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 Passages from Shakespeare of London by Marchette Chute, copyright, 1949, by E. P. Dutton & co., Inc., reprinted by permission of the publishers. Also see Acknowledgments. 







The purpose of this book is to preserve family history and to perpetuate pride in the accomplishments of our pioneer ancestors.


It is understandable that the contents of Chapter One may be tiresome reading to some. However, it was included for the benefit of those who might want to go more thoroughly into the background of the family.


The old and original spellings - and misspellings - have been used.


This book is not intended to be a final story of the Chitwood family of Virginia, but, rather, a first chapter of the story, which we hope will never be ended.


It may appear strange that a native of Illinois, born of parents from Kansas, living in Indiana, writes a book about people in Virginia. True, much information is available, if at all, only in Virginia. But, the Indiana State Library, the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Public Library and the National Archives have vast amounts of pertinent information on their shelves, on microfilm and on microcards; and the courteous assistance of their personnel must be remembered.


That which is not available through those sources has been eagerly furnished by many relatives. Particular tribute must be given to Mrs. Walter P. Holland and Robert Gray Chitwood, of Roanoke, Va.; Mrs. C. B. Nolen of Ferrum, Va.; Mrs. L. L. Steffey of Bristol, Tenn.; Mrs. Willis Cheatham and Mrs. Fay B. Chitwood of Rocky Mount, Va.; Miss Sally Lumsden of Glade Hill, Va.; Mrs. J. Y. Jamieson of Falls Church, Va.; Mrs. A. H. Neel of Dayton, Ohio; and to Mrs. George Lee Chitwood, Mrs. Bethel Dickson and Fred Chitwood, all of Conway Springs, Kansas. The joy of writing this book was to have been reward in itself. But I have been repaid many fold in addition by having had the opportunity to know and to work with these hitherto unknown cousins.


Especially do I thank my husband, who, during the research for and writing of this book, has learned to index names, run an antiquated mimeograph and wear each shirt a day longer.


My specifically mentioning these wonderful people is not intended to discredit the invaluable assistance of numerous other people, whose names if included would make costs exceed our printing budget. But the recognition of those who have contributed would be incomplete without mentioning that those about whom this book is written made possible not only this book but our very existence.


This, my first attempt at writing, has been quite an experience. As I sit here contemplating the months and months of research, the almost unbelievable amount of correspondence, the cataloguing and filing of literally reams of papers, the stacks of mimeograph stencils (and their many corrections), and awaiting the verdict of the reader, I am reminded of those famous last words of Sidney Carton which he uttered as he was about to be executed:


"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known."[1]








To my Grandmother 




who, although crippled in body for many years with joints swollen and hardened by arthritis, retained the sweetness of her disposition and the charm of her Virginia origin, was a joy to all, 





To my Aunt and Uncle 





  whose selfless dedication made her last years bearable.

[1]                              Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.








1: Chetwode, Chetwood, Chitwood


             The more thorough the research into the background of the early Chitwood family, the more interesting the search becomes.


            One source for information in the early lines of the Chitwood family is the William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 18, second series, 1839, pp 507-509, by (Dr.) Blanche M. Haines, of Three Rivers, Michigan. I have divided this article into more paragraphs than the original shows in order that it may be more easily read. Other than that change, it is quoted here verbatim from this source:


            "Chetwood. - The Chetwode, Chetwood family of England is an old Saxon one going back to the time of William the Conqueror, to one John de Chetwode. That Thomas Chetwode, an early immigrant colonist to Virginia was of this family is certain.

            "The earliest mention of Thomas Chetwood in Virginia was in 1653, when he was witness to the nuncupative will of Mr. Thomas Crowder.[1] May 8, 1655, Thomas Chettwood of London, merchant, gave power of attorney to Mr. Peter Knight.[2] Alexander Porteus gave power of attorney to Mr. Thomas Chetwood in 1658.[3] Repeatedly, in the records, he appears with the prefix Mr. In 1660, Governor William Berkeley appointed him Surveyor.[4] This with other records show that he was in the favor of Governor Berkeley.


            "From 1653 to 1678, the year of his death, he appeared in Lancaster County records many times. He brought in many colonists and had many head-rights on them. The largest of the land grants from these headrights was 5275 acres to Thos. Chetwood and John Prosser in 1667 for transporting 106 persons. In 1667 Major William Ball and Mr. Thomas Chetwood brought in thirty-two persons and were granted 1600 acres. Most of this was on the north side of the Rappahannock River. Grants totaling more than 15000 acres for transporting people appear with his name. Dividing the joint grants by two, he had in Lancaster County alone more than 5000 acres and there were other grants in Northumberland and Old Rappahannock counties. There were close to 300 headrights in which he had an interest.


"He died intestate in 1678. The inventory brought in by Edward Carter, Robert Newsum and Walter Wallace named Elizabeth Chetwood, relict of Thomas Chetwood, defunct.[5] The estate of £2000 was granted to his widow in 1678 with Capt. William Ball, Attorney.[6] No mention of lands or children, though he had both. In March, 1669, Mr. Thomas Chetwode was granted a certificate for transporting certain persons, including Elizabeth Chitwode.[7] As early as 1664, Elizabeth Chetwode gave power of attorney to Marquo Barret.[8] The evidence is that Thomas and Elizabeth Chetwood were married in England.

            "That he made many trips across the ocean is shown by headrights granted in 1658 by Mr. Wm. Underwood for bringing in Thomas Chettwood three times and in 1661 to 'Thomas Chitwode for transporting himself three tymes', with others. In his lifetime he deeded land to many of the prominent colonists in Lancaster and adjoining counties. Among them were William Travers, Jno. Chinley, Marquo Barret, Will Wroughton, Nicholas Wren, Thos. Hearley, Richard Overton, Henry Stoneham, Edward Carter and Edward Dale.


"Three contemporary Thomas Chetwoods are to be found in London wills at that time. It seems probable and almost certain that Thomas Chetwood, merchant of London and Lancaster Co., Virginia, was the son of 'Henry Chettwood, late of St. Dunstans in East, citizen and Haberdasher of London,' who died Oct 2, 1652. Thomas was the second son of Henry and Parnell (Harris) Chettwood. She died Oct. 5, 1654. The eldest son was Arthur Chetwood, gentleman, of St. Clements Inn, who died November 2, 1657. All of these mentioned Thomas in their wills.

            "Arthur left lands in 'Wourleston' and Chester, England. The very early Chetwodes lived in Chester.[9] The third son of Henry and Parnell Chetwood was Henry, who was executor of his mother's and brother Arthur's estates. In 1662, Mr. John Pate received a headright for bringing in Henry Chittwood. There has been found no further mention of Henry Chittwood, although this seems a bit of confirmatory evidence that he was of the same family as Thomas Chetwood. Definite proof of this parentage, particularly from London records is desired, also the maiden name of Elizabeth Chetwood, wife of Thomas Chetwood. It seems probable that the other contemporary Thomas Chetwoods of London, if they came to America, would have joined Grace Chetwood, wife of Rev. Peter Bulkeley in New England where she already had arrived, as they were of her father's line, Richard Chetwood, while Henry Chetwood of London was a descendant of Richard's brother James.


            "Although no mention is made of children or lands in the settlement of the estate of Thomas Chetwood, we know that he had a son 'Thomas Chetwood of St. Mary's White Chapple Parish' in Lancaster County as told by a deed in 1720 to Charles Ewell for 2000 acres of land. That there were other children seems probable. Old Rappahannock County records for May 19, 1686, mention Berkeley Chitwood in a suit brought by one John Linkhorne. Information relating to Berkeley Chetwood or other children of Thomas and Elizabeth Chetwood is desired.


            "Thomas Chetwood, second, of St. Mary's, also married Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. He too, died intestate in 1742. He had an only son, Turner, who obtained Letters of Administration on his estate.[10] Turner Chetwood, also, had wife Elizabeth, maiden name unknown. She appeared as his widow, July, 1760, and named her children, Betty, George, William and Rachel. William died in 1788 leaving three children. His brother George was his executor.[11] George Chitwood of Lancaster County died in 1793, leaving wife Judy and children, William, George, Susanna, Elizabeth, Nancy and Alcey.[12] Betsy married Jos. West in 1802, William Chitwood married Lucy Pitman in 1822, a William Chitwood married Mary Jane Barns in 1845 and an earlier William Chetwood married Betsy Neale May 18, 1780.[13] Clearly these records pertain to the family of Thomas Chetwood second and his son Turner Chetwood.


            "The earliest will recorded in Virginia of the family of Chetwood is that of Marthias or Matthias Cheatwood in Cumberland Co. in 1755. The next in order is that of his son William Cheatwood in Powhatan Co. in 1787.[14] Matthias Chetwood married Mary Key, daughter of Richard Key of Northumberland Co., prior to February 15, 1725.[15] Mary Key, daughter of Richard Key, was born Jan. 12, 1695.[16] This marriage of Matthias Chetwood (spelled Chetwood in early records of Northumberland, Goochland and Henrico counties) seems to place him in the family of Thomas Chetwood, the first colonist of the name in Lancaster Co. Was he the son of Berkeley Chitwood or possibly the son of another son of Thomas Chetwood who may have inherited the Northumberland County lands of his father? The parentage of Matthias Chetwood is the most important missing link in this quest. Information is greatly desired on this point.

            "July 6, 1741, Matthias Chitwood had a land patent for 400 acres in Goochland Co. This land fell, in the divisions of the counties, into Powhatan or earlier Cumberland and Chesterfield Counties. Matthias Cheatwood's will dated in 1752 was proved in Cumberland Co. He named wife Mary and sons, Richard to whom he gave 200 acres; Matthias, 100 acres; William 100 acres; John and James personal property.

            "Richard and his wife Winney sold his land to William and they went to Buckingham Co., next to Bedford Co. and he died in Rutherford Co., North Carolina. His son James was a Revolutionary soldier and died in Campbell Co., Tennessee.

            "Matthias, Jr. inherited the Chesterfield portion of the land, married Mary Fore, widow of Daniel Fore (Faure) of Henrico County, and died childless.

            "William married Jean ----, maiden name unknown and the information greatly desired. She was of a Huguenot family. William and Jean had fourteen children. They were the ancestors of the families spelling the name Cheatwood of Richmond, Lynchburg, Bedford Co., Virginia, and of the State of Ohio. The descendants of the brothers of William carry the name Chitwood.

            "John son of Matthias married Elizabeth Tillotson, daughter of John Tillotson of Chesterfield County, who deeded John Chetwood and his wife Elizabeth and Granddaughter Ann for love and affection he bore them, land in Chesterfield County, in 1753. They sold this in 1760. John Chitwood bought land from Richard Bailey in Bedford County in 1782.[17] This land fell, in the division of counties, into Franklin County. He died in 1798.[18] He was the ancestor of the Chitwood families of Franklin Co., Roanoke, Va. and Morgantown, W. Va. There are several Revolutionary soldiers in this family.

            "James Chitwood went to Buckingham Co., Virginia, thence to Rutherford Co., N.C., where he was the founder of a family of Chitwoods who went west through Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and from there they joined the forty-niners who went to California.

            "The author of this query has information relating to the descendants of Matthias and Mary (Key) Chetwood but would appreciate any additional information. Bible or family records of especial interest. The parentage of Matthias Chetwood and proof of the parentage of Thomas Chetwood, first, are especially wanted, also, the maiden names of Elizabeth, wife of Thomas first and Jean, wife of William Cheatwood of Powhatan Co."  -- (Dr.) Blanche M. Haines



            It is possible that the answer to the question of the identity of the wife of Thomas Chetwood, first, was located by the writer of this book:

"Chetwoode, Thomas, of St. Mary, Aldermanbury, merchant taylor, bachelor, 28, and Elizabeth Wake, of St. Clement Danes, spinster, 21, daughter of ---- Wake, esq., of same, who consents -- at St Clement Danes. 17 Nov, 1629. B."[19]


            In Shakespeare of London, page 125, Marchette Chute describes St Mary, Aldermanbury: "a handsome residential district on the west side of town"; and from the March 24, 1963 issue of the Chicago Tribune: "St. Clement Danes, set in its island site at the far end of the Strand where it joins Fleet street in London's newspaper world. The original church was built in the 10th century and was associated with a colony of Danes. The church familiar to all Londoners was designed around 1680 by Sir Christopher Wren."


            Records show that Sir Richard Chetwood, brother of James Chetwood, was a member of the Inner Temple; and that Thomas Chetwood was of Gray's Inn, both a part of England's famous Inns of Court.



            "The City, in fact begins on the west on Fleet Street, at historic Temple Bar. . . Near Temple Bar two inconspicuous gateways break Fleet Street's solid line of buildings. From them narrow lanes lead to the hidden precincts of Inner Temple and Middle Temple, schools of law for more than 600 years. With Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn, which lie outside the City, they comprise England's famous Inns of Court, comparable to the colleges of a great university . . . England recognizes two branches of the legal profession: barristers, who plead cases in upper courts, and solicitors, who prepare briefs and transact most of the day-to-day duties of a law office. The Inns of Court train barristers only; they may be 'called to the bar' after three years of study, but their education continues while 'deviling' as apprentices to established barristers. Inner Temple and Middle Temple adjoin in a labyrinth of courts, gardens, halls, libraries, and legal offices. But students of the two schools, know only one common meeting ground, Temple Church, whose round sanctuary dates from 1185. Members of the Inner Temple always sit on the right side of the church, members of the Middle Temple always sit on the left."[20]



            Gray's Inn of which Thomas Chetwood was a member is described as follows:


            "Inns of Court - London 1594. The Gray's Inn audience was not so very unlike the Court audience at Greenwich, except that the Gray's Inn Gentlemen and their farthingaled guests were much younger, much livelier, and had worked themselves up during the Christmas season to a fairly advanced state of foolishness. The whole Christmas season was a golden opportunity for nonsence, and the boys in the various Inns of Court made the most of it.

            "The Inns of Court were the four resident law schools west of London and trained young gentlemen in that most respectable and profitable of Elizabethan professions. It was an exceptional nobleman who escaped at least a few years' training at one of the law schools, and although it was quite true that not every name entered in the Steward's Book was that of a gentleman, the training was so expensive that a rich farmer was almost the first qualification for admission. Since most of the boys were at least technically members of the gentry, they were given an education 'fit for persons of their station' and were taught dancing, riding and singing, and how to stage theatrical productions . . . Gray's Inn was the largest of the Inns of Court and it was generally conceded that its members excelled in dramatics; but for their Christmas entertainment of 1594 they hired professional actors. A raised scaffold at the eastern end of their seventy-foot hall was designed for the stage, but the Chamberlain's men had a hard time of it that night. The crowd of spectators at that end of the hall was 'so exceeding great that thereby there was no convenient room for those that were actors.'

            "The chief difficulty seems to have been that too many invitations had been sent out and the Elizabethan farthingale took up a great deal of room. But a Christmas revel without 'divers ladies and gentlewomen' would have been unthinkable at Gray's Inn, whose members took such a happy interest in the opposite sex that a law had to be passed 'that no laundresses or women victuallers should thenceforth come into the gentlemen's chambers of this Society, unless they were full forty years of age, and not send their maidservants of what age soever.'

            "The revels to which the Chamberlains company gave their professional services were the first since the plague, and there was evidently a great deal of stored-up enthusiasm to be suddenly released. The evening was spent in 'dancing and revelling with the gentlewomen' and watching the play; but the mock formality that had been planned for the evening collapsed so thoroughly that the fledgling lawyers, who seized on every opportunity to make fun of the legal procedure they were being taught, held a mock trial the next day to find out who had been responsible for the lack of dignity in 'out law sports.'"[21]


            The following account of a mock trial involving Thomas Chetwood is probably similar to the antics of the Gray's Inn students as described above:


            "Pension 30th Oct: 1620. Present:- Moseley, Tildesley, Ireland, Brackin, Lovelace, Crewe, etc.

            "Mr. Thomas Chetwood, Mr. Thomas Sotherne and Mr. Richard Clutton are called to the Bar.

            "'It standeth with the ancient orders of this house that the Auncients of this societie should take ther breakefast in the hall onely and not in ther chambers. It is therefore ordered at this pencon that noe Auncients of this societie shall have any breakfast out of the hall.

            "'Noe gent to com within the buttry barr but auncients and all other gent: under the degree of auncients to take ther Bowyer or their drinking without, accordinge to the auncient orders of this house.

            "'No gent shall have ther pts to ther chambers but every man shall com into the hall unlesse it be in sicknesse and that to be made knowne to the steward.

            "'Ther shalbe no more to help the Butlers in the buttry then hath been in tymes past and likewyse in the kitchine.

            "'It is ordered at this pencon that the gent: in the hall at dinner and supper tymes shalbe messed as they sit in order and no ptes to be served but at the end of a table whereas nowe somtymes 4 sittinge together every man will have a single pte and that to be a middell pte which is cleane contrary to the aunciente orders of this house.

            "'N one to be served with meat after cheese hath gonn about the hall, nor none to com downe to fetch his meate at the dresser according to the auncient orders of this house.

            "'The hall to be served with cheese, but the steward and the butler to agree for the price.

            "'It is ordered that the pannierman shall serve the gent: with noe oysters but in the hall.'"[22]


            Sir Richard Chetwood, brother of James Chetwood, "became a member of the Inner Temple, and was knighted in 1603. . ."[23]


            A paragraph of interest on the subject of "knighthood" in the year 1603 is:




            " . . .  just before the coronation. During the first excited months of his reign James had passed out knighthoods with an almost comically lavish hand, and three or four hundred knights were made the same day . . . A notice was posted inside St. Paul's offering a memory course so that Londoners could remember the names of the new knights, and so many jokes were made on the subject that King James himself apologized for all the knights he had made."[24]







2: From John de Chetwode


                            (Dr.) Blanche M. Haines believes there is no doubt that Henry Chetwood of London was a descendant of James (a brother of Sir Richard, the father of Grace Buckeley).[25] Therefore the very early generations for James' line of descent would be the same as those of Grace, up to and including Richard Chetwood third son of Roger (generation 18). Although generation 22 is not clear, Matthias and the generations which follow are certain.[26]


            The ancestry of Grace Chetwood, daughter of Sir Richard Chetwood, and second wife of Rev. Peter Buckeley, is described as follows:


"The Chetwood line.

"Chetwode of Chetwode, co. Buckingham. Arms: Quarterly argent and gules, four crosses pattee countercharged.


"Rev. Peter Bulkeley's second wife, Grace Chetwood was descended from an ancient family of Buckinghamshire. It has not been feasible to undertake research in unpublished English sources, and we rely chiefly on the pedigree from the parchment roll which some years ago was in the possession of Sir George Chetwode, Bart., checking this pedigree wherever possible with Visitation pedigrees and other printed sources. The generations immediately preceeding Grace are well established; the earlier generations should be accepted subject to possible correction as to details.


"I         John de Chetwode, Knt., lord (of the manor, not Baron) of Chetwode in Co. Buckingham, founder of the Priory of Chetwode.


"II       Robert Chetwode, lord of Chetwode.


"III      Raufe de Chetwode, Knt.

"IV      Robert Chetwode, lord of Chetwode, flourished 1105; (this date, fifth year of King Henry 1, is obviously impossible since his grandson flourished 1282-1286. The first five generations are decidedly problematical); m. Sibyl, dau of Thomas Strange and Annabel, his wife.


"V       John de Chetwode, Knt.; m. Olive


"VI      Robert de Chetwood, lord of Chetwood, Knt., flourished 1282-1286; m. Lucy, lady of Hoclive.


"VII     John Chetwoode, Knt., lord of Chetwoode and Hoclive,

            flourished 1282-1313; m. Johanna, first wife, living 1282-1286.


"VIII   John Chetwode, younger son and heir, liv-1299-1317; m. Lucy, living 1313-1322.


"IX      John Chetwode, Knt., living 1332, m. Johane, living

                1332. There are two lines of descent, from his sons

                 (1) John and (2) Robert.


"X       (1)           John Chetwode, Knt., living 1346-1349; m.      Lucy.

            (2)           Robert Chetwode, second son, received

                            lands in Chetwode from his father, 1332.


"XI      (1)           Nicholas Chetwode, Knt., son of John, lord ofChetwood and Hoclive, living 1347-1357; m. Elizabeth, dau and heir of John de Lions, lord of Warkworth, co. Northampton, by his wife Elice, dau and heir of William de St. Liz, Esq. Arms of Lions: Argent, a lion, rampant gules, armed and langued azure. Arms of St. Liz: Argent, two bars and a chief three fleur-de-lis gules.


            (2)           John Chetwode, son and heir of Robert, living 1363; m. Elizabeth, sister and heir to William de Okeley, and dau of Stephen de Okeley, lord of Okeley, co. Stafford, by Maud his wife. Arms of Okeley: Sable, three leopards heads jessant de lis argent.


"XII    (1)           John Chetwode, Knt., son and heir of Nicholas, lord of Warkworth, Chetwode, and Hoclive, died in 1412; m. for his second wife, in 1392/3, Amabel, daughter of Sir Thomas Greene (1344-1391/2), of Green's Norton, by his wife Margery Mablethorpe and granddaughter of Sir Henry de Greene, lord Chief Justice 1353, by his wife Catherine de Drayton. Amabel m. (2) Sir Thomas Strange, and died in 1430.


            (2)           John Chetwode, son of John, was of Okeley, co. Stafford, living in 1396; m. Margery. Arms, Chetwode of Okeley; a crescent or for difference.


"XIII   (1)           Elizabeth Chetwode, daughter and eventual heiress of Sir John, b. (say 1391), and d. at Warkworth, 24 Aug. 1475; m. before 1411, Thomas Wodhull, Knt, who d. Mar 1421. She carried the estates of the elder Chetwode line into the Wodhull family, an account of which will be given in the next section. The direct Wodhull line from Elizabeth ran through Thomas, John, Fulk, Nicholas, and Anthony, to the dau and heiress of the last, Agnes Wodhull, who married Richard Chetwood (See XVIII below), thus bringing ownership of Warkworth to the Junior branch of the Chetwood family.


            (2)           Roger Chetwood, of Okeley, son and heir of John and Margery; m. Margery, dau and one of the heirs of David Crew of Pulcroste.


"XIV   Thomas Chetwood, of Okeley and Worleston, living 1455-1485, son of Roger, m. Margaret Sound, of Sound, co. Cheshire.


"XV    Roger Chetwood, living 1486-1497, son and heir of Thomas, m. Ellen, dau and heir of William de Ree.


“XVI   Thomas Chetwood, of Worleston, co. Cheshire, living 1526-1531, son and heir of Roger; m. (first wife) Ellen, dau of Thomas Beresford, lord of Bently, co. Derby.


“XVII    Roger Chetwood, of Worleston, co. Cheshire, m. 1522, Ellen, dau of                                                                               Thomas Masterson of Nantwich, co. Cheshire.


“XVIII                Richard Chetwood, third son of Roger, m. Agness, dau and heir to Anthony Wodhull of Warkworth, co. Northampton (see XIII (1) above). She was born in 1542, and died in 1575/6, and m. (2) Sir George Calveley.”[27]


            Richard and his wife Agness had two children that are known: Sir Richard, b. abt. 1560, d. after 1631; married first, Jane, dau and one of the heirs of Sir William Drewerie; married second, Dorothy, dau of Sir Robert Needham of Shaventon, co. Shropshire. She was living in 1629. Grace (Chetwood) Buckeley was a daughter of Richard and his second wife.[28]                         


            The other son of Richard Chetwood and Agness was James Chetwood.[29]


XIX     James Chetwood, son of Richard and Agness (generation XVIII).


XX      Henry Chettwood, "late of St. Dunstans in East, citizen and Haberdasher of London", who died Oct 2, 1652. Married Parnell Harris, who died Oct 5, 1654. Three sons born: (1) Arthur Chetwood; (2) Thomas Chetwood; (3) Henry Chetwood.[30]


XXI     Thomas Chetwood, merchant of London and Lancaster Co., Va., second son of Henry Chettwood and Parnell (Harris) Chettwood.[31] Thomas Chetwood married Elizabeth (Wake?).[32] They had children: Thomas Chetwood, second; Berkeley; and probably others.[33]


XXII   ---------- ?


XXIII  Matthias Chetwood, born 1681, died 1755 Cumberland Co., Va. Married prior to Feb. 15, 1725 to Mary Key, daughter of Richard Key of Northumberland Co., Va. She was born Jan. 12, 1695.[34] Their children were: Richard, Mathias, Jr., William, John, and James.


XXIV  John Chetwood, ancestor of the Franklin Co Virginia Chitwood family, married Elizabeth Tillotson of Chesterfield Co., Va.[35] Their children were: Ann, John, Jr., William, Joel.


XXV   John Chitwood, Jr., pvt. 7th Va. Regt. of Foot, in Rigle Regt.[36]  Born 1754, and died 1831. He married Rhoda ----. Their children were: William, Richard, Lucy, Joel and Lueida.


XXVI  William Chitwood, born 1785. Married 1811 at Franklin Co., Va., to Lockey Thurman (Elocky Thurmond). One son born, Thomas Jefferson.


XXVIIThomas Jefferson Chitwood, born 1812, m. in Franklin Co., Va., to Lucy Catherine Lumsden. Their children: Sarah Elizabeth, Lockie Wilmoth, John Thomas, Thomas Jefferson, Lucy Margaret, George Washington, Syntha Ann, Calvin Lewis, James Floyd, Almira Virginia, Lee Franklin.


XXVIII George Washington Chitwood, born 1844, m. to Matilda Octave

Metts. Their children: William Alexander, Virginia Franklin, John Thomas, Henry Washington, George Lee, James Calvin, Nannie M., Jessee Wilson, Lawrence Ladrew, Ethel M., Ferrie Violet.


XXIX  Virginia Franklin Chitwood, born 1869, m. 1888 in Kansas to Isaac Morton Mayfield. Their children: Verna, Iva, Esom Gareth, Antha Beatrice, Kate Nancy, Helen Matilda, Bruce Irwin.


XXX   Iva Mayfield, born Sep. 5, 1890; m. 1912 to John Beach Cragun. Their children were: Virginia Rosalind, and Jean.


XXXI  Jean Cragun, born Oct. 31, 1915, at Chicago, Ill.; m. Sept. 29, 1940, to Wendell C. Tombaugh. One child born: John Beach.


XXXII John Beach Tombaugh, born Jan. 16, 1942, at Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana.










3:         Matthias Chetwood (Cheatwood) of

Goochland County, Virginia


                            Whether Matthias was the son of Berkeley, or of another son of Thomas Chetwood, first colonist of the name in Lancaster Co., Va., isn't clear. However, there seems to be little doubt that he was of this family.[37]


            Through Mrs. Cecile Buford Becker of San Pedro, California, it was learned that "In 1695 Matthias was living with Mrs. Elizabeth Banks, Northumberland Co., Va. - his age being given as fourteen. Certificate was given to George Espridge and assigned to Mrs. Banks for 450 acres of land for transporting nine persons from England, including Matthew, or Matthias Chitwood." This record sets the date of his birth in the year 1681. His will dated 1752 and proved on Jan. 27, 1755 is recorded in Cumberland Co., Va. under the spelling of "Marthias Cheatwood".[38]


            Matthias Chetwood married Mary Key, prior to February 15, 1725.[39] He secured a land patent for 400 acres in Goochland County, Va., on July 6, 1741. This land fell, in the division of the counties, into Powhatan or earlier Cumberland and Chesterfield counties. His will, proved in Cumberland Co., Va., named his wife Mary and sons, Richard, to whom he gave 200 acres; Matthias, 100 acres; William, 100 acres; John and James personal property.[40]



4:         Mary Key of Northumberland County, Va.



                            Mary Key, wife of Matthias Chetwood, and dau. of Richard Key of Northumberland Co., was born Jan. 12, 1695.[41]


            There is nothing more to report on the family of Richard Key at this time. However, research concerning this line of the Chitwood family continues.





5:         Children of Matthias and Mary Chetwood.



                            RICHARD, was mentioned first in his father's will. He and his wife, Winney, sold to his brother William the 200 acres of land inherited from his father, and went to Buckingham Co., then to Bedford Co., Va., and finally to Rutherford Co., North Carolina, where Richard died.[42]


            Richard had a son, James, born June 21, 1751, in Cumberland Co., Va. (now Powhatan) who received a Revolutionary War Pension. James took his family to Pulaski Co., Ky. around 1800, and secured land patents there. This land fell in Campbell Co., Tenn., when the state line was resurveyed, and is now a part of Scott Co., Tenn. James died in Campbell Co., Tenn.[43]


            Mr. Ira O. Chitwood of Corbin, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Ingersoll of 2305 Elliston Place, Nashville, Tenn., are working to find the descendants of Richard and James (sons of Matthias, Sr.) who settled in Tennessee and Kentucky. Mrs. Ingersoll wrote:

"According to Mr. Ira Chitwood, and from our own study of East Tennessee records, most of the Chitwoods there descend from James Chitwood (ca 1751-1839, son of Richard, son of Matthias). Some of them may descend also, in part, as you surmise, from an older James, brother of Richard. The problem is in separating the two lines of Richard and James. The earliest members of the family in Tennessee probably came out of Rutherford Co., N.C., around 1800."[1]


                            MATTHIAS, JR., son of Matthias, inherited 100 acres of the Chesterfield portion of his father's land. He married Mary Fore, widow of Daniel Fore (Faure) of Henrico Co., and died childless.[2] The date of Matthias, Jr.'s death is not certain, but a record of inventory for Mathias Cheatwood, Jr., dated 1773, was located in Chesterfield Co., Va.[3] 


            WILLIAM CHEATWOOD, birth unknown, death 1787, Powhatan Co., Va. [4] He inherited 100 acres of land from his father, Matthias, Sr., and bought the 200 acres which Richard, his brother, had inherited. He married Jean ----, who was of a Huguenot family. Fourteen children were born.[5]


            William Cheatwood's will, filed in Powhatan Co., Va. dated 1777, names his children in this order: John, Daniel, Billy, Lotty, Alexander; nine daughters: Clara, Sillah, Rachel, Beckie, Alice, Patience, Polly, Charity and Betsy.[6]



John Cheatwood, m. Dec 19, 1792 Phebe Cobb. Sur. Benojah Watkins. Wit. Thomas Watkins, Powhatan Co. Mar. Reg. p. 23.[7]


Daniel Cheatwood, m. Oct 18, 1797 to Sally Porter, dau of Sarah Porter. Sur. Arthur Sublet. Wit. Dutroy Porter and Richard Johnson. Powhatan Co. Mar. Reg. p. 34.[8]


Sillah (Celia) Cheatwood, m. Jesse Spinner who came from Goochland Co. to Bedford Co., Va., and became a wealthy land owner. Celia Cheatwood was his first wife. Celia and Jesse Spinner had one child: Louisa Claiborne Spinner, who m. 1st, William Gooch, of Goochland Co.; 2nd, Jan. 18, 1820, to Martin Parks Burks, of Bedford Co., a son of Samuel Burks and Margaret Parks of Amherst County. Louisa had a family of nine sons. In addition to these she reared seven others in her family.[9]

     Rachel Cheetwood, m. Sep 8, 1779 to Thomas Turpin, sur. John Cheetwood.[10] Thomas Turpin, whose will was probated in Bedford Co., Mar. 27, 1826, came to Bedford from Chesterfield Co., Va., sometime after the Rev. War. He was b. ab. 1758, a desc. of Michael Turpin, the emigrant, and was, prob., the grandson of Philip and Elizabeth Turpin, of Chesterfield. Rachel (Cheatwood) Turpin died several years after her husband.






Children of Rachel and Thomas Turpin:


    (1)       Elisha, b. abt 1782, d. bef. 1823.


(2)       Elizabeth, b. abt 1784; m. 1801, Sanford Halley and went West.

 (3)       Josiah, b. abt 1785; d. 1842, Rockbridge Co., Va.; m.      1810,

            Frances Burton.


(4)       Philip, b. 1787; m. 1814, Elvira Clayton.


(5)       Thomas, Jr., b. Oct. 1, 1788; m. 1818, Mary Polina Clayton.


(6)           Roland, b. 1790; m. 1st, 1831 Margaret Logwood; m.

            2nd,1841, Elizabeth (Wilson) Reid, widow.


(7)       William C., b. abt 1792; m. Alice Smith.


(8)       John, b. Jan. 4, 1794; m. 1st 1822, Eliza W. Clayton; m.

            2nd. 1832, Mary M. Lambert.


(9)       Vincent, b. Oct 29, 1797; m. 1826, Sarah A. Lane.


(10)     Milly, youngest child, b. abt 1800, unmarried in 1823.[11]


Patience Cheatwood, married Dec. 17, 1791 to Robert Elam. Sur. Matthew Taylor. Wit. William Cheatwood. Powhatan Co. Mar. Reg. p. 21.[12]


Charity Cheatwood, married Dec. 22, 1797, to John Hancock. Guardian Alexander Baugh. Sur. Abraham Baugh. Wit. Jane Hancock. Powhatan Co. Mar Reg. p. 35.[13]







                            JOHN CHITTWOOD (CHITWOOD), SR., ancestor of the Franklin County, Va. Chitwoods. (see further)

                JAMES, son of Matthias, Sr., went to Buckingham County, Va., thence to Rutherford Co., N.C., where he was the founder of a family of Chitwoods who went west through Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and from there they joined the forty-niners who went to California. [14]


            James, the brother of Richard, had a large family. Shadrack came into Kentucky with James the son of Richard. The family of Shadrack scattered, some went to Alabama, other parts of Tennessee and Missouri. Four sons of Shadrack, Jr., joined the gold rush to California in 1850.[15]








6:         John Chetwood, Sr., of Franklin Co., Va.


                            John, son of Matthias and Mary (Key) Chetwood, was born ---- at ----. His will was written April 1, 1793, and was proved at Franklin County, Virginia, in Dec. 1798. A copy of this will is on the following pages.[16]


            John married Elizabeth Tillotson, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Murray) Tillotson of Chesterfield County, who deeded John Chetwood and his wife Elizabeth and granddaughter Ann for love and affection he bore them, land in Chesterfield County, Va., in 1753. They sold this in 1760. John Chitwood bought land from Richard Baily in Bedford County in 1782.[17] This land fell, in the division of counties, into Franklin County, Va. He was the ancestor of the Chitwood families of Franklin Co., Roanoke, Va., and Morgantown, W. Va. There were several Revolutionary soldiers in this family.[18]


            On Oct. 20, 1779, a Peter Gilliam purchased some land located on "Blackwater River, adjoining Chirtwood's land.[19] John, Joel and William Cheetwood are all mentioned as taxpayers of Bedford County, Va. in 1782.[20]


            A list made from the personal property tax book and the land tax book of 1786 for Franklin County, Va., includes the names: Chestwood, Joel; Cheetwood, John, Sr.; and Chitwood, William.[21]


            The tax list mentioned in the preceding paragraph is very important since Franklin County, Va. was omitted from the 1790 Census.



            John Chittwood's will asks that all the goods and chattels that remain after the death of his wife be equally divided between his three sons, but ne names only one of these sons -William Chittwood.


            Tradition informs us that William, Joel and John, Jr., were brothers. Only three Chitwood names appear in the early records of Franklin Co.: John, Sr., Joel, and William.[22] The Census of 1810 for Franklin Co., Va. shows that John Cheatwood was a householder in the 45-up age group. This could not refer to John, Sr., since John, Sr. died in 1798. Therefore this would have to be the third son of John, Sr., and would seem to confirm the name of the last of the three sons referred to in the will.







In the Name of God Amen, the first day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and Ninety-three I JOHN CHITTWOOD being weak in Body, but sound in mind and memory, thanks be to God, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die Do make and ordain This my last Will and Testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my Executors; nothing doubting but to receive the same at the General Resurrection again by the mighty power of God. And as to Touching the worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I give and demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.


First I give and bequeath to ELIZABETH my dearly beloved wife all that part of my land and plantation which I now occupy during her natural life together with all my goods and Chattel property (after paying my funeral expenses and all my just debts) except one Cow and Calf and a Bed and Furniture to it belonging which I give and bequeath to my granddaughter ELIZABETH CHITTWOOD.

To my Son, WILLIAM CHITTWOOD I give and bequeath the free enjoyment and emmoliment of the plantation whereon he now lives and after his mothers death a full right of the land I now possess to him his Heirs and Assigns forever. And all of goods and Chattels that may remain after the death of my dear Wife to be equally divided between my Three Sons.


And Constitute make and ordain my Son WILLIAM CHITTWOOD sole Executor to this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other former Testaments Wills Legacies and bequests and Executors by me any other way before named Willed or bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


Sealed and Delivered pronounced

Declared in the presence of

John Arthur                 JOHN (X his mark) CHITTWOOD

Susannah (X her mark) Blankenship              (sealed)

Jona Price


At a Court held for Franklin County in December 1798, This written Last Will and Testament of the Within instrument,

JOHN CHITTWOOD was Proven by the oaths of the Witnesses Thereto Subscribed (hands?) then same (?) was ordered to be Recorded by the Court.    


                                                                            James Callaway, Cl.[23]

7: Elizabeth Tillotson of Chesterfield

                                                                             County, Virginia


                            Elizabeth Tillotson, wife of John Chetwood (or Chittwood), the ancestor of the Franklin County, Va. Chitwoods, descended from a very old English family. Elizabeth (Tillotson) Chetwood was a great-great grandmother of Virginia Franklin Chitwood, to whom this book is dedicated. She and her family are therefore important and must be included in this book.


            Through correspondence with Mrs. James Yancy Jamieson of Falls Church, Virginia in 1964, whose husband is a great-great-great grandson of William Tillotson (brother of Elizabeth Tillotson Chetwood), this connection was made clear. She very graciously sent copies of her records making it possible for the Tillotson family ancestry to be included in this book. The information on the pages of this chapter was received by Mrs. J. Y. Jamieson from a Mr. E. Ward Tillotson of Pittsburgh, Pa., who is to be found in Who's Who of about 1914 to 1956. Mr. Tillotson has been interested in gathering Tillotson material since 1930 and has, in the words of Mrs. Jamieson, "worked at it as a full time relaxation since 1956." He is a descendant of a John Tillotson of Massachusetts, but is also interested in the Virginia Tillotsons.


                                                            The Tillotson Line


"Haugh-End is forever rendered famous on account of that excellent Prelate Archbishop Tillotson, who drew his first breath here, and whose pedigree is as follows:

"Nicholas de Tilston, Lord of Tilston, in Cheshire, had:

"John de Tilston, who had:

"Nicholas de Tilston, (9th year of Edward III) who had:

"John Tilston, of Tilston, who m. Johanna, third daughter of Thomas Danyers, of Bradley, in Cheshire, by whom:

"Robert Tilston, of Tilston, who had:

"Roger Tilston, of Tilston, Esq., in the time of Henry V., who m. Catherine, second daughter of Sir John Leigh, of Baguley in Cheshire, knt, by whom:

"Thomas Tilston of Tilston, esq, who married Elizabeth, dau and heiress of Hugh Heath of Huxley, in Cheshire, by whom:


I.          Hugh Tilston of Huxley, esq. (one authority calls him John).

II.        Richard Tilston. This Richard married Maude, dau of Richard Bostock, by whom (1) Thomas who had issue; (2) Richard, of Newport in Shropshire, knt, by whom was born Ralph Tilston of Goldeston, and Tristam Tilston; (other children were born)

III.       Thomas Tilston, of Wookliff, in the parish of Carlton, in Craven.

IV.       William Tilston.


"Thomas Tilston (of Wookliff) changes his name from Tilston to Tillotson, as I was informed by late Rev. Mr. Tillotson, of St. Paul's School, who heard his father say that the name was altered as above. The said Mr. Tillotson's father was told so by his grandfather, who was father to the Archbishop and who might remember his Grandfather Thomas who altered it. This Thomas had:


"George Tillotson, who married Eleanor, dau of Ellis Mutter of Pendle-Forest in Lancashire, by whom:


"Robert Tillotson, of Sowerby, who was buried at Sowerby    Feb. 22, 1682/3, aged 91, having married Mary, dau of Thomas Dobson of the Stones in Sowerby, by whom:


I.          Robert

II.        John, the Archbishop, m. Elizabeth, dau of Peter French, D.D., Canon of Christ Church, Oxford, by whom: Mary, who m. James Chadwick, Esq.

III.       Joshua, of London, who had: (1) John, who died in East Indies; (2) Elizabeth, who died in the East Indies; (3) Robert, who was M. A. Fellow in Clare-Hall, afterwards Rector of Elme cum Elmneath, and who died childless at Cambridge, Nov. 12, 1735, age 62.

IV.       Israel


"Israel Tillotson, youngest, married Mary, dau of Samuel Mawd, by whom:


I.          Joshua

II.        John, second son of Israel, had: (Mary, who m. Richard Windsor of London, by whom one son and two daus: (2) Elizabeth


"Joshua Tillotson, was of Sowerby and died in 1747, having married Martha, dau of James Stansfield, of Sowerby, by whom:


I.          John (who came to Virginia)

II.        Joshua, M.A. Surmaster of St. Paul's school, who d. Aug. 1763.

III.       Mary

IV.       Elizabeth

V.        Hannah

VI.       Martha


"John Tillotson - First Generation in America.

            Son of Joshua and Martha (Stansfield) Tillotson, b. 1704, in Sowerby, Yorkshire, England; d. ca. 1766, in Chesterfield Co., Va. He was married to Elizabeth Murray. His will of 1766 names children, John, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary.[24]

I.          William, b. 1732; m. Anne Cabaniss; children: Edward, b. 1789, Mecklinburg Co., Va., m. Feb.             , 1808 Mecklinburg Co., to Millicent Gold. Their children: Nancy, b. 1808, m. James Yancey of Mecklinburg Co., Va.; Sallie, b. 1810, m. John Bane of Halifax Co., Va.; Joyce, b. 1812, m. James Wilkinson of Va., Ky. Senator; Rebecca, b. 1813, m. John Baynham; Emily, b. 1817; Eleanor b. 1818, m. Henry Archer Rives.


            Emily m. William Jones Ragsdale and had the following children: Elizabeth, m. P. Rogers; Lucy, m. Robert J. Cooper; Mary, m. Stephen T. Rives, had one ch., a dau Hallie Ermine who m. George Post Wheeler. She was a lady novelist (see Who's Who); Emily, m. John Foster; Rebecca, m. Thomas R. Hancock; William E., m. Archillis Collins; James S., m. Mack Hester.[25]


            'Some of the scenes of Mrs. Wheeler's novel, Hearts Courageous, are laid at Gladden Hall, Mecklenburg Co., Va., the old Tillotson seat which is now owned by descendants of Mrs. William Jameson, daughter of Nancy Tillotson Yancey. The heroine of the story, Anne Tillotson, is drawn from her great-great-great aunt of the same name, who is buried in the family graveyard on the same estate. Another scene (Tarleton's Raid) in the same novel is laid at Castle Hill, the seat of William Cabell Rives.[26]

Anne, died ae 18y (probably the heroine of Hearts Courageous)

John, born Dec 6, 1799, Chesterfield Co., Va., died March 10, 1875 in Missouri; m. July 23, 1821 in Chesterfield Co., Va. to Martha "Patsy" Hart b. Oct. 20, 1800, d. Oct. 11, 1883, in Missouri.


II.          John, married Jan. 16, 1801, in Mecklinburg Co., Va., to Delphia Yancey. Their children: Delphia, m. Jack Jones; Sallie, m. Lewis Yancey; Lucy, m. Elam Wall; Nancy, m. Jack Tillotson, a cousin; Bartlett (his descendants in South Carolina and Ala.)


III.       Thomas.


IV.       James.


V.        Elizabeth. (Married John Chetwood, Sr.)


VI.       Mary.[27]




8:         Children of John and Elizabeth Chetwood


                            The names of only four of these children have been located. There could have been more. These children are not necessarily named in order of their birth.



ANN   Birthdate unknown but it is certain that she was born sometime prior to 1753, the date of John Tillotson's deed "to John Chetwood and his wife Elizabeth and granddaughter Ann".

            Nothing further is known of Ann.




            Birth and death dates unknown, but tradition tells us he never married.


            He was a tax payer of Bedford Co., Va., in 1782, where his name is spelled Cheetwood.[28] Also, the personal property and land tax book for Franklin Co., Va., in 1786 records his name as "Joel Chestwood".[29]


            He was evidently alive at the time of the writing of his father's will in 1793. He is not shown as a householder in the Census of 1810. Nothing further is known.




            Birth date unknown; died Feb. 28, 1822 in Franklin County, Va.; m. in Bedford County, Va., 1777 to Susannah Nowlin.

            (See further)




            Born 1754; died 1831; married Rhoda ----

            (See further)




WILLIAM CHITWOOD (Chittwood, Cheatwood)

            Born - (date unknown), in Virginia. He died Feb, 28, 1822, in Franklin Co., Va. (see following affidavit signed by Susanah Cheatwood) His burial place is not known.


            He married May 1, 1777 at Bedford Co., Va. (prob. at New London, located about 50 miles from his home). His wife was Susanna Nowlin, born ca 1754, died 1842, in Franklin Co., Va. The records which follow state that he brought his bride home to "old John Chitwood's the father of William Chitwoods" and announced that they were married.


            William Chitwood was named sole Executor to his father's will written in 1793. He appears as William Cheetwood, tax payer of Bedford Co., Va. in 1782 (see p. 23); as William Chitwood, tax books of Franklin Co., Va. in 1786 (see p. 23); as William Chittwood in his father's will of 1793; and as William Cheatwood and Chitwood in the National Archives Records which follow. He appears in both the 1810 and 1820 Census records for Franklin Co., Va., as householder.


            William Chitwood-Cheatwood was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was at Yorktown at the time of the surrender of Cornwallis. There are many documents concerning William Chitwood on file in the National Archives Bldg., Washington, D.C. Copies of these follow:




State of Virginia  Franklin County  S.S.,

            On the 30th day of September 1839 personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace for said County SUSANAH CHEATWOOD a resident of said County aged about eighty five years who being first sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the several acts of Congress infavour of the widows of deceased Soldiers of the Revolution - That she is the Widow of WILLIAM CHITWOOD who was a private in the Militia of Virginia during the Revolutionary War, and served a Tour of three months at Cabin Point the names of the officers under whom he served and the dates of his enlistment and discharge are not now known to her. He also served a three months term at Portsmouth in this State under Capt John Trigg in Colonel Merewethers Regiment the year before the seige of York and he also served a tour of three months under the same Captain at Yorktown where he was attached to Colo. Tucker's Regiment, and was at the Memorable surrender of Cornwallace at that place. His discharges have all been lost or destroyed. She also declares that she was married to the said WILLIAM CHITWOOD about the 1st of May 1777 as well as she now remembers. That the said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD died on the 28th day of February 1822 and that she has not since married - That she was married to the said WILLIAM CHITWOOD before he entered into the service aforesaid. That there is no record evidence of her marriage within her knowledge -


            She further states that she had by her said husband the following children, DICEY, JOEL, SQUIRE, FRANCES, MATHIAS, and SARAH who all living except Squire

                                                            SUSANAH (her X mark) CHEATWOOD


            Sworn to and subscribed on the day & year within mentioned before me a Justice of the peace for the said County, and I also certify that the said SUSANAH CHEATWOOD is very old and infirm and in my opinion is unable to attend Court. Given under my hand and Seal this 30th September 1839 -

                                                            Saml Helm J.P. (Seal)







Virginia  Franklin County  SS

            On the 30th day of September 1839 - Personally appeared before the undersigned a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid, Elizabeth Campbell. Who being first duly sworn according to law deposeth and sayeth that she was at old JOHN CHITWOOD's the father of WILLIAM CHITWOODS at the time Sd WILLIAM was married and came home (the marrying in them days was in the neighborhood of New London called the Glebe from where they lived say 50 miles) to his Fathers with his wife SUSANNA and it was pronounced they ware marryed and it never has been mention to my knowledge but what they ware marryed & they always live together as man and wife untill his death and the Sd SUSANNA CHITWOOD has never married since the death of Sd WILLIAM CHITWOOD always living a close neighbor ever since they ware married.

                                                            Elizabeth (her X mark) Campbell

Sworn & Subscribed before me the 30th September 1839 and I also certify that the deponant Elizabeth Campbell is a woman of fair character and her statements upon oath is entitelled to full credit the date above stated given under my hand & Seal

                                                            Saml Helm J.P. (Seal)





State of Virginia  County of Franklin

            On this 3 day of December 1853 personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for said County, John Blankenship aged 85 years and William Stewart aged 92 years, who, being first duly sworn according to law, declare that SUSANNA CHEATWOOD was the widow of WILLIAM CHEATWOOD who was a revolutionary Soldier and resided for many years in the aforesaid County & State - that they became well acquainted with Sd WILLIAM CHEATWOOD & SUSANNA his wife during the revolutionary war and continued well acquainted with them until their deaths - that they were living together as husband and wife when they respectively became acquainted with them and were always realized as such - that they always understood from the said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD that he served several tours of duty in said war and that they well recollect when said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD went to Yorktown at the time of the Surrender of Cornwallis.


            That said Revolutionary soldier died in the County of Franklin and State of Virginia on ___ day of ____ in the year 1822; and that the said SUSANNA was married to him, the said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD in the County of ____ State of ____ on the ___ day of ____ in the year ____ and that previous thereto her name was SUSANNA NOWLIN as they believe and that they have derived the above information in regard to said service, marriage and death of said Revolutionary soldier, in the manner, above stated as to the service and marriage - and as to their death from living within a few miles of Said WM & SUSANNA CHEATWOOD at the dates of their respective deaths - they also declare that Said SUSANNA also died in Said County on the ___ day of ____, 1842 leaving the following children surviving her Viz: DISIA, JOEL, SQUIRE, FRANKEY, MATHEW and SALLEY wife of Eli Perdue. And that the following named are still alive Viz - JOEL, FRANKEY, MATHEW and SALLEY The wife of Eli Purdue.


            They further declare that she remained a widow till her death and that they are disinterested in making these affidavits.


                                                                            John (his X mark) Blankenship

                                                                            William (his X mark) Stuart


            Sworn and subscribed the day and year above written; and it is hereby certified that the affiants are credible persons and are old and infirm and not able to attend in Court.

                                                                            James C. Harper, J.P



*William Stuart is now a pensioner - see Certificate No. 5,726.












State of Virginia  County of Franklin To Wit.

            On this 5" day of December, 1853, personally appeared before the County Court of said County now sitting Charles L. Haley, a resident of Pittsylvania County and State aforesaid, aged 50 years, who, being first duly sworn according to law, doth, on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provision made by the Act of Congress, passed on the fourth day of July, 1836, granting pensions to widows of persons who served during the Revolutionary War: That he is the Administrator of SUSANNA CHEATWOOD Deceased who was the widow of WILLIAM CHEATWOOD decs'd a late Revolutionary Soldier That he has been informed that said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD entered the Service of the United States in the year 1779 and served three months as a private of Virginia Militia at Cabin Point in said State - that he afterwards in the year 1780 served three months more at Portsmouth in Said State as a private in Captain Triggs Company in a Regiment of Virginia Militia Commanded by Col. Merriwether - and in the year 1781 that he served three months more in the company of Captain Trigg in a Regiment of Va. Militia commanded by Col. Tucker during which term of Service he has understood the Said WM CHEATWOOD was at the Seige of Yorktown - that the Said SUSAN CHEATWOOD did in September 1839 apply for a pension under the act of 4" July 1836 as the widow of Said WM. CHEATWOOD, that she proved the last two terms of Service of her Said husband by one Martin Woody a Revolutionary Soldier & pensioner who served in the same Company with Said CHEATWOOD in the years 1780 & 1781 -that he learns that Said service is admitted by the Pension Department: and that proof of her marriage being considered defective he now renews the application for pension due and adduces the best proof in his power.


            He further declares that Said SUSANN was married to the said WILLIAM CHEATWOOD about the first day of May, in the year one Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Seven in the County of Bedford and State of Virginia as he is informed by one duly authorized by law to administer the rites of matrimony, and that her name previous to marriage was SUSANNA NOWLIN: and that he has no other proof of said marriage than that herewith presented: that her said husband died in the County of Franklin State of Virginia in the early part of the year, 1822; that she was married to him prior to his leaving the Service above described and at the above time stated. He further declares that she remainded a widow until the day of her death and that she also died in the County of Franklin and State of Virginia on the ___ day of ____ in the year 1842 - and left the following named children surviving her Vis DISIA, JOEL, SQUIRE, FRANKEY, MATTHEW and SALLY, wife of Eli Perdue and that the following are still alive Vis - JOEL, FRANKEY, MATTHEW and SALLY wife of Eli Perdue and he further declares that her name is not on the Pension list of the Army (?) of any State whatever.


                                                                            Charles L. Haley






Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written before the Said County Court now Sitting and it is hereby certified that the applicant is a credible person, &c.


                                                                            R M Taliaferro  J.P.

                                                                            and Chairman of the Court.   





In the name of God, Amen, I WILLIAM CHEATWOOD of the County of Franklin and State of Virginia, being low in helth though of sound memory make this my last Will and Testament, first, I commit my soul to God who gave it, I my body to the dust from whence it comes hoping it to be buried in a decent and Christianally manner & after my death as for my worldly goods, after paying my burial expence and all my just debts, I give and bequeath to my wife SUSANNAH CHEATWOOD, all my land and possions as long as she liveth, also one bed stead and furniture - one choice Cow and Calf, two choice hogs to fatten, all the rest of the loose property to be sold at the hiest bidder and the money to be divided among my children, my son SQUIRE and MATHIAS, SALLY PERDUE, FRANKY, as for my son JOEL CHEATWOOD he is in my debt one hundred dollars for which he is to keep for all his claim against my estate; I leave and desire my son MATHIAS CHEATWOOD and Ely Perdue to act and be my executors of my Estate. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this ---teenth day of February One Thousand eight hundred and twenty two. I also Will to my dauter DYSEY McMOLLEN the sum of five Dollars and no more.

                                                                            WILLIAM CHEWOOD (Seal)


Stephen Sink

Henry Board

Clabon (his mark) Bond


At a Court held for Franklin County at the Courthouse the 6" day of May 1822.

This last Will and Testament of WILLIAM CHITWOOD deceased was produced in Court by the Executors herein named, and proved by the oaths of Stephen Sink, Henry Board and Claborne Bond the witnesses hereto and ordered to be recorded; And on the motion of MATTHIAS CHITWOOD and Eli Perdue the Executors herein named, who took the Oaths prescribed by Law, and together with Asa Wood and SQUIRE CHITWOOD their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of - conditions according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining probat in due form.



                                                                            Caleb Tate. C.F.C.





State of Virginia

County of Franklin  To Wit:


            I Robert A. Scott Clerk of the County Court in and for the County and State aforesaid do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true transcript from the records of the said Court


                                            In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and annex the Seal of the said Court this 26" day of October A.D. 1850 in the 78"year of the Commonwealth.


                                                                            Ro. A. Scott  C.F.C.[30]                         



The preceding documents prove that William and Susannah (Nowlin) Chitwood had six children. Information on the families of these children follows.



Disia (Dicey, Dysey) Chitwood

Birth and death unknown. She was living in 1839 at the time of her mother's application for a Revolutionary War Widow's Pension, but not in December 1853 at the time of the sworn declaration of Charles Haley.


    Her marriage is recorded in two ways:[31]


    "James W. C. McMullin and Decey Chitwood, Dec. 12, 1797.     Sur. William Chitwood, Horatio Burns min."


    "James W. C. Miller and Dicey Chitwood, Dec. 18, 1797.     Sur. William Chitwood, Horatio Burns, min."


Disia's name is recorded in her father's will as: Dysey McMollen. Nothing further is known.




Squire Chitwood

Squire's birth occurred between 1765 and 1784. An affidavit signed by his mother on Sept. 30, 1839 states that he was no longer living at that time.[32] His death must have occurred sometime between 1820 and 1839, and can probably be narrowed down even more to between 1820 and 1830 since he was not listed in the 1830 census.


            Squire married Mary Wray, dau of Benj., on Jan. 5, 1801, with Benj. Wray sur.[33]He appears as householder of Franklin County, Va. in both 1810 and 1820 Census Records, but not in 1830. Eight children were in his household between the years of 1801 and 1810, as indicated by the 1810 and 1820 Census records. The names of these children have not been located.


            Nothing further has been learned.

Franky (Frances) Chitwood

Nothing definite is known about Frances. There is a record of a householder of Franklin County, Va. in the 1840 Census by the name of Franky, age 50-60 (birth date 1780-90) who probably is Franky, dau of William and Susannah. In 1850, the Census records a householder Frances Chitwood, age 60 (born 1790, in Va.). Her household in 1850 included: Omey, 20; Sarah, 11; Shelton W.,7; Nancy M., 4; Lucinda, 4; Spence,1.


            Nothing further is known.





Mathias (Matthew, Mathew) Chitwood

Mathias appears as householder in the 1820-1830-1840 Census records for Franklin County, Va. From the 1830 Census we learn that his birth date was between 1790 and 1800. His death occurred some time after 1843.[1] He does not appear in the Franklin Co., Va. Census records for 1850.


            Matthias Chitwood married Judith Woody August 9, 1817. Sur. Squire Chitwood, minister Wilson Turner.[2]


            From Census records we find that there were eleven children in this family, probably born between the years 1818 and 1840.


            Nothing further is known.





Sarah (Sally) Chitwood

Sally was identified in her father's will as the wife of Eli (or Ely) Perdue. The census record of 1820 for Franklin Co., Va. tells us that Eli Perdue was a householder that year, in the 26-45 age group (birth 1775-94). (The records of Mrs. L. L. Steffey of Bristol, Tenn., give his birth date to be 1789) In the household of Eli Perdue is a female 16-26 yrs (birth 1794-1804), and this must be his wife Sally. The record further shows three children under the age of 10. Sally and Eli Perdue do not appear in the 1830 or 1840 census records. Mrs. L. L. Steffey (aforementioned) tells that this family moved to Sumner Co., Tenn., near Nashville.





            "Perdue, Eli and Sally Chitwood, Apr. 3, 1815, Sur. Wm. Chitwood."[3]


            Because of similarity of names, it should be pointed out that Eli Perdue (who m. Sally Chitwood of the preceding paragraph) had a brother named Zacchariah. Zacchariah Perdue had a son named Eli Perdue, who m. Mary A. W. Mitchell, dau of Wm. on Feb. 15, 1848, sur. Agnacious Mitchell.[4]






Joel Chitwood

Born - ca 1777-78, in Va.[5] Records of Joseph H. Chitwood, Roanoke, Va., place the year of his death in 1856.


            Joel Chitwood m. Sally Short, dau of Winaford, Jan. 6, 1800, sur. Thos. B. Short, Horatio Burns minister.[7]


            Joel could have married a second time, for it is on record that Joel Chitwood m. Elizabeth Rigney on Oct. 20, 1815.[8] The Census of 1850 for Franklin Co., Va. gives the name of Joel Chitwood, a householder, 73 years (born 1777), a cooper, and with him are: Elizabeth, age 56; Caroline 28 ( 1822); and Amanda, age 4 (b. ca 1846).





            Census records show that during the years of 1810-1830, there were eight children in the family of Joel. The names of all of these eight children have not been found. A letter dated April 10, 1928, written by Joseph H. Chitwood of Roanoke, Va., addressed to The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, F. A. Virkus & Co., Publishers, Chicago, Ill., tells:



            "My Great-grandfather, Joel Chitwood, had five sons all of whom were living within my recollection. Four of them spelled their names Chitwood, including my grandfather                Randolph Chitwood, and one spelled his name Cheatwood."[9]



            Having found no Bible or other written record of proof, I am relying solely on tradition for the names of four of the possible eight children of Joel:


Randolph Chitwood, b. 1800, d. 1895, of Franklin Co., Va. The 1850 Census shows that he was born ca 1802, as he was then 48 years old.



            He m. Dec. 2, 1831, to Celia Dillon. Sur. was Wm. Harrison, minister Moses Greer.[10] Celia (Dillon) Chitwood was the dau of Wm. and Frances (Blankenship) Dillon, and she d. 1882. Randolph and Celia had 4 sons in the C.S.A.[11]



            A letter dated 1964 from Mamie D. (Mrs. Leonard) Hodges of Rocky Mount, Va. (who d. Jan. 1965), a granddaughter of Sally, tells that her great-grandfather was Randolph Chitwood, and that he had the following sons: Henry, Squire, Jack and Joe; and two daughters: Sarah (nick-named Sally) and Fanny. The 1850 Census for Franklin Co., Va. confirms this and gives us the name of one more, Randolph.






Children of Randolph and Celia (Dillon) Chitwood:


1.         Squire, b. ca 1839.[12]


2.         John, b. ca 1841.[13] Known as "Jack", m. Charlotte Bird; lived at Redwood, Va.; no ch.[14]


3.         Joel Chitwood, b. ca 1843.[15] Killed at Gettysburg.


4.         Henry Clay Chitwood, b. 1844, d. 1915.[16]

                                Served in Confederate Army, with Co. A, 37th Bn., Va. Cav. CSA; With Gen. Jubal A. Early when his army appeared before Washington, July 1864, and came in sight of the national Capitol. (See First Families of America, Vol. III, for portrait.

                                                Married 1866 to Gillie Anne Divers, b. 1843, d. 1910, (a dau of Oliver Perry and Urcula Dudley Divers; gr-daughter of Ananias and Mary (Holland) Divers; gr-granddaughter of John and Betsy Gilbert Divers). (The Divers fam. also appear further, in section abt. Calvin Lewis Chitwood, b. 1852, a son of Thomas Jefferson Chitwood. Ella, sister of the wife of Calvin Lewis Chitwood, mar Oliver Divers. Ella's parents were Josiah and Julina Hughes Fisher.)



Children of Henry Clay and Gillie Ann Chitwood:


A. Squire Merriam Chitwood, b. 1868; m. 1906, Blanche English; m. 2nd 1934, Wilhelmina Jones.



B. William Thomas Chitwood, M.D., b. 1869; m. 1898, to Mary White; issue:


             a.            Doris White Chitwood, m. 1920, Ira Dalton Chapman, d. 1921; m. 2nd 1937, Joseph E. Tignor; issue: Doris Dalton Chapman, b. 1921.


C. Cora Elizabeth Chitwood, b. 1871; m. 1899, L. H. Bennett; issue:


            a.             Annie Bennett, d. infancy.


            b.             Helen Bennett, d. infancy.


            c.             Elizabeth Lee Bennett, b. 1911, m. 1934, William A. Alexander.


D. Randolph Herbert Chitwood, b. 1872, m. 1909, Thalia Newbill.


E. Oliver Perry Chitwood, b. Franklin Co., Va., Nov 28,1874; m. Dec 17, 1910, Agnes Cady (b. Smithsburg, Md., June 24, 1889; dau of Daniel Stanton Cady, of Washington Co., Md., m. Jennie Holme)


            a.             Henry Cady Chitwood, b. Washington Co., Md., Sep. 18, 1911; m. May 14, 1938, Helen Elizabeth, dau of Joseph Beury, of Charleston, W. Va.


            b.             Elizabeth Anne Chitwood, b. Washington Co., Md., June 30, 1914. A.B., William and Mary College, 1899 (P.B.K.); Ph.D., Johns Hopkins, 1905; LL.D., William and Mary, 1926; Prof of History, W. Va., 1907----;Author;[17] Member Am. Hist. Assn., Southern Hist. Assn., Am. U. Profs., etc. Democrat, Baptist. Home: Morgantown, W. Va., living there in 1964.


F. Joseph Howard Chitwood, b. Rocky Mount, Va., Mar. 14, 1877; m. Sep. 11, 1913, Ruth Elizabeth Peddicord, b. Roanoke, Va., Nov 21, 1891; dau John M. Peddicord; issue:

      a.   Randolph Chitwood, b. Roanoka, Va., June 14, 1915.A.B., William & Mary College, 1903; LL.B, U.Va., 1905. Mem. law firm of Woods, Chitwood, Coxe & Rogers, Roanoke, Va. Member Va. House of Delegates, 1907-09; asst. U. S. Atty for Western Dist. of Va., 1914-20, and U. S. Atty., 1920-21. Mem. Comm. to revise the constitution of Va., 1927; bd visitors William & Mary Coll., 1906-14.[18] Residence: 370 Highland Ave., S.W., Roanoke, Va.


G. Ursula Jarvie Chitwood, b. 1880; m. 1901, M. Burks Angle; issue: Ruth, d. infancy.


5.         Frances (Mary Fanny) Chitwood, b. ca 1846. d. Aug., 1929; m. Aug. 28, 1877, to P. L. Foster, (known as "Buck" Foster), d. Dec., 1931; bro of Roberta Frances Foster, children of Richard (d. Civil War) and his wife Nancy (Board) Foster.


Children of P. L. and Frances Foster:


A. Joe (Joseph, or Joel) Foster, oldest died.


B. Cephronia Foster, d. prior to 1965; m. ---- Preston.


C. John Randolph Foster, d. prior to 1965.


D. Beverly Hampton Foster, alive in 1965; m. 1915, to Minnie Bell Chitwood (b. 1895).


E. Hattie Maybelle Foster, alive in 1965, living at Bluefield, W. Va.; m. 1st. J. T. Law, who died; m. 2nd. ---- Landrum, d. prior to 1965.


6.         Sarah (Sally) Chitwood, b. ca 1847.[19] Known as Sally Jordan; m. Jordan Perdue and had issue.[20]


7.         Randolph Chitwood, b. ca 1849.[21]





Edmund Chitwood, dates not known. A letter dated Dec. 10, 1964, from Dr. Oliver Perry Chitwood to Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh, names Edmund as one of the sons of Joel Chitwood. He states also that Edmund lived in Carrol County, and had two children: Randolph, and Amanda who m. Chapman Watson.


            It isn't certain, but this could be the same Edmond who m. Mary Seay, Oct. 18, 1832. Sur. Abram B. Seay, minister Moses Greer.[22]



Squire Chitwood, a name also given by Dr. O. P. Chitwood in aforementioned letter, who never married.



Matthias (or Mat) Chitwood, name given by Dr. O. P. Chitwood in aforementioned letter. This Matthias Chitwood lived in Roanoke County, Va., according to Dr. O. P. Chitwood.


            Nothing further is known.



9:         John Chitwood, Jr., of Franklin Co., Va.


                            John Chitwood, Jr., son of John and Elizabeth (Tillotson) Chetwood, was born in Virginia in 1754, county unknown.[23] John, Jr., was six years old when his father sold their Chesterfield County property.


            John Chitwood died on October 30, 1831 at 77 years, when his son, William, was 46 years old.[24] The belief is that he was buried a few miles from Rocky Mount, in Franklin Co., in an old Chitwood Cemetery, located within a half-mile of "Graveyard Hollow Cemetery". (as told to Mae Chitwood Cheatham of Rocky Mount, by her father, Walter Thomas Chitwood) The grave is unmarked. A very old cemetery, believed to be where John Chitwood, Jr., was buried, was visited by Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh of Rochester, Ind., and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holland of Roanoke, Va., in October, 1963. The area was very difficult to enter. A high embankment had to be climbed, and bushes waded through. The graves within the fenced area were mostly marked with field stones with no inscriptions. Only five graves had markers for identification: Annie E. Chitwood, James E. Chitwood, Sarah E. Kennett, Infant of Lee and Vicie Chitwood, and one that was barely readable which appeared to be J H T J Dec. 23, 1888 (or 1883?)


            John Chitwood, Jr.'s wife's name was Rhoda. I have been unable to locate her family name. However, research will continue. By adding 20 years to the birth date of John, Jr., and, by keeping in mind the birth date of a son, William, we are able to arrive at an approximate year for the marriage of John, Jr., and Rhoda - some time between 1775 and 1785. He probably went to New London to be married, as did his brother, William. New london was located in Bedford Co. until 1782, and was the largest town in all that part of the state. It was the seat of one of the District Courts, and also a social center for that section as well. Since the county was so large it wook many of the people too long to travel to the county seat. After numerous petitions Bedford County gave up its territory to form the new county of Campbell. New London was located in this new area. And, in 1786, Bedford county gave once again for the formation of Franklin, to which Henry County also contributed.[25]


            "John Chitwood Soldier, Inf."[26] "Chetwood, John (Chitwood) 7 CL."[27] "Chitwood, John 7 CL NBII."[28]                         


            Records on file in the National Archives Building in Washington, D. C., show that a John Chetwood (also Chitwood) served in the Revolutionary War as a "soldier of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment." Copies of these records follow:


John Chitwood Sol. Inf. appears in a Book * under the following heading:


A List of Soldiers of the Virginia Line on Continental Establishment who have received Certificates for the balance of there full pay Agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed November Session 1781.

By whom Received  himself  Day when ----, 17 ----

Sum £16-5


* This book bears the following certificate:


            This Register contains a true abstract of all the Certificates issued at the Auditor's Office to Officers & Soldiers of the Virginia line on Continental establishment.

                                                                            J. Pendleton, Auditor

Audrs Office, 1 Augt 1792

Teste: J. Carter.                                 R W Pearon

Vol. 176, page 116 (547)                        Copyist.













John Chetwood P., Flemings Company Appears on an Account stated as follows:

General the first draft by Lieut Hopson at Baltimore and in whoes hands' (Revolutionary War.)


Account dated --- Not dated, 17   . Dollars pr mo, 6-2/3

In whoes Hands:  Paymr, £.-.-

Capt Jewitts deceased, ---- Cap Lipscombs, ----, Capt Youngs, ----





Jno Chetwood  Pt.  Flemings Company  Appears on an account of Lieut Hopson's 2d draft And by whome stoped from the Soldiers. (Revolutionary War)

Account dated ---- Not dated, 17  . Dolls per Mo., 2-2/3

In whoes hands: P.Mr, £

Capt Jewitt, ---- Capt. Lipscombs, ---- Capt Youngs, ---




            John Chitwood is on the Company Muster Roll as Pvt. in Capt. Charles Fleming's Co., 7th Virginia Reg't of Foot, commanded by Alexander McClenachan Esq., Revolutionary War, in the Rifle Regiment. He shows as having enlisted on Feb. 2, 17--. (Muster Roll for month of June 1777. Roll dated July 10, 1777)


            His name is there for the months of June and July, 1777. The Muster Roll for the months of August, Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec., 1777, show him present with the additional information that he had enlisted to serve until April 10, 1778. He was present on the Muster Roll for Jan., 1778; and for the month of Feb., 1778 was:

            "Remarks: Dischd 16" Feb 1778."


            Company Pay Roll included John Chitwood's name for the months of June through Nov., 1777. Pay Roll for the month of Apl 7, 1778:

            "Pay 6-2/3 Dolls Mileage 3-1/3 Dolls Remarks: Discharged."


            Company Pay Roll for the month of Dec., 1778:

            "When time expires 16 Feb./78 Time of service 2 mo 16 days Pay per month 6-2/3 Dolls. Amount 5.1.4"




            During the years 1786-1788, there were many references to John Chitwood in Franklin County Records in which his name is spelled Cheetwood and Chitwood.[29] Although these references could refer to John Chitwood, Sr., as well as John, Jr., I am placing them here at this time. It might be noted that these entries occurred approximately ten years after John Chitwood received his discharge from Revolutionary War service. These concern a variety of things, viz: serving on jury duty, recording of deeds, entering into bond for others, etc., 47 items in all. The following one, concerning John Chitwood, is on page 78 (entitled page 146, July Court 1787) and is a little different:



            Information being given to court by the D. States attorney that John Chitwood had opposed the sheriff of this county in the collection of the publick taxes, and for declaring himself determined not to pay his own taxes, and also for resisting the sherriff & continuing to stand in opposition and also for saying he ought to go to goal, but that the court nor all their friends could not carry him there, it is therefore ordered by the court that he be find ten pounds & to be imprisoned till he pays the same & then to give two securities for his good behavoir the s'd Chitwood in the sum of £20 & his securities in the sum of £10 each. Whereupon the said Chitwood w'th Thomas Arthur & Isaac Rentfro his securities came into court and severally ack'd themselves indebted to the Com. Wealth of Virginia in the sum of £10, that is to say, the s'd Chitwood in the sum of £20 & the s'd Arthur & Rentfro in the sum of ten pounds each to be levied on their respective goods and chattels land & Tenements upon condition the s'd Chitwood does not behave himself in an orderly manner to all the officers of this county for a twelve months & a day.



            The following record concerns John Chitwood, and furnishes proof of the name of his wife.



            This indenture made 7th day of January, 1805, between JOHN CHITWOOD and RHODA, his wife, and DAVID CUSTARD (Custer) and JANE, his wife of Franklin County of the one part, and DUDLEY LUMSDEN of the same county of the other part, witnesseth that they, the said JOHN CHITWOOD and DAVID CUSTARD for and in consideration of the just and full sum of one hundred pounds to them paid in hand, the receipt whereof doth acknowledge, hath given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth give, grant, bargain and sell unto him the said DUDLEY LUMSDEN one certain tract or parcel of land, containing one hundred and ten acres be the same, more or less and bounded as followeth: to wit, Beginning on a Red O. thence North NE 160 poles to a Sp. O, thence with a strate line to the N.E. fork of Canoe Branch thence down the same as it meanders to Blackwater, thence up the river as it meanders to a Birch on Campbell line, with his line to a Hickory on Maple Branch, thence up the same of the Beginning together with all and singular and appurtenances there unto belonging to have and to hold the said bargained sums - promises unto him, the said DUDLEY LUMSDEN his heirs and assigns forever, and against them the said JOHN CHITWOOD and RHODA, his wife and DAVID CUSTARD and JANE, his wife, their heirs and assigns or any other person having any just claim to the said bargained land and premises, and they the said JOHN CHITWOOD and RHODA, his wife, and DAVID CUSTARD, their heirs and assigns doth warrant and forever defend. In witness whereof they have hereunto set their hands and seal, the day and year first above written.


                                                                            JOHN CHITWOOD (seal)


                                                                            DAVID CUSTARD (seal)


            At a Court held for Franklin County at the Courthouse the Seventh day of January 1805, this indenture of bargain and sale between JOHN CHITWOOD and DAVID CUSTER of the one part, and DUDLEY LUMSDEN of the other part was acknowledged by the said JOHN CHITWOOD and DAVID CUSTER and ordered to be recorded.[30]





10:       Rhoda ----, wife of John Chitwood, Jr.


            The preceding indenture of bargain and sale proves that the first name of the wife of John Chitwood, Jr. was Rhoda. Other than that, nothing is known of her. Research continues.


11:       Children of John and Rhoda Chitwood


                            The Census record of 1810 for Franklin Co., Va. indicates that there could have been seven children in the household of John and Rhoda. Five of these have been found. There is also a possibility (not proven) that Sally Chitwood, born 1783, married to Dudley Lumsden in 1802, was also a daughter of John and Rhoda. Since she married in 1802 she would not necessarily appear in the household of John and Rhoda in the 1810 Census. If she was a daughter, then there would have been eight children instead of seven in this family. However, the parentage of Sally Chitwood is still not proven, so we will assume that John and Rhoda had only seven children:


1.         WILLIAM CHITWOOD, born 1785. (see further)


2.         ----(a son), born 1795-1800[31]


3.         JOEL ?, (a son), born 1794-1800[32] (see further)


4.         RICHARD CHITWOOD, born 1800 (see further)


5.         LUCY CHITWOOD, born 1805 (see further)


6.         LUEIDA ? (a dau), born 1800-1810."Bowsman, John and Lueida Chitwood, dau. John, Nov. 8, 1831. Sur. Geo. Bowsman, minister Moses Greer."[33]

                            The 1840 Census of Franklin Co., Va., reveals that        John Bousman was a householder with wife, and four children: 2 under 5 yrs, and 2 5-10yrs. Nothing further is known.


7.         ---- (dau), born 1800-1810






            Joel's birth date is not certain. Walter Thomas Chitwood, (grandson of Richard, a brother of Joel) said that Joel was a bachelor son of John Chitwood, Jr. The will copied below is believed to have been written for this Joel Chitwood. Nothing is known of the heirs mentioned in the will.






            I, JOEL CHITWOOD being of sound mind and disposing memory and feeling that life is uncertain do make the following disposition of my property. In the first place I desire that in the event my mother, RHODA CHITWOOD should survive me, my executor hereafter named shall maintain her furnishing all that may be necessary for her comfort and support during her life and at her death shall defray the expense of her burial out of my estate. Secondly, I desire that my just debts shall be paid and in the event that I do not leave money enough due me to pay them, then and in that event my executor shall sell so much of my perishable property as will be necessary so to do. Thirdly, I desire that all my personal property of every name, kind, and description, after the payments of my just debts, together with my dwellig house and the garden and so much of my land as my executor may think it to be interest of ABIGAIL HAMBRICK and her three sons, THOMAS, WILLIAM and CHARLES EDMOND to have in the possession shall be and remain in the possession of the said ABIGAIL HAMBRICK until her son THOMAS arrives at the age of twenty-one years and that she shall have the use of all my furniture of every description and the increase of my stock to enable her to take care of and maintain her three children named above. Fourthly, I desire that my executor shall rent out the rest of my land after making the allowance that he may think proper to the said ABIGAIL HAMBRICK and appropriate the [illegible] thereof to the execution and maintenance of my[34] three sons named above, THOMAS, WILLIAM and CHARLES EDMOND HAMBRICK, children of the above named ABIGAIL HAMBRICK until the said THOMAS HAMBRICK shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years then and at that time I desire that all my lands shall be equally divided between the said THOMAS HAMBRICK and allotted to WILLIAM and CHARLES EDMOND to remain in the possession and under the control of my executor until they shall respectively arrive at the age of 21 years. Fifthly, I appoint my friend OTEY HAMBRICK executor of this last Will and Testament.


            Signed and acknowledged in the presence of

                                                                                            JOEL CHITWOOD

A. C. Claiborne

Samuel Hambrick

John H. Chitwood[35]


            Otey Hambrick, executor of Joel's will, is thought by Mrs. Willis (Mae Belle Chitwood) Cheatham of Rocky Mount, Va., to be the same Otey who married Feb. 6, 1832, Frances Chitwood, Sur. Joel Chitwood, minister Moses Greer;[36] and that the grave marker confirms this. Mrs. Cheatham further states that Otey Hambrick was a good friend of her grandfather, John Henry Chitwood, although years older than John Henry (John Henry Chitwood, son of Richard who was brother of Joel).


            Further, from Mrs. Cheatham, Samuel Hambrick was a son of the aforementioned Otey Hambrick, executor of Joel's will. Samuel Hambrick was killed in the Civil War, and is buried, she said, 1-1/2 miles from her home


            Mrs. Willis Cheatham believes that Joel Chitwood, being a bachelor son of John and Rhoda, was probably buried in the same cemetery as his parents. She believes this to be on a farm now owned [1965] by Arthur Hodges, located about 1-1/2 miles from Mrs. Cheatham's home. It is about 1-1/2 miles from highway 919, north of Rocky Mount, Va. This farm, she said, was owned by John, Jr., then his son, Richard, and then was cut up and sold to others; her father, Walter Thomas Chitwood, bought 186 acres of it, and her brother, James O. Chitwood, owns it now and lives on it.


Born - 1800, in Franklin Co., Va.; died ----, bur. in Caesar Cemetery, near Rocky Mount, Franklin Co., Va.[37]



            Richard was married Feb. 1, 1830, to Elizabeth "Betsy" Kitchen(er) by the minister Moses Greer, sur. Chesley Kitchen(er).[38] Elizabeth Kitchen(er) was born in Franklin Co., Va. about 1800, dau of Caleb Kitchener, and Mary (Arrington) Kitchener.[39]


            The Census Records of 1850, for Franklin Co., Va., tell that Richard Chitwood's occupation was farming, and that all of his family were born in Va. Included in his family was a Mary Wood (or Hood?) age 24 (birth date, 1826), whose connection with this family is not clear.




Children of Richard and Elizabeth Chitwood:


1.         John Henry Chitwood, born ca 1832 in Franklin Co., Va.; died Nov. 15, 1882, bur. Angle Cemetery, near mouth of Little Creek, Franklin Co., Va. He was a veteran of the Civil War. There is a marker at his grave. Mrs. Willis (Mae Belle Chitwood) Cheatham, a granddaughter, has his oath of allegiance, and his army discharge.[40]



            Married 1st - Elizabeth Bernard, born Franklin Co., Va., a dau of Robert and Sallie Ann (Scott) Bernard.




            Married 2nd - June 10, 1863 at Rocky Mount, Va., to Ruth Louise Bernard (sister of Elizabeth) born 1832 or 1833 in Franklin Co., Va.; died Jan. 14, 1897, bur. Angle Cemetery. (see above)


Children of John Henry Chitwood:



A.   William Henry Chitwood, b. July 25, 1856 Franklin Co.; d. Apr 17, 1931 Dayton, Ohio, bur. Arlington Cemetery near Brookville, Ohio.   He m. Dec. 8, 1880, Franklin Co., Va., to Roberta Frances Foster (b. Sep. 4, 1860 at Franklin Co., Va.; d. Sep. 30, 1944, bur Brookville, Ohio; dau Richard Foster who was killed in the Civil War, and wife Nancy (Board) Foster).



Children of William Henry and Roberta Frances:



a. Benjamin Franklin Chitwood, b. Oct. 10, 1881 in Franklin Co., Va.; d. May 1, 1955 in Ky.; m. Lula Smith.

Their children:


(1) Anna Frances Chitwood, b. Dec. 8, 1924; m. Douglas L. Stallard, Nov. 14, 1945.


(2) Nancy Chitwood, b. Jan. 12, 1926; m. Glenn Stallard (bro of Douglas).


(3) James Russell Chitwood, b. May 16, 1931; lives at Meta, Ky.



b. Ada Ann Chitwood, b. Feb. 14, 1885, Franklin Co., near Rocky Mount, Va.; m. Jan. 3, 1912 at Wirtz, in Franklin Co., Va., to Arlington Hicks Neel (b. Feb. 28, 1880, son of Mathias Fox Neel and Harrette Letcher Daugherty Neel).

Their children:


(1) Hattie Frances Neel, b. Oct 11, 1912, m. J. W. Hammond.


(2) Richard Elgin Neel, b. Apr. 9, 1915, m. Mary E. Witteborg.


(3) Paul Randolph Neel, b. Feb. 2, 1918, m. Katherine Fort.


(4) Wm. Mathias Neel, b. Feb. 21, 1920, m. Margarette Goodpastor.



c. Charles D. Chitwood, b. Sep. 4, 1887, Franklin Co., Va.,; d. March 11, 1964 Greenville, Ohio; m. Mary Mullins.

Their children:

(1) Lydia Roberta Chitwood, m. March 29, 1953 to Carl Leroy Fair; issue: Carl Dale Fair, Dec. 29, 1953; David Leroy Fair, Jan. 13, 1957; Ronald Wayne Fair, Nov. 14, 1959.


d. John Thomas Chitwood, b. April 1, 1890; d. Feb. 1900 Dillon's Mill, Va.; never married.


e. Nancy Elizabeth Chitwood, b. Oct. 11, 1893, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. May 1945, Roanoke, Va.; m. 1913 in Franklin Co., Va., to Grover C. Martin.


f. Minnie Bell Chitwood, Sep. 3, 1895, Franklin Co., Va.; m. April 15, 1915, Dayton, Ohio, to Beverly Hampton Foster (son of P. L. "Buck" Foster (d. 1931) and Mary Fannie Chitwood (1846-1929),[41] They live on the Jack Chitwood place (Jack b. 1841, son of Randolph and Celia Dillon Chitwood, m. Charlotte Bird. A family graveyard is on this farm).[42]


g. Lucy May Chitwood, b. Oct 16, 1898, Franklin Co., Va.; m. Apr. 18, 1918, Brookville, Ohio to Harry Wood who d. Feb. 24, 1903.


h. Martha Lee Chitwood, b. March 16, 1902, Franklin Co., Va.; m. Jan. 12, 1922, Dayton, Ohio to Wm. T. Burke.


B.   Walter Thomas Chitwood,[43]  b. Nov. 13, 1864, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Sep. 13, 1956, bur. Mr. View Cemetery; m. March 2, 1887, Rocky Mount, Va., to Sallie Lee McNeil (b. Dec. 22, 1870 Rocky Mount, Va., dau of Giles and Elizabeth (Brown) McNeil; d. July 14, 1943, bur. Mt. View Cemetery). Children:


a. Ethel Vera Chitwood, b. Feb. 26, 1890, Franklin Co., Va.; m. Sep. 17, 1919, Roanoke, Va., to Erastus Peck.


b. Willie Walter Chitwood, b. April 11, 1892, Franklin Co., Va.; m. 1st, Dec. 30, 1914, in Rocky Mount, Va., to Julia Bussey; m. 2nd, Dec. 22, 1960, Airdrie, Alberta., Canada, to Verna Wright.


c. Sallie Lena Chitwood, b. March 2, 1894, Franklin Co., Va.; d. July 24, 1942, Airdrie, Alberta Canada; m. March 25, 1914 Rocky Mount, Va., to Lewis Bussey.


d. Annie Elizabeth Chitwood, b. July 25, 1896; d. Apr 29, 1936, Redwood, Va.; m. Sep. 22, 1920, Roanoke, Va., to Phil Dudley.


e. Fannie Ruth Chitwood, b. May 7, 1898, Franklin Co., Va.; m. June 27, 1921, Roanoke, Va., to Claud Overfelt.


f. John Harry Chitwood, b. May 24, 1900, Franklin Co., Va.; m. 1st, Sep. 8, 1930, Martinsville, Va., to Janie Childress; m. 2nd, June 9, 1951, Hyattsville, Md., to Julia White.


g. Mae Belle Chitwood, b. Dec. 11, 1902, Franklin Co., Va.; m. Aug. 30, 1933, Boones Mill, Va., to Willis Cheatham.


h. Frank Roosevelt Chitwood, b. Sep. 29, 1904, in Franklin Co., Va.,; m. Aug. 21, 1926, at Martinsville, Va., to Hattie Lovell.


i. Alice Jane Chitwood, b. Nov. 14, 1906, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Nov. 14, 1906.


j. Herbert Taft Chitwood, b. Nov. 2, 1907, Franklin Co., Va.; m. June 30, 1934, at Martinsville, Va., to Helen Davis.

k. Katie Helen Chitwood, b. Mar. 9, 1910, Franklin Co., Va.; m. May 13, 1946, Roanoke, Va., to Emil Drake.


l. James Oliver Chitwood, b. June 22, 1912, Franklin Co., Va.; m. June 1, 1935, at Martinsville, Va., to Wilda Davis.





C. Sallie Annie Chitwood,[44]  b. Mar. 15, 1867, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 29, 1945, Harrisonburg, Va., bur. same place. Married 1st, 1895, Franklin Co., Va., to Geo. W. Blankenship of same county (son of George and Sara Bennett Blankenship) b. 1863, d. 1909, bur. Harrisonburg, Va. Sallie Annie married 2nd, ca 1912, at Harrisonburg, Va., to Albert Dovell of the same county.


Children of Sallie Annie (Chitwood) Blankenship


a. Walter Taylor Blankenship, b. Sep. 15, 1896, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Oct. 19, 1918, Harrisonburg, Va. He was a WW1 soldier. He never married.


b. Ernest Henry Blankenship, b. July 27, 1898/9 at Harrisonburg, Va.; m. Jan. 28, 1919, at Elkton, Md., to Naomi Tobin. Four sons.


c. Ruby Celestine Blankenship, b. Aug. 18, 1902, Harrisonburg, Va.; m. 1st, Dec. 24, 1921, at Harrisonburg, Va., to Hilbert R. Fry; m. 2nd, Harvey Eaton.

Three daughters:


(1) Exie Celestine Fry, b. 1922; m. Apr. 2, 1942, to Randolph Thomas Life. One dau born: A.  Anna May Life, b. Apr. 4, 1950. 


(2) Annie Caroletta Fry, b. Nov. 9, 1925; m. Apr. 1, 1950 to Russel Eddins. No children.


(3) Cora Bell Fry, b. 1927; m. July 30, 1948 at Elkton, Va., to Monroe Colvin. Two children: A.  Monroe Fancie Colvin, Jr., b. Feb. 24, 1954.  B.  Jacqueline Treasa Colvin, b. Oct. 15, 1957.[45]


d. Etta Annie Blankenship, b. July 15, 1904, at Harrisonburg, Va.; m. Sep. 30, 1922, at Harrisonburg, Va., to Gifford Cooper. One son, Fred Linford Cooper, b. Mar. 14, 1931; unm.[46]


e. George Washington Blankenship, Jr., b. Feb. 25, 1906, Harrisonburg, Va.; d. Oct. 4, 1964, Alexandria, Va.; m. 1st, Harrisonburg, Va., to Louise Fogelby; m. 2nd, Dec. 25, 1937, at Alexandria, Va., to Thelma Durrett (or Derant).


D. Susie Louise Chitwood,[47]  b. May, 1871, Franklin Co., Va.; d. April, 1952, at Chicago, Ill., bur. at Woodbine Cemetery, Harrisonburg, Va. She m. 1st, 1896, in Franklin Co., Va., to Abron Bevis; m. 2nd, 1916 or 17, at Philadelphia, Pa., to Charles Schwanck who d. 1923, and was bur. at Philadelphia, Pa.


Children of Susie Louise (Chitwood) Bevis Schwanck:


a. Ruth Elizabeth Bevis, b. Mar. 4, 1907, Wilmington, Del.; d. Nov. 20, 1964, at St. Paul, Minn.; m. 1st, Francis Hughes at Philadelphia, Pa.; m. 2nd, July 3, 1948, at Camden, N.J., to Nicholas Bastie. Mr. Bastie living in St. Paul, Minn. in 1964, was born Nov. 8, 1910, the son of Paul and Mildred Bastie.


b. Walter Hughes, b. ----


c. Ida Hughes, b. -----; d. Nov. 23, 1964, bur. Oneota Cemetery, Duluth, Minn.



2.  Judith Chitwood, born ca 1834, at Franklin Co., Va., d. ----, and bur. in Franklin Co, Va., in Brick Church of Brethren Church Cemetery; married, in Franklin Co., Va., to Noah Wirtz, son of Isaac Wertz.


Children of Noah and Judith (Chitwood) Wirtz:[48]


A. Mary Wirtz. b. Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 29, 1961, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. same county, to William Leedy. No children.


B. Rhoda Magdaline Wirtz, b. Franklin Co., Va.; d. in Franklin Co., Va.; m. same county, to Joseph Nathaniel (Joe Nat) Wray

Their children:


a. Joseph Wray, of Wirtz, Va.


b. Elsie Wray, of Wirtz, Va.


3   Rhoda Ann Chitwood,[49]  born ca 1838, in Franklin Co., Va.; died ----, and bur. in Franklin Co., Va. She married Apr. 15, 1863 in Franklin Co., Va. to Joseph Altice (his second wife). Joseph Altice was born in 1812 in Franklin Co.,[50] and died and was bur. in the same county and state. He was the father of Jacob, who married Susan Chitwood, Rhoda Ann's youngest sister.



Children of Joseph and Rhoda Ann (Chitwood) Altice:


A. Joseph Thomas Altice, b. Sep. 26, 1868, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 24, 1933, Franklin Co., Va.; m. Dec. 5, 1915, at Rocky Mount, Va., to Annie Lee.


B. Daniel (Dan) Altice, b. ----; d. 1943, in Franklin Co., Va. Never married.


C. Judith Abagail Altice, b. ----; d. in Franklin Co., Va.; m. in same county, to Robert (Bob) Wray.


D. Annie (Ann) Altice, b. ---- in Franklin Co., Va.; d. May 12, 1960, in Franklin Co., Va.; never married.


E. Elizabeth (Bet) Altice, b. ---- in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Nov. 14, 1953 in same county; never married.


F. George Washington Altice, b. ---- in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 2, 1948 in same county; m. 1917 same county, to Emma Rose Altice.



4.  Abigail Chitwood, born ca 1840 in Franklin Co., Va.;[51] died in 1921, in the same county; married, same county, to Robert Bernard (he d. ca 1919, bur. in Bernard Cem. of Franklin Co., Va.; a bro. of Elizabeth Bernard; a son of Robert and Sallie Ann (Scott) Bernard). There were no children.




5.  Thomas Chitwood, born ca 1842,[52] in Franklin,Co., Va.; was killed in the Civil War; never married.[53]



6.  Joel Chitwood, born ca 1844,[54] Franklin Co., Va.; died 1921, bur. in Caesar Cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va.; married in Franklin Co., Va., to Lucy Chitwood (dau of Omie Chitwood), whose husband was Lot Wray. Lucy Chitwood married Joel in his later years. Omie Chitwood is thought to have had three children: Lucy, who m. Joel; Saprrell, who had three sons, Lee, Sam and Jim Edd; and Skelton, who had a large family, all born lived and died in the neighborhood of Rocky Mount.[55]



7.  Susan Chitwood, born ca 1846,[56] [57] in Franklin Co., Va.; d. 1923, bur. at Redwood, Va. She married ca 1865 in Rocky Mount, Va., to Jacob (Jake) Altice, Jr., b. 1842 in Franklin Co., Va.; d. 1923, bur. at Redwood, Va., the son of Joseph Altice and his first wife who was Mary Ikenberry.




The children of Jacob (Jake) and Susan (Chitwood) Altice:



A. Wm. Tazewell Altice, b. 1875, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. 1962 at Chicago, Ill.; m. in Franklin Co., Va. to Belle Perdue.


B. Robert Lee Altice, b. 1877, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. 1962, at Chicago, Ill.


C. John Thomas Altice, b. 1879, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. in Georgia, to Ola Bearding.


D. Mary Elizabeth Altice, b. 1881, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. 1904 in Franklin Co., Va. to Euber Bennett.


E. Walter Washington Altice, b. 1883, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. in same county and state to Nettie Byrd.


F. Jake Allie Altice, b. 1886, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. 1962, Pittsylvania Co., Va.; m. in Pittsylvania Co., to Bessie Jones.


G. ---- Altice.


H. Frank Hubert Altice, b. 1888, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. in Danville, Va., to Cora Moon.


I. Dora Susan Altice, b. 1890, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. Franklin Co., Va., to Claud Harrison.


Born - August 3, 1805, at Franklin Co., Va.; died 1902, and buried in the Angle graveyard beside her husband, Meshach Griffith, two children Benjamin and Louise, and one grandchild Lucy Florence Angell. The Angle graveyard is located a few miles from Rocky Mount, Va.[58]


            Lucy was married Jan. 18, 1830, in Franklin Co., Va., to Meshach Griffith, b. Feb. 9, 1800; d. 1880; the son of Abraham and Margaret (Livesay) Griffith, m. July 8, 1789 and residing in Franklin co., Va. Abraham and Margaret Griffith had, besides Meshach, three daughters:



            A. Alsa Griffith;[59] names of other two daughters not known.


            The Griffith grandparents were Benjamin (d. 1829) and Catherine ---- Griffith, to whom 11 children were born: (1) William, m. Aug. 24, 1820 to Nancy Edwards, dau of Edw. Brill; (2) George; (3) John, m. Nellie Bowles in 1812, 2nd Dec. 28, 1830 to Martha Griffith; (4) Joseph; (5) Sally, m. Aug. 22, 1805 Thomas Slone; (6) Isaac, m. Jan. 12, 1795 Peggy Gallaspy, and 2nd, to Ruth Hale on Dec. 28, 1819; (7) Nancy, m. Sep. 29, 1800 to William Walton; (8) Rebecca, m. William Dott; (9) Elizabeth, m. Dec. 26, 1798 William Sammons; (10) Margaret, m. ---- Stoner; (11) Abraham, m. July 8, 1789 Margaret Livesay, and 2nd, Selah Webb on Mar. 18, 1812.


            On the maternal side of Meshach Griffith's family, Margaret Livesay, his mother, was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (----) Livesay. Thomas Livesay died Oct. 6, 1796, and is believed to have come from England to Va. in 1748. Records appear in Franklin and Henry County, Va. Thomas and Margaret Livesay had nine children: (1) Thomas, b. ca 175?, and d. ca 1823, m. Margaret ----, descendants appearing in West Virginia; (2) John, b. 1751, d. 1832, m. Rebecca Carter, and descendants appear in Tenn., Kans. and Missouri; (3) Alice, b. 1759, d. 1821, m. Robert Carter; (4) Edmund, prob. unm.; (5) Margaret, d. ca 1812, m. July 8, 1789 to Abraham Griffith, Robert Carter, sur.; (6) George, b. 1765 at Fort Bedford, Va., d. 1837, m. Nancy Anderson; (7) Peter, b. 1768, d. 1828, m. Susanna MacGeehee; (8) Andrew, b. 1770, d. 1850, wife's name unkn, the father of several ch; (9) Mary, m. Enoch Osborne, records in Grayson Co., Va.



            Meshach and Lucy (Chitwood) Griffith lived at Gogginsville, in Franklin Co., Va., and their children were born there. Meshach Griffith was a householder, 50 years old in 1850, occupation farming; Lucy, his wife, was 45 and both born in Va. Their household included: Ursula 20, Nancy 16, Charles W. 13, Elizabeth 11, Adeline G. 9, Benjamin B. 3, Emily Hall 12, Frances Hall 8.[60] Another name, Louisa Griffith is given by the aforementioned Mrs. Nolen, although not shown inthe 1850 Census. The relationship of the Hall children to this family is not known.





            The following article was written for the Franklin County, Va., Historical Society by Mrs. C. B. Nolen (aforementioned), a descendant of Meshach and Lucy (Chitwood) Griffith:







            The postwar years brought a great restlessness to the people of the South. The Homestead Act of 1862 began to attract many families, among them the Griffith, Angell and Doss families of Franklin Co.


            Before the war Meshach Griffith (born 1800) and his wife Lucy Chitwood (born 1805) who were married in 1830, lived at Gogginsville in the "Brick House", now occupied by Mr. Hubbard. Their children were born there. Their daughters were Ursula Jane (1832-1909) who married John William Angell (1831-1904) and Rhoda Elizabeth who married James Doss. John William Angell took his bride of 1857 to live in a house called the "Billy Wade House", now the Lomax Blankenship place, a short distance from Gogginsville.


            The Griffiths, the Angells and the Dosses left Franklin County in 1869 to take advantage of the free lands in the West. The Doss couple, with their son, James Lewis, went by train, which had just recently become possible. The Angells, with their chidren and at least one former slave, Bob, made the trip by covered wagon. Their children were Charles, Meshach, Florence, Belle (who later became Mrs. Jack Garst) and Minnie (who later became Mrs. Charles Wright). It took six weeks to travel by wagon to Mound Valley, Kansas, where they staked their claim and built a house in which the Angells and Griffiths lived. The Dosses settled in Oklahoma in Indian Territory.


            On one occasion, when all the men were away from home, Bob, the former slave, saved the women and children from a prairie fire.


            Four children were born to the Angells after they went to Kansas. The first was John, who died in infancy; Lioney, who did not live to see their native state of Virginia; George, who was called "Boy" until he was about five years old and who then chose for himself the lengthy name of George Washington Doctor Eldridge Tanner Governor Bluejeans Democrat; and the youngest, Joel Oatey.


            According to family history a "land shark" from Iowa swindled the Angells out of their claim. He traded them some land in Iowa for their Kansas homestead and they later found that it was "mortgaged to the hilt". After the Iowa land proved worthless the Angells headed back towards Virginia, but stopped in Indiana for an extended visit of about two years with John William's maternal kin, the Dodds. It is believed that Lioney died in Indiana.


            The Doss family stayed in Indian Territory until they were forced out by an epidemic of smallpox among the Indians. After six or seven years they moved to Kansas, where Mr. Doss was soon to die. Some years later Rhoda Elizabeth married Marion Hinshaw, whose people from North Carolina were also homesteaders in Kansas. Two children were born to this union: Charles, who now lives in Ohio, and Lula, who became Mrs. Walter Aker and lived in Gogginsville, in the "Brick House" until her death.


            According to information from a member of the family the Angells on their return trip to Virginia still had one of the same horses they had used when they left for Kansas. When they were yet some distance from Gogginsville on the way home John William is said to have "given the horse his head" and the horse pulled the wagon up into the yard of the home they had left nine years before.



Children of Meshach and Lucy (Chitwood) Griffith


1.       Ursula Jane Griffith, born May 2, 1832; died Jan.24, 1909; m. 1857, to John William Angell (b. Oct. 5, 1831; d. May 4, 1904; son of Alsop Taylor and Lioney (Dodd) Angell of Franklin Co., Va., who m. Apr. 19, 1827).


Alsop and Lioney Angell were the parents of


(1) John William;


(2) Marshall J., m. Callie Peters;


(3) Woodson O., m. ---- Kinsey; (4) Adeline C., m. Apr. 18, 1846, Fleming S. Minnix.


            The Angell grandparents were William C. Angell and ----, who had three,and possibly four children:


(1) Penelope Angell, m. Apr. 10, 1820 James P. Mitchell;


(2) Alsup Taylor Angell, m. Apr. 19, 1827 to Lioney Dodd;


(3) William Angell, Jr., m. Dec. 16, 1831 to Jane McGuffin. (William Angell, Jr. and his family are prob. the same as the ones appearing on pages 243-44 (122) of the 1850 Census for Franklin Co., Va., which shows a householder, William Angell, 40 yrs, farmer born in Va.; Jane 38 born in Va., prob. his wife, Jane McGuffin; children, Joshua 17, Joseph 15, John 12, Thomas 10, Tabitha E. 8 and Thomas 4.)


            The mother of John William Angell, Lioney Dodd, was a daughter of John and Polly (Short) Dodd of Franklin Co., Va., married March 26, 1806, and had at least four children:


(1) Lioney;


(2) Woodson, b. 1808;


(3) Anderson, b. 1806;

4) Ennis, b. 1810; and others.[61] John Dodd was a child of William (d. 1811),[62] and Rebecca (Griffith) Dodd. Rebecca (Griffith) Dodd died after 1823, the dau of Benjamin and Catherine Griffith.[63]




There were nine children in the family of William and Rebecca Dodd;



(1) Benjamin;


(2) Joab;


(3) John, d. 1868, m. Polly Short;


(4) Isaac;


(5) George;


(6) Susanna, m. March 1808 to Joseph Hambrick;


(7) Catherine, m. Jan. 24, 1811 to Henry Wysong;


(8) Elizabeth, m. Apr. 5, 1819 to Joseph Hickman;


(9) Charlotte.





                Polly Short, wife of John Dodd, was a dau of John Short and Jane Winifred Randall (or Randolph) Short. John Short died ca 1790. He was originally from Essex Co., Va., where in 1762 he was appointed guardian for his

two children, Mary and Elizabeth Short, with John and Thomas Drake his security. Elizabeth Short is believed to have married Stephen Herd, Jr. (A record in Will Book 1, p. 98, King George Co., Va., dated 1759, mentions Thomas Randall, of King George Co., Va., and his wife Jean Randall, giving their children: (sons) Francis, Thomas, Robert and John; (daus) Henrietta Sanford, Susanna Delozier, Winifred Short, Jean and Ann Randall. Also daus: Mary, Agatha, Catherine and Alice Randall.) Jane Winifred Short d. 1817. Due to the errors in spelling of names of long ago, there is some confusion as to the original and correct spelling of the name, Randall or Randolph. Dr. Oliver P. Chitwood, of Morgantown, W. Va., is certain that the name was Randolph and not Randall as some records show.


            The children of John and "Winnie" Short were:

(1)     Thomas Randall Short, d. 1836, m. 1797 to Susannah Ferguson;

(2)     William Short, m. Delila Cearly;

(3)     Dinah Short, m. Nov. 17, 1790, Edward Abshire;

(4)     Fanny Short, m. March 11, 1799 to Noah Ferguson;

(5)     Sally Short, m. Jan. 6, 1800 to Joel Chitwood;[1]

(6)     Polly Short, m. March 26, 1806 to John Dodd;

(7) Caty Short, m. Sep. 3, 1806, to William Stuart.[2]




Children of John William and Ursula Jane (Griffith) Angell:


A.  Charles M. Angell, b. Nov. 7, 1858; d. 1919; m. Elva Boatwright.


B.  Meshach G. Angell, b. July 1, 1860; d. Jan. 25, 1930; m. Georgia ----. He went to Louisiana when a young man and never returned to Virginia.


C.  Berilla Rosabelle Angell, b. May 5, 1863; d. Sep. 19, 1948; m. Jack Garst.


D.  Lucy Florence Angell, b. Mar. 4, 1866; d. Oct. 17, 1880; unm.; bur. in Angle Graveyard, a few miles from Rocky Mount, Va.


E.  Minnesota E. Angell, b. Oct. 5, 1867; d. Feb 22, 1940; m. Charles Wright.


F.  Lioney F. Angell, b. Feb. 12, 1870; d. March 2, 1878, prob. in Indiana.


G.  John William Angell, Jr., b. Feb. 11, 1872; d. infancy.


H.  George Washington Angell, b. March 9, 1873; d. May 13, 1949; m. May 10, 1908 to Laura May Bussey (b. Nov. 28, 1882, dau of Peter French Bussey and Eliza A. (Jamison) Bussey).


Children of George W. and Laura May (Bussey) Angell:


a.  Annie Jane Angell, b. Feb. 3, 1909, at Boones Mill Va.; m. July 18, 1931, at Rocky Mount, Va., to Charles Lewis Dillon, Jr., son of Charles Lewis Dillon, M.D. and Jane (Goggin) Dillon.

Their children:


(1)  Sarah Jane Dillon, b. June 26, 1932.


(2)  Joanna Dillon, b. June 6, 1934; d. Dec. 12, 1949.


(3)  Charles Lewis Dillon, III, b. Aug. 16, 1940.


b.  Elva Lee Angell, b. Sep. 19, 1910; d. Sep. 23, 1928; unmarried.


c.  Naomi Belle Angell, b. March 24, 1913, at Boones Mill, Va.; m. Sep. 1, 1931 at Reidsville, N.C., to Claude Buford Nolen, b. Nov. 16, 1900 at Ferrum, Va., son of Walter Howard Nolen and Berta (Saul) Nolen.

Their children:


(1)  Claude Buford Nolen, Jr., b. July 22, at Roanoke, Va.; m. June 18, 1960 at Rocky Mount, Va. to Carolyn P. Parsons, dau of Rosario Pilla and Hazel (Orfield) Pilla. (Carolyn m. 1st, Allen Parsons). Children:


            (i)  Claude Buford Nolen, III.


(2)  Walter Angell Nolen, b. Feb. 8, 1935; d. Dec. 25, 1936.


    (3)  Naomi Belle Nolen, b. Feb. 18, 1938 at Ferrum, Va.; m. June 8, 1957 at Ferrum, Va., to Robert McLeod Cooper, son of George and Caroline (Briggs) Cooper; issue:


            (i)   Catherine Belle Cooper.


            (ii)  Samantha Julia Cooper.


            (iii) Robert McLeod Cooper, Jr.



d.       Lydia Angell, b. July 28, 1915 at Boones Mill, Va.; d. Dec. 28, 1916 same place.


e.  Ruth Elizabeth Angell, b. Aug 22, 1917, Boones Mill, Va.; m. June 22, 1940, Rocky Mount, Va., Charles Kinsey Cooper, son of George Bluford Cooper and Mary Cassie (Bernard) Cooper.

Their children:


(1)  (----) a son, died at birth, twin of Laura.


(2)  Laura Angell Cooper, b. Jan. 31, 1941.


(3)  Rebecca Faye Cooper, b. Nov. 4, 1943.


(4)  George Bluford Cooper, b. June 1, 1947.


(5)  John Anthony Cooper, b. Feb. 24, 1950.


(6)  James Randolph Cooper, b. June 26, 1954.


(7)  Carleton Evans Cooper, b. Oct. 22, 1957.


f.  George Washington Angell, Jr., b. Apr. 17, 1923; d. July 30, 1949; unmarried.




I.  Joel Oatey Angell, b. March 31, 1875; d. Jan. 1933; m. 1914 to Creighton Byrd.





2.  Nancy F. Griffith, born 1834,[3] d. ---; married March 2, 1852 to Edward C. Booth.



3.  Charles W. Griffith, born 1837,[4] d. ---; was married, but no further information.



4.  Rhoda Elizabeth Griffith, born March 17, 1838, died March 24, 1936; buried March 26, 1936 in Gogginsville Methodist Church Cemetery. She married 1st, June 30, 1867, in Franklin Co., Va. to James L. Doss, the son of a family of Pittsylvania Co., Va. Rhoda Elizabeth went West with her husband, James Doss, and settled in Oklahoma, and then to Kansas where he died. She married 2nd, to Samuel Marion Hinshaw at Mound Valley, Kans. His people were from North Carolina, homesteading in Kansas.


The children of Rhoda Elizabeth (Griffith) Doss Hinshaw:


A.  James Lewis Doss, b. Apr. 24, 1868, at Gogginsville, Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 24, 1903.


B.  Charles Hinshaw, b. Dec. 18, 1877, at Mound Valley, Kans. (living in 1964). Eight children were born.


C.  Lula Hinshaw, b. July 4, 1873, at Mound Valley, Kansas; d. May 14, 1943, at Gogginsville, Va.; m. in Franklin Co., Va. to Walter Aker, who was b. 1879 and d. 1961. No children.


5.  Adeline G. Griffith, born 1841.[5] She married.


6.  Benjamin B. Griffith, born 1847.[6] He is believed to have married.


7.  Louisa Griffith, an unmarried daughter, buried in the Angle graveyard, a few miles from Rocky Mount, Virginia.


            [Mrs. C. B. Nolen, of Ferrum, Va., who supplied almost all of the information on the Lucy Chitwood family, is a member of Daughters of American Revolution (Nat. No. 451588) her ancestor, Capt. John Jamison. She is also a member of Daughters of American Colonists (No. 14005) through her ancestor, Capt. Thomas Jamison.]








12:  William Chitwood, of Franklin Co., Va.



                            William Chitwood, born in 1785, in Franklin Co., Va., was a son of John and Rhoda Chitwood. Although the date of his death has not been found, he and his wife appear in the list of householders for Franklin County as late as 1850 in the Census records. The belief is that they were buried in an old Chitwood cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va.




            Proof of the marriage of William and Lockey Thurman (also known as Elocky Thurmond):



Chitwood, Wm. and Elocky Thurmond, Dec. 14, 1811. Sur. John Thurmond. Minister was Wilson Turner.[7] 





            An explanation of early marriage banns, bond, license and those who could perform the marriage:


As early as 1642 a couple could marry just by publishing the banns, which meant by giving public notice during the church service on three successive Sundays before the marriage was to take place. However persons who could afford to pay for the license could marry without publishing the banns.

            [Until about 1780] the right to perform marriages remained with the parish minister of the Established Church. Before this, other denominations had begun to form although they were not recognized or allowed to build churches. By 1780, dissenting ministers were given the right to perform marriages. County clerks were authorized to license ministers of all denominations...The minister could perform marriages only after a bond had been given in the county clerk's office.

            The bond was likewise a license and its purpose was to act as security that no infraction of the law might occur. It was signed by the groom and by one other person, usually a relative. The ministers were required by law to make periodical returns to the county clerk of the date of marriage and the names of the contracting parties. [Beginning in 1852 licenses of the type now used in Virginia were issued and entered into the state's official marriage register.][8]






            The form of marriage bond which was probably used by William Chitwood and Lockey Thurman is as follows:



            Know all men by these presents, That we (usually filled in with name of groom and one other man), are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia (bonds sometimes given to the Governor) in the just and full sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars, the true payment whereof, well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this ____ day of _________.

            The conditions of the above obligation is such, That whereas the above bound _______________________, hath obtained from the Clerk of the County Court of Franklin, a license for his intermarriage with _________________, of said county. Now if there shall be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.





                                                            (signatures of bondsmen)




            Proof of the line of descent for William Chitwood and his descendants if found in the old Chitwood Bible belonging to Robert Gray Chitwood of Roanoke, Va.[9]



John Chitwood was born 1754 died Oct. 30, 1831 aged 77.

William his son was born Oct. 1785.

Thomas Jefferson Chitwood (Wm only son) was born Oct. 7, 1812  died Jan. 7, 1888.

Lucy Catherine Lumsden (Jefferson Chitwood's wife) was born 1814  died June 18, 1893.

William's wife was Lockey Thurman  was born Dec. 3, 1789  Thomas Jefferson Chitwood's mother. 



            William Chitwood appears as a householder in the Franklin Co., Va. Census records for the years 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850. The 1860 Census was not checked.


            In 1820, he and his wife appear with a male child under 10 years of age. In 1830, their household included a male and female child, both 15-20 yrs. In 1840, William and Lockey's household consisted of a male and a female of 20-30 yrs (Jefferson, the son, was 28 yrs, and Jefferson's wife, Lucy Catherine, was 26 yrs. in 1840); and three children, a boy and two girls, whose birth dates agree with the birth dates of the first three children of Jefferson and Lucy Catherine Chitwood. From this record it seems probable that Thomas Jefferson Chitwood (usually called, Jefferson Chitwood) and his family must have lived with William and Lockey Chitwood, his parents, from the time of his marriage until after the birth of his first three children. The Census for 1850 reveals that William and Lockey were living by themselves in 1850, and that Jefferson Chitwood, the son, was a householder himself.




13: Lockey Thurman, wife of William Chitwood.


                            Lockey Thurman was a great-grandmother of Virginia Franklin Chitwood, to whom this book is dedicated. She was born December 3, 1789, in Virginia.[10] Her death date is not known, but she was alive until at least 1850. She is believed to have been buried in the same cemetery as her husband.[11]




            The names of the parents of Lockey have not been proven.


            Two householders with the Thurman name were recorded in the 1810 Census for Franklin County, Va., the year before Lockey Thurman's marriage in that county. One of these could have been her father.


            The first householder, David Thurman, and his wife, had seven children, all under the age of ten years. The Census record for 1810 shows no child the age of Lockey in this family. Marriage records give the names of some of the children of David:[12]


Field, John and Elizabeth Thurman, dau David, May 6, 1834. Sur. Sutherland Ross.


Hatcher, John and Charlotte Thurmond, dau David, June 7, 1822. Sur. Wm. Baker.


Payne, Dudley and Susan Thurman, dau David, Apr. 9, 1835. Sur. Alexander Thurman.


Phelps, Richard and Bethany E. Thurman, dau David, May 15, 1828. Sur. Wm. B. Thurman.




            The Census records indicate 11 children in the household of David Thurman and his wife: 5 male and 2 female by 1810; and 4 more, 2 male and 2 female, by 1820. The female children could be the four shown above. Names of the seven male children have not been determined.

            The second householder of 1810 was John Thurman (spelled Thurmon in the Census of 1820 for Franklin Co., Va.). The Census of 1810 placed him in the 45-up age group (born before 1765). His household included a female of same age group as the householder, and five children, two of whom were females 16-26 yrs of age (born 1784-1794). Since Lockey Thurman was born 1789, this could be her family. Further confirmation is in the fact that John Thurmond signed her marriage bond in 1811. John Thurmon's name is missing in the 1830 Census.




            Records of the earlier Franklin County, Va. marriages, of those of the Thurman, Thurmon and Thurmond name, possibly refer to the children of John Thurman:[13]



Wray, Elias and Dolly Thurman, Mar. 25, 1806, sur. John Thurman. Wilson Turner, minister.[14](She is called "Polly" in the book by Worrell, Over the Mountain Men, p. 23)


Thurman, Philip and Jane T. Powell, dau. Robt., Oct 22, 1807. Sur. Chas. Powell. Joseph Hatchett, minister.[15]


Harrison, Wm. and Elizabeth Thurman, ---- 1811. Wilson Turner, minister.[16]


Chitwood, Wm. and Elocky Thurmond, Dec. 14, 1811. Sur. John Thurmond. Wilson Turner, minister.[17]


Thurman, Henry and Quintilla Adams, July 8, 1811. Sur. Elias Wraye. Wilson Turner, minister. [18]



            There are many records with Thurman and Thurmond names for Franklin Co., Va., but the families to which they belong have not been determined:



Pleasant Thurmond, born 1797 in Va. [19]


Robert Thurmon, born 1779-94. [20]


Robert Thurmon, born 1817 in Va. [21]


Thurman, Wm. and Elizabeth Austen ----, 1797. [22]


Thurman, John and Wilmouth Lumsden, Mar. 5, 1838. Sur. Dudley Lumsden. John Bowman, minister. [23]


Thurman, David and Ann A. Livesay, dau. Susannah, Oct. 25, 1839. Sur. Lewis M. Livesay. [24]


Thurman, Robt. P. and Elizabeth M. Law, dau. Jesse, June 2, 1845. Sur. Robt. A. Scott. [25]


Thurman, Henry and Sarah Lumsden, May 5, 1850. Sur. Robt. Thurman. John Bowman, minister. [26]



Thurmond, Frances and John Lynch, Nov. 24, 1851. Abraham Barnhart, minister. [27]




            A little more follows concerning the Henry and Quintilla (Adams) Thurman who are mentioned above:



            Adams' Wanted, the parents and ancestry of Susannah Adams, born 1786 in Virginia and raised there. Her father served seven years in the War of the Revolution. Her people lived in the counties of Campbell, Bedford and Franklin. Their names were Hudnall, Wright and Adams. The Hudnalls lived in Bedford County on Little Otter Creek, near the Peaks of Otter. William, Thomas, Richard and John Hudnall all lived in the same neighborhood and were landholders. A man by the name of Hook, who kept Hook's Ferry on the Staunton River, Va., married a sister of Susan Adams. Henry Thurman married Quintilla Adams, the youngest sister of Susan, and they had seven sons living in Franklin Co. in 1853. Susannah Adams married John Stephens in 1805 (son of William, born 1745, of Guilford Courthouse, N.C., and Gerrard County, Ky., son of John Stephens, born about 1720).

                                                            Mrs. Elizabeth Gaylord Rathburn.[28]




            A letter dated Jan. 17, 1965, from Mrs. Walter P. Holland, of Roanoke, Va., to the writer of this book, states that she believes John, Tass, Henry and William Thurman were brothers. Whether they were of the family of John Thurman, or of David Thurman [29] is not known, but the 1850 Census record of Franklin Co., Va. shows that a John Thurman, householder, was born ca 1813 in Va. They must be related to Lockey Thurman, but the exact relationship is still not clear. John, Tass, Henry and William are all connected with the Chitwood and Lumsden family.


            The following contract appears to link the aforementioned names of Henry, Pleasant, Dolly (or Polly) and Lockey Thurman.



An indenture made April 1, 1839 between Henry Thurman and Quintilda, his wife and Pleasant Thurman, all of County of Franklin and State of Virginia, and Polly Wray of County of Jackson and State of Indiana of the one part, and William Chitwood of County of Franklin and State of Virginia of the other part.[30]





John Thurman, born ca 1813, in Virginia. A blacksmith. He died Nov. 5, 1884, and was buried in Franklin Co., Va. [31]

Married - Wilmoth Lumsden, March 5, 1838. Sur. Dudley Lumsden. Minister, John Bowman.[32] Wilmoth was born Aug. 11, 1819, probably in Franklin Co., and died Feb. 13, 1900, Franklin Co., Va. She was known as "Willie".[33]


            Census records for Franklin Co., Va. for the year 1850 show John Thurmond, a householder of family #273 (page 135). His age was 37. Following his name, is that of Wilmoth, age 29 (his wife), and four children: Dudly age 11, Robert 8, James 6, Louisa 3. The Census of 1860 was not searched.

Children of John and Wilmoth (Lumsden) Thurman:

1.     Dudly Thurman, born ca 1839,[34] married Aug. 28, 1865, to Ann Nimo.


      2.  Robert Thurman, born Oct. 10, 1841; married January 6, 1869, to N.   Mildred Mitchell.


3.     James Thurman, born ca 1844.[35]


4.     Louisa Thurman, born 1847,[36] married Nov. 14, 1876 in Franklin Co., Va., to Geo. W. Merriman.[37]






Tass Thurman, of Wirtz, Va. Birth date unknown, buried at Wirtz, Va.; a brother of Henry, John and William Thurman.[38] Married - Ealner Wray.  Their children:


                            Catherine Thurman, born ----; died ----; married Giles Thurman in 1876, at Redwood, Va.[40]




Henry Thurman, spelled "Thurmond) in Census of 1850. Born - ca 1824, in Franklin Co., Va. He was a farmer. Married - Sarah Lumsden, May 5, 1850, Robert Bowman, minister. Surety, Robt. Thurman.[41]





            Sarah (also called Sally) was born Apr. 10, 1821.[42] Census of 1850 indicates her birth was ca 1824. She was the dau of Dudley and Sallie (Chitwood) Lumsden, and a sister of Wilmoth, the wife of John Thurman.[43]



Children of Henry and Sarah (Lumsden) Thurman:[44]



1.     Giles Monroe Thurman, b. July 9, 1855, at Redwood, Virginia. Married in 1876 at Redwood, Va., to Catherine Thurman, dau of Tass and Ealner (Wray) Thurman of Wirtz, Va.

Their children were:


A.  Lucy Thurman, b. Aug 18, 1877 at Redwood, Va.; m. to Edd Brooks.


B.  Florence Thurman, b. Dec. 30, 1878 at Redwood, Va.; m. to Preston Dagnall.


C.  Tass Thurman, b. May 5, 1882 at Redwood, Va.; m. to Ada Blankenship.


D.  Titus Thurman, b. Aug 25, 1884, Redwood,Va.; m. to Ginny Ayers.


E.  Musetta Thurman, b. Apr. 10, 1887, Redwood, Va.; unm.


F.  Sam Thurman, b. Aug. 19, 1889, Redwood, Va.; m. to Helen Hall.


G.  Hudie Thurman, b. Aug 6, 1892 at Redwood, Va.; m. to Minnie Blankenship.


   H.     Fay Thurman, b.Dec. 22, 1895, at Redwood, Va.; m. Dec. 25, 1913 to Tom Chitwood.[45]


I.  Sadie Thurman, b. Oct. 12, 1897 at Redwood, Va.; m. Norman




2.   Emily E. Thurman, b. April 11, 1851, married Silas Cal Angle, Dec. 12, 1872.

Children of Silas Cal Angle and Emily E. (Thurman) Angle:


A.  Marvin Angle, of Rocky Mount, Va.

(There were other children in this family, but their names are not known to the writer.)



3.   Kansas Thurman



4.   Victoria Thurman, b. Jan. 1, 1865; m. Dec. 22, 1887, to Wm. T. Ferguson.


5.   Pocahontas (Polk) Thurman, died Aug. 26, 1906; m. Jim Hoges.



William Thurman, b. ------; d. ------. Said to be a brother of Tass Thurman. He was the 2nd husband of Julina (Hughes) Fisher, married some time after 1865. Julina (Hughes) Fisher Thurman died Jan. 20, 1891. Mr. and Mrs. William Thurman were charter members of Flint Hill Methodist Church of Franklin Co., Va., organized in 1870.

Children of first marriage of Julina (Hughes) Fisher:


1.             Lucy I. Fisher. [46]


2.             Susan E. Fisher, b. Oct, 1858, m. Robert Lee Kennett.


3.             Fannie Fisher, m. Charles Hudson.


4.             Mary Ella Fisher, m. Oliver P. Divers.


Children of William (Bill) Thurman and Julina (Hughes) Fisher Thurman:


5.           George H. (or W.) Thurman, b. ----; d. Apr. 22, 1914; m. Sallie E. Brooks, who d. May 16, 1940.


6.             C. B. Thurman, b. ----; m. Missy D. Perdue.


7.             J. T. Thurman, b. ----; m. Annie E. Thurman.


8.             William R. Thurman, b. ----; d. Jan. 15, 1941; m. Dora C. Pugh.


9.             Martha A. Thurman, b. ----; m. O. P. J. Divers.


10.           Julia E. Thurman, b. ----; m. Oliver McBride.[47]



Robert P. Thurman, born probably ca 1817, appears as a householder of Franklin Co., Va. in the year 1850. It is not certain if he is a descendant of David, or of John, the two heads of families in 1810, but it is likely that he is related.


            Marriage records on page 69 herein show that he married Elizabeth M. Law in 1845 in Franklin Co., Va. The Census of 1850 reveals that he was 33, born in Va., and a farmer. His name is recorded in this record as Robert Thurmond. In his household is: Elizabeth, 28; Martha S., 4; and Flourney (a male), 3.


            Nothing further is known.









14:       Thomas Jefferson Chitwood, of

Franklin County, Virginia


                            Thomas Jefferson Chitwood, better known as "Jefferson", was born October 7, 1812, in Franklin County, Va. He was the only son of William and Lockey (Thurman) Chitwood, and a grandson of John Chitwood, Jr. He was a grandfather of Virginia Franklin (Chitwood) Mayfield, to whom this book is dedicated.

            Jefferson Chitwood died Jan. 7, 1888.[48] Although no written records have been located for proof, tradition tells us that he and his wife were buried in the old Chitwood cemetery, near where they lived, about 10 miles north of Rockey Mount, Franklin County, Va. There is no head stone with inscription to mark their graves.[49]


            Proof of Jefferson Chitwood's marriage:


Chitwood, Jefferson and Lucy Lumsden, Sep. 3, 1832. Sur. Dudley Lumsden. Moses Greer was the minister. [50] 



            Peter Gilliam's land adjoined "Chirtwood's" land on Blackwater River in 1779.[51]  Black walnuts growing along the banks of the river fell into the water giving it an inky appearance, hence the early settlers named it Blackwater River.[52]



            Jefferson Chitwood was a miller. His mill was located on the waters of Magodee Creek. Dr. Oliver P. Chitwood, wrote that he remembered going to the mill when he was a small boy and seeing Jefferson Chitwood. He said, however, that he had only a very vague recollection of Jefferson's appearance. He said also that the mill was a combination corn, wheat and saw mill.[53]  The mill, in Franklin County, Va., was still standing, although no longer in working condition, in 1965, when it was seen by Jean (Cragun) Tombaugh.




            . . . These long-ruined mills once played an important part in the lives of our Franklin forbears. They were their first applications of water power to industry. Here the farmers' ox-carts and wagons brought grist and wool for grinding and carding, while the farmers themselves held social intercourse in the mill-yard, exchanging news and ideas as they waited for their goods.

            The miller was a man of importance. Statutes were made for his regulation and for the ordering of his tolls. From his constant stream of patrons he gathered the neighborhood gossip, and insured it proper circulation..." [54]




            Jefferson's son, George Washington Chitwood, helped his father run the mill until he enlisted in General Lee's Army during the Civil War. Then another son, Calvin Lewis Chitwood, worked with Jefferson.



            The following proves the location of the old mill run by Jefferson Chitwood:


            This deed made this 13th day of August, 1892 between P. H. Dillard Special Commissioner of the first part and Lockie W. Chitwood, James F. Chitwood, Almira V. Chitwood and Calvin L. Chitwood of the second part,  whereas by decree of the Circuit Court of Franklin County recorded at the May Term 1890 in Chancery Cause of George W. Bays and wife[55] against Jefferson Chitwood heirs, the said P. H. Dillard was appointed special commissioner to convey to the said parties of the second part the land and mill in the bill and proceedings mentioned.

            Now, therefore this deed witnesseth; that the said P. H. Dillard, Com. as aforesaid for and in consideration of the sum of Five Dolars Cash to him paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, doth make of the second part with special warranty to title all that certain tract or parcel of land and the mill situated thereon lying and being in the county of Franklin on the waters of Magodee Creek adjoining the lands of William Hurt[56] and others and family belonging to Jefferson Chitwood, dec'd, and containing 20 acres more or less, the said Lockie W. Chitwood to hold one-third thereof, the said James F. Chitwood to hold one-third thereof, the said Almira to hold one-sixth thereof, the said Calvin L. Chitwood to hold one-sixth thereof -



Witness the following signatures and seal, day and date above written.

                                                            P. H. Dillard, Com.[57]




            The Census records show that Jefferson and his wife must have started married life in the home of his parents, William and Lockey Chitwood. They appear to be included in this household of William Chitwood in 1840, along with Jefferson's first three children. The Census record of Franklin Co., Va. proves that Jefferson and Lucy Catherine had moved into their own home, and were householders themselves in 1850.


            Page 175 of the Census of 1850 reveals that this record was made on Sep. 10 of that year; that at that time, householder Jefferson Chitwood was age 39, a farmer, born in Virginia; had property of 1477 acres; and his household included: Lucy, 36; Sarah E., 16; Locky W., 14; John, 11; Thomas J., 9; (unnamed) a male, 5; Margaret, 5; Cynthia, 2; all born in Virginia.


            The "unnamed male child". age 5 in 1850, would be George Washington Chitwood, who, according to tradition, named himself.


            A list of post offices of Franklin County, Va., shows that the Villa Post Office was established on Oct. 2, 1854, and its first postmaster was Jefferson Chitwood.[58]

            Children of Jefferson and Lucy Catherine (Lumsden) Chitwood:


              1.  Sarah Elizabeth, b. July 24, 1833.


              2.  Lockey Wilmuth, b. Jan. 10, 1836.


              3.  John Thomas, b. July 28, 1838.


              4.  Thomas Jefferson, b. Feb. 22, 1841.


              5.  George Washington, b. May 28, 1844.


              6.  Lucy Margaret, b. April 25, 1847.


              7.  Syntha Ann, b. Aug. 28, 1850.


              8.  Calvin Lewis, b. June 15, 1852.


              9.  James Floyd, b. Feb. 14, 1855.


            10.  Almira Virginia, b. April 12, 1858.


            11.  Lee Franklin, b. Aug. 18, 1861.


15:       Lucy Catherine Lumsden, wife of

Jefferson Chitwood.


                            Lucy Catherine was born Nov. 19, 1814, probably in Franklin Co., Va.[59] Her death certificate reveals that her death occurred on June 18, 1893, in Franklin Co., Va., due to asthma. It further shows that she was 80 when she died; her husband was "Jef. Chitwood"; that C. L. Chitwood, son, was the informant; and that she was the daughter of D. and S. Lumsden, of Franklin Co., Va.[60] The belief is that she was buried in an old Chitwood cemetery, near Rocky Mount, Va., where her husband is buried, but there is no inscribed head-stone to mark her grave.[61]


            Lucy Catherine was a daughter of Dudley and Sallie (Chitwood) Lumsden of Franklin County, Va. When Lucy Catherine and Jefferson Chitwood were married, her father, Dudley, was surety for her marriage bond.[62] The history of the Lumsden family is on the following pages, but proof of her mother's parentage has not been found. All clues seem to point to the possibility of Sallie (Chitwood) Lumsden being another daughter of John Chitwood, Jr., and a sister of William, father of Jefferson. This, if true, would show that Jefferson and Lucy Catherine were first cousins. Marvin Angle, grandson of Lucy Catherine's sister, Sarah, told Miss Sally Lumsden of Glade Hill, Va., that his "Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lucy were first cousins". However, no proof of this has been found.


Lumsden Family


            The Lumsden family is Scotch. The motto of the Lumsden family is "By the gift of God I am what I am."[63] A sneering critic interprets it as "Thank God I am no worse than I am." "In the rental of the bishopric of Aberdeen in the beginning of the 17th century the lords of Clovack in the paroshen of Kyldry was sell to Lumsden for £9, 3d, P. mart 12 kidds, 4 geese 3s 4d for bondage and service 37s 4d for grassure."[64] The coat-of-arms, reproduced herein, is from a photo furnished by Mrs. L. L. Steffey, of Bristol, Tenn. One of the southern kinsmen had a genealogist trace the lineage for this heraldry. The colors of the original are royal blue, gold and red. One book on the subject describes our Lumsden coat-of-arms in the following manner:




LUMSDEN (Cushnie, Co. Aberdeen). Az. (blue) a buckle or (gold), betw. two wolves' heads in chief and an escallop (shell) in base ar. (argent, silver). Crest - a naked arm grasping a sword ppr. (proper) Motto - Dei dono sum quod sum.




            [Lumsden] "Local: from the lands of Lumsden in Berwickshire. The family are supposed to descend from the Stewarts Earls of Angus."[65]




            [Lumsdaine. See Lumsden] "'An ancient manor in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire, belonging to a family of that name so early as the reign of David I. The ancient peel of Lumsden (see Peel) probably occupied the site of the present farm-house of East Lumsden; but in the XIV cent, the family removed their abode to Blanerne, on the banks of the Whitadder, where its picturesque remains still exist.'[66] The surname is first found in a charter between 1166 and 1182. B.L.G."[67]



            "Peel. A fortified farm-house. 'Within my recollection, almost every old house in the dales of Rede and Tyne was what is called a peel-house, built for securing the inhabitants and their cattle in moss-trooping times.'[68] Many of these border houses are moated for better defence. . . The habitations of the church-feuars (those who held lands under a monestary) were not less primitive than their agriculture. In each village or town were several towers, having battlements projecting over the side walls, and usually an advanced angle or two, with shot-holes for flanking the door-way, which was always defended by a strong door of oak, studded with nails, and often by an exterior grated door of iron. These small peel-houses were ordinarily inhabited by the principal feuars and their families.' Sir W. Scott. The Monastery, Vol. 1. chap. 1."[69]





            Lumsdaine. See under Lumsden. "Lumsdale. From an old pronunciation and spelling of Lumsden, q.v., which has become a fixed surname. John Lummisdaill was tacksman of a 1-1/2d land in Trymland, Orkney, in 1503 (REO., p. 418) Robert Lumsdaile is recorded in Aberdeen in 1558 (SCM., IV, p. 58), and payment was made to bailie Lumsdaill in the same burgh in 1643 (ibid: V, p. 107). John Lumsdale was residenter in Lauder in 1760 (Lauder). Lumsdall and Lumsdell are also common pronunciations of Lumsden."[70]



            Lumsden, Lumsdaine. "From the old manor of that name in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire. The earliest record of the name is between 1166-82, when Gillen (i.e. William) and Cren de Lumisden witnessed a charter by Earl Waldeve of Dunbar to the Priory of Coldingham (Raine, 115). Edward de Aldecambus was accused before William the Lion in 1188 of being a wrecker and was sentenced to death, but pardoned in consideration of a large money payment. To raise the necessary sum he was compelled to exchange Aldecambus for Lumsden Major (= West Lumsden, now Dowlaw) and eighty merks of silver with Bertram, prior of Coldingham (Raine, 648). Adam de Lummesdene and Roger de Lummesdene of Berwickshire rendered homage, 1296 (Bain, II, p. 206). An offshoot of the Lumsdens of Lumsden acquired lands in Fife in the first half of the fourteenth century, and about the same time acquired other lands in Aberdeenshire to which they gave their family name. John de Lummysden witnessed a charter by Duncan, earl of Fife, ca 1335 (REA., I., p. 65). In the muster-rolls of the Archers of the Scots Guard in France, 1498-99, the name appears as Alomesden and Lomesdel (Forbes-Leith, I, p. 172, 175), and Lunsten, LeMusten and Lumesten in the same record doubtless also represent the same name. Lummisdane 1497, Lummisedn 1495, Lummysdane 1547, Lummysden 1496, Lummysdeyn 1512, Lumsdean 1688, Lumysden 1442, Loummysden 1431, Lumbsdene 1630, Lumisdane 1546, Lumisdayn 1512, Lumisdeane 1557, Lumisdeyn 1548, Lummdane 1497, Lummisdane 1497, Cf. Lammestone."[71]


            John Lumsden married Janet Tailor in Scotland. They had a son, John, born Nov. 19, 1682 at Humbre, Scotland.[72]


            This second John Lumsden married Elizabeth Taylor, born abt 1696 at Saltoun, E. Lothian, and four of their children were listed: (1) James Lumsden, b. Aug. 9, 1718, at Saltoun; (2) John Lumsden, b. Sep. 8, 1720, at Saltoun; (3) Agnes Lumsden, b. Jan. 24, 1722; and (4) William Lumsden, b. Sep. 15, 1724. There is a possibility that these could be the family of John Lumsden of Franklin Co., Va., but further proof is needed.[73]


            Three Lumsden contemporaries, James, John and William, were found to be living in Virginia at about the same time:


James: Referred to as "James Lumsdale late of the County of Montgomery and Commonwealth of Virginia, being resolved on Traveling to Cantuckey County do think proper to make this my lst Will and Testament." This will was witnessed on Oct. 4, 1799 by James Montgomery. It was proved at Court held for Montgomery Co. on Nov. 7, 1781, by James Montgomery.[74]


John: Two by the name of John were living in Virginia during the Revolutionary War times. One of these was born 1758, and died 1843 in Fayetteville, N.C. He was married in Mecklenburg Co., Va., Feb. 8, 1788, to Elizabeth Eastland.[75] This is obviously not the John Lumsden of Franklin Co., Va., though probably related to him.



            The second John Lumsden found living in Va. at the time of the Revolutionary War, is the one who settled in Franklin County, and was the father of DudleyLumsden, and grandfather of Lucy Catherine. (See further)


William:  The third contemporary of the name appears in An Index of the Older Wills, Inventories, Divisions, Etc. of Goochland Co., Va., p.397. This mentions the will of William Lumsden, dated 1743, in Book 4, p. 261.

Another William is shown as a tax payer of Louisa Co., Va., in 1782.[76]


            Obviously, spelling of our Lumsden name has varied through early years in Virginia, as it did in Scotland:



            James Lumsdale, late of Montgomery Co., Va.[77]



            Charles Lumsdale married Polly Reaves and their surety was Jeremiah Lumsden;[78] whereas, in another record, he is called Chas. Lumsden, and marries Patty Rives.[79]




            Elijah Lumsdale appears,[80] and his name changes to Elijah Lumsden.[81]


            Tax Lists of Franklin Co., Va., 1786, include the names: Lumden, John; Lumsdin, Charles, Jeremiah and John.[82]



            Regardless of the way the name was spelled, all of these, Charles, Elijah, Jeremiah and Dudley, were all sons of our first proven immigrant ancestor in America, John Lumsden.


JOHN LUMSDEN  First proven generation in America.


Birth date not known. His will, signed in Franklin County, Va., on Oct. 2, 1787, was probated in the same county on Monday, Nov. 3, 1788. He and his wife were buried in Franklin Co., Va., near the old home place. A marble slab now marks John's resting place, set there by his great-great granddaughter, Naomi (Lumsden) Steffey (Mrs. L. L.), of Bristol, Tenn. This cemetery is not far from Rocky Mount, Va., across the river from the Flint Hill Church.


            He was a soldier of the American Revolutionary War.[83] Both Mrs. L. L. Steffey (aforementioned) and her sister, Miss Sally Lumsden, of Glade Hill, Va., are members of D.A.R. through the service records of John Lumsden.


            John Lumsden probably settled in Prince William County, Va., before coming to the area in Bedford Co., which later became Franklin Co., Va.[84]


            The wife of John Lumsden was Wilmoth. Her last name is believed to have been Steele, but no proof for this has been found. They were married some time prior to 1752, and the birth of a child in 1761 in Prince William Co., Va., places them in that county at least until that year. A deed, recorded in Bedford Co., Va., shows that John Lumsden bought 220 acres of land in Bedford Co., Va., on Blackwater River, part of the Samuel Gilbert land, from Samuel Gilbert, Jr., and his wife, Hannah Gilbert, for fifty pounds Current Money of Virginia, on Nov. 28, 1770. He was still living there at the time he signed his will in 1787, but because of the formation of the new county, Franklin, the land was then in Franklin Co., Va. (See copies of deed and will following)


Page 30. July 1786 - John Lumsden is appointed surveyor of the road from Dillions Old Mill on Blackwater to the Waggon Road at Jno. Livesays which he is to clear & keep in repair accorg. to law & the list fild to be his gang".


Page 59. October 1786 - Isham Blankenship is app'd surveyor of the road in the room of John Lumsden.[85]



Deed to John Lumsden's Property on Blackwater River



            This Indenture made this the 28 day of November, In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy. Between Samuel Gilbert of one part and John Lumsden of the other part.

            Witnesseth that the said Samuel Gilbert, Jr. for and in consideration of and for the sum of fifty pounds of current money of Virginia to him in hand paid the receipt whereof he hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained and sold and by these present doth grant bargain and sell unto the (Sd.) Lumsden one certain track or parcel of land on Blackwater River of the (Sd.) Gilbert four hundred and forty-one acres and bounded as follows to-wit beginning at a white oak marked as pr agrem on Bedford side thence on the said Gilbert line round to include two hundred and twenty acres of lower part of the said Gilberts four hundred and forty acres on the said Blackwater River included by a straight line across from said marked white oak. On the Bedford (sd.) of the river. To have and to hold the said granted land and premises together with the privileges appurtinances thereunto belonging or any ways appertaining with reversion and reversions remainder and every part and parcel thereof unto him the said John Lumsden his heirs and assigns forever. And the said Gilbert doeth covenant and agree to and with the said John Lumsden his heirs and assigns that he the said Samuel Gilbert, Jr. his heirs and assigns shall and will warrant forever and forever defend the said grant of land and premesis and with all appurtinances to the same belonging unto the said John Lumsden his heirs and assigns forever.


            In witness whereof he the said Samuel Gilbert have here unto set his hand and affixed his seal.


The day and year first above written.

                                                            Samuel Gilbert L S


In the presence of -

            Men:  That on the day and year within written quiet and peacable possession and livery of same (?) of the within granted land and premises was made and done by the said Samuel Gilbert unto the said John Lumsden according to the within deed.

                                                            Samuel Gilbert


            At the court held for Bedford County November 27th seventeen and seventy is this indenture and memorandum of livery of same (?) hereon endorsed were acknowledged by Samuel Gilbert party there-to and Hannah the wife of the said Samuel she being first privily examined according to law relinquished her right of dower in and to the land and premises conveyed by the said indenture.


                            Indenture all which were ordered recorded

                                                            Teste Ben Howard C. B. C.[86]



Will of John Lumsden, Sr.


            In the Name of God, Amen, The second day of October one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven I JOHN LUMSDEN of Franklin County, planter being very sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God, Therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament  That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discreation of my Executors; nothing doubting but to receive the same at the general resurection again by the mighty power of God, and as touching the Worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life. I give and devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First I give and bequeath unto WILMOTH my dearly beloved wife the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live together with the field known by the name of Fireysfield and that part of the tract of land whereon my son JEREMIAH lives, that north east of the Canoe Branch together with all my stock, household furniture and plantation utensils to me belonging together with debts due to me except only what shall be by these presents excepted after paying my Funeral Expenses and all just debts and lawful demands against me to be in full possession of the same during her life or widowhood after which an equal distribution and division shall be made between all my children all moveables by her left  secondly: I give and bequeath to my son, JEREMIAH LUMSDEN all that tract of land whereon he now lives excepting that part above mentioned which lies north east of the aforesaid Canoe Branch unto him his heirs and assigns forever  Thirdly:  I give and bequeath to my sons ELIJAH and JESSE LUMSDEN all that tract of land known by their name containing by Estimation four hundred Forty Acres in joint partnership or to be divided at their discretion to them their heirs and assigns forever,  Fourthly I give and bequeath to my son DUDLEY LUMSDEN the reversition of all the plantation and tract of land above mentioned given to WILMOTH his mother, to him his heirs and assigns forever  I also give the said DUDLEY the Bay Colt called Liberty which fit for use the grey to be sold and the price to be equally divided between him and his brother JESSE and I do constitute and make and ordain my friend Jonathan Price my dearly beloved Wife WILMOTH LUMSDEN and my beloved son JEREMIAH LUMSDEN joint Executor to this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other former testaments wills, legacees and bequests and Executors by me in any ways before named willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

            Signed sealed published pronounced and delivered by the said JOHN LUMSDEN to be his last will and testament in the presence of

            Evan Price  Obediah Belshar  Isom Belshar

                                                            John Lumsden, SSor

            At a Court of quarterly session held for Franklin County on Monday the 3 day of November 1788. The within last will and testament of John Lumsden dec'd was exhibited in Court by Jeremiah Lumsden one of the Executors within mentioned was proved by the witnesses thereto, who qualified according to the law and with Swinfield Hill and James Burns his securities entered into bond and acknowledged the same.

            Whereupon it was ordered to be recorded by the Court, they having obtained a probate thereof in due form.

                                                            Teste  Ste. Smith, CCC[87]


[Page 281]  The last Will and Testament of John Lumsden dec's was exhibited in Court by Willmouth Lumsden ex'd & Jeremiah Lumsden and Jonathan Price ex'trs & proved the same & O.R. (1788).[88]




[Page 286]  James Burns, William Poteet, John Arthur & Martin Binnion, or any three of them, are app'd to appraise the estate of John Lumsden dec'd & make return thereof to the Court.[89]



[Page 299]  An inventory of the estate of John Lumsden dec'd was returned & O.R.[90]




            The will of John Lumsden of Franklin Co., Va., gives names of only four of his children: Jeremiah, Elijah, Jesse, Dudley. Those not mentioned were: Charles, Rachel, Susan and a son killed by Indians when he was young.


The children of John and Wilmoth Lumsden, not necessarily in order of birth:


1.     Jeremiah Lumsden, b. Sep. 15, 1753; d. Jan. 18, 1837; m. ca 1788, to Elizabeth Belcher. (see further)


2.     Charles Lumsden, b. 1761 in Prince William Co., Va.; d. Feb. 14, 1839; m. Patty Rives, March 16, 1787. (see further)


3      Elijah Lumsden, b. 1762; d. March 30, 1842; m. Rachel Greer, Feb. 7, 1787. (see further)


4.     Jesse Lumsden. Nothing known of Jesse, except that he is supposed to have gone South with Jeremiah and Elijah.[91] No further record has been found concerning him.


5.     Dudley Lumsden, b. Sep. 9, 1769; d. 1841, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. June 7, 1802, Sallie Chitwood. (see further)


6.   One son, name unknown, was killed by an Indian one day when he was in a mulberry tree that stood on the river not far from his home. He was a young man at the time.[92]  7.Susannah (Susan) Lumsden lived and died near Hillsboro, Jasper Co., Ga. Her will was probated 1844. She m. John Cochran. (see further)


8.     Rachel Lumsden (known as "Aunt Thrasher"). She was described by Col. John Lumsden Hardeman as being a very handsome woman who first married a Grier, then a Thrasher. She evidently went to Georgia also. Nothing further has been learned.[93]






Jeremiah Lumsden.  Son of John and Wilmoth Lumsden.[94]


Born - Sep. 15, 1753; died - Jan. 18, 1837, in Jasper Co., Ga. Married about 1788 in Virginia, to Elizabeth Belcher, probably of Franklin Co., Va. She was born Nov. 2, 1754, and died Feb. 17, 1845, in Jasper Co., Ga.


            Jeremiah was appointed joint executor of his father's will (1788). At that time Jeremiah was living on part of his father's land, mentioned in the will as being "north east of the Canoe Branch." He was one of the ministers of Franklin Co., Va.



Jeremiah Lumsden came into Court & took the oath of fidelity to the Commonwealth & he ent'd into bond with Swinfield Hill surety as the law directs for solemnizing marriages.[95]



            Franklin Co. records show that Jeremiah Lumsden of the State of Ga. on Nov. 17, 1792, sold to James Burns fifty acres, same description as John Lumsden's land, and on Nov. 19, 1792, he sold 150 acres to Isham Belcher, Jr., same description. Georgia records show that Jeremiah Lumsden was living in Ga. as early as 1808, and Belcher and Hill families cowned land adjoining his in Jasper Co., Georgia.



            "Evidently Jeremiah and other children left Virginia after the settlement of the estate of their deceased father, stopping in Greene Co., Ga., before settling in Jasper Co. He was of age in 1788 and was in Virginia during the Rev. War, and therefore his service would have to have been from there. Some think that he was a chaplain in the 9th Va. Regiment, but no proof has been found. A booklet, Land Lottery Grants of 1827, compiled by Mrs. Susie G. Dozier of Dawson, Ga., records on page 23 the name of Jeremiah Lumsden as having drawn land in a lottery for Revolutionary service."[96]


            "Rev. G. G. Smith's History of Methodism states that in 1804 Jeremiah Lumsden was admitted on trial into the South Georgia Conference and stationed on Little River circuit, in 1805 on Oconee Circuit with Epps Tucker, on Milledgeville circuit in 1806. Apalachee in 1807, Louisville circuit in 1808, where he located. He settled in Jasper county near the Ocmulgee River as an itenerant Methodist preacher. His property is on what was known in 1900 as the Seaborn Kelly plantation. I have seen the old foundations of the house and the cemetery where, his wife, his son John and wife, Susannah, and many others are buried. The grave of Jeremiah was located in 1925 by Mrs. P. G. Walker of Madison, Georgia, a great-granddaughter, and later marked by the Monticello Chapter D.A.R. with a Government marker."[97]


            The old family Bible of Jeremiah was burned in about 1895 when the home of John Loyd near Covington was burned.[98]



Will of Jeremiah Lumsden


            In the name of God Amen, I JEREMIAH SEN. of the State and county Aforesaid, being low in health but of sound mind and memory and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die and as touching worldly affairs I do hereby make and ordain this to be my last will and testament.


            Item First, I will my soul to God who gave it and my body to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner and all my debts to be paid.


            Item Second. I will to my beloved wife ELIZABETH LUMSDEN for her natural life time seventy acres of land whereon I now live with all my plantation with the house I now live in, with all my other house on said plantation or premises, with all my Household kitchen furniture and all my stock that is not otherwise appropriated (to wit) all my hogs, cattle, sheep and horses with all my farming tools, with all the present crops now on said premises.

            Item 3. I will that my son JESSE M. LUMSDEN have seventy acres of land that he now has possession of and at the death of my wife ELIZABETH that he have the land willed to her, also that he have one bed, one cow and calf, out of my present stock of cattle. Also that he have fifty acres of land, more or less land, adjoining the land where I now live also that he pay for said land to each of the legatees twenty dollars within one year after my death, making in all one hundred and eighty dollars. Also that my daughter ELLENDER P. LUMSDEN do have one cow and calf out of my said stock of cattle with one bed, with all the furniture attached thereto, with all the furniture arising from her own labor in my possession with her trunk that she now has, also that she have one sorrel mare horse by the name of Mariah to her own exclusive use and benefit.



            Item 4. At the death of my wife, I will that all the rest of my estate be sold and equally divided among my children (to wit) ELIZABETH THOMPSON, wife of JOHN THOMPSON, JAMES DUNCAN, JOSEPH SWAN, SAMUEL THOMPSON, OLIVER MARTIN, JOHN E. HODGE, ELENDER P. LUMSDEN, JEREMIAH C. LUMSDEN and JESSE M. LUMSDEN with the exception of one dollar to the below named persons (to wit) JOHN WHATLEY, OBADIAH B. PERROTT, GEORGE W. PARROTT, ELIZABETH A. J. PHILLIPS, NANCY S. NEWBERRY, DOLLY M. SPEARS, and HENRY B. PARROTT.



            Item 5. I will that JOHN LUMSDEN's lawful heirs receive an equal portion with the rest of my children to be divided among them.



            Item 6. I will that my son JEREMIAH C. LUMSDEN and JESSE M. LUMSDEN be and I hereby appoint them my executors to carry into effect this my last will and testament. Signed, sealed and acknowledged this 27th day of April 1826.

                                                            Jeremiah Lumsden (Seal)

In presence of us:

Elizah Dodson  James Wilson  Thomas Hester  Pleasant P. Coleman


            Personally appeared before us Elizah Dodson who after duly having been sworn, deposeth that he saw Jeremiah sign, seal and publish and declare the above instrument of writing to be his true last will and testament and at the time of signing the same he was of sound disposing mind and memory and that he subscribed the same as a witness, and that James Wilson, Thomas Hester and Pleasant P. Coleman likewise signed the same as witnesses in the presence of the Testator. Sworn and subscribed before us this fourth day of March 1837.

                                                            Elizah Dodson

                                                            Certified by E. Kate Tolleson

                                                            Monticello, Ga.[99]


The children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Belcher) Lumsden:


1. Wilmoth Lumsden, b. Aug. 12, 1779; d. June 6, 1810.


2. Lucy Lumsden Gowden, b. Dec. 11, 1780; d. Mar.7, 1802 (1806?)


3. Elizabeth Lumsden, b. Sep 7 (or 10?), 1782; d. Nov. 6, 1830; m. John Thompson, Greene Co., Ga. 1801(or Dec. 13, 1800).

        A descendant, living 1925, Mrs. Kate M. Williams, Sylacauga, Ala; also, John P. Thompson, near Monticello, Ga.


4. Sally (Sarah Melinda) Lumsden, b. Apr. 20, 1784 (or    1785); d. July 11, 1860; m. James Duncan, July 2, 1804.

They moved to Chambers Co., Ala., and died near Phoenix City, Ala. A descendant, Miss Beulah Price, aged 69, living at Monticello, Ga.


5. Anny Lumsden, born Aug. 3, 1783 (or 1785).


6. Polly Lumsden, b. May 6, 1787; d. Oct 19, 1831; m. Samuel Thompson.

A son married Susan Thurmond, a sister of Melinda Thurmond.


7. Susannah Lumsden, b. Dec. 31, 1788; d. ---; m. Oliver Martin. They died in Newton or Jasper Co., Ga.

      Their sons were: Hugh and Joseph.


8. John Lumsden, b. Dec. 2, 1790; d. Mar 16, 1830; m. May 29, 1812, to Susannah Jones at Jasper Co., Ga. She died Apr. 30, 1830.

                            Their children:


A. Elizabeth Lumsden, m. Jackie Shaw.


B. Mary Lumsden, m. Austin G. Smith.


C. Anne Lumsden, m. a Cochran and then a Mr. Stewart.


D. Phoebe Paul Lumsden, m. Washington Boyd.


E. Lucy Lumsden, m. a Dorsey.


F. Susan John Lumsden, m. Dennis Morris Robertson.


G. Almeda Lumsden, m. Mr. Pierce.


            Susannah died when Almeda was a few weeks old in 1830. Jeremiah Lumsden and wife, Elizabeth, then took three of the children, Elizabeth, Susan John and Almeda, to raise, and the other four went to live with other relatives. Phoebe was raised by Joseph Jones, an uncle. Lucy, Anne and Mary         were raised by Seaborn Shy.


 9. Pheba (Elender P.?) Lumsden, b. Mar. 7, 1793; m. John Hodge Sep. 6, 1810.


10. Nelly P. (Millie ?) Lumsden, b. Nov. 2, 1794; d. March (or May) 3, 1875; m. Cruce (?)


11. Jerrie C. (Jeremiah C.?) Lumsden, b. Oct. 4 (or 9), 1796; m. Melinda Thurmond, Jan. 17, 1821. Jeremiah C. (Prob. Jeremiah Charles) moved near Jackson, Ga. in 1839 or 1840, near old Waters place. Their children were:


A. Charles Wesley Lumsden.


B.  Jessee Martin Lumsden.


C. Jeremiah Thompson Lumsden.


D. John Lumsden (died young).


E.  Bolling Thurmond Lumsden (died in Civil War)


F.  Richard Phillips Lumsden, b. Jan. 2, 1835; d. 1927 at Carrollton, Ga.  Co A 4th Ga. Regiment  of Regulars in Joe Brown's Company.


G. Harris Franklin Lumsden.


H.  Obediah Greenberry Belcher Lumsden.


I.  Thomas Sandford Lumsden.


J. Mary Wilmoth Lumsden.


K. Elizabeth Lumsden.


12. Charles W.Lumsden, b. Nov. 18 (or 19), 1798; d. Jan. 20, 1815.


13. Jesse M(artin) Lumsden, b. June 24 (or 26), 1801; d. May 26, 1878; m. Julia Tucker, Mar. 22, 1829 at Jasper Co., Ga. They lived near Covington, Ga. Their children:


A. Elizabeth Lumsden, b. Jan. 16, 1830; m. a Kitchens.


B. Jeremiah Lumsden, b. Aug. 18, 1831.


C. Larry H. Lumsden, b. Feb. 17, 1833.


D. William Lumsden, b. Dec. 7, 1834.


E. Elender Lumsden, b. Oct. 27, 1836.


F. Elijah Lumsden, b. Apr. 11, 1839; moved from Covington to Macon Co., Ga.


G. Lucy Lumsden, b. Apr. 3, 1844.


            A grandson, named Grover Cleveland Lumsden, has a son, Charles Austin Lumsden, living in 1925 near Monticello, Ga.


Charles Lumsden.  Son of John and Wilmoth Lumsden.[100]


Born - 1761, in Prince William Co., Va.; died - Feb. 14, 1839, buried in Franklin co., Va.

Married, March 16, 1787, to Patty Rives (or Reaves), surety, Jeremiah Lumsden; Robert Jones, the minister.[101]


            Patty Rives was born ca 1767. She was also known as Martha (Patsey), and was the 4th child in the family of her parents, Capt. Frederick and Mary Magdalene (Stegall) Rives. Frederick Rives and Mary Magdalene, his wife, held property in Franklin County on Pigg River and its branches. Frederick Rives died before Jan. 19, 1815, when his personal estate was appraised at $3,681.22. The children of Frederick and Mary Magdalene Rives were: (1) Burwell Rives, b. ca 1762; (2) George Rives, b. ca 1763; (3) Alexander Rives, b. ca 1765; (4) Martha (Patsey) Rives, b. ca 1767, m. to Charles Lumsden of this sketch; (5) Phoebe Rives, b. ca 1770, d. prob. bef. Jan. 2, 1816, m. ---- Still (Murphy Still to Phoebe Rives, July 23, 1795, sur. Abram DeHaven);[102] (6) Sarah Rives, b. Dec.5, 1773, m. John Brown (John Brown and Sarah Rives, July 8, 1793, sur. Ashford Napier);[103] (7) Elizabeth Rives, b. ca 1775, m. James Quarles (James Wm. Quarles and Elizabeth Rives, of Bedford, dau Frederick, Jan. 12, 1802, sur. George Rives and Wm. Quarles),[104] was living Jan. 2, 1816 with husb. in Wilson Co., Tenn.; (8) Lucy Rives, b. ca 1777, m. James Cowden (James Cowden and Lucy Rives, dau Frederick, Jan. 26, 1799, sur. Drinkard Steagall),[105] and was resid. in 1816 in Allen Co., Ky.; (9) Mary Rives, b. ca 1779, m. ---- Bottom (James Bottom and Mary Rives, dau Frederick, Nov. 9, 1808, sur. Lansford Brizendine),[106] and evidently d. bef. 1816; (10) Joseph Rives, b. 1781 (Joseph Rives and Frances Prunty, dau Robt., Feb. 15, 1814, sur. Chas Lumsden).[108]



            Charles Lumsden appears in 1782 as a tax payer of Henry Co., Va.[109] Personal property and land tax lists of 1786 for Franklin Co., Va. include the name of Charles Lumsdin.[110]



[Page 11, March 1786] Ordered that James Dillion, Charles Lumsden, Jas. Burns, John Robinson, or any three of them, do view a way for a road the nearest and most convenient way from Dillion's Old Mill on Blackwater into the Wagg'n Road at John Liveys and do make report thereof to the Court.



[Page 215, April Court 1788] Charles Lumsden is app'd sur'y of the road from the head of the Maple Swamp to Dillions Old Mill & the list filed to be his gang.[111]


            There were six children listed between 1810 and 1830 in the household of Charles and Patty (Rives) Lumsden: a boy and two girls, born between 1784 and 94; two girls, born between 1800 and 1810; and one girl, born between 1810 and 1820.[112]


            Charles Lumsden's name disappears from the Census records by 1840, his death having occurred in 1839. Instead, there is mention of a John Lumsden (birth, 1790-1800) who very likely is the only son of Charles.


            Records of Mrs. L. L. Steffey of Bristol, Tenn., and the notes of V. R. O'Neal show that Charles Lumsden had five children. The Census records indicate that there were six. One of his grandchildren was Charles Lumsden Potter, of whom Col. John Lumsden Hardeman spoke as being a nephew of Elizah Lumsden, and visited his Georgia relatives when a boy of 16. He described him as being very energetic - later married and lived at Grove Junction, Colo.




The children of Charles and Patty (Rives) Lumsden, not necessarily in order of their birth:


1. John Lumsden. Known as Jack. Birth 1784-94.  unmarried.


2. Phebe Lumsden. Married John Potter April 15, 1813. Sur. Chas. Lumsden, John Ashworth, minister.[113]


3. Malinda Lumsden. Married Hiram Custer, May 23, 1838. Sur. Moses G. Carper.[114]


4. Matilda Lumsden. Married Otey C. Perdue, April 22, 1841. Sur. John W. Lumsden, minister Moses Greer.[115]


5. ------ (fem)


6. ------ (fem)


Elijah (Eliza) Lumsden. Son of John and Wilmoth Lumsden.[116]


Born - 1762; died - March 30, 1842. He was identified as a son in his father's will.[117]

He married first - Feb. 7, 1787, to Racheal Greer, a dau. of Benj., sur. Jesse Lumsden.[118]

He married second - March 2, 1808, to Nancy White.


            Elijah Lumsden is not mentioned in the list of householders for Franklin Co., Va., in the year 1810. Mrs. Steffey's records reveal that he went South, but the date of his leaving Virginia is not known.


            Notes of V. R. O'Neal show that Elijash (Eliza) went to Georgia with Jeremiah, his brother; settled in Greene County, and then at Eatonton, Georgia, becoming a man of means and prominence.

Children of Elijah Lumsden:


            John Grier Lumsden, b. 1789, d. 1845; buried in the garden of his home in Eatonton, Ga.

            His children, not necessarily in order of birth:


A.      ---- (dau), married ---- Hardeman. Their son was Col. John Lumsden Hardeman of Macon, a brilliant lawyer. He was greatly interested in the family history and visited Rocky Mount, Va. He wrote in form of notes what data he could find. When his death occurred he had not compiled the data into history form.[119]


B.            ---- (dau) married ---- Dorsey. Her children:


a. Thomas Dorsey, lived in Talbot County.


b. Bush Dorsey, lived in Talbot County.


c. Jesse Dorsey, lived in White County.


            According to tradition, these men represented their counties in the state legislature several times.


Susannah Lumsden. Daughter of John and Wilmoth Lumsden.[120]


Born -------; died - 1844, near Hillsboro, Jasper Co., Ga. Her will on file at Monticello, Ga., p. 574, was executed and probated 1844.

She married John Cockran, Jan. 21, 1786, sur. Wm. Crump.[121]


Children of Susannah (Lumsden) Cockran, as identified by Col. Hardeman:


A. Melinda Cockran, m. John Sturdivant, Aug. 3, 1813.


B. John Cockran, m. Sallie Gross in 1814.


C. Allen Cockran, State Senator from 26th Dist., in 1847.


D. Martin Cockran, Justice of Peace, 1815.


E. Chester Cheadle Cockran, State Senator, Fayette Co., 1828-33-34-35; Campbell Co., 1837-39.


F. Jubil Cockran, Justice of Peace, 1837, m. 1st, Mary Hill of Jasper Co., Ga.; m. 2nd, Lydia White Hall.


G. Duag Cockran, died 1813.



Dudley Lumsden. Son of John and Wilmoth Lumsden.


This is the father of Lucy Catherine (Lumsden) Chitwood,[122] and the great-grandfather of Virginia Franklin (Chitwood) Mayfield, to whom this book is dedicated.


Born - Sep. 9, 1769.[123] The place of his birth is uncertain.

Died - his will, written May 14, 1841, was proved in Franklin Co., Va., on Sep. 6, 1841.[124] He and his wife were probably buried in the Lumsden Cemetery in Franklin County, Va.[125]


            Proof of Dudley Lumsden's marriage: Lumsden, Dudley and Sally Chitwood, June 7, 1802. Sur. John Chitwood, minister, John Saunders.[126]


            It is possible that Sally Chitwood was the daughter of John Chitwood, Jr., of Franklin County, Va., but this has not been proved. She was born Nov. 26, 1783.[127] She died some time after 1850.


            Dudley is referred to as a son in his father's will written 1787. In this he receives "the reversion of all the plantation and tract of land above mentioned given to Wilmoth his mother, to him and his heirs and assigns forever I also give the said Dudley the Bay Colt called Liberty.”



            Dudley Lumsden is listed as a householder of Franklin County, Va., in the Census records for the years 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840. Sarah Lumsden is the head of the household in the Census of 1850, with just one other person in the family -Creed, age 24. The 1860 Census was not checked.


            The Lumsden Bible, which is owned by Mrs. George Hurt of Roanoke, Va., gives the dates for Dudley Lumsden and his wife, and the names and dates of the children in their family:


            Dudley Lumsden born, Sep. 9, 1769

            Sallie Lumsden born, Nov. 26, 1783


1. Rhoda Lumsden born, May 19, 1803


2. Susan Lumsden born, Jan. 22, 1806


3. Elizabeth Lumsden born, Jan. 22, 1809


4. George Lumsden born, Jan. 1, 1812


5. Lucy Lumsden born, Nov. 19, 1814


6. Frances Lumsden born, Nov. 16, 1817


7. Wilmouth Lumsden born, Aug. 11, 1819


8. Sarah Lumsden born, Apr. 10, 1821


9. Creed Lumsden born, Sep. 27, 1826



Will of Dudley Lumsden



            In the name of God Amen, I, DUDLEY LUMSDEN of Franklin County, and State of Virginia, being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life. I first give to my beloved wife SALLY LUMSDEN, all my land lying on the South of Blackwater River, also three negroes, Milly, Mingo and Tom, two horses, and as much of the other stock as it is deemed necessary for the use of plantation; also, all my household and kitchen furniture; also, my blacksmith tools and wind mill, during her widowhood and at her death sd. land to go to my son, CREED W. LUMSDEN, I give to my son, GEORGE LUMSDEN the balance of my tract of land lying on the North side of sd. River adjoining the land I left to my wife. I also leave two tracts of land, the Webster tract and the Hutts tract, and all the stock on sd. land and two negroes, Rye and Ede to be divided equally between SUSANNAH PASLEY, ELIZABETH PELTER, LUCY CHITWOOD, FRANCES BOUSONAN, WILMOUTH THURMAN and SALLY LUMSDEN, out of the neat proceeds of the above stated land and negroes the sum of forty dollars each, I give also to my daughter, SALLY LUMSDEN, one negro girl, Charlotte, to be deducted out of her part of my estate and for her to take said girl at valuation, I also desire after the death of my wife one of the negro boys should be sold and the proceeds to be equally divided amongst all my children and the balance to be divided equally amongst my daughters ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament this the 14th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one.

                                                            Dudley Lumsden (Seal)


Robert Pasley

William Pasley, Jr.

Henry J. Angle



            At a court held for Franklin County at the courthouse the 6th day of September 1841, this last will and testament of Dudley Lumsden Dec'd was produced in court and proved by oath of Henry J. Angle and William Pasley, Jr. two of the subscribing witnesses hereto and ordered to be recorded and Sally Lumsden the widow having relinquished her right to the executretion on the motion of GEORGE LUMSDEN and JEFFERSON CHITWOOD who made oath and gave bond and security in the sum of Ten Thousand dollars conditioned according to law, certificate is granted them for obtaining letters of administration with will annexed on the estate of the said decedent.



Moses G. Carper, C.F.C.

A cope teste[1]



The children of Dudley and Sally (Chitwood) Lumsden:


1. Rhoda Lumsden, b. May 19, 1803; death unkn. Daniel Layman and Rhoda Lumsden, m. Nov. 10, 1821. Surety, Dudley Lumsden, minister Moses Greer, Jr.[2]           


2. Susan Lumsden, b. Jan. 22, 1806; death unkn. John Pasley and Susannah Lumsden, m. May 4, 1831. Surety, Daniel Layman.[3]


3. Elizabeth Lumsden, b. Jan. 22, 1809; death unkn. John Pelter and Elizabeth Lumsden, m. April 6, 1835. Surety, Dudley Lumsden, minister Theo. F. Webb.[4]


4. George Lumsden, b. Jan. 1, 1812 in Franklin Co., Va.; died May 7, 1890, buried in Lumsden Cemetery (no grave marker)[5]

            George Lumsden married Nancy E. Hughes, Feb. 1, 1847. Surety, Elijah Hughes, minister John Bowman.[6]


            Nancy E. Hughes was b. ----, and d. Jan. 11, 1892, a sister of Julina Hughes.[7] Nancy and Julina were descendants of Jane Hughs, b. 1770, d. 1853.[8] Jane Hughs had three children: Elijah, Aylie and Mary Hughes. Census records for Franklin Co., Va. for the year 1810, reveal two householders of the name Hughs: (1) Jane Hughs (b. 1765-84), whose household included a male (b. 1794-1800), and a female (b. 1800-1810); and (2) George Hughs (b. 1784-94), with a female of same age. Jane Hughs (or Hughes) married Elijah Poteet, May 21, 1814, sur. Benj. Wray, minister Wilson Turner.[9] There were children of this marriage, but the names are not known to the writer. In his will, Elijah Poteet gave all his possessions to his "dearly beloved friend Elijah Hughes".


                                            The Hughes Cemetery is on the Elijah Hughes farm now owned by Mrs. Whitt Perdue and her son. On the same farm is another cemetery where Nancy Hughes Lumsden, George Lumsden and some of their children are bur.


                                            The following on George Lumsden was sent by Mrs. L. L. Steffey (aforementioned), a granddaughter:


            "An old gentleman (Cal Angle) who remembered my grandfather said the Lumsden's men liked to hunt - were outdoors men. He referred to my grandfather George as very small, but his son Dudley was a 'Man's Man' as he said it. Once George and Dudley had been across the river working and a rain came. The river was swollen. Mr. Cal said Dudley took his dad, George, on his back and swam across the river. An elderly lady (about 90) told me she remembered Dudley and his father, George, coming to her house on cold, snowy, winter nights to play cards. The same lady also told me my grandfather, George, surveyed roads and 'line fences' for neighbors." 



Nine children were born to George and Nancy E. (Hughes) Lumsden:


A.    Elijah Dudley Lumsden, b. Feb. 17, 1848; d. Sep. 7, 1891; bur. Lumsden Cemetery; unm.


B.    John William Lumsden, b. Sep. 23, 1849; d. Nov. 23, 1899; m. Rhoda Elizabeth Harper, dau. of James Claiborne Harper (b. 1810) and Mary (Showalter) Harper. Rhoda Elizabeth (Harper) Lumsden m. 2nd, Fayette W. Harvey.[10]


C.      Albert Lumsden, b. Sep. 29, 1852, d. April 1, 1857.


D.    Sally Ann Julina Susan Lumsden, b. April 14, 1855, at Blackrock, the Lumsden home; d.--.

        Sally Ann m. 1st, Daniel Noble Harper (son of Joel Harper (b. 1811) and Mary (Noble) Harper).[11]


            One child was born of this 1st marriage, a little girl, who was scalded by falling into a tub of hot water. The burns caused her death.                   "Aunt Sallie came to visit us for several days each year. She was soft-spoken and mild. I never heard her laugh or chuckle. Aunt Nannie (Lumsden) Poindextor said she never got over the first husband's death (he died of typhoid fever) or the tragedy of her little girl's death."[12]


            Her second marriage was in Jan. 1894, to William Riley Dudley, b. July 25, 1829, d. 1898 bur. in High Street Cemetery at Rocky Mount, Va.; son of Thomas, b. 1804 (son of Levi Dudley and Polly Kemp) and 1st wife, Temperance Heptinstall, b. 1805 (dau of Caleb Heptinstall and Tege Greer). William R. Dudley had been previously married to Fannie Kasey, and had grown children. He was in the State Senate at the time of his and Sallie's marriage.[13]






Two children born to Sally Ann Julina Susan (Lumsden) Harper Dudley:


a. Sally Meem Dudley, b. Nov. 24, 1894; d. Apr. 15, 1916; m. Elbert Gray Foster who was living in 1965.


b.Wm. Ballard Dudley, b. 1897 (living in 1965); m. Mary Dalton, place and dates unkn.


Sally Ann Julina Susan (Lumsden) Harper Dudley married third time to Wise Poindextor.


            Mrs. Steffey (aforementioned) states that she understands that all three husbands of Sally Ann lived less than six or eight years.



E.     George Lumsden, b. Apr. 14, 1855; d. Oct. 13, 1884; unm.


F.       James Robert Lumsden, b. July 31, 1858; d. Apr. 1, 1945; m. Dec. 24, 1893 to Annie Kitty Perdue (b. Mar. 19, 1867 at Redwood, Va.; d. Oct. 12, 1953; dau of Luke and Sarah (Lynch) Perdue).

                      The children of James Robert and Kitty (Perdue) Lumsden:


a. Claude Luke Lumsden, b. Jan. 6, 1900 in Franklin Co., Va.; m. M. Delma Sims on Dec. 24, 1925.


b. Ruth Lumsden, b. Oct 20, 1895 in Franklin Co., Va.: m. Alonzo Hudson, Dec. 25, 1926.


c. Sally Lumsden, b. Sep. 14, 1896 in Franklin Co., Va.; unm; retired school teacher in 1965, living at Glade Hill, Va. She is 2nd Vice Regent (1964-66) of Major George Parker Chapter, National Society of Daughters of The American Colonists, of Roanoke, Va.; (Nat. No. 17132) through ancestor, John Lumsden. She is also a member of the ------ Chapter of D.A.R. (Nat. No.----), through John Lumsden.


d. John Curtis Lumsden, b. Oct. 5, 1901 in Franklin Co., Va.; m. Rebecca Perdue, July 8, 1937.


e. Naomi Lumsden, b. Feb. 7, 1907; m. Louis L. Steffey Aug. 22, 1936, at Redwood, Va. (b. Sep. 4, 1896 at Rural Retreat, Wyeth Co., Va., son of Alexander and Dora White Steffey).

    Naomi (Lumsden) Steffey is a member of D.A.R. Sycamore Shoals Chapter of Virginia, (Nat. No. 389712), through her ancestor John Lumsden.

Children of Louis L. and Naomi (Lumsden) Steffey:


(1) Kitty Lou Steffey, b. May 29, 1839 at Rural Retreat, Wythe Co., Va.; m. Sep. 3, 1960, at Bristol, Tenn., to Don Smith (b. June --, 1939 at Roanoke, Va., son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bebb) Smith)


G.        Charles Lumsden, b. Aug. 12, 1865; d. Dec. 21, 1889; unm.


H.        Nancy Mary Elizabeth Frances Lumsden, b. July 17, 1868, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 10, 1959, prob. bur. in Longview Cemetery at Rocky Mount, Va., same as her husband. She married Dec. 4, 1890 in Franklin Co., Va., to Charlie Poindextor of Union Hall, Va. He was born Nov. 1, 1866, in Franklin Co., Va., and died Mar. 25, 1945, bur. Longview Cemetery at Rocky Mount, Va., son of John and Nancy (Starkey) Poindextor.


            "Aunt Nannie was vivacious, proud, and had dark brown eyes and black hair . . . Names of her family from her Bible, owned by Mrs. James R. Nunn of Richmond, Va."[14]

                           Children of Nancy and Charlie Poindextor:


a. Mattie P. Poindextor, b. Sep. 12, 1891; m. Dec. 5, 1906, at Union Hall, Va., to John B. Dudley.


b. Harry Donley Poindextor, b. Mar. 20, 1894; m. Dec. 23, 1921, at Roanoke to Willie M. Chelton.


c. Roy Hairston Poindextor, b. Feb. 27, 1896; m. May 24, 1924, at Roanoke, Va., to Zelma Bernard.


d. George Washington Poindextor, b. Jan. 30, 1902; m. Dec. 3, 1934 in Franklin Co., Va., to Vivian Adams.


e. May Poindextor, b. May 1, 1904; m. July 15, 1922 at Bristol, Tenn., to H. J. Wright.


f. Annie Louise Poindextor, b. Nov. 22, 1907; m. June 30, 1936, to E. Buren Skinnell.


g. Velma Poindextor, b. Jan. 31, 1910; d. in infancy.


h. Nancie Elizabeth Poindextor, b. Oct. 26, 1914; m. July 31, 1937, to James R. Nunn.



I.      Cora Ada Lumsden, b. Apr. 2, 1872; d. Sep. 11, 1877.


5. Lucy Catherine Lumsden, daughter of Dudley and Sally (Chitwood) Lumsden, b. Nov. 19, 1814.[15]


6. Frances Lumsden, b. Nov. 16, 1817; death unknown. Abraham Bowsman and Frances Lumsden m. Nov. 20, 1837. Sur. Dudley Lumsden.[16]



            Abraham Bousman, householder, appears in the 1840 Census of Franklin Co. (p. 321), 30-40 yrs (b. 1800-1810). His household included a female (b. 1810-1820), prob. his wife Frances; and a girl under 5 yrs (b. 1835-1840). A descendant of Frances and Abraham, Mrs. Verlie Fisher, lives at Anderson, Indiana in 1965.


7. Wilmouth "Willie" Lumsden, b. Aug. 11, 1819; d. Feb. 13, 1900; m. John Thurman (Thurmond) March 5, 1838 in Franklin Co., Va.[17]


8. Sarah (Sally Elizabeth, Aunt Sag) Lumsden, b. Apr. 10, 1821; m. Henry Thurman (Thurmond) May 5, 1850, in Franklin Co., Va.[18] The Census record of Franklin Co., Va. for 1850, shows that Sarah and Henry had been married within the year.


9. Creed. W. Lumsden, b. Sep. 27, 1826, prob. in Franklin Co., Va.; death date unknown. He was bur. in the Lumsden Cemetery, about 7 miles from Boones Mill, Va. The Census of 1850 for Franklin Co., Va. indicates that he was the only child of Dudley and Sally (Chitwood) Lumsden remaining at home that year. His age is given in that record as 24 years.


            He married 1st, Jan. 21, 1858, to Mary Elizabeth Beckner; 2nd, July 29, 1888, to Amanda Griffith, dau of Rhoda Griffith.[19]

            Children of Creed W. Lumsden:


A.    William Albert Lumsden, b. ca 1849 (?)


B.    Janey Lumsden, m. ---- Moore.


C.    Sally Lumsden, m. Billy Bryant.


D.    Lottie Lumsden, m. ---- Minnich (or Minneix); lived near Bonbrook, Va.


E.     Lizzie Lumsden, m. Lewis Starkey; lived near Boones Mill, Va.


F.     Minnie Lumsden, m. Cephas James; lived Boones Mill, Va.


G.    Hailey Lumsden.


H.    Lucy Lumsden, m. ---- Doss, at Franklin Co, Va.


I.      Joel Lumsden, m. ---- Hartman; lived at Wirtz, Va.


J.     George Lumsden, lived at Bonbrook, Va.


K.    Howard Lumsden, lived at Greenville, South Carolina.


L.     Henry Lumsden, lived at Danville, Va.


M   Lee Lumsden (female) of the 2nd family, m. Herman Allbright; lived at Dayton, Ohio.


N.      Cleveland Lumsden, killed in World War II.


O.      Hattie Lumsden, m. ---- Stebelton; m. Jim ----, who drowned; of Dayton, Ohio.


16:  Children of Jefferson and Lucy Catherine

(Lumsden) Chitwood


                            Eleven children were born to Jefferson and his wife, Lucy Catherine.[20] They were all born in Franklin County, near Rocky Mount, Va.




Born - July 24, 1833, in Franklin Co., Va.; died, June 15, 1870, buried in an old Chitwood cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va.[21]


            First marriage: Nathaniel Johnson, son of Elizabeth and Nathaniel, and Sarah E. Chitwood, dau of Jefferson and Lucy, Oct. 27, 1853, by John Bowman.[22]


            Second marriage: James F. Kennett, who was buried in the Flint Hill Church Cemetery, near Rocky Mount, Va.[23]


Children of Sarah Elizabeth (Chitwood) Johnson:

 1.       George Johnson, b. 1856; d. June 7, 1940, at 84 yrs.[24]


2.         William Johnson.


3.         Tommy Johnson, bur. beside his mother in the old Chitwood Cemetery.[25]


Children of Sarah Elizabeth (Chitwood) Johnson Kennett:


4.       Robert Lee Kennett, b. Sep. 1867; d. Dec. 26, 1950.[26]



Born - Jan. 10, 1836, in Franklin Co., Va.; died in same county, April 10, 1923; buried with her seven infants beside her parents in the old Chitwood cemetery near Rocky Mount,



            She married Anslum Turner. They separated. No children survived.





Born - July 28, 1838, in Franklin Co., Va; died when young.[28]




Born - Feb. 22, 1841, in Franklin Co., Va.; died when young.[29]





Born - May 28, 1844, in Franklin Co., Va. (See further)





Born - April 25, 1847, in Franklin Co., Va.; died Jan. 10, 1921, at Bedford City, Va. She married George Bays.[30]


Children of George and Lucy Margaret (Chitwood) Bays:


1. Willie Bays (a dau); m. Dick Meade of Bedford City, Va.


Children of Dick and Willie (Bays) Meade:


A. Mary.


B. Hallie.


C. George.





Born - Aug. 28, 1850, Franklin Co., Va.; died Apr. 1, 1891, in Franklin Co., Va., bur. in Flint Hill Church Cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va.[31] Syntha Ann married George Skinnell. Several of her children died in infancy.


Those that lived were:


1. Georgia Skinnell, m. John Adkins.


2. John Thomas Skinnell.


3. Billy Skinnell.


4. Jimmy Skinnell, living in Wichita, Kans., in 1964.





Born - June 15, 1852, in Franklin Co., Va.; died April 28, 1929, at his home on the Williamson Road at Roanoke, Va. Burial services were held at the Williamson Road Methodist Church at Roanoke, with burial at Evergreen Cemetery, Roanoke, Va.[32]


            Calvin Lewis Chitwood married Feb. 15, 1873, at Franklin Co., Va., to Lucy I. Fisher, b. Sep. 14, 1856 in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Dec. 11, 1936, same county; a dau. of Josiah and Julina (Hughes) Fisher.[33]


            The records of Mrs. L. L. Steffey, of Bristol, Tenn., state that her grandmother (Nancy E. (Hughes) Lumsden) and Julina (Hughes) Fisher, were sisters; that they were descendants of Jane Hughs, b. 1770, d. 1853.[34] Jane Hughs had three children: Elijah Hughes, Aylie Hughes and Mary Hughes. Census records of 1810 for Franklin Co., Va., reveal two householders of the name Hughs: (1) Jane Hughs (b. 1765-84) whose household included a male (b. 1794-1800) and a female (b. 1800-1810); and (2) George Hughs (b. 1784-94) with a female of same age. Jane Hughs (or Hughes) married Elijah Poteet may 21, 1814, surety Benjamin Wray, minister Wilson Turner.[35] There were children by this marriage, but the names are not known to the writer. In his will, Elijah Poteet gave all his possessions to his "dearly beloved friend Elijah Hughes". The Hughes Cemetery is on the Elijah Hughes farm now owned by Mrs. Whitt Perdue and her son.


            Josiah Fisher, father of Lucy I. Fisher, was a son of Sallie (Angle) Fisher who died some time in 1880.[36]             


Four daughters were born to Josiah and Julina (Hughes) Fisher:


(1) Lucy Fisher, who m. Calvin L. Chitwood.


(2) Susan E. Fisher, b. Oct. 1858, in Franklin Co., Va., and d. Mar. 9, 1931; m. Robert Lee Kennett.[37]


(3) Fannie Fisher, m. Charles Hudson.


(4) Mary Ella Fisher, d. Sep. 3, 1903; m. Oliver P. Divers who d. Nov. 24, 1907.

            Josiah Fisher died during the Civil War. He was brought back from the war, and is believed to have been buried in the Lumsden Cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va. Julina (Hughes) Fisher then married William "Bill" Thurman, and by him had six more children.[38] Julina died in Franklin County, Va., Jan. 20, 1891.[39]


            Calvin Lewis Chitwood helped his father, Jefferson, run their mill. He and lucy raised a family of five children, all born in Franklin County, Va.[40]


Children of Calvin Lewis and Lucy (Fisher) Chitwood:


            1. Sarah "Sallie" E. Chitwood, b. Jan. 4, 1874; d. July 26, 1959, buried in Evergreen Cemetery at Roanoke, Va. She taught school in the Gills Creek District of Franklin Co., Va. She never married.


            2. Charles Albert Chitwood, b. Jan. 19, 1876; d. July 28, 1960 at Roanoke, Va. He never married.


            3. Julina Wilmoth "Willie" Chitwood, b. July 10, 1889; d. Oct. 25, 1956, and bur in the Evergreen Cemetery at Roanoke, Va. to Grover S. Dillon, b. Jan. 24, 1885, a son of Silas and Mary Jane Dillon.



A.  Theda Mae Dillon, b. Aug. 17, 1917; m. 1st, to Woody Williams; m. 2nd, to Winter Ferguson, Jan 24, 1947.  Their children:


a.  Mary Starke Ferguson, b. Sep. 10, 1949.


            4. Robert Gray Chitwood, b. June 22, 1891, in Franklin Co., Va. Living at 5833 Darby Rd. N.W., Roanoke, Va. in 1964. He married 1st, Dec. 24, 1917 to Ethel Palmer (b. Dec. 9, 1895; d. Aug. 8, 1960); m. 2nd, June 1962 at Roanoke, Va., to Jean Conner.


            5. Almira Fanny Chitwood, b. March 10, 1893, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. Dec. 25, 1912, at Rocky Mount, Va., to Walter P. Holland, b. Oct 29, 1888, at Rocky Mount, Va. Walter was the son of William Pierce Holland and Virginia Elizabeth Poindextor (dau of John W. and Mat. Poindextor); and the grandson of Peter Lewis Holland. Poindextor and Holland families are found in the 1810 Census for Franklin Co., Va., and the Holland family as early as the 1786 Tax list.[41]


Walter and Fanny Holland have one child:


A. Virginia Isabelle Holland, b. Oct. 15, 1913 at Roanoke, Va.; m. July 23, 1938, at Roanoke, Va., to Galen Royer Showalter, b. Sep. 14, 1912 Roanoke, Va. (son of John S. and Ida Showalter). Galen and Virginia Isabelle live (1964) at 5619 Littleton Rd., N.W., Roanoke, Va.     One child:


a. Frances Marie Showalter, b. June 28, 1939; m. June 26, 1959, to Francis Key (son of Carson and Connie Key). They reside (1964) at 3314 Oakland Blvd., Roanoke, Va. One child:


(1). Kelly Rehne Key, b. March 22, 1962.





Born - Feb. 14, 1855/54, in Franklin Co., Va.; died Feb. 2, 1928, and bur. in the old Chitwood Cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va. (location described as on Rt 122 East). He married Elize Smith, Jan. 19, 1882. Her grave-marker in the cemetery gives her name to be Annie E. Chitwood, born Apr. 19, 1858, died July 15, 1950.[42]


Children of James Floyd and Annie Eliza (Smith) Chitwood:


1. Emma Chitwood, b. Franklin Co., Va.; d. Bedford Co., Va.; m. Everet Nichols, of Bedford County, Va.


2. Thomas Jefferson Chitwood, b. Jan. 15, 1887, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Nov. 23, 1958, at Rocky Mount, Va., and bur. in the High Street Cemetery at Rocky Mount, Va. He married Dec. 25, 1913, in Franklin Co., Va., to Fay Thurman, b. Dec. 22, 1895, in Franklin Co., Va., dau of Giles Monroe and Catherine (Thurman) Thurman.[43] Her address in 1965 is 128 Franklin St., Rocky Mount, Va.

                            The children of Thomas Jefferson and Fay (Thurman) Chitwood:


A.  Thelma Beatrice Chitwood, b. Apr. 9, 1916, Rocky Mount, Va.; m. Apr. 16, 1934, Campbell Co., Va., to Tom Carswell, of North Carolina.

B.  Thomas Dorie Chitwood, b. Dec. 22, 1922, at Rocky Mount, Va.; m. Nov. 11, 1950, Franklin Co., Va., to Eva Irene Morris.

C.  Giles Burke Chitwood, b. Apr. 22, 1925, Rocky Mount, Va.; m. summer of 1942, Johnson City, Tenn., to Virginia Ridgeway.


3. Ada Chitwood, b. -----, in Franklin Co., Va.; alive in 1964; married to Kelly Kennett, b. in Franklin Co., Va., the son of Robert Lee and Susan Kennett.[44]

               Their address in 1964 is RFD, Rocky Mount, Va.  Three children were born:


A.  Christine Kennett.


B.  Elizabeth Kennett, m. ---- Chilman.


C.  Farris Kennett (a son).


4. Will Chitwood, b. ----, in Franklin County, Va.,; m.     Hattie Bell Thurman, b. Franklin Co., Va.; a dau of Bruce Thurman. She was alive in 1964, living at Rt 1, Rocky Mount, Va.


5. Virginia "Jenny" Chitwood, b. ----, unmarried in 1963.


6. Walter S. Chitwood, b. May 20, 1905, Franklin           County, Va.; m. Franklin Co., Va., to Irma        Robertson, b. June 21, 1905. Their address in 1963 was: 1105 Wasena Ave. S.W., Roanoke, Va.

                Three children born to Walter S. and Irma (Robertson) Chitwood:


                            A.  Jane Chitwood, b. Feb. 8, 1935; m. Guy Halsey.


                            B.  Rosemary Chitwood, b. Sep. 17, 1941; m. ---Stephens.


                            C.  Joseph Chitwood, b. Aug. 31, 1945.





Born - April 12, 1858, in Franklin Co., Va.; died Dec. 27, 1927, in the same county. She married William Harriston Hurt, son of Amerlia Hurt. They separated.


The children of William Harriston and Almira Virginia (Chitwood) Hurt:

1. George Hurt, married Ruth Perfater, and later separated. It was thought by both Mrs. Walter P. Holland and her sister, Sally Chitwood, that Ruth (Perfater) Hurt has the old Chitwood Bible, but this is not certain.


2. Price Hurt. He was married, and later separated. His wife's name is unknown to the writer.


3. Albert Hurt, died in infancy.






Born - August 18, 1861, in Franklin Co., Va.; died June 15, 1927, in same county and state; buried at Flint Hill Methodist Church, near Wirtz, Va. (located near the Lumsden Cemetery. Birth and death dates confirmed by Bible records[45] and from inscription on his grave marker.[46]

Lee married 1st, to Louisa C. Hall (known as Aunt Lute), whose grave marker gives her dates: 1863-1916. She is buried at Conway Springs, Kans. Lee went West to Kansas to homestead, and came back to Virginia several times, and died in Va.[1]


            "My father homesteaded in Kansas. But he gave up his homestead to his brother, and Daddy came back East. He and your great, great Uncles Lee and John Thomas were old cronies on the Kansas Plains. I have been to Kansas three times on western trips and live again all the fascinating things Pop told me about Pioneer days in that country. I always looked forward to Cousin Lee's   

visits back East. They often came in Winter and stayed about a week with us. I just loved him."[2]

            Lee Franklin Chitwood married second, at Bristol, Va., to Vicie Dillon (Aug. 29, 1877 - Apr. 20, 1956).[3] She was buried in the Flint Hill Cemetery where her husband is buried. This was probably the 4th marriage for Vicie; also thought to have been a Chitwood at the time of her marriage to Lee Franklin Chitwood.


One child was born to Lee Franklin and Vicie (Dillon) Chitwood:


            1. "Infant of Lee and Vicie Chitwood, Born & Died Oct. 3, 1918." Buried in the old Chitwood Cemetery near Rocky Mount, Va.[4]









17:       George Washington Chitwood,

of Franklin County, Virginia


                            Tradition tells that George. W. Chitwood named himself; Census records of 1850 prove that at the age of five years, George still had no name. He was born near Rocky Mount, Va., in Franklin Co., on May 28, 1844. He was the fifth child in the family of Jefferson and Lucy Catherine (Lumsden) Chitwood. He was better known as "Uncle Dock" by the members of the family; had greyish blue eyes; and though not fat, is remembered by his daughter, Faire, as being on the short side and stalky.[5]


            George W. Chitwood died at Conway Springs, Kans., March 4, 1924, and is buried in the Conway Springs Cemetery beside his wife.[6]


            He helped his father, Jefferson, run the mill which was located on the waters of Magodee Creek, near where they lived close to Rocky Mount, Va. This was a combination corn, wheat and saw mill.


            George was sixteen years old when he ran away from home to become a soldier in General Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army. Being underage, he had to lie about his age in order to enlist. He enlisted in Franklin Co., Va. on June 17, 1861, and served as a private of Co. D 2nd Reg't of Virginia Cavalry. He is on the muster roll until Aug. 1864, serving under Capt. S. Hale, Capt. Saunders and Capt. Trent.[7] His obituary[8] tells that he was with General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox, and that at the surrender he hid his gun under a log and started for his home without further ceremony.




            From Bethel (Chitwood) Dickson (dau of George Lee Chitwood) it was learned that she and the other children were told not to talk of Lincoln, that George Washington Chitwood definitely had no use for him. Faire (Chitwood) Wolf added that her father (George W. Chitwood) fought against his brother-in-law (unknown to the writer), but they did not know each other at that time. She said that George came home with a bullet hole in his hat, and that was close enough! George Frederick Chitwood, a grandson, remembered that "Uncle Dock" was one of two Confederate Veterans in the Conway Springs, Kansas area. Being Confederate, he received no pension, as did those men of the Union Army. The Union Army Veterans were prone to kid George about having lost the war. He always had a quick answer for them. His response was, "Yes, you whipped us, but we sure crippled you, because you all have to live on pensions!"


            George W. Chitwood married in Franklin County, Va., on January 23, 1867, to Matilda Octave Metts, a dau. of John and Matilda (Lynch) Metts of Franklin Co., Va. He and Matilda (called Tave) lived in a house on a hill back of the mill his father ran. Six children were born there, before moving to Kansas.


            About 1880 George W. Chitwood temporarily left his family in Virginia, and went to Kansas where he bought 80 acres of land. Matilda and their six children then followed by train and joined him there. The family settled in the old Greencastle locality east of Conway Springs, Kansas. Six more children were born in Kansas. One unhappy fact is that George drank more than he should have, and this was brought up during a visit between Mrs. Walter P. Holland and the writer of this book in Roanoke, Va., Oct. 1963. Mrs. Holland was asked if she knew if George ever came back to Virginia when once he had left, and her answer was:


            "Oh yes, he came back to Virginia. I guess I wasn't over ten years old when he came here to the home of his brother, Calvin. You knew he drank? Well, he was with a cousin of ours, and my daddy lent him a horse to ride. My mother was sitting in the kitchen sewing, and I remember it just as well as if it were yesterday. He had a bottle in his pocket, an overcoat, and it slipped out and fell on the floor. My mother said, 'You dripped your bottle!' He said, 'No, it ain't my bottle, no, it ain't mine!' He would not have it!"


            George was no different from anyone else. He had bad traits as well as good. His bad trait, the drinking, was an influence in the break-up of his and Matilda's marriage for a time.






            From a Wellington, Kansas newspaper:


   Oct. 20, 1904. - The divorce granted Mrs. George Chitwood of Conway Springs neighborhood at the beginning of the present term of court, was set aside Monday upon the request of Mrs. Chitwood, and the husband and wife have gone to living together again. A reconcilliation having been effected.



            George W. Chitwood was as honest as they come. He claimed his word was as good as his deed, and it was. He was very good at curing meat. He would butcher and hang the meat up in a tall tree, and could make sausage and head cheese from pork that beat any woman's.[9] George Lee Chitwood (a son) and his family lived across the road from his father, George W., who never missed coming over to see them while they ate dinner. He was always asked to have dinner with them, but he would say, "I went through the motion." George W. Chitwood was always very strict with his children.


            After Matilda's death in 1909, George W. Chitwood married again. This marriage ended in divorce, and he lived by himself from then until he died. He cooked his own meals and took care of his house by himself. He studied his Bible in his later years, and in the summertime would hitch up his horse to the buggy and drive to town to church and Sunday school, four miles one way. Arrangements were made with his son, George Lee Chitwood, that he, George W., was to hang a white cloth on the back porch if ever there was any need for help. The white cloth appeared one day about noontime, and George W. Chitwood passed away a few days later.


George W. Chitwood's second marriage:  Sarah A. Boaz. Divorced: Dec. 1, 1912.


Sarah A. Chitwood wanted a divorce from her husband, George W. Chitwood, very badly yesterday. Mr. Chitwood was not averse. The case had been filed in due form, but when the parties got together in division No. 2 of the district court yesterday there was no court. The judge was absent. Attorneys for Mr. and Mrs. Chitwood agreed that they must get the divorce right away, so they agreed upon W. A. Ayers for judge pro tem. He was duly sworn in by the clerk of the court and sat in the case. He granted Mrs. Chitwood her divorce 2,000.00 in alimony and her maiden name of Sarah A. Boaz.




            Death claimed another of Sumner County's oldest pioneers when Geo. Chitwood, Sr., died Tuesday morning at the age of 80 years, at the old farm home four miles east of Conway Springs were he spent more than half of his life time.


            The Chitwoods are of one of the most widely known families in this portion of the county, as most of Mr. Chitwood's sons and a daughter have married and all reared their families in this locality. During his long residence here the deceased made many long time friendships and kept clean his record as always dealing squarely with his associates.


            Geo. Chitwood was born in May 1844 in Franklin Co., Va. Died at farm east of Conways Springs at 11:30 on Tuesday morning, March 4, 1924.


            He was married to Matilda Octave Metts, Jan. 23, 1866. To this union were born twelve children of whom the following seven survive: Wm. of Kansas City, Mrs. Jennie Mayfield of Wichita, Henry, George and Jim, all of Conway Springs; Lawrence of Wellington, Farrie of Kansas City.


            The family came to Kansas and settled in Sumner County east of Conway Springs in 1881, and at the time of his death Mr. Chitwood had lived at the same farm home for more than forty years. He was a Confederate soldier and was with General Robt. E. Lee at Appomattox, and at the surrender he hid his gun under a log and started for his home without further ceremony.


            The wife died April 9, 1909. Besides the seven children, he is survived by three brothers and one sister who are Calvin and Jimmie Chitwood of Roanoke, Va., Lee Chitwood of Kingman, Kans., and Mrs. Almira Hurst; also twenty-six grandchildren.


            Funeral services will be conducted from the home by Rev. A. B. Kirk on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock, and interment at the local cemetery.

The children of George Washington and Matilda Octave (Metts) Chitwood:


  1. William Alexander Chitwood, b. Apr. 20, 1868.


  2. Virginia Franklin Chitwood, b. Sep. 21, 1869.


  3. John Thomas Chitwood, b. Sep. 4, 1871.


  4. Henry Washington Chitwood, b. Nov. 26, 1873.


  5. George Lee Chitwood, b. Nov. 28, 1876.


  6. James Calvin Chitwood, b. Nov. 18, 1878.


  7. Nannie Matilda Chitwood, b. Mar. 6, 1881.


  8. Jessee Wilson Chitwood, b. Apr. 20, 1883.


  9. Lawrence Ladrew Chitwood, b. Dec. 24, 1884.


10. unnamed infant dau. (no dates given)


11. Ethel M. Chitwood, b. Jan. 27, 1890.


12. Ferrie Violet Chitwood, b. July 16, 1892.



Four small white markers near the graves of George and Matilda mark the graves of the children who did not reach maturity:


 7. Nannie Matilda "Daughter of G. W. & M. O. Chitwood Born Mar. 6, 1881 - died Aug. 1, 1882"


 8. Jessee Wilson "Son of G. W. & M. O. Chitwood Born Apr. 20,  1883 - died Aug. 1, 1886"


10. (unnamed dau) "Daughter of G. W. & M. O. Chitwood"


 11. Ethel M. "Ethel M. dau of G. W. & M. O. Chitwood died Aug. 14,      1891 aged 1 yr - 6 mos - 7 da"





18:       Matilda Octave Metts, wife of

George Washington Chitwood



                            Matilda Octave Metts, better known as "Tave" or "Tavie", was the mother of Virginia Franklin (Chitwood) Mayfield, to whom this book is dedicated. Tave was born Sep. 3, 1847, in Franklin County, Va., the daughter of John and Matilda (Lynch) Metts.


            Very little has been found about Tave's life as a young girl, except that Callie Pamelia (Perdue) Lynch, an elderly aunt of Mrs. L. L. Steffey of Bristol, Tenn., once told Mrs. Steffey that Sarah (Lynch) Perdue (the grandmother of Mrs. Steffey) and Tavie Metts went to Primitive Baptist Associations together.


            Matilda Octave's youngest child, Faire, recalled that her mother was a beautiful dancer, tall, graceful and jolly, and was considered to be a "Virginia Belle" when she was young. Everyone did the Virginia Reel in those days, and Faire said she used to watch her parents, George and Matilda, dance at their home in the country in Kansas many years ago when Faire was small. Mrs. George Lee Chitwood of Conway Springs, Kans., added that the Chitwoods could "cut a swing and hoop it up", the Virginia Reel being easy for them. She remembered also that Matilda was a very neat housekeeper and very quick at her work.


            Life was not always gay for Tave, for, as with all young brides, she was homesick at times to see her family. She often related to Mrs. George Lee Chitwood (her daughter-in-law) that she was so homesick while still in Virginia, that she put her eldest son (William Alexander) on the horse in front of her, and, with her baby daughter (Virginia Franklin) in her arms, rode all the way to her parents' home to see her family. This was a considerable distance to ride with two very young children.


            Matilda Octave never lost the charm of her southern background and accent. Bruce Mayfield, a grandson of Tulsa, Okla., remembers that the children of the Conway Springs neighborhood always loved to gather around her and listen to her talk. She was loved by all.


            The name and the date of the newspaper, in which the following obituary for Matilda Octave was published, are missing. However, there is little doubt that the clipping was from the Conway Springs Star, which is still the local newspaper. The original clipping is owned by Geraldine (Chitwood) Williams, wife of John Roscoe Williams, of Wichita, Kans.



            Mrs. Matilda Octave Chitwood died of consumption at her home four miles east of Conway Springs on Friday afternoon April 9th, 1909.

            The deceased was born in Franklin County, Vir., Sept. 3, 1847. She was married to G. W. Chitwood Jan. 23, 1867, and came to Kansas in 1880.

            She became the mother of twelve children, of whom five are dead. The survivors are Mrs. Jennie Mayfield, William, Henry, James, George, Laurence and Fairy.

            Funeral services were conducted at the home on Sunday, at eleven o'clock N. K. Simpson, pastor of the Free Baptist Church at Anson, officiating after which the remains were taken to Conway Springs cemetery for interment.



Metts Family



            Tradition tells us that the Metts family of Franklin Co., Va., was from France. Census records spell it two ways: Metts and Metz. Faire (Chitwood) Wolf remembers her mother, Matilda Octave, telling that the correct spelling of their name was Metts because they were French. Research has not yet determined the year our first Metts ancestor came to America, but the earliest one found and proven is John Metts who was born in Virginia in 1805.[11]


            No Metts or Metz names were found in 1810 or 1820 Census records for Franklin Co., Va., showing that the family was living elsewhere during those years. By 1830 there were four householders of the name of Metz in the county of Franklin: Archibald, John, Thomas and another (and younger) John. The 1840 Census shows a change in the spelling of the name to Metts, with three of the name as householders: John, Thos. and Archibald.


            John Metts[12] appears again in the 1850 Census, and is the father of Matilda Octave.


            Thomas Metts[13] does not appear in 1850, but it is probable that he had a wife Lucy and that they have descendants. A marriage record shows John W. Metts, whose parents were Thomas and Lucy Metts, married Sallie E. Fralin on Dec. 20, 1858.[14] Also, Thos. Metts married Lucy Willard, Dec. 27, 1824. Sur. Thos. Metts.[15]


            Archibald Metts, the third householder of the name in the 1840 Census, appears with Susan of the same age, in the 1850 Census.



John Metts, earliest proven ancestor in America.


Born - ca 1805, in Virginia;[16] date of death unkn, some time after 1850.

Married - March 18, 1825, to Matilda Lynch, b. ca. 1807 in Va., dau of James and Elizabeth (Ashwell) Lynch of Bedford Co., Va.[17]


            Four children, 3 girls and 1 boy, all under the age of five years, appear in the family of John Metz in 1830. There was also a female 70-80 yrs (b. 1750-60) living with them, who was gone by 1840. From these records of 1830, 40 and 50, we are able to compile a list of the children in the household of John and Matilda Metts:


  1. (female)                            b. ca 1826               (Census 1830)


  2. James                               b. ca 1827             (Census 1830, 40, 50)


  3. (female)                            b. ca 1828               (Census 1830)


  4. Mary E. (or K.)                  b. ca 1830           (Census 1830, 40, 50)


  5. Sarah E.                            b. ca 1832               (Census 1840, 50)


 6. George L.(or T.)                b. ca 1833              (Census 1840, 50)


  7. Locky A.                          b. ca 1834             (Census 1840, 50)


  8. (male)                               b. 1835-40              (Census 1840)


  9. (male)                               b. 1835-40              (Census 1840)


10. John H.                            b. ca 1841               (Census 1850)


11. Margaret L.                     b. ca 1844               (Census 1850)


12. Matilda O.                       b. Sep. 3, 1847[18]



            Records concerning some of the above mentioned children have been located:


Thos. T. Frailin married to Sarah E. Metts, dau of John, Oct. 19, 1850. Sur. John C. Hutcherson.[19]


Jesse H. Franklin married to Lockey Metts, Oct. 20, 1853, minister, John R. Martin.[20]


John Henry Metts married Mary Ayers in Franklin Co, Va., Jan. 5, 1866. His parents, John and Matilda Metts.[21]


John Henry Metts married Martha Nunn, Sep. 17, 1882, his parents given as John and Matilda Metts.[22]


George W. Chitwood married Matilda Octave Metts, Jan. 23, 1867, at Franklin Co., Va. Her parents were John and Matilda Metts of Franklin Co., Va., married by John R. Martin.[23]

Lynch - Whirley Family


            Patrick Lynch was a great-grandfather of Matilda Octave (Metts) Chitwood. We learn from tradition, not from proof, that the ancestor of Patrick Lynch came from Ireland. According to this tradition, Patrick's ancestor and a brother were lured aboard a ship from the shores of Ireland, and brought to America where they were put out as "bound boys". Years later, during a return visit to Ireland, this same ancestor tried to prove to his old father the he was his son, but the father did not believe him. He was thought to be an impostor, trying to get a part of the estate. This story was told often to Mrs. L. L. Steffey, of Bristol, Tenn., by her aunt and by her mother, Annie Kitty (Perdue) Lumsden, great-granddaughters of Patrick Lynch.



Patrick Lynch, earliest proven ancestor.


Birth place and date are unknown. He died May 9, 1832, at his residence in Bedford Co., Va.


Patrick was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, as the following documents show, serving two tours of duty in Maryland before coming to Virginia; two after coming to Virginia; and four tours after his marriage in Va.


            The document, copied further, shows that Patrick Lynch came to Bedford Co., Va., in the fall of 1779 with Frayl (or Flayl) Payne, driving Payne's team and wagon, and lived with him until the next year (April 1780). He served in the Revolutionary War most of the time from then until after the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.


            Patrick married in November of 1780, in Bedford Co., Va., to Martha Whirley (b. ca 1748, see further; and d. March 9, 1843 in Bedford Co., Va.) The marriage was witnessed by Cap. John P. Nichols, Jane Hancock and Archebald Nichols, neighbors of theirs at that time living within a few miles of Patrick Lynch. Soon after his marriage, Patrick went to New London in Campbell Co., Va., and hired himself as a substitute for a St. Clair, and served a 3 month tour under Cap. Buford. In a statement made by Martha, she remembered it well because she had much difficulty getting along and tending her crops while he was gone.[24] Martha was issued pension of 20 dollars a year for her husband's Rev. War service, but she didn't live long enough to use the pension.


            The documents, copies of which follow, show that only two children were born to Patrick and Martha (Whirley) Lynch:  James and Thomas.


Records concerning Patrick Lynch follow:[25]



Record of Virginia. Patrick Lynch, deceased, of Bedford in the State of Virginia who was a private in the compy: commanded by Captain Trigg in the Md and Virginia line for Cmontty (?)

Inscribed on the Roll of Richmond at the rate of 20 Dollars per annum to commence on the 4th day of March 1831 & Ending on the 9 May, 1832, day of his death.

            Certificate of Pension issued the 8th: day of October 1845, and sent to H. Dillard, Glade Hill, Franklin Coy: Va.

                            Arrears to the 4th of

                            Semi-annual allowance ending


                                                            Revolutionary Claim,

                                                            Act June 7, 1832

Recorded by U. M. Steuart Clerk,

Book E.2 Vol. 692 (or 672 or 612) Page 22.



Bedford County of State of Virginia to Wit -

            The affidavit of James Lynch of the County aforesaid aged Fifty five years. Who being first sworn doth on his Oath state, That his Father Pattrick Lynch, the husband of Martha Lynch, the present Claimant died on the 7th day May 1833. That he was present and assisted at his burial. That from his earliest recollection he has heard his father the said Pattrick Lynch speak of being in the Revolutionary War and of circumstances that occurred during that service but he cannot recollect all the circumstances distinct enough to state them. He has heard him frequently speak of the skirmishing parties and battles that he was in. That he well recollects hearing him say that he was at the Battle of Guilford and in the taking of Corn Wallace at Little York. That his mother Martha Lynch is the Widow of Pattrick Lynch, that she is now a Widow and has never since been married, and that he has no doubt that his Father Pattrick Lynch served through the greater portion of the War of the Revolution.

                                                            James (his X mark) Lynch

Bedford County, State of Virginia to Wit

            I hereby certify that James Lynch who has sworn and subscribed to the foregoing affidavit is a man of respectability and good standing in Society and that full reliance may be placed upon his testimony, Given under my hand this 19th day of September 1839.

                                            Lewis Wingfield,J.P.                                                           





State of Virginia

Bedford County to Wit

            On this 31st day of August 1841 personally appeared before me Christopher Morgan a Justice of the peace in and for the County aforesaid, Martha Lynch a resident of the State of Virginia in the County of Bedford, aged Ninety Three years, who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on her Oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passeed July 4th 1836 -


            That she is the widow of Pattrick Lynch who was a Soldier in the War of the Revolution. that from old age and the consequent loss of memory she is unable to state the particulars, of even a single one, of the many touers of duty. She verily believes her husband served in the War of the Revolution. That she has a distinct recollection, that he was called on, and served four touers of duty after they were married, a circumstance that impresses this fact so distinctly on her memory, is that she had no help in his absence to cultivate her crop, and was compelled to hire help. That she always understood from her husband that he served two touers of duty in Maryland before he came to Virginia and two after he came to Virginia before they were married and as before stated, four afterwards. That she often heard him, conversing with herself, and Mary Atters (?) speak of the various touers of duty that he has served, and of many things that happened while in Service, but that her memory has, from old age now become so defective, that she cannot undertake to relate them, that she has no record evidence of his Revolutionary Services, but relies on the evidence hereto annexed, of Cap. John P. Nichols, Archibold Nichols, Martin Woody, Cap. John Buford, Isaac Cundiff, Cap. William Arthed, and Thayl Payne, a part of whom served with my husband in the Revolutionary War, and have been our neighbors ever since, and to the testimony of James Lynch as to the time of his death, I can obtain no record evidence of our marriage, and supposed there is none now in existence, but refer to testimony of Cap. John P. Nichols, Jane Hancock and Archebald Nichols, who was present at the time of the marriage and saw it take place and was then our neighbours and has lived within a few miles of us ever since.


            She further declares that she was married to said Pattrick Lynch on the --- day of November 1780. That her husband the aforesaid Pattrick Lynch died on the 7th day of May 1832 and that she has remained a widow ensince that period as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed.

                                                            Martha (her X mark) Lynch

The Affidavit of Martha Lynch, Widow of Pattrick Lynch decd. made in reply to, and explanatory of a statement or declaration heretofore made in order to obtain a pension for the services of her deceased husband Pattrick Lynch, deposeth, and sayeth; That she and her husband were both entirely illiterate, being unable to read or write and that their children were raised without learning and that therefore there was no family record of any kind ever kept, but as before stated on oath, her marriage was legal and she relies on the evidence of Mrs. Jane Hancock and Cap. John P. Nichols, who was present and saw the marriage take place, to substantiate the fact, as there can be no record evidence of the fact produced, and also as relates to the Testimony of Cap John Buford, States, That a touer proved by Cap J. Beauford is a separate and distinct touer from any of those proven by others. That is, she verily believes so, because her Husband the said Lynch left home, alone, to go the New London in Campbell County, where the Company had halted for a short time for the purpose of hireing himself as a substitute, that he hired himself to Cap Buford as a substitute for one St. Clair, that he was examined and received as she then understood by the proper officers, and marched into service and served a 3 months touer. The circumstances that places this matter so distinctly on her memory is, that it took place very shortly after her marriage and that she had much difficulty in making out to get along in his absence having to tend her crops and hire help herself to do it while he was gone and further saith not.

                                            Martha (her X mark) Lynch  (Seal)


Bedford County to Wit -

            This day Martha Lynch appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid and subscribed and made oath to the above affidavit. Given under my hand this 18th day of January 1842

                                                           Chris Morgan, J.P.




Virginia.   Martha Lynch, deceased, widow of Patrick Lynch, who was a private in the Maryland & in the Virginia line.


Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of 20 Dollars   Cents per annum, to commence the 4th day of March, 1843. & ending on 9 March, 1843, when she died.


Certificate of Pension issued 8th day of Oct: 1845 and sent to H. Dillard, Glade Hill, Franklin Coy: Va.


Act of March 3, 1843

Recorded in Book A

Vol. 2  Page 142 (or 742?)



State of Virginia )  SS       DECLARATION

Bedford County    )

            On this 28th day of July one thousand eight hundred and forty five personally appeared in open court before the Court of Bedford County now sitting; James Lynch a resident of said county, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the acts of Congress passed June 7, 1832, and the 7th July 1838; That he is the son of legal heir of Patrick Lynch; who was a private of malitia in the war of the revolution, as will appear by the evidence accompaning this declaration, and on file in the Pension Office at Washington; That his father the said Patrick Lynch died at his residence in Bedford County Virginia on the 9th day of May 1832, That his mother Martha, survived her husband the said Patrick Lynch, and remained his widow to the time of her death, which took place at her residence in this (Bedford) County, on the ninth day of March 1843.


            That his father the said Patrick Lynch was married to Martha Whirley (his mother) prior to the 1st day of January 1794, for the proof of which he relies upon the evidence of respectable & credible persons, as he has no record or documentary evidence by which the exact time of marriage can be ascertained; nor can any record or other evidence of the marriage be obtained from the Clerks Office of the Court of Bedford County; the County in which they were married. That he relies upon the Justice of the Commissioner of Pensions to allow to him and his brother Thomas Lynch (the only two children of their parents) the amount of pension which his mother was entitled to under the acts of Congress above named at the time of her death. That he is now according to the best calculation he can make (having no record of his age) in his sixty-fourth year.

            Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year above written.

                                                            James (his X mark) Lynch






State of Virginia

            At a Court held for Bedford County at the Court House on Monday the 28th day of July 1845.


            James Lynch an applicant for a pension under the Acts of Congress passed June 7th 1832 and the 7th of July 1838, this day appeared in open Court and filed his declaration and made oath thereto, and the Court having examined the same doth certify the same to the War Department and doth order it to be further certified that the same James Lynch is a son and heir at law of Patrick Lynch deceased who was a private in the War of the Revolution. That the said Patrick Lynch died in this county on the 9th day of May 1832 leaving a widow, who died on the 9th of March 1843. And that William W. Reese before whom the affidavit of John Nichols is sworn to is an acting Justice of the Peace in and for this county.


            I John R. Steptoe Clerk of the County Court of Bedford in the State of Virginia do certify the above to be a true transcript from the records of said Court.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court, this 28 day of July 1845.

                                                                            Jno. R. Steptoe C.B.C.





State of Virginia) SS         On this 27th day of August

Bedford County   )           one thousand eight hundred and forty five.


            Personally appeared before the subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for said County Thomas Payne aged about 78 years, who I hereby certify to be a respectable citizen of the aforesaid county (Bedford) entitled to credibility, who first being duly sworn according to law doth say  That he came with his father and family from Frederick County State of Maryland in the year 1773 to the County of Bedford, Virginia, where he has ever since resided. That he well remembers that Frayl Payne (this deponants uncle) came to the said county of Bedford in the fall of the year 1779, and settled within a mile of this deponants residence, that Patrick Lynch came with the said Frayl Payne driveing his wagon & team. That the said Lynch lived with the said Frayl Payne until the next year untill after the planting of corn time (April) when as this deponent believes he entered into the revolutionary struggle. That the said Lynch was away from his place of residence something like eight months as well as this deponant recollects, before he returned; that when he did return he brought with him two horses which was said to have been given him for his services as a substitute for some person or persons whose place he took in the Revolutionary War. That the said Lynch did not remain at home (Frayl Paynes where he made his home when not in service) long before he was again absent in defence of his country as this deponant believes, and remained untill after the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. This deponant has heard the said Lynch speak of his having been in the war; of his service at Ninety Six and in the Carolinas JC (?) and of his fondness for the soldiers life, and believes he was in service the greater portion of his time, from the Spring of 1780 to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown either serving his own tours of duty or substituting for others, This deponent has heard and believes his having substituted for John Buford.


            This deponant recollects the said Lynch having been at home (Payne) after the surrender of Cornwallis untill his marriage, which the deponant believes to have been the fall or winter after the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, This deponant states that his so well recollecting the surrender of Cornwallis is from the fact of his very shortly afterward started with his team to Richmond Va. to trade for salt for himself and neighbors when upon his arrival at Richmond his team was pressed into service to haul the munitions of War taken at the surrender of Cornwallis, from Rocketts landing on James river, below Richmond, up to Shockoe Hill, Richmond which service he rendered for five days, for which he never received any pay. This deponant states that he was married in the fall of the year 1783 and the said Patrick Lynch and Patsey (Martha) were living together as man and wife prior to that time his own marriage. And further this deponant sayeth not.

                                                                            Thomas Payn

Sworn and subscribed the day and year first above written

Before me                                          Wm W Reese  J. Peace.




"Virginia Military Land Warrants, Va. Military District of Ohio, Granted for Revolutionary War Services, State Continental Line, Beginning Aug. 8, 1782. 'Warrant #786 Lynch, Patrick - Soldier, 3 yr service.'"[26]


The children of Patrick and Martha (Whirley) Lynch:


1.  James Lynch.

      Born, ca 1781, in Bedford Co., Va.; died -----.[27] He married Elizabeth Ashwell in 1806. John and Nelly Ashwell gave consent to the marriage.[28]


                The children of James Lynch were also located by Mrs. L. L. Steffey, who tells that in the Bedford Co., Va. Marriage Records they were all given as children of James Lynch. She believes the last three might be of a second marriage:


A.  Matilda Lynch, b. ca 1807 (prob. Bedford or Franklin Co., Va., where the family settled); m. March 18, 1825, to John Metts.[29]Probably 12 children born, the 12th one being Matilda Octave, b. Sep. 3, 1847, m. to George W. Chitwood.[30]


B.  Elinor (or Nelly) Lynch, b. ----, d.----; m. Jabez Mitchell, Oct   22, 1827.[31]


C.  Jane M. Lynch, m. John Payne, Feb. 8, 1841.


D.  Nancy C. Lynch, m. Alfred Turner, Sep. 5, 1846.


E.  Sarah Lynch, m. Madison Akers, Nov. 27, 1849 (also Dec.13, 1849).[32]

2.  Thomas Lynch.[33]


            Born 1785, in Bedford Co., Va., the second child            of Patrick and Martha (Whirley) Lynch; d. ---.He married Dec. 5, 1810, to Pamelia Nichols, who was born 1794.


            The children of Thomas and Pamelia (Nichols) Lynch:


A.  John Lynch


                            Marriage records were located which might be for this child:


                            "Lynch, John and Frances Thurmond, Nov. 24, 1851." Minister, Abraham Bowman.[34]


B.  James Lynch


C.  Christopher Lynch


D.  Jane Lynch


E.  Letitia Ann Lynch


F.  Sarah Lynch


            Sarah Lynch b. Aug. 24 (or 4), 1824; d. June 1907; m. Sep. 6, 1847, to Luke Perdue, surety Thos. Lynch, minister John Bowman.[35]


              Luke Perdue was b. Feb. 15, 1826, d. Dec. 9, 1910; the son of Isaiah and Mildred (Wingo) Perdue (m. Oct. 10, 1815, sur. James Wingo, minister Joel Ashworth.)[36] Isaiah Perdue was a wealthy man in the Virginia Legislature.



            Sarah (Lynch) Perdue was tall and thin; had reddish hair, and was very proud. Her parents had financial problems, and it hurt her pride knowing that her parents were dependent on her husband's generosity. She abhorred wrongdoing in any form. When anyone did wrong, it was her belief that they did not deserve forgiveness. She once refused to shake hands with a culprit at a public hanging.



            The Lynch's had wonderful singing voices. One of the men, an uncle of Annie Kitty Perdue, could be heard whistling or singing a half mile away. One of Sarah's sons, Tom Lynch, could yodel and sing Irish songs wonderfully. Sarah (Lynch) Perdue played the fiddle by ear, and her daughter, Annie Kitty, said that her mother could pat her foot and make the violin talk.


Children of Luke and Sarah (Lynch) Perdue:


a.  Gillie Ann Perdue, b. Jan. 19, 1848, in Franklin Co., Va.; m. John English, Dec. 20, 1867.


b.  Margaret Perdue, b. April 27, 1850, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. June 15, 1928; m. John McNeil.


c.  Matthew Perdue, b. Aug. 20, 1852, in Franklin Co., Va.


d.  Sparrel Henry Perdue, b. April 8, 1854, in Franklin Co., Va.; d. Aug. 26, 1933; m. Jan. 10, 1872, Nannie Dudley.


e.  Martha Ellen Perdue, b. Nov. 22, 1857, in Franklin Co., Va.,; d. Jan. 28, 1950; m. William T. Dudley.


f.  Callie Pamelia Perdue, b. Oct. 31, 1860, in Franklin Co., Va.;d. Jan. 195?; m. Thomas H. Lynch.


g.  Isaiah Thomas Perdue, b. Oct 26, 1864; d. Nov. 1928; m. Julia Dudley.


h.  Annie Kitty Perdue, b. Mar. 19, 1867; d. Oct. 12, 1953; m. Dec. 24, 1893, James Robt. Lumsden.[37]


19:       Children of George W. and Matilda Octave (Metts) Chitwood


                            Eight of the twelve children born to George W. and Matilda Octave (Metts) Chitwood lived to maturity. Six of the eight were born in Virginia, and two in Kansas. The following information concerns these eight that lived, and their descendants, as given to the writer of this book from Bible and family records by the individual families.





Born - April 20, 1868, at Rocky Mount, Va.; death date not known.


 Married first, Daisy Fogle, dates unknown. Three children born, raised by their grandmother after the mother died:


            1.  Minnie Chitwood, b. ---; d. at Joplin, Mo.; m. Ernest Short.  One child       born:

                            A.  Raymond Short, b. Feb. 10, 1917.


            2.  Cecil Chitwood, b. ----; m. Ernest Crane. Two children:


                            A.  Katherine Crane


                            B.  Ernest Crane


            3.  Margurite Chitwood, b. ----.


Married second, Dec. 21, 1900, at Ada, Oklahoma, to Jeanette Smead "Nettie" (Rice), who was b. Dec. 22, 1883, at Severy, Kans; d. June 26, 1916, at Joplin, Mo. (dau of George and Eliza (Thomson) Rice). Three children:


4.  George Rice Chitwood (professional automobile stunt driver, known as "Joie") b. April 14, 1912, at Denison, Texas. Joie married Marie Elizabeth Harris, b. Mar. 24, 1919 (dau of Oscar and Helen Harris). The children of George Rice and Marie Elizabeth (Harris) Chitwood:



        A.  Joel Scott Chitwood, b. Aug. 31, 1943; m. to Noreen Bridget McFadden.


                            B.  Timothy Harris Chitwood, b. Nov. 15, 1949.


5.  Stella Dorothy Chitwood, b. Jan. 16, 1915, at Denison, Tex.; m. 1st, Eden Rickel; m. 2nd, Thomas Edward Bennett July 21, 1940, at Pasadena, Calif.  Children:


A.  Timmy Bennett, b. Nov. 29, 1941, Pasadena, Calif.; m. Patricia Jean Curry.  Children:


                                                            a.  Carol Jean Bennett, b. Mar. 29, 1964


                      B.  Sandra Bennett, b. Mar. 30, 1944, Altadena, Calif; m. David Lee Kurchler.


6.  Olive Elnora Chitwood, b. Aug. 22, 1906, at Denison, Texas; m. April 16, 1925, at Eureka, Kans., to Orbie Estel Hupp, (b. Feb. 5, 1900, at Richland, Kansas, son of Tom and Lucy (Williams) Hupp.) This family living in 1964 at 3515 Kerry, Topeka, Kans. Six children were born:


A.  Hildreth Marie Hupp, b. April 15, 1927, at Richland, Kans.; m. July 8, 1945, at Krebs, Okla., to Jack Lee DeJacimo, (b. Nov. 9, 1926, New Castle, Pa. son of Steve DeJacimo, Sr., and Lillie (Rodgers) DeJacimo).  Two children:


a.  Jack Randall DeJacimo, b. Oct. 5, 1951

                                                b.  Mark Allen DeJacimo, b. Mar. 9, 1958.


B.  Ivona Faye Hupp, b. Aug. 27, 1929, at Overbrook, Kans.; m. July 17, 1952, at Topeka, Kans., to Lester LeRoy Logan, (b. Nov. 24, 1929 at Topeka, Kans., son of Grover and Leona (Larson) Logan). Ivona Faye and Lester LeRoy Logan divorced Aug. 6, 1954.  One child:


                                            a.  Ladena Leigh Logan, b. Jan. 2, 1954.


C.  Jeanette Ellen Hupp, b. March 9, 1932, at Overbrook, Kans.,; m. Aug. 9, 1947, at McAlester, Okla., to Wayne Dale White, (b. June 25, 1927, at Odell, Texas, son of Jessie Eloise and Carrie Dessie (Newberry) White).


.  Victoria Elaine White, b. Sep. 23, 1948.


                                            b.  Rhonda Sue White, b. Apr. 30, 1954.


                                            c.  Debbie Jean White, b. May 1, 1956.


D.  Farrie Lorraine Hupp, b. Feb. 22, 1936, at Overbrook, Kans.; m. May 6, 1954, at Topeka, Kans., to Donald Medeiros, (b. Dec. 17, 1929, at Fall River, Mass., son of Anabel and June (Crowther) Medeiros). Three children born to them:


                                            a.  Michelle Dawn Medeiros, b. July 17, 1955.


                                            b.  Christiana Louise Medeiros, b. Apr. 7, 1958.


                                            c.  Micheal Orbie Medeiros, b. Sep. 30, 1959.


E.  DeLos Estel Hupp, b. Feb. 3, 1938, at Overbrook, Kans.; m. Sep. 30, 1960, at Topeka, Kans., to Gloria May Stovall, (b. July 3, 1941 at Topeka, Kans., dau of Roy Matthew and Dorothy May (Seibert) Stovall).  One child born to them:


                                            a.  Dane Estel Hupp, b. Jan. 15, 1964.


F.  Karen Lee Hupp, b. Aug. 10, 1940, at Overbrook, Kans.; m. March 14, 1959 at 1117 N. Jackson, Topeka, Kans., to Theodore Cooper, Jr., (b. Aug. 8, 1938, Topeka, Kans., son of Ted Cooper, Sr., and Theda Grace LaClare Cooper).                  

                    Two children born to them:


                                            a.  Shawna Dee Cooper, b. June 5, 1960.


                                            b.  Stacey Jo Cooper, b. July 3, 1962.





Born - Sep. 21, 1869, at Rocky Mount, Va.[1]





Born - Sep. 4, 1871, in Franklin Co., Va.; died on Oct. 3, 1901, in Oklahoma; bur. in Conway Springs, Kansas, Cemetery.[2]


John Thomas Chitwood married Ida Fultz. She died Sep. 17, 1921, at Denver, Colo.   One child born to them:


            1.  Harold Chitwood, b. 1898; d. May 29, 1958.





Born - Nov. 26, 1873, at Rocky Mount, Franklin Co., Va. Died April 27, 1958, at 10:00 A.M., at his home at Conway Springs, Kans., and buried in the Conway Springs, Kans., Cemetery.


            He married March 4, 1897, at Conway Springs, Kans., to Della D. Staton, b. Oct. 10, 1875, at Lebanon, Ind., d. Jan. 2, 1954, at Conway Springs, Kans. (dau of John Milton Stateon, b. Apr. 5, 1843, Lebanon, Ind., d. Mar. 11, 1923, Conway Springs, Kans.; and Juliann (Adair) Stateon, b. Apr. 18, 1841, New Carlyle, Ky., d. June 1, 1926, Conway Springs, Kans.). John Milton and Juliann (Adair) Staton were married Oct. 20, 1862, and came to Kansas, Nov. 9, 1883. Della and two brothers were born at Lebanon, Indiana.


Three children were born to Henry Washington and Della D. (Staton) Chitwood:


1. Russell Arley Chitwood, b. Dec. 25, 1897, at Conway Springs, Kans; d. Feb. 25, 1947, bur. in Conway Springs, Kans., Cemetery. Married June 20, 1917, to Pyrle L. Carter (b. Dec. 15, 1897). Before her marriage to Russell Arley Chitwood, Pyrle Carter lived with her grandparents by the name of Snowden, who lived south of the home of Henry and Della Chitwood. Russell and Pyrle lived with Pyrle's grandad for a while after they were married.


            Ten years after the death of Russell Arley Chitwood, his widow, Pyrle, married again (1957) to Mr. Leo Nauman, and they live near Augusta, Kans.


Two children were born to Russell Arley and Pyrle (Carter) Chitwood:


A.  Russell Chitwood, Jr., b. July 16, 1918, at Conway Springs, Kans.; d. Aug. 21, 1945, near Rodeo, New Mexico. His grave-marker in the Conway Springs Cemetery reads, "Ensign Russell Chitwood, Jr., 1918-1945." He was a Navy ferry pilot and was killed at 10 A.M., when his plane collided in mid-air (altitude of 9000 ft.) with an Army B25 training plane (Mitchell bomber). He was flying a navy fighter based at San Pedro, Calif. Although somewhat damaged, the army plane was able to return to its base at Douglas, Arizona.


            When the war broke out the Government employed him as an instructor and he later served as a test pilot for Douglas Aircraft. He later enlised in the Navy, and was ferrying airplanes when the accident took his life. He was a member of the first class to take aviation training at Kansas University and the first in the State of Kansas to receive his pilot's license under the Civil Aeronautics Authority University Training Program. In 1948 one of the 51 bells for the University of Kansas World War II Memorial Carillon was purchased by Ray J. Shetlar, formerly of Conway Springs, and now an attorney and abstractor at Johnson, Kans. Mrs. Shetlar purchased the bell for $250.00 and designated that the bell be named as a memorial to Russell Chitwood, Jr.


            Russell Chitwood, Jr., graduated from Kansas University in 1940, and on Sep. 7, 1940, he married, prob. at Lawrence, Kans., to Dorothy Lee Junkin (b. Mar. 1, 1919; dau of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Junkin of Mulberry, Kans.) After Russell, Jr.'s death, Dorothy Lee (Junkin) Chitwood married, August, 1949, to Glenn Allan, and they live at Wichita, Kans.


One child born to Russel, Jr. and Dorothy Lee (Junkin) Chitwood:


a.  Lonna Lee Chitwood, b. Mar. 12, 1943, at Tulsa, Okla. Adopted by step-father, Glenn Allan, and goes by the name of Lonna Lee Allan.




B.  Lloyd Gale Chitwood, b. Oct. 9, 1922, Conway Springs, Kans.; d. May 24, 1956, at Mountain Home, Ark., bur. in Conway Springs, Kansas, Cemetery. He was showing a gun when it went off, and he died enroute to the hospital in Arkansas. He had a cabin resort on Bulls Shoals Dam near Flippin, Ark., and that was the place where the accident occurred. Lloyd Gale m. 1st, March 22, 1947, at Newton, Kans., to Doris Jodon (b. 1926, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Jodon of Conway Springs, Kans); divorced in May 1948, and she remarried and lives in Wichita, Kans. Her second husband has since died. One child by her marriage to Lloyd Gale Chitwood, and two children by her second marriage.


Lloyd Gale m. 2nd, to Dixie Lee ----, whose parents live in Wichita, Kans. Lloyd and Dixie bought the resort in Arkansas where he died.


Child of Lloyd Gale and Doris (Jodon) Chitwood:


            a.  Russell Robert Chitwood, b. Jan. 9, 1948, at Wichita, Kans.


2.  A. Marie Chitwood, b. Feb. 2, 1900, at ConwaySprings, Kans.; d. July 31, 1957, at Wichita, Kans., bur. at Conway Springs, Kans., Cemetery. She was known as "Toots".

        Marie married Sep. 4, 1930, at Wichita, Kans., to John Ralph Gastil (b. Dec. 12, 1896; d. June 14, 1958; a veteran of W.W. 1). No children born to John Ralph and A. Marie Gastil.


3. Iva Geraldine Chitwood, b. Nov. 18, 1910, at Conway Springs, Kans., better known as "Gerry".


            She was married June 9, 1935, at Conway Springs, Kans., to John Roscoe Williams (b. Apr. 22, 1910, at Harper, Kans.; son of Sam Williams and Anna (Summers) Williams). They have no children.









Born - Nov. 28, 1876, at Rocky Mount, Va.[5] died - March 23, 1956, at Conway Springs, Kans., and bur. in Conway Springs Cemetery.


            George Lee Chitwood married July 26, 1905, to Ida Leora Caler (b. Dec. 6, 1880, Bourbon Co., Kans.; dau of Mr. and Mrs. James Caler).






            The marriage of Miss Leora Caler and George Chitwood was solemnized at the home of the bride's mother, 543 North Oak Street at 12:15 A.M., Wednesday, July 26th.

            The bride was attired in a lovely champagne colored silk, the groom wore the conventional black.

            The ceremony was performed by Rev. Irwin, after which refreshments were served.

            Those participating were Ralph Caler, brother of the bride; Farrie and Lawrence Chitwood, sister and brother of the groom from Conway Springs; Mrs. M. Whims and daughters Rachael and Ida, Ida Lagenstein of Peck; Katherine Cohl of Benton, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Turner, Roy Turner, Lew and Ed. Whims, Frank Ingalls and Clyde Hooper of Conway Springs. Mr. and Mrs. George Chitwood started for their home at Conway Springs that morning at 11 o'clock, where they will be at home to their many friends.[6]









Marriage Service Was Read at Midnight


Unusual Hour Was Chosen for Ceremony


            Wishing to begin their wedded life at the beginning of the day, George L. Chitwood of Conway Springs and Miss Ida Leora Caler were married at 12:10 this morning. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Irwin of the West Side Presbyterian church.

            The parlors of the home at 543 North Oates street were beautifully decorated with flowers, ribbons and potted plants. The ceremony was performed under a canopy of flowers. Just as the clock struck the hour of midnight the bridal party formed in the hall and marched to the altar, where the minister met them. After a few words of advice Rev. Irwin read the marriage service of the Presbyterian church and almost before the clocks had finished striking the hour the young people were husband and wife.

            This is the first wedding arranged for such an unusual hour ever recorded in this city. The guests were invited to come early in the evening and a pleasant social time was enjoyed until time for the ceremony to be performed. The novelty of the time selected kept the guests in high good humor during the evening.

            Miss Caler is 24 years of age and has been a resident of this city for a number of years. She is the daughter of Mrs. James Caler. Mr. Chitwood is 28 years old and is a quite well-to-do farmer living near Conway Springs. He has one of the finest farms in Sumner County. He has been a resident of Kansas for a number of years and by hard work has made a good beginning for a substantial fortune.

            This morning the young couple will leave for their future home at Conway Springs.[7]





            A daughter of George Lee Chitwood, Bethel (Mrs. Jesse) Dickson, of Conway Springs, Kans., describes her father in this manner:


            "My Dad, George Lee, was not a church-going man, but I have listened to him repeating Bible verses while sitting in the swing in the evening, as if preaching. He went to revival meetings, and had tokens he had received for memorizing Bible verses as a child. He invented and patented the Wagon Jack and the Car Jack. He lived on the same corner for 71 years."


            George Lee Chitwood's widow, known as "Aunt Ora", was asked by the writer of this book for information concerning her life as a dressmaker. Her response:


            "I could always make a dress from a pattern or a picture. As a child, I would slip materials out from my mother's patchwork. I would make a doll dress for a friend's doll, and earn one or two cents. How I did slip those pretty pieces! Later, I attended a fair in Wichita, where cards were given out asking for names of those who wanted to be taught how to draft a dress pattern. Miss Williams had a school that used a drafting system for making patters from one's measurements, which was patented by the U. S. Government. I still have the cardboard and instructions. Miss Williams asked $5.00 for her instructions. I didn't have even five cents, but I asked my Auntie if I could make a dress for her and her daughter, and she paid me $5.00 for the work.

            "Miss Williams taught me how to draft a pattern, and I worked in her dressmaking dept. She would use cambric, and with three or four different sizes, she could use pins and fit different people. It was easy for me. In St. Louis, the shops were so different. There were many people to be fitted. Some way I managed, and then later on, in 1901, I set up a dressmaking shop at Halstead, Kans., and spent a few seasons there. Many people there always wanting a dress made."





            "Funeral services were held last Monday afternoon for George L. Chitwood, 79, pioneer resident of east of Conway Springs.

            "He suffered a heart attack on Wednesday of last week and died Friday.

            "Born on November 28, 1876, at Rocky Mount, Va., he was four years of age when the family settled in the old Greencastle locality east of Conway Springs.

            "He was married to Ida Leora Caler on July 26, 1905 and the couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last July.

            "Survivors are his widow, Ida Leora; two sons, Fred and Paul of Conway Springs and one daughter, Mrs. Bethel Johnson of Topeka; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; a brother, Henry of Conway Springs and a sister, Mrs. Faire Wolf of Miami Shores, Fla.

            "Services were held at the Presbyterian church with burial in kthe Conway Springs cemetery.

            "Ebersole Mortuary had charge of arrangements.


Children of George Lee and Ida Leora (Caler) Chitwood:


1. Bethel Chitwood, b. Jan. 17, 1909, at Conway Springs, Kans.; m. 1st, Sep. 21, 1929, to Harry Norris Barnes (b. May 24, 1907, d. 1955), and divorced June 5, 1945; m. 2nd, prior to 1956, to ---- Johnson, and lived at Topeka, Kans.;[8] m. 3rd, to Jesse Dickson of Conway Springs, Kans.



                       A.  Bethel LaVone Barnes, b. July 26, 1932; married ---- Wycoff.  One child:

                                            a. ---- Wycoff, b. 1958.


                            B.  Harriet Jean Barnes, b. Oct. 3, 1934.


2.  George (Herman) Frederick Chitwood, b. Sep. 30,

      1911, at Conway Springs, Kans. Better known as "Fred". His name was originally George Herman Frederick, and was registered this way for military service during World War II, being named Herman but called Fred. Later, when his daughter was born, his name was legally changed to George Frederick Chitwood, and it is spelled that way on his daughter's birth certificate.[9]


            George Frederick Chitwood was married on Feb. 4, 1940, at Wellington, Kans., to Mildred Louise Timmis (b. July 25, 1919, at Pocahontas, Ark., dau of George and Mary Nettie (Evans) Timmis, of Wellington, Kans.). They were married at the Church of Christ parsonage at Wellington, Kans. by Bro. A. C. Williams, Minister. They lived after their marriage, on the former Trollope farm 3 miles east of Conway Springs, Kans.


Children of George Frederick and Mildred Louise (Timmis) Chitwood:


A.  Linda Kathleen Chitwood, b. March 7, 1946, at Wellington, Kansas.


B.  John Frederick Chitwood, b. Sep. 13, 1951, at Wellington, Kansas.


C.  David George Chitwood, b. Oct. 14, 1953, at Wellington, Kansas.


3.  Paul Wayne Chitwood, b. Dec. 14, 1917, at Conway Springs, Kansas; m. 1st, Dec. 23, 1942, to Delores Thomas (b. May 4, 1921); m. 2nd, Nov. 19, 1950, at United Presbyterian Church at Topeka, Kansas, to Doris Mae Fisher (dau of Mr. and Mrs. Dillon E. Fisher)[10]                         




Born - November 18, 1878, at Rocky Mount, Va.; died, Dec. 13, 1954, at St. Lukes Hospital, Wellington, Kans., and bur. in the Conway Springs Cemetery, Conway Springs, Kansas.


            He married Sep. 19, 1900, at Wellington, Kansas, to Jennie Elvia Hoisington (b. Aug. 27, 1875; d. Nov. 13, 1952, bur. at Conway Springs, Kans.; dau of Thomas Jefferson Hoisington and Mary Delena (Ritenour ?) Hoisington).

Children of James Calvin and Jennie Elvia (Hoisington) Chitwood:


1. Carl Francis Chitwood, b. Sep. 24, 1901, at Conway Springs, Kansas; m. May 1, 1926 at Wellington, Kans., to Gwendolyn Sones (b. May 2, 1906 at Conway Springs, Kans.; dau of Frank and Birdie Nevada (Mead) Sones).


            Their children:


A.  Melvin Francis Chitwood, b. Dec. 21, 1928, at Conway Springs, Kans.; m. July 5, 1952, at Conway Springs, Kans., to Frances E. Williams (b. Mar. 22, 1930 Hugo, Colo.; dau of Glyn and Mildred (Watkins) Williams). This family living in 1964, at RR1, Mayfield, Kans.


Children of Melvin Francis and Frances E. (Williams) Chitwood:


a.  Ricky Eugene Chitwood, b. May 27, 1954.

 b.  Diane Sue Chitwood, b. Aug. 17, 1955.

 c.  Janet Lea Chitwood, b. Aug. 21, 1959.



B.  Nelda Charlene Chitwood, b. Dec. 13, 1930, Conway Springs, Kans.; m. 1st, Dec. 27, 1950 at Conway Springs, Kans., to John P. Freedlun (b. 4-18-21, at Olathe, Kans.; son of Francis and Sarah M. Freedlun); marriage ended on 3-3-61, not known if by divorce or death. Married 2nd, on Aug. 24, 1963, at Tacoma, Wash., to Bill Brooks (b. 4-15-22, Cruenemo, Kans; son of Carl and Eva Brooks).


                            Children of first marriage:


a.  Neta Sue Freedlun, b. July 19, 1952, at Wellington, Kansas.


b.  Marla Kay Freedlun, b. Mar. 27, 1956, at Wellington, Kansas.


c.  Norma Fay Freedlun, b. Mar. 20, 1957, at Wellington, Kansas.


Nelda Charlene and family live in 1964 at 1817 S. Millwood, Wichita, Kansas.



2.  Ralph Thomas Chitwood, b. Jan. 6, 1904, at Conway Springs, Kansas; married 1st, May 13, 1928, to Jennette Julian, who d. May 15, 1930; married 2nd, Feb. 8, 1943, to Viola ----. There were no children. The address of this family is 1319 Dora, Wichita, Kansas.


3.  Ray Washington Chitwood, (twin of Ralph) b. Jan. 6, 1904, at Conway Springs, Kans.; d. August 22, 1960, at Wichita, Kans.; bur. at Conway Springs, Kans. He was prob. m. twice: 1st, Sep. 18, 1926, to Opal Lenord, (b. Oct. 26, 1908); 2nd, unkn.


Three children born to Ray Washington Chitwood:


A.  Darwin Ray Chitwood, b. Sep. 16, 1927, at Conway Springs, Kans. Married and has three children:


a.  ---- Chitwood (dau).


b.  ---- Chitwood (son).


c.  ---- Chitwood (son).


B.  Eldora Mae Chitwood, b. Oct. 12, 1929; m. Norman Jarboe, and live at Eldorado, Kansas. Five sons born to them:


a.  ---- Jarboe (son)


b.  ---- Jarboe (son)


c.  ---- Jarboe (son)


d.  ---- Jarboe (son)


e.  ---- Jarboe (son)


C.  Gary Lee Chitwood, b. May 4, 1937.


4.  Thelma Delena Chitwood, b. March 30, 1906, at Conway Springs, Kansas; d. Sep. 10, 1961, at St. Joseph Hospital, Wichita, Kans.; bur. at Conway Springs Cemetery.

      Married 1st, Nov. 14, 1923, to Dale Elliott, son of George Elliott; divorced June, 1931.

      One child:


A.  Delos Dale Elliott, b. Dec. 30, 1924, run over by a car and killed, Feb. 23, 1930.


Thelma m. 2nd, Howard Dugdale, divorced shortly after; m. 3rd, June 5, 1955, Greensburg, Kans., to Harold C. Marrse, son of Mrs. Susie Marrse; divorced 1957; m. 4th, to Harold Chapman, of Mulvane, Kans.


5.  Neva Annita Chitwood, b. Feb. 27, 1908, at Conway

      Springs, Kansas; m. Nov. 22, 1934, at Wichita, Kans., to Joel Freeman (b. Sep. 30, 1905, Wichita, Kans., son of Preston Freeman). Children of Neva:


A.  Errol Preston Freeman, b. Nov. 17, 1939, at Wichita, Kans; m. June 5, 1959, Conway Springs, Kans., to Penny Lou Schnider. Their children:


a.  Kris Allen Freeman, b. Nov. 16, 1960.


b.  Tammy Joe Freeman, b. ----.


B.  Larry Jay Freeman, b. March 11, 1942, at Wichita, Kans.; m. Feb. 17, 1962, at Emporia, Kans., to Jeanne Bechtel (b. Dec. 5, 1942; dau of Sam and Mary (Wolfe) Bechtel. Children:


                                            a.  Kimberal Kay Freeman, b. Sep. 2, 1962.


6.  Robert James Chitwood, b. Nov. 22, 1909, at Conway Springs, Kans.; m. Aug. 1, 1936, at Newton, Kans., to Helen Louise Stearns (b. Aug. 9, 1911 at Spivey, Kans.; dau of Earl Robert and Ethel Ord (Edwards) Stearns).   



A.  Judy Kay Chitwood, b. Oct. 11, 1942, at Wichita, Kans.


B.  Karen Louise Chitwood, b. Nov. 25, 1944, at Wichita, Kans.


C.  Roberta Colleen Chitwood, b. Sep. 2, 1950, at Wichita, Kans.


7.  Almeda Chitwood, b. Aug. 19, 1912, at Conway Springs, Kans.  Married May 4, 1931, Wichita, Kans., to Purl Berger (b. July 6, 1911, Conway Springs, Kans.; son of Walter and Agnes Berger).

                    Children of Purl and Elmeda (Chitwood) Berger:


A.  Joan Berger, b. Mar. 18, 1943, Houma, La.; m. Sep. 17, 1961, Wichita, Kans., to Jess Wright (b. July 23, 1941, son of Jess and Mildred Wright).


B.  Charlotte Berger, b. Jan. 20, 1947.


C.  Charlene Berger, b. Jan. 20, 1949.


                            D.  Darlene Berger, b. Jan. 25, 1951.



8.  Gerald Victor Chitwood, b. April 1, 1914, at Conway Springs, Kans.; m. July 29, 1936, at Wichita, Kans., to Ruby Elizabeth Potts (b. Jan. 10, 1915, Conway Springs, Kans.; dau Sidney and Myrtle (Cease) Potts). The family was living in Conway Springs, Kans., in 1964.

                  Children of Gerald Victor and Ruby Elizabeth:


A.  Jerry Wayne Chitwood, b. Oct. 31, 1940, at Wellington, Kans.; m. Sep. 1, 1961, Denver, Colo., to Marguerite Campbell (b. July 2, 1941; dau of Glen Campbell and Kathleen (Sullivan) Campbell).

Their children:


                                            a.  Daniel Patrick Chitwood, b. Oct. 6, 1962.


                            B.  Vicky Sue Chitwood, b. Feb. 5, 1946, at Wellington, Kans.


9.  Edgar Leon Chitwood, b. April 6, 1916, at Conway Springs, Kans.; d. Dec. 5, 1916, at Hatcher Hospital at Wellington, Kans.





Born - Dec. 24, 1884, at Conway Springs, Kans. He died 1953, and is buried in the Conway Springs Cemetery, at Conway Springs, Kans.


            Lawrence Ladrew Chitwood married August 4, 1905, to Luella M. Flannigan. She was born Sep. 2, 1885, at Somerset, Kentucky, and died February 25, 1965, at Sylvania, Ohio. Her funeral services were held in the First Baptist Church at Wellington, Kansas on March 3, 1965, and she was buried in the Conway Spring Cemetery, near her husband.


One child was born to Lawrence and Luella:


1.  Raymond Chitwood, b. 1909. He m. 1st, Dorothy Jassoy; and m.           2nd, Hazel ----.





Born - July 16, 1892, at Conway Springs, Kansas.[14]

             Faire married first, Charles Allen, July 14, 1910, at Wellington, Kans., but later separated. Charles Allen was born in Kentucky, but his parents are not known.


            After she and Charles Allen separated, Faire went to Wichita, Kans., where she worked as a clerk in a store during the daytime, and went to secretarial school evenings. She worked hard and was successful. She held a responsible position with the Kansas Gas & Electric Co., at Wichita, Kans., during the years from 1924 5o 1928; then moved to Chicago, Ill., where she became the secretary to the president of the Pure Oil Company during the years 1928 to 1947. She married in Chicago on May 10, 1947 to Benjamin Franklin Wolf, a widower. He was born Sep. 6, 1882, at Chicago, Ill, son of Aaron and Sophia Dunno Wolf; he d. July 1, 1955, at Miami, Florida.



20:       Chitwood Bible Records


                            Following are records from the family Bibles of Calvin Lewis Chitwood and George Washington Chitwood, copied in 1964 by the writer of this book.


            The Bible of Calvin Lewis Chitwood, son of Thomas Jefferson Chitwood, was purchased at Rocky Mount, Va., in 1870, and is now owned by Robert Gray Chitwood, of Roanoke, Va., a son of Calvin Lewis Chitwood. Some of the entries were originally written in pencil, retraced in ink, and are difficult to read.


            The second set of records is from the Bible of George W. and Matilda Octave (Metts) Chitwood. One of the front pages of this Bible states that the Bible was presented to M. O. Chitwood by J. T. Chitwood. This Bible is now owned by George Frederick Chitwood, of Conway Springs, Kansas.





Bible of Calvin Lewis Chitwood




Calvin L. Chitwood Was Married to Lucy I Fisher Feb the 13th (or 15th) 1873


Fanny A. Chitwood was married to Walter P. Holland Dec. 25, 1912


Willie J. Chitwood was married to Grover S. Dillon Nov. 14, 1916


R. G. Chitwood & Ethel Palmer Married Dec. 24, 1917.


Va Isabelle Holland to Galen Royer Showalter July 23, 1938


Theda May Dillon Mr. Winter Ferguson  Jan. 24, 1947


James Lewis Chitwood to Marie Patterson Sept 3, 1948


Robert Lawrence Chitwood to [this last part of original writing was erased and rewritten, but believe it reads as follows, though blurred] Carol Jean Hairfield June 6, 1953




[Across the top of the page]: Lucy Catherine Lumsden wife of Jefferson Chitwood 1814  Born 1814


Calvin L. Chitwood Was Born June the 15th 1852


Lucy I Fisher Was Born Sept the 14th 1856


Sarah Elizabeth Chitwood Was Born Janury the 4 1874


Charles Albert Chitwood Was Born Janry the 19th 1876


Willie J. Chitwood was born July the 10 1889


Robert Gray Chitwood was Born June 22, 1891


Almira Fanny Chitwood was born Mach 10th 1893


Virginia Isabel Holland was born Oct. 15, 1913


Walter P. Holland was born Oct. 29, 1888.


Ethel Palmer was born Dec. 9, 1895


James Louis Chitwood was born June 16, 1921 [the original writing was in pencil, then traced over with ink, and it looks like the original was Lewis, but retraced as Louis - uncertain]


Grover S. Dillon was born Jan. 24, 1885


Theda May Dillon was born Aug. 17, 1917


Lockey W. Turner Died April 10, 1923


Lucy M. Bays Died Jan 10, 1921


Syntha A Skinnell died April 1st 1891


Robert Lawrence Chitwood born Feb 6th 1932



[Written along the inside (bound) edge of this page was the following]: Mamma's Grandmother was Sallie Angle Fisher an old lady died some-where in 1880. Written by Sallie E. Chitwood. [Also at the top of the page]:


Mary Starke Ferguerson  Birth Sept 10, 1949


Sandra Lee Chitwood  Birth Dec 14, 1950


Frances Marie Showalter  Birth June 28, 1939


Kevin Bruce Chitwood  Born Dec. 12, 1955






Lockey Thurman was born Dec. 3, 1789


Jefferson Chitwood ["her son" added later in different ink] born Oct 7, 1812


S. Elizabeth Chitwood was born 24 July 1833


Lockey Wilmuth Chitwood was born Jan 10, 1836


John Chitwood was born July 28, 1838


Thomas Jefferson Chitwood was born Feb 22, 1841


Lucy Margaret Chitwood was born April 25, 1847


George Washington Chitwood was born 1844


Syntha A. Chitwood was born Aug 28, 1850


James F. Chitwood was born Feb 14, 1855


Almira V. Chitwood was born April 12, 1858


Lee F. Chitwood was born Aug. 18, 1861


Calvin L. Chitwood Died April 28, 1929


Almira V Hurt Died Dec 27, 1927


Lee F. Chitwood Died June 15, 1927


James F Chitwood Died Feb 2, 1928


Lucy C. Chitwood Died June 18, 1893


Jefferson Chitwood Died Jan 7, 1888 [an arrow at one side points to Lucy and Jefferson with the word "grandparents"]


Oliver P. Divers Died Nov 24, 1907


Mary Ella Divers Died Sept 3, 1903




[written along the outside edge of this page]: Posie Pullen Kennet was born Mar 24, 1897






John Chitwood departed Oct 30, 1831, age 77 yrs

William Chitwood was 46 yrs old at this date


Susan E. Kennette died March 9th 1931


R. L. Kennett born Sept 18 [?] 1867


R. L. Kennett Died Dec 26, 1950


Posy P. Kennett Died Nov 19, 1913


Julina Thurman Died Jan 20th 1891


Lucy I. Chitwood Died Dec 11, 1936


W R Thurman died Jan 15 1941


George W Thurman Died April 22, 1914


Sallie E. Thurman his wife died May 16, 1940


George Johnson died June 7 1940 Aged 84 yrs


J. F. Kennett last of Oct age 81 yrs 1924


Sandra Lee Chitwood born Dec 14 19[50?] or [20?]


Pamila Jean Chitwood Nov 6, 1952


Willie Chitwood Dillon died Oct 25, 1956


Sallie Elizabeth Chitwood died July 26, 1959


Charles Albert Chitwood died July 28, 1960


Ethel Palmer Chitwood died Aug 8 1960




[A blank page, torn loose from the Bible, but obviously belonging to the Bible, had this written on it]:


John Chitwood was born 1754  Died Oct 30, 1831


William his son was born Oct. 1785


Thomas Jefferson Chitwood (Wm. only son) was born Oct 7, 1812  died Jan 7 1888


Lucy Catherine Lumsden (Jefferson Chitwoods Wife) was born 1814  died June 18 1893


Williams Wife was Lockey Thurman was born Dec 3, 1789, Thomas Jefferson Chitwoods Mother






Bible of George W. and Matilda O. Chitwood






George W. Chitwood and Matilda O. Metts was married Jan. 23, 1867


Matilda O. Metts was born Sep the 3 1847


Bethel Leora Chitwood & Harry Norris Barnes 9/21 1930


George Frederick Chitwood & Mildred Louise Temmis 2/4 1940


Paul Wayne Chitwood & Delores June Thomas 12/23 1943


Paul Wayne Chitwood & Doris Mae Fisher 11/19 1950


Bethel Leora Chitwood Barnes  Richard E. Johnson May 11, 1946


George Lee Chitwood  Ida Leora Caler 7/26 1905






William A. Chitwood was born Apr. 20, 1868


Virginia F. Chitwood was born Sep 21, 1869


John T. Chitwood was born Sep 4, 1871


Henry W. Chitwood was born Nov. the 26, 1873


George L. Chitwood was born Nov. the 28 1876


Jeames C. Chitwood was born Nov. 18, 1878


Nannie M. Chitwood was born Mar the 6 1881


Jessee W. Chitwood was borne Apl the 20 1883


Lawrence L. Chitwood was born Des the 24 1884


Ethel M. Chitwood was born Jan the 27 1890


Ferrie V. Chitwood was born July the 16 1892





Jessee W. Chitwood Died Aug. the 1 1886


Nannie V. Chitwood Died March the 11 1887


Ethel M. Chitwood Died Aug the 14 1891


John T. Chitwood Died Oct. the 3 1901


Matilda O. Chitwood died April 9th 1909 at 5:30 P.M age 62


Mrs. Ida Chitwood Died September 17, 1921


Geo. W. Chitwood Mar. 4, 1924 (Died)


George Lee Chitwood Died Mar 23, 1956