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Hamlett Cemetery is located on the east side of SR-25 at 500E., in Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana.
Rows run north and south; rows are numbered from west to east; stones read from north to south.
Readings made in 1974 and 1991.
Row 1
SMITH, Louisa, 1856-1936
SMITH (family marker)
SMITH, Julius, 1852-1928
[Note: This matches the preceding Louisa Smith stone. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications reveal that Mary N. Smith (b. ca. 1880 in Illinois, dau of Julius E. and Louisa (Woolery) Smith) married Jesse R. Emmett December 25, 1901]
HAMLETT, William S., son of W.H.H. & S., d. May 16, 1846, ae 8m-17d
HAMLETT, Louisa, dau of W.H.H. & S., d. Mar 4, 1862, ae 18y-9m-28d
HAMLETT, Sarah, wife of Wm. H.H., July 4, 1818 - Feb 16, 1912
HAMLETT, William H. H., d. Oct 24, 1870, ae 57y-6m-18d
[Note: William H. H. Hamlett, son of Thomas Hamlett, Sr., was born April 6, 1813, in Kentucky. He died at his residence in Newcastle twp, having "arranged all his temporal matters, gave directions concerning his burial, and talked like a man who was just ready to take a long journey. A few days before his death he purchased a beautiful Bible, at a cost of Fifteen dollars, remarking to a friend, 'I never expect to be able to read a word of it, but I know nothing of greater value I could leave to my children.'" (Fulton Co Ind Abstract of Wills 1838-1899; Rochester Union Spy, October 28, 1870)
William H. H. Hamlett was a resident of Fulton Co. as early as 1840, and of Newcastle twp in 1850 and 1870. See Federal Census. He and his wife Sarah, who was also born in Ky, had children: Elizabeth (b.ca.1839, Ind., m. Jno. E. Cates July 15, 1865. Fulton Co. Ind. Marriage Records; Sarah E. (b.ca.1841, Ind., prob. the Ellen Hamlett who m. Jeremiah Smith, Apr. 8, 1866 Fulton Co Ind Marriage Records; householders of Newcastle twp in 1870 with children: Sanford, age 4 yrs, and Henry age 1 year. Census); Louisa, 1843-1862; William S., 1845-1846; Mertilla b.ca.1848, Ind., prob. is the Murtilla who m. H. H. Weirick Apr. 22, 1869; and the Matilda age 22, who with Henry H. Wyrick, was householder of Rochester twp in 1870, with one child, Minnie age 4 months. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Records; Census); Charles (b.ca.1851, Ind); Benjamin Harrison (b.ca.1853, Ind; prob. the same B. H. Hamlet who m. Flora A. Tipton, June 25, 1879. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Records); Simon P. (b.ca.1855, Ind.); America J. (b.ca.1859, Ind.; m. Wm. Smith, Sept. 27, 1879. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Records)
William H. H. Hamlett's will, dated Oct. 17, 1870, was proved Oct. 31, 1870. He leaves his estate to his "beloved wife, Sarah Hamlett"; to his sons: Charles J., Benjamin H. and Simon P.; and to his daus.: Elizabeth (Hamlett) Cates, Sarah E. (Hamlett) Smith, Martilla (Hamlett) Warrick, and America J. Hamlett who was under 21 yrs of age. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899)]
HOFFMAN, Doyle Dwayne, son of C.W. & D., d. Oct 18, 1911 (one date only)
BARKMAN, Delilah M., 1860-1925
BARKMAN (family marker)
BARKMAN, Benjamin F., 1858-1931
[Note: Benjamin Franklin Barkman, b. in Ind., son of John and Nancy J. Barkman, was a resident of Newcastle twp in Fulton Co Ind. Federal Census.

Benjamin Franklin Barkman married Delilah (Lila - Lola) Swartzlander, Oct. 7, 1885. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Record. Two children known to have been born to them: Minnia "Mina", b. Aug 27, 1886 (m. Aug 22, 1906, Amassa "Masa" G. Nelson, b. March 26, 1885, son of W. A. "Allen" and Minnie (Garwood) Nelson); Delta Pearl, b. January 30, 1888 (m. Aug 27, 1910, in Akron, Ind., Charles Hoffman, b. Aug 28, 1884, son of Silas S. and Lydia (Royer) Hoffman. Fulton Co Ind School Enumeration, 1899 (Newcastle twp, Dist 5 & 6; and Henry twp Dist 4); Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications, 1904-1910.]
(4 steps)
(----), "Our John H." (infant type stone, no other info)
KESSLER, Mary E., 1853-1941
(1) Isaac A., June 23, 1848 - Jan 15, 1915
(2) Mary E. Barkman, his wife, July 25, 1853 - Nov 5, 1941
[Note: Isaac A. Kessler, born in Henry Co Ind, married in Fulton Co Ind, Dec. 12, 1875, to Mary E. Barkman (1853-1941, dau of John B. & Nancy J. Barkman, of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind). One child was born: Sadie M. Kessler, b. March 2, 1878. Fulton Co Ind M.R. (C) p. 352.
Isaac A. Kessler was a son of John Kessler (b. ca. 1800, in No.Car., and d. 1874 ae 74, in Labette Co Kans; m. Mary (Anderson) Cates, whose son John Cates, of Wisc., was a past Treas. of Fulton Co Ind, in 1889, at 79 years, having had chn: Simeon; Rachel (Mrs. James Paxton); Mary J. (Mrs. Jacob Walburn); Isaac C.; and Albert B.
The grandfa. of Isaac A. Kessler was John Kessler (Sr.) b. Virginia, d. ca. 1830, Kosciusko Co Ind. He resided in No.Car. until 1808; removed to Dayton, Ohio, then to Indiana with his son, John. (Peattie, History of Fulton Co Ind, 1896, pp. 95-96.]
(4 steps)
HAMLETT, Mahlon, son of S.P. & E., Oct 18, 1884 - Aug 30, 1887
HAMLETT, Simon P., d. Aug 4, 1886, ae 30y-9m-21d
HAMLETT, Emma, mother, Dec 25, 1864 - Nov 15, 1941
GORDON, Ransford S., April 12, 1912 (one date only)
(1) Maudie, 1886-1967
(2) John, 1885-1965
(4 steps)
(1) Rufus, Apr 18, 1836 - (no d.d.)
(2) Adeline, July 18, 1837 - Jan 9, 1912
[Note: Rufus Alspach married Adeline Donaldson, Nov 14, 1861. Census records indicate they were both born in Ohio and their children in Indiana. Their children were: John (b.ca.1863), William (b.ca.1865), Cornelius (b.ca.1869), Sarah E. (b.ca.Apr.1870), Roda (b.ca.1873), Benton (b.ca.1875), Lucetta (b.ca.1879). Margaret Donaldson, b.ca.1797 Md. and William Dounelson, b. ca.1801 Ohio, were living with this family in 1870. -- Fulton Co Ind Marriage Records; Federal Census, Fulton Co, Rochester Twp 1870 & 1880.]
(4 steps)

(1) Willie, 1870- (no. d.d.)
(2) Rhoda M., his wife, 1872-1921
(4 steps)
HERRING, Daniel, 1869-1906

Row 2
EMMONS, Gladys Dick, mother, 1899-1982
KALMBACHER, June P., 1905-1991 (Bender temp marker)
(4 steps)
(1) Minnie, 1881-1939
(2) Willard A., 1875-1963
DICK, Carl A., 1902-1977
(8 steps)
(KESSLER), Louvisa M.
(1) Louvisa M., June 15, 1850 - May 6, 1938
(2) Martin L., Mar 8, 1850 - Dec 3, 1917
(KESSLER), Martin L.
[Note: Federal Census 1870 shows Martin L. & Louvisa M. "Louvey" were married in Nov. 1869; that they were both 20 yrs old and born in Ind. Federal Census 1880 reflects children: Margaret M. (b.ca.1874), Anna M. (b.ca.1878).]
(7 steps)
SMITH, Henry N., son of J.D. & S.E., d. Nov 28, 1871, ae 2y-8m-16d
(1) Jerry, 1841-1908
(2) Ellen, 1841-1905
[Note: Jeremiah Smith. m. Ellen Hamlett, Apr 8, 1866. Fulton Co Ind M.R. Jeremiah, b. Penn., and Ellen, b. Ind., were householders of Newcastle twp, with children: Sanford (b.ca.1866), Clara (b.ca1872), Tilla (b.ca.1873), and Henry N. (1869-1871). Christena Smith (b.1809) was also with this family in 1880. Federal Census, 1870 & 1880]
SMITH, Christiana, wife of Peter, d. Dec 24, 1898, ae 89y-1m-24d
[Note: Peter Smith's widow, Christiana (Douglas) Smith came from Harrisburg, Penn., where a son, Jeremiah D. Smith, was born January 15, 1841. -- Shirley Willard, Fulton Co Folks, Vol. 1, p. 188]
(4 steps)
HAMLETT, Emma, 1864-1941
(4 steps)
(1) Lucetta, mother, 1878-1970
(2) Delmar, father, 1872-1914
(4 steps)
FUNK, Alice Jane, 1867-1950
[Note: footstone reads: Alice Ann Funk, 1867-1950]
(6 steps)
(1) Luversia M., 1882-1955
(2) Frank L., 1879-1954
[Note: Frank L. Mikesell m. Luversia Smith, Oct 14, 1903. -- Fulton Co M.R.]

Row 3
(5 steps)

(1) Della A., dau of C.W. & E., d. Jan 29, 1879, ae 6m-4d
(2) Lula M., dau of C.W. & E., d. May 8, 1878, ae 1y-1m-6d
HAMLETT, Mattie A., dau of C.W. & E., d. Mar 6, 1880, ae 6m-9d
(12 steps)
WEIRICK, Minnie May, Feb 24, 1870 - Dec 13, 1901
[Note: probably dau. of Henry H. & Murtilla Weirick]
(----) (unmarked stone)
(1) Henry H., Co I 32 Ohio Inf, 1841-1925
(2) Murtilla, 1848-1930
BYBEE, Daughters of W.L. & M.K.
(1) Coda, June 16, 1885 - Jan 2, 1889
(2) Madge, Nov 11, 1883 - June 14, 1890
(1) Martha Kessler, Sep 5, 1857 - Jan 7, 1944
(2) William Lawson, Apr 1, 1857 - Nov 6, 1935
[Note: William L. Bybee m. Martha Kessler, February 11, 1883. Fulton Co M.R.
This is probably the same William Bybee who, at age 13 and born in Ohio, appears in the family of Pleasant and Nancy Bybee of Newcastle twp in 1870. Census 1870.
Pleasant Bybee, b.ca.1818, and Nancy his wife, b.ca.1824, both natives of Ohio, came to Indiana sometime prior to 1849. They returned to Ohio after a few years, but were back in Indiana by about 1860. Their children were: Cyrus (b.ca.1849 Ind.); Simon (b.ca.1851 Ind.); Milton (b.ca.1854 Ohio); Cornelius (b.ca.1856 Ohio) William (b.ca.1857 Ohio); Sarah C. and Mary M. (b.ca.1860 Ind.); John L. (b.ca.1862 Ind.); Anna M. (b.ca.1864 Ind.); Elmer (b.ca.1866 Ind.); Melvin (b.ca.1870 Ind.) . Census 1870.
The death notice for Pleasant Bybee reads: "Pleasant Bybee, an old and respected citizen of Newcastle township, was buried last Friday." -- Rochester Sentinel, Sat., Sept. 9, 1871. His will, dated August 28, and proved Sept. 11, 1871, leaves his Estate to his wife, Nancy Bybee, "for the support and maintenance of all my minor children until the youngest child shall arrive at the age of 18 years of age. . ." He names as his Executors, his "son, Cyrus Bybee and Nathan Bybee, my brother." --Jean C. Tombaugh, Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899.
Nancy Bybee, widow of Pleasant Bybee, was living in Newcastle twp in 1880 at age 54 years, with five of her unmarried children: Cornelius, Sarah, Anna, Elmer and Melvin. -- Census 1880.
Cyrus Bybee had married Almeda S. Burns in 1873; Simon Bybee married Melissa Bryant in 1875; Cornelius Bybee married in 1884 to Minnie M. Anderson; William L. married Martha Kesler in 1883; John L. married Kate Hudkins in 1884. --Fulton Co M.R.
Obit for Melvin Bybee tells that he was born in 1870 in Newcastle twp, the last of the 12 children of Pleasant and Nancy Bybee, and died at age 72. He moved to North Judson from Newcastle twp, and was married there to Dilla Bybee; then removed to South Bend where he died. -- The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Dec. 22, 1942]
McGOWEN, Kenneth L., son of T.M. & P.M., June 27, 1920 - Aug 6, 1920
(4 steps)
(1) T. Melbern, Oct 7, 1888 - Apr 23, 1972
(2) Pearl May, July 29, 1890 - Dec 16, 1967

PFUND, Mother & Father
(1) Mary A., his wife, Nov 9, 1862 - Nov 14, 1920
(2) William D., Feb 20, 1856 - Apr 23, 1939
(4 steps)
BROCKEY, Beulah B., dau of V. & N., 1921-1922
(1) Nora L., 1894-1985
(2) Verdie, 1885-1976

Row 4
HAMLETT, Children of B.H. & F.A.
(1) Infant, d. Aug 1880?
(2) Eddie, d. Jan 11, ---- ?
GRAHAM, Edna G., 1881-1978
(also Zimmerman Bros temp funeral marker: Edna G. Graham, 1881-1978)
(1) Benjamin H., 1853-1933
(2) Florence A., his wife, 1860-1926
HAMLETT, B. H., 1853-1933
(6 steps)
SHANABARGER, Pauleen, 1962-1988
(also, Zimmerman Bros temp marker: Pauleen Shanabarger, 1962-1988)
(1) Betty P., mom, 1921-1978
(2) Melvin H., dad, 1913-1987
m. 1941
(10 steps)
KING (family marker)
(KING), Margaret M., Feb 15, 1874 - Oct 22, 1924
(KING), Howard E., Feb 7, 1897 - Aug 15, 1916
(KING), Paul, Mar 22, 1893 - Mar 26, 1893
(KING), Harold K., Nov 17, 1895 - Apr 11, 1896
KING, Paul, son of W.M. & M.M., d. Mar 26, 1893, ae 3-1/2 days
(4 steps)
(1) George, 1843-1923
(2) Sarah A. Pfund, his wife, 1849-1925
[Note: George King, age 37 born in Ohio, and his wife, Sarah, age 31 born in Ohio, were householders of Newcastle twp in 1880 with one son, Willie, born about 1870 in Ohio. The father and mother of George were born in Maryland & Penn., respectively; and father and mother of his wife were born in Germany & Penn., respectively. -- Census 1880.]
PFUND, George W., Nov 3, 1859 - Mar 11, 1935
(6 steps)
JOHNSON, Lewis E., 1918-1984 (Foster & Good temp marker)
(5 steps)
(----) (base only)

(1) Marie O., 1902- (no d.d.)
(2) Elvan E., 1900-1978
m. Jan 27, 1923
(----) (base only)

Row 5 (midway down the row)
(1) Virginia P., mother, 1948-1980
(2) Paul A., father, 1940- (no d.d.)
m. July 5, 1980
(5 steps)
(1) Ignota M., May 23, 1919 - July 8, 1987
(2) John A., July 29, 1912 - May 26, 1989
(15 steps)
(1) Albert, 1852-1925
(2) Susanna, his wife, 1854- (no d.d.)

Row 6 (at the south end of the row)
MIKESELL, R. Earl, 1885-1932

Row 7 (at the south end of the row)
MIKESELL, Mother & Father
(1) Allie E., 1858-1933
(2) Asa H., 1855-1932
[Note: Asa H. Mikesell married Alice Perkins, February 15, 1877. -- Fulton Co M.R.
Asa H. and his wife, Alice (both born in Ind.) were householders of Newcastle twp in 1880 with two sons in their family: Philip H., age 2 yrs, and Leroy F., age 8 mos. (b. Sept.). Both parents of Asa H. were born in Ohio; father of Alice was born in Ind., and her mother in Ohio. --Census 1880.]

Row 8
(19 steps)
(1) Emma A., 1867- (no d.d.)
(2) John W., 1860-1932
(12 steps)
OWENS, Freddie, son of G.K. & A.E., d. Nov 11, 1881, ae 8m-20d
[Note: Freddie was probably a son of George K. & Alice E. (Cummings) Owens who married at Rochester, Ind., on May 18, 1873. George (35 yrs) and Eliza (25 yrs) were householders of Rochester twp in 1880 with a dau Netta (5 yrs). Alice E. Owens obit states that she died at age 85, at Rochester, Ind., four children having preceded her in death: two sons in infancy and two daus, Mrs. Lola Shively and Mrs. Nettie Mae Brown; and was buried in Rochester I.O.O.F. cemetery. -- Fulton Co M.R.; Federal Census 1880; obit, The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Aug. 4, 1941]

Row 9
HAMLETT, Franklin C., 29th Regt Ind Vol, d. Oct 2(or 21?), 1862, in College
Hosp No 4, Nashville, Tenn, ae 46y-9m-22d
[Note: Franklin C., son of Thomas Hamlett, Sr. and Elizabeth, was born ca. 1816 in Ky. He married Elizabeth Meredith in Fulton Co Ind, Aug. 4, 1840, and they were of Newcastle twp in 1850 with one son, Thomas M. (7 yrs) who was probably the only child of Franklin C. & Elizabeth who lived to maturity. Franklin C. Hamlett purchased land in Newcastle twp (Twp 31N-Range 3E) Fulton Co Ind, recorded on Dec. 14, 1843 and on Sept 2, 1845. His name was in the Grand Jury list for March Term 1844. Franklin C. and Thomas M. Hamlet served as Pvts of Co. D 29 Regt in the Civil War. Franklin C. Hamlett's body was brought home for burial on December 26, 1862, and the reopening of his grave later, for ident., caused quite a furor and several editorials and letters to the editor of the Rochester Sentinel, March 7, 1863; April 4, 1863.
Thomas M. Hamlett, son of Franklin C. & Elizabeth (Meredith) Hamlett, was probably the Thomas M. Hamlet (ae 27) a householder of the town of Rochester, Fulton Co Ind., in 1870. His family included: Sarah S. (ae 20), Gray M. (ae 2), and Frank (ae 8 mos., b. Sept) --Census 1870.
References: Jean C. Tombaugh, Fulton Co Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899; Fulton Co M.R.; Census 1850; Fulton Co Early Tract Book; Jean C. Tombaugh, Commissioners Record "A" 1836-1845; Elia W. Peattie, History Fulton Co Ind, 1896.
(4 steps)
HAMLETT, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, d. Feb 22, 1846, ae 76y ( stone broken)
HAMLETT, Thomas, d. Apr 27, 1846, ae 72y (loose stone, on the ground)
[Note: Thomas Hamlett, Sr., b.ca.1774, came to Fulton Co Ind., and settled in Newcastle twp in the fall of 1838, where he erected a log house. This house was chosen as the first election place (held March 25, 1839) --Kingman Bros.,Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., 1883, p. 44.
The will of Thomas Hamlett, Sr., "of Fulton Co., Ind." dated March 26, 1846, and proved May 11, 1846, names his heirs: (sons) James Hamlett, Franklin C. Hamlett, Wm. H. H. Hamlett, and Thomas Hamlett; also Thomas M. Hamlett, son of Franklin C. Hamlett. He also names another heir, Bartly M. Hamlett, but relationship is not stated in the will. Exr. was Samuel J. Hege; Witnesses, Job Meredith and Selim P. Taylor. -- Jean C. Tombaugh, Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899.
James Hamlett, mentioned often in the Commissioners Records between 1839 and 1845, perhaps is James the son of Thomas, Sr. -- Jean C. Tombaugh, Commissioners Record "A" 1836-1845. No other info found concerning James.
Franklin C., son of Thomas Hamlett, Sr., has been discussed on a previous page herein.
Two William Hamletts were householders in Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1870:
(1) William H. H., b. Apr 6, 1813 in Ky, married Sarah Schooler. -- Shirley Willard, Fulton Co Folks, Vol. 1., p. 188. This is the William H. H. believed to be the son of Thomas Hamlett, Sr. (2) The second William H. H. Hamlett also of Newcastle twp in 1870 was born ca.1816 in Ind. He was not located in any of the previous census records for Fulton Co Ind. This William H. H. Hamlett probably married twice. His second marriage was July 9, 1870 to Lucy, widow of Peter Bryant (of Newcastle twp in 1850). --Fulton Co M.R. Letters of Adm., Estate of Peter Bryant, were issued to David Nichols July 7, 1855. Fulton Co Ind Docket "A" 1838-1856, pp. 446-447. Lucy Bryant, widow, age 35, is listed as the householder in 1860 with her children: John 15, Lewis 13, Melissa 9 and Sarah 6. By 1870, Lucy and her dau., Melissa Bryant, were living in the household of William H. H. Hamlett. This family included five children: Robert N. (b.ca.1862), Florence C. (b.ca.1864), John E. (b.ca.1866), Alvin N. (b.ca.1867), William (b. Feb. 1870). Date of death and place of burial for this second William H. H. Hamlett are not known. He needs further

Thomas H., Jr., son of Thomas Hamlett, Sr., was born in Ky in 1807, and died 1861. He and his wife, Jane (Emons) Hamlett, are both buried in the Reichter cemetery, Newcastle, Fulton Co Ind. (see for further)
Bartley M. Hamlett, named in the will of Thomas Hamlett, Sr., was probably the Bartley M. Hamlett who came to Newcastle twp, Fulton Co, Ind., with his family in 1839, and erected on his farm the first blacksmith shop in the twp. -- Kingman Bros., Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., 1883, p. 44. His name was not found in the list of householders of Indiana in 1840, however, although his family included at least four children at that time. --Census 1840. Bartley M. Hamlett (also spelled Hamlet) was born 1804 in Ky. He died between 1850 and 1860. His wife, Elizabeth (Jones) Hamlett, a widow in the Federal Census 1860 with seven children, was born in Va. ca. 1812. The exact dates of death and burial places for Bartley M. and Elizabeth (Jones) Hamlett are not known. Their children: (1) Nancy J., b.1830 Ky, m. John B. Barkman (see for further); (2) Mary Elizabeth b.1834 Ind, m. Isaac Barkman (see for further); (3) William H. H. b.1836 Ind., m. (1st) Euphemia Coplen and (2nd) Martha Montgomery (see for further); (4) John E. b.1838 Ind., m. Louvina Mikesell (see for further); (5) Sarah A. b.ca.1841 Ind.; (6) Margaret E. b.ca.1843 Ind.; (7) Benjamin F. b.ca.1846 Ind.; (8) Martha L. b.ca.1848 Ind.; (9) Lavica b.ca.1850]
(5 steps)
CRABILL, Sarah A., wife of F.W., July 13, 1841 - Dec 8, 1915
BARKMAN, Aaron M., son of J.B. & N.J., d. Oct 8, 1865, ae ---
(age might be 26, 23 or 28 - not clear)
BARKMAN, Charles W., son of J. & N.J., d. Sep 26?, 18?? (not readable)
(----) (field stone, possibly a grave marker, no inscr)
BARKMAN, Ralphus L., son of John W. and Emma A., 1890 (one date only)
(4 steps)
(1) John B., d. Oct 21, 1890, ae 63y-7m-24d
(2) Nancy J., d. Feb 15, 1905, ae 74y-10m-15d
[Note: John B. Barkman, born 1827 in Penn., was a laborer in the household of John & Sarah Kesler in Newcastle twp, at the age of 22 years. Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh, Fulton Co Ind Federal Census 1850. He married Nancy J. Hamlett, dau. of Bartley M. and Elizabeth (Jones) Hamlett, (see previous pages) date & place of marriage not known. (Name of mother of Nancy J. Hamlett from family records of Helen (Mrs. Earl Barkman, Rochester, Ind.)
John B. and Nancy J. (Hamlett) Barkman, his wife, had children: (1) Mary E. b.1853 Ind., m. Isaac A. Kessler (see previous pages); (2) Bartley M. b.1855 Ind., m. Phebe Ellen Horn (See Sycamore cem.; also see Hoover's cem); (3) Benjamin Franklin b.1858 ind., m. Delilah Swartzlander (see previous pages); (4) John William b.1860 Ind., m. Emma A. Jones June 8, 1889. (Fulton Co M.R.; The News-Sentinel, obit Emma Barkman, Thurs., Jan. 10, 1952; also see previous pages); (5) Levi Thornton b.ca.1863 Ind., m. Tincey Busenburg (dau of Peter and Lavina (Meredith) Busenburg) March 4, 1886. Tincey was also known as Mary A. (Fulton Co M.R.; Elia W. Peattie, History of Fulton Co Ind, 1886, p.50; Federal Census 1870, Peter Busenburg family); (6) Rebecca E. b.ca.1865 Ind., believed to have married a Shobe. (Ref: Mrs. Clarence C. Peterson (Beulah Marie Russell Barkman Peterson), grandda. of John B. and Nancy J. Barkman); (7) Martin L. b.zca.1869 Ind. (Census, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 for John B. Barkman family)]

Row 10

(5 steps)
BARKMAN, Isaac, d. Mar 24, 1887, ae 52y-10m-16d
BARKMAN, Mary E., wife of I., d. Aug 31, 1878, ae 44y-3m-10d
[Note: Isaac Barkman, resident of Newcastle twp, was born in Penn. 1834. Both his parents were natives of Penn. (Federal Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind., Newcastle twp) His first marriage was June 18, 1854, to Mary E. Hamlet(t), a sister of Nancy J. wife of John B. Barkman. He married (2nd) to Martha M. Reed April 22, 1880. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous pages) When Martha M. Reed married Isaac Barkman, she brought to his home three children of her own: Elmer K. Reed (7 yrs), Norton E. Reed (4 yrs) and Ida F. Reed (2 yrs), all children born in Kans. (Federal Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp)
Children of Isaac and Mary E. Barkman were: (1) Henry (Wm. H. H.) b.ca.1856 Ind.; (2) George M. b.1857 Ind (see for further); (3) Ellen (Elizabeth) b.ca.1860 Ind; (4) Alonzo b.1863 Ind. (see for further); (5) Laura J. b.ca.1856 Ind.; (6) Isaac Newton b.ca.1873 Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Federal Census 1860, 1870 and 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp, for Isaac Barkman family.
Wm. H. H. (Henry) Barkman, son of Isaac & Mary E. (Hamlett) Barkman, was of Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind. He died in 1937 and was buried in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cemetery. He married in 1885 to Sarah L. (Louisa) Emmons Shoemaker, widow of James Shoemaker. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Reichter cem herein, and Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)
Isaac Newton Barkman, son of Isaac & Mary E. (Hamlett) Barkman, died at Elkhart, Ind. 1964, and was buried in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cemetery. He married 1896 in Kosciusko Co Ind., to Nellie Catharine Emmons. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see obit, Newton Barkman, The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., March 16, 1964)
There is a tradition in the John B. Barkman family which reveals that John B. and Isaac Barkman were brothers, and that they had two sisters who also came to Fulton county. These sisters were said to be (1) Susannah, b.ca.1826 Penn., who m. William Brockey (b.ca.1824 Penn.), and had at least one child Emeline b.ca.1850 Ind.; (2) Rebecca, b.ca.1830 Penn., m. John Win(d)bigler (b.ca.1824 Penn.), and had at least two children, Henry (b.ca.1851 Ind.) and Mary E. (b.ca.1853 Ind.) (Fulton Co Census 1850 and Fulton Co 1860 Census;by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh; Fulton Co Ind 1860; also see Hoover's cem; and family records, Helen (Mrs. Earl) Barkman)
(----) (field stone, possibly grave marker, no inscr)
(4 steps)
(1) Euphema, wife of Wm., d. Feb 17, 1870, ae 30y-1m-5d
(2) William H. H., father, d. Feb 9, 1890, ae 53y-2m-10d
[Note: William H. H. Hamlett, blacksmith, was born Sept. 29, 1836, in Ind. a son of Bartley M. and Elizabeth (Jones) Hamlett of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see previous pages) . He married (1st), September 8, 1861, to Euphemia Coplen (called Famie), who died in Newcastle twp. (Fulton Co M.R.; Rochester Union Spy, Fri., Feb. 25, 1870). Two children born: John (b.ca.1866 Ind.) and William (b.ca.1870 Ind.) (Census 1870, Newcastle twp.)
William H. H. Hamlett married (2nd) March 28, 1880, to Martha Ann (Bybee) Montgomery, widow of Benjamin F. who died 1879. Martha Ann and her three children by her previous husband: Nancy, Nathan and Washington Montgomery, are included in the household of William H. H. Hamlett and his two sons in Newcastle twp in 1880. (Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co Census 1870, Newcastle twp (B. F. Montgomery family #139); Fulton Co Census 1880, Newcastle twp, (William H. Hamlett family); also see Reichter cem herein.]

HAMLETT, John E., d. Sep 13, 1884, ae 45y-10m-3d
(Note: John E. son of Bartley M. and Elizabeth (Jones) Hamlett, married April 19, 1874, Louvina Mikesell, and were of Newcastle twp in 1880. Their children were: Philip E. (1875-1943, bur. Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); Bartley M. (b.ca.1876 Ind.); and Wash Hamlett (1882-1953, bur. Rochester I.O.O.F. cem., m. Hattie Miller, 1904, dau of John & Ellen (Alspach) Miller. Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co 1880 Census, Newcastle twp; Rochester I.O.O.F. cem .]

Row 11

KESLER, Catharine, dau of M. & C., d. Oct 5, 1850, ae 5m-3d
(loose stone, on the ground)
HAMLETT, George W., son of F.C. & E., d. Apr 20, 1845?, ae 9m-22d
(loose stone, on the ground)
HAMLETT, Infant dau of F.C. & E. (loose stone, on the ground, no name or dates)
HAMLETT, Infant son of F.C. & E. (loose stone, on the ground, no name or dates)
BRAMAN, Milo E., son of E. & M.?E., d. Jan(June?) 26, 1871, ae 5m-22d
(----) (broken stone, nothing readable)
HAMLETT, Frankie, ----- of T.M. & S.L., d. ---- 1870.
[Note: Frank, son of Thomas M. & Sarah L. Hamlet, of Rochester city, Fulton Co., Ind., was 8mos old (b. Sept) in 1880, and had an older brother, Gray M., age 2 years.Fulton Co Census 1870, Rochester city, hsld & fam. #206:231; also see previous pages herein]
KESSLER, Infant son of M.L. & M.J., d. Feb 18, 1873
KESSLER, Charlie W., son of M.L. & J.J.?, d. May 28, 1871, ae 9m-12d
(4 steps)
WINDBIGLER, Mary E., dau of J.B. & R., d. Aug 9, 1868?, ae 12y-10m-21d
(broken at year) [Note: see previous pages herein]

Row 12

(39 steps)
BOWEN, Minnie J., dau of W.U. & L. ----- (not readable)


Located on the south side of SR-25, at 800N and 800E, in Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana.
Rows run north and south; rows are numbered from west to east; stones read from north to south.
Readings made in 1974.

Row 1

MEREDITH, Job L., son of J.L. & H., d. Sep 11, 187?, ae 3y-4(or 1?)m-11d
MEREDITH, Job L., d. Apr 18, 1881, ae 40y-5m-12d
(Job Lewis Meredith, born Nov 6, 1840 Ind., was a son of Job & Mary Meredith who were very early settlers of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see for further)
Job L. Meredith married Oct. 1, 1863, to Margaret Drudge. (Fulton Co M.R.) She was a dau. of John & Susannah Drudge, natives of Penn., who moved to Indiana from Ohio about 1845-50. John Drudge (born Sept. 15, 1815, died July 6, 1872), and his first wife, Susannah (born January 5, 1820, died June 5, 1856) were residents of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co., Ind. in 1850, with four children; missing in 1860. (Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp. 1850, 1860 Census) John Drudge married again after the death of his first wife, to Eve (last name not known), and they were back in Newcastle twp by 1870 with one child, Francis Marion. Eve Drudge was born in Penn. ca. 1831, and her will which was written November 7, 1874 and proved October 6, 1877 in Fulton Co., Ind., states that she died September 26, 1877 leaving heirs: "my stepson Francis Marion Drudge" and "my stepdaughter Margaret Meredith (now the wife of Job L. Meredith)." Exr. of her estate was her stepson, Francis Marion Drudge. (Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp, 1880 Census; Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh) Children of John & Susannah Drudge were: Margaret, b.ca.1842 Ohio (see above); Jeremiah, b. May 18, 1844 Ohio (m.1869 Emeline Zolman (Fulton Co M.R.), died 1910 and buried in Nichols cem., Kosciusko Co., Ind.; Mary, b.ca.1847 Ind. m. 1865 Levi Stahl (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Fulton Co Ind, Henry twp, 1870, 1880 Census records for family); Harmon b. Jan 23, 1849 Ind., d. January 31, 1852, (Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co Ind); Adaline, b. Aug 14, 1851, d. Oct 8, 1854 (Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co Ind); Francis Marion, b. June 26, 1854 Ind., m. 1877 Ellenor L. Richter (Fulton Co M.R.), died 1925 (Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co Ind)
John Drudge and both his wives, Susannah and Eve, are buried in the Nichols cem., Kosciusko Co., Ind., rows 3 & 11 of the north section.]
(7 steps)
MEREDITH, Amos M., son of J. & M., d. Dec 30, 1851, ae 20y-4m-8d
(4 steps)
(1) Job, d. Mar 12, 1856, ae 64y-1m-23d
(2) Mary, wife of J., d. June 6, 1872, ae 78y-3m-21d
[Note: History books tell that Job Meredith and his nephew Peter Meredith came into Newcastle twp, Fulton Co., Ind., in August 1836, from Coshocton Co., Ohio, and erected the first cabin in the township before returning to Ohio for the winter. In Feb. 1837, Job, his nephew Peter, their families and Thomas Meredith (brother of Peter) removed from Ohio to Newcastle twp and the cabin that was built the summer before. Robert Meredith, another brother of Peter, joined them in 1837. Job

Meredith set out the first orchard of the twp in 1839, and the first mill on the banks of Yellow Creek. (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44) Early tract book records reveal that Job Meredith was "of Coshocton Co., Ohio" when he purchased land September 5, 1836; Peter Meredith was "of Kosciusko Co., Ind." when his land purchase was made September 5, 1836, all in T31N-R4E. (Fulton Co Ind Early Tract Book, B. F. Fretz Abstract Co., Rochester, Ind..)
Job Meredith and his wife, Mary, both natives of Virginia, were residents of Newastle twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1850, with a family of three children. (Federal Census 1850) In 1870, Mary Meredith (widow of Job) was in the household of James H. Hay and Mary E., of Aubbeenaubbee twp, Fulton Co. She was 76 years old, and "living with daughter."
The will of Job Meredith (of Fulton Co., Ind) dated October 23, 1854, and proved April 8, 1856, leaves his estate to his wife, Mary Meredith; "to the heirs of my two daughters, namely, Rebecca and Temperance . . . when they become of lawful age . . ."; to "my two sons Ambrose and Peter P. Meredith . . ."; to "my son Job Lewis . . . "; to "my daughter Mary . . . "; to "my daughter Elizabeth . . . from the rents of my Mill . . . "; that his son, Job L. Meredith was to have the whole control of the saw mill when he became twenty-one years (unless his wife wanted the mill for her portion); and that Ambrose Meredith, his son, was to be Guardian for Job L. Meredith. He names his two sons, Ambrose and Peter P. Meredith Co-Exrs. of his estate. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1839-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
Concerning the children of Job and Mary Meredith:
(1) Ambrose Meredith, b.ca.1817 Ohio, death date & place not known. The wife of Ambrose was Mary (-----), b.ca.1820 Ind., and they were residents of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co., Ind., in 1850 with five children. Ambrose taught school on his farm during the winter of 1839-40. (Federal Census 1850; History of Fulton Co Ind by Barnhart, p. 92) By 1870, he was living in Aubbeenaubbee twp with two unmarried daus and a married dau. (Federal Census 1870) The children of Ambrose and Mary Meredith: Rachel (b.ca.1839 Ind.); Rhoda (b.ca.1841 Ind.); Rose W. (b. Sept. 3, 1840 Ind., d.March 7, 1880 (Leiters Ford cem records), m.1867 James F. Saxon (Fulton Co M.R.); Mary A. (1843-1878, bur. Moon cem., Aubbeenaubbee twp, Fulton Co., Ind., 2nd wife of Wm. D. Moore) (Moon cem records; also History Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, p.111); Job, b.ca.1846 Ind.,; Esther, b.ca.1849 Ind.; Nettie, b.ca.1850. (Fulton Co Ind 1870 Census, Aubbee twp, hslk & fam #109:107, "A. Meredith")
(2) Rebecca, who perhaps is the Rebecca Meredith who married James O. Davis, October 13, 1842. (Fulton Co. M.R.) Nothing further is known.
(3) Temperance, who perhaps is the Temperance Meredith who married William Blue, March 4, 1847. (Fulton Co M.R.) Nothing further is known.
(4) Elizabeth, who might be the Elizabeth (b.ca.1823 Ohio), who married Franklin C. Hamlett, August 4, 1840. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous pages herein)
(5) Peter P., b.ca.1825 Ohio, death date & place unknown, married May 18, 1848 Rebecca Ann Davis. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see for further)
(6) Amos M., 1831-1851 (see previous pages herein)
(7) James, b.ca.1832 Ohio, of the household of Job & Mary Meredith in 1850, but not mentioned in Job Meredith's will dated 1854. (Fulton Co Ind 1850 Census, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh; also see previous pages herein)
(8) Mary, b.ca.1836 Ohio, of the household of Job & Mary Meredith in 1850, may have been deceased by 1849. However, the will of Job Meredith mentions a dau Mary. (Fulton Co Ind 1850 Census, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh; also see (10) Mary E.,below)
(9) Job Lewis, 1840-1881. (see previous pages herein)
(10) Mary E., 1849-1929. In 1870, in Aubbee twp, the household of James H. Hay (Jr.) 28, and Mary E. 22, included a Mary Meredith age 76 (b.ca.1794 Penn) who was "living with daughter." (Federal Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind; also Leiters Ford I.O.O.F. cem records; also see Frederal

Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind., Aubbee twp, "James H. Hay, Jr.".)]
(4 steps)
MEREDITH, Rebecca A., wife of Peter P., d. June 23, 1856, ae 25y-8m-2d
[Note: Peter P. Meredith, son of Job & Mary Meredith of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind., was born ca.1825 in Ohio. He married May 18, 1848 Rebecca Ann Davis, and they were residents of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1850 with one child, Hercanes S., age 11 months. (Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co Ind 1850 Census, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh)
Children of Peter P. & Rebecca Ann (Davis) Meredith:
(1) Hercanes S., b.ca.1849; m.1877 Matilda Emma Lawrence, dau of Christopher Lawrence. (Fulton Co M.R.;Fulton Co Ind Census 1880, Aubbee twp, "H. S. Meredith" family; also see Leiters Ford I.O.O.F. cem records)
(2) Amos W., 1851-1853. (see for further)
(3) Ambrose L., 1853-1855. (see for further)
(4) Charity A., 1855-1855. (see for further)]
(4 steps)
MEREDITH, Ambrose L., son of P.P. & R.A., d. Mar 26, 1855, ae 2y-1m-21d
MEREDITH, Charity A., dau of P.P. & R.A., d. Oct 15, 1855, ae 3m-7d
MEREDITH, Amos W., son of P.P. & R.A., d. May 12, 1853, ae 2y-1m-12d


Located on the north side of 500N, between 800E and 900E, in Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana.
The rows run north and south; rows are numbered from west to east; stones read from south to north.
Readings made in 1974 and 1991.

Row 1

(50 steps)
(1) Jeff, pop, 1895-1979
(2) Gracie, mom, 1900-1988
(1) Joe, 1921-1987
(2) Zola J., 1920- (no d.d.)
(also military marker: Joe Smith, Pfc US Army WW2, 1921-1987)
(1) Raymond, 1917- (no d.d.)
(2) Margaret, 1918-1990
(1) June E., 1940- (no d.d.)
(2) John V., 1937-1991
(15 steps)
(1) Alvin L., 1897-1981
(2) Chloe A., 1898- (no d.d.)
(also military marker: Alvin L. Johnson, Pvt US Army WW1, 1897-1981)
(30 steps)
(1) Franklin, June 16, 1929 - (no d.d.)
(2) Virginia Ann, May 11, 1931 - Apr 10, 1984
(20 steps)
(1) Robert E., Sep 5, 1915 - (no d.d.)
(2) M. June Steele, Feb 1, 1922 - (no d.d.)
m. June 14, 1942

Row 2

(32 steps)
BELILES, Heather L., Oct 1, 1974 - Dec 15, 1974

BELILES, Donnie R., June 29, 1971 - Oct 19, 1971
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Donald Beliles, 1971-1971)

(1) Oscar, 1894-1967
(2) Judie, 1895-1984
KOVACH, Dorcas M., 1924-1991 (Foster & Good temp funeral marker)
(7 steps)
BRADLEY, Luther, Pfc US Marine Corps Korea, 1926-1985
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Luther Bradley, 1926-1985)
(1) Erve H., 1896-1979
(2) Alva M., 1900-1973
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Alva M. Bradley, 1900-1973)
BRADLEY, Spearl E., 1931-1951
BRADLEY, Violet, mother, 1866-1948
(1) Kinney, 1894-1967
(2) Eva, 1896-1974
(also Foster & Good temp marker, Kenneth Owens, 1894-1967. Recent burial in 1974 indicates probably death of Eva)
[Note: Kenneth (Kinney) Owens lived north of Athens on the Athens road. He was born in Ky, and was married 1911 at Sayersville to Eva Allen, and removed to Rochester from Sayersville about 1947. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., May 17, 1967, obit, Kenneth Owens) ]
ALLEN, Polly, Sep 1862 - Nov 1946
ALLEN, Jeff, July 15, 1883 - May 14, 1971
(Note: Jeff Allen, of Massilon, Ohio, was a brother of Mrs. Kenney (Eva) Owens of 335 Indiana Ave., Rochester, Ind. who survives. He was a son of William and Polley Hale Allen. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., May 24, 1971, obit. Jeff Allen.)]
(4 steps)
(1) N. Emma, 1860-1951
(2) John N., 1851-1945
(4 steps)
(1) John, May 28, 1861 - July 6, 1930
(2) Ida A. Cox, his wife, Apr 20, 1867 - Apr 4, 1919
HAINES, James E., son of John & Ida, Jan 20, 1912 - Sep 1, 1914
HAINES, Elnora E., May 26, 1897 - Jan 3, 1955
HAINES, Alice L., Sep 24, 1901 -Apr 16, 1977
(4 steps)
(1) Alonzo, Sep 30, 1854 - Oct 1, 1942
(2) Elma Mickey, Dec 2, 1854 - Mar 4, 1936
m. Dec 11, 1875
[Note: Alonzo Coplen, born in Ohio, was a son of Isaac H. & Sarah (Severns) Coplen who came to Newcastle twp between 1864 and 1870, and were householders in that twp in 1870. At that time,

Isaac H. (age 45) and Sarah (age 38), both natives of Ohio, had the following children: Alonzo (15yr b.Ohio), Lorenzo (14yr b.Ohio), Melissa (12yr b.Ohio), Francis M. (11yr b.Ohio), Perry (9yr b.Ohio), James V. 8yr b.Ohio), Sarah E. (6 yr b.Ohio), Jestiney (1yr b.Ind). Another child, Laura E. was born in Nov. 1870, and she is shown in the 1880 Census with her mother who was the householder at that time. (Fulton Co Ind 1870 Census, Newcastle twp , #102-101; Fulton Co Ind 1880 Census, Newcastle twp.) The will of Isaac H. Coplen "of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co., Ind." was dated June 9, 1877 and proven October 4, 1893, and names his heirs: "beloved wife, Sarah Coplen . . . to each of my children herein named to-wit: Melissa A. Coplen, Franklin M. Coplen, Perry Coplen, James V. Coplen, Sarah E. Coplen, Jestena Coplen and Laura E. Coplen, to be paid to them as they shall respectively become of 21 years of age." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
Alonzo Coplen was not named in his father's will, but he was of this family in the census record (see above) and his obit tells that he was a son of Isaac & Sarah Coplen, and had a brother James Coplen and a sister Mrs. Teenia Taylor, of Warsaw. Alonzo Coplen, born in Ohio September 30, 1854, died at the home of his dau, Mrs. Dallas Pletcher, of Argos, Ind. Marriage records and 1880 census records reveal that he married Susan Mickey, December 10, 1875, but his obit calls her Elma Mickey. (Fulton Co M.R.) Their children were: Mrs. Dallas Pletcher, of Argos; Mrs. Alta Myers, of near Rochester, m. Wm. B. Myers (Fulton Co M.R.); Mrs. Ethel Morrett, of Rochester, m. Bruce Morrett (Fulton Co M.R.); Lester and Harvey, both of Argos, Ind. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Oct. 2, 1942, Obit, Alonzo Coplen; Ibid., Fri. Dec. 11, 1942, Obit, James V. Coplen.)]
(14 steps)
ZOLMAN, Bronson E., 1856-1941
(Note: Bronson Elias Zolman was born on a farm neat Mt. Vernon, Ohio, March 19, 1856, a son of Amos and Jemima (Baker) Zolman. Bronson Elias, a batchelor, was a pioneer citizen of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind., but died at a hospital in Logansport where he had been a patient. Among his survivors were: nephews Harley Zolman & Amos Drudge, and a niece Mrs. Ada Metzler, all of Rochester, Ind. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Oct. 6, 1941, Obit, Brunson E. Zolman.) ]
(6 steps)
(1) Raymond E., 1918-1988
(2) Lorene O., 1912-1970
(24 steps)

Row 3
(16 steps)
(1) Lynn L., 1932-1983
(2) Judith M., 1939- (no d.d.)
(23 steps)
(1) Lester C., 1896-1963
(2) Reth, 1894-1984
m. Sep 15, 1917
(Reth, dau of Charles & Flora Laura Petry, b. near Warsaw, Ind., Sep 24, 1895, d. Sat, Oct 20, 1984, - Obit, The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon, Oct 22, 1984; also military marker: Lester C. Rogers, Ind Pvt Co A 129 Mach Gun Bn WW1, Apr 1, 1896 - Nov 28, 1963; also American Legion emblem)
(6 steps)
(1) Jacob H., 1876-1964
(2) Elsie R., 1878-1966
(Note: Jacob H. Grass, born nr. Tippecanoe, Nov. 21 1876, was a son of Joseph Grass, and spent most of his life in Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. He married November 24, 1900 Elsie

Rogers. Their children were: Mary (Mrs. Henry Konneck) and Emmerson Grass. Elsie Grass, wife of Jacob H., was born in Fulton Co Ind. to Frank and Ella Bowman Rogers. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Oct. 9, 1964, obit, Jacob H. Grass; ibid, Mon. September 12, 1966, obit, Mrs. Elsie Grass)]
GRASS, Emerson, Apr 22, 1905 - Sep 30, 1981
(1) Mary L., 1907- (no d.d.)
(2) Henry G., 1905-1976
(1) John "Herb", 1906- (no d.d.)
(2) Setta A., 1904- (no d.d.)
m. Dec 16, 1933
CARLILE, William J., d. 1939. (one date only)
(13 steps)
(1) Silas M. 1869-1951
(2) Lydia J., his wife, 1876-1908
(MEREDITH), Lydia J.
(1) Silas M., 1869-1951
(2) Ada M., 1882-1960
(6 steps)
NORRIS, Infant son of J.R. & S.J., Apr 28, 1906 (one date only)
(6 steps)
(1) BENTON, Washington, 1853-1939
(2) BENTON, Emma R., 1857-1947
(3) MICKEY, Franklin, 1859-1937
(4) MICKEY, Jestenia, 1861-1952
[Note: Washington J. Benton m. Emmarila Mickey, Apr 10, 1887. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Franklin C. Mickey married Jessitenio "Tenia" Severns, January 13, 1881. (Fulton Co M.R.) Franklin C. Mickey, born in Ind., was a son of Daniel and Catharine Mickey who came from Ohio to settle in Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see for further)
Jestenia, wife of Franklin C. Mickey, was born February 10, 1861 in Coshocton, Ohio, a dau of Joseph and Marilla (Meredith) Severns. The parents of Jestenia (Severns) Mickey can be found elsewhere herein. (see Joseph R. Severns) Franklin C. & Jestenia Mickey had no children of their own, but raised a nephew and niece in their home. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., April 21, 1952; ibid, Tues., April 22, 1952, obit, Mrs. Jessitenio "Tenia" Mickey.)]
(8 steps)
(1) Virginia McCarty, mother of Dennis & Michael, 1909-1984
(2) (no inscr)
ANDERSON, Mildred I., July 1, 1904 - (no d.d.)
(1) Lenna, Oct 3, 1881 - Feb 21, 1957
(2) Emra D., Jan 11, 1879 - Mar 4, 1960
(reverse side of stone: "Dr. Emra D. Anderson family")
(6 steps)

(1) Clinton L., 1873-1949
(2) Addie M., 1876-1960
(----) (unmarked stone)
(12 steps)

Row 4

(16 steps)
(1) Mildred E., 1910- (no d.d.)
(2) LaVerne E., 1905-1971
(7 steps)
(1) William P., Sep 2, 1898 - May 16, 1979
(2) Melissa T. E., Jan 21, 1901 - July 6, 1989
(15 steps)
(1) Harry B., Aug 16, 1894 - Apr 13, 1978
(2) E. Faye, Dec 24, 1894 - Feb 14, 1983
(also military marker: Harry B. Long, Sgt US Army WW1, Aug 16, 1894 - Apr 13, 1978)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(13 steps)
TEETER, L. V., Lt Col US Army Air Force 23 Fighter Group 76 Sqdr 14 Army WW2, "Killed over Luichow China, burial place unknown, 1918-1945
TEETER, Bertha B., dau of F. & C., 1919-1920
(1) Maurice S., 1912-1988
(2) Elizabeth M., 1917- (no d.d.)
m. Oct 3, 1936
(7 steps)
ROGERS, Michael Dee, 1944-1946
MULLEN, Cathryn, 1854-1936 (Johns temp marker)
(1) Catherine Mullen, 1854-1936
(2) William J., Co D 157 IVI, 1876- (no d.d.)
(3) Artintis, 1866-1936
(also military marker: William J. Brown, Co D 157 Ind Inf Sp. Amer. War)
BROWN, Alwilda, 1867-1936 (Johns temp marker)
(4 steps)
(LONG), Marcia, dau, 1898-1967
(LONG), Jennie, mother, 1872-1934
(LONG), Allen, father, 1866-1933
LONG (family marker)
(4 steps)

(1) Delemer S., Dec 19, 1885 - June 7, 1967
(2) Myrtle A., Mar 16, 1884 - Jan 10, 1973
m. 1908
(Note: Delemer S. White, of Mentone, was born in Missouri, and was married at Sycamore April 2, 1908. He had a brother, Asa, of Columbia City. Myrtle A., wife of Delemer S. White, was born in Fulton Co Ind., to John Henry & Nancy Emaline (Rice) Miller. Delemer S. & Myrtle A. White had children: Ernest W., Delois and Leona (Mrs. Russell Eber). (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., June 7, 1967, obit "Delemer S. White"; ibid, Thurs., Jan. 11, 1973, obit "Mrs. Myrtle A. White.")]
WHITE, Leroy V., son, June 23, 1911 - Sep 8, 1932
(1) Wilvin R., Apr 24, 1894 - July 27, 1959
(2) A. Faye, Jan 31, 1897 -Feb 27, 1975
(5 steps)
(1) George M., July 24, 1857 - Oct 27, 1940
(2) Sarah E. Coplen, his wife, June 26, 1864 - Apr 19, 1916
(Note: George M. Barkman was born in Indiana, a son of Isaac and Mary E. (Hamlett) Barkman of Nwcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. He married March 31, 1889 Sarah Elizabeth Coplen. (Fulton Co M.R.) Sarah Elizabeth, born in Ohio, was a dau of Isaach H. & Sarah (Severns) Coplen. (see previous pages herein)
Children of George M. & Sarah E. Barkman: (1) Claude E., 1889-1967, of Mentone, Ind., bur Mentone Cem; m.1910 Mary A. Laird. (Fulton Co M.R.; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., March 18, 1967, obit Claude Barkman)
(2) Maud D., b. July 24, 1891, Fulton Co Ind. (Fulton Co School Enumer, 1899, Newcastle twp, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh)
(3) Irvin W., 1898-1964, of Winthrop, Mass., m. Ruth Rassmussen of Milton, Mass. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., May 13, 1964, obit Irvin W. Barkman)]
(8 steps)
(1) Fred O., 1878-1958
(2) Cora E., 1879-1933
BATZ, Clem O., son of F.O. & C.E., May 15, 1914 - May 29, 1914
(1) Floyd L., 1905-1982
(2) Dorothy I., 1908-1968
(1) Ancil I., 1879-1962
(2) Lena, 1884-1970
m. Mar 4, 1905
(4 steps)
JEFFERIES, Harold Paul, d. June 21, 1921 (one date only)
JEFFERIES, John Clifton, July 18-22, 1914
JEFFERIES, Elizabeth, mother, 1850-1936
(above 3 are matching markers)
(1) Perry E., 1880-1958
(2) Blanche, 1886-1960
(4 steps)

(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)

Row 5

BAKER, Jeffery J., son, 1963-1975
(1) Robert Allan, father of Jeffery, Jan 23, 1963 -
Feb 20, 1988
(2) (no inscr)
(NOTE: rings etched along with: Lou Ann Baker, Dec 28, 1984)
(10 steps)
MEREDITH (family marker)
MEREDITH, Blanche P., 1910-1911
MEREDITH, Emma, 1873-1963
MEREDITH, Vinson, 1870-1951
[Note: This matches the preceding stone. Vinson Meredith of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind., was born in Fulton Co Ind. to Isaac and Mary Ann (Coplen) Meredith. He married Emma Strong July 5, 1890. (Fulton Co M.R.) Children of Vinson & Emma: Herbert, of Elkhart; Mrs. Ester Cormicon; Mrs. Grace Chapman of Elkhart; Mrs. Maud Cox of Mentone. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., April 11, 1951, obit Vinson Meredith)]
MEREDITH, Herbert B., 1908-1978
MEREDITH, Thelma M., 1909-1971
(Note: Thelma M. Meredith, born in Elkhart to Charles and Mabel Noel Dillman, married Herbert Meredith in 1932 in Rochester, Ind. Survivors included: her husband; her step-father, Ivan Kenaga of Elkhart, and a half-bro., Kenneth Kenaga of Elkhart. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., December 2, 1971, obit Thelma M. Meredith)]
MEREDITH, Richard D., 1933-1933
(above 6 are matching markers)
ENDERLE, Ervin F., 1930-1973
(also Zimmerman Bros temp marker, confirms name and dates)
(9 steps)
(1) Charles B., 1870-1926
(2) Jestena, 1868-1948
TAYLOR, Delford, Oct 22, 1899 - Oct 13, 1982
[Note: Charles B. Taylor married Jestena "Tena" Coplen November 10, 1894. (Fulton Co M.R.) Jestena was a dau of Isaac H. and Sarah (Severns) Coplen of Newcastle twp, Fulton co Ind. (see previous pages herein)
The children of Charles B. & Jestena Taylor included: Verl Taylor 1897-1971, bur Silver Creek cem. (see Silver Creek cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind); Delford Taylor, of Mentone; Ila Elkins, Tippecanoe; Ima Taylor, Mentone; and another son and dau. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Nov. 10, 1971; ibid, Thurs, Nov. 11, 1971, obit Verl Taylor)]
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)

(1) Vincen E., Jan 16, 1871 - Apr 24, 1958
(2) Laura E. Coplen, his wife, Nov 25, 1870 - Apr 6, 1916
(4 steps)
TEETER, Dale D., son of C. & B., June 10-12, 1917
(1) Adam H., Feb 23, 1840 - July 24, 1910
(2) Milisa A. Coplen, his wife, 1854-1929
(also military marker: Adam H. Wood, Co D 194 Ind Inf)
(5 steps)
ROGERS, J. P., Sep 7, 1837 - Jan 24, 1912
(1) Manderville, father, 1875-1937
(2) Myrtle E., mother, 1876-1957

Row 6

(34 steps)
(1) Leslie L., 1915-1976
(2) Helen E., 1918- (no d.d.)
(9 steps)
RATHFON, E. Everett, Feb 11, 1912 - July 27, 1988
RATHFON, L. Annabelle Hunter, wife of E.E., Aug 19, 1913 - (no d.d.)
RATHFON, Marilyn Lee, dau of E.E. & L.A., Aug 30, 1938 - May 10, 1960
(11 steps)
(1) Pearl, Aug 27, 1881 - Mar 8, 1957
(2) Levi B., Mar 29, 1878 - Jan 22, 1935
m. Oct 8, 1904
(also Johns temp marker: Levi Windbigler, 1878-1935; also Reed temp marker: Pearl N. Windbigler, 1881-1957)
(----) (unmarked stone)
WINDBIGLER, Emory M., son, July 9, 1913 - Jan 4, 1938
(also Johns temp marker: Emory Windbigler, 1913-1938)
(14 steps)
BARRETT, Alice B., dau of W.W. & S.E., d. Dec 20, 1893, ae 13y-9m-29d
(11 steps)
MEREDITH, Mary Ann, wife of Isaac, d. Sep 5, 1882, ae 50y-10m-25d
(Note: Mary Ann, born in Ohio, was probably the 2nd wife of Isaac Meredith. (see for further)]
MEREDITH, Isaac, d. Apr 19, 1895, ae 79y-2m-22d
(Note: Isaac Meredith, removed to Fulton Co Ind., from Coshocton Co., Ohio, and settled in Newcastle twp ca.1864.
He appears to have married twice. His first wife, Mary Grove(s), 1818-1866, was a dau of John Grove, Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth. She is bur in the Yellow Creek cem. Children of Isaac & Mary (Grove) Meredith: (1) Lavina (also known as Mary), b.1839, m. Peter Busenburg (see for further); (2) Margaret M. (also called Matilda), b.1843 Ohio, m. Joseph R. Severns (see for

further); (3) Cevilla, b.1852, m. Isaac G. Tipton (see for further); (4) Rebecca, b.ca.1848 Ohio, m. George W. Tipton December 29, 1867 (Fulton Co M.R.) ; (5) Almira, b.ca.1855 Ohio, m. Curtis King; (6) Syntha, b. August 13, 1857 Ohio, d.1871 (see Yellow Creed cem records for further).
Two children by Mary Ann, 2nd wife of Isaac Meredith: Enos, b.ca.1868, Ind.; and Vincent b.Dec.1869 Ind., m. Emma Strong, 1890. Isaac Meredith and his 2nd wife, Mary Ann, were of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1870 and 1880. (Federal Census 1870 and 1880, Newcastle twp; also History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, pp.125-126, Joseph R. Severns fam, and p.50, Peter Busenburg fam; also Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, will of John Grove, Sr.)]
COPLEN, Isaac H., Sep 30, 1826 - Dec 1, 1878
COPLEN (family marker)
COPLEN, Sarah Severns, Dec 14, 1831 - June 8, 1900
[Note: Sarah, wife of Isaac H. Coplen, was born in Ohio, a dau of Samuel, (b. Oct. 1796 nr. Pittsburgh, Penn; d. January 17, 1885; son of Joseph Severns of Allegheny Co Penn, who died 1857, at age 90). The mother of Sarah (Severns) Coplen was Jesdenia Darling, a dau of Robert Darling a native of Virginia. Samuel Severns served in the War of 1812. He and his wife, Jesdenia had a family of thirteen children, among whom were: (1) Isaac (of Knox Co Ohio); (2) Cordelia (m. William Fitzgerald, of Coshocton Co Ohio); (3) Sarah, b.1831, m. Isaac H. Coplen; (4) Sabina (m. Isaac Hatabaugh, of Green Co Ind); (5) Rebecca (m. Abram Holt, of Daviess Co Ind); (6) Joseph R., b.1836 (m.(1st) Margaret M. Meredith, m.(2nd) Mary Elizabeth) (see for further); (7) Mahala (m. Isaac Conner, of Sullivan Co Ind);(8) Ellen (m. Leander Richards, of Coshocton Co Ohio) (See Fulton Co Census 1870 and 1880, Newcastle twp; also History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, pp.125-126; and previous pages herein)
Children of Isaac H. & Sarah (Severns) Coplen: (1) Alonzo 1854-1942, m. Susan (Elma) Mickey (see previous pages herein); (2) Lorenzo b.1856 Ohio; (3) Melissa A. b.1858 Ohio; (4) Francis M. b.1859 Ohio; (5) Perry b.1861 Ohio; (6) James V., b.1862 Cosh. Co Ohio, d.1942, bur I.O.O.F. cem, Rochester, m. Addie M. Entsminger, Sheriff of Fulton Co 1898-1902 and 1912-1916. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem records for further) (7) Sarah Elizabeth 1864-1916, m. George M. Barkman (see previous pages herein); (9) Laura E. 1870-1916, m. Vincen Teeter (see previous pages herein)]
(4 steps)
(1) Gano W., 1877-1953
(2) Estella M., 1891-1969
[Note: Gano W., of Burr Oak, born in Fulton Co Ind, a son of Isaac & Eliza (Kesler) Batz. Former resident of Fulton & Marshall counties, and of Burr Oak for past five years. Married 1914, Estella M. Hawk, at Culver, Ind.
Estella M., wife of Gano W. Batz, was born at Culver a dau of Franklin & Eldora (Kinsey) Hawk. She had a bro, Edward Hawk of Rochester, and a half-bro, Arnie Horner, of San Diego, California. She died in Hinsdale hospital, Hinsdale, Illinois. Children of Ganu W. & Estella M. Batz: Don (or John?); George; Mary (Mrs. Windsten) and Miss Florence Batz, both of Downers Grove, Illinois. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Aug. 21, 1953, obit, Gano W. Batz; ibit, Wed., June 18, 1969, obit, Mrs. Estella M. Batz)]
BATZ, George W., 1922-1958
(1) Isaac, 1849-1914
(2) Eliza, his wife, 1860-1888
BATZ, Eliza, wife of Isaac, d. Mar 30, 1888, ae 26y-8m-16d
[Note: Isaac Batz was a son of Reuben and Anna (Moyer) Batz (also spelled Batts), who removed

to Fulton Co Ind in the fall of 1846 from Pennsylvania. Isaac Batz married Eliza Kesler July 22, 1876. (Fulton Co M.R.) Eliza was a dau of John & Mary Jane (Kessler) Kessler. (see for further) Isaac & Eliza Batz had children: (1) Gano W. b.1877 (see above0; (2) Freddie O. b.ca.1879; (3) Verdie 1883-1885; (4) Myrtle 1887-1888]
BATZ, Myrtle, dau of I. & E., d. Apr 11, 1888, ae 6m-18d
BATZ, Verdie, son of I. & E., d. Aug 11, 1885, ae 2y-1m-8d
BATZ, Anna, wife of Ruben, d. June 12, 1887, ae 71y-4m-16d
BATZ, Ruben, d. Nov 17, 1895, ae 80y-23d
(Note: Ruben Batz was born in Berks Co Penn., a son of Henry and Magdalena (Pick) Batz, of Penn. & German lineage. He married September 10, 1837, probably in Penn., Anna Moyer, a dau of William & Mary (Jut) Moyer, both of Penn., of German ancestry. Ruben & Anna Batz removed to Fulton Co Ind., in the fall of 1846, and resided in Newcastle twp. The name is spelled "Batts" in the Census of 1850, 1860, 1870 and "Batz" in 1880. The will of "Reuben Battz" (late of Fulton Co., deceased) was dated June 12, 1891, proved November 29, 1895, and he names his children: Catharine Large, Sarah Kessler, Ellen Winbegler, Anna Haggens, Clara Grove, Elizabeth Jefferies (all married as indicated), and sons Henry, Isaac and Benjamin Reuben "Batts"; Exrs were "my two oldest sons, Henry and Isaac Batts." (Historical Atlas, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 46; Fulton Co Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, pp. 176-177 "Reuben Battz"]
Catharine Batz, dau of Ruben and Anna Batz, b.1838 Penn., m. James F. Large. (see Mt. Zion cem, Rochester twp0
William Batz, not included in the will of Ruben Batz, was said to be a deceased son of Ruben. (Historical Atlas by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 46)
Sarah Batz, b.1841 Penn., dau of Ruben & Anna Batz, m. George Kessler. (see for further)
Mary Ellen, dau of Ruben & Anna Batz, b.ca.1845 Penn., m. W. Windbigler April 19, 1860. (Fulton Co M.R.) William Winbigler (ae. 22 b.Ohio) and Mary E. (ae 15 b.Penn) were residents of Newcastle twp in 1860, and were living near Reuben Batts. (Fulton Co Ind Census 1860 Newcastle twp) Mary Ellen was said to be a resident of Kans. in 1883. (Historical Atlas, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 46)
Anna, dau of Ruben & Anna Batz, b.ca.1846 Penn., m. David Hagan(s) June 2, 1867. (Fulton Co M.R.) In 1870, Anna Hagans was in the household of her parents in Newcastle twp, with her two children: Lillie D. (2 yrs) and Isaac E. (7 mos. b.Oct). They were still with the Ruben & Anna Batz household in 1880. (Fulton Co Ind Census 1870 & 1880, Newcastle twp)
Henry Batz, b.1848 Ind., a son of Ruben & Anna Batz, m.1871 Malinda Grove. They are buried in the Reichter cem. (see for further)
Isaac Batz, b.1849 Ind., son of Ruben & Anna Batz, m.1876 Eliza Kesler. (see above)
Benjamin Reuben Batz, b.1851 Ind., son of Ruben & Anna Batz, m.1875 Malinda Kessler. (see for further)
Clarissa "Clara" Batz, b.ca.1854 Ind., dau of Ruben & Anna Batz, m. June 8 1872 Gilbert Grove. (Fulton Co M.R.) Clara Grove (ae 26) and her children: Lawrence E. (7 yrs), Frank (4 yrs) and Pearl (1 yr), were in the household of Ruben & Anna Batz, her parents, in Newcastle twp in 1880. Her husband was not with her. (Fulton Co Ind Census 1880, Newc. twp, household #253:258) Gilbert Grove, b.ca.1851 Ohio, was of the family of Jacob Grove of Newcastle twp in 1860, and probably a son. (Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Newc. twp, household #992-992; also see Yellow Creek cem herein)
Elizabeth Batz, b.ca.1857 Ind., dau of Ruben & Anna Batz, m. March 22, 1873 Peter Jeffries. (Fulton Co M.R.) Peter Jeffries, b.ca.1855 Ind., was of the family of Taylor & Sarah (Meredith) Jeffries of Newcastle twp in 1860 and 1870, and probably was a son. Sarah (Meredith) Jeffries was a dau of Peter & Elizabeth (Haze) Meredith. (See Yellow Creek cem herein; also see Hoover's cem,

Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind, "Emma L. Nye"]
(1) Benjamin R., 1851-1918
(2) Malinda Kesler, his wife, 1857-1889
(Note: Benjamin Reuben Batz, son of Ruben and Anna (Moyer) Batz, married January 7, 1875, Malinda Kesler. (Fulton Co M.R.) Malinda was a dau of John & Mary Jane (Kessler) Kesler. (see for further) In 1880, the John and Mary Jane Kesler household of Newcastle twp included "B. Reuben Batz (ae 29) son-in-law" and "Melinda Batz (ae 22) daughter." (Fulton Co Ind., 1880 Census, Newc. twp, household #262:267)]
KESLER, Reuben A., 1860-1911
KESLER, Mary M., wife of R.A., d. July 26, 1887, ae 23y-9m-12d
(Note: Reuben A., born in Ind., a son of George and Sarah (Batz) Kesler, of Newcastle twp, of Fulton Co Ind., m. (1st), October 21, 1879, Mary M. Ely, and (2nd), June 13, 1889, Mattie S. Cool. (Fulton Co M.R.)]
KESLER, Golda, dau of R.A. & M.M., d. Sep 6, 1887, ae 2m-16d
(1) George, Mar 11, 1841 - Jan 22, 1911
(2) Sarah, his wife, Apr 8, 1841 - Aug 3, 1929
(Note: George Kesler (also spelled Kessler) was born in Richland Co., Ohio, and removed to Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind., with his father in 1852. George was a son of Peter and Elizabeth (Windbigler) Kesler. (see for further)
George Kesler married Sarah Batz (also spelled Batts and Battz), September 8, 1859. (Fulton Co M.R.) Sarah, born in Penn., was a dau of Ruben and Anna (Moyer) Batz, natives of Penn.
George & Sarah (Batz) Kesler were residents of Newcastle twp in 1870 and 1880, with children: Reuben A. (see above), Eliza A., Andrew B. and Harley. George Kesler was a member of Co. F, 87th Regt Ind Vol Inf. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 49; Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind Newc. twp, household #151:152; CEnsus 1880, Fulton Co Ind., household #259:264)
Eliza A., dau of George & Sarah Kesler, was b.ca.1866 in Ind.; Andrew B., son of George & Sarah Kesler (see for further). Harley, another son of George & Sarah Kesler, b.ca.1879, Ind., d. November 25, 1958. He married February 2, 1900, in Flora, to Nettie May (-----). Mrs. Nettie May Kesler, of Argos, died in a Plymouth nursing home. She was born 1885 in Kansas, and was buried in the Argos (Ind.) Maple Grove cemetery. Children of Harley & Nettie May Kesler: Ruth (Mrs. Harry McKinney), South Bend; Helen (Mrs. Andrew Koches), Englewood, Florida; Merian (Mrs. Edwin Reynolds), Ponchatoula, Louisiana; Mildred (Mrs. Herman Faulkner), Argos; Dale, Middlebury; Donald, Logansport; Richard, Phoenix, Arizona. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Feb. 9, 1970, obit, "Nettie Kesler")]
KESLER, Andrew B., 1871-1936
(1) Joseph, d. Sep 25, 1887, ae 60y-29d
(2) Hettie E., his wife, d. Apr 9, 1904, ae 75y-7m-20d
(Note: Joseph and Hettie E. Jefferies were both born in Penn. Their parents were also natives of Penn. Although Joseph & Hettie appear to have been in Indiana as early as 1858, they do not appear in the Fulton Co Ind., census records until 1880, at which time they were residents of Newcastle twp (household 135:138). Their children included: William (b.ca.1858); Taylor (b.ca.1860); Eliza Ann (b.ca.1864); Elmer E. (b.ca.1866)
Elmer E. Jefferies, b.ca.1866 Ind, a son of Joseph & Hettie E. Jefferies, of Newcastle twp,

Fulton Co Ind., 1880, m. Eliza Jane Ball, June 12, 1886. (Fulton Co M.R.) Eliza Jane was a dau of John Wilson Ball and Mary A. (Camfield) Ball, of Newc twp, 1880. (see Fulton Co M.R.; also Federal Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1880, household #20:20)
Children of Elmer E. & Eliza Jane Jefferies included: Nora M. (b.ca.1888 Talma, Ind), m.Charles A. Barnes, 1907; Mary (b.ca.1890, Fulton Co Ind) m.Nathan Etycheson, 1910. (See Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk, 1904-1910)]
(6 steps)
JEFFERIES, Jarvis W., d. Mar 19, 1886, ae 34y-6m-25d
(Note: Jarvis W. Jefferies was born in Ind., and his parents in Penn. His wife, Hannah E., was b.ca.1851 Ind., and her parents were natives of Ohio. Jarvis W. & Hannah E. Jefferies were residents of Newcastle twp in 1880. Their children included: Minnie E. (ae 9yr); Frank T. (5yr); Addie M. (4yr); and Ancil I. (2yr). (Census 1880, Fulton Co., Ind., Newc. twp, household #136:139)
Ancil I., son of Jarvis W. & Hannah E. Jefferies, 1879-1962, m. Lena B. Clifton March 4, 1905. (see previous pages herein) Lena B., 1884-1970, was a dau of John W. & Julia A. (Clifton) Clifton, and had two sisters: Mrs. Ruth Davis, Akron, and Mrs. Irene Beery, R.R. 4, Rochester. Ancil I. and Lena B. Jefferies' children included: Donald A., Decatur, Ind., and Mrs. Maurine Krieg, Muncie, Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Sept. 4, 1970; also see Omega cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)
(1) Leland, 1882-1896
(2) Dorcas, 1884-1886
THOMPSON, Geary, d. Sep 26, 1887, ae 22y-2d
(4 steps)

Row 7

(beginning about center of row)
LONG, Franklin, Aug 8, 1856 - Sep 23, 1904
LONG, Infant dau of F. & S., Sep 15, 1896 - Sep 25, 1896
LONG, Twin children of Franklin & Ella, d. Apr 12 and 24, 1887
(4 steps)
LONG, Ella, wife of Franklin, d. Apr 23, 1887, ae 27y-10m-5d
(Note: Franklin Long was b. in Ohio, a son of Jacob and Jane A. Long. (see for further) Franklin Long m. Ella Thompson July 29, 1880. (Fulton Co M.R.)
THOMPSON, Martha, d. June 17, 1892, ae 73y-5m-13d
THOMPSON, James, d. Dec 7, 1878, ae 66y-10m-10d
(above 2 are matching markers)
(Note: The will of James Thompson, of Fulton Co Ind., dated November 30, 1878 and proved January 23, 1879, names his heirs: wife, Martha Thompson, and his dau, Ellen, who was to receive equal to that received by his other children. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, lby Jean C. Tombaugh) In 1880, Martha Thompson who was then 65 years & born in Ohio (parents b.Virginia), was a widow. She was a resident of Newcastle twp, and her household included: Martha E. (ae 20, an unmarried dau, b.Ind); two grandsons, George W. (ae 18), and James G. (ae 13), both b. Ind. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind., Newc twp, household #167:170)]
(4 steps)

(1) William M., 1852-1929
(2) Nettie E., 1853-1924
(Note: William Milton Wharton was b. in Ind. His parents were natives of Penn. He married Nettie E. Thompson. She was b. in Ind.; her parents were natives of Ohio.
William M. & Nettie E. Wharton were residents of Newcastle twp, and had children: Charlie B., b.1871; Leroy, b.ca.1873; James O., b.ca.1876; William B., b.ca.1879; Porter E., b.1881; Vernon O., b.1885; Gladus M., b.1890 - d.1972, of Kewanna, unmarried. (see Kewanna I.O.O.F. cem, Union twp, Fulton Co Ind) Pathro, b.1894. (see Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind., Newc. twp, household #197:202)
Porter E. Wharton, son of William M. & Nettie E., was b. near Rochester, Ind., April 30, 1881. He d. January 31, 1965, in a nursing home at Elkhart. He m. March 1916 Clara Rodewald, who d. March 10, 1963. Survivors included a dau, Mrs. Joseph Erskine of Elkhart; two sons, Porter, Jr., Okla. City, Okla., and Raymond, Fort Wayne; a bro of Elkhart & Moore Have, Florida; a sister, Gladus Wharton, Kewanna. Burial was in Rice cem at Elkhart. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., Feb. 6, 1965, obit "Porter E. Wharton")
Vernon O. Wharton, of Elkhart, son of William M. and Nettie E. Wharton, was b. June 1885 in Rochester. He d. December 11, 1968 in Elkhart General hospital, and was bur in the Rice cem at Elkhart. He was a bro of Miss Gladus M. Wharton, of Kewanna. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Dec. 13, 1968, obit, "Vernon O. Wharton")]
WHARTON, Pathro, son of W.M. & N.E., d. Sep 27, 1895, ae 1y-9m-17d
WHARTON, Charlie B., son of W.M. & N.E., d. July 3, 1883, ae 11y-8m-25d
(1) Geo. W., June 12, 1858 - May 15, 1903, ae 44y-11m-3d
(2) Mary, his wife, Dec 13, 1864 - (no d.d.)
(Note: George W. Anderson was a son of Robert and Delphina (Bird) Anderson of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see for further) He married twice: (1st) Mary A. Miller, and (2nd) to Mary Giek (also spelled "Gig") October 22, 1887.(Fulton Co M.R.; also see History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, p. 22)]
(9 steps)
(1) John, 1836-1919
(2) Mary J., his wife, 1841-1890
(3) Martha A., his wife, 1850-1901
(Note: John Kesler (also spelled "Kessler") was b. in Richland Co., Ohio, April 1, 1836, a son of Peter & Eliza (Windbigler) Kessler, both natives of Penn. (see for further) John Kesler served in the war, enlisting August 1, 1862 in Co F, 87th Illinois Vol Inf. He m. (1st) Mary Jane Kessler, December 4, 1856. (Fulton Co M.R.) Mary Jane, b. in Preble Co., Ohio, was a dau of John M. & Malinda (Harriman) Kessler of Newcastle twp, and a granddau of Ulrich Kesler (b.1795 N.Car) and his wife Margaret. Ulrich and Margaret Kesler were bur in Nichols cem., Kosciusko Co., Ind. Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 49; History Fulton Co Ind, by Peattie, 1896, kpp. 94-95; Kosciusko Co Ind Cem Inscr by Jean C. & Wendell C.Tombaugh)
John Kesler married (2nd) to Mrs. Martha A. (Bybee) Hamlett, February 18, 1892. (Fulton Co M.R.) Martha Ann Bybee m. first to Benjamin F. Montgomery, November 4, 1866. (Fulton Co M.R.) He died 1879 and she m. next in 1880 to Wm. H. H. Hamlett. Wm. H. H. Hamlett d. 1890, and her third marriage was to John Kesler. (see previous pages; also Reichter cem records herein)
Children of John & Mary Jane KESLER included: Malinda b.1857, m.1875 Benjamin Reuben Batz (also Batts) (see previous pages herein); Peter 1859-1860, bur Nichols cem. (Kosciusco Co Ind Cem Inscr, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh); Eliza b.1861, m.1876 Isaac Batz (see previous pages herein); George; Laura b.ca.1865; John L. b.ca.1868; Rufus b.ca.1869; Milton

b.ca.1872; Alta V. b.ca.1873; Elnora b.ca.1876; Minnie M. b.ca.1879.
John & Mary Jane Kesler were residents of Newcastle twp in 1860, 1870 & 1880. Joseph A. Kessler (ae 14yrs) a nephew, was with this family in 1880. Joseph A. was a son of Abraham & Finetta (Love) Kessler of Newcastle twp. (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp, 1860, household #949:949; 1870, household #156:157; 1880, household #262:267)]
(6 steps)
HIDER, Margaret J. Tipton, wife of A.S., d. June 6, 1884, ae 30y-3m-12d
(Note: Margaret J., dau of Joshua & Elizabeth (Fuller) Tipton, m. Amos S. Hider, June 1, 1878. (Fulton Co M.R.) Amos S. Hider was b. in England, and was a sawmill laborer. He and his wife, Margaret J., had two children: Clarence A. (b.ca. Feb.1880), and Ninnie Hider, and were residents of Newcastle twp. (Census 1880, Fulton Co., Ind., Newcastle twp, household #130:133; Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, "Joshua Tipton Will")]
(1) Joshua, d. Aug 18, 1892, ae 77y-5m-12d
(2) Elizabeth H., d. Aug 23, 1896, ae 79y-8m-6d
(Note: Joshua Tipton, b. March 6, 1815 in Coshocton Co., Ohio; his parents were b. in Penn. He m. near Mt. Vernon, Ohio, about 1835, Elizabeth, a dau of Daniel Fuller. Elizabeth was b. in Ohio, and her parents in N.Jersey. Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton emigrated to Kosc. Co Ind., ca.1838, and about a year later to Newc. twp Fulton Co Ind where they were residents in 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880. The will of Joshua Tipton, dated August 27, 1885, and proved August 27, 1892 in Fulton Co Ind., leaves heirs: "my beloved wife Elizabeth H. Tipton . . . daughter Hannah Hoppes (already had received) . . . daughter Margaret J. Hider, now deceased, (had likewise received, was survived by her two children: Clarence A. Hider and his siter Ninnie Hider) . . . my other children, Daniel Tipton, Thomas Tipton, John A. Tipton, Holmes L. Tipton, James C. Tipton, Florence A. Hamlet and Alpha S. Tipton . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, ly Jean C. Tombaugh; History Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, 1896, p. 137; Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 31; also Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newcastle twp, 1850, household #103:103; 1860 household #104-103; 1880 household #168-171)
Hannah, dau of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b.1842 Ohio, m.1863 Obediah Hoppes.(see for further)
Daniel, son of Joshua & Elizabeth H. TIPTON, b.ca.1844 in Ohio, m. Sept. 26, 1869 Clarissa Hippert (also called Clara). (Fulton Co M.R.) Daniel & Clarissa Tipton were residents of Newc. twp in 1870, household #105:104, and in 180, same twp, household #169:172. A nephew, Francis A. Drudge (7yrs), was living with them in 1880. (see census) Daniel said to be living in Kosc. Co Ind., ca.1896.
Thomas, son of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b.ca.1847 Ind., m. March 8, 1872 Elmyra J. Bishop (b.Inc. ca.1854; parents b. Penn.) (Fulton Co M.R.) They are thought to have resided in Butler Co., Kans., but Thomas and Elmyra J. Tipton were householders in Newcastle twp in 1880.(Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #170:173) Their family included: Elnora M., dau (6yrs, b.Ind); Daniel Jr., son (5yrs, b.Ind); Mable M., dau (1yr, b.Kans)
Margaret J., dau of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton b.1854, m. Amos S. Hider.(see above)

John A., son of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b.ca.1852 Ind., thought to have gone to Marion Co., Iowa.
Holmes L., son of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b. November 15, 1854, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., m.1875 Nancy A. Ashton. (See Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)
James C. B., son of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b. February 15, 1857, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., traveled to Knoxville, Marion Co., Iowa, in a covered wagon whe he was about 19 years, with his brother Holmes L. Tipton. He remained there about a year before moving on to Judsonia, White Co., Arkansas, then in the spring of 1877 returned to Fulton Co Ind. He m. April 13, 1880 Sarah Mable McQuern, a school teacher, dau of James H. & Martha A McQuern, and they were a part of the household of his brother, Holmes L. Tipton, in 1880. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind., Newc twp, household #127:129; also see Hoover's cem, "James H. McQuern")
Florence "Flora" A., dau of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b.1860, m.1879 B.H. (Benjamin Harrison) Hamlett. (see previous pages herein)
Alfaretta "Alpha" S., dau of Joshua & Elizabeth H. Tipton, b.ca.1862, m. January 5, 1888 Charles J. Baxter. (Fulton Co M.R.) Charles J. Baxter was probably a son of George H. & Margaret Baxter, who appear to have come to Fulton Co Ind. sometime prior to 1860, land were residents of Newc twp in 1860 (household #991:991), in 1870 (household #172:173), and in 1880 (household #186:191). Charlie J., b.ca.1866, was with this family. (see Census)]
(4 steps)
SHOEMAKER, William J., 1860-1944
SHOEMAKER, Sarah A., wife of W.J., d. Jan 3, 1894, ae 28y-6m-6d
(Note: William J. Shoemaker was probably a son of Patrick & Lydia Francis (Eley) Shoemaker of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (household #960:960), and 1870 (household #106:106). (see Census)]
(4 steps)

Row 8

(12 steps)
WALBURN (family marker)
(1) Harley, 1882-1954
(2) Mabel, 1883-1954
(1) Keith L., Oct 9, 1914 - (no d.d.)
(2) Helen R. Wilson, wife of K.L., Nov 19, 1920 - (no d.d.)
(14 steps)
RATHFON, Elmer family - BROWN (family marker)
BROWN, Arthur E., June 27, 1903 - Sep 7, 1961
BROWN, Helen L. Rathfon, wife of A.E., June 10, 1906 - (no d.d.)
RATHFON, M. Effie Kesler, wife of J.E., May 17, 1884 - July 24, 1954
RATHFON, J. Elmer, Dec 13, 1878 - Jan 6, 1968
(Note: James Elmer Rathfon, of R.R.1, Mentone, Ind., b. nr. Huntington, d. at Warsaw, Ind. He was a son of James and Mary Jane (Smith) Rathfon, and m. 1903 Mary Effie Kesler. Survivors included a son, Everett (R.R.2, Rochester) and a dau, Mrs. Helen Brown (Mentone). (Fulton Co M.R.; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., obit, Mon., Jan. 8, 1968)]

(1) Everett E., 1912-1982
(2) Dorothy L., 1915-1965
(6 steps)
PERKINS, Lois A., Feb 26, 1915 - Aug 17, 1988
BUSENBURG, Maudie G., mother, 1881-1940
BUSENBURG, Delbert H., father, 1881-1937
PERKINS, Reatha M., 1907-1956
(above 3 are matching markers)
IGO, Don William, Ind Pvt 4 Regt US Marines, Nov 17, 1933
(military marker, no age or b.d.)
(4 steps)
(1) Charles J., father, June 25, 1861 - Sep 20, 1950
(2) Katie Mickey, mother, Dec 13, 1863 - Apr 5, 1937
(Note: Charles J. Peterson, a son of Augustus Peterson from Sweden, m. January 31, 1885 Katie Mickey. (Fulton Co M.R.) Katie was a dau of Daniel & Katrina (Estwiler) Mickey. (see for further; also Hoover's cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)]
PETERSON, Agnes, dau of C.J. & K., Dec 22, 1904 - Feb 9, 1905
PETERSON, Walter, son, Dec 31, 1906 - Feb 8, 1961
(9 steps)
MICKEY, Harvey P., d. June 4, 1896, ae 34y-1m-25d
(Note: This might be the Harvey Mickey (18yrs, b.Ind), a son of Daniel Mickey of Newc twp in 1880. (see 1880 Census, Fulton Co Ind., Newc twp, household #159:162)]
(4 steps)
STRONG, Infant dau of L.H. & H.W., d. Apr 19, 1879 (one date only)
(4 steps)
NORRIS, Floyd T., 1883-1967
NORRIS, Hattie, wife of Lewis, June 6, 1850 - Mar 4, 1906, ae 55y-8m-28d
(Note: Lewis Norris, b.ca.1854 Ind., was of the family of Moris H. (b.ca.1817, Penn.) and Margaret (b.ca.1840 Ind.) Norris, of Newc twp in 1870. (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind., Newc twp, household #70:70)
Lewis Norris m. Hariet Strong, October 19, 1879. (Fulton Co M.R.) Two children born: Ray (of Mishawaka) and Floyd T. Norris. Obit for Floyd T. Norris reveals that he was b. April 19, 1883 at Big Foot, Newc twp, to Lewis & Harriet Brandshaw Strong; that he had sons: Ralph (of Rochester), Frank (Logansport) and Charles (deceased); and daus Mary Louise (Mrs. Edward Gamble), Ruby (Mrs. Jimmie Hudson), and Emma Irene Norris, all of Rochester. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Oct 23, 1967, obit Floyd T. Norris.) The obit for Ruth Norris wife of Floyd T. Norris, 1888-1968, states that they were m. January 9, 1909. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Feb. 7, 1968, obit Mrs. Ruth Norris; also see Akron cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)]
(10 steps)
(1) Joseph R., Oct 3, 1836 - Nov 29, 1903, ae 67y-1m-26d
(2) Mary E., Feb 3, 1846 - Feb 21, 1893, ae 47y-19d
(Note: Joseph Robert Severns was b. In Coshocton Co., Ohio, a son of Samuel & Jesdenia (Darling) Severns. Samuel Severns was a soldier in the War of 1812, and removed from Allegheny Co Penn. to Ohio at an early date, and died there.
Joseph R. Severns m. (1st), March 22, 1860, Margaret M. "Marilla" Meredith, and they came

into Fulton Co Ind., in 1863 from Ohio. Margaret M. was a dau of Isaac & Mary (Groves0 Meredith, who came into Fulton Co Ind., in 1864, from Ohio. Census records indicate that Margaret M. was b.ca.1843. A broken grave marker in Yellow Creek cem is probably hers although the top is missing. All that remains of the inscription is; "J. R. Severns, died June 19, 1874, at age 31yr-6m-6da" (b.d. figured to be January 3, 1843). The original inscription must have read "Margaret M., wife of J. R. Severns." The (2nd) marriage of Joseph R. Severns was to Mary Elizabeth Meredith (date & place unknown). There were four children by his first wife, and three by the second. (History of Fulton Co Ind by Barnhart, pp.271-72; History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, pp.125-26; Fulton Co Ind Census, Newc. twp, 1870, household #110:110; 1880, household #160:163)
Jestena "Tena" dau of Joseph R. & Margaret M. Severns, b.1861 Coshocton Co. Ohio, m. Franklin C. Mickey. (see previous pages herein)
Mary E. "Eva" dau of Joseph R. & Margaret M. Severns, b.1863, Ohio, m. Alonzo Long. (see for further)
Francis M. "Frank" son of Joseph R. & Margaret M. Severns, b.1867, Fulton Co Ind., m. Sadie E. Russell. Their children: (1) Marion Russell Severns, b.1905, m. Lola J. Heeter; (2) Eva Severns, b.1906, m. Oral "Hap" KINDIG; (3) Wm. Orvel "Orville" Severns, b.1909, m. Charlotte Vivian Waltz. (Barkman-Russell family, files of Jean C. Tombaugh, Rochester, Ind.; also see Hoover's cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind; and see Fulton Co M.R.)
Oliver, son of Joseph R. & Margaret M. Severns, b.Dec.1869, Fulton Co Ind., m. Elnora "Nora" Kesler. (see for further)
Leora, dau of Joseph R. & Mary Elizabeth Severns, b.ca.1876, Fulton Co Ind., m. February 27, 1895 at Macy, Ind., James Shobe. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Hoover's cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)
Mahala, dau of Joseph R. & Mary Elizabeth Severns, b.1877, m. Norman R. Stoner. (see Akron cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)
Wellington, son of Joseph R. & Mary Elizabeth Severns, b. August 13, 1878, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., m. Anna E. Little October 16, 1899, dau of David Little of Miami Co Ind. Children of Wellington & Anna E. Severns were: Deloise, Frency & Catherine. Wellington & Anna E. Severns were bur in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cem. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)]
(10 steps)
(1) Eliza A., 1866-1951
(2) Warren, 1856-1941
ENTSMINGER, Warren, 1856-1941
(Note: Warren S. Entsminger, b. March 8, 1856 in Bluffton, Ind., d. at home in Rochester, Ind., a son of Amos (also Amon) & Catherine (Haimbaugh) Entsminger.
Amos "Amon" Entsminger (b.ca.1833 Ohio) and his wife, Catharine "Kate" (Haimbaugh) Entsminger (b.ca.1836 Ohio, a dau of Henry II & Sarah Gramlich Haimbaugh), were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1870 and 1880. Their children included John (b.ca.1853 Ohio), Warren (b.1856 Ohio); Sarah (b.ca.1862 Ind.); Addie M. (b.1865 Ind.) (see previous pages herein); Henry (b.ca.1868 Ind.); Clyde W. (b.1880 Ind.).(Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp Census, 1870, household #180:181; 1880, household #177:181; also see Fulton County Folks, Vol. 1, by Shirley Willard, p. 42; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)
Warren S. Entsminger m. Eliza A. "Lida A." Kessler, November 1, 1883, dau of George & Sarah (Batz) Kessler. She was a native of Fulton Co Ind., and d. in the Rochester Nursing Home. Obit for Warren S. Entsminger reveals that he had two brothers: Clyde and Henry; and a sister, Mrs. James Coplen, all of Rochester. Obit for Lida A. "Eliza A." tells that she had a brother, Harley

Kesler, of Argos. The children of Warren S. & Eliza A. Entsminger were: George & Edna (Mrs. Norman Teel). (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., May 5, 1941, obit, "Warren S. Entsminger"; ibid, Fri., April 20, 1951, obit, "Mrs. Lida Enstminger"; also see previous pages herein)]
(4 steps)
(BARKMAN), Bartley M.
(1) Bartley M., Nov 25, 1855 - Sep 2, 1894, ae 38y-9m-7d
(2) Ellen, Dec 20, 1859 - Oct 26, 1935
(Note: Bartley M. "Minor" Barkman, son of John B. & Nancy J. (Hamlett) Barkman, was b. in Ind., and was a resident of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. He m. January 16, 1879 Phoebe Ellen "Ella" Horn, a dau of Hartman Horn (1799-1878) of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.)
Bartley M. & Phoebe Ellen Barkman had children: (1) Infant son, 1881-1881; (2) Harley E.; (3) Mondo J.; and (4) Vernon H. Barkman.
Harley E. (1883-1968) m. (1st) Tessie McCarter, and m. (2nd) Marie Baker. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)
Mondo J. (1885-1926) m. 1914 Beulah Marie Russell. (see Hoover's cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind.)
Vernon H. (1891-1963) m. 1911 Bernice Darr. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)]
(4 steps)
BARKMAN, Infant son of B.M. & E., Mar 12, 1881 - Mar 13, 1881
ANDERSON, Joanna, wife of O.W., d. June 12, 1884, ae 21y-10m-20d
ANDERSON, Jesse, d. Jan 29, 1891, ae 28y-9m-26d
(Note: Jesse Anderson (also referred to as Wm. Jesse Anderson), was a son of Robert & Delphina Anderson.]
ANDERSON, Robert, Feb 8, 1835 - Apr 2, 1912
ANDERSON (family marker)
ANDERSON, Delphina, wife of Robert, d. Oct 8, 1876, ae 39y-9m-8d
(Note: Robert Anderson, b. in Wayne Co., Ohio, was a son of William & Mary (Wood) Anderson. The family came to Ind. about 1841 and settled in Kosciusko County. The children of William & Mary Anderson were: Francis M. (b.1835 Ohio); William (b.ca.1833 Ohio); Robert (b.1835 Ohio); Abner W. (b.1838 Ohio); Robinson; Andrew; Mary; Rachel (b.ca.1845 Ind.); Elizabeth (b.1846 Ind.); Ira G. (b.1850 Ind.). (History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, p. 22; see Sycamore cem and Reichter cem herein; Census 1870 & 1880, Fulton Co., Newc. twp.)
Robert ANDERSON, son of William & Mary Anderson, was m. ca.1856, in Wayne Co., Ind., to Delphina Bird a native of North Carolina. She was a dau of Jesse & Isabella Bird (also Byrd), natives of North Carolina, who settled in Kosciusko Co., Ind., and are buried there in the Nichols cemetery. (Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind; also Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #142:143) Robert & Delphina (Bird) Anderson had two children: George W. and Wm. Jesse. However, two nieces lived in their household in 1880: Mary C. (b.ca.1862), and Delpha (b.ca.1872), daus of William & Isabelle Anderson. (Census, 1880, Fulton Co., Ind., Newc. twp, household #234-239)]
(4 steps)

Row 9

(1) George J., 1918-1985
(2) Elnora L., 1921- (no d.d.)
m. July 28, 1940
(10 steps)
KESLER (family marker)
KESLER, Milton, father, 1872-1956
KESLER, Linnie B., mother, 1874-1950
KESLER, Bernice, dau, 1899-1958
(Note: Milton Kesler, son of John & Mary Jane (Kessler) Kesler, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., m. March 18, 1893 Linnie B. Fish. Linnie B. was a dau of Dr. Samuel R. Fish & his first wife, Susanna Myres. (see previous pages herein; also Reichter cem; and Fulton Co M.R.)]
(1) Orville J., Jan 24, 1891 - July 9, 1978
(2) Mary E., Jan 9, 1891 - Oct 17, 1989
m. Oct 4, 1916
(12 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
(1) Theo, 1871-1960
(2) Nora, 1875-1900
(3) Eunice, 1874-1928
(Theodore Teel m. (1st) Nora Grove, Oct 21, 1893; and m. (2nd) Eunice McCarter, Feb 13, 1904. (Fulton Co M.R.)]
(1) George, 1888-1961
(2) Nellie, 1894-1982
(4 steps)
WALBURN, Gerald C., our darling baby, son of H.D. & M., Mar 10-16, 1913
(1) Jacob, Nov 19, 1841 - Feb 20, 1912
(2) Mary Jane, his wife, July 4, 1844 - Oct 13, 1910
(Note: Jacob WALBURN was b. in Ohio; his parents were natives of Penn. His wife, Mary Jane, was b. In Ind.; her father & mother were b. in N.Car & Tenn. respectively. Jacob & Mary Jane were residents of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. in 1880 with two children: Clinton L. (b.ca.1874 Ind) and William W. (b.1875 Ind)
Clinton L., son of Jacob & Mary Jane Walburn, m. Addie M. Jeffries July 14, 1898. (Fulton Co M.R.; Census 1880, Fulton Co., Ind, Newc. twp, household #150:153)]
WALBURN, William W., son of Jacob & Mary, d. Nov 7, 1895, ae 20y-7m-7d
(5 steps)
(1) Mary E., 1863-1953
(2) Alonzo, 1862-1940

(Note: Alonzo Long, a son of Jacob & Jane A. Long of Newc. twp, Fulton Co., Ind. (see for further), m. July 26, 1884 Mary Eva Severns. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Mary Eva, b. January 24, 1863 (prob. in Ohio), was a dau of Joseph Robert & Margaret Marilla (Meredith) Severns, who removed from Coshocton Co., Ohio to Fulton Co Ind. in 1863. (see previous pages herein for Joseph Robert Severns) Mary Eva Long d. at 90 years at the Rochester Nursing Home, July 26, 1953, but was a lifetime resident of Newcastle twp. Survivors included a dau, Jessie M. (Mrs. George M. Riddle), Rochester; sons, Orton (of Bourbon), Robert (of Niles, Mich.); Jay (of Rochester); and a half-sister, Leora (Mrs. James Herbert Shobe) of Rochester. A dau, Glen (Mrs. Walter Lee Overmyer) b.1886, d.1950 and was bur in Richland Center I.O.O.F. cem. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., July 27, 1953, obit "Mrs. Mary Eva Long"; ibid Wed., Mar. 26, 1952 and Mon., Mar. 31, 1952, obit "Walter Lee Overmyer"; also Richland Center I.O.O.F. cem)]
(1) Peter, 1833-1916
(2) Lavina, his wife, 1839-1889
(Note: Peter Busenburg, b. December 13, 1833 in Ohio, was a son of David & Mary (Dennis) Busenburg of Ohio, who removed to Marshall Co., Ind. about 1852. (see Yellow Creek cem herein) He m. (1st) February 1, 1857, in Coshocton Co., Ohio, Lavina Meredith, dau of Isaac Meredith and his first wife, Mary (Grove) Meredith, of Newc tw, Fulton Co ;Ind. (see previous pages for Isaac Meredith family)
Peter Busenburg m. (2nd) in Nov.1891, Sarah C. Bybee (b.ca.1860) a dau of Pleasant & Nancy D. Bybee who came to Fulton Co., Ind. in the fall of 1863 from Fayette Co., Ohio, and settled in Newc twp. (see previous pages herein) Pleasant and Nancy D. Bybee were bur in the Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co., Ind. Their grave marker reads: "Mother & Father, Pleasant Bybee, January 15, 1819 - September 7, 1871; Nancy D. Bybee, April 24, 1824 - June 3, 1902." (Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co Ind.)
Peter Busenburg and his wife, Lavina, were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp (household #109:109) in 1870; and in 1880 (household #133:136). (Fulton Co Ind Census, Newcastle twp, 1870 and 1880) Their children: Jonathan, b.ca.1858 Ohio; Isaac Melville, b.ca.1863 Ohio; Mary A. "Tinsey" b.ca.1866 Ind., m. Levi Thornton Barkman (see previous pages herein); Mahala, b.ca.1867 Ind., m.1887 Lorenzo D. Pentecost (Fulton Co M.R.), of Noble Co., Ind.; David E., b.ca.1871 Ind ., of Dawson Co., Montana in 1896. (History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, 1896, p. 50; Historical Atlas, Fulton Co., Ind., by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 46)
Jonathan, son of Peter & Lavina Busenburg, m.1878 Mary L. Cates (Fulton Co M.R.), and they were residents of Fulton Co., Newcastle twp (household #152:155), in 1880. (Federal Census 1880) Their household included one son, Franklin Leslie, b.1878 in Ind. and d.1939. Franklin Leslie Busenburg m.1900 at Fulton, Ind. Dessa Mae Robinson, b.1881 Ohio, dau of John M. & Elnora Whitney Robinson. Dessa Mae was a sister of Lelia (Mrs. Fred Rans), of Delong. Dessa Mae (Robinson) Busenburg d. in a nursing home in Indianapolis, December 1, 1968, and was bur in the Fulton cem. Franklin Leslie & Dessa Mae Busenburg had a son, Charles, of Indianapolis. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Dec. 2, 1968, obit, Dessa Mae Busenburg; also see Fulton cem, Fulton Co Ind.)]
(6 steps)
SHAFER, Gracie, dau of W.S. & S.L., d. Oct 17, 1878, ae 3wks-6d
(4 steps)
(1) John L., 1867-1944
(2) Eulalia, his wife, 1872-1928
(Note: John L. Kesler (also Kessler), b. February 1867 in Ind., was a son of John & Mary Jane

(Kessler) Kesler of Newc twp Fulton Co Ind. (see previous pages herein for this family) He m. December 17, 1887 Eulalie Merideth. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Eulalie Merideth (also Meredith) was b. in Ind., a dau of Orange & Cynthia Ann (Taylor) Meredith, residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. in 1880. (See Federal Census, Newc twp household #41:42; also see Yellow Creek cem herein)
KESLER, Freddie L., Aug 17, 1892 - Sep 13, 1893 (this matches above marker)
(5 steps)
(1) William, Aug 4, 1820 - Mar 11, 1901
(2) Lydia, his wife, Nov 1, 1824 - Jan 2, 1910
RICE, Jesse, d. June 28, 1878, ae 80y-5m-18d
(Note: Jesse Rice (b. Penn and ae 72) was living in the household of his son, John Rice, in Newc twp in 1870. John Rice, the son of Jesse, was b.ca.1836 in Ohio; m.1859 Mary M. Parsons. (Fulton Co M.R.) Mary M. (b.ca.1842 Ind.) was a dau of Elijah Parsons whose will dated 1885 includes names of his children. One of these was a dau, Mary M. Rice, of Kansas.(Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, Jean C. Tombaugh; Census 1850 Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind Elijah Parsons #34:34; Census 1870 Newc tw, Fulton Co Ind, John Rice #76:76)]
MILLER, Michael M., 1873-1893
(1) Michael M., son of J.H. & N.E., d. Jan 18, 1893, ae 19y-4m-2d
(2) William S., son of J.H. & N.E., d. Mar 27, 1899, ae 30y-3m-8d
MILLER, William S., 1868-1899
MILLER, John H., father, 1845-1899
(1) John H., d. July 14, 1899, ae 54y-5m-1d
(2) Nancy E., d. Mar 9, 1908, ae 60y-3m-18d
MILLER, Nancy E., mother, 1847-1908
(Note: John H. Miller was b. in Penn; his parents were also native of Penn. His wife, Nancy E., was a native of Ohio. Their marriage record was not located, but may have taken place ca.1867 in Ohio or Ind. (see birth dates of his children) John H. & Nancy E. Miller were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1880, household #124:126, and in 1870, same twp, household #94:93. (Federal Census)
Children, all b.Ind: William S. b.1868; Lydia O., b.1871; Michael M., b.1873; Artemas A., b.1876.]
ANDERSON (family marker)
ANDERSON, Sarah M., mother, Sep 3, 1853 - Aug 10, 1914
ANDERSON, Ira G., father, Apr 14, 1850 - July 31, 1889
ANDERSON, Willie R., brother, Jan 28, 1875 - Sep 12, 1876.
(above four are matching markers)
(Note: Ira G. Anderson was a son of William & Mary (Wood) Anderson, natives of Ohio, who removed to Kosciusko Co Ind ca. 1841. (see previous pages herein) In 1870, Ira G. (age 20) and his mother, mary Anderson (age 62, b.Ohio), were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #135:136. (Federal Census)
Ira G. Anderson m. probably ca.1874, Sarah M. Rice. His wife's maiden name was revealed in the marriage application of two of their children. Ira G. & Sarah M. Anderson were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #132:135 in 1880. (Federal Census) Sarah M. appears to have married again January 3 1892, to Franklin Long, a widower. (Fulton Co M.R.) Ella (Thompson)

Long, first wife of Franklin Long, had d. 1887 having had four children: Martha A. (b.1882 Big Foot, Ind., who calles her mother "Alice," & m.1903 Claude Slusser); Mary Ellen (b.ca.1884 Big Foot, Ind., m.1905 (Hartley?) B. Widner); & twin children who d. April l12 & 24, 1887. (see previous pages herein) Cemetery records indicate that an infant dau was born also to Franklin Long and Sarah M. (Rice) Anderson Long, September 15, 1896, d. September 25, 1896. (see previous pages herein)
Children of Ira G. & Sarah M. Anderson: Willie R., 1875-1876 (see above); Ora C., b.1876 (see for further); and Emra D., b.ca.1878, Big Foot, Ind., a veterinary surgeon, m. September 27, 1903 Lenna Coplen. (see Fulton Co Marriage Application Book 1901-1904; ibid, 1904-1910)
(4 steps)

Row 10

(15 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(20 steps)
ROGERS, Susan A., Jan 28, 1857 - June 27, 1957
MICKEY, Howard, at age 44y (no dates)
HARTMAN, Moses, 1869-1961 (Culp temp funeral marker)
HARTMAN, Maggie, May 29, 1884 - July 18, 1906, ae 22y-1m-20d
(Note: Although the birth dates differ by two or three years, this is probably the same Moses S. Hartman who was b. in Kosciusko Co, Ind., a son of Adam & L. C. (Miller) Hartman; who was 34 years old when he applied for license to marry Maggie Clara Mickey, age 22. Maggie Clara Mickey, a resident of Big Foot, Ind., was a dau of William & Susie (Tompson) Mickey. The marriage took place in Big Foot, March 3, 1906, and as the grave marker indicates, she died a short time later. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book, 1904-1910)
(5 steps)
(1) James K., 1869-1948
(2) Mina D., 1876-1951
(Note: James K. Myers (also Meyers), b. Hancock Co., Ohio, son of James & (-----) (Beck) Myers, was a resident of Bloomingsburg, Ind., and 26 yrs old when he applied for license to marry Mina Busenburg. Mina Busenburg, age 18, a resident of Big Foot, Ind., was a dau of David & Eliza Jane (Horn) Busenburg. James K. & Mina D. Myers were m. at Bloomingsburg March 16, 1895. (Fulton Co Ind. Marriage Application Book 1892-1898)
Mina D. (Busenburg) Myers, b.August 18, 1876 in Newc twp d. at Logansport May 2, 1951. Her husband d. February 23, 1948. Survivors included a dau, Mrs. Nellie Grass of Mentone; a bro., Loren Busenburg, Palestine, Illinois. One dau, Mrs. Mazie Barns of Rochester, preceded her in death. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., May 3, 1951, obit "Mrs. J. Myers.")]
(1) Wm. H., 1895-1970
(2) Nellie, 1895-1984
(Note: William H. Grass of R.R.2, Warsaw, Ind., was b. in Marshall Co May 16, 1895, and d. at Warsaw Friday, July 3, 1970. He was m. July 27, 1915, in Rochester, to Nellie Myers, dau of James K. & Mina D. (Busenburg) Myers.
Survivors: his wife; son, Lloyd, of Plymouth; dau, Wilma (Mrs. Harvey Grosvenor) of Plymouth; two bros, John Grass of Elkhart & Russel Grass of South Bend; two sisters, Mrs. Rosa

Widner of South Bend & Mrs. Howard Smith, Fort Wayne. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., July 3, 1970, obit "William H. Grass"; also Fulton Co M.R.)]
(4 steps)
(1) Willard, father, 1859-1941
(2) Louisa E., mother, 1861-1897
(Note: Willard Teel, former resident of Newc twp, Fulton Co, & of Mentone (Kosc Co) community, d. at age 84 in Cornell, Wisconsin. Survivors included: sons, Leo R. & Melvin E. Teel, Cornell, Wisconsin; dau, Mrs. Forrest Kessler of near Mentone; three bros, Clem & Alfred Teel of Mentone, and Theodore Teel of Macy (Miami Co); sister, Miss Margaret Teel, Mentone. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., May 20, 1941, obit "Willard Teel")]
IRELAND, Alma, 1887-1924
EVERMAN, Robert Wayne, 1940-1940 (Johns bronze funeral marker)
(10 steps)
TEEL, Hershel, d. Nov 30, 1895, ae 33y-2m-22d
TEEL, Mary Margaret, 1865-1960
(4 steps)
(1) Lugarda, 1869-1966
(2) Alfred, 1859-1951
(Note: Alfred Teel m. April 25, 1889 Lugarda Hibschman. Lugarda (Hibschman) Teel, of Mentone, Ind., was b. April 2, 1869, and d. Thurs., January 13, 1966, in the Prairie View nursing home at Mentone. She was a dau of Jacob and Catherine (Good) Hibschman. Two sons survived Alfred & Lugarda Teel: Lloyd of Fort Wayne, Ind., and Norman of Rochester. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Jan. 14, 1966 and Sat. Jan. 15, 1966, "Mrs. Lougarda Teel")]
(4 steps)
(1) Noah, 1858-1918
(2) Sarah M., his wife, 1861-1922
(Note: Noah Horn, b. in Ind., was a son of Hartman Horn & of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind. He m. August 14, 1879 Sarah M. Barrett. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Hartman Horn herein)
Sarah M. (Barrett) Horn, b. in Ind., was probably the dau of Alexander & Malona (Severns) Barrett of Newc. twp, Fulton Co Ind. (See Reichter cem for Barrett fam)
Noah & Sarah M. Horn were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1880, household 256:161. (Federal Census) His unmarried sister, Delilah Horn, was living with them.
HORN, Lolah G., dau of N. & S.M., d. Jan 16, 1884, ae 3m-3d
(7 steps)
(1) Washington, d. Nov 13, 1883, ae 45y-5m-14d
(2) Lucy C., d. Dec 9, 1883, ae 10y-6m
HORN, Ellen E., his wife, 1843-1923
(Note: Washington Horn b.1838 in Ohio, was a son of Hartman Horn of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Hartman Horn for further) Washington Horn m. June 4, 1870 Eliza E. "Ellen E." Hamlett. (Fulton Co M.R.)]
(4 steps)

HOPPES, Father & Mother
(1) Obediah, Feb 18, 1832 - May 28, 1912
(2) Hannah, his wife, Jan 8, 1842 - Jan 15, 1921
(Note: Obediah Hoppes, b. in Penn., m. November 11, 1863 Hannah Tipton. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Hannah, his wife, was b. in Ohio, a dau of Joshua & Elizabeth H. (Fuller) Tipton. (see previous pages herein)
Obediah & Hannah Hoppes had children: (1) Calvin C., b.ca.1865 Ind., m. Mary E. North, and had five sons & six daus, including: Emma b.1885 Vanwert, Ohio (Mrs. Winfred C. Rhodes), Norman G. Hoppes b.1887 Kosc Co Ind., & Ida (Mrs. Weller), Marion, Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Jan. 7, 1964, obit "Norman G. Hoppes") Della O. "Delpha O." b. July 10, 1867 Ind., m. Aug 13, 1884 Samuel S. Eiler (Fulton Co M.R.), son of Wm. H. & Ellen (Warner) Eiler; Samuel S. Eiler m. (2nd) Josie Arnold Shobe, 1901, at Tiosa, and m. (3rd) Fannie B. (-----); Della O. Eiler d. 1900 and Samuel S. Eiler d. 1934, both bur in Nichols cem, Kosc. Co Ind, with three children who died young: Charles, Ivin Treffle & Cora B. Eiler. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications 1901-1904; Nichols cem, Kosc. Co ) (3) Norman R., 1872-1941, bur Nichols cem, Kosc. Co., Ind.; m. Eliza A. (-----), 1876-1951.(Nichols cem, Kosc. Co) Dora May, b.ca.1874 Ind., m. July 5, 1891 Isaac E. Warren. (Fulton Co M.R.) (5) Cora E., 1876-1880. (6) Daniel W., 1879-1883. (see Federal Census, Newc twp, 1870 #105:105, and 1880, #244:249, "Obediah Hoppes")]
HOPPES, Cora E., dau of O. & H., d. Aug 13, 1880, ae 3y-9m-28d
HOPPES, Daniel W., son of O.H. & H., d. Oct 31, 1883, ae 3y-9m-28d
ROBERTS, Beatrice, dau of G.W. & L.J., Dec 16, 1889 - Feb 2, 1890
MILLER (family marker)
MILLER, Artemas A., 1876-1964
MILLER, Lydia O., 1871-1932
(4 steps)
(1) Sarah L., wife of W.S., d. Mar 1, 1873, ae 19y-10m-23d
(2) Ida L., dau of W.S. & S.L., d. Feb ?, 1872, ae ----?
(4 steps)

Row 11

(25 steps)
BUSENBURG (family marker)
(BUSENBURG), Fred L., dad, 1893-1933
(7 steps)
BUSENBURG (family marker)
(BUSENBURG), Peter W., father, 1856-1930
(BUSENBURG), Amanda J., mother, 1859-1941
(Note: Peter W. Busenburg, b. Ohio, was a son of Isaac Busenburg (1831-1907) of Newc twp. Peter W. Busenburg m. Amanda J. Bailey April 19, 1883. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Amanda Jane, dau of George & Tizrah Bailey, was b. in Rush Co., Ind., but spent her lifetime in the Mentone community. She d. at age 82 in Plymouth, Ind., at the home of her dau-in-law, Mrs. Marie Barkman. Children included a son, Fred, who d. in 1933. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Dec. 1, 1941, obit "Mrs. Peter Busenburg")]
(5 steps)

BUSENBERG, Isaac, 1831-1907
BUSENBERG, Father & Mother
BUSENBERG, Nancy, 1835-1910
(Note: Isaac Busenberg (also Busenburg) was b. in Knox Co., Ohio, a son of Peter & Nancy (Wharton) Busenberg. Peter (1802-1852) was b. & d. in Knox Co., Ohio, & Nancy his wife (ca.1807-1879), was b. in Ohio but d. in Fulton Co Ind, ae 72 years.
Isaac Busenberg m. (1st) Rhoda Starkey, December 17, 1855 Knox Co., Ohio; and (2nd) Nancy Dunlap. Isaac and Nancy were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., household #108:108, in 1870, with children: David (17yrs), and Peter W. (13yrs) - all b. in Ohio. (History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, 1896, pp.49-50; Federal Census 1870)]
(1) William W., 1872-1958
(2) Cora A., 1872-1961
(Note: William Wayne Norris, b. in Fulton Co Ind., was a son of Noah A. W. and Elizabeth (Anderson) Norris of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Noah A. W. Norris for further) William Wayne Norris m. Cora E. Taylor September 19, 1896. Cora E. was b. in Kosciusko Co Ind., a dau of Burton & Margaret (Hipschman) Taylor. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book 1892-1898)
NORRIS, Omer D., 1902-1903
NORRIS, Elmer E., 1908-1909
NORRIS, Mary E., 1905-1986
(above 3 are matching markers)
TEEL, Clement L., son of David & Caroline D., Dec 27, 1868 - Sep 25, 1953
TEEL, Minnie Heminger, wife of Clement L., Sep 27, 1871 - Oct 8, 1896
TEEL, Nora E. Nelson, wife of Clement L., Sep 9, 1879 - Dec 11, 1969
(above 3 are matching markers)
(Note: Clement L. Teel, farmer of near Mentone, d. at the McDonald Hospital, Warsaw. He m. (1st), September 2, 1893, Minnie Heminger; and (2nd), December 9, 1897, Nora E. Nelson. Survivors included a son, Oliver of Mentone. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Sept. 25, 1953, obit "Clemit L. Teel"; also see David Teel, Row 12 herein)
Nora Ethel Teel, 2nd wife of Clement L. Teel, was b. near Mentone, dau of John & Osa Emma Shaw Nelson. She d. at age 90, in the Prairie View nursing home in Warsaw. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Dec. 12, 1969, obit "Nora Ethel Teel")]
(5 steps)
(1) Empson A., 1850-1938
(2) Kezia, wife of Empson A., d. July 8, 1901, ae 46y-25d
(also bronze marker: Kezia Heighway, 1855-1901; also Moyer bronze funeral marker: Empson A. Heighway, 1850-1938)
(Note: Empson A. Heighway was b. in Ohio, his parents natives of Ohio. His wife, Kezia, was b. in Ind.,and her father & mother b. in Ohio & Penn., respectively.
Empson A. & Kezia were residents of Newc. twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1880, with two children: Leslie M. (3-yrs b.Ind), and Charles W. (1yr b.Ind). Addie Emmons, a boarder, was also in this family. She was an unmarried dressmaker. (Federal Census, Newc twp 1880, household #24:24)]
(9 steps)
COOPER, Stephen B., Aug 7, 1835 - Apr 29, 1915
COOPER, Anna H. Bybee, Jan 27, 1833 - Dec 9, 1912
(Note: Stephen B. Cooper, b. in Ohio, was a boarder in the household of Anna Bybee of Newc. twp, Fulton Co Ind., 1880. (Federal Census, Newc. twp, household 173:177) He m. Anna Bybee April 27, 1881. (Fulton Co M.R.)

Anna Bybee, b. in Penn. (parents natives of Penn.), was a resident of Newc. twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1870 (household #162:163), with three children: Mariam M. (a male, 16, b.Ind), Lyman (14, b.Ind), and Wallace (10, b.Ind) (Federal Census) Anna Bybee was not found in Fulton Co., Ind. in the 1860 census, however she was probably in another Indiana county since she had children born in Indiana as early as about 1854. She was without a husband in 1870, the 1880 census indicating that she was a divorced woman.]
(4 steps)
BYBEE, Nancy J. Decker, wife of Marion M., d. Oct 17, 1893, ae 39y-8m-9d
(Note: Marion M. Bybee, a son of Anna H. (-----) Bybee Cooper, and Nancy his wife, were residents of Newc. twp, Fulton Co Ind. (household #130:132) in 1880. (Federal Census) Nancy J., lhis wife, was b. in Ohio ca.1854. Her parents were natives of Ohio. The 1880 census indicates that Nancy was "full of womb." Their family also included two children: Anna V. (6yrs), and Bertha B. (3yrs).]
(4 steps)
BYBEE, Infant dau of Marion & Nancy, d. Apr? 8(or 5?), 1897 (no age or b.d.)
(1) Abner, May 22, 1800 - Apr 14, 1888
(2) Catharine, June 5, 1813 - June 30, 1890
(Note: Abner Wood, a retired minister, was b. in N.Jer; his father & mother natives of New York & N.Jer. respectively. His wife, Catharine, and her parents were all natives of Penn. Abner & Catharine Wood first appear in the census records of Fulton Co Ind., in 1870, and are again there in 1880. They had no family with them, and nothing more is known about them at this time. (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1870, household 98:97; 1880, household 161:164)]
(4 steps)
(----) (base only)
DURBIN, Sarah, wife of Henry E., d. Mar 2, 1878, ae 30y-8m-26d
PIERCE, Cyrus, Jan 3, 1812 - Mar 9, 1879, ae 62y-2m-3d (loose stone)
(4 steps)
MICKEY, Infant children of W.S. & S.A., May? 17, 1877 (one date only)
MICKEY, Elmer, son of W.S. & S.A., d. July 27, 1879, ae 1y-1d
MICKEY, William S., d. Jan 17, 1888, ae 34y-6m-1d
(Note: William S. Mickey was b. in Ind., a son of Daniel & Catharine "Katrina" (Etzweiler) Mickey, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.
William S. Mickey m. Susan A. Thompson, October 7, 1876. (Fulton Co M.R.; and see previous pages herein)]
MICKEY, Daniel, d. June 10, 1900, ae 75y-7m-13d
MICKEY (family marker)
MICKEY, Catharine, wife of Daniel, d. Dec 23, 1876, ae 41y-1m-22d
(Note: Daniel Mickey, b. 1824 in Richland Co., Ohio, was a son of Isaac Mickey (1783-1849, bur Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co, Ind.) and his (2nd) wife, Susannah (Brinley) Mickey (1791 Penn.-1849, bur Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co Ind). Isaac & Susannah Mickey, of Ashland Co., Ohio, removed to Ind. ca.1848, and were parents of three children: Daniel (of this sketch); Hiram (1826-1901) m. Rachel Nichols; Lucinda (1832-1934).
Daniel Mickey m. September 17, 1850 (place unkn) Catharine Etzweiler (also, Katrina Estwiler), b.1835 Ohio, a dau of Jacob. Their children: William S., b.1853; Susan Elma, b.1854 (see previous pages herein); Emmarila, b.1857 (ibid; Franklin C., b.1859 (ibid); Harvey P., b.1862 (ibid); Katie, b.1863 (ibid).
Daniel & Catharine Mickey were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1870, household 99:98; and in 1880 household 159:162. (Federal Census)

References: History of Fulton Co Ind by Peattie 1896, pp.108-109; Nichols cem, Kosc. Co Ind; Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind by Kingman Bros, 1883, pp. 49-50)]
(4 steps)
NELSON, Mother & Father
(1) Mariah, his wife, Jan 7, 1835 - May 2, 1914
(2) William, d. Nov 21, 1882, ae 52y-11m-28d
(4 steps)
(1) Sampson, d. Oct 19, 1889, ae 68y-3m-19d
(2) Hannah, 1822-1904
(Note: Sampson Eley was b. in Knox Co., Ohio, July 1, 1821. (computed from inf. on grave marker. However, Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., p. 47, says "May 30, 1821")
He was a son of Peter (1785-1869) and Mary (Horn) Eley, who removed to Knox Co., Ohio from Penn. early in 1813, where they died. Peter & Mary (Horn) Eley were m. November 9, 1809, and they had at least one other son besides Sampson. Benjamin Eley, their first child, was b.1810 Washington Co., Penn. and d.1882 in Knox Co., Ohio. His wife was Maria Staats.
Sampson Eley m. May 1842 Hannah Kemer, b. June 7, 1822 Ohio, a dau of John Kemer (b.1800 Virginia; d.1826 Knox Co Ohio) and Nancy (Horn) Kemer (b.ca.1812 Penn; d.ca.1872 Knox Co Ohio). Sampson & Hannah Eley removed to Fulton Co Ind., in the fall of 1851. He and his two nephews, Lewis & Homer Eley (sons of Benjamin Eley), who had emigrated to Fulton County in 1861, established a sawmill in the eastern part of the county to manufacture lumber. Sampson & Hannah Eley were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1860, household #960:960, in 1870, household #161:162 and in 1880, household #171:174. (Federal Census)
Children of Sampson & Hannah Eley were: (1) Lydia Francis, b.ca.1842 Ohio, m. Patrick Shoemaker May 21, 1859 (Fulton Co M.R.), and living with her husband and one child, William J. (ae 1mo), in the household of her parents in 1860. Patrick Shoemaker was in the list of drafted men from Newc twp, Civil War. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Nov. 18, 1864) By 1870 this family was in their own home which included another son, Clement E. (ae 6mo, b. in November) (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household 106:106). (2) Hiram Jefferson, b.ca.1847 in Ohio, m. Martha J. (-----), b.ca.1853 Ind., and they were of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., in 1880 with a dau, Maude (1yr). (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, Jefferson Eley, household #252:257) This family bur in Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co Ind., and grave marker reads: Hiram J. Eley, 1846-1922; Martha J., 1852-1926; Maud, 1878-1930. (3) Lavina J. "Jennie," b.ca.1849 Ohio, m. George W. Roberts. In 1880 they were residing in the same household as Sampson & Hannah Eley with two children: Bruce Roberts (4yr) and Gwendola Roberts (1yr). (4) Mary O., b.ca.1852 Ind., m. John Fluke, July 10, 1870. (Fulton Co M.R.) (5) William, b.ca.1855 Ind., was not mentioned in the will of Sampson Eley, but he was included in family in the 1860 census; missing in the 1870 census. Perhaps his full name was William Lorenzo D. Eley? (6) Lorenzo D., b.ca.1855 Ind., not included in the family of Sampson Eley in 1860; was there in 1870 census. (7) Nancy A. Belle "Annabel," 1858-1926, m. January 14, 1886 Edward Mollenhour (1857-1936).(Fulton Co M.R.) They are both bur in the Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co., Ind. (8) Laura D., b. January 5, 1862 Ind., d. August 19, 1864. (9) Ning S., b.ca.1868 Ind. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 47-48)
The will of Samson Eley, of Fulton Co Ind., dated August 27, 1889, proved November 12, 1889, leaves to his beloved wife, Hannah Eley, the farm home in Fulton Co., "less graveyard." He

names his children: (dau) Lydia F. Shoemaker; (son) Hiram J. Eley; (dau) Lovina J. Roberts; (dau) Mary O. Fluke; (son) Lorenzo D. Eley; (dau) Nancy A. Belle Molenhour; (son) Ning Eley. Wits: Wm. H. Eiler and Reuben Batz. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
ELEY, Laura D., dau of S. & H., d. Aug 19, 1864, ae 2y-8m-14d
(4 steps)

Row 12

(1) James A., June 30, 1915 - Apr 6, 1972
(2) Ovella, Oct 19, 1915 - Dec 29, 1987
(also King temp marker: James A. Blair, 1915-1972)
(Note: James Allen Blair, of Mentone, b. at Harriett, Arkansas, a son of Jesse and Josie Buster Blair; m. Ovella Spence, September 18, 1939 in Heber Springs, Ark.; had moved from Leiters Ford to the Mentone area about 9 years before his death. Brothers & sisters: John (Oregon City, Oregon); Everett (Louisville, Ky); Boyd (Wichita, Kans); Mrs. Dorothy Van Winkle (of Mass); Mrs. Annie Sutterfield (of Atkins, Ark); Mrs. Clara Hillis (Wichita, Kans); Mrs. Laura Zaragoza (Bellflower, Cal). Sons: James Robert (R.R.2, Rochester); Carroll (Mentone). Dau: Ethel (Mrs. Richard Westerman), Mentone. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Apr. 7, 1972, obit, James Allen Blair)
(22 steps)
(1) Oliver, 1869-1944
(2) Elnora, 1876-1958
(Note: Oliver Severns, b. December 1869 in Fulton Co Ind., was a son of Joseph Robert Severns (1836-1903) and his first wife, Margaret Marilla Meredith (1843-1874, bur Yellow Cr. cem)
Oliver Severns m. Elnora "Nora" Kesler March 10, 1894, in Fulton Co Ind., dau of John Kesler & Mary Jane ( Kessler) Kesler. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book 1892-1898; also see previous pages herein)]
(19 steps)
NELSON, Willis E., 1885-1954
(also Sheets temp marker: Willis E. Nelson, 1885-1954)
(9 steps)
(1) Charles C., 1874-1957
(2) Dora R., 1875-1962
(3) Harry C., 1904-1909
(4) Mary A. Allen, 1899-1938
(Note: Charles Chandler Russell, b. July 17, 1874, d. October 10 1957. He was a son of Zane Russell (1839-1921) and his first wife, Amelia Ellen Tullis (1847-1896). (see Hoover's cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind)
Charles C. Russell m. Dora Rebecca Taylor, January 7, 1899. (Fulton Co M.R.) They had children: (1) Mary Leah, b. November 7, 1899, d.1938, m. Howard Allen. (2) Hershell Leroy, 1901-1969, bur Tampa, Florida, m. Linda May (-----). (3) Harry C., 1904-1909. (4) Taylor Zane, b.1906, m. Mary Ellen Donahue, and had children: Thomas Taylor and Robert Michel. (References: Mrs. Beulah (Russell) Barkman Peterson, Rochester Ind., family records; Geneal. files, Jean C. Tombaugh, Rochester, Ind.)]
(4 steps)
TEEL, Edna M. Eizinger, wife of Oliver C., June 7, 1914 - Jan 14, 1955

TEEL, Oliver C., son of Clement L., Feb 6, 1900 - Aug 7, 1972
TEEL, A. Arvilla Shivers, wife of Oliver C., July 30, 1912 - (no d.d.)
(Note: Oliver C. Teel was b. near Mentone; died at age 72 in So.Bend Mem. hosp, August 7, 1972, res of R.R.1 Mentone, Ind. He was a son of Clement L. & Nora Ethel (Nelson) Teel. (see previous pages herein) He had owned and operated Teel's Orchard, managed the Northern Indiana Coop at Mentone and was a school teacher. He m. his (2nd) wife in 1956. Survivors included a dau, Mrs. Farrell (Judith) Coons of Columbus; a son, Jay, at home. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Aug. 8, 1972, obit, Oliver C. Teel)]
(4 steps)
(1) Charles E., father, 1889-1965
(2) Jennie A., mother, 1892-1957
(1) Kenneth, 1927-1943
(2) Clara E., 1925-1938
(4 steps)
(1) Noah A. W., Dec 9, 1837 - May 21, 1916
(2) Elizabeth, his wife, June 20, 1846 - Sep 12, 1894
(Note: Noah A. W. Norris was b. in Hancock Co., Ohio, son of John Norris (1808 Penn - ca.1876 Denton Co., Texas) and his wife Sarah Clark, dau of George & Margaret (Wilson) Clark.
Noah A. W. Norris came to Fulton Co Ind., ca.1865 and m. (1st) Elizabeth Anderson December 8, 1867. (Fulton Co M.R.) Elizabeth was a dau of William & Mary (Wood) Anderson, and a sister of Robert Anderson of Newc twp. Noah A. W. & Elizabeth were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1870, household #100:99, and in 1880 household #163:166. (Federal Census)
Noah A. W. Norris m. (2nd) Emma Murphy, of Miami Co Ind., November 28, 1895.
The children of Noah A. W. NORRIS were all by his first wife, Elizabeth: (1) Russell, b. March 1870. (2) William Wayne, b.1872 (see previous pages herein). (3) Viola, b.ca.1877, m. Howard Berkheiser of Denver, Ind. (b.ca.1874 Schuylkill Haven, Penn, son of Frank & Mary A. (Berger) Berkheiser) at Akron, Ind., April 30, 1904.(Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book 1901-1904). (4) John R., b.ca.March 1880. (5) Mary E., 1882-1904]
NORRIS, Mary E., dau of N.A.W. & Elizabeth, Mar 19, 1882 - Jan 2, 1904
(9 steps)
NELSON, William Dow, son of S.I. & D.S., d. Jan 21, 1893, ae 1m-15d
(4 steps)
TIPTON, Henry Wallace, son of G.W. & Rebecca, d. Nov 23, 1878, ae 1y-11m-6d
(13 steps)
NELSON, Infant dau of W.A. & M.J., d. at birth, June 12, 1880
(7 steps)
(1) David, father, Feb 23, 1853 - Dec 26, 1923
(2) Eliza J. Horn, his wife, mother, July 5, 1850 - July 18, 1920
(Note: David Busenburg was b. in Ohio, a son of Isaac and Rhoda (Starkey) Busenburg (his first wife). (see previous pages herein)
David Busenburg m. Eliza Jane Horn May 22, 1872. (Fulton Co M.R.) Eliza Jane, b.Ohio (also Ind.), was a dau of Hartman Horn. (see Hartman Horn herein) David and Eliza Jane were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1880, household #179:183. Their children: Effie E., 1874-

1874; Mina D., b.ca.1876.]
BUSENBURG, Effie E., dau of D. & E.J., d. Sep 28, 1874, ae 1m-17d (loose stone)
HORN, Delila, Nov 16, 1843 - May 10, 1914
(Note: This is probably the Delila who was b. in Ohio, a dau of Hartman Horn of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, 1860 household #961:961, and in 1870 household #166:167. In 1880, she was identified as a "sister, single," living in the household of Noah & Sarah Horn, of Newc twp, household #256:261. (Federal Census; also see Noah Horn herein)]
(1) Hartman, d. June 24, 1878, ae 79y-15d
(2) Sarah, wife of H., d. July 2, 1864, ae 44y-8m-1d
(Note: Hartman Horn, b. January 9, 1799 (computed from grave marker), was b. in Virginia (also Penn). His wife was Sarah Hall (b. November 1, 1819 Ohio) and may have been his 2nd wife. Hartman & Sarah Horn resided in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860, household #961:961, with six children. Birth dates and birth places of these children reveal that the family removed to Indiana from Ohio after 1850. (Maiden name of Sarah (Hall) Horn from family records of Helen, Mrs. Earl Barkman, Rochester, Ind.; also see Federal census for children of Hartman Horn) In 1870, Hartman Horn, age 71, and five of his children were still residents of Newc twp, household #166:167.
Hartman Horn's children were: (1) Washington Horn, 1838-1883, m. Eliza E. "Ellen E." Hamlett. (see previous pages herein). (2) Delila Horn, 1843 Ohio - 1914. (ibid) (3) Columbus Horn, b.ca.1848 Ohio. (4) Eliza Jane Horn, b.1850 Ind. - d.1920, m. David Busenburg. (ibid) (5) Noah Horn, b.1858 - d.1918, m. Sarah M. Barrett. (ibid) (6) Phoebe Ellen "Ella" Horn, b.1859 - d.1935, m. Bartley M. Barkman.
(5 steps)

Row 13

(beginning middle of row)
(----) (base only)
(4 steps)
(1) Wilber, 1867-1934
(2) Ella, 1869-1958
(Note: Wilber Ewing, b.Miami Co Ind, was a son of Andrew J. & Emma C. (Wallick) Ewing. Andrew J. Ewing, b.1828 Greene Co, Ohio, was a son of Robert & Margaret (Cunningham) Ewing of Monroe Co, Virginia. (See Citizens cem, Rochester, Ind. for Andrew J. & Emma C. Ewing grave; also see Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 48)
Wilber Ewing m. Ella Grove February 2, 1895, at Rochester, Ind. Ella, b.1869 in Kosciusko Co Ind, was a dau of S. Y. "Sylvester" and Margaret (Thompson) Grove (also Groves). Wilber & Ella Ewing had at least three children: Mrs. Fern Master, Kewanna; Mrs. Alvin (Chloe) Johnson, R.R.6, Rochester; and Harry W. Ewing.
Harry Wilber Ewing, son of Wilber & Ella Ewing, was b.June 2, 1909 Fulton Co Ind; d.September 20, 1973. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sept 20, 21, 1973, obit; also see Fulton Co Marriage Applications Book 1892-1898)]
EWING, Harry W., 1909-1973
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Harry W. Ewing, 1909-1973)
(1) Addie, 1859-1943
(2) Frank, 1859-1940
(4 steps)

LONG, Eliza A., dau of J. & J.A., d. Mar 29, 1889, ae 20y-8m-28d
LONG, Jacob, d. Feb 16, 1895, ae 73y-1m-8d
LONG, Sophia, May 11, 1833 - Apr 28, 1904
(Note: Jacob Long, b.January 8, 1822, Ohio (computed from grave marker), probably m. (1st) in Ohio to Jane A. (-----), (b.September 13, 1830 Ohio; d.December 19, 1871, ae 41-3-6; bur Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp) His (2nd) m. was before 1880, to Sophia (-----) (b.Ohio 1833; her parents natives of Penn) (see Census Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1870, household #107:107; 1880, household #131:134)
Will of Jacob Long, January 22, 1894, proved February 19, 1895, leaves estate to "my wife Sophia"; to "son William's heir, Franklin E. Long"; to "my five sons, Franklin, John, Andrew, Alonzo and Allen." (Fulton Co Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
Children of Jacob & Jane A. Long: (1) William, b.ca.1855 Ohio. (2) Franklin, b.1856 Ohio, m. Ella Thompson (see previous pages herein). (3) John, b.ca.1858 Ohio. (4) Andrew, b.ca.1860 Ind. (5) Alonzo, b.1862 Ind., m. Mary Eva Severns (ibid). (6) Allen, b.ca.1866 Ind. (7) Eliza A., 1868-1889.
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone, probably a boundary marker)
(4 steps)
TIPTON, Lugardie, Apr 1, 1871 - Dec 27, 1900, ae 29y-8m-26d
(Note: Lugardie Tipton, dau of Isaac (G. or B.?) Tipton & Civilla (Meredith) Tipton, is mentioned in the will of her grandfather, John Grove, Sr. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh; also see prior pages herein)
(4 steps)
NELSON, Infant --- of A.E. & D.E., -----?
(8 steps)
(1) David, May 31, 1828 - Mar 21, 1912
(2) Caroline D., Nov 19, 1829 - Nov 23, 1912
(Note: Not much was found concerning David & Caroline D. Teel; they may have resided in an adjoining county most of their lifetime. They had children: (1) Willard, b.ca.1857/59. (see previous pages herein) (2) Alfred, b.1859. (ibid) (3) Margaret. (4) Clement L., b.1869.(ibid) (5) Theodore, of Macy, Miami Co Ind in 1941. (ibid) (6) Melvin O., b.ca.1876.]
(4 steps)
TEEL, Melvin O., son of D. & C.D., d. Dec 19, 1878, ae 2y-4m-3d
HEIGHWAY, Cora A., dau of E.A. & K., d. Feb 13, 1875, ae 2m-23d
(4 steps)
TEEL, Adam, d. Aug 11, 1868, ae 62y-11m-12d
TEEL, Joseph W., son of G.W. & A., d. May 20, 1876, ae 2m
TEEL, Margret, wife of Adam, d. Aug 10, 1868, ae 60y-5m-5d
(4 steps)

Row 14

NEWTON, Francis G., dau of E. & T., d. Feb 17, 1903, ae 9d
(9 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)

RATHFON, Infant sons of E.E. & L.A.
(1) Raymond, 1943 (one date only)
(2) Richard E., 1941 (one date only)
(Also Johns temp marker: Richard E. Rathfon, 1941-1941)
RATHFON, Earl Deverle, son of Elmer & Effie, Dec 20, 1903 - Mar 23, 1904
KESSLER, M., d. Dec 26, 1891, ae 72y-10m-26d
[Note: Rochester Sentinel, Wed, Dec 30, 1891, obit: John Kessler [d. Sat, Dec 26, 1891] "... had passed his three score and ten years"]
(----) (unmarked field stone)
(13 steps)
THOMPSON, Owen O., Oct 22, 1837 - June 1, 1903
THOMPSON, Ellen, wife of O.O., 1842-1924
(8 steps)
SEARS, Hariet, wife of John W., d. Sep 12, 1884, ae 45y-2m-19d
SEARS, Adolphis L., son of J.W. & Harriet, d. Aug 11, 1876, ae 1m-25d
(6 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
MATTHEWS, John, d. Aug 11, 1870, ae 64y-5m-1d
(loose stone, on the ground)
(Note: There appear to have been two John Matthews of nearly the same birth and death dates, who were of Fulton Co Ind. This John Matthews, b.1806, d.1870; the 2nd John Matthews, b.1815 Ohio, lived in Wayne twp, d.1877 and was bur in the old Allison Farm cem in Wayne twp. (see Old Allison Farm cem, Wayne twp, Fulton Co Ind)]
(4 steps)
MATHEWS, Lorenza, son of J. & P., d. June 12, 1875, ae 5m-11d
(4 steps)

Row 15

(4 steps)
OUSLEY, Jesse J., inf son, July 30, 1972 - July 31, 1972
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Jesse J. Ousley, 1972-1972)
(1) Louis E. "Gene", 1925-1986
(2) Mary E., 1926- (no d.d.)
m. Mar 7, 1945
(also military marker: Louis Eugene Shriver, Tec5 US Army, Feb 5, 1925 -Apr 10, 1986)
(35 steps)
TEEL, Scott Richard, June 30, 1966 - June 27, 1984 (photo attached)
RUSSELL, Ryan Ronald, Aug 27, 1967 - Oct 29, 1984
"Son and Brother you are Loved"
(8 steps)
(1) Mary E., 1906-1985
(2) Wayne, 1906-1978
(16 steps)

NEWTON, Edwin A., m. to Waltraud, Aug 26, 1967, Sp4 US Army, Apr 3, 1944 -
Sep 21, 1974
(also King temp marker: Edwin A. Newton, 1944-1974)
NEWTON, Sally Lea, dau of Stanley & Bonnie, Apr 6, 1963 (One date only)

Row 16

(1) Howard, Mar 16, 1912 - (no d.d.)
(2) Lucy M., Feb 13, 1918 - (no d.d.)
(51 steps)
(1) Ernest W., 1909-1987
(2) Irene A., 1914- (no d.d.)
m. June 23, 1935
(also military marker: Ernest W. Anderson, Col US Army WW2, 1909-1987)
(14 steps)
SCRITCHFIELD, Delphia, 1871-1949
(Note: Delpha, dau of William & Isabel Anderson of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind., lived with her uncle Robert Anderson in 1880. Her parents and Robert Anderson's wife all probably d. between 1870 and 1880. Delpha m. Alex H. Scritchfield, of Marshall Co Ind. (see previous pages herein)]
(1) Francis M., Dec 12, 1832 - Aug 18, 1905
(2) Jane, 1837-1941
(Note: Francis M. Anderson, b. in Ohio, was a son of William & Mary (Wood) Anderson, who removed from Ohio to Kosciusko Co Ind, ca.1841.
Francis M. Anderson m. Jane (-----), and they were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1870, household #101:100, with one child, Catharine (ae 7rs)). By 1883 they were of Mentone, Kosc Co Ind. (see previous pages herein)
(4 steps)
(1) Marion, Mar 2, 1852 - May 29, 1920
(2) Angeline Groves, his wife, Sep 2, 1855 - Mar 30, 1943
(4 steps)
GROVES, Father & Mother
(1) Sylvester, Jan 24, 1836 - Mar 12, 1919
(2) Margret Thompson, his wife, Feb 6, 1840 - Mar 8, 1924
(Note: Sylvester Groves was b. in Ind., and his father and mother were b. in Penn & Ky respectively. (Federal Census) His wife, Margret, and her parents were natives of Ohio.
The names of only two of the children of Sylvester & Margret Groves are known at this time: Adaline and Sarah E. "Ella" who were with their parents in the 1880 census, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, household #235:240.
Charles Parson, a nephew, b.ca.1874 Ind, was also in the family of Sylvester & Margret Grove in 1880. This could be the same Charles A. Parsons, who at age 23 (b.ca.1873 in Mich) applied for license to marry Pearl E. Hipp (b.ca.1877 Kosc Co Ind, a dau of A. & Agatha (Harison) Hipp. This marriage application reveals that the parents of Charles A. Parsons were: Charles & Malisa (Groves?) Parsons. (Note: the maiden name of Malisa was not clear, but it could be Groves) Charles A. & Pearl E. Hipp were m. December 23, 1896 at Kewanna, Ind. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk. 1892-1898)

Sarah E. "Ella" Groves, b.1869, Kosc Co Ind, revealed the names of her parents when she applied for her license to marry Wilber Ewing in 1895: "S. Y. & Margaret (Thompson) Grove." (See previous pages herein)]
(4 steps)
ZOLMAN, Joseph L., 1851-1925
ZOLMAN, Father & Mother
(1) Amos, Nov 30, 1819 - Jan 14, 1898, ae 79y
(2) Jamima, Dec 14, 1829 - June 15, 1910, ae 80y
[Note:Amos Zolman (also Zollman), b. in Knox Co Ohio, was a soldier in the Civil War, of Co. G, 121st Ohio Inf, and was taken prisoner at the battle of Perrysville. After his release, he re-enlisted in the 155th Ind Inf until the close of the war.
Amos Zolman m. Jamima Baker January 21, 1844, and they removed to Fulton Co Ind in December 1863. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 51) Amos and Jamima were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, in 1870, household #116:117, and in 1880, household #248:253, with their children. (Federal Census)
Amos & Jamima Zolman had 7 children: (1) Susannah, b.ca.1845 Ohio, m. Albert Craft and was a resident of Ohio in 1883. (2) Emmeline, b.February 6, 1847 Ohio, d.February 8, 1927, m.1869 Jeremiah "Jerry" Drudge, son of John & Susannah Drudge. (see Hoover cem, Henry twp Fulton Co Ind) Jeremiah & Emmeline Drudge are bur in Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind.. (3) Joseph L., 1851-1925. (4) Florence "Flora", b.September 12, 1855 Ohio - d.1892. (5) Bronson Elias, 1856-1941 (see previous pages herein). (6) Bellzora. (7) Rosa, b.ca.1865 Ind.]
ZOLMAN, Flora, dau of A. & J., d. Jan 15, 1892, ae 36y-4m-3d
(6 steps)
(1) Ora C., 1876-1943
(2) Minnie E., 1872-1962
(Note: Ora C. Anderson, b.Ind, was a son of Ira G. & Sarah M. (Rice) Anderson, of Newc twp. (see previous pages herein)
Ora C. Anderson m. Minnie E. Laird January 18, 1902, at Mentone, Ind. She was a dau of John Laird & Mary (Alden) Laird. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications, Book 1901-1904)]
ANDERSON, Bernice L., Jan 29, 1903 - May 17, 1986
(1) Frank A., 1873-1950
(2) Maud E., 1877-1966
(Note: Frank A. Drudge is perhaps the Francis A. Drudge, age 7yrs, nephew, living in the home of Daniel & Clara Tipton in Newc twp, 1880. (see previous pages herein) Frank A., also referred to as A. F., Alpheus F., Francis A. & Frank E., m.February 8, 1896, Kosciusko Co, Ind., M. E. (Maud E.) Fish. Their marriage application reveals that Frank A. "A.F." was born in Newc twp, a son of Franklin Drudge & Margaret (Tipton) Drudge. His uncle, Daniel Tipton, had a sister, Margaret J. (1854-1884) who m.1878 Amos S. Hider. Franklin Drudge, in that case, would have been a first husband for Margaret, but no confirming marriage record has been found by this compiler. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk 1892-1898)
Maud E. Drudge, b. at Talma, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind March 8, 1876, d.April 9, 1966 in Warsaw nursing home, age 90. She was a dau of Dr. Samuel R. & Susannah (Myers) Fish. (see Reichter cem for further) Maud E. m.February 8, 1896, Frank E. Drudge; he d.1950. Survivors included a dau, Isabelle (Mrs. Joe Peterson), R.R.1, Mentone, Ind; a bro, Dr. Clyde M. Fish,

Dearfield, Florida; two half-sis, Mrs. Leah Bass, Fort Worth Texas, and Mrs. Constance Wilkes, Monte Bello, California. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Apr. 11, 1966, obit, "Maud E. Drudge")]
(1) Joe, 1900-1977
(2) Isabelle, 1901- (no d.d.)
(14 steps)
(1) Schuyler, 1865-1956
(2) Nora, 1872-1929
(Note: Schuyler McIntire appears to be the same S. Colfax (also Schuyler C.) McIntire, b.ca.1865 Ind, who was a member of the household of Jacob & Anna McIntire in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1870, household #88:88, and in 1880, household #118:120. Jacob & Anna McIntire were bur in the Hoover cem, at Athens, Ind. Jacob's grave marker shows his birth date to be 1817, whereas his age in the various census records reveal that it should be ca.1827. Also Anna's marker records her birth date as 1825, whereas her age in the census records makes it ca.1834. (See Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind; also see Daniel McIntire Farm cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind.) Jacob & Anna McIntire's family, in 1880, included a widowed dau., Mary White (b.ca.1853 Ind), her two children, Lauretta White (b.ca.1870 Ind) and Ida White (b.ca.1875 Ind); and a grandson, John McIntire (b.ca.1877 Ind).
Children of Jacob & Anna (Kysinger, also Kisinger) McIntire (also McIntyre) included: (1) Mary, b.ca.1853 Ind, m.Lyman White, 1869; res of Henry twp, 1870, household #289:284. (2) William, b.1854 Ind., m.1876 Nancy Margaret White (Fulton Co M.R.) (1859-1941, dau of Peter White); their children were Emmaline (b.ca.1877, Newcastle, Ind), Pearl (b.ca.1881), Lulu and Harold; William d.1943, and he & Margaret were bur in Akron I.O.O.F. cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Jan. 22, 1941, obit "Mrs. William McIntyre"; also see Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk 1892-98 for Emaline in 1897) (3) Joseph, b.ca.1857 Ind. (4) Susan M. "Malinda" b.ca.1858 Ind, unm 1880. (5) Emily, b.ca.1861 Ind. (6) Nancy, b.ca.1862 Ind. (7) Schuyler Colfax, b.1865 Ind, m. Nora Barrett. (Fulton Co M.R.) (8) Harvey, b.November 1869 Ind, d.November 1937, m.Cora A. Holloway, 1895 nr Burket (1879-1967, dau of George & Priscilla (Driesbach) Holloway; bur Palestine cem, Kosciusko Co Ind); children included Stella, Hazel, Vernon H., Mondo and George. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., lJuly 24, 1967, obit "Cora A. McIntyre") (9) Elmer, b.ca.1872, Ind.
(12 steps)
DURBIN, L. A., Co B 39 Ohio Inf
(military marker, no dates)
(Note: Lawrence A. Durbin, b.Ohio ca.1842, m.Mary A. Rickle, December 19, 1868. (Fulton Co M.R.) Although there were no dates on his grave marker, Lawrence A. Durbin d. at Rochester at age 51 years, March 10, 1894, and Letters of Adm were filed August 7, 1896. (Fulton Co Ind Death Records; Fulton Co Ind Estate Index)
L. A. (Lawrence A.) and Mary A. Durbin resided in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1870, household #96:95, and in 1880, household #97:98. They had children: John M., b.ca.1869 Ind; Susan R., b.ca.1871 Ind; Catharine L., b.ca.1874 Ind; Drussilla E. J., b.ca.1877 Ind, d.1967, m.1898 Albert L. Braman (1879-1957). (Fulton Co M.R.; Citizens cem, Rochester, Ind). Mary A., b.ca.1879, Fulton, Ind., m.1896 Alfred T. Woodhouse (b.ca.1875 Cass Co Ind., son of Daniel & Sarah (Cox) Woodhouse. (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk 1892-1898). William R., b.April 1879/80. Fidelia Warner, 1893-1913.
DURBIN, John M., son of L.A. & M.A., d. Feb 13, 1871, ae 1y-3m-8d

DURBIN, Fidelia Warner, dau of L.A. & M.A., Jan 4, 1893 - Mar 13, 1913

Row 17

(1) Warren, Sr., 1926-1978
(2) Lois M., 1933- (no d.d.)
(25 steps)
(1) Lowell E., 1932-1991
(2) Shirley A., 1937- (no d.d.)
(also military marker: Lowell E. Long, Sgt US Army Korea, Mar 8, 1932 - Feb 15, 1991)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(18 steps)
SHOEMAKER, Lidia, Apr 7, 1862 - July 7, 1876
(4 steps)
(1) John L., 1841-1915
(2) Amanda A., 1843-1893
(Note: John L. Shoemaker, b.Ind (parents both b. Penn); Amanda A., his wife, b.Ind (her parents both b.Virginia. They resided in Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1880, household #264:269 with their children (all b.Ind): Priscilla A., b.ca.1865; Sarah J., b.ca.1866; Edward R., b.ca.1869; Mary E., b.ca.1872; Iona M., b.ca.1874; Phebe C., b.ca.1876; John A., b.ca.August 1879]
(4 steps)
GROVES, William, d. July 12, 1867, ae 66y-4m-11d (broken across date line)
PARSONS, Melissa A., Apr 13, 1847 - July 16, 1875
(Note: This could be the Melissa Groves who m. Charles Parsons, and whose son Charles A. Parsons (b.Mich ca.1875) was living with his uncle, Sylvester Groves, in 1880. (see previous pages herein)
GROVES, Sarah E., d. Oct 24, 1851, ae 71y-1m-15d
GROVES, Mary E., d. Oct 10, 1851, ae 6m-27d
GROVES, George, d. Aug 11, 1849 (one date only)
KAY, Elmer E., son of L.M. & M.A., Apr 7, 1877 - Oct 26, 1877
(4 steps)
(1) Eliza Jane, 1862-1923
(2) Emile A., 1887-1954
(3) Carlis R., 1897-1899
(4) Ammion E., 1893-1897
(5) Beldin E., 1890-1892
(5 steps)
MATHEWS, James, d. Nov 1, 1891, ae 59y-10m-29d
(8 steps)
CARRUTHERS, Mary A., wife of T.J., d. Apr 5, 1881, ae 38y-10m-19d
(Note: Thomas J. Caruthers, b.ca.1847 Ohio, m.Mary Ann McMahan, November 3, 1867. (Fulton Co M.R.)

Thomas J. & Mary Ann Caruthers were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1870, household #158:159, and in 1880, household #48:49, with two children: Louisa M. (b.ca.1872 Ind), and Alonzo (b.ca.1876 Ind)]
(4 steps)
DURBIN, Mary A., 1852-1926
(Note: This probably was Mary A. (Rickle) Durbin, wife of Lawrence A. Durbin. (see previous pages herein) Mary A. was b. Ind, and her father & mother born in Penn & N.Y. respectively.]

Row 18

(northeast corner of the cemetery)
THOMPSON, Infant son? of S.F. & E.A., d. Oct 20, 1875?
(one date only)


Yellow Creek cemetery, on the Mack Haimbaugh farm, is just south of SR-25, on the east side of 825E, between 800N and 700N.
Rows run north and south; rows are numbered from west to east; and stone read from north to south.
Readings made in 1974 and 1976.

Row 1

"H. D. K."
DILLE, Dorcas, wife of John C., d. Mar 19, 1871, ae 49y-3m-7d
DILLE, John C., d. Jan 13, 1863, ae 60y-11m-4d
(Note: The obit for John C. Dille reveals that he was b.February 9, 1802, in Washington Co Penn, and d. at his residence in Newc twp, on Monday morning, January 12, 1863, of Typhoid fever; that he emigrated to Richland Co., Ohio, in his youth, where he resided until 1848 when he removed to Indiana & settled in Fulton county; that he left many small children and a wife; funeral services attended to by Eld. Moses Meredith, of the Yellow Creek church. (Rochester Sentinel, Rochester, lInd., Sat., Jan. 17, 1863) John C. Dille was probably m. previously in Ohio. There were older children with him in 1860 who could have been b. of a first marriage.
John C. Dille m. Dorcas Sturgeon, January 1, 1849. (Fulton Co M.R.) Dorcas, b.January 12, 1822 Ohio, was probably m. earlier to (-----) Sturgeon. The Dille household in 1850 included two children: Stephen Sturgeon (b.ca.1843 Ohio) and Rebecca J. Sturgeon (b.ca.1845 Ind), as well as Sarah Dille (b.ca.1849 Ind) (Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #85:85)
By 1860, the Dille household included Eliza Dille (b.ca.1826 Ohio) and Asa Dille (b.ca.1833 Ohio), who may have been older children of John C. Dille, the two Sturgeon children, and eight younger Dille children including two sets of twins. (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1860, household #978:978; also 1870, household #184:185 "Darkus Dille")
Children of John C. & Dorcas Dille: (1) Sarah, b.ca.1849 Ind; (2) William H., b.ca.1851 Ind; (3) Martin A., b.ca.1852 Ind, m.Minerva Ann King (1858-1881) ; (4) Martha E., b.ca.1854 Ind; (5) Andrew J. & (6) Cephus W. (twins) b.ca.1856 Ind; (7) John A. & (8) Darcus Amanda (twins) b.ca.1858 Ind; (9) Thomas A. b.ca.1859 Ind; (10) Hugh M., b.ca.1861 Ind; (11) Frank E. b.ca.1863 Ind.
(5 steps)
MEREDITH, Mary, wife of Isaac, d. July 4, 1866, ae 48y-7m-3d
(Note: Mary Meredith, the first wife of Isaac, was born in Penn., 1818, a dau of John Grove, Sr., who names her in his will. (see previous pages herein)
(5 steps)
MEREDETH, Syntha, dau of I. & M., d. Apr 6, 1871, ae 13y-7m-23d
SEVERNS, ---------- J.R., d. June 19, 1874, ae 31y-6m-6d
(Note: top of stone broken off and missing. Original inscr must have read: Margaret M. [or Marilla], wife of J.R. Severns, d.June 19, 1874, ae 31y-6m-6d. J. R. (Joseph Robert) Severns, husband of Margaret M. (Meredith) Severns, d.1903, and is bur in Sycamore cem. (Barnhart, History of Fulton Co., Ind., 1923, pp. 271-72; see Sycamore cem herein)]

TIPTON, Cevilla, wife of I., d. July 20, 1872, ae 20y-1m-9d
(Note: Isaac Tipton (1851-1928, bur I.O.O.F. cem, Rochester, Ind) was probably a son of Ephraim & Alice M. Tipton of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860, household #984:984. Isaac Tipton m.February 12, 1870, Civilla (also Sebilla) Meredith, a dau of Isaac & Mary (Groves) Meredith. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous pages herein)
Isaac Tipton appears to have m. next to Josie (-----) (1853-1925, bur beside Isaac Tipton, same grave marker)
(----) (base only)
(5 steps)
(----) (base only)

Row 2
WAUGH, Mary O., dau of F.P. & M.A., d. Apr 18, 1872, ae 5y-14d
[Note: F. P. Waugh was a merchant, b.ca.1827 Penn. He and his wife, Martha (b.ca.1836 Penn) were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1870, household #213:213, with their children: Frances L. (b.ca.1857 Ohio); Sarah (b.ca.1859 Ohio); Linnie (b.ca.1861 Ohio); and Mary (b.ca.1863 Ind)]
KESLER, Elizabeth, dau of M. & C., d. Oct 6, 1858, ae 19y-8m-9d
[Note: It is possible that the parents of Elizabeth Kesler were Michael & Catharine Kesler who came to Indiana sometime between 1847-50 from Ohio. Michael & Catharine were both born in Penn; the M. Kessler bur in Sycamore cem (see previous pages herein) might be this Michael Kesler.
Michael & Catharine Kesler resided in Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1850, household #102:102, and in 1860, household #1007:1007, and they had children: Elizabeth (b.1839 Ohio); Sarah (b.ca.1840 Ohio); Sophia (b.ca.1842 Ohio); Caroline (b.ca.1845 Ohio); Henry (b.ca.1847 Ohio); Catharine, Jr. (b.ca.1849/50 Ind); Samuel (b.ca.1856 Ind)]
(8 steps)
GROVE, Jacob, d. Mar 20, 1882, ae 69y-5m-4d
[Note: Jacob Grove (also Groves) was b.October 16, 1812 Penn., a son of John Grove, Sr. and Elizabeth who were also bur in this cem. Jacob's first wife's name was Sarah, and she must have d. soon after reaching this county, having had eight children in Ohio and one in Ind. Jacob next m. Rachel Myers, October 29, 1861 (b.ca.1823 Virginia; d.1887). (Fulton Co M.R.) Rachel's burial place is not known to this compiler. However, her will dated December 12, 1885, proved August 19, 1887, reveals that she was "late of Fulton County, Ind., deceased," and left the balance of her money to the Yellow Creek Baptist church in Fulton County, Ind., for the purpose of obtaining a bell and hanging it in a suitable place on the church. She left her bedding and household goods to be divided equally between "my step-children or Jacob Groves heirs"; her copper kettle was to be given to Almira Coplen; her cow was to be sold, and the money to be given to Clary McCrackin; Sylvenia and Mabel Grove were to receive two pictures (described in the will). (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
Jacob Groves (no wife) was a householder of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860, household #992:992; with his wife Rachel, in 1870, household #175:176; and Jacob & Rachel in 1880, household #188:193.
The children of Jacob Grove were undoubtedly by his first wife, Sarah. (1) Almira (also Amira, Almyra), b.1835 Ohio, d.1917, bur Hoover cem, Henry twp. (see Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind) (2) Oscar, b.1839 Ohio, d.1879, bur Reichter cem, Newc twp; m.1864, Amanda A. Montgomery (see for further). (3) Ossimer, 1841 Ohio-1862, bur Yellow Creek cem. (4) Oliver, b.1842 Ohio, d.1867, bur Yellow Creek cem. (5) Orange K., b.1844 Ohio, d.1923, bur Reichter cem; m1880, Isabelle Allen (see for further). (6) John, b.ca.1847 Ohio. (7) Simon Y., b.1849 Ohio, d.1925 bur Reichter cem; m. Elizabeth "Lizzie B." (-----) (see for further). (8) Gilbert, b.ca.1852

Ohio, m.June 8, 1872 Clarrah Batz (seep revious pages herein). (9) Robert, b.ca.1854 Ind.]
GROVE, "Elizabeth & John"
(1) ------ (Elizabeth's name and dates not here)
(2) John, d. Aug 31, 1873, ae 83y-16d
[Note: John Grove, Sr., b.August 15, 1790 in Penn (or Virginia), & probably removed to Fulton Co Ind soon after 1870, perhaps directly from Ohio. His wife is not referred to in his will, and probably died shortly before his death, but census records indicate that she too was b. in Penn.
The will of John Grove, Sr., dated August 12, 1873, and proved September 6, 1873, reveals that he was "of Fulton County, Indiana," and that he left his estate: to his two sons, Jacob Grove & John Grove, Jr.; to his dau, Elisabeth Meredith, wife of Robert Meredith; to his grandchildren, the children of his dau, Nancy Severns, wife of Joseph Severns, deceased: Jacob, Aaron, John and Sarah wife of John Boosenburg; to the heirs of his dau, Mary Meredith, who was the wife of Isaac Meredith, but who "is now deceased:: Viney (wife of Peter Boosenburg), Marilla (wife of Joseph Severns), Rebecca (wife of George Tipton), Amira (wife of Curtis King); and to the grandchildren of said Mary Meredith: Lugardy Tipton (not of age), dau of Isaac Tipton and his wife Sebilla Tipton, deceased, "said Sebilla having been the dau of said Mary Meredith, deceased." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
Children of John Grove, Sr.: (1) Jacob, b.1812 Penn, m.(1st) Sarah; m(2nd) Rachel Myers. (see previous pages herein) (2) Nancy, who was decs'd by 1873, m.Joseph Severns. (ibid) (3) Mary, b.1818 Penn, first wife of Isaac Meredith (1816-1895). (ibid) (4) Elisabeth, b.1815 Penn, m.Robert Meredith. (see for further) (5) John, Jr., b.1825 Ohio, m.Rebecca (ibid) (6) David, "son of J. & E. Grove", b.1829, d.1872. (see following)]
GROVE, David, son of J. & E., d. Dec 8, 1872, ae 43y-8m-3d
[Note: David Grove was not named in the will of John Grove, Sr., nor was there any mention of heirs of David in that will. He d. the year before John Grove, Sr.'s will was written, and may not have been married.]
"D. D."
"M. J. D."
GROVE, Oliver, son of J. & S., d. June 3, 1867, ae 24y-8m-5d
[Note: Oliver Grove was a son of Jacob & Sarah Grove. (see above) No other info found.]
GROVE, Ossimer, d. Nov 30, 1862, ae 21y-8m-10d (loose stone, on the ground)
[Note: Ossimer was a son of Jacob & Sarah Grove. (see above)
MEREDITH, Ira D., son of R. & E., d. Aug 8, 1864, ae 8y-22d
[Note: Ira D., b.1856 Ind, was a son of Robert & Elizabeth (Grove) Meredith. (see for further)
STUKEY, Lavina, wife of A.E., d. Feb 13, 1875, ae 24y-2m-11d
STUKEY, Frank P., son of A.E. & L., d. Aug 17, 1875, ae 7m-13d
STUKEY, A. E., d. Apr 5, 1877, ae 35y-3m-26d
[Note: This is probably the Alonzo E. Stukey who m. September 22, 1872 Lovina Meredith. (Fulton Co M.R.) Lovina (Lavina) was a dau of Robert and Elizabeth (Grove) Meredith, and appears to have had two children: Frederic D., b.1873 and Frank P., b.1875. (see for further)
(1) Elizabeth, wife of R., d. Apr 21, 1896, ae 80y-10m-14d
(2) Robert, d. Oct 25, 1888, ae 76y-4m-25d
[Note: Robert Meredith, b.June 1, 1812 Ohio, was a bro of Thomas (b.ca.1806 Virginia) & of Peter (b.1810 Ohio); and a nephew of Job Meredith (1792-1856). (see previous pages herein)

Robert Meredith was of Kosciusko Co Ind on May 3 and on June 9, 1837, when he purchased a total of 240 acres of land in T31N-R4E (Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind). (Early Tract Book Fulton Co Ind) He m. (place & date unkn) Elizabeth Grove, b.1815 Penn, a dau of John Grove, Sr. (see previous page)
Children of Robert & Elizabeth Meredith were: (1) Mary Jane, b.1833 Ohio, m.Samuel P. Davis (his 2nd m.) (see for further). (2) Isaac J., b.1835 Ohio, m. (1st) Amanda Emmons, and (2nd) Cynthia Ames (ibid). (3) Dorotha, b.1838 Ind. (4) John G., b.ca.1840 Ind. (5) James M., b.1843 Ind. (6) Eli T., b.1847 Ind. (7) Lavina, b.1851 Ind, m. Alonzo E. Stukey (see previous page). (8) Ira D., 1856-1864 (ibid).
Dorotha, b.December 4, 1838, dau of Robert & Elizabeth Meredith, m.November 8, 1860 Christian HORN.(Fulton Co M.R.) The parents of Christian Horn are not known to this compiler. Christian was b. in Ohio; his parents were both natives of Ohio. Christian & Dorotha resided in Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #226:226, in 1870; and household #190:195, in 1880, with children. Christian Horn b.April 30, 1836, d. (----); Dorotha, his wife, d.February 18, 1914, and both bur in Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co Ind. Their children: (1) Lougarda E., (b. ----, d.1866); (2) Robert M., (no info); (3) James A., (b.January 22, 1867; d.November 29, 1893, bur Mentone cem; (4) Peter A. (1869-1948, bur Mentone cem); m.1891, Plymouth, Ind., Mary L. (1873-1941, bur Mentone cem, dau of Joseph & Lotta Gross); children: Milo, Omar, Lyman, Howard, Dorothy (Mrs. Von Kochenderfer), and Russel L., who d.October 6, 1900 age 1yr-1mo-13d. (News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, June 5 and 6, 1941 obit Mrs. Peter Horn; Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind) (5) Orlando E. "Ora" (b.December 25, 1872 Fulton Co, d.May 12, 1953; bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); m.1896 Myrtle Fenstermacher (Fulton Co M.R.); children: Mrs. Harley Zolman, Robert Horn; sister, Mrs. Cora A. Bryant, of Talma. (News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., May 12 & 13, 1953, obit Orlando (Ora) E. Horn) (6) Cora E. (b.April 20, 1877); m.1898 Wm. F. Grass (b.November 8, 1876; d. at 27 yrs, bur Mentone cem); children: Clyde E. b.& d. 1902, Mentone cem. (Fulton Co M.R.); Mentone Cem, Kosciusko Co Ind) (7) Lulu Belle, b.April 23, 1880, d.February 11, 1909, at age 28yr-9mo-18da; bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind.
James M. MEREDITH, b.July 11, 1843 Ind, son of Robert & Elizabeth, d.January 4, 1914, age 70 years, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind. He m.February 21, 1867, Mahala C. Montgomery (b.January 3, 1847; d.May 3, 1939, bur Mentone cem; dau of Caleb & Sarah L. (Mercer) Montgomery. (Fulton Co M.R.; and Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind; also see for further) James M. & Mahala C. Meredith resided in Fulton Co, Newc twp in 1870, household #178:179; and in 1880, household #180-184. Their children: Estella "Stella L." 1868-1943, bur Mentone cem; Silas, b.December 1869 (Census & cem records)
Eli T. Meredith, b.1847 Ind, son of Robert & Elizabeth, d.1891, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind. He m.March 21, 1872, Margaret E. Frost (1852-1928; Mentone cem) (Fulton Co M.R.). Margaret E. Frost may have been the dau of Robert & Mary A. Frost of Newc twp in 1860, household #980:980. (see Census 1860) The graves of Eli T. & Margaret E. Meredith are next to those of James M. & Mahala C. Meredith.
"M. M. S."

Row 3

BUSENBURG, Marion, son of I. & N., d. Oct 4, 1861, ae 2y-5m-10d
DAVIS, William H., son of S. & A., d. Sep 26, 1856, ae 7m-27d
DAVIS, Amos C., son of S. & A., d. June 21, 1859, ae 1y-3m-5d
DAVIS, Ann, wife of S.P., d. Aug 20, 1862, ae 30y-4m-7d
[Note: Ann Courll, dau of Walter (1793-1845) and Margaret (Barrett) Courll, was b. in Ohio 1832. She m. Samuel P. David December 31, 1854. (see Reichter cem herein; and Fulton Co M.R.)

DAVIS, Mary Jane, wife of S.P., d. Feb 1, 1876, ae 42y-3m-25d
[Note: Mary Jane Meredith, dau of Robert & Elizabeth (Grove) Meredith, was b. in Ohio 1833. (see previous page) She was the second wife of Samuel P. Davis.
Although the grave of Samuel P. Davis was not found, Census records reveal that he was b.ca.1834 in Ohio, and was probably the son of Amos & Rachel Davis of Newc twp. Soon after the death of his first wife, Ann, in 1862, he married (date unkn) Mary Jane Meredith. Samuel P. Davis was a resident of Newc twp, household #877:877 with his first wife, Ann (Courll) Davis, in 1860; and in 1870 same twp, household #182:183 with his second wife, Mary Jane & one son, Ira J. Davis. Samuel P. Davis was included in the list of drafted men from Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (Rochester Sentinel, Nov. 18, 1864)
Three children were b. of the first marriage: William H., b. & d. 1856; Amos C., b.1858-d.1859; Ira Jackson Davis. One child born of the second marriage: Isaac P., b. & d. 1863. Ira Jackson Davis, b.ca.1861 Ind, d.May 20, 1912, at Talma, aged 52 years; m. Lydia J. Taylor February 14, 1883. (Fulton Co Ind Death Records; Fulton Co M.R.) Ira J. & Lydia J. Davis bur Mentone cem.
The will of Samuel P. Davis of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, dated March 16, 1872, proved September 9, 1872, leaves all the proceeds of their farm to his beloved wife, Mary Jane, and after her death, it was to go to his son, Ira J. Davis. If Ira J. Davis did not reach manhood, then the estate was to to to Robert Meredith's heirs; a bequest was to the Yellow Creek church for the benefit of the graveyard; also a bequest to William A. Davis, to John M. Davis or their heirs (his brothers & sister). (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
DAVIS, Isaac P., son of S.P. & M.J., d. Nov 13, 1863, ae 7m-4d
MEREDITH, Peter E., son of T. & L., d. Nov 11, 1863, ae 1y-7m-23d
[Note: Parents of Peter E. Meredith prob. Thomas & Lydia (Haimbaugh) Meredith.]
MEREDITH, Drusilla V. M., dau of J. & H.G., d. Mar 17, 1881, ae 9y-1m-17d
[Note: Parents of Drusilla V. May Meredith were Jesse & Huldah B. (Myers) Meredith]
MEREDITH, Jesse, Co C 5th Ind Cav (military marker)
MEREDITH, Huldah, May 4, 1834 - Oct 5, 1902
[Note: Jesse Meredith, son of Peter & Elizabeth (Haze) Meredith, was b.ca.1847 in Ind., d.d. unkn. He m.Huldah Myers October 26, 1868. (Fulton Co M.R.)
Jesse & Huldah Meredith resided in Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #215:220 in 1880. The Census record for that year reveals that Huldah, wife of Jesse, was b. in Ohio and her father & mother b. in Virginia & N.Jer, respectively. This household included a dau, D. V. May (Drusilla V. M.) b.1872 in Iowa Peter, age 70, widowed father of Jesse Meredith, was also with this family in 1880)]
(5 steps)
MEREDITH, Margret E., dau of N.L. & E.J., d. Feb 27, 1866, ae 8m-15d
[Note: The parents of Margret E. were Nathaniel L. and Eliza J. (Donnelson) Meredith.]
(25 steps)
(1) Mary, d. Apr 1, 1893, ae 80y-4m
(2) David, d. June 9, 1877, ae 71y-1m-20d
[Note: David Busenburg, d.1806 in Cumberland Co Penn, said to have d. in Marshall Co Ind, but his grave is here in the Yellow Creek cem. He was said to be of Knox Co Ohio & age 21, when he m. ca.1832 Mary Dennis who was a native of Penn. The David Busenburg family moved to Marshall Co Ind from Ohio in 1852.
David & Mary Busenburg had children: (1) Peter, b.1833 Knox Co Ohio, m. (1st) Lavina

Meredith, and (2nd) Sarah Bybee (see previous pages for further); (2) Barbara (said to be wife of Edward Hatfield & of Pulaski Co Kans in 1896); (3) Martha (said to be wife of Hiram Messersmith & of Montgomery Co Ind in 1896); (4) Elizabeth (said to be wife of E. Messersmith & of Pulaski Co Ind in 1896); (5) Eliza (said to be wife of Aaron Kesler & of Marshall Co Ind in 1896); & (6) Michael (said to be of Wilson Co Kans in 1896). (History of Fulton Co Ind, by Peattie, 1896, p. 50; Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, lby Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 46)]

Row 4

"E. M."
(----) (base only, stone broken at ground and missing)
FROST, Mary Ann, wife of Robert, d. Jan 26, 1872, ae 43y-8m-22d
[Note: Mary Ann Frost was b. in Maryland in 1828. Her husband, Robert, was b. in Ohio ca.1827. His bur date and place are unkn to this compiler. Robert and his wife resided in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860, household #980:980, and in 1870, household #189:190. Cephus W. Dillee, age 14, a son of John C. Dille who d. 1863, was with this family in 1870. (see Census)
Children of Robert & Mary Ann Frost: (1) William D., b.1848 Ohio, m. Malinda L. Wilson, dau of Uriah Wilson (see for further); (2) Margret E., b.1852 Ohio, m. Eli T. Meredith (see previous pages herein); (3) Julia A., b.ca.1853 Ohio, m.1872 William A. Wilson, a son of Uriah Wilson. (Fulton Co M.R.)]
(4 steps)
HAINBAUGH, William H., son of J. & N., d. Jan 21, 1865, ae 1y-1m-18d
(17 steps)
"C. M. F."
FIFFER, John E., son of G.W. & M.A., d. Jan 1, 1860, ae 11m
FIFFER, Lydia Jane, dau of G.W. & M.J., d. Mar 17, 1856, ae 21d (loose stone)
FIFFER, Charles A. M., son of G. & M.A., d. Oct 19, 1864, ae 1y-9m-21d
(loose stone)
[Note: George W. Fifer, b.ca.1829 Ohio, m.Mary Ann Coplen May 3, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.). Mary Ann, b.ca.1837 Ohio, was a dau of Robert & Lucinda Coplen of Newc twp.
George W. and Mary A. Fifer resided in Richland twp in 1860, household #650:650, with one son, William, age 3. Their children: Lydia Jane, b.1856; William, b.ca.1857 Ind; John E., b.1859; Charles A. M., b.1863]
(4 steps)
KIZER, Leota G., dau of M.R. & I.E., d. Jan 30, 1888, ae 2y-5d
[Note: Leota G Kizer, b.1886, was a dau of Martin R. and Irene E. (Blue) Kizer.
Martin R. Kizer (1864-1935) m.Irene E. Blue (1867-1950), July 10, 1884; both bur in Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind. (Fulton Co M.R.; and Mentone cem). Irene E. Blue first recorded in the household of John & Rebecca Grove in 1870 at age 2 years; and next in 1880, identified as a granddaughter "Irena Blue", with John & Rebeccah Grove in Newc twp. (see for further)]
(4 steps)
GROVE, Daniel, son of J. & R., d. Jan 7, 1852, ae 5y-1m-13d
NELLANS, Ellis T., son of M. & L., d. Oct 3, 1851, ae 1y-6m-4d
[Note: A son of Moses & Lucinda (Strosnider) Nellans.]

NELLANS, Isaac, son of T. & M., d. Aug 29, 1854, ae 8m-28d
[Note: A son of Thomas & Mariah (Strosnider) Nellans.]
"I. N."

NELLANS, Marinda Jane, dau of Thomas & Mariah, d. Mar 18, 1860,
ae 20y-9m-18d (loose stone)
WHARTON, Samuel A., son of W.B. & M.A., d. Aug 29, 1849, ae 2m-15d
(loose stone)
[Note: The parents of Samuel A. Wharton were William B. and Martha A. Wharton, residents of Newc twp, household #71:71 in the 1850 census. They were not located in this county in 1860, but in 1870 William Wharton and a dau, Martha 13, were living with the family of a married dau, Sarah E. Thompson, in Newc twp. William B. Wharton was at that time widowed, having bur his first wife, Martha A., in Mentone cem, July 3, 1858, at age 42yr-7mo-22da.
The 1880 Census, Newc twp, household #175:179, reveals that William B. Wharton, age 59, had married again. He and his new wife, Nancy A. (age 44 b.Ohio), were householders. Their family included: Holice, a grandson (age 13); Ormanda M. Hern (age 24, unm step-dau); Elizabeth E. Hern (age 18, unm step-dau); Emanuel Kreighbaum (age 26, son-in-law); Louisa A. Kreighbaum (age 22, step-dau). Emanuel Kreakbaume m.Louiza A. Herren, April 30, 1880. (Fulton Co M.R.) Emanuel Creakbaum, 1853-1927; Louisa E., 1856-1935. (Mentone cem, Kosc Co)
Nancy A., second wife of William B. Wharton, might be the Nancy A. Cay who m. Moses Herne, April 1, 1854. (Fulton Co M.R.) Moses Heron, Co K, 74th Ind Inf, is bur in the Mentone cem. William B. Wharton d.August 23, 1891, age 71yr & 17da. He was bur in the Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind.
The children of William B. & Martha A. Wharton included: (1) Orris (b.ca.1841 Ohio); (2) Mary (b.ca.1843 Ohio); (3) Sarah E. (1846 Ohio - 1927, bur Mentone cem; m.November 11, 1869 William O. Thompson, 1845-1933, Mentone cem; children, Luther F. (1870-1870), Mary Effee (b.ca.1873), Bertha M. (b.ca.1875 Ind), Clara (b.ca.1877 Ind), Lecta (1879-1879 (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind; and Census 1880 Newc twp hsld #165:168); (4) Samuel A., 1849-1894, Yellow Creek cem; (5) Martha (b.ca.1853 Ind)
Corp. W. B. Wharton was included in a list of soldiers of Co A, in camp near Otterville, Missouri, in a letter to the Editor, dated January 5, 1862. (Rochester Sentinel, January 18, 1862)
MEREDITH, Elizabeth, wife of Peter, d. July 17, 1855, ae 41y-11m
[Note: Elizabeth (Haze) Meredith was b. nr Richmond, Virginia 1813, and m. Peter Meredith August 24, 1832 (place unkn). Peter & Elizabeth Meredith had nine children. (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 49)]
MEREDITH, Mary, wife of Peter, d. Dec 29, 1862, ae 37y-4m-6d
[Note: Mary (-----) Adams, b.1825 Ohio, widow of John Adams who d.1862, was the second wife of Peter Meredith m.April 28, 1857 (Fulton Co M.R.). He had three children by her first husband and two by her second; she d.1862.]
MEREDITH (family marker)
MEREDITH, Peter, Mar 24, 1810 - Dec 22, 1893, ae 83y-8m-28d
[Note: Peter Meredith, b. in Chshocton Co, Ohio, was a bro of Robert & Thomas Meredith, and a nephew of Job Meredith & Ellis Strosnider. (see previous pages herein; also Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, "Ellis Strosnider will.") Peter Meredith donated an acre of land for the Yellow Creek Baptist church and cemetery ca.1850. (History of Fulton Co Ind, by Barnhart, p. 132)
Peter Meredith m. (1st) in 1832 Elizabeth Haze who d. 1855 (see above). They were residents of Newc twp, household #88:88, in the 1850 Census. He m. (2nd) in 1857 Mary, widow of John Adams, she d.1862 (see above)/ Peter and Mary were residents of Newc twp, household #981:981 in the 1860 Census. This family included the three children of the first m. of Mary: Malinda Adams (13 Ohio), Mary E. Adams (10 Ohio), Laura Adams (8 Ind); children of the first m. of Peter Meredith; and one child of Peter & Mary Meredith. Mary Adams Meredith d. in 1862, and Peter Meredith m. (3rd) to Letitia Bell, October 13, 1865. (Fulton Co M.R.)

By 1870, Peter Meredith (retired farmer age 61) was living with the Thomas Meredith family (his son) in the town of Rochester, household #192:216; and by 1880, he was (a widowed father age 70) with the Jesse Meredith family in Newc twp, household #215:220. (See Census)
Children of Peter Meredith included: (1) Sarah, b.1833 Ohio, d.1900, bur Mentone cem; m.1850 Taylor Jefferies (Fulton Co M.R.) 1825 Penn - 1910, bur Mentone cem; had children: Amor C. 1851-1896 Mentone cem; Isaac b.ca.1852 Ind; Peter, b.ca.1854 Ind, m. Elisabeth Batz 1873 (see previous herein); Benjamin Allen, b.ca.1856 Ind, m. Phebe Johnson 1877 (Fulton Co M.R.); Mary P. 1859-1893 Mentone cem; Amos, b.ca.1861 Ind; Sarah V., 1865-1878 Mentone cem; Elizabeth E. (----)-1867 Mentone cem. (2) Eli Meredith (no info); (3) Orange Meredith, minister, b.June 19, 1836 Coshocton Co Ohio; of the 17th US Inf; m.1862 Cynthia Ann Taylor (Fulton Co M.R.), b.1843 Fulton Co Ind, dau of Selam P. Taylor (b.1803 Vermont - d.1855) and his wife Sarah (Baldwin) Taylor (b.1808 of Ashtabula Co Ohio, d.1857); children of Orange & Cynthia Ann Meredith were: Augustus P. b.ca.1864; Elemina b.ca.1867; and Eulalie b.ca.1872. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, kp. 49; also Census 1870 Town of Rochester, household #303:322; also Census 1880 Newc twp, household #41:42) (4) Thomas Meredith, b.July 17, 1838 Newc twp; m.Lydia Haimbaugh and moved to Kansas to raise their eleven children. (See Fulton County Folks, Vol. 1, by Shirley Willard, p. 42) Thomas & Lydia res in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1860, household #977:977; and in town of Rochester in 1870, household #192:216, when their family included his 61 year old father, Peter; children included: Sarah E. b.ca.1860; Peter E., 1862-1863; Clara E. b.ca.1864; Milo R. b.ca.1867; Myron S. b.July 1869. (5) Vincent M., b.1841, d.1851, bur Yellow Creek cem. (6) Nathaniel L. Meredith, b. 1843, d.1902, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; of Co C, 5th Ind Cav; m. Eliza J. Donnelson (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem) (7) William Meredith, b.ca.1845. (8) Jesse Meredith, b.ca.1847; m.Huldah Myers (see previous herein) (9) Geroge W. Meredith, b.ca.1851; probably the same George, who at 18 years was a clerk in a store, and with the family of Orange & Cynthia Ann Meredith (his bro) in town of Rochester in 1870. Nothing further known. (10 Benjamin F. Meredith, b.ca.1858 (grave marker says 1864), was two years old in the 1860 census, and was a son of Peter & Mary Adams Meredith; bur 1925 in Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; m. Rosa A. Emmons (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem). (11) Orville "Eurilla" V. Meredith, 1862-1863, bur Yellow Creek cem.]
MEREDITH, Orille V., dau of P. & M., d. Dec 28, 1863, ae 1y-11m-28d
MEREDITH, Vincent M., son of P. & E., d. Feb 20, 1851, ae 9y-10m-2d
MEREDITH, Orville, son of I.J. & C.A., 1873-1874
[Note: See Isaac J. & Cynthia Ames Meredith, Reichter cem]
(8 steps)
ROGERS, William H., d. Aug 4, 1882, ae 23y-24d
ROGERS, Ann, wife of J.P., d. Jan 25, 1885, ae 46y-3m-25d
[Note: Jonathan P. "J.B." Rogers was b.1837 in Ohio, and d.1912; bur Sycamore cem, Newc twp. His (1st) wife was Ann (Cole?). Only one of their children is known to this compiler: Manderville Rogers, b.1875 Noble Co Ind, m. Myrtle E. Bugby 1895 (Fulton Co M.R.), both bur Sycamore cem (see previous page herein).
Jonathan P. Rogers m. (2nd), December 2, 1886 Joannah (Kilmer) Surguy (1843 Penn - 1912, bur Sand Hill cem, Richland twp), the widow of Richard Surguy. (Sand Hill cem for further)
Jonathan P. Rogers' m. (3rd) to Susan A. (Thompson) Mickey (b.1857 Kosc Co Ind - d.1957, bur Sycamore cem, Newc twp), the widow of Wm. S. Mickey. Jonathan P. & Susan A. were m. February 22, 1894 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous page herein). Susan A. was a dau of James & Martha (Dunlap) Thompson (Fulton Co Marriage Applications 18921898; also see previous

pages herein)

Row 5
(beginning about center of the row)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(9 steps)
ARNSBARGER, Arrilla, dau of S. & H., d. Dec 11, 1851, ae 1y-6m-16d
[Note: Perhaps of the Solomon (1823-1907) and Hannah (1828-1912) Arnsbarger family. Solomon & Hannah bur Mentone cem. (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind)]
(5 steps)
GROVE, David, son of J. & R., d. Sep 9, 1851, ae 7m-3d
[Note: David Grove, son of John (1825-1889) and Rebecca Grove. (See Reichter cem herein for further)]

Row 6
KESLER, John, d. Jan 1, 1872, ae 23y-7m-29d
(8 steps)
KESSLER, Harriet D., dau of Susan, d. Sep 12, 1868, ae 5y-11m-2d
HATFIELD, Edward, son of H. & E., d. Sep 14, 1868, ae 2y-4m-4d
HATFIELD, Lazarus, son of H. & E., d. Aug 18, 1868, ae 7m (loose stone)
"L. H."
KESLER, Abraham, d. Oct 11, 1867, ae 69y
KESLER, Mariah, wife of A., d. Jan 29, 1869, ae 71y-8m
BROCKEY, William, d. Apr 19, 1865, ae 70y-2m-5d
"M. K."
KESLER, Jacob, d. Aug 7, 1860, ae 40y-2m-11d
[Note: Rochester Sentinel, Sat., Aug. 11, 1860, obit: "Died. At his residence in Newcastle twp, on the morning of Aug. 9, 1860, of Typhoid fever, Jacob Kesler, in the 49th year of his age . . . He leaves a wife and several small children . . ."
Jacob Kesler is said to have located in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind about 1852 (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 49), but neither his, nor his wife's name were found anywhere in Fulton Co Ind in 1860. However, his wife did return to this county and she was the householder at age 48 years in the 1870 census, Newc twp, household #200:200, with four of her children.
Children of Jacob & Susan Kesler: Margaret A. (1852-1856); Samuel (1855-1856; Susann b.ca.1855 Ind; Mary (1856-1896; 2nd wife of Dr. Samuel R. Fish; bur Reichter cem); Sarah E., b.ca.1858 Ind; Harriet D. (1862-1868, bur Yellow Creek cem); Matilda, b.ca.1875.
Susan, wife of Jacob Kesler, d.1901 and was bur in the Reichter cem, Newc twp.]
(4 steps)
KESLER, Wesley, July 9, 1853 - Apr 22, 1854, ae 9m-13d (broken, loose stone)
KESLER, W., Feb 23, 1855 - Mar 23, 1855, ae 1m
"A. D." (loose stone)
KESLER, Margaret A., dau of J. & S., d. Aug 1856, ae 4y-3d
"S. H." (loose stone)
KESLER, Samuel, son of J. & S., d. July 1856, ae 1y-3d
"J. W. S."
(----) (base only)
BROCKEY, Jonas, d. Aug 12, 1852, ae 30y-11m-7d
[Note: Jonas Brockey's b.d., computed from grave marker info, was September 5, 1821; his age in

the 1850 census was 38 years, or b.ca.1812. He, and his wife Mary A. (b.ca.1815), and three of the following four children were born in Penn: Levina, b.ca.1844; Fianna, b.ca.1846; Nathaniel, b.ca.1848; and Lisa J., b.ca.1849. (see 1850 census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #93:93)]
ARNSBARGER, Margaret S., dau of S. & H., d. Dec 16, 1851, ae 2y-6m-24d
(9 steps)
STURGEON, Alexander, d. Sep 10, 1846, ae 26y-6m-26d
[Note: Alexander Sturgeon, a chain carrier, assisted Thomas and Peter Meredith in viewing & locating a county road, January 1844. (Fulton Co Commissioners Record "A" 1836-1845, Jean C. Tombaugh)
"A. S."
STUKEY, Lucetta J., dau of E. & H., d. Sep 10, 1853, ae 18y-5m-1d
(4 steps)
STUKEY, Hester, wife of Enos, d. Apr 17, 1872, ae 55y-1m-25d
STUKEY, Frederic D., son of A.E. & L., d. Sep 3, 1873, ae 1m-13d
[Note: See Stukey, Alonzo E. & Lavina, prior pages herein]
STUKEY, Margaret C., wife of Israel, d. Oct 17, 1873, ae 27y-1m-14d
(loose stone on the ground)
[Note: In the autumn of 1863, Israel Stuckey established a mill in partnership with Lewis Eley. They located it north east of Bourbon, Marshall Co. On February 29, 1864, the boiler burst breaking the right arm and left leg of Mr. Stuckey, who then retired. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 47)]
(6 steps)
"P. M."
(25 steps)
KESLER, W. A., d. Apr 6, 1887, ae 36y-7m-9d

Row 7

(----) (base only)
(5 steps)
HATFIELD, Henry, Co G 155th Ind Inf (military marker)
(22 steps)
DEBOLT, Israel D., d. June 24, 1873, ae 33y-3m-14d (loose stone)
[Note: Israel Debolt, age 19 years and b. in Ohio, was with the family of Thomas & Lydia Meredith in 1860 (Census, Newc twp, household #977:977). His will, dated June 24, 1873 and proved June 28, 1873, reveals that he was of Fulton Co Ind. His heirs were: "my half-sister and three sisters, Appolina Haimbaugh, Margret Johnson, Eurelia Perkins and Mary Ann Robbertson" (also Robberts); bequests to the Yellow Creek and the Christian churches; a quilt to Appolina Haimbaugh; a picture of the deceased to Alice Haimbaugh a shot gun to Obed Haimbaugh; his glass lamp to Alice Perkins; notebooks to be given to Charles W. Haimbaugh, and to Andrew J. Haimbaugh; a book on the life of Christ to go to Eurelia Perkins. Henry Haimbaugh, Admr.; John Haimbaugh & Nathan Bybee, wits. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)]
DEBOLT, ------, wife of A., d. Jan 16, 1856, ae ?y-8m-?d
(loose stone, broken, top half missing. Manitou Chapter DAR, Genealogical Survey, Fulton Co Ind Cemeteries, 1935, records: Eliza Debolt, ae 24y-8m-13d)
DEBOLT, Aaron, d. Jan 26, 1864, ae ?y-4m-21d (broken on age line)
[Note: Aaron Debolt m. Joanna Lion, June 24, 1856 (Fulton Co M.R.). Joanna Debolt -vs- Aaron Debolt, complaint for divorce was filed December 12, 1856. The defendant defaulted; notice by publication was proved; divorce was granted. (Fulton Co Ind Bench Docket, 1845-1859, August

Term 1857, p. 220)
Andrew J. Holmes, Admr -vs- the Heirs of Aaron Debolt, deceased, petitions to sell land; Essick was appointed Gdn ad litem for Mary A. Debolt. (Fulton Co Ind Bench Docket "B" (Jan Term 1860 - Apr Term 1866) August Term 1865) This is probably the same Mary Debolt who at age 16, b.Ohio ca.1844, was living with the family of Henry & Apolina Heinbaugh in Newc twp, household #982:982, in the 1860 census. Appolina Haimbaugh was identified as a half-sister of Israel D. Debolt (see above), and a dau of Obadiah & Eliza (Dille) Holmes (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind,by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 49). All this indicates that Eliza (Dille) Holmes m. again after her husband's death (1847 in Ohio), and probably while yet in Ohio, to (-----) Debolt. Her new husband could have been Aaron Debolt who had previously been married and had children: Margaret C., Eusebia N. (Eurelia), Israel D. and Mary Ann. Andrew J. Holmes, admr. of the estate of Aaron DeBolt, was a son of Obadiah & Eliza (Dille) Holmes, and a brother of Appolina (Holmes) Haimbaugh.
(4 steps)
(----) (base only)
(4 steps)
GROVE, Sarah, wife of Jacob, d. Aug 29, 1854, ae 42y-6m-9d
[Note: Jacob Grove' marker is in Row 2, Yellow Creek cem]
(7 steps)
"S. A. M."
MILLER, Susan A., d. Jan 25, 1872, ae 45(or 15?)y-15d
(6 steps)
"A. D" (loose stone)
"L. J. D." (loose stone)
DAVIS, Elizabeth, dau of A. & R., d. Dec 5, 1853, ae 20y-10m-15d
DAVIS, Rachel, wife of A., d. July 20, 1854, ae 43y-7m-15d
[Note: Rachel Davis, b.1811 Ohio, was probably the first wife of Amos Davis who settled with his family in Newc twp in 1846. (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44). The burial place of Amos Davis has not been located by this compiler, however he is said to have d. June 21, 1868, at age 62yr-5mo-21da, and bur in the Yellow Creek cem. (Fulton Co Cem Inscr, by Manitou Chapter D.A.R., 1935) Census records reveal that he was b. in Penn. ca.1806.
Amos Davis and his wife, Rachel, were householders of Newc twp, #14:14, in 1850; and he was of the same twp, #903:903, without a wife, in 1860. Marriage records indicate perhaps a second & third marriage for Amos Davis: Sarah Taylor, February 26, 1856; and Rebecca M. Kneeland, October 1, 1860 (Fulton Co M.R.). Rebecca M. Nealand, ae 58b.New Hampshire, was with the Royal & Sylvira (Kneeland) Kennedy family in Newc twp in 1860, household #874:874; and Rebecca M. Davis, wife of A. Davis, d. March 25, 1867, at age 65yr & 26da, and was bur in Reichter cem.
Amos Davis had children, probably all by his wife, Rachel: (1) Mail (Mahlon?) b.ca.1829 Ohio; (2) Elizabeth, 1833 Ohio - 1853 (see above); (3) Samuel P., b.ca.1834 Ohio, d.ca.1872, m.Ann Courll and Mary Jane Meredith (see prior pages); (4) William A., 1837 Ohio - 1878, m.1863 Sarah E. Surguy (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp for further); (5) John M. (a.ka.a John Merideth Davis, Fulton Co Ind Death Records), b.1840 Ohio -d.1916 ae 76 years, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.Catherine Packer 1865 (see Fulton Co M.R.; also Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (6) Lewis N., b.ca.1844 Ohio, m.1867 Lucy Moore (Fulton Co M.R.); (7) Eliza "Lisa" E., b.ca.1848 Ind, m. 1866 Wellington Kilmer (1840-1905) (See Fulton Co M.R.; also Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (8) Amos O., b.ca.1853 Ind., m. Mary O. (-----), and were householders of Newc twp at age 27 years in 1880, with a dau, Cora M., b.ca.1875(1880 census, Newc twp, household #191:196)]
(----) (base only)

DAVIS, Loyd J., d. Sep 4, 1858, ae 29y-11m-1d
(----) (base only)

Row 8

TAYLOR, Milan P., son of R. & E., d. May 28, 1886, ae 1m-5d
NELLANS, Father & Mother
(1) Lucinda, d. Sep 6, 1885, ae 61y-3m-27d
(2) Moses, d. Sep 5, 1893, ae 73y-6m-29d
[Note: Moses Nellans was b.Ohio and was a son of Patrick & Nacka (Tipton) Nellans. The father, Patrick, was born in Ireland and died in Coshoction Co., Ohio. His mother, Nacka (also spelled Nacca), was born in Ohio. Patrick and Nacka (Tipton) Nellans were known to have had seven children: Keziah who m. Stephen Merriday; Thomas, b.1818, m.Maria Strosnider (see Richland Center I.O.O.F. cem, Richland twp); Moses b.1820; Mark b.--- deceased by 1896; Ezekiel b.--- deceased by 1896; Jamesb.ca.1827, m. (1st) Mary, m. (2nd) Orpha Gerrard, m. (3rd) Margaret (DeBolt) Johnson, and of Marshall Co Ind in 1896 (See Census 1880 Fulton Co, town of Rochester, Ind #221:235, James Nellens fam; Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book 1892-1898, and ibid, 1901-1904); Aps "Absalom"b.1833 Ohio, m.Mahala Bowman, d.1919 in Liberty twp (see Fulton Cem, Liberty twp; also Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #207:207 for Absalom Nellons fam; Reference: History Fulton Co Ind by Elia Peattie, 1896, p. 114; History of Fulton Co Ind, by Barnhart, 1923, pp. 260-261)
Moses Nellans, son of Patrick & Nacka (Tipton) Nellans, b.Ohio February 6, 1820. He married (date not known) Lucinda Strosnider, b.May 9, 1824 Penn or Ohio, a dau of Ellis (1796-1852) and Margret Strosnider (see will of Ellis Strosnider (Sr.), Fulton Co Will Book "A" pp. 59-61). Moses & Lucinda Nellans were householders of Fulton Co Ind (Census 1850 Newc twp, #75:75; Census 1870 Newc twp, #147:148; Census 1880 Newc twp, @65:270; the family was not located in Fulton Co Ind in 1860).
The children of Moses & Lucinda Nellans were: (1) James, b.ca.1846 Ohio; (2) John P. b.ca.1848 Ind., is probably the same person who m. Effie Rannels September 25, 1879 (Fulton Co M.R.), and also the same John P. Nellans who d.July 8, 1885 at age 37 in Rochester, Ind (Fulton Co Ind Death Records); (3) Ellis T., 1850-1851 (see previous page herein); (4) Thomas B., b.ca.1852 Ind; (5) Alonzo, b.ca.1854 Ind; (6) Risden, 1856 Ind, d.1924, bur Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind., m. 1885 Lora B. Wright (1863-1933 dau of Samuel & Mary E. Ormsbee Wright of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind) (See Nichols Cem, Kosc Co Ind; also Fulton Co M.R.; and 1880 Census Richland twp Samuel Wright family #172:172; 1870 Census Richland twp Samuel Wright family #169:169); (7) Mary L., b.ca.1858 Ind; (8) Absalom, 1860 Ind., d.1916, bur I.O.O.F. cem Rochester, Ind, m.1890 Alice L. Jenkins (1872-1933) (Fulton Co M.R.; I.O.O.F. Cem, Rochester, Ind); (9) Elvira (also Elvina) b.ca.1863 Ind; (10 Lafayette, b.ca.1865 Ind, m. 1891 Eliza Ann Kessler (Fulton Co M.R.); (11) Andrew J., M.D., 1868-1946
NELLANS, A. J., M.D., July 20, 1868 - Oct 12, 1946
CORMICAN, Eva E., Sep 6, 1887 - Sep 23, 1887
CORMICAN, W. Elmer, son of A.T. & E., d. Dec 12, 1876, ae 3y-2m-27d
(loose stone)
(4 steps)
STROSNYDER, Father & Mother
(1) Ellis, d. Aug 10, 1905, ae 78y-1m-26d
(2) Hannah, his wife, d. Mar 23, 1874, ae 46y-10m-9d
(loose stone. NOTE: difference in following marker)
STROSNIDER, Hannah, wife of E., d. Mar 25, 1874, ae 46y-9m-23d (loose stone)

[Note: Ellis Strosnider (Jr.), b.Ohio 1827, was a son of Ellis (Sr.) & Margaret Strosnider and removed to Indiana around 1850 or a few years later. Ellis, Jr., and his wife Hannah, who was also b.Ohio, were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #922:922, in the 1860 census, but were not located in this county in 1870 or 1880. Ellis and Hannah were known to have had at least four children: (1) Margaret A., 1851 Ohio - 1863 Ind; (2) Ann, b.ca.1855 Ind (she might be the Mary A. who follows); (3) Mary A., 1857-1859; (4) John E., 1864-1864 (see following)]
SEVERNS, William, Jan 6, 1824 - Nov 22, 1870, ae 47y-10m-16d
SEVERNS, Edward, son of Wm. & N., d. Feb 19, 1867, ae 11y (loose stone)
(5 steps)
STROSNIDER, Mary A., dau of E. & H., d. Dec 21, 1859, ae 2y-5m-26d
STROSNIDER, John E., son of E. & H., d. May 16, 1864, ae 4m-25d
(loose stone)
STROSNIDER, Margaret A., dau of E. & H., d. June 21, 1863, ae 12y-2m-11d
(loose stone)
STROSNIDER, Ellis, d. Apr 22, 1852, ae 56y-3d (loose stone)
[Note: Ellis Strosnider, Sr., was b.Penn or Virginia, 1796, and d. a resident of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. Ellis Strosnider, Sr. and his wife Margaret first appear as householders of Fulton county in the 1850 census, Newc twp household #74:74, with family: Adam 23, John W. 20, Sarah J. 15, Mary M. 13, Louisa 11.
The will of Ellis Strosnider, dated April 3, 1852 and proved May 28, 1852 in Fulton Co Ind, does not mention Adam and nothing further has been located concerning him. This will names Ellis' wife Margaret, and his children: Ellis (Jr), Elisabeth Strosnider, Francis Strosnider (dau), Louisa Strosnider, Jacob, Mariah Nellans, Lucinda Nellans and a grandson Frinly Strosnider. Robert Maredith, his nephew, was named Exr. of the estate. (Fulton Co Will Book "A" pp. 59-61).
Children of Ellis Strosnider, Sr., and wife Margaret: (1) Mariah, b.1820 Penn, d.1908, m. 1839 in Ohio, Thomas Nellans (see Richland twp cem); (2) Lucinda, b.1824 - d.1885, m. Moses Nellans (see previous pages herein); (3) Adam, b.ca.1827 Ohio (see above); (4) Ellis, Jr., b.1827 Ohio, m. Hannah (ibid); (5) John W., b.1830 Ohio, d.1851, bur Yellow Creek cem; (6) Elisabeth, b. ----; (7) Francis (Perhaps the Fanny Strasnider ae 17 and b. Ohio, who was recorded with the family of Oliver P. Dillon, 1850 census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #69:69); (8) Sarah J., b.1833 Ohio, d.1852, bur Yellow Creek cem; (9) Mary M., b.1836 Ohio, d.1852, bur Yellow Creek cem; (10) Louisa, b.1838 Ohio, d.1925, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.1858 Andrew J. Edwards (see Fulton Co M.R.; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (11) Jacob, b.----]
STROSNIDER, Sarah J., d. Apr 2, 1852, ae 18y-4m-23d (loose stone)
STROSNIDER, Mary M., d. Feb 6, 1852, ae 15y-3m-5d
STROSNIDER, John W., d. Dec 22, 1851, ae 21y-1(or 4?)m-11d
"E. S."
(5 steps)
STROSNIDER, Infant son of E. & M., d. June 19, 1853, ae 28d
(7 steps)
DUNLAP, Mary, wife of Wm., d. Apr 29, 1852, ae 45y-10m-14d
(10 steps)
HOLMES, Infant son of A.J. & Sarah, d. Apr 22, 1861, ae 14d (loose stone)
HOLMES, Obadiah, son of A.J. & Sarah, d. Nov 29, 1857, ae 6m-24d

Row 9

(SMITH?), ----
(name not certain - marker on its face on the ground)
SEVERNS, Wm. S., 1854-1925
SEVERNS, James, d. Sep 29, 1903, ae 74y-10m-17d
SEVERNS, Ann M., wife of J., d. Dec 6, 1885, ae 54y-7m-28d
[Note: James Severns was b.1828 in Ohio. His father and mother were natives of Virginia & Maryland respectively. James and his wife, Ann Mariah, first appear in the Fulton Co Ind 1860 census, Newc twp #985:985. They were known to have had three children, all but one born in Ohio: (1) William, b.ca.1855, Ohio; (2) Malona Fedora, b.1858 Ohio, d.1922, m.Granville E. Smith (see following); (3) Dorothy V., 1869-1870 (ibid) (see also Census 1870 Newc twp #152:153; Census 1880 Newc twp #258:263)]
(1) Granvill E., d. Apr 7, 1881, ae 25y-6m-13d
(2) Malona F., his wife, Jan 1, 1858 - Aug 27, 1922
[Note: Granvill E. Smith, b.Ohio ca.1855, m.April 6, 1879 Malona Fedora Severns, dau of James & Ann Mariah Severns. They resided in Bloomingsburg with a son, Elsworth (age 1mo). (see 1880 census Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #75:76; also Fulton Co M.R.)
SEVERNS, Darothey V., dau of J. & A.M., d. Apr 24, 1870, ae 8m-8d
BARRETT, Leonard W., son of A. & M., d. June 28, 1862, ae 4y-8m-24d
[Note: Leonard W., son of Alexander & Malona (Severns) Barrett. (See Reichter cem herein)
BARRETT, Infant son of E. & M., d. Feb 23, 1867 (one date only)
(loose stone)
(4 steps)
AKINS, Nancy, wife of S., d. Dec 3, 1859, ae 65y-8m-12d
[Manitou Chapter DAR, Genealogical Survey, Fulton Co Ind Cemeteries, 1935, reveals: Mary Akins, wife of Samuel, d. Dec 3, 1859, ae 65y-10m-17d]
NORRIS, Andrew J., son of J.W. & M., d. Mar 30, 1854, ae 15y-11m-24d
(----) (unmarked stone)
HARDMAN, Simeon, son of J. & C., d. Dec 11, 1855, ae 11y-10m-29d (loose stone)
(5 steps)
TIPTON, Joena J., dau of E. & E.M., d. Jan 13, 1863, ae 1y-7m-8d (loose stone)
(4 steps)
TIPTON, Hannah, wife of Thomas, d. Sep 30, 1855, ae 70y-6m-19d
[Note: This was a beautiful marker and in excellent condition in 1974 when first recorded by the compilers of this book. However, in 1976 when the second reading was made, the top section which included "Hannah, wife of," had been broken off and was missing.
History reveals that Thomas Tipton, b.1785 in Virginia, d.1850 in Ohio; that he m. Hannah Horn, b.March 11, 1785; that after her husband's death she followed her children to Indiana where she d. (tombstone says 1855). This reference also states that Thomas and Hannah had a son, George Tipton b.1810, who m. Susannah Holmes. (see for further; also see Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 51 "George Tipton")]
(4 steps)
TIPTON, John, d. Sep 30, 1853, ae 36y-3m-5d
(Manitou Chapter DAR, Genealogical Survey, Fulton Co Ind Cemeteries, 1935, shows ae 36y-11m-5d)
(4 steps)
LO---?, Mary, dau of J. & J.?., d. June ----, ae 8m-6d (loose stone, not very clear)

[Note: This might be Mary, dau of Jacob & Jane A. Long. (see previous pages herein)
ADAMS, Malinda J., d. Apr 10, 1867, ae 19y-11m-20d
ADAMS, John, d. May 31, 1853, ae 31y-9m-25d
[Note: John Adams, b.1821, m. before 1847 Mary (-----). He d. soon after moving to Fulton Co Ind., leaving a widow and three children: Malinda J., b.1847 Ohio; Mary E., b.ca.1850 Ohio, m.February 5, 1868 John Bush (Fulton Co M.R.); and Laura S., b.1853 Ind.
Mary, widow of John Adams, m. again April 28, 1857 to Peter Meredith, widower (1810-1893). Peter & Mary Adams Meredith were householders in Newc twp, #981:981 in 1860 with four of the children of his first marriage; the three children of Mary Adams Meredith's first marriage; and one son of the marriage of Peter & Mary Adams Meredith, Benjamin F. (2yr). Mary Adams Meredith d. December 29, 1862, and her youngest child, Benjamin F., was with the family of his half-sister Mary E. Bush and her husband, John Bush, in 1870. (Censue 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #159:160; also see previous pages herein)]
(4 steps)
ADAMS, Laura S., dau of J. & M., d. Aug 31, 1869, ae 15y-11m-23d
BUSH, Charley, son of John & Mary, d. Feb 1, 1875, ae 4y-7m-8d
(10 steps)
(1) Susanah, wife of George, d. Aug 26, 1890, ae 75y-4m-4d
(2) George, d. Jan 1, 1886, ae 75y-6m-29d
[Note: George Tipton, b.June 6/10, 1810, in Belmont Co Ohio, was a son of Thomas (b.1785 Virginia, d.1850 Ohio) and Hannah (Horn) Tipton (see previous pages herein).
George Tipton m.June 15, 1837 Susanah Holmes. She was b. in southern Ohio 1815, dau of Samuel (b.October 1790 Maryland; d.Ohio) and Mary (McNabb) Holmes (b. (---), d.Ohio). George & Susanah were residents of Fulton Co, Newc twp 1850, household #76:76; 1860, household #963:963; 1870, household #163:164, and 1880, household #172:176. They had no children. (See Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, 1883, by Kingman Bros, p. 51)]

Row 10

(25 steps)
HAIMBAUGH, Rhoda A., dau of C. & S.J., d. Apr 18, 1861, ae 2y-5m-8d ?
"R. A. H."
(28 steps)
KING, Michael, Our Father, d. Oct 6, 1868, ae 60y-9m-10d
KING, Susan, wife of M., d. Apr 24, 1872, ae 67y-2m-9d (broken, loose stone)
[Note: Michael King, b.1808 Berks Co Penn, m.Susan Slagle, b.1805 Penn, fa. b. Germany). Michael King moved from Penn to Ohio ca.1836.
Children of Michael & Susan King: Anna; Mary (wife of David Boyer) of Franklin Co Ind 1896; Sarah, b.1834 Ohio, d.1899 and bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.Conrad Haimbaugh; Michael (Jr) of Fairfield Co Ohio, 1896; John, b.1840 Ohio, d.1904, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.1863 Ohio, Susan A. Flood, dau of Washington Flood; George, b.ca.1843 Ohio, m. Sarah A. (-----); Susan, m. Amos Selby, and of Rochester by 1896; Henry, b.1836, d.1908, bur Yellow Creek cem, m. Susan (-----). (History of Fulton Co Ind, by Peattie, 1896, pp. 97-98; and Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)]

Row 11

(beginning about middle of the row)
"H. L. C."
"C. H. B. - L. W. K."
CURTIS, Henry L., son of A.W. & S.L., d. July 19, 1868, ae 7y-2m-27d
(broken stone)
(4 steps)
(KING), Leonidas W.
(KING), Charles W.
(KING), Rinaldo
"S. K."
KING, Children of H. & S.
(1) Charles W., d. Aug 20, 1864, ae 2y-12d
(2) Leonidas W., d. Sep 5, 1861, ae 4m-13d
(3) Rinaldo, d. Oct 28, 1870, ae 1m-11d
(4) DILLE, Minerva Ann, wife of M.A. Dille,
d. Feb 15, 1881, ae 22y-9m-1d
[Note: Minerva Ann King m. Martin A. Dille]
(6 steps)
(1) Henry, 1836-1908
(2) Susan, his wife, 1836-1895
(3) Susan, their dau, 1878-1898
[Note: Henry King, a son of Michael & Susan (Slagle) King, was prob. b. in Penn or Ohio. He taught his younger bro, John King, the carpenter trade. Henry and his wife, Susan, had children: Minerva Ann, b.1858 Ohio; Leonidas W., 1861-1861; Charles W., 1862-1864; Rinaldo, 1870-1870; Susan, 1878-1898. (see above)]

Row 12

(----), Margaret C., ---- (broken stone, no other info)
YAZEL, Sinia E., wife of Jacob, d. May 18, 1873, ae ----- 11m-- (broken stone)
LONG, Jane A., wife of J., d. Dec 19, 1871, ae 41y-3m-6d
[Note: Jane A., first wife of Jacob Long. (see previous pages herein)]
(4 steps)
"M. A. D."
COPLEN, Sarah E., dau of C. & E.A., d. July 18, 1865, ae 1y-8m-4d

Row 13

HAIMBAUGH, Sarah, wife of Henry, d. Apr 8, 1873, ae 76y-4m-19d
[Note: Sarah Gramlich, b.1796 Penn, m.Henry Haimbaugh II, b.1793 Carlisle Penn, d.1844 Ohio, only child of Henry I & Catherine (Reichmann) Haimbaugh of Fairfield Co Ohio.
Sarah (Gramlich) Haimbaugh, widow of Henry II, followed her children to Fulton Co Ind in 1857. She was with the family of Andrew Jackson Holmes & wife, Sarah (her dau) in 1860 (Federal census, Rochester city #1014:1014); and with the family of Charles King & wife, Mary (her dau) in 1870 (Federal census, Newc twp #173:174).

Children of Henry & Sarah Haimbaugh: (1) John, b.1818 Ohio, m.Susan Donaldson (see for further); (2) David, b.1820, d.1898, m.Margret Leonard (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (3) Mary "Aunt Polly", b.1825 Ohio; (4) Conrad, b.1827 Ohio, d.1910, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.Sarah King (ibid); (5) Henry III, b.1830 Ohio, d.1915, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m. Appolina Holmes 1851, dau of Obadiah & Eliza (Dille) Holmes. (see previous pages herein; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (6) Sarah A., b.1833 Fairfield Co Ohio, d.1909, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.1851 Andrew Jackson Holmes (bro of Appolina (Holmes) Haimbaugh. (ibid); (7) Kate "Catharine L.", b.1837 Ohio, d.1904, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem, m.Amon Entsminger (see previous pages herein); (8) Lydia, b.ca.1839 Ohio, m. Thomas Meredith. (ibid)
Mary "Aunt Polly", b.November 22, 1825 in Ohio, dau of Henry & Sarah (Gramlich) Haimbaugh, d.March 7, 1903, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind, m. Charles King (b.September 5, 1814 Penn, d.August 18, 1904, bur. Mentone cem). Charles & Mary King were first recorded as householders of Fulton Co Ind in the Federal census 1870, Newc twp #173:174, with children: William, Alonzo C., Clara, Florence E., Sarah and Charles E. (Jr). This household also included the mother of Mary (Haimbaugh) King, Sarah Haimbaugh (ae 74, b.Penn).
William King, son of Charles & Mary King, is probably the same William H. King b.May 26, 1847, d.January 5, 1902, bur Mentone cem, m.1876 Samantha A. Bryan, b.1851 - d.1943. (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind; Fulton Co M.R.; also Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #203:208)
Alonzo C King, son of Charles & Mary King, was probably also known as Curtis King, and m.1872 Elmira "Amira" Meredith, dau of Isaac & Mary (Groves) Meredith. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous pages herein)
Clara E. King, dau of Charles & Mary King, b.1855 Ohio, m.1872 Wm. J. Montgomery. (see Reichter cem herein for further)
Florence E. King, dau of Charles & Mary King, b.1858 Ohio, d.1926, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind, m.December 23, 1880 Andrew J. Meredith (b.1859 - d.1929), bur Mentone cem, son of Isaac J. & Amanda (Emmons) Meredith. (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind; also see previous pages herein)
Sarah King, dau of Charles & Mary King, b.1861 Ohio, d.1918, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind, m.1879 Isaac N. Doran (1856-1914). (Fulton Co M.R.; Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind; Federal Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #221:226, for Isaac N. & Sarah Doran family)
Charles E. King, son of Charles & Mary King, b.1865 Ind, d.1936, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind, m.Ella E. (-----), 1872-1960. (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind; also Federal Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp fam #51:52 "Charles King")
YAZEL, Elmira G., dau of J. & S.E., d. Sep 14, 1872? (loose marker, broken)
(5 steps)
(1) John, 1818-1903
(2) Susan, his wife, 1822-1905
[Note: John Haimbaugh, son of Henry II and Sarah (Gramlich) Haimbaugh (see above), b. in Ohio, m. Susan Donaldson (b. Maryland). John & Susan Heinbaugh were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp #979:979 in the 1860 census. Their household included John & Nancy Heinbaugh and children, and John King (b.1840, son of Michael & Susan King). (Also see: John and Susan Haimbaugh, Newc twp #185:186, 1870 census; John, Sen. and Susan Haimbaugh, Newc twp, #192:197, 1880 census)
John Haimbaugh, Jr., who was with the family of John & Susan Haimbaugh, Sr., in the 1860 census, was probably a son. Although his grave has not been located by this compiler, census records reveal that he was b.ca.1838 Ohio, and m.Nancy Donaldson (prob. in Ohio) b.ca.1832

Ohio, a dau of William Donaldson. Census records also indicate children in the family of John & Nancy (Donaldson) Haimbaugh: (1) Charles A., b.ca.1859 Ohio; (2) Mary E., b.ca.1860 Ohio or Ind; (3) Rufus E., b.ca.1862 Ind; (4) Norah M., b.ca.1866 Ind; (4) Sarah B., b.ca.1868 Ind; (5) Harlan R., b.ca.1873 Ind; and (6) William H., b.January 3, 1864, d.January 21, 1865, bur Yellow Creek cem. (See Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp census, 1870 #186:187 John & Nancy Haimbaugh; also 1880 #193:198, Jno, Jr. & Nancy Haimbaugh)
William Donaldson, aged 81 b.Penn, was identified as the widowed father-in-law of John Haimbaugh, Jr., and was with this family in 1880 (see Census). The 1870 Census reveals that William Donnelson, ae 69 b.Maryland, and Margaret 73 b.Ohio, were living with the Rufus and Adeline Allspach family (#226:226) in Rochester twp. (Rufus Alspach m.November 14, 1861 Adaline Donaldson, per Fulton Co M.R.)/ An item in the Rochester Sentinel of August 5, 1871, reads "Our aged friends . . . residents of Fulton Co., of the age of 70 years and upward . . .," and includes in this list one Wm. Donelson, age 71, of Newcastle twp. On February 14, 1893, Wm Donalson of Newc twp, age 93 and b.Maryland, was admitted to the Fulton County Poor Farm because he had no home. He d. there April 16, 1893, and was taken away and bur in Newc twp by his relatives April 18, 1893. (Fulton Co Ind Poor Farm Register Book, 1871-1965, by Jean C. Tombaugh, 1966)


Located on the south side of 650N, about one-fourth mile east of 375E, in Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana.
Rows seem to run north and south; rows are numbered from east to west; and stones read from north to south.
Readings made in 1974.

Row 1

(18 steps)
SHELLY, John, 1821-1876 (Umbaugh temp marker, concrete base)
[Note: This is thought to be the same John Shelley who m.May 5, 1867 Sarah A. Hamlett (Fulton Co M.R.). Also, there is indication that Sarah A. (Hamlett) Shelly may have m. next, June 29, 1880, to John Bryant (ibid), a widower whose wife Emily d.March 12, 1879.
John & Sarah A. Shelly were living in Kansas about 1870 to 1875 (see birth places of children), but must have returned to Fulton Co Ind within the next year, where he died. Because of the big difference in their ages, Sarah A. Hamlett could have been the second wife of John Shelly. (Fulton Co Ind Census 1880, Newc twp #99:100, "Sarah A. Shelly, widow")
Children of John & Sarah A. Shelly: (1) Lavina (also Louvisa) M., b.ca.1867 Ind; (2) Clio May, b.ca.1869 Ind, m.August 13, 1888 Squire B. Barr (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) Jane Elizabeth, b.1871 Kans., d.1952, m.July 30, 1887 Thomas E. Bryant (1863-1933), both bur Hoover cem, Henry twp. (Fulton Co M.R.; Hoover cem, Henry twp) ; (4) Amanda S., b.1873 Kans, d.1953, m.January 26, 1889 William G. McIntire (1867-1947), both bur Hoover cem, Henry twp. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Nov. 5, 1953, obit "Amanda McIntire"; Fulton Co M.R.; Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind) (5) Laura, b.ca.1875 Kans., m.July 31, 1901 at Sycamore, Ind., Emmett McKee (Fulton co Ind Marriage Application Book 1901-1904) who was a son of Joseph & Mary (Edwards) McKee and a resident of Mills, Wisconsin, ae 39; (6) Mrs. Roy Hohman is referred to as a sister of Amanda S. McIntire (see obit "Amanda McIntire" mentioned above)
John Bryant, b.June 1827 Ind, and his first wife Emily (1827-1879, bur Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind. (Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind), were householders of Fulton Co Ind, Henry twp (see Federal Census 1850 (#15:15), 1860 (#1629:1633), 1870 (#322:317).); and John Bryant, widower ae 58, and his two youngest children were of Newc twp in 1880 (fam. #110:112). John & Emily Bryant had children: Mary Jane (m. Sylvester Heater); Ancil B. (m. Margaret Emeline Mcintire); Nelson G. (m. Hannah Jane Laramore); Hugh, Jr. (m. Barbara Secor); John; Alvin; Daniel H.; Thomas E. (m. Jane Elizabeth Shelly); Emeline; James Ervin (m. Evvie May ----). Most of these children bur in Hoover cem, at Athens, Henry twp. (Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind) The John Bryant grave marker is too badly weathered to reveal his date of birth. Letters of Admin., Estate of John Bryant, were issued July 1894 (Fulton Co Ind Estate Index, Bk 2, p. 156), and Final Report October 1896 (Bk 4, p. 128). John Bryant (b.1827) was bur nr his wife, Emily, Nichols cem, Kosc Co.
(4 steps)
HARTZOG, Benjamin, d. Aug 14, 1878, ae 55y-10m-18d
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)

(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
KUHN, Children of J. & C.
(1) Infant son, b. & d. Oct 23, 1876?
(2) Catharine E., d. Sep 15, 1866, ae 1y-4m-24d
(4 steps)
(1) John, d. Oct 5, 1925, ae 85y-11m-5d
(2) Catharine, wife of John, d. Nov 25, 1898, ae 60y-9m-7d
STOCKBERGER, Orville, son of M.J. & M.E., d. June 14, 1894, ae 1y-1m-10d
STOCKBERGER, Lowell C., Apr 23, 1890 - May 18, 1909, ae 19y-26d
(5 steps)

Row 2

(7 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked, loose stone)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
(1) Mary Ann, 1836-1906
(2) John W., 1835-1888
[Note: John Wilson Ball b. in Ohio, a son of Samuel E. and Elizabeth Ball. ( Census)
Samuel E. Ball was b.1812 in Illinois (or Ky); father and mother of Samuel E. were natives of Canada & Illinois respectively. Elizabeth, wife of Samuel E. Ball, was b.ca.1813 in Ky. Her parents were both natives of Ky. Samuel E. and Elizabeth Ball were first located in the 1850 Federal Census in Fulton Co Ind (Newc twp 24:24) with children: John W. (ae 15 b.Ohio), Hannah J. (ae 11 b.Ind), Clarissa E. (ae 1 b.Ind). Mary J. Ball, ae 8, is also with this family, but her relationship is not certain. Samuel E. & Elizabeth Ball were again recorded in Newc twp in 1860 (#892:892), in 1870 (#31:31), and in 1880 (#21:21) when Ida BELL, a niece ae 14, was living with them..
Children of Samuel E. & Elizabeth Ball: John Wilson Ball b.1835 Ohio; Hannah J. b.1838 Ind (m. Daniel C. Hummel) (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind); Clarissa E. b.1848 Ind, m. Francis H. Turner (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); Joseph A. b.1853, d.1854 (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind).
The will of Samuel Ball of Tiosa, dated March 28, 1892 and proved April 3, 1893, reveals that Lucinda Coplen, widow of Samuel Ball told that he died March --, 1893. Samuel Ball left his estate to his wife, Lucinda Ball - and after her death all was to go to Mary Ann Ball "my daughter-in-law" & her children; exceptions, to Clarissa E. Turner "my daughter" . . . and to F. H. Turner "my son-in-law." Samuel Ball stated that he desired to be buried at Sand Hill Graveyard in Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind, however no grave marker with his name was found by this compiler. (See Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh) Samuel E. Ball m. Lucinda Coplen September 16, 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.).
John Wilson Ball, son of Samuel E. & Elizabeth Ball, was b. in Ohio. He m. Mary Ann Camfield (also b.Ohio) March 27, 1856. John W. & Mary Ann Ball were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (Richland twp #586:586), in 1870 (Newc twp #30:30), and in 1880 (Newc twp #20:20).

Their children: (1) Sarah E., b.ca.1858 Ind; (2) Clarissa A. b.ca.1860 Ind; (3) Eliza J. b.ca.1862 Ind; (4) Climinna A. b.ca.1865 Ind; (5) Mertie O. b.ca.1869 Ind; (6) William A. b.ca.1873 Ind; (7) Margaret M. b.ca.1876 Ind; (8) Angie M. b.ca.1879 Ind.]
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(6 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(----) (unmarked stone)
"S. M."
(----) (unmarked stone)
SHANTZ, Catharine B., dau of P. & M., d. May 6, 1873, ae 14y-6m-6d
SHANTZ, Clarissa E., dau of Phillip & Meagdalena, d. Apr 4, 1866, 16y-2m-21d
(----) (unmarked stone)
"D. S."
(12 steps)

Row 3

(7 steps)
(----) (base only)
O'BLENIS, Mona E., 1896-1897
O'BLENIS, Johnie L., 1888-1891 (matches previous marker)
O'BLENIS, Roy D., son of T.M. & M.E., d. Dec 17, 1883, ae 1y-8m-8d
(4 steps)
BRUMM, William M., d. Sep 1, 1887, ae 64y
[Note: William M. Brumm, bro of Adam Brumm, was b. in Prussia about 1823. He was unmarried and came to Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, about 1847-50 with his brother, Adam. He was living in the Adam Brumm household in 1880. (Federal census, Richland twp #175:175; also see Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, 1883, by Kingman Bros., p. 44) Althogh William M. Brumm may have been in Indiana before 1850, he does not appear in Fulton Co Ind 1850 census.]
BRUMM, William L., son of A. & M.C., d. Nov 23, 1868, ae 21y-22d
BRUMM, Henry, son of A. & M.C., d. June 28, 1873 ---
[Note: Sturgeon Items, Sturgeon, Ind., June 29, 1873: "Last evening about 9 o'clock, two young men named George Mechling and Henry Bromm each about 18 years" ... started for home from Walnut, Marshall County, were killed by a train. Both were of Richland Twp. Rochester Sentinel, Fri, July 4, 1873]
BROMM, Mary C., wife of Adam, d. July 20, 1875, ae 51y-4m-1d
[Note: Mary C. Bromm was b. in Prussia. (see Census)]
BRUMM, Adam, d. May 31, 1883, ae 66y-10m-16d
[Note: Adam Brumm was b. in Prussia. His parents were natives of Prussia also. He was first recorded in the Fulton Co Ind census in 1860 (Richland twp #597:597) with his wife, Mary C. and children: William L. (b.1847 in Prussia), George (b.ca.1853 Ind), Henry (b.1855 Ind) (see above), Maranda (b.ca.1857 Ind), Sarah A. (b.ca.1862 Ind) and Mary E. "Ella" (b.ca.1864 Ind) (See 1870 census Richland twp #161:161 for last two named children). Adam Brumm, age 63 and widowed, was still a resident of Richland twp in 1880 (household #175:175). His household included his three unmarried daus: Maranda, Sarah A. and Ella; a boarder Jacob Karcher, a native of France; and William M. Brumm age 57 who was unmarried, a bro of Adam Brumm.

George Brumm, son of Adam & March C. Brumm, m.November 27, 1879 Margaret Magrew, and they were of the household of Sarah Packer (ae 61 b.Ohio) in the 1880 Federal Census (Newc twp #17:17; also see Fulton Co M.R.). This census identifies George Brumm as a son-in-law of Sarah Packer, and Margaret as a dau; and reveals that George & Margaret were m. within this census year. Sarah (-----) Canfield Compton m. (3rd) to Frederick B. Packer (Packard in 1871). (see for further)
Mary E. "Ella" Brumm, dau of Adam & Mary C. Brumm, m.December 10, 1881 Theodore M. O'Blenis (Fulton Co M.R.), a son of John S. "Samuel" and Arabella (Ellison) O'Blenis, of Tiosa, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind. (See Richland Center Citizens cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind)
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
MECHLING, Harley, son of M.L, d. Jan 5, 1879, ae 1y-9m
(7 steps)
(----) (unmarked, loose stone)
EMERSON, Pearl, dau of E. & S., d. June 29, 1890, ae 7y-13d
(15 steps)

Row 4

CANFIELD, Mary A., inf dau of Jacob (no dates)
CANFIELD, Melretta, dau of Jacob (no dates)
CANFIELD, Mary A., dau of J. & S., d. Apr 15, 1869, ae 1y-6m-17d
CANFIELD, Susan F., wife of J., d. Nov 2, 1873, ae 26y-6m-10d
[Note: Susan F., b.1847, is thought by this compiler to have been the wife of Jacob Canfield (b.ca.1841 Ohio, a son of Sarah (-----) Canfield Compton Packer). Jacob's children were mentioned in his mother's will dated 1890. (See for further)
MERLEY, John H., son of J. & S.J., d. Dec 8, 1868, ae 1y-22d
CANFIELD, Synlvanus, d. Nov 23, 1875, ae 40y-9m-5d [unusual spelling]
CANFIELD, Mellie, Infant dau of Jacob (no dates)
CANFIELD, Clement L., son of S. & M.E., d. Aug 8, 1866, ae 1y-2m-23d
CANFIELD, Sarah, d. Aug 3, 1891, ae 72y-11m-15d
CANFIELD, Jason, d. Jan 22, 1854, ae 40y-10m-12d
[Note: Jason Canfield was probably b. in Virginia. (See 1880 Census, Newc twp #17:17, household of George Brumm and Margaret his wife (a dau of Sarah (-----) Canfield Compton Packer) revealing that Margaret's father was b. in Virginia) No other info was found concerning Jason Canfield except that he and his wife, Sarah, had children: (1) Sylvanus (b.1835 Ohio, d.1875); (2) Jacob (b.ca.1841 Ohio); (3) John H. (b.1844 Ind, d.1863); (4) Eliza A. (b.ca.1847 Ind); (5) Sarah J. (b.ca.1849 Ind; m.1866 Josiah Merley); (6) Margaret A. (b.ca.1850 Ind; m.1879 George Brumm. The 1870 census records her as "Margaret Canfield ae 20 in household of Sarah Canfield (Newc twp #156:156). Fulton Co Marriage records call her "Margaret Magrew" in 1879, which might indicate a prior marriage; and her mother's will, in 1890, refers to her as "Margaret Brumm, my daughter." (also see prior pages herein); (7) Noah (b.ca.1854 Ind).
Sarah Canfield, "widowed" was a resident of Richland twp Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (see Census, household #593:593). Her family included: Sylvanus, Jacob, John H., Eliza A., Sarah J., Margaret A., Noah, and Angeline (age 2yr). She was probably the same "Sarah Cantfield" who m. March 22, 1857 John Compton (Fulton Co M.R.). This marriage appears to have lasted only a short time, for in 1870 we again find Sarah Canfield (ae 52) householder with children: Margaret, Noah, and Angeline Cumpton (ae 12) who was probably a child of John Compton (see Census 1870

Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, household #156:156).. Sarah (Canfield Compton m. (3rd), March 26, 1871 to Frederick Packer (also spelled Packard) (Fulton Co M.R.). She was his third wife. Sarah Packer, ae 61, b. in Ohio to parents who were both natives of Penn, was a householder of Fulton Co, Newc twp (#17:17) in 1880. This family included her dau Margaret, her son-in-law George Brumm and a grand-dau, Libbie Dunfee (ae 17yr)
The will of Sarah Packer, dated November 29, 1890, and proved August 10, 1891, states that she was of Newc twp and aged 72 yr when the will was written. Her heirs were Margaret Brumm "my daughter", and "my children . . ."; "Executor to erect a suitable monument for Sylvanus, my son, out of his legacy and also monuments for my son Jacob's children out of their father's legacy." These would be Sylvanus & Jacob Canfield, children of Sarah's first marriage (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)]
CANFIELD, John H., son of J. & S., d. Apr 26, 1863, ae 18y-9m-12d
(4 steps)
DUMBAULD, Paul, son of S. & L., d. Feb 20, 1856, ae 16d
"E. M."
"S. M."
"W. B." (loose stone)
(1) Sarah, wife of S.W., d. Dec 24, 1862, ae 41y-8m-22d
(2) Emmeline, dau of S.W. & S., d. June 4, 1858, ae 12y-10m-14d
(3) Samuel W., d. Sep 4, 1886, ae 71y-8m-23d
(4) Mahalah, dau of S.W. & S., d. Sep 25, 1871, ae 28y-2m-10d
[Note: Samuel W. Mechling was b. in Ohio in 1815 (parents unkn). His wife, Sarah, was also a native of Ohio. They were known to have had at least five children all born in Ohio: Ruben (b.ca.1842); Mahala (1843-1871); Emmeline (1845-1858); Benjamin F. (b.ca.1850) and Amanda (b.ca.1852) (References: Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Newc twp #897:897, Samuel & Sarah Macklin fam; 1870, Rochester city #218:243, Samuel W. Mechling fam; 1880 Rochester city #206:219, household of Wm. H. Shelton & Amanda, son-in-law and dau, with whom Samuel Mechling "65, widowed father-in-law" and Ben. F. Mechling "30, unmarried brother-in-law" were residing at that time.)
Amanda Mechling, dau of Samuel W. & Sarah, was m. March 14, 1877 to William H. Shelton (Fulton Co M.R.). He probably is the same Wm. Harvey Shelton who d. January 29, 1915, Rochester twp, at 65 years (Fulton Co Ind Death Records). Wm. H. Shelton, b.ca.1850 Ind, and his wife Amanda, were residents of Rochester city in 1880. This household also included a dau, Effie age 2 years, Samuel Mechling (widowed father-in-law age 65), and Ben. F. Mechling (unmarried brother-in-law age 30) (1880 Census Fulton Co Ind, Rochester city #206:219).]
"M. M."
(5 steps)
MECHLING, Eva, wife of Sam'l, ae 54y-17?m-16d (no dates)
MECHLING, Samuel, d. Apr 14, 1873, ae 55y-10m-13d
[Note: Early in 1850 members of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church, Newc twp, included: Jacob Mechling & wife, Samuel Mechling & wife, John Mechling and Daniel Swinehart (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, 1883, by Kingman Bros, pp.44-45). Not clear which the book was referring to - this entry, or the one above.
This Samuel Mechling, b.1817 Ohio, and his wife Eva, were residents of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind (see Census 1860, fam. #595:595 "Samuel Macklin"; and 1870, fam. #158:158 "Samuel Mechling"). Children in this family included: (1) Sarah A., b.ca.1846 Ohio; (2) Henry (1851 Ohio - 1927 Ind) (see Richland Center I.O.O.F. cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind); (3)

Isaac, (1853 Ohio - 1925 Ind) (ibid) (4) George, b.ca.1855 Ind; (5) James, b.ca.1857 Ind; (6) Martha, b.ca.1859 Ind; (7) Eldora (1862-1914); m. Laman Swinehart (see for further); (8) Emma, b.ca.1864 Ind, a day servant in the household of Emanuel T. Reed (ae 36) and wife Catherine E. (see Census 1880, Newc twp, fam. #19:19)]
(16 steps)

Row 5

(6 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(6 steps)
CLICK, Martha, wife of Jacob, d. Apr 20, 1897, ae 56y-6m-22d
[Note: Martha (b.1840 Ohio), was a dau of Frederick B. and Elizabeth (Long) Packer (see for further). She m. November 7, 1868 Jacob L. Click (Fulton Co M.R.).
Jacob L. Click was b. in Virginia ca.1838 (parents unkn). He and his wife, Martha, were residents of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1870 with a dau, Ida May (ae 1yr) (Federal Census 1870 Richland twp fam #148:147). The grave of Jacob L. Click has not been located by this compiler.
Martha (Packer) Click "widow 39 years" and her dau, Ida May (ae 11), living in household of her father Frederick Packer (widowed, ae 66) in 1880. (see Federal Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp fam. #179:179). Ida May Click, dau of Jacob L. & Martha Click, m. Elijah M. O'Blenis Sept. 13, 1888 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(4 steps)
PACKER, Maria, dau of F. & E., d. June 25, 1853, ae 16y-3m-13d
PACKER, Sarah, dau of F. & E., d. Dec 14, 1862, ae 5y-9m
PACKER, Elizabeth, wife of F., d. Apr 19, 1863, ae 49y-10m-23d
PACKER, Elizabeth, wife of Frederick, d. Apr 19, 1863, ae 49y-10m-23d
[Note: Elizabeth was b. May 26, 1813 in Penn, the eldest dau of Jacob & Elizabeth (Seabold) Long who located in Perry Co Ohio. Jacob Long d. there in 1866, and his wife Elizabeth, ca.1880. Jacob & Elizabeth Long had another dau, Hannah (b.1826 Ohio), who m.1845 Jacob Stockberger. (Historical Atlas of Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, pp. 50, 53)]
PACKER, Fredrick, d. June 7, 1887, ae 73y-6m-1d
[Note: Fredrick Packer's b.d. (computed from his grave marker) was January 6, 1814. However, Historical Atlas of Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, p. 53, indicates that he was b.December 6, 1813, in Northampton Co Penn, a son of John & Elizabeth (Brutzman) Packer. John Packer (b.November 22, 1790 Penn, son of a Revolutionary soldier; and d.February 19, 1849 Perry Co Ohio); located in Northampton Co Penn, and in 1833 removed to Perry Co Ohio; were parents of eight children, of whom Fredrick Packer was the first.
Fredrick Packer removed to Perry Co Ohio in 1833 with his parents, and was m. (1st) there in June 1836 to Miss Elizabeth Long (see above entry). Ten children were forn to them before her death in 1863. His (2nd) marriage was May 8, 1864 to Nancy Stockberger (Fulton Co M.R.), and she d. in 1870 (see next entry). His (3rd) marriage March 26, 1871 was to Sarah Canfield (Fulton Co M.R.). Sarah had previously been married to Jason Canfield and John Compton. (see previous pages)
Fredrick Packer (ae 42 yrs) and Elizabeth, his first wife, first appear in Fulton Co Ind in the 1860 Census with eight of their children (Richland twp, household #592:592). He and his 2nd wife, Nancy, and three children were included in the 1870 Census (Richland twp, household #150:150). In 1880, Fredrick Packer (widowed, age 66) was householder. His family included a son, George (ae 24); a dau, Martha Click (ae 39 and widowed); and a grand-dau, Ida Click (ae 11). Although

she did not die until 1891, Sarah (third wife of Fredrick Packer) was not included in his family in 1880. She was herself listed as Sarah Packer (ae 61) a householder of Newc twp (1880 census, Richland twp #179:179; ibid, Newc twp #17:17).
Children of Fredrick & Elizabeth (Long) Packer: (1) Maria, 1837-1853 (see above); (2) John; (3) Martha, 1840-1897, m. Jacob L. Click (ibid); (4) Catherine (also known as "Kate"), 1843-1928, m.1865 John Merideth Davis (See Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; also see previous pages herein); (5) Jane E. (Elizabeth), 1845-1889, m.1866 James Shelly (see for further); (6) Aaron, 1847-1911, m.1878 Nissa Barnhart (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (7) William L., b.ca.1850 Ohio, m.1878 Jennie M. Eidson; (8) Emeline, b.ca.1852 Ohio, was included in her father's family in the 1860 and 1870 census, but was not with him in 1880; (9) George, b.ca.1855 Ind; (10) Sarah, 1857-1862 (see above).]
PACKER, Nancy, wife of F., d. Sep 29, 1870, ae 60y-6m-18d
[Note: Nancy Stockberger, (2nd) wife of Fredrick Packer, b.1810, might be the same Nancy Stockberger (ae 49) with the family of Peter C. and Susan (Stockberger) Dumbolt in 1860 (Census 1860 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp Fam. #895:895)]
BARNHART, Charlie F., son of J.P. & S.J., d. Nov 10, 1875, ae 3y-6m-13d
BARNHART, Elnora, dau of J.P. & S.J., d. Apr 17, 186?, ae 2m-26d
(4 steps)
BARNHART, Sarah J., wife of J.P., d. Apr 4, 1863, ae 34y-10m-1d
[Note: Census records indicate that this family came to Ind betw. 1855 and 1860, and settled in Richland twp, Fulton Co.
It might be assumed that this Sarah J. was the (1st) wife of John P. Barnhart. She was b. in Penn in 1828 and probably had five or six children before her death in 1863. (See Federal census 1860, Fulton Co Ind Richland twp fam. #594:594)
John P. Barnhart m. (2nd) Sarah Jane Ball February 4, 1864 (Fulton Co M.R.). Sarah Jane Ball was. b.ca.1838 Ohio. John P. Barnhart, his 2nd wife and eight children were living in Richland twp in Fulton Co Ind in 1870. However, birth places of the children as recorded in this census indicate that the family removed to Iowa sometime between ca.1861 and 1865, returning to Indiana ca.1867. They were still residents of Richland twp in 1880. The death and burial place for John P. Barnhart are not known to this compiler. (Fed. Census, Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp, 1870 fam. #164:164; and 1880 fam. #168:168)
Children of John P. Barnhart include: (1) Hiram E., b.ca.1850 Penn, m. Amanda Brumm, October 23, 1880 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Horace G., b.ca.1853 Penn; (3) Nevel (or Nuel?) Nissa, b.1855 Penn, m.Aaron Packer 1878 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Ellis D., b.ca.1858 Ind; (5) Elnora, b.186-, d.186- (see above); (6) David W., b.ca.1861 (prob. is the same William D. who m. Barbra Bridegroom 1881 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, Malinda Bridegroom will); (7) Sarah E. (S. Elma), b.ca.1865 Iowa; (8) John Ira, b.ca.1867 Ind; (9) Aretta M., b.May , ca.1870 Ind; (10) Charley F., 1872-1875 (see above); (11) Harley F., b.ca.1876 Ind; (12) Jennie D., b.ca.1878 Ind]
(4 steps)
RITZIUS, John, son of N.H. & A., d. Jan 21, 1874, ae 15y-9m-22d
(----) (unmarked stone)
GOOD, Melissa, wife of S., 1866-1926
(----) (unmarked stone)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(----) (unmarked stone)

GOOD, Mother & Father
(1) Etta May, 1868-1940
(2) Chas. Frank, 1867-1929
[Note: Chas. Frank (also called Franklin) was b. in Ind a son of Peter & Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart Good(see for further). Charles Frank m.January 21, 1889 Etta May Mechlin (Fulton Co M.R.).

Row 6

KANNADA, James F., d. Apr 23, 1874, ae 4m-18d
BOWMAN, Mary M., dau of H. & F.E., d. July 27, 1873, ae 15y-27d
BOWMAN, George O., 1873-1876
BOWMAN, Faith E., wife of H., d. Oct 19, 1867, ae 32y-6m-29d
[Note: She was born in England in 1835, and was probably the first wife of Henry Bowman (see for further).
BOWMAN, Bridget Solovan, mother, 1853-1882
[Note: Bridget was born in Ireland in 1853 and was probably the (2nd) wife of Henry Bowman (see for further) She was a dau of Dennis (also called Enos) and Mary Solovan (see Reichter cem herein).]
BOWMAN, Mary, d. Jan 28, 1889, ae 78y-9m
BOWMAN, John, d. Sep 1, 1862, ae 51y-11m-25d
[Note: "In 1852 or 1853 James Boyles erected a saw mill on the outlet of Maxenkuckee Lake, and operated it a few years, selling it to John Bowman at the end of that time. Mr.Bowman remodeled the establishment, and converted it into a grist mill. From him it passed to his son . . . " (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 32)
John Bowman, a miller, was born in Ohio in 1810. His wife, Mary, was also born in Ohio in 1810. They were residents of Aubbeenaubbee twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1860, with Mahala (ae 15, b.Ohio) who probably was a dau. (Census 1860, Aubbee twp, #844:844)
Mahala, dau of John & Mary Bowman, b.Ohio 1845, d.1922. She m. March 2, 1862 Absalom "Aps" Nellans (Fulton Co M.R.). Absalom Nellans (1833 Ohio - 1862) was a son of Patrick & Nacka (Tipton) Nellans (See previous pages herein). Absalom Nellons, a mill worker, and his wife, Mahala, were residents of Newc twp in 1870 (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #207:207). Their family included: Mary E. (ae 6), Clarra B. (ae 3), William H. (ae 8mos b.Sept), and also Mary Bowman (ae 59, b.Ohio "lives with dau") who was the widow of John Bowman and the mother of Mahala (Bowman) Nellans. By 1880, Absalom Nellans (Co. Treas) and Mahala, his wife, had moved to Rochester twp. Their family included the three children shown in the 1870 census, and also: Francis, Frederick and Charles. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Rochester twp, fam. #80:80)
Concerning the children of Absalom & Mahala (Bowman) Nellans: (1) Mary E., b.ca.1864; (2) Clarra B. (b.1866 - d.1922) bur Fulton Cem, Liberty twp, m.1887, Vachel Joshua Pownall. (see Fulton cem, Liberty twp, Fulton Co Ind); (3) William H. (b.1869, d.1954), bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; m (1st) 1892, Mary Patton, & (2nd) 1936, Address (Ada) Martindale. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Francis, b.ca.1872, m.1895 Manda I. Braman (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk 1892-1898); (5) Jno. Fredrick, 1877-1916, bur Fulton Cem, Lib twp; (6) Charles, b.ca.1879; (7) Infant dau of A. & M., 1875-1875, ae 6da, bur Lutheran cem, Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.
(7 steps)
"F. E. B."
(14 steps)
BLACK, Wm. Leonidas, son of J.W. & M., d. Mar 11, 1879, ae 7m-18?d
BLACK, Ivan Paul, son of J.W. & M., d. Feb 3, 1865, ae 1m-24d

[Note: John W. & Mary (Taylor) Black, parents of Wm. Leonidas & Ivan Paul Black, were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind by 1860. They were bur in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cem. (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)]
BOWMAN, Charles B., 1878-1889
BOWMAN, Henry, 1833-1903
[Note: Henry Bowman was born in Ohio, and was a son of Henry Bowman (Sr) and Elizabeth. Henry Bowman, Sr., b.ca.1787 Penn, probably died sometime after 1860 but his death date & place of burial are not known to this compiler. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Bowman, Sr., was born in Maryland 1787, and probably died sometime after 1870. Her death date and burial place not known to this compiler. Henry Bowman, Sr., and his wife, Elizabeth, both ae 73, were first located in Fulton Co Ind in 1860 in the household of their son, Henry (Jr), and dau-in-law, Faith E. Bowman (Census 1860, Aubbee twp #843:843). By 1870, Elizabeth (ae 83) was "living with son" Henry (Jr). (Census 1870, Newc twp #216:216).
Henry Bowman (Jr), son of Henry Bowman (Sr) and Elizabeth, was a resident of Fulton Co Ind in 1860, Aubbee twp; 1870 & 1880, Newc twp. In 1860, the family of Henry (Jr) and his (1st) wife, Faith E., included: a dau, Mary M. (ae 2); Henry Bowman (Sr) and Elizabeth (both ae 73) parents of Henry (Jr); and Aaron & Louisa Bowman (married within the census year). Henry Bowman (Jr) was a "miller" of Aubbee twp. Henry Bowman (Jr) and his wife, Faith E., probably removed to Newc twp sometime during the latter part of the 1860's, since she was buried in this cemetery in 1867. However, A. L. (Aaron L.) Bowman, a miller (b.ca.1835 Ohio) and Mary (Louisa) Bowman, his wife (b.ca.1838 Maryland) remained in Aubbee twp where they were householders in 1870 (fam. #80:79) with children: John F. (b.ca.1861 Ind), William H. (b.ca.1863 Ind).
Henry Bowman (Jr) married (2nd) Bridget Solovan July 26, 1868 (Fulton Co M.R.). Bridget was born in Ireland 1853, and was probably the dau of Dennis and Mary Solovan (see Reichter cem herein). Henry Bowman (Jr), a miller, and his wife, Bridget, were residents of Newc twp (fam. #216:216), in 1870. Their family included two children: Mary (ae 12) who soon was to die, and John W. (ae 8). Also Elizabeth Bowman (ae 83, b.Maryland), mother of Henry Bowman (Jr), was with them.
Census 1880, Newc twp (fam. #69:70) reveals that Henry Bowman (Jr) & wife, Bridget, were living in the Village of Bloomingsburg (later called Talma) with their children: John W. (ae 18, his mother born in England), Aaron L. (ae 3, mother born Ireland), Charley B. (ae 2, mother born Ireland), and an infant son (ae 2mos, b.March, mother born Ireland). Also in this family were: Ellen Heighway, a widowed sis-in-law (ae 21), and Sarah Solovon, an unmarried sis-in-law (ae 15).
It is important to note that another family of a similar name located in Fulton Co Ind, in Wayne twp at an earlier date than did Henry Bowman, Sr. and his son. Henry Bauman (also spelled Bowman) and his son, Levi, took up land in Wayne twp in 1841 and 1842 (Early Tract Book, Fulton Co Ind). This Henry Bauman, b.Penn, September 26, 1791, d.October 10, 1849 and was bur in the Bauman cem, Wayne twp. His widow, Elizabeth, also b.Penn, November 19, 1797, d.December 4, 1862. In 1860 she was living with the family of her dau, Mary and son-in-law James Weir (also spelled Ware). Levi (1819-1873) son of Henry & Elizabeth Bauman, m.1843 Sarah Gross ((Fulton Co M.R.) (References: Fulton Co Census, 1850, Wayne twp #15:15; Census 1860, Wayne twp #188:188 (James Weir fam.); Bauman Cem, Wayne twp)
"S. D."
(4 steps)
RALSTON, Gracie, dau of M.A. & C., d. July 21, 1890, ae 9y-7d
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(5 steps)

Row 7

BROWN, "Little" L. J., son of C.H. & M., d. Oct 10, 1888, ae 1y-5m-3d
(1) Syrena Good, 1833-1908
(2) Daniel, 1819-1862
[Note: Daniel Swinehart (also spelled Swihart) was born in Ohio. Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, 1893, by Kingman Bros, pp.44-45 indicates that Daniel Swinehart was a resident of Newc twp in 1847-50; and that he was a member of St.Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church early in 1850. He appears first in Fulton Co Ind, in the 1860 census (Newc twp, #913:913) as Daniel Swihart (ae 38 b.Ohio), with his wife, Syrena (ae 29, b.Ohio), and four children: Levi (ae 12, b.Ohio), Layman (ae 9, b.Ind), George (ae 5, b.Ind) and Marion (a male, ae 2, b.Ind). A dau, Maude, was b.ca.1862 Ind. Maude (unmarried, ae 18), and her brother, Laman (called Hiram) ae 26 were living with Syrena (their mother) and two half-bros in Richland twp in 1880 (see following).
The parents of Daniel Swinehart have not yet been determined by this compiler. However, it is interesting to note that one Daniel Swinehart was head of a household in Holmes Co., Mac. twp, Ohio, in 1840 (see Index to 1840 Federal Population Census of Ohio, by Wilkens, Vol. 2, p. 576); one in Pickaway Co. Cir. twp, Ohio, and two in Portage Co., Suf. twp, Ohio (ibid, Vol. 3, p. 531); and one in Stark Co. Bet. twp, Ohio (ibid, Vol. 4, p. 489).
Syrena, wife of Daniel Swinehart, was born in Ohio and was a dau of Daniel & Sarah Saloma (Stockberger) Wagoner (see for further). Sometime after the death of Daniel in 1862, Syrena probably left Fulton Co for a time. She was not located in the 1870 census of Fulton Co. Her son, Hiram, however was included in the family of his uncle, Hiram Wagoner of Aubbe twp in that record.
Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart next married Peter Good, March 4, 1865. The record spells her name "Serena Swihart" (Fulton Co M.R.). Peter Good does not appear in any of the Fulton Co Ind Census records. He was probably a resident of Kosciusko County. He was born in 1817 in Penn., and died February 12, 1878, aged 60y-10m-15d; bur Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind. His previous wife, Nancy (d.January 22, 1864, ae 47y-9m-21d) was bur beside him. Peter & Nancy Good had a dau, Nancy, d.March 1868 ae 19y-11m-1d, bur in the Nichols cem, Kosc Co Ind.
By 1880, Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart Good (a widow, ae 47) was again a resident of Fulton Co Ind, in Richland twp. Two sons: Charles Frank (14 yrs) and Ivy Newton (ae 11), children by Peter Good, her 2nd husband; Maude Swinehart (an unmarried dau, ae 18); Hiram Swinehart (ae 26), and his wife Eldora (ae 17), were all living in Syrena's household in 1880 (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp, Fam. #169:169).
Syrena Good m. (3rd), February 7, 1889, to Peter C. Dumbauld, widower (Fulton Co M.R.). She was his third wife (see for further).
Laman (called Hiram in 1880 census), son of Daniel and Syrena Swinehart, was b.1852 and m.Eldora Mechling (see for further).
Dan Marion Swinehart, son of Daniel & Syrena Swinehart, was b.ca.1858 in Ind., and was Recorder of Fulton Co Ind 1899-1903 (Barnhart's History of Fulton Co Ind, p.42). He m. Carrie May Perschbacher, August 11, 1883 (Fulton Co M.R.). Children: (1) Ormond E., b.February 16, 1884 Tiosa, m.1903 Nellie Belle Orr at Rochester, Ind; (2) John V., b. February 27, 1887; (3) Coral L., b.June 27, 1889; (4) Fred C., b.June 21, 1892; (5) Stella May, b.October 19, 1895; (6) Dean Marion, b.February 26, 1900 (Fulton Co Ind School Enum 1896, 1898, 1899; also Fulton Co Ind Birth Records).
Charles Frank Good, 1867-1929, son of Peter & Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart Good, m.1889 Etta May Mechlin (see previous pages herein).
Ivy Newton Good, 1869-1946, son of Peter & Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart Good, m.Dortha

F. Fromm in 1907 (Fulton Co M.R.; also Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).
Emma L. Good, 1871- November 4, 1873, d. ae 2yr & (14 da?); dau of Peter & Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart Good (Nichols cem, Kosciusko Co Ind)
(4 steps)
(1) Saloma, wife of D., d. Aug 28, 1887, ae 83y-7m-15d
(2) Daniel, d. Oct 18, 1863, ae 62y-11m-24d
[Note: Daniel Wagoner b.1800 Penn, was a son of John and Elizabeth (Leach) Waggoner. John Waggoner, Sr. (1758-1842) was a Revolutionary War soldier who came from Alsace, France and was residing in Washington Co Maryland at the time he enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War, October 1776. He married (1st) 1785 in Washington Co Md., Elizabeth Leach; he m. (2nd), 1833 Somerset, Ohio, a sister of his first wife, Sarah (Leach) Smith Minic (1778-1856). John Waggoner, Sr. was bur in Four-Mile cem, west of Fremont, Ohio. Children of John Waggoner and Elizabeth (Leach) Waggoner included: (1) John, Jr. (1790-1847), m. Perry twp, Ohio, Mary Bowman; (2) Elizabeth "Betsey" b.1788, m.Barhart Henry Bowman; (3) Jacob, b.1792, veteran of War 1812, m. Susannah C. Heck; (4) David, b.1791 (Jacob's twin bro) m. (1st) Susan Fry, Licking Co Ohio, and (2nd), Susan Opp (or App?), Perry Co Ohio; (5) George, b.1795, m.Margaret Klingler; (6) Nancy, b.1798, m.John Mechling (also Macklin), Perry Co Ohio; (7) Daniel, b.1800, m.Sarah Saloma Stockberger, Perry Co Ohio; (8) Catharine, b.1804, m.Christian Dersham, Perry Co Ohio; (9) Solomon, b.1807 Perry Co Ohio, d.1893, m. (1st) Elizabeth Stockberger who d.1838, m.(2nd) Harriet Krotzer, and m(3rd) Anna Eberts 1876; (10) Samuel, (1809-1872), m.Anna Smith, Sandusky Ohio. (References: Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; S.A.R. Application Record; Manitou Chapter D.A.R. Application Records; Biography of John Waggoner, Sr., Revolutionary Soldier, by John C. Overmyer, Columbus, Ohio, June, 1937, from "Hist. and Geneal. of Wagner Waggoner-Wagoner Family" 1941 by Clark R. Wagner, Arlington, Ohio).
Daniel Wagoner, son of John & Elizabeth (Leach) Waggoner, m.May 13, 1824, Perry Co Ohio, Sarah Saloma Stockberger (b.Penn 1804, parents natives of Penn). Kingman Bros, Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, 1883, pp. 44,45, reveals that Newcastle twp residents of 1847-50 included: Daniel Wagoner, Daniel Swinehart, Jacob & George Stockberger, Solomon & Peter Dumbold . . .; that early in 1850, members of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church included: Daniel Wagoner & wife, Jacob Mechling & wife and Daniel Swinehart . . . The 1850 Federal Census Fulton Co Ind, however, does not include the Daniel Wagoner family. by 1860, Daniel Wagner, 58, and his wife Sarah, 56, were residing in Newc twp (1860 Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp fam. #885:885). They had no family.
Sarah Saloma (Stockberger) Wagoner, widow of Daniel Wagoner, was living by herself at age 66 in Newc twp in 1870 (Census 1870, Newc twp fam. #34:34). By 1880, aged 76, she was with her son, Hiram and family of Aubbee twp (Census 1880, Aubbee twp, fam. #46:46). Census records and her will call her "Sarah" but her grave marker says "Saloma". The will of Sarah Saloma Wagoner, May 30, 1884/5, September 1887, names a dau, Serena Good; two deceased daus, Nancy Mackling and Christena Lambert; and a deceased son, Hiram Wagoner. Her Executor was "friend & brother, George B. Stockberger" (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).
Children of Daniel & Sarah Saloma Wagoner include: (1) Hiram, 1828-1883, m.Sarah Ann (-----) (Leiters Ford I.O.O.F. cem, Fulton Co Ind); (2) Nancy, prob. b.ca.1829, Ohio, and referred to as a deceased dau, Nancy Mackling, in her mother's will of 1884 (also see: Federal census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #17:17, Jacob & Nancy McLain fam; ibid, 1860, fam #893:893, Jacob and Nancy Mahrling (or Meckling?) fam); (3) Syrena, 1833-1908, m. (1st) Daniel Swinehart, m.(2nd) Peter Good, m.(3rd) Peter C. Dumbauld (see previous pages herein); (4) Christena,

b.ca.1834 Ohio, prob. the C. Waggoner who m. June 5, 1856 Joseph C. Lambert; was with Joseph Lambern and a 4 year old dau, Sarah E. in the 1860 census; missing in the 1870 census (Fulton Co M.R.; Census 1860, Richland twp, fam. #601:601 "Joseph Lambern family"); (5) Joseph, 1837-1857 (see below); (6) Mariah, 1840-1857 (see below).
(4 steps)
WAGONER, Mariah, dau of Daniel & Sarah, d. Oct 24, 1857, ae 17y-10m-22d
WAGONER, Joseph, son of Daniel & Sarah, d. Mar 30, 1857, ae 20y-3m-26d
(DUMBAULD), Catharine
(1) Catharine, wife of P., d. Feb 7, 1852, ae 33y-10m-18d
(2) Peter C., d. Feb 25, 1892, ae 71y-11m-13d
(3) Susana, wife of P.C., d. Mar 7, 1888, ae 72y-1m-4d
(DUMBAULD), Susana
[Note: Peter C. Dumbauld was a retail dry goods merchant of Fulton Co Ind. He and his parents were natives of Penn. He probably moved to Indiana from Ohio in the very early 1850s. His (1st) wife, Catharine (thought to be a Stockberger) b.Ohio, d.Ind 1852. They were not located in Fulton Co in the 1850 census. Peter C. Dumbauld m.(2nd) Susana Stockberger, b.Ohio in 1816 (marriage date unkn), and they were residents of Newc twp in 1860 with five children and a Nancy Stockberger ae 49; of City of Rochester in 1870 with four daus; of Newc twp in 1880 with a son Lafayette, a niece Callie R., a dau. & son-in-law M. A. & Cordelia Ralstin, and a gr-dau, Glen, ae 9mos. (Federal Census Fulton Co Ind, 1860 Newc twp, fam. #895:895 "Peter C. Dumbolt"; ibid, 1870 Rochester City, fam. #35:44 "Peter C. Dumbauld"; ibid 1880 Newc twp, fam. # 12:12 "P. C. Dumbauld". The (3rd) wife of Peter C. Dumbauld was Syrena (Wagoner Swinehart Good, whom he m.February 7, 1889. (see previous pages herein).
The will of Peter C. Dumbauld "of Fulton County, Ind." January 25, 1892 - March 16, 1892, accepted by "Serena Dumbauld, widow", signed by "Syrena Dumbauld." His heirs: Lafayette S. Dumbauld . . .; "my four daughters, namely: Angeline Solovon, Almanary Gordon, Cordelia Ralston, Delilah Taylor." It also states: "My beloved wife to have my house & lot in Tiosa as long as she remains my widow . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).
Lafayette S., son of Peter C. Dumbauld, b.1844 Ohio (see for further); Angelins (1845-1924) m.Michael Sullivan (see for further); Almanara (1851-1924) m.Amos B. Gordon (see Richland twp cem, Fulton Co Ind); Cordelia, b.ca.1855 Ind, m.Marshall A. Ralston October 6, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.), and had at least two children: Glen (a dau) b.August 1880, and Gracie who d.1890 (see previous pages herein); Delilah (1857-1927) m.William H. Taylor October 1, 1876 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).]
NELLANS, Infant dau of A. & M., d. Sep 23, 1875, ae 6d (loose stone)
STOCKBERGER, Clide, son of S.L. & A.E., d. Aug 18, 1889, ae 3m-7d
DUMBAULD, Lafayette S., 1844-1926
[Note: Lafayette S. Dumbauld b.Ohio, a son of Peter C. & Catharine Dumbauld (see p. 82 and above).
At age 25, a farmer, he and his sis Almanara (ae 19) were living in the John Stockbarger residence of Newc twp, in Fulton Co Ind (Census 1870, Newc twp, fam. #4:4). John Stockberger had m.Christena E. Irvine December 28, 1862 and she had d. 1867 leaving a small son, Charles, b.ca.1865. Almanara was probably working for John Stockberger. She was also included in the family of her father at that time (Census 1870, Rochester City, fam. #35:44; Fulton Co M.R.; Reichter cem herein)
Fulton Co Ind Will Book "F", p. 355: Will of Lafayette S. Dumbauld, February 24, 1925 / March 6, 1926 "To Walter Sullivan and Elmer Sullivan, children of my deceased sister Angeline

Sullivan; . . . to Leroy Gordon, Elmer Gordon and Fay Smith, children of my deceased sister Almanary Gordon; . . . to Stella Nelson and Otis Fletcher, children of Bertha Fletcher, a deceased daughter of my deceased sister Almanary Gordon; to my sister Cordelia Ralston; and to my sister Delilah Taylor "
(----) (unmarked stone)
(1) Sarah, Aug 28, 1810 - Dec 2, 1887
(2) Mary M., July 31, 1822 - Feb 5, 1885
(3) Eli, Oct 19, 1832 - Aug 2, 1879
[Note: Sarah & Mary M. Stockberger were unmarried daus of John and Magdalena "Mary" (Shoup) Stockberger, natives of Penn. John Stockberger d.Ohio August 1854, and his wife ca.1846. John Stockberger also had a son, Jacob.
Sarah and Mary M. Stockberger first appear in Fulton Co Ind Census 1860 (Newc twp, fam. #886:886). This record reveals that they were both "old maid" and that Mary M. was deaf & dumb. Eli Stockberger (ae 28 b.Ohio) was also with them. Census 1870, same county and twp (fam. #33:33), again includes Sarah and Mary M. Stockberger. Also, with them were: George Stockberger (ae 53 b.Penn), Eli Stockberger (ae 42 b.Ohio), and a Paul Stockberger, retired merchant (ae 44 b.Penn). Census 1880, same county and twp (fam. #31:32) reveals that the two sisters, Sarah and Mary M. were with their brother, Jacob, and his family; and also that Mary M. was paralyzed.
Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 45, reveals that early in the year 1850, St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized at the house of George Perschbacher, Sr., with members including: Jacob Stockberger & wife, George Stockberger & wife, Solomon Stockberger, Paul Stockberger, Sallie Stockberger and Daniel Wagoner & wife (Sarah Saloma Stockberger).
Jacob Stockberger, son of John and Magdalena (Shoup) Stockberger, b.July 9, 1820, Westmoreland Co Penn, and m.May 8, 1845 in Ohio, Hannah Long (b.February 24, 1826, Perry Co Ohio, dau of Jacob & Elizabeth (Seabold) Long (see previous pages herein; also see Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 50). This compiler has not been able to locate the burial place of Jacob & Hannah Stockberger. Jacob & Hannah were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1860 (fam. #887:887), in 1870 (fam. #32:32), in 1880 (fam. #31:32), and removed to Rochester twp ca.1882. The children of Jacob & Hannah Stockberger: (1) Samuel L., b.ca.1846 Ohio, m.November 19, 1871 Amanda E. Martindale (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Philip M., b.ca.1849 Ohio; (3) John J., b.1855 Ind, d.1923, m.1877 Mary I. Batchelor (1854-1936) (Fulton Co M.R.; Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Mary A., b.ca.1859; (5) Eldora E., b.ca.1861; (6) Martin Eli and (7) Martha E. (twins) b.1863 (see below); (8) Milo E., b.ca.1867.]
(4 steps)
STOCKBERGER, Martin Eli, son of J. & H., d. July 10, 1863, ae 4m-13d
(4 steps)
"C. D."
(4 steps)
(----) (base only)
(8 steps)

Row 8

(4 steps)
(1) Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. & E.L., d. Nov 15, 1885 (no age or b.d.)
(2) Clide B., Feb 1, 1890 - Feb 15, 1890

(10 steps)
STOCKBERGER, Harley L., son of G.B. & J., d. July 29, 1874, ae 3y-10m-12d
(1) Eliza, wife of G.B., d. Aug 4, 1860, ae 37y-6m-4d
(2) Julia Taylor, his wife, 1840-1919
(3) G. B., d. Dec 4, 1889, ae 67y-11m-22d
[Note: George B. Stockberger was b.Ohio 1822, and m. (1st) Eliza (prob. in Ohio). Eliza was also a native of Ohio. The parents of George B. Stockberger are not known to this complier. However, he probably had a sister, Sarah Saloma (Stockberger) Wagoner (wife of Daniel Wagoner), who names as Executor of her will "my beloved friend and brother George B. Stockberger". The will is dated May 30, 1884. (see previous pages herein).
George B. Stockberger m.(2nd) Julia Taylor May 11, 1862. (Fulton Co M.R.). Julia, b.1840 in Ind, was a dau of Selam P. and Sarah (Baldwin) Taylor (see Mt. Zion cem, Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind).
George B. Stockberger and Eliza, his first wife, were of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1860 (fam. #900:900). He and his second wife, Julia, were of the same county & state in 1870 (fam. #23:23), and in 1880 (fam. #32:32).
Children of George B. Stockberger included: (1) William H., b.ca.1845 Ohio; (2) Joel, 1846-1927 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (3) Amanda, 1849 Ohio - 1928 Ind., m.1872 Henry Hisey (ibid; also Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Lavina, b.ca.1851 Ohio; (5) Emanuel, b.ca.1853 Ohio; (6) Matilda, b.ca.1857 Ind; (7) Mary, b.1863 Ind, d.1932, m.1883 Wm. Harvey Bybee (son of Nathan & Clarrissa Bybee), bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind; (8) George T., b.ca.1865 Ind; (9) Myron J., b.ca.1867, Ind; (10) Harley L., 1870-1874 (see above); (11) Mattie L., b.ca.1874 Ind; (12) Elva J., b.ca.1876 Ind.]
(1) Hannah, wife of J.H., d. Mar 6, 1865, ae 45y
(2) John H., d. Feb 4, 1865, ae 35y-8m-3d
HISEY, Infant son of H. & A., d. Oct 27, 1874, ae 1d
HISEY, Infant son of J.C. & N.J., b. Mar 27, 1882 (one date only)
(6 steps)
MECHLING, Mahalia H., dau of J.D. & A., d. Aug 12, 1866, ae 9m-20d
(12 steps)
(1) George, Nov 26, 1826 - Dec 2, 1901
(2) Lucy, Mar 25, 1832 - Feb 9, 1908
[Note: George Kershner, his wife Lucy (called Louisa in the 1880 census), and their parents were all natives of Penn. George & Lucy came to Fulton Co Ind in the late 1860's settling in Richland twp (Census, 1870, fam. #157:157; census 1880, fam #176:176). Their children included: Mary, b.ca.1862 Penn; Catharine "Kate", b.ca.1865 Penn; Laura, b.ca.1868 Ind; Augusta, b.ca.1871 Ind; Cora, b.ca.1874 Ind.]
(5 steps)

Row 9

(8 steps)
PACKER, Mary M., wife of A., d. Apr 17, 1876, ae 29y-10m-29d

[Note: This Mary M. Packer may have been a first wife of Aaron Packer (1847 Ohio - 1911 Ind) (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).]
(6 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(4 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)
(5 steps)
DUMBAULD, Douglas P., d. Oct 30, 1872, ae 13y-14d
(1) Solomon, 1828-1872
(2) Louiza, 1838-1891
DUMBAULD, Solomon, d. July 8, 1872, ae 49y-7m-23d
[Note: Solomon Dumbauld was b.Penn, and was a bro of Peter C. Dumbauld (see previous pages herein). Note the difference in year of death on this and the preceding stone.
Solomon Dumbauld's marriage record was not found in Fulton Co Ind. However, he and his wife first appear in that county's census in 1860 (Newc twp, fam. #888:888). In that record she is called "Eliza) (ae 25, b.Ohio).
This family was not found in Fulton Co Ind in the 1870 census. Birth dates & places for the children indicate that the family was living in Illinois sometime between 1868 and 1873. Louisa Dumbauld, widow ae 50 b.Ohio, was a resident of Rochester city (census 1880, fam. #23:31) with two younger daus: Ida (16 b.Ind), and Elmina (9, b.Illinois). Callie R., another dau, (12 b.Ind), was found in the household of her uncle, Peter C. Dumbauld, who identifies her as his niece (census 1880, Newc twp, fam. #12:12).
Children of Solomon Dumbauld include: (1) David M., b.ca.1852 Ind, m.Sarah Kirkendall, October 31, 1875 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Amanda, b.ca.1854 Ind, m.Henry Lebo, February 13, 1878 (ibid); (3) Paul, 1856-1856 (see previous pages herein); (4) Clarissa, b.ca.1857 Ind; (5) Douglas P., 1859-1872 (see above); (6) Ida. b.ca.1864 Ind, m.1891 Clinton Pendleton (Fulton Co M.R.) (son of Arthur E. 1830-1913; m.1,1887 to Maggie S. Pownall 1862-1889 (Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp fam. #41:41; Fulton Co M.R.; Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (7) Jefferson L., 1866-1866 (see below); (8) Calla R., 1867-1948, Ind, m.1888 Cyrus M. Davis (Fulton Co M.R.) (son of John Merideth Davis & Catherine "Kate" (Packer) Davis of Richland twp (see previous pages herein; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (9) Elmina, b.ca.1871 Illinois]
DUMBAULD, Jefferson L., son of S. & E.A., d. May 7, 1866, ae 2m-10d
(5 steps)
SHELLY, Lauraetta, dau of James & Jane E., d. Oct 30, 1867, ae 7m-21d
(5 steps)
SHELLY, Jane E., wife of James, d. Jan 14, 1889, ae 43y-10m-15d
[Note: Jane E. Shelly was known also as "Elizabeth" and was b.Ohio, a dau of Frederick B. & Elizabeth (Long) Packer of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind (see previous pages herein)]
SHELLY, James, 1846-1941 (Umbaugh temp funeral marker)
[Note: James Shelly b.1846 Perry Co Ohio, was a son of John & Rhoda (Orr) Shelly. He d.August 8, 1941 at his home in Warsaw, Kosciusko Co Ind, ae 95. He was a former resident of Tiosa, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind, but a resident of Warsaw since ca.1928.
James Shelly married (1st) April 8, 1866, Jane Elizabeth Packer. She d. in 1889 (see above). He married (2nd), 1890, Diana (-----) Murphy 1854-1936, wid. of Luther Murphy, by whom she had a son, Delbert E. Murphy, b.1878 (see Reichter cem herein)
James Shell(e)y and his first wife, Jane E. "Lizebeth" were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp in 1880 (fam. #180:180) with four of their children: Alfred, Mary, George and Lottie

His obituary furnishes the names of the rest of his children. School Enumeration records reveal that in 1896 Dianah Shelly signed for the Shelly children of Richland twp; that in 1898 they were signed in by a sister, Mary Kelly in Richland twp, and by a half-bro, D. E. Murphy in Rochester twp; and in 1899, Diana Shelly signed them in school. (Fulton Co Ind School Enumeration Records; also Rochester News-Sentinel, August 9, 1941, obit, James Shelby)
Children: (1) Lauraette, 1867-1867 (see above); (2) Alfred M., b.ca.1868 in Tiosa, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind, m. Bertha E. Smith 1895; (3) Mary Jane, b.ca.1870 Kans., m.1897 Alexander Kelly (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) George, b.ca.1877 Ind; (5) Lottie, b.ca.1879, m.William Bretburner, 1899 (Fulton Co M.R.); (6) Rhoda, b.October 27, 1881 Fulton Co Ind; (7) Lester, b.ca.1890; (8) Florence, b.-----; (9) Clyde, b.ca.1892. His obit names his surviving children: Mrs. (Mary ) Brown, Centerville, Michigan; Mrs. (Lottie) Meisner, Fremont, Michigan; Mrs. (Rhoda) Schloerker, South Bend, Ind; Mrs. (Florence) Gable, Warsaw, Ind; and Lester Shelby, Chesterton, Ind.]
SWINEHART, Eldora Meckling, wife of Laman, Oct 23, 1862 - Mar 4, 1914
SWINEHART, Laman, Oct 27, 1852 - May 9, 1912
[Note: Eldora, wife of Lamon Swinehart, was b.Ind, and was a dau of Samuel & Eva Meckling/Mechling of Richland twp (see previous pages herein).
Laman Swinehart was b.Ind., a son of Daniel and Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart (see previous pages herein). He m.May 22, 1880, Eldora Meckling (Fulton Co M.R.)
Their children: Charlie, b.March 1, 1881; Onie M., b.April 17, 1883; Nellie, b.December 7, 1884; Holice, b.July 12, 1887; Clayton, b.December 3, 1890 (Fulton Co Ind Schol Enumeration 1896, 1898, 1988).]

Row 10

(back of where the church once set)
KERN, Raymond, Infant son of John M. & Rebecca Z., d. Mar 25, 1891, ae 4d
[Note: Will of Rebecca Kern, widow of John M. Kern, deceased of Tiosa, Fulton Co Ind " . . . for the straightening up of the tombstone . . . of my child buried at the Lutheran Church in Newcastle twp . . . the grave of my late husband, John M. Kern, and myself in the I.O.O.F. cemetery at Rochester, Indiana . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Will Book "D", p. 525)
UMBAUGH, Ira, son of J.? & O.J., d. Feb 21, 1888?, ae 11y-6m-10d ?




Located on 550N, about seven-tenths mile east of 375E, in Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana.
Kingman Bros, Historical Atlas, Fulton County, Ind., 1883, p. 45: "About 1839 or perhaps 1840, a lot was donated to the township by John McGeary for a public cemetery. It was the first in the township ... known as the Richter Cemetery."
It has three sections: North, Middle and South. Rows run north and south; rows are numbered from west to east; stones read from north to south.
Readings made in 1975 and 1991.

NORTH SECTION, Reichter Cemetery

Row 1

(1) Joseph D., July 31, 1872 - May 12, 1947
(2) Amy W., Oct 10, 1878 - Mar 11, 1919

Row 2

(6 steps)
EMMONS, Loureta, dau of F. & M., d. Oct 8, 1872, ae 3y-3m-21d (broken stone)
EMMONS, Elmore, son of F. & M., d. May 1, 1875, ae 2m-16d
EMMONS, Hugh? E., son of F. & M., d. Oct 12, 1872, ae 1y-1m-6d
EMMONS, Marion, son of F. & M., d. June 21, 1877, ae 3m-16d
EMMONS, Margaret, wife of F., d. Mar 12, 1881, ae 32y-2m-17d
[Note: Margaret was b.Ohio in 1849 and was probably the fourth wife of Finley Emmons. Record of the marriage of Margaret to Finely Emmons was not found. However, her dau Della's marriage application reveals that Della's parents were Finley and Margaret (Black) Emmons (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book 1892-1898). The household of Finley and Margaret Emmons in 1880 included an Elizabeth Langne, ae 69 b.Ohio, mother-in-law, who was visiting them. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp, fam. #184:184). The marriage of Finley and Margaret Emmons probably took place between 1865 (death of wife #3) and 1870, at which time she first appears in the household of Finley Emmons (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #21:20)]
(McMILLEN), Henry F., son, 1916-1918
(1) Effie C., 1882-1966
(2) Harvey A., 1879-1938
[Note: Effie C. and Harvey A. McMillen were m. February 19, 1902 (obit says 1901) (Fulton Co M.R.). Effie C., b.September 10, 1882 nr. Akron, Fulton Co Ind, was a dau of Frank & Mary Ann Madlem Spera, and lived most of her life in Fulton Co Ind. She "died Tues. at the home of her dau, Mrs. Willis (Geraldine) McCullough of near Laketon." In addition to the dau, survivors included: two sisters, Mrs. Oris (Ruby) Martin, Dayton, Ohio and Mrs. Alice Blunt, Phoenix, Ariz. Preceding in death were a dau, Mrs. Charlotte Hiatt who "died last January", another dau, a son, two sisters

and a brother. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Nov. 16, 1966, obit, Effie McMillen).]
(4 steps)
EMMONS, Ida Etta, dau of J.B. & C.A., d. Sep 20, 1880, ae 9y-1m-28d

Row 3

(4 steps)
LOVE, John J., son of J. & E., d. Sep 23, 1868, ae 8y-8m-3d
LOVE, James W., d. Oct 18, 1876, ae 41y-2m-5d
LOVE, Ellen Nora, wife of J.W., d. May 14, 1875, ae 39y-1m-3d
[Note: James W. Love, b.Ind in 1835, was a son of James N. and Sarah (McQueen) Love (see for further).
James W. and Ellen resided in Newc twp Fulton Co Ind(Census, 1860, fam #966:966; Census 1870, fam #106:107). Their children: (1) Mary A., b.ca.1855 Ind; (2) John J., 1860-1868 (see above); (3) William M., b.ca.1861 Ind; (4) Eliza F., b.ca.1864 Ind; (5) Joseph T., 1865-1870 (see for further); (6) Abraham. b. February 1870; (7) Infant dau (no date).
Of the above seven children of James W. & Ellen Love, only three appear to have lived to adulthood. These were William M. and Eliza F. who were orphans in 1880 and living in the household of their married sister, Mary A. Fisher and her husband, Silas M. Fisher (see for further).
(4 steps)
LOVE, Abraham W., son of J.A.B. & S.A., d. Feb 8, 1869, ae 1y-28d
LOVE, Abram, son of J. & E.?, d. ----1878?, ae 6m-??
LOVE, Joseph T., son of J. & E., d. Nov 18, 1870, ae 5y-19d
(4 steps)
LOVE, Elnora L., dau of J.A.B. & S.A., d. June 24?, 1871, ae 5y-3m-21d
(broken stone)
(4 steps)
LOVE, James W., son of J.A.B. & S.A., d. Sep 30, 1871?, ae 1y-1m-28d
LOVE, Joseph A. B., d. Oct 23, 1871, ae 32y-7m-23d
[Note: Joseph A. B. Love, b.Ind in 1839, was a son of James N. and Sarah (McQueen) Love (see for further). He was a Pvt in Co F, 87 Reg of Indiana (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 16).
Joseph A. B. Love m. Sarah A. Kessler, October 3, 1858 (Fulton Co M.R.). They were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (Census 1860, fam. #965:965), with a dau, Sophia, and an Isaac S. Love (19yr b.Ind) who was probably a bro of Joseph. Census records again mention this family in 1870 (same state, county and twp, fam. #9:9). Only two of the children of Joseph and Sarah appear to have lived to adulthood: Sophia C. and Isaac S.
Children: (1) Sophia C., b.1859 Ind, m. Martin W. Hodges (see for further); (2) Isaac Smith (also known as Isaac S. B.), b.a861 Ind, m.Nancy Montgomery (see previous pages herein; also see for further); (3) Elnora L., 1866-1871 (see above); (4) Abraham W., 1868-1869 (ibid); (5) James W., 1870-1871 (this date not sure; see above; also Census 1870 says born within the census year in November)]
LOVE, Infant dau of J. & E., d. Apr 26 (no year or age given)
JENKINS, Minnie M., Sep 14, 1881, ae 2y-5m-19d
[Note: Minnie M., b.1879 in Ind, was an adopted dau of Samuel T. and Clarissa (Miller) Foudray (see Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #70:71).}
(4 steps)

KESLER, Finethy M., wife of Abraham, d. Oct 10, 1873, ae 30y-7m-20d
[Note: Finethy M., b.1843 Ind, was a dau of James N. and Sarah (McQueen) Love of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. She m.Abraham Kes(s)ler November 11, 1858 (Fulton Co M.R.).]

Row 4

(5 steps)
LOVE, James N., d. May 27, 1867, ae 70y-10m-26d (broken stone)
LOVE, Sarah, wife of James N., d. Feb 19, 1855, ae 53y
[Note: Sarah McQueen was probably the (1st) wife of James N. Love. She was born in Ky in 1802.
James N. Love was b.Virginia in 1796, but his parents are not known to this compiler. His (2nd) marriage was to Anna Spencer, October 11, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.). She was probably the same Anna Spencer (ae 50, b.Ohio) who lived in the household of Ambrose & Mary Meredith in 1850 (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #92:92).
The (3rd) wife of James N. Love was Mary Sperry whom he m.April 16, 1857 (Fulton Co M.R.). Mary (also known as Polly) was b.ca.1810-12 in Ky, and believed to have married (1st) David McFall who d.ca.1842. Richard Smock was named admr. of his estate December 28, 1842, and November 13, 1843 Mary McFall was guardian of the minor heirs of David McFall. Guardianship Index informs us that the children were: William A. McFall, Arthur McFall & David McFall, and that the guardianship was opened November 1843 and Final Report filed May 1848 (Fulton Co Ind Probate Docket "A" 1838-1856, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh; Fulton Co Guardianship Index Book "A", p. 52). Austin (William A.) McFall, one of the three children of David and Mary McFall, was a Pvt of Co F, 87 Ind Regt (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, 1883, by Kingman Bros, p. 16). There is a record of marriage of Austin McFall to Sarah M. Lawhead, September 14, 1859 (Fulton Co M.R.) Also Rochester Sentinel, Nov. 28, 1863 has the following: "Married on Sunday evening Nov. 8, 1863, at Warsaw, Ind., by Rev. Mr. Wilson, Mr. Austin McFall formerly of Rochester, and Miss Mollie Koontz, of Peru, Ind."
Mary (-----) McFall (called Polly) next married Samuel G. Sperry, August 1, 1846 (Fulton Co M.R.). Samuel G. Sperry, very early settler of Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind, was b.Virginia ca.1788, and m. (1st) Rachel Washburn, who d.1845.(see Citizens cem, Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind) Two children were born to Samuel G. and Mary Sperry: Franklin and Windfield Scott Sperry. In 1850, Mary and children Austin McFall, David McFall, Franklin Sperry and Windfield S. Sperry, were in the household of Samuel Sperry in Rochester twp (census 1850, Roch twp, fam. #210:210). During the May Term of Court, 1853, Mary Sperry sued Samuel G. Sperry for divorce. " . . . divorce granted and custody of Franklin Scott Sperry to remain with complt until further order of Court." (Fulton Circuit Court, Bench Docket 1845-1859, May Term, 1853, #40).
Mary (-----) McFall Sperry next married James N. Love, 1857 (see above). During April Term of Court 1860, Mary Love -vs- James Love, Mary filed a complaint for order to sell the defendant's property for her support. It was a jury trial, and the verdict was for the plff, $20 annually "during abandonment & existence of the relation of husband and wife." (Fulton Co Ind Bench Docket "B" 1860-1866). During August Term of Court 1860, #38, James N. Love -vs- Mary Love, the following entry was made: "Complt for divorce. Filed August 17, 1860. Divorce granted." (Fulton Co Ind, Bench Docket "B" 1860-1868). A final record on Mary Love, widow ae 50, finds her living in Rochester city in 1860, with her children: David McFall (16), Franklin Sperry (11) and Scott Sperry (8) (census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Rochester city, fam. #1124:1127).
James N. Love and his first wife, Sarah (McQueen) Love were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1850 (see census, fam. #78:78) with five children: Hamilton H., James, Joseph A., Smith I., and Finnetta. James N. Love was not found in Fulton Co Ind in the 1860 census.

Louisa Ewing Love, a dau of James N. and Sarah (McQueen) Love, 1823-1871, m. William Williams McMahan, 1839 in Columbus, Ind (see Mt. Zion cem, Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind). Concerning the other children of James N. Love: Hamilton H. was b.ca.1829, Ky (no other info); James W., 1835-1876, b.Ind (see previous pages herein); Joseph A. B., 1839 Ind - 1871, m. Sarah A. Kessler (ibid); Isaac Smith (Smith I.), b.ca.1840 Ind, was with his bro Joseph A. B. Love & fam in 1860 census (Newc twp fam. #965:965), nothing further known; Finnetta (Finethy M.), 1843-1873, m. Abraham Kessler (see previous pages herein; also next entry; also History Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, 1896, p. 106; also Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 30).]
(5 steps)
KESLER, Abraham, d. Feb 14, 1873, ae 33y-9m-1d
[Note: Abraham Kesler (also spelled Kessler) was b.Ohio 1839, a son of Peter (1808-1875) and Eliza (Windbigler) Kesler (see for further). He married Finethy M. Love (see previous page) and first appeared in Fulton Co Ind census records in 1870 (Newc twp, fam. #149:150) with his wife, Fynetty & six children all born in Ind. The next household on that census page (fam. #150:151) was that of his parents, Peter & Eliza Kessler.
Children of Abraham & Finethy M. Kesler: (1) James F., b.1859 Ind, m. Elizabeth A. "Adda" Jenkins (see for further); (2) Peter, b.1861 Ind, m. Mary E. Fish (see for further); (3) Sarah E., b.ca.1864 Ind; (4) Joseph A., b.1865 Ind, m. Ora L. Fish (see for further); (5) George, b.ca.1868 Ind, perhaps the same George (1868-1924) who, with his wife Hattie C. (1873-1970), was bur in Mentone cem, Kosciusko Co, Ind (Mentone cem, Kosc Co); (6) Michael Emmet, b.March 1870 Ind.
Sarah E., dau of Abraham & Finethy M. Kesler, m.June 14, 1879 Charles S. Reed (Fulton Co M.R.). Charles S. was b.ca.1858 Ind, and his parents both born in Ohio. He and his wife, Sarah E., were residents of Newc twp in 1880, with an infant son (b.May), and a bro-in-law, George Kessler, Jr. ae 13(Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #263:268).
Joseph A., son of Abraham & Finethy M. Kesler, age 14, was called "nephew" and in the household of John & Mary Jane Kessler in 1880 (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #262:267).
Michael E. (also called McEmmet & Mack E.) m.July 21, 1898 Malinda A. Kreakbaum. Malenda Ann "Mrs Mack Kesler" was b.Kosc Co Ind, January 23, 1873, a dau of William & Mariah (Smith) Kreakbaum. Mack E Kesler d.1963, and Malenda Ann d.September 2, 1953; both bur Akron cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind. (Rochester Sentinel, Thurs., Sept. 3, 1953, obit "Mrs. Mack Kesler:; Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #149:150, Abraham Kessler household). Michael E., age 10, was called a "brother" living in the household of James F. & Elizabeth A. Kessler in 1880 (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #251:256).]
(9 steps)
HEGE, Geo. W., d. Aug 26, 1861, ae 27y-3m-9d
HEGE, Sarah A., wife of G.W., d. Mar 17, 1862, ae 24y-4m-5d
[Note: George W., b.1834 Ind, was a son of Samuel J. & Lucy Hege (see for further). He m.Sarah A. Babcock February 12, 1860 (Fulton Co M.R.). They were of Rochester twp in 1860 (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Roch twp, fam. #1265:1269).
The will of George W. Hege "late of Fulton County, Ind., deceased" was dated August 25, 1861, and proved September 23, 1861. His heirs: "my wife, Sarah A. Hege, and my infant son, Alonzo Ozeda Hege . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).]
HEGE, Alonzo O., son of G.W. & S.A., d. Feb 11, 1862, ae 6m-14d (broken stone)

Row 5

EMMONS, Our Father & Mother
(1) Jesse, d. Nov 30, 1879, ae 82y-9m-17d
(2) Ann, d. Dec 1, 1850, ae 51y-10m
[Note: Jesse Emmons was b.Virginia or Penn, 1797. He & his wife, Ann, were residents of Newc twp in 1850 with six children (all b.Ind) (Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #52:52).
After Ann died, he next married Margaret Sanders, May 22, 1851 (Fulton Co M.R.). Margaret was b.ca.1802, and was the widow of John Sanders who d. 1850 (see for further). Jesse Emmons (ae 64) and wife, Margaret (ae 60), were housholders in the Census 1860, with a son, Jesse (Fulton Co, Newc twp, fam. #971:971). They were residents of the same county and twp, in 1870 (fam. #154:155). That year, their son Jesse B., their dau-in-law Calista A., and two gr-children: Maryanna (5) and Jesse S. W. (2) were with them.
Margaret's death date and burial place are not known to this compiler. However, the will of Jesse Emmons which was dated July 24, 1866, and proved December 4, 1879, reads: " . . . to my son, Jesse Brown Emmons . . . from and after the decease of my beloved wife, Margaret Emmons . . ." (Fulton Co Ind, Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
All of the children of Jesse Emmons, known to this compiler, were b.Ind, and only the youngest was born in Fulton County. Very few householders with the Emmon-Emmonds-Emmons name were in Indiana in 1820, and only one Jesse Emmonds. He was 16-25 years (b.1795-1804), and was living in Jackson County with a fem. 10-15 (b.1805-1810) & a male under 10 years (b.1810-1820) (1820 Federal Census for Indiana, by Heiss, p.0126). Again, in 1840, only one Jesse Emmons was found in Indiana. He was a resident of Bartholomew County, and was probably the same Jesse Emmons b.1797 who settled in Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1841 (Index, 1840 Federal Census, Indiana, by Indiana Historical Society, p. 102; Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind., by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44).
Children of Jesse & Ann Emmons, of whom there is knowledge, include: (1) William, b.1828, m.(1st) Sarah A. Reed, m.(2nd) Maria Sanns (see for further); (2) Martilda, b.ca.1832, m.Israel Dille October 4, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.), residents of Newc twp in 1860 with a son, Asa J. ae 2 yrs (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #987:987); (3) George, b.ca.1834, m. Sarah Ann Hege December 7, 1856 (Fulton Co M.R.), were residents of Newc twp in 1860 with a dau, Elzora O., ae 1 yr (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #930:930); (4) Amanda, b.1834, m.Isaac J. Meredith (see for further); (5) Cassa Ann "Catharine", b.ca.1839, m.George W. Hall, April 26, 1857 (Fulton Co M.R.), were residents of Newc twp in 1860 where George W. Hall was a blacksmith, with one dau, Romanda, age 1 year. In the February Term of Court 1867 (#20), Cassey A. Hall filed suit for divorce from George W. Hall, December 7, 1866 (Fulton Co Ind, Bench Docket "B", 1860-1868, Civil Court); (6) Jesse Brown Emmons, the youngest child, b.ca.1842, and his wife, Calista A. and two children Maryanna (ae 5) and Jesse S. W. (ae 2), were living with Jesse & Margaret Emmons in 1870 (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #154:155). By 1880, Jesse Brown Emmons and his wife and children: Margaret (ae 15), Jesse William (ae 12) and Ida Etta (ae 8) were in their own home (Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #249:254).]
EMMONS, Ann, dau of F. & L., d. June 12, 1840 (no age or b.d.)
[Note: Since this child died about four years prior to the date of the marriage of Finley and Lucinda Chamberlain, it might be assumed that there was an earlier marriage. This would be a child of that earlier marriage.
(4 steps)
EMMONS, Infant son of F. & L., d. 1844

EMMONS, Lucinda, wife of F., d. Dec 10, 1845, ae 29y-11m-23d
[Note: Lucinda Chamberlain was probably the second wife of Finley Emmons, whom he married January 4, 1844 (Fulton Co M.R.). There appears to be an error in either the info on her grave marker, or in the reading of it. If she died in 1845 at the age given on the marker, she would have been born in 1816 and eight years older than her husband, Finley Emmons. Also, she couldn't have been included in the 1850 Federal Census with Finley - but she was. That record indicates that she was born in New York and was 23 years old (b.ca.1827). It is the opinion of this compiler that the last two numbers in the year of her death were reversed and should have been 1854 instead of 1845, making the year of her birth 1825. (Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #7:7).
Finley & Lucinda Emmons were parents of three known children: (1) an infant son, d.1844 (see above entry); (2) Mason, 1845-1880 (see Reichter cem herein); (3) Orlando 1848-1928, m. Harriet E. Hayes, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.; also Rochester I.O.O.F. cem)
EMMONS, Samuel J., son of F. & E., d. May 6, 1856, ae 11d
EMMONS, Elizabeth, wife of F., d. Mar 14, 1865, ae 28y-2m-17d
[Note: Elizabeth M. was b.1837 Ind, land was a dau of Samuel J. & Lucy Hege of Newc twp (see for further).
Elizabeth M. Hege was probably the third wife of Finley Emmons, whom he m.March 15, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.). Elizabeth's sister, Sarah Ann, m. George Emmons, a son of Jesse and Ann Emmons (see previous page).
Finley and Elizabeth M. Emmons lived in Newc twp in 1860 with their children: Mason, Orlando & George. Also in their household were: Nathan Hegge (ae 13) probably of bro. of Elizabeth, and a William Hegge (ae 22) relationship unkn (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #907:907).
Only two children known to have been born to Finley and his third wife, Elizabeth M. (Hege) Emmons: (1) Samuel J., b. & d.1856 (see above); (2) George N., b.1858, m. Sarah A. Brumm 1880 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; also prior pages herein).
Finley Emmons married a fourth time, between 1865 and 1867, to Margaret, said to be Margaret Black in her daughter Della's marriage record. Black may have been a maiden name or the name of a previous or subsequent husband. Adding further confusion, is the fact that an Elizabeth Langne, widow ae 69, and mother-in-law, was visiting in the household of Finley and his fourth wife, Margaret, in 1880. Finley and Margaret were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1870, with children: Mason (ae 22, an invalid), Orlando (ae 21), George (ae 12), Elizabeth (ae 3) and Arretta (11mo, b.June) (see Census, Fulton Co Ind, 1870, Newc twp, fam. #21:20; and 1880, Richland twp, fam. #184:184).
The children of Finley and Margaret Emmons were: (1) Elizabeth (also called Lizzie & Libby), b.1867, m.John W. Felts, 1884 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (2) Loureta, 1869-1872 (see Reichter cem); (3) Hugh(?), 1871-1872 (ibid); (4) Laura May, b.ca.1873; (5) Elmore (1875-1875) (ibid); (6) Eldora, 1875-1895 (ibid); (7) Marion, 1877-1877 (ibid); (8) Della, b.ca.1878, m.Leroy Gordon at Tiosa, October 27, 1894 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk 1892-1898: "Della, dau of Finley Emmons and Margaret Black").
There was yet a fifth marriage for Finley Emmons, October 27, 1881, to Eliza Coblentz (Fulton Co M.R.). She was the widow of Daniel Coblentz of Richland twp, who d.February 15, 1881, ae 34yr-3mo-8da. (see Citizens Cem, Richland Center, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind). The marriage application of her son, Hugh Finley Emmons, reveals that Eliza's maiden name was Grant. The two children of Finley and Eliza (Grant) Coblentz Emmons were: (1) Margaret "Maggie", b.ca.1882; (2) Hugh Finley, b.ca.1883, Rochester, Ind., m. Ethel Lucille Castle, April 18, 1903 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk 1901-1904).
All efforts to locate the burial place of Finley Emmons have failed, but he d. at Rochester, ae 77, October 19, 1899 (Fulton Co Ind Death Records). His will, dated April 7, 1888, adm. to probate October 28, 1899, indicates that Eliza Emmons, widow of Finley Emmons accepted the provision

made for her; names heirs; to Orlando Emmons, (son) George Emmons, (dau) Lizzie Felts, (daus) Lowrey May Emmons, Eldora Emmons, Della Emmons and Margaret Emmons, (son) Hugh Finley Emmons. He expresses "a loving confidence in my wife and do hereby appoint her guardian of all my minor children . . ." Codicil No.3, dated November 5, 1894, makes the following changes "to my daughters Lowry May Emmons, Della Emmons (now Della Gordon) . . . and my son Hughy Emmons . . ." Codicil No.4, dated March 26, 1895, states "Since the execution of Codicil No.3 dated November 5, 1894, my daughter Eldora Emmons has departed this life and I now will . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).]
EMMONS, Mason, son of F. & L., d. Mar 8, 1880, ae 34y-10m-2d
(4 steps)
(1) Elizabeth, wife of J.C., d. Sep 12, 1847, ae 53y-9m-3d
(2) John C., d. Nov 12, 1856, ae 57y-3m-15d
[Note: John Cephas Farry was b.Vermont. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, 1883, by Kingman Bros., pp. 44, 48-49). He served in the War of 1812, and was in the Battle of Lundy's Lane; following a three year enlistment, he joined the regular army for five years, and was a dispatch carrier carrying mail from Fort Wayne to Fort Dearborn (Chicago).
After his army service was over, John Cephas Farry m. Elizabeth Collins (date unkn) nr Lebanon, Warren Co Ohio. She was b.Penn., and was a dau of Jeremiah Collins who is said to have come from France with Lafayette, and was at the battle of Yorktown. About 1827, John C. and Elizabeth Farry removed to Miami Co Ohio, nr Troy, and again sometime before 1840 to near Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co Ind. They became settlers of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp in 1841. The name of only one of the children of John C & Elizabeth (Collins) Farry is known, Silas Harvey Farry, b.1819 (see Reichter cem)
FARRY, V. Olive, dau of S.H. & C.B., 1854-1925
[Note: Viola Olive, dau of Silas Harvey & Catharine (Brown) Farry (see for further).]
(4 steps)
HEGE, Samuel J., d. Apr 27, 1855, ae 45y-9m-27d
[Note: The name Hege is spelled many ways: Hage-Hagee-Hege-Higgy. Samuel J. Hege was b.N.Car in 1809, and appears in the Fulton Co Ind Census Records for the first time in 1850 (Newc twp, fam #10:10 "Samuel J. Higgy).
The wife of Samuel J. Hege was Lucy, b.ca.1813 in Ohio. Her will, dated October 13, 1857 and proved December 7, 1857, calls her "Lucy Hege" and "Lucy Hagee". It names four of her children: George W. Hege, Elizabeth M. Emmons, Sarah Ann Emmons and Nathan S. Hage. The will also states that Elizabeth M. Emmons was her "eldest daughter"; Sarah Ann Emmons her "second and youngest daughter"; Nathan S. Hagee her "youngest son"; and George W. Hagee her "eldest son." She asks George to raise & educate his brother, Nathan.
Children of Samuel J. & Lucy Hege included: (1) George W., b.1834, m.Sarah A. Babcock (see previous pages herein); (2) Elizabeth M., b.1837, 3rd wife of Finley Emmons (see previous page); (3) Sarah Ann, b.ca.1840, m.George Emmons (ibid); (4) Mary J., 1842-1845 Reichter cem; (5) Nathan S., 1847-1881 Reichter cem; (6) James K. F. (or K. P.?), 1845-1845 Reichter cem; (7) Joshua M., 1849-1850 Reichter cem. All the children were b.Ind. (see Fulton Co Ind, Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).]
HEGE, Timothy J., d. Aug 4, 1846, ae 34y-8m-5d
HEGE, Mary J., dau of Sam'l J. & Lucy, d. Sep 30, 1845, ae 2y-11m
HEGE, James K. F.(or K.P.?), son of Samuel J. & Lucy, d. Oct 4, 1845, ae 5m
(4 steps)
HEGE, Nathan S., d. Nov 4, 1881, ae 34y-3m-28d

Row 6

HENDRICKS, John, son of Wm. L. & M.A., d. Jan 2, 1854, ae 1m-28d (loose stone)
HENDRICKS, Martha A., wife of Wm. L., d. June 22, 1854, ae 21y-5m-21d
(6 steps)
FISHER, Willis, d. Feb 19, 1862, ae 41y-4m-9d (broken stone)
[Note: Willis Fisher, called Wilson Fisher in the 1860 census, b.1820 in Ky or Ind. He and his wife Malinda were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1850, with two children: John W. (ae 6, b.Missouri), and Henry (ae 2, b.Ind) (Census 1850, fam. #11:11). They were in the same twp in 1860, with children: John W., Milton, Silas and Sarah (Henry not mentioned) (Census 1860, fam. #911:911).
Malinda, wife of Willis Fisher, b.Ind ca.1828. Her parents were natives of Ky. (Census 1880). She may have married second, June 17, 1868, to William Thompson (Fulton Co M.R.). Malinda next married, October 1, 1869, Joseph C. Kepler. The record shows her as Melinda Thompson (Fulton Co M.R.). Joseph C. Kepler was not located by this compiler in Fulton Co in 1860. However, in 1870, he was shown as being 49 and b.Ohio, and a resident of Newc twp, Fulton Co, with his wife, Malinda (43, b.Ind). This household also included children (probably his): Clemant (ae 20), Charles (ae 15), Eliza E. (ae 12), Segal (ae 7), Lucretia (ae 5); and the children of Malinda: Milton (ae 18), Silas M. (ae 16), and Sarah E. (ae 12). All children were b.Ind. (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, lNewc twp, fam. #8:8). By 1880, Malinda Fisher, "widow" and mother of Silas M. Fisher, was 53 years and living in the household of her son, Silas M. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #8:8).
Children of Willis & Malinda Fisher: (1) John W., lb.ca.1844 Missouri, m. September 28, 1867 Sarah E. Evans (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Henry, b.ca.1848 Ind; (3) Milton, b.ca.1850 Ind, m. June 25, 1876 Melissa Thompson (ibid); (4) Silas M., 1854 Ind - 1920, m.Mary Amanda Love (Reichter cem); (5) Sarah E., b.January 9, 1858, m.January 24, 1875 Johnathan Warren and d.1876 after birth of one dau, Sarah L. Warren (ibid).]
COON, Milton I., 1862-1862
[Note: Perhaps this was an infant son of Stephen V. R. and Helen (Taylor) Puterbaugh Coon.]
PUTERBAUGH, Dorah, 1858-1877
[Note: Perhaps this is the Sarah J., ae 2y, in household of Ellen (Hellen) Puterbaugh, widow, in 1860 (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #898:898; also see Census 1870, same county & twp, fam.#22:21 "S.V.R. Coon")]
PUTERBAUGH, Aley, d. Oct 29, 1857, ae 25y-1d (broken stone)
[Note: Aley Puterbaugh, b.1832, m.November 20, 1856 Hellen, dau of Selem P. & Sarah (Baldwin) Taylor of Newc twp (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Stephen V. R. Coon)
(4 steps)
FARRY, Hugh R., son of S.H. & R.A., June 24, 1870 - Nov 1, 1871
FARRY, Ruth A., wife of Silas H., mother, Jan 5, 1835 - Jan 10, 1887
[Note: Ruth A., second wife, married Silas Harvey Farry October 14, 1861. She was b.January 5, 1835 at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co Ohio, dau of Joseph and Angeline (Belt) Roach.
Joseph Roach was orphaned at three years, and had elder bros who were in the war of 1812. Joseph was b.February 8, 1806 in Frederick Co Maryland, and m.Angeline ca.1832; was an apprenticed shoemaker in Philadelphia, removing to Knox Co Ohio 1834, to Warsaw, Kosciusko Co Ind, 1839, to Mt. Edna, Huntington Co in 1845, and in 1847 to Lagro, Wabash Co Ind, where he d.January 14, 1856. His wife, Angeline, d. September 20, 1859. (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44).]

FARRY, Catharine B., wife of Silas H., mother, May 2, 1824 - Apr 9, 1861
[Note: Catharine Brown, first wife, m. Silas H. Farry April 4, 1843. Catharine was the eldest dau of Daniel (b.1805 N.Y.) and Sophia (Kerns) Brown. Sophia, b.1802 N.Car, was a dau of Henry Kerns. (ibid, p. 48-49)
"Catharine Brown Farry was born May 2d, 1824, in Miami Co Ohio, and departed this life April 9th, 1861 . . . joined the M. E. church December 1842. Was married April 4, 1843, to Silas H. Farry, removed to Fulton Co Ind in October 1846, where she finished her earthly career . . . A husband and five small children are left to mourn. -- Jesse Sparks." (Rochester Sentinel, Sat., Oct. 5, 1861)
"Died - On the 9th inst., at her residence, of general dropsy, Catharine B. Farry, consort of (-----) Farry, aged 36 years 11 months 7 days . . . member of the Methodist church for the past 18 years. She leaves a companion, five little children . . .". (Rochester Sentinel, Sat. April 13, 1861).
FARRY, Silas H., father, July 16, 1819 - Jan 6, 1891
[Note: Silas Harvey Farry was born nr Lebanon, Warren Co Ohio, a son of John Cephas and Elizabeth (Collins) Farry (see p. 93). Silas H. removed to nr Troy, in Miami Co Ohio, with his parents when eight years (ca.1827). When he was sixteen years (winter of 1835-36) he went to live in the home of Daniel Brown ca. 3 miles west of Troy, and remained with him until 1840. In the fall of 1840, he traveled to Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, and at that time he also visited his parents who sometime before had removed to Mishawaka, St. Joseph Co Ind. Silas H. Farry returned to Ohio, married in 1843 and located near Troy, Ohio, until 1846 when he returned to Indiana. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, pp.4, 48-49).
Silas H. and his first wife, Catharine, were residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1850, with three children: William R. and Theodore B., both b.Ohio, and Lucinda E. (Lucelia E.) b.Ind. William Collens, ae 12 b.Ohio, was also in this family, relationship unkn(Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #58:58). Silas H. not found in the 1860 Census for Fulton Co Ind., but in 1870 he and his second wife, Ruth A., were householders in Fulton Co, in Newc twp, with children: T. B. (sawmill operator), Austin O., Viola O., Eldora C., and a Maggie V. Roach, ae 18 b.Ind (relationship unkn) (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #144:145). S. Harvy Farry (ae 60) and wife, Ruth A. (ae 46), were again householders in 1880 (Census, same state & county, Newc twp fam. #280:285), with family: Theodore B. (photographer), Austin O., Viola Olive (dressmaker), Eldora C., Roland R., and Maggie J. J.
Children of Silas Harvey & Catharine (Brown) Farry: (1) William R., b.ca.1843 Ohio, Pvt Co F, 87 Regt Ind Vol Inf; (2) Theodore B., b.March 4, 1846 Miami Co Ohio, unm at age 34 (Census 1880); (3) Lucelia E., b.ca.1848 Ind, m. Alexander Young April 7, 1867 (Fulton Co M.R.). (Alexander Young, 18 yrs b.Ohio, blacksmith, with the household of Henry & Lucy Alexander of Fulton Co Ind, Rochester twp (Census 1850, fam #33:33), was with the recruits of August & September 1861 from Fulton Co, as Corp Alexander Young of Co D, 29th Regt Ind Vols (History Fulton Co Ind by Peattie, 1896, p. 7); (4) Austin Otis, 1852-1932 (See Reichter cem); (5) Viola Olive, 1854-1925. Children of Silas Harvey & Ruth A. (Roach) Farry: (6) Eldora C., b.ca.1865; (7) Hugh R., 1870-1871 (see preceding page); (8) Roland R., b.ca.1874; (9) Maggie A. J., b.ca.1877.
The will of Viola Olive Farry, of Plymouth, Ind., dated April 20, 1915 / December 16, 1925, leaves to "my nephew, Otis Theodore Farry, son of my brother Theodore B. Farry . . . my two brothers, Theodore B. Farry, who now resides at Lavadao, Missouri, and Austin O. Farry, who resides at Rochester, Indiana . . . Belle H. Farry (wife of Theodore) . . . Anna M. Farry (wife of Austin) . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Will Book "F", p. 336)
The will of Silas H. Farry of Fulton Co Ind, dated May 9, 1889 / January 21, 1891, names his heirs, "my children to wit: William R. Farry, Theodore B. Farry, Austin O. Farry, (Mrs.) Lucelia E. Young, Viola O. Farry, Roland R Farry & Maggie A. J. Farry . . "(Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills

1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh)
(4 steps)
REDMAN, Abigail, wife of R., d. Sep 7, 1866, ae 56y
REDMAN, Reuben, d. Feb 25, 1863, ae 68y (broken stone)
[Note: Reuben Redman, b.1795 in Virginia, came to Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, shortly after the arrival of a Nicholas King, Sr., who arrived in the spring of 1846 (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44)
Reuben and his wife Abigail, who was b.Ky, were householders in Fulton Co Ind in 1850 and 1860 (Census 1850, Newc twp, fam. #16:16; Census 1860, Newc twp, fam. #902:902). This was the only family of the name in those two census years, in Fulton Co Ind.
Children of Reuben & Abigail Redman included: (1) Marcus L. B., b.ca.1835 Ind; (2) James, b.ca.1836 Ind; (3) William H., b.ca.1849 Ind; (4) Dorathy, b.ca.1851 Ind. Dorathy Redman m. Luther Cole March 6, 1870 (Fulton Co M.R.). Dorathy may have died sometime before July 1878 leaving small children, because Luther (called Lewis) Cole m. next July 1 1878 Kizziah L. Evins, and Luther with Kizziah, his wife, were residents of Richland twp in 1880 with daus: Minie (b.ca.1871; Anne (b.ca.1873); Belle (b.ca.1878); and a baby girl (b. in May 1879). (Refer: Fulton Co M.R.; 1880 Census, Richland twp, fam. #246:246; Richland twp cem inscriptions)
(4 steps)
HEGE, Joshua M., son of S. & L., d. Sep 6, 1850, ae 9m-13d (loose stone)
[Note: Joshua M., son of Samuel J. & Lucy Hege (see p. 93).]

Row 7

(8 steps)
WARREN, Sarah E., wife of Johnathan, d. Jan 29, 1876, ae 18y-20d
[Note: Sarah E., dau of Willis & Malinda Fisher, and wife of Johnathan Warren, d. about a month before her infant dau, Sarah L. Warren. Soon after, September 28, 1876, Johnathan m. his second wife, Sarah E. Thompson (Fulton Co M.R.; also see p. 94)
WARREN, Sarah L., dau of J. & S.E., d. Feb 12, 1876, ae 8wks
EMMONS, Elzoria O., dau of G.? & S.A., d. Mar 17, 1865, ae 5y-9m-5d
EMMONS, Loreta E., dau of G. & S., d. Dec 24, 1877, ae 3m-20d (loose stone)
WOODS, Jefferson, d. Oct 9, 1860,----
[Note: broken in half and the part showing age at death is missing. However, one Jefferson Wood, ae 21, a laborer b.Ohio, was in John S., Sr. and Matilda Mow household, in Newcastle Twp.(Fulton Co., Ind., Census 1850).]
(16 steps)
DAVIS, Missouri E., dau of L. & S.J., d. Feb 11, 1859, ae 2y-2m-22d
McGARY, John, d. Aug 13, 1850, ae 90y-2m-26d
[Note: This name is spelled several ways: McGary, McGarry and McGeary. John McGary b.1760, and probably was the John McGeary who donated a lot to Newcastle twp for a public cemetery about 1839 or 1840. It was the first in the twp and was known as the Richter Cemetery (see Hist. Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 45).
The will of John McGarry, of Marshall Co Ind, was dated May 11, 1847, and proved August 3, 1850 in Fulton Co Ind. It names his heirs: (dau) Jane Troxel's heirs, Sylvester, Lovina and Oliver; (dau) Sarah M. Grant's son, Franklin Grant; (dau) Eleanor Gordon's children (not named); (dau) Fanny Baylis' heirs, John Baylis, Cyrus Baylis, Alfred Baylis, Martha Jane Balis; (dau) Patsey Papejoy. He named as Executor his friend, Selim P. Taylor. A Codicil to the above will, dated November 21, 1849: " . . . to Sanford Gordon, if he takes care of me in the last of my life

. . ." (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).]

Row 8

(9 steps)
SWINEHART, Barbara (concrete surface marker, no dates)
(16 steps)
KENNEDY, John A., son of Royal & Sylvira, d. Apr 11, 1853, ae 4m-16d
[Note: Royal Kennedy, father of John A., was b.ca.1822 Ohio (death date & place unkn), and m.August 23, 1849 Sylvira Kneeland (b.ca.1829 Canada, death date & place unkn) (Fulton co M.R.). Royal & Sylvira Kennedy were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1850 and 1860, but gone by 1870. In 1860, their household included four children; Rebecca M. Nealand ae 58 (see previous pages herein; also following inscription "Rebecca M. Davis" below); and John Kennedy ae 72. (Fulton Co Census, 1850, Newc twp, fam. #2:2; 1860 fam #874:874).
The children of Royal & Sylvira Kennedy: (1) Mandani C. (aka Madra C.) b.ca.1850 Ind; (2) John A., 1852-1853; (3) Cynthia E., b.ca.1854 Ind; (4) Cyrus M., b.ca.1857 Ind; (5) Almand E., b.ca.1859 Ind.]
DAVIS, Rebecca M., wife of A., d. Mar 25, 1867, ae 65y-26d (loose stone)
[Note: Rebecca M. Kneeland, perhaps the third wife of Amos Davis, whom she married October 1, 1860 (Fulton Co M.R.; also previous pages herein).]
(4 steps)

Row 9

HIGHWAY, Isaac J., d. Jan 22, 1879, ae 25y-6m
[Note: Isaac J., b.1853 Ind, was a son of Edward and Rachel (Fairfield) Heighway, who were m.September 6, 1849 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Edward Heighway was b.January 20, 1817 Ohio; d.May 14, 1854, aged 37y-3m-24d, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind. Nathan Fairchild was named Admr. of the Edward Hiway estate, July 18, 1854 (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind; also Fulton Co Ind Probate Court Docket "A" 1838-1856, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh). Edward Hiway and his wife, Rachel, were residents of Fulton Co Ind, in 1850 (Census 1850, Newc twp, fam. #67:67). Jacob Fairchild, ae 22, was with them.
Rachel (Fairchild) Highway, mother of Isaac J., was b.ca.1825/31 in Ohio or Ind (census records differ). She was probably a dau of Nathan (b.ca.1798 N.Y.) and Nancy A. Fairchild (see Reichter cem inscr which follow). After the death of her husband, Edward, Rachel next married Levi Swinehart (date unkn) who was b.ca.1829 Ohio. Levi & Rachel Swinehart were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (Census 1860, Newc twp, fam. #957:957), with two children of her former marriage: Nathan Highway (ae 9), Isaac Highway (ae 7), and George (ae 2), who, because of his age, must have been a Swinehart although he appears as a Highway in the census record.
Isaac J. Highway m.April 15, 1877 Ellen Sullivan, dau of Dennis & Mary Solovon. After his death, Ellen m. John W. Sutherlin, April 17, 1883 (see for further; also Fulton Co M.R.)]
FAIRCHILD, George S., son of J.H. & H., d. Dec 11, 1862, ae 6y-1m-28d
FAIRCHILDS, Sarah E., dau of J.H. & H.S., d. June 14, 1862, ae 4m-20d
[Note: George S. & Sarah E., children of James H. Fairchild who m. Hannah L. Foudray June 17, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.),]
FAIRCHILD, Nancy, wife of N., d. Sep 29, 1855, ae 56y-7m-22d (loose stone)
[Note: Nancy A., b.1799 Kentucky, married Nathan Fairchild, b.ca.1798 in New York. His death

date & burial place are unkn to this compiler. " . . . Nathan Fairchild, a local preacher of the Methodist Church, came (to Newcastle twp) in 1843 or 1844 . . ." (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 44).
In 1850, Nathan Fairchild, ae 52, his wife Nancy A. and children: James H., ae 17, & Benjamin, ae (both b.Ind), were residents of Nwc twp, Fulton Co Ind (Census 1850, Newc twp, fam. #62:62).
Benjamin G., son of Nathan & Nancy A. Fairchild, was b.ca.1835, and m.Josephine Foudray June 17, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.). They resided in Newc twp in 1870, with two children: Samuel T., ae 3yr and Richard N. ae 1yr. Josephine Foudray was b.ca.1836 in Ky (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #204:204).]
(12 steps)
(1) William, Nov 22, 1828 - Mar 26, 1865, ae 36y-4m-4d
(2) Mariah, Feb 18, 1837 - Dec 27, 1906, ae 69y-10m-9d
[Note: William Emmons, b.Ind, was a son of Jesse Emmons (1797-1879) and Ann (-----) Emmons (see p. 91 herein). William m. (1st) Sarah Ann Reid, September 15, 1852 (Fulton Co M.R.). Sarah Ann, dau of William & Sarah Reid, b.Ohio 1826, d.1862 (Citizens cem, Rochester, Ind).
William Emmons m.(2nd) to Mariah Sanns, sometime between 1862 (death of first wife) and 1870 (census record). Maria Sanns, b.Ohio, was a dau of George and Mary Sanns, of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Reichter cem, "John Sanns").
William Emmons (ae 30) and his first wife, Sarah A. (ae 32), were residents of Fulton Co Ind, in 1860. Their family included: Margaret A., ae 5, who d.1861; Nancy A., ae 3; and also a Mariah Sanns, ae 23, a day servant, who must have become the second wife of William Emmons a few years later (Census 1860, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam. #924-914). By 1865, William Emmons had married Mariah Sanns who should not be confused with the Mariah Sanns (b.ca.1836 Ohio) who was a dau of Peter Sanns. In 1870, Mariah Emmons (widow of William) was a resident of Newc twp with a family which included: Amanda M. (ae 9), Jesse W. (ae 6), Rosa A. (ae 5) and Charles A. (ae 1) (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam.#215:215).
Mary Mariah Emmons m. William Blacketer, December 12, 1880 (Fulton Co M.R.), and in 1880, William Blacketor (ae 61 b.Tenn) and his wife Mary (ae 42 b.Ohio), were householders in Rochester twp with two children of William's previous marriage: David (ae 15) and Frank (ae 11). William Blacketor (b.ca.1818 - January 1899) was first m. to Mary C. J. Shelton (1822 Ky - 1854, dau of Thomas & Elizabeth (Johnson) Shelton); and second to Elizabeth A., who d.1878 ae 50yr. Census records suggest perhaps another marriage between 1854 (death of first wife) and 1860 when he was a householder with a female, Mary. He and wife, Elizabeth A., were householders in the 1870 census. (See: Rochester twp cem inscr. for William Blacketor family; also see Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Rochester twp, fam.#1430:1434; Census 1870, Rochester city, fam.#40:50; Census 1880, Rochester twp, fam.#10:10).
Maria Blacketor m. Michael Hisey, July 14, 1900 (Fulton Co M.R.) (See: Fulton Co Ind Estate Index: Maria Hisey, 1-15-07, Bk 7 p. 216, October Term '08, Bk 7, p. 462; Michael Hisey, 8-3-97, Bk 7, p.317, Oct. 1909, Bk 8, p. 30).
Children (by first wife): (1) Matilda A., 1853-1854 (Citizens cem, Rochester); (2) Margaret A. 1855-1861 (ibid); (3) Nancy A., b.ca.1857 Ind (ae 3yr in 1860; "Adalede" ae 13, in hshld of Edwin & Rachel Partridge in 1870 (Newc twp fam.#43:43); "Addie: ae 23, a border & dressmaker, unmarried in hshld of Empson A. & Kezia Heighway in 1880 (Newc twp, fam.#24:24); Adalade Emmons m. Levi Doren, July 27, 1882 (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Amanda M., 1861-1886 Reichter cem, (ae 9yr in 1870); Amanda ae 19, in hshld of Jesse & Huldah Meredith in 1880 (Newc twp, fam.#215-220); (5) Jesse William, 1862-1919, m. Della L. Tippy (see for further, Reichter cem).

Children by second wife (Mariah Sanns) Emmons: (1) Rosa A., 1865-1931, m.1884 Benjamin Meredith (see previous pages herein). Charles A., ae 1yr, was with Mariah Emmons in 1870, but the relationship is not certain.
EMMONS, Amanda, d. May 10, 1886, ae 24y-11m-25d
SHOEMAKER, Lula M., dau of L.M. & P.J., d. Sep 17?, 1886, ae 1m-2d
(7 steps)

Row 10

(17 steps)
FOUDRAY, Susan E., d. Mar 6, 1863, ae----
(broken, ae not available. However, Fulton County Ind. 1860 Census, shows her 17 years of age, making her ae 20 at d.d.)
FOUDRAY, J. O., Co'p 15 Ind Cav., d. ---
(military marker, d.d. broken off and missing)
FOUDRAY, S., father, Jan 16, 1804 - July 14, 1881
[Note: Sacheverell A. Foudray was born in Ky, Pa, or Md. Census records differ. His wife, Ellenor M. (also called Ellen) was born in Ky ca.1809 or 1811.
Hannah L. and Josephine (b.ca.1836 Ky) were probably sisters, the daus of Sacheverell A. & Ellenor M. Foudray, but this is not yet proven by this compiler. Hannah L. m.James H. Fairchild June 17, 1855, and Josephine m. Benjamin G. Fairchild on the same date (Fulton Co M.R.) James H. & Benjamin G. Fairchild were sons of Nathan & Nancy A. Fairchild. (see previous page).
Other children of Sacheverell A. & Ellenor M. Foudray: James O., b.ca.1841 Ky; Susan E., b.ca.1843, d.1863; Samuel T., b.ca.1844 Ky, m. Clarissa J. Miller April 17, 1874 and were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1880 (Newc twp, fam.#70:71), with an adopted dau, Minnie M. Jenkins, ae 1yr; William B., b.ca.1848 Ky; Virginia, b.ca.1850 Ky (Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Newc twp, fam.#926:926 "Sheverill Foudray:; Census 1870, fam.#205:205 "S. A. Foudray"; Census 1880, fam.#55:56 "Sacheverell Foudray").]
FALKNOR, Daniel, d. May 20, 1864, ae 30y-2m-17d
FALKNER, Rebecca, wife of David, d. Nov 25, 1870, ae 60y
FALKNOR, David, d. Apr 15, 1862, ae ---- (broken, age part is missing)
[Note: David Falknor was b.Ohio ca.1811. In various records the name is also spelled Falkner, Faulkner and Fortner. His wife, Rebecca, was b.Ohio 1810. She was appointed Admrx of her husband's estate May 10, 1862 (Rochester Sentinel, May 31, 1862), and there was an Admrx sale on Monday, June 30, 1862, selling personal property at the residence of David Falknor, deceased, in Newcastle twp, by Rebecca Falknor, Admrs (Rochester Sentinel, June 21, 1862). Rebecca Falknor was 60 years old in 1870, and shortly before her death was living with her dau, Sarah Pilkenton.
David & Rebecca Fortner were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1850 (Newc twp, fam.#114:115) with five children; and in 1860 (Newc twp, fam.#901:901) with four children, and were called Falkner.
Children of David & Rebecca Falknor: (1) Mary A., b.ca.1833 Ohio, m.1852 William H. Baldwin (see Reichter cem); (2) Daniel, 1834 Ind - 1865 (ibid); (3) Priscilla E., 1837-1897, 2nd wife of William Coplen (ibid); (4) Sarah Jane, b.ca.1840 Ind; (5) Catharine M., b.ca.1 848 Ind.
Sarah Jane "Fortner" m. William M. Pilkenton April 21, 1861 (Fulton Co M.R.), and two children were born to them: Percilla A. (b.ca.1862 Illinois), and Rebecca L. (b.ca.1867 Ind). Sarah (Jane) Pilkenton, ae 30, her two children and her mother, Rebecca Falkner, ae 60, were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1870 (Newc twp, fam.#206:206). Her husband was not with her. Sarah J. Pilke(n)ton, ae 40, was divorced, and her husband (fa. of the children) was born in Ky. (Fulton Co

Ind 1880 Census, Newc twp, fam.#67:68).
Catharine M., dau of David & Rebecca Fa(u)lkner, m. Eli W. Pilkenton September 20, 1866 (Fulton Co M.R.), and they resided in Fulton Co in 1870 (Newc twp, fam.#212:212 "Eli W. Pinkerton") with two children: Elzora O. (b.ca.1867 Ind), and Alma L. (b.August 1869 Illinois p d.1876, bur Reichter cem). Eli W. & Catharine Pilkenton were residents of Richland twp in 1880, and their children were: Olive (Elzora O.), Cora (b.ca.1872), Walter (b.ca.1873), Charley (b.ca.1877) and Luretta (b.August 1879) (Fulton Co Ind 1880 Census, Richland twp, fam.#226:226).]
CHAMBERS, John M., son of A. & S., d. Aug 5, 1851, ae 2y-4m-8d
[Note: John M. was b.Ohio, and probably was the same John M., ae 1yr, who was with the Jackson and Sarah Chambers family (Census 1850, Richland twp fam.#77:77).]
PILKENTON, Alma L., dau of E.W. & C.U.?, d. Oct? 17, 1876, ae 7y-2m-2d ?

Row 11

(32 steps)
LOVE, Nancy, Aug 21, 1867 - May 22, 1913
[Note: Nancy Montgomery, dau of Benjamin F. & Martha Ann Bybee Montgomery, m. Isaac Smith B. Love August 25, 1883 (see previous pages herein; also see Fulton Co M.R.)

Row 12
(11 steps)

COPLEN, Harriet, dau of Wm. & R., d. Nov 6, 1856, ae 11y-9---- (the rest is gone)
[Note: Harriet, ae 8yr b.Ind, was of the household of William & Ruth Coplin (Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam.#101:101).]
(17 steps)
DAVIDSON, Louisa?, wife of ?.M., d. Dec 26, 1868, ae 25y-10m-29d (broken stone)
[Note: Louisa, b.1844 Ind., dau of Caleb (1799-1872) and Sarah L. "Sally" [Mercer] Montgomery, of Newc. twp., m. John M. Davidson Nov 17, 1861. (Fulton Co M.R.) John M., thought to be a son of Andrew (1790-1843) and Elizabeth (1796-1845) Davidson (see Citizens cem, Rochester twp).]
MONTGOMERY, Hulda, dau of C. & S., d. Mar 12, 1865, ae 20y-6m-6d
MONTGOMERY, Geo. Washington, d. Jan 5, 1872, ae 20y-4m-5d (broken stone)
MONTGOMERY, Nancy, dau of C. & S., d. Apr 16, 1865, ae 25y-2m-11d
(loose stone)
MONTGOMERY, Sarah L., wife of Caleb, d. Nov 10, 1877, ae 65y-9m-5d
[Note: Sarah L. "Sally" Mercer, b.Ohio in 1812, was the second wife of Caleb Montgomery whom she m.1836.
The grave of Caleb Montgomery has not been found by this compiler. Perhaps he was bur in the Montgomery cem which is said to have been about 4 miles NE of Rochester on State Road #25, between the J. D. Alspach and J. H. Herrell farms. No graves or cemetey were visible to this compiler.
Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 30 and 50, reveals that Caleb Montgomery was b.June 23, 1799 in Richland Co Ohio, and was the 5th of eleven children of Benjamine (b.Virginia) and Nancy (b. Delaware) who both died in Richland Co Ohio. The family was Scotch-Irish, and removed from Virginia to Richland county, Ohio when Caleb was a small boy. Caleb Montgomery came to Newc twp in spring of 1837 or 1838, and settled in Newc twp, about 6 miles east of Rochester. The first wife of Caleb was Elizabeth Callen (b.Penn August 7, 1798 - d.1834), whom he m.1820, Five children were born to them. Caleb Montgomery next

m.1836 Sarah L. Mercer, and ten more children were born. He d.February 23, 1872, at age of seventy-three years.
Caleb and his wife, Sarah, were residents of Newc twp (Fulton Co Census, 1850, fam.#35:35; 1860, fam.#1001:1001; 1870, fam.#140:140).
The will of Caleb Montgomery (Will Record "B" pp.71-77) of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, dated December 6, 1869; codicil February 4, 1872; proven March 5, 1872, names his heirs: (wife) Sally Montgomery; (dau) Sarah Davidson; (gr-dau) Sarah Ferrell; (sons) Theodore Montgomery, Callin Montgomery, Levi W. Montgomery, Benjamin F. Montgomery, William Montgomery, Washington Montgomery; (daus) Elizabeth Gregson, Amanda Groves and Mahala Meredith; and "to each of my grandchildren who were born of my daughter, Louisa Davidson" (who were minors). The Codicil to the above will mentioned that his son, Washington, had died. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh).
Children of Caleb & Elizabeth (Callen) Montgomery: (1) Mary, 1823-1846 (bur Reichter cem), m. James Ferrell; (2) Sarah, who in 1883 was said to be the wife of Henry Davidson, living in Halsey, Oregon (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 30), and identified as a dau, Sarah Davidson, in her father's will; (3) Theodore, b.1826, Richland Co Ohio, d.1904, lm.1849 Margret, dau of Mathew & Margaret Wilson (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Porter, deceased at Vicksburg, Miss; (5) Callen, "now interested in the mining business in Coloma, Cal." in 1883 (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 30) and named "Callin" in his father's will.
Children of Caleb & Sarah L. (Mercer) Montgomery: (6) Levi (M. or W.), b.ca.1834 Ohio, m.January 14, 1858 Louisa F. White (b.ca.1839 Virginia) (Fulton Co M.R.), and had children: Alfred W. b.ca.1859, Carrie C., who d.1864 and Nettie V. b.ca.1867. Levi M. was Fulton Co Sheriff in 1870 (Census, Fulton Co Ind, 1860, Richland twp fam.#691:691; 1870, Rochester city fam.#184:208); (7) Elizabeth H., b.ca.1835 Ohio, m.June 28, 1854 Joseph Gregson b.ca.1829 (Fulton Co M.R.), probably a son of William & Mary Gregson. Children of Joseph & Elizabeth H. Gregson: Sarah A. (b.ca.1856), Mary A. (b.ca.1857), William C. (b.ca.1859)), Franklin (b.ca.1861), Sairie E. (b.ca.1864), Alvin W. (b.ca.1867) and Perry (b.December 1869). (Census, Fulton Co Ind, 1850, Newc twp. fam.#43:43; 1860, Rochester twp, fam.#1896:1400; 1870 Rochester twp, fam.#196:196); (8) Benjamin F., 1838 Ohio - 1879, bur Reichter cem, m.1866 Martha Ann Bybee (see pages herein); (9) Nancy, 1840 Ind - 1865 (see above); (10) Amanda A., 1841 Ind - 1882, m. 1864 Oscar Groves (see for further); (11) Louisa, 1844 Ind - 1868, m. John M. Davidson (see above); (12) Huldah, 1845-1865 (ibid); (13) Mahalah C., 1847-1939, m. James M. Meredith (see pages herein); (14) William J., 1849-1882, m.1872, Clara E. King (see for further); (15) George Washington, 1851-1872 (see above).]

Row 13

(22 steps)
LEEDY, Carrie A., dau of A. & S.L., d. June 17, 1878, ae 9m-?d
KOCHENDERFER, Valentine, d. Oct 7, 1888, ae 65y-4m-15d
[Note: Valentine and his wife, Margaret (Snyder?) Kochenderfer, were born in Bav. Germany. He was b.1823, and she ca.1838. (census records). They were first recorded in the Fulton Co Ind census records as Val. Kochdofer (ae 48, and Margaret (ae 43), with children: Benhart and Catharine (b.Ohio), and Franklin and William (b.Ind) (Census 1870, Newc twp, fam.#228:228; also 180, Newc twp, fam.#227:232) "Valentine Kochenderfer.")
The will of Volentine Kokendoffer, a German, late of Fulton Co Ind, deceased, dated April 7, 1888, and proved October 11, 1888 (Will Record "C" pp. 159-160) names his heirs: (wife) Margaret Kokendoffer; ("my children") Mary Emmons, Catharine Beck, Frank Kokendoffer,

William Kokendoffer, Ella Kokendoffer, George Kokendoffer, and Benhard Kokendoffer. Benhart Koch(e)nderfer signs a release, having received his share, March 28, 1905. (Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills, 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, p. 128-29)
Children of Valentine & Margaret Kochenderfer: (1) Mary A., 1848-1895, m. John M. Emmons (see for further); (2) Benhart, b.ca.1851, m. Barbara E. Fultz and Jennie (Gregory) Kochenderfer, previously married to Benjamin Kochenderfer (see for further); (3) Catharine, b.ca.1856, m. Sanford Beck October 22, 1881, who, prior to his marriage was in the household of his brother & sis-in-law, James & Sarah Alice (Carr) Beck (Fulton Co M.R.; Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam.#223:228); (4) Annie E., 1859-1871, bur Reichter cem; (5) Margaret, 1860-1862, bur Reichter cem; (6) Valentine, 1863-1863, bur Reichter cem; (7) Franklin, b.ca.1865 Ind; (8) William, b.1867, m.Eldora Batz, 1891 (see for further); (9) Ellen, b.ca.1871 Ind; (10) George b.ca.1876.
KOCHENDERFER, Volentine, dau of V. & M., d. Oct 5, 1863, ae 1m-6d
KOCHENDERFER, Margaret, dau of V. & M., d. Sep 20, 1862, ae 2y-25d
KOCHENDERFER, Annie E., dau of V. & M., d. Apr 6?, 1871, ae 12y-3m-20d
(1) Charles, son of B. & B., d. Jan 8, 1879, ae 17d
(2) William M., son of B. & B., d. Mar 20, 1880, ae 3y-2d

Row 14

(4 steps)
(RITENOUR), Margret R., 1819-1892
[Note: Margret R., b.Penn, was the wife of Andrew Ritenour, b.ca.1820 Penn. Their first appearance in the Fulton Co Ind Census records was in 1870 (Richland twp, fam.#49:49), with five children: Milton C. (22), Margaret R. (20), Mariah A. (17), all b.Penn, and Henry (14 and Mary (8) both b.Ind.
Margaret R. "Maggie" Ritenour m. Edward Ball (see for further).]
(RITENOUR), Mary, 1859-1898
(RITENOUR), Nora L., 1897-1897
(RITENOUR), Lora J., 1883-1883
(RITENOUR), Harvy A., 1894-1895
(RITENOUR), Ona D., 1892-1893
RITENOUR (family marker)
(SMITH), John
(1) John, 1855-1933
(2) Mary Etta Bishop, his wife, 1850-1910
(3) Ida May Bishop, 1874-1875
(SMITH), Ida M.
BAKER, William E., son of W. & S.E., d. Apr 14, 1863, ae --- (broken stone)
(7 steps)
"S. D. I."
(4 steps)
COPLEN, Tilitha J., wife of C., d. June 10, 1871, ae 24y-1m-29d (loose stone)
[Note: Tilitha J., b.1847 Ind, was a dau of Uriah and Tibbitha Wilson, and m.October 11/19, 1867 Chancey Coplen. A dau, Mirta O was b.ca.1868. (see Reichter cem for further info on Chancey Coplen and Uriah Wilson families).]
(4 steps)

(----), ---- 1869, ae 38y (broken stone, part missing)
BALDWIN, William H., d. Dec 10, 1865, ae 46y ?
[Note: William H. Baldwin m. Mary A. Falknor, b.ca.1833, dau of David & Rebecca Falknor. (Fulton Co M.R.; also see previous pages herein).
Perhaps the preceding marker, with the missing name, is the marker for Mary A., wife of William H. Baldwin?]


CENTER SECTION, Reichter Cemetery

Row 1

WAGGONER, Mabel Lois, 1910-1917
(14 steps)
PERSCHBACHER, Infant son of M.W. & M.M., d. May 8, 1902 (one date only)
PERSCHBACHER, George, son of M.W. & M.M., Jan 4, 1905 - Jan 30, 1905
(1) Minnie M., 1871-1951
(2) Miles W., 1871-1936
[Note: Miles W., son of George (Jr.) & Jane (Wright) Perschbacher, m. Minnie M. Strawbridge, January 7, 1900 (Fulton Co M.R.). Minnie M. was a dau of Mary E. (Zartman) Strawbridge (1851-1929), a widow of Rochester twp in 1880 (see for further).]
(1) Trella G., wife, 1892- (no d.d.)
(2) Mahlon P., husband, 1891-1970
[Note: Mahlon Paul Bair, R.R.5, Rochester (Richland twp), d. September 5, 1970, in South Bend Memorial Hospital. He was b.July 24, 1891 in Richland twp, a son of Edward S. and Lavina Ellen (Perschbacher) Bair. He m.September 20, 1919 Trella G. Kenl(e)y. Survivors: the wife; a dau, Mary Louise, of Chicago; a son, Richard P. Bair. A sister and a brother preceded in death. (Fulton Co M.R.; also The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Sept. 15, 1970, obit).]
SULLIVAN, Melvin L., son of W.D. & L.L., Nov 12, 1909 - Apr 9, 1917
(1) Leona L., 1882-1963
(2) Walter D., 1878-1953
[Note: Walter D. Sullivan, b.Ind, was a son of Michael and Angeline (Dumbauld) Sullivan, of Newc twp. The will of Lafayette S. Dumbauld (son of Peter C. Dumbauld) includes him in the list of heirs: " . . . to Walter Sullivan and Elmer Sullivan, children of my deceased sister Angeline Sullivan . . ."; (see previous pages herein; also see Fulton Co Ind, Will Book "F', p. 355 "Lafayette S. Dumbauld.")
Walter D. Sullivan m. Leona Partridge, November 14, 1908 (Fulton Co M.R.). The Obit for Walter D. Sullivan tells that he resided six miles southeast of Argos; that he was born September 9, 1887, and died at home April 18, 1953; survivors included his wife, a son Gerald, and a bro Elmer Sullivan of Argos(The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., April 20, 1953).]
(8 steps)
(1) Amy, 1879-1959
(2) Arthur C., 1882-1945
[Note: Arthur C., son of Joseph (1834-1900) and Susan J. (Hawkins) Borden (1841-1893), b.Miami Co Ind. He m.March 12, 1905 Amy Umbaugh, a dau of John and Rachel (Shobe) Umbaugh (Fulton Co M.R.). Two children were born: (1) Effie L., b.1906, m.Beaman Suddith, 1928 at Lewisburg, Ohio (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (2) Charles Arthur, b.March 19, 1916, Rochester, Ind, m.May 30, 1941 Maleta Ellen Barkman (Fulton Co M.R.). Maleta Ellen, b.May 13, 1919, was a dau of Mondo J. and Beulah Marie (Russell) Barkman (see previous pages herein; also see Hoover cem,

Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind). One child born to Charles Arthur & Maleta Ellen Borden: Donald A. Borden, b.May 15, 1957, Rochester, Ind, m.June 21, 1975, Beth Ellen Ludwig, and they had a son, Bryan Donald Borden, b.January 8, 1977. (see "One Hundred and Fifty Years of the Hawkins Family, 1783-1933," by Z. T. Hawkins, Fairmount, Ind., copy belonging to Charles A. Borden)]
(1) Lillie, 1881-1969
(2) Juanita E., 1908-1909
(3) Aaron L., M.D., 1876-1916
[Note: Aaron L. Bowman, M.D., was born at Talma, Ind., a son of Henry Bowman (Jr.) and his second wife, Bridget (Sullivan-Solovon) Bowman. (see previous pages herein). Aaron L. was m.June 16, 1907, at Rochester, to Lillie E. Rogers. Lillie E. was a dau of Francis A. (Frank) Rogers and his second wife, Martilla Ellen (Bowman) Rogers(Fulton Co M.R.; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).]
(1) Edmon B., 1845-1938
(2) Emmarilla L., 1845-1925
[Note: Edmon B. Tippy, b. Franklin Co Ohio, January 20, 1845, was a son of Levi & Louie A. Denune. The family was of Scotch origin. Levi Tippy, father of Edmon B., was b. nr Youngstown, Ohio, and d.1852 of cholera at age 35, in Louisville, Ky. Louie A., mother of Edmon B. Tippy, said to be a dau of John Denune (b.Paris, France, to America with Gen. LaFayette as a drummer boy with the French troops) who m. Miss Barrel, a relative of the Gen. Grant family. Children of Levi & Louie A. Tippy: George (of near Columbus Ohio); Edmon B.; Lewis (dec'd).
Edmon B., an orphan at six years, was reared by a Mr. Brown in Dela. Co Ohio until he was 19 years. He removed to Livingston Co Missouri for a short period, returning to Delaware Co to learn the carpenter trade under S. Gorsuch. On January 20, 1867, Edmon B. m.Emmarilla L., dau of David Fix, and moved to Boone Co Missouri, returning to Delaware Co a short time later, where he remained four years. They came to Fulton Co Ind in 1875, settling in Newc twp.
The children of Edmon B. and Emmarilla L. (Fix) Tippy: (1) Della L., b.1868, m.Jesse William Emmons (see previous pages herein; also see for further); (2) Frank E., 1871-1954 (see for further); (3) Levi D., b.1874 Missouri, m.Ella L. Ross (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Ida May, b.ca.1878 Ind; (5) Eva; (6) Linnie E., b.1883 (see following grave marker; also see History of Fulton Co Ind, by Elia W. Peattie, 1896, pp.136-137; Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp fam.#182:186).]
(1) Linnie E., 1883-1933
(2) Ota G., 1883- (no d.d.)
[Note: Linnie E., dau of Edmon B. and Emmarilla L. (Fix) Tippy, was the first wife of Ota G. Fields, whom she m.August 18, 1906 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Ota G. Fields was a native of Tippecanoe, Marshall Co Ind, and a city mail carrier of Fort Wayne, Ind., for 30 years, where he died at age 68. His second wife was Mrs. Dessie Blackburn of Huntington, who survived him. His name is on the grave marker with his first wife, Linnie E., but his obituary indicates that his funeral services and interment were to be in Fort Wayne, December 20, 1951. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Dec. 18, 1951, obit.).]
TIPPY, Frank, 1871-1954
[Note: Frank E. Tippy, son of Edmon B. and Ammarilla L. (Fix) Tippy, m.November 1896 at Tippecanoe, Marshall Co Ind, to [Emma Loretta] Hardesty (b.January 2, 1874 in Marshall Co, nr Tippecanoe), a dau of John & Elizabeth Hardesty. Mrs. Frank E. Tippy d.April 12, 1941, at

Rochester, Ind, and funeral held Dunkard church west of Tippecanoe, with burial in the cemetery adjacent to the church.
Frank & Mrs. Tippy lived in Rochester, Ind for several years after their marriage, but removed to Toledo where they remained for 26 years. Later they removed to Ft. Wayne for four and a half years; and had lived in Rochester for the six years before the death of Mrs. Tippy. Frank Tippy, her husband, and David Hardesty (of Chicago) were her survivors. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., April 14, 1941; also see Walnut cem, Walnut twp, Marshall Co Ind Cems, Vol 2, by Wendell C. & Jean C. Tombaugh).]
(1) Lucinda R., 1843-1928
(2) Rev. Samuel, Co I 46 Regt Ind Vol Inf, 1844-1916
[Note: Elder Samuel McNealy was one of those in charge of the Bloomingsburg Disciple Church which was erected in 1874 across the river from the Village of Bloomingsburg. (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1886, p. 45).]
(1) Almeda, 1883-1962
(2) George W., 1878-1940
(inscr on reverse side: Almeda 1873- (no d.d.); George W., 1878-1940)
[Note: Almeda, b.Ohio, was a dau of George L. and Ollie A. (Berryhill) Umbaugh. Almeda m.George W. Deamer March 19, 1906 (Fulton Co M.R.)
George W. Deamer was b.Ohio, and was a son of Aaron and Margaret (Loudensleger) Deamer (see for further). George W. and Almeda Deamer had a son, George Deamer, Jr., b.1908, who m.Doris Adamson, dau of Roy & Ethel (Meredith) Adamson. George Deamer, Jr., and Doris, his wife, reside at Mt. Zion, Rochester twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Fulton County Folks, Vol. 1, by Willard, p. 150-153).]
(UMBAUGH), Ollie A., 1858-1927
UMBAUGH (family marker)
(UMBAUGH), George L., 1852-1936
[Note: George L. Umbaugh was a son of Elias & Susanah Umbaugh (info from George Deamer, Jr. to compiler of this book). His wife was Ollie A. Berryhill.
Children of George L. & Ollie A. Umbaugh were: (1) Almeda, b.1883 Ohio, m.George W. Deamer; (2) Charles Loy, b.1885 Ohio, m.Orpha B. Dawald (see for further); (3) Nora, b. ----, m.Rev. Alexander F. Hahn, February 12, 1914 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Mary, mother, 1852-1935
(2) Abram, father, 1852-1934
[Note: Abraham Brockey was b.Ind. His parents were natives of Penn (Census 1880). He m.November 24, 1874, Mary Barrett (b.Ind, dau of Alexander & Malona (Severns) Barrett (see for further).
Abraham is thought to be a son of William Brockey (b.ca.1824 Penn) and his wife, Susannah (Barkman) Brockey (b.ca.1826 Penn, a sis of John B., Rebecca and Isaac Barkman (see previous pages herein). Emeline, b.ca.1850, and Elizabeth, b.1858, were daus of William & Susannah Brockey. William b.July 4, 1854, who m.Louvina (Mikesell) Hamlett, widow of John E. Hamlett (see previous pages herein), was probably also a son of Willian and Susannah Brockey (see Hoover cem, Fulton Co Ind).
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Brockey, dau of William & Susannah (Barkman) Brockey, was b.1858 and d.1941, bur Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind. She m. (1) Thomas J. Rhodes, Jr., 1878, who d.1887. She m. (2), James C. Zolman, 1892 (1848-1919). Children: (1) Nora Rhodes (1879-1899) m.Clarence L. McIntire; (2) Almeda "Meady" M. Rhodes (1883-1945), m.John R. Smith; (3) Porter Rhodes (1885-1962) m.Luvilla (-----); (4) Dewey Zolman; (5) Eva, Mrs. Miller; (6) Mary, Mrs. Michael Sheets; (7) Trudie Zolman, m.Naaman Nelson; (8) Fay S., Mrs. Wagoner (see Hoover

cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind; also The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., July 5, 1941, obit, "Mrs. Elizabeth Rhodes Zolman.")
Abraham Brockey could not be located in Fulton Co Ind in 1860, but he was found in the same county and state in 1870 with the family of Alexander & Malona Barrett, where Abraham was an eighteen year old farm laborer. (Census 1870, Newc twp, fam.#153:154). In 1880, "Abram" Brockey and his wife, Mary (both age 27), were residents of same county and state as before with their children: Charley and Mina P. (Census 1880, Newc twp, fam.#183:187). (1) Charley Brockey, b.1877 Talma, Ind, m.Bertha Seitz, October 25, 1902 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Mina P. Brockey, b.ca.1878 Talma, Ind, m.Charles E. Zolman, October 9, 1897, at Mentone, Ind (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) Verdie, b.ca.1884 in Fulton Co Ind, m.Tola Kessler, October 20, 1906 (Fulton Co M.R.)
UMBAUGH, Ruth Irene, dau, 1920-1933
(1) Mae, mother, 1886-1976
(2) J. Allen, father, 1883-1952
[Note: John Allen Umbaugh, b.June 25, 1883 nr Lima, Ohio, d. Sunday, April 20, 1952, at his home southeast of Argos, Marshall Co, Ind. He was serving his second term as twp trustee of Walnut twp, at th time of his death.
John Allen Umbaugh was a son of John Umbaugh (1843-1921) and his second wife, Rachel Jane (Schobe) Umbaugh (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).
John Allen Umbaugh was m.March 16, 1906, to Mae Jones (twin to Rae Jones, b.1886, dau of Daniel & Amelia (Holman) Jones (See Reichter cem for further). Their children: (1) Rae Louise (Mrs. Edward Dunlap), Plymouth, Ind; (2) Kenneth Umbaugh, of Akron, Ohio, m.Alice Reed; (3) Herschel Umbaugh, of Argos, Ind, m.Gladys Bailey; (4) Rev. Devane Umbaugh, of Gary Ind; (5) Marguerite (Mrs. James O. South), West Virginia; (6) Glendon Umbaugh, of Plymouth Ind, m. Margaret Howard; (7) Merlyn, of South Bend, m.Mary Cox; (8) Raymond, of San Antonio, Texas, m.Phyllis Kraus; (9) Ruth Irene Umbaugh, 1920-1933. (see Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Book; also Fulton County Folks, Vol. 1, by Shirley Willard, pp.149-152).
Obit, John Allen Umbaugh, additional info: Other survivors include a bro, Frank, of Argos; bro, Thornton, South Bend; bro Fred, Harvey, Ill; sisters: Mrs. Arthur Wilkinson, Peru; Mrs. George Dittmire, Ohio; Mrs. Dan Biddinger, Argos; Mrs. Harvey Garman, Uniontown, Ohio, and Mrs. Udell Harriman of South Bend. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., April 21, 1952; Wed, April 23, 1952).]
(1) Dorothy P., 1925- (no d.d.)
(2) Joseph E., 1918-1982
(1) George, 1887-1960
(2) Hazel, 1891-1982
(WRIGHT), Alta D., 1866-1951
WRIGHT (family marker)
(WRIGHT), Delbert E., 1861-1924
WRIGHT, Clara, dau of J. & E., 1856-1931
[Note: Delbert E., b.Ind, was the third child of James & Almyra (Harmon) Wright who resided in Richland twp. Delbert E. Wright m.April 30, 1887, Alta Dell Eidson (Fulton Co M.R.) Her obit, however, indicates that she was Alta Dell Echison, and was born May 22, 1866, a dau of Arthur and Louise Echison. Her obit further states that she died at the home of her dau, Mrs. George Conaway, in Michigan City, Ind., on Sat, May 19, 1951. Her survivors included the daughter, Hazel Conaway; two grandsons, R. W. Conaway, Michigan City, Ind, and Joseph E. Conaway,

Rochester, Ind; and a sis-in-law, Mrs. Mollie Davis of Rochester. (The News-Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Mon., May 21, 1951, obit "Mrs. A. D. Wright of Tiosa.")
Clara, also referred to as "Clary A." and "Carrie," was b.Ind, the eldest child of James & Almyra (Harmon) Wright. She appears to have married twice. Her first marriage was July 9, 1889, to Jacob W. Hisey, widower, whose wife, Hannah, had died 1882. He died 1893, and his grave marker reads "A kind husband has left me, Clara."
Clara's second marriage was December 17, 1895, to Peter Zerbe (1853-1927)
(References: Fulton Co M.R.; Reichter cem, Newc twp and Citizens cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind.).]

Row 2

DEGRAW, M., Mexican soldier (no dates; broken field stone, hand carved)
FULTS, Clara A., dau of D. & I., d. Mar 15, 1882, ae 5y-4m-11d
[Note: Clara A. Fults was a dau of Daniel & Indiana [Emmons] Fultz, who are buried in Rochester I.O.O.F. cem. (see for further)]
(1) Abner W., Mar 23, 1838 - Apr 25, 1909
(2) Margret J., his wife, Nov 24, 1840 - Oct 19, 1925
[Note: Abner W. Anderson,b.Ohio, a son of William and Mary (Wood) Anderson. William & Mary Anderson were also b.Ohio, and removed to Kosciusko Co, Ind, ca.1841.
Abner W. Anderson m.Margret J. Emmons, February 9, 1867 (Fulton Co M.R.), and they were residents of Fulton Co Ind, in 1870, with two children: Rachel M. (b.ca.1865) and John E. (b.ca.1869) (Census 1870, Newc twp, fam.#223:223). This compiler failed to locate this family in Fulton Co Ind, in 1880. They were said to have been of Marshall Co Ind, by 1896 (History of Fulton co Ind, by Elia W. Peattie, 1896, p. 22).
Margret J., wife of Abner W. Anderson, b.Ind, a dau of John & Louise Frances (Wilson) Emmons (see Reichter cem for further).]
(1) Peter, 1808-1875
(2) Eliza, his wife, 1816-1904
[Note: Peter Kesler (also spelled "Kessler") was b. in Shaferstown, Lanc. Co, Penn, and d.April 29, 1875 in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, at age 66 years. He was a son of Abraham Kesler (b.Penn, German).
Peter Kesler m. in Ohio to Eliza, who was also b. in Shaferstown, Penn, a dau of John & Mary (Buchter) Windbigler (see Reichter cem). Peter and Eliza settled, soon after their marriage, in Richland Co Ohio, but removed to Fulton Co Ind, in 1852. In 1860, they were residents of Newc twp, where Peter (ae 52) was a tinner; a child, Elizabeth Brady (13 9), was with them (relationship unkn). Peter and Eliza were still in Newc twp in 1870, but in 1880, Eliza Kesler (widow) was not found in Fulton Co Ind. By 1896, she is said to have been living with her son, John. (References: Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 49; History, Fulton Co Ind, by Elia W. Peattie, 1896, p. 94-95; Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Newc twp, fam.#973:973; Census 1870, Newc twp, fam.#150:151)
John Kesler, son of Peter & Eliza, b.1836 Richland Co Ohio, m. (1st) to Mary Jane Kessler; m. (2nd) to Martha Ann (Bybee) Montgomery Hamlett (see previous pages herein).
Abraham Kesler, son of Peter & Eliza, b.1839 Ohio, m.Finethy M. Love (ibid).
George Kesler, son of Peter & Eliza, b.1841 Richland Co Ohio, m.Sarah Battz (ibid).]
PERSCHBAUGHER, Catharine, dau of G. & J., d.---- (set in concrete, not readable)

(1) Jane W., wife of G., d. Feb 3, 1887, ae 49y-7m-1d
(2) George, July 7, 1833 - Mar 27, 1914, ae 80y-8m-20d
[Note: George Perschbacher, was born nr Baltimore, Md., fourth of the children of George and Anna Dorothy (Grayer) Perschbacher.
He m. (1st) April 2, 1857, Jane Wright (Fulton Co M.R.; Peattie's Fulton Co Ind History says "1854"). Jane, b.1837, was the first white child born in Newc twp, and was a dau of James & Margaret (Reid) Wright (see for further). George Perschbacher m. (2nd), March 11, 1891, Martha J. "Mattie" (Trimble) Plank, widow of Dr. Asa K. Plank (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).
The will of George Perschbacher, of Fulton Co Ind, dated November 8, 1909 (Codicil #1 date April 26, 1910; Codicil #2 March 3, 1914), was proved April 18, 1914. The will names his wife, Martha J. Perschbacher, and his children: Lovina E. Bair, Anna M. Kiler, Nora B. Haimbaugh, Alma J. Shobe, Miles W. Perschbacher and Harriet E. Bonine. Miles W. Perschbacher was named Executor (Fulton Co Ind Will Book "E", p. 219)
Concerning the children of George & Jane Perschbacher; (1) Lavina Ellen, 1858 Ind, m. Edward S. Bair (see for further); (2) Anna M., b.1860 Ind, m. George W. Kiler (ibid); (3) Nora Bell, b.1862 Ind, m.Obediah Holmes Haimbaugh (son of Henry Haimbaugh III and wife, Appolina (Holmes) Haimbaugh) (see Reichter cem and Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Alma Jane, b.1867 Ind, m.Cyrus D. Shobe (see for further); (5) Miles W., b.1871 Ind, m.Minnie M. Strawbridge (see previous pages herein); (6) Harriet E., b.1875 Ind, m.Wylie Bonine (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (7) Catharine, b. ----, bur Reichter cem (see above).
(References: History, Fulton Co Ind, by Elia W. Peattie, 1896, pp. 117-118; Fulton County Folks, Vol. 1, by Shirley Willard, pp. 42-43; Fulton Co Ind Census 1860, Newc twp fam.#883:883; Census 1870, Newc twp fam.#42:42; Census 1880, Newc twp fam.#279:284)]
BAIR (family marker)
WALLACE, Harriet Bair, 1888-1924
BAIR, Freddie A., 1883-1890
(BAIR), Ellen, his wife, 1858-1919
BAIR, Edward S., 1858-1931
[Note: Edward S. Bair m.January 7, 1883, Lavina Ellen Perschbacher, a dau of George & Jane (Wright) Perschbacher (Fulton Co M.R.; also see above). Edward S. Bair and his wife, Lavina Ellen, are known to have had at least three children: (1) Freddie A., 1883-1890 (see above); (2) Harriet "Hattie", b.July 24, 1888, Richland twp, m. (-----) Wallace (ibid); (3) Mahlon Paul, b.July 21/24 1891 Richland twp (see previous pages herein).
(Reference: Fulton Co Ind School Enumeration Records, 1896, 1898 and 1899).]
(8 steps)
EMMONS, Alven, son of J.W. & Susana, d. Apr 3, 1866, ae 5d
[Note: Parents of Alven Emmons were probably Jesse W. and Susanah (Burket) Emmons.]

Row 3

HENDRIXSON, Margaret, wife of Richard, d. Apr 12, 1849, ae 35y
(8 steps)
(1) Alma J., June 12, 1867 - May 2, 1950
(2) Cyrus D., Mar 31, 1866 - July 14, 1932
[Note: Alma Jane, a dau of George, Jr., and Jane (Wright) Perschbacher(see above).]

(1) Anna D., wife of G., d. Apr 24, 1881, ae 78y-9m-23d
(2) George, Sen., d. Mar 23, 1866, ae 72y-2m-5d
[Note: Gerge Perschbacher, Sr. was b.January 18, 1794 in Hessen Darmstadt, Germany. he m.April 23, 1825 Anna Dorothy Grayer, also a native of Hessen Darmstadt. They are said to have sailed for America in April 1833, settling for a time in Baltimore, then removing to York Co Penn, and again in 1839 to Wayne Co Ind, and finally in 1845 to Fulton Co Ind, settling hear Tiosa, in Richland twp. George and Dorothy Perschbacher were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1850 and 1860; in 1870 and 1880, Dorothy was a widow, living in the house of her son, Jacob. (References: Fulton Co Ind History, by Elia W. Peattie, 1896, pp.117-18; Census 1850, Newc twp fam.#25:25 "George Pashbocher"; Census 1860, Newc twp fam.#891:891 "George Perschbaucher"; Census 1870, Newc twp fam.#28:27; Census 1880, Newc twp fam.#18:18.)
Christian C., a 56 year old male (b.Germany) was living with the George & Dorothy Pashbocher family in 1850. His identity is not known to this compiler.
George, Sr., and Anna Dorothy Perschbaucher are said to have had nine children. Census records reveal the names of six children. Another child may have been Henry (1826-1849), bur Reichter cem. (see following). Children: (1) John, b.1829 Germany, m.Mary C. Surguy, 1852 (see Reichter cem); (2) George, Jr., b.1833 nr Baltimore Md, m.(1st) Jane Wright, and (2nd) Mrs. Martha J. (Trimble) Plank (see above); (3) Michael, b.1835 Penn, m. (1st) Mariah C. Irvine, (2nd) Sarah Ann (Batchelor) Batz, and (3rd), Alice Mariah Downey (see Reichter cem); (4) Adam, b.1837, Penn, d. 1858 (ibid); (6) Catharine "Eve C.", b.1842 Ind, m.Emanuel T. Reed (ibid).]
PERSCHBAUCHER, Henry, d. June 1, 1849, ae 23y-2m-22d
PERSCHBAUCHER, Adam, d. Apr 16, 1858, ae 20y-11m-4d
MECHLING, John, d. Aug 14, 1850, ae 24y-2m-6d
MECHLING, John W., son of J. & H., d. Jan 9, 1851, ae 15d (loose stone)
SPRAY, James H., d. Oct 2, 1870, ae 40y-10m-9d
[Note: James H. Spray was b.Ohio in 1829. He m.December 3, 1851, Henrietta Meehling (Fulton Co M.R.). Henrietta was probably the same "Henrietta McLen" ae 16, who was living in the household of James and Emeline Palmer in 1850 (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, fam.#26:26); she could also have been the young widow of the John Mechling who d. August 1850 (see above).
James H. and Henrietta Spray were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1860 (Newc twp fam.#896:896); and in 1870 (Richland twp fam.#152:152) where he worked in a sawmill. James H. Spray d.October 1870, and in February 1873, Henrietta, the widow, m. William L. Wolf (see following).
Children of James H. & Henrietta Spray: (1) Harret L., 1852-1857 (see following); (2) Aubra C., b.ca.1857 Ind; (3) Dorothy Arabella, b.ca.1859 Ind, m. Samuel L. wolf, December 30, 1875 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Census, Fulton Co Ind 1880, Newc twp fam.#278:283 "Samuel M. Wolf, wife Arabell, and son Clide E."; (4) Luella Ella, b.ca.1863 Ind, m. Mark Matchett (see Reichter cem).]
SPRAY, Harret L., dau of J.H. & H., d. Jan 23, 1857, ae 4y-3m-3d (stone broken)
(1) Henrietta, Dec 20, 1834 - May 31, 1906
(2) William L., Apr 23, 1840 - Aug 21, 1913
[Note: William L. Wolf was b.Ohio or Penn. (see Census). He is probably the same William Wolf (ae 31) a farm laborer in the household of Jacob & Catharine Miller in 1870 (Census 1870, Richland twp fam.#151:151).
William L. Wolf m. Henrietta, widow of James H. Spray, February 16, 1873 (Fulton Co M.R.). Henrietta was b.Penn or N.Y. (Census records vary). Her parents were natives of New York.

William L. and Henrietta Wolf were residents of Fulton Co Ind, Richland twp, in 1880. This family included Ella Spray, ae 17, a step-dau, who m. the following November (Census 1880, Richland twp fam.#240:240).]
KILMER, Henry C., son of ?. & E., d. Jan 3, 1863, ae 1y-11m
WHALEY, Jeremiah J., son of J.J. & A., d. May 18, 1864, ae 8y-8m-9d
WHALEY, Almira, June 21, 1832 - Apr 21, 1907
WHALEY, Jeremiah J., d. Dec 12, 1870, ae 73y-10m-11d
[Note: Jeremiah J. Whaley was b.New York 1797. Census indicates he was a shoemaker and a farmer of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1860 and 1870 (1860 Newc twp fam.#889:889; 1870 Newc twp fam.#27:26).
No will was found for Jeremiah J. Whaley. However, Geo. Perschbaugher was named Admr. of the Estate of Jeremiah J. and there was a sale of personal property at the residence of the deceased in Newc. twp (see Rochester Sentinel, Dec. 31, l870; also see Record of Inventory No.1 Probate, Fulton Court of Common Pleas (1854-1877), p. 135, for Inventory of the Personal Estate of Jeremiah Whaley, dec'sd).
There is no doubt that Jeremiah J. Whaley married at least twice. The will of his dau, Nancy E., names her sisters, half-sisters and half-bro. The name of his first wife is not known to this compiler, but the birthplaces of their children suggest that they probably were married in New york, then removed to Penn. Jeremiah J. Whaley appears to have returned to New York for his second wife, Almire, who was much younger than he, for the next two children were born in New York. Census records indicate that Almira was born in New York, but her parents are not known to this compiler. Jeremiah & Almira probably removed to Indiana between 1852 and 1855 where three more children were born.
Children of Jeremiah J. Whaley: (by first wife) (1) Angeline, b.1820 N.Y., m.Stephen D. Irvine (see Reichter cem); (2) Emeline, b.1823 N.Y., m. James Palmer (ibid); (3) Harriet, b.ca.1828 Penn, m.David Ralstin (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp); (4) Elizabeth, b.ca.1830 Penn, m.Chancy Kilmore (b.ca.1820 N.Y.), September 23, 1845 (Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co Ind, Census Records, 1850 Newc twp fam.#27:27, and 1860 Newc twp fam.#884:884); (5) Nancy E., b.1832 Penn, m.John H. Robbins (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp); (6) Henrietta, b.1834 Penn, m. (1st) John Mackling, (2nd) James H. Spray and (3rd) William L. Wolf (see above); (7) Cecelia M., b.1837 Penn, m. Alphonzo Drew (see Reichter cem); (by second wife) (8) Adaline, b.ca.1850 N.Y., m.Daniel S. Cole, November 28, 1866 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, "Sylvanus Cole"); (9) Phoebe, b.ca.1852 N.Y.; (10) Jeremiah J., b.1855 Ind (see above); (11) Thomas J., b.ca.1858 Ind; ;(12) Zebina, b.ca.1862 Ind.]
HAMLETT, Jane, wife of Thomas H., d. Apr 25, 1885, ae 59y-6m-13d
[Note: Jane (Emmons) Hamlett was b.Ind in 1825. Census records indicate that her father & mother were born in Ohio and Ireland respectively.
After the death of her husband, Thomas H. Hamlett, Jr., Jane Hamlett m. (2nd), James Butler, February 18, 1864. She was still using the Hamlett name in the census records for 1870 and 1880, and the 1880 census indicates that she was a widow. Her will, dated November 28, 1884, and proved April 30, 1885 reads: "Jane Butler, formerly Jane Hamlett widow of Thomas Hamlet, deceased . . . of Newcastle twp, Fulton Co Ind." She names her heirs: "my son, Jesse H. Hamlett"; "my son, William F. Hamlett"; "my daughter, Ruth J. Hamlett", son, Jesse to pay to "my daughter, Matilda A. Fish,".
(Reference: Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co Ind Census 1870, Newc twp fam.#146:147; Census 1880, Newc twp fam.#242:247; Fulton Co Ind Abstracts of Wills 1838-1899, by Jean C. Tombaugh, pp. 110-111).]
HAMLETT, Thomas, d. Jan 8, 1861, ae 54y-8m-23d
[Note: Thomas H. Hamlett, b.1806 in Kentucky, was a son of Thomas Hanlett, Sr., and wife, Elizabeth (see previous pages herein). Thomas H. Hamlett, Jr., came to Newc twp in 1840, or early in 1841 (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros., 1883, p. 44)

Thomas Hamlett, Jr. probably had a least two wives. He was about 19 years older than Jane Emmons. Also, Thomas Hamlett was appointed guardian of Unice Elizabeth Hamlett, November 8, 1841, about eight months prior to his marriage to Jane Emmons (Fulton Co Ind, Probate Court Docket A., 1838-1856)
Thomas H. Hamlett, Jr., married Jane Emmons July 3, 1842 (Fulton Co M.R.). They were residents of Fulton Co in 1850 (Census, Newc twp fam.#60:60), with children: Eunice E., b.ca.1839; Sarah E. b.ca.1844; Jesse E. b.ca.1847; Martilda A. b.ca.1849. They were not found in Fulton Co in 1860, but in 1870 "Jane Hamlet" reappears in the Fulton Co Census with children: William F. b.ca.1853; Ruth J. b.ca.1860; and Jesse b.ca.1847. By 1880, she was "Jane Hamlett, widow" and her family included: (son) Jesse; (son) W. Franklin and (dau-in-law) Samantha who were m. during the census year (Fulton Co Ind, Census 1880, Newc twp fam.#242:247). All of these children, except Eunice E., were children of Thomas H. & Jane (Emmons) Hamlett. (See the will of Jane Butler, formerly Jane Hamlett, widow of Thomas Hamlett, deceased, above entry).
Children: (1) Unice E. Hamlet, 1839-1856 (see Reichter cem); (2) Sarah E. Hamlett, 1844-1863 (ibid); (3) Jesse E. Hamlett, b.1846 (ibid); (4) Matilda A., b.ca.1849; (5) William Franklin, b.1853 (ibid); (6) Ruthey Jane Hamlet, 1860-1885 (ibid).
Matilda A., dau of Thomas H. & Jane Hamlett, m. John M. Fish, August 31, 1865 (Fulton Co M.R.). John M. Fish worked in a sawmill, and he and his wife were residents of Fulton Co Ind in 1870 (Richland twp, fam.#231:232); and in 1880 (Newc twp, fam.#245:250). Only two children are known: Minnie M. Fish, b.ca.1868 Ind (m. Isaac Busenburg, November 24, 1883 (Fulton Co M.R.); Carlos O. Fish, b.March 1870 Ind (m.Addie M. Vampner, June 2, 1892 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
HAMLET, Unice E., d. Feb 22, 1856, ae 18y-1m-22d
HAMLETT, Sarah E., dau of T. & J., d. Dec 15, 1863, ae 20y-3d
HAMLETT, Jesse E., Oct 28, 1846 - Aug 23, 1908
HAMLET, Ruthey Jane, dau of T.H. & J., d. May 19, 1885, ae 25y-7m-17d
EMMONS, Charles F., son of J.M. & M., d. Sep 20, 1876, ae 4y-5m-23d
[Note: See John M. and Mary A. (Kochenderfer) Emmons (Reichter cem).]
BATZ, Infants of H. & M., d. Aug 13, 1877, ae 1d
STICKLEY, Christena, wife of J., d. Apr 7, 1882, ae 77y-21d
SWEET, Jacob, d. July 3, 1894, ae 80y
BECK, Children of Mr. & Mrs. Jno. Beck (no other info)
BECK, Lannie V., July 31, 1899 - Oct 14, 1918, ae 19y-2m-13d
(1) John, 1863-1937
(2) Anna, his wife, 1865-1922
[Note: John J. Beck, son of John & Angeline Beck (See Sane Hill cem, Richland twp), was born in Ohio.
John J. Beck m.Anna Glaze (info from marriage records of their children: Valorous D., Jenne E. and Nora). John J. Beck m. Rebecca A. Glaze September 2, 1883 (Fulton Co M.R.)
John J. & Anna had children. Fulton Co M.R. and Fulton Co Ind Will Book G p.487 give names of these children (not necessarily in order of birth): (1) Valorous D. 1883-1968, m.Lillian Overmyer; (2) Thomas W., b.----, m.Doris Leiter; (3) George Grover 1885-1951 (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp); (4) Jennie E., b.ca.1886, m. Geo. Leroy Halterman; (5) Nora M., b.ca.1887, m. Benj. F. Baldwin; (6) Martha, b. ---, m. Joseph J. Dillman; (7) Etta L. 1893-1967, m. Carey A. Overmyer; (8) Lannie V. 1899-1918.]
COPLEN, Orsee, son of W. & P., d. Mar 4, 1892, ae 18y-8m-26d
(8 steps)

(1) A. Charles, husband, 1867-1944
(2) Lida W., wife, 1865-1930
[Note: A. C. Fieser m. Lida Wright September 25, 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
WRIGHT, Mattie, dau of J. & A., June 3, 1870 - Sep 1, 1891, ae 21y-2m-28d
WRIGHT, James, 1832-1904
WRIGHT, "Father & Mother"
WRIGHT, Almira, 1832-1898
[Note: James Wright b.February 11, 1832 Jefferson Co Ohio, and d.1904, was a son of Samuel C. (1805-1874) and Ruth (Lowry) Wright (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp; also from records of Rena Wright in 1978).
James Wright m. Almira "Elmire" Harmon December 20, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.). Almira was b.New York, a dau of Alexander Harmon who came to Fulton Co Ind from Columbia Co N.Y at an early date and died a year later (see Fulton Co Ind History, by Elia Peattie, pp.150-151).
The children of James and Almira were: (1) Carrie (aka Clara and Alfaretta) b.1856, m.Jacob W. Hisey & Peter Zerby (see previous pages herein); (2) William R., b.1858, m.Amanda Swinehart; (3) Delbert Ellsworth, b.1861, m.Alta D. Eidson (or Echison) (ibid); (4) Lydia "Lida W." b.October 27, 1865, m.A. Charles Fieser, of Mentone, Ind (see above); (5) Joseph A., b.1868 (6 & 7) twins, b.June 3, 1870: Mary "Mollie", m.George B. Davis, and Mattie "Martha" who d. at 21 years. (see above).]

Row 4

WINBIGLER, Mary, wife of John, d. Apr 20, 1875, ae 78y-23d
[Note: Mary, b.March 27, 1797 (by computation), was a dau of (-----) Buchter and was a native of Penn, of German desc. John and Mary (Buchter) Windbigler had a dau, Eliza, who was born nr Shaferstown, Lancaster Co Penn, in 1816. Eliza m. in Ohio Peter Kesler (1809-ca.1875 ae 66) (See History of Fulton Co Ind, by Elia W. Peattie, p. 95).]
KENNEDY, James, d. Feb 14, 1858, ae 43y-11m-21d
KENNEDY, Philura, wife of James, d. Dec 1, 1854, ae 34y-5m-4d
[Note: James Kennedy, b.February 23, 1814 (by computation) joined the Newcastle twp settlement in the spring of 1838. He was m. to Phillouise Taylor September 26, 1839 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
TAYLOR, Helen, widow of David, d. July 24, 1845, ae 64y---
(broken stone, the rest is under ground)
SHEROW, Susanah, d. Aug 1877, ae 66y
SHEROW, John, d. July 24, 1853, ae 43y
[Note: Census records 1850, (Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, hshld #57), indicate that John "Sharo" ae 40 and Susannah 38, left Ohio and came to Indiana sometime around 1841-43. There were eleven children with them in that census - 7 born in Ohio & 4 in Indiana: Noah 18, Aaron 16, Jemima 14, Elijah 13, Harriet 12, Ephraim 11, Levi 9, Elizabeth 7, Emanuel P. 4, Lisa 3, and Lewis B. 1 year.
Court Records of Oct Term 1853 indicate that on August 26, 1853, Silas H. Farry, Admr of the John Shero Estate, petitioned to sell the pers. property in said estate. And in the April Term 1854 Final Report was made and accepted, and the Admr was discharged (see Fulton Co Ind Probate Court Docket A, 1838-1856, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh, pp 41, 57)
Susanah Sherow next married William Peck July 1, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.), and they are included in the census records of 1860, residents of Newc twp. This census reveals that William Peck was a mason, ae 49 and b.Penn. Susan was 48. With them were three of the Peck children (all

b.Ohio): Mary 16, Abraham 13 and Warren 6; some of Susan's children: Elija Sheron 23, Levi 18, Emanuel P. 14, Elija J. 12, Lewis 10, Angeline 9. Also Levina Stickley, ae 7mo, who may have been a dau of Martha Peck who m. a Peter Stickley September 1, 1859 (Fulton Co M.R.).
William & Susann Peck were again in the 1870 census for the same twp. Their family at that time included: PECK, Warren 16; SHEROW, Elijah 33, Ephraim 30, Mary A. 19, Ida A. 1; HARDMAN, Ida E. 2; YOUNG, Mary 52.]
(10 steps)
PARTRIDGE, Samuel, son of E. & R., d. Mar 27, 1855, ae 9m-21d
ARNETT, David R., son of H. & E., d. Sep 18, 1863, ae ?y-5m-18d (loose stone)
PERSCHBAUCHER, Vida J., dau of M. & M.J., d. July 6, 1863, ae 3y-?m-2d
PERSCHBAUCHER, Henrietta, dau of M. & M., d. Aug 18, 1866, ae 1y-1m-19d
(1) Mariah C., wife of M., dau of S.D. & A. Irvine,
d. Feb 21, 1873, ae 31y-7m-6d [comp. b. July 15, 1841]
(2) Sarah A., wife of M., dau of A.E. & R. Batchelor,
d. Aug 31, 1876, ae 24y-9m-14d [comp. b. Nov 17, 1851]
[Note: Mariah C., b.Penn, was a dau of Stephen D. and Angeline (Whaley) Irvine. She was the first wife of Michael Perschbacher whom she m.April 20, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.)
Sarah Ann, second wife of Michael Perschbacher, was a dau of A. E. & Rachel Batchelor, and was b.Ind. She m. (1st) David L. Batz (also Batts) March 8, 1868 (ibid). He d.1873, and she m. (2nd) August 14, 1874 Michael Perschbacher (ibid).
The third wife of Michael Perschbacher was Mariah Alice Downey.
SCOTT, Alice Ann, dau of H. & M., d. Feb 11, 1868, ae 17y-1m-5d (loose stone)
SCOTT, Henry, d. Mar 27, 1859, ae 54y-4m-14d
[Note: Henry's widow, Amanda Scott b.1831 Ohio, was a widow with two children in 1860, but married again in 1862 to John Tipton who may have died by 1870. (Census Fulton Co Ind, 1860 & 1870; also Fulton Co M.R.).]
(10 steps)
SWYERS, George F., d. June 17, 1876, ae 37y-6m-17d
[Note: G. F. Swyers (ae 29 b.Ohio) and Nancy A. (ae 22 b.Ohio), are first recorded in the Fulton Co Ind census records in 1870, of Newc twp. They were not found in the 1880 census.]
BAER, Sarah M., wife of B.A., d. Jan 8, 1877, ae 23y-5m-13d
[Note: Sarah M., dau of Henry & Amanda Scott (see above), married Benjamin A. Bear June 13, 1875 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(16 steps)
PERSCHBACHER, Alice M., Feb 17, 1855 - Apr 23, 1933, ae 78y-2m-6d
PERSCHBACHER (family marker)
PERSCHBACHER, Michael, Mar 14, 1835 - June 9, 1891, ae 56y-2m-25d
[Note: Michael Perschbacher was b.Penn, a son of George, Sr. and Anna Dorothy (Grayer) Perschbacher. (see previous pages herein)
Michael is known to have married three times: (1st) Mariah C. Irvine in 1862 (she d.1873); (2nd) Sarah Ann (Batchelor) Batz in 1874 (she d.1876); (3rd) Alice Mariah Downey, July 4, 1878 (bur beside her husband Michael).
Michael Perschbacher was a resident of Newc twp with his wife M. C. and one child (Henry M. ae 1yr) in 1870; and also 1880 with his wife "Alice" (ae 25 b.Ind; fa.b.Ire; mo.b.Ohio) and children: Henry M. 10, Frederic B. 5, Addie M. (dau) 9mo and Eldora Batz (step-dau) 9yr.
The will of Michael Perschbacher, June 6, 1891, proven June 15, 1891, names his wife "Mariah Alice" and children: Henry Monroe Perschbacher, Fredrick Burton Perschbacher, Addie

May Perschbacher, Nora Alice Perschbacher, and "my step daughter Eldora Batz". (Fulton Co Ind, Will Book "C", pp. 259-260). Frederick Burton 1876-1939 is buried in I.O.O.F. cem, Rochester Ind, and m. Effie M. (-----) (1878-1963); Addie May b.ca.1879, m. Elmer E. Zolman 1898; Nora Alice m. Edward L. Kesler 1904; and Eldora Batz b.ca.1870, m. William Kochendorfer 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(8 steps)
WRIGHT, Rena A., 1900- (no d.d.)
COPPEDGE, Ruth W., 1893-1986
WRIGHT, Alma Bernice, May 12, 1895 - Nov 30, 1895
WRIGHT, Lefa, 1886-1972
WRIGHT, Faye, 1885-1959
(above 5 are matching markers)
[Note: The above 5 were daus of William R. and Amanda (Swinehart) Wright. Obit for Lefa D. Wright said: "Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. Mazie See, Stockton, Cal; Mrs. Ruth Coppedge and Miss Rena Wright . . . Three sisters preceded in death." (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., May 31, 1972).]
(1) Amanda, mother, 1862-1939
(2) William, father, 1858-1929
[Note: William R. Wright, b.September 11, 1858 Ind, son of James & Almira (Harmon) Wright, m. Sarah Amanda Swinehart September 27, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.), and lived in Richland twp.
Sarah Amanda b.February 10, 1862 Ind, was a dau of Daniel & Syrena (Wagoner) Swinehart-Good-Dumbauld (See Lutheran cem herein).
Children were: (1) Faye, b.March 5, 1885 unm; (2) Lefa D., b.May 4, 1886 unm; (3) Mazie, b.December 27, 1888, m.1910 Harry See; (4) Bonnie Fern, b.February 10, 1891, m.1915 Glenn W. Hoss; (5) Mattie Ruth, b.January 3, 1893, nurse, m.1934 Dr. Walter E. Coppedge; (6) Alma Bernice, b.May 12, 1895; (7) Rena Almira, b.April 28, 1900 unm (Wagner-Waggoner-Wagoner Family, 1941, pp.248-249).]

Row 5

RICHTER, Eleanor, wife of James, d. Dec 29, 1853, ae 31y-2m-9d
[Note: Eleanor was b.Ohio October 20, 1822 (by computation) and she and her husband were residnts of Newc twp in 1850 with two children: Mariah 5 and William H. 2 (both b.Ind).]
(9 steps)
SANNS, Peter, son of George & Mary, d. Jan 15, 1846, ae 7y-10m-18d
SANNS, Elizabeth, dau of George & Mary, d. July 14, 1842, ae 1m-4d
IRVINE, Marshel A., d. Sep 25, 1851, ae 40y-11m
IRVINE, Caroline M., wife of Marshal A., d. Apr 30, 1860, ae 40y-2m-27d
(loose stone)
[Note: Marshel A. b.1810 in Penn, and his wife Caroline M. (also called "Mariah") b.1820 Ohio, were residents of Fulton Co Ind 1850 in Newc twp (Census record "Marshel A. Ervin" family).
They are known to have had at least three children: (1) Permelia D., b.ca.1836 Ohio, who m. Stephen C. Sanders; (2) Isaac b.1839 Ind, m.Sarah Kilmer; (3) Cristena E. b.ca.1842 Ind, m. John Stockberger.]
STOCKBARGER, Cristena E., wife of J., d. Jan 13, 1867, ae 24y-5m-27d
(loose stone, broken into two parts)
[Note: Cristena E., b.Ind, m. John Stockberger December 28, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.).]

(1) Infant son of S.C. & P.D., d. May 15, 1851 (one date only)
(2) Margaret M., dau of S.C. & P.D., d. Apr 19, 1877, ae 23y-7m-16d
HISEY, Rebecca J., wife of Augustine, d. Feb 23, 1879, ae 23y-3m-14d
[Note: Rebecca J. was b.Missouri, a dau of Stehpehn C. and Permelia D. (Irvine) Sanders. She was the 2nd wife of Augustine Hisey, having married him April 6, 1878. Augustine was first m. to Emeline Packer 1871; and 3rd to Mary Strawbridge 1883 (Fulton Co M.R.).
SANDERS, Father & Mother
(1) Permelia, wife of S.C. (no dates)
(2) S. C., d. May 19, 1899, ae 69y-11m-4d
[Note: Stephen C. Sanders was b.Penn in 1829. His parents were also natives of Penn. Stephen C. m.Permelia D. (also referred to as "Dorcas P.") April 10, 1851 (Fulton Co M.R.) Permelia Dorcas was a dau of Marshel A. & Caroline Mariah (-----) Irvine.
Stephen C. and Permelia D. were included in the list of householders of Newc twp in 1860, 1870 and 1880, Fulton Co Ind, and these records reveal names and birth dates of their children: (1) Infant son who d.1851 (see above); (2) Margaret Mariah, b.September 3, 1853, d.1877 (ibid); (3) Rebecca J., b.November 9, 1855, d.1879, 2nd wife of Augustine Hisey whom she m. April 6, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Perry M., b.ca.1859, m.Ella L. Carpenter January 27, 1884 (ibid); (5) Mary, b.ca.1863.]
IRVINE, Infant dau of I. & S., d. Jan 23, 1864 (one date only)
IRVINE, Sarah, Aug 21, 1835 - Feb 10, 1905
IRVINE, Isaac, June 22, 1839 - Feb 15, 1917
[Note: Isaac Irvine, b.Ind, was a son of Marshel A. & Caroline Mariah (-----) Irvine. He m.Sarah Kilmer November 16, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see above).
Sarah, wife of Isaac Irvine, was probably the dau of Ebenezer (b.ca.1808 N.Y.) and Lean (-----) Kilmer (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind).
Isaac & Sarah Irvine were householders of Newc twp in 1870 and 1880 (Census records, Fulton Co Ind). These records reveal the names of two children (both born in Ind): (1) Martin Armstrong Irvine, b.ca.1865 Ind, m.Elizabeth Widman (1873-1969) (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (2) Berdella May Irvine, b.ca.1868.]
(1) Ira Ellsworth, 1857-1925
(2) Etta, his wife, 1861- (no d.d.)
[Note: Ira E. Craft m.Etta Stickley, July 2, 1890 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) S. D., June 29, 1815 - Oct 20, 1872
(2) Angeline Whaley, his wife, Nov 9, 1820 - Mar 11, 1906
[Note: Stephen D. (S.D.) Irvine was b.Penn, and m.Angeline, dau of Jeremiah J. & his first wife (name unkn). (see p. 112). In 1880 (census) Angeline was identified as a widowed sis-in-law, living with the James & Emeline (Whaley) Palmer family in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.
The names of only five of the children of S. D. and Angeline Irvine are known to this compiler: (1) Perry, b.ca.1837 Penn; (2) Mariah C., b.ca.1841 Penn, m.Michael Perschbacher (see p.116); (3) Harrison, b.ca.1843 Ind; (4) John W., b.1847 Ind, m.Arzanettie Coplen 1869 (Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Stephen Clinton, b.1854 Ind, m.Sarah C. Rickel 1879 (Fulton Co M.R.; also Census Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1850 "D. S. Irwin"; 1860 "Stephen Irvin"; 1870 "S. D. Irwine"; 1880 "Angeline Irvine" in hshld of James Palmer).]
(10 steps)
BATCHELOR, John C., son of J. & D., d. Aug 15, 1873, ae 4y-8m-10d

BATCHELOR, Sons of J. & D.
(1) Infant, d. Apr 11, 1872 (one date only)
(2) Infant, d. Apr 11, 1872 (one date only)
BATCHELOR, Infant son of J.M. & D.M., d. Sep 6, 1866, ae 15d (loose stone)
BATCHELOR, Dianna M., wife of J.M., d. Feb 20, 1875, ae 27y-9m-7d
[Note: James M. Batchelor (b.ca.1841 Ind) and his first wife, Dianna M. (b.1847 Michigan), were householders of Newc twp in 1870. There was also a son, John C. (b.ca.1869 Missouri) (Census).
Dianna M. Batchelor d. in February 1875, and on the following September 19, 1875, James M. m. his (2nd) wife, Mary A. Bridegroom (b.ca.1847 Ind; parents natives of Germany). Two children born: Asa, b.ca.1877; and Magnola b.ca.1879. (Fulton Co M.R.; also Fulton Co Ind, Newc Twp, Census 1880).]
(7 steps)
KOCHENDERFER, Ruth Marie, Nov 9, 1892 - Nov 17, 1892
(1) Eldora, 1870-1954
(2) William, 1867-1946
[Note: William Kochenderfer was b.Ind, a son of Valentine and Margaret (Snyder?) Kochenderfer (see Valentine Kochenderfer, Reichter cem). He m.Eldora Batz October 10, 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.) Eldora Batz, b.Ind, was a dau of David L. & Sarah Ann (Batchelor) Batz (see Sarah A. Perschbacher, Reichter cem).]
KOCHENDERFER, Barbara E., wife of Benhart, d. May 3, 1892, ae 35y-25d
[Note: Barbara E., first wife of Benhart Kochenderfer, was b.Ind, a dau of Samuel (ca.1825 - 1885/86) and Margaret Jane (Gregson) Fultz. Benhart & Barbara E. (Fultz) Kochenderfer were m. August 27, 1876 (Fulton Co M.R.)
WRIGHT, Infant son of J.A. & M., d. Aug 25, 1892 (one date only)
(1) Martha E., 1870-1943
(2) Joseph A., 1868-1916
[Note: Joseph A. Wright was a son of James and Elmira (Harmon) Wright of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind).]
KING, Henry, 1843-1928
[Note: Henry King was b.Ind, a son of Nicholas and Eva M. "Mary" King of Newc twp. Henry is recorded with the Nicholas and Mary King family in 1850; with his mother, who was a widow, in 1860; again in 1870; and with his bro's (Nicoles, Jr) fam in 1880, at which time he was identified as an unmarried brother to Nicoles. (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp).]
(1) Elva M., 1880-1959
(2) Lewis C., 1881-1949

Row 6

COURLL "Erected by Fred Miller 1944"
(1) Walter, 1793-1845
(2) Margret Barrett, 1795-1841
Their Children:
(3) Rachel DAY, Henry O., Hannah FULTZ, Ann DAVIS,
Elizabeth HOLLAND MILLER, John P.
[Note: Walter Courll was one of the men who came to Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, to make his home,

in the Spring of 1838 (Barnhart's History of Fulton Co Ind, p. 29).
James Richter was made Admr. of the estate of Walter Courll June 23, 1845 (Fulton co Ind Probate Court Docket "A" 1838-1856, by Jean C. & Wendell C. Tombaugh).
Concerning the children of Walter & Margret (Barrett) Courll, the names of six are shown above on the grave marker.
Rachel Day, first child mentioned in the list of children of Walter & Margret Courll, may have been a widow. One Rachel Day m.James McFarland, March 8, 1855 (Fulton Co M.R.) Fulton Co Census for 1860, 1870 and 1880 reveal no McFarland names in Fulton Co.
Henry O. Courll, son of Walter & Margret, might be the Henry O. "Currel" (b.So.Car ca.1823) who was a householder of Newc twp in 1850 census. His family included: Diannah 21 b.Ohio; Mathias 1 b.Ind; and John P. 15 b.Ohio, who was probably a bro of Henry O. Courll.
Hannah, dau of Walter & Margret Courll, was b.1822 So.Car., and m. Curtis Fults (see for further).
Ann C. "Courel" was b.Ohio April 13, 1832, dau of Walter & Margret Courll. She was living in the household of James & Eleanor Richter in 1850 (Census 1850, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). She m.1854 to Samuel P. Davis (See Mary Jane Davis, Yellow Creek cem).
Elizabeth H. "Correll", b. ---, dau of Walter & Margret Courll, m. (1st) Joseph Holland in 1845; and (2nd) (-----) Miller. (see for further).
John P. "Currel", b.ca.1835 Ohio, son of Walter & Margret Courll, was living with his bro Henry O. Currel in 1850 (see above).]
HOLLAND, Joseph, d. Dec 2, 1851, ae 29y-10d
[Note: Joseph Holland m. Elizabeth H. "Correll" March 20, 1845 (Fulton Co M.R.). Elizabeth H. was a dau of Walter & Margret (Barrett) Courll (see above).]
FULTS, Hannah, wife of C., d. Dec 24, 1862, ae 40y-8(6?,9?)m-23d
FULTS, Curtis, d. Sep 10, 1856, ae 36y-11m-26d
FULTS, Samuel, son of C. & H., d. Dec 18, 1845, ae 5m-11d
FULTS, Margaret, dau of C. & H., d. Dec 25, 1841, ae 1m-14d
[Note: Curtis Fults, b.November 22, 1822 Penn, m.Hannah, dau of Walter & Margret (Barrett) Courll, April 30, 1840 (Fulton Co M.R.). Curtis Fultz, his wife Hannah, and three children were residents of Newc twp in 1850; again in 1860, Hannah Fultz (widow) with six children (all b.Ind) were in the same location (Census, Fulton Co Ind).
Nine of the children of Curtis & Hannah (Courll) Fults are known to this compiler: (1) Margret, 1841-1841; (2) Jacob, ca.1844; (3) Samuel, 1845-1845; (4) Daniel, 1846-1907, m. Indiana Emmons (1847-1943, dau of John and Louise Frances (Wilson) Emmons), December 1, 1867 (Fulton Co M.R.; also Census 1880); (5) John, b.ca.1849, with the fam of his bro, Daniel, and Indiana Fults in 1870 Census; (6) George, b.ca.1851; (7) Samuel, b.ca.1854; (8) Susan, b.ca.1857. Daniel & Indiana Fults were bur in the I.O.O.F. cem, Rochester Ind.]
FOX, Robert G., son of S. & F., d. Apr 16, 1854, ae 18y-8m-6d
(7 steps)
WRIGHT, William R., son of J. & M., d. Apr 25, 1859, ae 20y-22d
WRIGHT, Margaret, wife of James, d. May 23, 1880, ae 61y-5m-11d
WRIGHT, James, d. May 26, 1870, ae 56y-10m
[Note: James Wright b.1813 in Maryland spent his childhood in Preble Co Ohio. He m.Preble Co Ohio March 26, 1836, and in March 1837 removed to Fulton Co Ind.
Margret, wife of James Wright, was b.Preble Co Ohio, in 1818. She was a dau of William (b.Virginia ca.1789, d.1856) & Sarah (McClung) Rei d (also: Reed); War 1812 soldier. The will of William Reed, dated December 9, 1853, reads " . . . to Margaret Wright, my eldest daughter and wife of James Wright . . ." (Fulton Co Ind, Will Book "A", p. 144-147)

James & Margaret Wright and family lived in Newc twp at the time of the 1850 and 1860 census. At the time the 1870 census was taken, Margaret, widow of James was a householder of the same twp. The only other person in her household was Alwilda Mann, ae 15, an orphan.
The will of James Wright, dated May 17, 1867, proven June 1, 1870 in Fulton co Ind, names his wife Margaret Wright, and "my two children, Jane Perschbaucher and Samuel Wright." Another heir was Alwilda Mann "a child who is now living with me . . . said sum to be paid when said Alwilda shall be married or when she shall attain the age of 21 years & to be paid only in case she shall continue to live in my family and be a dutiful upright girl." (Fulton Co Ind, Will Bk "B" pp.21-24).
A news item from Rochester Sentinel, Sat., Aug. 2, 1873 reveals that Alwilda was left an orphan at an early age by the death of her father, P. A. Mann, and she became a ward of the Masonic fraternity of Rochester. She was placed by them in charge of "Mrs. James Wright, a widow woman living in Richland twp who adopted her into the family as an own child." She lived with this family for at least ten years before marrying about 1873, Cyrus, son of Lawrence McCarter, who lived three miles northeast from town.
The children of James & Margaret Wright were: (1) Jane, 1837-1887, wife of George Perschbacher (see George Perschbacher, Reichter cem); (2) William R., 1839-1859 (see above); (3) Samuel M., b.ca.1848. This may be the same Samuel, a Dr. who was a resident of Rochester twp in 1880 with a wife, Harriett ae 30 and children: William 10, Frank 7, May 4 and Bertha 9mo (b.Sept).]
BATCHLOR, Emma A., dau of A.E. & R., d. Aug 27, 1864, ae 6y-7m-5d
BATZ, Ida A., dau of D.L. & S.A., d. Nov 12, 1869, ae 11m-1d
BATZ, D. L., d. July 24, 1873, ae 31y-19d
[Note: David L. Battz, b. in Ohio 1842, m. Aug 3, 1868, to Sarah Ann [1851-1876], dau of Asa E. & Rachel Batchelor (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Sarah A. Perschbacher, Reichter cem). Asa E. and his wife, Rachel, were bur in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cem.
Sarah Ann (Batchelor) Batz, widow of David L. Batz, m. (2nd) to Michael Perschbaucher in 1874.
Two children were born to David L. & Sarah Ann Batz: (1) Ida A., b. & D. in 1869; (2) Eldora, b.1870, d.1954, m.William Kochenderfer (See Reichter cem).]
PIGG, Jesse, son of John & D., d. Nov 12, 1868, ae 30y-7m-25d
(1) Priscilla E., wife of W., d. Sep 5, 1897, ae 60y-19d
(2) William, d. Nov 30, 1872, ae 40y
(3) Martha A., wife of W., d. Mar 1, 1861, ae 20y-1m
[Note: William Coplen, of Talma, Newc twp, was b.Ohio in 1832. He was a son of Asa & Lucretia Coplen.
William was (1st) married to Martha A., whose maiden name in unkn to this compiler. They were residents of Newc twp when the 1860 census was taken. With them was James ae 1yr b.Kansas. (James may be the Jayman T. ae 12 Kansas census 1870; also Jamon ae 21 Ind census 1880).
William m. (2nd) Priscilla E. Faulkner, May 29, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.). Priscilla E., b.1837 Michigan, was a dau of David & Rebecca Faulkner (see David Faulkner, Reichter cem), and the 1880 census reveals that she was a widow with an amputated hand. The household of William & Priscilla E. Coplen included five children (ages 1-12) in 1870 (Census); and in 1880 the widow Priscilla E. Coplen household still had five children (ages 6-16).
Children of William & (1st wife) Martha A.: (1) James, b.ca.1859 Kansas (or Jayman T.; or he might be the Jason whom the obit of Alva Franklin Coplen identifies as a "half-brother."); (2) William, b. ----, identified in the obit of Alva Franklin Coplen as a "half-brother." He could also be the William Asa ae 19 who was a nephew in the Chauncy and Almira J. Coplen household in 1880

Children of William & (2nd wife) Priscilla E.: (3) Alva Franklin, b.1863 Ind, m. Delilah Davis; (4) James H., b.ca.1866, m.Nettie Abbott December 2, 1886 (Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Mary V., b.ca.1868 Ind; (6) Charles E., b.1869 Ind, m.Amanda M. Craft; (7) Orsee, b.June 8, 1873, d.March 4, 1892 (see Orsee Coplen, Reichter cem).]
WASHBURN, Jeramiah, d. June 16, 1859, ae 73y-?m-16d
[Note: Grave marker broken across the age line. However, D.A.R. Records state that Jeremiah d. ae 73y-4m-16d, a son of Geo. Washburn who served in the Rev. War. D.A.R. Patriot Index, p. 719 indicates that George Washburn served as a spy in Kentucky in the Rev. War; was b.ca.1759, d.March 9, 1850; m. (1st) Azuba Robbins, and (2nd) Eleanor Rankin; bur in Indiana.
Census records reveal that Jeremiah Washburn was a resident of Fulton Co Ind as early as 1840. By 1850, he was a resident of Liberty twp, Fulton Co Ind, and that census indicates also that he was b.Kentucky ca.1786. His family included: Nancy b.Ohio ca.1801; Jeremiah, Jr., 22; Mary J., 16; Isaac, 14; David, 11; Martha A., 9 (all children b.Ind). Mary A. Washburn, 6, living in the next household (Andrew Lowderback) may also have been a dau of Jeramiah Washburn, but this has not been proven by this compiler.]
WASHBURN, Nancy, d. Aug 22, 1863, ae 81y-10m-9d ?
[Note: Grave marker broken across the age line. D.A. R. records state she d. ae 31y-10m-9d, and if this is correct, would make her b.1831 - more the age of a dau than a wife. Her identity is uncertain, but whether a wife or a dau, she was with the household of Jeramiah Washburn in 1850.]
THOMAS, Mary J., wife of W., May 5, 1833 - Mar 18, 1874
(10 steps)
(----) (not readable)
(----) (not readable)
(7 steps)
(1) Thelma, 1904- (no d.d.)
(2) Noble, 1902-1964
[Note: The Sentinel, Mon., May 25, 1964, obit: Noble V. West, of Mesa, Arizona, formerly of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, d. at age 61 in Scottsdale, Arizona, Saturday, May 23. Born May 30, 1902 in Winamac, Pulaski Co, Ind; m. Thelma Goliday; children: (son) Kenneth of Mesa; (dau: Mrs. Herbert (Mary Kathryn) Kubley of Argos, Ind, and two grandsons; (bros) William, of Kokomo, Arley of Logansport; (sis) Mrs. Bernice Tow of Boyton Beach, Florida; bro & sis preceded in death.]
DUZENBERY, Wendell S., 1906-1987
DUZENBERY, Marjoria F., 1908-1988
KOCHENDERFER, A. Ethel, 1885-1960
KOCHENDERFER, Joseph S., 1883-1938
KOCHENDERFER, Oliver Bryan, son of F. & E., Oct 1, 1898 - Sep 5, 1899
KOCHENDERFER, Margaret, wife of V., d. May 2, 1898
(age not given. Rochester Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Friday, May 6, 1898: "The mother of Ben, Frank and William Kochenderfer, died at her home east of town yesterday [Monday, May 2, 1898] morning at 7 o'clock, aged about 70 years.")
(1) Hazel M., 1891-1892
(2) Orah L., 1872-1945
(3) Joseph A., 1865-1944
[Note: Joseph A. Kesler was a son of Abraham & Finethy M. (Love) Kessler of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Abraham Kesler, Reichter cem). The 1880 Census identifies him as a 14 year old

nephew living in the household of John & Mary Jane Kessler in Newc twp. Joseph A. Kesler m. Ora L. Fish June 8, 1890 (Fulton Co M.R.)
Orah L. (also Orlefa) L., was b.Ind, a dau of Dr. Samuel R. & Susanna (Myres) Fish.]
(1) Mary E., mother, 1868-1951
(2) Peter, father, 1861-1938
[Note: Peter Kesler was a son of Abraham & Finethy M (Love) Kessler of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Abraham Kesler, Reichter cem). Peter Kesler m. Mary E. Fish, January 31, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.). Mary E. was a dau of Dr. Samuel R. & Susanna (Myres) Fish.]
(1) Maude I., 1916- (no d.d.)
(2) Delbert L., 1908- (no d.d.)
m. Nov 22, 1942

Row 7

(11 steps)
(FERRELL, Mary, wife of James), May 30, 1823 - Apr 4, 1846, ae 22y-10m-5d
(Note: Bracketed info taken from Manitou Chapter DAR, Genealogical Survey, Fulton Co Ind Cemeteries, 1935. James Ferrell m. Mary Montgomery, Mar 23, 1843. (Fulton Co M.R.). It is the belief of this compiler that Mary was the eldest child of Caleb and his first wife, Elizabeth Callen Montgomery. Since Mary died in 1846 - long before the death of Caleb - she would not appear as one of his heirs. However, Caleb Montgomery's will dated December 6, 1869, names a gr-dau, Sarah Ferrell.
Sarah E. Faroll, age 4 (b.ca.1846) was with the family of William & Sarah Davidson in Newc twp in 1850 (Census).]
(----) ------- -------- 13d (broken stone)
(10 steps)
(1) Permelia, wife of I., d. Sep 15, 1876, ae 77y-16d
(2) Isaac, d. Dec 7, 1876, ae 76y-28d
[Note: Fulton Co Ind Atlas states that John & Isaac Culver came to Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in the spring of 1839. Fulton Co Ind 1840 Index includes householders Alonzo, John & Lavel B., but no Isaac Culver.
Isaac Culver was b.New York in 1800; his wife, Permelia, was b.Maine in 1799. Isaac & Permelia were householders of Newc twp in the Census of 1850, 1860 and 1870. He was a farmer.
Isaac Culver's will (May 19, 1842; March 4, 1843) "of Newc twp" names his wife, "Permelia"; his Exrs: wife & Selvin P Taylor; Wits: Sandford Gordon & John Gordon. (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "A" pp. 7-9).
A second will for Isaac Culver "of Fulton Co Ind" (December 3, 1876; prov. December 11, 1876, Fulton Co Ind), leaves to Permelia D. Sanders, her heirs & assigns, all his real estate in Fulton Co Ind. He doesn't identify Permelia D. Sanders, but she was probably the Permelia D. Irvine who m.1851 one Stephen C. Sanders. The will also requests that all the personal property be sold and proceeds to be used for "Erecting suitable monuments to mine & my beloved wife's grave who preceed me in death." Exr: David C. Swonger; Wits: David C. Swonger & George Perschbaugher (Will Bk "B" pp.174-175).
David C. Swonger m.Harriet Lucinda, dau of John Culver, 1866 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Warsaw Republican:- Messrs. Furlong & Son have just completed at their marble works in this city the finest monument ever put up in this part of the country. It is to be placed in the

Rei[ch]ter grave yard, between Bloomingsburg and Rochester, to the memory of Isaac Culver. The design is entirely original. The die is panel work, with spiral fluted columns, and is finished in crochet work, which is at once odd and beautiful. The spire is an octagon shaft surmounted with octagon cap and crochet final. The workmanship is of the very highest type . . . The marble for this monument was from the celebrated quarries of Sheldon & Slawson, West Rutland, Vermond. (--Rochester Union-Spy, Friday, May 10, 1878).]
(1) James, 1817-1909
(2) Emeline, his wife, 1823-1907
[Note: James Palmer (also "Parmer") was b.New Hampshire. His parents were natives of New Hampshire also. He married (perhaps in Penn) to Emeline Whaley, b.N.Y., a dau of Jeremiah J. Whaley and his first wife. (see Jeremiah J. Whaley, Reichter cem)
The James Palmer family resided in Newc twp during the Census years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880. In 1880, Angeline Irvine ae 59, was living with the family of James Palmer. This census record identifid her as a sis-in-law, married and widowed.
Children of James & Emeline (Whaley) Palmer were: (1) Henry b.ca.1840 Penn; (2) Mary E. b.ca.1842 Penn; (3) Isaac Bruce b.ca.1843 Ind, m.Lucinda Gordon; (4) William T. 1846-1917 m.Mary J. Wood 1851-1937 (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp}; (5) James M., b.ca.1848 Ind; (6) David S. b.1851 Ind, m. Nancy E.; (7) George b.ca.1855 Ind, m.Sarah (Hoover?); (8) Anna P. 1857-1865; (9) Emma A. b.1859 Ind, m. Asbury Williamson.
PALMER, Anna P., dau of J. & E., d. June 1, 1865, ae 7y-9m-18d (stone broken)
(27 steps)
(CASLOW), William
(1) William, Sep 7, 1887 - May 14, 1889, ae 2y-3m-23d
(2) Frank, Dec 25, 1879 - May 28, 1889, ae 10y-3m-3d
(3) Clyde, Mar 4, 1886 - Oct 10, 1894, ae 8y-7m-6d
(CASLOW), Clyde
(7 steps)
(1) Anna J., June 26, 1837 - Jan 10, 1905
(2) Peter, Nov 5, 1840 - (no d.d.)
EDWARDS, L. D., 1905-1923 (Grossman temp marker)
EDWARDS, Ira G., 1858-1893 (Grossman temp marker)
[Note: Ira G. was b.Ind, and was living in the household of his father William W. Edwards who was widowed (Census 1880 Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). The aforementiond record states that he was an unmarried son, age 22.]
(1) Claude E., 1898-1966
(2) Wonda O., 1902-1969
[Note: Obit, Claude E. McKenney 68 of Fort Wayne, died there Monday, December 12, 1966. Survivors: his wife, Wonda; a sister; niece and nephew. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Dec. 13, 1966). Claude E. McKenney m. Wanda O. Bowman April 12, 1924 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Obit, Wonda O. McKenney 66 of Fort Wayne, native of Talma, died in Fort Wayne Friday, April 25, 1969. She was a dau of Albert and Ada Paulin Bowman, and was a retired registered nurse and medical records librarian. She was the wife of Claude E. McKenney. Survivors: sis-in-law Mrs. Della Tomlinson of Kokomo; nieces, nephews and cousins. One cousin: Mrs. Robert (Eldora) Calvert, R.R.5, Rochester. (The Sentinel, Rochester Ind, Sat. April 26 & Mon., April 28, 1969).]

(1) Ada A., mother, 1883-1949
(2) Albert L., father, 1880-1932
(1) Merl, 1881-1950
(2) ERICKSON, Elda, 1896-1949
(1) Susan Ann, Dec 7, 1856 - Dec 25, 1921
(2) Henry, June 12, 1854 - Dec 13, 1944
[Note: Fulton Co M.R. reveals that Henry McMillen m. Susan Fultz, June 20, 1875. She was probably the dau of Curtis & Hannah (Courll) Fults (see Curtis Fults, Reichter cem).
Henry & Susan had a son, Harvey (b.ca.1880) who m.Effie Spera, February 19, 1902 (Fulton Co M.R.).]

Row 8

(21 steps)
CULVER, Elizabeth, June 15, 1807 - Oct 27, 1885
CULVER, John, Jan 13, 1803 - Sep 18, 1874
[Note: John Culver was b.Clinton Co N.Y., January 13, 1803. He m.April 22, 1832 in Ashtabula Co Ohio, Elizabeth "Betsy" Laughlin. Elizabeth was b.Erie Co Penn, a dau of a soldier of the War 1812, who d. at Upper Sandusky, a native of Penn.
John & Elizabeth "Betsy" Culver were residents of Newc twp from May 1, 1837 (at which time they settled on the Weewissa Reserve in Fulton Co Ind) until John's death in 1874. After that date, the 1880 census reveals that Elizabeth Culver 72 (m. & wid; mo-law) was living with her dau & son-in-law, David C. & Lucinda H. Swonger in Newc twp. Harriet Lucinda 1841-1929 was "the only child of John & Betsy Culver." (Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 50).]
SWONGER, Minnie, dau of D.C. & H.L., d. Aug 21, 1870, ae 1m-15d
(stone tipped over)
SWONGER, Laura J., dau of D.C. & H.L., d. Sep 5, 1869, ae 2y-5m-28d
CLYMER, Bianca M., dau of N.J. & L.A., d. Oct 19, 1867, ae 1y-4m-23d
[Note: Bianca M. was probably a small dau of Newton J. & Lenora A. (Moore) Clymer. This Clymer family was not located in Fulton Co prior to 1870. However, census records for the year 1880 indicate that Newton J. Clymer was a physician b.ca.1837 in Indiana to parents who were natives of Ohio; Lenora A., his wife, was ill with neuralgia, was b.ca.1845 in Ohio to parents who were natives of N.Y.; also that his mo-in-law Elizabeth Moore ae 72 who was widowed was also with them. Census 1870 & 1880, Fulton Co Ind furnish names and dates of the children of Newton J. & Lenora A. Clymer: (1) Charles A., b.ca.1861 Ind, m.Sarah E. Dunfee; (2) This was probably Bianca M. b.1866; (3) George N., b.ca.1867 Ind, m.Frances A. King; (4) Florence E., b.September 1869; (5) Harrison C. "Harry" 1872-1952 (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem), m.Margaret "Maggie E." Dille (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(10 steps)
HUFFMAN, John, d. Nov 17, 1860, ae 41y-11m-7d
[Note: John Huffman ae 42, b.Ohio, and his wife, Susan 38 b.Ohio, were householders of Newc twp in 1860 (Census). Five children were in this family: (1) Margaret 18, (2) David 16, (3) Hannah 8, (4) Harvey 5 and (5) Philip 2. All the children were born in Ohio.]
(15 steps)
ARNETT, Clarence G., son of H.L. & E., d. Sep 20, 1879, ae 5m-22d
(8 steps)

STARNER, Rosa L., dau of R. & A., d. Mar 3, 1895, ae 1y-10m-14d
(----) (not readable)
HULS, J. W., 1878-1946 (concrete surface marker)
STARNER, Chester L., son of G.W. & A., d. Sep 15, 1895, ae 6y-2m-20d
STARNER, Armantha J., wife of G., May 15, 1851 - Jan 19, 1914
[Note: George W. Starner was b.Illinois ca.1847. He m.Armantha Nulf March 30, 1869 (Fulton Co M.R.).
George and Armantha J. Starner were residents of Rochester city (Census , Fulton Co 1870), and of Newc twp in 1880 (Census, Fulton Co 1880) .
Although no stone was found here for George Starner, Fulton Co Ind Death Records state that George Starner d. at age 69, August 6, 1916, at Talma.
WRIGHT, Laura E., 1875-1896
(1) Elizabeth E., 1840-1900
(2) John B., Co D 87 Ind, 1842-1917
[Note: John B., b.Ohio, was a son of Samuel C., Sr. and Ruth (Lowry) Wright (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp).
John B. Wright m.Elizabeth E. Ball, April 2, 1868 (Fulton Co M.R.).Elizabeth E. , b.Ohio, was a dau of John & Arretta Ball of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind.
John B. & Elizabeth E. Wright were residents of Richland twp in 1870 (see Census 1870). Their family included a dau Ida B. (ae 1) and Elizabeth's bro Edward Ball (ae 36). Arretta Ball, mother of Elizabeth, who was by then a widow, and son Milton (John M.) Ball, were in the adjoining farm. The 1880 Census, Fulton Co, Richland twp, reveals the names of three more children born to John B. & Elizabeth E. Wright.
Children: (1) Ida B., b.ca.1869 Ind, m.Schuyler Tipton; (2) John M., b.ca.1872 Ind, m.Marie A. Mow; (3) Laura E., 1875-1896; (4) Josie, b.ca.1877 Ind, m.William B. McAlexander. The will of John B. Wright (Fulton Co Ind, Will Bk "E", p. 451) dated September 24, 1915; prov. September 3, 1917, names the following: (son) John M. Wright, (dau) Mrs. Joseph M. McAlexander of South Bend, Ind, (dau) Nora D. Wright of Rochester, Ind, (gr-dau) Crystal Wright.]
(1) Wilson, 1858-1935
(2) Ellen, his wife, 1860-1923
[Note: Wilson Coplen was b.Ohio, a son of Martin V. and Sarah Coplen of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. He m.Ellen Burkett, December 29, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Fulton Co Ind, Census 1860, 1870, "Martin V. Coplen fam."; and 1880 "Wilson Coplen" household, all Newc twp).]

Row 9

KENNEDY, John, Jr., d. Apr 29, 1860, ae 47y-7m-29d
[Note: John Kennedy, Jr., b.Ohio in 1812, could have been a son of an older John Kennedy of Newc twp (b.ca.1789, Penn). Both John Kennedy (the older) and John, Jr., were residents of that county in 1850. (Census).
Kingman Bros Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, 1883, p. 44, states that one James Kennedy & family came to Newc twp in the spring of 1838. Census, Fulton Co Ind, 1840, indicates that three of the name were very early householders: James, John and Robert.
John Kennedy, Jr., b.Ohio in 1812, m.Sally "Sarah" Fairchild, February 14, 1848 (Fulton Co M.R.). They were recorded as householders of Fulton Co Ind in 1850 as "Canaday, John Jr. and Sarah" with two children. He probably had a prior marriage.
Children: Mary M., b.ca.1846 Ind; Royal N., b.ca.1849 Ind; John Wm., 1851-1853 (Reichter cem).]

TIPTON, John F., son of J. & M., d. Oct 19, 1851, ae 1y-6m (loose stone)
KENNEDY, John Wm., son of J. & S., d. Sep 9, 1853, ae 2y-6m
BUNCH, Children of J.J. & E.C.
(1) Mary C., d. Feb 26, 1877, ae 3y-1m-5d
(2) John D., d. Mar 20, 1877, ae 10m-2wk-2d
KING, Nicholas, 1833-1908
[Note: Nicholas King was b.Maryland in 1833, a son of Nicholas and Eva M. "Mary" King, who came to this area from Darmstadt Germany.
Nicholas (Jr.) appears to have remained a single man. He appears with his father's family in 1850, 1860, 1870 (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). But in 1880, Nicholas 46 is a householder (same twp), and with him are: Jacob (unm. bro) 36; Mary (unm. sis) 43; Henry (unm. bro) 35; Mary R. Green (niece) 7; Sidney L. Green (nephew) 5.
The will of Nicholas King date June 6, 1905; prov. August 14, 1908 (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "D" p. 443), names his heirs: Rudolph Nicholas Green and Hazel Green "children of my nephew Sidney Luther Green." John Umbaugh was exr.]
KING, Lewis, d. Apr 25, 1877, ae 49y-9m-11d
KING, Mary, d. July 31, 1893, ae 57y-8m-24d
GREEN, Susana, wife of S.B., d. May 30, 1877, ae 31y-8m-12d
[Note: Susana King, b.Ind, was a dau of Nicholas and Eva M. "Mary" King. She m.Sidney B. Green, August 27, 1871 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Children: (1) Mary R., b.ca.1873 Ind, m.Sylvester Swinehart, August 29, 1891 (ibid); (2) Sidney Luther, b.1874 Ind, m.Lula M. Kesler, October 19, 1895 (ibid).]
PASCHAL, Amanda M., dau of H.H. & R.A., d. Oct 26, 1870, ae 1y-9m-3d
PASCHALL, Hugh A., son of H.H. & R.A., d. Sep 8, 1885, ae 11m-20d
PASCHALL, L. J. "Jennie", Feb 10, 1880 - Dec 25, 1904
[Note: Amanda M., Jennie (Lucinda J.), and Hugh A. were some of the children of Henry H. & Rachel A. (Simcoe) Paschall of Newc twp. Marriage Application of John W. Paschall gives the maiden name of his mother "Simcoe". Henry H. and Rachel A. were householders of Newc twp during the census years 1860, 1870 and 1880. Their other children were: Mary E., b.ca.1871; John W., b.ca.1873, m.Desse Crabb 1897 and resided at Talma; Flora May, b.ca.1875, and m. at age 34 Samuel E. Davis; Carleton M. "Carl", b.ca.1878, m.Elma May Wines 1899 (she m. 2nd Claude Brubaker, Sr.). (See: Fulton Co Ind, Census records and M.R.; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Oct. 11, 1968, obit of Berlin H. Paschall (son of Carl & Elma May Wines Paschall).]
(7 steps)
REED, Father & Mother
(1) Eve C., wife of Emanuel T., Oct 22, 1842 - (no d.d.)
(2) Emanuel T., July 17, 1843 - Dec 13, 1890
[Note: Emanuel T. Reed was b.Penn, but was a resident of this county by 1870. He m.November 4, 1866 to Eve Catharine Perschbacher (dau of George, Sr. and Anna Dorothy (Grayer) Perschbacher) (Fulton Co M.R.; also see George Perschbaucher, Reichter cem); Census Fulton Co, Newc twp, 1870 and 1880).
Children: (1) George O., b.ca.1868 Ind; (2) Joseph Howard, 1869-1944, m.Eunice Trimble (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (3) Anna A., 1871-1925 (ibid); (4) Lulu B., 1873-1910, m.John W. Hartman (ibid); (5) Jacob W., b.ca.1875 Ind, m.Mattie Trimble 1913 (Fulton Co M.R.); (6) Clara A., 1878-1918 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem).]
(13 steps)
(1) George, 1821-1882
(2) Rebecca, 1824-1897

CARLISLE, Daisy, dau of T.R. & E., d. Aug 19, 1879, ae 1y-9m-15d
[Note: Thomas R. Carlisle, b.ca.1852 Ohio, m.Elizabeth Carpenter, and they were residents of Newc twp in 1880 (Census, Fulton Co Ind). His sis-in-law, Ella L., 18, was living in their househld.
Children of Thomas R. & Elizabeth were; (1) Daisy, b.1877 (see above); (2) Walter, b.October 1879 Ind.
Ella L., sis of Elizabeth (Carpenter) Carlisle, m.Perry M. Sanders, January 27, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(7 steps)
(----) (obvious marker, nothing readable)
(10 steps)
(1) Mary C., Apr 15, 1833 - July 23, 1901
(2) John, Apr 12, 1829 - Mar 11, 1897
[Note: John Perschbacher, b.Hesse Darm. Germany, was a son of George, Sr., and Anna Dorothy (Grayer) Perschbacher (see George Perschbacher, Reichter cem). The family name is sometimes spelled "Pashbaugh". John Parchbaucher m.Mary C. Surguy, February 12, 1852 (Fulton Co M.R.), a dau of William, Sr. and Rachel (Bell) Surguy (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp).
John & Mary C. Perschbacher were residents of Richland twp, and were found in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records with children. The 1880 census indicates that John and Mary "Pashbaugh" were head of a household which included two daus, Carrie 16 and Minnie 13, a son John W. 11; a dau and son-in-law, Ella and Marsh. Eidson; a gr-son Riley Drew ae 6, and a gr-dau Mary C. Drew ae 1yr.
Children: (1) Maranda A., b.ca.1852 Ind, m.Wm. W. Drue (Drew); (2) Almira, b.ca.1854 Ind; (3) George W., b.ca.1856 Ind; (4) James (T.?), b.ca.1859 Ind; (5) Rebecca, b.ca.1860 Ind; (6) Ella, b.ca.1861 Ind (first wife of) Marsh. A. (Marcy A.) Eidson, whom she m.April 24, 1880 (Fulton Co M.R.), (son of Barney A. Eidson), Marsh. Eidson m.(2nd) Laura E. Clemmans, 1888, and m. (3rd) Alice E. (McClure) Rannells 1906 (Fulton Co Ind, Marriages & Applications for Marriages); (7) Carrie M., b.ca.1863 Ind, m.Daniel Marion Swinehart 1883 (son of Daniel & Serenia (Wagoner) Good-Dumbauld Swinehart) (See Daniel Swinehart, Lutheran cem, Newc twp); (8) Minnie V., b.ca.1866; (9) John W., b.ca.1869 Ind.]
TIPTON, Ida Belle, wife of Scuyler C., d. Mar 10, 1896, ae 27y-2m-10d
TIPTON, Schuyler, 1866-1946
[Note: Schuyler Tipton, a son of John & Amanda (-----) Tipton, m.Ida B. Wright, January 28, 1890 (Fulton Co M.R.). Ida Belle was a dau of John B. & Elizabeth E. (Ball) Wright. (See John B. Wright, Reichster cem).]
CANNEDY, Elizabeth, 1846-1924
TIPTON, Amanda, mother, Oct 13, 1831 - Aug 31, 1910
[Note: Amanda, b.Ohio, m. (1st) to (-----) Scott. Two children were b. before the 1860 census was taken in Newc twp, in which she was shown as a widow ae 30.
Amanda Scott m. (2nd) John Tipton, January 2, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.). He was probably the same John Tipton ae 30 b.Virginia, of Newc twp, a householder in 1850 (Census), with Matilda 29, Nancy J. 8, Sarah E. 7, Rachael A. 4 and Martha E. 2. There were two other children: John F. Tipton 1850-1851 (See p. 126); and Mary A. Tipton b.ca.1856, with the Amanda Tipton household in 1870 at ae 14. John Tipton and his children all appear to have left Fulton Co Ind and were not in the 1860 census.
The exact date of the death of John Tipton is not known to this compiler. However, it had to have been sometime between 1862 (date of their marriage) and 1870, when Amanda Tipton ae 38 appears as a Newc twp householder in the census. Her family included: Sarah M. Scott, 16 Ohio; Phillip S. (Schuyler) Tipton 4 Ind; Mary A. Tipton, 14 Ind.

Amanda (-----) Scott Tipton married a (3rd) time, April 17, 1871, to Samuel P. Hodges (Fulton Co M.R.). He was a widower whose wife had d. in 1870. Although his death was not until 1892, he was not found in the 1880 census, but Amanda Hodges, ae 48 Ohio, was a householder in that record (Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, 1880 Census) with one other member Philip S. Tipton, a son ae 13.
Children: (1) Alice Scott b.ca.1853 Ind; (2) Sarah M. Scott b.1855, m.Benjamin A. Bear, June 13, 1875 (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) Philip S. (Schuyler) Tipton, b.1866 Ind, m.Ida Belle Wright, January 28, 1890 (she d.1896).
REED, Children of J. Howard & Eunice
(1) Vernon T., Jan 4, 1894 - Jan 20, 1894
(2) Okley J., Aug 15, 1895 - Aug 17, 1895
(1) Riley J., 1874-1919
(2) Nettie C., 1883-1959
[Note: Riley J., b.Ind, was a son of William Wallace & Maranda A. (Perschbacher) Drew. Riley J. Drew and his sis, Mary C. Drew (ae 1) were with the family of John and Mary C. Pashbaugh when the Fulton Co Ind, 1880 census was taken, in Richland twp.]

Row 10

(1) William E., son of B.F. & M., d. Apr 1, 1878, ae 3y-1m-1d
(2) Benjamin F., d. Mar 3, 1879, ae 40y-6m-21d
[Note: Benjamin F. Montgomery, b.August 12, 1838 (by computation) in Ind, was a son of Caleb & Sarah "Sally" L. (Mercer) Montgomery (See Sarah L. Montgomery, Reichter cem). He m.November 4/15, 1866, Martha Ann Bybee (1850-1901) (Fulton Co M.R.).
Four children born: (1) Nancy Montgomery, b.1867, m.1883 Isaac Smith B. Love (see Nancy Love, Reichter cem); (2) Nathan Montgomery, b.February 1870; (3) Washington Montgomery b.ca.1873; (4) William E. Montgomery, 1875-1878.
Martha Ann Bybee, wife of Benjamin F. Montgomery, was b.Ind, 1850, a cau of Nathan & (-----) Bybee.
Nathan Bybee, b.October 19, 1820 Ohio, d.October 7, 1877 ae 56y-11m-18d, bur Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind. He m. Susan (-----) (date not known) b.March 14, 1835, d.September 14, 1857, ae 22y-6m, bur Mentone cem. (Because of the dates of his children, there may have been a wife prior to Susan.) Nathan married last to (Mrs.) Clarissa Gochenour, b.ca.1824 Ohio, and they were householders of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind (Census 1870) with five Bybee children and three Gochenour children: Alice, Daniel & Ephraim. By 1880, the census indicates that Clarissa Bybee, 56 Ohio (parents b.N.Car & So.Car), widow, was householder (same county & state), her family including sons: William Harvey Bybee, Levi Bybee (both b.Ind) and Ephraim Gochenour (b.Ohio). The will of Nathan Bybee (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "B" pp.206-208) confirms the names of his children: (1) Nancy C., b.ca.1848, m.James M. Davenport 1866; (2) Martha Ann, b.1850 Ind, m.(1st) Benjamin F. Montgomery 1866; (3) Joseph, 1852-1937 (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind), m.Lydia Haimbaugh 1872; (4) Hannah E., b.ca.1853 Ind, m.John Bryant 1871; (5) Phoebe, b.1857 m.Levi Shoemaker; (6) Cynthia, b.ca.1860 Ind, m.Ambrose Eherenman 1877; (7) Almeda, b.May 25, 1861, d.May 16, 1940 (Mentone Cem, Kosc Co Ind), m.Albert Eherenman 1878; (8) William Harvey, 1862-1910 (ibid), m.Mary Stockberger 1883; (9) Levi, b.February 19, 1864, d.July 31, 1901 (ibid), m.Flora D. Eley 1884. (Note: All children's marriages are Fulton Co M.R.). Concerning his step-children: (1) Alice Gochenour, b.ca.1853 Ohio, m.John Willford 1872 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Daniel Gochenour, b.ca.1847 Ohio; (3) Ephraim Gochenour, b.1845 Ohio.

Martha Ann (Bybee) Montgomery, widow of Benjamin F. Montgomery, and dau of Nathan Bybee, m. next Wm. H. H. Hamlett (1836-1890) March 28, 1880 (see Wm. H. H. Hamlett, Hamlett cem, Newc twp). A third marriage for Martha Ann (Bybee) Montgomery Hamlett, widow of Wm. H. H. Hamlett, was February 18, 1892 to John Kesler (1836-1919) (see John Kesler, Sycamore cem, Newc twp). Martha Ann was bur beside her 3rd husband, John Kesler, and his first wife, in 1901 in Sycamore cem.]
TOMPKINS, Sarah E., 1849-1869
(----) (base only)
SMITH, Elizabeth, wife of W., d. Nov 5, 1873, ae 54y-3m-2d
SMITH, Washington, d. Mar 2, 1858, ae 38y-4m-11d
[Note: Washington Smith m.Elizabeth Edwards May 15, 1842 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Elizabeth, wife of Washington Smith, was b.1819 in Darke Co Ohio, a dau of James P. & Jane Edwards (of Marshall Co Ind 1840 to 1876).
James P. Edwards, b.January 14, 1793 Newberry Co, So.Car, was a son of David & Mary (Patty) Edwards. James P. Edwards is said to have been bur. in Reichter cem, but was not located by this compiler. A letter dated May 8, 1977, from Mrs. Marie Edwards Quisenberry, Carlsbad, California, to this compiler, states the following: "In 1965 Elva Longbrake of Claypool (also a gr-gr-granddau of James P. Edwards as I Am) visited the Reichter Cemetery and found his grave. She believes his wife Jane to be buried next to him but there was no marker. 3 years ago she returned to the cemetery and the marker was gone. She and her husband hunted all over for it to no avail." Mrs. Quisenberry is a descendant of James P. Edwards, through his son David. James P. Edwards came to Indiana ca.1831, and resided in Marshall Co from 1840 to 1876. His wife, Jane, was a native of Tennessee.
The children of James P. & Jane Edwards: (1) Daniel W., b.1815 Ohio, m. Susan Sheerer; (2) Chesley, b.April 13, 1817 Darke Co Ohio, d. After 1880, m. Hannah Johnson May 16, 1847, Kosc Co Ind; (3) Elizabeth, b.1819 (see above); (4) Mary, b.May 20, 1821 Darke Co Ohio; (5) David, 1823-1888, m.Mahala Elam (Citizens Cem, Rochester twp); (6) James M., b.January 11, 1825 Darke Co Ohio; (7) Nancy H., b.June 28, 1827 Darke Co Ohio; (8) William W., b.1830 (Reichter cem); (9) Anna J., 1837-1905, m.Peter Wiseman, June 9, 1870, two known children: Nancy J. (1875-1876) and an infant son (1878-1878) (Reichter cem). References for Edwards family: (Records of Mrs. Marie Edwards Quisenberry; Fulton Co M.R. and Census records; Fulton Co cem records).
Concerning the parents of James P. Edwards, his father David Edwards m.Mary Patty 1786 in Jewberry Co So.Car., and d. in Darke Co Ohio before 1820. Their children: (1) Samuel B., b.July 29, 1788 Newberry Co So.Car., m.Priscilla Jackson February 12, 1807 Montgomery Co Ohio, d.December 11, 1840(see Citizens cem, Rochester twp); (2) Sarah, b. Newberry Co So.Car., lm.Timothy Mote February 16, 1806, Montgomery Co Ohio, d.July 19, 1847 (Syracuse cem, Turkey Creek twp, Kosc Co Ind); (3) James P., 1793 (see above); (4) David, b.Newberry Co So.Car, m.Ferrebe Byres, November 3, 1831, Elkhart Co Ind; (5) Daniel P., b.Newberry Co So.Car, m.Ann More March 20, 1820, Darke Co Ohio, d.ca.1846 Fulton Co Ind; (6) Charles, b.Newberry Co So.Car., m.Nancy Smith, November 20, 1829, Darke Co Ohio; (7) Spencer, b.Newberry Co So.Car, m.Sarah "Sally" Warfield, and was living in St. Joseph Co Ind, 1831; (8) Margaret, b. prob. Darke Co Ohio, m.March 31, 1825, Joshua J. Simpson, Darke Co Ohio.
The above info on the David & Mary (Patty) Edwards family is from the records of Mrs. Marie Edwards Quisenberry who also states that all of these children, except Margaret and possibly Charles, migrated to St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall and Fulton Counties, Indiana, about 1831.
EDWARDS, Daniel W., d. July 21, 1846, ae 30y-8m-20d
[Note: Daniel W., b.November 1, 1815 Darke Co Ohio, son of James P. & Jane Edwards, m.Susan Sheerer, September 25, 1837 in St. Joseph Co Ind.]
EDWARDS, L. M. N., June 21, 1844 - -----(d.d. & age not readable - hand-carved)

EDWARDS, Mary Jane, dau of L. & R.?, d. Dec 22, 1849, ----- (not readable)
BRAETWESAR, Michael, d. July 10, 1846, ae 64y (loose stone)
(1) Nicholas, d. Oct 6, 1851, ae 50y-6m-6d
(2) Eva M., wife of Nicholas, d. Nov 9, 1875, ae 68y-6m-24d
[Note: Nicholas King b.1801, and his wife, Eva Mary b.1807, were both born in Darmstadt Germany. Nicholas and Eva M. "Mary", his wife, and eight children were residents of Newc twp in 1850. "Mary" his widow was householder in the same twp in 1860 & 1870 (Fulton Co Ind census) with her children.
Children of Nicholas & Eva Mary King were: (1) Lewis 1827-1877 (see Nicholas King, Reichter cem); (2) Peter, b.ca.1832 Germany (not in the Fulton Co Ind census after 1850); (3) Nicholas, 1833-1908 (ibid); (4) Mary, 1835-1893 (ibid); (5) Jacob, b.ca.1844 Ind; (6) Henry, 1843-1928 (See Henry King, Reichter cem); (7) Susannah, b.1848 Ind, m.Joshua J. Bunch (Reichter cem).]
(----), James T., 1863-1865
(----), George M., 1864-1865
(----), Isaac F., 1869-1870
[Note: The above three surnames not readable. They might be King or Meredith, or they could be of another family. They do appear to fit into the Isaac J. & Amanda (Emmons) Meredith family, but this is not certain.]
(1) Amanda, his wife, 1834-1870
(2) Isaac J., 1835-1908
(3) Cyntha A., his wife, 1848- (no d.d.)
[Note: Isaac J. Meredith was b.Ohio, a son of Robert and Elizabeth (Grove) Meredith.
Isaac J. Meredith m.(1st) Amanda Emmons, October 21, 1858 (Fulton Co M.R.). She was a dau of Jesse & Ann Emmons (see Jesse Emmons, Reichter cem). They had three children: Andrew J., Douglas Robert and Viola A. (They may also have had the three shown above: James T., George M. and Isaac F.). Isaac J. and Amanda with one child were householders of Newc twp in 1860; and Isaac C., with no wife, but with three children was again in Newc twp in 1870. We also find in 1870, in the household of Henry Haimbaugh, Cynthia Ames ae 21.
Isaac J. Meredith m.(2nd) Cynthia Ames, December 25, 1870 (Fulton Co M.R.). Isaac J. and Cynthia, householders of Newc twp in 1880 have 5 children (Census, Fulton Co).
Children of Isaac J. Meredith: (1) Andrew J., 1859-1929 (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind), m.Florence E. King (see Sarah Haimbaugh, Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp); (2) Douglas Robert, b.1861 Ind, d.1935, m.Lydia E. (-----) (1864-1909) (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind); (3) Viola A. (Artinses?) b.ca.1867 Ind; (4) Rosa, b.ca.1872 Ind; (5) Orville, 1873-1874 (Yellow Creek cem); (6) Henry T., 1874-1950 m. Anna (----) (1877-1959) (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind).]
(42 steps)
FISH, Susanah, wife of Dr. S.R., July 24, 1848 - Feb 24, 1881, ae 33y-7m
FISH, Dr. S. R., July 24, 1844 - Nov 18, 1916
(FISH), Mary, wife of Dr. S.R., Feb 20, 1856 - Oct 10, 1896, ae 40y-7m-10d
(FISH), Infant (no dates)
(FISH), Infant (no dates)
(FISH), Infant (no dates)
[Note: Dr. Samuel R. Fish was b.Jay Co Ind, and was a son of Samuel (b.ca.1799 New Jersey) and Nancy (Gillam) Fish. He was crippled while in infancy. He studied with an older brother George Fish. He resided first in Marshall Co Ind, then removed to Bloomingsburg, Fulton Co Ind, in 1874.

Dr. Fish m. (1st) Susanna Myres October 29, 1865. She & her parents were natives of Penn. Seven children were born before Susanna's death in 1881. Dr. Fish m.(2nd) Mary Kesler, January 14, 1882 (Fulton Co M.R.). Mary was b.Newc twp, a dau of Jacob & Susan Kesler (Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp). A possible (3rd) marriage: Sidna A. Fish, wife of Dr. S. R. Fish, November 19, 1840 - December 28, 1912 (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind).
Children: (1) George R., b.ca.1867 Marshall Co Ind, m.Emily Treadwell, June 11, 1895 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Mary E., 1868-1951, m.Peter Kesler (see Peter Kesler, Reichter cem); (3) Calista A., b.ca.1871, m.John W. Kessler (son of Simeon & Rowena Kessler); (4) Orah L. (Orlefa), b.1872, m.Joseph A. Kessler (see Joseph A. Kessler, Reichter cem); (5) Linnie B., b.1874 at Bloomingsburg, Fulton Co Ind, m.Milton Kesler (see Milton Kesler, Sycamore cem, Newc twp); (6) Maud E., b.1876, m.Alphens F. "Frank E." Drudge (see Frank A. Drudge, Sycamore cem, Newc twp); (7) Clyde M., b.ca.1879, m.Lulu Busenburg, February 4, 1904 (Fulton Co M.R.); and (half-sis) Leah, m. (-----) Bass; (half-sis) Constance, m. (-----) Wilkes.]
(Reference: also see Kingman Bros, Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, p. 49)
BATZ, Russell Howard, inf son, Oct 14, 1893 - Mar 1, 1897
BATZ, Marie, inf dau, Jan 4, 1895 - Oct 22, 1896
BATZ (family marker)
BATZ, Blanche E., Feb 22, 1876 - June 13, 1951
BATZ, Isaac A., July 19, 1872 - May 2, 1951
[Note: Isaac A. Batz was b.Ind, nr Talma, Fulton Co, a son of Henry & Malinda (Grove) Batz (See Ruben Batz, Sycamore cem, Newc twp). Isaac A. Batz was Fulton Co Treasurer 1922-1926. He d. at the South Whitley rest home. He m.October 1891, Blanche Evans. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thur. & Fri., May 3 & r, 1951, obit, Isaac A. Batz).
Blanche Evans, b.Fulton Co Ind, was a dau of Josiah Evans, and was a life-long resident of Newc twp. She died in the Elmherst Hospital, Angola. Survivors: a son and dau; a sister, Junette, m.Carl C. Campbell 1909 (Fulton Co M.R.; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Wed., June 13, 1951, obit, Mrs. Isaac Batz).
Children of Isaac A. & Blanche E. Batz: (1) Russell Howard 1893-1897; (2) Marie 1895-1896; (3) Carl C., b. -----, of Chicago; (40 Mildred (Mrs. Albert) Cramer, of Angola, Ind.]
(1) Henry, 1848-1936
(2) Malinda Grove, his wife, 1848-1919
BATZ, Henry, 1848-1936
[Note: Henry Batz was b.Ind, a son of Reuben Batz (also, Batts) and Anna (Moyer) Batz (see Ruben Batz, Sycamore cem, Newc twp).
Henry m.Malinda Grove, April 13, 1871. She was a dau of John & Rebecca (---) Grove of Newc twp (Fulton Co M.R.). Henry Batz will (Fulton Co Ind, Will Bk "G" p. 379) date March 26, 1919, proven November 12, 1936; names his son, Isaac A. Batz, Exr.
Children: (1) Isaac A. 1872-1951 (see above); (2) Infants of H. & M. Batz (see Reichter cem).]

Row 11

(----) (broken, on the ground, so badly weathered not readable)
EDWARDS, Martha, 1832-1867 (Grossman temp marker)
[Note: This is probably the wife of William W. Edwards.]
EDWARDS, Lorinda, 1860-1951
[Note: Miss Lorinda Alice Edwards, b.October 6, 1860 in Marshall Co Ind, a dau of William W. &

Martha L. Edwards. She d. at her home in Argos at age 90, on Wed., February 21, 1951. She had lived her entire life in Marshall Co Ind. Survivors: (bro) Frank of Argos; a nephew, resident of Cambridge, Ohio. Funeral services by Grossman Funeral Home in Argos, Ind. (The Sentine, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Feb. 22, 1951, obit.)]
EDWARDS, W. W., 1830-1881 (Grossman temp marker)
[Note: William W. Edwards b.April 20, 1830 in Darke Co Ohio was a son of James P. & Jane (-----) Edwards, and was m. to Martha L. (see above). This family was probably of Marshall Co Ind, until after the 1870 census.
In 1880 William W. Edwards, ae 50 and widowed, was a resident of Newcastle twp. His household included three sons and a daughter (all unm). (Census 1880).
Children: (1) Laura T., 1854-1858; (2) G. Washington, b.ca.1856 Ind; (3) Ira G., 1858-1893 (see Reichter cem); (4) Lorinda Alice, 1860-1951 (see above); (5) D. Franklin, b.ca.1867 Ind]
EDWARDS, Adoniram J., son of C. & H., d. July 14, 1873, ae 20y-7m-3d
EDWARDS, Laura T., dau of Wm. W. & M.L., d. Aug 29, 1858, ae 4y-4m-29d
EDWARDS, Chesley W., d. Feb 23, 1863, ae 20y-2m-26d
EDWARDS, Mary Jane, d. Aug 6, 1859, ae 21y-6m
KING, Nicholas, d. Oct 6, 1851, ae 50y-6m-6d (NOTE: this is a duplicate marker)
(1) Nancy J., dau of P. & A.J., d. May 21, 1876, ae 9m-12d
(2) Infant son of P. & A.J., d. July 4, 1878 (one date only)
[Note: These were children of Peter & Anna J. (Edwards) Wiseman. Anna J. "Annie" Edwards was a dau of James P. Edwards. (See Peter Wiseman, Reichter cem).]
(8 steps)
COLLINS, Patrick H., son of M. & R.J., d. Jan 8, 1862, 6y-4m-25d (loose stone)
[Note: This would be a little son of Mark & Jane Collins of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind in 1860 - bone by 1870.]
SULLIVAN, Mother & Father
(1) Angeline Dumbauld, his wife, July 10, 1845 - July 28, 1924
(2) Michael, Sep 10, 1850 - Nov 10, 1914
[Note: Michael Sullivan b.Ohio, was a son of Dennis and Mary Sullivan who were natives of Ireland. Michael was m.October 7, 1877 to Angeline Dumbauld (Fulton Co M.R.). Angeline was b.Ohio, a dau of Peter C. & (probably) his first wife, Catharine, thought to be a Stockberger (see Peter C. Dumbauld, Lutheran cem, Newc twp)
Michael and Angeline "Sollovon" were residents of Newc twp in 1880 (Census, Fulton Co Ind). There was one child in this family, a son, Walter D. ae 1 year.
The obit for Walter D. Sullivan states that he had a brother Elmer of Argos. (see Reichter cem).]
(26 steps)
SHEROW, Ephraim, Apr 23, 1840 - Sep 17, 1919
[Note: Ephraim, b.Ohio, son of John & Susanah Sherow, was m. but was divorced sometime before 1880 as indicated in the Census Fulton Co Ind . He was at that time living in the household of his bro, Lewis B. Sherow, in Newc twp.
A marriage record for Ephraim has not been located. However, in 1870 in the William & Susann Peck household, was found Elijah, bro of Ephraim (30); Mary A. (19) and Ida A. (1). Very possibly Mary A. was Ephraim's wife & Ida A. his dau. (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). Ida A. appears in the Lewis B. Sherow household in 1880 as well as Ephraim. She was identified in this record as a niece ae 11 yrs. It should be noted that Susanah, mother of Ephraim m. (2nd) William Peck, July 1, 1855.]
SHEROW, E. P., 1846-1896
GROVE, Grace E. Bryant, wife of Lou, May 3, 1889 - Mar 21, 1916

(1) Edward, Jan 25, 1833 - Oct 6, 1917
(2) Maggie Ritenour, his wife, Apr 22, 1851 - May 27, 1934
[Note: Edward P. Ball was b.Ohio, a son of John M. & Arretta Ball of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind (Sand Hill cem). In 1860 Edward P. Ball (ae 24) was living in his parents' household; in 1870 Edward Ball (ae 36) was with the family of John B. & Elizabeth E. (Bal) Wright (Elizabeth being a sister of Edward P. Ball).
Edward P. Ball m.Maggie Ritenour, November 5, 1871 (Fulton Co M.R.). They were householders of Richland twp in 1880 (Census Fulton Co Ind), with one son, Frankie ae 8, and a boarder, Mary Ormsby ae 7 (prob. the dau of Margaret E. (Wright) Ormsby who d.1880, wife of Joseph Ormsby and sis of John B. Wright) (Sand Hill cem).]
(1) Fannie O.,1916-1988
(2) Gerald L., 1921-1974
(also military marker: Gerald L. McQuillan, Tec 5 US Army, Nov 26, 1921 - June 18, 1974)
STOCKBERGER, Pearl Mae, 1897-1970
KYLE, Fannie Bugby, 1889-1955
(1) William F., 1853-1936
(2) Clara, 1857-1910
[Note: William F. Bugby was a shoemaker who was b. in Ind. His wife, Clara was b.Michigan, and her parents in Scotland and Penn. The Bugby children were: Ella M., b.ca.1876; Grace Mary, b.ca.1877. This family appears for the first time in this county in 1880 (Census Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp) with their two children and Jasper N. Bugby b.ca.1859 (an unm bro).]
(1) David C., Co I 21 Regt PA Cav, 1839-1925
(2) Lucinda Culver, 1841-1929
[Note: David C. Swonger, b.December 20, 1839 Franklin Co Penn, removed to Fulton Co Ind at age 18 and remained until the fall of 1862, at which time he returned to Penn. He enlisted in the 21st Penn Cav in August 1863 for the duration of the war. He was discharged May 31, 1865 at Alexandria, Virginia, then returned to Fulton Co Ind in September and m.Harriet L. "only child of John & Betsy Culver" April 8,1866 (Fulton Co M.R.). Harriet Lucinda Culver was b.October 3, 1841 (Historical Atlas, Fulton Co Ind, by Kingman Bros, 1883, p. 50).
The John & Betsy Culver household of Newc twp in 1870, included David & Hariet Swonger (Fulton Co Ind Census). The Elizabeth Culver (72 mo-in-law; wid) household of Newc twp in 1880 included David C. Swonger, farmer, and Lucinda H., his wife (Fulton Co Ind Census).
Only three children are known to have been b. to David C. and Harriet Lucinda Swonger: (1) Larua J., b.March 7, 1867, d.September 5, 1869 (Reichter cem); (2) Minnie, b.July 6, 1870, d.August 21, 1860 (ibid); (3) Henry M., b.June 3, 1879, d.August 23, 1879 (ibid).
The will of Lucinda (Culver) Swonger of Tiosa Ind (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "G" p. 225) dated September 20 1926; prov. January 16, 1929; Heirs, Alva M. Stockberger and Mary Stockberter; Marshall A. Irvin, of Rochester Ind; Mary Sanns, of Akron, Ind; Tiosa Brethern Church of Tiosa, Ind; Ashland College of Ashland, Ohio; Brethren's Home of Flora, Ind.]

Row 12

(20 steps)
SANNS, Mylo V., son of J. & N., d. Sep 9, 1866, ae 2m
SANNS, Nancy, 1848-1924
SANNS, John, 1844-1924
[Note: John Sanns, b.Ind, was a son of George & Mary Sanns (also "Sands") who had settled in Richland twp by 1840. The George & Mary Sand-Sanns household was in that twp in 1850 and 1860 after which George Sanns died. This compiler has no info on Mary, widow of George, after 1864. An obit notice appeared in Rochester Sentinel, May 21, 1864, and reads: "Died. At his residence in Richland twp in this county, May 16, 1864, Mr. George Sanns, aged about 59 years. The death of Mr. Sanns was very sudden and unexpected. He was one of the oldest residents of Fulton Co." The will of George Sanns (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "A" p.227-230), dated February 8, 1864, pro. May 21, 1864, names his wife Mary Sanns; his children: Maria Emmons (wife of William Emmons), Sarah (wife of Isaac Whitman), son Henry Sanns, youngest son George Sanns, his oldest son John Sanns. (Reference: Fulton Co Ind Census, Richland twp 1840, 1850, 1860).
Children of George & Mary Sanns: (1) Mariah, b.1837 Ohio, 2nd wife of William Emmons (see William Emmons, Reichter cem); (2) Peter, 1838-1846 (see Peter Sanns, Reichter cem); (3) Sarah A., b.ca.1841 Ind, m.Isaac Whitman June 30, 1860 (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Elizabeth 1842-1842 (see Elizabeth Sanns, Reichter cem); (5) John b.1844; (6) William Henry 1846-1923 (see following); (7) Mary E., b.ca.1850 Ind; (8) George, b.ca.1853 Ind.
John Sanns, son of George & Mary Sanns, was b.Ind, and m.Nancy Vermillion December 14, 1864 (Fulton Co M.R.). John Sanns was a Pvt, Co A, 155 Regt, in 1864. John & Nancy Sanns were residents of Richland twp in 1870 & 1880, and were parents of at least three children: (1) Mylo V., a son b.1866 (see above); (2) Mary Viola, b.ca.1867; (3) William, b.ca.1870.]
SANNS, Henry, 1846-1923
SOLOVON, Mary, wife of Dennis, d. Oct 5, 1872, ae 48y (loose stone)
(1) Dennis, father, 1799-1891
(2) Mary, his wife, mother, 1824-1872
[Note: Dennis Solovon (also "Sullivan") was b.Ireland, and m. Mary (-----) (b.Ireland). The family were residents of Newc twp in 1860, 1870 and 1880 (Census records). In the 1880 census, Dennis Sollovon was 70 and widowed, with only one son, John (18) in his household.
The names of only five of the children of Dennis and Mary Solovon are known to this compiler, although no doubt there were others: (1) Bridget, b.1853 Ireland, the 2nd wife of Henry Bowman (see Lutheran cem, Newc twp); (2) Michael, b.1850 Ohio, m.Angeline Dumbauld (see Michael Sullivan, Reichter cem); (3) Ellen, b.1859 Ind, m. (1st) Isaac J. Highway, and (2nd) John W. Sutherlin (see Reichter cem); (4) John, 1860-1934, m. Rebecca J. (Reichter cem); (5) Sarah, 1865-1942 (Reichter cem).]
MALLORY, James W., son of F.J. & M., d. Aug 24, 1867, ae 2m-23d
BUSSERT, Olive E., dau of A. & E., d. Apr 7, 1879, ae 18y-1m-13d
BUSSERT, Father & Mother
(1) Emline, wife of A., d. Oct 22, 1903, ae 64y-11m-8d ?
(2) Amos, d. May 1, 1921, ae 87y-6m-3d
[Note: Amos Bussert was b.Ohio. His wife Emline was also a native of Ohio. They were first found in Fulton Co Ind in 1880, residents of Newc twp, with five sons in their family (Fulton Co Ind Census).

Children: (1) Olive E., 1861-1879 (see above); (2) John B., b.ca.1864 Ohio; (3) Daniel P., 1868-1949, m.Helena "Lena" Palmer (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind); (4) Ambrose, b.ca.1871 Ohio, m.Jocie Foster (Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Beverly "Beve B.", b.ca.1875 Ind, m. Jennie Bush (Fulton Co M.R.; also Sand Hill cem, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind); Loren H., b.ca.1879 Ind, m.Linnie Wines (Fulton Co M.R.).]
WALTZ, Baby, b. & d. Dec 13, 1895
THORNBURG, Emma D., dau of G.W. & M., d. July 7, 1890, ae 19y-3m-18d
(1) George W., Feb 28, 1836 - Dec 19, 1877
(2) Mariah, his wife, Aug 16, 1836 - May 12, 1910
STOCKBERGER, Charles F., son of A.M. & Mary, June 9, 1888 - Nov 29, 1901
(1) Mary Ann, 1861-1949
(2) Alva M., 1857-1948
[Note: Alva M. Stockberger was b.Ohio, a son of Solomon & Frances E. (-----) Stockberger who settled in Newc twp by 1860. Alva M. m.Mary Ann whose maiden name is unkn to this compiler.]
METZ, George W., Co I 91st Ind Inf
(military marker, no dates, also G.A.R. emblem)
[Note: This is probably George, b.ca.1843 IN, a son of William & Jane Metts, of Newc. twp in 1850 (Census record).
William Metts was b..ca1813 Penn; Jane, his wife, was b.ca.1813 Virginia. William probably d. between 1850-53, and his widow, Jane Metts m. (2nd) John Large, Sr., March 31, 1853 (Fulton Co M.R.). John Large, Sr., b.ca.1797 Penn was widowed, his wife, Elizabeth b.1798, having d.1851 (Citizens cem, Rochester twp). John Large, Sr., and Jane were residents of Rochester twp in 1860 with three Metts children and one Large child. John Large, Sr. d.soon after 1860, and a Petition for Partition of real estate was filed by Jane Large -vs- James Large, John Large & Sarah E. Large. W. P. Ball was appointed Gdn ad-litem for Sarah E. Large. Commrs were appointed to make the partition. (Fulton Co Ind Bench Docket "B" 1860-1866. Complt filed July 25, 1861.
Fulton Co M.R. indicates that the Jane Large mentioned above may be the same person who m.Henry Smith, April 30, 1863. Jane Large was not found after 1861 and neither was Henry Smith.
The children of William & Jane Metts: (1) James O. Metts b.ca.1832 Ind; (2) Asa Metts, b.ca.1836 Ind; (3) Ann E., b.ca.1838 Ind; (4) Oscar Metts, b.ca.1841 Ind, m.Sarah E.; (5) George Metts, b.ca.1843 Ind; (6) Lott Metts, b.ca.1846 Ind; (7) Amanda Metts, b.ca.1848 Ind; (8) Mahala Metts, b.ca.1850 Ind, m.Milton H. Moore, 1883 (Fulton Co M.R.). One child b. to John Large, Sr. and Jane (-----) Metts Large: Sarah E. Large, b.ca.1854.]
(JONES), Infant
JONES, Beatrice Mae, 1898-1903
(JONES), Infant
(1) Anna V. Deamer, 1874-1941
(2) Charles Tyre, 1873-1950
[Note: Charles Tyre Jones was b.Ind, a son of Daniel & Amelia (Holman) Jones, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. Charles Tyre Jones m.Anna Viola Deamer, May 5, 1894 (Fulton Co M.R.)
Anna Viola was b. near Leiters Ford January 20, 1874, was a dau of Aaron and Margaret (Loudenslager) Deamer, and d. in Rochester September 20, 1941. She had five bros: William and Mainam of nr Talma, and Arthur C. of Cedar Rapids; and Sam & George who preceded her in

Children: Mrs. Orbie (Marjorie) Bryant of Macy, Mrs. Eva Killion of Rochester, Aaron D. Jones of Plymouth, Charles T. Jones, Jr., and Herman Jones of Rochester, Beatrice Mae Jones, deceased. (The Sentinel, Rochester Ind, Mon., Sept. 22, 1941, obit; also Plainview cem, Macy, Miami Co Ind).]
CAMPBELL, Leah M., dau, 1899- (no d.d.)
HODGES, Kosa B., dau, 1886-1931
(above 2 are matching markers)
(1) Sophia C., mother, 1859-1939
(2) Martin W., father, 1858-1928
[Note: Martin W. Hodges m.Sophia C. Love, December 10, 1878 (Fulton co M.R.). Sophia C. was a dau of Joseph A. B. Love and Sarah A. (Kessler) Love. (see Joseph A. B. Love, Reichter cem).]

Row 13

GROVE, Oscar, d. Nov 12, 1879, ae 40y-4m-21d
GROVE, Amanda A., wife of Oscar, d. Jan 12, 1882, ae 40y-7m-12d
GROVE, Nellie E., dau of O. & A., d. May 16, 1879, ae 2y-2m-4d
GROVE, Elmer, son of O. & A., d. Jan 22, 1886, ae 18y-2m-15d
[Note: Oscar Grove, b.Ohio 1839, was a son of Jacob and Sarah (-----) Grove. He m.Amanda A. Montgomery, January 7, 1864 (Fulton Co M.R.). Amanda A. was a dau of Caleb Montgomery, by his 2nd wife, Sarah "Sally" L. (Mercer) Montgomery (See Sarah L. Montgomery, Reichter cem).
Oscar Groves and his wife Amanda were residents of Newc twp in 1870, with three children (Fulton Co Ind census). Amanda, his widow, was still a resident of the same county & twp in 1880, with five children. The will of Oscar Grove dated October 3, 1879, prov. December 4, 1879, names his wife, Amanda Groves. Amanda, his wife, and Wm. Montgomery were named Exrs. (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "B" p.255-256).
Children of Oscar & Amanda Grove: (1) Huldah, b.ca.1866 Ind; (2) Wm. Elmer, b.November 7, 1867, d.January 22, 1886 (see above); (3) Porter (or Peter?) H., b.ca.1869 Ind; (4) C. Eldora, b.ca.1871 Ind; (5) Nora L., b.ca.1876 Ind; (6) Nellie E. 1877-1879 (see above).]
MONTGOMERY, Wm. J., d. Feb 10, 1882, ae 32y-4m-6d
[Note: Wm. J. Montgomery was b.Ind 1849, a son of Caleb & Sarah L. (Mercer) Montgomery. He m.Clara E. King, May 25, 1872 (Fulton Co M.R.)/
Clara E., b.Fairfield Co Ohio, July 7, 1855, a dau of Charles and Mary (Haimbaugh) King (See Sarah Haimbaugh, Yellow Creek cem). After the death of her first husband, Wm. J. Montgomery, Clara E. m.Taylor Jeffries, January 12, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Children: (1) Harley L., b.ca.1874 Ind, m.Pearl Barr 1902 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Omar C., b.1876 Ind, m. (1st) Nora Grove, m. (2nd) Virda Wood (see Reichter cem, Nora Grove Montgomery and Virda Montgomery); (3) Mary L., b.ca.1878 Ind.]
JEFFERIES, Clara E., 1855-1934
[Note: Wm. J. Montgomery m. (1st) Clara E. King, May 25, 1872. After his death she m. Taylor Jeffries, Jan 12, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
BARR, Banning N., son of J. & C., d. Nov 18, 1887, ae 24y-20d
BARR, John, 1833-1892
BARR, Catharine, 1841-1902
BARR, Minnie Dell, 1872-1914

SWONGER, Henry M., son of D.C. & H.L., 1879 (one date only)
(14 steps)
HISEY, Jacob W., d. Feb 17, 1893, ae 72y-3m-23d
"A kind husband has left me. Clara"
HISEY, Hannah, wife of J.W., d. Apr 7, 1882, ae 57y-5m-6d
[Note: Jacob W. Hisey was b.Ohio to parents who were natives of Virginia. He first appears in Fulton Co Ind in 1870, a resident of Newc twp, with his (1st) wife, Hannah b.Ohio, and four others who were probably sons: Augustine 24 (sawmill operator), Henry 22 (carpenter), Charles F. 21 (farm laborer), and Daniel 16 - all b.Ohio.
Augustine Hisey, identified as a son of Jacob W. Hisey in the 1880 census, m.three times. He was b.1845 (see Augustine Hisey, Reichter cem). Henry Hisey, 1847-1902, m.Amanda Stockbarger 1872 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); also Fulton Co M.R.), and was a planing mill worker, a resident of the town of Rochester in 1880. (Census Fulton Co Ind)
Jacob W. Hisey m. (2nd) Clara Alfaretta, 1856-1931, dau of James and Elmira (Harmon) Wright. They were m.July 9, 1889. This was the first marriage for Clara. She m. (2nd) Peter Zerbe, 1895 (see Clara Wright, Reichter cem).]
(1) Lynne D., 1881-1955
(2) Delbert E., 1878-1956
[Note: Delbert E. Murphy, son of Luther & Diana Murphy, m.Lynne D. Kesler, February 23, 1899 (Fulton Co M.R.). The second husband of Diana Murphy was James Shelly, a widower (see James Shelly, Lutheran cem, Newc twp), who became a resident of Tiosa, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind, after 1870.]
(1) SHELLY, Dianah, 1854-1936
(2) MURPHY, Luther, 1851-1883
(above 2 are matching markers)
[Note: Dianah was first the wife of Luther Murphy, and next the wife of James Shelly (see above).]
MURPHY, Erroll, son of D.E. & L.D., Nov 13, 1901 - Aug 31, 1903
(12 steps)
(1) Martha J., 1860-1946
(2) George A., 1852-1944
[Note: George A. Stockberger, b.Ind, was a son of Solomon and Frances E. Stockberger who were residents of Newc twp during the census years 1860 and 1880.
George A. Stockberger m. during the 1880 census year Martha Jane Carpenter (Census, Fulton Co Ind; also see The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Oct. 14, 1971, obit, their son, Jonas Warren Stockberger).
Names of only two children were available to this compiler: (1) George, of Ft. Wayne Ind (ibid), and (2) Jonas Warren, b.February 6, 1884 at Argos, Marshall Co Ind, d.1971 Warsaw Ind, bur Richland Center cem. (see for further).
(10 steps)
(1) Goldia, 1890-1976
(2) Olin, 1886-1970
(also, Foster & Good temp marker: Olin Wagoner, 1886-1970)
PARTRIDGE, Olive G., 1877-1967
(also, Foster & Good temp marker confirms name and dates)
[Note: Olive G. Partridge, unm dau of Silas Clinton & Martha S. (Eidson) Partridge. Survivors:

(sisters) Miss Luretta Partridge, Warren, Ind, Mrs. Florence Archer, Toledo, Ohio; (bros) Lee of Chicago, S. Merritt of Los Angeles. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Mon., Oct. 23, 1967, obit)
PARTRIDGE, Mina B., 1886-1964
(also, Zimmerman Bros temp marker confirms name and dates)
[Note: Mina B., unm dau of Silas Clinton & Martha S. (Eidson) Partridge. A resident of Tiosa community most of her life. Survivors: (sisters) Miss Olive Partridge, Miss L. Mae Partridge, Wash.D.C. and Mrs. Florence Archer, Toledo; (bros) Merritt of Los Angeles and Lee of Chicago; a step-bro, Esthel Fish, Tuscon, Arizona. A bro, Francis, preceded in death. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Thurs., Sept. 10, 1964, obit).]
PARTRIDGE, Francis E., 1876-1952
(also, Zimmerman Bros temp marker confirms name and dates)
[Note: Francis E., a resident of the Talma community all his life, and son of Silas Clinton & Martha S. (Eidson) Partridge, never married. Survivors: (sisters) Misses Olive & Mina Partridge, at home, Mrs. Florence Archer of Toledo, Ohio, and Miss Mae Partridge of Wash.D.C.; (bros) Lee of Illinois & Merrit of California (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Mon., Dec. 15, 1952, obit).]
(1) Silas E., Apr 3, 1812 - Feb 20, 1899
(2) Rachel Logan, his wife, Mar 25, 1822 - Mar 2, 1921
[Note: Silas E. Partridge was b.N.Y. He and his wife Rachel, who was b.Ohio, were residents of Newc twp during the census years 1850 through 1880. The parents of Rachel Logan are unkn to this compiler. However, with this Partridge family in 1880, in addition to their son, William, were a nephew and niece: Clinton Logan 15, and Clara M. Logan 12.
Four of the children of Silas Edwin & Rachel Partridge: (1) Thomas J. b.1848 Ind, m.Lydia A. Hisey (see Reichter cem); (2) Silas Clinton, b.1851, m.Martha S. Eidson (see Reichter cem); (3) Samuel 1854-1855 (see Reichter cem); (4) William, b.ca.1864 Ind, m.Lillie Dunlap, October 31, 1886 (Fulton Co M.R.).]

Row 14

(20 steps)
RINGLE, Julia A., 1864-1924
[Note: Julia A., dau of Stephen V. R. Coon and Helen (Taylor) Puterbaugh Coon, was b.Ind. She m.John L. Ringle, February 4, 1893 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(COON), Corie T., 1871-1888
(1) Rev. Stephen V. R., 1807-1895
(2) Helen, 1833-1909
[Note: Stephen V. R. Coon was b.N.Y. He was a retired minister by 1880 (Census). He m.September 10, 1861 (Fulton Co M.R.) Helen, dau of Selem P. and Sarah (Baldwin) Taylor, and widow of Alley Puterbaugh. Her first husband d.1857 leaving her with a small child, Sarah J. (1858-1877) (see Aley Puterbough, Reichter cem).
Children: (1) Milton I. Coon, 1862-1862 (see Milton I. Coon, Reichter cem); (2) Julia A., b.1864 Ind (see above); (3) Hellen M., b.ca.1867 Ind, m.John D. Long 1892 (Reichter cem); (4) Clarence E., b.October 1869 Ind; (5) Corie T. 1871-1888 (see above).]
PARTRIDGE, Ralph, Sep 26, 1880 - Dec 12, 1882
(1) Martha S., wife of Silas C., d. June 4, 1890, ae 38y-5m-24d
(2) Clinton, 1851-1931

[Note: Silas Clinton Partridge, b.Ind, was a son of Silas Edwin & Rachel (Logan) Partridge, of Newc twp. He m.Martha S. Eidson (dau of Barney A. & Sarah A. Eidson) May 30, 1875 (Fulton Co M.R.). "Clinton" Partridge and wife Martha were residents of Newc twp in 1880 with three children (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind).
Names and other info on the children of Silas C. & Martha S. Partridge is from census & obit notices of the children: (1) Lee H., b.ca.1876 Ind, resident of Chicago, Ill; (2) Francis E., b.November 9, 1876 Fulton Co Ind (see above); (3) Olive G., b.October 22, 1877 nr Rochester Ind (see above); (4) (perhaps Ralph 1880-1882) bur next to this family grave (see above); (5) Luretta Mae, b.May 23, 1884, Fulton Co Ind; (6) Mina B., b.February 13, 1886, Fulton Co Ind (see above); (7) Florence, m. (-----) Archer, resident Toledo, Ohio; (8) S. Merritt m. Naomi (-----) (she d.1971), resident of Los Angeles, Calif; and (9) a step-bro, Esthel Fish of Tuscon, Arizona (from obit of Mina Partridge, above).
Miss Luretta Partridge, dau of Silas C. Partridge, d. ae 84, at the Methodist Memorial Home at Warren. Survivors included: (bros) Lee of Parkridge, Illinois and Merritt of Los Angeles; (sister) Mrs. Florence Archer of Toledo, Ohio. Burial was in the Springhill cem at Warren. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon, Jan. 6, 1969, obit)
BROWN, Michael C., Oct 15, 1833 - Sep 17, 1926
(----) (hand-made concrete marker, inscr worn away)
[Note: Michael C. Brown was b.Ind and first appears in the Fulton Co Ind census records in 1860, a resident of Richland twp. With him were: Sarah A., b.ca.1839 (prob. his wife), and two children, Mary F. & Catharine M. The census for 1870, Newc.twp, indicates that M. C. Brown, householder, was a pump maker; and his household included Sarah A. and four children. He was not found in the 1880 census.
Children: (1) Mary F., b.ca.1857, m.Peter Myers, August 9, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Catharine M., b.ca.1860, m.Lyman Daugherty, October 6, 1878 (ibid); (3) Michael R., b.ca.1862 Ind, m.Rachel Swinehart, December 20, 1883 (ibid); (4) Eli, b.ca.1865 Illinois, m.Amanda Daugherty, March 31, 1887 (ibid).]
KESLER, Hannah A., wife of H., d. Oct 27, 1880, ae 35y-7m-14d
[Note: Hannah A. was b.Ohio, a dau of Alexander and Malona (Severns) Barrett of Newc twp. She m.June 28, 1865, Henry Harrison Kesler (Fulton Co M.R.).
Henry Harrison Kesler b.ca.1847 Ohio was a son of Michael & Catharine Kesler. (Census 1850, 1860, Newc twp). His grave has not been found by this compiler. "Harrison"Kesler and his wife, Hannah A., were residents of Newc twp in 1870 with two children. (Census).
Their children: (1) Alwilda A., b.ca.1866, Ind; (2) Alexander, b.ca.1869 Ind.]
(7 steps)
MILLER, Infant son of H.L. & M., d. Sep 4, 1887 (one date only)
(1) Everet, 1896-1918
(2) Gladys, his wife, 1896-1918
(10 steps)
GROVE, Children of O.K. & I.C.
(1) Charles R., d. July 18, 1886 (one date only)
(2) Orange G.?, d. Jan 5, 1888, ae 3m-15d
(1) Orange K., 1844-1923
(2) Isabelle, his wife, 1857-1921
[Note: Orange K. Grove was b.Ohio, a son of Jacob & Sarah Grove. He m.March 11, 1880, Isabelle Allen (Fulton Co M.R.). Orange K. (bro, ae 37) and Bell (sis-in-law), ae 23, milliner) were members of the household of Simon Y. & Elizabeth Grove in 1880 (Census, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp).]

(10 steps)
PARTRIDGE, Mary Bugby, d. 1940 (one date only)
BUGBY, Nancy Bell, 1825-1902
(7 steps)
DILSAVER, Lucile Collins, 1906-1928 (Wolf-Hartzler temp marker)
[Note: Theodore Dilsaver m. Lucile Collins, August 6, 1927 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
WAGGONER, Albert P., 1858-1937
(1) Samantha R., mother, 1861-1943
(2) James, father, 1861-1929

Row 15

FROST, Malinda, wife of W.D., d. Apr 19, 1873, ae 18y-2m
FROST, William, 1848-1934
[Note: William (D.) Frost, b.Ohio, a son of Robert & Mary Ann (-----) Frost, who settled in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, by 1860 (see Mary Ann Frost, Yellow Creek cen, Newc twp).
William D. Frost m.June 27, 1872 Malinda L. Wilson (Fulton Co M.R.). She was b.Ind a dau of Uriah & Tibbitha (-----) Wilson. A sister of William D. Frost (Julia A. Frost), b.ca.1853 Ohio, m. William A. Wilson (bro of Malinda L. Wilson) February 8, 1872, and again on December 19, 1894 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Margert E. Frost, another sister of William D. Frost, m. Eli T. Meredith (see Robert Meredith, Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp).]
WILSON, Tibbitha, wife of U., d. Apr 27, 1875, ae 58y-1m-1d
WILSON, Uriah, d. Apr 30, 1874, ae 70y-1m-15d
[Note: Uriah Wilson, b.Kentucky 1804, m.Tibbitha, b.Kentucky 1817, and they were householders of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, in 1860, where his wife is called "Matilda"; and in 1870 where she is called "Tebitha" (Census records).
The will of Tebitha Wilson (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "B" pp. 148-149), dated April 22, 1875, prov. May 11, 1875, names her heirs: (sons) Marion T. Wilson and Joseph Mc Wilson (they paying to Indiana Brown and to William Wilson "in full for their shares of my Estate"; also, Marion & J. Mc Wilson to pay to Merta O. Coplen when she arrives at the age of 18 years.)
Children of Uriah & Tibbitha "Matilda" Wilson: (1) Telitha J., b.April 11, 1847 Ind, d.1871, m.Chauncey Coplen (see Tilitha J. Coplen, Reichter cem), and had one child: Merta O. b.ca.1869. In 1880, Merta O., ae 11, was living with the family of her uncle William A. Wilson (see Census Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). Merta O. Coplen, dau of Telitha J. (Wilson) Coplen, m.November 27, 1887, George R. Waltz (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) James, b.ca.1845 Ind; (3) Martha, b.ca.1847 Ind; (4) Indiana, b.ca.1850 Ind, m.William H. Brown, April 12, 1868 (Fulton Co M. R.); (5) William A., b.ca.1852 Ind, m.Julia A. Frost (see above); (6) Malinda L., b.1855 Ind, m.William D. Frost (see above); (7) Joseph Mc, b.ca.1858; (8) Marion T., b.ca.1862.]
(15 steps)
KUBLEY, Charley, 1892-1896
(----) (not readable)
KUBLEY, William R., Oct 22, 1862 - Feb 5, 1954
KUBLEY, Charlotte, mother, Apr 20, 1839 - Apr 1, 1914
KUBLEY, Charles, Mar 1, 1864 - Apr 30, 1886
KUBLEY, Margaret, Jan 19, 1876 - Jan 10, 1891
(above 2 are matching markers)

KUBLEY, J. Jacob, 1837-1919
(1) John, d. July 31, 1889, ae 64y-1m-7d
(2) Rebecca, his wife, d. Oct 18, 1914, ae 87y-8m-3d
[Note: John Grove (Jr.) b.1825 in Ohio, was a son of John Grove, Sr., and Elizabeth (see John Grove, Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp).
John Grove, Jr. probably m.Rebecca in Ohio, however this is not certain. They came to Fulton Co Ind and settled in Newc twp sometime prior to the 1860 census. At that time John & Rebecca Groves had only one child in their family - Malinda ae 13, b.Ohio. They remained in the same area through 1880 (Census records). Irene E. (Irena, Arrena E.) Blue, a granddau ae 12, was living with the John Grove, Jr. family in 1880; also a Charles Emmons ae 12, relationship not stated in the census record.
Irene E. Blue (granddau of John Grove, Jr.) 1867-1950, m.Martin R. Kizer, July 10, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.). Martin R. (1864-1935) & Irene E. Kizer were bur in the Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind (see Leota G. Kizer, Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp).
Children of John Grove, Jr.: (1) Daniel, 1846-1852 (see Daniel Grove, Yellow Creek cem, Newc twp); (2) Malinda, b.1848 Ohio.
BUNGER, Willie M., son of A.H. & L., d. Mar 10, 1884, ae 3y-26d
(1) Lucinda, wife of A.H., Apr 14, 1843 - Mar 1, 1894
(2) A. H., Mar 13, 1831 - (no d.d.)
[Note: Alfred H. Bunger, b.Ohio, and his wife Lucinda b.Ind, were residents of Fulton Co Ind in Newc twp by 1880 (Census). Their household included a dau, Alice M., ae 10, and a farm laborer Charles Kepler ae 21.]
(7 steps)
BALL, Delmar D., Ind Pvt Co C 68 Signal Bn WW2, Aug 10, 1901 -
Aug 21, 1966 (military marker)
[Note: Delmar D., b. in Tiosa, Richland twp, was a son of Frank and Sarah Ann (McPheron) Ball. Married August 31, 1956 at Logansport, Ruth Knight. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Aug. 22, 1966, obit.).]
BALL, Sarah A., 1877-1928
[Note: Sarah A. McPheron m.Frank Ball January 7, 1899 (Fulton Co M.R.). Frank Ball b.ca.1872 Ind, a son of Edward P. & Maggie (Ritenour) Ball (see Margret R. Ritenour, Reichter cem).]
(1) Lewis O., Sep 7, 1871 - Jan 4, 1926
(2) Irena, his wife, Nov 29, 1872 - (no d.d.)
[Note: Lewis O. Eley was b.Ind, a son of Lewis and Susan A. (Bell) Eley (see below).
Lewis O. Eley m. Irena Barrett February 7, 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.). Irena was b.Ind, a dau of Alexander & Malona (Severns) Barrett.
(1) Lewis, Dec 17, 1837 - Oct 14, 1916
(2) Susan A., his wife, Oct 15, 1841 - Aug 16, 1904
[Note: Lewis Eley was b.Knox Co Ohio, and was a son of Benjamin & Maria (Staats) Eley.
Benjamin Eley b.December 15, 1810 Washington Co Penn, was the eldest of 8 children of Peter & Mary (Horn) Eley. He m.January 12, 1837 Maria, dau of Joseph (b.1790 Virginia) and Katherine (Hull) Staats (b.1795). Benjamin Eley d.November 1, 1882 Knox Co Ohio. The children of Benjamin & Maria Eley: Lewis, b.1837, m.Susan A. Bell; Homer, George W., Joseph S., Katharine, Marie, Rebecca J., Benjamin B., Sarah O. and Zipporah. (See Sampson Eley, Sycamore cem, Newc twp).

Lewis Eley, son of Benjamin & Maria Eley, m. September 30, 1860, Susan A. Bell. Susan A., b.Licking Co Ohio, was a dau of Benjamin (son of James), and Mary (Moore) Bell. Lewis Eley and his bro Homer emigrated to Fulton Co Ind in 1861, where they helped their uncle, Sampson Eley, establish a sawmill in the eastern part of the county to manufacture lumber. Removed to Marshall Co Ind after 1864.
Children of Lewis & Susan A. Eley: (1) Benjamin B.; (2) Mary M., b.1863 Ind, m.Reuben Kesler (see Reuben A. Kesler, Sycamore cem, Newc twp); (3) Elmer E., b.1865 nr Talma (see following); (4) Flora D., 1867-1948 (see following); (5) George E., of Argos; (6) Lewis O., b.1871 (see above); (7) Charles, of Argos (see following).
Elmer E., b.nr.Talma, August 2, 1865, son of Lewis & Susan A. Eley, owner of Eley Saw Mill at Argos, Ind, which he had operated since 1913. He had been at Lucerne for 25 years before that. He m. at Talma, July 18, 1886, Alice Miller. Survivors: (daus) Mrs. Cleo Hill of Indianapolis, Mrs. Millie Tucker of Gary; (sons) Dean and O. M. (Merle) both of Argos; (bro) Charles Eley of Argos; (sis) Mrs Florence Bybee of Logansport. Bur, Maple Grove cem, Argos, Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Wed, Jan. 29, 1941 "died Wednesday morning".).
Flora D., b.September 9, 1867, dau of Lewis & Susan A. Eley, d.April 22, 1948, m.Levi Bybee, March 6, 1884 (Fulton Co M.R.). Levi Bybee, b.February 19, 1864, d.July 31, 1901, son of Nathan and Clarissa (-----) Gochenour Bybee (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind; also see Benjamin F. Montgomery, Reichter cem). Children: Louie J. (b.March 23, 1886, d.April 24, 1887); Levi Devane, b.ca.1889, Kosc Co Ind, ae 20 a lumberman of Lucerne, m.December 29, 1909 at Lucerne, Ella M. Loofborough; Lola D. (b.February 1, 1893, d.October 21, 1893) (Mentone cem, Kosc Co Ind; also Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk).
Charles, b.(-----), son of Lewis & Susan A. Eley, d.January 1, 1959. He m. (prob. his 2nd) at Argos in 1955, to Dorothy D., a dau of Jesse and Alice Thornburg Middleton. Dorothy D., b. August 23, 1889 Mentone, d.July 29, 1972, Plymouth, Ind, a resident of Argos. Survivors: (dau) Mrs. Philo (Dorothy) Plank of Chicago; (st-dau) Mrs. Myron (Genevieve) Burnett of Littleton, Colorado; (sis) Mrs. Nellie Kelley of Argos; (bros) Dr. William Middleton of Argos and Gerald Middleton of Denver, Colorado. Buried, Maple Grove cem, Argos, Marshall Co Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Sat., July 29, 1972, obit)]
(7 steps)
KESLER, Susan, wife of Jacob, d. Feb 28, 1901, ae 79y-2m-14d
GROVE, Winifred B., son of S.Y. & L.B., d. Mar 3, 1877, ae 1y-5m-25d
GROVE, Isaac S., son of S.Y. & L.B., d. Jan 18, 1887, ae 1y-8m-11d
GROVE, O-----, dau of S.Y. & L.B., d. June 28, 1898, ae 6y-3d
MONTGOMERY, Nora Grove, wife of Omar C., May 29, 1876 - July 25, 1914
[Note: Nora Grove, b.Ind, was a dau of Simon Y. & Elizabeth "Lizzie B." (-----) Grove; and the first wife of Omar C. Montgomery whom she m.September 1, 1898 (Fulton Co M.R.). Children: Lavoy, 1908-1972 (see Reichter cem).]
GROVE (family marker)
(GROVE), Lizzie B., Sep 9, 1856 - July 8, 1932
(GROVE), Simon Y., Feb 28, 1849 - Oct 15, 1925
[Note: Simon Y. Grove, b.Ohio, was a son of Jacob & Sarah (-----) Grove of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. The date and place of the marriage of Simon Y Grove to Elizabeth "Lizzie B." is not known to this compiler, but they were householders of Newc twp in 1880 (Census) with two children: Nora 3, and Linnie 1. Orange K. & Bell (Isabelle) Grove, a bro and sis-in-law were also with this household.
Children included: (1) Winifred B.b.September 8, 1875 (see above); (2) Nora, b.May 29, 1876 (ibid); (3) Linnie, a dau, b.ca.1879; (4) Isaac S., b.May 7, 1885 (ibid); (5) O---, a dau, b.June 25, 1892 (ibid). There are discrepancies in the birth dates of some of these children (which were

computed from grave marker info): Fulton Co Ind Birth Records show: Oliver & Olive b. June 18, 1892 and a white male was b.June 5, 1885 to Simon & Elizabeth (Mencer) Grove; (6) Orah Grove, b.1887 (see Reichter cem); (7) Archie Grove, b.1889 (see Reichter cem); (8) Oliver Grove, b.1892 (appears to be twin to Olive Grove; see above; also see Reichter cem); (9) Lefa F., b. ----, m.Fred L. Safford (see Reichter cem).]
Row 16

(7 steps)
WEAR, Elizabeth, wife of C., d. Jan 8, 1869, ae 48y-11m-8d
(13 steps)
WAGGONER, W. I. Wm., son of O. & M.J., d. June 4, 1892, ae 1y-6m-20d
WAGGONER, Mary J., wife of O., d. Oct 27, 1893?, ae 60y-6m-8d
WAGGONER, Oliver, d. Oct 7, 1902, ae 66y-11m-10d
SNYDER, Amanda, wife of John M., Feb 24, 1834 - Mar 4, 1913
(23 steps)
STARNER, Conda, son of H. & A., d. May 16, 1885, ae 1y-1m-11d
(19 steps)
(1) Virgenette, 1875-1928
(2) Louis N., 1866-1936
ALSPACH, Lina May, dau of Mr. & Mrs. John D. Alspach,
July 19, 1886 - Mar 15, 1904

(1) Margaret, mother, 1858-1942
(2) John D., father, 1862-1947
(3) Clinton, son, 1888- (no d.d.)
[Note: John d. Alspach m.August 23, 1884, Margretta Arnett. Margretta was b.Miami, Ohio, a dau of Henry L. and Elizabeth (-----) Hardman Arnett.
The obit for Mrs. Margretta Alspach states that she d. on Sunday at her home (November 22, 1942) and had come from Ohio some 80 years before. Survivors included: her husband; 2 children, Clinton and Mrs. Ernest Caslow; one dau preceded in death (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Nov. 23, 1942).
Children: (1) Lina May, b.1886 (see above); (2) Clinton, b.1888; (3) Orah, b. ----, m.Ernest Thomas Caslow February 4, 1913 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
SMITH, Darrell Allen, 1954-1955 (Foster temp marker)
BUNCH, Clarence W., 1878-1961
(1) Catherine E., 1848-1936
(2) Joshua J., 1849-1901
[Note: Joshua J. Bunch m.Catherine E., dau of Nicholas & Eva M. King, April 15, 1873 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Nicholas King, Reichter cem).
Children: (1) Mary C. b.1874 (see Mary C. Bunch, Reichter cem); (2) John D., b.1876 (see John D. Bunch, Reichter cem); (3) Clarence W., b.1878 (see above); (4) Catherine E., b.1886, Marshall Co Ind (see following); (5) Joshua, b.----.
"Joshua Bunch and family north of here are having their share of trouble. Mr. Bunch's mother died last Monday, and he has a cancer on his face, and the boy, Clarence, has the lung fever." (The Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Feb. 21, 1901).
"Fatal accident north of Talma Thurs. in which J. J. Bunch a well known farmer and a

resident of the community for twenty-five years lost his life. He was found after lunch on the ground unconscious, one of the threshing & corn shredding machines having passed over the entire length of his body. He lived almost 24 hours after the accident. He was about fifty years old and leaves a wife and children." (The Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., Dec. 7, 1901).]
BUNCH, Catherine E., 1886-1974
[Note: Miss Catherine E. Bunch, b.September 10, 1886 at her present home in Marshall Co Ind, was the dau of Joshua J. & Catherine E. (King) Bunch.
She died, ae 87, or Argos, Monday, in a nursing home in Plymouth. She had worked as a practical nurse in Marshall & Fulton Counties. Survivors included: (bro) Joshua Bunch of Ft. Wayne; niece and nephews. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues, July 16, 1974, obit).]
SULLIVAN, Sarah, 1865-1942
[Note: Sarah, a dau of Dennis & Mary Solovon, was b.Ind. She was identified as a sis-in-law, and living with the family of her sis, Bridget, and bro-in-law Henry Bowman in 1880 in Newc twp (Census records; also see Dennis Solovon, Reichter cem).]
(1) Ellen, 1859-1939
(2) John W., 1854-1934
[Note: Ellen, b.Ind, was a dau of Dennis & Mary Solovon. She m. (1st), April 15, 1877, Isaac J. Heighway who d.1879 (see Isaac J. Heighway, Reichter cem). By 1880, Ellen Heighway, a widow identified as a sis-in-law ae 21, and her sis Sarah Solovon (also a sis-in-law), were living with the family of another sis, Bridget, and husband Henry Bowman (Census)
John W. Sutherlin, m.April 17, 1883, Ellen Highway (widow of Isaac J. Heighway) (Fulton Co M.R.). His will, dated July 28, 1933, prov. February 8, 1939, names his wife, Ellen Sutherlin, and leaves her "my lot in Richter Cemetery where I have already erected a double monument for myself and my said wife . . . (remainder) to Wanda Bowman McKenney, . . . for a home for Sarah Sullivan, sister of my wife . . ." (Fulton Co Ind Will Book "G", p. 501).]

Row 17

JENKINS, Lorenzo D., Co L 12, Ind Cav (military marker, no dates)
[Note: Lorenzo D. Jenkins m.Hattie Pettit, May 8, 1880 (Fulton Co M.R.). In 1880 they were boarders (m.within the census year) living in the household of Silas M. and Mary A. (Love Fisher of Newc twp (Census Fulton Co Ind).
No dates were on the grave marker for Lorenzo D. Jenkins. However the 1880 census reveals that he was b.ca.1837 in Ohio, and his parents were from Virginia & Penn.]
HODGES, Samuel W., son of J. & E., d. May 11, 1872, ae 17y-10m-4d
(1) Elizabeth, mother, 1830-1870
(2) Samuel P., father, 1824-1892
[Note: Samuel P. Hodges was not found in the census record of 1880 (Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp); this same record revealed Amanda Hodges, ae 48 and married, head of a house which included Philip S. Tipton 13, a son (by her 2nd marriage). Amanda (---) Scott Tipton m.(3rd) Samuel P. Hodges, April 17, 1871 (Fulton Co M.R.). His first wife was Elizabeth (-----) (see Amanda Tipton, Reichter cem).
(12 steps)
(CAMPBELL?), William T., son of H. & ?., d. Aug 2, 1874, ae 13y-8m-5d

(1) Thomas H., 1856-1914
(2) Minnie M., his wife, 1874-1957
[Note: Thomas H. McPherron m.March 25, 1894, Minnie Biddinger (Fulton Co. M.R.).
Nine children thought to have been born to Thomas H. and Minnie M. McPherron: (1) Clarence P., b.1895, Joliet, Illinois; (2) Wilma, of Indianapolis; (3) Harry, R.R.1, Argos, Ind; (4) Edwin, Bloomington; and two sons and three daus who were deceased by 1978.
Obit for Clarence P. McPherron, son of Thomas H. and Minnie M. McPherron, states that he was b.Joliet, Illinois, February 18, 1895, and was a resident of R.R.1 Tippecanoe. He was formerly of Sand Hill area north of Rochester. He died age 83 at Plymouth in a nursing home, Monday, November 13, 1978. Survivors: a sis, Miss Wilma McPherron of Indianapolis; (bros) Harry of Argos, and Edwin of Bloomington. Two bros and three sis preceded in death. Burial in Reichter cem (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Nov. 14, 1978).]
EMMONS, Lula, dau of N. & E., d. Sep 8, 1884, ae 11m-1d
EMMONS, Ellen, 1860-1936 (Val Zimmerman marker)
(1) Newton, July 5, 1858 - Apr 28, 1911
(2) Ellen E., Jan 23, 1860 - Apr 21, 1936
[Note: Newton Emmons, b.Ind, was a son of John & Louisa Frances (Wilson) Emmons (see Reichter cem).
He m.November 2, 1882, Ellen Elizabeth Barkman (Fulton Co M.R.). Ellen E., wife of Newton Emmons, was a dau of Isaac & Mary E. (Hamlet) Barkman of New twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Isaac Barkman, Hamlett Cem, Newc twp).]
JONES, Mildred F. Eash, wife of Ray D., 1902-1926
SHOEMAKER, James, d. Mar 22, 1884, ae 28y-5m-22d
[Note: James Shoemaker, b.Ind 1855, m.October 3, 1875, Sarah Louisa Emmons (Fulton Co M.R.). She was b.Ind 1856, a dau of John & Louise Frances (Wilson) Emmons.
James & "Louisa" Shoemaker, both ae 24, were residents of Newc twp in 1880. William Shoemaker ae 69 b.Ohio, identified as an uncle, was with this household (CEnsus Fulton Co Ind).
Sarah Louisa, widow of James Shoemaker, next married January 15, 1885, Wm. H. H. Barkman (Fulton Co M.R.). Sarah Louisa (Emmons) Shoemaker Barkman d.1924; Wm. H. H. Barkman d.1937, and both bur in Rochester I.O.O.F. cem (see Isaac Barkman, Hamlett cem, Newc twp).
Wm. H. H. & Sarah Louisa Barkman had children: (1) Infant sons (no dates); (2) George L., b.ca.1886, m.Dora A. Klise, 1906, and had children Wilbert R., 1908, Esther F. M., 1911, Mildred A., 1912; (3) Cary (or Curry) b.October 9, 1887; (4) Ora (Ray?), b.ca.1888; (5) Goldie Edith, b.September 18, 1889; (6) Sylvia, b.ca.1892; (7) Loy J., b.August 27, 1893; (8) a male child, b.June 24, 1895 (info from Fulton Co Ind Birth Records; Fulton Co M.R.; Fulton Co School Enumer, 1896, 1898, 1899).]
BARKMAN, Infant sons of W.H.H. & Sarah (no names or dates)
(12 steps)
(1) Edith C., 1895-1976
(2) M. Edward, 1889-1970
[Note: Morriet C. Clayburn m.December 24, 1912, Edith C. Borden (Fulton Co M.R.).
Obit: Edward Clayburn, ae 80, of Fletcher, N.Car., d.Tuesday, in Fletcher (April 21, 1970. Born November 13, 1889, Wabash Co Ind, son of William W. and Elizabeth (Staver) Clayburn.

Survivors: his wife; dau, Josephine Clayburn of Fletcher; (sons) William of Paoli, Oliver of Eagle Michigan, and Duane of Hinsdale, Illinois and others. (The sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed, April 22, 1970).
Obit: Edith C. Clayburn, ae 81, d.Tuesday, at Fletcher, N.Car. while residing with dau, Josephine Clayburn. Born February 28, 1895, Fulton Co Ind, to Oliver J. & Sarah (Wallace) Borden. Survivors: (dau), Josephine; (sons) William E. of Lafayette, Oliver F. of Union Springs N.Y., and C. Duane of Tallahassee, Florida. A bro, Joseph Borden, of St. Cloud, Florida; sisters Mrs. Devon (Chloie) Shively of Rochester, and Mrs. Pauline Dunton of Benton Harbor, Michigan, also survive. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed, March 24, 1976).]
(1) Martha J., his wife, 1837- (no d.d.)
(2) Ira, 1838-1904
(3) "Father"
(also military marker: Ira North, Co I 27 Ohio Inf)
FISHER, Herald, son of Frank & Gelia, Oct 28, 1901 - Apr 2, 1903
(1) Gelia, Feb 17, 1880 - Sep 9, 1951
(2) Frank, May 2, 1880 - July 21, 1939
[Note: Frank Fisher m. September 12, 1900, Cela Leavel (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(8 steps)
(1) Rebecca J., mother, 1866-1932
(2) John, father, 1860-1934
[Note: John Sullivan, b.Ind, was a son of Dennis & Mary Solovon. John, ae 18, was the only one at home in 1880 living with his father (widr & retired farmer), and had a fractured rib (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp).
Rebecca's family not known to this compiler.]

Row 18

(15 steps)
(1) Abraham, 1824-1906
(2) Sarah, his wife, 1831-1903
(3) Emmaline, 1862-1888
(PECK), Emmaline
[Note: Abraham Peck, b.Ohio (parents natives of Penn), and Sarah b.Ohio (parents natives of Penn) his wife, probably removed to this county in the very late 1870s. This family is included in the 1880 census (Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp), with four children, all b.Ohio.
Children: (there were probably other children: (1) Emeline, 1862 (see above); (2) David, b.ca.1866; (3) Matilda, b.ca.1867, might be the "Tillie" who m.1892 Frank N. Lundry (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Rebecca, b.ca.1872 Darke Co Ohio (dau of Abraham & Sarah (Hackman) Peck, & m.January 13, 1895 George Alva Cox (Fulton Co Ind, Marriage Application Bk).]
(16 steps)
McCALL, Infant son of W.J. & L.B., 1905 (one date only)
(1) Besse W., 1887-1967
(2) Earl M., 1889-1963

(1) Andrew J., Dec 29, 1867 - Jan 2, 1924
(2) Laura Inez, his wife, June 15, 1866 - Aug 5, 1958
RIDDLE, Infant son of A.J. & L.I., Jan 29, 1906 - Jan 31, 1906
RIDDLE, Edward, Dec 15, 1890 - June 10, 1916
RIDDLE, Harold A., son of A.J. & L.I., Dec 26, 1910 - Nov 22, 1917
RIDDLE, Ella M., Oct 21, 1903 - Apr 28, 1923
RIDDLE, Phyllis M., Feb 25, 1924 (one date only)
(1) Dessie, mother, 1896-1979
(2) (no inscr)
THRASHER, Leta E., 1921-1991
(1) Alonzo M., 1870-1942
(2) Sarah L., his wife, 1872-1902
[Note: Alonzo M. Mathews m.January 19, 1893, Sarah Kesler (Fulton Co M.R.).]

Row 19

NORRIS, Thomas, d. Dec 7, 1887, ae 77y-3m-17d (loose stone)
[Note: Thomas Norris, b.ca.1811 Ohio, and Amanda b.ca.1835 Ohio, were residents of Rochester twp in 1870 (Census, Fulton Co Ind); and of Richland twp in 1880 (Census, Fulton Co Ind).]
KESSLER, Jessie, Feb 4, 1890 - Mar 2, 1909
KESSLER, John W., 1868-1938 (McCormich temp marker)
[Note: John W., b.Ind, was a son of Simeon and Rowena (Martindale) Kessler. He m.March 14, 1889, Calista Fish (dau of Dr. Samuel R. & Susanna (Myres) Fish (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Dr. Samuel R. Fish, Reichter cem).]
(1) Simeon, June 14, 1839 - (no d.d.)
(2) Rowena, his wife, Apr 6, 1836 - Nov 15, 1906
(also military marker: Simeon Kessler, 87 Ind Inf)
[Note: Simeon Kessler, b.Ind, was a son of John and Mary (Anderson) Cates. He m.April 28, 1861, Rowena Martindale (prob. a dau of Isaac & Elizabeth Martindale) (Fulton Co M.R.). Marriage records indicate the possibility of a second marriage for Simeon Kessler, November 21, 1907, to Priscilla Mathews.
Children: (1) Elihu R., b.ca.1862 Ind, m. Sarah A. Feece, November 23, 1889 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Elizabeth "Lizzie", b.1866 Ind, m.Burr Barr (See Reichter cem); (3) John W., b.1868 Ind (see above); (4) Mary, b.ca.1871 Ind (perhaps the Mary who m.1891 Enos Feece of Henry twp, son of David & Mary Feece (Fulton Co M.R.; also see David Feece, Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind); (5) Sarah L., 1872.]
(6 steps)
(1) Zachariah T., Feb 5, 1848 - Jan 30, 1905
(2) Rebecca C., his wife, Jan 28, 1851 - (no d.d.)
[Note: Zachariah T. Stoner, b.Penn, m.June 29, 1870, Rebecca C. Fisher (Fulton Co M.R.).
Alpharetta A., b.ca.1873 Ind, dau of Zachariah T. and Rebecca C. Stoner, m.August 31, 1889,

Jesse Taylor (Fulton Co M.R.).]
PARTRIDGE, Lela M., dau of T.J. & L.A., d. Jan 7, 1904, ae 10y-10m-22d
(1) Thomas J., 1848-1924
(2) Lydia A., his wife, 1850-1912
[Note: Thomas J. Partridge, b.Ind, was a son of Silas Edwin & Rachel (Logan) Partridge (see Silas E. Partridge, Reichter cem).
Thomas J. Partridge m.August 12, 1869, Lydia A. Hisey (Fulton Co M.R.), and they were residents of Newc twp in 1870 and 1880 (Census, Fulton Co Ind).
Their children: (1) Cora A., b.June 19, 1870, nr Rochester Ind; (2) Laura E., b.ca.1873 Ind; (3) Frank D., b.1874 Ind, m.Lydia Almira Somsel (see Reichter cem); (4) Nellie F., b.ca.1877 Ind; (5) Amy W., b.ca.1879 Ind; (6) Leona L., b.1882 Adrain, Missouri, m. Walter D. Sullivan (see Walter D. Sullivan, Reichter cem); (7) Mabel Pearl, b.1884 Forest, Illinois, m.Elmer Sullivan (see Reichter cem); (8) Everett Earl, b.1886, m.Jennie Fay Wynn (see Reichter cem); (9) Lela M., 1893-1904 (see above).
Obit for Cora R., dau of Thomas J. & Lydia A. Partridge, states that she d. age 81, February 7, (1952) at home in Kankakee, Illinois; that she was m. at Kankakee, but lived on a farm near Kempton, Illinois until 1919 when they removed to Kankakee; also that her husband died in 1940. Survivors: a dau, Mrs. Rhea Changnon, and grandchildren all of Kankakee; sisters, Mrs. Mabel Sullivan and Mrs Leona Sullivan, one bro, Earl Partridge, all of Argos. Burial was in West Lawn cem, Cullom, Illinois (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Feb. 11, 1952).]
(1) Martin Vanburen, Nov 17, 1836 - Jan 1, 1916
(2) Sarah, his wife, Nov 30, 1837 - Feb 16, 1923
[Note: Martin Vanburen Coplen was b.Ohio, his parents not known to this compiler. We might assume that he was m.Ohio, and removed to this county after 1859, as indicated by birth date & birth place of one of his children. Martin V. & Sarah Coplen were householders of Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp, in 1860, 1870 and 1880.
Their children: (1) Wilson Coplen, b.1858 Ohio, m.Ellen Burkett (see Wilson Coplen, Reichter cem); (2) Elmer Coplen, b.1867 Ind, m.Frances A. (see Reichter cem); (3) Rosa A. Emmons, b.1865, d.1931 (see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem), m.Benjamin F. Meredith (see William Emmons, Reichter cem), "adopted dau" living in the household of Martin V. Coplen in 1880 Census.]

Row 20

(1) James F., 1859-1892
(2) Adda, his wife, 1861-1916
[Note: James F. Kesler, b.Ind, was a son of Abraham & Finethy M. (Love) Kessler (see Finethy M. Kesler and Abraham Kesler, Reichter cem).
He m. July 23, 1879, Elizabeth A. Jenkins (Fulton Co. M.R.). James F. & Elizabeth A. (Adda) his wife were householders in the 1880 census, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. Others in this household were: Michael E., ae 10, (bro); Richard Jenkins, ae 13 (bro-in-law), and David W. Jenkins, ae 10 (bro-in-law).]
NOONAN, Frank G., uncle, Mar 1, 1891 - May 18, 1961
(17 steps)
(----) (unmarked stone)

(1) Thelma (no dates)
(2) Mable (no dates)
(3) Harold (no dates)
(this marker matches following Emma Sissel Emmons marker)
(----) (unmarked stone)
EMMONS, Emma Sissel, 1884-1917
PALMER, Roy R., son, 1887-1904
PALMER, Nancy E., mother, 1869- (no d.d.)
PALMER, David S., father, 1851-1914
[Note: David S., b.Ind, a son of James and Emeline (Whaley) Palmer (see James Palmer, Reichter cem); m.Nancy E. (-----).]
(1) Zelpha (no dates)
(2) Harry (no dates)
(3) Tressie (no dates)
(4) Charles (no dates)
[Note: An obit from The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Nov. 17, 1972, appears to identify the above names: Mrs. Florence V. Emmons, ae 85, Grand Rapids, Michigan, d.Thursday in Grand Rapids; b.September 10, 1887 in Argos, dau of Francis and Lucy (Chapman) Bucher; m. (1st), Alton Glass, and (2nd) to Harry Emmons, both preceded in death. Survivors included a son, Ray Glass of Rochester; a dau, Mrs. Douglas (Narcissis) Picking, Grand Rapids; step-son Charles Emmons, of Marshall Co; step-daus, Mrs. George (Minnie Belle) Howe, Argos, Mrs. Carl (Louise) Sheets of Plymouth, and Mrs. Garry (Bea) Haupp of Alabama. Burial in Maple Grove cem (Argos, Marshall Co Ind).]

SOUTH SECTION, Reichter Cemetery

Row 1

MATCHETT (family marker)
MATCHETT, Mark, father, Aug 6, 1858 - Feb 4, 1918
[Note: Mark Matchett m.Luella E. Spray, November 6, 1880 (Fulton Co M.R.). She was b.Ind ca.1863, a dau of James H. & Henrietta (Whaley) Mechling Spray (See James H. Spray, Reichter cem).]
(1) Cynthia M., 1876-1956
(2) Mainam F., 1870-1945
(also DAR emblem, Manitou Chapter No. 840)
[Note: Mainam F. Deamer, b.Fulton Co Ind, was a son of Aaron & Margaret (Loudenslezer) Deamer of near Talma, Newc twp (see Aaron Deamer, Reichter cem).
He m.December 28, 1904, Cynthia M. Cramer (Fulton Co Ind, Marriage Application Bk.) Cynthia was b.Belmont, Ohio, dau of George and Isabel (Dalton) Cramer, also spelled "Creamer." Their children were: (David?) b.November 2, 1905, & Dorothy I., b.April 10, 1908 (Fulton Co Ind B.R.).]
(1) Salene, 1885-1973
(2) Oscar M., 1886-1969
[Note: Oscar M. Scott m.September 1, 1912, Salene Palmer (Fulton Co M.R.)
(1) Kenneth, 1918 (one date only)
(2) Ferda G., 1893-1987
(3) Raymond, 1892-1975
(1) Annie B., 1895-1990
(2) Vernon F., 1892-1973
(1) Silas M., 1854-1920
(2) Mary A. Love, his wife, 1856-1935
[Note: Silas M. Fisher, b.Ind, a son of Willis "Wilson" Fisher & Malinda (-----) Fisher (see Willis Fisher, Reichter cem).
He m.January 17, 1877, Mary A. "Amanda" Love (Fulton Co M.R.). Mary A., his wife, was b.Ind and was a dau of James W. (Jr.) and Ellen Nora (-----) Love (see Ellen Nora Love, Reichter cem). Silas M. and Mary A. Fisher were residents of Newc twp in 1880. Their household included children, Margaret A., James W. his widowed mother, Malinda; two boarders, Lorenzo D. and Hattie (Pettit) Jenkins recently married; and Wm. M. Love, a bro-in-law, and Eliza F., a sis-in-law (Fulton Co Ind, Census 1880).
Their children: (1) Margaret A. "Maggie A.", b.November 24, 1878 (Reichter cem); (2) James W., b.April 9, 1879 Ind; (3) William Otho, b.June 3, 1880 Ind; (4) Savilla, b. Talma February 3, 1883, m.John W. Miller 1903 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk); (5) Millie C., b.February 3, 1883 Ind, m.Charles A. Carlisle, December 25, 1900 (Fulton Co M.R.); (6) Janarah Ray, b.April 26, 1885 Ind, m.Charles W. H. Fields, December 25, 1904 (ibid); (7) Elnora Belle, b.June 4, 1892 Ind, m.William I. Burkett, February 22, 1909 at Rochester (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk).]

BURKETT, Joybelle, dau, 1917-1918
(1) E. Belle, mother, 1892-1969
(2) William I., father, 1886-1939
[Note: This is Elnora Belle Fisher who m.William I. Burkett (see above).]
FOSTER, Charles H., 1903-1932
(1) Margaret, 1875-1945
(2) William, 1870-1935
(1) Eoline, mother, 1857-1936
(2) Henry A., father, 1855-1938
(also Beigh temp marker: Eoline Ritenour, 1857-1936)
[Note: Henry A. Ritenour, b.Ind, was a son of Andrew and Margret R. (-----) Ritenour (see Margret R. Ritenour, Reichter cem).]
STOCKBERGER, Clyde A., father, 1880-1937
DILLMAN, Omer Lee, 1914-1950 (Foster temp funeral marker)
(1) Omer Lee, son, 1914-1950
(2) Martha M., 1891-1965
(3) Joseph J., 1890- (no d.d.)
(4) STAYTON, Helen B., dau, 1909-1969
(also Foster & Good temp markers: Helen Beck Stayton, 1909-1969; and Martha M. Dillman, 1891-1965)
[Note: Joseph Jesse Dillman, b.June 30, 1890 in Claypool, d. in Rochester Ind, October 29, 1970. Son of Jesse and Lucinda (Carr) Dillman. Married August 9, 1914 Martha M. Beck. She was b.September 30, 1891 in Richland twp, a dau of John and Anna (Glaze) Beck, and d. in South Bend, Ind, Sept 3, 1965. Their children (daus) Helen B. Stayton "at Home", and Mrs. Harold (Doris) Duff of R.R.1 Rochester: (sons) Jesse J. of R.R.6 Rochester, and John J. of R.R.5 Rochester; a son, Omer Lee deceased by 1950. Martha M. Dillman had sisters: Mrs. Jane Halterman, Rochester, and Mrs. Etta Overmyer, Wyatt; bros, Thomas W. Beck and Valorus D. Beck both R.R.5 Rochester, Ind, and two sisters & a bro preceded in death. (The Sentinel, Rochester Ind, Tues., Sept. 7, 1965, obit; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thur., Oct. 29, 1970, obit).]

Row 2

PERSCHBACHER, Infant dau of Jacob & M.E., d. Jan 17, 1891
(no name or age or b.d.)
(1) Mary E., July 18, 1844 - July 26, 1909
(2) Jacob, Dec 10, 1838 - Nov 4, 1928
[Note: Jacob Perschbacher, b.Penn, was a son of George (Sr.) and Anna Dorothy (Grayer) Perschbacher of nr Tiosa, Newc twp. He m.January 22, 1868, Mary E. Eidson (Fulton Co M.R.)
Mary E. was b.Ind, a dau of Barney A. & Sarah A. Eidson of Richland twp (see Citizens cem, Richland Center, Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind).
Jacob & Mary E. Perschbacher resided in Newc twp in 1870 and 1880 (see Fulton Co Ind Census). Jacob's mother Anna D. (ae 67, a widow) was living with him in 1870; also Elmina ae 16, who may have been a niece (dau of his bro, John). By 1880, Jacob's mother was still with him (ae

78), also his wife, Mary E., and five children.
Their children were: (1) Ord M., a son, b.ca.1869, m.Leora Overmyer 1910 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) William M., b.ca.1871; (3) Barney L. (1872-1946), m.Maude Emmerson (1878-1942), 1895 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (4) Silas O., b.ca.1875; (5) Jacob B., b.ca.1879.
The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Oct. 3, 1941 states that Barney Perschbacher "yesterday" filed a complaint for the appointment of an administrator to care for the estate of his brother, William M. Perschbacher; and that his brother has not been heard from by relatives since 1911.]
(1) Josephine, 1865- (no d.d.)
(2) James, 1858-1930
(BIDWELL), Infant, 1900 (one date only)
(BIDWELL), Jocie D., 1890-1892
(BIDWELL), Ollie M., 1873-1954
BIDWELL (family marker)
(BIDWELL), Lewis O., 1851-1925
[Note: Lewis O. Bidwell, b.Ohio, was a son of Clark & Emily M. "Melvina" (-----) Bidwell. He m.October 6, 1888 Ollie M. Foster (Fulton Co M.R.).
Clark Bidwell, father of Lewis O., was b.ca.1813 Ohio or N.Y. He was not found in the Fulton Co Ind census records after 1860. He was a resident of Richland twp in 1850 and of Newc twp in 1860. These census records reveal that he was a carpenter, and his wife's name was given as Emly M. and also Melvina.
Emly M. Bidwell must have been a second wife. She also may have had a prior marriage. The household of Clark and Melvina Bidwell in 1860 included six Bidwell children, and also Margaret Baker (ae 15) and Charles H. Baker (ae 12).
Melvina (Emly M.) Bidwell married next, May 16, 1870, Leonard Widener (Fulton Co M. R.), and they were householders of Richland twp in 1870 (he was ae 64, and she ae 45, both b.Ohio)
Children of Clark & Emly Melvina Bidwell: (1) Francis M. b.ca.1835 Ohio, m. December 25, 1860, Margaret Hoffman (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) William S., b.ca.1840 Michigan, (Pvt Co D, 29 Regt Vols, enlisted early fall of 1862 (Fulton Co Ind History, Peattie, p. 8); (3) Benjamin B., b.ca.1844 Michigan; (4) Chancy b.ca.1845 Michigan; (5) Nathan, b.ca.1848 Michigan; (6) Moses B., b.ca.1850 Michigan; (7) Lewis O., b.1851, m.Ollie M. Foster; (8) Jane b.ca.1853 Ohio; (9) George, b.ca.1855 Ohio.]
FISHER, Maggie A., dau of S.M. & M.A., Nov 24, 1878 - Apr 24, 1892
CARLISLE, Millie C., mother, 1883-1903
[Note: Millie C., wife of Charles A. Carlisle, was a dau of Silas M. & Mary Amanda (Love) Fisher (see Silas M. Fisher, Reichter cem).]
CARLISLE, C. Amanda, dau, 1903-1910
FIELDS, Cyrus Calhoun, son, Sep 20, 1907 - Aug 10, 1916
FIELDS, Charles Walter, son, July 31, 1950 - June 9, 1971
(1) Martha O., 1917-1984
(2) Basil A., 1916- (no d.d.)
(1) Melissa, July 2, 1876 - Mar 8, 1945
(2) Floyd A., Nov 4, 1877 - May 22, 1947
GREENWOOD, Ella Griswold, Feb 15, 1910 - (no d.d.)
GRISWOLD, Olive S., Entered life eternal, June 26, 1945 (no age or b.d.)

GRISWOLD, Rev. Edwin V., Entered life eternal, Sep 20, 1950 (no age or b.d.)
(1) Reathel, 1904-1957
(2) Lester, 1903-1962

Row 3

UMBAUGH, Infant dau of F.M. & N.E., d. Oct 9, 1892 (no age or b.d.)
(1) Nancy E., 1870-1964
(2) Francis M., 1861-1953
[Note: Francis M. Umbaugh, b.October 1, 1861 in Paulding Co Ohio, d.Michigan City Ind. He had owned and operated a general store at Tiosa for many years. He d.Thursday, June 18, 1953. He m.December 19, 1890, Nancy Eva Leavell (Fulton Co M.R.).
Nancy Eva, b.October 1, 1870 in Fulton Co Ind, and d. in the Lutheran Home at Kendallville, Ind, ae 93, January 29, 1964. She was a dau of Henry & Susan (Null) Leavell.
Francis M. & Nancy E. Umbaugh had a son, Orvil, and a dau, both of Hammond. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Fri., June 19, 1953, obit "Francis Umbaugh"; The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fril, January 31, 1964, obit "Nancy Eva Umbaugh").]
(11 steps)
McPHERRON, Clarence P., 1895-1978
BAIR (no names or dates)
(1) Charles M., 1838-1898
(2) Sarah C., 1848-1921
(also military marker: Chas. Foster, Corp Co C 5th Ind Cav)
FIELDS, Mabel J., mother, Dec 18, 1913- (no d.d.)
FIELDS, Chas. W. W., father, Apr 21, 1911- Nov 16, 1981
FIELDS (family marker)
FIELDS, Rae Fisher, mother, Apr 26, 1885 - Jan 26, 1977
FIELDS, Chas. W. H., father, Sep 20, 1881 - Apr 10, 1972
[Note: Charles W. H. Fields m.December 25, 1904, Generah Rae Fisher (Fulton Co M.R.). She was a dau of Silas M. & Mary Amanda (Love) Fisher (see Silas M. Fisher, Reichter cem).
Obit: Mrs. Charles Fields, states she d. ae 91, in Tipton on January 26, 1977, a former Fulton Co resident. Her survivors: two sons, Landis Fields and the Rev. Charles Fields, both of Tipton (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Feb. 7, 1977).]
(1) Lottie L., 1882-1953
(2) James E., 1880-1948
(1) Edith E., 1876-1957
(2) Frank J., 1872-1948
(1) Etta L., 1893-1967
(2) Carey A., 1896-1955
[Note: Etta L., b.1893, was a dau of John J. & Rebecca Anna (Glaze) Beck (see John Beck, Reichter cem). She m.Carey A. Overmyer, March 10, 1917 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
BECK, Edna B., 1909-1973 (Foster & Good temp marker)

(1) Lilly D., 1881-1974
(2) Valorous D., 1883-1968
[Note: Valorous D. Beck, b.October 4, 1883 in Richland twp, was a son of John J. & Rebecca Anna (Glaze) Beck; and d.Rochester, Ind, ae 84, Tuesday, April 23, 1968. He m.September 17, 1904 in Richland twp, Lillian D. Overmyer (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk; also see John Beck, Reichter cem).
"Lilly D." b.April 8, 1881, Pulaski Co Ind, was a dau of Henry & Louisa Overmyer; and d.Rochester Ind, ae 92 Sunday, January 27, 1974.
Children: (1) Reathel, b.1904, m. Lester O'Dell (see Lester O'Dell, Reichter cem); (2) Edna B., b.April 3, 1909, Richland twp, never married; and d. at her residence, R.R.5, Rochester, Saturday, September 1, 1973. (References: Obits: "F. C. Beck" The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Tues., April 23, 1968; "Lilly D. Beck" ibid, Mon., Jan. 28, 1974; "Miss Edna B. Beck" ibid, Tues., Sept. 4, 1973).]

Row 4

EMMONS, Our Father & Mother
(1) John, May 2, 1820 - Mar 16, 1898, ae 77y-10m-14d
(2) Louise F., June 6, 1820 - Dec 20, 1899, ae 79y-6m-14d
[Note: John Emmons, b.Ind (parents natives of Ohio, names unkn), was a resident of Newc twp as early as 1850. He m. (place & date unkn) prior to 1838, Louise Frances Wilson, a native of Kentucky (Census).
John Emmons' will: date October 9, 1893, prov. March 18, 1898; to (wife) Louisa F. Emmons, and after her death, to his daus, Margaret J. Anderson, Indiana Fults, Louisa Barkman and Melissa Utter; then (balance of estate divided between his children): Jefferson Emmons, Margaret J. Anderson, John M. Emmons, Indiana Fults, William Emmons, Louisa Barkman, Finley Emmons, Newton Emmons, and Melissa Utter. (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "C", pp.503-505).
The John & Louise F. Emmons household appears in the Fulton Co Ind 1850 census; is missing in 1860; reappears in 1870 in Newc twp; and again there in 1880.
Children of John & Louise F. Emmons: (1) Jesse W., b.ca.1838 Ind, m.Susannah Burket, February 27, 1862 (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Margaret J., lb.1840 Ind, m.Abner W. Anderson (see Abner W. Anderson, Reichter cem); (3) John M., b.1844 Ind, m.Mary A. Kochenderfer (Reichter cem); (4) Indiana, b.April 8, 1847 Ind, m.Daniel Fultz; (5) William E., b.1848 Ind, m.Catharine Wagner (Reichter cem); (6) Charles Finley Henry, m.ca.1873, Lydis Ann Wagoner; (7) Sarah F., b.ca.1856 Ind; (8) Louisa "Sarah Louisa", b.1856 Ind, m.(1st) James Shoemaker, and m.(2nd) Wm. H. H. Barkman (see James Shoemaker, Reichter cem); (9) Newton, b.1858 Ind, m.Ellen E. Barkman (see Newton Emmons, Reichter cem); (10) Melissa, b.ca.1862 Ind, m.Milton H. Utter, May 4, 1881 (Fulton Co M.R.); (11) Jefferson, b.----.
Jesse W. Emmons, son of John & Louise F. Emmons, resided in Newc twp, in or nr Tiosa. He and his wife, Susanna, had many children: (1) John D., 1863-1935, m.Sarah McIntire, November 8, 1882 (Fulton Co M.R.); also Rochester I.O.O.F. cem), and had children, Pearl (1883), Isaac "Ike K." (1885-1963), and Nora (1887) (Fulton Co Ind School Enumer.); (2) Alven, 1866-1866 (see Reichter cem); (3) Franklin, b.ca.1866; (4) Hannah, b.ca.1868, m.Noah D. Metzger, June 30, 1894, in Marshall Co Ind (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk); (5) Milo, b.ca.1870; (6) Emeline, b.ca.1872; (7) Jasper N., b.ca.1874; (8) Eldora, b.ca.1878, m.Lucius O. Bretz, March 17, 1896 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk); (9) Minnie M., b.ca.1880, m. Emory McKitrick, August

1, 1896, at Rochester (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk); (10) Mae, b.1882-1963 (see Reichter cem); (11) Harry, b.September 15, 1885 (see Fulton Co Ind School Enumer Records; also see Reichter cem).
Indiana Emmons, dau of John & Louise F. Emmons, d.January 10, 1943. She m.December 1, 1867, Daniel Fultz (1846-1907; son of Curtis and Hannah (Courll) Fults), and they are both bur in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cem. Their children: (1) Melissa Ann, b.ca.1868; (2) Francis Marion, 1870-1954 (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (3) John F., b.ca.1872; (4) Sarah L., b.ca.1874; (5) Hannah M. M., b.ca.1875; (6) Clara A., 1876-1882 (see Reichter cem).
Charles Finley H., son of John & Louise F. Emmons, was b.ca.1853 in Fulton Co Ind; death date unkn. He probably m. twice: (1st), by ca.1873, Lydia Ann Wagoner (b.January 15, 1854, d.August 18, 1912, ae 58y-7m-3d, bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem). Charles Finley Emmons, ae 42, m.(2nd), October 19, 1894, in Perry twp, Miami Co Ind (m.by H.Tombaugh), Elsie Lucinda "Aunt Cindy" Tombaugh (Fulton Co M.R.). The various records indicate that Charles F. H. & Lydia Ann separated sometime between 1892 & 94 (date of his second marriage) but remarried by 1896 when Lydia signed the children into school (Fulton Co Ind, School Enumeration 1896 & 1898). Elsie Lucinda (b.July 12, 1862 Miami Co Ind) dau of Aaron 1828-1875 (son of George & Susannah (Myers) Tombaugh); George & Elizabeth (Gardner) Tombaugh, Rev. War soldier of Penn), and Sarah (Antrim) Tombaugh 1830-1912 first married (-----) Woodcock. Elsie Lucinda (Tombaugh Woodcock Emmons m. (3rd), November 18, 1899, Charles McDaniel, and removed to Washington State. Josiah William McDaniel was b. to them July 14, 1905 (family records of Jean C. Tombaugh). Charles Finley H. & Lydia A. Emmons had children: (1) Charlie, b.ca.1874; (2) Nellie Catherine, 1876-1955, m.Isaac Newton Barkman, September 5, 1896 (see Isaac Barkman, Hamlett cem, Newc twp), and had children: Herman, Clyde, Donald, Fay, Chloe, Mary, and Blanch May (1903-1904) bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; (3) Henry H., b.ca.1879, Rochester Ind, m.(1st), Maggie Shaffer, 1896, and m.(2nd) (ae 32), Minnie Mae Belt, 1910 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Applications Bk(; (4) Lizzie, b.ca.1882; (5) Carl J., b.July 16, 1886 (Fulton Co School Enumer 1899), of South Bend; (6) Clarence Ray "Tom", b.April 1, 1888 (Fulton Co Ind School Enumer says April 3, 1889) m.1913 Rosa Belle Carr (1888-1954), and he d.1951 (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; also The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Nov. 27, 1951, obit). The Clarence R. "Tom" Emmons obit calls him a son of "Charles Henry & Lydia Wagoner Emmons"; (7) Albert Leroy, b.November 17, 1891 (Fulton Co Ind School Enumer says December 10, 1891), m1911, Hattie M. Shamp. He d.1951, leaving a son, Devon L. (1911-1966) (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; also The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, obits, "Albert L.", Mon., Dec. 3, 1951, and Ibid, "Devon L.", Fri., Oct. 21, 1966). The Albert L. Emmons obit states that he was a son of "Charles Henry & Lydia Wagoner Emmons."]
DREW, Cecelia M., wife of A., 1837-1908
[Note: Cecelia M., b.Penn, was a dau of Jeremiah J. Whaley, Sr. (see Reichter cem). She was probably m. in New York, to Alphonzo Drew. Alphonzo was b.1832 N.Y., as were his parents. His death date is unkn.
Alphonzo & Cecilia M. Drue were residents of Richland twp in 1860; of Newc twp in 1870; and of Richland twp in 1880 (see Fulton Co Census). Their children: (1) William Wallace "Drue", b.ca.1852, N.Y., d.August 31, 1912 ae 59; m. 1873 Maranda A. Perschbaugher (Fulton Co M.R.; also Fulton Co Ind Death Record), and had children: Riley J. Drew, 1874, and Mary C. (1879) (see Riley J. Drew, Reichter cem); (2) Lafayette W., b.ca.1856 Ind; (3) Zaidee M., 1861-1935, m.Albert B. Kessler 1880 (Sand Hill cem, Richland twp0; (4) John H., 1867-1951, m.(1st), Ida McNeely 1891, and m. (2nd), Mary L. Fletcher 1901 (Ritchland Center Citizens Cem; also Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Jacob A. (or N.?), b.ca.1872, Tiosa, Ind, m. Rose Kesler 1895 at Rochester (Fulton Co M.R.);

(6) Maude, b.ca.1876 Ind; and perhaps (7) Mary, b.ca.1879.]
GREEN, James S., May 24, 1896 - July 18, 1896
(1) Robert J., 1892-1966
(2) E. Hazel, 1897-1976
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Robert J. Noonan, 1892-1966)
GREEN, Lula M., mother, 1880-1952
GREEN, S. Luther, father, 1874-1930
[Note: See Nicholas King, Reichter cem]
KILER, Harold P., Dec 23, 1890 - July 10, 1962
(1) Annie M., Aug 19, 1860 - Jan 26, 1949
(2) George W., Co K 184 Ohio Inf, Aug 27, 1848 - June 3, 1910
[Note: This could be the same George W. Kilen who m.July 25, 1889, Anna M. Perschbacker (Fulton Co M.R.).]
ESSIG, Elizabeth, mother, 1874-1952
(1) Louise, 1874-1942
(2) Joseph D., 1874-1941
(1) Lydia A., 1877-1950
(2) Frank D., 1874-1951
[Note: Frank D., b.Newc twp, was a son of Thomas J. and Lydia A. (Hisey) Partridge. He d. at the home of his son Harold, Rochester, "Saturday night". He m.May 1, 1898 in Michigantown, Lydia Almira Somsel (1877 - December 29, 1950). Frank D. was survived by a bro, Earl, of Rochester; sisters: Mrs. Cora McKeown of Kankakee, Illinois, Mrs. Leona Sullivan and Mrs. Mabel Sullivan, both of Argos.
Children: (1) Paul, of Rochester; (2) Harold E., b.1913, Forrest, Ind, d.1975, m.Opal Holloway, May 16, 1936; (3) Mrs. Ruth Kalmbacher of Kokomo; (4) Mrs. Clyde (Ruby) White of South Bend Ind; (5) Mrs. Roy (Esther) Hawk of Rochester. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., May 14, 1951, obit Frank Partridge; Ibid, Mon., April 14, 1975, obit Harold E. Partridge).]
(1) Blanche O., 1899-1979
(2) Joseph J., 1893-1953
[Note: Joseph J. Grass was b.March 24, 1893 at Tippecanoe to Christian and Esther Grass; and d.August 14, 1953. He m.December 1, 1917, Blanche Coplen. Joseph J. Grass had bros: Fred of Elkhart, Jacob of Rochester, Russell of So. Bend, William of Warsaw; sisters: Mrs. Elmer Weidner of Pierceton, Mrs. Howard Smith of Ft. Wayne, and Zoa Grass of Detroit (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Aug 14, 1953, obit)
Blanche O. Grass, b.April 18, 1899, Fulton Co Ind, and d. at her home R.R.5, Rochester, October 22, 1979, was a dau of Elmer and Frances Rodibaugh Coplen. She had sisters: Mrs. Grace Filson of Plymouth, Mrs. Fern Achberger & Mrs. Frances Shupert both of Bonita Springs, Florida; three bros: Floyd Coplen of Elkhart, and two who preceded in death.
Their children: (1) Donald D., Elkhart; (2) Emil E., So. Bend; (3) Wendell L. of Rochester; (4) Kermit G., of Rochester and (5) Kenneth D., Twelve Mile (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Tues., Oct. 23, 1979, obit).]

Row 5

(1) Sarah J., 1871-1942
(2) Oliver J., 1868-1953
[Note: Oliver J. Borden, b.July 31, 1868; d. ae 84 "of the Loyal community", in a Logansport hospital February 13, 1953. He m.May 12, 1892, Sarah Josephine Wallace (Fulton Co. M.R.). Two bros survived him: Frank Borden of Illinois, and Ed Borden of Pennville, Ind.
Sarah Josephine, b.Marshall Co Ind, October 24, 1871; d. ae 70 "of near Burton", at her home August 28, 1942. She was a dau of William and Susan Wallace, and had lived in the Burton area 40 years, moving there from Richland twp. She had sisters: Mrs. Roy Ailer of Rochester, and Mrs. Mattie Mullen of Argos; a bro, James A. Wallace of Fulton.
Their children: (1) Mrs. Ed (Edith) Clayburn (see Edward Clayburn, Reichter cem); (2) Mrs. Lula Romig of Rochester; (3) Mrs. Devon (Chloie E.) Shively of Rochester; (4) Pauline, who m.(1st), 1931, Rex A. Carey, and m.(2nd), 1944, Eugene Dunton, res. of Benton Harbor, Michigan; (5) Joseph, of Logansport, Ind.
(The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Sat., Aug. 29, 1942, obit, "Sarah J. Borden); Ibid, Sat, Feb. 45, 1953, obit "Oliver Borden"; Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Henderson, Dec 15, 1850 - Dec 27, 1937
(2) Anna May, May 10, 1864 - July 5, 1927
[Note: Henderson Starner (aka "Levin Henderson & Polk", b.Ind, was a son of William (b.ca.1785 Maryland, d. betw. 1850 & 1860) and Isabella (-----) Starner (b.ca.1814 Penn/Ohio).
William Starner (ae 65), and Isabel (ae 36), were residents of Newc twp in 1850 with nine children. When the 1860 census was taken, Isabella Starner (47) a widow, was head of the family with six children. Fulton Co M.R. indicate a possible marriage between Isabelle Stoner and Thomas Persell, December 16, 1852. No further info is available on Thomas Persell. Fulton Co M.R. also reveal the marriage of Isabel Starner to John Apple, July 1, 1861. Nothing is known concerning John Apple. By 1870 Isabel Stoner (ae 56) was in the household of Andrew Stoner (53) a carpenter. With them were: Richard S. Starner 17, Henderson Starner 19, and Henry C. Starner 24. No record of the marriage of Andrew Stoner to Isabel Starner-Persell-Apple (Census 1870, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp). The death of Andrew Stoner probably occurred between 1870 and 1880. In 1880, Isabell Stoner, a widow ae 65, was a resident of Newc twp. Richard Starner, her son who was unmarried, was living with her (see Census).
The children of William & Isabel Starner included: (1) William D. F., b.ca.1832 Ohio; (2) Sarah J., b.ca.1834 Ohio; (3) Huldah, b.ca.1836 Ohio, m.February 4, 1858, Isaac Washburn (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Rebecca, b.ca.1838 Ohio, m. Lemuel Flinn (also Flynn), February 21, 1858 (Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Euphama, b.ca.1840 Illinois, m.November 3, 1866, Walter Blandin (Fulton Co M.R.); (6) Henry C., b.ca.1843 Illinois; (7) George W., B.ca.1847 Illinois, m.Armantha J. Nuff (see Armantha J. Starner, Reichter cem); (8) Isabel, Jr., b.ca.1848 Illinois; (9) Levin H. "Henderson" "Polk", b.1850 Ind; (10) Richard S., b.ca.1853 Ind, m.Alice Shaul, May 9, 1891 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Henderson Starner, son of William & Isabel Starner, was a teamster, and resided in Newcastle twp in 1880. He m.Anna May "Mariah A." White, April 21, 1878 (Fulton Co M.R.). Their children: (1) Rolla, b.ca.1879 Ind; (2) Broda, b.ca.1881; (3) Conda, b.1884. The obit for Mary Elvina Huls states that she was a dau of Henderson (Polk) and Anna May Gunnett Starner (see for further).

MATHEWS, Mary Edith, 1894-1894
(1) Julia A., 1860-1953
(2) Stephen D., 1864-1947
MATHEWS, LeRoy E., Ind Pvt 108 Engr 33 Div WW1,
Aug 27, 1895 - May 3, 1961 (military marker)
"T." (hand carved field stone)
(1) Cora A., 1873- (no d.d.)
(2) Mary, 1858-1949
(1) Mary E., 1897-1968
(2) Paul A., Veteran WW1, 1889-1964
(also military marker: Paul Amos Huls, Ind Pvt Co B 161 Depot Brig WW1, Aug 2, 1889 - Aug 17, 1964)
[Note: Paul A. Huls, b.August 2, 1889 in Paunee Rock, Kansas d.Monday, August 17, 1964, in Cass County. He was a son of Amos & Mary Jane Browning Huls, and was m. in Talma, December 24, 1913, 5o Mary Elvila Starner.
Mary Elvila, wife of Paul A. Huls, was b.July 14, 1897 in Fulton Co Ind; and d. in a hospital in Lafayette, Monday, December 9, 1968. She was a dau of Henderson (Polk) and Anna May Gunnett Starner, and had two sisters: Mrs. Ralph (Eva) Smith of Rochester, and Mrs. Fred (Minnie) Logan of Holt, Michigan. Paul A. & Mary Elvila Starner had one son: Paul Devane Huls, of Martinsville, Indiana.
(References: The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Tues., Aug. 18, 1964, obit, "Paul A. Huls"; Ibid, Mon., Dec. 9, 1968, obit, "Mary Elvila Huls").]
GRAY, William, 1881-1963
DAVIS, James A., son, 1902-1981
(1) Mollie, 1870-1951
(2) George B., 1872-1946
[Note: George B. Davis, b.Ind, was a son of William A. & Sarah E. (Surguy) Davis (See Rachel Davis, Hellow Creek cem, Newc twp; also Sand Hill cem, Richland twp). He m.April 9, 1898, Mollie Wright (Fulton Co M.R.).
Mollie (Mary), twin sister to Mattie (Martha), was b.June 3, 1870 Ind, a dau of James & Elmira (Harmon) Wright (see Almira Wright, Reichter cem)

(1) Esther E., 1895-1973
(2) Edward C., 1884-1951
(1) Otto D., 1883-1964
(2) Nellie B., 1896-1976

Row 6

BORDEN, Jennie T., May 19, 1876 - Jan 19, 1898
BORDEN, Susan J., Apr 6, 1841 - May 30, 1893
BORDEN, Joseph, Feb 8, 1834 - Dec 6, 1900
[Note: Joseph Borden, of Tiosa, d. of heart failure. His obit appears in the Evening Sentinel,

Rochester, Ind., Sat., Dec. 8, 1900. He m.1864, Susan J. Hawkins, dau of Ezra E. (1818-1897) and Nancy Ann (Owens) Hawkins (d.1854) (see: One Hundred & Fifty Years of the Hawkins Family, 1783-1933, compiled by Z. T. Hawkins, Fairmount, Ind, pp. 405. A copy of this book owned by Charles Arthur Borden of R.R. 2, Rochester, Ind.)
Joseph & Susan J. Borden had children: (1) Elmer E., b.June 18, 1865, d.February 27, 1920, m.Emma Jane Leavelle (b.1868), October 2, 1890 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); (2) John E., b.February 17, 1867, m.Mary Stockton "Mamie" Hiatt (d.June 20, 1914), September 21, 1898, res of So. Bend, Ind (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) Oliver J., 1868-1953, m.Sarah Josephine Wallace (see Oliver J. Borden, Reichter cem); (4) William Morris, b.February 22, 1869, d.1869, ae 6mo; (5) Frank, b.April 6, 1870, m.Lillie Corp, January 1, 1905; (6) Ora, b.August 29, 1871, d.November 11, 1918, m.Della Way, December 25, 1901 (she d. December 27, 1907); (7) Edward, b.September 22, 1874, m. Florence Vance; (8) Jennie T., 1876-1898 (see above); (9) Arthur C., b.Miami Co Ind, August 2, 1882, d.June 4, 1945, m.Amy A. Umbaugh (see Arthur C. Borden, Reichter cem)
HAMLET, Dallas F., son of W.F. & S.A., d. June 6, 1894, ae 2y-10m-22d
(1) Samantha A., mother, 1858-1945
(2) William F., father, 1853-1943
[Note: William Franklin Hamlett, was b.Ind, a son of Thomas H., Jr., and Jane (Emmons) Hamlett (see Jane Hamlett, Reichter cem). He m. December 27, 1879, Samantha A. Peck (Fulton Co M.R.)
The 1880 census reveals that W. Franklin (son) and Samantha (dau-in-law), married within the census year, were living in the household of his widowed mother, Jane Hamlett, and a brother, Jesse, who was unmarried. (Census 1880, Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp).]
(12 steps)
ALSPACH, Benton, son of R. & A., 1875-1906
(1) Elizabeth, Apr 30, 1827 - Nov 18, 1899
(2) Henry, Mar 22, 1833 - Jan 5, 1902
[Note: Henry L. Arnett, b.Ohio, m. (probably in Ohio) Elizabeth (-----), who also was a native of Ohio. Elizabeth had previously been m. to (-----) Hardman, and had a son William Hardman, b.ca.1849 Ohio.
Henry L. and Elizabeth Arnett first appear in the Fulton Co Ind census in 1870 in Newc twp, with a family which included: Margaretta, Mary C., (children of Henry), and William Hardman (ae 21). The 1880 census (same county & twp) again includes this family: Henry Arnett and his wife, Elizabeth; daus Margaretta and Mary C. Arnett; Wm. Hardman a widowed step-son (ae 32); David H. Hardman a grand-son ae 7.
Children: (1) David R. Arnett, d. 1863 (see David R. Arnett, Reichter cem); (2) Margaretta, b.1858 Miami Ohio, m.John D. Alspach (see John D. Alspach, Reichter cem); (3) Mary C., b.ca.1863 Ohio; (4) Clarence G., 1873 (see Clarence G. Arnett, Reichter cem); (5) William Hardman, b.ca.1849, a step-son, who is probably the William W. Hardman who m.1868 Mary A. Sherou; and again in 1872 Elizabeth Switzer (Fulton Co M.R.).]
BARKMAN, Iva O., 1889-1990
BARKMAN, Lloyd A., 1902-1963
(1) Mary Ann, 1864-1951
(2) Alonzo, 1863-1948
[Note: Alonzo Barkman (a.k.a. "Finley A.", "F. L.", and "Finley E.") was b.Ind, a son of Isaac & Mary E. (Hamlet) Barkman of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.

Alonzo m.January 22, 1885, Mary Ann Zolman (Fulton Co M.R.; Mary Ann's obit says they were m. 1883). Mary Ann, a dau of John & Margaret Zolman, was b.October 13, 1864, in Churubusco, but had lived most of her life in the Talma vicinity. She d. at her home near Talma, Monday, April 2, 1951. Her obit names all nine of her children.
Children: (1) Lottie E., b.1885, FultonCo Ind, d.1942 in Elkhart, Ind, and bur Rice cem; m.1911 William Henderson (Fulton Co M.R.); also see her obit); (2) Charles Raymer, b.1887, Fulton Co Ind, d.1971 Rochester Ind, bur Richland Center I.O.O.F. cem; m.(1st) 1915 Esther Mae Mehling, and (2nd) 1954 to Bessie Beehler; children: Merriem, Ester Mae, Lydia, and Ruth (Fulton Co M.R.; also see obits); (3) Iva, b.1889, Fulton Co Ind, of Rochester, R.R. 5; (4) John W., b.1892, Fulton Co Ind, res of Elkhart, Ind; m.Clara Edell Swihart, 1913 (Fulton Co M.R.); (5) Beulah W., b.1894 (see Reichter cem); (6) Marjorie F., b.1896, Fulton Co Ind, d.Sunday, June 20, 1976 at Elkhart Ind; m.John F. "Fred" Grass, 1915 (Fulton Co M.R.; also see obit); (7) Gertrude E., b.1899, (1st) m. 1922, Edward A. Eash, and (2nd) to Carl VanLue (see Reichter cem); (8) Boyd R. "Bud", b.1902 Newc twp, d.1974 Rochester Ind, and bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; m.1937, Lena A. Wenger; one child, Kathryn (Mrs. Gordon) Kraup, of Naperville, Illinois (Fulton Co M.R.; also see obit); (9) Lloyd A., b.1902 (see above).
(References: The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Obits: Tues, April 3, 1951, "Mary Ann Barkman"; Ibid, Tues., Nov. 24, 1942, "Lottie Henderson"; Ibid, Thurs, June 25, 1953, "Mrs Ester Mae Barkman; Ibid, Tues., Oct. 4, 1966, "Miss Beulah W. Barkman"; Ibid, Mon., June 21, 1976, "Marjorie Grass"; Ibid, Tues., Mar, 19, 1974, "Boyd (Bud) Barkman").]
BARKMAN, Iva O., 1889-1990 (Foster & Good temp marker)
LANDIS, Henry W., 1861-1951
(1) Zula S., 1890-1973
(2) R. Elmer, 1887-1959
(1) Elnora O., 1906- (no d.d.)
(2) Howard F., 1903-1958
MATHEWS, James Oliver, Sep 2, 1897 - Nov 16, 1980
GROSS, Zoa E., 1904-1962

Row 7

(1) Sarah C., his wife, 1860-1929
(2) S. C., 1854-1945
(3) Stephen, our son, 8 yrs old (no dates)
[Note: S. C. "Stephen Clinton" Irvine, b.Ind, was a son of Stephen Decatur and Angeline (Whaley) Irvine of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. He m.April 5, 1879, Sarah C. Rickle (Fulton Co M.R.; also see S. D. Irvine, Reichter cem).
There were five children: (1) Sadie Cecile, b.February 19, 1880, Fulton Co Ind, and d.September 30, 1974, in So. Bend Memorial Hospital. She m. (1st), 1899, Harry Chamberlin, and (2nd), 1944, Oliver Krom who d.1962. She had a step-dau, Mrs. Leroy (Imogene) Washburn of Rochester; (2) Stephen Decatur, b. ----, d. ae 8yr; (3) Lula Belle, b.ca.1883, m.Walter McCall, 1904, and had children: William b.1917, and Herman b.---; (4) Harrison, b.ca.1886, m.1907, Ethel Grace Barrett, at Rochester, and had a son, J. Barrett Irvine (1909-1974), bur Culver Masonic cem; (5) Ernest, b.April 13, 1896 at Talma, d.1977 and bur Rochester I.O.O.F. cem; m. (1st) 1917, Pearl Florence Biggs (she d.1956), and (2nd) 1967, Helen Weller Talbott. His survivors included: (daus)

Mrs. Lloyd (Florence) Jefferies, Mrs. Clarence (Mildred) Wentzel, and Mrs. Benile (Merry) Berry, all of Rochester; step-chdn) Kenneth Talbott of Elkhart, Ronald Talbott of Hinckley, Ohio, Gerald Talbott of Kewanna, James and Doyne Talbott of York, Penn, Mrs. Eugene (Joan) Riffle of East Gary, and Mrs. Carl (Lois) Miller of Rochester.
(References: Obits, The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Tues., Oct. 1, and Thurs. Oct. 3, 19974, "Sadie Cecile Krom"; Ibid, Mon. & Tues, Sept. 8 & 9, 1969, "William (Bill) McCall"; Ibid, Jan. 7, 1974, "J. Barrett Irvine"; Ibid, Tues., Dec. 7, 1976, "Lucille Irvine"; Ibid, Mon., Apr. 11, 1977, "Ernest Irvine")]
(1) C. Lavinia, 1874-1956
(2) John E., 1869-1930
ANDERSON, Lavinia, 1905, ae 10d
ANDERSON, Ralph C., 1896-1897
RAVER, Pery, 1851-1904
RAVER, Elizabeth, d. July 26, 1902, ae 72y-7m-1d
(9 steps)
(1) Henry, d. June 7, 1873, ae 33y
(2) Rebecca, d. Mar 9, 1896, ae 83y
(3) Benjamin, d. Sep 9, 1846, ae 38y
MONTGOMERY, Benj., d. Sep 9, 1846, ae 38y-11m-14d
[Note: Benjamin Montgomery was an early settler of Newc twp in the fall of 1837, where he resided until his death (History of Fulton Co Ind, Barnhart, p. 29). His wife was Rebecca Davidson, a native of Ohio, and they were in the Fulton Co Census of 1840. Rebecca Montgomery was the householder in 1850 with six children, but the family was not there in 1860, 1870 and 1880.
The will of Benjamin Montgomery, date February 1846, prov. September 29, 1846, names his wife, Rebecca Montgomery, and "to the children (boys & girls) . . that the two boys Hiram & Henry go to school two years." (Fulton Co Ind Will Book "A" pp.24-26).
Rebecca, widow of Benjamin Montgomery, may have married next to Ephraim Bearss, August 1, 1853, as suggested in Fulton Co M.R.
Children of Benjamin & Rebecca Montgomery included: (1) Hiram, b.ca.1832 Michigan; (2) Mary, b.ca.1834 Michigan; (3) Margrett b. August 1, 1836 Michigan (see following); (4) Henry C., b.1840 Ind (see following); (5) Delila E., b.ca.1842 Ind; (6) Elvina, b.ca.1845 Ind.
Margrett Montgomery, dau of Benjamin & Rebecca, m. (1st), April 15, 1855, Samuel Russell (b.June 5, 1831, d.November 4, 1903, bur Mt. Zion cem, Rochester twp). Although Margrett's name and birth date appear on Samuel Russell's grave marker, her death date is not included. Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk. reveals that Margarett Russell, ae 72 b.Michigan, a dau of Benjamin & Rebecca (Davidson) Montgomery, m. (2nd), March 9, 1909, at Rochester, Geo. W. Gregson; that he was 74 and b.Ind, a son of William & Mary (Myers) Gregson, and that this was his (2nd) marriage also. The first wife of Geo. W. Gregson was Cathrine Shafer, and there were at least nine children born to that marriage by 1880.
Henry C. Montgomery, son of Benjamin & Rebecca, m.April 5, 1865 Harriett M. Saxon (Fulton Co M.R.). He was drowned in the Tippecanoe River near Tippecanoetown, where he had gone to fish with friends. He left a wife and two children. (Rochester Sentinel, Sat., June 14, 1873).]
(1) Charlotte, 1878-1953
(2) Quincy M., 1866-1939

(1) Amanda M., 1871-1946
(2) Charles E., 1869-1947
[Note: Charles E. Coplen, b.Ind, was a son of William and Priscilla E. (Faulkner) Coplen (his 2nd wife) (see William Coplen, Reichter cem). Charles E. Coplen m. March 27, 1890, Amanda M. Craft (Fulton Co M.R.)
The will of Charles E. Coplen (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "H" p. 347), dated April 9, 1946, and prov. March 24, 1947, names one heir - his son, Tellie R. Coplen.]
JARRETT, Esther, 1911-1962
UMBAUGH, Francis L., Ind S/Sgt 51 Fighter Gp AAF WW2 Bsm,
July 23, 1914 - Feb 19, 1960 (military marker)
(1) Orpha B., mother, 1887-1961
(2) Loy, father, 1885-1949
[Note: Charles Loy Umbaugh m. Orpha Dawald, November 12, 1910 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Esthel R., 1886-1964
(2) Vida G., 1891-1987
[Note: Esthel Raymond Fish, son of John Herschel and Mary (Bugbee) Fish, was b. nr Talma, February 4, 1886; he d. Wednesday, September 30, 1964, in Tucson, Arizona where he had lived for the past 25 years. He m.January 23, 1909, in Argos, Ind., Vida Coplen. Two half-sisters of near So. Bend survived him.
Their children: (daus) Mrs. Winifred Barrett of Douglas, Arizona, and Mrs. Mary Heimbarger of Tucson; (sons) Herbert of Battle Creek, Michigan, Charles & James of Tucson, and Donald of Yuma, Arizona. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Oct. 1, 1964, obit.).]
(1) Olive, 1904-1982
(2) Harry W., 1898-1962

Row 8

WILLIAMSON, George and Ralph, Infants (no dates)
(1) Emma Palmer, his wife, 1859-1938
(2) Asbury, Co I 187 OVI, 1846-1894
[Note: Asbury Williamson m.October 14, 1876 Emma A. Palmer (Fulton Co M.R.). Emma A. was a dau of James and Emeline (Whaley) Palmer of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind (See James Palmer, Reichter cem). The names of only two of their children are certain.
Lulu R., dau of Asbury & Emma Williamson, was b. in Walnut twp, southeast of Argos, Marshall Co Ind, December 12, 1883, and d. in a nursing home in Warsaw, on Sunday, March 17, 1968. She had resided in Chicago 38 years before returning to the Argos community. Survivors included a brother, Joseph C. Williamson, of R.R. 1, Argos (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Mar. 18, 1968, obit).
Joseph Clymer Williamson, son of Asbury & Emma Williamson, was b.October 5, 1888, southeast of Argos; and d. in Woodlawn hospital, Rochester Ind, Monday, December 20, 1971. He was a resident of Akron, Ind. He was not married. He was a World War 1 Veteran (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Dec. 21, 1971, obit).]
WILLIAMSON, W. Chester, 1886-1935
WILLIAMSON, Lulu R., 1883-1968

WILLIAMSON, Joseph C., 777385 QMC RA AER, 1888-1971
IRVINE, Anna Christine, dau of A. & J.W., d. Nov 9, 1897, ae 13y-8m-22d ?
(IRVINE), John
(1) John W., 1847-1919
(2) Anna Coplen, his wife, 1853-1941
(IRVINE), Anna
[Note: John W. Irvine, son of Stephen Decatur and Angelina (Whaley) Irvine, was b.Ind, 1847. He m. October 3, 1869, Arzinita Coplen (Fulton Co M.R.). John W. and "Anna" Irvine were residents of Newc twp in 1880, with two daus: Estella (ae 7) and Etta E. (ae 4). McClellan Baker, a nephew, ae 16 was also with this household.]
(1) Estella, mother, 1872-1960
(2) Allen B., father, US Navy, 1847-1939
(also military marker: Allen B. Surguy, Ind Landsman US Navy, Mar 10, 1939)
[Note: Allen B. "Bince" Surguy, b.August 4, 1847 in Fulton Co Ind, a son of William, Sr., and Rachel (Bell) Surguy (see Sand Hill cem, Richland twp). He m. 2nd, January 3, 1897, Mary Fieser; and (3rd), September 20, 1897, Estella Irvin (Fulton Co M.R.). Allen B. was 45 when he m. his 2nd wife, and she was 33. The name of his first wife was Alice and they had two children: Gurney b.ca.1876, and Edith b.ca.1879 (Census 1880, town of Rochester).]
(1) Florence V., 1875-1956
(2) O. L. "Roy", 1876-1954
[Note: Otis L. Ailer m.Florence Wallace, October 3, 1897 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Reathel L., 1903-1975
(2) John O., 1899-1990
(1) Blanche A., 1901-1977
(2) Russell W., 1899-1969
(also King temp marker: Russell Ailer, 1899-1969)
(8 steps)
COONEY, Wm. Lester, 1901-1979
COONEY, Eudella Irvine, mother, 1875-1952
SCOTT, Pamela Sue, dau, 1952-1964
(1) Marietta Green, 1924- (no d.d.)
(2) Paul Wesley, 1919- (no d.d.)

Row 9

EMMONS, Eldora, dau of Finley & Margaret, d. Mar 20, 1895, ae 20y-1m-6d
LONG, J. Virgil, Feb 25, 1897 - Apr 17, 1898
(1) John D., Feb 12, 1858 - Dec 10, 1946
(2) Helen M., May 16, 1867 - May 18, 1956
[Note: John D. Long of Newc twp, b.Ohio, was a son of Jacob and Jane A. (-----) Long of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind (See Jacob Long, Sycamore cem, Newc twp; also Jane A. Long, Yellow Creek

cem, Newc twp). John D. Long m. Helen M. Coon, February 9, 1892 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Helen M., wife of John D. Long, was a dau of Stephen V. R. and Hellen (Taylor) Puterbaugh Coon, of Newc twp (see Stephen V. R. Coon, Reichter cem).]
COPLEN, Claude, son of C. & A.J., d. Mar 28, 1898, ae 5y-6m-25d
(1) Chancy, Co A 155 Ind Vol Inf, 1844-1937
(2) Almira Hill, 1849-1927
[Note: Chancy "Chauncey" Coplen, son of Asa & Lucretia (-----) Coplen, was b.Ind. Fulton Co M.R. suggest that he m. (1st), August 19, 1866, Mary Ann Pastor; and (2nd), October 19, 1869, Tilitha J. Wilson (1847-1871) (see Tilitha J. Coplen, Reichter cem); & (3rd), sometime after 1873, to Almira J. (Hill) Primer.
Almira J. Hill (parents unkn) was b.Ohio, and first m., by ca.1870, Elias V. Primer who was also native of Ohio (see Charles N. Primer's application for marriage).
Chauncy and his 2nd wife Tilitha J. Coplen, were residents of Newc twp in 1870. His 3rd wife Almira J. was with him in the 1880 census, and that household included also: a son, Aldora; a step-son, Charles Primer; and a nephew, Wm. Asa Coplen.
Charles N. Primer (also "Primmer"), son of Elias V. and Amira J. (Hill) Primer, was b.Bourbon, Ind, ca.1872. His first m. was at ae 23, at Bloomingsburg, Ind, February 17, 1894, to Elmina "Mina" (Meredith) Bennett (her 2nd m., ae 27). Elmina was a dau of Orange & Cynthia Ann (Taylor) Meredith (see Peter Meredith, Yellow Creek cem), and her first m. was November 17, 1886, to Judson L. Bennett (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk).
Mertie O. Coplen, dau of Chauncy & Tilitha J. (Wilson) Coplen, b.ca.1869, m.Geo. R. Waltz (see Uriah Wilson, Reichter cem).
Five children known to have been born to Chauncy & Almira J. (Hill) Primer Coplen: (1) Aldora "Allie", (2) Zella, b.1881 (see following); (3) Maude, b.1883 (see following); (4) Grover Cleveland, b.ca.1889, m.Icie May Piper, November 16, 1912 (Fulton Co. M.R.); (5) Claude, 1892-1898 (see above).
Allie Coplen, b.ca.1879, son of Chancy & Almira Coplen, was formerly of Talma, but died at his home at Etna Green, on Saturday, August 16, 1952, and was bur in the Etna Green cem. His first marriage is not known. However he m. (2nd), April 15, 1933, to Fredia (-----). His obit mentions survivors: his wife; a dau, Mrs. Evelyn Bright of Plymouth; a son, Milo of Willard, Ohio; a bro, Grover Coplen of DesMoines, Iowa; a half-sis, Mertie Waltz of Talma; a half-bro, Charles Premier, of Williamsport, Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Mon., Aug. 18, 1952).]
(1) Frank, 1875-1952
(2) Zella, 1881-1929
[Note: Francis Collins m. Zella Coplen, January 8, 1902 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk).
Francis Collins was a son of Lewis & Katy (Heckathorn) Collins; and Zella was a dau of Chancy & Almira J. (Hill) Coplen (see above).]
(1) Bert, 1880- (no d.d.)
(2) Maude, 1883-1923 (also DAR emblem, Manitou Chapter #840)
[Note: Bert W. Duvall m.Maude Coplen, December 25, 1905 (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk). She was a dau of Chancy and Almira J. (Hill) Coplen (see above).
Bert W. Duvall was b.Pratt Co Illinois, a son of Jno. and Lucy A. (Higgins) Duvall.]

COPLEN, Lyman, Co A 26 Ind Inf, 1837-1920
[Note: Lyman Coplen was b.Ohio. He was a son of Asa and Lucretia (-----) Coplen. His will (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "F" p. 29) was dated November 12, 1914, and prov. June 23, 1920. It names his bro, Chancy Coplen, the Exr., and mentions his sis, Arza Nettie Irvine.]
(1) John, 1854-1937
(2) Lucy A., 1857-1930
[Note: John & Lucy A. Duvall were probably the parents of Bert W. Duvall (b.1880, Pratt Co Illinois) (see above).]
LOVE, Isaac Smith, father, Feb 23, 1861 - May 6, 1938
[Note: Isaac Smith B. Love, was b.Ind. He was a son of Joseph A. B. & Sarah A. (Kessler) Love of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.
Isaac S. B. Love m., August 25, 1883, Nancy Montgomery (Fulton Co M.R.). Nancy was a dau of Benjamin F. and Martha Ann (Bybee) Montgomery (see Nancy Love and Benjamin F. Montgomery, Reichter cem).]
(1) Mabel, mother, 1905-1988
(2) Rudy N., father, 1903-1975
EMMONS, Fay, 1891-1961
EMMONS (family marker)
EMMONS, Otis, 1889-1933
[Note: Otis Emmons, son of Newton & Ellen E. (Barkman) Emmons, was b. 1889 (Fulton Co School Enumeration says December 25, 1888; also see Newton Emmons, Reichter cem). He m.August 9, 1911, Fay Poenix (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Pearl, 1876-1950
(2) Chas. A., 1869-1945
[Note: Charles A. Emmons, a son of William and Mary Mariah (Sanns) Emmons, was b.Ind (see William Emmons, Reichter cem). He m. Pearl (-----).]
(1) Lulu I., 1897-1947
(2) Jesse H., 1892-1961

Row 10

(1) John M., 1844-1917
(2) Mary A., 1848-1895
[Note: John M. Emmons was a son of John and Louise Frances (Wilson) Emmons, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. He m.January 17, 1869, Mary A. Kochenderfer (b.Ohio; parents German).
John M. and Mary A. Emmons were residents of Newc twp in 1870 and 1880 (Census). (Fulton Co Ind School Enumeration Records and Census lists reveal names of their children: (1) Margaret S., b.October 1869 Ind; (2) Charles F. (1872-1876) (see Reichter cem); (3) Robert V. Ruben, b.1874 (see following); (4) Freddie, b.ca.1877 Ind; (5) Frank, b.July 1881; (6) Ella "Ellen", b.ca.1884; (7) Norman, b.ca.1888.
Margaret S., a dau of John M. & Mary A. Emmons, m.September 5, 1895, Samuel Deamer (Fulton Co M.R.). He was b.1867 Ohio, d.1938, a son of Aaron & Margaret (Loudensleger) Deamer (see row 15 this section). Samuel and Margaret S. Deamer were residents of near Argos, and are known to have had at least three children: (1) Fern, b.August 15, 1897 nr Talma; d.April

30, at Plymouth, and bur Oakhill cem at Plymouth, Ind; (2) Esther, b. ----, m.Dallas Martin, of Tippecanoe (he was b.1896, d.1972); (3) Max E., b.October 24, 1904, nr Talma, d.February 10, 1967 at Argos (removed to Marshall Co Ind 1908), bur Oak Hill cem, Plymouth.
(References: The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, May 1, 1979, obit, "Fern Deamer"; Ibid, Feb. 11, 1967, "Max Emmons Deamer" obit).]
EMMONS, Sons of R.V. & Minnie M.
(1) Reynold, Mar 7, 1897 - Apr 8, 1897
(2) Arthur, Jan 6, 1916 - Sep 26, 1919
(1) Minnie M., 1879-1959
(2) Robert V., 1874-1955
[Note: Robert V. Ruben Emmons, b. in Rochester, was a son of John M. & Mary A. Kochenderfer Emmons (see above).
He m.March 14, 1896, at Rochester, Minnie M. Kesler (Fulton Co Ind Marriage Application Bk). She was b. at Bloomingsburg, and a dau of John & Mary Kesler.]
(1) Grove B., 1833-1898
(2) Lucy Green, his wife, 1834-1893
LITCHFIELD, John H., Nov 20, 1862 - May 24, 1899, ae 36y-6m-4d
LITCHFIELD, G. W., Mar 29, 1829 - Dec 9, 1899, ae 70y-8m-10d
HOLLOWAY, Marjorie (no dates)
(1) Rettie Mae, 1881-1957
(2) Charles B., 1872-1949
(1) Viola, 1867-1950
(2) George, 1863-1934
[Note: George Deck m.October 29, 1891, Mary Viola Sanns (Fulton Co M.R.). She was a dau of John and Nancy (Vermillion) Sanns, of Richland twp, Fulton Co Ind (see John Sanns, Reichter cem).]
(1) Reatha Faun, 1897-1951
(2) David Eldon, 1898- (no d.d.)
[Note: David Eldon Sellers m.Reatha Faun Kubley, December 24, 1920 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Helen M., 1904- (no d.d.)
(2) Charles F., 1902-1949
(1) Fern, 1897-1973
(2) Fred D., 1897-1978
[Note: Fred D. Barr m. M. Fern Arter, May 3, 1919 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Betty Barr, 1921- (no d.d.)
(2) Ralph Peter, 1921- (no d.d.)

Row 11

(1) Augustine, Nov 18, 1845 - Dec 24, 1914
(2) Mary E. Zartman, his wife, Jan 21, 1851 - June 27, 1929
[Note: Augustine Hisey, a son of Jacob W. and Hannah Hisey of Newcastle tw, Fulton Co Ind, was b.Ohio, and came to Fulton Co by 1870. He was a saw mill operator (see Jacob W. Hisey, Reichter cem). In 1880 (Census) he was 34, widowed, and he and his dau. Emma J. (ae 1), were in the household of his father in Newc twp.
Augustine Hisey m. three times. He m.(1st), October 29, 1871, Emeline Packer (dau of Frederick B. and Elizabeth (Long) Packer) b.ca.1852 Ohio, and d. sometime between 1870 & 1880. He m. (2nd), April 6, 1878, Rebecca J. Sanders (dau of Stephen C. & Permelia D. (Irvin) Sanders) b.1855, d.1879 (see Rebecca J. Sanders, Reichter cem). He m.(3rd) to Mry E. (Zartman) Strawbridge, who was probably the widow of Samuel Strawbridge who was bur (no dates) in the Mt. Zion cem, in Rochester twp, a military monument marking his grave. Mary Stroubridge ae 30, and widowed, was found in the 1880 census for Rochester twp, a householder with 2 children: Anna ae 12, and Minnie ae 9. Albert (M.?) Strawbridge, "son of S. & M.E. Strawbridge" d.April 15, 1870, ae 3m-2d, is bur in the Mt. Zion cem, beside the grave of Samuel Strawbridge, and probably was his son.
The will of Augustine Hisey (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "E" p. 268) was dated December 8, 1914, and prov. January 2, 1915. It mentions his wife, Mary E. Hisey, and "my two grandchildren, Augustine E. Eash & Florence M. Eash . . ."
Children of Augustine Hisey and Rebecca J., his second wife: (1) Emma J. Hisey, b.February 4, 1879, d.January 2, 1906 (Rochester I.O.O.F. cem); m. Frank E. Eash (1875-1903) (Fulton Co M.R.), and had at least two children: Augustine E. and Florence M.
Children of Mary E. (Zartman) Strawbridge Hisey: (1) Anna "Annie E." Strawbridge, b.ca.1868 Ind, m.April 26, 1890, Edgar Robbinson (Fulton Co M.R.); (2) Albert M. Strawbridge "son of S. & M.E.", b.January 13, 1870, d.April 15, 1870, ae 3m-2d, bur Mt. Zion cem, Rochester twp; (3) Minnie M. Strawbridge, b.1871, m.Miles W. Perschbacher, January 7, 1900 (see Miles W. Perschbacher, Reichter cem).]
COPLEN, John M., son of E. & F.A., May 4, 1894 - Nov 8, 1898
(1) Elmer, 1867-1950
(2) Frances A., his wife, 1872-1924
(3) John, their son, 1894-1898
[Note: Elmer Coplen, a son of Martin Vanburen and Sarah (-----) Coplen, was b.Ind. He m.Frances A. whose family is unkn to this compiler.
(1) Blanch, dau, 1890-1959
(2) Rebecca, mother, 1858-1944
HISEY, John B., Dec 4, 1828 - July 13, 1900
(9 steps)
STOCKBERGER, Pauline Maier, Jan 16, 1876 - May 24, 1900
[Note: Mary P. Maier m. W. M. Stockberger, August 10, 1894 (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(1) Lavoy, 1908-1972
(2) Virda, 1882-1949
(3) O. C., 1876-1952
[Note: Omar Charles Montgomery, a son of William J. and Clara E. (King) Montgomery, of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind (see Wm. J. Montgomery, Reichter cem). He married three times (all Fulton Co

M.R.). His (1st) m. was March 30, 1951, to Maude Kinsey.
The obit of Omar Charles Montgomery states that he died, ae 76 of a heart attack, Sunday September 14, 1952. He was a farmer and well-known resident of Talma. In addition to the third wife, his survivors included: (son) Lavoy Montgomery; (sisters) Mrs. Walter Sweet of Long Beach, California & Mrs. A. J. Blakely of Rochester; (step-children) Mrs. Agnes Kramer and Mrs. Ruth Ritter, both of Plymouth, Mrs. Esther Mathews of Rochester, and Charles and John Miller of Talma. A sister and a brother preceded in death. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon. & Wed., Sept. 15 & 17, 1952).
Walter Lavoy Montgomery, son of Omar Charles & Nora (Grove) Montgomery, was b.April 8, 1908 in Mishawaka, Ind, but lived most of his life in the Talma and Rochester area. He died ae 64, in a nursing home in Rochester, on Sunday, April 16, 1972. His survivors: (aunts) Mrs. Orah Byrer of So. Bend, and Mrs. Fred L. Safford of Clyde, N.Car.; (cousin) Mrs. Bedelaihbell Berryman of So. Bend, Ind. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Apr. 17, 1972).]
COPLEN, Judy Dell, June 20-21, 1950
(1) Lois F., 1903- (no d.d.)
(2) Roy A., 1899-1959
(1) Ruth A., 1913- (no d.d.)
(2) David M., 1900-1967
(also Foster & Good temp marker: David M. Parsons, 1900-1967)

Row 12

EMMONS, Wm. E., 1848-1937 (Val Zimmerman marker)
(1) William, June 9, 1836 - July 19, 1904
(2) Lucinda, his wife, Sep 26, 1842 - Apr 26, 1903
[Note: William Windbigler was b.Penn or Ohio, and removed to Newc twp, Bloomingsburg, sometime before 1860 (Census). He married twice. His (1st) wife was Mary Ellen Batts, m.April 19, 1860 (Fulton Co M.R.). She was a dau of Ruben & Anna (Moyer) Batz (see Ruben Batz, Sycamore cem, Newc twp). His (2nd) wife was Lucinda M. Kesler, m.March 26, 1863 (Fulton Co M.R.). The belief is that this family were in Kansas ca.1883.]
(1) Hester I., Feb 1900 - Sep 1900
(2) Lester L., 1901-1918
COPLEN, George W., 1894-1976
(1) Delilah M., 1870-1947
(2) Alva F., 1863-1941
[Note: Alva Franklin "Frank" Coplen was b.November 26, 1863, a son of William and (2nd wife) Priscilla E. (Faulkner) Coplen of Talma, Newc twp (see William Coplen, Reichter cem).
He m.January 25, 1890, Delilah M. Davis (Fulton Co M.R.). The will of Alvah Frank Coplen (Fulton Co Will Bk "H" p. 19) was date August 3, 1940, and prov. June 21, 1941. His heirs: wife, Delilah M. Coplen; to son, George W. Coplen, realty in Talma, Ind; an undivided one-half - each of all saw mill machinery to go to his sons, George W. Coplen and Artemus F. Coplen; his daus, Mary Olive Wenger and Vida G. Fish; and his grandchild "whose name was Waneta Stockberger before

(7 steps)
FARRY, Creamer, 1904-1961
FARRY, Austin O., 1852-1932
FARRY, Annie M., 1869-1952
[Note: Austin O. "Otis" Farry, b.Ind to S. H. "Harvey" and (2nd wife) Ruth A. (-----) Farry, residents of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind.
Harvey Farry and his (1st) wife, Catharine, were residents of Newc twp as early as 1850, with three children. All in this family were natives of Ohio except for the last child who was b.Ind. No record was found of them in the Fulton Co Ind Census 1860. However, they had returned by 1870, and Otis' father is called "S. H. Farry." His wife at that time was Ruth A., and there were four children, including Austin O. Farry. By 1880, the census (same co & state) reveals "S. Harvey Farry" (ae 60; fa.b.Vermont), and his wife Ruth A. (ae 46, parents b.Maryand), again householders of Newc twp with 3 sons and 3 daus. Children were: (1) William R., b.ca.1843 Ohio; (2) Theadore B., b.ca.1846 Ohio (worked in a sawmill); (3) Lucinda E., b.ca.1848 Ind; (4) Austin O., b.1852 Ind; (5) Viola A., b.ca.1855 Ind; (6) Eldora C., b.ca.1865 Ind, m. April 4, 1889 Jacob Clingenpeel (Fulton Co M.R.); (7) Roland R., b.ca.1874 Ind; (8) Maggie A. J., b.ca.1877 Ind.
Austin O. Farry, son of S. Harvey Farry, m.June 15, 1893, Annie Meoma, b.February 1, 1869 Belmont Co Ohio, a dau of George D. and Isabelle (Fulton ) Creamer. She died, ae 83, in Woodlawn hospital, Rochester Ind, Saturday, November 15, 1952. She was a member of the Manitou Chapter D.A.R. Survivors of Annie M. Farry, listed in her obit, include: (dau) Mrs. Harold (M. Isabella) Fenstermacher of Steger, Illinois; (sons) Charles of Mansfield, Ohio, and Creamer at home; (bros) Edwin & Thomas Creamer of Belmont, Ohio, William Creamer of West Virginia; (sisters) Mrs. Cynthia Deamer of Rochester, Mrs. George Foreman of Columbus, Ohio, and Mrs. Broda Clark of Mentone, Ind (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Nov. 17, 1962, obit, "Mrs. Annie Farry").
Charles F. Farry, son of Austin Otis & Annie Meoma Farry, was b.April 28, 1895, Rochester, Ind, but d. in a hospital in Mansfield, Ohio, Tuesday, January 21, 1964. His wife was Martha Bell and they had three daughters. Burial was in the Kirkwood cem, at London, Ohio. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Jan. 22, 1964, obit, "Charles F. Farry").]
SAFFORD, Louisa A. (no dates)
SAFFORD, Charles W. (no dates)
[Note: An obit for Mrs. Louisa A. Safford (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., May 22, 1964) states that she was b.Scranton, Penn, May 11, 1883, dau of John H. and Alwilda (Overfield) Fellows. She came to Indiana from Penn; was a resident of Bethlehem neighborhood for 44 years, and of Indiana for 55 years. She m.November 24, 1909 in Detroit, Michigan, Charles W. Safford. Louisa A. Safford died ae 81 Thursday, May 21, 1964, at the Miller Nursing Home, Rochester. Her husband had died in 1955.
Survivors of Mrs. Louisa A. Safford included: (sons) Walter of Akron, Ind, Donald of Park Forest, Illinois, and Albert of Greenwood, Ind; (daus) Mrs. Earl (Charlene) Bailey of Rochester, and Mrs. Robert (Adele) Doke of Elkhart, Ind; (bro) R. A. Fellows of Scranton; (sisters) Mrs. G. A. Davies and Mrs. William Hahn of Scranton; (half-bro) John H. Fellows, Jr., of Lodi, California; a dau died in 1913.
Donald Earl Safford, son of Charles W. & Louisa A. Safford, was b.February 26, 1919 at Tiosa; and died at his residence in Park Forest, Illinois, Thursday, December 26, 1974, ae 55. He m.June 20, 1942, Sally Popozich, and there were three sons: Donald, Jr., of Naperville, Illinois, Charles Daniel of Priest River, Idaho, and James Edward at home. Burial by Burns Holman Ave. funeral home, Hammond. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Dec. 26, 1974, obit, Donald Earl Safford).]

(1) Gertrude O., Dec 16, 1878 - Aug 5, 1958
(2) Harland M., Nov 29, 1873 - Feb 5, 1948
m. Apr 14, 1896
[Note: Donal E. Railsback, a son of Harland M. & Gertrude O. (Warren) Railsback, was b.August 21, 1898, in Argos, Ind. He was found dead at his home, 8 mi southeast of Argos, Saturday, December 28, 1968. He was believed to have died late Thursday (December 26) from a heart attack. Two sisters survived him: (Mrs. Leonard (Thelma) Billett of Tacoma, Washington, and Mrs. Dwight (Murial) Snyder of Lansing, Michigan. Bur, Reichter cem. (NOTE: No stone found) (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Mon., Dec. 30, 1968).]
(1) Nina R., 1925- (no d.d.)
(2) Fred B., 1919-1972
Row 13

(1) Mae, 1882-1963
(2) Delbert E., 1882-1963
[Note: Delbert E. Leavell, a son of H. H. & Sussie (Ford) Leavell, m.(2nd), at age 27 at Tiosa, August 25, 1909, Mae Emmons. It was a second marriage for both.
Mae Emmons, b.September 19, 1882, was a dau of Jesse W. & Susanna (Burket) Emmons, of Tiosa, Newc twp (see Fulton Co M.R.; also see John Emmons, Reichter cem).]
FULTZ, Lula, wife of J.F., 1877-1902
[Note: Lula "Clara L." dau of George W. & Catherine E. (Shaeffer/Shafer) Gregson/Gragsen, m.February 18, 1897, John F. Fultz (Fulton Co M.R.). He was b.ca.1872, a son of Daniel and Indiana (Emmons) Fultz, of Newc twp (see John Emmons, Reichter cem).]
(18 steps)
(1) John M., Dec 17, 1813 - Jan 23, 1892
(2) Bersheba, June 3, 1817 - Jan 8, 1899
EIDSON, Louisa C., 1841-1900
(1) Helen M., 1883- (no d.d.)
(2) Winfred, 1873-1950
RAILSBACK, David, 1833-1914
RAILSBACK, Lourinda, 1839-1926
HOLLOWAY, Vivian, 1934 (one date only)
BARKMAN, Beulah, 1894-1966
[Note: Miss Beulah Barkman, a dau of Alonzo "F. L." and Mary Ann (Zolman) Barkman (see Alonzo Barkman, Reichter cem), was b.Newc twp August 9, 1894; and d., ae 72, at Woodlawn hospital, Rochester, Ind, Monday, October 3, 1966. She resided in the Talma community, R.R. 5 Rochester. Survivors included: (sisters) Miss Iva Barkman, R.R. 5 Rochester, with whom she was living; Mrs. Fred (Marjorie) Grass of Elkhart; Mrs. Gertrude VanLue of Mishawaka; (bros) Charlie Barkman of R.R. 3 Rochester, and Boyd Barkman of R.R. 5 Rochester. Two sisters and three brothers preceded in death. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Oct. 4, 1966, obit).]
(1) Edward A., 1899-1932
(2) Gertrude E., 1899-1984

[Note: Edward A. Eash m.January 19, 1922, Gertrude A. Barkman (Fulton Co M.R.). She was a dau of Alonzo "F. L." and Mary Ann (Zolman) Barkman of Newc twp. She next married Carl VanLue. She resided in or near Argos, Ind (see Alonzo Barkman, Reichter cem).]
(8 steps)
OUTLER, Bruce, July 30, 1952 - Nov 22, 1975
(1) Eloise I., 1898- (no d.d.)
(2) J. Truman, 1894-1982
(also Zimmerman Bros temp marker: Truman Long, 1894-1982)
(1) Ignota R., 1907- (no d.d.)
(2) Frank B., 1901-1971
(also Foster & Good temp marker: Frank B. Lee, 1901-1971)

Row 14

BAUGHER (family marker)
BAUGHER, Children of W.H. & A.M.
(1) Charles H., July 1, 1870 - Aug 7, 1874
(2) George W., July 29, 1877 - Feb 14, 1879
(BAUGHER), Henry, July 13, 1846 - Sep 19, 1932 (also Veteran 61-65 emblen)
(BAUGHER), Amanda M., Aug 31, 1847 - Jan 12, 1938
(BAUGHER), Mary M., July 31, 1873 - Oct 7, 1918
[Note: William H. "Henry" Baugher was a wagonmaker, b.Ohio, and a resident of Bloomingsburg in Newc twp in 1880 (see Census). His parents were natives of Bavaria Germany. His wife, Amanda M., was b.Ind. Mary M., their dau, had impaired hearing, as indicated by the 1880 census. She evidently never married.]
(1) Amelia, wife of Daniel, Mar 13, 1853 - Feb 28, 1901, ae 47y-11m-15d
(2) Daniel, Feb 12, 1843 - Dec 12, 1916
[Note: Daniel Jones, 6th of the 10 children of Tyre and Sarah (Ames) Jones, was b.Richland twp.
His father, Tyre Jones, b.1806 Penn, m.1832 Sarah Ames and removed to Indiana 1836-39, settling in Marshall Co. Tyre Jones died 1876, Sarah (Ames Jones died 1879, and they both were bur in the Old Citizens cem, Richland Center. Their children were: (1) Jordon; (2) Harriett; (3) Morgan 1836-1838; (4) Thomas; (5 Sarah; (6) Daniel, b.1843 (see following); (7) Clinton D., 1845-1913, m.Margaret Ellen McClure 1882 (Old Citzens cem, Richland Center Ind; also Fulton Co M.R.); (8) Perry (living in 1908); (9) Mary E., b.November 21, 1849, d.August 1, 1918, bur Old Citizens cem, Richland Center; m.October 2, 1887 DeBolt Kline (1856-1932) (Fulton Co M.R. "Mary E. Abrams to DeBolt Kline" suggesting a previous marriage for Mary E. Jones; also see Fulton Co Folks Vol 1, by Shirley Willard, Fulton Co Hist Soc, pp.149-52); (10) Clarissa "Clara", m. Charles W. Izzard, April 3, 1886 (Fulton Co M.R.).
Daniel Jones, son of Tyre, was b.Richland twp, and when of age removed to Omaha, Nebraska where he hauled supplies to forts and garrisons in the Black Hills and parts of Wyoming. He returned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in the winter of 1865 and was discharged. He then returned home and resumed farming in Marshall Co until 1873, then sold out and bought a farm near Talma. He m.August 1, 1872, Amelia Holman (Fulton Co M.R.). Amelia was a sis of George & John Holman of Rochester.

Obit for Amelia (Holman) Jones (Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Feb. 28, 1901), states that she died of lung fever at her home near Talma "this morning"; that she was the dau of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Holman, born in Kosciusko Co "47 years ago"; that their children were: Charles, Ray, Mary, Anna, Roy, May and Ruth; surviving also were four bros: Billings in Kansas, Frank in Missouri and Geo. W. and J. D. Holman of "this city".
Children of Daniel & Amelia Jones: (1) Charles Tyre, b.1873, m.(1st) Anna Viola Deamer 1894, and (2nd) Grace Chambers 1945 (see Charls Tyre Jones, Reichter cem); (2) Leroy "Roy", b.1878, m.Maude Patterson of Akron; (3) Mary Deliah, b.February 1880, m.Everly Clifton of Akron; (4) Annabelle, b.1884 (see Row 15, this section); (5) Mae, b.1886, m.John Allen Umbaugh (see J. Allen Umbaugh, Reichter cem); (6) Rae, twin to Mae, m.Joshua Blacketor of Rochester; (7) Ruth Lou Clare, b.1892, m.Garland Clymer.]
(17 steps)
IMLER, Lynne G. (no dates)
IMLER, Hanson E. (no dates)
GROVE, Helen Eddinger, 1895-1941
GROVE, Oliver, 1892-1960
(also military marker: Oliver Grove, Ind Cpl Co D 9 Mtr Supply TN WW1, June 25, 1892 - Aug 30, 1960)
[Note: Oliver Grove, son of Simon Y. & Lizzie B. Grove (see Simon Y. Grove, Reichter cem), married twice: (1st) on September 15, 1926 at Warsaw, to Helen, dau of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Eddinger. She was b.Mentone, and shortly after their marriage, they removed to Rochester, Ind. Oliver Grove was a well-known local hardware merchant. Helen E. Grove d.Tuesday, June 17, 1941, leaving a dau., Bonni Lou Grove. Her survivors also included sisters, Mrs. A. I. Nelson of Mentone and Mrs. William Nye of Warsaw. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues. & Wed., June 17 & 18, 1941, obit, "Mrs. Helen E. Grove").
Oliver Grove m.(2nd), August 23, 1944 in Indianapolis, Naomi Isabelle Rans. She was b.June 11, 1909, dau of Harley O. & Lou Etta (Hickel) Rans. She was a retired elementary teacher. She died at Rochester, Wednesday, September 29, 1976, and was bur in the Rochester I.O.O.F. cem. Her survivors included the step-dau, Bonnie Lou, of Anderson; sis, Mrs. Joseph (Blanche) King of Rochester; bros, Donald C. Rans of Rochester, and Forrest H. Rans of Fort Wayne. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Sept. 29, 1976, obit "Isabelle Grove").]
(1) Orah, 1887-1974
(2) Ferdinand, 1883-1936
[Note: Orah, dau of Simon Y. and Elizabeth "Lizzie B." (Mentzer) Grove, was born at Talma. She died in So. Bend, Ind, Friday, March 1, 1974, ae 86. She m.March 30, 1907, Ferdinand Byrer (Fulton Co M.R.). Survivors included: a dau Bedeliah Belle Berryman of South Bend, and a sister, Mrs. Fred (Lefa) Stafford of Wingsville, So.Car. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Sat., Mar. 2, 1974, obit "Mrs. Orah Byrer").]
GROVE, Celia (no dates)
GROVE, Lou (no dates)
GROVE, Anne (no dates)
GROVE, Archie (no dates)
(also military marker: Arch Grove, Ind Pvt US Army WW1, June 25, 1889 - June 30, 1964)
[Note: Arch Grove, son of Simon Y. and Elizabeth "Lizzie B." (Mentzer) Grove, was born in Talma; he died in Memorial hospital in South BEnd, Ind, a resident of Mishawaka. He m.May 7, 1954 in Mishawaka, to Ann Nemeth. He owned and operated the Grove hotel in Mishawaka, and the Grove hardware store in South Bend. Survivors included: the wife, and two sisters: Mrs. Orah Byrer of South Bend, and Mrs. Fred (Lefa) Safford of Waynesville, N.Car. A sister and two

brothers preceded in death. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., July 1, 1964, obit "Arch Grove").]
SAFFORD, Lefa F. (no dates)
SAFFORD, Fred L. (no dates)
[Note: Fred L. Safford, b.ca.1892, d. ae 83 in Waynesville, N.Car., a resident of Clyde, N.Car., Thurs., Oct 2, 1975. He was a lifetime teacher, having taught one year at Talma after World War 1. He married in Talma, Lefa F. Grove, a dau of Simon Y. and Elizabeth "Lizzie B." (Mentzer) Grove, and they moved from Talma to Ashville, N.Car. in the early 1920s.
Obit for Fred L. Safford states that he was to be buried in the church cem of the Methodist church near Clyde. Survivors included: sons, James of Wilmington N.Car and Theodore of Macon Georgia (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Fri., Oct. 3, 1975, obit "Fred L. Safford".).]

Row 15

BAUGHER, Children of W.H. & A.M.
(1) Charles H., July 1, 1870 - Aug 7, 1874
(2) George W., July 29, 1877 - Feb 14, 1879
BARR, Charles Arter, Apr 2, 1920 (Zimmerman Bros temp marker)
BARR, Millie E., 1891-1898
BARR, Earl D., 1903-1930
BARR, Elizabeth F., 1866-1941
BARR, Burr B., 1864-1927
[Note: Burr B. Barr, m.June 16, 1888, Elizabeth F. Kesler, dau of Simeon and Rowena (Martindale) Kessler, of Richland twp (see Simeon Kessler, Reichter cem).
Burr B. was b.Ohio, a son of John and Catharine (-----) Barr. They were residents of Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind, in the census of 1880. The family at that time included another son, Charles C. (b.ca.1867 Ohio).]
DEAMER (family marker)
(DEAMER), Margaret, Feb 16, 1845 - June 30, 1905
(DEAMER), Aaron, Jan 2, 1837 - Mar 16, 1907
[Note: Aaron Deamer was a blacksmith and a Civil War Vet., b.Penn. His parents were natives of Germany (Census).
He m.ca.1863 in Flat Rock, Ohio, Margaret Loudensleger, and they were residents of Aubbeenaubbee twp by 1870 (Census), with two sons; and (same twp) 1880 with six children.
Margaret Deamer's obit (Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., July 1, 1905), states that she died of paralysis at their home in Newc twp, aged 59y & 4m; that her name was Margaret Loudensleger, and she married Aaron Deamer in Ohio "42 years ago" and then came to Fulton Co in 1856 and lived for 18 years on a Leiters Ford farm; then removing to Newc twp near Talma. Ten children were born - six surviving the mother: William, Mainam, Ola, Arthur and George. Two bros and two sisters also survived her. Funeral on Sunday at the Lutheran church near Tiosa.
Aaron Deamer's obit (Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Sat., March 16, 1907), states that he died at the home of his son, William, east of Talma, age ca.70 years, leaving six surviving children: Arthur, principal of the Laporte schools; George, Erie R.R. postal agent; William, Marvin (prob. Mainam), Samuel and Mrs. Charles Jones.
The will of Aaron Deamer of Talma, Ind (Fulton Co Ind Will Bk "D" p. 374), dated August 3, 1906, prov. March 30, 1907, names his children: (dau) Anna Viola Jones, "wife of Charles Jones"; (sons) William, Samuel, Mainam, Arthur and George.

Children of Aaron & Margaret Deamer: (1) William H., b.1866 Ohio, m.Retta Boyer (see following); (2) Samuel, b.1867 Ohio, m.Margaret S. Emmons (see John M. Emmons, Reichter cem); (3) Mainam F., b.1870 Ind, m.Cynthia M. Creamer (see Mainam F. Deamer, Reichter cem); (4) Anna Viola, b.1874 Ind, m.Charles Tyre Jones (see Charles Tyre Jones, Reichter cem); (5) Arthur C., b.1877 Ind, m.Kate Haimbaugh (dau of Andrew Jackson and Sarah A. (Waugh) Haimbaugh); (6) George W., b.1879 Ind, an attorney, m.Ameda Umbaugh (George W. Deamer, Reichter cem).
(Reference: Fulton Co Folks, Vol. 1, p.150-153
(DEAMER), Infant, May 10, 1900 (one date only)
(DEAMER), Loretta J. Boyer, 1872-1949
DEAMER (family marker)
DEAMER, William H., 1866-1948
[Note: William H., son of Aaron & Margaret Deamer, m.December 24, 1892, Loretta J. Boyer. She was b.Kosciusko Co Ind, a dau of Jacob and Lela (Hoppes) Boyer (Fulton Co M.R.).]
(10 steps)
JAKELA, Stacey Anne, 1981-1981 (Foster & Good temp marker)
(1) Orah, 1890-1981
(2) Ernest T., 1890-1978
BARR, Charles A., 1866-1931
(1) Gertrude D., 1892-1956
(2) Albert J., 1897-1960
BARR, Ruth, 1895-1956 (Zimmerman Bros temp marker)
BERRYMAN, Bedelia B. (no dates)
[Note: Bedelia Belle [Byrer] Berryman, dau of Orah & Ferdinand Byrer. (Rochester Sentinel, Rochester, IN, Sat., Mar 2, 1974, Obit: "Mrs. Orah Byrer").]
(1) Annabelle, 1884-1973
(2) Meade E., 1883-1958
(1) Elnora V., 1912- (no d.d.)
(2) Gottlieb, 1889-1974
FISH, James G., 1919-1982

Row 16

SHOEMAKER, Phoebe, 1857-1940
SHOEMAKER, Levi, 1851-1923
(1) Alex., 1821-1902
(2) Malona, his wife, 1824-1914
[Note: Alexander Barrett, son of John and Nancy (Kirk) Barrett, was b.Coshocton Co Ohio, August 19, 1821, of Irish ancestry. He m.May 14, 1843, Malona Severns, b.Ohio, a dau of William and Hannah (Treadway) Severns, and they settled in Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind, sometime after 1850. The Fulton Co Ind, Newc twp Census includes this family in 1860, 1870 and 1880, where we find ten children (see Kingman Bros Historical Atlas Fulton Co Ind, p. 46).
Children of Alexander and Malona (Severns) Barrett: (1) Hannah A., b.1845 Ohio, m.Henry

Harrison Kesler (see Hannah A. Kesler, Reichter cem); (2) Elizabeth, b.ca.1847 Ohio, m.John Kesler, April 25, 1867 (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) William A., b.ca.1849 Ohio (census 1880 states he was ill with epilepsy), m.April 27, 1869, Sophia E. Brewer (Fulton Co M.R.); (4) Mary, b.1852 Ind, m.Abraham Brockey (see Abram Brockey, Reichter cem); (5) John J., b.ca.1855 Ind, m.Sarah E. Kesler (dau of Jacob), February 26, 1876 (Fulton Co M.R.); (6) Leonard W., 1857-1862 (see Leonard W. Barrett, Yellow Creek cem); (7) Sarah M., b.1861 Ind, m.Noah Horn (see Noah Horn, Sycamore cem); (8) Melvina "Malinda", b.ca.1863 Ind, m.Charles C. Lambert, February 6, 1886 (Fulton Co M.R.); (9) Stephen S., b.October 1869 Ind; (10) Irena "Arena", b.1872, m.Lewis O. Eley (see Lewis O. Eley, Reichter cem).]
SCOTT, Wilma Gail, 1903-1904
SCOTT, Reva E., 1900-1901
(1) Ida E., 1877-1960
(2) John C., M.D., 1871-1938
(1) Nora Lee, 1875-1948
(2) William B., 1876-1945
[Note: William B. McMillen m.December 3, 1898, Nora Leavel (Fulton Co M.R.).]
McMILLEN, Mable M., dau of Wm. B. & N.L., Feb 21, 1900 - Oct 15, 1901
(1) Wilma Jean, 1930-1967
(2) Willard A. (no dates)
(10 steps)
(1) DeVona D., 1917-1972
(2) Henry F., 1910-1975

Row 17

(LEAVELL), Susan, his wife, Feb 19, 1845 - May 23, 1927
LEAVELL (family marker)
(LEAVELL), Henry H., July 18, 1844 - July 10, 1909
[Note: Henry H. Leavell (also, Level) was b.Ind, and probably married twice. Charley Level (b.ca.1862 Ind; parents b.Ind), who was a laborer in the household of B. A. Eidson of Richland twp, may have been a son of the first marriage. It is certain that Henry H. Leavell married next, December 28, 1867, to Susan (Null) Ford (Fulton Co M.R.), whose birth place was Ohio.
Susan Leavell's maiden name "Null" was given in the obit of her dau, Nancy Eva (Leavell) Umbaugh. Her first m. to (-----) Ford, probably took place sometime before 1865 in Ohio (or Ind), and Josephine Ford, ae 15, "step-dau", was with the Henry & Susan Level household in the 1880 census. This family can be found in Richland twp in both the 1870 and 1880 census records.
Children of Henry H. & Susan Leavell (1) Emma Jane, b.1868 Ind, m.Elmer E. Borden (see Joseph Borden, Reichter cem); (2) Nancy Eva, b.October 1, 1870 Ind, m.Francis M. Umbaugh (see Francis M. Umbaugh, Reichter cem); (3) Frank, b.ca.1872 Ind; (4) Nora L., b.ca.1876 Ind; (5) Lulu "Gelia" Pearl, b.February 1880 Ind, m.Frank Fisher (see Frank Fisher, Reichter cem); (6) Delbert E., b.1882, m. (2nd) Mae Emmons (see Delbert E. Leavell, Reichter cem).]
(11 steps)

SCHULMEYER, William, Mar 13, 1876 - Apr 18, 1960
(1) Charles E., 1875-1914
(2) Mina Pearl, 1877-1963
[Note: Charles E. Zolman m.October 9, 1897, Miny P. Brockey (Fulton Co M.R.).]
McPHERRON, Oscar, 1881-1916
BALL, Marjorie, dau of Beulah & Vernon, 1916-1926
[Note: Vernon Earl Ball m.February 27, 1915, Beulah Wills (Fulton Co M. R.).]
(1) John W., 1870-1955
(2) Lillian M., 1875-1940
McPHERRON, Mother & Father
(1) Elizabeth, his wife, (no dates)
(2) Wm. H., d. May 9, 1902, ae 51y-11m-14d
[Note: William H. McPherron of Richland twp, was b.1850 and does not appear to have come to this county until after 1880. His wife, Elizabeth, died aged 62 years, Saturday, October 28, 1905, at the home of her dau (not named) in Mishawaka, Ind. She died of cancer of the stomach. Her obit states that her survivors included two sons and two daughters, and two grand-children. (Evening Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Thurs., Nov. 2, 1905)
Children of William H. & Elizabeth McPherron: (1) Sarah A., b.1877, m.Frank Ball (see Sarah A. Ball, Reichter cem); (2) Oscar, b.March 18, 1881 Ohio (see above); (3) Charlie, b.June 6, 1883 Ohio. (Reference: Fulton Co Ind School Enumeration, 1896, 1898, 1899).]
(1) Virginia R., 1924- (no d.d.)
(2) George, Jr., 1924-1973
(1) Opal B., 1920- (no d.d.)
(2) Harley O., 1911-1987
(1) Malvina T., beloved wife, 1897-1974
(2) Robert F., loving husband, 1896-1976
(1) Martha M., 1942- (no d.d.)
(2) Joe Ben, 1932-1977
(1) Gertrude M., 1917- (no d.d.)
(2) Wm. Ross, 1902-1981

Row 18

(1) Della L., Mar 9, 1868 - Sep 15, 1949
(2) Jesse W., Apr 3, 1862 - Dec 31, 1919
[Note: Jesse William Emmons was b.Ind, a son of William and (1st wife) Sarah Ann (Reed) Emmons of Newc twp (see William Emmons, Reichter cem). He married, February 3, 1890, Della L. Tippy (Fulton Co M.R.).]
ZOLMAN, Emma May, May 1, 1892 - June 15, 1906

(1) John W., June 13, 1850 - June 18, 1910
(2) Susan A., his wife, Dec 4, 1856 - Nov 4, 1941
[Note: John M. W. Zolman was b.Ohio, a son of Nathan and Jane (Craft) Zolman of Newc twp, Fulton Co Ind. (see Nathan Zolman, Hoover cem, Henry twp, Fulton Co Ind).
He m.March 15, 1874, Susan A. Haimbaugh, a native of Ind (Fulton Co M.R.), and they were householders of Newc twp in the 1880 census with two children.
Susan A., dau of Frank & Ellen Haimbaugh, married again after the death of John M. W. Zolman, October 5, 1915 to T. D. "Dayton" Townsend (Fulton Co M.R.). Susan A. (Haimbaugh) Zolman Townsend died ae 84, at the home of her son, Willard Zolman, near Mentone. Her obit states that her survivors included; (sons) Willard of near Mentone, and Dallas of South Bend; (dau) Mrs. Harley Kochenderfer of Rochester; (bro) Thomas Haimbaugh of Mentone; (sis) Mrs. William Vernette of Mentone, and Mrs.Edgar Gerst of Rochester. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Wed., Nov. 5, 1941, obit "Susan Townsend")
Names and dates of children of John M. W. and Susan A. Zolman are from census records, obit notices and school enumeration lists: (1) Charles E., b.1875 Ind, m.Mina Pearl Brockey (see above); (2) Cora b.1879 Ind, m.Harley Kochenderfer, January 11, 1902 (Fulton Co M.R.); (3) Willard C., b.May 9, 1882 (see following); (4) Oliver N. "Ollie" b.October 19, 1885; (5) Dallas F., b.August 10, 1888 (see following); (6) Emma May, b.May 1, 1892 (see above).
Willard C., son of John M. W. and Susan A. Zolman, d.May 12, 1958. He was married, November 1904, to Maude A. Townsend. Maude, b.September 19, 1881 Mentone, a dau of Thomas and Mary (Harsh) Townsend, died (ae 92) at Warsaw, Ind, Tuesday, October 2, 1973. Her survivors included: (sons) Emerson of Brooksville, Florida, Wayne of Tippecanoe, and Carl of Mentone; (dau) Mrs. Alfred (Elsie) Mock of Floral City, Florida. She was bur in Mentone cem (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind, Wed., Oct. 3, 1973, obit; also Mentone cem grave markers: "Zolman, Willard C., 1882-1958, and A. Maude 1881-1973"; "Townsend, T. Dayton, December 7, 1858 - July 3, 1926; and Mary, wife of T. D. Townsend, November 2, 1859 - April 17, 1911").
Dallas F., son of John M. W. and Susan A. Zolman, a Futon county native, m.March 14, 1912, Grace M. Smith in Talma (Fulton Co M.R.). He was a resident of So. Bend, when he died ae 79 in Wodlawn hospital at Rochester, Monday, September 25, 1967. His survivors included: the wife; a niece Mrs Devane Felts of R.R. 1 Rochester, and a nephew Charles Kochenderfer of Rochester. A son, Donald, died in 1951. Burial to be in South Bend. (The Sentinel, Rochester, Ind., Tues., Sept. 26, 1967).]
STANSBURY, Infant son of C.S. & M.E., May 9, 1896 (one date only)
STANSBURY, Chas. S., Co G 42 Ohio Inf (military marker)
SULLIVAN, Infant son of Elmer & Mabel, May 7, 1907 (one date only)
(1) Mabel, 1884-1959
(2) Elmer, 1882-1955
[Note: Elmer Sullivan, a son of Michael & Angeline (Dumbauld) Sullivan, was a resident of Argos, Ind (see Michael Sullivan, Reichter cen). He m.February 16, 1907, Mabel Pearl Partridge (Fulton Co M.R.). She was born 1884 in Forest, Illinois, a dau of Thomas J. & Lydia A. (Hisey) Partridge (see Thomas J. Partridge, Reichter cem).]
(1) Faye, 1894-1963
(2) Earl, 1886-1955
[Note: Everett Earl Partridge, a son of Thomas J. and Lydia A. (Hisey) Partridge, m.November 19, 1910, Jennie Fay Wynn (Fulton Co M.R.; also see Thomas J. Partridge, Reichter cem).]

(1) Agnes E. Cooney, Feb 3, 1908 - (no d.d.)
(2) Vernon J., Oct 22, 1904 - (no d.d.)
(1) Thurle, 1912-1985
(2) Glendola, 1917-1986
m. Dec 30, 1936
(22 steps)
Row 19
PALMER, Isaac, Jr., Co G 74 Ind Inf (military marker, no dates)
WINDBIGLER, Daniel, Co E 138 Ind Inf (military marker, no dates)
(1) James W., 1910-1986
(2) Marguerite L., 1917- (no d.d.)
m. Oct 31, 1933
(also military marker: James W. Sperry, Pvt US Army, 1910-1986)
(1) Ruth I., 1915- (no d.d.)
(2) James S., 1908-1976
(also military marker: James S. Sedan, S/Sgt US Army WW2, Aug 4, 1908 - Jan 6, 1976)
FLYNN, Lemuel, Co I 151 Ind Inf (military marker, no dates)
HILL, Willis, Dec 31, 1845 - Aug 13, 1902
(6 steps)
RICHEY, David & Sue, 1969 (one date only - Grossman temp funeral marker)
(14 steps)
ALBER, Charles L., 1922-1990
(also military marker: Charles L. Alber, Cpl US Army WW2, Feb 1, 1922 - Dec 19, 1990)


Although it is generally known that there was once a Montgomery family grave yard, evidence of it was not found by these compilers in 1975. The site is on private ground, and all we can give at this time is the general location.
It is located one-half mile northeast of 350E, on the east side of SR25, approximately four miles northeast of Rochester, on the Lachcik farm, which is between the J. D. Alspach & J. H. Herrel farms.
Manitou Chapter DAR, Genealogical Survey, Fulton Co Ind Cemeteries, 1935, reports that it was an abandoned Montgomery family cemetery, and that there were no markers, except one [the fourth entry below] which was down and in very bad condition. It was duly recorded, and was said to be set apart from the Herrell farm, and not now discernable from the road, although it was lying parallel with the highway.
The report further states that the following three names were furnished by Mr. J. D. Alspach, no dates being available)

HERRING, Henry and wife
YOUNG, Lewis
YOUNG, David, d. Feb 5, 1849, ae 36y
(the only remaining stone in 1935)