vii) Frank Austin Cope, b. 4 Aug 1923

                                 m. Janice OLSON, 3 Aug 1950


                                 (1) Alana Cope, b. 3 Aug 1951

                                 (2) Mary Cope, b. 16 July 1954

                                 (3) Robert Merrill Cope, b. 2 April 1958

                                 (4) Raymond Frank Cope, b. 4 May 1961

                                 (5) Margaret Cope, b. 21 Oct 1963

                                 (6) Joanne Cope, b. 18 April 1967

                       (viii) Richard Lewis Cope, b. 17 Dec 1924

                                 m. Edith Marie BACON, 30 May 1952


                                 (1) Richard Lewis Cope, b. 19 March 1953

                                 (2) Spencer Grant Cope, b. 20 Aug 1954

                                 (3) Kimball Benson Cope, b. 27 Jan 1956

                                 (4) Keith Clark Cope, b. 25 Jan 1962

                                 (5) Reid Evans Cope, b. 23 Dec 1965


        (h) SARAH JANE CRAGUN,  b. 27 April 1854

               d. 3 March 1933, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

               m.(1), Samuel Henry WORTHEN, 11 July 1870; (div.)

               m.(2), Oliver C. GARTHWAITE, 3 Nov 1899


               ch.: (3)


           1. James William Worthen, b. 29 May 1871

                         d. 10 Nov 1940

                         m. Martha KAMMERMAN, 10 Nov 1897


                         (i)  Sarah Elizabeth Worthen, b. 30 July 1898

                                 m. Arthur Enock STROMNESS, Sr., 29 June 1918


                                 (1) LauMar Lucile Stromness, b. 18 May 1919

                                        m. Clifford Warren HOFFMAN, 13 May 1940


                                        + Gayle Hoffman, b. 2 Dec 1940

                                               m. Hans Walter G. L. SIEBOLD, 20 Nov 1959

                                        + Mary Ann Hoffman, b. 2 Dec 1941

                                               m. Bleu Flinders RALBOT, 19 Oct 1962

                                        + Thomas Warren Hoffman, b. 15 July 1944

                                               m. Janice Grace BRETENBUECHER, 3 May 1963

                                        + Sarah Jane Hoffman, b. 11 Jan 1947

                                        + Robert Clifford Hoffman, b. 10 Aug 1948

                                        + Kathleen Susan Hoffman, b. 21 Sept 1952


                                 (2) Infant Stromness, b. 16 Aug 1920

                                        d. 16 Aug 1920


                                 (3) Arthur Enoch Stromness, Jr., b. 23 Dec 1923

                                        m. Shirley Dee HANSEN, 8 Sept 1950


                                        + Ted Arthur Stromness, b. 26 July 1952

                                        + Janet Dee Stromness, b. 22 Sept 1953

                                        + Margie Stromness, b. 2 Feb 1956

                                        + Lynn David Stromness, b. 27 Feb 1958


                                 (4) Wilford Howard Stromness, b. 15 Oct 1926

                                        m. Syble Irene GINN, 4 March 1949


                                        + Howard Ginn Stromness, (stillborn) 29 Oct 1951

                                        + Garry Ginn Stromness, b. 14 Feb 1952

                                        + Irene Stromness, b. 8 May 1953

                                        + Sally Stromness, b. 21 Oct 1955

                                        + Julie Stromness, b. 29 April 1957


                                 (5) Sheldon Reed Stromness, b. 17 March 1936

                                        m. Deanna Dale IVIE, 31 Aug 1961


                                        + Cindy Lee Stromness, b. 23 Jan 1960; (adopted)

                                        + Cheryl Stromness, b. 23 Jan 1963

                         (ii) Gladys Worthen, b. 30 March 1900

                                 m. Benjamen S. R. HARRISON, 23 June 1927


                                 (1) Benjamin Paul Harrison, b. 21 May 1929; d. 29 May 1937

                                 (2) David Lynn Harrison, b. 28 March 1937; d. 31 March 1945


                         (iii) Ralph William Worthen, b. 15 Sept 1901

                                 m.(1), Phyllis GOASLIND, 8 Dec 1924; (div.)

                                 m.(2), Mildred PLANT, 23 April 1936


(1) June Worthen, b. 25 Aug 1925


                         (iv) Wallace Worthen, b. 30 April 1903

                                 d. 1 Oct 1947

                                 m. Lilace SPENCER, 2 June 1926


                                 (1) Lilace Ruth Worthen, b. 9 May 1927;  d. 27 March 1929

                                 (2) Spencer Wallace Worthen, b. 11 Dec 1930

                                        m. Carol GREGORY, 4 Sept 1948


                         (v) Russell Worthen, b. 4 June 1905

                                 m.(1), Afton STEVENSON, 12 Dec 1927

                                 m.(2), Elma Florence De St.JOER, 8 Sept 1938


                         (vi) Calvin Worthen, b. 30 April 1907

                                 m. Orpha STODDARD, 14 Sept 1931


                                 (1) Inez Worthen, b. 7 Oct 1928; (adopted)

                                 (2) Calvin Worthen, Jr., b. 19 March 1933

                                 (3) Judson Gerald Worthen, b. 19 Sept 1936;  d. 19 Sept 1936


                         (vii) Donald Worthen, b. 3 Jan 1909

                                 m. Wilma Levla ZENEK, 1936;  (div.)


                                 (1) Donald Worthen, Jr., b. 23 Nov 1936


                       (viii) Norman Worthen, b. 15 Sept 1911

                                 m. Dorothy DELANO, 14 Sept 1938


                                 (1) James Roberts Worthen, b. 20 Nov 1939

                                 (2) Ronald Norman Worthen, b. 27 Nov 1948


               2. Sarah Eleanor Worthen, b. 27 Nov 1873

                         m. Perigrine Sessions SMOOT


                         (i)  Martha Smoot

                         (ii) Olive Smoot

                         (iii) Parry Smoot


               3. Samuel Henry Worthen, b. 20 July 1876

                         d. 5 Jan 1963

                         m. Julia Myrtis MORTON, 17 Dec 1902


                         (i)  Julia Evelyn Worthen, b. 24 Sept 1903

                                 m. Alfred P. NAEGELIN, 5 June 1928

                                 (no issue)


                         (ii) Harry Carroll Worthen, b. 11 April 1905

                                 m. Geneve BROWN, 12 Sept 1931


                                 (1) Robert Worthen, b. 1932


                         (iii) Myrta Isabelle Worthen, b. 22 Feb 1907

                                 m. Charles CRITCHLEY, 17 May 1930


                                 (1) Richard John Critchley, b. 1931


                         (iv) Samuel Henry Worthen, Sr., (Dr.), b. 8 Oct 1908

                                 d. 15 May 1968

                                 m. Dorothy LaRue LARSON, 3 Sept 1933


                         (v) Ruth Eleanor Worthen, b. 24 Sept 1910



                         (vi) Willard Franklin Worthen, b. 24 April 1914

                                 m. Clare LOMBARDI, 17 Dec 1942


                                 (1) Caroline Worthen

                                 (2) Willard Franklin Worthen

                                 (3) Julie Ann Worthen


                         (vii) Thomas Morton Worthen, b. 22 Sept 1918

                                 m. Rhea Irene GEHRING, 2 Aug 1938


                                 (1) Thomas Morton Worthen, Jr.

                                 (2) Patricia Worthen

                                 (3) Bruce Worthen


                       (viii) Colleen Worthen, b. 22 July 1923

                                 m. John Alden GUBLER, 5 April 1962


      (i) TYRESHIA CRAGUN, b. 27 March 1857, in Mill Creek, Salt Lake, Utah

               d. 9 March 1894, in Lehi, Utah County, Utah

               m. Joseph  KIRKHAM, 6 March 1875, St.George, Utah

                       "son of George William Kirkham, born in London, England."

                         he died 9 June 1943 in Lehi, Utah, Utah.

                       Joseph Kirkham m.(2), Mary Jane STODDART, 15 Nov 1905

               Tyreshia Cragun was the youngest child of James and Eleanor (Lane) Cragun.




               1. Joseph Hyrum Kirkham, b. 2 March 1876

                         d. 13 Feb 1947

                       m.(1), Sarah Elizabeth MEAKIN, 1896

                       m.(2), Birdie Maud STODDART, 7 June 1911


                         (i)  Joseph Stoddart Kirkham, b. 11 April 1912

                                 m.(1), Frances Louise NAISBITT, 23 Sept 1934

                                 m.(2), Doris STANCE, 4 Nov 1950


                                 (1) Jeffrey Forest Kirkham, b. 4 Nov 1957

                                 (2) Dawn Kirkham, b. 11 March 1960


                         (ii) Robert Stoddart Kirkham, b. 19 Feb 1914

                                 m. Beth MANNING, 19 Feb 1942


                                 (1) Gordon Manning Kirkham, b. 25 May 1944

                                 (2) Barbara Kirkham, b. 29 Dec 1947

                                 (3) Debra Kirkham,  b. 15 March 1952

                                 (4) Karen Kirkham,  b. 16 Feb 1957


                         (iii) Venna Stoddart Kirkham, b. 14 April 1917

                                 m. Malcolm Severe GADDIE, 14 Aug 1937


               2. Tyresha Kirkham, b. 20 June 1878

                         d. 18 April 1948

                         m. Jessie WEBB, 10 Feb 1897


                         (i)  Jessie Lloyd Webb, 20 March 1898

                                 m.(1), Christie HANSEN, 26 May 1923

                                 m.(2), Wilma Viola BRIGGS, 26 March 1926

                                 m.(3), Nellie Irene BRIGGS, 23 June 1947


                         (ii) Joseph Reed Webb, b. 26 Dec 1902;  d. 6 Jan 1903


                         (iii) Ina Tyresha Webb, b. 2 Sept 1908

                                 m. Arthur Merle RICHARDSON, 20 Nov 1942;  (no issue)


                         (iv) Fredrick Nathan Webb, b. 5 Jan 1912

                                 m. Marie CALL, 12 July 1939


               3. Stella Virginia Kirkham, b. 10 Nov 1880

                         d. 9 July 1924

                       m.(1), Earnest OLIVER, 11 Jan 1904

                       m.(2), Leo Algernon CLAYTON, 12 Feb 1907


                         (i)  Priscilla "K" Clayton, b. 7 Aug 1904

                                 m. John MORRISON, 25 Oct 1923


                         (1) Bertha Virginia Morrison, b. 11 July 1924

                                        m. Norman HOSKINS, 18 Feb 1944

                                 (2) Verden "J" Morrison, b. 16 Nov 1925;  d. 6 Dec 1925

                                 (3) Corleen "O" Morrison, b. 6 Feb 1927

                                        m. Nolan Chanon WILSON, 14 July 1946


                                        + Linda Kay Wilson, b. 3 May 1947

                                        + Sandra Ann Wilson, b. 1 March 1951

                                        + John Nolan Wilson, b. 5 Aug 1953

                                        + Kathryn Mary Wilson, b. 1 Sept 1963

                                 (4) Reva Jean Morrison, b. 11 Oct 1928;  d. 7 April 1929

                                 (5) Delora Morrison, b. 17 April 1933

                                        m. Gene Hill WESTOVER, 20 Aug 1954

                                 (6) Evelyn Morrison, b. 22 May 1935

                                        m. Charles Edward YOUNG, 7 Aug 1955

                                 (7) Floy John Morrison, b. 7 Feb 1939

                                        m. Bae Dean PETERSON, 20 Oct 1961

                                 (8) Priscilla Gale Morrison, b. 30 Dec 1945


                         (ii) DeLeon Clayton, b. 20 Dec 1908

                                 m.(1), Imogene Edith HILL, 4 Nov 1933

                                 m.(2), Bertha FLEMMING, 9 Sept 1945

                                 m.(3), Arrellia WELLS, 4 Feb 1956


                                 (1) DeLon Owen Clayton, b. 2 July 1957


                         (iii) Nolan Elmer Clayton, b. 14 July 1911

                                 m. Dorothy CHENEY, 18 March 1933


                         (iv) Thora Joe Clayton, b. 9 Nov 1913

                                 m. Betha Elmer HILL, 31 May 1935


                         (v) Estella LaVal Clayton, b. 26 Nov 1917

                                 m. Franklin Wayne GRAHAM, 26 Oct 1942


                                 (1) Gary Wayne Graham, b. 29 Jan 1944

                                 (2) Raymond Leon Graham, b. 21 Nov 1946

                                 (3) Bruce Clayton Graham, b. 20 May 1950

                                 (4) Don Warren Graham, b. 3 Oct 1952


                         (vi) Mina "L" Clayton, b. 31 March 1921

                                 m. Chester STOCKSTILL, 21 Aug 1938


               4. James William Kirkham, b. 20 Dec 1882;  d. 22 Dec 1882

               5. Amelia Kirkham, b. 1883;  d. 1883

               6. Nathan Kirkham, b. 11 May 1886

                         d. 19 Sept 1929

                         m. Clara May SMITH, 20 March 1916


               7. Geneva Kirkham, b. 22 Sept 1888;  d. 23 Sept 1888

               8. Priscilla Kirkham, b. 21 Oct 1889;  d. 1892

               9. Mary Ellen Kirkham, b. 1892;  d. 1892

               10. Robert Elisha Kirkham, b. 3 March 1893;  d. 4 March 1893

           11. Melvin Millard Kirkham, b. 20 Feb 1894;  d. 1896



(C)  HIRAM CRAGUN,  b. 9 Dec 1816, Brookville, Franklin Co., Ind.

        (son of Elisha & Mary (Osborn) Cragun)

        He d. 2 March 1884, ae 67y-2m-24d, in Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind.

Buried in Pleasant View Community Church cem., in Pleasant View, 3 miles east of Whitestown, Boone Co., Ind. His wife is buried next to him and their youngest child, Columbus Franklin Cragun.


Three books tell the story of the life and descendants of Hiram Cragun.[1] He spent his boyhood and youth in Rush Co., Ind., near the Franklin Co. line, and when age 19 (ca.1835) he moved with his family to Boone Co., Ind. He was a farmer and spent the remainder of his life in Eagle twp, Boone Co. He was a man of great energy and helped his father to clear his farm. Then improved another 245 acres for himself. He was a Democrat until the firing upon Fort Sumter, at which time he became an ardent Republican. He was a Methodist, as was his wife, and was one of the early members of the Pleasant View Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a man of high character, very exact, and held hypocrisy in utter abhorrence.


        m. REITER DOOLEY,  1842, in Boone Co., Ind.

               b. 8 Aug 1826 Shelby Co., Ky

               dau. of Robert DOOLEY & (----) SHELBURN (both of Irish descent)

           Robert Dooley and his wife brought their family to Boone County in 1835, traveling by wagons and on horseback, and settled on a farm in Union twp, where both died in middle life

           Reiter (Dolley) Cragun married next, after her husband's death, to JOHN BOWERS, an old family friend, 8 March 1893.[2] He was a farmer of Marion County, Ind., in the vicinity of Bethel Church. He died 1905.


        children: (9)


        (a) Mary Ann Cragun, b. 1843 Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind.;  d. 1848

        (b) Josephine Cragun, b. 1845 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. Sylvester Cicero PETERS, 1867

        (c) Nebuchadnezzar Cragun, b. 1848 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. Sarah F. BROCK, 1867

        (d) Melvina Cragun, b. 1850 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. John ST.CLAIR, 1865

        (e) George L. Kennard "Conrad" Cragun, b. 1852 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m.(1), Emily Amanda WILLIAMS, 1877

               m.(2), Minnie E. McGEE, 1896

        (f) Hiram Nelson Cragun, b. 6 Aug 1854 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co.IN  m. Melvina STARK, 1877

        (g) Strange Nathaniel Cragun, b. 24 July 1857 Eagle twp, Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. Adelaide "Addie" M. BOOHER, 1883

        (h) Lorenzo Dow Cragun, b. 1860 Eagle twp, nr Zionsville, Boone Co., Ind.

               m. Ella JOHNS

        (i) Columbus Franklin Cragun, 1856, "son of H. & R. Cragun"

               d. 7 Nov 1860, aged 4y-2m-(?)d.

               bur. Pleasant View Community Church cem., 3 mi. east of Whitestown, Boone Co., Ind.

(Note: Eva Cragun Heiner's book says: "Columbus Franklin Cragun, b. 1862, d. 12 Nov 1866". The other rendition, shown above, was copied from the grave marker by Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh, Aug 16, 1964. Which record is correct?)



(a) MARY ANN CRAGUN,  b. 1843, Eagle twp Boone Co., Ind.

               d. 1848


        (b) JOSEPHINE CRAGUN,  b. 1845, nr Zionsville, Eagle twp, Boone Co., Ind.

               d. (unkn)

               m. Sylvester Cicero PETERS, 6 Feb 1867 Boone Co., Ind.[3]